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3 mos ago
Taking on all modern and medieval human/peak human ranked fights!


Call me Doc! I'm open to just about every form of roleplay at any time, so if you want to have some fun just toss a P.M my way.

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@Dynamo Frokane

For the first round, I'd like to dust off Donny. If you want I can remove some of his weapons, just let me know which ones.


I'm gonna drop out. I'm pooped all right. Just couldn't get into this for some reason.

"Fugget dis, dat looks way mo' fun! Bye booty lady!"

Zande took off at a sprint towards the hillock where Kenan and Grace were playing, leaving the dwarf and the booty lady behind.

His tongue lolled out from between sharpened teeth like a joywrought dog, legs scissoring across the ground as he bounded across the distance with startling speed, throwing up dust. He didn't want to miss a close up of the conflict.
@Dynamo Frokane

Oh, I see!
<Snipped quote by LeeRoy>

No, I have used him only once and it was against doc in a practice spar. It was quick and dirty and need to stretch his legs.

Edit: I'll have to edit him a bit and remove an "oh crap" weapon but I'll get it into you by Tuesday morning

I remember that! One of my favorite fights. So much blood.
@Dynamo Frokane

I noticed just now that there's room for more players here. May I join in?
I'm in.
@Fury Panda@Avali@DragonofTheWest@twannyman

Zande flailed his arms around like an excited muppet, eyes wide and shiny.

"Yeh, nice booty! But we can talk 'bout dat later. Fo' now les' all go git drunk and den ride horses!"

You got it, boss. But if you're attempting to make a character specifically to subvert gun usfage, I'll deny it out right.

Actually, I'm going to make a new character outright. How much time you reckon I got?

Naw. Just gotta make a few changes in light of the new rule. Btw, does 'modern fantasy' mean I must use a modern character, thus rendering Auz unusable?
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