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Current Posted a Game Master Guide in the Guides section. If you need help with GMing, refer to it for some handy advice. If you don't need help, then don't read it.
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Happy Thanksgiving!
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When you see that you no longer owe anymore posts and have nothing to write *insanity ensues* Aaaaah!HSkjhaksjhdjf
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Happy Thanksgiving!
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Happy Birthday to me.


Hello all. I am an experienced writer who is writing my own fiction stories on the side. I can role play any genre. What I love most is being able to go-all-out when weaving tales with other writers. It just makes the story more interesting, so I can't wait to write with you. :)

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Name: Grisha
Race: Saiyan
Ki Color: Red
Power Level: 1365
Location: North Capital Outskirts to Kousetsu Village
Tag: @Chev@Double@Weird Tales@IceHeart@King Cosmos

The large Saiyan looked over at Yang as he embraced someone who Grisha could feel had passed. The old man’s ki had slipped away and watching the bald man mourn over someone he cared so dearly about made Grisha feel uneasy. He imagined himself in his place, holding Lena. Grisha knew his attitude would have been entirely different if Lena had died in his arms. Just thinking about it made his hands shake. He would have gone berserk! Grisha might have seemed primitive compared to everyone else, but he was familiar with death. An old one would pass in Kousetsu Village every now and then, and there would be a funeral.

There was a short blast of air at Yang’s back. Grisha’s shadow cast over him as the giant knelt and rested his large hand upon Yang’s bald head. It was meant to be a comforting gesture—and secretly, Grisha just wanted to touch his shiny dome (good luck). “Better place,” Grisha told Yang. It was what Lena always told him. When people die, they always went to a better place—at least the good ones did and the old man seemed like a good person. Retracting his hand, Grisha stood as he solemnly peered down at Yang: “Old man rest now.”

After paying his respects, the Saiyan turned. He had his own people to return to and protect. He saw that Erika and Okoro had arrived, and a large grin expanded on his face upon seeing his little sister. It then vanished upon hearing Erika’s off-handed dismissal. She might have been shy about appreciating her new friends, but it was lost in translation with the simpleton. He still hadn’t gotten over how she had yelled at him earlier. Grisha’s hands clenched into fists and he growled at her, “Grisha no like stupid girl either!”

Suddenly, Grisha lunged, and it wasn’t at Erika. He passed right by her to once again capture Okoro in a rock-hard embrace. Grinning happily as his tail enthusiastically whipped behind him, Grisha told her: “Baby sister, come meet Lena!” Without giving her a chance to protest, he tucked Okora under his arm and lept into a sprint toward the frozen north.

Kousetsu Village

Lena was sitting at her favorite window, people-watching as her mind wandered over where Grisha had run off to this time. He talked about some green man, which had disturbed her a little, especially with how he had returned from Mt. Tengoku. He had looked like a survivor of a great explosion. Tobias was outside shoveling the snow away from the entrance of their dome-shaped home when he saw something out of the corner of his eye. He stabbed the shovel into the ground and looked to his right. Squinting into the distance, he saw a large arch of snow rising into the air, and it was headed right for him! Blinking in disbelief, his blue eyes widened in panic. Ditching his shovel, he ran over to the door and managed to get his hand upon the doorknob when suddenly Grisha slid to a halt before the home, and a wave of snow followed. The snow and ice painted the entire face of their home white and buried the path Tobias had made. White, excited plumes were leaving Grisha’s mouth as he panted from his long run and announced, “Grisha has baby sister!”

Tobias resembled a snowman grasping the door, and when he turned his head, the ice cracked away to reveal his red, angry face. Lena was startled by the ice that abruptly covered her window. “Grisha?” she queried. Leaving the window, she ran over to the door and opened it only to find a wall of snow dumping into the house. With a startled squeak, she jumped out of the way and gazed at her father who was still scowling and covered in snow.

“Grisha’s back,” Tobias irritably confirmed.

Lena’s face lit up and she ran passed her father to see Grisha holding Okora up—much like a lion cub in some famous Disney movie. The people of Kousetsu curiously gathered around. Tobias’s eyes widened in horror when he saw Okora’s tail. “No…” he breathed in dread. Not another one. He already couldn’t stand Grisha. Now there were going to be two? Lena’s mouth fell open in awe at seeing Okora. Grisha had a sister? Really? They both had tails but they didn’t look alike. But wait, there were others like Grisha?

“Grisha…how…what’s going on? You have a family?” Lena questioned in confusion.

Grisha only proudly grinned.

Level: 6
Day/Time: Day Three - Evening
Location: Ragnarok
Tag: @Dawnrider@Zarkun@Lugubrious@DracoLunaris@Tenma Tendo
Word Count: 475
Limit Break: 0/10
Summon: 1/1 (uses per boss battle)

As King Dedede complained, Cloud couldn’t help the irritated frown that was on his face. He didn’t know who he thought was more annoying: him or Wario. If he had to choose between either, then that alone would have been the most difficult decision of his life. The penguin barely explained what he had done, and instead denied it all, and had some nerve acting like he was the victim or that any of the choices he had made were the most morally sound. The swordsman sat up with an exasperated sigh and pushed down on the edge of the hammock to dump himself onto his feet. He sat within one of the seats along the walls and started to buckle himself in as Vault Boy warned about light speed. Naija’s explanation about what all had happened, had brought the entire story into full circle. Cloud didn’t know much about pixels or a sword that could destroy them…or bags that could open dimensions to other worlds—he recalled the Egg Stealer’s bag—but regardless, it all sounded like bad news. And they were supposed to fix all of this?

It’s not like I haven’t been in this position before, Cloud mused.

Vault Boy told everyone the battle strategy. Cloud didn’t know how he felt climbing into a shell to be shot into an enemy ship, but they didn’t have much of a choice. Upon hearing the penguin complain again, Cloud glared over at him. He was growing tired of King Dedede always trying to flee from his problems. “You’re coming with us. I’m not letting you out of my sight. This is your fault, and it’s about time you learn to take responsibility for your screw ups.”

Once the ship exited light-speed, Cloud unbuckled himself and rose from his chair. He marched over to the cockpit to briefly assess the situation. The Halberd was releasing its ships, having immediately picked up on their presence as Vault Boy predicted. His attention shifted over to Kirby, watching the marshmallow head over to the airlock. When he emerged outside the ship with his own little starship, Cloud’s blonde brows rose in surprise. “Now I’ve seen everything,” he muttered. The puffball was a melee fighter and now an intergalactic pilot. Resting a hand upon his blonde, spiky head, Cloud closed his eyes momentarily as he muttered, “I’m gonna go load up.”

At Naija’s questions, Cloud shared, “I think we’ll do more damage hitting this thing from the inside.”

Instead of going directly to the shells, Cloud went straight for King Dedede grabbing the penguin by the shoulder and dragging him over to the launcher. He was going to stuff the whiny penguin into one. There was no way that he was going to get into one of the shells before he learned if King Dedede came with them or not.

Day/Time: Day Three - Evening
Location: The Forbidden Lands Temple
Tagging: @Guardian Angel Haruki@DracoLunaris@ONL@DJAtomika@Tenma Tendo

Team One

Besides the statues seen in the foyer of the temple, outside there were no runes or any glyphs. The temple was wide around as it was tall, its peak disappearing out of sight. Vegetation covered the upper areas of the temple, and it couldn’t be determined how the plants grew there. There could have been caretakers. Were there others residing about the temple? It would be a long climb for the one who wished to brave it, and a test of stamina.

Team Two

Out on the open plains, if one looked closely, they could see in the distance a herd of horses—black, brown, and white. They were free and untamed and journeyed together across this wide and mysterious world. Catching them would not be easy for the average person, but with strategy, they could be tamed.

XP Initiated!

Teams P.O.

Teams were generated using the decider machine.

Team One: Shantae, Piper, and Mr. President.

Team Two: Bentley, Delsin Rowe, and Tiz.

Team Leader names are in bold.

GM Note: XP has started. You are to keep track of your word count from here on. Remember, Alpha Academy uses a different XP system than PXO, the main game. So reference the OP/OOC of this game. Not PXO.

Level: 3
Day/Time: Day 3 - Evening
Location: The Forbidden Lands Temple
Tag: @DracoLunaris@Guardian Angel Haruki@ONL@DJAtomika@Tenma Tendo

The Boss glared hard at Piper as the bot went off on him. Shit; in that moment, she seemed so much alive and like a woman that he didn’t even see that his blood was boiling over some stupid machine. He had a hand rested on his knee, and he was leaned forward as though ready to pounce on her.

“It was her fault! And yours! I bet you knew all about it!” Boss shouted back.

When Piper stormed off, he raised his hand to his mouth and yelled after her, “I don’t have a voice box or furnace. I’m not a piece of junk like you!”

We got voice boxes, Boss. I think they’re called a larynx.

“Oh; you’re trynna’ pretend to be Kinzie all of a sudden? Pierce; you fuckin’ suck man.”

Fuck you then. I was trynna’ help you out!

“Fuck man, don’t tell me you’re upset. Pierce? Pierce!? Shit.”

Kinzie was gone. Pierce was probably off crying somewhere like a bitch. The other team just left without a care for anything he had to say. As Boss sat there in the empty temple, the silence was growing thicker and thicker by the minute. Eventually, he couldn’t stand it anymore. He didn’t have anyone to take his mind off the duration of the mission, and the quiet was driving him crazy.

“Ugh,” Boss moaned in exasperation before he slowly rose to his feet and reluctantly started walking in the direction he had watched Piper disappear off to. I can’t believe this is happening. I wish someone would just pull me out of this nightmare, he thought.
@CaptainSullyHe's approved. You can add him to the character thread and jump in the game whenever you want. We're in a sandbox period. Maybe he saw the situation on the news because reporters will be showing up soon to cover the story. :D The characters may decide to scram or stick around and become famous.
@CaptainSullyWhen you add that to your CS, let me know.
@CaptainSullyGoku is a Mary Sue, and I will not allow those in my game lol. So please put a proper limit on that move.
@CaptainSullyI really do not want another Goku Instant Transmission honestly.
@CaptainSullyEverything looks good. Just one question about "Warp." Can he only teleport to places that he's already been to?
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