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Current Posted a Game Master Guide in the Guides section. If you need help with GMing, refer to it for some handy advice. If you don't need help, then don't read it.
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Happy Thanksgiving!
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When you see that you no longer owe anymore posts and have nothing to write *insanity ensues* Aaaaah!HSkjhaksjhdjf
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Happy Thanksgiving!
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Happy Birthday to me.


Hello all. I am an experienced writer who is writing my own fiction stories on the side. I can role play any genre. What I love most is being able to go-all-out when weaving tales with other writers. It just makes the story more interesting, so I can't wait to write with you. :)

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@Weird TalesEverything looks good.
@ChevYep. Always accepting.
@Weird TalesAll right.

@DoubleLooks good. I see no issues. There should be enough monk art online.
@Saren CrimsonIf you're still interested in this, then you're going to have until Sunday to get a CS going. Because we're planning on starting the Alpha missions and once these start, I'm putting a halt to anymore enrolls until the missions conclude.
I'll get a post up tomorrow since that's my last day of work and the start of my 4 day weekend woo!
<Snipped quote by Inkarnate>

For a persistent world roleplay I would like to see that any story I create has some impact or is perhaps referenced by another group of players, possibly for their own use. For example, and using Rogue One as an example, if I was to have a story where my character was to obtain the blueprints to the Deathstar, that information is now readily available for another group of players. They don't need to know the entire roleplay persay, but a short summary for what was achieved would help. If the GMs think that what was achieved was too much, then they could alter it by saying the data was corrupted or something, but that's where their expertise in balancing the game comes in.

To sum up, perhaps a thread listing an index of the outcomes/summary of each RP would be a good option.

<Snipped quote by Euphonium>

I wouldn't say that's necessarily a PW Mod/GM's role, but a player's role. You are running and managing your own individual RPs in the game, and part of that would be to give feedback on what has happened in your RP. The PW Mods can chase you up, but they should not have to write up a wiki summary on your story. Besides, I'm not talking about a 20 page submission on every fine detail, it just has to be a short paragraph similar to what you would see on the back of a DVD cover.

By offering feedback you are also opening up the opportunity to hear about other things that may affect your own RP.
"I did this in that RP"
"Ok, but remember there will be a patrol in this sector here because this happened in this other RP"

We're definitely going to need this. Something easy to just copy-paste and toss into a Chronology thread.

I might start brainstorming a persistent world SL with some folks I know. Therefore when this thing kicks off, we'll already know what we're going to do. :D

Actually, you know what, I'm not even going to bother. I'm going to deploy again one day and this world may move on without me lol, so never mind. I'm not "persistent" enough for the Persistent World. XD
@Weird TalesElectromagnetic Wave: This technique allows him to fire off a blast of electromagnetism that hits with a great amount of concussive force and heat. The power of this ability varies depending on how much energy he puts into the attack.

Mighty Force: Kin unleashes a wave of repelling force that hits his enemies with crushing concussive power. The size and power of this technique is depended by how much power he puts into and if used too much then he will experience fatigued.

Repelling Force: This is a defensive technique where Kin uses forces of attraction and repulsion to create a wave of force that can repel both projectiles and melee attacks depending on how power he puts into it. If used too much Kin will feel fatigue from overusing the technique.

These three abilities are almost the exact same. Two of those abilities you could probably make one ability, such as Electromagnetic Wave and Mighty Force.

Have you looked at the superpower wiki to get ideas for more things you can do with electromagnetism?…

Besides all that, I like how you're going the super hero route. Very unique. :D I know this is the same CS from the last game, but seeing how we're starting in sandbox. It'll be cool to read.
Positive attitude; no discrimination; and whatever happens in game is handled in game, and if it can't be handled in game, then the GMs need to handle it and not the peanut gallery. The only persistent world I was ever involved in was during the age of MSN chat, and the Yahoo chat RP community self-deemed Eden at the time. Every situation that happened between chatrooms, which were realms and kingdoms at the time, it was settled in game with an actual army comprised of players. The more actual players you had under your banner, the stronger your kingdom was. It was very successful because everyone stayed in the illusion of the game, and those who couldn't were simply removed.

Why the Reboot?

Because the last game started with the World Martial Arts Tournament, a very cliche beginning to almost every Dragon Ball game hosted on here. I could tell my players were growing bored with the idea, and so I decided to start this game differently. The way a real DB game should start. We're going to have most of the same folks from the last game with their characters in this one, but the first Chapter/Saga will be more open world. Read below.

Meat and Potatoes

This is a role play based in the Dragon Ball Universe. There are certain aspects of the DBU that will be highly-manipulated for the sake of making this a workable RP idea. If while you are reading over this game, you decide that you are not interested, then please move on and do not cause any drama. This will be an original universe. All canon characters from the manga and series do not exist. In this DBU world, the story will revolve around what we make of it. This game will have elements of sandbox with a GM-led plot. It is highly-encouraged for players to interact and write together in order to make a nice story.

I do not plan for this game to move that fast. I expect the game to move leisurely. If you are expecting a rapid-fire game, then move along. Do not join this game because it will move in a patient manner not to exceed two weeks of inactivity. Players have 14 days to get in contact with the GM if they haven’t told the GM already about their absences. A player who hasn’t posted in 30 days will automatically be dropped from the game.

In this DBU game, as a GM, I am hoping to see some creative ideas within the limitations provided by my game. As with the DB franchise, the combat in this game will be important and players will be rewarded for participating in such scenarios. If your combat writing is poor, then you can expect it to get better in this game. While most of the combat encounters will be PVE, there will be opportunities for PVP. Players do not have to participate in PVP, but those who do will be rewarded. The PVP will not be PVP for the sake of PVP but will come around during specific plotlines in the story. I just gave you the run-down of the entire game and how it will go. If you’ve made it this far, continue on to learn more.


The planet is Fictional Earth (Dragon World), but this is an alternate universe of DBU. While all the events originally took place in Universe 7, our Universe is Parallel Universe 7 (reverse 7). In this universe, Planet Vegeta still exists and has not been blown to pieces. This universe is a clean plate, so whatever happens, happens and becomes a part of this universe’s history. Earth is modern-futuristic with its technology. Flying vehicles, robots, and compact-space technology exist; and space travel is possible though not common. Earth currently is very xenophobic and very few people who are sane or not in such a field of study believe that aliens exist or that there is even life in outerspace.

The continent in which this game exists is unnamed in the series, but for this game we’re going to call it “Kujira,” which is Japanese for “whale.” The map is oddly in the shape of a whale, and so therefore, that is the name. Below is a map created by a DeviantArt artist, and it will be the map used in this game. All canon references can be ignored. However, use this for reference for your character’s origin story.


Below I am listing only the major races allowed in this game. If you do not see a certain race in this game, then it is not permitted. OC races are not allowed in this game.


Humans: Humans are the dominant race in Kujira. Unlike how they are depicted in the DB franchise, in this game, humans stand as much of a chance as Saiyans. However, what separates a superhuman from an average human in this world is their martial arts. Martial artists possess a higher level of ki and have the discipline to transcend to a much stronger level. Other sub-races included in the human category are: magi, cyborgs, mutants, and bio-engineered humans. These sub-races may have unique qualities such as weapon programs, supernatural abilities, and magic.
  • Magi only grow stronger by learning new spells. Magi are incapable of sensing/using ki. Instead, magi are capable of sensing magic and paranormal occurrences caused by another magi tampering with magic.
  • Cyborgs only grow stronger by acquiring weapon upgrades, which they can only acquire from a scientist or engineer, thus making them dependent on such a character existing in game. They are not able to use ki. They cannot sense ki naturally and instead will have to acquire the ability by a special program.
  • Mutants are limited by their mutation. The ability their mutation granted them is the only ability that will grow stronger. Mutants are not martial artists. They focus on developing their mutant ability. They cannot sense ki, but they can sense other mutants.
  • Bio-Engineered Humans these are humans who were either artificially created through genetic engineering or had genetic engineering performed on their bodies. These humans are naturally above average and are created/designed for a purpose. They are often seen bound to a government agency. Similar to Cyborgs, these humans can only advance in strength by undergoing experimentation. Therefore, their creator must be a character in the game.

Clarification: The sub-race of Human are an option. Players can play normal humans, but if you want your normal human to stand a chance in this game, then he or she must know a martial art. The martial art can be completely made-up or inspired by an actual martial art. If you are planning to make a hybrid style of multiple martial arts, instead of listing the martial art styles, just make an original martial art. Spare us.

Beastmen: Beastmen are animals except for insects and mythical animals. Dinosaurs exist on Kujira just as normal animals exist. The Beastmen are a race who are anthropomorphic mammals and reptiles, and can be dinomen as well. The Dragon class or any mythical species does not naturally exist on Earth, and instead, is treated as a foreign species. It can also be treated as a summoned creature by a Magi. I am willing to twist some things for those who wish to have a dragon Beastman or some other mythic Beastmen—however, there will be a very hard limit on these types. Like humans, there can be cyborg, mutant, and bio-engineered beastmen. Beastmen possess the qualities of the animal whose appearance they mimic, which makes them naturally above the average human. For a normal beastman (non-subrace Beastman) to be above the average beastman, the beastman would have to be a martial artist.

Androids: Androids are a common sight mostly around populated cities. They perform several services such as cleaning, building, travel guide, interpreter, etc. They are even programmed to serve defense purposes such as assisting police officers in stopping crime or the military in combating terrorists. The artificial intelligence (A.I.) of an android can be as advanced as they are capable of human-like emotion or as simplistic as basic computation. The human or beastman types are very rare for they require tons of money and resources to create. These machines are rarely seen and if they do exist, very few people can tell them apart from anyone else. Androids can function without a creator, however, if they wish to advance in power, then they need an engineer who will grant them such enhancements.


Not all alien races are listed here. Why? Because they are not permitted in this game. If you don’t like that, then do not join. This does not mean you won't see these alien races in the game, it just means they are not playable.

Saiyans: Just a warning, if this game receives too many Saiyans, then I will limit the race. The only sub-race I’ll allow of the Saiyan race is a Half-Saiyan/Half-Human. If you do plan to make a Half-Saiyan/Half-Human, then I expect an explanation to be in your character’s origin story seeing as Planet Vegeta exists and the Saiyans are a conqueror race. If you plan to play a Saiyan period, then there better be a valid explanation for why they are on Earth, how did they get here, and what is their goal? [Race Reference: Saiyans]

Namekians: All the Namekians resemble males, and they reproduce asexually. I am not going to write a race description for them. You can read about them here. [Race Reference: Namekian]

This is a summary of the first saga of the game. Players can sandbox and will be able to see this plot gradually unfold as they play.

GM Plot Type: PvE (PVP is optional between players who agree to it)
The peace of the planet Earth is abruptly disrupted by the arrival of an alien ship. The ship lands like a meteor, putting a crater in Parsely City the size of a city block. Skyscrapers crumble, people run in panic and terror, and news reporters rush to the scene. Were they attacked? Was it a terrorist bombing? Rising from the crater to the citizens awe is a green man who offers no introduction as the people silently gaze on. He instead scans the beings around him, his hand resting on a strange orange glass visor that crosses both of his eyes. Once he lowers his hand, he hold it out before the people, and in a flash of white light, Parsely City is no more than a swirling gargantuan dome of white-hot energy. In an instant, the city and all of its people were gone, and the invader nowhere to be seen. Left behind is only his empty ship and the crater it made.

The Story: Your character might have seen the incident on television just before the screen went blank or felt the sudden skyrocket of ki. There is an alien menace on Earth named Dyce, and he is seeking out Earth’s strongest fighters in order to quickly obliterate them in preparation for his race’s invasion. His race is known as the Zandols. An alien species of warriors who seek out weakness and destroy it. Only the strong deserve to exist, and so the planet is purged, conquered, used, and destroyed after they’re done. Other alien races have compared the Zandols to weeds, how they take over a nice garden, and destroy its beauty. They populate in a hydra process. All it takes is one Zandol to conquer a planet for if any part of him is split into pieces, then those pieces will grow into a new warrior. Again, weeds.

Player Goal: Your goal is to come to this Saga with a character who is not at “end game” level. What I mean by “end game” level is you don’t create a character that has nothing to learn because they know everything like a Mary Sue. Allow your character to grow and develop. Allow your character to meet other characters and don’t make too many NPCs to the point you’re writing with yourself. Do not come here to write with yourself. This is a role playing “group game.” Write together! Build stories. This saga is going to be added to your character’s back story after.

Character Creation

Feel free to utilize these two links for character sheet decoration. 1001fonts for fonts that you can right click, “Copy Image Link” (Google Chrome) and use an image code to stylize your sheet. You can use this link HTML Color Codes for color codes not offered on this website. Simply enter the code the same way it appears in a color code.

Character Sheet Code


1. Do not come to this game to argue. If you read over this recruitment thread, and saw something that you didn't like, then move on.
2. No Enormous Pics/No Neon or Dark Font Colors. There is nothing wrong about using pictures. It’s when you do not size the picture down that it becomes a problem. You can use websites like pixlr or imgur (google them) to size down your pictures before you post them. If you don’t feel like resizing them, then link them or put a hider around them. Avoid using neon colors. They do nothing but hurt the eyes and nobody wants to read neon-font. Avoid somber colors that blend into the already dark background of the site. I should not have to highlight your post in order to read it. It should just be visible to read.
3. Whatever the GM says goes. I try to be fair to the best of my ability. However, I do not try to please the world nor do I care to. If we discuss an issue and we can't seem to come to an agreement, then it is best that the issue be dropped. If you remain persistent and create drama in my game, you will be reported.
4. Read my Game. I did not write this for my health. I wrote this mostly for you than for me. The number one way to get on my shit list is to show me that you didn't read my game. The best way you do this is by frequently asking me questions that are answered in the damn OP. If I suspect you're not thoroughly reading this OP, then I'm going to stop caring and you're not going to be allowed in this game. Why would I allow a person in whose hand I would have to hold throughout the entire game because they don't want to read a freakin' text role play game on a text role play site?
5. GM questions. If you ask a question, mention me. If you're talking to me, mention me. If you want my attention mention me because that is what that button is for. If it looks like I ignored you, 99.9% of the time it is because you didn't mention me and I lost your comment or question in the OOC flood. Mention me. Mention me. Mention me. I have to repeat this because people don't do it.
6. Be open and friendly. I am very big on character interaction. It is often overlooked in games. Please collaborate with other writers in this game. This game will become way more interesting if you do.
7. Romance. I like romance. Some of us do. But if you plan on walking the borderline of the Guild rules, then take it into PMs.
8. Third-Person Past Tense. The only acceptable style of writing in this game is third-person past tense.
9. Have fun. There is only so much I can do as a GM. I cannot make you have fun. I cannot make you enjoy the character that you created. I cannot make you seek out writers to collaborate with. All I do is guide the game and make sure everything goes forward and not backwards. You have to do the rest. So please make the most of this game.

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