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From the darkness a dark haired man appears. Of average height and sprinting as though the mighty hounds of death were on his heels. Hazel eyes glaring towards a cement podium through a pair of glasses on the bridge of his nose. The man was dressed in blue jeans and a barely thicker than normal navy blue T-shirt. On his feet were yellow, steel towed boots; worn to a pale and dirty tan.

With each step the man swung a large piece of rebar either back or forth in unison. The bar was 8 feet long with a point at the end, 1 inch thick and topped with a square of blue fabric . In the squares center were bright red letters standing side by side. "XB Was 1st".

As the man neared the podium he thrust against the ground. Heaving the rod over his head with both hands as his feet left the ground. With a guttural yell he swung the rods point at the podium. A plume of dust would erupt as the rod is driven a foot into the ground. Allowing this flag to be flown for all to see.

Removing only his right hand, the man would stand next to his flag. Chest billowing with pride.

(I just didn't see anything saying I couldn't post here! Lol)
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A teen with brown hair and purple bangs jogs in wearing a black cloak lined with white carrying a glaive with a blue rope hanging off it and waving in the wind. he is also wearing a strap on shield on his back with this design:
/ \
/\ /\
/ \/ \
\ / \ /
/\ /\
he twirls his glaive in complex maneuvers then sticks it point down into the ground his head held high.
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