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Happy Thanksgiving!
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When you see that you no longer owe anymore posts and have nothing to write *insanity ensues* Aaaaah!HSkjhaksjhdjf
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Hello all. I am an experienced writer who is writing my own fiction stories on the side. I can role play any genre. What I love most is being able to go-all-out when weaving tales with other writers. It just makes the story more interesting, so I can't wait to write with you. :)

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Day/Time: Day Two - Evening
Location: Dream Land Arc
Tagging: @Etherean Fire@Zarkun@Guardian Angel Haruki@Leaves

Inside the Butter Building, Fl. 3

The moon came out of his roll as Frisk called for his attention. He unraveled, resting his feet upon the grass and whirled around in time to feel ice flash across his body. Rifle fire from the Stalwart shattered the ice, causing Mr. Bright to stagger backwards with a groan, and then followed a barrage of…eggs? The blue eggs shattered against the moon in two barrages of three, sending him flying back a few feet before he landed in the grass. Whatever Flirt Frisk had attempted had went unheard. Mr. Bright gripped the grass and slowly sat upwards, revealing his crescent moon-shape to be cracked. A fragment actually broke off his body to the grass, revealing only pitch-black darkness within him. Mr. Bright’s eyes widened as a hand quickly slapped over the hole. He gazed at the group with a new light. There was actually fear shining in his enlarged eyes as he gazed upon the group of heroes. The moon’s stunned state was broken by the insensitive laughter of his rival, Mr. Shine.

“AH HA HA HA HA!” Mr. Shine roared. “They knocked you on your ass! Is that a moon fragment I see?”

Mr. Bright grabbed the shard as though to hide it as he scowled up at Mr. Shine. Mr. Shine had a long and condescending smile on his face as he looked down at him. “You barely survived the first bout.” Mr. Shine then looked to the group. “Hurry up and kill this lousy excuse for a light bringer, watching this fight is giving me…SUN BURN!

Mr. Shine snorted with laughter as fiery tears began to rain upon the grass beneath him. “The Senior Bros would have loved that one—hahahaa!”

Mr. Bright frowned deeply before he shouted, “SHUT UP! I will destroy them with my special attack. LUNAR BLADES (there was an uncanny echo)!”

The moon spread his arms to either side of him and two three-foot long sickle-like blades of light appeared in his gloved hands. Twisting his body to the right, he flung the first one like a boomerang at Frisk and Alicia, and then twisted left, flinging the second at Cloud and Banjo-Kazooie.


GM Note: From here on out, all players will be required to keep track of their word count. XP will be awarded every GM post. Be sure to check the XP hider to see how much XP your character earned. Remember to keep your CSes updated. I have seen players slack in keeping their XP up-to-date and they have lost XP points because of it. I didn't take the XP away from them, they just didn't keep track of the XP on their own. It is YOUR responsibility if you want your character to level.


If a player is inactive for more than 3 days without letting the GMs know of any delays, then the player can be skipped over on the 4th day. If a player does not wish to post, they can Mention the GM and let the GM know he or she "Passes" on his or her turn.

P.O.: Frisk, Alicia Harnick, Banjo & Kazooie, and Cloud.

Level: 4
Day/Time: Day Two, Afternoon
Location: Headed to the 3rd floor with the group
Tag: @Guardian Angel Haruki@Zarkun@Leaves@Etherean Fire
Word Count: 547
Limit Break: 2/10

Frisk reassured them that they knew what they were doing and would let them know if they see an alternative solution to killing the enemy. The ex-SOLDIER nodded. Always looking for an alternative, Cloud thought to himself. He didn’t think Frisk could ever truly not be pacifistic. As Cloud motioned toward the next boss chamber, he stopped when Frisk decided to pay him a compliment. Blush appeared on his cheeks as he was reminded of someone. He was reminded of two girls actually—Aerith and Tifa. They had always liked to see him smile. Apparently, he didn’t smile enough.

“Thanks,” Cloud finally responded. I guess I don’t notice it that much.

The third boss chamber reminded him of the Senior Poppy Bros’s boss chamber. It was so dark that he couldn’t see his hand in front of his face, and slowly, Cloud reached back to grasp the hilt of his sword. The room was deceiving. The grass, the smell, and the breeze made him wonder if they were truly in a room. Then, the voices followed. The ceiling, which appeared to be an actual skyscape lit up with the shine from two celestial bodies. One was a personified sun, and the other, a moon. With his off-hand, Cloud raised it before his face to veil his mako-green eyes from the combined glare. He couldn’t imagine anyone being able to look directly at them without risking going blind.

That’s all we need is another dynamic duo, Cloud mused, his blonde brows converging. The sun moved closer, and when it did, Cloud could feel the heat. It was like having his face held above a burning stove. The swordsman raised his arm, but was unable to keep the heat from bringing him discomfort. Mr. Shine was going to be a big problem. Mr. Bright was able to unintentionally distract Mr. Shine into a heated argument over what was scarier. Dropping his arm, Cloud sighed and then looked to the others naturally checking on their well-being.

There was no question that Mr. Bright and Mr. Shine were going to be enemies that they would have to take down. Cloud drew, what appeared to be a new sword. While it was still pretty long, it wasn’t as massive as his Buster Sword. The blade had a purple-hue and Cloud held it before him with both of his hands in the same manner he had held his previous one.

“I don’t think we’re sparing these guys,” said Cloud.

After the two entities settled their differences with a game of Rock-Paper-Scissors, Cloud was a little happy to know that Mr. Bright would take them on first. No offense to the lunar being, but Mr. Shine seemed more fearsome just by proximity alone. Mr. Bright attacked, turning into a saw blade. Cloud dove out of the moon’s path just as the others had, catching his weight upon the flat side of his sword and rolling forward to quickly right himself. The ex-SOLDIER was kneeling in the grass, facing the rotating blade. Magic oscillated around him in a fiery ring, teasing his blonde hair. The green materia orb embedded in his sword gleamed before Cloud thrust out his hand in Mr. Bright’s direction, hoping to catch him in an ice spell and slow his momentum.

Level: 1
Day/Time: Day 3 - Evening
Location: Forest of Skyrim
Tag: @Mattchstick@DracoLunaris@Zarkun@Lugubrious
Word Count: 599

Robogirl seemed to agree with the team name idea, offering her own suggestion to make it just “crew.” Boss nodded and glanced up at the sky with a smirk. “I guess you’re right. It sounds too similar to that one band.”

The Boss turned around to see Spear Babe bowing to the enemy. He frowned at her as though she were crazy. He then tilted his head back toward the rest of the Crew and whispered, “What is she doing? She surrendering?”

Spear Babe revealed her name to be Azura from the Kingdom of Hoshido. Hoshido…some Japanese Chinese shit. The Boss’s brows rose as he blinked and then he whirled toward the rest of the group. “She’s Chinese!?” He would have never guessed. His head snapped back over his shoulder, taking in her features again—probably more than what she would have desired if she wasn’t too occupied to notice. He couldn’t believe it!

Azura amazed him a second time when she began to sing. The Boss listened to the blue-haired girl spread her soothing song like a warm blanket over the land. His eagerness to fight the Stormcloaks vanished as Boss crossed his sweater-covered arms before his chest and listened to her pleasant tune. Her song ended with her resting a hand against her chest as though in pain. However, the Boss’s attention was on the dumbfounded soldiers. His lips unzipped into a mischievous grin. They looked completely unarmed.

While Captain Piper and Vent were attempting to reason with the Stormcloaks while they were rational, Boss uncrossed his arms and praised Azura, “Great distraction!”

He then ordered over his shoulder to the others, “Let’s kick their ass!”

The president lunged forth, prepared to literally throw his body into the gaggle to throw their balance when a beam passed over his shoulder. He felt the heat on his cheek, making his hair rise in terror. Boss dropped straight down upon the snow nearly losing his glasses as he pushed them back up the bridge of his nose.

“What the hell? They got energy weapons in this game? I thought this was supposed to be some medieval shit!” Boss exclaimed. He quickly low-crawled over to a large rock and remained on his back in the snow, taking cover. Once he was somewhat safe, he rolled onto his stomach and peeked beyond the rock at the tribal types approaching them. They weren’t wearing any armor from what he could tell. They just had some heavy equipment. “Hey, if you guys got some guns or some shit, take those guys out!”

Boss rolled back onto his back and called out, “Kinzie! Kinzie, I need a big gun or something!”

“Sorry Boss. The signal to your location is pretty weak. The download is going to take a while.”

“What!? Can’t you and Miller strengthen the connection?”

“I’m not working with that Nyte Blade creep!”

“Woah, don’t involve Nyte Blade in this,” came Matt. “Nyte Blade has nothing to do with your inability to establish a stronger connection speed to Skyrim.”

“Shut up! I can do it. It’ll just take time!”

“Let me help you.”

“You touch this system and I’ll kill you!”

“Guys! GUYS! I’m getting shot at down here can you just hurry and settle your differences and get me some firepower before I’m killed or captured!?!”

“The Boss wouldn’t still be in danger if you just let me help.”

“That’s it!”

Mr. President could hear Kinzie and Matt arguing and fighting over his comms and he dropped his face in the snow. He couldn’t believe this was happening. Actually, he should have known better by now.

Day/Time: Day Three - Evening
Location: Skyrim Transition
Tagging: @Mattchstick@Zarkun@DracoLunaris@Lugubrious

The approaching Nords slowed in their charge when the woman in blue that stepped forth to confront them began to sing. It hadn’t been just any normal song. They felt it. It passed through them like magic, touching their very souls. They hadn’t only heard it with their ears. It was as though their very existence listened. The Nords slowed and then stopped, lips parted in awe and no longer feeling the urge to fight.

Back at the camp, every Nord had stopped moving. They froze in their preparation and Ulfric gazed off into the distance, his own eyes enlarged. What is this magic? he mused. The steel gods didn’t use such magic. At least not to their knowledge. No intelligence report had described them ever using magic. They were like the Dwemer of old.

When the song ended, Ulfric blinked as though waking from a dream. He glanced around at his surroundings…he felt so calm. The other Nords were gazing about as Ulfric once again gazed into the distance. He could still see the first unit standing there. The enemy group hadn’t tried to kill them from what he could see. Could he have been initially correct? Ulfric turned toward the ladder and quickly slid down to the crunchy frozen earth. A few of his warriors strode over to his side.

“My lord?” one questioned, curious about his urgency.

“They aren’t the steel gods,” Ulfric told them. He then shouted over his shoulder to the rest of his waiting cloaks, “Standby!”



The command was echoed.

“Open the gate! I am going out!” Ulfric ordered.

The gate was opened and Ulfric ran with four of his warriors toward the group. That song could have been heard by anyone and Ulfric feared that the enemy may had heard it too.

The ten Nordsmen had stopped and gazed upon Captain Piper as she explained that she was not a steel god. Calmed by Azura’s song, they were able to take a moment to assess the situation. The gods that they were familiar with were not among the group—however…they stared at Captain Piper.

“Is it Dwarven?” one of the Nord warriors asked.

The superior of the group frowned suspiciously as he continued to scrutinize the red robot, “I don’t know.”

Behind the group, charging across the snow was a group of men and women dressed in skins, furs, and donning antlers. Unlike the Stormcloaks, they didn’t wield medieval weaponry, instead they were carrying energy weapons most familiar to Vent. Howling and shouting a tribal chant, the Forsworn—twenty in numbers—raised their weapons and began firing on the group.

“Forsworn!” a Stormcloak shouted. Blue and green beams began streaking through the air, seeking to incinerate anything they touched. The Stormcloaks scattered, seeking cover behind rocks or dropping to their bellies in the snow.

Ulfric saw the lasers appear in the distance as he and his men neared the group, and he cursed under his breath. If only he hadn’t second guessed himself. He stopped and thrusted out an arm as he commanded, “Take cover!”

Total Enemies: 20
Location: On the ground behind the Hero Group


GM Note: First battle has commenced. The group is faced with 20 Forsworn minions wielding energy weapons, mostly rifles.
The terrain is icy and temperate. Players are free to have their heroes pick off the enemy freely. There are no named enemies at this time. XP has been initiated. Any actions or decisions your characters decide to make will affect the mission from this point on. Consequences can either be positive or negative. The results are only seen every GM post.


If a player is inactive for more than 3 days without letting the GMs know of any delays, then the player can be skipped over on the 4th day. If a player does not wish to post, they can @Mention the GM and let the GM know he or she "Passes" on his or her turn.

P.O.: Mr. President, Azura, Vent, Captain Piper, and Ruben.
We're still looking for long-term dedicated writers for Sloth or Lust. You must be capable of writing on a casual to advanced level, be capable of carrying on a story without relying solely on a GM to make decisions for you, and while it is not mandatory, it is helpful and can also be entertaining to have Discord ability. There is a discord and communication, fun, and shenanigans happen in there to keep you occupied while waiting for your turn to post.

Please take the time to read this game. When you submit a writing sample, the writing sample is either a memory or sample post of how you would RP the character you intend to bring to the game.

Character: Evelyn Caroline
Location: Outside the small town of Corona
Tagging: @AllHollowsEve@Tenma Tendo
Summary: Eve and Sloth fall into the river. Eve is supposedly saved by the Holy Knight Lucien and taken against her will.

The holy knight stopped when he heard a young voice called out to him. Lieutenant Lucien turned a blue eye over his shoulder to see a small boy, standing there. Challenging him. He smirked and resumed walking away from him as he patronized the kid, “You should run along and mind your business boy. I will not waste my time with a child.”

A few of the holy knight’s subordinates trudged from the forest, dripping in sludge. He used to have five men. Now, he only had two. Lucien stopped as his two soldiers came before him.

“Where are the others?” he asked.

“Lost in the swamp, Sir,” one of the soldiers returned.

The lieutenant frowned at the news. Normally, the church didn’t abandon their men. They sent out search parties to try to recover any evidence of them, but he had the princess and it was urgent that he return her to Caroline.

“We’re heading back,” Lucien told them.

The soldiers looked surprised. “Sir, without the others?”

“The princess’s safety takes priority. We will search for them as we backtrack, but if we are unable to find them, then they are lost.”

The lieutenant marched passed the two soldiers. They gazed at the limp princess over his shoulder, silently wondering how she ended up in such a state. Then their eyes shifted over to the lone boy. They hadn’t known why he was there—perhaps he was just being nosy, but they quickly lost interest in him.

Day/Time: Day Three - Very Early Morning
Location: The Save Point
Tagging: @ONL@DracoLunaris@Guardian Angel Haruki@Zarkun@Majoras End

Cuphead seemed to acknowledge his strength. Why didn’t they wonder why the enemy was after him to begin with? It wasn’t because he was weak. Shantae transformed into a monkey and was already executing the proposed plan on her lonesome. That was until James decided to propose a new plan and quickly chased after her. Sparx frowned. Sending them to the castle when the bad guy was right there?

Sparx waited for James to leave before he turned to the rest of the group. “We shouldn’t just let him get away. What if he knows something we don’t?” The dragonfly flew over to the window to peek out of it.

The black cloaked man managed to make it safely to the first floor without drawing the attention of the heroes. Feeling home free, he no longer crept and headed for the door. Opening it, he stepped outside and glanced left and right before he…ran. The figure ran through the streets, and he ran inhumanly quick. The cloak divided a little about his legs, revealing more black material underneath. He then sprang through the air, landing on all fours onto the back of a car before leaping gracefully over to an overhang. From the overhang, he leapt onto the head of a street lamp and from the street lamp onto the roof of an apartment. The figure then returned to a bipedal sprint, leaping from rooftop to rooftop.

Sparx who was watching from the rooftop blinked. “That guy’s pretty fast…and…hm…his moves seem familiar. Oh!” The dragonfly whirled and warned the group, “He’s escaping you guys!”

Meanwhile, hovering a few thousand feet above Tetris Castle, was an odd ship.

Level: 1
Day/Time: Day 3 - Evening
Location: Forest of Skyrim
Tag: @Mattchstick@DracoLunaris@Zarkun@Lugubrious
Word Count: 612

As you wish, Boss.

Mr. President looked over at Azura with a plain look. What a bitch… he thought. Whatever. It’s not like I’m not used to those types of women. Back on the ship, he sometimes felt as though he was surrounded by hot bitches. The girly-guy kid (he started talking)—a guy—introduced himself as Vent and that he was some sort of Model. His explanation made Mr. President raise a hand to grasp his chin as he frowned at him as though trying to decipher him. “Your explanation…I don’t know why. The double megamerging made me think of…” he lowered his hand from his chin and waved it off. “Shit, never mind. You had me thinking you were some weird Japanese fetish sex doll or something. So a ‘Megaman’ got it.” Whatever that was. He was sure he would find out soon.

The boss looked to the red robot next as she explained several similarities to his own situation. “Captain Piper…” he said her name as though getting a feel for it. “I would have never guessed you to be a femmebot until you said something.”

He looked at her weapons, and then the furnace in her chest (good thing she didn’t have breasts). He pointed at it. “I assume that works like a boiler or something. Try to keep that thing hot.”

Finally, was a man who seemed like someone who he could relate to. He looked like someone from the same planet as him. A soldier. When he introduced himself with a very Russian name, Boss smirked in amusement. The fact that he was Russian wasn’t what was amusing but how he was still up-tight even after crossing dimensions. XCOM? He had never heard of it. Everyone was from a different universe no matter how human they seemed.

Boss made a down motion with his hand. “Hey, chill. I may have formally been Commander in Chief but I’m not no more (not until we find a new planet to call Earth!) You’re a soldier-medic. Got it.”

He then started with Azura, pointing at her before motioning along: “Spear Babe, Megaman (more like Megaboy), Robogirl, and Russian dude. Got it. Great. With this team in this backwater medieval world, this mission should be cake.”

Hearing the snow crunching some ways behind him, Boss turned around to see a medieval-looking man in fur approach. He gave them all a look until he happened to gaze on one of them that looked like made him near shit his pants. Boss glanced over his shoulder, following the scout’s eyes to Captain Piper. A second after, the scout was running away exclaiming about the enemy. Boss blinked in confusion.

“Does he mean us?” he thought aloud in confusion. He then looked back at Captain Piper, and then at the scout who was running away. Then back again. “Hey, I don’t know what he saw, but whatever it is, don’t pay him any mind. You’re…” He looked her up and down and made a face. Nah; he wouldn’t tap it. “You’re…great…don’t worry about him.”

As Mr. President faced the path once more, his expression practically dropped at the barbarian soldiers charging toward them. “You gotta be fucking kidding me…” he grumbled. “Wasn’t this guy expecting us?”

Boss narrowed his eyes and brought his hands together giving them a few cracks. He then said over his shoulder to his team, “Let’s kick their asses. Maybe that’ll get it through their cavemen skulls not to fuck with The Sai—eeeh~……I mean…with uh…We needa’ group name. How about the uh…”

He turned around to look over his team again, “How about the Motley Crew?”

Day/Time: Day Three - Evening
Location: Skyrim Transition
Tagging: @Mattchstick@Zarkun@DracoLunaris@Lugubrious

While the mysterious visitors were warping in and gathering, a sentry in one of the four towers guarding the wooden camp watched from a distance. Were there wizards gathering on the hill? He could hardly make out their forms. Maybe they were spies for the steel gods? The sentry turned and yelled down to the Nord guards below: “Wizards to the west!”

One of the guards sprinted for one of the various animal skin tents that covered the camp grounds. The tent had a pair of antlers above it, marking it as the leader’s camp. The Nord barged in. Several men, one of them being Ulfirc Stormcloak himself looked up from a wooden table that had the map of Markarth stretched across it.

“Wizards are in the west!” the guard breathlessly reported.

Ulfric’s blonde brows furrowed with suspicion. “Wizards?”

He glanced to his two generals before he followed the guard back to the sentry tower. Climbing the wooden ladder, Ulfric joined the sentry and gazed up the path at a gathering of awkward and colorful bodies. They must have been the reinforcements he had called for. Why so little? He gazed down the ladder at the guard who stood below.

“Send a scout to bring them here before the enemy finds them,” he ordered.

The guard looked surprised. Weren’t they the enemy? He didn’t question his lord, however, and instead sought out a scout as he was commanded.

Ulfric watched the scout as he quickly raced up the path toward the suspected wizards. If they were with the enemy, then he would know if the scout didn’t safely return. As the scout approached the group, he stopped a few feet away, gawking at their various appearances. When he saw Captain Piper, the one who looked the most like a machine, his face paled and immediately he screamed, turned tail, and ran away.

“The enemy has come!” the scout shouted over and over.

Ulfric, hearing the scout’s distant shouts, scowled. He couldn’t believe that he was wrong. He faced his camp and bellowed, “The enemy is at our gates! Ready the archers! I want ten men to retrieve the scout and do battle with the enemy. The rest of you remain here and prepare to hold this camp with your lives!”

Leaving the wooden camp, came ten Nords wearing bear fur and brandishing weapons from claymores to axes. The scout was safely received and continued passed the group of warriors to safely make his return to camp. Within seconds, the group was to be confronted by Stormcloaks.


GM Note: XP has been initiated. Any actions or decisions your characters decide to make will affect the mission from this point on. Consequences can either be positive or negative. The results are only seen every GM post.


If a player is inactive for more than 3 days without letting the GMs know of any delays, then the player can be skipped over on the 4th day. If a player does not wish to post, they can @Mention the GM and let the GM know he or she "Passes" on his or her turn.

P.O.: Mr. President, Azura, Vent, Captain Piper, and Ruben.
For a Persistent World to succeed, it must be moderated by a single person or group of people, who dictate universal rules and expectation (Usually it is just moderated by a moderator to make sure everyone is being respectful and following the site rules. You talk about a MV like the one I described would not exist, but it does. But seeing as it would require a ton of people to be interested in the idea, such as the existing one that is on Roleplay Gateway has over 100+ writers in it, it would most likely not survive on this site due to that lack thereof alone versus any of the other claims.). Self-regulation with multiple sets of rules does not work. It leads to imbalance and continuity disasters. One RPer might prefer playing real-world characters limited by their physical abilities, another might prefer playing a psychopathic human-killing demi-god. The interaction would be disastrous, as the first player would be forced to suddenly develop supreme powers or die (Or if that character comes from a modern fiction world, being friends with a space marine from another world, he can borrow technology to devise weapons that still have him as an average joe but now he can properly defend himself without having to make any drastic character changes at all. MV encourages writers to think outside the box because a MV RP is not a single RP, run under one setting, with one type of writer in it. It is a massive world where every genre coexists. The rules and regulations are decided by whatever country, faction, clan, etc. your character affiliates with. If they are lawless, then they are actually treated as such and can have WANTED posters placed on them, adding more genuine drama to the character type that writer is role playing. As mentioned before, if anything ever happened that you didn't want. Basic RP Etiquette; you have the right to tell the other player that you don't want to RP whatever it is that was brought against you. Communication isn't difficult.), neither of which is even remotely fair to them. Just as RPGuild has a universal set of rules on site behavior and reporting, a PW must have universal rules on IC behavior. It also must have a story line of some kind that connects all of the worlds, so that players have objectives to complete if they run out of ones to make on their own. That requires a considerable amount of work for the GM(s), who would have to fully commit to it for, theoretically, eternity. (The IC universal rules would just be don't be a dick and always ask the other player for consent before attempting to intrude on their story. Plain and simple.)

It was said that "Multiverses...have no segregation when it comes to writing ability. Both the Free, Casual, and Advanced writers should be able to write in there without problem," but why? (I will tell you why. If I am role playing Emperor Blah Blah from the Blah Planet. If majority of the players who join my kingdom are Free-level writers, let's say 30, and the planet I wish to conquer only has 3 Advanced Players, I will easily be able to take that planet with my 30 free writers because I have actual morale. Of course, NPCs exist, but the players that will actually do the damage are the ones being PCed. They are the main characters not the NPCs. It's all about having bodies when it comes to planet versus planet and nation versus nation. Realistically, in actual MV wars, the Free players fight against the Free, Casual against the Casual, and instead of them being segregated into those categories, it is instead based on that individual player and the writing ability they have demonstrated. You could write 5 pages, but all of those pages could be absolute garbage. Instead of being labeled according to your writing level, you would just face someone who writes about the same level of quality. The reason why this site is broken up into sections is because it is NOT a MV and doesn't have one. It is instead to basically advertise the level (can't always say quality) of writing ability to be expected when looking for stories to join. If you join the MV, you'll be involved in numerous stories. Not just one. As many as you involve your character in. They'll never be bored because writers always have some situation going on.)There is really no point in a universe consisting of Free, Casual, and Advanced roleplayers. Each of them will stick to their own standard of posting, in the world that they built, with the rules and lore that they made up, which is the same as them being separated into subforums as the site already has. (They aren't separated because the MV brings all factions, kingdoms, planets, etc together. Always happens. They are making a faction for a reason. Usually to take out another. They aren't a group of friends who just want to write with themselves and nobody else. The MV doesn't influence those kinds of games. You want to do that then look at the "Free, Casual, and Advanced" section. Go RP with yourselves.) Besides, Holy Soldier has already demonstrated (and is actively demonstrating) that a Persistent World/Multiverse is totally viable as a standalone RP. (Although my game has multiple universes in it because it is taking place in a video game multiverse with a central hub for cross-dimension interaction, I still consider it a single game. It is not a real multiverse. What would make it a multiverse would be let's say another RP that was a multiverse of pure anime characters came over and now there are two games crossing. That would make it a multiverse. Now imagine more games interchanging plots and stories. That is a multiverse.)

It was also said that "The MV also provides a home for 'main characters' characters that writers create and cannot find a RP or seem to be able to make a RP where they will fit." (All characters you could ever create fit in the MV because the MV encompasses all possible genres. So MVs are the best place for main characters that don't fit anywhere else.) Not finding a RP or making an RP is the same problem whether it's a multiverse/PW or not. You'd have to either make or find a RP in the multiverse for that character. If they don't fit in any other RP, or in an RP made by the creator, they're not going to fit in the multiverse. (They'll fit because you basically are "jumping-into" a situation. MV is an open game.)

Not only that, but, while inactivity or players dropping out of an RP is inconvenient, characters dropping out of a persistent world multiverse is much worse. If two RPs succeed in overlapping, an inactive character negatively impacts both of them, and GMs will have to work together to decide what happens, rather than tending to their own RP. That's extra work that could be skipped by either RP being run independently with NPCs controlled by the GM. (This is only detrimental to a game with a single GM, single plot, single main character that everyone was riding on. The MV has multiple characters. If the player for Emperor Bob went AWOL IRL, he would be replaced by the next in line. The MV survives off player interest. If one character in an important position left the game, he would easily be replaced. Chances are his position was contested or his enemies were waiting for him to die or vanish so they can take over his empire. The story goes on. If he magically returned, Emperor Bob will have to reclaim his empire, which means a war and therefore, more story.)

Also, the current one is super dead, minus the aforementioned active roleplay. It is discouraging to see it at the top of the page, especially for new members who would see it before anything else and immediately be turned away by the lack of activity. It would benefit the site as a whole to at least move it, though removing it seems a better option.

I made my comments in yellow. In conclusion, as much as MVs do work on most sites, it requires player interest. If majority of the players are not interested in a MV and if the site isn't large enough to even have one that would succeed, then there doesn't need to be a MV.
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