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Current To all I'm in RPs with: I apologise if my replies are sparse. Life isn't kind.
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My name is DJ.
I am a roleplayer.
A roleplayer of roughly a good decade now.
I write a lot of things, and am able to roleplay a lot of things.

Random Things about me
- I run a small YouTube channel.
- I listen to a helluva lot of music. Love music.
- I'm from Singapore. It's a little island in Southeast Asia.

Anywho, I've not been RPing for a long long time, but here I am, hopefully to make a few friends and RP some.

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1200 points

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Hello there.

Well, this blows. Just to let you know, I'll be here whenever Coins or whatever roleplay you're making next time starts up again.

@Opposition Same here.
@Opposition This RP still going forward?
@Opposition I've finally finished my sheet! It's ready for inspection.
EDIT: Finished the sheet!

Just updating here: I've started work on my sheet.
@Opposition I might make an ex-construction worker/project manager who then learns about the beauty of controlled demolitions. The Demolitionist.

Or maybe a bartender looking for a break, good with his hands, does magic on the side, maybe a little sleight of hand and misdirection.
Delsin Rowe

Level: 1
Day/Time: Day Three - Evening
Location:The Forbidden Lands
Tag: @Tenma Tendo@ONL
Experience: ////////// (3/10)
Word Count: 277

Delsin watched as Tiz and Bentley went to work immediately after he left them. Small streams of smoke dissipated from his still sparking and smoking form. He didn't know jack shit about horses so he merely watched as his teammates did their thing, hands in the pockets of his jeans as he slowly made his way around the trio of horses that they were taming.

"Huh. Now that we got 'em all calmed down, they don't look so bad."

He followed suit, grabbing a handful of the same grass that Bentley and Tiz had gotten and slowly, carefully approached one of the horses, being sure to let it sniff his hand first, following the lead of the others as the horses calmed down and investigated these strangers.
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