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Current To all I'm in RPs with: I apologise if my replies are sparse. Life isn't kind.
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My name is DJ.
I am a roleplayer.
A roleplayer of roughly a good decade now.
I write a lot of things, and am able to roleplay a lot of things.

Random Things about me
- I run a small YouTube channel.
- I listen to a helluva lot of music. Love music.
- I'm from Singapore. It's a little island in Southeast Asia.

Anywho, I've not been RPing for a long long time, but here I am, hopefully to make a few friends and RP some.

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Heavily WIP.

Name: Nakayama "Naka" Iori
Age: 20
Height: 5' 9"
Weight: 171 lbs
Nationality: Japanese
Tank Role: Gunner
Infantry Role: Heavy
As the shuttle drew ever closer to the Adran VII landing bay, Kyntus adjusted her posture in her boots. Nervousness like this was uncharacteristic of her, especially since she bore the sigils, armour and weapons of the Adeptus Arbites, one of the most fearless forms of the Emperor's justice in the galaxy. But it had only been days, no weeks since she'd been given the news that she had been handpicked to be part of an Inquisitor's retinue. An Inquisitor of the Malleus, no less. The thrill was present in her mind, but it was overridden by anxiety. How had she been picked? Why her? And with her mastiff, no less. Somehow the Inquisition had seen it fit that both her and her cyber-mastiff were worthy to be part of this retinue. Speaking of the pooch, Patches had to be shut down for the trip. Organic dogs didn't take well to warp travel, especially with how far the Hive world was from their destination.

The arbitrator sighed and adjusted her armour one last time. Her Arbites livery, mostly undamaged, bore several scars and marks of her time spent orchestrating the Emperor's justice in her homeworld. But no matter how much she and her team worked, crime always persisted, sometimes triumphed against what she knew was right and true. A sad truth, one that made her tighten her grip on her power maul's hilt. Kyntus cleared her head of thought as the servitor announced their arrival, shortly followed by the thump of the shuttle's landing gear hitting plas-steel. With a stretch of her shoulders, Kyntus stood and adjusted her armour for the last time. With her weapons stowed, she reached behind her mastiff's armour-plated head and tapped a control switch that reenabled its motor functions.

One bark later and she was out of the shuttle. Her dog at her heel, she strode forward, past the throng of personnel within the landing area and down towards the coordinates she'd been given. A few minutes walk and she approached what she assumed was the motley crew that made up the retinue. One of the men, of the Imperial Guard by the looks of it, gave a crisp, neat salute to another pair of men. As she emerged from the elevator, she strode forward and presented arms; her maul clipped neatly to her belt, hand snapped to a salute, shotgun with its stock to the floor and her mastiff at her leg, seated on its haunches.

"Arbites Cyber-Mastiff Handler Kyntus Arvele and mastiff, reporting for duty, sirs."
So which combat roles aren't taken? I'll take Gunner and whichever's left.
I want to reserve the roles of Gunner and Demolitions.
Interest here.
Still writing. Lost my post so I'm rewriting.
Huh, so it did.

"Nice form. Mind if I swing a few?"

The wolf strode out from behind the batting cage, his own silver bat in his hand. He'd been there a while, silently watching the superhuman swing some home runs. The high pitched pings as balls met bat was music to his ears, a reminder of a home that he couldn't go back to. He swung his bat around a few times before entering the cage. He strode over to the one, untouched ball on the floor and picked it up, tossing it in the air a few times to get a feel for the weight of the ball.

"'s been too long since I've held one of these."

With a flick of his wrist, Daniel lobbed the ball into the air. He gripped his bat tightly with both hands, reared back, and as the ball fell in front of him, he swung. The act of hitting the ball caused the rubes engraved on the side of his bat to activate, empowering the bat with ice magic. The ball froze on contact with the bat and it flew straight for the fence, where it shattered into countless shards of ice. He rubbed the back of his head rather sheepishly and chuckled.

"Whoops. Forgot that happens. any more baseballs?"
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