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Shou Zheng

"Hrm..." Looking down at the report that detailed his activities and discoveries on the island since his arrival, Shou noted the numerous dots that decorated the page's corner. His pen had left such marks from being tip tapped against it as he wondered if there was anything else he needed to write back home about. Clearly not though if his mind had began to wander about like such. Waving the pages gently through the air to make sure nothing smudged, he folded up the sheets and tucked them away in an envelope.

The recent departures weren't much to cry over. It would have only been a matter of time before the two unpredictable firebrands set something else alight, and that wasn't exactly Shou's brand of excitement. He did include the pertinent details on his report back home, but otherwise that was about all that they were relevant to him.

Despite not knowing what dangers lurked in the fogs after curfew, Shou didn't let that stop his nightly ventures outside. He spent his days healing from what his body was subjected to, but the injuries and wounds were only temporary for however terrible they may have been. Flesh reknit and regrew, better than before, and in time he'd be able to push through and explore further. The occasional lesson and lecture also occupied his time as he collected random scraps of knowledge that caught his attention, but the days passed by rather simply.

He really did need to find another Egoist to spar with at some point...
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>anime uooooooh "OC"
>he likes being contrarian
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Holy shit, the mental gymnastics. I suppose this is one way of getting yourself known.
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OP got the clown avatar, but Hungry really be clowning harder.

Also christ lol, it's an 11 day old thread at that.
Saboru Masashi
Looking between the two of them, Masashi raised an eyebrow before he just sighed with a hint of disgust and shook his head. If neither of them wanted to tell the truth, then he'd just have to leave it at that. It wasn't like he had any way to pry the truth out of them anyways. "Not like they questioned all of us together. We're not the ones the cops actually care about anyways," he said with a roll of his eyes before he snorted. "Yeah, shame you decided to run off early with the crow. I got to take some home thanks to these two no-shows." Most of it had ended up being shared with his parents, but there had been enough for him to bring a portion to school for lunch today.

Speaking of the crow though… Masashi tilted his head and narrowed his eyes at Asumi before he shook his head. “You brought it to school...?" Trailing off for a moment as he wondered why she hadn't just hid it in a bathroom at home or something, he gave up trying to follow Asumi's logic before long. "Sure hope a stray cat didn’t get to it,” he muttered somewhat darkly before he shook his head and adjusted his carrier again. “Well have fun with that. Maybe bring it to the vet instead. I’ll see you guys on Monday or Tuesday though,” he remarked before he waved a hand to see them off and departed from the three’s company.

Saboru Masashi
"Of course that's what sets you off," Masashi muttered as he turned around and raised a tired eyebrow at Nagi's overreaction. Even if she and Munehisa had gotten up to something illegal yesterday, it's not like Asumi or him would have known anything. Worst case scenario, they couldn't provide the pair with any alibis if the cops did come knocking around again. So yeah, an overreaction on her end. "You'd be a terrible criminal," he chimed in with a sagely nod at Asumi's indignant tone; even with the chance that she'd take it the completely wrong way.

"Like Asumi said, we stumbled across a body. Well, she fell onto it if you want to be exact," Masashi explained with a shrug before he adjusted the carrier holding his gear. "She screamed, I called the cops, Hoshiko decided to poke the body, and Chen showed up after hearing Asumi. One of the foot patrols was close enough to hear the commotion and we got brought in for questioning cause, well we did find the corpse." Grunting as he finished his explanation, Masashi took a moment and a deep breath before he frowned and continued. "Some third year was also around. Think he helped Akira up."

"Guy had his neck slashed. Buried under the trash in one of the alleys down Jukishi Street." The cops were probably already crawling over the scene and looking for any sort of evidence, but he figured it was worth mentioning to Nagi. Even if her extended family probably already knew about it. "Pretty fucked up. Questioning took like two hours, and then we went over to Chen's for free dinner. Did you want to hear about how Asumi adopted a crow as well? Or are we going back to Asumi's question about what you two were up to yesterday?"
Signar Wayland

"Yeah. I was waiting to see our workload, but free access to a forge as our schedule allows would make things simpler." The offer wasn't something to scoff at given his situation and lack of resources. He might have spoken with some of the smiths in the city, but those arrangements had their own conditions as well and they were certainly more cumbersome to deal with than relying on a prince's authority. Maybe less demanding in the long run, but he could do with the convenience.

"Did you have any specific terms in mind?"
Signar Wayland

He glanced between the two of them with a raised eyebrow, but Signar followed along with Dot's lack of reaction towards Elon's remark. "Could be comfier," he muttered as he craned his neck before grunting in satisfaction at the crack that followed. "It'll just take some getting used to."

He returned the captain's greeting with a polite enough, "Morning," of his own before a rather noisy commotion drew his attention to one of the rooms. Standing by the window meant he had little to worry about being bowled over like Nathaniel practically had been by the ball of energy that was their squad's third seat. "He probably won't even get sick if he does," Signar chimed in with a sigh as he wondered how the smallest of their bunch managed to pack away some of the most food.

"Same to you Zen. And thanks, Julian. Be right there!" Calling out after the blonde after he replied to his roommate's greeting, Signar closed the window behind him before he tugged on his uniform to smooth it out. About to follow the rest of his squad out, he paused and turned his attention to Rossweine before he shrugged and fell in step with the royal. "Is something the matter?"
Saboru Masashi
"I'm sure you've got... something," Masashi agreed vaguely with Asumi before he winced a bit as some of Chen's belongings were sent to the floor in a mess. Nothing seemed to have broken, but he could already imagine that the room was going to be a bit too cramped to try and stuff another two people in; even if that was for something calmer like studying. A glance around the room had him imagining how they'd be arra-

His head snapped back around to the windows he'd been standing by before he whipped back around to look at Asumi's retreating back. It was a bit surprising how fast she could move when she wanted to, and she hadn't even knocked anything over in her rush. He sighed and then cracked open the window so he could actually look out and down at whatever had made a slight mess of the glass.

Well, Asumi seemed to be right at the least. He could see the fallen mass of black feathers on the ground below, but he didn't manage to get a good look before she got to it and scooped it up in her sweater.

The smear had come off easily enough with a few tissues, and Asumi had already gotten back to the room by the time he came back from washing his hands. "If it shits itself in fear, I'm holding the door shut," he chimed in unhelpfully from the bedroom's only exit before he actually took a gander from behind her. The purple band was pretty distinctive though, and he sighed as if a bit disappointed. "Probably won't though. Looks like it's the one from Kuro's. Unless someone just likes to wrap those things around our town's crows."
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