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A few things about me:
My name is Fox, I've been doing RP for about 11 years and playing/running TRPGs for going on 6 years. Outside of RP I enjoy drawing, writing, hiking, reading, and equestrian. I enjoy most genres of books, movies, TV shows, etc., so I'm down for pretty much anything!
I have an Italian Grayhound named Harley and he is the best dog in the world, and I really love animals in general.
I'm looking forward to getting to know some new people!

Now to the RP Stuff
-Supernatural themes are always fun
Modern in some cases

Fandoms (Does take a good plot to get me to do a fandom RP, but I'm always excited to talk about them!)
-Dragon Age
-Critical Role/Adventure Zone/Dimension 20
-Elder Scrolls
-Mass Effect
-Leviathan Trilogy (Westerfeld)
(Will add as I remember things)

Discord: PrankFox#5538

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Sounds great to me. Think I’ll make two characters, dunno if I can give three the attention each one would deserve.

Stick with my Dragonborn water/air character for the secret arena and then have another who is probably attuned to fire for the battlemancer league

Mentions: Sawyer @Vertigo, Fiona @Psyker Landshark, Nordrin @Yankee

All three of Zhanna's heads grumbled angrily as the Alakazam protected itself from the onslaught that came it's way. Even so the Steelix was still Isaiah's bigger concern now, especially when the hooded figure ordered it to Earthquake in the middle of the damn city. For the first, and only time, this battle he was grateful that the Steelix seemed to be more feral as it disregarded the order. Didn't mean Roswell was happy as he got clipped by it's next attack and nearly sent sprawling into the dust.

As the last of the goons scuttled off Isaiah huffed out a single irritated breath as the admin continued to taunt them. He had no idea what was in the briefcase, but this guy sure seemed smug about getting his hands on it. As the smoke grenade hit the ground a growl left Roswell as the Obstagoon went to leap into the haze earning a sharp, "Stop!" from Isaiah. "Get over here," he called to the rest of his team as the smoke was dispersed by Fiona's Salamence.

Thankfully it didn't look like Zhanna or Shanni were much worse for wear, though Roswell looked scuffed in a few more places. "Great job, get some rest," he gave each a quick pat before withdrawing them. He'd get them to a center shortly.

He turned his attention to Fiona. "Professor might have an idea since it seems like they stole something of hers." The explanation about how the flying type leader and the hooded figure were connected would probably come out in whatever meeting they were going to be forced into. As would what was stolen, hopefully. They'd had far too many problems come out of the past few weeks. First Ryker and now this. The pessimistic side of him, which was most of him a lot of the time, said that they were just getting started with whoever these people were which meant more problems for them. Lovely.

A subtle roll of his eyes was the only response she got to her comment. Hawthorne got a nod of acknowledgement as she stepped outside, confirmed, that some kind of research got taken, and ordered them to the Pokémon center. What those assholes wanted with it was another question. Those seemed to be piling up and Isaiah didn't like it.

"Keep me updated," he generally spoke to the other gym leaders there, "I'm going to help with the mess." There were still police officers either finding their feet or unconscious in the dirt and he was a doctor before anything else.
So for aspiring villains can we pick initiate in the infernal arts or do we need to wait until the secret classes start?
That sounds good to me
Personally I don’t have any problem with the original stuff you had with the primary and secondary, but the 2nd idea that Light has makes sense when combined with that I think
Gonna stick with cryo but trying to decide if I want to go with maybe electro as the pairing in some way. Still trying to figure out, but that feels kinda fun to me.

Definitely interested in playing a darker character, I haven’t gotten to do that in a long time and I love the idea of blood magic. Might go with that route in some capacity and mixed with cryo/electric feels fun.

As for the XP, it would make it feel a lot more video gamey, but I’m open to the idea. Would it be similar to a a PbtA game where you have a list of abilities that are accessible and you spend the XP to get them? Or is it you need a certain number of points to unlock an ability?
Character I have in mind now is dragonborn-esque eco/cryomancer. Going to think more about him on my drive tomorrow
Might be interested, but I’m going out of town for the weekend so we’ll see if I have the time
I noticed that actually. I've messaged them a couple times but I'm not sure if they've gotten them. I'm getting worried about the RP has a whole tbh :(

I’m on board so long as you want to continue it, I don’t mind waiting. It might be worth a check in with everyone else to see what their thoughts are
@savannahssu Just wanted to bring it to your attention; looking at Hazel’s profile they haven’t been online in two months. I’m fine waiting to see if they come back, but thought you should know.
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