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3 yrs ago
Current Working, essentially, second shift blows. I hate getting home after midnight. xD
3 yrs ago
Any day now, I'll have my first kid. Mini Rilla. #Awesome


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This would be the perfect time for a play. The return of the Old to take over Spam from the nameless.
The Charismatic Rebel Leader has touched down, the President of Spam, and the king. What it is folk, what's yp
There is lots to do, explore, try and gain Intel on potential opponents, etc. Build future rivalries and the like. I did the latter once, in another tournament. I'll probably post tomorrow sometime, and get things moving.

But everyone has been accepted, officially now.
By all means, but make sure it's for an appropriate reasons, we don't like having to come for every minor thing.
And thusly, that's settled. And if you two can't play nice with each other, as I've read the backlog, I kindly suggest staying away from one another. It'll make my life easier.
You were late, you claim nothing. I'm gonna get with everyone tomorrow and see where things stand since I have the day off.
'afore I do, it has to come down from Prep, as they are the owner of the RP.
As it so happens, he wasn't exactly wrong. Mods did come. Gonna have to ask you to step out, I'd you aren't a part of the RP, unless DD is fine with your presence sans the sbit posting. @dabombjk
No, I'm here.
Alright. So. Who all are we missing?
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