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A few things about me:
My name is Fox, I've been doing RP for about 10 years and playing/running TRPGs for going on 5 years. Outside of RP I enjoy drawing, writing, hiking, reading, and equestrian. I enjoy most genres of books, movies, TV shows, etc., so I'm down for pretty much anything!
I have an Italian Grayhound named Harley and he is the best dog in the world, and I really love animals in general.
I'm looking forward to getting to know some new people!

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Of course these types of people wouldn't think just two of them were capable of taking out everyone who was present here. Maybe they couldn't in their human forms, but that only reinforced the scowl that was spreading across Adiran's face. He knew the purpose of the Masque but it would be so much easier to deal with these assholes if they could just tear them apart with teeth and claws.

This definitely concerned him, in more ways than one, and he had friends in Whistle Hill. He hoped they were alright. The scowl was now firmly fixed on his face at the sheer arrogance, "I believe it's you and your troops who have no business here. We have every right to kill you where you stand."

That train of thought, and anything else he may have said, were immediately cut off by the sound of a roar and flash of fire. He followed the other man's gaze to see the red dragon breath fire already burning house. Breaking the Masque and attacking a city known for its population of magical creatures amongst the rest of them-that made no sense. He looked closer as it slammed loudly onto the ground nearby them and saw the glimmer of magic surrounding it. An illusion then, and a rather impressive one at that. Well, he wasn't about to let a good distraction go to waste, or give it away.

Adiran resisted the urge to laugh at the stupidity of humans. It honestly surprised him every time how dense they were. No matter, it just made it easier to get rid of them quickly. Hopefully with the distraction of the illusory dragon along with some of the other dragons he could see slipping in and out helping protect the townsfolk. That certainly made him feel better and able to focus on the main threat in front of him. Which was currently the soldier pointing an arrow at the other glamoured individual next to him.

His muscles tensed in preparation to lunge forward at the soldier but paused as the fog rolled in. He watched the other man sprint off and dodged around to the opposite side as the arrow whisked past. Despite not seeing it clearly he heard the sound of someone getting stabbed and took that as his que. He pulled on his innate magic and ran a quick hand across both his blades imbuing them with the freezing cold of his mountain home. The mist that bled off of them only adding to the eerie fog and strange glow of the burning city.

He followed after the sound of the voice of the other magical creature, for once thankful of learning to hunt in less than ideal conditions while living in blizzard conditions for much of his life, as his ears caught the sound of someone to his left. A quick twist to the side prevented a blade from sinking past Adiran's armor, and a downward cross-swing sliced into the solider sending jagged shards of ice outwards from the wound. The soldier staggered back giving him the perfect opportunity to slam his other blade under his ribcage sending the solider to the ground in a crumpled heap.

Two more soldiers appeared from the fog, no doubt drawn in by the sound of one of their own being cut down. Dealing with two people at once was not what he'd hoped, but he brought up his blades nonetheless.
He's tryin' his best. Paralyzed by indecision about mice though

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Duskwing could tell she had startled her apprentice out of his thoughts and felt a small pang of sympathy for the younger tom. She knew he tried to maintain a level of poise and confidence even if it was difficult, but she could also see the anxiety bleeding through. It was a lot of responsibility; going from having a mentor guide every step to being a warrior. Not that he would be alone of course, but she knew the spike of responsibility. Especially in leaf-bare when they needed all cats to be working at their full potential.

The tip of her tail tapped gently against the ground from where it was wrapped around her paws. She couldn't say she was surprised by his response, "I don't know that anyone ever really is, but with experience comes confidence and more of a feeling of being ready. You've done nothing but impress me with your skill and willingness to learn and improve since you joined Willowclan. That's all any of us can ask of you." A small smile curled across her face, one that she rarely showed to anyone in the clan, "Besides you're not alone in this clan and you never will be. Even though you'll be a warrior of Willowclan you will always be my apprentice. Anything you need I will do my best to help you."

She stood and stretched out her paws one by one before looking intently at Moosepaw, though her tone was somewhat teasing. "You should try to get some sleep before tomorrow morning. I know you'll do well, but I can't have you falling asleep on your paws during your warrior ceremony." She was practically dead on her paws and wanted more than anything to sleep through the rest of the night without interruptions.


Stormheart quickly buried the squirrel he caught under the roots of the nearest tree, he'd take everything back at once to where Sunfur and Spidernose were, and scented the air again. Once again the air was somewhat stale and the scent of prey had left. He sighed but his ears pricked when he heard the sound of chirps and fluttering wings. Hopefully that meant his clanmates had been able to successfully catch at least one of the birds. He'd go a bit farther out then loop around back in the direction of the tree. With luck the further away from camp he went the better chance there would be of some prey lurking about. Sunfur and Spidernose should both be able to catch up with him with little trouble if they decided to do so.

He padded past the tree with the squirrel and kept his jaws slightly parted to pull the air into his mouth. It took a few minutes of slow plodding through the snow but he caught scent of what he was fairly certain was a mouse. He moved to keep himself downwind and hunkered down in the snow to keep himself as hidden as possible. He peered through some prickly underbrush to see where a mouse had dug itself a burrow under the roots of the tree. He positioned himself in the spot he felt would work best to pounce through the underbrush and dug his claws into the ground. They needed as much as they could get and he wasn't about to let his bulky frame stop him from getting through.

A moment before he leapt forward a second snout poked its way from underneath the roots and he froze in place. He couldn't catch both of them by himself, the second was sure to flee back into its burrow the moment he jumped out. Should he go for just the one and hope the second came back out or should he wait until Spidernose and Sunfur caught up to him? But there was the chance that they could scare both of them off if they didn't know. He sat a moment in indecision before he decided to wait a moment and hope the other two caught up. If they could get both at the same time they might be able to head back to camp and he could finally sleep.
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The night sky was beautiful and clear, almost clear enough to remind Adiran of the stars above the mountains in Nihn. An open night sky in the north with the chilled winds and silence, there was nothing quite like it; his spiked, silver scales were built to blend in to the fringes of the mountain tops. The travel around the various different places in the world had been exciting, but nothing beat a familiar place. The main part of the reason he flew above the towering trees of the Province of Kaelis was for the purpose of heading to Whistle Hill. The small city had been home to him for the time he spent in Kaelis during his travels and he was fond of the people and town itself. It helped that he didn't have to worry about his true form most of the time while he was there.

It had been some time since he'd visited. There were other places to see, mostly in the southern islands, but it was much too hot for his tastes. He did miss the quaint space, but the main thing he had missed was the towns' celebration of Virtue Day. He and his family hadn't been much for the traditional holidays when he was at home, but the skepticism he felt in regards to a larger celebration was quickly dashed as everyone gathered together to speak about the previous year.

Adiran was snapped out of his thoughts by the light he could see on the horizon. "That's strange." He banked a bit lower to the ground, keeping a careful eye on the growing point in the distance. Blue eyes widened in horror as he was finally able to see the plumes of smoke rising off the city and surrounding forest.

He was far enough away that he could hit the ground in his draconic form and shift quickly into his human guise without fear of being seen by anyone who may be out in the village trying to suppress the fires, or who may be causing them. He pulled both of his swords from their sheaths across his back as he ran towards the entrance; a pair of slightly curved shortswords that can to a wicked point made of a silvery blue tinted metal that matched his scales in his draconic form. He had no idea what to expect and he'd rather be safe than sorry.

The fires were bright and based on the number of people in the streets it was likely most were trapped in their homes still. He could hear shouts of a familiar accent, humans from his homeland best he could tell from the distance he was at. He pushed into the village with a purpose, there was a tentative possibility that his frost based magics might be able to control the flames enough at certain points for some to escape. However, there would be no hope for the magical creatures here if the humans were still present and the risk of the Masque being broken was too much for Adiran's tastes.

He caught sight of a figure he was fairly certain he recognized as someone who had visited Whistle Hill during his time. The solid build and the unique spear he wielded stood out as familiar, but he could at least pick out an ally when he saw one given where the spear was currently directed. There was no way just the two of them would be able to take out all of the humans here, but he wasn't about to let this stand.

Gripping his swords tighter in his hands, he quickly moved to stand next to the other man. Adiran gave a subtle nod towards him before glaring at the human who had the spear pointed in his direction. He defended this village while he was here and he wasn't about to let it fall to some northern human warriors. Despite his attachment to his old mentor the Masque meant more.
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It seemed like there were an endless number of stairs that led up to Haven Academy. Not that it really mattered all that much to Bren, the monotony of steps let his mind calm down a bit as the nerves he hid so well began to rear their ugly heads. He was further away from home and his parents than he'd ever been in his entire life, but this was what he wanted. He had argued with his parents repeatedly to convince them to let him go someplace other than Atlas Academy, and he wasn't about to let cold feet stop him from doing what he loved. A quick mental shake was all he really needed to push those emotions back down and focus more firmly on his surroundings. He felt a bump against his side and let himself glance down at the spectral canine that was currently walking up the stairs next to him. A collection of purple and black energy that bled of in small wisps around the form of one third of his semblance in the shape of a large wolf-like entity. This particular spirit being the first of the three that he summoned while training with his mother, and was the most relaxed of the three, always calmed his nerves even further than he could on his own. Something about it reminded him of home and that was enough to completely put his mind at ease. He gave the spirit a pat on its, mostly, incorporeal form before continuing on. Hopefully he'd be allowed to keep the spirit present, the instructors in Atlas had never really had much of an issue with it, but he didn't know what kind of rules were present at Haven.

There were plenty of people, his own age and older, heading up the stairs and he couldn't help letting his gaze wander to try and get an idea of the types of individuals he may end up on the same team with. Everyone had their weapons and the upperclassmen were clear to see as they walked with a bit more confidence than the rest of the group. He could overhear some of the conversation, something about a person named Reine which was not a name he recognized; probably some famous Mistrali hunter if he had to guess. Eh, if it's important I'll hear about it later. He was at Haven to learn after all.

The quad was much more open than the stairs and that was something Bren greatly appreciated. While he had no problem being around people it made his skin crawl to be packed in with so many at once without much personal space. Not many people caught his attention has he stepped up the final few steps, though he could see a red-headed young man who appeared to be in several places at once with how quickly he was moving as well as a silver haired individual who looked more than a little pissed off. He made a quick mental note to keep his distance on that one...last thing I need is a fight on my first day at Haven. He'd also heard mention of someone who was from a wealthy Mistrali family, he wasn't sure if it was someone his family had dealings with as they were more on the technological side of things, but he supposed there was always the possibility.

A quick sweep of his eyes allowed him to find a space by a bench somewhat away from everyone else where he could post up and continue to people watch to his heart's content. He found it was the easiest way to get an idea of who he would be dealing with, especially if someone didn't know they were being watched. He let himself sink down onto the bench, maybe the stairs had taken a little more effort than he would've liked, and snapped his fingers to command his spirit to post up underneath his legs. He had no intention of letting anything go awry, having just one of his spirits present took very little effort anymore, but it wasn't worth the risk. However, he simply decided to watch and wait to see what he could figure out about the unfamiliar space.
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