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Check out Bound by Blood, a Pokemon Gijinka RP with a compelling plot!…
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Check out Bound by Blood, a Pokemon Gijinka RP with a compelling plot!…


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@YamiNoNeko2341 If you could find a DM, me and my friend would love to join a long running campaign. With plot of course.
@sassy1085 I'll PM you the link then!
@sassy1085 If you wanna join this, I can always send a discord link.
@Eleven Accepted~

@Allycat I believe Demon and I have to look over Adeline and Essen a little bit more before accepting them. :) Something that does stick out that I would like to make comments are the following:

1) There has to be a reason that Adeline has double daggers. Toulmin has double daggers cause they serve as a extra set of "talons" that he can use. Yvaine has an ice bow. Remember to use a weapon that sticks to your character's theme-- but you don't need to absolutely use a weapon for your character. Also, her last two moves are a little too strong for beginning. Stick to lv 35 or lower. ^^ You can use egg moves and TMs as well.

2) How small of spaces can Essen squeeze through? I'm assuming like smaller spaces like nooks and crannies, but like small holes or paper-thin cracks.

@Suku Accepted~
Alright guys, here's how you do stats:

1) First, go to this website.

2) Put in your Pokemon's name and the level you would like it to be. A good starting level would be late twenties to early thirties. Press submit!

3) Some stats should be generated. Mold them to fit your character.

For example, I generated a lv. 31 Bayleef. It gave me 58 ATK, 64 DEF, 47 SP ATK, 64 SP DEF, and 51 SPD. I can tell from looking at these stats that my Bayleef is supposed to have higher defense, special defense, and attack than normal. I can shift some of the numbers around a little, maybe lowering his/her defense a little more, increase their speed, etc.
I'll be working on a Staravia~

I forgot to add an equipment section to the sheet. I'll be doing that today.
@Demon Shinobi @Suku @Allycat @Juvvie @Darkmoon Angel @Naive1 @Seirei No Hai @Eleven @Garet

Here it is, guys! The OP of the roleplay. Just note that, even though you guys have declared interest, it doesn't guarantee a permanent spot in the roleplay. Demon and I will be looking over the character sheets that seem best-fitted for the roleplay. Those who get approved will be given a spot in the roleplay. New people may also apply, but their sheets will be looked at last. It's entirely possible a new person can take your place in this roleplay.

I will also be PMing you a discord invite link for the roleplay. Please accept the invite link as soon as you're able.
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