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Current It turns out that you can, if you message your friendly neighborhood moderator.
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Working, essentially, second shift blows. I hate getting home after midnight. xD
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Any day now, I'll have my first kid. Mini Rilla. #Awesome


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Like me for instance.
Aye. This is going nowhere, not even slowly going towards something, it's just a back and forth that is increasingly pushing everything away from where it's suspected it should go. So we're gonna cut it here.

If something is gonna happen, then it'll happen. Anymore petty back and forth will result in warnings with escalating administrative involvement afterwards. Get back to actually planning something, or, I don't know, just kindly exit.
While I don't particularly care for how it was stated, I do agree. Just do something. Anything. Going back and forth isn't going to help, the more time spent doing that is more time nothing is happening and that just keeps the cycle going.

You don't need a mod, hell there really is NO Arena mod. I'm a real mod with real mod powers. None of the other sections have mods. Hell, for better or worse, the arena was almost always self policing. Just do something.

I think wins and losses are important. But what I find more joy in, is the stories told coming out of them. Try to win, damn it. Try and grab the dub, but if you can't, find a story to tell coming out of it. That's how I find myself continuing. I've lost before. And found a way to make it interesting. Had a whole character lose his abilities in the middle of a tournament and still told a story.

But hey, stories ain't everyone's deal. And that's cool too.

Again, just do something. Clucking in here isn't going to help the Arena, which you all seem to want to do. Start a tournament, book some fights. Hell have a 'ArenaMania", come together and do something. Learn from each other. See how different characters work, see what new ideas you guys can create.
Get out, Shit. Smh.


I would also never progress past what was it? C rank? The one with tech and sci fi. Not my type of character so I never create or use them. Huzzah!

I can agree with a general rule book, though I will say it should be very general one that allows for individual fights to adjust as needed.
Rilla, being lazy and being proud about it is a good representation of what the arena is lacking, proper leadership. Trust me I’m not bashing you for it, shit you may have just lost interest. I’m unsure if the battle ground has multiple moderators or maybe souls who act like they have the big stick. If whatever is cool with you...why not just step down since you don’t really care. Shit that’s what I would do. See if the ppl talking can do a better job than you, if they can’t than laugh. Tbh your point system just needs to be reset, it can be the same system, just someone needs to actually keep up with it.

Arena Events would be nice too. One where it requires you to have x amount of wins to participate. Just small home brews could really bring this place back. Inkarnate made a solid point about it needing more story elements. Maybe a theme? The whole goal of the arena should be the number one fighter, maybe the area is a thing that spans across the multiverse forcing warriors of legend and time to meet through unconventional means all for a greater purpose. Little shit goes along way tbh.

And maybe you stepping down is not the wrote word, but adding someone to the team who helps direct may be useful. Removing you may be a issue since you “keep the place clean”. You apparently prevent ignorance, so I can assume you have good judgment, which is useful to making this place better.

My laziness is notoriously overstated most of the time to the point that it's a running joke at most points. When I'm active, I'm active.

Adding another mod is t really my call.

What is needed is.nlt another official placement, but to come together. I can handle the mod side. So long as yall don't overstep too many bounds and cause me to bullshit excuses. The arena worked just fine without a mod.

Y'all want a tournament, do one. It doesn't have to be officially backed by a mod. Who knows. I may even participate. Y'all just need to be active. Do something. Much like with TZDL or any tournament, whoever starts it can do whatever they want, establish any rules, anything. I never go against them. That's their deal.
Should definitely kick out that Rilla character. He's admittedly fairly lazy. But he is around, no one ever really brings him up. His discord calls prove that. Could he be around more, yes. Could someone actually PM him? Seems to have worked out last time when he was *gone* and still had to handle stuff between two people.

But whatever y'all decide to do, is cool with me.

As far as the point system, we've said before it needed to be redone or something, several times, but no one suggested anything different really. There has been no response discussion on it.

The only reason I'm a moderator is for some reason people listened to me, and I was able to keep the arena stuff from spilling out. Other mods, in some capacity, were fine with just banning the lot. Or something to that effect. So I was put in charge to keep things... I don't know... Clean.
So, here is what's gonna happen. I don't care if y'all discuss politics, but nothing changes from here to discord or discord to here. Don't take personal shots. I know politics get real heated like, but if y'all can't keep civil, I'll have to drop the hammer. Do not make me need to do that. A
You boys behave. Y'all gonna have some political beef, keep it in PMs or punch each other for my enjoyment.
And with that. The lazy one appears.


How I got into role-playing.

It started on Myyearbook, a site now called MeetMe. MyB was basically a social networking site like Myspace and Facebook. It had forums, and whatnot. I bounced around from some of them starting in Things(insert jokes here) before branching off to music and politics.

As j searched for more to do, I stumbled across the 'Everything Else' section of the forum, for things that didn't have a proper home. In there I came across a generic RP place, just a clearing in a forest and started reading. Man it was terrible in there. But something about it spoke to me. So after a couple weeks, I gathered my courage and hopped in. It wasn't like here where you need to apply. You come and go.

My first character was Rilla, a ventriloquist with a living dummy. Immediately I connected with someone, who was using an alternate character I think, and we hit it off. That's a friendship that still lasts to this day.

As I spent more and more time there my activity in other forums decreased until it was basically none existent. Roleplaying had hooked me. People liked me but my writing was shit. It was all asteriks and one liners, until one of my friends introduced us to paragraph posting and what all.

Much like here, there I was a fighter, but unlike most of them, I always focused on the story and tried to do as much of it IC as possible.
He had been gone a little more than a fortnight, when thoughts drenched in sorrow crept into his mind. He hadn't wanted to leave, but Brand - his General - insisted that he, like many of the others, follow a path only forged by leaving the shelter of his proverbial wings. The Elf had no idea where to go, for he had considered himself the sword and shield of Brand, his eternal protector, his solider.

Still, at his behest, Adinraen Barriurden packed a small rucksack of survival essentials, as well as twin Boneswords, and a similarly crafted Bow, and set off. He headed in an easterly direction, wondering what he would find and why Brand felt it so important that he followed the flock, so to speak. So when the feeling settled in, he almost turned on his heel and raced back, something had to be wrong, right? Yet, the misjudged Elf steeled himself and carried onwards, until the next night when he set up camp on the edge of a clearing, so he could see any potential threats coming from the forward and sides. With the forest to his back, he felt strangely safe.

The night wasn't long born when the news came to him, by chance or by fate, when a travelling party stumbled upon his fire. Like many others, they were taken aback by his appearance, but steady words calmed them down. They brought word from back home with them, perhaps the most jarring of which was that a known ranger from the forest had been killed. They stumbled remembering the name, but Adinraen knew it in his heart. He was quiet the rest of the evening.

For months after, he stalked the forest around his childhood home, not able to bring himself to enter the place where Brand would no longer offer solace or training. He blamed himself, he should have stayed and fought by Brands side, protected him from the unsavory circumstances of his death. What could was a solider, a sword and shield, if it were not there when needed?

The darkness of the forest provided a sinister comfort, embracing thoughts of exacting revenge until they bloomed. Today was the day, heads would become charms of a necklace in honor of his Master. But was that Master the darkness or Brand?

Before he took to setting off, he passed by Brand's house one more time, but something was notably different. The ground around the entrance was disturbed. Had they come back after all this time to rummage through Brands belongings?

Adinraen drew both swords and almost soared through the air as he leapt from a branch. He landed with a little thud, and brushed the rune that would allow entry. His breath almost caught, he was entering for the first time in months. The Sword and Shield had returned home to roost.

With nerves of iron, he stepped through the entrance, his left hand sword immediately coming to a stop right before piercing through the back of Andreas neck. Trained eyes flittered around, the numbers inside were numerous.

What had stopped him? Recognition. Though they were older, different, he knew the faces he saw.


Is he dead too, Adinraen asked, his voice descending quickly into contempt. He referred to Diē, the one who left long ago to die. As he did so, he lowered his sword and stepped to his left and forward, eying those who had returned. This had to have been due to one thing, the death of Brand.
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