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Current Looking for one or two more people to play in my FFXIV RP! We have cookies!…
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Looking for one more person to play in my FFXIV RP! We have cookies!…
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Looking for one or two more people to join our FFXIV RP!…
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Looking for one more person to play in my FFXIV RP! We have cookies!…


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Interacting with: Emil @vietmyke, Rylan @Vertigo

The morning sun had long since hidden behind the horizon. Tristan wondered if they would leave before the sun graced the little city, but he realized that they would have to. Dawn meant the changing of the guard, and if the guard noticed them leaving, then they'll be lucky if they don't get flayed for trying to escape. And that is why Tristan woke up early, smelling like hay and bird shit. He opened his satchel, careful to inspect the contents. A sweet roll for today's breakfast, a waterskin, an assortment of fruit and other pastries, along with various types of cured slabs of meat that were bunched with the rest of his food. It should last enough time until they reached the other city.

Groggily, he lifted himself from the hay. The bird had kept him warm during the night. Along with the thief. He didn't check to see if Rylan was awake. Knowing the man, he was, but he really didn't want to deal with him this early in the morning, Tristan was tired and sore. Hay sure wasn't a good substitute for a soft bed... oh well. He'd have to get used to it. Who knew, maybe hay would be the best case scenario somewhere down the line.

Tristan walked toward Emil's home and peered through the window. Luckily, with enough strength, it nudged open and allowed him to slip inside without much noise. "Emil," he whispered harshly. He wasn't sure if his farmhand would be happy if Emil left the aviary. Especially if they weren't sure when they'd come back. Would they even come back? The thought frightened him. "Emil!" he called again, stepping deeper into the abode.

@Celaira hello! Good to have you on board!

@Animal @Sleepy Bear @Celaira I will PM you with the discord info soon.
@Sarcelle Renard Looks like a good sheet, but you mention he's shorter. How much shorter is he? Other than that, accepted.

@Sleepy Bear Nice name change!
Ooo that sounds cool! You could always make a dragoon, but in this RP they have to be Ishgardian-blooded. ^^

And I think we have a Sea Wolf lady already, now that I think of it.
Respond to pings (please) :(
@Peter Molyneux Since you are a new player, you have more time to create a character. Do you have any idea what to make them?
@Sarcelle Renard

A reminder that the first deadline for a wip is due by tomorrow.
@Fabricant451 forgot to tag you as well.
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