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"If you kill a man, you scorn his wife. If you kill his wife, you scorn her child. If you kill her child, you scorn his village. If you kill his village, you scorn the kingdom. If you kill the kingdom you scorn an empire. If you kill an empire, then who is left?"

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Yeah, get posting dorks. I wanna beat on y'all.
If you arrive to a party that a whole lot of people were invited to, and only the host is sitting in the house drinking beer alone. Do you think that the host is gonna question what happened to the nachos and queso?

I don't know where I'm going with this, I'm just hungry.
The guild being down can't have killed this already, can it?

If it did, I was the last person to post, I claim victory.
Upon a throne of stone sat the colossal ten foot warrior maiden, guardian of the doorway to the other worlds. Among the last defenders of the gateways, and certainly the most menacing in her grizzly animalistic visage. This day, this throne, this woman, and this location would have remained completely calm today. Nothing would arrive for weeks, she simply could tell it would be a long and boring wait. A gut feeling more than actual knowledge, there usually was a pressure in the air, a change that was subconsciously noticeable without needing to be aware of it.

Today, however, something did come. Not from the usual direction, passing towards her to get past and enter. Instead a small slip of paper drifted from the gateway, her keen instincts and senses locked onto it like a predator's attention on prey. Her great clawed hands snatched for the anchor at her side and she spun around, leaping out of her seat and sending a wave of snow exploding from where she landed. Half expecting some kind of paper demon or invisible man holding the paper, she eyed it carefully as it came to rest on the long hardened snow. Tensely gripping the handle of the anchor as she watched it start to grow moist on contact with the snow.

It seemed inocuous at least, so she approached carefully and grabbed it gingerly, drawing it up to her face to see what was written. Some long speech about fighting? She could have sworn she told those on the other side to not send her notices like this. Must have been sent by someone a bit higher up than the King, so it might be urgent. Assumedly he sent it to her to have her champion for him, but that wouldn't make sense. Wouldn't Kei be a better choice?

She sucked air through her numerous rows of teeth and grumbled out a quiet, "Feh." Folded the paper up and slipped it into the leather strap around her breast. "If I must, I shall." She slung the great slab of metal up and over her shoulder and into the crudely made sling. Several feet of shaggy hair began to move slowly towards the gateway, contemplating whether or not she should tell her husband of her departure. Her face turned very grim and dark for a moment, recollecting the recent events of the funeral.

Turning in a furious huff she marched through the snow to the doorway, up the stone walkway and placed a hand on the gateway. She withdrew the paper and focused on the arrival details, then turned her hand on a small stone circle and the color of the gateway changed subtly. "Color changes, of course." She seemed on edge, something about this seemed very theatrical.

She swallowed and slipped the paper back into her strap and walked through the doorway. Upon doing so she found herself in a large lobby room, her feet dropped off a load of snow onto the floor. Her massive hairy figure shambling forward, leaving behind a trail of snow and dirt. Her clawed toes clicking with each footstep on the tiled floors. She approached what appeared to be a service desk and rested a clawed hand on the wooden table between her and the person on the other side. Seemingly ignorant or intentionally ignoring the other parties in the room. So much so that her elbow seemed to shove against another figure, seemingly made of metal that was also standing near the receptionist.

Pulling the paper out from the strap she placed it on the desk and slid it forward, a soggy spot began to grow on the desk underneath it. "I was invited, why?"
This seems stunningly limited in scope, limiting the powers to what looks like an arbitrary gathering of loosely similar abilities.

Edit: Scratch that, I'm confused as to why and how Gravity Manipulation is related to water powers, as well as electricity being the resistance held by the beings that are water based.
Alright, first off: Bumping this thread to the top.

Second, I'm gonna get to work on that entry post now that the site is up again.
The bat swung hard and her balance keened for a moment on her right foot, lowering her left foot back to the ground Keezi reset her footing and lowered the tip of the blunt length of metal to near the floor. "Strike, schmike." She grinned and gripped the tape wrapping on the handle more firmly. "I only swing to get practice hitting moving targets, I hate baseball." The fence at her side began to turn red, but not red with heat. As Keezi's aura spread more widely around her it began to rust the poorly made chainlink fence.

Her guard was open, her footing uneven and poor, her arms hung low and the striking point of the bat was almost pointed entirely away from the wolfman. Keezi's confidence in her ability of Phlogiston manipulation often made her cocky in moments like this, where she was faced with an opponent who automatically assumed her power was simply heat manipulation. The demonstration of rusting the fence would prove enough for her initial move.
LeeRoy is mauled by the prehistoric lion, completely unaware of its existence until the last moment.

GG You Win.

You proved lions can beat humans in a fight as long as the human is completely unaware of your presence and doesn't know he's in a fight.

You've proven your point, congratulations.
So long had it been that she'd almost forgotten the eye incident entirely, the details fuzzy at best. For him it had been the worst day of his life, the loss of an eye and permanent disability. For her it had been just another fight with Kei. The man had changed since then, no more was the deadly blade upon his hip, instead a long staff in his hand. Was he aged as well and needed a walking stick? She thought not, this was another trick weapon in his arsenal.

She stepped down from her throne of stone, reaching back to grab the malignant heap of iron and coral. With a terrible rattle of chains it scraped away from its resting position and she heaved it over her shoulder into a new place of rest. The chains fell down to the ground into the snow where the sank deep and silent, only the dull dragging of ice against iron could be heard.

Pikatok lumbered towards him, the raw bestial nature of her visage becoming increasingly clear with each step. The long ropy hair, the dangling loose skin, her eyes two piercing lines of green through a veil of hair. "No, most certainly I am not." She drew her left hand up to the girth of the anchor and gripped tighter with her right. Flakes of rust and coral fell from where she gripped, scraped off by her hard claw-like fingers.

At twenty feet away she and her anchor seemed to lumber like a mountain in the smaller man's path. Now he truly could see how enormous she'd become since their last encounter. Kei could feel it, she could too. The pair would soon be one this day, and Pikatok's lingering fury would not ebb.

The sight of him was more frustrating, she'd wished for someone to unleash on, some fool who'd trespassed or come from the gate. But no, it was the boy once more, her face would have bent into a frown if her lips were still visible. "Boy this day, I have anger in me." She spoke, her accent heavy even in the universal tongue.

"My love has wounded me, my kindness rebuked." There was anger and sorrow with every word and her fingers gripped so tightly that rust flaked further up the anchor's length.

"And you once more arrive, and ask me to let you through."

She leaned down towards him, letting her left knee bend as the foot slid forward. "It will not be, you shall go through the hard way." He would know what she meant, she meant to make a mockery of him this day.
Leaning against the tree, he stuck the blunt of his forward facing spears into the snow, pointing out and away from his body and pressed up against the roots of the tree. Able to keep moving, yes, but this was a good spot to catch his breath and try to get his bearings. So far he hadn't been menaced by anything, so collecting himself was important.

He flipped the backwards facing spears forward, so all four spears were propped out and away from his body. Two supported by the tree and two in his hands. Removing the wooden plank he dropped it forward and dug it into the snow, piling up a small hill of it around the base so it would provide some kind of wall to keep snow from piling up on him directly.

Completely immobilizing himself and planting himself firmly in one spot, LeeRoy used his boots to push away as much of the snow as possible and provide even more of a dugout between his spears and shield. Not much of a protection from anything except wind and snow, but regular dirt under his boots felt more comfortable than snow.
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