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Yeah, I wanna be a wizzerd, Harry. I'm not one of those guys that enjoys unironically pretending to be a girl.
How about vegitable on fruit? You may take on the noble role of the sacred boiled cabbage, and I'll be a never-ending fusillade of rotten tomatoes being thrown at you.

-Donny knew full well how much of a dick move it is to destroy someone when they're at their most emotionally vulnerable. Many hunched over potheads had seen his shined shoes stalk into their field of vision, relaxation turning into curiosity, curiosity into confusion, confusion into dread, dread into terror. No child anticipates one day being the victim of a brutal murder just because they made made one little mistake. Met the wrong person, said the wrong thing, went to the wrong place at the wrong time. Little mistakes are what predators count on.
Donny even preferred his victims to be stoned. It gave him a better view of unbridled humanity at its most desperate.
Donny had just been assaulted by infants, and had been fighting advanced and otherworldly forces ever since he'd been teleported into another realm right out of the blue. And here was an honest to God bong. He supposed he could afford to lighten up for once. Donny was only human, after all.-

-He'd shrug and graciously accept the bong from Ronny, but only with his left hand. He needed his right for cold cocking the guy, zippo clenched in his fist for extra mass, even though the SAP gloves already provided plenty. It'd easily break the man's jaw and give him a concussion, and if it did, Donny'd drag the man from his seat and throw him face down to the floor, two hard stomps to the base of the head ensuring a relatively quick and clean death by way of clinical decapitation, separating the vertebrae from the brain stem.-

-Donny would take Ronny's seat, inspecting all of the controls as he did so. He'd have fulfilled Fanny's objective, but that didn't mean the party was over. It seemed like this one had been in a transmission with another vessel. What a great opportunity to practice method acting. Donny took a few hits off the bong and started up another transmission with the Earnest, doing a fair imitation of Ronny, perfect in tone, and covering up the minute differences in pitch by coughing and speaking as if vocally influenced by a harsh hit.-

"*Cough!!*... Oof, whew... Status report, my dude? *Cough, cough*"

-A flash of blue light thrummed beneath the baby pile, and the stack of infants collapsed into the empty space where Donny had been. He reappeared in his quarters, facedown and covered in bites and scratches, hair a tangled mess.
There was even a poop on his back. He lay there, contemplating. He had to rethink some shit.-

"Ah hate kids..."

-A passing nurse paused by the window that looked into the nursery. Donny was flailing around, his screams muted by the soundproofed glass and walls. Donny fell to his knees, and in a flash whipped out his tazer. He tazed the infants clinging to his neck, but that just gave a dropped baby on the floor the chance to start punching him in the face. The nurse shrugged and kept walking. Donny needed a few minutes.-


-His hands shot down into his pockets and pistoned back out. Several clicks snicker-snackered from Donny's left hand, a black length extending out that terminated in a gleaming point. Holding a nosespray bottle in his right hand, he quickly doused the tip in cyanide. He was out of Yancy's reach, but Yancy was still in Donny's. The hitman held the spear aimed at yancy with his elbow in, knees bent and springy, and left foot leading. His cigarette glowed softly then dimmed, the smoky bulk of the hitman tensing in morbid, suit-flexing preparation to relentlessly impale his target. As he did so, with hushed urgency and the self-assuredness of a trusted professional he whispered a piece of cruel advice to Yancy in a voice as hollow as a gypsy bone.-

">Be still and it won't hurt...-<"


-Donny didn't waste time on a reply. He took a second shot that'd interrupt Pycin halfay through his sentence, putting a hole through his torso that a seal could fit through. He'd then blow the man's head off for good measure before teleporting into a hospital nursery. It was getting near time to kill Dino. Donny's threats were but a bluff now, but Dino didn't know that. For all he knew the hitman had arranged for a catastrophe to happen if he didn't comply. Donny couldn't ram shit with his shuttle anymore either, but he figured he could kill Dino without it. After all, he could take live hostages, so long as they weren't harmed by his hand. Donny would begin gathering armloads of babies until he was spotted, teleporting with each group into his quarters. He had a simple plan. It was called Baby Armor. He still had just enough time to strap several infants to himself before his date with the Captain.-
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-Donny's face twitched as the ship shook, but otherwise he remained steadfast in his seat, hands gripping the table for support. He watched as Fanny removed the bomb then, and allowed himself an easy smile.-

"Much obliged..."

-He found himself transported into Pycin's place, and at a convenient time to boot.
He briefly considered killing the sleeping girl, but she was a bystander, and it went against his new orders to kill her. Pycin, on the other hand, well...
Who knew that being partners with a God could make work so smooth. Donny made a mental note to not spoil himself, and as such, silently approached the shower, opened the sliding door a crack, and pushed the barrel of his quantum rifle through. He didn't want to get fresh blood on himself, so he'd stand mostly behind the glass when he fired.-
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