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Zucroas sutured tight the gaping wound of causality, weaving Creation itself upon the needlepoint of his tooth and claw. There was little mercy in the act, save for the swiftness of his execution of that loose woman. But, there was something.. strange. Not just in the ease of which he managed to intercede into her being and that of countless others, but in the fact that the connection was already preexisting? Come to think of it, from the moment she entered the frozen forum, the gaze of her reflections seemed to focus on him. It was a ubiquitous kind of attention, the kind of uncanny ease with which an old painting's eyes seem to follow you everywhere. They each adopted her saunter and sway, almost with intent. But that would be silly, right? They're her reflections. They didn't have to try. It is just what they do.

Unfortunately, the Draconite spat in the face of the wench's mercy. Her lovely smile was soon bathed in the radiance of countless volts of electricity and x-rays, flashing the squirming sight of her skeleton in a black-bodied silhouette that danse macabre'd in the wicked frenzy of her "pain". She fell to the floor in a heap, crackling with astral thunder that arced throughout the environment in branches of electric fury. Perhaps the most interesting aspects of the exchange were two things, however, were two-fold. Well, technically three. Firstly, her hand was fully outstretched whilst she collapsed into a smoking wreck upon the floor— her hand curled into what Zucroas perceived to be faux acceptance. Secondly, though her images were all molested with the unbridled fury of the serpents ripping into their throats, they were all.. bloodless. The electricity that the astral predators emitted did conduct into them too, but the charge was consumed by the yawning vortex of something lurking within the now-real reflections, something which mirrored her too-long shadow. Their smiles widened.

Thirdly? From the drooling chasm of her throat spews viscera. Frothing, bubbling scarlet, like sea foam. And much like the sea, there was quite the volume of it too. An unreasonably large amount for someone of her small stature. It seethed in its sluggish trek, spilling out and tainting her smooth, delicate skin with that sticky red. The tide advanced, racing to engulf his shins in her gore. In the same fashion that her doppelgangers seemed to have happen to them, Zucroas' breath rolled over the woman, but passed through the boundary of something unseen. That roiling abyss which persisted in spite of the light of his cataclysm. A brief whine— a shriek— called out from the other side into the material as his lightning seemed to twist as though it got passed through an event horizon, before being yanked down into the endless gullet of her shadow, which blossomed with a bouquet of countless bloodshot eyes.

Wait. There was yet one reflection accounted for. The reflection of her in his eyes, though a reflection it did not remain for long, likely to his chagrin. It blossomed into psy-flame from within the corridors of his gaze. This was no scalpel, nor was it a hammer to batter down the battlements of his mind. It was a jackhammer. Left unattended, from the moment it proliferated itself into being, it sought to consume his skull, though this.. thing.. bore no heat, no severity of the elements. No, it brought a far more destructive gift. Ego death. Its caress made to boil away his psyche, all the way down to his instincts, leaving the creature a hollow, empty existence. A perfect thing to be remade as she saw fit.
Zucroas broke into the court, utterly and completely feral by all accounts. The brutality of the monster rang true throughout the labyrinthine palace, his madness flashing across glacial glades. By aĺl accounts, the ruckus he had stirred up broadcast his presence to anything lurking within— to any foolish enough to try and kill him. Or, to another monster. The frozen embrace of the interior welcomed him, echoing with the grating candor of Zucroas' snarl, though that too eventually degenerated into a chorus of hushed whispers. Alien from their originator.

The ethereal, baby blue light was everywhere; yet, from somewhere off in that vast corridors of this place did a fuzzy absence seem to cloy at one of its many corners, which bestowed base upon the haunted cries. A faint umbral haze from which the first clatter of dainty steps sing in dissonant harmony with Zu's violence. Not quite a walk of peace, but it was easy to conflate the sultry serenity of the emergent Grecian woman with a sort of pacifying lull. Narcotic in the ease of which even her breathing seemed to lull even the most wrathful of titans. She came into this place, clad in a transparent chiton and himaton which hugged her slight build and fairer features, tinted scarlet with shimmering black patterns that raced through it with the grace of smoke curls. Orbiting the woman's head was a diadem of crossed, golden blades, which a waterfall of warm auburn hair threaded through with lilac flowed past. The darkness which regurgitated her stretched in her wake— joining with the abyssal embrace of her own shade with the diabolic yawn of a Hellmouth. The whispers grew in substance, as though Zucroas' frenzy had given voice to the voiceless, and the woman's presence here only served to bridge that stygian gap. From 20 feet away, the woman extended a delicate hand out for him to take wordlessly— her image splayed out across each crystaline face of the room where 'Croas found his absent. Her loveliness was not diminished, not even as she smiled.

Not even as she wore the smile of one who brought only woe.
Good luck!

Like clockwork, the death rattle of this ecosystem mistook itself for life's first breath. Naturae's divine spark flowed freely through the leylines and in through Earth's Champion— the land yielded unto its herald the sweetest of its fruits. Senko's own apple of Eden. Against any man, tapping into this world's heart was a fearsome boon to wield, but Agent Reyes was a man no longer. No, he had been suppressed beneath psychological conditioning, and where the sun had once set beautifully over the horizon of his eyes, there were only pitiless chasms. Reyes was already aware of the opposition's positioning, try as they might to hide themselves energetically. From the top down, Reyes is a miracle of bioengineering. Not only were his cells ten times smaller than the average person, but they were that much more effective and numerous too. Consequently, Reyes could smell, hear, see and even taste them on the air. All mundane expressions of their presence that they apparently neglected to hide, and in the midst of a forest, Reyes has the discipline and refined senses to pick them out. It was a keen awareness that any telepathically gifted amongst them could share the conception of amongst them. The killing machine that he is briefly hefted his gun as Senko erected the forest itself against them, and envisioned scorched earth. Of desolation wrought upon nature, leaving not even salt to be picked from Gaea's carcass.

He became a demon core unto himself. The madness of mindfire radiated from him not in a brilliant flash, but with the insidiousness of a heatwave. A faint ripple in the air, which flows outwardly from the first firing of neurons in recognition of this. His mind flattened the fauna and splattered wildlife, scorching even the ground beneath his feet to a barren waste for 20 feet. Such were the machinations of industry, which choked Gaea's main artery through the brainpox of Reyes' makings and bonded to her boundless force to become neither psionic weght nor a thing of life, but a new thing— a poison to sup upon. An enfeebling thing that castrates the soul and brings low the fleshly blessings they once enjoyed. In that way, though the chaos of Reyes' mind spilled into the material for 20 feet, it was not to be understated. The weight of his mind was the sum total of the multitudes of supernal actions taken by Totsuka, a singular consolidation of exploding and burning energy that thwarted his much more spread out energy, and threatened to obliterate his mind's eye from exposure— though it was a shared punishment to his matriarch, who acted as a filter for him.

Reyes needn't aim to shoot from that point onward. Spatial awareness and a quick glance were sufficient enough to fire with dead-accuracy brought about by superfine motor controls and a superior nervous system. Senko mustered the winds about the time two shots of armor piercing depleted uranium reached an inch from both the center right and left of her chest, in eerily close coordination to each other, followed close by a third aimed for right between her eyes that accounted for the now changing direction of the wind. All accelerated by the outward emanation of his psychic force, shot and placed into the slipstream of deliberately projected power. Reyes rolled forward-right in a swift evasion of the initial wind blade if it proceeded still, and rolled right twice more in quick succession with the lift provided by his psychic aura to remain mobile to avoid any follow-up projectiles, including the gravina lances if any, then rose up back to his feet; shooting a fourth at Shin's upper right thigh, following the scheme of his third bullet; leaving his mind to wander about harsher interpretations of his psionic might. To visualize about how else he might destroy his enemies.
The jungle leaps with wicked heat and humidity— with the flickering shadows of predators. Even amongst the stench of muck and feral beasts, what cut through the rich stench of the tropics was the smell of fear. The din of Hayden's march through the decrepit earth was the first sign of danger that the jungle beasts knew to avoid the area; the big, red, metallic man stomping through the lush green like a bulldozer with the grace of a dancer. The other was the shadowless gait of another hunter. One less obvious than the first, but he— it— left behind the smell of burning wherever it passed. The song of exotic birds died in their throats, replaced with only the frantic flap of wings as they escaped from the burning smell of death's approach.

>Wake up, Reyes.

Jackson's eyes snapped wide to reveal burgundy embers, echoing with some semblance of the man lying just beneath the veneer of what the Blacklight Project wanted him to be. A killing machine, devoid of humanity— of the human spirit upon which raised itself up upon the throne of the soul. It took him the fraction of a second to assess his situation subconsciously, glancing around to see Hayden on his left-hand side, 60 feet away/20ft behind his flank and soaking up the focus. It was something oppurtune for him, who remained squarely indistinct from the biome, and found all supernally related aspects of himself hidden from prying eyes. His psychically imprinted instructions rang inside of his skull, giving a brief pause as he put his boot to an old stump.

>Mission parameters: Kill or capture priority target 56X intact. The rest are to be disposed of. You are clear for Azimuth level force.

Jackson blinked once as the subliminals rose to his mind's forefront, leaving him to take brief inventory. His tac-gear was equipped, and his hands had already subconsciously taken hold of his custom-made pistol, and the meteoric iron of the straight-edged combat knife. His left hand held the knife, and his right, the pistol; his right hand crossing over his left wrist as he ducked below the brush-line. Jackson observed the situation ahead as the woman came to the forefront, and their mechanized pilot came to meet them. For now, he observed, feeling the weight of his additional magazines on the specialized armored holsters on the left side of his midsection and was mindful of his suicide drugs all the while.
Name: Jackson Reyes
Race: Human (Meta)
Age: 29
Sex: Male


*Spec Ops Combat Training- Agent Reyes demonstrates excellent hand to hand combat skills derived from Pencak Silat and Sambo, proficiency with firearms (the most notable of which being handguns of the .45, .22, and .454 Casull calibers, along with 5.56mm, 7.62mm and 9mm cartridge assault weapons.) and a particular flexibility with the knifeplay of Kali Arnis and Systema. He can move quickly whilst maintaining silenced movement, easily hit a target up to 300m, and make use of an ingrained psychological filter to mitigate extreme informational overloads and pinpoint relevant targets without losing combat effectiveness.

*Physiological Restructuring- Jackson's cellular structure is 10x smaller and more efficient than the average human male's, and possesses an increase of mass to compensate for size. His metabolic efficacy can fully break down any nutrient rich material and completely strip it down of any valuable material, and his body can easily fight off most ailments and toxins— even those of an extraterrestrial or supernatural nature. This is owed to a "Radioactivity Reception" experiment taken by the US Government, where his genes happened to have the right composition and resiliency to mutate and bring about these circumstances after a period of several years through this experimental treatment.

*Psionics- Jackson possesses an innate mental resilience, further bolstered by enhanced psychological conditioning techniques, strategies to resist even the most superb torture, and sheer force of will. His mind is a bastion against telepathic assault, and he finds himself in the unique position to win mental duels against those with the gift. As an aside, he can suppress his psychic presence, and as a result, hide his energy signature in all its other non-physical forms.


Hand of Destruction- Reyes has the capacity to manifest anything his mind can psychologically perceive as destructive into a physical phenomenon via the expression of his psychic potential. This means that he can weaponize his thoughts; catalyzing his mental energy into the states he envisions as a direct result of this. Furthermore, the Hand of Destruction can physically adapt the user's physical body into a vessel equipped to handle both the sheer devestation it can bring upon the earth, and also the sheer strangeness of its anamolous properties. With such a dangerous ability in the hand of a rogue agent, however, the Blacklight Project has found it suitable to install in Agent Reyes' mental programming several safeguards to limit the threat he would pose. Firstly, Agent Reyes can only produce perpetually exploding flames. These flames cannot be controlled once released save for how they are released, and his body's ability to adapt to this phenomenon is mitigated, as his sheer physical durability has merely reached a point of "tolerance". However, it should be noted, that Agent Reyes' psychic projections can bypass resistances toward heat and force, as his psychic energy merely adapts the qualities of these things, and it is ill advised to take in this energy, as it infects any aperatus that attempts to absorb and/or purify it, imbuing the qualities of his thoughts onto the target in that exchange.


*1x Custom Made .454 Casull Semi-Automatic pistol with 20rd magazine, pistol grip, and a side-mounted laser sight that produces light from the "invisible spectrum" that Reyes' eyes have adapted to percieve. The rounds chambered in this firearm are FMJs with depleted uranium cores, and produce no daylight flash and barely any nighttime flash.

*3x additional magazines.

*Meteoric-Iron Knife "Calisto". A 16" straight edged knife forged with a particularly hard and dense iteration of the metal, required plasma cutters to hew it into shape as acid baths and hydraulic presses were not making headway in making it more mallaeble. Weapon is sharpened to cellular edge, and hosts a colony of flesh eating bacteria. Highly resistant to heat and cold extremes, thrives in anaerobic environments. Has formed a symbiotic relationship with agent Reyes, and is additive to his immune system.

*Tac Gear- Titanium-steel alloy body armor with a quintuple kevlar nano-weave underneath, comes with chestplate, arm, shoulder, knee and leg guards. Patches for carrying additional magazines, one for a knife and gun holster on each side of his waist respectively. Comes with reinforced light-adjusting night vision goggles, and two smoke canisters.

*2x 3000mg military grade LSD tablets. Strong enough to kill a supernatural being with only 500mg, but his body metabolizes it rapidly enough to only put him in an extreme euphoric state before the psychedelics take effect. Temporarily disarms psychological conditioning that limits his Hand of Destruction. Delivered through a false tooth, told to take in the event of capture by the enemy as part of psychological conditioning to commit suicide. One seperate pill inside one of his magazine pouches.
Darker and darklier!!
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