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Current Seems like we all got left in the dark after all. Great. Reminds me of a certain event that happened a few years back...
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Any news on the update?
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I just want to let you guys all know Ekko is a hecking good noodle.
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Ren is also absolutely adorable!!!
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Hook is adorable!


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MENTIONS: Iwao (@HereComesTheSnow)

Sayuri knew something was wrong. The way that Iwao was so tense, and the way he was washing those plates... she really didn't want to pry. She didn't want to seem like she was extremely nosy either, so she backed off as soon as her offer was rejected. "O-oh, okay then," she murmured, her smile becoming a bit strained as she took a step back. "I'm actually really tired right now, so I'm going to head to bed. If you're awake by the time Hiro comes home, tell him there's some leftover fish in the microwave. Nighty night!"

And with that, she was gone.

MENTIONS: Iwao (@HereComesTheSnow)

Dinner came along full and well. The fish she had stewed could have come along a bit better, though. Hiro would have noticed that the fish had been slightly under salted. She didn't want to admit it, but she was glad he wasn't there at the moment. Sayuri was grateful for Iwao's company, and together they discussed things over their meal. Even Fumiko looked happy with the food. There was a little bit of gossiping here and there, tales of their day, and so forth. Not to mention, the words that he had shared had soothed her a significant amount.

And yet...

Sayuri didn't know what was up, but she felt more exhausted than usual as she relaxed in one of the chairs. Iwao was kind enough to do the dishes, and the others went to do their own thing. At least they liked the fish too, which made her feel better. But even then, she felt anxious, as if something bad was about to happen. She didn't know if that was true or not, which only made her even more worried. Suddenly, sitting down wasn't necessarily the best thing for her. Sayuri got back to her feet and walked back to the kitchen, only to see that Iwao was still washing the dishes. The radio buzzed lowly in the background. It chattered about assaults, and more insidiously, disappearances. Her mind went to Hiro, who hadn't even called since he left the sharehouse. She hoped nothing bad happened to him.

"Hey, Iwao, you're looking a little tense," Sayuri turned her eyes up towards him as she forced a smile on her lips. "If you're not feeling well, I could take over for you. There's not a lot of plates left."

MENTIONS: Iwao (@HereComesTheSnow)

Sayuri could hardly hear what Iwao was saying. Lost in her thoughts, she continued to wash and rinse. It was only when he asked her a question that she broke out of her daze, glancing over at him in a mixture of confusion and curiosity. Had she hardly missed his query? That would've been awkward if she would have to asked him what he asked her... she shook her head, forcing a light smile upon her lips as she turned fully to him. "Ooh, it's nothing important. Hiro's just been so busy lately, he's hardly ever home in time for dinner and I don't get to share a bed with him that often anymore. But he says that his schedule will clear up soon and all," she sighed, resting an elbow upon the countertop and placing her chin in her hand. "I just wish that he had more time for me, that's all. Things get real lonely when you're alone. If you hadn't shown up, I'd probably just have washed those dishes and gone back to bed. It's too hot to be up and about with no one to keep you company, after all."

Wow, that was the most she had spoken in the day so far. Perhaps she was running her tongue a bit too much. Suddenly flustered, she turned back to the sink and dried off the bowls. What would Iwao even say to that? It wasn't his business to know in the first place. That, and she didn't want him to think Hiro was a bad boyfriend. What if he mentioned it to Hiro and he got upset? Her grip on the edge of the bowl tightened a little. "I guess what I'm saying is that I can't wait until he's free again. It's so nice having him around, isn't it?"

MENTIONS: Iwao (@HereComesTheSnow)

Sayuri wondered why Hiro couldn't always be as tender as he was at that moment, but at the same time, she knew that people weren't perfect. The girl watched without a word as her lover retreated through the door, leaving behind the half-empty bowl of rice. A logn moment passed between her and the empty room as she polished off her less-than-glamorous meal and went to place it in the sink. That was when the door opened again, and she hoped that Hiroyuki had come back to stay. She couldn't help but feel a little saddened when she saw a familiar shock of blond hair.

"Iwao, hey," Sayuri murmured, glancing down at the packet in his hand. Red snapper. That sounded yummy. "That's great. Hiroyuki isn't going to be here tonight, so more for us, I guess..." she added as she brought a hand up to pull at the tip of her hair. She noticed that he had gotten a beer from the fridge. Probably one of Hiro's remnants. Another sigh left her lips as she turned back to the sink, once again scrubbing at the bowls. "Pretty hot out there, huh?"
Hey, I'm sorry to say but I'm not going through with this as of now. I'll let yall know if it comes back into fruition again!

MENTIONS: None yet.

Sayuri couldn't help but smile when she felt him brush a strand of hair away from her features. Even if Hiroyuki was a bit cold at times, she always appreciated the moments of tenderness he expressed to her, however rare they might be. Her smile widened a bit more when he told her that he slept well, only to fade away when he stated he was going to be out till late. It was like that many times; he would leave early and come back after she was asleep. Even though she had company in the share house, it concerned her to see that he wouldn't even tell her where he was going or who he was seeing. And if she pressured him too much, his sweet demeanor would soon fall from his face and... she didn't even want to think about him getting angry.

"O-oh, okay," she murmured as she stared into the bowl of rice in her hands. Suddenly, she didn't feel as hungry anymore. Sayuri's finger brushed around the edge of the bowl, picking away at any chipped surface she found. A tense moment passed between them before she glanced back up at Hiroyuki's face. "I was thinking, Hiro-kun... maybe we could spend some time together soon? Just the two of us... alone? You've been coming home late a lot, so we haven't been able to hang out together. It'd be sad if things got busy and we wouldn't have any time to ourselves."
@tobiax Alright. Good luck on your RPing ventures!
You can play as anything you'd like; remember that characters don't always have to be 100% effective. That's what a party's for~

The world will be fleshed out more on the OOC as I don't have the specs yet. But do know we will be going against some machinations at some point.

I'm not sure about ARIES yet, really. I think I'm going to have it that everyone's an equal and they kind of vote on things via a "round table" kind of system, where everyone's opinions are taken into consideration. Not sure yet
I'd prefer if you just focus on one thing and stay away from shortlists. Kind of like jobs, but not actually, you know.

As for the level of magic, I'm not extremely sure about it, but I do know that I plan on having Imperials having more units who have more potential with magic than the typical people you see in the Undercity. For tech, I'd say that the impoverished slums have semi-modern/modern tech while the more well off parts have more futuristic machinations.
I don't plan on having everyone start off as uber strong. I'm not really focused on having people dictate their abilities either, as this isn't going to rely on in-game mechs but instead on common sense and decency. As with classes and jobs, what do you mean? I don't want white mages to use guns on the side or for a sword user to be using extremely powerful magic on the off-hand.
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