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Happy Thanksgiving!
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When you see that you no longer owe anymore posts and have nothing to write *insanity ensues* Aaaaah!HSkjhaksjhdjf
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Happy Thanksgiving!
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Happy Birthday to me.


Hello all. I am an experienced writer who is writing my own fiction stories on the side. I can role play any genre. What I love most is being able to go-all-out when weaving tales with other writers. It just makes the story more interesting, so I can't wait to write with you. :)

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Level: 2
Day/Time: Day 3 - Evening
Location: Forest of Skyrim to Stormcloak Fortress - Ulfric's Tent
Tag: @Mattchstick@DracoLunaris@Zarkun@Lugubrious
Word Count: 471

The Boss was listening to everyone’s input, and he was actually surprised that Azura said she was going to be useful this time. Amazing. The Bot Chick wasn’t as dumb as he thought as she talked about cover. But the one person who amazed him the most was his boy, Reuben. The President’s eyes grew at the mouthful Ruben had spouted:

“Woah, where the hell did all that come from? You are just full of surprises dude!” Boss then raised a finger to his eye, pretending to be wiping away tears. “Look how they grow.”

When Ulfric asked who would want to lead the stealth charge on the tower, Boss shot his hand into the air. “Hell yeah. That’s so me. I’ll have the gates open before you know it.”

“Boss…” Kinzie spoke on a sigh.

Frowning, Boss asked, “What now? I do something wrong again?”

“You’re the leader. You should let the others go in case it’s a trap.”

“Psh! I ain’t no bitch! I’ve been stuck in worse situations.”

“And I’ve had to bust you out.”

“Not this one.”

“How do you know?”



Rolling his eyes, Mr. President looked to the group (as though talking to himself was completely normal). “I’ll clear the towers, secure the gate, and I’ll meet you guys at the rally point by breakfast.”

As Ulfric went on to offer them hospitality, Boss glanced around the spacious tent and pointed to a bed roll in the corner. “Dibs on that bed roll!”

He then quickly stood up and raced over to it as though there were others actually competing with him. If Pierce had been there or even Johnny, they would have probably fought to the near death over it. Once he grabbed it, he looked over at a sack like the one Ulfric described and stepped over to it. Grasping the bag’s mouth, he parted it and gazed inside to see sitting at the bottom completely preserved without any mold on it was some bread. He reached inside and pulled out the bread loaf and gave it an inspecting sniff. “Holy shit. This bread doesn’t mold or go stale guys!”

He then bit into the loaf, feeling the hard chewy pull of it. “It tastes like real bread!”

What else he was expecting it to taste like, who knew? Setting the sack down, he went over to a crate next, now curious to what was in there. He started collecting the rations into a pile. “This is great. I got some cheese to go with the bread. I found some grapes…what? This is like half a rack of deer ribs! Can you believe this shit?”

Boss held up the ribs for the group to see. “It’s not even spoiled. This is crazy but I like it!”

“You’re such a child,” said Kinzie.

Day/Time: Day Three - Evening
Location: Skyrim
Tagging: @Mattchstick@Zarkun@DracoLunaris@Lugubrious

Ulfric listened intently to the group’s input. Each member had some valuable strategy to contribute. A smirk cocked on his face. He was impressed by the strangers as weird and odd as they appeared. He decided to summarize their strategies:

“There is one way in, and so there will be one way out. We will leave a group of men. Ten men to keep our exit secured. Perhaps it can be the ten men who will secure the tower? They will be able to open the gates. Which of you will guide my men to secure the tower? You can secure the tower, and after the gates are open, you can meet with us again on the inside. We can then divide into the two units from there.”

He then pointed at Piper. “The Dwarven machine may be best to lead its group through the cover it describes. It can lure the enemy to the Ice Witch (Azura). The small one (Chill Penguin) is safe behind its group. You lure them away, then he is vulnerable. I will lead my men with your commander and the Silent One to fight the behemoth. We will regroup here...”

He pointed at some bark. “The Lumber Mill Forge. We meet here and take back Lord Talos’s shrine from the beast. Do we all agree?”

If the group agreed or made their extra comments, afterwards, Ulfric would offer: “We do not have much food to offer. We have only venison and ale. There may be some fruit, bread, or cheese lying about. You can find them in crates, sacks, or barrels about the camp. This tent is big enough for you all. You can sleep here and start a fire to keep warm. Just before dawn’s light, we will gather.”


GM Note: XP has been initiated. Any actions or decisions your characters decide to make will affect the mission from this point on. Consequences can either be positive or negative. The results are only seen every GM post.


If a player is inactive for more than 3 days without letting the GMs know of any delays, then the player can be skipped over on the 4th day. If a player does not wish to post, they can @Mention the GM and let the GM know he or she "Passes" on his or her turn.

P.O.: Mr. President, Azura, Vent, Captain Piper, and Ruben.

Day/Time: Day Three - Very Early Morning
Location: Tetris Castle, Platform City, and The Save Point
Tagging: @Etherean Fire@ONL@DracoLunaris@Guardian Angel Haruki@Zarkun@Majoras End

Rosalina heard Jame’s call and one of her hands released Guile to rest upon the communicator in her ear. “James! Guile is hurt! Naija is here trying to help me keep him stable. We’ve been attacked. The enemy is fleeing!”

Guile bore his bloodied teeth, and then turned his head to spit the blood that had welled in his mouth upon the floor. With his mouth cleared, he attempted to drink Naija’s strange bubble concoction. The healing effects of the soup were working just as hard as the Lumas’s magic to seal Guile’s wound. It didn’t seem to be an ordinary injury that health items from a normal video game could cure. No matter how much the wound tried to heal, it remained open, as though his health continued to plummet. The injury was abnormal in a game verse. It could have been caused by a weapon with bleed affects, but even those affects had a duration. This injury didn’t seem to have one. Cheating?

Rosalina watched as Guile’s wound shrank only to gradually reopen. Tears bubbled in her eyes as she exclaimed to James: “Nothing is working!”

Just then, a pink ball flipped through the air to land before Rosalina, Naija, and Guile. Its beady eyes were narrowed and cheeks puffed in anger.

EY! the pink marshmallow known reputably as Kirby called out to the leaving Meta Knight. He was sporting a blue bandaid on his arm with a yellow star on it. He was freshly vaccinated.

Meta Knight stopped, his cape swaying to a standstill. “Kirby…” the knight muttered on a low and ominous voice.

Kirby said nothing and only continued to scowl at the villain. Meta Knight stood there silently as though conflicted. The Waddle-Doos and Dees gazed back at their boss as they shoved Moneybags into an invisible dematerializing beam.

“HEEE~LP!” Moneybags cried as his voice faded as he was turned into thousands of particles and warped up to the ship.

“Boss! Come on! We gotta go!” a Waddle-Dee cried.

Meta Knight reluctantly took two steps toward the beam before he stopped and spoke without facing Kirby or the other heroes: “If you’re strong, then this won’t be the last time you see me. If not, then your power was nowhere near comparable to my own. When you feel worthy of my blade, come find me.”

The knight strode off.

“Ey!” Kirby angrily shouted after him and raising his nubby arms he charged for the villain. His pink shoes became a blur as he dashed across the castle’s marbled floors. The pirates warped away in the beam just before Kirby could reach them. The pink ball struck the wall, flattening into a disc before he peeled off and dropped upon the floor. His body instantly inflated in a cartoony manner with a pop!, causing him to leap to his feet. Kirby landed and looked about in confusion, multiple question marks sprouting about his head like weeds. They were gone!

Kirby gazed back at Rosalina, Guile, and Naija and raced over to them. There was a saddened frown on the marshmallow’s face as he gazed upon Guile who was looking worse for wear. No matter what anyone did his health was depleting. Rosalina started crying.

“Nothing is working!” she wept. “Don’t die Guile!”

Guile frowned, appearing to be exhausted and worn. “Shit…” he cursed. They had been fearing the virus the entire time, but the enemy had another trick up their sleeve.

Meanwhile in Platform City...

The cloaked creature stopped when the Halberd began backing away from Tetris Castle. Rising into a bipedal stance, it watched as the pirate ship began to turn and fly off back into the System. While the cloaked being was distracted, Sparx reared back his abdomen and exclaimed, “HIYAH!”

Clubbing the cloaked figure in the back of its head with his body, the cloaked being released a “ROWR!” of pain before they both collapsed upon the roof. Sparx fell upon the shillings in a daze and the cloaked figure fell forward, the cloak sliding up his back to reveal cat-like legs, bottom, and spots. Sparx slowly levitated back into the air and exclaimed victoriously to the others: “I got him! Quick! While he’s down! I got the bad…” The dragonfly stared at the familiar cat-like backside. “…guy…Hunter?”

Tossing his head back, his cowl tumbled to reveal his lengthy lynx-like ears and sharp-green eyes. The cheetah warrior smiled sheepishly, “Hey there Sparx old pal.”

“Hunter! It is you!” Sparx cheered. He flew a circle around the cat’s head and then yelled to the others, “Guys! It’s Hunter! (as though they knew who he was)” Cheesing happily, his excitement only lasted a moment before he asked, “Wait. What are you doing here?”

The cheetah sighed and rose to his white-pawed feet. “I was trynna’ get aboard that ship, but whoever it was seemed to finish their business. I was hoping that I could stow away upon it in order to return to Dragon Land. I had been tracking Moneybags since the day he snatched you up, and when I saw these guys save you, I…”

Sparx scowled. “You thought you could sneak off without me and leave me here.”

The cheetah’s ears shot up in surprise and he waved dismissively at his assumption. “No; no; no; you got it all wrong. You’re safe here. I figured these guys would protect you.”

“Well, you’re wrong. We were planning to return to Dragon Land and save Spyro.”

Hunter’s eyes widened a little. “You’ll just be falling right into Ripto’s trap. He is hoping you will return looking for Spryo so he can gnab you and use you for his evil plans—whatever those are…”

Sparx narrowed his eyes. “And what were you planning to do?”

If the cat wasn’t covered in yellow fur, then he would have been seen blushing. “Well uh…I was gonna secretly bust him out I guess…”

“You’d just wind up in his trap too! He may even turn you against us.”

Hunter’s ears folded against his head. “It worked out well in my mind at least.”

Level: 2
Day/Time: Day 3 - Evening
Location: Forest of Skyrim to Stormcloak Fortress - Ulfric's Tent
Tag: @Mattchstick@DracoLunaris@Zarkun@Lugubrious
Word Count: 912

Boss pointed a finger at Azura when she got mouthy. “And no talking back young lady! Geez, what are you thirteen?”

Her sass had only been the beginning for Robot Boy was next to turn on him over being butt-hurt about being called a robot. Boss brought his hands to his face and slid them up and back through his hair as he groaned. There was so much whining going on. He interjected when Vent had mentioned megamerging:

“Can you stop saying that? It sounds wrong. I don’t care what it really means. It just sounds like something from a bad porn. Just say transform.”

He then frowned, his lips rolling back to reveal his teeth that were irritably grit. Throwing up his hands, Boss exploded, “This isn’t a fantasy novel! What is wrong with you people? Is that really our strategy? We’re gonna compare this place to the fucking Never Ending Story? More like the Never Ending Bitchfest. Spare me. No one is going.”

Boss then walked over to rest his arm on Ruben’s shoulder as he defended him. “Hey, don’t attack my man, Ruben just because your Daddy never tucked you in at night!”

He scowled at Vent’s back when he decided to walk away to follow Ulfric. Piper seemed to follow his lead.

Thank God all the bitching is over, Boss thought as he dropped his arm and reassured the loyal soldier. “Don’t you worry bro, I got your back. You’re a good soldier. The best there is. You tell’em!”

Boss followed behind Vent and Piper for a few steps before he stopped and looked back at Ruben who seemed to be staring at him expectantly. He looked left and then right, and then back at Ruben before he waved him on. “Uh…let’s go.”

If Ruben decided to follow, then he would continue on quickly walking to catch up to the group and in time to overhear Captain Piper ask what was the way to the fortress. Boss raised his voice, pointing at the obvious Stormcloak fortress before them.

[color=AC58FA]“You mean that fortress right there?” he said sarcastically and with an amused grin. These robots are dumb.

“Stop being a dick. You’re supposed to be their leader,” Kinzie spoke.

“Hey, I’m like this with you guys. So what?”

“They aren’t the Saints, Boss.”

“Yeah, you right. You right,” he agreed. He then apologized to Piper, “Sorry if I hurt your feelings…if you feel anything.”

If Kinzie had been there, they would have seen her face palm. Boss only heard a loud clap on the other end.

As Ulfric explained they were going to be staying the night, Boss shot a hand up. “I call top bunk!” He kept his hand raised and grinned at the other heroes. He then dropped his hand and had to ask, “Hey…you guys do co-ed here?” He tried not to smile too perversely.

“I hope nobody has to sleep around you. You snore,” Kinzie said.

“I do not,” said the Boss seemingly to no one.

He followed Ulfric into his tent and followed him around the fire pit to sit to his left. As Ulfric explained the crummy makeshift map, Boss was forcing his brain into overdrive trying to make out what the sticks meant, and the piece of charcoal that looked like it had a human face. He smirked at the thought and continued to frown hard at the Stormcloak’s creation. When Ulfric mentioned following the commander, Boss raised his hands, throwing up some gang signs before returning his hands to his lap. Ulfric then asked for their feedback.

Boss blinked, realizing that he was supposed to probably say some strategy shit. Fuck, my mind’s drawin’ a blank. I don’t even understand what most of this shit is. One of those sticks looks like a burnt turd. Raising a hand to his nose, Boss closed his eyes and sneezed: KINZEHJHRAH!

“…You’re such an idiot,” Kinzie muttered. She then sighed. “How many of there are you? Five? Six? Okay, so there are thirty guys working for the Frost Tusk guy and fifty for the little guy. So we may want to concentrate our fire power on either or. I recommend dividing the team into two groups. Since the princess is more of a support role, she seems the most flexible. She may be able to move between your two groups providing support. One team should take out the fifty guys and the other team should focus on Frost Tusk.”

“What about the wolf creature?”

“I would avoid it for now. If it’s guarding a shrine, then it won’t leave its post. You can kill it later.”

“Got it,” Boss clapped his hands together. “Okay. Here’s the plan.”

He leaned forward to rest his hands upon the soil-covered earth and pointed at the map:

“All right; Spear Babe, Femme Bot, and the Power Ranger will go for the tiny bot dude with the fifty guys. Ruben and Ulfric will be with me, and we’ll take the teeth guy…uh…what about the 100 guys?”

“Divide by 2…”


Kinzie sighed. “Send fifty per group.”

“Fifty of Ulfric’s dudes will go with each of our groups. I think that’s more than enough firepower to rock this casbah. We’re gonna leave the wolf thing alone since it’s guarding the shrine. If it’s only guarding the shrine, then after we take out the other gods, we can join forces to kill it and get the Talos god’s blessing. Everyone agree?”

Day/Time: Day Three - Evening
Location: Skyrim
Tagging: @Mattchstick@Zarkun@DracoLunaris@Lugubrious

Ulfric did not pay the visitors any mind while they bickered and fussed over who the Greybeards had summoned. He was certain that if they didn’t choose, then the Greybeards would choose for them. As he and his men were already near the fortress, when the Dwarven bot approached him asking where it was, he merely pointed before the machine. The gates were being raised as his soldiers marched in with their spoils.

“We shall rest tonight and speak of our plans in my tent. The enemy will not attack us for Skyrim is a treacherous thing come nightfall. Even they know to fear the Frost Trolls. Although, the Frost Trolls do not feast on machines,” he explained. He then turned his head, smirking at Piper. “You are a lucky one.”

The fortress interior was mostly mulch, the heat from it keeping the snow melted and mitigating the mud and sludge. The Stormcloaks followed the same path as their lord, heading to his tent where they entered and began setting the looted weapons into a pile. None were dumb enough to attempt to use a technology that they didn’t understand. Brushing aside the skin door drape, Ulfric entered the tent and walked a circle around the fire pit in the center of it. The tinder had been cleared and a map drawn with charcoal, sticks, and stones. Ulfric walked around the map until he was centered with the tent entrance and grasped the pummel of his sword, adjusting it as he lowered to his knees.

“Please, have a seat,” he offered to the heroes. He then leaned forward onto his hands, small braids and strands of his blonde hair falling passed his ears as he gazed over his map. He looked up at the group, glancing to each of them as he explained, “This is our most current map of Markarth. Our scouts will return in the morning to bring us any new information on the enemies’ positions, but this, for now, is reliable.”

“We know three of the Steel Gods already. There is one to the north by The Treasury House. It is a large machine with tusks of ice. Thirty Forsworn serve and fight for him. In the center, between the Temple of Dibella and Shrine of our god Talos, is a fearsome beast. A Steel God that resembles a wolf. The creature is alone and wild. No Forsworn can defend it, and it guards our Lord’s shrine. It is there you can receive a blessing of protection (buff). To the southeast is a small Steel God. It may be the weakest, but it is clever. It is a leader in charge of fifty Forsworn. I can offer you one hundred of my men to split among yourselves. I will lead with your commander. If any of us learn anything as to their purpose in Markarth, we must have an area to rally. Let us meet before the Lumber Mill and Forge.”

Ulfric sat back on his haunches and rested his hands upon his thighs. He gazed upon the group. “What do you propose?”


GM Note: The Greybeards call for one. Decide as a team who should go. The mission will be a side mission separate from the main, but the player will return later to participate in the main mission. XP has been initiated. Any actions or decisions your characters decide to make will affect the mission from this point on. Consequences can either be positive or negative. The results are only seen every GM post.


If a player is inactive for more than 3 days without letting the GMs know of any delays, then the player can be skipped over on the 4th day. If a player does not wish to post, they can @Mention the GM and let the GM know he or she "Passes" on his or her turn.

P.O.: Mr. President, Azura, Vent, Captain Piper, and Ruben.

Day/Time: Day Two - Evening
Location: Dream Land Arc
Tagging: @Etherean Fire@Zarkun@Guardian Angel Haruki

Inside the Butter Building, Fl. 3 to Fl. 2 Transition

*Mr. Shine’s light is fading!
*Mr. Shine – ATK 30 – DEF – 10
*This is it!

Mr. Bright didn’t know how long his blade was going to hold up against Mr. Shine’s assault. He bore his teeth. The heat from the solar ray was causing even him to sweat. Mr. Shine was grinning like a devil as he saw Mr. Bright’s blade grow closer and closer to shattering. He had become so engrossed in Mr. Bright’s demise that the two arc waves were missed. The blades collided with his side, causing him to tip over as the beam thinned into a line before winking out of existence.

Mr. Bright fell to his hands and knees panting. He gazed across the field at the heroes who were assaulting his solar opposite. Mr. Shine hissed and his one good eye followed the roll of a strange black egg? Was it an egg?


The grenade exploded sending a spray of fiery light into the air. The ceiling then flashed as a lightning bolt descended from it summoned from nothing. Mr. Bright’s mouth was parted in awe. The final strike came from the bear and bird, charging into him like a red meteor and the bear mercilessly (at least to Mr. Bright) ripping the lunar blade from Mr. Shine’s eye.

“AAAAAAAGGHHH!” Mr. Shine screamed as more of the liquid rays burst from his eye-socket. The star rolled about as his body began to explode in numerous tiny explosions. It was a typical fate for most of Kirby’s boss enemies.

Mr. Bright smiled in relief at seeing his partner’s defeat, but then his eyes widened when he realized what his defeat meant. Rising to his feet, Mr. Bright warned the group, “You must go! If he explodes while you’re here, then you all will be finished.”

The moon's expression softened a little as he knew well his own life was on the line. “I cannot go with you. If I do, then I will surely try to stop you again. Let’s just say we’re even.”

Mr. Bright waved his hand and a black door burst into existence. “Once you go through that door, then there’s no going back. There won’t be a third floor anymore. Goodbye Heroes.”

Once the heroes all entered the black door, it would vanish, and they would once again find themselves in a stairwell leading down to the second floor. The door to the second floor seemed to glow with a golden light, a light they could see shining up the winding staircase.


GM Note: From here on out, all players will be required to keep track of their word count. XP will be awarded every GM post. Be sure to check the XP hider to see how much XP your character earned. Remember to keep your CSes updated. I have seen players slack in keeping their XP up-to-date and they have lost XP points because of it. I didn't take the XP away from them, they just didn't keep track of the XP on their own. It is YOUR responsibility if you want your character to level.


If a player is inactive for more than 3 days without letting the GMs know of any delays, then the player can be skipped over on the 4th day. If a player does not wish to post, they can Mention the GM and let the GM know he or she "Passes" on his or her turn.

P.O.: Frisk, Alicia Harnick, Banjo & Kazooie, and Cloud.

Level: 4
Day/Time: Day Two, Afternoon
Location: 3rd floor with the group
Tag: @Guardian Angel Haruki@Zarkun@Etherean Fire
Word Count: 408
Limit Break: 4/10

The lunar blade had met its mark—better than what he had hoped for. It had struck Mr. Shine in the eye and caused the astral body to plummet to the pseudo-turf. While Cloud initially saw Mr. Shine’s fall as a win, he did not anticipate the Boss chamber suddenly being divided into night and day. The ex-SOLDIER felt the heat rising, and he quickly raced for the left side of the room. The grass began to crunch beneath his boots and his skin began to warm. Cloud dove into the cool darkness, rolling across the grass. He stopped upright and kneeling with his blade at his feet. His once milky-white complexion had been baked into a sandy-brown tan. The blonde swordsman stood and gazed over at Mr. Bright who seemed fixed on his partner’s agony. He marched toward him with a look that Cloud recognized to be blood-lust. He wore that look once. When he saw Sephiroth again after he had murdered Aerith. He knew that look well.

Cloud raised his sword, resting it across the back of his shoulders as he once did his buster sword. Mr. Shine had gone insane—or had he always been insane? Sadistically laughing at the pain and suffering of others was not the sign of a sound conscience. He saw the attack that Mr. Shine began warming in his hands. His grip on his sword hilt increased. Frisk ordered them to attack Mr. Shine. Strange how they didn’t feel an ounce of mercy toward the star.

“You don’t have to tell me twice,” Cloud said with a frown. He sheathed his sword between his shoulder blades and directed his fists at Mr. Shine. The grass fluttered at his feet as an ethereal breeze spiraled up his body to toss his hair. A fiery aura oscillated about his legs as he began charging a spell. He didn’t rush it. Even as he saw Mr. Shine unleash a devastating attack against Mr. Bright. He wanted to make his attack count. Alicia flanked Mr. Shine and Cloud’s mako-green eyes darted from her to the charging Banjo and Kazooie. He was going to get his Bolt spell in right before the bear and bird connected their attack.

As Alicia’s grenade went off, Cloud released the spell as a spear of lightning shot down from the sky to strike the celestial form. All that was left was for Banjo and Kazooie to finish him off.
Thanks, though I don't think I know the series well enough to do that character justice.

I've also been considering Fredrica from Etrian Odyssey Untold, Chrom from FE:Awakening, the protagonist from Dragon Quest IX, or one of the protagonists from the Fable series.

The other options seem better than sticking to the Professor Layton series.
@CyraniaI had a talk with my fellow co-GMs about your character. We've had an issue with players in the past who played "Pacifist" characters not lasting long in this game. The Pacifist characters also require me to create special game mechanics for them. They can make a mission that is already categorized as hard even harder due to other characters having to risk their lives to keep them alive. While I am glad you chose a character you would be passionate about, I don't think Professor Layton is a good choice for this game because of the reasons I mentioned. Phoenix Wright is actually an inactive character. I was giving the typist a long enough time to return from his hiatus, and he has, but he has not returned to this game. Therefore, I will be removing him from the list and avoiding accepting pacifist characters like him.

Level: 2
Day/Time: Day 3 - Evening
Location: Forest of Skyrim
Tag: @Mattchstick@DracoLunaris@Zarkun@Lugubrious
Word Count: 635

Of course, Spear Babe would have something to say about it. He didn’t know why he guessed that everyone just going along with what he said was too good to be true, but he did, and he was right. Boss crossed his green, wool-sweater sleeved arms before the snow on his chest and did his best to actually listen to what she had to say. As she dragged on about Greybeards and why she felt they were important, he found his attention going places. She’s cute when she’s so passionate. I shouldn’t have missed that dinner. I wonder what were gonna have for dinner later. It better not be those damn fish sticks again. All you got to do is microwave them and somehow someone always burns them. I bet it was Pierce…

At the mention of his name a second time, Boss’s eyes fluttered as he refocused his attention on her. She felt they were summoned for a reason? “We can find out after the mission. That way, we can let those who want to leave leave and those who want to stay and go on this old fuck’s quest, can do so.”

The power ranger wanted to go? Boss scowled at Vent. “Are you serious? You’re our team’s firepower. Why would you handicap us so you can go on some journey without even knowing why, and then contributing to the failure of our mission? Aren’t you like a robot or some shit? I thought robots were supposed to be smarter than everybody else.”

Robot Chick added her two cents, and he honestly agreed with her-it. Robots didn’t have a gender, psh. She wanted to send the sorcerer songstress up the mountain. It didn’t seem safer than sticking with the team and she didn’t really offer much firepower in the last firefight. She sang her songs but those songs didn’t kill anybody. It may have been best to send her on her lonesome up a mountain with treacherous horrors. Was he going to be responsible for that? Fuck, I am aren’t I? Because I’m the fucking leader. Shit. He would have totally said yes and sent her weak ass up there.

“Look guys, sending our blue popstar up the mountain when she can’t even defend herself is retarded. You would be sending her up there by herself and if some monster or more of those deer furries showed up, I don’t think singing Kelly Clarkson’s Behind These Hazel Eyes is going to stop them from killing her. If she dies, then I’m gonna be held responsible because I’m the boss. I’m already telling you guys this idea is fucking stupid.”

Silent Bob (Ruben) decided to speak up then. Boss cracked a grin at Ruben’s assertive speech. While it was honest and professional, Boss jumped on it immediately, twisting its true point around. Raising a hand to his mouth, Boss childishly exclaimed, “DEEEAA~AAAMN! He called you guys bitche~es~! Oh shit! I can’t believe this is coming from Soldier Boy.”

Boss staggered over to Ruben in mirth and bumped his shoulder with his shoulder as he nearly collapsed with laughter. Straightening, Boss wiped some tears from his eyes as he caught his breath. “That was fucking awesome. You should definitely talk more. Up high!”

Boss held his hand up for Ruben to high-five it, and if he did or left him hanging, either way he said to the rest of the group with a stern look. “But seriously, guys, this is stupid and we’re not doing it. Like I said, when the mission is over, then my command over you guys is over and you guys can do whatever the hell you want then. I won’t be responsible. But from now until we finish this shit, nobody is goin’ off to do stupid shit.”


GM Note: The Greybeards call for one. Decide as a team who should go. The mission will be a side mission separate from the main, but the player will return later to participate in the main mission. XP has been initiated. Any actions or decisions your characters decide to make will affect the mission from this point on. Consequences can either be positive or negative. The results are only seen every GM post.


If a player is inactive for more than 3 days without letting the GMs know of any delays, then the player can be skipped over on the 4th day. If a player does not wish to post, they can @Mention the GM and let the GM know he or she "Passes" on his or her turn.

P.O.: Mr. President, Azura, Vent, Captain Piper, and Ruben.

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