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Current There are some pfps on this site that I wish I could erase from my memory
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Fate RPs are always full of salt. I never join them even if I think the premise is interesting. People just get too upset over each other's OP characters.
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Why would you say that... xddd
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This is because tons of university have a very harsh punishment towards students who plagarize. It varies between getting a failing grade and getting expelled from the university.
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[@Tyler] As someone who has worked side by side with professors, that isn't the case. If the professor suspects you of plagarizing, they'll be EXTREMELY straightforward about it.


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@BreathOfTheWoof I meant the plot and world.
Guys... this is dead. I'm so sorry but there hasn't been any activity here for the past 4 months until now. I'm not interested in running this anymore, and I don't want anyone stealing my idea either. Sorry.

The sun bore down hard on her scales. No matter how accustomed they were to the heat, it seemed like the rays of light grew closer and closer to burning holes into her with every passing moment. The delicate-looking dragon’s scales glowed pale amber in the midst of the sweltering courtyard, with the color fading into a sandy yellow as it neared her flank and tail. At first glance, one might have considered her a strange looking SandWing– possibly one that was underfed or the runt of her clutch. Yet, a scrutinizing eye could catch her ruse. For one, her stinger was far too small for a SandWing, almost as if it was deformed, and her sail was larger and more elaborate than the other SandWings’. But what gave her away the most was the strange colors that blotched over the orange and parts of the yellow; as she sat with chains tied around her muzzle and limbs and clamps around her wings, blues and purples flourished from beneath her fiery scales like spilled ink. The strange color only intensified when SandWings, armed with both swords, lances, and deadly stingers alike, sauntered across the searing sands and glared at her with disdain from beneath their helmets. Bright irises surrounded by dark sclera scorched straight through her body faster than any sunlight or heat could.

Vivid wasn’t one of them. No, she was far from it. To them, she was one of two things. At best, she was a pretty centerpiece, a slave that someone could purchase from Queen Caracal if she caught their fancy. At worst, she was a monster. A hybrid.

If she had any ounce of rancor, she would have blamed her ancestors. From what she heard, her grandmother, a RainWing, fell in love with a SeaWing, and her father was produced from their union. Then he went and got involved with a SandWing… though, she wondered how that happened, with how Pyrrhia viewed hybrids. Tainted, they were called. Huh. She always thought that was a weird thing to call someone.

The rustle of dry scales made her snap back to attention. Vivid perked up, seeing that the large, pale SandWing from before had begun to prowl the small perimeter once again. His amber eyes swept across the rest of the dragons that were lined up against the sweltering walls of the square courtyard. Each of these hybrids were restrained just like she was. Clamps around their wings so they couldn’t fly away. Chains around their muzzles so they couldn’t breathe fire, spit venom, or bite. Heavy clasps around their ankles, necks, and tails so every movement felt as if boulders were piled upon their shoulders. The heat was merely another form of torture.

The pale SandWing rounded close to her. He was twice her size, with large claws that could rend her body in half if he wanted to. His maw twisted and he flashed white fangs down at her. ”Lucky cur,” he spat before he walked past her, the tip of his stinger swinging dangerously close to her face. She bristled in fear and ducked away.

Lucky. They kept calling her lucky. Vivid didn’t really know what that meant. They kept taking other dragons away, pulling them along by their chains like beasts. Some were so drained by sun and heat, parched due to the lack of water, that they struggled to walk and the SandWing guards practically had to drag them away. Those didn’t return. The ones that came back were marred by claw and teeth marks. Their wounds bled freely out into the sand until they passed out, and it was only then that they were tended to. The half-dead ones, their scales painted with crimson burns or their limbs half frozen, were tossed onto the sand like carrion. She had seen a few fall into deep slumbers from which they never emerged. Though, only a few of those that returned were strong enough to be chained up again, their jaws gaping with agony, their eyes empty, their talons and fangs dripping with blood that wasn’t their own.

Was she going to be next? She always thought she would be, though they took almost everyone else but her.

Distant cheers sent a chill through her body. Her claws dug into the sand. She wanted to spread her wings and fly back into the rainforest, the closest thing that she could call home. Her eyes drifted towards the tops of the buildings that provided them no shadow, no respite from the sun, yet trapped them in that dusty courtyard. There was no escaping this. When she saw that the SandWings had noticed her drifting gaze, her attention snapped back to the other hybrids that kept her company. There was a MudWing-looking dragon that had webbed talons and an extra thick tail, and his brown scales, highlighted with an oceanic blue, were striped with the types of scales one might find on a SeaWing. He was leaning against a wall, his eyes half-lidded and sunken in. Then there was a NightWing with a grayish hue and a grumpy expression, though she was transfixed with the white coloring at the top of his head. Was that a NightWing-IceWing..?

”Alright you lot, listen up!” roared a dark brown SandWing from the center of the courtyard. ”The next fight’s coming up, so all of you better be prepared! The Queen wants to watch a good fight before her dinner, and if anyone messes up her day, there’ll be punishment dealt for all of you!” As if to punctuate her statement, her tail arched above her back, her black stinger glimmering in the light of the late afternoon sun.

Vivid trembled as the SandWing’s maroon eyes swept across the dozen or so hybrids that sat there. No one spoke, but she was certain that everyone knew that she was sizing them up. The orange that had once dominated her scales now dimmed to a sickly looking green, and she ducked her head to avoid the SandWing’s gaze.

Three moons… don’t let it be me this time…
A 1x1 between @PrankFox and me.

MENTIONS: Munehisa [@Solace], Nagi [@Psyker Landshark], Masashi [@Zombehs]

What could she say? She had to admit she expected Nagi’s reaction, but that still didn’t make her feel any better. She let Masashi explain what happened, a little surprised to see that he had even mentioned the crow that she had “adopted” out of the blue. For a moment, she wondered how the bird was doing in the middle of those bushes outside. She hoped it hadn’t flown away– it would only get more hurt if it tried. If that happened, she wouldn’t forgive herself! Now that she thought of it, maybe she could have put a box over it to prevent it from escaping… Her thoughts screeched to a halt when Munehisa mentioned that Nagi and him went to the food court at Aprile instead of meeting up with them. She narrowed a brow at Munehisa’s explanation, then pouted childishly at Nagi and jabbed her shoulder with a finger.

”Y’know, if you wanted to ditch us for your little date, the least you could have done was send us a text!” she chided them in a voice a few octaves higher than usual. ”The whole thing was crazy! I think I got blood on my uniform when I tripped over the body, too… it was so gross. But everyone told the cops the truth, since they let us go pretty quick. Chen’s dad cooks like a god, though. You two totes missed out.”

Her mind drifted back to the meal. Man, it really was a good dinner. She wondered if Chen would invite them over again, or the whole situation with the crow turned him off… ”Oh yeah! Want to see the crow? I brought it to school with me!” Asumi grabbed Nagi by the hand and started to pull her towards the entrance to the school. ”It’s in the bushes not far from the entrance. C’mon, let’s go! You guys are gonna think it’s so cute!”

She couldn't help but tilt her head at Lionpaw's remark. Wasn't that the point of warriors? Just because someone was a leader didn't mean their word was law. If a bunch of a Clan's warriors were upset with their leader, couldn't they just rebel? She was sure that StarClan wouldn't mind. Oh well. It wasn't like a ton of cats were too ruffled up about the whole situation, so there wasn't a point in worrying about it for now. Her mind instead chose to focus on the conversation she had just entered with her mentor. That was what actually mattered at the moment.

"I wanted to know if you talked to Dawnstar about my warrior assessment yet," Frostpaw asked as she settled down in front of her. Her tail curled around her paws as she looked at her with calm, frosty blue eyes. The question might have come out as too direct for some... but Nightwater was her mentor, so she was definitely used to it by now. "I feel like I can help the Clan even more if I'm not stuck doing apprentice duties."

That much was true. It was getting pretty annoying to have warriors look at her weird when she went off to hunt by herself. She swore she saw one or two of the other apprentices from the other Clans snicker at her after they found out she was still an apprentice. She might be a little larger than most of the other apprentices in her Clan, but that didn't mean she was too much older. But StarClan, did the weird looks make her pelt prickle sometimes.
She supposed that this was going to happen eventually.

At first, Lumi didn’t know what to do with the letter that had been left in their mailbox one early morning in the middle of summer. The parchment, faded and shut with a crimson seal, was distinct, foreign, and smooth beneath her paws. It carried the scent of mountain winds and grassy valleys. And the crimson seal was fashioned in the shape of a spire that pointed straight up into a circle, which could be nothing else but a sun. Sunspire. All in all, it was something different than the junk mail that they often received. They were a tiny adventurer’s guild in the midst of a small town– that didn’t mean that they were there to help Pokemon pick kites off of trees, or to help an elderly Flaafy find her glasses. They were supposed to seek out dungeons, rescue stranded Pokemon… not be handy workers and nurse maids! This feeling of stagnation had gathered in Lumi’s chest for the past ten or so years. It fermented in her diaphragm and hung heavy in her gut. To think that, after what had happened, she had come to Fishertown to start a new life for herself. But all she did was dig herself a deeper hole. Now, she didn’t know if she could pull herself out of it.

Rieka had commented on the state of her fur once. She said it had grown too long, too curly, and that she looked like a Herdier more than an Eevee. Lumi always replied that she didn’t care, but even then her words stung; she had known her ever since she got here. The Poochyena was the first one to welcome her into the beachside village of Fishertown, and together they had created the village’s first rendition of an adventurer’s team. Rieka’s energy was too much to handle at first. She was too spazzy, too energetic, and honestly a little dumb. But as time passed, they became closer. They mustered enough money to buy themselves a decently-sized shack and fix it up so it could be somewhat habitable. That little hut became their base of operations, and that was when the “jobs” came pouring in.

“Can you please help me find my lost apple?”

“My toy broke, can you fix it?”

“There’s no way this satchel costs that much! Aren’t you going to do somethin’? He’s obviously scammin’ all these poor Pokemon!”

It was almost enough to drive her insane. It was even worse when Marlow and Enya came rolling around. The Riolu and the hot-headed Fletchling, along with the overly eager Poochyena, drove Lumi to hysterics. No matter how much she begged that they turn down these requests, that they seemed like fools, Rieka and Enya pushed back. And that was how Lumi became known as caretaker of Fishertown rather than the famous adventurer that she always wanted to be. Twilight City, where her dreams of fortune lay for years and years, seemed so far away.

Now that the letter was here, such a vision was only pushed further over the horizon.

Lumi carried it tightly in her paw as she walked down the dusty path and slipped back inside their hut. The letter crumpled in her grip as she settled herself in the small space that they had designated their kitchen. It was much more cramped than it was back home, as it only had a small wooden table and some semblance of a countertop, though she had gotten used to it long ago. The breeze threaded itself between the long grass outside the window and slipped into the room, carrying with it the tinge of salty ocean air and sand. It mussed her fur, but she didn’t pay it any mind. Her orange eyes settled on the wrinkled paper for a few long moments before she adjusted it in her paws, her claws beginning to pull at opposite edges.

“Lumi!” Rieka’s voice barked in her ear and caused her to flinch. The Poochyena had taken such an opportunity to snatch the half-ruined letter from her paws.

Lumi whirled around, her paws flailing to renew their grip on the letter. “Give that back!” she snarled.

The darker-furred Poochyena smirked down at her with bared fangs. She was bigger than her, and Rieka very much knew that. The smaller Eevee growled in frustration as she shoved against the Poochyena, though she didn’t budge an inch.

“A new job?” Rieka flipped the parchment over. Her crimson eyes widened at the sigil pressed onto its back. “Wait… is this…?”

“It’s nothing!” Lumi lashed out with her paws again, but Rieka pulled away and retreated deeper into the hut.

“It’s a letter! A letter from Sunspear’s adventurer’s guild!” Rieka shouted. “It’s an actual job! We actually got somethin’ good!” Her momentary excitement was doused for only a moment and was replaced with a cock of her head and narrowed eyes. “Hey… why were you gonna rip it up? Isn’t this a good thing..?”

Lumi felt like she was going to burn up under her fur. Her teeth clenched so hard that her jaw ached. But no matter how much the fire inside of her blazed, she couldn’t bring herself to let it loose. The flutter of wings cut through the tension, and she looked up to see that a Fletchling had landed on the wooden table. The bird Pokemon’s black-and-white tail, longer than usual, settled neatly on the table behind her as her beady eyes darted between them.

“What are you two yapping about so early in the morning?” Enya’s voice was an annoyed chirp. Marlow trotted up from behind her shortly after.

Rieka lifted up the letter. “We got a letter from Sunspear’s adventurer’s guild.”

Against Lumi’s silent wishes, they tore open the letter and laid it out on the kitchen table. Her shoulders weighed heavier and heavier as they read it out loud. A partnership with Sunspear’s adventurer’s guild. A mission they would conduct together. The three Pokemon in front of her were more than elated to accept. Lumi just wanted to cry and say, for the first time in ten years, that she wanted to remain in Fishertown and find some kid’s apple or fix a rusty toy.

They packed and boarded up their hut within the hour. Marlow asked their neighbor, a Fearow that they had known for the better part of the decade, if he could keep watch over their humble abode. Even the bird-Pokemon was more than elated for them to chase even broader horizons. Everyone was so happy, so excited, so pleased for what was to come. All she felt was dread and despair. Out of all places in the known world, Sunspear was the last place she wanted to visit.

The trip to Sunspear took four days. They headed east, over craggy hills and the smaller, more desolate portion of the Gilded Mountains. Even though they didn’t run into any feral Pokemon, bandits, or highwaypokemon, Lumi’s body felt like it was weighed down by rocks by the time her calloused paws touched the smooth cobblestone of Sunspear’s streets. Her eyes widened as she took in the sights of the town. It was like nothing she remembered; the town’s stalls had transformed into single-leveled stores, complete with glass-window panes and elaborate displays. The local bakery stand had morphed into a bustling storefront that was decorated with freshly baked pastries and breads. Small apartment buildings, forged from sun-baked terracotta, had replaced the wooden huts from when she was just a pup. Everything’s changed so much… Lumi’s eyes darted back and forth, her fur prickling. The Tauros chatting with the Amaura baker. The Luxray and Luxio bickering with one another near the town’s square. Were those familiar faces? Did they recognize her? Was she just making things up in her mind?

Another flutter of wings. Enya perched herself upon her head. “Earth to Lumi!” she chirped. When she didn’t reply, the Fletchling delivered a harsh peck to the top of her skull. The blow made a sharp pain spread over her scalp.

“Ow!” Lumi grumbled, shaking off the parasitic bird from on top of her. “Can you relax?

The Fletchling screeched, thrashing her wings dramatically before she took off and settled on Marlow’s shoulder instead. “See, I would, if I actually knew where we were going!” Enya sneered. Marlow only rolled his eyes at her outburst.

Rieka’s wide gaze took in the sights around them. “Yeah… this place is great and all, but… I have no idea where we're headin'.”

We’re near the town’s center, Lumi told herself, casting her eyes towards the open, circular area in front of them. It felt like so long ago that she was clambering on top of that Taurus to watch the adventurer’s team come back. Storm, Sable, Cane, Sora… she scrunched up her features, her ears pinning back as she tried to drown out the memories. The present. She had to focus on the present. Opening her eyes again, she glanced to the east. If we head deeper into the center, then take a…

After a minute of walking, Marlow motioned in front of them with a dainty paw. “That’s the adventurer’s guild.”

As they stepped into the shadow of the building, she had to prevent her fur from prickling. Marlow held the oaken doors open for them as they slipped inside. The scent of several types of Pokemon reached her nose. The most poignant was Cash’s, the Pyroar that had gathered all of them in the meeting hall of the guild. As Pokemon clustered around them, and when Rieka pushed a path through the crowd for them, even the Pyroar’s scent became lost in the muddle. The smells, the pelts and scales rubbing against each other, the smells of warmth and sweet-stuff and sun-baked soil… her breath caught in her throat. Her eyes widened at the sight of a familiar pelt and a round face. She felt her fur bristle as she locked eyes with Sora’s.

“Yeah, we’re from Fishertown, so we’re a pretty tiny guild…” Rieka said as she padded forward. She grinned her toothy smile, her fluffy tail swaying from side to side. “But that doesn’t mean we ain’t tough! Lumi here's as fierce as thunder! Enya's as swift as the wind, and Marlow's as smart as an Abra! And me, well, you can bet I'm tough as a rock, too, so you should put your trust in us!”

MENTIONS: All y'all

The others weren’t that pleased with her decision to bring the bird indoors. Masashi and Chen appeared to expect the worst, with the former threatening to lock everyone in there if the bird decided to take flight. Akira and Hoshiko, on the other hand, were just as curious as she was. The crow seemed to bristle at Hoshiko’s mockery and raised its wings in order to take off, though its body shuddered and it slumped back against the sweater. Its small form trembled profusely. Asumi frowned, her chest swelling with pity as her eyes settled on its right wing. It was crumpled and laid awry against the soft fabric.

”I don’t think taking him back to Kuro’s is a good idea. I think his wing is broken.” Asumi bundled her sweater even tighter around the crow. Her crude attempt of swaddling it only made it squawk in complaint. She glanced in between Hoshiko and Akira before she gave them a small smile. ”I think some crows have reddish-colored eyes. And I don’t think I’ve seen other birds with a wrapped leg. Maybe it’s just a pet?”

She scratched the back of her head. Well, she had gone outside and grabbed the bird. She had brought the bird inside. Now she knew that the bird was injured, which meant that it would have to go to a veterinarian. Did the vet in Fujihama even take care of birds? Would she even be able to afford a vet visit? Asumi grumbled under her breath as her face screwed up in intense thought. Her gaze flitted towards the window and out at the darkening sky. It was obvious that her already frantic mind was running away with yet even more ideas.

”Hey, uh, I think I’ll bring him home! I can take care of him, and that way I can post pictures online and see if he got away from anyone,” she suggested, reaching for her school bag again. Asumi bunched the sweater underneath her arm and made to get up, a nervous giggle coming from her lips. The crow only stared into dead space with a less than amused expression.

”Anyways, it’s getting dark, so I should get going. Try not to leave so late, m’kay?”

After bidding everyone farewell, Asumi was on her way. She figured she’d have to get home quick if she wanted to get a headstart on tending to the poor bird. The last thing she wanted was for it to peck her the whole way home. Don’t worry, little guy, she thought to herself as she tenderly patted the bundled bird. I’ll take care of you with some TLC!

April 25th, 2025.

Fujihama High

The day passed normally. Too normally. It was almost as if Miss Okamoto had forgotten about what happened yesterday. For a moment, Asumi thought the whole thing had been a bad dream. Though, at the end of it all, she guessed that she was asking for too much. There was no amount of wishing or pleading or rituals she could muster up that could change what occurred the day prior. The very thought dampened her mood. Damn Munehisa– not only had he ruined everything for everyone, but he couldn’t even show up to a study session! And he had to go and drag Nagi along with him, too. Ugh. At least it wasn’t raining… and everything winded down rather peacefully by the time the last bell rang.

Asumi was rather quiet as she followed Munehisa, Nagi, and Masashi towards the entrance of the school. She wondered how that crow was fairing; she had brought it to school with her and hid it in the middle of the bushes outside. It still didn’t appear to have the energy to escape, and even if it did, there was no way it’d turn down the comfy nest she had made for it or the snacks that she left for it to munch on. If she were a bird with a broken wing, she’d feel like she was in heaven. Her stomach let out a little grumble at the thought of all of those snacks. Man, what she wouldn’t do for some Pocky right now…

”So, what were you two doing yesterday? Masashi and I got arrested.” Asumi asked Nagi and Munehisa, pouting. ”We found a dead body and the cops just came and whisked us away like we were criminals! Can you believe that? Us, criminals!


MENTIONS: Nagi [@Psyker Landshark], Munehisa [@Solace]

In the midst of Munehisa’s awakening, “Miss Okamoto” had become a horrified yet confused mess of a woman– if she wasn’t one already. As the bee-monsters were slain by the strange presence, two of the creatures who hadn’t been attacking had grabbed their teacher and pulled her into the air. She snarled down at the retreating figures as she retreated into the dark. “Do you really think you’ll be leaving here alive?” she growled. “My reinforcements will come for your heads soon! Try all you might, but you’ll never escape!”

As the two retreated, they found more of the same sights they had seen before; several classrooms with closed doors and paths that seemed to wind deeper into the “school” stretched out to their left and right without giving any signs to where they led. After only a couple of minutes of running in their attempt to find some semblance of an exit, they reached a dead end. Two paths stretched out to their left and right sides. On their left was a fairly well-lit corridor, its floors surprisingly clean and void of the sticky honey that might have slowed them down. On the right was another hallway lit up by fancy chandeliers that practically sweltered with blazing embers. Further down the hallway, one could hear murmurs and perhaps even groans…

“Oh, this is such bullshit.” Nagi exhaled as they ran through the halls, only slightly winded from the amount of sprinting they’d done so far. Good thing cardio was part of her workout routine. “Who’d be stupid enough to go down that way?” She waved her hand in the direction of the right path, where all the chandeliers and moaning was.

“We’re going left, right?” She glanced to Mune, giving him a once-over now that she had a brief opportunity. “Like the new drip, by the way. That come standard with the magic and your imaginary friend?”

Munehisa hadn’t even noticed his sudden change in attire, his breathing labored as he was overcome with a dizzy spell. He found it difficult to focus as he fought to stay on his feet, casting a bit of an awry look towards Nagi. “Left? Oh, right,” he muttered before falling to one knee, evidently fatigued. Her mention of his uniform gave reason for the boy to observe the difference in his clothing, astonished with his new wardrobe. “What the hell? What’s up with my clothes?”

The eerie sounds that crept from the right hallway interrupted his amazement as Munehisa struggled to rise. “I dunno what’s even real anymore,” he mustered enough strength to stand, starting towards what was presumably the exit. “Did you hear it, too? Calling itself Persona, or whatever?”

The pair decided to head to the left, and much to their delight, they seemed to be headed in the right direction. As they traveled down the hallway, light seeped in from an unknown source and glinted across what looked like the type of windows they’d see at their school– but when they turned to look at them, they were only met with the sight of the patterned walls.

Despite the fact they seemed to be nearing the exit, something seemed off; it was almost as if they were being watched. The sensation persisted as the hallway opened up into a large room. Rectangular storage units shot up from the floor, though each of the compartments were sealed shut with several layers of sticky film. Multiple sets of doors rested all of the way on the other side of the room, though they seemed unnaturally far away. Hopefully, they wouldn’t be sealed shut. Several pairs of eyes continued to sear into their skin and the air thickened with intent. Whatever was watching them appeared to be waiting for their next move.

“What? No, I didn’t hear shit.” Nagi blinked, helping Mune along as she slung his arm over her shoulder to support him as they ran. “This’s bad, though. If you’re gassed already, we might be screwed if that bitch Okamoto decides she wants another round.”

As they entered the next room, Nagi frowned as she looked around. This was…creepy. Which meant that it was probably bad.

“Ah, crap.” She groaned, still supporting Mune. “Don’t like any of this. What’s the odds we even make it across this fucking room before something bad happens? Looks like a goddamn horror movie in here.”

The sound of fluttering wings reverberated from the hallway they had just traversed. Three smaller bee-like drones emerged from the corridor, though two of them struggled under the weight of carrying the Okamoto look-alike. A smirk played on her lips as the creatures hovered in one corner of the room, drawing another puff from her pipe.

“Trying to leave, are we?” Okamoto hummed. She motioned to the doors all the way on the other side of the room. “Well, you’ve made it this far… so go ahead. The exit’s right there.”

Nagi frowned, glaring up at Okamoto defiantly. The fuck was she playing at now? This was definitely rigged in some way, but…well, they didn’t exactly have a choice. It was either move forward, or be stuck in this shithole.

She started to help Mune across, but murmured into his ear as they did so.

“How good’re you for a fight right now? She’s probably gonna jump us.”

As fatigued as he was, Munehisa felt that he had enough for the last mile, offering Nagi a tired smile. “I got this,” the boy waved a hand off, removing himself from the girl’s assistance. He stood with a slight hunch as his lingering will manifested once more, the stalwart visage of Peter Pan floating at his side and prepared for another battle. “Make a run for the exit while I distract ‘em, and I’ll follow up after.”

“Miss Okamoto” watched with a sneer as the two children carried out their plan right in front of her, with Nagi starting to head towards the entrance and Munehisa turning towards her. A laugh left her lips before she stared at Nagi’s retreating figure. “Why, are you so intrigued with me?” she asked. “I know I’m too beautiful to ignore, but you should probably concentrate on your friend over there.”

At that moment, a large figure dropped from the ceiling and landed between Nagi and the exit. Its form resembled the other wasp monsters that had been tailing them, though it had a small set of wings and multiple limbs that were long and spider-like. Its hands bore four spike-like fingers, and a long, sharp proboscis with an opening at the end. Crimson eyes glimmered above a maw of sharpened yellow teeth.

“Where do you think you’re going?!” the beast roared. One of its legs swept towards Nagi, attempting to slam her against the ground as if she were an insect herself. “Creatures like you have no right to turn your back on Lady Okamoto!”

“Not into other girls,” Nagi shot back as she carefully inched towards the exit. “Tried that in middle school, didn’t work ou-OH SHIT!” She cried out in alarm as the…superwasp dropped down on her. She raised her arms to block just in time, and the creature’s leg slammed into them, sending her skidding backwards along the floor.

“Motherfucker…” She groaned, feeling a sharp throbbing in her arms. Taking that straight to the gut would have been real bad, but even blocking it hurt like an absolute bitch. Years of getting into scraps had her assessing the situation quickly, and a slight amount of panic started to creep in. Mune was dead on his feet already, this big shithead was obviously more of a threat than the little bitch-tier wasps Okamoto was throwing at them before, and she was borderline useless in this situation.

A seething rage started to boil in Nagi’s gut at the thought of her being helpless, and she raised her brass knuckles defiantly, her eyes wild.

“Come on, asshole! I’ll fucking bury you, then Okamoto!”


A faint whisper echoed in Nagi’s head, but it barely registered in her mind as adrenaline coursed through her. They could go down here. They probably would go down here. But she’d make that thing hurt before she did.

“Oh no, you don’t!” Munehisa flinched at the sight of his friend being purposefully targeted with a hefty blow. He rose with a defiant step, placing himself between Nagi and the larger foe that blocked the supposed exit. If I can just divert its attention and get it to move away– better yet, I can just bring it down like the others, no problem. With his heart set on the objective, the boy steeled himself for the encounter. “Outta the way, bug!” he taunted his opponent, sending his Persona in for a direct confrontation. Peter Pan’s knife hand crossed blades with the bee’s spiked fingers, attempting to overpower the enemy enough to push it aside.

The larger bee proved strong enough to not be manhandled, breaking the clash and propelling the Persona back by a few feet. “Break its wings, Peter Pan!” Munehisa chanted in a decisive moment, channeling its powers from the mask as its flute hand rose to fire a double shot. The bullets of energy smacked into the figure of the large bee, but unlike its smaller brethren, it seemed to resist the damage, letting out a mocking chuckle in response.

Dumbfounded by its resistance, Munehisa looked on in horror as the monstrosity twirled in a circle, feeling the wind begin to coalesce around him. A gust of green energy spun around his figure before closing in on him, feeling the cut of the bladestorm far more immensely than his previous injury. It was the greatest pain that he’d ever felt in his life– his scream reverberated across the distorted walls as the boy fell to his back. He was unable to act in the following moment when the larger bee seemed to pick up its stride right after, immediately firing a large projectile from its proboscis towards him.

Too stunned to react, it struck the boy directly with such force that it flipped Munehisa onto his stomach, collapsed by Nagi’s feet. His life force had slipped away into a dangerous threshold, finding himself unable to stand back up as he reached out towards Peter Pan. The image of his Persona was weak, barely maintaining its form as it began to dissipate from the world. “S-shit,” the boy cursed with a shallow breath, his upper body propped up by his right arm. It’s way too strong!

Okamoto’s features wrinkled up in delight as she watched the scene unfold in front of her. A long, bubbling giggle blustered from her lips, and she covered her mouth with a gloved hand. “I told you that you wouldn’t be leaving here alive. Why would I let you two escape? Disgusting insects such as yourselves should be culled on the spot,” she hissed. With a lazy wave of her hand, she added, “Take care of them, dearie.”

“With pleasure,” the beast rumbled again. It reached out to grab Munehisa in its claws, squeezing the boy tight within its spiney fingers before it turned back to Nagi with a hungry growl.

“All you had to do was submit,” Okamoto chimed childishly. “It’s too late to ask for forgiveness, now.”

“Shit! Mune!” Nagi cried out in alarm as he stepped in and started to cover for her, only to be taken down. It all happened quickly enough that she hadn’t been able to maneuver around Mune and Peter Pan to help in time. And then Okamoto opened her mouth again.

“Holy shit, do you ever stop talking?!” Nagi screamed in fury up at her, her mind racing to try to figure out how to handle the situation. If Mune couldn’t take it, what chance did she have? Surrender wasn’t an option. If Nagi had thought Okamoto was sincere in her offer, she might have considered it, if only to bail Mune out. But everyone in the room knew she was just fucking with them.

“You want me to just up and quit? Get the fuck down here and make me.” She hissed defiantly. “You wouldn’t be shit without your stupid goddamn bee fetish.”

Her laughter caught in her throat after Nagi’s reply, which earned her a severely judgemental “ahem” from Okamoto. The bees brought her closer to where Nagi stood, though they remained hovering out of her reach. Okamoto peered down at her through narrowed eyes. “It amazes me that you’re still squealing, worm. Though, I fear that I may be asking too much of you when I tell you to lay down and die quietly… Nakano, wasn’t it? Can you not process such a simple request?” she asked with a lazy shrug. “Not surprising, seeing that you come from a family of filthy-blooded criminals.”

Nagi’s fists clenched reflexively at Okamoto’s insult, and a haze of red started to tinge her vision. This bitch fucking dared to go there? So help her, Nagi almost forgot about the imminent threat to her life as she started to talk back.

“Say that again. My old man rips people off, but he’s still a damn sight better of a person than you’ll ever be. At least he shed blood, sweat, and tears for his place in life. Tell me, you ace your job interview flat on your back, or beneath the principal’s desk?”

You insolent wretch! Okamoto’s face morphed with anger at Nagi’s response. “How dare you speak that way to me?! How dare you know anything about what I’ve been through! I have spent years of my life raising children so they can be more than just crude-minded grubs writhing beneath my feet! So that they can be model citizens worthy of good lives!”

She practically burned with rage, continuing her tirade as she bared her fangs down at Nagi. “What does a bitch like you know?! You’re slated for failure anyways. Why, I bet that in a few years from now, you'll be rotting in prison alongside your worthless father!”
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