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Current I've opened art commissions up, anyone who wants relatively cheap art PM me here or on Discord: LeeRoy#8459
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"If you kill a man, you scorn his wife. If you kill his wife, you scorn her child. If you kill her child, you scorn his village. If you kill his village, you scorn the kingdom. If you kill the kingdom you scorn an empire. If you kill an empire, then who is left?"

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The boarding call was made and the many boarders began their shuffling towards the gate, including the young man who'd bent his seat. Turning into the boarding hallway, Rakatah pulled out his stub and checked the seat number. As he entered the plane he counted the number of rows and kept double checking his seat number, until finally he stumbled on the right one. But was it right?

He checked the row number again, the seat number, looked at the stub, and then back to the man aggressively flirting with the woman next to him. Once more he checked and then eyed down the other fellow. He walked back to the bathroom for a minute, sitting down to collect himself until the plane took off at least.

Surely the man would be gone from his seat by the time he came out.

Minutes passed and the plane took off, Rakatah left the bathroom just as the light turned on that seatbelts could be removed. Finding the man still in his seat, Rakatah sighed long and hard. "Okay." He resigned out loud as he walked towards his seat, stopping just beside the still flirting older man.

He tried to think of what the most appropriate response was to someone stealing something from him that he paid for. Especially something that could be returned easily. Of course a firm but simple response would be best, so he opened his mouth and spoke clearly. "Move, worm." The words were very clear and bold, though he was young his voice was not soft. Deep but not gravelly.
The young man from Pundambaya handed over a few bills to the man on the other side of the counter and turned in his ticket, tearing off the stub and moving over to the row of chairs with only one other seated person. As he sat down in the chair it creaked very loudly, the metal legs bowed slightly underneath his tremendous weigh. Further creaking came from his leaning back in the chair, bending the back of it just short of its rending point. Rakatah inserted an earbud in his left ear and ran a small wire down to a cap inside of his mouth. Attaching the cap to the top of his mouth with a pair of clamps that attached to his teeth.

He gave a few testing words out loud. "The, then, they, that, there." Testing the translator a bit. The cap dampened all sound that left his mouth and repeated what he said in the native language. "Who, why, where, when, what?" After the second test he was sure it was working, the words were repeated back to him in his ear in his language. Rakatah nodded and looked at the time on his ticket, he'd a couple more minutes before boarding.
If this roleplay was a car, it'd have square wheels.
I've officially opened up my Art Blogs

For those who are interested in artwork of their Characters
Trygon Applicable Abilities:

(Take note, Jack. I'd recommend keeping your physical abilities out of the description of a character's appearance. Largely for convenience, but also to avoid confusion.)

There's no actual comparison for their physical ability. From descriptions I can gather they're on average stronger than a normal animal or human. Such as a Tiger + Lion hybrid or something. With no physical comparisons for your feats and abilities, I can give you no points for this action. The speed you demonstrated in your posts is not what is visible on your character sheet.

So what I'm seeing is that the sound coming from all directions is traced to its eye that can cause disorientation, and thus intended to hide its approach. HOWEVER, in the very next post you wrote out:

From the top of "his" (Gonad's) vision. You immediately remove the advantage of surprise by rushing in. Something that you described in your character sheet as something that this creature doesn't do.

So you are already at a disadvantage by acting outside of your self described natural environment. As well, you haven't described your approach as anything other than an approach. Any action without a proper description defaults to what I like to call a "Stock" action. So this approach can only be percieved as a straight line approach into the clearing in his direct line of sight.

Without any measurement of speed on this thing's movement, without any measurement of distance, and without any clarification of how it is approaching this is looking incredibly bad for the Trygon.

And next up.

This is a further clarification of its movement, meaning that it can be seen from not one but two vantage points in the direct line of sight of both enemy combatants.

This means that in your post you clarified that this is a very obvious attack, so the point made in your next point is completely irrelevant.

So the summary is as follows:
No clarification of physical description except for vague "Better than normal animals." means that the speed feats of your post are greatly diminished to non-supernatural limits.

No clarification of your incoming direction except for "Direct line of sight." means that your opponents have a very clear view of you incoming, so your use of disorienting methods is made null and void through your own action.

And attacking outside of your self imposed stealthy combat style with a bull rush method that you clearly stated it doesn't do, puts you at a distinct advantage for doing so. Especially towards two enemy combatants, one visibly and one non-visibly armed.

@Doc Doctor

Gonad Applicable Abilities:

So, right off the bat we're at a much more clear and concise clarification of physical abilities.

We've got the strength of a large grizzly bear, the speed of Bruce Lee + Usain Bolt, and innumerable feats to demonstrate his physical fortitude and ability.

As it stands, the comparison of speed and strength is levered in the favor of Gonad from the starting line. With no comparable feats for the Trygon, we can only assume "Better than normal animal." which is matched by a comparison to a specifically "Large Grizzly Bear" which is a better than normal animal, by definition.

Gonad too suffers from a case of descriptive information vital to the character's use in the physical description, but even moreso in his history. Take note, Doc, make sure to clarify what is usable in combat because if it's in the History or Character's Physical Description there can be confusion.

Especially in the case of Gonad, where his physical fortitude is described largely in the description of his appearance and less information is in the Abilities and Skills tab of his sheet.

From all of the accumulated information from this character sheet, I can conclude that Gonad has these attributes for just his physical state:

Strength superior to an average bear
Striking speed comparable to Bruce Lee
Running speed comparable to Usain Bolt
Physical durability comparable to metal armor
Pain tolerance that makes physical injury almost negligible
Control over his blood vessels that makes blood loose irrelevant
Fingers comparable to claws
Grip strength comparable to a vice (Though with no clarification on how strong his grip is, it's not an applicable stat beyond "Better than a normal person.")
And on top of that, he has an ability to double his physical stats by inducing a berserker rage which puts enough strain on his body as to tear muscles and shatter bones.

And then we see this.

This implies that Gonad is singlehandedly capable of achieving the entirety of humanity's absurd feats. That's an incredibly long list of abilities that would nead clarification, especially since some are contradictory to one another.

This is Gonad's bread and butter for this situation. But most notably because of two parts of two posts.

So here it states that Gonad watches its approach, consciously registering both its appearance and movement.

Here it states that it would be clearly visible, despite the distraction method of its disorientation magic.

These two, combined with the information that we have about Gonad and the Trygon, we understand that this gives Gonad sufficient time to both glare down and react to the movement made by the creature.

A: The Trygon's speed is great, but not supernaturally so.
B: Gonad's speed and reaction time are absurd.
C: Gonad is aware of the Trygon's approach.
D: The Trygon's post clearly states that both combatants would be aware of the Trygon's approach.
And finally
E: Gonad's reaction is superhuman when it comes to unconscious reactions, and even moreso when it comes to conscious reactions.

Closing Points:

Given all information about both characters and every post, I determine that Gonad's action is the more clear and self evident, while the other relies heavily on unclear information in the character sheet.

For a fair alteration so the fight doesn't immediately end due to a mistake, however, I would see fit as to pull back to This Post and rewrite the fight from that point with the knowledge that you have now.

Continuing from the point where the issue arose would be the most fair and entertaining to both parties, since if the argument persists one of you will automatically be eliminated. Either by judgment towards Gonad's brain stab or the Trygon's gut rending motion.

As it stands, however, Gonad's brain stab is the more likely of the two to be followed through.

Do as you will with the information I've gathered, but my judgement is in favor of @Doc Doctor
@Doc Doctor@FalloutJack

Hokay, alright. Let's get down to brass tacks. I was called in to judge and determine which of you is in the right. So I'll read through both of your posts and character sheets and lay down the facts as I see them.
"Putin (Not Recommended)" Muh sides. Plz.

Sadly I'm not interested, but you did get a genuine belly laugh out of me.
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