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Current Anyone interested in doing a Wings of Fire 1x1 with me? Looking for literate, fun, passionate, and active partners that will help a fandom newbie out when needed.
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Starting to get into Wings of Fire
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I swear, Michiru better not get with Nazuna in BNA. Nazuna is a horrible person that only cares about her own fame and exploits people's beliefs to stroke her own ego.
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If anyone's interested in a League of Legends inspired RP, PM me for more details
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Oh then congrats reborn!
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Skua snorted at Eclipse's words as he rolled his eyes. He knew that Eclipse was joking, but he was tempted to cuff him over the head after that reply. Playfully, of course. Though, knowing his strength, he might be too rough about it. Nevertheless, he allowed his crooked grin to spread, and he glanced over at Ash. "A great tragedy, indeed," he agreed whole-heartedly, giving his tail a lax flick. When Eclipse teased Sunrise and caused her to take a swipe at him, in turn using his own body as a shield, Skua sent a sharp glare at his friend.

"You're lucky she doesn't shred you, Eclipse," he said in a cautious voice. Despite his glare, he nudged him jokingly. "One day, she'll really lose her temper, and I'll have to drag your tail to the healers."

Right after he said that, though, a laugh left his jaws. Ash and Sunrise continued their spiel, he let another laugh as Eclipse gave him a proper greeting. "What? Me? Gossip?" he chuckled as he walked beside him. "I think you might've confused me for one of the older guards around here. They never stop gossiping." Skua added as he held his head up. There were some unfamiliar dragons that looked at them with curiosity, and so he held his head higher. They probably figured Eclipse was one of the royals, and so Skua absolutely had to look at least somewhat proper. The smell of roast boar reached his nose, and he laughed again. "I'm sure I'll have enough fun if I get something to eat. I'm starving."

Festivals weren't necessarily Skua's thing. It meant more work for him, which didn't necessarily bother him, but it allowed more ample room to make mistakes. He much preferred it when it was quiet around. It was easier to keep track of things, and that way he wouldn't be so uptight. He hung about with the other guards, listening to them complain about whatnot. One of the SkyWings, a long-necked, graceful-looking female, nodded her head brusquely as she conversed next to him.

"I'm telling you, it's a bad thing Queen Ember is allowing all of these dragons to constantly mill about. She's just asking for trouble. We all know different types of dragons don't really get along," she said.

The other female SkyWing next to her was a small one, but she puffed out her chest indignantly. "Don't say that kind of stuff, Cerise. Just look at how many of them are having fun--"

Skua rolled his eyes. Yeah, fun; the little one was right about one thing, at least. From what he could tell, there wasn't a sign of intent in any of the dragons that milled around stalls and barrels of food. They all seemed to be more interested in talking and eating than looking to start a fight. Frankly, the peaceful sight made him want to doze. Skua's muzzle wrinkled at Cerise's retort, not even bothering to pay attention to what he said as he spread his wings and took to the sky. Maybe a quick flight would wake him up. The smell of roasted pig reached his nose, and his stomach growled. Maybe a quick bite, too...

Though before he could really search for the place that heavenly smell, he caught sight of a familiar flash of black and red scales. Skua blinked in surprise when he saw Eclipse talking with two other dragons, both of which seemingly having just as much fun as the rest of the festive dragons. Grinning, he drifted down to join them.

"Aren't we being social today?" Skua teased Eclipse as he landed beside the other dragon. His yellow eyes drifted between Sunrise and Ash as he sat down. "Don't mind me, I'm just surprised he actually decided to show up."


The skua, which is an arctic bird


Young adult


Hybrid; 1/2 IceWing, 1/2 SkyWing

A very proud dragon that has a bit of a hot streak. He hates unfair things, though his definition of unfair might vary from time to time. Loyal and strong of character. Skua has a thing against showing sensitive emotions, such as sadness, worry, fear, and so forth. Under that aloof exterior, he's rather the adventurous type and likes to fool around.

Short Bio:
Skua's mother and father met one destined day in Queen Ember's palace; his mother, as fiery and headstrong as many other SkyWings, found herself quite enamored with his father during his journey as a traveling musician. Within the few days that he spent in the palace, his father convinced his mother to come along with him on his travels. Soon after came along little Skua, who had been more rambunctious than the two were prepared for. As he grew, his mother realized that he had the potential of becoming a great dragon, not just some ordinary musician, and so she sent him to the Sky Kingdom in order for him to train under her comrades' wings.

Skua is actually a gifted musician, though he doesn't let anyone know. He also doesn't really have any special powers, but is talented at claw to claw combat.
This is the story of a pair of friends destined to spread their wings and become something larger than themselves. They will travel throughout all of Pyrrhia, making more allies along the way. But alongside their newfound friends, these dragons will also come across dangerous, deadly enemies. And, possibly, their so-called "friends" might not be friends after all, and suspected foes might become their greatest companions.

Ok ok, I'll join. This will be my first contest but I find the prompt is something I can work with.


The room was quiet. Too quiet, really. Even though some light filtered in, Sayuri felt sad and alone. Hiro still wasn't home, and the announcements from the radio chilled her to the bone. She laid on her side, trying not to think much of what was happening to her relationship. The clothing she had bought for him laid in a heap in the corner of the room, as if it was a pile of trash. It was strange to her that such a usually clean, organized young man would just toss clothing to the side like that. Maybe he had been in in a rush when he did it. Maybe he would come home and fix it as soon as he found it.

She shifted slightly, wincing when she felt something in her pocket. Sayuri was quick to remove it. What was this? A note? She opened it, squinting at the words hastily scribbled upon the surface of the paper. Flying hand, squashed building. She squinted further. Was this her handwriting? Or was someone messing with her? Wait, it was her handwriting. When had she written this? Was it a song lyric, a poem, perhaps? It wasn't like her to write something completely out of the blue.

Sayuri folded the paper together again and placed it on her nightstand. She would figure it out later. Right now she had more important things to worry about, like Hiro. Pulling out her phone, she scrolled through her contacts to find Hiro's number.

Hey, you ok? Coming home soon? The streets are scary, lately. Get home safe please!

Sayuri hesitated before pressing the send button, but decided to press it anyway. Who knows, maybe Hiro was on his way home.

MENTIONS: Iwao (@HereComesTheSnow)

Sayuri knew something was wrong. The way that Iwao was so tense, and the way he was washing those plates... she really didn't want to pry. She didn't want to seem like she was extremely nosy either, so she backed off as soon as her offer was rejected. "O-oh, okay then," she murmured, her smile becoming a bit strained as she took a step back. "I'm actually really tired right now, so I'm going to head to bed. If you're awake by the time Hiro comes home, tell him there's some leftover fish in the microwave. Nighty night!"

And with that, she was gone.

MENTIONS: Iwao (@HereComesTheSnow)

Dinner came along full and well. The fish she had stewed could have come along a bit better, though. Hiro would have noticed that the fish had been slightly under salted. She didn't want to admit it, but she was glad he wasn't there at the moment. Sayuri was grateful for Iwao's company, and together they discussed things over their meal. Even Fumiko looked happy with the food. There was a little bit of gossiping here and there, tales of their day, and so forth. Not to mention, the words that he had shared had soothed her a significant amount.

And yet...

Sayuri didn't know what was up, but she felt more exhausted than usual as she relaxed in one of the chairs. Iwao was kind enough to do the dishes, and the others went to do their own thing. At least they liked the fish too, which made her feel better. But even then, she felt anxious, as if something bad was about to happen. She didn't know if that was true or not, which only made her even more worried. Suddenly, sitting down wasn't necessarily the best thing for her. Sayuri got back to her feet and walked back to the kitchen, only to see that Iwao was still washing the dishes. The radio buzzed lowly in the background. It chattered about assaults, and more insidiously, disappearances. Her mind went to Hiro, who hadn't even called since he left the sharehouse. She hoped nothing bad happened to him.

"Hey, Iwao, you're looking a little tense," Sayuri turned her eyes up towards him as she forced a smile on her lips. "If you're not feeling well, I could take over for you. There's not a lot of plates left."

MENTIONS: Iwao (@HereComesTheSnow)

Sayuri could hardly hear what Iwao was saying. Lost in her thoughts, she continued to wash and rinse. It was only when he asked her a question that she broke out of her daze, glancing over at him in a mixture of confusion and curiosity. Had she hardly missed his query? That would've been awkward if she would have to asked him what he asked her... she shook her head, forcing a light smile upon her lips as she turned fully to him. "Ooh, it's nothing important. Hiro's just been so busy lately, he's hardly ever home in time for dinner and I don't get to share a bed with him that often anymore. But he says that his schedule will clear up soon and all," she sighed, resting an elbow upon the countertop and placing her chin in her hand. "I just wish that he had more time for me, that's all. Things get real lonely when you're alone. If you hadn't shown up, I'd probably just have washed those dishes and gone back to bed. It's too hot to be up and about with no one to keep you company, after all."

Wow, that was the most she had spoken in the day so far. Perhaps she was running her tongue a bit too much. Suddenly flustered, she turned back to the sink and dried off the bowls. What would Iwao even say to that? It wasn't his business to know in the first place. That, and she didn't want him to think Hiro was a bad boyfriend. What if he mentioned it to Hiro and he got upset? Her grip on the edge of the bowl tightened a little. "I guess what I'm saying is that I can't wait until he's free again. It's so nice having him around, isn't it?"

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