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11 mos ago
Current Training Muay Thai in Thailand was an awesome experience, can recommend!
1 yr ago
The best thing I've used my spanish on yet, is telling some guy on World of Warcraft that we did not have a person to summon him to the boss.
2 yrs ago
Spending too much money on books lately. welp
3 yrs ago
Rest in peace Carrie Fisher :(
3 yrs ago
"Save the rebellion! Save the dream!"
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Hello everyone.

I've been craving someone to RP with for a while, long term would be great. I'm a 21 year old fellow, who'd prefer to have another 18+ partner, I don't care for gender.


I will post a few times a week, work and real life comes up, so I respect that, and hope you can too!
I prefer some high-casual to advanced. I like to fire off some paragraphs, but also understand that sometimes the situation doesn't call for it.
I would really like some fantasy, whether it be high or low. But I'm all about that fantasy. Original universe or established works for me.
I prefer PMs, since that gives a bit more freedom and privacy.
I love to involve natural romance in the stories. I'm not one for the "Love at first sight" kind of thing. I think it needs to develop, but it gives that little extra in my opinion.

I've got a few fantasy ideas, so hit me up if you want to do something!

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Hello! I downloaded the new Harry Potter game and got a groove for a HP RP, here's a few notes.

  • I'm thinking it'll be after Harry has been born, but many years before he goes to Hogwarts. I was imagining it would be about two seventh year students, one from Hogwarts, and one from an American school. As a special thing that very year, the students were offered a student exchange. The britsh girl from Hogwarts would go to America, where the counterpart male would study. After that? I have not decided on anything, lots of oppertunities! But I do imagine something happens, as bad wizards are involved in something, or a student dies etc! But I would like to play the female brit. It doesn't have to be like this. We can do all the years, perhaps shorter, and then timeskip to the next, and have the exchange happening each year. I simply want it to be focused around the year 7, since it would be most appropriate if they ended up together. However, I am a person who prefers for it to happen over time, rather than just love-at-first-sight.
  • I am relaxed in terms of how many replies I expect weekly. 1-2 will be fine, since I'm fairly busy myself as well, and if something comes in the way, worry not! And if you would like to take a pause or stop, just tell me! I usually do long first posts, and I prefer to punch out a few paragraphs at least when RP'ing. Hence the Casual-advanced rating.
  • I do like good grammar and nice language, but it doesn't have to be top class. As long as I don't have to put too many mental commas and try to figure out what it's supposed to say :]
  • I prefer keeping it in DM, in case anything 18+ stuff happens, which is why I want an 18+ partner.
  • I've probably forgotten a lot of points, but I'm very open to discuss!
  • I only want to run a single one of these, as well!
    Nothing is locked in stone, but this is the direction!

Hope to hear from someone!
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