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Current I like the chibi designs too, it's a refreshing take on the Pokemon models
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Dedicate your hearts to my Attack on Titan RP!…
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Dedicate your hearts to my Attack on Titan RP~…
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Dedicate your hearts to my Attack on Titan RP~…
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Skua didn't know what to expect from Ardent, especially when she fell silent and glanced towards the door. But it definitely wasn't for her to suddenly admit the whole plot and why the RainWings did what they did. For a moment, he felt pity for them, along with frustration. What was a tribe to do in the face of danger if they couldn't fight? Why couldn't they even fight in the first place? He ground his teeth together, glaring at the floor as Viper went off to get a drawing.

It was only when she showed it to everyone that his head snapped back up at attention. Viper's drawing was one of an azure dragon, with fins, a thick tail, and gills... his heart sunk to his stomach.

"That's a--!" he was about to shout, but Dreamseeker's wingtips brushed against his muzzle.

Dreamseeker turned to Ardent, her violet eyes wide and filled with fear and worry. "We know who those dragons are. Luckily for us, they aren't very good fighters above the water." she whispered. "I think we can do something about them for your tribe."

Ashenpaw let out a little 'mrrow' of amusement at her sister's words. She was grateful for her being around; she always found a way to make her laugh. Pikeleap turned his gaze towards them and narrowed his eyes, and that made her stand up straight and clamp her muzzle shut. The dark tabby tom turned to look up at Wolfheart again, nodding firmly. "I'll go and get her. Wait here." he rumbled before he bounded off deeper into the camp.

Ashenpaw decided to lean against her mentor as she waited. Finchwing's fur was warm against hers, and she almost wished she could stay curled up into it forever. But she wasn't a young apprentice anymore, and she knew that she had to remain steadfast in the face of tense situations. She hoped that Finchwing wouldn't mind the fact that she sought momentary respite from this whole spiel.

Pikeleap soon returned, a graceful silver she-cat at his heels. Ashenpaw stood up straight, tail waving in greeting towards the MistClan leader as she dipped her head.

"Here she is. I hope you don't mind talking about it in the clearing. We decided that our Clanmates should hear what we have to say," Pikeleap told Wolfheart with a flick of his ragged ear.

Ashenpaw kept close to Finchwing and Squirrelpaw, her fur fluffed out with excitement. Slowly, her worry was leaking away, now feeling somewhat happy that she was allowed to tread on another Clan's territory. It was better to distract herself with that fact, either way. She wasn't about to mumble and grumble all the way to Silverstar. What would she think of an apprentice who was such a grump? And they could see Gorsepaw, too!

"MistClan's doing the best it can right now," Lightingnose mewed in response to Wolfheart's question. She flicked her tail from side to side, and Ashenpaw could tell that the she-cat was more than pleased to be speaking to their deputy. "Silverstar is taking good care of the Clan. Our patrols might be rather large, but they're done in order to prevent cats from being overwhelmed from opponents." She tipped her head and let out a little 'mrrow' of frustration. "This might be a little dark, but I don't think it's going to help much. I heard rumors from ThornClan during the gathering that once, three full grown cats were felled by the same attacker. Isn't that strange?"

Greenpool grumbled. "I'm not sure what else can be done to stop this."

"All we can do is pray that StarClan gives the medicine cats a sign. Here's the camp, though," Lightningnose motioned with her brightly-colored tail for them to follow her through a thick thicket of reeds. Ashenpaw followed after the warriors, shaking the wetness from her fur as soon as she reached the other side of the plants. "Welcome to MistClan camp, little ones," the she-cat mewed towards Squirrelpaw and Ashenpaw.

Ashenpaw looked around. The camp was well-hidden from outside danger, though the dens were made of even more reeds and long strands of grass. It was impressive to see how cats could weave plants together so tightly as to protect the cats that nested inside. "Stars above, I wonder if they get used to all of this wetness," she hissed under her breath to Squirrelpaw.

"What's this?" called a large, dark tabby from the shade of some long grass. He strolled over to them with long, calculated steps, his blue eyes gleaming at them with curiosity. "Wolfheart, what are you doing here?"

He didn't want to admit it, but Skua was honestly nervous about the meeting with the queen. This wasn't anything like the other queens that he knew of-- and from what he could tell, this was nothing like Queen Ember or even what he heard of Queen Arid of the SandWings. His scales prickled as they approached the largest hut near the canopy, the morning rays filtering through the green leaves and warming the wood. Skua found himself already uncomfortable in the gathering warmth and humidity. He hoped that they would get whatever they needed and get back out again before they engrossed themselves in the RainWing's hidden problems.

The large IceWing stepped inside the hut with the rest of the troupe of dragons, blinking at the decorations that lined the walls of Ardent's abode. He blinked his amber eyes and glanced over at the dragon on the "throne". Her color was beautiful-- the most gorgeous purple he had ever seen, trimmed with gold. He couldn't help but admire her for a brief moment as she looked down at the treasure they had brought for them. At last, they had caught her attention.

"We've come to talk about a recent transaction that you've made with some strangers," Dreamseeker spoke before he could answer. He glared at her, but her warning look only made him clamp his jaw tighter. "Someone came around asking for droughts of RainWing venom, and you gave them to them. We aren't angry with you, we just really want to know who you gave it to... for the sake of dragons all around Pyrrhia. You see, RainWing venom was used to assassinate Queen Ember of the SkyWings, and we want to find out who was behind the murder before any other dragons die."

Skua looked over at Viper, then at Ardent, waiting for the queen's reply.

Skua wanted to curse the three moons for Eclipse's decision to sleep against him in that terrible heat and humidity. Sure, he was part IceWing, and that made his scales a little chillier than the typical SkyWing's. But that didn't mean that Eclipse could sleep against him! He was sapping away the chill in his blood, which only made him feel even more uncomfortable in the rainforest climate. But... he couldn't bring himself to shove his best friend away, especially with how Dreamseeker was curled up against the SkyWing's side in turn.

He had woken up just as Viper came to tear them from their dreams. Skua lifted up his head and blinked at her drearily. How could anyone be that colorful this early in the morning? Did RainWings not see well, or did they not care for blinding their tribe members with such vivid colors throughout the day? He groaned and spread his wings in an attempt to get rid of the soreness that plagued them.

"Aardwolf has the gift, he grumbled, giving the SandWing in question a meaningful glance. "I just hope that your Queen will actually do something about this whole situation."

Dreamseeker yawned widely as she stretched out like a cat. "She should if she cares about her tribe."

Stars above. Knowing the RainWings, that's a very big if. Skua thought to himself. He looked over at Aardwolf, then at Eclipse and Dreamseeker. "I think we're ready to set off. Lead the way."

Ashenpaw was more than pleased with the MistClan warriors' reactions. It was like they were seeing old friends. She felt a tug at her heart as she turned to give her sister a small smile. Maybe this would all be a useless trip. Maybe they would come back without MistClan's alliance and that would dissuade Jaystar from waging war on DuskClan. She perked up even more when she heard that they would be seeing Sedgepaw. She liked the spunky apprentice, even if he was a bit too silly for her sometimes. He had a lot of things to talk about at Gatherings, though.

"We're very glad for MistClan's hospitality," Greenpool purred, sharing the same warmth that the other cats expressed. Her thick, bushy tail swayed behind her calmly. "Do you think Pikeleap will let me take a couple of fish home? I've always liked the taste, but I'm a terrible fisher."

Lightningnose giggled at Greenpool's mew. "I fear that may be asking for too much," she meowed before she turned away and began to lead them back to the camp. "Come on, camp's this way."
Anyone else interested?


I'm interested in starting an Attack on Titan roleplay that more or less follows the same events of the anime-- as in, we'll start off right before the fall of Wall Maria and then skip to our characters' training days in the 104th Training Corps. Even though your characters are free to choose what faction to enlist in (the Scouts/Survey Corps, Garrison, or Military Police), the roleplay will ultimately focus on the Corpsmen.

The roleplay will be rather straightforward; early on, we'll be focusing on our characters' training/bonding. After the Battle of Trost, we'll shift our focus onto those who've enrolled in the Survey Corps, and move on from there. As anyone who might have watched the anime/read the manga, this story will focus on each and every of our characters in a way, and everyone will have a chance to have an arc and develop into amazing characters. That is, if they survive for long.

Below is more information.

Preliminary Notes

1.) Do not meta-game, powerplay, etc. Be a decent person.

2.) Do not ghost us. If you need to step away from the roleplay please let me know!

3.) Not everyone who applies will be accepted. This is not a first-come-first-serve roleplay. I will only be accepting people who create interesting characters who have the most potential to grow. I'll only be accepting ten people other than me.

4.) You must join our Discord AND remain active in the OOC. The discord will be not only for news and announcements, but also for general chit chat and banter and plotting and the like. I'm of the mindset where I feel like roleplayers should get to know and fun with each other in the OOC along with the IC.

5.) Keep drama out of the OOC. If I need to intervene, I will. If you have any issue with something I do, please let me know in DMs/PMs.

6.) Please be 18 or older! I'm not comfortable with roleplaying torture, death, and despair with kids, sorry.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to be caught up on the anime/manga to join?
You don't necessarily have to be caught up with the anime, though it's preferred if you were as there will be references to later seasons. Anything from the manga won't be used, so no need to worry about that.

Do I really need my character to be part of the Survey Corps? I want them to be part of the Garrison/Military Police.
While I can't really force you to make a specific type of character, please be reminded that the roleplay will eventually focus on the Scouts. That means that characters in the Garrison or Military Police will be hardly focused on. If you really want to make a person in the Garrison/MP, you could always make more than one character to compensate for the lack of the other character's "screentime".

Wait, I'll be able to make more than one character?
Yes, as long as you'll give both characters an equal amount of love. Know that certain types of characters have a higher chance of dying, so new characters will be a must at some point. You can also make supporting characters for the roleplay as well.

My character has the chance to DIE?
*points to the title* Ma'am, this is an Attack on Titan roleplay. All joking aside, yes. Your character has the chance to die. If your character's smart enough to play safe and listen to orders from higher ups, they'll survive for a longer amount of time-- maybe even to the end! If your character's known for disobeying orders and getting into sticky or difficult situations, on the other hand... they may not last as long.

Okay, how about Titan Shifters? Will they be a thing?
Since Titan Shifters are so integral to the plot, they'll definitely make an appearance. The early parts of the roleplay will focus on four-- the Attack Titan, the Female/Crystal Titan, the Armored Titan, and the Colossal Titan. Whoever gets these powers will be carefully chosen by me, and their identities will be hidden from the main group of the roleplay for added suspense.

Awesome! Can I be one?
If you're interested in being one of the Titans, we'll have to talk about it in private. There are certain things that will impact your chance to be one; these things include how your character's like, your activity, and overall general personality/dedication to the roleplay. I'm not going to let a selfish jerk make the Attack Titan or allow a person be the Colossal Titan when they're known to ghost roleplays.

Even though Russetfern had passed not long ago, the tension steadily vanished between their numbers. Ashenpaw felt comforted by her sister's words and feel of her fur against hers. She hoped that, whatever happened, that Squirrelpaw and Stoatpaw would stay by her like Squirrelpaw did now. The three of them would be unstoppable, even in the face of a mouse-brained war. Her pawsteps became lighter as they approached the border to MistClan, her ears pricked at her mentor's words. Hopefully MistClan would be just as friendly as always when they told Silverstar what they had planned...

Luckily for them, they didn't have to wait at the border for long. Shadows moved just beyond the stalks, and Ashenpaw blinked when a golden-furred face poked out to look at them. She recognized this cat as Lightningnose, supposedly named for the white streak that arched up from her rather berry pink and curved along her muzzle. Her yellow eyes glimmered at them with surprise, though her expression wasn't a hostile one. "Wolfheart..." she murmured, the glimmer in her eye becoming something else entirely. Though, it faded away when she turned to look at the rest of the BirchClan patrol. "I didn't expect to find you all here. Has something happened?"
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