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The trajectory of the saw blades was only partially reliant on Xavier's ability to see Dias; Xavier had seen him just before the light filled the area and the blades were seeking him out based upon that last known location. At any rate, the main goal of this first attack was to test the physical blocking capabilities of the radiant light, if any were present at all. Had the need for it come up, Xavier could have redirected them to curve around most of the obstacles, but as it was they collided with the unseen wall; showing Xavier that his initial assumption about the light was correct, but it also relayed some new information about the shield.In the center of the arena, the particles of Dread Energy began to quiver as a series of high pitched ring filled the airways as a brief shower of red sparks filled the air. It would seem there was a miscalculation on Xavier's part as the dozen saw blades he created had collided with the pillar standing there. How could be so foolish!? The pillar stood pristine in the wake of the metallic onslaught; a number of fine metallic red shavings floating unnaturally near the impact zone.

Via a series of split second mental commands, Xavier was quickly able to regain control over the flight patterns of the saw blades, curve them back around in the air and then fire them once more at the shield to complete his test. Their timing had become more exact and their grouping tighter then before as Xavier took in-depth control of each blade to ensure impact; perhaps a shared impact zone could increase the chances of his blades passing through,
All at once the saw blades had their momentum removed, reversed and revitalized two fold to fire back at him; a miniscule twitch showing the shadow of a smirk as the information was relayed back to their master. A dozen sonic booms would sound off in the wake of the blades being returned to Xavier; his mind branching out to each of them in one moment so as to curve their paths around his body almost entirely

Each blade was only two inches shy of clearing Xaviers skin when they passed by him; tearing open the flesh of his shoulders and lower abdomen so as to steal more metal from within. The form of the blades started to shrink and fatten the instant after they passed through Xavier, shifting from saw blades into formless metallic mounds roughly one and a half inches in diameter as they flew towards the walls behind him. By aid of their newfound speed, the mounds underwent a myriad of meticulously calculated ricochet’s off of the walls, floor and ceiling of the deck where Xavier stood. In a wink, twelve 1.5 inch mounds became a single 18 inch metallic ball that released a symphony of dull thuds as it bounded from wall to wall before firing itself out of the opening at around 1300mph; aiming to slam it back against the shield less than a second after the first impact. It was around the size of a basketball, but it would be hitting with the force of a wrecking ball swung at the same speed.

During this small portion of time, Xavier was feeding off of the dormant chaotic energies present in the world so as to maintain a constant stream of Dread Energy into the world. With a simple command, more of the particles near the shield began to shift their size and density while beginning to compress against the shield that was preventing their advance. It would be no easy feat to crush the particles that were holding their ground against it; the larger particles up front were protecting the smallest ones in the back which were all pushing upon eachother to exert force upon the large particles. All in an effort to force themselves through the empty space infront of the light that was rejecting them. One could, in theory , shove them around provided an equal amount of force is being applied, but the destruction of Dread Energy would not come so easily.

The instant Dias moved to his right, Xavier could feel the shield moving and deduced that it could only mean that it’s owner was moving as well. More interested in studying the anomaly, he would allow his energy to be briefly muscled around by the opposing energy. After all, there was undoubtedly more important things brewing within that shield, and though Xavier could feel the man’s light foot steps as they touched the ground he could not see the details of what had just happened. But it wasn’t likely that his opponent would be sitting idly by awaiting the inevitable break through.

Muscles on both Xavier’s arms could be seen tensing so intensely that it seemed that they would tear through the flesh that covered them. A 5 foot radius of Dread Energy surrounding Xavier would sudden lurch through the air to converge upon his arms from shoulder to fist; coating the entirety of the flesh in a thick layer of Dread Energy as he awaited an opening.

Availability -
Thursday through Monday from 8Am to 4PM. (PST) This availability is subject to change.
I'm still not making contact! Leo screamed internally as he watched the wave of icy wind wrap harmlessly around Rakhana; creating a vibrant display of electricity as the two drastic temperatures made contact with one another and Leo's wind was kept at bay. It was a frustratingly unseen outcome, but it did allow him to piece together the fact that she was manipulating mass amounts of heat each time she committed an action; be it the heatwave she sends at him or the distortions in the air when she repositions herself. It was all reliant on heat, and from the looks of how easily his Arctic wind had been staved off, she had to be generating an incredible amount of it.

How does her body handle that much heat? How is it generated? Leo mulled over his thoughts as the light show faded away.

With his advantageous position combined with his keen senses, Leo was able to pick up the smallest of changes in Rakhanas body; such as the swelling of her abdomen as she filled her lungs with air and where her attention was lingering in the instants that her chest began to swell. Shifting his attention to Rakhanas face, Leo noted that while she was looking towards him, she was not looking directly at him, she was looking beneath him and the overpass. What did she see? Before attempting to decipher this, Leos eyes would glaze over with a yellow sheen as he called upon the energy of the yellow magical orb beneath his Pauldron; the tips of his hair taking on a light blonde hue. With a tensing of muscles, his right hand would twitch and the fingers would bend at though they clung to some unseen object in his palm. In a fraction of an instant the empty air between his fingers and palm was filled with an orb of bright yellow light; the yellow tint which had overtaken his eyes and hair now fading away.

By this point, Leo was watching the letters of ice upon the concrete between the two of them vanish with sharp hisses as they were flash boiled away. What was she playing at? Where was she aiming? No time to wait for the answers to be handed to him; now was the time for action.

With naught but a blur of motion, Leo would have raised his right arm and hurled the bright yellow orb in his hand directly for Rakhanas face at just over 300 mph; which would leave only 200 Milliseconds before impact was to be made. But it was a farce.

The instant Leo had thrown the orb, his left arm and the sword it held had gone behind his back so at to compensate for his throw; releasing the brown orb within the swords hilt as it swung just slightly behind him. After the throw, Leo brought his right hand quickly back towards his body and used it to grasp hold of the free falling magical orb as it passed his right hip; slamming it into the hilt of one of the daggers upon his back in one fluid motion. Fingers curling in tightly Leo would grasp hold of not one, but both daggers on his back and began to curl his arm forward for yet another throw. As his body began to twist in anticipation, his eyes blinked with yellow light for but an instant before the orb flying at Rakhana suddenly expanded; releasing a massive surge of lightning they stretched out in every direction so as to hopefully block Leo from her sight for just a moment.

With a quiet grunt Leo sent his daggers flying into the air, one screaming directly towards Rakhana whilst the other would fly straight away from Leo with a brown streak momentarily in its wake. With a brief metallic scraping sound the second dagger would find it's home in the stone work of the building behind Rakhana; the real notice behind the double farce of attacks he had just unleashed. The instant it made impact, the air was filled with a single, sharp snapping sound that seemed to stem from within the Earth and Leo watched as the outer perimeter of the entire 4 story will belched a plume of dust before falling, floor by floor, towards Rakhana; who with any luck would be to focused on what was going on infront of her.


There was a single, sharp rumble that tore through the overpass, sending vibrations into Leo’s legs, causing him to react with a quick flex of his muscles that left both his legs bent at the knee and poised for action. The support beams had been heated to their melting point, effectively crippling their structural integrity to the point that the weight of the overpass was simply too much to handle. Dropping his gaze down to his feet, Leo could see a hairline fracture running from one side of the overpass to the other; sprouting hundreds of minute fractures along it’s path.

This bitch is taking down the overpass!

Quick as a whip Leo turns his head to the left, taking in all he could of his immediate surroundings so as to find any means of aid; he found none and his face contorted into anger before his head whipped the other way. There was nothing to be found here either and Leo could feel gravity taking hold; his legs coiling up tightly to his body as he began to fall.

Fu-uck!” Leo cursed as he disappeared from sight.

Not long after, the overpass began to make contact with the ground beneath it and this allowed Leos feet to finally touch the surface once more; a powerful flexing of his legs sending him up into the air at a 60 degree angle in a quick blur of motion that left a plume of smoke and dust in his wake. If all went to plan from here, Leo would find himself upon and within the 3rd floor of the building he had just torn open.

Whether or not Rakhana could see the damage she had done, it was there nonetheless and on Leo’s arms, where there was once just reddened skin, there was now white pockets of blistered skin and speckles of blood droplets. Still a minor injury in Leo’s mind, but even several minor injuries would be enough to stop the battle.

While his cloud was moving to overtake the arena, Xavier noticed a strange distortion in the air just beyond the center pedestal; emanating from the sheltered confines of the arena opposite him where a man now stood. There was a brief twinge of movement from Xavier’s right cheek and his red, glowing eyes widened slightly as he saw this; it seemed he wasn't going to be left wet and waiting this time around and it was all he could do to contain his excitement for the coming battle. It was a futile effort though, for once he finally deciphered who it was that stood across from him, with his blue hair and surrounded by a floating guard of monstrous crystalline weapons, a smirk stretched onto his face. When last he saw this man, they were sitting across from one another discussing this very tournament over a couple beers. Xavier was elated at the possibility of getting to tear apart someone even remotely close to him; his insatiable thirst for bloody battle usually left his social circle rather empty.

In direct response to this new found excitement, the cloud of Dread Energy could be seen picking up it’s pace in an attempt to swarm their new target; but it would seem that he had come prepared. Just as the Dread Particles passed over the strange creature in the center of the arena, a veritable explosion of golden light bathed the surrounding area in its warm embrace and Xavier could feel his energy cloud slam home against a wall of unnatural creation; wrapping around it in an attempt to force its way through this spherical abnormality. No doubt created by his opponent, the sphere encompassed the greater majority of the North Eastern corner and despite their fevered search, the particles could find no weakness through which to force themselves.

The smirk on Xavier’s face blinked out of existence as his brow furrowed into a tight glare; it was time to get serious and he quickly began sending mental commands to the rolling cloud of Dread Energy; focusing his attention on the particles that were closest to the strange wall. Those first few layers turned cannibalistic as hee made them absorb their brethren; increasing first their density and then their size in the blink of an eye. It was an almost unseen change in the composition of the cloud, but it would give the perimeter a much more physical presence Incase this strange energy started pressing forward. Not that Xavier was simply going to stand around and wait for that to happen.

Half a blink later, Xavier’s pectorals would be littered with a dozen tiny, red metallic lines only 1/16 of an inch wide and 3 inches long, all positioned vertically upon his skin. These were miniscule deposits of Dread Metal, a liquid form of Dread Energy infused with earthen elemental energies that allows Xavier to shift it to a metallic substance on a whim. While it may not look like much to some, Dread Metal is twice as strong as steel and needs only half the materials in order to replicate this strength. As an example, a 2 inch plate of Dread Metal has the same amount of material as 4 inch plate of steel and is twice as strong as said sheet steel. This is due largely to the fact that Xavier has total control over this material, from general movement down to changing the density of individual pieces.

These metallic lines had only just appeared upon Xavier’s chest when they suddenly vanished; flung from Xavier’s skin and given an incredible spin that caused them to stretch out to ¼ in thick circular discs that had 3 inch diameters and 15 hooked and pointed teeth on their edge. The air was briefly filled with a symphony of high pitched whistles as the they were fired forward; with no physical effort on Xavier’s part these weapons accelerated to bullet speed they were all headed towards Dias's upper body and face, set synchronized impact I’m just under 200 milliseconds. All in all, it would have been only 2 seconds between his energy being deflected and the release of his tiny saw blades. The main purpose of this attack was a poke at the shield that kept his energy back, as Xavier wanted to see whether it was only effective on his energy or if it was going to stretch to a physical deflection as well.

It is worth mentioning that since Dread Metal is comprised of Dread Energy, it retains the ability to reject any outside manipulation seeking to influence it’s composition or direction of flight; beyond that of a physical force slapping them out of the air or something similar.
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