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Current i take my Praxis tomorrow help me
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I'm just uber self-conscious, sorry :<
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Is it weird that I'm practically codependent with my dogs? Like, when I'm with them they're always near me. When I'm away I constantly think of them. Makes me feel like I'm weird or something
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AI art on it's own is pretty cool. It can be used for a lot of things. Just too many faux artists getting egos and thinking they're geniuses.
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That's a kind of sad thing to admit but you do you my guy


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MENTIONS: Everyone

Things escalated far too quickly for her liking. Neve’s eyes widened when Izayoi shot forward in the blink of an eye. Before she knew it, the swordswoman held her blade flush against the flesh of a Unicorn’s throat. The sight of his face, which quivered in fear, was enough to further sour the taste in her throat. Just when she thought that things couldn’t get any worse, they did. An eccentric red-head had approached Izayoi and threatened her with her gunblade. Zeidgram had smashed the tall blonde man in the face, and the other had doubled over in pain as crimson gushed from his nose. By the time he recuperated from the blow, the red mage had the tip of his blade pointed towards his genitals.

The man scowled up at him, ruby-red blood dribbling down his chin as he released a slew of curses up at him before his guttural voice hardened into decipherable words. ”How dare you strike me? Don’t you know who I am?”

At this point in time, Neve didn’t care about who he was or wasn’t. All she wanted to do was go back to sleep. Thank Etro Galahad was able to deescalate the situation at hand. She didn’t want to know what would have happened next. And, judging from the dangerous glint in the Unicorns’ eyes, she was sure they made more than one enemy that night.

She nodded at Arton’s suggestion. He was another of their number that appeared to be the most calm-headed. Either way, it was best if they moved on. Just as she went to lead the way back into the castle, she eyed the viera male approaching the gathering of knights. A hard lump formed in her throat as she witnessed Leonhart’s face scrunch up for a split moment, then grow relaxed once more as he dipped his head toward the frustrated man. Her ears strained for the king’s words.

”It appears that a number of Valheimian soldiers infiltrated the castle under the guise of wishing to give aid… though I do understand your concerns, fair viera. Know that this is the first time in many years that our foe has been spotted so far inland and the very first instance in which they have attacked the castle. I will take note of their sudden boldness and adjust accordingly– but for now, I thank you for your aid in neutralizing our foes. You have shown me your prowess and talent, and now I am more than certain that I made the correct choice in recruiting you for aid.” He stepped out from betwixt his knights as he turned his gaze back towards the rest of them. ”I must ask you to not fight amongst one another. I’m afraid that, if more blood is spilled tonight, I will not hesitate in sending my knights to smooth over any transgressions.”

His features brightened slightly as he turned to Galahad. ”It’s in everyone’s best interest to listen to my dear cousin. I have placed my trust in him many times before.

”As for the coming morn, I shall provide you all with fresh, purebred, brave chocobo who long to whisk away through the grasslands and forests of our fine Edren. Wagons shall also be granted to each squadron, along with medical supplies and rations that are certain to last you long into your journeys. For the time being, I ask that you return to your quarters and rest. Worry not– security shall be increased tenfold and guards will be posted in each and every corridor. Please, sheathe your blades and retire to your dormitories.”

Neve glanced between Kirin, Unicorn, and Leonhart, her heartbeat throbbing in her throat. What stopped everyone from goring each other anyways? To her relief, the leader of the opposite group scoffed, spat a rosy glob of blood and saliva at his feet, and sulked away along with the rest of his party.

It was finally over with. At least, she liked to hope so. Neve released a harsh breath and cocked her head up at Arton. ”Come,” she said, her breath light and tense at the same time. ”We have work to do.”

MENTIONS: Parthenia [@Click This] and everyone else.

Bloated, ivory clouds loomed far above the Irinduil students’ heads and refused to allow any semblance of cerulean sky to peek through the bulk of their masses. They watched the monastery from the heavens, stagnant and stiff. Moisture hung heavy in the air and a brisque early autumn breeze whisked over the cobblestone pathways, gathering crisp, blotchy leaves in its invisible fingers. A rainstorm was on the horizon. Sherry hoped that she would not get wet.

The majority of them had arrived around an hour ago. A caravan of horse-drawn wagons had brought them most of the way up the mountain, but much to her dismay, they had to walk the rest of the way. It was a tiresome trek, but Sherry had made it alongside her compatriots– and Roland. If there was anyone she couldn’t stand to disappoint, it was them… and the commoners, of course.

Archbishop Augustine greeted them at the entrance to the monastery. A tall, petite man, he bore long, black and white silk robes. His silver hair was done down in a smooth ponytail and his pale lips curled into a smile as he brought his arms up to greet the students at his feet.

”Irinduil opens its arms to you, future leaders of Musentia. It is an honor to greet you as Archbishop of the monastery.”

Such flowery words– nevertheless, Sherry listened well to them. Augustine looked just as her father described him to her. Pristine. Delicate. Almost like a portrait that had been carefully and painstakingly painted by a master’s hand. It was hard to believe that the Archbishop had once overlooked his tutelage as headmaster of the Officers Academy.

The introductory speech went as one would expect. Augustine presented the dean of students, stern-faced woman by the name of Iris, and the professor of the Ivory Serpents, a man named Talbot. Much to her disappointment, the professor of the Scarlet Foxes was not present… though she supposed she could do without them for the time being. Then came the assigning of the house leaders. The Ivory Serpents were dealt the heiress of Luralei, Francette Albillion Luralei, as their leader– a quaint little thing with a round face and an aloof glint in her eye. After the cheers of celebration died, Augustine presented the leader of the Scarlet Foxes, who was, much to her elation and delight, no one else but herself.

House leader! she thought as Augustine’s drone vanished beneath the veil of her excitement. I must write father. No doubt he’ll be ecstatic.

The rest of the orientation went on without incidence. Then, the students were duly portioned into the two houses and the time came for a tour of the campus. Professor Talbot was quick to take over the Serpents, and Sherry watched as they were guided deeper onto the monastery grounds. It was a surprise when Augustine took over the Scarlet Foxes in turn. Sherry wondered where their professor could be, though she didn’t dare ask him such a question for the time being.

Their first stop was a pleasant garden that had been built in the very heart of the monastery. The scent of exotic flowers wafted through the air as Sherry peered through the intricate gates that wrapped around its perimeter. Stone benches and decorated tables had been scattered around the grassy areas. Augustine stepped forward and pulled a key from his belt before he opened the gate and ushered the newly dubbed Scarlet Foxes inside.

”The gardens will be free to use anytime when classes aren’t occurring,” he stated, ”you may use this area for leisure or study. At times, we have the students tend to the flowers. It’s a very relaxing area, even during the winter– we even have the students give suggestions on what to plant during the cold months. If you’re interested in helping out, please speak to Professor Talbot.”

Who would come to Irinduil to learn about flowers? With a sly, sidelong glance, Sherry leaned towards Parthenia and whispered into her ear. ”I suppose I will consider it if I wish to die of boredom.”

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