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3 days ago
Current "Coffin Princess" is my new manga. Beside "Space Adventure Cobra", "Vinland Saga", and "Assassination Classroom" it's been chosen by my soul. The 12+ other manga had reputations.
6 days ago
So.... I think PM doesn't add to my post count. Does this mean laptop!?!? 'Fufufufufufu'. Now 'Hehaha' is better.
23 days ago
That jello cup with creme actually kept the jello from wobbling off the spoon.
28 days ago
I'm going to create a jump-in, casual\advanced, mercenary academy - where you play a song through a practice fight.
1 mo ago
Just skateboard throne.
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I'm a Polish-American named Sebastian. I got to the U.S. when I was 2, and as my sister stayed-to-Polish-girl-friendships(just those. She got pregnant by a common American. I barbarian and enjoy ceasing him- that's sword-hunting American fratboy vanguard challengers as to become the Charger of my noble Polish name. I wont be a actual Lancer, but with a treasurey of my lifestory, arbitration of a science degree, prestigeous hobbies like sword, archery, and roleplaying I definetly will Forsaken-Ranger to Overlord.) my parents indulged themselves to party up with them, my mother even got me tykes to play with as they enjoyed both of us. And of those tykes families they too partied to Catholic congregation. I had a communion at 11 representing the way into the Kingdom of Poland.

But I'm stuck in the U.S. because at like 16-years-old my mother tried a alternative personality 'hex' me. I became a skateboarder at 7-years-old to merge with the U.S. socialhood and got tough, mainly to avenge a girl (my girl is my lady, my wife will have been my princess.), but to enjoy that I tried to avenge parties of my own I felt dishonored, and now understand her creton view on life. I abandoned the greencard date for my soul.

While it's not confusing having socialsecurity it is however daunting to refrain from joining the military,and skip tax accountment. Eventually I'll have credentials to progress for a greencard+citizenship after ten + years.

During my partying I refrained interest to roleplay so to better my synergy\harmony and not peerpressure just because how easy it is to pride yourself into being uppermddle-class when you seriously start working for school.

I began at 23. I did buy a build-your-own-katana, libraried graphic novelbook of five rings by musashi, got registered as just a swordsman in the World Martial Arts Association alliance then after two years of offense I made it bare and threw it into a lake to stop the beginning of 'shinobi' defense. I need a waterproof metaldetector now. I'll inevitably get it out and melt it by my pyro dexterity before scrappin the metal.
My parents gave me the 2013 Nissan Rogue it must be swornin as a sign of maturity and kept. I'll have to fix and prepare it for the offroad U.S. snorkel pristige. (sun-visor over windshield,better headlight bulbs, snorkel, 35in wheels with lift kitsuspension coils and a high school paint job\appropriate stickers.)

It's not that the U.S. is hard. The people who dont endeavor excersize5while gaining i life are 'scum', and I see themin a9 typs of offroad automoble just becaue. So my children will be getting cheap coretesfor school. Mymotocycl wilneed a pool tablenext to a pinklimosine-conect(il edit this section later).

In order of play, my solo characters for roleplay fun:
1st) My RuneScape roleplay within the MMORPG - knight of the Kinshra.

2nd) My D&D animal Slayer.

3rd) My Roleplayerguild ARENA STAR WARS Imperial Royal Guard.

4th) My 7th Sea Sword-Hunter Prince.

5th) My RIFTS RPG troupe pyro-swordsman.

6th) My NeoPets mercenary.

7th) My Roleplayerguild mercenary academy Overlord.

8th) My rogue swordsman in "Street Samurai" on the Roleplayerguild.

9th) My HALO HAZOP SPARTAN Field Major.

10th) My HeroicaRPG LEGO snake knight.

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Everything you want to know about the ARENA is at the ARENA section. There have been ranked bouts, tournaments, and regular fights- just keep studying here. Be sure to officially join rank to be in ranked.

I think you can get a match in ranked if you just crave one thanks to a judge. If you have created a character specifically then you can just fight, or professionaly seek a judge to have them help organize.

There's also the PM option to spar with someone until ready. I hope I helped, fore I'm self-centered.
I like the block idea. This website is freely open to the world. The only privacy needed would be I think a blocker.
That was what 1st Sargeant Dabrowski, the 123rd billionth Sebastian PRINCE of Poland138, had go through his mind when he soared into his Coruscant hyperspace coordinates.

It was a Sith Assassin dread code. The Emperor had his ministers so fearful of their stature as inferior opponents to any soldier that the Sith acolytes have learned to at least prism terror to a modular craze static input just at surviving Imperial Royal Guards intent on becoming Imperial Royal Shadow Guards.

That Sith-Sorcery had Sebastian voyage through his anticipation of being a future Imperial Royal Shadow Guard. It was intended to have him rebel to a band of Sith Shadows. So, because of his loyalty as an Imperial Royal Guard, it instead quantum transwarped his hyperspace route into teleporting him into a magical-once-upon-a-time tavern, where he found himself looking at a toilet. Miracuously his instincts got his force-pike before his transcention.
I'm currently doing custom training with a STAR WARS Imperial Royal Guard T.I.E. Interceptor and a command-ship similar to the one in Turok but like Halo. It'll teach me how to arch, navigate, and reconoiter against Enemy-Sevens.

I'm saving this post to conduct quantum studies, like sharpshooting, aeronotics, logistics, input, coertion, drama psyche as well\and stellar behavior.

I'll try, but all I can do is create my swordsman currently. I'll roll-the-dice when I upgrade my phone.
If you accept that I'm only using a t.v. remote to type I'll play as myself. Name's Sebastian, unlike Dungeoneers that became wizards to begin rping I am a Forsaken-Ranger that chose to rival Arbiters pragmaticly; Princes that mercenaried into a black knight Overlord(dragon hunter prestige).

I never Rp as a Ranger. Instead I just journal, excersize, and study nature. I am a swordsman, am Polish-American, I'm going to begin horsemanship/archery next year, partied to 23, quit skateboarding recently too, first injury so I quit (17+ years) to build my throne.

I've never done steampunk. I've only ever done noble troupeswordsman attitudes to personality. That usually gets me a badlands archgambit. I think I'll do better as this is 1x1. For what it's worth I have space mercenary intrigue as well.
@Calle that'd have worked in person, I'd just need to hear them back. But personal wasn't happening. I guess I can just find something cheery about new contestants work and vote simply. Or just contend, thanks.

I created "Hood of shadows".

I'll critique instead of voting.

"Stars" was short. Had it been longer I would have perhaps courtesyly voted.

"Interstellar" was transparant, and stagnant. Its length could of had some warm words, but I just see a droll thought pattern.

I don't like "The Stars" because it's just chaos. It had an earthly feel, almost barbarian, but it then instantly changed for the worse.

"Written in the Stars" couldn't beat mine even if they gave themselves a collumn to the title. It just left the present like it wasn't even voyaging. Like they never roleplayed truethfully, or had a friend.
Now for the gambit.

Obviously the Mercenary Academy will be field, training roofs, and silly water treasurey courses. There are even bording rooms some miles away up a gorge with a town down into the valley behind it. The OOC thread will suffice for you with that.

With this just an interest check in general I want it to be recognized that I am not only sharp with the boys, dudes, men and other males but am pursuiant with helping girls, lasses, maidens, women, ladies, and Dames achieve Princess. No gals\damsels allowed. As in todays AGE there're more bimbo(e)s than cowgirls, and more tramps than hussies.

Unsure how to proceed? You can place an application in the "CHARACTERS" thread or PM me a "RANGERS\RANGERESS REPORT" about yourself. So if you're homosexual that means saving all your dexterities, finesse and skills you appreciate about yourself elaquently last- actually it's how you would report an ennoblement to a Prince after achieving Ranger\Rangeress for like 3-7 years.

So go ahead and make your own shield-of-arms for the application if you'd like to. You will get a PM from me if you've only done an application.

The Mercenary Academy prototype schedule is Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Saturday. Twillight to evening ( 7 A.M. to 7 P.M.) Sounds different? Because I'm not making it dusk to dawn ( [5 A.M. to 7 A.M.]- (7 P.M.)

ENTRY REQUIREMENTS: Humans only, no magic-users, no celestials, no beings from another plane or dimension and for those who like to pay it's $12,000.00 to finish, $35,000.00 with exspenses. $12,000.00 in experiance points or you quit/died. Every student who passes will get the honor of space roleplays with me.

EXPERIANCE POINTS: 200 is an E for excellent, 150 is a G for good, 100 is a P for Poor, and 50 is F for Failure.

FUNDAMENTALS: 1 set of table top dice for experiance, paper whether in a notebok\journal\diary or computer paper, and a writing utensil.

Interest swagger initiated.

Free merit: "bump" implies it was coincidental. A true Dignitary never gets so shirley. Then, I suppose "bump" is from the Acolytes or Accolades.

The blur in roleplaying there is that real religion, guilds, and piratedgovernments neglect to prove their Penantents, and instead opt to have Elite not Arbiters for the roleplay. It is thus your decision to avenge nobility only then.

Whether you became a Swasbuckler, landed knight, Desteriare, or an assassin amongst avengers (the other half recognize Princesses here\or Queen consorts) I promise no Bard will be sat. You will not be made\conned into a brigand.

You aught to, if at the least of your progress, learn how to deflect with a longsword.

Should you want to be a thie, well there are only two kinds - the legacies you can otherwise imagine are infamous Muggers. Goons, and Thugs contempt for turf against those, and Boppers, Brawlers, Bashers and everything else mobster and hitmen As banditry is the worst way to train... You have to forfiet your freedom, in public, then recruit weaklings to steal from and hold your ego from running away from them to create a structure to continue as bandits. Robbers, and Heighsters are bandits for example. Brigands are a team of bandits.

The two types of th3ieves are the ones that stole to learn vigilance ever after to heighten thier agility to a Burglar level, so as to be a better commoner. And the second is a part of a troupe. Making money respectfully and naturally learned to be a thief as promised.

The Assailer\Assailant dexterity is also going to be learned at the Mercenary Academy.

Swagger finished.

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