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Current You could always join an RP. If you're super itchy to RP, you could always dabble in some Free or pick up a partner or two in 1x1s. :)
3 days ago
Calm down, it's only been up for 30 minutes. And also, just because your RPs don't work out doesn't mean you should give up RPing. You should always give it another go!
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Check out my new and improved 1x1 Interest Check!…
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Check out my new and revamped 1x1 Thread!…
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Check out my new and improved 1x1 Interest Check!…
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@PaulHaynek Ahh, like what? PM me if you like. :)
@Ninian Yeah definitely! I've heard many good things about it.
Unfortunately I haven't been able to finish ShB due to the fact that I'm taking a break from the game. Sorry :(

Happy to see that you decided to take a peek! My name is Ambra, and this is my revamped interest check. I am currently on the look-out for a handful of new partners. But first, I feel like you should know a little about me! I am a 24 year old grad student that is currently attending college on the east coast of the USA. I have a lot of pastimes ranging from drawing to reading to writing to playing video games. I am an individual who's rather active on the site and on Discord, even though it might not seem like it much. I try to be nice to all the types of people that I come across, so if I come off as blunt or rude, I certainly didn't mean to be. Sometimes I might be a little too straightforward when it comes to things, but I rather be honest and clear than confusing and misleading.

The reason that I'm looking for partners is because I actually used to be a very avid writer who was/am writing her own novels. Thing is, I've recently fallen into a very dark hole that was a struggle to get out of. Because of this "dark hole", I've lost a lot of interest in doing things that I love-- like writing. That's why I want to find partners I'll definitely love. You'll be helping me get out of my slump as we craft wonderful stories together!

Ah, rules. Who likes rules? I sure don't. However, there's certain things I would like my partner to be aware of before they decide they want to proclaim interest. It's no fun when you find a potential partner, spend time plotting, and then realize that they're not at all compatible with you. So, to prevent the waste of time on both of our ends, I've compiled a list of rules which can be read by opening the hider below:

Fandoms marked with a ★ are ones that I am decently interested in.
Fandoms marked with a ❀ are ones that I am really, really craving.
Fandoms that are crossed out are no longer available.

Final Fantasy
I know a bunch about FF, as I've watched playthroughs of FFVI, FFX, and FFXIII. I've also been playing FFXIV for slightly more than a year. If we were to do a FF 1x1, it'd either take place in FFXIV's setting or be an original setting.

Warrior Cats
I don't mind playing as cats in the lake territories or coming up with a new world (as I have one partially written out). However, I'd prefer if my partner would be able to help me make a full cast of characters and side characters, as having a full list of Clan cats we can refer to will be easier in the long run. I also enjoy having several different plots going on here and there, but also an overarching plot that spans multiple characters from multiple Clans.

There have been many times that I've RPed Pokemon, and it's usually been the same rehash of old ideas. If we RP Pokemon, it would have to be a completely new story. Maybe it could be medieval or we could play as the Pokemon ourselves.

Fire Emblem
Our Fire Emblem RP will be based in my fan-created world of the Realm. The nation known as Yveltskr stresses under the presence of an unknown plague that has appeared to its far north. Worried for the safety of his people, King Leonhardt II gathers a handful of brave souls who wish to find the source of the plague and eliminate it.

Assassin's Creed
Wow, it's been years since I've written in an AC setting. I've recently dug up an old RP of mine that was AC-based and it's gotten me craving to make a new one. Please note that Abstergo will not have a presence in this and instead we will be focusing on the lives of the assassins, Templars, and the Pieces of Eden. We'll also be playing as both assassins and Templars. Please also note that I'm not a huge fan of historical accuracy and will often make mistakes-- in fact, we don't have to follow history at all. I'd prefer a medieval Italian setting with lots of fluff, romance, and potential for adventure and mishaps.

Dragon Age
It's been years since I've written something set in the DA universe and I've forgotten much of the lore, but I still remember the story and races and so forth. Sadly, I don't have a plot for it, but we can come up with something together if you really want.

League of Legends
I think it'd be interesting if we came up with a story that takes place in Runeterra and play our own characters. I'd want to focus on Demacia and Noxus rather than the more advanced cities and would prefer if our main characters were human. Then again, we can come up with anything!

Plots marked with a ★ are ones that I am decently interested in.
Plots marked with a ❀ are ones that I am really, really craving.
Plots that are crossed out are no longer available.

A Dragon-shifter Plot
This plot will follow the preset notions of the dragons' origin and race along with their religion and culture. I don't have a world set up for this, I was thinking that the basis of the plot could revolve around two of the four royal families' children being wedded in order to bolster their territories' relations. Of course, more drama will unfold eventually.

Magical Plot Based in Dystopian/Post-Apocalyptic Setting
This idea is based off of my novel that I am writing. It's set in this setting and will stay in it for the entirety of the roleplay, so there won't be going overseas and etc. This story will revolve around the Resistance, a very loose organization that is attempting to overthrow the megalomaniac reign of the Farrows. Buried deep in the Lower City, they hide in the shadows and aid those whom they can. There are also preset positions that I would prefer my partner and myself to play-- you will play the Resistance's leader and Xander's wife, while I will play the Resistance's second-in-command/lieutenant/head of the assassination corp and Xander's bodyguard. Both the Resistance's leader and lieutenant will have roots in the Imperial Forces, but the rest of the Resistance will not know this. This is also a plot that will be told from multiple perspectives from both inside the Imperial Forces and the Resistance itself. I want this to have its fair share of drama and action, but we could also have fun with it and fool around with the characters and so forth.
Hey guys, I'ma put this on hold for a bit. I need to go away again overseas to visit my grandmother who's ailing. When I get back I'll put this back on track.
Big scary ones. :>
Hey guys, I know that a bunch of you are busy and all but I'd really like some ooc chatter at least. That's one of the things that make RPing fun.
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