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A few things about me:
My name is Fox, I've been doing RP for about 11 years and playing/running TRPGs for going on 6 years. Outside of RP I enjoy drawing, writing, hiking, reading, and equestrian. I enjoy most genres of books, movies, TV shows, etc., so I'm down for pretty much anything!
I have an Italian Grayhound named Harley and he is the best dog in the world, and I really love animals in general.
I'm looking forward to getting to know some new people!

Now to the RP Stuff
-Supernatural themes are always fun
Modern in some cases

Fandoms (Does take a good plot to get me to do a fandom RP, but I'm always excited to talk about them!)
-Dragon Age
-Critical Role/Adventure Zone/Dimension 20
-Elder Scrolls
-Mass Effect
-Leviathan Trilogy (Westerfeld)
(Will add as I remember things)

Discord: PrankFox#5538

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How, of everywhere on the continent, Frostbite ended up trapped in a sandy, blisteringly hot courtyard he couldn't really remember. A few missteps here and there and now he was slumped on the ground glaring at the SandWings that strutted around them; piercing blue eyes hoping to maybe kill them with a look. The heat seared against his dark scales, not made any better by his IceWing heritage that made him that much more susceptible to the sun. The chains that bound him to the ground didn't help either. The weight pulled and tore at the spines that ran down his back. He bit back a growl as one of the SandWings kicked him "accidentally" across the face as she walked by; sending him a smug smirk as she did so.

He had learned his lesson though. Fight back, growl, show any sign that there was any will left within and they would beat it out. He had the gashes and scars to know that much. He was the product of a forbidden union between his father, a NightWing scientist to his understanding, and his mother, the next in line for the IceWing throne, and that made him an abomination. An affront to everything that was pure, good for nothing other than sport.

The sport that currently sent the cheers rising in the arena that was echoing around them. Where Queen Caracal had her fun watching hybrids tear each other apart for her entertainment. He watched the weaker ones get taken away. They would be the starters. The ones that were chased around the arena by the lucky SandWings who won the draw to be killed like little more than animals.

The stronger ones were pitted against each other, bet upon to see who would come out on top. He had only been dragged out once so far to fight, luckily pitted against a scrawnier SkyWing hybrid that he'd hit in the face with his freezing breath. The SkyWing hadn't lived long after that. Frostbite tried not to think about the fear in the hybrid's eyes or the screams as his skin had shriveled and died while he was still alive. He told himself that it was so he could live to see another day, but it didn't stop his stomach from turning at the memory.

He couldn't let anyone know how much he was impacted by the half dead dragons he saw slung back into the courtyard. Instead he kept his face in a permanent scowl and narrowed his eyes at any of the other hybrids who looked his way. There was another SkyWing hybrid, the large wings told him that much, who had the fin of a SandWing and a mix of red and brown scales. Another looked mostly SeaWing, but the daintier head and swirling colors on their scales told him RainWing was somewhere in there. His eyes shifted to a small looking SandWing as she stared at him, and narrowed with slightly bared teeth.

As one of the guards called out to them he noted the change in the scales. RainWing too then. He didn't make eye contact with the SandWing, as much as he postured he didn't want to go to fight. The thought of having to kill another hybrid scared him more than he would ever admit. He also didn't want to die. The plan he'd been working on to get himself, and maybe some of the others if they could keep up, out of the pit was almost there. He just needed a bit more time.

Lionpaw shared a look with Reedpaw who stood next to him. He wasn't exactly sure why Frostpaw had wanted them to tag along while she went to talk to her mentor, but he wasn't going to decline. They weren't old enough to have their warrior assessments yet, but maybe the pressure of three pairs of eyes would get something out of the somewhat elusive warrior? Or maybe the silvery apprentice was planning on asking her about what had happened at the Gathering? He had no idea. It wasn't really worth the effort to question it anyway.

The black she-cats whiskers twitched at the ever blunt nature of her apprentice, but she gave a nod. "I spoke to her about it this morning actually. We would have done it sooner but Dawnstar was busy setting up the alliance with FireClan." The tip of her tail tapped lightly on the sandy ground, "Your assessment will be tomorrow at sunrise," her eyes flicked to the other two apprentices, "I'll let you know what it is tomorrow before we start."

A grin crossed Lionpaw's face as he looked towards Frostpaw. He knew how long she'd been waiting for her assessment and even if he was itching to be a warrior himself he was still happy for the silver tabby. He looked back to Nightwater with a curious expression in his amber eyes. "So is anything really going to change with this whole alliance thing?" He had only heard what his clanmates who had attended the Gathering had said which was, admittedly, not much.

"Not to my knowledge. We're keeping out territory and all that, but we can share prey and herbs with FireClan freely now as well as cross their borders without trouble." Nightwater shrugged, "It's a change to be sure and some of the other clans believe it's a violation of the Warrior Code, but I don't see a problem with it."

"Isn't the code from StarClan though? Does that mean we're not listening to them anymore?" Reedpaw's quieter voice piped up from where she stood next to Lionpaw. She was always quieter when she spoke to the warriors than anyone else.

Nightwater's green eyes widened slightly at the apprentice, "I don't think that's the case," she responded hastily, "But that might be a better question for Embersky," she paused, "Or better to just not mention it at all." She pushed herself to her paws. "I'm sure Dawnstar has thought this through," though her voice sounded somewhat unsure. Her eyes shifted to Frostpaw, "I'll see you bright and early for your assessment," she told the she-cat before padding off to join Otterfang by the fresh kill pile.

"Well that was reassuring," Lionpaw muttered as he watched the older warrior walk away.

This couldn't be happening. Of all of the guilds that Cash had decided for them to team up with it would be the one that Sora's sister had ended up in. He locked eyes with Lumi only for a moment; noting the fact that her fur looked long and unkempt, before looking away. He squeezed his eyes shut as the memories that he'd forced down just that morning came pushing back up. The excitement they had felt sneaking out, the rush of the river in the gorge, the sound of Cane screaming in agony, and Storm's snapping spine.

"Hey," Asher bumped his shoulder and whispered quietly, "You alright?"

His eyes snapped back open as he looked to the blueish fur of his friend and gave a shaky nod, "Yeah. Just got overwhelmed for a second with all the noise." It happened pretty often so he knew Asher was used to him zoning out and giving an answer like that. He returned his attention to the front of the room to where he saw the Poochyena pipe up about the members of their guild.

"Is there really just four of them?"

"Why would Cash have us team up with a guild so small?"

"I didn't even know Fishertown had an adventuring guild."

The questions and comments swirled around the hall as they all tried to guess what it was that Cash could've been thinking when it came to this. Sora knew that their boss was always a bit...unconventional when it came to his plans. All he really wanted to do now though was go home and stuff his head under his nest.

A wave of Cash's long tail was all it took to quiet everyone down. "I know you all have many questions and concerns, so I will try to address them as much as I can." He gave a respectful nod to Rieka, "We welcome the Fishertown Adventuring Guild and look forward to a successful partnership." He looked out to the rest of the crowd, "Now as to why I have picked Fishertown to work with rather than our usual partners in Twilight City and Redtide is because I want to see some smaller guilds given a chance to make a name for themselves." At the discontented mutters that struck up after that comment Cash swept his tail across the room again. "The world grows more dangerous and we need as much help as we can get these days." The large lionesque Pokémon settled himself down on his haunches, "Now, as for who I have decided will be working with Fishertown on this assignment."

A tight hush fell over the room as everyone held their breath. Though Sora held his for an entirely different reason. The last thing he wanted was to get paired with this group. "Sellie and Ozzy," Cash's voice rang out and two excited cheers sprang up from closer to the front as a stark white Vulpix and large Yamper leapt to their feet in excitement.

Ok. That's good. They were a solid team and would do well with what Sora could already tell was a pretty chaotic dynamic between the team members of Fishertown. Not a surprise given his sister was included. He watched Cash's icy blue eyes sweep the crowd again and tried to make himself as small as he could behind the Chansey in front of him.

"And Asher and Sora." The dreaded words that he had hoped would not come from Cash's mouth. Asher's flames flared to life with surprise and elation as he sent Sora a bright grin. "All of you go to one of the meeting rooms and get acquainted. I will meet you there to discuss your assignment once everything else is in order."

Sora pushed himself up onto somewhat unsteady paws as the blood rushed to his ears. Maybe he could talk to Cash and tell him that he wasn't feeling up to it, or that he had a trip that he forgot he needed to take. No, that wouldn't work. He sighed as he followed along behind Asher and met up with Sellie and Ozzy who looked as pleased as a Caterpie with a sitrus berry. Now they just had to wait for the others to join them. Joy.

Kenzan had hoped that maybe the following school day would be somewhat normal, and that was mostly the case. The usual attention was paid to their teacher, which was not all that much, and lunch rolled around without much fanfare. He glanced up from his phone with general indifference as Nagi made her presence known at the door and called out for Hakuro. Welp, he's dead. So much for the singular person in 3-A that he actually felt any inclination to speak with. He fought off the urge to roll his eyes at their Class Rep as she tried to assert some kind of dominance and went back to his game as Hakuro left the room.

He was somewhat surprised that he hadn't heard anything else about the whole issue going on with 2-B, but he wasn't invested enough to actually talk to anyone about it. Sure, their teacher was a bitch, but who hadn't had a shitty teacher at some point during school. She was probably just overreacting and trying to make herself out as more powerful than she really was. Not his problem though.

Thankfully it wasn't raining after class today and Kenzan was able to make quick work down and out of the school. He caught sight of some of the second years he'd been hauled to the station with talking animatedly about something. Probably the dead body if he had to guess. He stuck his headphones in and walked past them to make his usual way to the bookstore. He felt his phone buzz and didn't fight the urge to roll his eyes as the usual text from his mother popped up.

When are you getting home? I need you to go to the store and get me some stuff.

By "some stuff" she almost assuredly meant alcohol of some variety. Where she continued to find the money for it he had no idea. He once again reminded her of the fact that he, legally, could not purchase what she wanted. He stuffed his phone back in his pocket before the onslaught of responses showed up as he opened the door to Kudo's. He sent a wave to the man himself who was working the counter today before slipping back amongst the shelves to hole up with his books and computer. Whether or not he actually did any work remained to be seen.
Sorry about the delay! Things got unexpectedly busy, my girlfriend moved into a new apartment and I was helping her out, but I'm home now

The landing of the raptor had Zaris pulling his sling back further, but his arm froze when the bird spoke. The demand it made had him looking around for the Abbot. he couldn't see the old mole anywhere, but he also couldn't imagine that he would let this bird sit on the wall and make outlandish asks of the Abbey folk. He wasn't as ingrained into the society at the Abbey, having only been there for a short time, but even he knew about the famed sword. Why on earth would a raptor want that? Could he even use it?

And who was this prince that he kept blabbing on about? He thumped his rudder on the ground and narrowed his eyes up at the creature. They didn't need some foreign interloper coming into Mossflower Woods and trying to claim it for themselves. Everyone did, mostly, just fine the way things were. He wouldn't even let himself entertain the thought that things could've gone differently with the vermin had some army been present in the woods. For all he knew they would try to take the tribes and the Abbey for themselves and he wasn't about to allow that.

It would be best to wait on the Abbot though. He kept his sling out, but made sure not to have it up in case the bird decided to take it as a decline and attack anyway. He could see that a number of the older beasts around had grabbed the dibbuns to rush them inside which made him relax a small amount. "Can't have one normal festival can we," he muttered as Ellis' voice suddenly sounded above all the others. Surely, the cellar hog knew that the raptor was there. Judging by the mutters that now crossed the crowd they were also questioning the strange behavior.

He caught sight of Rigby standing amongst the crowd and made his way over to the mouse. If Ellis thought he could distract the bird enough who was he to stop him, unless it decided to attack, then he would have something to say about it. He caught the question that Rigby asked, unsurprised that it was curiosity that seemed at the forefront of his most common companion's mind. "Some beast from across the sea according to the collection of pomp and feathers up there. Tryin' to come in and set himself up as a lord."

Mentions: Asmumi @Ambra, Akira @DJAtomika, Masashi @Zombehs, Hoshiko @Fabricant451, Chen @Lord Orgasmo

The walk to Chen's house was mercifully uneventful, except for the lamenting and continual apologies of the first year who had touched the body while the officers had been standing right there. Honestly, why she'd thought it was a good idea was beyond him, but at least Asumi seemed to be taking care of the issue. The only reason Kenzan even continued to tag along was because he didn't have anything better to do, and it seemed like Asumi would've just dragged him by the shirt again if he'd declined. He was grateful for the meal, and made sure to tell Chen's father so in the singular sentence he spoke during the duration of dinner. He preferred to just listen, besides it wasn't his story to recount other than the fact he had shown up.

Once dinner was over he was able to, as politely as possible, extract himself from the group. He already felt uncomfortable even being there with a group of his juniors who he didn't even know, and continuing to hang around felt like more of an imposition than dinner did. "I appreciate the offer to stick around, but my mom will be wondering where I am," he told them briskly. A final thanks and he was able to escape out the door and back into the fading light of the evening with a relieved sigh. At this point it was too late to go to the bookstore, they'd be closing soon, so he hefted his backpack onto his shoulder and began the slow walk back home.

His house wasn't that far and before too long he was putting the keys in the lock and slowly pushing it open. He could hear the grainy sounds of the small television on in the living room as he walked silently down the hall; avoiding a creaky floorboard that had yet to be fixed. A quick look into the room told him his mother was passed out in the chair. Judging by the limply hanging hand loosely wrapped around a bottle she'd been that way for a while now. He held back a scoff, Got her fix some other way then.

Once he got back into his room he let out a full breath and tossed his bag on the ground before sitting down at his desk to slave away at the homework he'd been given for the evening. Headphones in he focused on the mindless work in front of him and let his mind wander to the weird events that were going on in the normally quiet town. First the Prime Minister shooting himself on live TV and now this body found in the alley. He really hoped this wouldn't become some kind of trend for his final year in the city. Last thing he needed was to get roped up into something else that was well beyond him.
I'll be getting something up soon. I'm finally done with finals and graduation so everything is calming down
@Nemaisare He let the door swing shut and he’s just in the courtyard heading in the direction of the gate

10 Years Later

"Hey! Get up!" the voice rattled inside of Sora's head as he blinked his eyes open to his roommate, a boisterous Quilava named Asher who sent him a beaming grin as he saw the Eevee's dark eyes blink open. "We gotta get to the guild hall. Apparently there's some big job that is going down and the boss is trying to decide who get to go." There were practically tremors going through his partners body at the prospect of getting to go on whatever job this was and he fought to not roll his eyes.

"Alright, I'm up," he grumbled as he pushed himself up onto weary paws with a grunt. He had spent the previous night wandering the city of Icerend where he'd found himself after he'd left Sunspear several years ago after his father died. He wished he could've left earlier, the memories of what happened at the cave had gnawed at his brain every waking, and dreaming, hour until he had escaped. He knew that he had pretty much shut everyone off once they got back, but he just couldn't bear to look his sisters in the eye. Especially Lumi when she started to act like almost nothing had happened. Being chipper and cracking jokes like their brothers were still alive. He couldn't take it.

He blinked himself out of his thoughts to see Asher's concerned red eyes looking at him. He had never said anything to his friend about what had driven him away from his home. He just gave the other Pokémon a weak smile before shaking the remainder of sleep from his body and stretching with a sigh. "Ok, let's get going before we're late."

Asher grinned and bounded out the door with Sora following at a much slower pace. The sun was still rising over the horizon along the northern coast of the city and he let a small smile come to his face as he smelled the sea air and heard the Wingulls calling to each other in the air. It was slightly colder than in Sunspear, but he liked the chill since it helped wake him up. They padded through the streets, greeting some of the other Pokémon who were up and about this early in the morning. Mostly the shop keepers as well as the post who needed to get started early. More accurately Asher was greeting them with a bright enthusiasm that he found difficult to match. A brief flash of rage directed at his friend hit along with jealously as he questioned how the Quilava could be so chipper. He wanted to smack the smile off his face.

The anger faded just as quickly as it had come making him feel regret and exhaustion. He didn't want to take anything out on his friend, but keeping everything pent up was slowly eating away at him. He shook the thoughts free though as they made it to the towering walls of the guild hall. Asher pushed the door open and they entered the lobby where the other members of their adventuring team were scattered about; waiting for Cash, their boss.

He and Asher settled off to the side and chatted quietly until the whole guild quieted down as the massive Pyroar that led them padded in front of everyone, his fiery mane glowing in the early morning light. Everyone watched with rapt attention as Cash spoke to, "Good morning everyone," his deep voice carried easily, "I know it's early, but we have an interesting proposition that has been brought to us in recent days."

Sora perked up a bit. Did they finally have a real job?

"One of our fellow adventuring teams has offered a joint operation with us." That was not what Sora had expected Cash to say and he sunk back down. Though he did swivel his head a bit as said group started to file their way into the hall and everyone shifted out of the way. He felt his eyes go impossibly wide as he saw a familiar flash of a pale pelt. No, no, it couldn't be her. He refused to work a job with her.
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