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Current That moment when Jojo makes you cry for 30 minutes straight
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Pro-Tip: don't constantly spam @everyone in discord for trivial things 2 or 3 times a day. . It's damn annoying. First time I ever had to suppress it.
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Why are people so rude when it comes to RPing?
27 days ago
Should stop talking about this stuff, spoilers guys


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@Ambra I have no rule saying players can’t be friends. I may regard your applications as separate for the sake of your applying, and presumably you have separate accounts; I’ll need them to notify me themselves, as well.

Alrighty! I was just mostly asking if there's room for 2.
Hello! I was thinking of joining with my friend. Is that ok?
@ManyThings Sorry!! Something came up and we won't be able to join. :(
@ManyThings Awesome! Mind if I could be the Jojo? >w< If we could join that is.
Me and a friend might be interested as long as there's no spoilers cause we're only on part 4.

Cafe Dumonte
Somewhere in Switzerland

August 12th, Present day, Afternoon
Interacting with: Yoshi (@Demon Shinobi)

The taste of cheese and strawberry blossomed within his mouth as Cyril took another bite of his danish. They were probably the best danishes he had had in his entire life; they were sweet and tart enough, and they tasted even better with a warm cup of coffee. Sipping calmly at his coffee, he watched Yoshi from across the table. The older boy was becoming fussy with himself. It was kind of amusing to see him in such a frustrated state... and this was supposed to be their level-headed leader? He hid a smirk behind the next danish he had picked up, one filled with chocolate.

He was getting a little antsy. They were on their first serious mission, and they had been sitting here and eating danishes and sipping on drinks for what seemed forever. Cyril kept his eyes on Yoshi as he mumbled into his receiver. He had learned how to have a little more patience with Yoshi for a variety of reasons, but even now his patience was wearing thin. At least the food was keeping him grounded-- for now.

"And your bitching and muttering is getting me anxious as hell, but you don't hear me complaining about it," Cyril muttered around a mouthful. His eyes slid towards the men as they walked further away from them. Hopefully the others would catch sight of them, wherever they were. For now, their silence was a little worrying, but Cyril knew that they would be fine. There was a reason why they were Vongola candidates. They were smart and tough enough to complete the mission that was given.

Cyril sighed, resting his chin in his hand as his eyes became somewhat heavy. The fresh breeze that flowed around him was comforting and crisp. He was tempted to close his eyes, only for a little bit. Though, he had to keep awake. This was an important mission, and he had to be alert. "The weather is so nice here, I could fall asleep on my feet. At least the coffee had enough sugar in it," he kept his voice low as he talked. "The danishes were good, too..."

@YamiNoNeko2341 If you could find a DM, me and my friend would love to join a long running campaign. With plot of course.
@sassy1085 I'll PM you the link then!
@sassy1085 If you wanna join this, I can always send a discord link.
@Eleven Accepted~

@Allycat I believe Demon and I have to look over Adeline and Essen a little bit more before accepting them. :) Something that does stick out that I would like to make comments are the following:

1) There has to be a reason that Adeline has double daggers. Toulmin has double daggers cause they serve as a extra set of "talons" that he can use. Yvaine has an ice bow. Remember to use a weapon that sticks to your character's theme-- but you don't need to absolutely use a weapon for your character. Also, her last two moves are a little too strong for beginning. Stick to lv 35 or lower. ^^ You can use egg moves and TMs as well.

2) How small of spaces can Essen squeeze through? I'm assuming like smaller spaces like nooks and crannies, but like small holes or paper-thin cracks.

@Suku Accepted~
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