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Call me Doc! I'm open to just about every form of roleplay at any time, so if you want to have some fun just toss a P.M my way.

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I'm very consistent, if anything. You can rely on my responses like clockwork. How about taking on Gonad the Barbarian? We'll have a nice frolicking spar whilst Promise readies up. If you decide you want to put off our fight to tend to the match with Promise, that's just fine.
I'm easy like Sunday morning, I'm mellow yellow. Let's just get a fight going and have fun! If you're ready and willing, say the word and I'll make the thread. Perhaps a setting amongst a leaf-strewn bamboo forest, augmented by the musical stylings of the Yoshida Brothers?

Western brawling meets Eastern Kung-Fu.

"Now yer' talkin'! Tell you what. I'll run right at you, again. A little courtesy, from one warrior to another."

Without further ado, Auz took off at full speed towards Magnix, greaves pounding chips out of the bridgework as they rapid-fired across the expanse.
@The One

Hope it's okay for me to use my own sheet format. Saves time for when I already have a ready character.


Ignore the person above and take your pick of my stable! The good Doctor is always up for a match.…

Once he saw where Magnix was, Auz resumed a brisk jog towards his sword and picked it back up after sheathing his right hand dagger.

"What the hell are you doing!? I like fireworks as much as the next guy, but I didn't come here to watch you fly around! I didn't even come here to fight! I was going across the bridge to pick up some imported mead from the next town over! I can't reach your ass, so I guess I'll just go get my mead!"

In a huff, Auz began striding towards the other end of the bridge, apparently leaving.


Fire was everywhere, bathing the noxious lair in flickering light. Tens of thousands of dismembered skeletons came abruptly into view below Evvie, a colossal figure despite how many more had become nothing more than dust and fungus over the years. A black horizon stretched past the reach of illumination, and the crackling of the fire seemed to rebound a hundred fold in this chamber, sound spiking off the walls and skipping off into the miles of darkness. She overshot the inhabitant of this place, as a few seconds of falling translates to a fair bit of distance. The monster itself had been on the roof of the cavern just beyond the lip of the crevasse. Her flames licked over it as she passed, but it had already secreted a heavy film of slime over its body, a sopping second hide for the fire to cling to and slough off as even more mucous was secreted in its place. It was like trying to set fire to something that could shrug off layer after wet layer of its body to avoid being badly burned. It did require sacrifice though. It took over three gallons of mucous just to defend against the passing dragonfire, and the creature could only spare a limited amount, 20% of its body weight at the max. At the time, it'd still be nigh impossible to spot the creature's position at a glance due to how its dark body blended well into the rock, and how the fire disregarded its body in a manner distinctly similar to that of the wall, nothing to for the flames to properly catch. The moment Evvie dropped past it, and her gaze was averted in her desire to spread the flame, its left arm, still dripping fire, stretched out to grab her nearest wing. Its claws could rend the membrane with ease, its knobby digits could snap the thin bones. Evvie'd be in danger of having her wing ruined as the Magna Pater tried to tear her out of the air and hurl her down towards the rug of moldy bones below.

Meanwhile, topside, Suliss hadn't forgotten his mission. During the time given, he'd have charged up another low powered siphon, and were Umbard to still be preoccupied with the tail choking the blood from his leg, he'd wind up taking a spell in the back and losing 5% of his strength to the sorcerer as a result.

At this point Auz was just fucking curious. He slid to a stop five yards from his sword as Magnix flew out of sight. He wasn't worried about getting hit through the bridge, in doubt that Magnix could see or hear him. So, Auz waited.

I can't post till tomorrow night, gotta hit the sack early to go to Miami with a friend.

Eh, bit busy with some other junk.
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