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Current Erm
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6 days ago
when will people learn that whining about people not RPing with you makes you look less desireable to RP with
8 days ago
What's wrong with Iwaku?
9 days ago
Looking for a couple more potential RPers for my JJBA RP! -->…
10 days ago
A Very Bizarre Interest Check! ~…


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Hectic as fuck


Not enough energy


Where'd you go?
@13org Yeah, we're currently super full. If there's an opening I'll reach out.
@ProPro Sorry, this is closed!
@KatKook Sure.

I'll be resending the Discord link so you can join.

You guys still in this?
@Savo Yes, I will be creating one soon!

EDIT: And yes, you may reach out to me at any time.
@Lord Orgasmo

Here it is, you all. Good luck in creating your character sheets!
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