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As Drom entered the crimson cloud he would have little to no discernible impact on it as the particles of Dread Energy were currently locked in their ethereal state and possessed little to no physical presence; a fact exasperated by the fact that he presented no defense against the energy. For every millisecond that he is exposed to the power of Dread Energy, he would have hundreds of thousands of individual particles trying to force their way through his skin/clothing/armor as though he were shaking hands with the core of a nuclear reactor. Should the battle end within the next few minutes, such a dosage of Dread Energy would prove to be inconsequential, but the longer the battle drags on the greater the dosage and the more potent the effects.

When it came to the electrification of the crimson cloud, Xavier had not expected any sort of spectacular outcome to come so soon after initiating the charge. It was more of a preamble to a greater power than a straight out attack, but the outcome it provided was welcomed all the same. By allowing the electricity to run through his body, Drom was also allowing a rather large dosage of Dread Energy into his body as well. After all, Xavier did not possess a single power or ability that was not either powered by or fused with Dread Energy. So in the very instant the electricity entered Drom’s body Xavier was granted an incredibly detailed sight of his would be opponent. Circulatory systems, skeletal structure, muscular structure, nervous system etc, anything that could be touched by an electrical charge in his body was imprinted on Xavier’s mind. The only thing that would have gone differently then what Drom would have intended, was the idea of the electrical charge leaving his body. Now that it had entered him, it and the excess energy it carried, were locked inside and ready to wreak some havoc on the beings innards.

In just a few microseconds after sensing the lightning within Drom, Xavier sent a mental command to the numerous particles of Dread Energy within Drom so as to make use of their metamorphic capabilities; shifting from their ethereal state to that of Dreadful Flames with an explosive force comparable to a simple firecracker. The flames that they would create weren’t capable of generating any amazing levels of heat, but they were capable of eradicating any physical matter the instant they made contact with it; each particle creating a crude sphere of flames roughly ¼ inch in diameter. Water, blood, oil, any sort of liquid would not be able to stop the miraculously spontaneous combustion of these particles or hinder the spreading of the flames. Seeing as how Drom had already willingly saturated himself through and through with the particles of Dread Energy, he would be hard pressed to find a suitable defense within the next few milliseconds.
(I hit quite a rut while writing this, so it isn’t the best but it IS done.)

Standing atop the tallest mound of burning bodies was a burly monster of a man with shoulder length pitch black hair and piercing red eyes named Xavier Bloodbayne. All around him were the remnants of an immense army that had mobilized and matched against him in a last ditch effort to prevent the total annihilation of their species. No more than 5 days ago rumor began to spread of a man cloaked in a thick red energy fog, known as Dread Energy, that had appeared on the coast and began sweeping through the towns and villages on the outskirts of the country; leaving a bloody trail of death and destruction in his wake.

Fearing the annihilation of their people, the 5 Kings that governed the land decided it was time to set aside their petty differences and stand together against the senseless slaughter. They commanded that every able bodied man and woman under their rule to unify and create The 5 Kingdom Army. With all manner of weapons and magical abilities they waged war on Xavier for 3 days straight; a veritable sea of warriors pushing onwards in one grand attempt at salvation.

From his perch Xavier looked upon the carnage he had brought upon the land with pride as he basked in self adulation as he reaped the fruits of his labor. Each pile of bodies had thick clouds of dark red smoke rolling off of them as the red flames in which they were drenched devoured everything they touched. By the time that Drom would have begun to appear on the battlefield it was already saturated with an incredible amount of Dread Energy; painting an incredibly detailed picture of the surrounding area and all things within it.

The very instant in which Drom established connection with the realm that Xavier had been bullying, a series of metaphorical alarms started sounding within his mind as he became aware of changes in atmospheric pressure and ambient energy levels. In response to these changes Xavier commanded the cloud of Dread Energy to condense on his location; miles worth of non-corporeal particulate coming together to create a veritable wall of Dread Energy that stretched out for a mile in any given direction from Xavier’s body. For any being that relied on a rudimentary means of sight or one based on energy detection, they would find Xavier wholly indiscernible from the writhing red cloud. Everything that comprises the physical body of Xavier is made of the same basic building blocks as the Dread Energy in the air rendering him practically invisible.

At the same time the cloud was condensing, a wave of static electricity would waft from end to end in a bright flash of red light; nothing more than each particle storing an electrical charge that would measure little more than 100 Joules. For the moment, this was all Xavier would do as he awaited some sort of movement or action from Drom; expecting nothing less then the beginning of a glorious battle
I have been out of the fighting game for too long and I really need to get back at it. I have a tournament coming up at some point in the future and I need to get my creative juices flowing again.

Setting: Up to the opponent, I usually just do a forest.

Rules: T1 High Powered rules.

Intended character:
(Here we go)

Just as the ashen star at the center of the Ancient Colosseum began to exhude it's black, mist like payload into the arena; a massive explosion suddenly tore through the air roughly 300 ft to the North of the star. Almost instantly, it created a massive cloud of brown dust that billowed quickly through the Arena towards the Northern Entrance of the Colosseum. As the seconds passed, the particles within the cloud would never come to rest and some unseen force within the cloud was kicking up a steady stream of particulate that caused the thickness of the cloud to double with each passing moment.

As the black mist finally drew in close enough to make contact with the first few layers of the dust cloud, it caused a chain reaction within it that altered the fundamental building blocks of the earth itself. In an almost immeasurable moment of time, the different pieces of stone and metallic ore within the cloud had their Basic Elemental Energies stripped away, mutated and then reapplied; causing their colors to change to different tones of red, black and purple, but favoring a red hue while also giving each of them an incredibly dense and metallic form. As one particle underwent this change, it would pass it onto the next one it touched and the next and the next etc until a massive, glittering wave of crimson was sweeping from one end of the cloud to the other. This signalled the appearance of an entirely new type of energy known as Dread Energy; a mutation of Chaos Energy inside of which a being of higher consciousness named Xavier Bloodbayne resides. With this energy in tow, Xavier has spent the greater majority of his never ending life leaping between worlds, realms and realities in search of glorious battle. There is no way of killing Xavier for good; so long as a single speck of his energy remains anywhere in all of creation, he could reconstitute himself and come back even stronger than before. However, the physical body which he uses to do battle can be destroyed and victory achieved; though to date, there has been only one, blue haired, man to have bested him in battle.

In most cases, like the one here and now, Xavier will mutate surrounding earthen materials to fashion his body from scratch. So as the Dread Energy swept through the dust cloud, there was no longer any Tungsten, Titanium or even concrete in the cloud; they had all been transmogrified into one single, previously unknown, metallic alloy known as Dread Metal. Under scientific scrutiny, Dread Metal would show to have a durability and density four times that of steel while only needing half of the material steel would need to achieve said strength; a 1 inch piece of Dread Metal is as strong as a 4 inch piece of steel. It was through this incredible metal that Xaviers body was created; using the the bodies of many fallen warriors as the building blocks for his design.

It was in almost perfect unison with the opponents creation that Xaviers body began piecing itself together in the eye of that crimson storm. The glittering sheen the cloud had once held began to fade as the metallic particles were drawn inward; immediately beginning construction on the magnificence that was their masters physical body. The actual creation of the body was hidden from sight; the particles of energy which clung to the air were bunched closely together and with Xavier essentially being made of the same energy that surrounded him, it was practically impossible to discern where his physical body was.

The skeletal structure of the body came first as layer upon layer of Dread Metal worked it into fruition along the same basic guidelines of the human anatomy, leaving them able to withstand and absorb incredible pressure before breaking as well as adding to Xaviers daunting weight. The next thing to be created was Xavier's Muscular Structure, which used microscopic threads of Dread Metal to weave together thick muscles all over his body until he was built like an Olympic god. Because the design of the muscles themselves were based off of beings with God like strength; they also possessed the power to go toe to toe with any of them in a bare handed match up. With all his metallic might added to his frame, Xavier would weigh in at just over three ton; making his ability to move at a maximum speed of 300 MPH quite the feat on its own. With the metallic muscles finished and in place, Xavier would look very similar to the T-800 Android as seen in the Earthen film; Terminator.

To keep the secret of his metallic body intact, several layers of ashen, grey skin were wrapped taught to his frame; the tips of all his toes and fingers a deep purple as though they were affected by frost bite. For the most part, Xavier's skin was as normal as a humans in that it offered no protection from physical damage of any kind; though where it differed was in its abilities to withstand the effects of high temperatures and the ability to almost entirely reject any sort of magic/Energy that is used against it.

The final pieces that were created were his eyes and brain. Xavier's mind has enhanced the Neural pathways responsible for all mental communications; doubling their effectiveness to relay what has been seen, heard or felt and acting upon it much faster than a human ever could. His eyes are capable of seeing twice as far as a peak human, 3 times as clear and his mind allows him to process all this information almost three times as fast; shrinking his reaction time down to a mere sliver of it's former self. What has been listed are the only organs Xavier is said to possess; he is created with no heart, no lungs, no kidneys or any other vital organ to speak of. Replacing them instead with a vast amount of Liquid Dread Metal to be used at any time. So custom is Xavier's body, that not a single form of genitalia is present on his pubic mound; only a smooth, Ken-like, groin.

With their creation, Xavier's once still face suddenly sprang into life; a deep scowl painted across his face as his eyes snapped open to reveal the crimson pools that resided within. In immediate response to their masters body clicking into action; the particles of the crimson cloud that had been writing and roiling finally came to an eery standstill. In one section of the cloud, it's density lessened so as to give both opponents a view of one another. Though the particles were now still, they were relaying a constant stream of information back to Xaviers enhanced mind; creating a mental image of the area in his mind while also detailing things such as ambient energy levels, sudden changes in air pressure or objects disturbing the individual particles.

Xavier was just able to make out the disappearance of the black flames before the face of his opponent came into being; a less than fearful sight as far as Xavier was concerned. It just seemed to be another animal in desperate need of being put out of it's misery. Xavier would allow this... Creature, to have the first move.

No warrior had an obvious upper hand on the other; the arena was filled with the two energies (Dread Energy and the black mist) and was bisected down the middle. Leaving 300 feet between the two opponents and 150 feet of their energy ahead of them.
I'm going to go ahead and assume that's a no. After looking over the post at an in-depth level, I've found that my Character will be more than enough to deal with yours. Although, your mist won't be benefiting you this time around.
I'll bite. Any limits on power levels?
The sun hangs high in the sky, granting it's delicate warm touch to all that would stand in path of it's rays; a young raven for instance. No older than middle age the bird stretched out its’ 8 inch wing span and flapped lightly, gliding effortlessly atop the winds. From its flight pattern it seemed evident that it made it's way into the very center of a massive kingdom, the kingdom of Tigonna; the only piece of land on this tiny planet. It flew, more specifically, to a pile of rubbish which sat just beyond the market; this pile was often left here for weeks on end to allow for the kingdoms less fortunate citizens to dig through rotting meat and produce to find their entrée for the day. It's talons made brief little scratches as it's wings lowered it softly onto the cobblestones below, before the raven began to pick away at the veritable buffet before it.

The raven had been pecking at the rotted remains of a small feline when it was suddenly distracted by a series of noises which seemed to be getting closer. Curious the little bird cocked it's head and began to hop it's way towards a door until it stood in front of it and simply stared at it's wooden surface; head cocking to and fro when all of the sudden it was thrown open with incredible force. By the time the raven realized what exactly was happening its frail body had already been crushed between the door and a wall; destroying the larger of it's bones in an instant and leaving it to fall in a heap in agony while flapping it's one good wing now in a failed attempt to escape. As it lay there, more twitching now than anything, it saw the last image it would ever see; a man dressed in black robes pulled partially over his face. What was visible of the man’s face as he tore passed curious onlookers was visibly contorted into a look of terror; one eye open as wide as physically possible and almost entirely overtaken by his iris and a strange frown/cowl painted across half his mouth. He only used one of his arms to pump himself forward as he dashed passed the crowd; the other was clutched close to his chest, balled into as tight as fist as he could muster and had tufts of vanilla colored paper sticking out both ends.

After putting a good twenty feet between himself and the doorway, the man could be seen throwing a quick glance over his shoulder without slowing his pace; a horrified shriek passing his lips that caused a wave of panic to spread through the crowd as he turned and doubled his efforts of escape. Many turned to look at what had elicited such a fearful scream; seeing only a strange red mist billowing amongst the ankles of the citizens and coming from the doorway the man had used. A wave of worried whispers whisked through the onlookers as hundreds of feet began to shuffle backwards in cautious bewilderment; the strange substance lurching and rolling over itself as it began picking up speed.

The man’s head snapped round again and caused the hood to fling itself backwards; exposing an obviously fresh and large burn like wound over his right eye and cheek that went so far as to expose the bones underneath.

“Leave me be!” the man hollered over his shoulder at the mist; oblivious to the fact that he was no longer running in as straight a line as he planned.

As he turned his head back around he was greet with the sight of a quickly approaching stone wall; against which he smashed his face and body before bouncing off of it and getting throwing to his ass. Coughing and gasping now, the man could only right himself enough so that he was kneeling on the ground, when he saw that the mist was so close that it was pointless to run anymore. Throwing his hands together, the man interlocked his fingers and rose his arms into the air in a pleading motion; blood dripping off of the man’s chin from both his broken nose and a gash on his forehead.

“No!” the man screamed, his entire body visibly shaking “No! please no; I-I’m sorry!” the man was spitting, spraying and drooling as he babbled towards the mist.

“He’s mad!” a mans deep voice boomed over the crowd.

“Someone do something!” a woman’s gentle voice called out. “There are children here!”

“Guards!” a number of voices called out from the crowd as parents began herding their children away from the scene.

The terror did not waver from the man’s face and he was now shuffling backwards on his knees as he mumbled incoherently through his sobs. The man released the grip his hands had on one another which caused a crumpled up, but still sealed, envelope to tumble across the ground. The vanilla tinted paper was embossed with two bold letters in a glistening, almost living, crimson ink; XB. Stolen from a tomb of red stone that had been discovered a few miles out of town.

“HAVE MERC-eck!” the man had begun to yell like only a dying man can; when his own right hand suddenly darted through the air and latched onto his throat; stopping his words in an instant as the veins of his neck began to bulge.

Like a trapped animal the man began to attack his own arm as viciously as he was able; punching, slapping, yanking and even tearing chunks of flesh free with his nails in a futile effort to free himself. With his face now coated in the spray of his own blood and his arm dripping a steady stream; the man’s face began to turn red as his lower limbs started to thrash about frantically. Try as he might, the man was unable to move his left hand a single inch; the red tone quickly shifting to a purple one as blood began to fill the whites of his eyes.

“By Quil; he’s killing himself! Someone stop him!” an older woman’s voice broke through his gurgles.

“Aside!” a very deep and manly voice commanded as the sound of clinking metal filled the area. “Aside I say! Make room for the Kings Guard you unruly peasants!” before long, 4 burly men dawned in shiny metallic armor were able to shove their way to the front of the pack and surround the man on four equal sides.

“You there” the same commanding voice boomed “Stop this nonsense at once!”

Blood filled eyes flickered towards the guard who bellowed at him, but he had not the strength to even quiver his lip and could only stare at the darkening image before him.

“I said stop!” the Captain yelled; moving forward while reaching out so as to grab onto the man’s right hand.

Just as the Captain was able to make contact with the arm, the man’s entire body was suddenly wrenched from the ground and lifted almost 9 feet into the air; lifting the Captain up and off his feet as well before he lost grip and subsequently fell to his back in the dirt. Meanwhile, some unknown and unseen force held the choking man in the air while he held his own hand tightly over his throat.

“By Quil…” the guardsmen spoke softly as they all took a few hesitant steps backwards. The Captain could not even bring himself to stand and could only shuffle backwards on his hands, butt and feet.

The man kicked his legs and flailed his free arm for only a second before his body finally started to go limp; the unconsciousness of being oxygen deprived finally setting in place. It was in that moment that it seemed he would die that the man was finally able to take in a deep, gasping breath as he spit and choked on his own blood. The crimson mist that had gathered before him began to rise into the air now; creating a roughly human like structure that appeared to have a hold of the man’s body with only one 'appendage' on his hand and throat.

The wind itself seemed to whisper to the man as hundreds of different voices whispered incoherently from all around the crowd. To them, it sounded like nothing more than noise; however it seemed to be eliciting a response from the floating man.

“I…” he began in a raspy voice “I was only trying to make some coin… everyone thought you were gone.. I didn’t know!”

The cloud seemed to lift the man an extra foot into the air before suddenly thrusting him against the ground with an incredible amount of force. The subtle squish of torn flesh and the plethora of snaps and cracks from broken bones filled the airways as the man’s body broken in one mighty swing; leaving behind a puddle of blood and guts on the ground as he was lifted up and slammed into the ground once again. This impact acted like a horrid Gallagher Gag and sprayed the Faces and bodies of many bystanders in the crowd; whose faces were already locked with looks of utter disgust and disbelief as their minds attempted to process what had just happened.

The arm of the crimson figure now receded back within the larger cloud just as two red orbs the size of cheeries suddenly popped into being near the top of the cloud; two red eyes that seemed to be staring straight into the soul of the Captain as he lay on the ground, to afraid to move an inch. The figures position shifted slowly and subtly, allowing it to regrow it’s appendage and grab hold of the crinkled letter on the ground; the paper beginning to dissolve almost instantly as it was touched and drawn into the thicker portions of the figures body.

It moved now towards the Captain, who responded in kind by shuffling backwards as fast as he could; before an appendage lurched from within the cloud and grabbed hold of his leg.

“Ahh!” the man shrieked like a woman; thrashing his leg about in a violent manner so as to try and shake it free. As he did this though, another appendage fired from within the cloud; this one covered in an ashy grey flesh that felt like cardboard as it grabbed hold of the Captains jaw.

Your. King.” A thousand voices boomed from everywhere and nowhere at the same time; causing the entire crowd to cover their ears in pain as their noses began to bleed. “Has. Damned. You.

The last thing the guard would see, was the expansion of the two glowing orbs in the figures head; becoming two flickering pockets of red flames in the process. This began an impossible reaction with the crimson fog the beings body was comprised off as all but one of the microscopic particles erupted into crimson flames that spread throughout a massive area in the blink of an eye. Any person that stood outside in the Kingdom of Tigonna was vaporized in an instant; their ashes burned away as thousands of dying screams echoed through the air. Buildings were set ablaze and anyone left, would have to deal with the possibility that the entire town was about to burn to the ground.

Only one single particle had been spared from the violent ignition process; utilizing the violent explosions to propel itself off the face of this puny planet and into the cosmos.

The single speck of energy would inevitably find it's floating through the hall of the Lobby, winding and weaving through the airwaves in an almost random fashion; sometimes gliding along the top of, or very near to, some of the electronics on the wall, causing their lights to dim and flicker whilst any computer screens were filled momentarily with a strange red static. The electrical disturbances halted as the particle exited the hallway of the entrance and floated towards the receptionist; coming to a stop just a few feet away from her while floating about 6 feet off of the ground. As the speck came to a stop, a high pitched ringing suddenly filled the lobby as it vibrated at an incredibly high frequency. This first vibration signaled an established connection to some unseen force elsewhere in the cosmos; causing an incredible spike in the surrounding energy levels as the speck began to rapidly multiply at an exponential rate. It would have looked as though someone was pouring red sand onto the floor and some unnatural force was preventing it from spreading outwards; creating a roiling crimson cloud with a roughly cylindrical shape and comprised of millions and millions of energy particles.

The vibrations of the particles ebbed away as the energy levels within the Lobby would have finally began to stabilize; the rotations of the particles inside slowing to a crawl as it began to release snaps, cracks and pops from within. The vast majority of the particles were currently undergoing a change of state for Energy to Physical as they took on the form of a crimson metal; evidenced by the glimmering that could be seen within the cloud as droplets of liquid metal began to patterns against the floor. Anyone with a keen enough eye would be able to see the rapid construction of a massive and metallic skeletal structure inside; eventually stretching out beyond the top of the cloud a good 3 inches to expose a metallic forehead and empty eye sockets. When that was complete, microscopic threads of metal began to manifest themselves and starting at the feet they began wrapping tightly to the once bare frame; adding several inches worth of red metallic muscles and tendons as they wove in and out of the structure and ended once again on the exposed portions of the face. Slowly now the cloud of particles began to lose it’s density, while the image of the bare muscles started to fade away; the cloud of energy particulate combining to create a fleshy layer over the entire body.

While the grizzly nature of the face, the chiseled abdomen and stacked pectoral muscles, covered in a mix of scars, would be the first hint at the beings intended sex; there were no genitals to be found upon the pubic mound of this being. Nor would he be dawning a pair of trousers to hide this fact. Now, the eyelids which had been built over the once empty eye sockets would suddenly spring open; revealing them to be deep, rolling pools of a dark crimson light. Meanwhile; shoulder length Onyx black hair was forced through the skin of his scalp and the brows of his eyes.

Most would know not the identity of the strange, naked man who now stood almost directly to the slack jawed receptionist; there is, after all, little to no mention in any records of a man known as Xavier Bloodbayne as most who cross his path never speak again.

“N-name and invitation?” the female spoke timidly towards him; almost unsure if she should speak at all.

Those red eyes shifted to the right in a single twitch of motion; staring straight into and through the eyes of the frail woman. Not once would his lips move even a micron, and yet the woman would be suddenly aware of hundreds of voices within her mind that all spoke in different octaves.

Bloodbayne the voices boomed in her mind as her vision went hazy. As she heard his words echoed in her head, Xavier held his hand out and summoned a burst of crimson particles from the palm of his hand; reconstructing the embossed envelope that he had only recently retrieved. The woman could be seen visibly shuddering as a thin droplet of blood ran from her nostril to her chin.

With a shaky hand the woman scribbled a wavy line on her tablet device before motioning to the rather empty room behind her; indicating that he should go there. She dared not speak to him again.

Without acknowledging the woman again, Xavier walked forward and further into the Lobby. A few people had arrived ahead of him and the urge to start attacking was a hard one to stifle, but stifled it was. The chance to fight the toughest of these people would soon be upon him.

By this point, Leo was simply standing as still as a statue amongst the ice crystals; the light blue glow of the orb in his gauntlet now ebbing back into existence. As he began to ponder what his next move would be, he was suddenly aware of a heavy, crunching rhythm that was moving away from him with haste; it seemed that Rivet was trying to further the distance between them yet again. What he didn't know was that Leo's hearing was far superior to that of a normal man and as Rivet put boot to ground; Leo could hear it as though he were right next to it.

Leo's left hand tightened into a solid fist which caused the orb to glisten vibrantly whilst the ice crystals that clung to the weapons around him shattered into large, razor sharp chunks and hung in the air. Now, as Leo allowed his fist to lessen and his fingers to splay out, the ice spikes would flide through the air until at least two hundred razor sharp ice crystals 3 inches long and 2 inches thick covered the air around him. With a simple flick of the wrist these spikes were sent flying through the air at 50 mph; leaving only 3 seconds of silent flight time before these spikes would be upon their target.

It wasn't a tight area that the spikes were trying to cover but rather a broad, shotgun like coverage area that was designed to hit a broad area. In almost perfect fashion, the spikes aligned themselves so as to leave only 6 inches of space between them and their neighbors. Each of these razor sharp spikes would have been enough to cause fatal damage; so having the air filled with them could definitely be considered overkill. Their creation was practically silent and the same could be said of their flight; with only the sound of the wind distorting around the smooth spikes preceeding their arrival.
Definitely interested!
Had Lord Rivet waited even a second after breaching the side of the Arctic blast, he may have been able to see just how far off his aim had ended up being. What he shot for was the last position he knew Leo to be standing in, when Leo had been readying to leave his position before the blast was ever created. A relaxation of his muscles prior to his freezing slash allowed him to dash forward with relative ease; diving into the stil thick cloud of ice particles and steam that had been created from his blast. The temperature was equalizing quickly, but the air still sent a bit of a chill down his spine.

As he entered the fog, the vibrations of a powerful gunshot tore through the air as the shot Rivet took at Leo's last know position missed his body by what may have been a mile. A smirk touched at Leo's lips again, but he focused on the task at hand; maneuvering between the large ice mounds until he finally reached what he felt was relatively close to the center. The air was chilling and his breath fogged in the air; but he was more than capable of dealing with this low temperature for the time being. This was his stage now.

A crack sounded out followed by a metallic slicing as Leo slammed his blade into the frozen earth; parting it like warm butter. The force of the impact seemed to dislodge the blue orb from the rainguard, causing it to begin to fall through the air. It was however snatched from the air by Leo's right hand, which moved to depress a metallic square upon the back of his left hand; opening a compartment in the gauntlet that held a perfectly spherical indentation inside. The light blue orb was placed into this socket and the compartment was closed; all he would need is the remaining few seconds it would take for the energy to return to the orb.
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