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Happy Thanksgiving!
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Hello all. I am an experienced writer who is writing my own fiction stories on the side. I can role play any genre. What I love most is being able to go-all-out when weaving tales with other writers. It just makes the story more interesting, so I can't wait to write with you. :)

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Day/Time: Day Three - Very Early Morning
Location: Tetris Castle, Platform City, and The Save Point
Tagging: @ONL@DracoLunaris@Guardian Angel Haruki@Zarkun@Majoras End

Dr. Light listened to Naija’s added intel and Bentley’s astute hypothesis as he gazed up at a screen that was zooming in on Guile’s wound. He hmmed softly to himself as he processed it all, and momentarily peered over his shoulder to see a turtle in a wheelchair. Regardless, he was thinking along the same lines as him. Fascinating. Dr. Light was soon quickly distracted once the microscope had zoomed in as close as it could. Dr. Light gasped as his cloudy brows shot upward. The group would be able to see small colorful cubes breaking off and vanishing. The pixels that comprised every character in Arcade were breaking apart and being destroyed only to reform from the healing vat. The doctor paled a little.

“I…I’ve never seen anything like it. Guile’s pixels are being destroyed. If Rosalina and Naija hadn’t acted quickly enough, then Guile could have very well been…” Dr. Light hesitated to say it. It was a horrible fate and he had heard very rare cases of it happening. Erased.

Dr. Light turned from the console to stare at the group with a contemplative frown. He felt so confused and horrified. “I can’t believe the enemy possesses such a frightening weapon.” He rested a hand against his forehead, trying to focus his startled mind. “They took a bear and a virus-infected bag with a dimension inside of it. If Dr. Solus was conducting research on it before the attack, then we may be able to learn more about why they took it. I don’t want to say that the bag is a small matter, but that weapon…”

“Dr. Solus is in no condition to aid us but…” Dr. Light looked at Bentley. “You mentioned hacking. Could you possibly hack into Dr. Solus’s computer and find where he keeps his research about that dimension Naija spoke of?”

Lowering his hand, Dr. Light gazed down at Kirby who was giving him a blank expression. Sparx and Hunter who had also arrived with the group were also wearing blank expressions. Hunter muttered out of the corner of his mouth to Sparx: I think he’s saying something really bad, but I don’t quite get it.

Sparx blinked and whispered back, “I don’t either.”

Dr. Light decided to educate them since he had an audience of various intelligence levels. “Pixels are the building blocks of all beings in Arcade. Usually, when you destroy an enemy from your universe, they vanish. They aren’t erased and the enemies aren’t really gone. They’re just not formed. This weapon doesn’t scatter pixels back into the universe. It destroys them. Thus, why we can still save the hero, Mario. I don’t entirely understand how Guile is still alive, but I can only assume it is because the healing magic and the healing properties of this broth are taking pixels from the surrounding environment and adding them to Guile’s being. We can be at ease that there is an infinite amount of pixels drifting around us.”

Pixels were like matter in the Arcade verse, but unlike matter, they could be created and through an unknown method, destroyed. “But pixels don’t just destroy themselves. This was caused by that sword, and for the sword to have wounded him, it must use a special function—a code. Codes are what determine our very existence. How we appear; how we move; our roles and powers...”

Dr. Light’s eyes widened a little. He could feel the answer at the forefront of his brain. As Dr. Light fell silent in his contemplation, Kirby jogged over to Bentley and raised his nubby arms as he hopped up and down.

“Ey!” he answered the turtle’s question. He knew who Meta Knight and his goons were.

Rosalina turned to Bentley and said, “Kirby knows, but he’s difficult to understand.”

As James arrived, Rosalina couldn’t help but smile in relief at his appearance. Seeing the senior members always made her feel a little more hopeful. “Vault Boy has taken over the Ragnarok to ensure the others make it back from Dream Land. Alucard is off with another group exploring a haunted castle. Artanis has been absent late. I don’t think it is anything we have to worry about. He usually goes off on his own. The Prince and Headmaster Cid are investigating the infiltration into our universe.”

Day/Time: Day Two - Evening
Location: Dream Land Arc
Tagging: @Etherean Fire@Zarkun@Guardian Angel Haruki

Inside the Butter Building, Fl. 2 Transition to Fl. 1

Wario paused in shoveling gold. He arched a brow at Frisk’s question. He listened to Frisk as they offered their recruitment pitch. His beady eyes then darted over to Cloud who echoed Frisk’s desire for his power. Fuck Waluigi, he didn’t do shit. Wario frowned at the group and then closed his eyes. Releasing the gold bag, he folded his muscular arms before his chest and tilted his head up toward the ceiling. Geez, they really need my help. Then again, this could just be a trick to keep me from leaving with all the riches. But if they die fighting King Dedede, then I may not get far enough away. Help or don’t help…if I don’t help them, then they could die and King Dedede could come afta’ me. If I do help them, and we do beat him, then I get the entire kingdom. I’ll be Dream Land’s next king. I’ll have everything.

Oddly, Wario pinched the end of his moustache and twisted it as a large greed-filled grin expanded on his face. He giggled at his internal plot and then rose to his feet. His weight caused him to slide down the side of the gold mountain to land upon the floor before Frisk and the others.

“All right; you chumps have me convinced. I’ll help ya defeat the penguin. Afterwards, I’ll claim my crown and throne. King Wario! WEH-HEH-HEH-HEH!” Wario proudly laughed. He then raised his arms and flexed his muscles as he declared, “You’re lucky that I still got strength to spare.”

Waluigi stood there obliviously with a sack of gold. “Um…Wario. What do you want me to do?”

Wario lowered his arms and rested his hands on his hips. “Hm…I suppose you can come along if you think you’ll be of any use.”

Waluigi’s grip tightened on the gold bag. “I think I would rather stay here.”

Wario’s face flashed red with anger. “So you can run away with the loot if we lose!? You’re coming with us!”

Waluigi tensed and threw the coin bag over his shoulder. “I would rather pass, wah!”

The evil brothers comically began racing around The Vault, chasing each other. They ran up mountains of gold, through them, and Waluigi even tried hiding before Wario grabbed him by his leg and dragged him across the floor.

“No! I don’t wanna die! I just wanna be rich, wah!” Waluigi screamed as his nails left lines in the floor.

Wario stomped along toward the boss door. “Let’s get this over with.”

The fat warrior swung his foot up and kicked open the massive boss doors with a loud bang. The doors flew open and the black energy palpably flooded free. Before them was an enormous staircase that led straight down to the first floor. There had to be over one hundred steps. The further they descended, the stronger the aura seemed to become until it was almost suffocating. Waluigi was shaking like a leaf while Wario was frowning, just clenching his face muscles to try and appear brave. His armpits had sprung a leak. What did he get himself into? This guy was probably a nightmare.

Swallowing a hard lump that had formed in his throat, Wario stopped when he realized that he was leading the group. He turned to the others to try and start a distracting conversation to have them go first.

“Wow, it’s hard to see with all of this black stuff in the air, huh?” he said with a forced smile.

If the group continued, they would arrive at an empty chamber. The only one hunched over inside it was King Dedede. His back was facing the group. His breaths were heavy and laborious and his eyes were gleaming red. Sweat was dripping from his face as his flipper rested on his stomach. The penguin overheard the footsteps and turned his red spheres over his shoulder to gaze at the team.

“Oh…” King Dedede breathed as though it took much energy to talk. “So…you all made it…I’m amazed…I thought my minions would have crushed you for sure…I underestimated you.”

The penguin was still perched on the metal winged greaves Naija used to own. They were the only things allowing him to move for he seemed to be suffering from a serious condition.


If a player is inactive for more than 3 days without letting the GMs know of any delays, then the player can be skipped over on the 4th day. If a player does not wish to post, they can Mention the GM and let the GM know he or she "Passes" on his or her turn.

P.O.: Frisk, Alicia Harnick, Banjo & Kazooie, and Cloud.

Level: 4
Day/Time: Day Two, Afternoon
Location: 2nd floor with the group
Tag: @Guardian Angel Haruki@Zarkun@Etherean Fire
Word Count: 343
Limit Break: 7/10

Cloud’s arms remained crossed before his chest. Wario was absolute scum and Waluigi was just a follower. He only cared about himself and they were wasting their time trying to seek his help. At least that was what Cloud thought. He didn’t try to get in Frisk’s way when they decided to reason with them. More like…Ask Wario for his help. Cloud frowned. It wasn’t a bad idea, but he didn’t like it. Wario couldn’t be trusted. No matter what the fat man was capable of, he just couldn’t be trusted. He seemed like the type to flee once he realized he wasn’t going to win. But Cloud wasn’t trying to think about not winning. The bosses had been formidable. If he recalled one fight in the Smash Arena, King Dedede was very similar to Kirby. Thank goodness he wasn’t Kirby.

Alicia and BK confirmed that Mario’s Soul and Hat weren’t in The Vault. If they weren’t here or with King Dedede, then where could they be? It seemed that King Dedede would be the only one who would have the answer they sought. Deciding to help Frisk’s plan with encouragement, Cloud sighed and added, “They’re right. We may not stand a chance without your help. You took on three bosses by yourselves and it seems you effortlessly defeated them. The seven of us could make short work of King Dedede and what happens when a king is defeated? The winner gets the spoils. I don’t think The Council will allow us to claim Dream Land, but seeing as you haven’t been officially recruited to the team, there’s no reason why you guys can’t have it.”

Cloud shrugged and then spoke to the others, “I’m sure King Dedede knows what he did with Mario’s Hat and Soul. What I can’t guarantee is if we’ll get an answer. We have to try and get him to tell us where they are or we may not ever find them. How we do that? I have no idea. Let’s just hope the penguin likes to talk.”

Level: 2
Day/Time: Day 3 - Evening
Location: From Ulfric's Tent to Markarth
Tag: @DracoLunaris@Zarkun@Lugubrious
Word Count: 1153

Ulfric had ordered the heroes to wake, but The President didn’t budge. He remained curled up in his bedroll with his back to the rest of the tent. Kinzie’s voice crept into his ear: “Booo~sss…” He didn’t respond. “Wakey, wakey, sleepy head. You’re not on the ship. Remember?”

His brows converged on his forehead, and he didn’t even bother to open his eyes. He kept his bedroll gripped tight and muttered groggily, “Fuck off…”

Kinzie sighed. “Get up or I’ll start singing ‘Work’ by Rihanna.”

The Boss’s eyes cracked open. “Kinzie…you better fucking-”

“Work, work, work, work, work, work; you see me I be…”

The Boss groaned and squirmed as though he was in pain. “God, make it stop!” His hands then desperately went to cup his ears. “Stop! STOP!” He looked like a crazy person, grabbing his head and screaming. The President finally sat up with an exasperated sigh when Kinzie stopped. “Fuck,” he muttered. He took in his surroundings and seemed to scowl as though disappointed to still be stuck inside the video game. “No eggs; bacon; no nothing. Not even coffee. Everybody’s gonna hate me…(as though they didn’t already).”

Tossing aside some drapes, blankets, who knew what it really was. He rose to his feet and blew his breath on his hand and sniffed it. “At least there isn’t any morning breath in this simulation. I probably don’t even need a shower.”

“Will you stop sniffing yourself? That is so disturbing.”

“Kinzie, do I stink?”

“I don’t know. I’m not about to sniff you while you’re plugged in.”

Oh well, he mused.

The Boss was quiet as he followed where Ulfric had vanished off to. He didn’t greet the others in his party at least not verbally. He might have given them an ugly scowl because he didn’t have any coffee to wash it off with. He rubbed at his eyes, squinting at the still night sky. It was still night!? Fuck, I’m not awake enough for this. My balls are gonna fall off. When the group had finally gathered, Mr. President followed the departing party as they quickly and quietly marched to Markarth. He swiftly posted behind a boulder next to Ulfric and then finally looked to the rest of the group, noticing spear babe was gone.

The Boss blinked in disbelief and then asked, “Where’s Spear Babe?” He didn’t even remember her name. Was she late? His heart then jumped at the possible realization. “No…don’t fucking tell me. She went on that fucking side quest didn’t she?”

Boss didn’t have much time to get mad before Ulfric was urging the group on to execute Operation B&E. He looked to the rest of the party that was present and growled, “We’re gonna fucking talk about this later!”

It was his turn to take out the sentries as he had volunteered to do. Boss raced out from behind the boulder, keeping a low silhouette and used the rocky terrain as cover. His heart near ripped from his chest again when a loud shout sounded and something about a Sneak Level Up flashed before his eyes. What the fuck… he mused. His hand was resting on his heaving chest. He thought someone had noticed him or something. As he continued to move to the right of the fortress, hardly looking like a ninja or Special Forces soldier sporting his green Christmas sweater, he scaled up the side of the mountain. It was a little strange but by the way the graphics were cut. He could jump from each rock as though they were squares rather than perfectly round or smooth. Of course, I could only do this in a video game.

Boss front flipped off the last rock that would have him land on the battlement. He landed in a crouch—one hand posted before him to balance himself, and he gazed down the battlement at the deer furries carrying flaming torches. They were pacing the wall much like any guards he would expect in a video game. The only difference was unlike the medieval fantasy setting of the game, slung across their backs were blaster weapons.

“Time to make these bastards wish they hadn’t fucked with the United States,” Boss muttered to himself. Pushing forward off his hand, Boss broke into a sprint across the battlement. One of the Forsworn paused and turned around in time to see the Boss drop upon his side, slide across the ground, and thrust his feet into the shins of the deer man. The Forsworn soldier fell over on top of Boss. He caught the deer’s head between his bicep and forearm and slinging his hand across to his forearm to tighten the hold, Boss leaned back and applied enough pressure to the deer man’s neck to make him faint. When the guard went limp in his hold, Boss released him and extended his arm in the other patrolling deermen’s direction. Materializing in his grip was a purple, green, and orange tube-covered rifle. He fired a glowing yellow tennis ball like shot that flew toward the back of the Forsworn soldier’s head. The ball seemed to pass through the solder’s skull, bouncing straight into the next soldier in front of him. As both soldiers collapsed, Boss was on his feet continuing to sprint down the battlement in time to see the gatekeeper step out of one of the towers. He first glanced down stupidly at the two downed guards before unslinging his rifle. When he looked in the sprinting Boss’s direction, Boss through his rifle at the guard’s face and when the rifle bounced off, he jumped and kicked the rifle back at the guard’s face a second time. Landing, he followed up the stunt as the guard was struggling to catch his balance. Leaning his weight on his left leg, Boss raised his right leg and kicked out to strike the guard’s face with the sole of his foot. Bringing his leg swiftly back, he hopped in the air, switching legs to have his left foot shoot out to jab the guard in the throat and send his form slumping to the ground.

“Woo!” Boss exclaimed.

“Settle down there Bruce Lee,” said Kinzie.

“Did you record that shit? That was fucking bad ass. I'm a beast!”

“How about you focus on the mission, Boss? You need to signal to the others that you managed to secure the gate.”

“Yeah, yeah; shit can’t have any fun around here,” Boss grumbled. He glanced down to one of the torches and picked it up. Walking over to the battlement wall, he waved the torch around to signal Ulfric and the others that the gate was secured. All they had to do was take out the guards at the bottom and make their way inside. He was going to give them a minute to get into position before he started turning the wheel to raise the gate.

Day/Time: Day Three - Evening
Location: Skyrim - Markarth
Tagging: @Zarkun@DracoLunaris@Lugubrious

As Ulfric stated just before dawn’s light, the Stormcloak entered his tent to wake the slumbering heroes. “Wake up. It’s time,” he ordered. “Gather what you will need for we may not come back.” He meant that in two ways: either they literally wouldn’t return or they would die. After he gave his words, he stepped out of the tent, fur boots crunching along the snow to a group of Stormcloak warriors huddled together. They stood in a circle of skins and fur, their breaths rising above their heads in a visible vapor. Once the heroes had managed to join them, the Stormcloaks would march toward the gates and head out into the night. They travelled until the sky began to turn from a dark purple to a light blue behind the crowns of the mountains. There was still enough darkness to cover them, but they would have to act fast. They came before Markarth and hid behind the boulders that covered the land—as though the city had exploded from the mountain and scattered its rock everywhere. A few of the Stormcloaks had silently taken out the stable hands of the nearby stable and used it for warmth and cover.

Ulfric looked to the heroes. “Now’s your chance. You screw this up and getting in there will be impossible. Move quickly. The sun rises in minutes.”

The words whispered on the breeze seemed to guide Azura through the night and beyond its terrors. However, ther was one, which seemed to block her way. She would see the silhouette of what could have possibly been a man, but its primitive grunting and snarls said not so. It seemed to be hunched up the path, its body huddled over a bear it had slain—a bear! And the bear had been the size of a grizzly. Spikes jutted from its shoulders and black gnarled claws raked and passed tubes of entrails into its mouth. It slurped and grunted over its meal. The heat exuding from the bear’s ripped open side rising in a thick cloud above…the frost troll. He beast would pause as it chewed its food, glancing cautiously left and right as though expecting some other sort of predator to creep up on it and try to steal its kill. If Azura wasn’t careful, then who knew what the beast would do if it spotted her.


GM Note: XP has been initiated. Any actions or decisions your characters decide to make will affect the mission from this point on. Consequences can either be positive or negative. The results are only seen every GM post.


If a player is inactive for more than 3 days without letting the GMs know of any delays, then the player can be skipped over on the 4th day. If a player does not wish to post, they can @Mention the GM and let the GM know he or she "Passes" on his or her turn.

P.O.: Mr. President, Azura, Vent, and Captain Piper.

Day/Time: Day Three - Very Early Morning
Location: Tetris Castle, Platform City, and The Save Point
Tagging: @ONL@DracoLunaris@Guardian Angel Haruki@Zarkun@Majoras End

The 49th floor was a floor not many had ever ventured to. It was mysterious, dark, and there were all sorts of experiments being conducted from machinery to biological experimentation. They say in some special area of the lab that there are creatures unlike what anyone has ever seen being studied. Walking along metal catwalks, raised a few feet over serpents of wires and cables, Dr. Light and his supportive crew were able to get Guile to a rejuvenation tank where he hung suspended in the green broth, his wounds healing only to reopen in an endless unexplained cycle. Dr. Light stood before the capsule, staring at the Street Fighter with a contemplative frown. Kirby was looking sadly up at Rosalina and Naija, feeling completely helpless. Rosalina had her arms full of tired Lumas who laid limply like putty across them.

“If I remember Guile’s last words right, he mentioned something about a sword,” Dr. Light mused aloud. “Did anyone see what happened?”

Rosalina nodded. “Guile encountered the swordsman before me. He tried to stop he and his crew from escaping with the bear, but one slash from the swordsman’s sword was all it took. I immediately ran to his side and started to heal him with my Lumas, but there was nothing I could do. No matter how much I tried I couldn’t stop his wound from opening or stop the pirates.”

As Rosalina started crying again, Dr. Light searched around his lab for some tissues. “Now, now, there’s no need to cry. You and this girl’s (Naija) fast acting are what saved Guile’s life. Because of you two, he’s still with us.”

Kirby hopped up and down and the doctor looked down at him and blushed. “Oh, and you too Kirby. I almost forgot you were there.”

Kirby’s eyes narrowed and a long line stretched across his face.

Dr. Light then continued after offering Rosalina some tissues from a tissue box, “That must have been an interesting sword. I would have liked to study it. However, if it’s magic, then that isn’t really my expertise. Now, if it was covered in nanites, then that would explain something. Let’s take a microscopic look at Guile’s wound.”

As Dr. Light went over to a computer console to jumpstart the program, the other heroes could have arrived before, during, or after. As they would arrive, directed to the lab by lemmings who were still cleaning up the mess left by the pirates, they would find Naija and the others along with the wounded Council member.

Day/Time: Day Two - Evening
Location: Dream Land Arc
Tagging: @Etherean Fire@Zarkun@Guardian Angel Haruki

Inside the Butter Building, Fl. 2 Transition

Wario wrinkled his nose at Frisk’s smart aleck remark and then ground his teeth when Cloud insulted them. Clutching coins in his clenched fists, the gold molded in his angered grip before he released them and stood up. “I’m stronger than I look, Pretty Boy! These chumps didn’t stand a chance against Wario!” he gloated. “When it comes to me and gold, ain’t nobody gets in my way. WEH HEH HEH HEH!”

His eyes lowered to Frisk when they talked about searching through HIS mountains of gold for Mario’s Hat and Soul. “It’s not here. If it was, I woulda’ found it. You guys might as well give up on it because you’ll never find it. Even that fat penguin (like he had the right to call anyone fat) didn’t seem to have it when he passed through here. Being the genius that I am, I would guess that Mario’s soul and hat are gone! You guys will never find it.”

“Never find it, wah!” Waluigi echoed.

“So keep your dirty mitts off my gold. I’m gonna see how much of this loot I can take back with me. If you wanna, I dunno, be a hero or somethin’. Just head into the next room where they crazy duck is. He’s been dabblin’ in some crazy stuff so you guys might not come back alive. Before you go, let me know if you got any valuables you’d wanna give to me before you die.”

“Penguin, Wario,” Waluigi corrected.

“I don’t care what he is! He’s not my problem. Let’s gather some of this gold and scram.”

Waluigi nodded and produced a sack from his overalls that he started to scoop the gold into.

The door Wario spoke of could not be missed. It was the largest of all the doors the party have ever come before and a powerful evil seemed to seep from it. This was going to be the final boss.


GM Note: From here on out, all players will be required to keep track of their word count. XP will be awarded every GM post. Be sure to check the XP hider to see how much XP your character earned. Remember to keep your CSes updated. I have seen players slack in keeping their XP up-to-date and they have lost XP points because of it. I didn't take the XP away from them, they just didn't keep track of the XP on their own. It is YOUR responsibility if you want your character to level.


If a player is inactive for more than 3 days without letting the GMs know of any delays, then the player can be skipped over on the 4th day. If a player does not wish to post, they can Mention the GM and let the GM know he or she "Passes" on his or her turn.

P.O.: Frisk, Alicia Harnick, Banjo & Kazooie, and Cloud.

Level: 4
Day/Time: Day Two, Afternoon
Location: 2nd floor with the group
Tag: @Guardian Angel Haruki@Zarkun@Etherean Fire
Word Count: 333
Limit Break: 6/10

As Frisk apologized, Cloud rested a hand on their head. They apologized for not being an experienced leader and the EX-SOLDIER smiled subtly, “You’re doing fine. If it wasn’t for you, I don’t think we would have made it this far.”

Dropping his hand, he asked, “And what’s that?”

Frisk revealed a fear of theirs that made Cloud frown suspiciously. It made him a little uncomfortable that Frisk was afraid to fight. This entire time they all wanted them to fight, but it may have been something they weren’t meant to do. After a momentary pause, he decided, “I will. I will stop you. Now don’t you worry.”

The swordsman then turned with Frisk to head down the stairs. He glanced once over his shoulder at where the door to the Mr. Bright and Mr. Shine room had been. There wasn’t one, and it seemed they would be forced to continue even if any of them had wanted to turn back. The next room as they approached had an interesting glow and Cloud could hear the chime of what sounded like coins as they drew closer. As he and Frisk entered the doorway, the swordsman’s Mako-blue eyes widened in surprise to see the familiar fat menace from earlier. He was still alive…damn. He winced at his annoying laugh and gazed passed the pudgy Wario at the pile of villains unconscious. Had he and the twiggy Waluigi handled those villains themselves? When Wario addressed them as punks, Cloud’s eyes narrowed and he stepped further into the room, his hand naturally grasping the hilt of his blade. He couldn’t believe the two Ws had managed to beat the mini bosses.

“Are they the bosses in this room?” Cloud asked. He then stopped a few feet away from Wario and Waluigi and glanced between the two with a disbelieving look. “How did you beat them? You fart on them too? They must not have been that much of a challenge if you guys put them down.”
@MetatrooperYeah sure. Clear with me and the other GMs your concept idea in a PM.

Event Tagging: @Lugubrious

As the group settled to sleep or went their own ways into the night, the moon rolled across the sky and with it did the hours. In the middle of the cold, starry snowy night, a whisper trickled down the mountain. Unlike the first time, the voice was not heard by the land. The words traveled like a breeze on magic, passing over the camp and into the tent to the huddled form of the princess.

The voice softly repeated over and over and no one else seemed to hear it.
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