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A few things about me:
My name is Fox, I've been doing RP for about 10 years and playing/running TRPGs for going on 5 years. Outside of RP I enjoy drawing, writing, hiking, reading, and equestrian. I enjoy most genres of books, movies, TV shows, etc., so I'm down for pretty much anything!
I have an Italian Grayhound named Harley and he is the best dog in the world, and I really love animals in general.
I'm looking forward to getting to know some new people!

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Sorry the posts are a bit short, life has been crazy busy lately and I'm also about to go on a family trip. I'll have my laptop with me but I don't know if I'll be able to post, but I'll try if I can find the time.

Mentions: Mention of Blackpelt and Fernstar

The sudden influx of noise that came with Blackpelt and Fernstar returning to camp pushed Duskwing to her paws. Thank Starclan, hopefully Fernstar will have an idea of what to do about these strangers in our nursery. Their medicine cat was yowling about his herbs, but it was the call to a clan meeting that caused her ears to prick slightly. Surely Fernstar had gotten her nine lives and was now the recognized leader of Willowclan, she seemed to hold a new authority and confidence in her just at a quick glance.

She knew she should go and join the rest of the clan underneath Highstump, but she wasn't about to leave the nursery unguarded. If Fernstar asked it would be easy enough to explain why she wasn't joining them. Besides, it was easy enough to listen from where she was. She peered into the nursery for a moment, just to be sure these strangers were still there, before sitting back down to listen to what she hoped was good news.

Mentions: Mentions of Sunfur, Maplestream, and Spidernose

Stormheart took the time as Sunfur and Spidernose explained the happenings of the day to sit for a moment and gives his paws a rest. They were mostly numb from walking through the snow and spray from the rapids, but what Spidernose said about these strangers sent a surge of nerves across his pelt. Were they the same ones that he and Sunfur had caught wind of when they were out? It was wise to keep them away from the rest of the clan, especially when two of their most important clanmates were gone.

His eyes briefly drifted over to where Stonefall had padded away from Maplestream; the she-cat looked as exhausted as he felt. He wanted to talk with her and ask why she'd run off, if she way okay, but he couldn't just walk away from the patrol. Maybe when we get back, if she isn't asleep.

He tore his eyes away from Maplestream and sprang back to his paws as Blackpelt, followed shortly by Fernstar, rushed into camp. He felt his whole body sag in relief as they both returned unharmed; from what he could see. He glanced over at Sunfur for a moment as Spidernose stepped away; the patrol could come after the meeting. He was very interested in what Fernstar had to say. He padded over to sit in front of Highstump and wrapped his tail around his paws, before staring intently up at their leader.
Sorry for not getting a post up yet, been super busy the past several weeks with work and appointments. My family is going on vacation at the end of next week so there will definitely be a post up before then

Another frown crossed Rushpaw's face as his mentor spoke. None of this alliance stuff made any sense to him. If they were allied with BirchClan who were enemies of DuskClan didn't that make them enemies of DuskClan as well? Sure they would respect borders and all of that, he would never violate the rules, but if they were a threat shouldn't they stop it before it got out of hand? He wasn't Silverstar or Pikeleap, he didn't know how to wage a war, but he wasn't totally sure anyone else did either. As far as he was told they hadn't been at war in a really long time, so how did anyone know what to do.

He leapt back away from the border, not that he was really that close to it to begin with, with a slight yelp at the sudden voice. He bristled slightly at the hostile tone of the gray and white she-cat. "It is weird, how do they even see?" He muttered it quietly enough that she couldn't hear him across the border. He didn't recognize her until Lightningnose mentioned her name and collecting herbs. That'd be the medicine cat apprentice then. Weren't they supposed to be nice and comforting types of cats? Dew-whisker was super nice and despite how timid Frostpaw was he was very sweet and friendly.

"It's just border patrol, we're not doing anything wrong. We're still on our side of the border and everything." His tail twitched a bit angrily, "Unless you have something to hide."

The DuskClan border always looked dark and ominous to Rushpaw even in daylight. The trees in BirchClan were leafy and green in a way that sent light shining across the floor in delightful patterns. The pines might smell nice, but their sharp needles and tall branches made it feel like there were constant creatures lurking in the shadows. He felt a shiver run across his pelt, partially nerves and partially adrenaline at the thought of fending off some massive DuskClan beast.

He frowned at both Lightningnose and Minnowstone as they spoke, "But Silverstar said we were going to be fighting them and I heard Wolfheart say that Jaystar wanted to go after them. We can't be allies with BirchClan and still be friends with DuskClan because then we'd be stuck between who to fight right? They'd both think we were with them and then it'd be all confusing." He did agree that living in the tunnels was weird. "Why'd they decide to live in tunnels if they have a perfectly good forest above ground? Isn't all the good stuff there?" If any clan was going to attack innocent cats from the shadows DuskClan made the most sense to him.

"We're only going to fight if we have to Rushpaw. The Gathering is coming soon and there's a chance we'll sort all this out before any blood needs to be spilled." Thistlefoot's soft tones spoke up from where he padded in the back of the group. "I'm sure they think we're just as strange for living in a marsh. They come up to hunt and mark their borders, but the tunnels are home for them just as the cliffs are for ThornClan or the reeds are for us."

The light brown tom's words didn't stop his swirling questions, but Thistlefoot did always have a way of simplifying things. He opened his jaws to taste the air as Lightningnose spoke and wrinkled his nose at the sharp, musky scent of DuskClan. He glanced up and down the border in curiosity, but he couldn't see any DuskClan cats despite the freshness of the scent. "I don't see anyone. Do you think they just have tunnel entrances all over so they can just pop up wherever they want in the forest? That'd be kind of cool even if the whole tunnel thing is weird." Why'd they have to be so suspicious? Maybe BirchClan wouldn't be mad if they just told the other clans stuff.

Rushpaw's amber eyes gleamed with excitement at the prospect of heading towards the DuskClan border. Silverstar told them that they'd be fighting with BirchClan and he had never been in a fight before, except for the practice bouts with the other apprentices and Minnowstone. Not even a border scrap given the run of peace that they'd had which was longer than he'd been alive. He wanted to show those DuskClan cats that they didn't scare MistClan. He wanted to prove himself so he could go to the next gathering too.

They waited at the entrance to camp for the final member of their patrol to join them after speaking with their leader in her den. That must be so cool, to get to speak personally to Silverstar. Thistlefoot stood next to Minnowstone looking as anxious to leave as he felt. It was barely approaching sunhigh and so much had happened already. He had a feeling they were going to see something while they were out, he didn't know what, but something. He was about to open his jaws to ask how much longer when the loud voice of Pikeleap called out to Lightningnose as she emerged from the leader's den. Their deputy was amazing. Big, strong, and commanded the respect of the other cats around camp with such ease, he wanted to be just like him when he got older.

He sprang to his paws with his tail waving as the yellow she-cat padded towards them. "Morning Lightningnose," he chirped, "What were you talking to Silverstar about? It must've been important if she asked you to come to her den and everything. Was it about the fact that we're allies with BirchClan now? Are you going to work with Wolfheart? That's be super cool and you were the one to bring him into camp."

A light brown tail swung in front of his mouth to hush his ramblings and he gave Thistlefoot a sheepish look. He clicked his jaw shut loud enough that it could be heard and the tail moved away. He continued to shift excitedly from foot to foot as they left camp and began their walk to the DuskClan border.

It was unfortunate, but Silverstar knew that not everyone would agree with her. She had no intention of letting anyone step out of line though, and Pikeleap would defend her ruling as leader to his last breath. She appreciated her gruff and intimidating deputy, more so now that there was the possibility of war on the horizon. She'd have to make sure to discuss the intricacies of this with him as well as get his opinion on whether or not they should try to go to speak with Emberstar before Jaystar got the chance to. The ThornClan leader was a wildcard in all this and she didn't like not knowing who would be on their side. "It isn't possible to make a decision that everyone will be happy with. I've known that since I was deputy and even more so as leader, but this is not just for the sake of MistClan, it is for the survival of all the clans in this valley. We have the capability of tearing each other apart if we don't exercise restraint." She blinked warmly at the two she-cats, "I trust the both of you to do the right thing. You were there and have a better understanding of the events that occurred."

Hailshine dipped her head, "Thank you Silverstar, it means a great deal to hear you say that. I don't know how well the others will listen, but I'll do my best to steer them away from senseless violence. Starclan knows we don't need any more of that." The silvery she-cat pulled her tail tighter around her paws not hiding the concern on her face.

She couldn't believe her luck in her time as leader being able to lead during such a long stint of peace, but also have such reliable clanmates. It made her nerves less jittery when she thought of the coming moons. The gathering would also be coming soon, and it's likely all of this would come to a head there. She'd have to make sure to stand her ground in the face of all that. "You've both been a great deal of help, thank you. If anyone else is waiting to speak with me you can send them in, otherwise continue about your day." As she dismissed the two, and Hailshine stood to her feet to leap from the den, she settled down with her paws tucked underneath her chest to contemplate the coming days.

Mentions: @savannahssu

Duskwing kept a close watch on the three loners as she led them towards the nursery. Hopefully the furtive glances that, presumably, the leader of the trio were more curiosity about being in a camp like theirs and nothing nefarious. She still hated the idea of allowing these strangers to stay without Fernstar being in camp, but she wasn't going to disobey a direct order from her deputy to keep an eye on them. She hoped the sense of paranoia she felt was tied to the fact that she was tired and concerned about her clanmates than anything actually being wrong. At least Maplestream had returned unscathed as far as she could tell. That was one less problem to worry about and meant that the warriors who were sent out to look for her could hunt or help guard the camp until their leader returned.

As the other two stepped into the nursery she fixed her gaze on Felix. She kept her face carefully impassive as the tom made a request to go out and hunt with them. They came running all the way here and now wished to go back out into the forest where they were just attacked? Hopefully the raccoons would've wandered off by now, but it still felt like a odd request given everything that had just happened. "The offer is appreciated, but that's not up to me. Stonefall is in charge and if he says you're to remain in the nursery then that is where you'll stay. You and your friends are still scraped up as well and it'd be unfortunate for any of those wounds to get infected." She glanced over to where Sunfur, Stormheart, and Spidernose were gathering up to go out on patrol before looking back at the tom. "If Stonefall believes we need help he will let you know," she flicked her tail towards the nursery, "Make yourselves comfortable."

As Sunfur and Spidernose padded back over from the warriors den Stormheart blinked warmly at the she-cat as she stepped up next to him. "Oh, that's alright. Sunfur has been out just as much as I have and the clan needs to eat. I'm sure Blackpelt and Fernstar will be hungry when they get back." He nodded in agreement, "It is a relief, I just wish we knew why she ran off in the first place. Not much, we tracked her scent over to the ravine where there were also some unfamiliar scents; like some cats had slept there. We also found a lot of broken branches with those same scents on them." Come to think of it, what they smelled out by the territory was similar to what was in the camp now, as well as the trail they'd followed back. That was the whole reason they rushed back so quickly, otherwise they would've been out until the sun rose looking for Maplestream.

He turned to look at Spidernose, "Why's Duskwing guarding the nursery? We came back early because Sunfur was concerned about the scent trail leading in the direction of camp, and now she's posted there while we don't have any kits to protect." He could make an educated guess; that whoever these strangers were that they smelled outside of camp had made their way here and that very thought made his fur want to stand on end. Their leader and medicine cat gone, possibly strange cats in camp, and they were about to leave again. Not that he didn't trust Stonefall and the other warriors capabilities but it was leaf-bare and things were difficult as is. He would express his concern, depending on what their deputy told them, but the decision ultimately rested with Stonefall.
I'll work on posts for both Stormheart and Duskwing. Should be up today or tomorrow

Silverstar gave Lightningnose a nod and her whiskers twitched in amusement at the secondary greeting. She listened intently to what the other she-cat had to say. So all of the Duskclan cats present seemed surprised or scared then. That could mean that they had nothing to do with it or they were just very good at hiding it. She dearly hoped it was the former rather than the latter and they could put a stop to all of this before it ever even started. Foxstar was abrasive and somewhat cold, but she didn't strike her as a cold-blooded killer; at least she hoped another leader wouldn't order attacks like this in a time of peace.

Hailshine jumped a bit as Lightningnose's tail touched her flank, apparently lost in thought. "I was with Braveleap for when Foxstar and the other warriors came in, but from what I heard they didn't sound like they knew what was happening." She shifted uncomfortably, a grimace on her face, "His neck was practically torn apart, it was horrible, and I can't see any of the cats we know doing something like that. Duskclan might be reclusive, but that seemed too much even for them." She paused for a moment, "It is strange that they didn't even know he was there though. The Moonbrook is not that far from camp."

It didn't make much sense. Duskclan wouldn't be foolish enough to kill another warrior and then leave his body in their own camp to be found would they? That would just be begging for conflict but what was the alternative? Were they dealing with rogues, loners, or something else entirely. She wished Starclan would give them at least some sign or hint of direction but neither the medicine cat nor her apprentice had seen anything.

"Thank you, both of you. I still don't know if Duskclan is responsible for these attacks. I would like to believe that they are not, but we don't know enough to tell." She held in a deep sigh, this was only the beginning and she already felt tired. "I know some of the clan are not happy with the decisions I've made, but I hope you'll trust that I have the best interests in mind. By allying with Jaystar we may be able to stop some of his more hare-brained plans." By doing that they may have a chance of keeping more innocents safe.
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