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31 Jul 2015 0:18
Current Working, essentially, second shift blows. I hate getting home after midnight. xD
17 May 2015 18:23
Any day now, I'll have my first kid. Mini Rilla. #Awesome


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For a small sound burst to be he would have to be moving at the speed of sound, or faster. While I can't change anything at the current, with Ek posting already, I'll give you,Oz, 1/3rd the speed of sound to keep you within the ranges for this tournament.
No problem. If you want to RP though, feel free to pop by the viewing lounge though. Make a a Couple bets. Watch some fights. Maybe kick up a story.
It is, since the matches have already started.
Probably so.
Your letters confuse me. I'll try harder in the future.
While it probably won't cause any harm, you'll have to edit the buts about Sure arriving as well. Let him handle his own arrival.
Threads are up.

Use the teleporters to get there.
The Dead on the Wind

A simpler affair, a once prideful battlefield is now home to naught more than the bones of dead soliders, their smell still wafting in the light breeze. Night time is rumored to bring the sounds of the dead, their groans and screams, riding along the wind that blows. Numerous weapons lay about, many in states of unusable disrepair. Yet still, there are some that can still find some use, no matter how little durability they may have. The time is night, stars being the light to illimunate the dead of this solemn place.
Heat of the Mountain

Along a stretch of mountain, a magma mage raged - his magical fire igniting portions of the mountain in flames. No longer does he live, but his fire still burns. Rocks threaten to fall loose, and some burrows remain from small cryptids known as rock moles. Where they go, no one knows, but prolonged stay down there means a threat of intense trapped heat.
The Rain of the Forest

This battle takes place is a thinning forest, damp and wet from a fresh rainfall that ended not twenty minutes before. Animals still call this place home, though many have moved on to greener pastures. At least one adult male leopard, a couple female crocodile still make their home in the large river that cuts through the middle of the forest. A multitude of bugs still live here, and rumor has it two anaconda still reign supreme. The skies above betray more rain to come; starting four posts in with a light drizzle, and increasing in intensity every three posts afterward. In addition, after ten posts, a passing caravan of animals will break down on the path in the north of the forest, releasing an African elephant, a large make Lion, and a rare snow leopard all in route to a carnival held twenty miles to the west.
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