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Current Cause I know there's crazy idiot extremists on both sides. God forbid people start dying or a civil war starts. That's the last thing we need as a country.
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I'm kinda scared about what's going to happen on the 3rd. Not so much about who's going to win the election but about the reaction of the American people.
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k/da is overrated. give me some more true damage
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G2... you were our only hope...
6 days ago… <-- Pokemon Mystery Dungeon RP


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@Crimson Flame
@The World
@Psyker Landshark

Still waiting for these guys to make their sheets before I start approving people.

@Polaris North Flame Wheel should be ok.

@tobiax Nope, just one ability.

@EnterTheHero Absol is not an option this early on.
@tobiax Yes, we are using abilities, and your character will be able to have hidden abilities. However your character will have to stick with the ability during the whole RP unless they involve. Just make sure to make them balanced characters.

@Lord Orgasmo Try to focus on moves that can be obtained around lv 10-15, lv 20 at most. Egg moves are allowed as long as the character remains balanced.

@Lord Orgasmo
@Crimson Flame
@The World
@Psyker Landshark
@Polaris North

Here we go, guys. Remember that only eight of you will be accepted. If anyone hasn't proclaimed interest in the check and would still like a shot at getting in, you're more than welcome!


Want to be recognized for your bravery and courage?

Want to fight against the encroaching darkness?

Well, we have news for you! Scorch, the legendary and revered explorer that we all love, has come out of retirement to start his very own exploration guild! He is looking for a handful of young, wanna-be explorers to take under his wing. Visit Scorch's Guild to the east of Sunlurch Square for more information!


The piece of parchment dangles from where it had been pasted on a shopfront window. Bright, bold letters scream out at you almost in desperation; they've jarred you from your everyday tasks and have drawn you in. You remember hearing about Scorch in your youth. The Arcanine had been the leader of his very own exploration team a long time ago, though he had ended his career at a rather young age and had seemingly disappeared off the map. The fact that he was back would surely garner attention and reverie.

Though, the offer did tempt you. You've been stuck here in Cloudgate for all of your life, having recently been advised to remain within its borders until the Shade has dissipated and Solgaleo returns from his leave. The exploration teams gave out that warning a very long time ago, and it feels like it's been eons since you've last stepped foot in another city. It'll have been a year upon the turn of the week.

So? What do you do?

You could simply shrug and return back to your life as a baker, a seller, mercenary, thief, shopkeeper, farmer, or whatnot. Or... you could join Scorch's guild and actually make a difference for all of those Pokemon that have been displaced by the darkness. You go back home and think about it, or maybe you make your decision right there. Whatever it may be, you are confident enough to move forward and become one of Scorch's first recruits.

Our story begins in Cloudgate, the largest city in the land. A grand city known for its large, medieval-styled buildings, Cloudgate was built a very long time ago, and it looks over the ocean from its perch on a cliff’s edge. Many Pokemon have traveled there to start businesses small and large alike, though Cloudgate is also famous for its many exploration teams. The most famous of them at the moment is Scorch’s, due to the fact that said Pokemon has recently returned to train a batch of new recruits.

Cloudgate used to have two sister cities, Moonfall and Starstone, further to the south, but the city's lost communications with them ever since the Shade appeared roughly three years ago. Pokemon that were able to escape the strange aura have submitted themselves to Cloudgate's authorities and have been labeled refugees. Suddenly, the already bustling city has become more crowded than before, and tensions and frustrations have been gathering more and more.

There are many types of businesses and stores that litter Cloudgate, but there are certain ones that everyone Pokemon should know:

Kelceon Bros- a large store run by two similar-looking Kelceon, Yon and Jon. Here you can find a variety of foodstuffs such as berries and concoctions. Yon and Jon are quite… strange to say the least, but they are very passionate about their wares. You need it, they got it! Most of the time, at least.

Post Office- previously having only been run by Pelipper, the post office makes sure you get your letters to their destination on time. Make sure to run by Sunny the Wingull so she could make sure your important letters and packages are properly added to the queue.

The Arena- the arena’s a small plot of land that’s for free use. No one really runs it, but the community takes care of it. Pokemon use this area to spar, practice moves, or even learn new attacks from other Pokemon.

Kangaskhan Storage- a decently sized building run by a fairly busy mother. Mola makes sure that all your clutter stays safe and organized.

Felicity Bank- want to make sure that all of your hard-earned money stays safe and sound, no matter where you are or what you’re doing? Run by Nala the Persian and she’ll personally take care of your Pokedollars. It’s her pleasure.

Scorch’s Guild- a small, multi-leveled building right by the cliffside. While it doesn’t look like much, it’s adorned with vermillion and gold banners just about everywhere. There’s a great big lobby, along with a large dining room.

1.) DO NOT GHOST US. If you need to step away from the roleplay, please let us know.

2.) THERE WILL BE A DISCORD CREATED AFTER THE APPROVAL PROCESS IS COMPLETED. Please join the discord and make sure to keep active in it.


4.) NOT EVERYONE WILL BE ACCEPTED. A max of 8 people will be accepted. Please take your time in creating wonderful characters that will be a pleasure to write with!

5.) PLEASE POST AT LEAST ONCE A WEEK. Please focus on clarity when writing, as well!


7.) PLEASE FOCUS ON JUST ONE CHARACTER FOR NOW. I might let you make more characters later on!


[b]Age:[/b] [Young, Adult?]






[b]Short Biography:[/b]

[b]Move Set:[/b] [Your move set is only restricted to four moves at a time, but can be adjusted any time you'd like]

[b]Equipment:[/b] [What does your character carry with them?]

@Polaris North You're more than welcome!
Hey guys been a busy weekend, will try to get the OOC up either tonight or tomorrow.
@Lucky I'm slowly working on the OOC. Expect something by the end of the week!
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