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My name is DJ.
I am a roleplayer.
A roleplayer of roughly a good decade now.
I write a lot of things, and am able to roleplay a lot of things.

Random Things about me
- I run a small YouTube channel.
- I listen to a helluva lot of music. Love music.
- I'm from Singapore. It's a little island in Southeast Asia.

Anywho, I've not been RPing for a long long time, but here I am, hopefully to make a few friends and RP some.

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Sully and Faro

"I will stay behind and keep an eye out for anyone else." Faro announced to the captain. No matter the tunnel, it wasn't the brightest idea to be alone in one. That was a lesson that he learned during Torfan. Pirates placed traps and rigged some tunnels to explode if someone got too close towards one of their strongholds. It nearly killed him on that day. That was why Faro decided to stay behind with the krogan engineer. Of course, he didn't give his reason and just insisted that he was staying back. While the team went forward, Faro approached the dead body and stared at it for a moment. There was something about dying in the darkness of a tunnel that got to him.

Eventually, Faro took a step back and leaned against the wall as he waited for the krogan to start hacking.

And hack the krogan did. Sully pulled the omni-tool from the dead maintenance guy's arm and slipped it onto his own arm that didn't already have an omni-tool. He activated the pilfered tool and immediately ran into a simple password lock, nothing he couldn't handle. One brute-forcing later and Sully was poring over the man's files.

"Here we go, I'm in. Let's see what we have here."

Sully disregarded the photos and personal affects within the omni-tool, but paused on the family photo. A husband and two children, all looking happy and cheerful. A pang of homesickness shot through Sully's heart; as much as krogan families were rough and tumble, they were still families. It reminded him of home and it stung. But Sully pushed past it and dove into the hard data. First to come up were a set of schematics for the tunnel system the team had just navigated, a resource that Kolya already had but it never hurt to get a little more. Then came a set of emails about work, mostly about the high pressure gases in the pipes, and a set of access codes, outdated because their protocols switched the codes every hour. And then, the jackpot: a 3D blueprint of the entire building. Schematics of rooms, layouts of power grids, plumbing, sewage, heating grids, even security plans and floor plans for every floor of the complex.

Sully saved the structural blueprints and downloaded them onto his omni-tool, then sent copies of the file to the team.

"Here ya go. I got structural plans for the entire building. Security's tight, access codes on doors that rotate every hour."

"A code that changes every hour." Faro paused for a moment to figure out their next move. There wasn't much hope for a maintenance guy to be special enough to have the latest codes, but it was worth asking the krogan. "Does he have the codes?"

"Nope, his codes are outdated." Sully shook his head, checking the email that had the codes again and confirming that it had been received two hours ago.

"Well, shit." Faro turned to look at the dead maintenance guy and wondered if he wasn't alone. He kneeled down and started searching the guy's pockets for any details regarding work schedules and weekly assignments. In the right pocket, he thought that there was something but it was the back of a photo with a date on it. He turned around and saw a photo of the man's husband and their children causing him to freeze. Faro examined the picture and realized that the date was their anniversary with the words "Happy Anniversary!" written in the white space. The reveal made Faro both furious and mournful. Furious at the killers for taking the life of a husband and father away and mournful at the family for losing their support. That was when his right hand started to shake violently. He immediately took noticed and quickly placed the photo back into the man's pocket. Then, he stood up and made a fist while staring at the body and taking a moment to collect himself.

"Do you think that he was working alone?" Faro asked the krogan.

"Maybe. Maintenance workers like that usually work alone in these kinda situations. I should know, hehe."

Sully stood and kept the spare omni-tool for further study later on. Perhaps a replacement in case someone elses got busted. For now, they had a mission to continue on. The krogan drew his Locust and motioned for Faro to go on ahead while he covered the rear.

"Go on ahead. I got your back."

Faro didn't hear the krogan and instead was focused on the body again. To be honest, it felt wrong leaving the body to rot while his loved ones worried. While recovering from Torfan in a hospital, he heard and watched the reactions of families and lovers learning that the body of their loved ones were missing on Torfan. The thought of the family in the photo learning of the same fate was too much for him to deal with. He muttered, "We can't leave him here."

"And we sure as hell can't take him with us either, too bulky."

Sully gritted his teeth. The death was troubling on his conscience as well, but with the rest of the team already ahead and Kolya's hushed whisper in the comms about Eclipse, they had to keep moving.

"Look, we've already got trouble ahead. I know you humans are a sentimental bunch, but this is no time to get misty-eyed. If you want, grab the guy's ID or something and you can go break the bad news to his husband. Now let's get moving, otherwise the rest of our team are gonna be joining that guy on the tunnel floor."

"Yeah, I know." Faro turned to the krogan and saw the man's omni-tool. That was when he got an idea. "But, I have an idea."

He approached the krogan and carefully grabbed his arm in order to use the omni-tool. It was a risky decision, but he wasn't in the mood to argue with him about borrowing it. Plus, he could have dealt with being punched by a krogan. Maybe. Faro typed in the number to the emergency service and typed out a message of where to find the body. Then, he entered a time of two hours on the timer, giving them plenty of time to escape, and confirmed everything. He didn't notice that he was still holding the krogan's arm and let go before he made things more awkward. Before the krogan could respond, Faro put his hands up and started apologizing. "Sorry about that, but I wasn't in the mood to fight with you. That should send out a message to the authorities of where to find the body. It isn't much, but I didn't want him to rot in here."

"Good enough, I guess. Just- warn me before you grab my arm next time."

Sully hadn't expected Faro to just go for his arm and the omni-tool attached to it, but once he figured out that he wasn't doing anything stupid, he stood still and let him do his work. Once he was done, Sully deactivated the dead man's omni-tool and shouldered his Locust. He waited for Faro to move ahead of him, then followed, keeping his eyes on the rear of the group as they advanced. The silence following Kolya's brief text message was broken by gunfire and biotics and a loud explosion, the sudden whoosh of a fireball echoing down the tunnels. The staccato burst of light arms and the whump of omni blades being fired. Sully ducked down and took cover near the front, a stray round pinging off his shields as he raised his Locust and returned fire at the one functional turret shortly before it was torn up by the other turret that had been somehow hacked by one of the team. With a few taps on his own omni-tool, Sully stood, raised an arm at a piece of isolated cover where one of the Eclipse soldiers was hiding behind and shot a fireball at his feet. As the soldier yelped and moved away from the flames, the krogan raised his SMG and peppered him with fire, stopping only once he saw the man's shields pop and his body riddled with several dark crimson holes.

Faro followed the korgan towards cover while he was grabbing his shotgun and getting it ready for the battle ahead. He saw that one of the turrets was destroyed while the other was hacked, which impressed him. Then, he saw the krogan firing a fireball out of him omni-tool in order to draw the Eclipse soldier out of cover. It was impressive. He was about to congratulate the krogan until he didn't remember his name. It was rather embarrassing to forget one of the squadmate's name but he did. The human soon turned towards the krogan and awkwardly said out loud, "So... I might have forgotten your name! Could you refresh my memory, pretty please?"

"Karmm! Karmm Sol! But everybody calls me Sully! Why the hell are you asking me for my name in a firefight?!"

Sully ducked back down behind cover and checked the heat sink on his Locust, letting the weapon cool while return fire peppered his position.

Karmm Sol. Admittedly, Faro thought it was a cute name for a krogan. It was better than Sully. Under the helmet, he was blushing from embarrassment for asking such a dumb question during combat. Thankfully, nobody (especially Sol) was able to see it while he tried to answer the question. "Well..." Faro thought of an answer and earnestly replied, "I want to use it during combat since it's crowded at the moment."

"Anyways." Faro grabbed one of his flashbangs and threw it towards another isolated cover, where an Eclipse soldier was waiting to be killed. He paused for a moment to hear it go off and then said quickly, "Sol's a nice name."

When he heard the sound, Faro popped out of cover and saw that the soldier accidentally got out of cover because he was blind. The human raised his shotgun and fired two shots at the soldier. He briefly watched as the soldiers collapsed to the ground before being forced to retreat to cover. Now, he had to wait until another opportunity presented himself.

And so the Achilles touched down. Sully sat in his bunk, musing over the events that had transpired during dinner the previous night, a datapad in his hands as he went over the matriarch's ship's engine statistics one more time. The plan he had was simple: while the more combat-oriented members of the team dealt with the matriarch, Sully wanted to find her ship and disable it so that, in the event they overpowered the combatants, she couldn't escape easily. To that end, he was wearing his tool harness on top of his combat armour, with all the right tools he needed to surgically disassemble the matriarch's ship. Of course, he couldn't actually disassemble the entire ship before the group took her down, but all he needed was a few minutes with the engine's core components and the ship's flight capabilities were as good as dead. And that was also dependent on the big if that the crew was strong enough to buy him enough time to sabotage her ship. And that was also dependent on a million other factors that hurt his head to consider.

All too soon, Kolya was calling for a briefing in the loading bay. Sully transferred the matriarch's ship schematics to his omni-tool, shut off his datapad and prepared to leave. Everything was in place, tools clipped securely enough to not make noise if he had to do a spot of sneaking, but then again, was an eight foot four krogan really that stealthy? As Sully grabbed his submachine gun and secured it to his back, thoughts ran through his mind like freight ships. What if he wasn't up to the task? What if even the combined might of two giant krogan wasn't enough to bring this asari down? What if the knock-out drugs didn't work? The krogan shook his head to clear his mind and reached for his pistol, clipping it to his belt. He was a part of a team. And a team had many people who specialised in different things. Plus their leader was ex-Alliance military, a leader. If anyone knew how to put together a crew, it would be a former soldier. He just had to believe. Like how he'd put his faith in Cole and his crew.

Sully's mind went to his old friend as he put on his helmet and made sure the seals were tight. He wondered where that man was, what he was doing, and if he'd ever see him again. It did little to set him at ease, even as he picked up Kezzik's inert form and clipped the drone's chassis to his back. The krogan made his way to the loading bay and soon the briefing was underway, Kolya standing atop a crate of replacement parts for the ship's landing struts to address the team. Violence was off-limits only for those who didn't pose an active threat, that was something he understood, being used to standing on the sidelines and only needing to look fierce. But a professional he was, and as the ship's doors opened, Sully took in a deep breath and ventured forth into the unknown.

The heat of the environment didn't bother him as it did some of the others, but the humidity did. Tuchanka was hot and arid, not hot and muggy like this place was. Sully was somewhere in the middle of the team, moving forward with one of the three grappling hooks and canisters on his back. The devices were something he was familiar with, and as the team reached the wall that they were to ascend, Sully made sure to check over each launcher to make sure it was functional before they went upwards. He went last, of course. Didn't want to bowl over the others if his grip didn't hold. With the turian, Ardan, behind him, Sully tightened his hands around the rope, attached his harness to it and began the slow, perilous ascent.

What felt like an eternity later, his hands gripped solid ground and he pulled himself up as he watched the rest of the team moved forward, guns up. Just a few minutes before, he'd heard Kolya's warning through the team comm link and his Locust was in his hands the moment his feet were flat on the floor. Sully followed the lead of the others, keeping low and taking it slow as the team advanced forward into the massive sewage pipes of the facility. He could feel Ardan's hand on his belt as they moved forward, up until they came across Kolya examining a dead body. The krogan kept back as Vash and Hann moved forward to take point. Without wanting to alarm Ardan, Sully turned around slowly to dislodge the turian's hand from his belt. His Locust was gripped tight in his hands as he dropped to a knee like he remembered and swiveled around to watch the rear, since he was near the back of the group. As he did so, an idea popped into his head and he keyed his mic.

"Hey, Kolya. Does the dead guy have an omni-tool? I could try to hack into it, see if I can pull schematics of the facility or anything else useful."
I see Delta Green, I hit subscribe.

@Xanadu I took your review to heart and made a lot of additions to Sully's bio. I hope you enjoy reading through it again! Because I really like Sully now.
@Xanadu I hope to have the improvements to Sully's sheet in by tomorrow.
Always IRL first!
And here's my sheet! This is my first time writing a krogan and I do think I need some help with his backstory, as I'm still rather unfamiliar with how krogan culture works (blaming me being too into turians). Anyway, say hello to Sully!

I should have my sheet up today.
Question for @Xanadu: are we allowed to deviate from how ME1 classes are constructed? Because I just noticed that krogans can't wear light armour and engineers from ME1 standards are only allowed light armour.
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