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My name is DJ.
I am a roleplayer.
A roleplayer of roughly a good decade now.
I write a lot of things, and am able to roleplay a lot of things.

Random Things about me
- I run a small YouTube channel.
- I listen to a helluva lot of music. Love music.
- I'm from Singapore. It's a little island in Southeast Asia.

Anywho, I've not been RPing for a long long time, but here I am, hopefully to make a few friends and RP some.

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April 25th, 2025.

Mentions: Sonoda @Serei2477

"Oh I play a lot of things. But I love jazz the most. Duke Ellington, Louis Armstrong, Miles Davis, Wynton Marsalis."

Akira smiled as she tucked into her lunch. The tempura was not as crunchy as when her mom had made it, but it was still hot enough that it made that good crunch when she bit into a piece of shrimp. She sat in silence for a while, busying herself with her meal until she had another thought that came to mind.

"But I also play other things. I play in the school band so we do a lot of classical pieces. Sometimes our conductor finds a neat cover of a modern pop song for us to play to, that's always interesting. Oh! That reminds me."

She set her lunch box down on the ledge next to her and dug her phone out of her pocket. She tapped on the YouTube icon and typed into the search bar, scrolling until she found the video she wanted. Then she tapped on landscape mode and held her phone between herself and Kotone so they both could see the video as it played. The song was something she'd heard before, plenty of times, both at home and in practice, and she knew her part to a T.

"I found this band's music recently, they're this German band who do covers of dance music with marching band instruments. Our conductor told us about these guys and we're doing one of their songs for the next school concert. They're pretty cool!"

April 25th, 2025.

Mentions: Sonoda @Serei2477

After the song was over,  Akira held her trumpet under one arm while she scrolled through her phone, trying to find her other song on the practice docket for today. Up until she was interrupted by a voice asking her about the song she'd just played. She pulled the headphones off her head and turned around to find Sonoda, one of the first years who was pretty well known for always borrowing the band club's only electric guitar to play on it whenever they weren't on practice. Which was surprising for Akira, considering today wasn't a practice day.

"Oh! Um, it's Louis Armstrong. La Vie En Rose."

She giggled a little as she cleaned the mouthpiece of her trumpet with the sleeve of her hoodie, before she sat down with her back against the ledge of the school's roof. Akira patted beside her, offering Sonoda a seat so they could chit chat. Her trumpet went on top of her case and was replaced by her lunch box, the hearty smell of deep fried shrimp tempura and rice filling the air as soon as she popped the lid off.

"I know you, you're the junior who loves playing the electric guitar. It's always missing when I'm in the band club room. I'm Akira, nice to meet you!"

April 25th, 2025.

Mentions: Sonoda @Serei2477

Akira walked to school with her headphones over her ears. The music helped to drown out those around her, but her thoughts were still on the events of yesterday. Discovering that body, being brought in for questioning by the police, then finding that crow with the weird purple band on its foot at Chen's place. It was all so much to take in for one day. With her trumpet case in hand, she passed by Asumi, Munehisa, Nagi and Masashi as they chatted in the middle of the street, not really caring about their conversation, but she waved to them regardless, with a warm smile on her face.

The school day went by as normal as it could go. Miss Okamoto wasn't angry with everyone, weirdly enough. Almost as if her earlier outburst a few days ago was a one-off occurrence. Band club didn't have a scheduled get together today so, when class finished for the day, Akira took her trumpet case and her afternoon snack of onigiri and watermelon soda to the school roof.

The gardening club had some plants here, taken care of in a small greenhouse of the students' own design. Ferns, some flowers and even a pot of lavender. But that's not why Akira was here. Her spot was a quiet corner of the roof, far from the stairs and away from most of the classrooms beneath her. Once she was situated, she unbuckled the clasps on her case, opened the music app on her phone, picked a song, and began to play.

April 24th, 2025.

Mentions: Masashi @Zombehs, Asumi @Ambra, Hoshiko @Fabricant451, Akio @Lord Orgasmo, Kenzan @PrankFox

Akira was ready. So ready. Even with Asumi's smug smirk and advice to check out the arcade again to play on the new Street Fighter machine. She was so ready and she even gave Asumi a wry smile of her own, one that said "get ready to have your ass handed to you", even though she was not the best at the game.

And then Hoshiko knocked over a bunch of Chen's stuff, breaking the tension instantly. Akira let out a breath she didn't know she'd been holding and dropped the controller onto her lap. As she regained her composure, the sudden thump of something hitting the window startled her even more than Hoshiko's clumsiness had.

"W-what the-"

But before she could ask anything more, Asumi ran out of the room. She returned a few moments later with something bundled up in the sweater that was normally around her waist and it was opened to reveal a dazed-looking crow with a purple band on its leg. A strange sight, to be sure, but birds hitting windows weren't all that uncommon occurrences, she thought. It was kinda cute too, the way it made a confused croak as its little head whipped a few times around the room, probably taking stock of the giants around it.

Akira pointed to the weird purple band on its leg, a quizzical look on her face.

"If that's a wild bird, what's this tag for? Is it for a wildlife tracking group or something?"

April 24th, 2025.

Mentions: Masashi @Zombehs, Asumi @Ambra, Hoshiko @Fabricant451, Akio @Lord Orgasmo, Kenzan @PrankFox

"I'll go first, since I suggested it."

Akira picked up the controller in Chen's left hand. As she did so, she glanced over to Asumi and giggled, holding the controller in her hands to familiarise herself with how to hold one. Although the game was familiar to her, the controller wasn't. She didn't own a game console, but she did have a computer on which she watched YouTube videos and did schoolwork on. Sometimes she'd find herself going back to videos of old arcades that reminded her of the Game Centre and when the place had stocked the games she'd played on when she was young.

"I admit, the last time I played Street Fighter was when the arcade still had one of those machines when I was a kid."

And so the pink-haired lass sat in front of the TV, controller in one hand and a strawberry Pocky in the other. She munched on the sugary snack while she waited for Asumi to take the second controller and pick her character in the Versus screen. Her own pick was Vega, since she remembered that the masked, clawed dude was pretty badass and did pretty good when she watched other people play as him. Akira hoped that Asumi didn't kick her ass as hard as she thought she would.

"Please go easy on me, Asumi."

April 25th, 2025.

Mentions: Masashi @Zombehs, Asumi @Ambra, Hoshiko @Fabricant451, Akio @Lord Orgasmo, Kenzan @PrankFox

All through the walk to Chen's place, Akira had stayed silent. Even though she'd been treated more gently than her other classmates, the experience had left her nerves rattled. As she kept up with the group, her hand was white-knuckled around the handle of her trumpet case. The chatter between Hoshiko and Asumi hadn't done much for her mood either, and so it was that the pink-haired teen reached her classmate's house in a sullen state.

However, the talk and smell of food that wafted from Chen's door the moment they got to his porch lifted her mood immensely. Her stomach growled in protest at the mere thought of that promised land of dumplings, spring rolls and crab rangoon. Between bites of food, Akira chimed in on her thoughts about the whole situation. They mostly revolved around how screwed up it was that they'd find a corpse out in an alley in their town, especially given how quiet it was. Barely anything newsworthy happened in Fujihama anyway, so when something did happen, it was almost always the talk of the town for a while.

After dinner, they retired to Chen's room where a cavalcade of junk food soon formed a veritable pile of snacks that threatened to spill over the sides of his table. Akira immediately picked out one of the watermelon Kit-Kats that Chen had so graciously pointed out, tore the foil packet open and broke off one of the wafers before she took a bite out of it. She was more relaxed, now that she had good food in her and company of friends to keep her level and calm.

"I, uh. I don't mind mahjong. Or Street Fighter. I don't mind watching either."

April 25th, 2025.

Mentions: Masashi @Zombehs, Asumi @Ambra, Hoshiko @Fabricant451, Akio @Lord Orgasmo, Kenzan @PrankFox

As the police trickled in from the streets around her, Akira was lost in shock. Even when an officer helped her to her feet, the soft-spoken teenager was silent, tears staining her cheeks. She'd sat on the same spot on the pavement the entire time, only moving to pick up her lost satchel just as she was being escorted into a waiting police car. The drive to the station was a sullen one, sitting next to the whimpering Asumi and the relatively calm Masashi. Her classmates were in the other car, but Akira couldn't help but wonder what was going to happen to them.

When she was brought in for questioning, her voice was barely audible. Time and shock of seeing a dead body in the rotting, stinking flesh had put a case of the shivers in the poor girl. But the reassurances from the officers and even the detective who interrogated her set Akira's mind at ease. Eventually answers came from her, honest and truthful, until there were no more questions to respond to and the cops let her go.

Once she left the station and rejoined the rest of the study group, Akira was hugging her trumpet case to her chest. She took a few deep breaths in and out to calm and steady herself. She could still feel her hands trembling slightly from nerves, even as they walked away from the building and started towards Chen's place. And then Asumi blurted out her absolute hunger and Akira couldn't help but giggle, all the tension broken in an instant.

"I gotta admit, all the nerves made me a little peckish too... What do you think is going to happen? Are the police going to take the body away and cut it open like in CSI?"

April 24th, 2025

Mentions: Masashi @Zombehs, Asumi @Ambra, Hoshiko @Fabricant451

Akira sat at her seat in class, nervously wringing her hands on the hem of her skirt. She listened to Miss Okamoto's words, clamping down on the urge to babble something about knowing Munehisa's art style and how she vaguely saw it in the picture the history teacher held up to the class. She didn't want to risk expulsion, but these were her peers! They'd done nothing against her and she didn't want to earn the ire of her entire class, or even the whole school. So she kept her mouth shut, even as Miss Okamoto railed on about how she'd get them all expelled.

Once class was over, Akira took her trumpet case and satchel out of the classroom and to the roof, where the teen commenced her daily practice. Free from her obligations to others, and with the rest of the day to spend, Akira pulled her trumpet from its case and began to play.

Later, outside the snack shop

Akira walked behind the group of her friends, the worries of her impending expulsion forgotten for the moment. For right now, it was study group time. At the behest of Asumi, she and several of her friends were meeting at one of their classmate's houses for a study session to pass that history test that was coming up. Frankly, the thought of having to confront Miss Okamoto again was a little scary to Akira, but she had her friends. That was enough to get over that little inkling of something being wrong.

In her satchel sat a plastic bag full of sweet candy and potato chips and she had a strawberry cola lollipop in her mouth. Sweet and slightly fizzy, it kept her mind at ease even as she listened to Asumi ramble and whine to no one in particular. She was at the back of their motley group, which included one of the year ones for some reason, and she wasn't too particularly interested in trying to counterpoint any of Asumi's whining.

Of course, everything changed when she tripped over a trash bag and exposed a dead body.

A dead body.

Akira's jaw dropped and her lollipop fell to the pavement, shattering into bits and pieces of sugar as the shock took over her body. As opposed to screaming or babbling, the pink-haired teen backed away slowly until she hit a lamppost. Then she sank down until her butt came to rest on the sidewalk. Her hands went to cover her nose and mouth as the sickly sweet stench of death wafted out from the alleyway, trembling from the shock.

This isn't happening. This isn't real. This must be some sort of joke or prank.

Mentions: Asumi @Ambra, Masashi @Zombehs, Munehisa @Solace, Nagi @Psyker Landshark, Hoshiko @Fabricant451

Akira said nothing, even as Munehisa took up space next to her under her umbrella. Out in the pouring rain, she held her trumpet case close to her chest, not wanting her precious instrument to get wet. She kept quiet as they walked to the ramen joint, but her signature headphones stayed off. When it rained, she liked to listen to the rain, even though it prevented her from practicing or going out with friends.

The conversations her friends were having took a back seat as she kept pace with Munehisa all the way to the ramen shop. The quiet of the rain was nice. Peaceful and nice. Up until Nagi told two of her Yakuza minions off for loitering outside the ramen place when they wanted to eat here.

When she and her friends went into the store, Akira took a bit of extra time to shake off her umbrella of water before she went in. The polite thing to do.

"Um, the regular tonkotsu bowl will do. Extra soup."

Mentions: Asumi @Ambra, Masashi @Zombehs, Munehisa @Solace, Nagi @Psyker Landshark

"Oh! Uh, sure, Nakano-san. Ramen would be nice."

Akira gathered her books and shoved them into her satchel, before putting on her hoodie.

"I, uh, have an umbrella too. I can share it with someone." She said as she pulled an umbrella from her bag, slinging the satchel on her shoulder as she joined the other year twos at Nagi's desk. Just as the rain started to come down hard, she raised her hood over her head instinctively. A loud peal of thunder roared through the sky right after, which made her flinch slightly.

"Well I'm definitely not going up to the roof to practice today. How long do you think it's going to storm?" She shifted a little, glancing out the window from time to time, maybe expecting lightning and thunder again? Who knew.
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