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Current Still craving dragon shifters.…
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u mean spider-ham?
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It's hard to write by yourself.
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I rescued two dogs today. Their names are Sandy and Lulu.
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I've started to read the Wings of Fire series. It's cool, I like it... but it feels like there's something missing in the way Sutherland writes.
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Bump! Give me them dragon shifters!
Suddenly craving dragon shifters.
Here are my two character sheets! Just putting it together so it's easier to look at.

@rebornfan320 If you saw the post before yours, I'm looking for specifically Warrior Cats.
Really looking for someone to RP Warrior Cats with.
Bump! Craving Warrior Cats and Pokemon plots.
This place is dead, guys...

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Already, the small group clustering around Jean and Isaac were chattering like sparrows. Not that she minded; she loved how lively they were. When she joined, she heard stories about how seasoned soldiers were bitter and showed little to no emotion. There were some soldiers mingling along with them, soldiers twice her age, who glowered at her with a mixture of sourness and pity. Paloma perked up when Jean addressed her directly, making her fluster slightly under his wink. Oh yeah. They didn't salute them. Well, now she looked dumb. At least no one really seemed to mind. She hoped she wouldn't make any other mistakes. If she did, then the results would probably be much more serious. Cooling her blood, she returned his smile, holding herself at ease and prepared to speak again.

That was, until Lieutenant Middleton began to rally everyone together. Automatically, her cheeriness diminished slightly. It was time. Nevertheless, the girl kept her smile, bobbing her head as she followed Jean and the rest of their squad to the frontlines.

Oh God, what's that smell? Paloma wrinkled her nose at the stench. She had lived on a farm, but this was much worse than what she was used to. Cows, horses, and sheep all ate grass, and so their waste didn't smell all bad. The stench that plagued the trench was horrid. It turned her stomach, and she knew she had to either hold her breath or try her best to withstand it. Quietly, she placed herself next to Jean, noticing that Isaac was nearby as well. That was good. She liked both of them, even though they were Darcsen. Goes to show that a person could be great, no matter where they were from.

Everything was quiet. Paloma felt the tension riddle the air. Under the veil of coldness and rain and the blank stares of the senior soldiers, she found her limbs growing numb. She ran her thumb over her gun to keep herself calm. Her attention was peaked by Jean's rambling. The poor guy already seemed to be stressing the hell out. I mean, she was, too, but at least she was trying her best to control it. It looked like he was going to lose his lunch before the fight even started.

"Everything's gonna be fine, Jean! Like Isaac said," she reached out, lightly patting him on the back. "We're gonna go out there, kick some ass, then get back and have ourselves a great dinner! Besides, it can't be all that bad, right?"

Yeah. Cause the sound of gunfire and the stench of death certainly wasn't "that bad". Paloma mentally cringed away from what she said. But on the outside, she kept her smile on her lips, watching Jean and Isaac. The less they stress, the better...
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