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Current When you see that you no longer owe anymore posts and have nothing to write *insanity ensues* Aaaaah!HSkjhaksjhdjf
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Afterlife: Dead Sun is seeking creative minds who love character development, mild world-building, and SOULS! Need SOULS! Eat the story pie!
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Check out my Nioh RP in Casual Interest. :D
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Happy Thanksgiving!
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Working on a big League of Legends game. Come one; come all; those who enjoy the lore!


Hello all. I am an experienced writer who is writing my own fiction stories on the side. I can role play any genre. What I love most is being able to go-all-out when weaving tales with other writers. It just makes the story more interesting, so I can't wait to write with you. :)

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I'm just doing a role call. If you're still here just chime in even if you are active in discord and I see you regularly. I'm just doing a check before I move the game along Tuesday.
@Peplol You could give that a shot. In my opinion, if people can't fill out an advanced CS period, then they're not advanced and shouldn't be in the game but I'm a different GM-style. XD
@PepI think you should make it an application process because yeah, you can pick and choose who you want rather than just taking whatever kind of thrown-together CS. I find this game interesting mostly because it's unique and different. All of those movies you named as inspiration were great movies. I am stuck between the ace pilot or the local guide. I see myself leaning toward local guide as I continue writing this lol. So I'll try for that.

Also remember the rule here, 10 will be interested, 5 will actually join, and 2 will write CSes. Try to get a fair amount of interest lol.
@AphelionWas she playing the winning side of the game Sherman was playing? XD

Race: Human
Power Level: 960
Location: Alley, starting a B&E
Tagging: @Renny@Obito Kashi

As Bolt ran with Taeto—mostly feeling like he was carrying the guy and regretting having ever slammed him (or fought him—the feisty bastard!)—he listened to Taeto suggest his mother’s house for a hole-up-sight. “Are ya serious? Yer mama’s house? You wanna bring the po-po (and not the Mister kind) to yer Ma’s? It’s gonna draw too much attention, and you might make her an’ accomplice with how messed up these bots are.”

Bolt cut down an alley to avoid three bots that were trying to close in on them from their twelve o’clock, nine o’clock and six o’clock. He raced down the alley, his blue eyes frantically searching for an escape route. He saw a window on the third floor, and he didn’t have time to consider whose house he was about to B&E.

“Hold on!” Bolt warned. He stopped abruptly and crouched low before he sprang into the air toward a fire escape. Landing on the fire escape, he started up to the third floor. The Budd Bots gathered beneath the fire escape and gazed up at the two fleeing perpetrators. Bolt ran over to the end of the fire escape closest to the window.

“Sorry Monkey, I’m gonna hafta’ use ya!”

Bolt faced Taeto, grabbed him by his arms and would attempt to swing him around before releasing him toward the window, hoping to use his body to smash open the window. Hopefully, there wasn’t anyone in the room (or dressed inappropriately).
I'll get a post going for Bolt soon. I've been out bonding with some folks in my unit.

I'm trying to decide on what kind of Prae to be. You had several people (some already in the game and just making more chars) join as Prae. Would anyone like a character desire role filled? A character you want for your character but that none of the characters currently in game meet. Example: Brother, Sister, Best Friend, Lover, Nemesis, Rival, Guardian, etc.
The Moving
The Departure

Reed straightened from his hunched over state, having nearly picked up Leouric’s broadsword. The blind Raksha intercepted the light-footed Blood Son who had attempted to stab him while he had been momentarily distracted. For being blind, she demonstrated in fluid movements and with powerful strikes that she was hardly handicapped. As Reed walked around the front of Kheluz, he gazed upon the dragonoid that had plunged eagerly into combat and into the chest cavity of the Son who had thrown his axe at him. His strength had forced Onion Head and the Fat One both to the ground. The Fat One whimpered as her hands pawed at the mud that gushed between her fingers. She scrambled out from under Onion Head and rose to her feet as sheets of mud tumbled from her quivering breasts and belly. Reed once again rested his hand on the arm of Glosgnir and stared down the remaining Sons who were starting to back off. They realized that they were outnumbered, and it seemed that the old man, Old Blood, had taken over the clan in Leuoric’s place. With not only the paladin’s comrades against them, but The Moving authorities, Old Blood knew the battle was lost regardless if they could win.

Old Blood said nothing. His jaw tensed behind the curtain of white hair that hung from his lips and chin. He silently gave Reed a fierce stare that had said enough. They would meet again. Old Blood turned with his fellow Sons and they fled the camp with the guards chasing them. The following hour on Reed’s end was spent watching the guards detain those Sons who had survived. Leouric had miraculously survived but not without several cracked ribs. His breathing would never be the same.

By the time Reed mounted his diremane without a thank you to those who had involved themselves—he hadn’t asked for their aid—there was another conflict. It was between Dark Elves and the Raksha. At this point, he wasn’t surprised. Ever since she had brought a dead man to a meeting, the blind feline wasn’t as innocent or feeble as she appeared. She was more of a magnet for trouble than he was. The Capybkin and his liability boy joined the group, along with the only human besides himself. The party was assembled and it was Szazah who would send them away with not well wishes but more of his drunken dribble. Every time the man spoke, Reed had to ask himself why he had even gotten involved. The warlord was not going with them. As he spoke of a Tengu, Reed wondered if Szazah had drunk himself into a stupor because he knew the threat that was approaching like an ominous storm was one he might not survive (it was an attempt to make him seem less like an outright drunk and more noble at least).

There was nothing to talk about. Even as the Capybkin spoke his protest, Reed felt that the beast’s words were a waste. The man had made up his mind, and the paladin believed that Szazah’s decision would have still been the same even if he were sober. Reed chirped a sound that commanded Kheluz to move. The black horse started away from the group. His heavy hooves thudding upon the muddy earth.

Summary: Reed is on the move.
@DoubleIt's all RP. It's called drama/character development.
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