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Call me Doc! I'm open to just about every form of roleplay at any time, so if you want to have some fun just toss a P.M my way.

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Despite it being the late hours, the swamp was still hot and muggy. Mosquitoes filled the air, leeches filled the water, and a monster occupied the mud banks. It emerged from its doze with a lazy awareness. It stretched through the mire, slowly contracting to pull itself forwards, resembling a half-ton earthworm.

An intruder? No. The Magna Pater did not feel as if its rights had been violated. This was a guest, someone that was welcome. It paused, a single rugose ear perking from its muddy head with a wet squelch. It could hear the shape of its guest, estimate their weight based upon the sound of their feet, their height from their breath, their strength from their heartbeat. This one was powerful, perhaps the strongest creature the Magna Pater had ever encountered. This upset it. The Magna Pater didn't like challenge, it didn't like difficulty or change. This guest was too strong to be allowed to exist. The monster began squirming towards its guest, seventy meters away.



I'll give you my diagnosis.

Actually, I'll have it up in several more hours. Computer is screwed up and it's a pain typing on my phone.

I'll make the thread tonight, and the first post.

Warning; the Magna Pater's profile is quite a lengthy read. Might want to make sure you find a comfy chair and don't skim the details. I want to make sure you understand how all of its abilities work.

In short, its fighting style is that of an ambush predator whose powers are centered around taking advantage of the five senses. It simultaneously uses its own senses to relentlessly hound opponents through virtually any obstacles whilst attacking their own senses to disorientate them and mask its presence. If any part seems too strong for the match up, just say so and I'll nerf it for our fight!


Oh, never mind my field. I forgot! Go ahead and post as if we were at your setting.

I may be wrong, read it when I was sleepy, but if I recall correctly Griffintaur has a base speed of 100 mph that can be amped by a fifth of the base with every 'reserve'. I believe it either takes or lasts five minutes, either way that's a long time considering how many fights resolve in mere seconds. At worst you'd likely be looking at a 140 mph enemy with the pride buff stacked, unless you decided to be silly and grant him more time to power up.

It's basically a way of pressuring opponents into going on the offensive. I don't believe in 'overpowered' characters, only bad matchups and poorly defined tournaments. Any character can be 'overpowered' if you put them up against a sufficiently weaker opponent.

This then.

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