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Call me Doc. I'm open to just about every form of roleplay at any time, so if you want to have some fun just toss a P.M my way.

I do prefer RM, URM, or low tier fights, with human hand-to-hand and swords & sandals being the ol' speciality.
Challenge me to a match just any old time!

I've been into fight writing for roughly 13 years, no point in trying to figure out how many total fights that amounts to. I also run a combat centered Discord known as the Combat Workshop. If you want to be friends, just ask!

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Yes, that's true indeed. Ultimately the GM decides if a character is accepted or not. It's their roleplay, after all, so they reserve that right, as they should. By all means, let freedom ring. Some roleplays may not be worth trying out for though, which is what this thread's about. Giving bad roleplays a chance? I say no, because they already have a fair amount of success, quality aside.

That's all missing the point.

Let's first get it out of the way that Neo Tokyo is unrelated. That was a power issue. My OC was too strong for it, sadly. I don't remember if that RP asked for my orientation, if so I likely skipped that part with gusto, but remember that in roleplay, in life, in reality, there are always exceptions. Neo Tokyo looked like an exceptional roleplay, and is likely well worth trying for anyone else.

Most high school roleplays are the inverse, unfortunately, but hey, some people really are sad enough to want to pretend to be at school in their free time. Sorry if that offends anyone, NOT.

The issue is exactly the boundaries many roleplays impose that, as I've stated twice now and shall simply state again if prompted like so, railroads players and doesn't allow them to influence the status quo even if they realistically could.
The vast majority of these kinds of roleplays that ask for one's sexual orientation do so because that's most likely going to be a primary, driving focus for the players in addition to a plot as stiff as a calcified weinerwurst. Anything that skews that objective makes them sweat like a hog. It's blatant pandering and stale as all get-out.
Let me provide you with an example.

If I want to punch your love interest in the face, I may very well do it. Can you stop me? Sure. I'd encourage it.

Should you cry to an admin that I'm going to punch your love interest?
Now we have a problem.

Instead of properly addressing an unfavorable circumstance in the roleplay and 'playing through', you have folks who may say it's against the 'spirit of the roleplay', as if such a shallow excuse could justify their safe space. People play roles, that's roleplay, but if they try to dictate every facet of what other characters can and can't do, well...

They might as well sit in a cardboard box and just play in their imagination solo.

It's to do with the status quo, as I said. Such public roleplays, while they may be called 'romantic' (I call them 'sexual'), will typically result in there being very little leeway for spontaneity or freedom of action. A kind of railroading if you please, that primarily supports players with their heads up their butts who only want the plot to progress in a way favorable to them and their relationships. You have people crying at the least little unaccounted disturbance, realistic or not, and it makes for a very boring experience unless you have a boner 24/7.

Usually these players are the kinds of folks who worship social media and, as a result, have no taste for anything outside their own realm of experience. One-dimensional, like a Disney sitcom.
I'm not saying romance is bad in roleplay, there just needs to be freedom and variety. It's like music. More people like the Jonas Brothers than Led Zeppelin today, but anyone with a lick of common sense knows which band kicks more ass. Some folks just listen to good music and lose their socially constructed boner because it doesn't fit within their personal paradigm.
They reside within a teeny comfort control bubble and anything that isn't bloody mundane is met by a REEEE!!
Hardly any tolerance, if any.

Ain't sayin' pop is bad either, but rather than having the Jonas Brothers OR Led Zeppelin forced on me, I'd want a roleplay that permits both in equal measure depending on the the roleplayers involved and what they like. In life shit happens, and not everything is always within your control. Especially not the actions of others.

The VAST majority of 'Mature' roleplays I see are the exact opposite, and those propagating them seem to miss the irony of it. You should always have a choice, but you shouldn't always have total control and peace outside of your own head.
Many 'sexual orientation' roleplays, in a manner of speaking, accept only Jonas Brothers music and whine when you get the Led out.
Indeed, there's few original RPs and most of what you see has descended from something weeby, edgy, or cringy. Thing is, they don't need you to give them a chance. They find popularity anyways. It's called Sturgeon's Law.

As a rule of thumb, any roleplay that asks for your 'sexual orientation' in the character sheet format is worth avoiding. It's likely a safe space roleplay run by someone without any hair on their balls, and you'll never influence the status quo in any meaningful way.


Ah yes, I gotcha. You're right. Donny isn't what you'd call a 'flawed' human character because most of his design components complement his abilities as a killer, and not as a realistic person who would integrate into this plot properly. Even though his options are limited in a practical sense, he's still made to abuse those options to the logical extreme, which I see now kind of works against what's going on here and isn't really fair to 'normal' or 'realistic' humans.

Thanks for the consideration!

Oh yeah, I totally understand. As a singular character he's pretty much like a killer Batman, and Batman is indeed considered a difficult character to deal with.
If you want I can nerf his equipment, give him far less stuff. He could even go in 'naked', with only the clothes on his back and his most discreet equipment.

Oh, and in response to the edit, most of Donny's backstory is iffy on purpose. That's the kind of pull he has. He's meant to be someone smart enough to bypass laws, as stated in his CS. He also cannot think his way out of any situation that I myself can't. If you place me in a locked room, I can't just say 'Donny escaped'. I have to explain how, and it must make sense. In that way Donny's power is limited, by the options available to me and how I use them.
If the Jinrai are indeed more skilled, more clever, then I'd imagine that will become evident through who plays them, yes?

Perhaps someone else wealthy or influential from the NSF, doesn't have to be the Prime Minister, went against regulations and hired Donny as an extreme measure. Perhaps someone they loved got killed in the conflict, thus they turned to a less legal option and sought out the world's best killer-for-hire? That'd work I reckon. In this case Donny would be completely undercover, having to make sure neither side finds him out.

Plotwise, it'd probably be his mission to murder all the top ranking fellas in Jinrai, as well as any significant threats that stand in his way. It would also just be Donny alone, he prefers working by himself you see.

I'd like for my character to be an American hitman who came to Neo-Tokyo under pay from some bigwig to take down the Jinrai with subterfuge.

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