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Interactions: Andrion, Everyone

Lapis was already up and ready by the time dawn had passed and morning had come. Around this time, she'd be singing hymns within the Church alongside the children and the clerics, offering prayers and worship before breakfast. If she were drifting, she'd be looking for her next meal wherever she could find it.

So when she woke up, her eyes registering that this was not the church or some random village, it reminded her that yesterday was real. She didn't have to fight for her life here.

Well, not yet anyway. The Nobles could always surprise her.

She arrived around the same time as the rest of her classmates, but to her surprise, there was no instructor. Weird. They didn't die, did they?

Lapis took a seat at one of the unoccupied tables and listened in on the conversations, idly picking at her hair as she waited for their instructor to show up. By the sounds of it, prickle princess did not have a nice night with flower boy. Did he not lick her boots enough like a certain someone? Did flower boy do something to offend her? She wanted to hear more now.

Unfortunately (or fortunately), she couldn't pitch anything into the conversation because she didn't sleep in her assigned room. Parthenia seemed unbothered by the idea of sharing a room with a commoner; even assuring Lapis that she should sleep in the room. However, it was Lapis who was bothered by sharing the room with a noble. So, she had placed her dispensable items underneath what would have been her bed then sought out the nearest tree to make like a squirrel for the evening and sleep up there. Aside from the birds trying to nest in her hair, it was pretty peaceful.

Just what in the world was the Archbishop thinking placing commoners with nobles? Lapis wished she could get a peak at his mind to see what he was thinking.

The thought stopped dead in its tracks upon seeing what Andrion held in his hand. She was out of her chair and in front of him, a starry look in her eyes as she gazed at the wrapped sandwich. Was it the look of astonishment or the look of a hungry, feral animal? Regardless, Lapis was all smiles taking the sandwich from him.

"Woooow~ Thanks! I owe ya one. Just let me know when I can repay the favor and I'll be there, 'kay?" She told him. Of course, this didn't sound like something that was negotiable. Even if Andrion was feeding his classmates out of generosity or because he was a child of Yhirel, Lapis wanted to repay his kindness any way she could.

With the sandwich in hand she returned to her seat, though she wondered.

"Should we tell the Archbishop our instructor is dead or something?" She asked aloud. If an instructor was forty minutes late, they had to be dead, lazy, or in trouble. If the professor was lazy, they wouldn't be teaching here. If they were in trouble, then they were probably dead by now. So that only left the one option.
Kimiko, Yurie, Juni

If Kaede had been in Yurie's shoes, she might have suspected something amiss as well. After all, nothing in this world was free. Still, Kaede wasn't one to offer something and expect (or demand) a favor in return.

She gave a little nod of her head at the first question, gazing idly at the other girl. "I always carry a spare in case my lunch spills or for situations like this." It was always good to be prepared, was it not? After all, this thinking was going to save Yurie from relying on melon bread and half of Kimiko's meal. She'd been about to answer Yurie, but Kimiko beat her to it. She gave the respective girl a little nod in affirmation. "That's my name, yes." She turned back to Yurie. "And no, I'm not their friend. I overheard a student complaining that he was swindled out of his curry bread by a certain someone, and I just happened to see that it was true. I heard the gossip surrounding him, but I wanted to give the benefit of the doubt."

The someone in particular seemed satisfied with the curry bread and was relaxing in his chair at a dangerous angle. Was he not worried about shifting his weight incorrectly? She couldn't help but admire that bravery. "Careful. If you stick your nose up any further a bug might fly in and call it home." Kaede told him.

Was it true? Probably not. Would he believe her and gain a sense of paranoia? Maybe.
Interactions: Parthenia

She will admit, she didn't expect Parthenia to be as courteous as she was. She introduced herself kindly, gave a proper little curtsy (that Lapis didn't even bother trying to give back), and offered to (verbally) protect Lapis if Leonid started bothering her. She wasn't sure what to say as Parthenia walked along, letting their conversation end there. Was she planning something? A false sense of security to pull the rug from under her? Or maybe she wanted as many people on her side as possible? Just what did she do to commoners if messing with self-important nobles was a hobby for her?!

Regardless, if she meant what she said, then it felt good to have someone on Lapis's side for once. But how quickly would that change? In the end, Lapis was just a commoner who would offer nothing worthwhile to Parthenia. Besides information and labor, but Lapis would rather start a farm with her bare hands than offer her labor to nobles.

Lapis shook her head a little to clear her mind of all the questions and thoughts that jumbled it. The biggest thing was that Parthenia didn't press her on her lie and let it end there. Good. At least now Lapis could get a break from her and maybe start avoiding her where she could. She didn't need Parthenia to start remembering what was the best and worst time of Lapis's life.

The tour went about as well as she expected, and by the end, Lapis was ready to take a nap and maybe tear up the mess hall trash later. Maybe she could examine the gardens and find some flowers to eat...

While Lapis was thinking about what she wanted to do next, the Archbishop was reading off the names paired up for the dorms which immediately made her snap her attention back to the present situation.


Lemonhead with the other lemonhead, Bootlicker with the third lemonhead, flower boy with the prickle princess...


Of all people...

When Parthenia found her, Lapis would have her eyes closed in a quiet prayer. She would hear what Parthenia was saying, but Lapis seemed to be asking her own questions right now.

'Yhirel, did I do something? Did I offend you? Why did I get stuck with the one person I lied to? What is your plan here? Whatever it is I'm hating it right now.'

With the short barrage of questions to their God finished, Lapis would then open her eyes and addressed the silver-haired girl. "Or he just wants to watch the world burn... Either way, room's all yours. Just let me keep my stuff under the bed or something and I won't bother ya, okay?"
Kimiko, Yurie, Junibulli

The day had been mostly uneventful for Kaede. Classes had gone by relatively quickly, and the students were busy bustling about the hallways as usual. She tried to be a good student and pay attention, but it was easy for her mind to wander. The instructions for their assignment gradually began to sound muddled together as her eyelids grew heavier. Despite going to bed early that night, she felt like she hadn't slept a wink in the past 24 hours in that moment. But as soon as the bell rang for lunch, she was snapped awake by screeching chairs and her classmates leaving as if the room had burst into flames.

And so, without a plan to spend her lunch break with anyone else, she decided she would head to the rooftop and enjoy the weather along with her meal. But, on the way there she overheard a conversation between two male students. One was complaining about a well-known troublemaker swindling him out of his planned lunch.

She'd heard of Junichiro, but thought the rumors were baseless. Kaede herself had never seen him do something that students gossiped about, and considering how much teenagers loved to spread drama...

Kaede decided to keep walking towards her destination; if she saw him along the way, then she could give him a piece of her mind, whether he wanted it or not.

Her walk took her to classroom 3-C, where she overheard a male voice boasting about "swindling that kid outta his curry buns".

So, had he only gotten one and manipulated the person she saw into giving up his own? And on top of that, she overheard the two girls complain to him about taking the last of the buns and him refusing to share.

How distasteful.

Kaede stepped into the room during the commotion, reaching into her bag and grabbing one of the spare bento boxes she kept. She always came prepared should she accidentally drop her lunch, have it stolen, or for situations like this. She could see there was food at the center already, but... the girls having plenty to eat amongst themselves would be better than splitting one meal. Especially when one of them was dead set on keeping three curry buns all to himself.

"Here." Kaede offered the bento box next to Kimiko's, a fried chicken with tamagoyaki, broccoli, tomato, sautéed spinach, and seasoned onigiri rice balls bento box. It wasn't the flashiest, but it tasted good and was filling; that's all that mattered to her. "Since a certain someone wants to be selfish, you two can have this to help fill you up."

Maybe if Juni was willing to share he could eat with the two girls. For now, Kaede would have to stay close by because, well, she needed the bento box. It wasn't disposable and she had no intention of leaving it behind.

In situations like this she would eat next to or with the person she donated the food to just to get the box back. And so, that's what she planned to do.
Mentions: People
Interactions: Parthenia | @Click This Leonid | @Vertigo Andrion (Minor)| @ERode

Lapis wasn't sure what she expected, truthfully. The only Nobles she'd seen keep their promises was when it was of very mild inconvenience to them. Like giving her a coin or a plate of food. But with the person she offered the flower to... she didn't expect him to eat it, but it would have been the highlight of her day if he did.

And it seemed she wasn't the only one who wanted to see him eat the flower. The most notable one was a the silver haired girl. She had not only given some information regarding a tradition Lapis never cared to remember, but she'd basically put the Noble on the spot to accept the flower or be seen as awful and rude. Nobles really cared about their reputations and traditions, didn't they? Surely this would make him crack, right?

But no, the Noble chickened out, unfortunately. On top of that, he threw an insult her way to save face. Lapis seemed undisturbed by the insult; in fact, it seemed to have bothered her as much as if he'd called her by her name. Was that really all he had?

”With all that Noble money, you could buy some originality for that insult.” She said, tossing the flower she had been holding over her shoulder. She looked at him. ”But that money would be better spent getting a cleric to take your head out of your ass."

There was no need for the conversation to continue from there. The Archbishop was calling for them to continue on with the tour and she didn't want to be blamed for them taking all day. She moved along to follow him, remembering what two other people had said. It'd be rude to not acknowledge them, and she didn't want them thinking the Church sent a little shit to the Monastery.

”Thanks by the way.” She addressed Andrion, feeling a bit of strain in her neck from needing to look up so high. ”I might've grabbed a few and made tea if you hadn't said anything.”

That was a lie. She would have eaten the flower whole if Flower Boy hadn't tried to manipulate her into thinking she was about to eat something delicious. At least someone was looking out for the lowborn...

Then there was the silver-haired girl. The one who introduced herself so politely and... regal-y. Lapis figured years of Noble training and etiquette crap must be the reason. Parthenia seemed to recognize her from somewhere, and Lapis knew exactly where. She might not be good with names, but she remembered faces. And she remembered Parthenia's face quite clearly and from where she'd seen it. Fortunately, the same couldn't be said for the Noble herself. Perhaps it was for the best it stayed that way.

”'m Lapis, of Wherever I Sleep That Night.” She introduced before answering. ”Nope. Maybe you're remembering someone else?”

Lapis had her reasons for lying; one of which being she didn't want to recall the memories. The other one being that Lapis didn't want to associate with Nobility more than she needed to. Nobility has let her down repeatedly in the past. She managed to escape being stuck with two in the caravan on the way here, but now she was stuck with a whole House filled mostly of them. This was supposed to be her team. People she needed to rely on. But how the hell could she do that when she couldn't trust a damn word that left their mouths?

Meh. She was doing Parthenia a favor.
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