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Current I've opened art commissions up, anyone who wants relatively cheap art PM me here or on Discord: LeeRoy#8459
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"If you kill a man, you scorn his wife. If you kill his wife, you scorn her child. If you kill her child, you scorn his village. If you kill his village, you scorn the kingdom. If you kill the kingdom you scorn an empire. If you kill an empire, then who is left?"

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I lost my arm strength at the age of 16 because of torn muscles from helping a "friend" move out of his house. My biceps and triceps on both arms tore, my lateral on my right side tore as well. This crippled my career ideas of professional power-lifter and United States Marine. I later nearly lost my fingers on my left hand due to an incident with glass and permanently damaged the nerves in it. The right hand received nerve damage from a construction injury.

I lost the ability to draw, to lift, to even follow my dreams. Depression struck and I lashed out. This went on for years.

I attempted suicide twice, failed both times. The nerve damage in my hands that caused me to contemplate and inevitably attempt suicide is ironically what prevented me from succeeding. I couldn't cut deep enough through my skin to reach important veins and arteries. Invariably it made me happier and more content with life, knowing that I couldn't hurt myself was somehow comforting.

I came to accept that the world is still beautiful, even without what I had worked hard to achieve. I came to appreciate the little things much more. I still find it weird that, to this day, Tragedy is what made me appreciate Beauty.
How many of you fuckers are actually still posting, huh?

Is the Arena dead but for a scarce trickle of mediocrity and small fights?
We still doing this or do we call it a lost cause?
@Red Magister
I'm gonna go ahead and count this as a forfeiture on your part.
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You fukken
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Coming to a spinning stop on the ground, the barrier around him leaving a steaming trail behind his glowing blade. Lights abounding in his surroundings as he noticed the steam begin to coagulate into a spherical container. His own actions had lead to a reaction, but the Golden Prodigy was not the only prodigious individual. Where he was a prodigy in the field of magic, Rakatah was a prodigy of combat. Using the slowing of his own motion to aim his blow, Rakatah released his grip on the blade and drew his fist back all the way. Just as he came to the final moments of his spin, Rakatah lashed out with his left hand. Throwing it from the absolute farthest point to the opposite extreme.

At the halfway point his fist built up massive speed, a cone of air and water particles built around his fist as it grew from zero miles an hour to the speed of sound. Exploding like TNT, a blast of wind shot from his hand in all directions, engulfing the boy and blasting away the water. Carrying so much force as to blast away stone, he effortlessly blasted away the negligible weight of water and wind. As he threw out his arm he let himself be carried by the massive increase in weight that his hand takes on in motion.

Effectively, Rakatah blew a massive hole through the barrier and flung himself through that hole in one single motion, setting himself on a low arc up and over the hole to about five feet away from where the Wizard had previously been standing. Though now he was high in the air and outside of Rakatah's reach for now.
@Red Magister
Having grown to biological maturity on a planet with a combination of advanced technology and powerful multi-generational magic, the slightest inkling of magical manipulation was taken as an open challenge. Generally speaking, there is no rule against swinging first on Pundambaya. Fights are as common as arguments, as most arguments end in fights.

But magic was reserved for fights that concluded in a death, and this man had openly challenged Rakatah to a death match. A mistake that could not have been taught to one unfamiliar with the family of Ayna.

A supersoldier in every way, physically and mentally, Rakatah had already begun moving when the first droplet was visibly frozen. With both legs he plunged himself forward at an angle, more powerfully striking the ground with his right leg to send himself to the opposing direction of the rain and off to the right hand side of the man across from him.

The rain that he passed as he launched himself forward seemed almost to stand still in time as the approaching frozen wall of icicles was blown across the surface of the grassy asteroid. The trail of neon that splashed away from his skin as he spun mid air, drawing his left hand up and pulling his right arm back, cranking hard on the handle of the plasma tool.

Surging forth like a comet trailing through the air, the blade of superheated plasma grew outward into a massive blade nearly twice as long as Rakatah was tall. Incinerating the icicles as he spun in place, drawing the blade down in a vertical arc and then back up. Creating what amounted to a spherical shield of plasma around his body.

As the icicles thawed on contact with the barrier they heated to habitable levels for the algae within and glowed brightly one last time before being evaporated into a shimmering mist that was drawn in by the wind force of the rapidly spinning body.

In just a moment he would land with both feet flat to the ground once the blast of icy wind had passed, his feet would circle in place as he came to a stop and leave a circle of shimmering grasses pulverized into a glowing slime.

Pundambayans don't get dizzy, so flashy spinning moves are more fun than they are dangerous.
@Red Magister
The alarm brought him back from the edge of slumber with a hot wash of excitement, the wind felt icy on his opened pores as he came back to full cognizance. A rough materializing figure came into view through the omndirectional viewscreen in the shape of a humanoid lifeform. The scanners couldn't identify a race from its profile, though visually it resembled human. Its appearance was somehow off, as though something about it wasn't quite set in stone.

In this location he honestly wasn't expecting to be bothered, but if some humanoid lifeform with an odd energetic signature showed up out of nowhere it wasn't a coincidence. He looked down at the holographic projector with the three dimensional projection of the energy manipulator. Probably a friend of Fury, or ally of some kind. Maybe a bounty hunter?

Rakatah looked back at the figure and shook his head. "No way." The young man stood up and pushed the button to turn off the alarm and typed in the passcode to open up the tool cabinet. It slid open with a mechanical hiss and the boy reached in to grab a massive machine, half the length of his body and nearly the same width. He unplugged the charging wire and let it slide back into place on the wall behind.

With the machine in his hand he turned back towards the doorway with his heavy load in tow. He started turning the handles and pushing a small slide switch up, locking it into the on position. A small glimmering purple-blue light began to fleck out of the end of the metal barrel, growing into a small flat plane roughly shaped like an oar.

Stepping down from his ship he turned his eyes to focus on the tall man with a visibly unpleasant appearance. As the blade began to hum slightly the wind blew neon droplets against the superheated blade, thin glowing vapor shot upwards into the air and was blown away by the perpetual winds. His bare feet, humanoid but covered in hoof, touched against the moist grass and caused rings of light to form around them.

His face raised and he brought the machine up to waist height, gripping both the fore and rear handle firmly. "You're on my lawn, worm."
In the moment the man vanished from his arms, Rakatah's free hand shot up and planted on the floor. The other landed elbow first on the ground and he lifted his own weight up on one hand and an elbow. Raising his lower body up and out of the range of the sweep and kicked his legs up as the man raised into the air. Rakatah's wide set eyes, broad flat irises, and forward pointing eyes gave him a much wider field of view. So when the man teleported away and right in front of him, he still had full sight on the man.

By levering his body against the floor and kicking up, he would interrupt the man right as he flipped up into the air for his downward kick, catching him right in the ribs with both hoof-hard feet. Driving the full muscular force of both his legs and his core directly into the man. Since he'd changed from his brown glow to red glow, he would be much lighter and would catch the full weight. Regardless of strength he would be sent blasting through the cabin wall.

Though the force of the kick would also drive Rakatah's hand and elbow into the floor of the plane.
Skimming contrails of neon traced the ship as it made its entrance into the magical authority zone of the Rings, its dagger-like outline cutting a neat trail of shimmering light across the sky. Every inch interrupting and disrupting many innumerable glittering raindrops that brushed the surface of the ship, lining it in an incandescent glow that flowed off its surface and returned to its eternal path of light around the planet.

As Rakatah touched down on a particularly sizeable stone, a ridged micro-asteroid with a ring of stone around its edge. Its drift synced up with the speed of the approaching craft, the thrust wind radiating out and blasting the grass. Causing the ground to light up like a lantern with blues and greens.

It touched down silently, streams of glowing water trailing down its shiny metallic hull. The grass beneath the stilted legs crushed flat and squeezing out a thin paste of glowing light before settling to a pale grey. The doorway opened up and let in the fresh air of the orbital ring, the young boy inside breathed deeply and reclined in his chair for a minute.

The small breeze that blew in through his door was relaxing and he could feel the moisture in the room change distinctly. Pressing a button on the computer he sealed the electronic systems and opened up the water collection system, reducing the ambient moisture to a non-harmful level.

Just as the narrowing of his eyes began and slumber was going to overtake him, he activated the full holographic exterior transmission and watched as his surroundings turned to the starry and rainy exterior of The Ring.

Just before he fell asleep, a small distortion nearby triggered the alarm.
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