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"If you kill a man, you scorn his wife. If you kill his wife, you scorn her child. If you kill her child, you scorn his village. If you kill his village, you scorn the kingdom. If you kill the kingdom you scorn an empire. If you kill an empire, then who is left?"

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I'm looking for any kind of fight in high tier, could be multiple fighters on one, don't matter to LeeRoy. I'm just looking for a scrap.
Fite me, rabble rabble rabble
Location: Manadar Rane Impact Crater
Planet: Unknown
Star: Main Sequence Star
Time: Noon
Weather: Clear and cool, a slight western wind blows east.

The Location where the final battle between Fury and Kanitah took place, the crater formed by the arrival of the Fireen left has since filled with scummy green water and formed a small pond. The dustbowl left behind by the explosive entrance has since regrown, and even the trees broken in the bout have been retaken by nature and grown back into fresh young trees. The stump where Kanitah had sat is now covered in creepers and moss, the flat top of the stump has been cleared of growth.

Short grasses cover the ground, save near the outside rim of the crater, where heavier stones prevented the early regrowth of grass. Near the southside of the crater lies a spot of unsettled earth in a small rectangle about the length of a grown man. Once more the man sits atop the stump, idly scraping away at animal hide with a sharpened stone.

The universe was seemingly deaf to this sad cadaver's existence, though it infinitely fed off of its life's blood. Others had come, beasts of this world. They were drawn to what seemed to be a bright pulsating life-essence, but found only an aggressive source of menace. Left to his own devices, he'd live an eternity in isolation, but it seems that fate constantly draws power to power.

Today marks the end of a five year silence in the un-life of the Hero Wraith, as someone from afar approaches and threatens his solitude.

Eh, NVM, as it is there's too many folks in here and I'd be crowding it up.
Gotta say, it's incredibly frustrating seeing so many "Unknown Quirks."

The ultimate appeal of My Hero Academy is that each of the characters has their quirk written all over them, laid bare from the beginning. Y'know?

You gotta have that open, being a mystery really makes it frustrating because now everyone has to look at you and go "Uhhhh."
Even though he had missed the strike, he had not suddenly stopped moving when Gren had made his reply. Instead he'd allowed himself to continue to shift forward and spun on his heel, moving himself out of the way of the oncoming blow. Shin moved as if he were sliding on ice. He flipped around to face the lash of the kick and made his move. Stopping himself by pressing his right foot hard into the ground and turned his hip harshly, allowing his left foot to remain loose just in case.

The former assassin pushed himself a little faster to compensate for the assumed speed of the young man. He had honestly been surprised by the inordinate speed at which he'd managed to evade the barely subsonic blow, so he wouldn't make the same mistake now. This time he would strike a part of his body that he couldn't pull out of the way.

Shin took his left arm and raised it momentarily as he spun and then sharply chopped downwards, using the hefty blade of his hand he struck down at the oncoming kick. Right beneath the kneecap the force of the two blows would be devastating to the younger fellow. He had no way to pull his leg out of the way, committing to a higher kick has the drawbacks of being unable to stop it. Shin's hand was likened to a blade with the weight of a train engine coming down on the man's leg.
The feint was obvious, nobody in their right mind would lead with a jab. Reacting naturally to the motion he pulled his chin away from the oncoming fist, but his head only moved back a scarce few inches. Gren's next move was not quite obvious to anyone who did not live in this mirror world of Shin. His view was always cast towards the border between his world and the real world, and the leg sweep was directly in his line of vision. If one could even call it vision. He inhaled sharply through his nose he threw his mouth open, let out a sharp yell and did a quick hop in place over the leg sweep. Slamming his feet down to the ground just behind the leg as it went by, resetting his footing as he did so. Shin saw that Gren had left his back entirely open. The ancient man's face grew visibly more tired, despite being in the middle of a shout.

Quickly following the sweep was an elbow strike that Shin matched by raising his right arm upwards and stiffening his elbow in place. Matching elbow to elbow, rather than attempting to scorch the man's arm. He didn't want to put him through that much pain in this moment. He'd committed to hard to a sweep and elbow follow up, and ignored that Shin would have full view of his back and a sharp halt to his momentum if his elbow was caught.

The elbow strike carried significant force, however, and nearly offed his reply. If it weren't for the massive weight gain granted by the Black Palm, he would have likely been blown aside like a child struck by a car. As Shin matched the elbow, he turned his hip and slid forward in an inordinate manner. With no warning or buildup, Shin reached his maximum speed in an instant. Lashing straight forward with his left palm, extending his fingers to their length and forming what amounts to a blade with his hand.

The weight, heat and hardness of his hand were akin to heavy machinery in motion. His arm movements were like that of a piston, immediate and unrelenting. The final touch of his alarming response is his body's ability to gain speed instantly, putting him at his absolute peak speed with this strike from a standing position.

The younger man, even with the most inordinate luck, would likely only be able to avoid being impaled through the spine. With no room between them, no way to recover from the commitment to his spin, and Shin's hand aimed dead center of his back.

Given the circumstances, it was very likely that Gren would be impaled thoroughly on the arm of Shin, with the sharp of his fingertips pushing cleanly through his spinal column and erupting through the other side. It would likely penetrate his solar plexus, if he'd aimed properly. The pair would be moved rapidly forward, nearly twelve feet before Shin came to a complete halt.
He lowered his hands and turned to face Gren, who had seemingly appeared from nowhere. The reflection shone rather brightly, significantly enough to give him pause before he spoke. "I don't care about money anymore, nor do I care about your name." The eyeless face lined directly with the man's own, even in spite of the eye patch and closed eye. One would think it was as though he were completely aware of the presence and position of the other man, despite his lack of eyes.

The arena seemed to sink suddenly, his hands taking on an incredible bizarre appearance. The whole of the ring crumpled and flattened beneath him as his hands took on a blocky, glowing and shimmering appearance. Gren would likely be surprised by his sudden drop of elevation as the ring collapsed, the dust from the wooden supports would blow out and cloud the unconscious bodies left around. The audience would shout in surprise as they were suddenly left blind of the situation.

"What I do care about is just how brightly you shine in my world, and just why someone like you is here on my planet." It wasn't a question, he didn't have any intent to garner knowledge from this source or imitate him. This was a test to see how much he'd improved since his total destruction of self.

A wholly reconstructed man, he was now ready to reveal himself at his greatest yet. From what he could see of Gren, he would provide a sufficient challenge.

Shin loosened himself, sliding his right foot forward and bending his left knee. Lowering himself and leading with his right, he opened his hands and extended his right arm fully. Aiming the flat of his right palm towards Gren and drawing his left arm to his chest, clutching his fingers tightly and directing his palm the same as his right.

The glow of his hands reached their zenith, and his feet seemed to almost sink into the floor. Though of no concievable issue to his stance, as though he'd suddenly gained weight with no visible change. "If you can supply challenge, do so. If you cannot, leave unmolested and forget you ever saw me."
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