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Call me Doc. I'm open to just about every form of roleplay at any time, so if you want to have some fun just toss a P.M my way.

I do prefer RM, URM, or low tier fights, with human or peak human hand-to-hand and swords & sandals being my speciality.
Challenge me to a match just any old time!

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It was true that Donny’s scope told a ‘false dream’ aside from his view of Shin taking his three steps in the background, beyond Totsu and with Senko off to the side. The wind whipped wildly about, billowing the hitman’s coat flaps, but his black gloved hands were rock steady, his concentration laser intense. He observed his primary targets and the way leaves flipped through the air. A mortal man such as he peering through the lens by itself wouldn’t see through the distortion of light camouflaging his enemies, however it wasn’t the scope alone that enabled Donny to spot his prey. It was also his expertise as a former Special Forces operative, his honed technique, and a little trick he’d pulled earlier in preparation for this conflict.

The handkerchief he’d smothered in dirt, stretched out into a mesh, and draped over his scope before the battle had clearly escaped the notice of his enemies, no doubt because the minute, latent chi in said dirt had obfuscated its presence. They could sense his lack of chi, but this subtle deception went a step further. If they’d known of it, they’d have tried to use it against him already, yet not a single one had had a thought or taken a step concerning the implement. They wouldn’t have guessed the true utility of this simple improvisation in a thousand years. It was something only a modern killer trained at the highest level would have understood the value of, and in this backwater podunk realm they didn’t have knowledge of cutting edge military equipment or tactics.

Certainly the man-made tools of war at his disposal were unnatural, apart from nature, so these foes wouldn’t be able to sense how his advanced technology functioned. They may intuit the purpose of a gun, the locomotion of a car, but the rest was a mystery of human engineering.

The handkerchief on his scope wasn’t only meant to serve as a ‘glare shield’, but as a means of enabling him to shoot opponents that normally would be considered 'invisible’. Since 2012 Canadian and U.S anti-terrorism units have employed the use of Quantum Stealth technology, a form of light bending camo. Donny had been trained to snipe out enemies through this ruse.
Recognizing the barely noticeable haze of distorted light streak out from the ruins near the pond and from Akane’s true position, Donny squinted one eye and refocused through the mesh on his scope, the minute saccadic twitches in his gaze utterly ceasing, the other eye wide open and staring inward at the lens.

In doing so he replicated the ‘double slit experiment’, an optical illusion wherein the shadow blister effect causes the silhouettes of multiple or unseen objects, in this case illusionary clones, to ‘blister’ towards the true source of origin. In effect it diffracts the distorted light particles with an interference pattern (the mesh on his scope), causing cloaked targets to reappear as vague black ellipses rising vertically from the ground.

He’d not be able to distinguish limbs nor heads but he’d plainly see the approximate positions of his prey as they attempted to escape notice. The shadows of Akane’s clones bent in towards her true body, and Totsu’s form appeared before the hitman as a blurry dark line zipping towards the pond.

The hitman lay in the classic 4-point prone sniper position, the crook of his right forearm bent below the rifle so his free hand could manipulate the iPhone on his bicep even as he aimed, a true master of multitasking. Indeed, he’d trained to be ambidextrous decades ago.
By the time Senko’s wind blade was nearly upon his vehicle it’d already made substantial progress to the Northeast due to her time spent prattling on, and hearing the attack coming, seeing its shadow through the dashcam, Donny simultaneously performed two actions.

He threw the Dodge Magnum into a sharp drift with a twist of his index finger and thumb on the screen, his thumb poised upon another input. The vehicle spun counter-clockwise to orient itself in the direction of the pond and the targets near it, coolly dodging the wind blade as it shot down. Donny had been able to tell where his vehicle was via the doppler effect, gauging distance by the faint sound it made moving away, and with his other eye wide open he could take advantage of pareidolia in his scope, refocusing on the faint inverted reflection of his iPhone in the lens to identify what lay ahead of his remote control vehicle, including the faint flare of heat briefly shrouding Akane’s spirit as she began to move behind Totsu’s relative position. Not that he needed this indicator, he had already triangulated her location.

As this occurred Donny exhaled, trigger finger suddenly tensing as his crosshairs locked onto a point just above Totsu’s center mass, his killing intent spiking towards them like the cold jolt of breathless terror one feels when they lose their footing on the edge of a steep precipice. Therein lay an imminent kill shot. Totsu’s supernatural perception might warn him in vague advance of his death, though odds are the premonition wouldn't change the result. Once Donny fired in the next oncoming instant it’d be too late for Totsu, too late for most of his team.

The .950 JDJ rifle could fire a bullet at Mach 2 with roughly 26,000 foot pounds of energy behind it. In particular the cartridge Donny used had a depleted uranium penetrator that could bore into a tank, the function of the bullet to self sharpen upon impact and reach temperatures of up to 1,000°C.

As for the deadly remnants of the wind scythe near the hitman’s car, the chi blades that may soon appear at his chest and throat, the thundershock fist hurtling at him from the flank, and the many other dangers to be… How these were precisely dealt with would all hinge explicitly upon Totsu’s reaction to the impending threat of Donny’s shot, as of yet to be seen since the timing of the lightning fist would depend upon Donny's reaction to the chi blades. Perhaps they’d land flush and obliterate the hitman on the spot, or maybe after he initiated his preemptive attack he’d find some way to evade and survive. It all depended upon what Totsu did in that very instant.

The hitman’s calculated move would take only a split second, and all of these other devastating blows were as of yet to come at that moment. Perhaps he was going to count on the support of his team, but at this early point in time before Totsu had reached the pond and before Akane had remotely closed in to initiate her own offensive, a pivotal stroke would take place that may drastically influence the rest of the fight; a devastating blast that could pierce through stone and steel, nullify solid barriers as if they were tissue paper and slay first the elusive demon. The defensive measures Totsu took to survive before that shot would determine if and how Donny survived the follow-up attacks launched by the enemy team.
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Surfing atop a matte black Dodge Magnum a fair distance behind Hayden, the suspension raised such that it could easily traverse the jungle floor, balanced that grease stain of a scoundrel, that slinking death’s shadow, ‘First-Degree’ Donny. Like a back alley goon from the 30’s, his trench coat, dress shoes, black gloves, fedora were all pitch black, in contrast to his pale, freckled corpse-like face and sunken green eyes. Ginger hair curled up beneath his hat like licks of autumn fire, hued the same as the feather mustache decking his upper lip. Slung over his back was a Tavor X95 bullpup and cradled in his arms was a rifle the size of a German shepherd.
Glancing at the barely lit iPhone strapped to his left bicep, he saw through his vehicle’s live thermal vision a distant spark of heat, a cooking fire, and through the flickering trunks of trees the small burning blips of a few unsheltered enemies.

Spotting an appropriately sized tree, he heaved his 85 pound .950 JDJ hunting rifle overhead and hooked it on a thick bough. As the car sped out from beneath him and into the jungle, he swung himself up with his forward momentum and smoothly transitioned to prone position with the barrel of the rifle cradled in the forked end of the bough, never taking his attention off what lay at the fore throughout this maneuver. As an ex-Green Beret used to carrying heavy packs over long distances, a mere 85 pound load was but a trifle. For the finishing touch he had cast a handkerchief over the scope earlier. The handkerchief itself had been smothered in dirt and stretched out so the mesh weave was wide enough to permit him clear visibility through the scope, but would prevent any glare from the lens giving him away at range.

Uncannily, the hitman had no ki, no numen, not even a soul to detect. He was but a mortal man, though how easy it is to forget what man really is. The culmination of billions of years of natural selection, the greatest living byproduct of the slaughter of the ages. In particular Donny’s mind was honed to an obsidian edge and not an ounce of pity graced his coal black heart, less so an idealistic being, moreso a machine of flesh and blood, purposed only to efficiently murder every opposing lifeform in this jungle and shovel them into candy-colored coffins for a paycheck.

By this point he was approximately 400 yards from where Shin was preparing a meal, and about 275 yards from Akane and Totsu, his position directly East of the small lake where they goofed about. About 150 yards frontwards Hayden marched, and through his scope Donny could also survey Akane, Shin, and Senko’s positions all at once. Through the screen of his iPhone he’d be able to ascertain Reyes’ and Danger’s progress as well, as he subtly directed the remote control armored car through the foliage towards the Northwest to see if he could swiftly arrange it about a hundred meters Northeast of Shin and Senko. The engine was electric, so the only noise the vehicle made emanated from the bulletproof wheels as they glided over shrubbery and bramble. In the backseat rolled a solitary grenade canister.

As the hitman studied his prey, specialized earbuds in either ear picked up muted words from ahead, but as far as he could tell they didn’t come from Akane. “Aye, aye, oyabun.” Given Totsuka was a mere several feet from Akane who danced at the center of the lake, yet he was still sheltered by walls, there must’ve been a small patch of ruins in the ice and Donny came to the immediate conclusion there was another target within them.
A wry smirk tugged at the corners of his pooched lips, his gaze the stoned veneer of a professional going through the motions. He saw only bodies still living and the alien shapes that encompassed them, strange in their temporality. Vines and trees, ruins and rocks... Before the dread oblivion that veiled reality, surrounded it as a sea of midnight, the only emotion the hitman felt was the usual dull anticipation of seeing the entrails expelled from his bipedal quarry as bullets tore them asunder, and laid them open to the warmth of the rising sun.

Aw yeah, BrokenPromise is right. One of the things that trips people up the most is the pacing of a fight and commitment to actions. I'll make it short and simple, just in case anyone is unfamiliar.

If my character tried to throw a quick jab, it could be said that's a fairly safe action because it would happen fast and there's not a lot of leeway for my opponent to take advantage of my action.

If my character attempted a quadruple spinning backflip, and would land in a splits position to punch my opponent in the nuts like Johnny Cage, said opponent could easily disrupt me right off the bat, maybe by throwing off the equilibrium of my flip with a simple shove to send me crashing onto my face, thus interrupting my series of actions and rendering everything that would have followed the flip completely nonexistent.
Same if you had your character try and throw out a series of punches and kicks. The more actions you take, the more opportunities you give your opponent to take advantage of.

In short, don't get ahead of yourself if you don't want half of the post you worked hard on to go to waste. The devil's in the details.

Ask for a fight, set up a ranked/unranked thread and specify the rules and setting, you both post your sheets and throw down. If there's an issue that requires a logical judgement, you may contact me to resolve it. After the fight, if it was ranked, contact a moderator and they'll update your score.

There are a ton of variables you'd need to address, but generally you want a character with plenty of strong offensive options and at least a little mindgame potential. If your attacks are predictable or easily punished it'll be hell trying to finish a fight.
@reaping Adder

I can judge, but I personally can't change any scores. You'll have to talk to a moderator about that!
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