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I am inside of a family crisis. Ntmu
I'm sorry. I won't be able to continue. Ty for your time and creativity.
Mods are only a factor of an rpg or PW. Stone nailed it. It's the hammers and the nails required to invent, tweak, construct, regulate, test, and start the PW up. Then, there's the support and management of the world.

It will never be. If you're chasing a PW just go ahead and imagine a world building field of dreams. It can be in any category on any level, even 1x1. My earlier comment about cliques and inequality is one of larger prejudices why things don't turn out well. Then, there's this

On the flip side, control is a heavy responsibility. It's a lot of work to run a PW, and for what? Might as well just make an RP like mine at that point.

Hey dude welcome to the guild. Have a great day, this place is home to some of the most creative arts inventions you can find.
Hi welcome to the guild. This is a creative outlet for people that like bad weather and too much cream in their coffee. Have fun!
I'll go for it. I'm a shoe in for this one. God bless benzodiazepines.
I agree with you Ghost Note. It won't happen but it would be a fine day. I remember the old guild at what you're saying. Compared to old guild activity this generation is lost lol it's the holiday season however it'll pick back up soon. Anyway we can sit here and speculate however much about whatever what but I do hope one day we will see a fantastic PW.
There was once something called Rhydin. It was on AOL and when I come along it was in its dying day. But Rhydin was started by some hacker clique that liked rpging and user created chat rooms were all involved with the Rhydin brand. I don't know much of it because it was dying to website networks stealing its ideas and a new generation was logging on. My point is that it can be done, but it takes work and mampower.
I'm more social online. That's the biggest part. The reason I'm online so much is because I have anxiety that does one of two things to me-become really edgy and aggravated or the angst makes me appear confident when really I'd rather jump off a bridge. I mean shopping and joyriding is nice but sometimes I like to play the quiet game a little.

Besides having patience online compared to irl I am lazy to both ends.

If I had to judge myself I'd say I am courteous and observant. And also impatient and deal with things a little too hard.
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