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Current Posted a Game Master Guide in the Guides section. If you need help with GMing, refer to it for some handy advice. If you don't need help, then don't read it.
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Happy Thanksgiving!
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When you see that you no longer owe anymore posts and have nothing to write *insanity ensues* Aaaaah!HSkjhaksjhdjf
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Happy Thanksgiving!
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Happy Birthday to me.


Hello all. I am an experienced writer who is writing my own fiction stories on the side. I can role play any genre. What I love most is being able to go-all-out when weaving tales with other writers. It just makes the story more interesting, so I can't wait to write with you. :)

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Level: 1
Day/Time: Day Three - Evening
Location: Northrend-Valiance Keep, Borean Tundra
Tag: @Zarkun@WXer@DracoLunaris@ONL

Blue stared at Constatina. He was unaccustomed to seeing a woman in armor. Although, she seemed to fit their current setting, and he wondered if she originated in this world. Realizing he was staring, he quickly nodded and replied, “I hope you’re right.”

She also spoke strange. It wasn’t exactly Old English, but it was still odd and he somehow got an idea what she was saying. Something about a strange person who might be dangerous boarding some ship. Even more action, there were flying things firing things at troops. Blue felt confused and was wondering if he had walked into a war. He still had no idea what was going on. With the appearance of the dwarf talking about Death Knights, the Pokemon trainer scratched his blond head. There was so much to take in, and he wasn’t sure he was understanding what was going on. It was as though everyone was speaking a different language.

“I need a weapon? My Pokemon won’t be enough?” Blue asked nervously.

Darion informed them of the different vendors where he encouraged they go spend their gold. Blue already had an idea to buy a fur coat for him and Squirtle to place over the warm clothes they were already wearing. Before wondering off on his own in the foreign land, Blue looked to Cole and Constantina to see what they were interested in first. Cole thought the same as him about getting some warmer gear. He followed Cole and Constantina—if she decided to go. As they headed over to the armorer, Blue shared his worries with them: “I’ve never held a weapon before. I only know how to use Pokemon.”

His brows then rose and a hopeful shine appeared in his eyes as he asked, “Do they sell Pokemon here?”

Level: 6
Day/Time: Day Three - Evening
Location: 1st Flr, Halberd
Tag: @Zarkun@Lugubrious@DracoLunaris@Tenma Tendo
Word Count: 328
Limit Break: 1/10
Summon: 1/1 (uses per boss battle)

The landing had been rough. Cloud felt like beans in a can and someone was shaking them vigorously. After the shell had embedded it into the ship, the ex-SOLDIER remained inside it as he took a moment to collect his breath and wits. If he had died in space, he would have preferred it be in one big explosion. But he made it. His hands touched his arms, chest, and then face. He was still alive.

“This is the last time I’m riding this,” Cloud muttered. He pressed his gloved hand against the hatch and felt resistance. Drawing back his fist, he used his enhanced strength to deliver a solid punch to it, but it had taken a strong kick to send the hatch swinging open. It wasn’t his most stealthy approach, but he couldn’t imagine who would be interested in seeing where a missile shell landed. There were sparking wires, warped metal scrap, and through a gap in the deformed wall, Cloud saw an eyeball staring back at him. He had spoken too soon.

“Hey guys!” the Waddle Doo exclaimed.

As Waddle Dee sailors raced over to the eyeball, as soon as they reached him, a sheet of ice hissed across the floor and in a flash freeze, the three Waddles were trapped in a curled wave of ice. Reaching through the gap, Cloud turned sideways and attempted to squeeze through it. It was tight, even for his lean figure. It didn’t help that the sword equipped on his back was getting caught. Grasping the opening, Cloud bore his teeth as he tried to pull himself through.


The ex-SOLDIER froze as he listened to the weighted steps. Whatever it was, it sounded enormous, and he couldn’t tell how close it was from his trapped position. Huge; mechanical; this was the worst time to be caught in such a predicament. “Fuck!” Cloud hissed. He had to move quick! He didn’t want that thing to find him!
Name: Grisha
Race: Saiyan
Ki Color: Red
Power Level: 1365
Location: Kousetsu Village
Tag: @Chev, Open

As Lena sat in the snow, she watched the female Saiyan shovel snow aside with her hands and pull a turnip from the ground without snapping it. The blonde girl was silent as she stared at Okora in awe. She went into overdrive, pulling them up as though they didn’t have small branches rooting them into the frozen earth.

Do we have enough of them?

Lena blinked, realizing she was staring. “Wow, you’re strong like Grisha.”

She stood from the snow, brushing ice from her bottom, and took some turnips from Okora to help her carry some. As she led her around the front into the house, she listened to her questions about Grisha.

“It’s strange. We found him frozen in the ice. When we thawed him out, we had expected him to be dead and we were going to give him a respectful burial, but he was alive. Grisha doesn’t remember how he got there. We all tend to treat him as part of the family, and he’s done nothing but protect all of us.”

They entered the kitchen and Lena set down the turnips on the counter. She crouched before the cupboard and removed a big pot to cook the turnips in. “What about you? How did you get here? We thought Grisha was the only one of his kind. What do you call your people any way?”

She set a knife on the counter for Okora if she wanted to start cutting the turnips. “Can you cut them into round coins please?” Lena was procuring the vinegar and sugar.

Meanwhile, outside, as Tobias shoveled the snow for the second time around, he paused to gaze into the distance at the large mound that was rushing toward the village. It could only be one person. Frowning, Tobias growled and raised the shovel like a bat. He started to yell, “Damn it Grisha! If you make me have to shovel snow one more time!”

The Saiyan had one arm behind him, grasping the giant tusk of what appeared to be a colossal white-furred boar. As he dragged it across the ground, snow rose and passed over its body like water, leaving a wide wake in the dead boar’s path. To Tobias’s relief, Grisha stopped at the village outskirts as the villagers started to crowd around the kill in amazement.

Resting his hands proudly on his hips, Grisha grinned and exclaimed, “BIG PIG LOTS OF MEAT!”

The village butcher stepped outside and his mouth dropped at the sheer size of the pig. Racing over to it, he looked up at the Grisha and said, “That’s a huge boar. I’m gonna need some help.”

Grisha brought his thumb and index finger together in the infamous OK gesture: “EASY!”

He was going to help them skin it. A few of the villagers started to eyeball the pig’s pelt. It was very pretty and would provide a lot of fur to keep the villagers warm throughout the winter. The Kousetsu Villagers used just about every part of the pig.

Day/Time: Day Three - Evening
Location: The Forbidden Lands and The Secret Garden
Tagging: @DracoLunaris@ONL@DJAtomika@Tenma Tendo

Team Two

The horses easily became spooked once they saw the three strangers creeping closer. They stopped grazing, raised their heads and stared at group. The Alpha female stepped ahead of the other two. She shook her white mane back and forth, stomped her hoof, and chuffed irritably. When Delsin started to release his smoke, she started to back up. The horses backed into each other, keeping abreast, as they stumbled and moved timidly together. The three eventually turned and attempted to quickly gallop away until Delsin exploded in a burst of fire and smoke. The horses whinnied in fright and turned away from him. They galloped away, appearing capable of running Tiz over, but they instead decided to abruptly stop. Whinning in fear, the horses reared and turned about, seeking an escape opening as Tiz attempted to approach and soothe them.

GM Note: Team Two is free to capture the horses.

Team One

The seated woman had been giving Piper an odd stare before she offered a friendly greeting. In response, the woman quickly reached down and picked up the horned child, cradling him in her arms as she stared at the red machine as though she were a monster there to kill them. Her eyes were wide and even as Piper introduced herself, the woman seemed to start to creep away. With Boss’s approach, she stood and fled behind the rock she had been seated on. She ducked behind it and fearfully asked, “How did you get here?”

She was scared but not too afraid to hold a conversation. Piper had introduced herself after all. The red machine was strange and foreign, but it hadn’t tried to harm her. Neither had the man who approached behind her.

“Argo, come!” she ordered the black stallion.

The stallion ceased grazing and calmly walked around the rock to stand behind the woman. Holding the child in one arm and gripping the horse’s reins protectively in the other, the woman declared, “I won’t let you take him.”

XP Initiated!

Teams P.O.

Teams were generated using the decider machine.

Team One: Piper and Mr. President.

Team Two: Bentley, Delsin Rowe, and Tiz.

Team Leader names are in bold.

GM Note: XP has started. You are to keep track of your word count from here on. Remember, Alpha Academy uses a different XP system than PXO, the main game. So reference the OP/OOC of this game. Not PXO.

Level: 3
Day/Time: Day 3 - Evening
Location: The Forbidden Lands Temple
Word Count: 465
Tag: @DracoLunaris@ONL@DJAtomika@Tenma Tendo

Boss scowled at Piper, nose wrinkling, when she talked down to him like a cat on a fence. There she went. Trying to pull an Azura all by herself. Of course, he wasn’t going to allow her to make the same mistake—he believed the ice sorceress had made. Stepping toward the wall, Boss shouted up at Piper, “Hey! Don’t you walk away from me! Piper! For real? Are you really gonna be like this?”

He listened for a moment before exclaiming, “HEY!”

No answer. The robot had wondered off. Boss raised his head, pinched the corners of his eyes and groaned deeply, “Oh my god; oh my gooo~d…I want to just kill her. Why is she putting me through this?” Releasing his eyes, he continued to moan: “Why is she even on my team?”

He wanted to cry. He faked crying a bit to see if it would create a similar sensation, but it didn’t. He was just stuck with his feelings of great frustration. Sighing deeply, Boss closed his eyes and did his best to force all of the negative energy aside. Rolling his shoulders, he muttered to himself, “All right; come on. Get the monkey off your back. Yeah, we could be roundin’ up horses with the rest of the guys, but she wants to explore evil temples instead. Whatever.”

Boss craned his head up to the ledge he had seen Piper disappear from. She can’t fuck up if I don’t let her go by herself.

He took several steps backwards and away from the temple wall. When he felt that he had found a comfortable distance, Boss crouched, resting his palm flat upon the grass. If she thought I wasn’t comin’ up there, then she’s crazy…I’m just not gonna climb up there. The earth rippled like rings in a pool around his planted hand. Oscillating beneath him, there was a soft whir of charging energy before Boss leapt into the air as though propelled by a spring. He flew a few feet above the ledge and landed on it, frantically waving his arms as a few rocks escaped beneath his feet causing his balance to waver.

“Shit that was close!”

Stepping away from the edge, he gazed through the archway into a cloister of vines and other vegetation. It was like a secret garden. Boss cautiously wandered within, sweeping the place for anything unusual, dangerous, or demonic.

“Piper!” he called. He didn’t have to wander too deeply for he could see her red chassis shining—probably could have seen it a mile away too. She appeared to have found people, and a horse. Aw yes! A horse! Boss approached Piper in his eagerness to hopefully claim the creature. “What do you know? You found a horse all the way up here!”
@Crusader LordIts been 20 days...

Day/Time: Day Three - Late Afternoon to Evening
Location: Platform City to Ragnarok
Tagging: @Zarkun@Lugubrious@DracoLunaris@Tenma Tendo

“Help! Someone help! You can’t make me go! No!” King Dedede cried as Cloud dragged him across the floor and began stuffing him into a shell. The penguin was a little fat, which made fitting into the shell a tight squeeze. King Dedede continued to flail his flippers until Alicia put a gun to the back of his head and threatened him. His purple face immediately paled to lavender as he stopped resisting. Soon enough, he was surrounded by darkness as the shell was closed and fed into the chamber. Pathetically, the penguin began crying, “I don’t wanna die! Why? Why couldn’t I stay in the ship?”

Vault Boy watched the rest of the heroes climb into their shells. He helped them close their shell hatch and fed them into the chambers. Running back over to the pilot seat, he jumped into it and pushed a button to radio to Kirby: “All right Kirby; do your thing!”


“Time for some fireworks,” Vault Boy said as he pushed some buttons that caused the red ship to release a flurry of yellow lasers. The lasers passed through the enemy ships like a thread through beads, causing them to explode in a chain. Kirby riding his “star”ship soared through the air, firing small star rounds at each ship he passed. Grasping the controls, the Ragnarok dove and took evasive action, spinning as it passed under the Halberd causing enemy ships to explode spectacularly around it.

As Kirby neared the blue force field, his body glowed a gold color before he once again separated from his starship and started riding the giant star like a surfboard. He and the star then became one. Transforming into a shooting star, it passed through the Halberd’s shield, causing it to flicker before it began breaking down in a series of crumbling pixel squares.

“Captain! We lost our force field!” Sailor Waddle Dee reported.

Captain Vul nearly lost his corn pipe as he exclaimed in disbelief, “WHAT!? How is that possible!”

“Firing rockets!” Vault Boy shouted. Dropping his fist onto a big red button, the Ragnarok fired the hero-filled shells into the ship.

GM Note: The Halberd has three floors. Each floor has a task:
Flr 1: Find the ship’s map, so the heroes will know the layout and locate the brig to free Moneybags and any other “captives.” Characters: Cloud and Naija
Flr 2: Locate the reactor and destroy it. Characters: Slayer and Alicia
Flr 3: Activate self-destruct sequence. Characters: Akira, Kirby, and King Dedede
You have landed on these floors. Good luck!

Inside the ship, a klaxon was ringing and whirling warning lamps bathed the interior in red. Dreamland crew members comprised of Waddle Dees and Doos were running about, trying to locate the damage to the ship and repair it. Captain Vul’s pirate-like voice could be heard blaring over the comms:

“Find the intruders and destroy them! Take no prisoners!”

Weighted footsteps shook the metallic floor of the ship as a machine marched through the corridors of the first floor, scanning for signs of intrusion. The machine was brass in color and had claws like a crustacean. The Heavy Lobster as slow as it seemed was faster than it appeared and was capable of chasing intruders throughout the entirety of the ship. As long as the heroes remained undetected, it wouldn’t be able to target their location.

On the second floor, a sophisticated security system guarded the reactor. The device was apart of the Combo Cannon. The sophisticated AI had an arm that could lock onto an enemies location and restrain them if not careful. What was even deadlier was its different cannons. The machine was sturdy and its sole purpose was to protect the reactor at all costs.

On the third floor was the bridge, and all sorts of enemies from Sailor Waddle Dee to the ominous Meta Knight were there. The bat-winged knight was patient and unnerved as he watched the Ragnarok fly away from the Halberd. He knew the heroes would eventually come to face him. After all, he was the one who they needed to converse with. He had the answers they sought, and he was also the final boss in the way of them succeeding with their mission.

XP Initiated!


Naija, Akira, Slayer, Cloud, and Alicia. (NPCs: Kirby and King Dedede)

GM Note: Be mindful of the decisions you make. The final boss doesn't have to be immediately engaged. Be wise and take the best plan of action. Be warned, this is a Delta mission. The GM may be unforgiving.
Name: Grisha
Race: Saiyan
Ki Color: Red
Power Level: 1365
Location: Kousetsu Village
Tag: @Chev, Open

So you’re the famous Lena…

Lena blushed. Grisha always talked about her? She glanced over at the giant who was also blushing and grinning in his embarrassment. When Okora offered to shovel the path, Tobias insensitively said, “Please do.”

The blonde gasped at her father’s lack of manners. “Dad, we can’t ask our guest to do that!”

Tobias paused in the doorway and then peered over his shoulder at Lena, Okora, and then finally Grisha. “Then Grisha can do it.”

Grisha raised a hand to his brow in salute. “Grisha find food!” and instantly, the giant had bolted away.

Tobias’s face flushed red as he grumbled, “That big, stupid…” Turning away from the door, he reached down to pick up the shovel.

Lena forced a smile as she then looked over at Okora. “Don’t mind them. They have a special relationship. Hey! You want to help me cook? Grisha always returns with something big to eat, and so the village tends to prepare sides until then. I was thinking we could prepare some icicle turnips, snow loaves, and white potatoes. We have everything in the garden next to the house. We just have to go harvest it all and prepare it!”

The blonde, blue-eyed girl seemed very excited to have someone new around. For a long time, it had always been her and the two other males in the household. If Okora planned to stick around, then she would have another girl to have some feminine time with. At least that was what she was mainly thinking. She was unaware that Okora hailed from a race of alien warriors who loved conflict and conquering formidable opponents.

As Lena led Okora around to the side of the house where the garden was, she dropped to her knees and started digging through the snow for the frozen vegetables underneath. The frigid weather acted as a refrigerator, but unlike other vegetables found in other regions, the ones that grew around Kousetsu adapted to growing in the cold.

“It’s so nice having another girl around. I mean, I love Grisha and my Dad and all, but there are just some things that I can’t say around them. They wouldn’t understand. And Grisha always tends to leave for a long time into the mountains. I grow bored waiting for him to return. The house becomes pretty boring when he’s gone. As much as I find the bickering between him and my father annoying, I kind of miss it when it doesn’t happen. I guess I find it a little entertaining at times,” she started to ramble as she pulled on the stalk of a turnip. She grasped it with both hands and her face scrunched up as she pulled with all of her might. Suddenly with a pop!, the turnip came free causing her to fall back. Lena sighed in relief and sat up. “These turnips are pretty difficult…”
@Silver CarrotLooks good! She's approved. You can add her to the character thread and let me know if you would like the discord link.
@Silver CarrotYou don't have to write bios for them. You should just have a piece of them in her history because you mention them but don't elaborate. Like if you see Grisha's bio, I have him mention Lena and Tobias. They have little descriptors at the bottom of the CS too.
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