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My name is DJ.
I am a roleplayer.
A roleplayer of roughly a good decade now.
I write a lot of things, and am able to roleplay a lot of things.

Random Things about me
- I run a small YouTube channel.
- I listen to a helluva lot of music. Love music.
- I'm from Singapore. It's a little island in Southeast Asia.

Anywho, I've not been RPing for a long long time, but here I am, hopefully to make a few friends and RP some.

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Will get a reply to the thread up soon.
@KOgaming It is both, depending on what you want.
Mistakes Were Made
Loom General Hospital
7:25 AM

Robert quietly left the cafeteria as he moved through the hallways, his eyes flickered along the individual room numbers. Silently he repeated the two targeted room numbers in his head over and over. His pace slowed down when he neared JP’s room, his hand reached out for the door knob just when it opened up. That’s when he came face to face with the first target of interest causing him to snap his head from left to right, then gestured for the patient to back into the room fast.

When they both inside, his hand clicked the door shut behind them. Robert didn’t want the nurses or doctors entering at a critical point in the conversation.

“Detective Norton, I’m here to investigate your case. Authorities believe it was a burglary gone wrong and you were involved. May I ask you some questions?” He skipped right to the point rather than waste time easing into the subject, his time was already ticking down thanks to his delay earlier.

“Uh...sure, but may I see some identification first, monsieur?”

JP was backed into his room by this mysterious detective, someone he didn’t recognise. He instinctively moved up against one of the walls, keeping himself as far away from this man as he could. Something was off about him; no presenting of identification, such a quick introduction and he was right to the point.

Robert sighed then reached into his back pocket. HIs hand wrapped about the identification used for his cover then presented to JP, letting the man get a good look. It appeared all in order, through the man would get a off vibe to it that he couldn’t place. Feeling that JP had seen enough of it, Robert placed it back into his coat before continuing.

“I understand you’re likely still rattled from your experience so I’ll make this as brief and non stressful as possible, monsieur. I still have to question your friend before returning to the station,” Robert explained.

“Y-you’re… Okay then, whatever.”

JP, inwardly, was balking at the fact that this man was not who he claimed to be. He was certain of it. The way he held his identification card so that it concealed...something, the way he was quick and to-the-point, almost as if he was rushing for time. It made every single one of his work senses scream at him that something was wrong, but he had to continue trusting the man if he wanted to get to the heart of the problem.

“Well, uh, detective Norton, what sort of questions are you going to ask me?”

“The most obvious question is: do you recall what happened this morning? At least, what you can recall clearly,” Robert began, his hand dipped into his pocket and held there.
He followed JP back inside the room.

“I...well I… I remember hearing a commotion in my neighbour’s apartment, it woke me up. So I went to investigate and I found this...weird looking animal in her apartment, biting into her shoulder.”

“Do you recall what this animal looked like? Any notable features or markings? You friend was found without any injuries according to the medical report,” He pointed out.

His hand silently clicked the door behind him, ensuring no one would interrupt their conversation. Robert paced around JP then indicated he might want to take a seat while they talked, his arm reached and pulled up another chair nearby.

JP, still wary of the stranger’s approach, sat in the chair opposite Robert as he rubbed his chin in thought.

“It was, uh...very pale, emaciated. Humanoid looking. No hair.”

“That doesn’t sound like any known animal…” Robert stated, his right leg crossed over his left while he studied JP.

“Are you sure it was an animal? It sounds like a home invasion like in the reports.”

“It was... It definitely sounded like an animal. My neighbour, she was bitten by it. And, uh, it was like some sort of...feral thing? I’m not too sure.”

“What happened to her wound if you were sure she was bitten?”

“I...I don’t know. All I remember now is bringing her back to my apartment, keeping her wound covered with cloth and then...I passed out.”

Robert leaned in, his eyes fixed on Jean-Phillip. His hand pulled out of his pocket with something clutched in the fist. He targeted the last bit carefully.

“Was there any sensation before you passed out? You have to be very specific. It’s important.”

“I… It felt like my stamina was leaving me? Or something along those lines? My memory of that point is very fuzzy- w-what’s the purpose of these questions, monsieur?”

“One last thing before I answer that… catch this,” Robert gently tossed as small orb to him, an easy enough throw to catch.

With a short yelp JP barely reacted and grabbed the sphere out of the air.

“I- what?!”

The orb abruptly glowed at the man’s touch. A dim, but steady light poured across the skin and darkness.

Robert smiled when his instincts were dead on. He leaned back in his chair as he began to explain, “Your friend was bitten, but it seems you did something to mend or reverse the effects. You’re not exactly normal so why don’t we cut the shit and be fully honest with each other? It’s much easier for both of us.”

“Wait what?!”

As soon as the orb started glowing, JP dropped it, like he’d grabbed onto something unbearably hot. He stared with mouth agape at first the orb, then the man he definitely knew wasn’t a Loom PD detective.

“What the hell is this?! I-I I am perfectly normal! I don’t even know what you’re saying right now!”

“That orb says otherwise. It only glows in the grip of someone’s who is magically talented,” Robert gestured for the orb back.

“Calm down. I figured you might be relieved you’re not crazy after all, especially after you see your friend is perfectly fine and safe. So now trust your memory and describe everything that happened.”

“A-as long as you’re not going to kill me. Do I have your word?”

Robert busted out laughing. He appeared unable to resist it as his arm wrapped about his side, the cuts threatening to rupture from the hard movements. After a few moments, he calmed down.

“I’m actually here to recruit you or prevent you from revealing the truth, not hurt you. In fact, the Bureau rarely kills unless it’s unavoidable. Both supernatural and normal people.”

“Then you should understand my apprehension, monsieur. It is no laughing matter.”

JP sat back down in his chair and sighed, resting his head in his hands as he tried to recall everything that happened.

“Okay….okay. I… I went to check on my neighbour. And I saw this...creature. Humanoid, pale skin, long claws, looked like a vampire out of a novel or something. It had its mouth on her shoulder… I dragged her back into my apartment after this other young man appeared out of nowhere and attacked the thing. Then after I got my friend into my living room, I pressed my shirt against her shoulder, made a little prayer to heal her, and then I passed out.”

“I suspect that was healing magic. From your words, I take it you never learned how to properly cast a spell?”

“N-no? I...magic exists?”

“Yeah, you did see what attacked your friend right? If that thing exists, why can’t magic?” Robert pointed out.


“There’s things that go bump in the night that you’re not suppose to be aware of. Things that Angels and Bureau want to keep hidden from the light of day. So, believe when I say I can relate to how you’re likely feeling right now,” Robert admitted in a more gentle tone, his voice softened in empathy.

“I was a graveyard custodian before I was attacked by a ghoul scavenging for some sort of meat. I didn’t know what hit me before it took a chunk out of my arm and tried to pin me down. I managed to get to my car before driving off. The Bureau contacted me later then recruited me.”

“Who is…the Bureau?”

“It’s not who, but what. An organization designed to keep the supernatural hidden and humanity safe. They aren’t exactly a paragon of pure intentions, but they are much better than what’s actually out there.”

JP steepled his fingers in thought. Many, many things crossed his mind as he contemplated the man’s words. After a few moments, he spoke.

“What about my friend?”

“It depends on how cooperative she is. I was sent to determine how much you two have seen, evaluate the best course of action and possibly follow through with it,” Robert stated bluntly, seeing little reason to lie.

“If she remembers as much as you do and unable to be convinced it was her mind playing tricks on her, then I have little choice but to recruit her too. Even if she refuses it.”

“I… I hope she is okay. I… I have a lot to think about, monsieur. This is a lot to process all at once.”

“It is. However, I’m afraid once you peer past the veil of what goes bump in the night, it won’t leave you alone. It’s like these creatures have a sixth sense for this. Everywhere you look or go, the paranoia will eat away at you.”

“I am good with paranoia. Those thoughts rarely cross my mind anyway. It is the sheer...incredulity of it that is boggling me right now. Is this even real? Or am I dreaming?”

“You’re not the only one to question your sanity after an experience like this. Let me reassure you, you’re very much sane. The fact you’re questioning it proves it.”

“Okay...well, are you going to talk to my friend now?”

“Yes, I’m afraid so. From what the woman at the register told me, she’s doing well for someone that was attacked. Now if you will be excuse me,” Robert lifted up from his chair and turned to the door, pausing long enough to add one last thing.

“We’ll stay in contact. Good day, monsieur.”
@Ezekiel So I've been lurking a while, just wanted to ask: what sorta characters are already present in the RP? So I know what sorta person to make.

"Got it! Everyone! Gather behind me!"

As what Peacekeepers remained got to work freeing the civilians, Aken shifted his shield's focus to the front line, covering his allies and the civilians from any stray gunfire while they beat a hasty retreat. Aken kept his shield up as the prisoners headed for the elevator shaft. While the Peacekeepers covered his back, he loaded the prisoners onto a rudimentary elevator that fit into the shaft. Aken flew into the elevator shaft, closed the bright green doors made of light and brought the entire thing up and out of the lab.

The rest of the mission was a blur. After the prisoners had been brought to safety, he'd gone back down to help the other Peacekeepers clean up. Rounded up escaping soldiers and sent them off to Peacekeeper trucks to be carted off to some prison to be processed. Watched as Perseus brought in their super villain targets. Dismantled the operation as best as he could and contained a few stray explosions from chemical spills and electrical fires. Once that was done, he followed the rest of the Leaguers into space and to the Tower for the debriefing.


The Green Lanterns had appeared in force at the funeral of Wesley Dodds. The Sandman had been an ally of Alan Scott, and both his son and grandson had fought with the other Earth-based Lanterns on numerous occasions. It was only right that they stood vigil for him now in Valhalla. Besides Alan Scott and Hal Jordan, John Stewart, Guy Gardner, Kyle Rayner, Simon Baz, and Jessica Cruz were all present. And of course, Kai-Ro and Aken Sur. Not all of them were active in the Corps any longer, not all even had rings any more. But once a Lantern, always a Lantern. And the Corps remembered their friends. As the coffin was lowered into the ground they all bowed their heads and recited a soldier's prayer for Wesley, one that stretched back to the beginning of the Corps. They stood silently until the ceremony was finally complete.


On the Watchtower, Kai-Ro led Aken Sur away from all the others as they returned via zeta beam. The young monk gripped Aken's shoulder and said, "I sense you are troubled. These recent events weigh heavily on your mind Aken. Please, do not keep your troubles bottled within. We are brothers-in-arms and I would hear your concerns voiced."

Aken's lips were drawn in a tight, thin line. He was troubled indeed, not just by the death of one of Earth's oldest heroes, but by what he'd seen in that lab. As Kai-Ro led him away, he sighed and shook his head. "It's...these people do not deserve to be treated like laboratory animals. What I saw in that facility..."

Kai-Ro nodded gravely, "I saw the footage. It is a terrible atrocity what the Legion has done and will continue to do. This is the result of avarice and greed unchecked Aken. Pure corruption. But this is exactly what we as Lanterns and as members of the Justice League, have doubly vowed to fight." Kai-Ro was roughly the same age as Aken Sur, but the wisdom in his eyes made him seem far older.

He had trained as a monk in Nanda Parbat since birth, and had honed his mind and his body with martial arts and meditative discipline. When his home had been attacked by the League of Shadows during his youth, his resolve and strength of will had attracted the attention of a Green Lantern Ring and he had fought for Justice ever since, standing shoulder to shoulder with Superman and the other mighty heroes. That same resolve manifested itself now as Kai-Ro spoke.

"We will see many more horrible things. But we must not let this horror sap our will. Instead, let it galvanize us. Give us the strength to keep protecting the innocent and to do everything in our power to stop the Legion. We shall pierce this darkness, as long as we are willing to stand for the light." Kai-Ro closed his eyes for a moment, "I saw many friends twisted by the League of Shadows into monsters for their army. I will not let this happen to more innocents. Stand strong Aken, for the people. And stand strong for your comrades and friends, who are beside you always."

Aken nodded and tried to compose himself. He took a few deep, slow breaths and calmed himself, just like Kai-Ro had taught him, his fists clenching and unclenching slowly. "Yes, Kai-Ro. I understand. But...where else will we fight? I cannot just stand by and allow these...atrocities to happen."

Kai-Ro was silent for a moment, leaned in and said softly, "I've heard it said that command is forming a special strike force. Veterans and experienced fighters forming covert teams to strike the Legion and dismantle their operations. They're taking a more proactive stance now that it seems the Legion is building an army. I've heard it said Perseus was going to be one of the coordinators of this strike force. I will be too busy with normal duties. But perhaps you would like to join this enterprise?"

"I must warn you friend, that you are likely to encounter more such atrocities if you do join. The teams will delve into darkness, and must be prepared for all that entails."

"Then...if the Light itself wills it, I will go. But... I will need a while to meditate on what I've seen."

Aken walked along the Tower hallway next to his friend, deep in thought. Taking up the mantle of his grandfather wasn't as easy as he'd first thought, even though he'd proven himself to the Light and those who wielded the Rings in their honor. It felt as if the shoes he'd chosen were so vast, he'd spend his entire life trying to fill them.

" have been a Lantern for longer than I have. How do you cope with all of this madness?"

Kai-Ro replied, "I have. The elders at the monastery spoke of tranquility, detachment. Some truly mastered this art. But I have not. I feel sorrow and regret for every life lost in this endless battle of light and dark. Meditation and peace provide much, but for me they only went so far." At this, the other Lantern smiled at Aken, "Inner will alone can be limited. It has been the friends I've made along the way, those who are as family to me now, that have allowed me to keep fighting. Along with the knowledge that though this is an endless fight, it is a worthwhile one. For every child who can grow without fear. For every innocent spared suffering. For every ember of goodness spread into the world. We have a purpose Aken. A calling. And that certainty has been an immense help to me."

"I... I suppose that is correct too, Kai-Ro. I am just...not used to all of this."

Aken returned the smile and shook his head.

"It is... So much has been going on. After I gained my ring, I felt like I had to retake my grandfather's mantle so quickly and learn so much in such a little time. I'm thankful that you were there to tutor me though. To give me a direction."

Kai-Ro clasped Aken's shoulder, "I remember when I was in a similar situation. Barely more than a child. Thrust into a role of defense of not just my home but of the world. If it wasn't for my mentors in the Justice League, I wouldn't have succeeded. And I am honored to help light your path. For I see great potential in you Aken, if you have the will to keep walking this path. And I will be beside you always."

"Do you wish to meditate together friend, or would you rather be alone?"

"I suppose... We can meditate together."

Kai-Ro smiled warmly, "Come. The world is troubled. But perhaps we can find a measure of peace, if only for just a moment. It is in such moments that the spirit is rejuvenated. And the will to fight is tempered even further." The monk led his friend to the meditation chamber and crossed into a lotus position as he floated in the air with the help of his ring. Together they faced the blue visage of Earth. Even though violence and discord blighted parts of the world, it was reassuring to see that for the most part, absolutely nothing was happening.
@Kingfisher I'm gonna hang back on making a character right now, gonna see if I can figure out what I wanna do first with this RP.
@Kingfisher YOU'RE BACK! I'm so down for this.
Not sure what direction I'm gonna take David in, but if no one follows him, he's going to the police station alone, probably in slow pursuit of D and Reis.

As David stepped through the hole into the other world, he looked around, sweeping his camera on video mode slowly in a circle around himself. The world he was seeing now was...weird. He'd heard the sirens of a police car approaching as he'd left the diner, but when he made a short walk around to where the front of the diner was, there was nothing. No one was there either, not any of the patrons or the cops that were supposed to show up. He took a picture of the front of the now barren diner and parking lots, before checking the shot and stowing his camera. He then turned to the bunch of other people that had followed him and took a picture of them too. After that, he stowed his camera and looked around for some sort of street sign.

"Well guys, I'm pretty sure we're not in Kansas any more. I'm heading to the police station. Heard sirens earlier but the cars that are supposed to be outside the diner aren't here. Gonna go see what's taking 'em so long."

That being said, he kept his camera in his hands as he found a sign pointing him to the police station and began his slow walk there. Hopefully the others would follow him, it would be a nightmare trying to track anyone in this weird...other world. It felt like this was what his friend had stumbled upon and maybe, just maybe, he'd find him here.
@Mokley I'm writing mine.
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