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A few things about me:
My name is Fox, I've been doing RP for about 10 years and playing/running TRPGs for going on 5 years. Outside of RP I enjoy drawing, writing, hiking, reading, and equestrian. I enjoy most genres of books, movies, TV shows, etc., so I'm down for pretty much anything!
I have an Italian Grayhound named Harley and he is the best dog in the world, and I really love animals in general.
I'm looking forward to getting to know some new people!

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Eclipse frowned slightly at his friend, sensing the nervous energy he had. He knew tensions were on the rise between several of the tribes, but he didn't want to entertain the idea that it could grow into something worse. "What do you think Sunrise?" he queried towards the smaller dragon, "You're always reading all those scrolls." He saw the glare Skua sent towards something out of his line of sight out of the corner of his eye, and felt a brief flash of concern for what might have drawn the other's ire.

Sunrise shrugged slightly, "Well there's never really been a time when everyone completely got along. There's always someone who is unhappy with the way things are and wants to change things "for the better," and ends up starting conflict." As she talked, she reached a claw out and skewered one of the birds that Ash had in front of him.

Eclipse sighed, seemed like nothing could ever be easy. "Hopefully Queen Ember will have something good to say." His eyes flicked back towards Skua at his growl, and he twisted his head slightly to see a NightWing quickly snapping their head away. He shifted subtly to position himself in between the nosy dragon and Skua, effectively blocking the NightWing's view. He knew how much Skua hated people staring at him, usually because of how he looked, given who his parents were. That didn't give them any right to gawk though. He wasn't wholly SkyWing, and people didn't stare at him any more than any other members of the royal family.

"I wouldn't worry too much," he flicked Skua lightly with his tail, both to grab his attention and as a friendly gesture, "the Sky Kingdom has excellent soldiers if something does happens." He flashed a smile at the blue-scaled dragon; attempting to lighten the slightly tense and somber mood.

Eclipse had to stop himself from laughing at the rapid chatter of the other hero, all his focus currently on not losing his grip. The sudden stop of the machine almost caused the shadowy claws to dislodge from the metal they were hooked into. He winced at the damage to the cars and street. Hopefully they had insurance. He dropped to the ground next to the tank; repositioning the driver across his shoulders. He hoped the passenger in the armored car would take this time to get out of danger while he had the chance. He looked to the side at the sound of hissing steam; watching the talking soup can come clunking his way out.

"You got this Dynamo?" he called out towards the speedster. Small and fast vs big and slow was a pretty good match up, but he didn't want to leave if there was a chance of someone else getting hurt. The driver needed to get to a hospital, but there was a good chance someone had already called the police, and they would most likely have an ambulance with them. He waited for a moment just in case Dynamo needed any help with this guy.
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@Eclektik He needs to have at least a fundamental understanding of the creatures attributes and capabilities, and the photos have to be fairly well detailed, not a sketch or just a part of the creature. A well rendered depiction of an extinct creature could also be used, provided it's physically accurate to biology. If there's anatomical diagrams or he can study it in person even better, that makes it easier for him to change into that animal. He'd also have no way of changing into a creature that's just been described to him, no matter how detailed it is.

Eclipse sighed in relief as the door came free allowing them access to the people inside. He let the claws disperse back into the shadows around the tank; as they pulled the unconscious driver free he weighed their options trying to figure out the best way to get everyone out of this safely. He could try to teleport himself and the driver, but that was risky at best and deadly at worst. He crouched down next to the driver and checked him over. Beyond a growing bruise on the driver's forehead he couldn't see anything physically wrong, but they wouldn't know without taking him to see a doctor.

He hefted the driver up into a fireman's carry across his shoulders, trying not to jostle him too much, "If you can keep this guy busy," he gestured upwards to where he assumed Tank Man would be, "I can get him out and to the hospital quickly enough." He looked at the shadow's nearby plotting quickly how much he would need to gather to safely cloak himself and the driver. Getting off this thing would also be much more difficult than getting on, especially with the extra weight, but he felt like he could do it. He manifested one of the clawed gauntlets again, using the shadows he would've used for the other to make a sort of lash for the driver, so he hopefully wouldn't go flying.

"Good luck!" He called towards Dynamo as he used the dragging ramp as a bit of a springboard to leap up and around to the side of the tank; grunting with the extra weight and bulk of the unconscious man he drove the one gauntlet into the metal of the tank. He didn't know exactly how long he could hold on, so he hoped Dynamo got to distracting quick.

Eclipse laughed lightly and grinned behind his mask, “Heard the police chatter,” he let himself drop down onto the ramp where the armored car was trapped, “Couldn’t let you have all the fun.” He huffed in amusement at the speedster’s chatter, “If we can get this dealt with I’ll be there.”

He nodded in agreement and watched as Dynamo tried to pry the doors open, but it didn’t seem like he was having much luck. He could see that the driver was unconscious which was less than ideal. He focused for a moment, drawing more of the shadows around him into the claws allowing them to lengthen. He found the seam of the door and sunk the claws in pulling back against the door, using the longer claws as leverage.

“Come help me with this,” If they could put enough pressure on it, it should pop the lock, “Driver’s unconscious. We need to get him out.”
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Atticus continued to walk between his students, gently adjusting their form or showing them the proper motions. He almost jumped at the sudden increase in chatter from his ear piece. Sounded like some kind of attack in the business district, communication was lost with an armored transport vehicle. He made a quick gesture towards his brother, Marcus, to take over while he slipped into the side room and up the stairs into their apartment above the studio.

He continued to listen to the rapid fire codes that were being tossed around over the ear piece as he closed the door to his room and pulled up one of the floorboards in the closet. He yanked out the chest hidden in the space below and quickly pulled on the pieces of his costume. Shoving the chest under the bed, Eclipse pulled up his hood and tapped a few times on the shades he wore to tint them properly. He easily slipped out the window into the shaded back alley of the studio and vanished into the shadows.

Reappearing in another alley closer to the district he took several seconds to catch his breath "Ugh, teleportation sucks," he pushed out of the alley and continued at a sprint towards the business district, "could've gotten the power of flight or something, but noo, just had to be shadows." He skidded to a stop a little ways away from where he could see a massive tank digging it's claws into the armored car. "Now that's just excessive." He caught a flash of pink out of the corner of his eye, followed by several cameras, "Here to join the party Dynamo? It's a big one!"

He focused back on the tank feeling a flash of concern as it got violently jostled. Big things like that cast huge shadows though, which is just what he needed. He caught up fairly easily, something this big couldn't go that fast, and reached for the comfort of the darkness. He grabbed onto it concentrating on turning it into something else; grinning behind the mask as he formed gauntlets tipped with razor sharp claws at the ends. He jammed them into the side of the tank, slicing through the metal, before beginning to haul himself up; carefully avoiding the clanking treads. Better to end this quickly before anyone got seriously hurt.
Looks cool! I'll start working on a CS soon as I can

The sun shined through the windows of the martial arts studio. It was lunch on Wednesday and Atticus leaned back against the wall inside the main room; keeping an eye on the students that were practicing together one on one. This was one of the classes of younger kids from the nearby low income neighborhood. Either they would come during the latter half of their lunch hour at school, or they didn't go to school and the studio was one of the few places they could come during the day.

"Remember to plant your back foot," he called out to one of his students, "if you don't have an anchor point your opponent can easily knock you over." As he said that the aforementioned opponent struck out with a sharp kick and knocked her over. He pushed off the wall and walked over to her, pulling her back to her feet and showing her the proper stance and motion of the move they were practicing. He took a step back and gave her a smile of approval as she swung her leg into the ribs of the other student.

During all of this he kept part of his attention on the police scanner that was chattering through a small ear piece; listening for anything that might require him to run out and leave his brother in charge of remainder of the class.
@AdmrlStalfos19 There are cases of crossbreeding. It's fairly uncommon, but it does happen.

Having cool, gunslinging characters is one of the reasons I put this together, so I like her already
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