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Call me Doc. I'm open to just about every form of roleplay at any time, so if you want to have some fun just toss a P.M my way.

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-His hands shot down into his pockets and pistoned back out. Several clicks snicker-snackered from Donny's left hand, a black length extending out that terminated in a gleaming point. Holding a nosespray bottle in his right hand, he quickly doused the tip in cyanide. He was out of Yancy's reach, but Yancy was still in Donny's. The hitman held the spear aimed at yancy with his elbow in, knees bent and springy, and left foot leading. His cigarette glowed softly then dimmed, the smoky bulk of the hitman tensing in morbid, suit-flexing preparation to relentlessly impale his target. As he did so, with hushed urgency and the self-assuredness of a trusted professional he whispered a piece of cruel advice to Yancy in a voice as hollow as a gypsy bone.-

">Be still and it won't hurt...-<"

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-Donny didn't waste time on a reply. He took a second shot that'd interrupt Pycin halfay through his sentence, putting a hole through his torso that a seal could fit through. He'd then blow the man's head off for good measure before teleporting into a hospital nursery. It was getting near time to kill Dino. Donny's threats were but a bluff now, but Dino didn't know that. For all he knew the hitman had arranged for a catastrophe to happen if he didn't comply. Donny couldn't ram shit with his shuttle anymore either, but he figured he could kill Dino without it. After all, he could take live hostages, so long as they weren't harmed by his hand. Donny would begin gathering armloads of babies until he was spotted, teleporting with each group into his quarters. He had a simple plan. It was called Baby Armor. He still had just enough time to strap several infants to himself before his date with the Captain.-
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-Donny's face twitched as the ship shook, but otherwise he remained steadfast in his seat, hands gripping the table for support. He watched as Fanny removed the bomb then, and allowed himself an easy smile.-

"Much obliged..."

-He found himself transported into Pycin's place, and at a convenient time to boot.
He briefly considered killing the sleeping girl, but she was a bystander, and it went against his new orders to kill her. Pycin, on the other hand, well...
Who knew that being partners with a God could make work so smooth. Donny made a mental note to not spoil himself, and as such, silently approached the shower, opened the sliding door a crack, and pushed the barrel of his quantum rifle through. He didn't want to get fresh blood on himself, so he'd stand mostly behind the glass when he fired.-
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I was thinking of a Kumite, Bloodsport style in some underground Asian place.

-A sharp click. Yancy may feel an unyielding pressure snap about his left wrist at the apex of one of his initial wild swings, followed a split second later by a second ominous click. Just like that he'd feel something opposing the motion of his left arm, keeping it held across himself. Donny's left hand had flashed out of its pocket, one end of a pair of steel cord handcuffs in his grip. The ratchet and cheek plates at the other end would have cut a silver arc into Yancy's wrist and snapped shut, and in the same motion the other end was slapped onto one of the safety bars near Yancy's right, the ones that passengers are expected to use when without a seat to maintain their standing balance whilst the vehicle is in motion. Should this all occur Donny would dart backwards as far as he could, low and fast with his hands held out and fingers splayed before himself like protective wards, leaving Yancy secured in place and still on fire.-

I intend to match the weight class of my opponent. You can tag me with a @mention and I'll be able to respond sooner to posts btw.
Strict 48 hout time limit between posts, RM or UM. Multiple challengers welcome.
Who would like have a bare handed fight to the death?
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"If yah know about meh principles and want thah job done your way, then yah know that Ah take partial payment up front, and Ah'll work for anyone willin' and able tah pay. Give meh Pycin now, and Ah'll finish the work on Dino properly and come back fah more. Othahwise, I'll go ahead an' count mahself as fahsaken, and we'll see if Ah can't speed up the death of this heeyuh universe a lil' bit. Pycin up front and all readah to die, and Ah'll kill Dino with no collaterals. If yaw're reallah Gawd, then you'll know when Ah ain't lyin', ayuh?"

-Donny wasn't lying. Orders or no orders, he'd already decided that those two were dead. He took business merrily on most occasions, but the mistakes folks like these made? They tried blackmail instead of just paying him half up front with honest instructions. When proper business couldn't be conducted, war took its place. Donny suffered no threats to live. This was why the Mafia feared and respected him. Any employer who tried to extort Donny's services was his enemy.-
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