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2 yrs ago
Current Working, essentially, second shift blows. I hate getting home after midnight. xD
2 yrs ago
Any day now, I'll have my first kid. Mini Rilla. #Awesome


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Would anyone be interested in an interview type thread? Where I message back and forth with someone, asking them arena related questions and all. Maybe take some wuestions from the people there?
Yeah, basically. Hahaha.

@Holy Soldier, I see you.
Yeah, where they started on one, then shifted stories to tell from another continent that would ultimately lead to the storylines coming together.
Alright, fair point. How does being slow sound? As in he's slow due to all the armour he's wearing, which I'll have to edit to make this make sense, and his swing speed is not as fast as the average swordsman.


I've also lowkey been craving a Malazan roleplay so this works out perfectly!

You are accepted!

Also me too. Not a lot of people seem familiar with it. I'm thinking of using the continent deal
Not particularly, in way of magic. For instanxe, in previous play, a NOC dragoniod was versed in rune magic.

Much like above, there isn't. The one above, Fananatu, wore robes.

I imagine them as upright lizards, ranging from looking somewhat like a salamander to looking like a Komodo dragon.
Sounds good to me.
That's a better weakness, but still seems slightly dependant on the whims of you, as you can decide what constitutes his limits as far as using the joint, or standing, etc.
I read all of the main series, and then most of the novels afterwards. Some parts are actually gonna be incorporated here. I'll check in a minute. Gotta figure stuff out for tonight.
So you are a reader for Malazan as well, huh?

Kalam is a good name choice, one of ym favorite book characters.

As far as the weaknesses, I think you need another. One that is more physical, like if he's big, then is he slow as well. If he's small, is he not as sturdy. Does he have bad eyes.

Currently, your weaknesses are more situational. After rthe first off hand mention, the party isn't likely to mention your dad again, and in face of the enemy, they likely won't be asking him about family history. Drinking is okay, but chances are you won't be getting hammered pre battle
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