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Call me Doc. I'm open to just about every form of roleplay at any time, so if you want to have some fun just toss a P.M my way.

I do prefer RM, UM, or low tier fights, with human hand-to-hand and swords & sandals being the ol' speciality.
Challenge me to a match just any old time!

I've been into fight writing for roughly 13 years, no point in trying to figure out how many total fights that amounts to. I also run a combat centered Discord known as the Combat Workshop. If you want to be friends, just ask!

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This time the technique Shin used was something Gonad had never seen before. When a wild beast encounters the unknown, the first instinct is to retreat. Find safety, wait out the storm and prepare better for the next time. Survival is all that matters. It's easy to assume that Gonad has the same instincts as a wild beast, and would try to evaluate anything suspicious from a safe distance.

Such thinking was the bane of all warriors. One who seeks to preserve their life loses it, as only prey flees. For some, fighting is like driving a car. Going by the book, you stop at red lights, go on green, avoid contact with other vehicles, and obey the speed limit. If Gonad were in a motor vehicle, he wouldn't even dignify the traffic lights with a glance. He'd take a shortcut through a government building and then careen off a cliff.
Despite the technique being new to Gonad he was able to discern it in a heartbeat, waylaying all inessential information with the astute simplicity of a child and siezing his next opportunity without hesitation. Instead of retracting his leg immediately after the kick, Gonad paused a moment to see how Shin recovered and then stepped forwards during the second revolution, vomit still running down his beard.

Partway through that second horizontal spin, when his back was to Gonad, Shin might abruptly feel an immense weight settling firmly onto his inwards pointing thumbs, temporarily pinning his hands in place and killing a significant portion of his potential energy on the roundabout, perhaps damaging his arms with his own momentum as well. He'd be able to see what had happened immediately. With a downright scary sense of timing, Gonad would have trapped the thumbs under the ball of his left foot, the same he'd just kicked with, and bearing down with his quarter-ton of weight would invade Shin's personal space prematurely and grab him by the hips, transitioning into a belly to back waistlock as he wrenched Shin into the air like a sack of spuds while stepping off his thumbs. The spinning leg(s) might whack against Gonad's right bicep if Shin could stretch enough, but the power would be relatively insubstantial and far from the stopping power required to slow down the behemoth.

Should this occur, then a brief feeling of weightlessness would accompany the sight of the sky flipping overhead. In two blinks Shin would be staring at the Jade Emperor from his perch atop Gonad's shoulders, the Jade Emperor staring back, bewildered by the strange counter. Gonad had swung Shin's 250 pound body up into a backwards piggyback, and would hold him in place with the waistlock, forearms squeezing into his opponent's love handles. From there Shin could easily wail on the brute's head, strangle that thick neck between his thighs, or any number of other fearsome attacks, but... There it was again. That heavy silence, the air thick with the vaccuum tension of an impending disaster.
Entertainment wrestling was likely something Shin had never seen before, and Gonad wasn't a paid actor, yet even then it wouldn't be too difficult to visualize what was going to come next. Shin had enough time to try a quick thing or two, but if he got lifted he'd be at ground zero. One of Gonad's kicks was akin to a low speed motorcycle crash. If he applied the strength of his entire body in conjunction with his and Shin's combined mass, the next attack would surely do justice to its name.

It was a fallacy to assume Gonad was unarmed. When one uses the very bodies of their enemies as kinetic weapons, there is always another weapon within reach, each a hundred times greater in weight than a mere blade, exponentially more devastating than the blow of any club, and as difficult to evade as tenfold bear traps beneath a blanket of snow.

Gonad hadn't forgotten the last time he'd gotten the wind knocked out of him. Worthy foes were treasured in memories past. Here was another gem for the collection. The barbarian was familiar with the concept of the one inch punch, and could perform similar attacks, but he'd never met anyone else who had devoted as much or more effort into mastering it. He'd thought he was in a position of relative safety, only to be struck when he least expected it. Gonad skidded back, bracing his left foot behind himself this time, single eye bulging, two fresh, bright red marred knuckle imprints left by Shin's fists. He'd been forced to cede ground twice now.

From Shin's perspective, he may have fancied himself in a position of safety as well. He'd connected flush with his blow, the perfection of his Kung Fu reverberating throughout Gonad's body like a ripple. It would have stopped any other martial artist cold. This was something very different. Even as he closed in and landed his attack, Gonad had been in the process of showing Shin his own cultivation. During that second of pause where Shin had concentrated his power, Gonad's left hand moved with a venomous flicker, the thumb that had been pressed against Shin's forehead jagging down to plunge into his empty socket. Should the point blank gouge succeed, a fearsome pressure would immediately overtake Shin's orbital bone as it was actually pinched between the barbarian's finger and thumb, the hulking warrior finding a grip right off the bat as if it were the most natural thing in the world, and for him it was.
One trained as a berserker gives no quarter to pain, an ultimate opportunist who siezes the moments between life and death.

Shin would be jerked after Gonad, the hairy, thick fingers not budging despite the two-fisted blow having landed at roughly the same time. Gonad's toenails scritched across the damp floor, and before he even finished sliding he'd seek to take advantage of Shin being potentially pulled off balance. Gonad's rear foot left the floor as he spun on the ball of his lead right foot. The fast, low roundhouse glided in on a cushion of silence. All the weight of that silence was in dynamite. If it struck it'd bowl through Shin's shins and, in conjunction with his skull being hauled to his right, would launch his body into a searing mid-air cartwheel that'd culminate in his head hitting the ground before his feet did, and his feet winding up where his head had been.

Whether or not the traffic accident of a kick landed, Gonad's stomach churned shortly after the exchange, a hot swell rising up too fast to stop. A cocktail of everything Gonad had consumed in the last few hours flooded his cheeks and spewed out from between his lips, a partially digested stew of bile slapping the ground. He'd been hit in both the chest and the belly, and now that a few moments had passed, the full effects of the two fisted blow had begun to manifest. The impact had been more than he'd expected, just like everything else involving this strange, Eastern warrior. He wondered if this was on purpose. One blow voids the lungs of air, as the other threatens further suffocation by voiding the stomach. An enemy gasping for oxygen, then choking on vomit. A two-fisted attack with a two-fold threat.

No rush

Gonad's mouth wrinkled into a small 'O' of surprise as his pee was slapped away, Shin's hands a whirring blur. It didn't take a speedometer for Gonad to see right off the bat that he was at a disadvantage in speed.

~Bwah! Fast then he be, but no more than ten stone should Shin Man weigh...~

Having roughly estimated Shin's casual speed, Gonad extended his left arm in a 'thumbs up' as his opponent hopped in, intending to plant his thumb against Shin's forehead to give him a light push backwards as his attack commenced, thus forcing him out to Gonad's arm's reach and preemptively locking him out of his effective ra-!?

Gonad, to his utter bafflement, was forced backwards partway through his thought, rocking onto his right heel.

~Bwuh!? Heavy!?!?~

Shin's mass, although still far less than Gonad's, had been substantially more than Gonad had expected of a man of such stature. If Gonad succeeded in pressing his thumb against Shin's forehead, instead of casually holding back Shin he himself was pushed back by his own counter. He'd been in a neutral stance as well, neither foot in front nor in back, thus ill preparing him to accommodate the momentum of Shin. The double fisted blow came short of hitting the barbarian, but Shin's message came through quite clearly; weight classes weren't going to decide this fight so simply.
Gonad knew as soon as he was off-balance that he'd have to recover immediately to afford no further openings. He'd be wary of his opponent attempting to grab or strike his left arm as he staggered back a step. With barely contained excitement Gonad decided to assume that his opponent had even more speed than initially showcased, just to be safe, and also reevaluated his initial assumption of Shin's weight. Ten stone? More like fifteen or sixteen at the very least.

At the highest level of martial arts, one no longer seeks merely to 'win'. The ultimate goal of the warrior is to achieve victory at any cost in any situation, but a martial artist strives for self improvement, eternally seeking their 'perfect self'. Gonad had always fought with both ideals in mind, but as he matured he'd learned which was more important. For the weak, mercy affords enemies more chances to slay them. For the strong, mercy means your foe can challenge you another day and help you achieve greater heights. The fear of death only serves as cheap motivation for those who don't have the will to risk their lives and learn from the same foe twice.
The berserker arts were designed purely for warfare. A supreme offensive effort that applied every last asset the body could offer to the sole purpose of slaying all enemies in an instant, with no regard for one's own safety. The last time Gonad had needed to go berserk had been against a shapeshifting demon that could take the strength of those it had eaten. He could distinctly feel a similar threat level from this little Asian half his size.
Gonad would have loved to go all out every time he fought, but the martial arts are not about appeasing one's nature. It is discipline, understanding, and growth. In war, one should pull an opponent up by the roots. In martial arts, you prune your opponent and your opponent prunes you. Gonad sought not to remove weeds, but to nurture fruit.

Could this foe, designated by the gods, rekindle Gonad's warrior's nature and make him fight without consideration for the life of his opponent?


From my perspective I had a few ways to handle that situation, but in this case we're compromising and leaving the logistics for next time, right? I'd rather compromise on the damage, since it's a step above the blind luck of a dice roll.

Hold my beer, I got another idea...

A fractured reeb then!

Right... Well sure, why not. OOC is boring!

How about Kull gets bruised ribs, Red gets a sprained finger but manages to slip free before Kull starts doing jujutsu stuff, and they wind up side by side.

I understand the position perfectly, that armlock is a popular one in Japanese wrestling. I really wish I knew exactly what to call it, might you know? Your above post also showed me what the primary issue likely is. In the first sentence of my last post Kull totally did bend his elbow before he was grabbed.

You also can't base the timing of my attack off of my description of Red's actions, as I already stated when it would occur. I did describe Red taking his half step, but that's just that, a description of what Red's doing. Kull began his counter as soon as he was grabbed. You also stated that Red slid his other foot into place to be parallel with Kull and pull him into the punch, far more bodily motion and commitment than the act of reaching to grab a finger.
It's rather unlikely that in the time it takes to turn a palm up, someone can take your flank and throw a punch practically fated to land. If that were the case, there wouldn't be a single fighter in the UFC who could avoid or deflect a jab. Independent from velocity, finding the shortest path of least resistance is a determining factor in these things.

The post states that Red was not throwing the punch as he stepped, though it does mention that he maintained his momentum, so it was undoubtedly a fluid counter. Still, to throw a punch with that force you need to have your feet grounded to power the blow, and Red wouldn't have finished getting into position by the time Kull counter-grabbed him as I see it. The distance Kull's right hand had to travel should be comparable to Red's, but the train that leaves the station first will also arrive at its destination first. Kull went for the thumb a few actions before Red threw his punch.

Regardless whether or not the punch actually lands, whether or not I have a practical answer for it has yet to be determined. It all depends. I deal out one move at a time so I don't get ahead of myself and write a lot of stuff that might get retconned by an early counter.
Speaking of which, Red never got to assume his stance. I interrupted that sequence of events with the nose crank, and as a result Red reacted with a counter before having begun the other actions he'd have performed in the ten seconds that never were. Just means he isn't in his stance.

I've compromised before, but I prefer to save it for when a sequence of events is unspecified. I'm a bit confused why you want to change my timing for the for the thumb snap. Kull began reaching for Red's thumb before he threw his punch. What's more, is not Red reaching across his body with his punch? I don't see why the punch is guaranteed to connect when Kull used a specific move to counter Red's technique earlier in the sequence of events, there's still factors that will need to be accounted for later. Recall that Kull was twisting his left forearm to make his thumb grab easier, and it'd serve also to deprive Red of most of his control over Kull's arm. Kull wouldn't misjudge the timing or distance for his technique any more than Red would misjudge his own. I suppose my point is that nothing is a sure shot right now, so until we see what becomes of the thumb grab we won't know what exactly follows. We should resolve everything in order.

But you do have the go ahead to post your counter. So long as it reasonably justifies the actions following it, I'll have no problem!

Here's a reference on finger snapping in general for self defence by the way.

P.S, I edited this post several times. Kept thinking of more stuff to say! Done now though.

The barbarian kept pace with Shin as he circled, like they were going for a walk, maintaining a few meters distance as he considered Shin's guard. Shin clearly wanted to avoid being knocked out early, and seemed eager to use his hands and claws to counter. As Gonad understood it, a stance or a guard is one thing, but an attack is another. Some moves just flow better from certain positions, is all.

He pointed at Shin with the hand nearest, crooking a grisly nail at him.

"Training of Shin Man must be great, tanned like the hide of the Sky Yak in the light of the Yakmother's solar teat, for never such a body has Gonad seen. Still, more than training alone has Shin Man endured, and more to endure is to come!"

Before those words made any clear sense, Gonad abruptly faced Shin and declared his attack.


A stream of pee arced over towards Shin's chest. Gonad probably didn't have a lot in him considering he'd been thirsty. What a golden blessing.

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