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Jojo RP set in 1999!…
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Almost immediately, she was answered by another girl that had approached her. Jojo recognized the ginger hair and the pale complexion of one of her schoolmates. She had seen her before, actually! In the hallways and things. There weren't many red-haired girls at Linden, anywho. Most people had brown or black hair, like herself. There were some blondes, yes, though even those were rare. She said something about foam. So foam was the thing that kept these bones together? It was impressive to see such a feat. "That's so cool," she stated, looking over at the dinosaur again. After staring at it for a few more moments, she turned back towards the girl. "I'm Jocelyn by the way. I think I've seen you in the hallways... maybe you've been in some of my classes, too. Either way, nice to meet you!"

Another person approached them, this time a person that she definitely recognized. Her grin became a bit larger but faded away when she saw that he had no interest in speaking to them. Instead, he took out a sketchbook and began to sketch the dinosaur rather than just looking at it. "Drawing again, Broccoli?" she asked him. "Why draw when you can explore the museum? We can hang together if you're lonely!"

The definition of a bastard
Atlantic Federation | Edinburgh


Dark blue hair and piercing blue eyes is what one may notice when they first look at Yori. He wears his hair semi-long; his bangs brush the top of his brows and reaches just below his ears-- if combed correctly. His skin is a light caramel color from spending years in the sun and the faintest of stubble covers his jaws and chin. His uniform is clean and tidy, as he knows that if he looks like a filthy pig he'd get more than a scolding, though he folds his sleeves up to his elbows.
---P E R S O N A L I T Y

Yori is generally an unkind person; he cheats, curses, and steals. He is also considered brash, rude, cunning, sneaky-- well, everything you expect from a Darcsen. He doesn't talk much to those he doesn't know without good reason, though those who are his true friends claim that Yori purposefully comes off as the stereotypical Darcsen. He states that, since everyone already assumes the worst from him, he shouldn't spend energy in trying to be a decent person.

In reality, Yori has another side to him-- the side that is fiercely loyal and brave, filled with a love of adventure and fun, and determined to make a name for himself on the battlefield.

---B I O G R A P H Y

Yori's story begins with his conception; bound by lust and the promise of a better life, his mother was deceived by a man who convinced her to sleep with him. When she became pregnant, his "father" denied any responsibility and fled. Now alone and left to fend for herself, his mother was determined to carry Yori to full term and raise him as a proper child. Unfortunately, she died during childbirth, leaving Yori an orphan by the time he took his first breath. Seeing that he had Darcsen blood in him, his mother's family had no interest in raising him. He was promptly dumped at an orphanage, where the workers gifted him with his name.

His childhood was tough. Composed of many children teasing him for the color of his hair and eyes, they labeled him as Darcsen, going so far as to belittle and demean him, even making him get into scraps and all other types of trouble. The workers at the orphanage grew to disdain him and he would receive beatings from them. Yori knew that he wasn't wanted and that he was only kept there because of "good will and pity". When he was 14, he escaped the orphanage in the dead of night and settled for becoming a thief.

Yori met other boys in the backalleys of Edinburgh through his new way of life. They were led by a young Darcsen man named Kihre, and, like the other boys, he took Yori under his wing. The two formed a tight bond, basically becoming blood brothers in the time they were together. They fought to live (and lived to fight) and as they did so, Yori believed he had found his first family. Kihre accepted all of them no matter their race, age, or way of living; he made sure to tell all of them that to be true to oneself and that the world would fall at their feet. Yori believed that Kihre told him that he should embrace being a Darcsen, no matter what-- and so, he did. Yet, as much as he was happy, he felt like something was missing.

The Second Europan War rolled around and Yori was eager to join the ranks. Seventeen and still itching for a fight, the young man still believes he has something to prove. If only he knew what that something was...

---P O T E N T I A L S

Darcsen Bond: In the presence of other Darcsen, Yori is able to withstand more hits from enemy units.
Boiling Point: When overwhelmed by attacks, Yori's anger reaches a boiling point, leading to decreased accuracy and evasion.

---E Q U I P M E N T

- LF Wasp No. 4
- Tracker Dart
- Camo-Cloak
- Ragnaid
- BD-3 Light Armor
- Pack of cigarettes

---A F F I L I A T I O N S

- Kihre- the Darcsen that took Yori under his wing when he was out on the streets. (Presumed alive)

---R E L A T I O N S

None at the moment.

-A Template by Load Wraith

AKA Birdy, Tweety
Atlantic Federation | Remesal


Most of the time, Paloma chooses to wear her golden hair long. She styles it often, sometimes twining flowers or ribbons into her locks-- or even those of others. On the battlefield, she ties her hair into pigtails, ponytails, buns, braids... anything to keep her hair out of her face. If one looks closely, they can see that her hair becomes darker towards the tips and even on the underside. She keeps her uniform as tidy as she can when off the battlefield. When not in uniform, she likes wearing skirts, stockings, and panty hoes, along with pretty and colorful blouses.
---P E R S O N A L I T Y

Off duty, Paloma is a kind and gentle individual who doesn't wish harm on anyone. She is talkative and curious, and is often seen conversing with anyone that is willing to be approached. There are times when she appears to be a little too nosy, but she means the best. She cares about her platoon mates and makes sure she's always there for them, both physically and emotionally. Many might call her motherly, and that is what Paloma is. As long as you stay on her good side, that is-- despite having a large amount of patience, there are times when Paloma loses her temper and her tongue becomes loose. She is also quite too honest for her own good; there have been instances when she has been a little too blunt and her words become hurtful. Either way, she doesn't hold grudges, even if she gets in arguments with others. Paloma always sees the good in people, no matter if they're friend or enemy.

Paloma is probably one of the most loyal and determined soldiers on the battlefield. It isn't like she always adheres to orders. Instead, she is constantly seen around her fellow platoon members, either supporting them in combat or helping them get back on their feet. If a soldier is completely unconscious, she will try her best to get them to safety or protect them from further harm, even if it means putting her life in extreme danger. If someone jumps headlong into the fray, you can bet Paloma will be at their heels, even if it means going against orders.

---B I O G R A P H Y

It may not look like it, but Paloma is a farm girl; she was born on her parents' farm in the dead of winter in 1918EC. Small and sickly, it was first thought that she wouldn't make it through the winter. Yet, with the help of her elder brother and her parents, she persisted through her weakness and became a bubbly, babbling toddler. In her youth, Paloma became quite attached to her brother, Ezekiel. They went on adventures everywhere, and even helped raise their younger siblings when they came around. The Violetta family was a happy, bustling family, and Paloma prayed they'd be together forever.

Such were the dreams of a child.

The Second Europan War rolled around and Ezekiel was intent on joining. At twenty years old, Ezekiel was intent on joining the fight against the enemy. Paloma was thirteen years old when her brother left home to join the army. And for a long while, she was considered the single eldest sister and responsible for the well-being of her little brother and sister. Often, Ezekiel wrote a letter to their parents, and a separate letter for her. His words granted her the emotional strength to take care of the family to the best of her capabilities.

Time passed and there was no longer word from Ezekiel. Paloma didn't want to think about what could have happened to her beloved brother, but the way her parents looked at each other and at her made her wonder. Her excitement for Ezekiel's return soon turned into worry, panic, and fear. Here she was, now sixteen years old, and her brother still hadn't written back. Worry, panic, and fear soon turned into iron will and determination. She would find her brother, someway, somehow. She decided she would enlist in the Armed Forces of the Atlantic Federation in order to see if Ezekiel was ever going to come home.

Her parents were vehement when she announced her plan. How could little, charming Paloma pick up a gun and shoot another man? Though, she was determined, and with a promise to make it back home with Ezekiel, she set off on her own. She told herself she would come back victorious both in battle and bringing her brother home.

Paloma's first obstacle was training. Of course, how could she forget about training? It was at the back of her mind during her daydreaming sessions. At first she thought it was going to be a little tough, but she would persist. Then it became more difficult. And more after that. Paloma started to doubt herself, only hoping that the ache in her mind and body would go away. Drowning in self-hate and pity for her weakness, she only relied on the friendship of other trainees to pull her through. And, it did. While she shouldered the negativity of other trainees, others shouldered her own worries and terrors. With the help of others, Paloma persisted through training and was able to move on to become a private in the Armed Forces of the Atlantic Federation.

---P O T E N T I A L S

Tender Love and Care: The sight of Paloma increases her platoon members' morale. When she's paired with someone, she likes to think they're unstoppable.
Discerning Eye: Paloma can quickly figure things out about a person, friend or foe, if she tries hard enough. Sometimes, she can tell whether someone is lying or keeping a secret. Though Paloma doesn't bring issues to light in front of others, she usually uses her natural ability to see if someone is hiding a "minor" wound or illness.
Lonely Road: When Paloma is not near her platoon mates, she becomes indecisive and panicky. In this state, she makes an easy shot for any well-trained enemy.

---E Q U I P M E N T

- Robinson M91
- FW Mk. I
- F1 Grenades
- Ragnaid
- ND-3 Combat Armor

---A F F I L I A T I O N S

- Ephraim Violetta (Father -- Alive)
- Teresa (Tawny) Violetta (Mother -- Alive)
- Ezekiel (Easy) Violetta (Older Brother -- Presumed Alive, M.I.A)
- Sonya (Tweety) Violetta (Younger Sister -- Alive)
- Anders (Sandy) Violetta (Youngest Brother -- Alive)

---R E L A T I O N S

None at the moment.

-A Template by Load Wraith

Jules polished off the rest of her jerky and dusted off her hands from the remaining crumbs. Jojo had gone ahead and begun to cook a stew, complete with vegetables. She didn't want to admit it, but it smelled yummy. Much better than the fistful of beef she had just scarfed down. The night was particularly chilly, so she decided to inch closer to the fire. She still kept an eye on Jojo. way of him trying any other funny business. Her hand came up to touch her face again, not surprised to see it still hurt.

"Really now?" Jules faked a surprised tone. Of curse there'd be more people after her. If one was, there had to be more. "That's great. Absolutely wonderful, even."

She tossed a glance over at Simon, then at Annie and her Stand. The armored phantom as setting up a tent. At least they had shelter and food. Others weren't so lucky. "I guess you have competition then!" Her voice gained a few octaves as she flopped back onto the sand and tucked her hands behind her head. "If that guy is more handsome than you, I'm afraid I'll have to go with him instead. Though I admit, I don't think that's possible~"

With a sly look and crooked grin, she spoke towards Joseppi again. "Did you at least get a good look at him? With that absolutely dashing glare of yours, I'd be surprised if you didn't."


There was quiet-- just quiet, and the gentle sound of her breathing as she slept under her pink cloud-dappled blankets. Jocelyn slept soundly in her bed in the corner of her small, cluttered room, her body sprawled in an almost unnatural position. Light snores left her lips as she laid and dreamt about nonsense. No one could possibly have the heart to disturb such a peaceful sight. That was, no one but the tall, foreboding figure that currently hovered by her bedside. A large hand came roughly down on her abdomen, stalling her snore and making it end in a struggled "ngh!"

"Wake up. You're gonna be late to school," came the less-than-amused voice of her brother.

Another groan of protest. "What the--"

"You're gonna get detention if you're late again."

She hugged her blanket closer and curled up into a ball. "Five more min--" she began before the covers were promptly torn off of her. Stefano looked down at her with stone cold eyes, their gray sheen betraying brewing anger as his teeth clenched and unclenched beneath his stubbled jaw. "Okay, okay! I'm up!" she submitted in a whimper and plopped her back up against the headboard. She rubbed the sleep out of her eyes and glanced at the clock on her nightstand. The red digits read 7:00 AM.

"It's too early!"

"Classes start at 9:00 AM."

"It's not gonna take me two hours to get there--!"

"I made breakfast. You wanna eat or not?"

The idea of having her brother's pancakes for breakfast spurred her from her bed. It took her an hour to shower and get dressed, along with straightening her naturally wavy hair and applying a light coat of make-up. Stefano waited for her by their small kitchen set, dressed in the navy blue uniform she was so used to seeing. A badge glimmered from its place just above his breast. "You're lucky my shift starts a bit later today," her brother placed a plate of pancakes in front of her when she sat down. "You almost missed your big trip to the museum."

Jocelyn nonchalantly poured a shit-ton of syrup over her pancakes. The viscous fluid almost overflowed from her plate. Her brother watched for a moment, his gaze betraying a hint of bewilderment before he sighed and shook his head. Stepping behind her, he turned up the volume on the small television set they had placed on the kitchen counter. The familiar voice of the channel 7 news reporter droned on and on.

"They're talking about that weirdo weirdo hackerman again?" Jocelyn muttered around a mouthful of food. That was all that people seemed to be talking about nowadays. The hacker did this, the hacker did that. They didn't even know if the hacker was serious or not. It could just be some kid pulling everyone's leg.

"Not this time. They found some goon lying dead in an alley," Stefano walked back into her line of sight and shrugged his broad shoulders. "Sheriff thinks it's gang violence. I gotta get going though, don't want to be late for work. But, Lyn," his expression softened slightly, "be careful on your way home from work today, alright?"

"C'mon Stef, I'm eighteen. I can protect myself!"

Stefano's hand came down upon her again. This time, he ruffled her hair lightly. "Still... no matter how tough you think you are, there's not a lot you can do when someone points a gun at you. Just be careful, hm?"

"Whatever makes you feel better, bro~"

Getting to school was harder than she thought it'd be. Jocelyn was already aware of Linden being in the heart of the city, though this day in particular dealt her a difficult time in the subway. All people talked about were the murders that had been occurring, along with the sudden and apparent flourish of tensions between rival gang members. She didn't care; it was same old, same old. What was there to freak out about?

The beginning of the school day was the same as other days. The students all said "here" during roll call, rose for the pledge of allegiance, remained standing for the national anthem, and then sat back down. After that, all of the students that were eligible to go on the trip to the Museum of Natural History promptly lined up and got on their designated school buses. At least the trip to the museum wasn't a long one. Nevertheless, Jocelyn definitely wasn't able to keep awake during their ride. She was lulled into a nap, going so far as to heavily lean on the poor soul that was forced to sit next to her on their journey. She might have drooled a little on said person, but how could she help it?

When they arrived, the teachers all lined up their students inside of the main lobby of the museum. After they had another roll call, the students were granted their temporary freedom to roam-- they would only need to meet up for lunch at 12 and their departure at 3. It was currently only 10 o clock. That meant that they had all the time in the world! Jocelyn wandered off in a random direction, taking a few steps towards the T-Rex skeleton positioned menacingly in the middle of the marble-floored lobby. It was so... big! And cool! And kind of ugly. "How much glue did they have to use to keep it from falling apart?" she asked out loud. Damn, if the thing was still alive, it could probably swallow her in one go! What did the inside of a dinosaur's belly look like, anyway?
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