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Current I've opened art commissions up, anyone who wants relatively cheap art PM me here or on Discord: LeeRoy#8459
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"If you kill a man, you scorn his wife. If you kill his wife, you scorn her child. If you kill her child, you scorn his village. If you kill his village, you scorn the kingdom. If you kill the kingdom you scorn an empire. If you kill an empire, then who is left?"

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@Doc Doctor
Yancy reached out and quickly pinched the cigarette from the man's hand, quickly pulling it up to his lips to light it. Obviously he had a cigarette, the amount of stuff he smokes is shameful. His nose twitched as he inhaled deeply to smell the smoke and really appreciate the cigarette.

A junkie tends to know how chemicals smell, it helps if they don't lose their sense of smell. Some things are important, a man doesn't want to get tobacco mixed in with his pot. You also don't want bleach in your steroids, obviously.

So when the smell of the cigarettes wafted past his nose, Yancy's blood ran ice cold. As if he'd suddenly set foot in the Antarctic, the sweat from his brow felt like frost on a window. Someone once told him a small detail, a very unimportant one. About Third Degree Donny, something he never thought of before this moment.

The cigarette fell from his lips, the ember at the end of the fag erupted into a tiny flash of sparks on the dirty floor of the train car. The air left his lungs in a slow but stuttering exhale.

Yancy realized it, maybe too late.

Donny smokes camels.
@Doc Doctor
Cold beads of sweat poured down his greasy forehead, running over his eyebrows and dripping past his eyes. The dim light of the subway car was just sufficient to paint the outline of the man before him, the card was virtually invisible to him but he believed it all the same. This and his heightened state of paranoia by the drugs and his dire situation, it further confused his drug addled mind. His breath was rapid and loud, though he couldn't hear himself breathe over the ringing in his ears. His whole body shivered as though he were cold.

"I- You..." Yancy pulled his hand out of his sleeve and wiped at his brow, taking a step off to his right to put himself closer to the back door of the car. "Feds ain't cool, man. I don't know nothing about Donny, I'm small time."

Yancy gripped at his sleeves for a moment, feeling exposed and almost naked without the armor he usually wears. It was back at the abandoned building at Sixth and Northbound, he had to let it sit and cool after welding a new chestplate. Of all the times to re-up this was the worst possible, he had heard dim rumors and lost a couple contacts because someone said Donny was after him.

It made no sense, he couldn't be on that list. The Devil himself would be more likely to come after him, Yancy had only killed a few small time supers. "It was nothing to be priced for!" Yancy shouted the last words, not realizing he'd stopped thinking and started yelling.
@Doc Doctor
At the back of the train car was a ratty looking scumbag of a man. Bizarrely dressed and stinking so much that the car would have been empty even if he didn't look like the kind of person who kills people. In his arm was a needle, the plunger completely depressed and a length of rubber tape pulled loose hanging from the corner of his mouth. The expression on his face was blissful before the train began to slow.

Out of sync his eyes closed and opened, the realization that suddenly he wasn't moving as fast as he should be dawned on him. Just about the same time as the realization that he wasn't alone in this train car, the dim silhouette of a man in a coat came into accuity. A vaguely familiar face, a face he's got only dim understanding of.

When his vision finally honed to its natural fine point he realized who it was. Another killer, but not like himself. A killer who'd made a reputation as the living aspect of death itself, someone significantly more successful. Yancy's heart began to race, but he wasn't sure if it was the sudden awareness of his heightened blood pressure or fear. He swallowed in a dry mouth, the rubber tape falling from his mouth as he jerked to his feet, hand nervously grasping at the wrist holstered knife.

The words in his throat choked him, he was unable to say anything coherent, just a bunch of babbling about devils. Not even fully formed sentences, just nonsense and gibbering.

All the while, his eyes were bulging and his nostrils were flared, the skin around his nose and ears was bright red and growing brighter almost. Creeping lines of vein popped slowly into his eyes towards the edges of his grey iris. Only one word could finally escape his mouth, clear and concise.


Working on a new Multiverse Arena, gonna throw out a post to get any responses I can get. Anyone who's still poking around the wasteland that is the Arena Subforum, ping me if you're interested. Anyone familiar with the Nexus of Worlds should find it refreshing, as I'm working on making it a suitable successor to the NoW.
It seemed the young man was not prepared to be taken down so swiftly by the blow, he had struck his head hard against the stone floor. Knocking him unconsciously instantly, leaving him a sleeping heap with Shin's hand sizzling on contact with the electrical barrier as it faded. His powers were great and powerful, but the older man had much more experience it seemed. Though he would need to patch himself up after that wound to his leg.

The ancient man's hands faded back to their normal color, the steam dissipating from his fingertips as they returned to a natural temperature. Though he'd fully mounted the young man he found that it was pointless. He wouldn't need to beat him into the ground, nor would he need to continue.

Shin dismounted and rolled over onto his back, putting one hand on the wounded thigh. The pain was phenomenal, though the adrenaline of the moment was still fresh in his bloodstream. As his fingers explored the wound he found it almost perfectly smooth, it had been an impressively powerful blast to say the least. The old man pulled himself upright and struggled for a moment to stand up. Unable to put much weight on the leg he found that he could stand, but not really move it much.

A few moments passed, Shin was catching his breath and thinking about what to do with the young man. Something in his subconscious told him to drag the boy to the center of the pit of sand, so he leaned over on his left leg and picked the boy up.

Dragging him to the center, Shin deposited the boy and watched as the ground engulfed him and swallowed him whole. For Shin's knowledge this could be the end, or perhaps it would be a portal of some sort. Either way it was no longer his business.

Fortunately for the young man, in a few hours he would find himself awake at the base of the mountain.

Shin, however, returned to his side of the ring of sand and withdrew the rod from it. Placing it on the stone floor that outlined the ring and leaning back to relax. It would take a while for the injury to heal, especially since he was starving himself and unable to heal as quickly as he would like.

The old man took another handful of seeds and shoved them into his mouth. The only sound in the room was the blood in his ears and the crunching of hard seeds.
I understand the necessity of life over hobby. I'll be preoccupied with the hurricane for a week or more, so I don't fault you for being unable to continue.

Hope everything goes well, we'll have to fight once you find the time again

You're up, and I suppose I take the win. So you match Shin for our fight
Hey I know I said no time limits on posts, but is there an ETA to when you're gonna post next?
Hey bud. You're spirited and excited. But I'll have you reread the rules before anything else.
About this time, Shin realized he'd dropped his metal rod in the moment of action. It would have been convenient right about now. At least he thought it would, until the young man didn't move. Though he'd seen the attack coming he didn't react, at least in any noticeable way. He didn't bother raising his arm, swinging his blade, or even stepping back a little. Instead he stood still and hoped for the best.

Shin noticed, mid strike, that the young man had put a protective barrier up around his face. An automatic defense of sorts that he seems to have hoped would defend him from being mashed. However, as one who would never have met or interacted with Shin before this could be assumed to be chalked up as ignorance rather than intentional failure.

The former assassin was capable of molding, manipulating, redirecting and defelecting energetic projections with his hands. So long as they were coated with the energies of the Black Remnants. It just so happened that as a requirement for using the Black Remnants to superheat his hands, he also needed to coat his hands with them.

Shin's entire tactic changed the moment his hand came in contact with the barrier of electricity. As licks of energy rolled across his hands and dissipated rather than being pulled into his body as one would assume, Shin decided not to unmask the boy with an upward strike but to carry through with the forward motion and turn his strike into a slam.

He was already dragging the boy downwards, to which he had offered no resistance, so planting his hand on the boy's face would give him sufficient leverage to shove him to the ground.

Shin's hand pressed into the electric barrier like a knife through butter, pushing the energetic shield aside as if it were a putty reacting to being pressed. The electricity moved away in one solid mass away from his fingers, the feel of the mask met his fingers as he pushed forward and turned at the hip. Pulling harder down with his left hand to drag him down, Shin's entire body moved with the blow.

The boy, mid movement, had fired a blast of energy from his hand towards his leg. Though his leg had since moved, a very small period of time from the beginning of the action and he could not have concievably moved the leg out of the way entirely. Thus, this blast of energy sheared like a blade across his leg and cut a gruesome hole across it. Exposing the underlying muscle and fat tissue to the air and causing the entire leg to go numb.

But Shin was smarter than lying down to die.

Putting the weight on his left leg, rather than his right and swinging the numb leg forwards Shin continued in one fluid motion, he pushed into the young man's face and turned his arm to push his head down with the rest of his body. Without any physical resistance to this motion, as he had decided not to act in self defense, this would very likely result in the man being pinned to the floor by his left hand and face.

He would then move to mount with the numb leg flung forwards and over the body as the pair fell.
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