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Current I've opened art commissions up, anyone who wants relatively cheap art PM me here or on Discord: LeeRoy#8459
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"If you kill a man, you scorn his wife. If you kill his wife, you scorn her child. If you kill her child, you scorn his village. If you kill his village, you scorn the kingdom. If you kill the kingdom you scorn an empire. If you kill an empire, then who is left?"

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From the expansive icy tundra of the dead planet projected a mountainous structure, shaped like a finger thrust accusingly towards the infinite stars in the heavens. Trillions of tons of metal, a symbol of ultimate resistance in the face of overwhelming opposition. The Unstoppable, the salvation of the Supersols, the abandoned men and women of Earth. Millions of years of war had amounted to nothing in the face of the Unstopped, when Humanity abandoned its Earthly cradle to the doomed orbit of a white dwarf. Placed here like the prisoners of a penal colony, the uncounted heroes of millions of wars in conquest of the stars were abandoned. Doomed on a dying world to fight among themselves and simply fade away into the obscurity of the infinity of time.

The Supersols, however, united under the banner of Full Stop Auan. The only escape from the inevitable was to change the totality of history, from the nucleating point of Man's obsession with Gods in human form. When it had become possible for man to create God in his own image they had doomed those very same heroes to a fate worse than death.

Auan dedicated ten thousand years of his life to the exact calculations of time travel, the logistics of keeping his people alive through the process, and making the world habitable for them. At the same time, conquering every corner of the Dead-Earth, utilizing every usable mineral to save his people. Any who stood against him, lost to their ennui or simply incapable of cooperating, he was forced to destroy. Those who united under his guiding force began to see him as a Saint, he wasn't simply the last Supersoldier made by Humanity, he was the savior of the Supersoldiers.

Every advancement that had made him superior to his predecessors was worthless in the face of his tenacity and fanatical obsession with success. The remaining years of his plan were dedicated to gathering every material resource from the Deadlands and the remaining planets of the Cradle System.

Finally, it had all come to a conclusion. Every second of his life spent on this project, and the final stages were in motion.

They had constructed two machines, The Unstoppable and The Immovable.

The Immovable was an absolutely massive Space Station, the size of a small moon in and of itself. It was a weapons platform, outfitted with every form of weapon from conventional ballistic to metaphysical. It was the ultimate shield disguised as the ultimate weapon, it could singlehandedly protect an entire planet by extending to its framework and wrapping around it like the fingers of a clenched fist. Such was its purpose, it allowed the Supersols of The Deadlands to protect their planet from all directions. Every direction could be fired upon with unending fury. As well, it gathered the scarce solar energy emitted from the White Dwarf and condensed it into energy packets that were channeled down to The Unstoppable.

The Unstoppable was much smaller, constructed of trillions of tons of machinery. Fueled by the condensed energy packets of the Immovable and every form of energy generation. Wind traps, hydroelectricity, nuclear fission and fusion, hydrocarbon fuels and even the scarce geothermal energy of the Deadlands. There could be no mistake, the calculations were precise to a single electron. The Unstoppable was a machine designed to violate Planck Measurements, tearing a hole in the fabric of reality to cast them backwards across time by pulling them out of the natural flow of time. In no small terms, it can barely be explained in their time, let alone in ours.

The Final battle of the Deadlands would also be the beginning of Auan's newest hardships.

Official Calendar Date Reformatted, New Date: Unstoppable Era, Year 1/UE-1
Location: Former North Pole, Deadlands

The stars were invisible behind the omnidirectional bombardment of the Unified Human Arms Platforms, trillions of guns locked onto the Immovable and blasted from all directions. Processes of science so complex that the very notion of explaining them is absurd under twentieth century logic were used as weapons. The very fabric of space condensed into material projectiles fired towards the omnidirectional defensive platform, the shifting plates of advanced supermaterials comprised of hyperdense matter intercepted the barrage. Every plate glistened with flickering unnatural energies as distorted reality itself was blasted at them, their shallow protection affording the planet below them the time necessary for their ultimate plan to unfold.

Trillions of outward facing batteries, millions per plate, fired outwards. Rays of refined atomic energy, nuclear missiles, ballistic weapons comprised of several tons of hyperdense metals, condensed reality bombs, and many others. Explosions the size of planets rocked the universe as conventional projectiles intercepted distorted reality bullets, incalculable volumes of radiation were released in massive fountains of desolation as rays of atomic energy erased thousands of UHAPs at a time. For the first time in a million years, the Deadlands surface was unblasted by cosmic radiation. Completely protected by the stalwart bulwark of the Immovable from the blasting radiation of the universe, as well as the incomprehensible weapons of transcendent Humanity.

On the surface of the Deadlands, Auan sat with his head in his hands. Watching as the one thousand seven hundred and twelve selected Supersols entombed themselves in stasis machines. Though he knew Humanity would come after him when the principles of time travel were manipulated, even on the small scale, he was hoping they would give him more time to save more of his people. So few would be able to return with him, and none of those who had been selected could survive for more than a day outside of stasis. They had been chosen not because they were as strong as Auan, or even as efficient. They were chosen because they could reproduce with modified humans, the one thousand seven hundred and twelve of them had been the ultimate goal. The other Supersols had knew they might be left behind, their inability to reproduce with modified humans was a damning trait.

But the guilt was unbearable. Even his mask could not hide the deep sorrow and unabashed guilt at leaving behind so many of his people. The gigantic man, clad in angelic golden armor, wept like a babe pulled from its mother's arms. There was no holding in, he fell to his knees clutching at his head and sobbing. Even this success was a bitter victory, millions of Supersols abandoned to a time that would no longer exist. Over the cacophonous machine noises his bitter crying could be heard echoing through the entire structure, vibrating the sensitive instruments and miles of piping. The Supersols on the Immovable, keyed into the transmission frequency of the Unstoppable, wept as well. Even as they wholesale slaughtered the enemies of their goal, they cried. Not for fear of death, not for fear of nonexistence, but sympathetic weeping.

Their Hero, their Savior, their Saint and their Champion wept, and so too did they.

His sorrow was theirs.

He pushed himself to his feet, tears streaming his face, and moved to the controls. A button was depressed and he spoke through his choking sobs. "Forgive me. I beg of you in the next life, forgive me and watch over me." His deep grumbling voice met their ears one and all, a universal sorrow felt across the entirety of the Supersols. Auan lifted his finger from the transmitter.

With the button released, he reached over and pulled a lever. An incalculable volume of energy was released in all directions, outwards and inwards. Reality tore apart and they were blasted back through time, the future of their world lost into the meaningless obscurity of distant future.

With an absolutely massive emission of energy straight upwards into space, blasting from the point of entry all the way to the Andromeda galaxy, they arrived on Earth in the absurd past. The North Pole was still a frozen wasteland, but the sky was blue and the sun was brightly shining upon the surface.

He had arrived, and in his sorrow he removed his armor from his body. Casting hundreds of pounds of incomprehensibly advanced materials to the floor in a heap, leaving his helmet on to conceal his face from the world. He absentmindedly pressed the button that would activate the geothermal power connection, the more lively molten core of the past would serve as a good sustainable fuel source.

The giant structure was exited by a long hallway, a pitch black tunnel to a door lined by dim red lights. His colossal form passed the hallway in moments and he pressed his bare hand against the touch pad, the outline of his fingers glowing for a moment and the door opened wide. Icy wind blasted down the hallway, his skin crawled in agony as the shocking temperature shift played across his body. The thin atmosphere, the bright lights, the lack of dense gasses in the air. Everything about this world was terrible to his natural environmental senses, in his suit he could deal with it but Auan willingly threw himself to the environment.

In his eyes, his failure was immeasurable.

Incalculable failure in the face of massive adversity and an adversary so powerful that the mistakes couldn't even be seen as his own. But millions of lives had depended on him for salvation, a few hundred wasn't a success.

Auan stepped into the wind blasted wasteland, collapsing to his knees and placing his hands on his upper thighs. Like a statue he sat there, self flagellating himself with the deadly cold.

Justice was all he could give them.
@Doc Doctor
Yancy's addled brain was barely able to comprehend what was happening, on his knees and foaming at the mouth. Vision blurred and his limbs going numb, no pain but a deep burning in his chest that kept spreading across his entire body. He didn't even notice that he was breaking into spasms, jerking around as much as he could with one hand shackled to a post.

There was no way he could have evaded the spear, aimed at center mass and with his eyes closed from being burned, he couldn't even see it coming. The lacing of poison was another problem, not only would he bleed out, he was going to swallow his own tongue before the night was over. Yancy figured he was dying, even though he could barely feel it.

In the underworld of crime, there's few people who are as nasty as Third Degree Donny. Yancy just didn't compare. With his last thoughts flowing through his head like syrup through a tube, Yancy died on the dirty floor of a subway train.
This an open challenge or what?…

This guy showed up in the show already, and his class was mentioned. I would highly recommend familiarizing yourself with a setting.
Definitely should have mentioned that. I was asking for the discord so I could more easily discuss the character creation process. I had no intent to start writing it until there was an easier way for me to communicate it in a proper, easily accessible and searchable channel.
@Stern Algorithm
@I Need A Name

And some I'm sure I missed all interested, I'm certain this has enough attention to start this up. Right?

(And also a discord channel.)
Anyway, I've got an idea for a Vacuum Quirk, Emitter type.
I'm only up for this if we have an actual Discord channel. I like to communicate when I'm in a roleplay and the forum posts too slow.
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