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That's probably your giant asshole talking.
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I would expect dark and DIRTY from giant assholes actually.
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So, the title of this thread... look closely.

'Bloodrayne'. Rayne.


I know! He even said he would fix it lol

Will remain the same until further notice.
Unfortunately not@Araby264. Everything is already underway and we are in the middle of the Preliminary Rounds.
The woman was quick, but Xavier could see that she was not fast enough and the spikes which he had been guiding towards her were about to hit their mark. The stone spikes had not been placed onto one set path but had instead been guided to the woman from the first spike to sixth. The action which she chose would have been sufficient to throw the first one off course of her spine and smash against her hip; this would shatter the tip of the fight before sending it into a flailing barrel roll off to her right. It was here though, in the wake of the first strike, that Sarah would find that her calculations had been far from correct. While it was true that the spikes had been following closely to one another she would find that their paths were not as linear as she had taken them to be.

The second spike was upon her quickly but Xavier was guiding its path; aiming for the general center of mass on the formless blob that interrupted his energy in the air. As this center would move and it’s position relayed to Xavier, it was an incredibly simple task for him to order the necessary minute correction so as to capitalize upon the openings Sarah presented with her incorrect maneuvers. Through these means the second spike was able to realign itself in the half second of travel time as Sarah shifted her body, following the center of mass so as to strike in the general vicinity of her abdomen. And this was only the second spike. Sarah had yet to spin back around to face the road and already the third spike would have been nearly upon her with 3 behind it; tracking her down. .

Was her defense still enacted? Could it brunt the 3 potential hits that Sarah had miscalculated? Furthermore; could she continue her spin to face Xavier when she was still to be attacked by a following 3 projectiles? Regardless of technicalities; Xaviers counter actions would be the same.

With his energy spreading to envelop the area Xaviers eyes would dim and his left hands fist would loosen for an instant before tightening again with ridiculous strength. This brief clench brought about many changes in perfect harmony; being that the glowing light of Xaviers was back, but it would now billowed outwards like his pupils were encompassed in a red flame.

There was but one more miscalculation for Sarah to make; Xaviers energy was not moving to block vision in any way shape or form. It was in fact thickening by means of joining particles; creating more potential energy within the thickened particles. What she was about to learn firsthand was that Xaviers Dread Energy had three forms in total: Raw, Lightning and fire. To stand within the cloud which had he just launched at her, was to allow the following tactic to envelop her and her Aura.

The flames had only just appeared over his eyes when the air round his fist began to visually ripple and distort as it was heated. In an instant Xaviers hand was enveloped by a ball of flames which would be a much deeper shade of red at its center; while the edges which would lick at the air were a dark purple. With a simple flick of the wrist Xavier would send this Dreadful Fireball literally screeching through the air as the souls of all those devoured by it cried out in distilled despair. As this fireball flew through the air it would leave a faint black streak in the sky as it devoured the light itself as it passed.

All things seemed to go silent in the instant before the Dreadful Fireball was to make contact with the cloud of Dread Energy. All things save the cries of the dead and the damned that would be wailing in unrelenting dread; brothers, countrymen, women and children all sounding off in an orchestra of pain as the cloud of Dread Energy was ignited as fast as hydrogen; the roar of flames replaced by the cries of the dead. With direct contact to the air and no inhibiting factors, Xaviers cloud of flames would be burning around 3000 degrees Fahrenheit and would cause the particles of Dread Energy to release thin arks of themselves the instant they were ignited.

Would those small, but innumerable energy arks be enough to overwhelm whatever energy shield surrounded Sarah as the flames engulfed her? What about her shields ability to repel heat? Was there one at all?

Find out next time; on Dragon Ball XB! (Lol)
While Xavier would have liked to have ran the woman through in the end such an outcome would be far from necessary. Xaviers once relaxed eyes began to pick up pace as the woman began to shift the position of her legs, jumping from the woman's sliding left leg to the bending of her knees and then to the shattering earth. As the tip of the stone tore through only empty air and the woman was leaping sideways there was a small twitch of Xaviers cheek as the surface of the red stone cone was suddenly littered by a series of thin cracks; plumes of dust erupting from within to leave a thin and harmless trail of dust as it passed Sarah.

Meanwhile Xaviers eyes had not stopped tracking Sarah's movements and his muscles began to tense in preparation as she readied herself; her right hand flexing out. There was no signs of a weapon in her hand to be thrown and Xavier surmised that what was about to come next would be an energy attack of some sort.

The shattered stone cone would have been 6 feet behind Sarah when it's form suddenly broke entirely; separating itself into 6 individual red stone cones. These cones would separate in a nearly perfect outwards growing circle in which the spikes fell into a half-second gap of one another as they aligned themselves to Sarah's backside with tenacity as she began to thrust her hand.

The red glow of Xaviers eyes intensified for a moment while his left hand tensed into a tighter fist as he began to feel the distortion coming forth from Sarah's hand and almost immediately he could feel that it was, passively, attempting to force his energy with the winds before it. Rather than fight this Xavier would allow his energy to ride upon the winds so that the energy which was in front of her would be pushed ahead of the pressurized air she released; the separate particles condensing together as they passed one another.

Impact was almost upon him when Xaviers fingers began to spread and released what would appear to be an incredible amount of red, black and purple sand that would lurch in front of his body. It was Dread Energy; a chaotic embodiment of Xaviers indomitable will power. In this dense form Dread Energy possessed an unnatural physical presence that is usually implemented through means of an attack. Now though, the energy was condensed before him in a roiling sea of dense particles and would serve as a deflection for the oncoming gale.

The first of the stone fragments would have been upon Sarah now, utilizing the remainder of his energy behind her to align them properly despite them being of sight. Pinpoint accuracy was not currently possible but Xavier was guiding them towards the base of her spine and between each strike she would have only a half second to dodge the following strike that would be guided at her until the final 6th had passed this turn.

Xavier was smacked first by his own energy which billowed around his already massing shield to add itself to its rear supply for upon impact of her gales Xaviers energy began to spread apart from the force. It would be forced to the edge of his nearly physical barrier where it would be recycled back unto the mass of energy by circling to the center of the reverse side. In this manner it would force the winds to part around Xavier and allow him to begin a slow march towards Sarah; unimpeded by the forceful winds.

Was Sarah's manipulation going to sustain a constant torrent of pressure upon Xavier? Should her force recede in the slightest she would find Xaviers energy thrashing towards her like a cloud of locusts; expanding not to hit her with force but rather to mask the entire area in a thicker fog than before. Otherwise it would stand strong confront of him as he trudged onward.
Without his eyes shifting a micron Xavier was scanning over the land both in front of and behind him by means of the red particles which hung loosely in the air. Xaviers sense through this red fog was physical, meaning that as any one of the red particles are disturbed it sends a signal back to Xaviers mind. As the tiny particulates of dust began to settle back unto the ground Xavier was able to feel each of them in their individuality. Even the natural swaying of the wheat would have been shown to him; the swaying as well as the unnatural parting of the stalks by some… unseen presence.

Xaviers face began to contort now as this sense filled him immense curiosity; there was definitely something in the wheat across the street. However there was something preventing his energy from making direct contact with the disturbance and so it came across as a tall blob sifting through the wheat. Xaviers brow would have cocked by the time he began to see bits and pieces of a feminine frame working towards him. It was strange that Xavier couldn't read her body movements with his energy but it was of no immediate concern to him; it was time to spill blood.

Xaviers eyes would finally shift so that his gaze was locked onto the woman’s abdominal area; Xavier was never one to ask questions before murdering someone and was looking to get straight to work. No sooner had his glowing eyes locked onto Sarah’s abdomen when the heel of Xaviers left boot rose from the dirt before slamming back into it. This small action generated the same amount of force as an average mans punch but this force radiated through the earth rather then dissipating into it. The earth would quake for only a moment as this force moved through it towards Sarah, Xaviers eyes locked upon her to ensure pinpoint accuracy. No more than 5 feet in front of Sarah the earth would split open just as a red tinted stone spike tore through the air towards Sarah’s abdomen. The point started with an incredibly fine tip and would gradually elongate to 2 feet thick over a 3 foot length. It moved as quick as a man could thrust his arm forward and would be aimed to run her through entirely if she could not move.

(My intros are usually crap-tastic but here it is.)

In the glow of the afternoon sun ,the wheat field gave off such a radiant yellow glow that it could look like a man’s own personal pool of gold. When harvest time came ‘round, having a full wheat field was worth almost as much to a working man. Though, judging by the shape of the barn and the old rusted out farm tools, it was probably safe to say that this field had gone untouched for many a harvest; pity. Even now as a warm Summer breeze danced along the tips of the stalks, they would all sway and wave in a dance so full of loneliness you could practically smell a change on the winds as they whipped passed you towards the barn. The soft breeze would glide above the stalks and towards the barn through almost supernatural means. Not once did the pace of the breeze increase nor would it decrease; but instead ran unimpeded through the wheat in a large crescent.

This crescent could be seen to be shrinking in overall size as it neared the barn; focusing itself to the outer edges of the southern most side. It would smash against the barn with a forceless burst of air that sent dirt and stands of wheat flying. In almost perfect unison there was deafening explosion over 300 miles to the South which seemed to shake the Earth upon it's Axis. What's more the color of the skies shifted for but a moment to a deep blood red that vanished just as quickly as it had come, taking the clouds along with it. From the explosions epicenter there was an ominous red glow emanating from a strange metallic object that was tearing through the air from Illinois. This mound was oval in structure and possessed a glistening exterior comparable to red chrome. There was a strange red, comical plume of energy coming from the rear of this metallic structure; signaling the immense velocity at which it was traveling.
This metallic mound, as well as the wind, had originated from a convergence of Ley Lines just south of Wisconsin, through which a horrible man had forced his presence unto the world; a warrior born of Chaos named Xavier Bloodbayne. Word had reached him that the time for battle was now at hand and now, nestled within the confines of the mass of metal, Xavier would fly through the earthen atmosphere towards the Wisconsin wheat field; the Battlefield.

As the mound neared its destination the air would be split with yet another explosion of dark red energy that birthed to the metallic exterior a dark red aura similar to a cloak of flames. As it writhed and flicked in the winds the mound began its plummet towards ground, forcing the flaming aura to swirl and whip behind it like a large tail. Its tip had aligned itself with the eastern side of the Sement road and as it was screaming towards its target its surface began to bubble and boil before being visually sucked in upon itself. This in turn revealed Xaviers head of thick, long onyx colored hair and a stern looking face with shut eyes and skin as grey as ash. As for his mouth it was agape and out could be seen that the metal which comprised the mound was liquefying and forcing itself into his open mouth. Exposing his massive chest and all the ripples it contained from both muscle and scars alike, followed immediately by the thick black cotton jeans that dawned his legs and the black heavy rubber boots upon his feet. Xavier was now no more than 30 feet from the ground, but still his body would not shift an inch but merely rocketed headfirst towards the sement road; his legs now surrounded and his body followed by the red aura.

It was at only 10 feet high that the metal was gone and Xaviers body finally reacted, at which point his once closed eyes suddenly fired open; revealing the glowing dark red irises which hid behind his lids. In that same moment Xavier willed his legs to reposition themselves with inhuman speed so that they would be beneath him with a mere fraction of a second before impact. So immense was the impact that it caused the woodwork of the barn to quake and bend; dust billowing around it as it was all shook free from its hiding places.

The aura that had been wrapped around Xavier was dispersed through the air along with the dust cloud ; covering the immediate area in a thin red cloud of dirt. The dirt would pass in time to leave only the red tint lingering in the air; showing that Xavier was standing at attention on the Eastern side of the sement road and facing the western side. Xaviers chest would not rise or fall with a single breath and he would simply remain where he stood with his hands clenched into tight fists until his opponent, whoever it may bend, would show themselves.

Player Name:Bloodbayne

Availability: Any day Beyond 10 Am to 10Pm PST.

Name: Xavier Bloodbayne

Age: N/A

Height: 6ft 3

Weight: To Be Determined – Skeletal structure has been altered drastically causing 3x density.

Race: Bloodbayne - Custom


Weapons or items:Xaviers body is his weapon and is limited only by his knowledge of varying weapons and items that can be created from metal.

Availability - Thursday through Monday from 8Am to 4PM. (PST) This availability is subject to change.
The suspense is killing me!!
[Edit: Fixed punctuations.]

While it is true that Xavier had not specifically stored his energy for a defense but it was also true that in the end, he wouldn't need to. For what El Rey may not know is that Xavier was already surrounded by mass amounts of his own personal energy, both in the form of the red particles which danced in the air and the energy which composed the metal that encased El Rey’s hands. On its own the energy in the metal would almost be superfluous as it was simply used to enable full control of it. However once the metal has been destroyed before it can revert to it's blood form, such as being ground to dust, then that energy is released back into the world at practically the same power levels. Yes Xavier has had blood supply destroyed as the metal was gone but even still his supply was vast and could be replenished through a massive intake of Chaos Energy to catalyze into Dread Energy.

Dread Energy is one that cannot be destroyed for it itself is a branch of destruction itself; a power below Chaotic in nature and yet above it in power. It’s constructs, Xavier included, can however be broken down to their rawest form of Dread Energy at which point it is released back unto the world for Xavier to manipulate once more. The power of his energy is due largely in part to Xavier’s indomitable will that was responsible for the very mutation that allowed him take his powers from the god of Chaos. The other gods now cower before the impossible existence that is Xavier and his Dread Energy. It can overpower practically any powers which would attempt to battle for supremacy; primarily other destructive or chaotic natured powers.

As El Rey would crush the metal betwixt his fingers and jeopardize the structural integrity of the steel with cracks he would in turn release plumes of Dread Energy from within; for in that moment he released practically a full turn charge of the energy. Xavier could feel El Rey's hands clenching as his body shifted forward and in that moment Xaviers eyes began to widen as he felt the energy that was beginning to mix with his; there was a sense of familiarity along with it. There was nothing for him to do to avoid it so Xavier would simply allow for his bent legs to go limp whilst his abdomen hardened just as the metallic mound came into contact with his abdomen; busting into several chunks as Xavier's body was thrown into the corner of the and the mat as his loose legs helped to absorb the blow by crippling under the force; the earth quaking beneath his back as splinters of plywood littered air after Xavier had slammed home. With held from sight was a set of stone pillars which torn through wrestling mat as Xavier had fallen so as to support him with the very earth itself and not simply the shredded turnbuckle behind him and Xavier repositioned his hands so as to place his palms to the mat as he hit.

The burst of ether came next and broke down the remaining metal between them; adding 2 extra turns of energy into the air through their destruction to create a wave of Dread Energy which would ride upon El Reys own destructive waves towards Xavier. Before sight of Xavier had been obscured it could be seen that the red light of his eyes was shining vibrantly as he willed the Dread Energy from within the air of ring to begin moving towards his body.

Despite this energy being created Xavier had not the time to cover himself entirely before the ether of El Rey made contact, however it was Xaviers own energy which collided with him first and coated his skin with itself before it billowed around him and what remained of the turnbuckle. Rejecting the vast majority of El Reys ether and redirecting it to the outer edges of his body. The skin of Xavier’s front side still boiled and bubbled before turning black as the heat withered the intentionally weak flesh to ash. The energy was protecting the skin as much as it could, but in the end the flesh was more for looks than it was for any practical defense. Both skin and energy were being used to deflect the ether away from Xavier’s body so as to allow his metallic muscular structure to stand up better. The force of El Reys blast had flattened Xavier’s energy into a small cocoon around him, stopping him from massing the energy for total deflection; but this would soon change.

For behind Xavier, while his skin was melting by fractions of a second, El Rey's power was laying waste to the surrounding country; leaving a cone of unscathed land beginning at the remaining shred of the turnbuckle behind Xavier. With every atom that was destroyed in El Rey's attack he would in turn release Chaos Energy unto the world and Xavier would be rewareded with a miniscule charge of power by means of the Chaotic nature of this event. Usually a rather small addition, however El Rey's devastation was far reaching and amazing and Xavier was rewarded with an incredible surge of Dread Energy that would seem to come from almost nowhere as El Rey's ether spread across the land. It would make the lights of his eyes burn bright enough to shine through the ether.

In one instant Xavier would be enveloped in the ether of his opponent and the very next the skies darkened to a red hue just as a plume of dark red and purple energy would cleave through the ether field. In doing so it would be revealed that the mass of energy was coming from Xavier's eyes, which were still surrounded by the mask, his mouth which held no lips to cover the steel teeth and the gaping hole between them where Xavier’s nose had once stood . All the skin below and above Xavier's mask on the front side of his body had been burned away to reveal the glistening muscular structure beneath. The massive slabs of muscle that are his pectorals could be seen as having some singe marks where the ether had deflected off the metal of his abdomen. The time to take it all in would be extremely brief as Xavier's massive torrent of Dread Energy would split through the ether field and continue to fly towards El Rey with incredible speed.

The density and viciousness of this Dread Energy was worse than the most nightmarish of sandstorms as an inconceivable number of separate Dread Energy particles pounded together; creating red arks that danced among the energies. Xavier had created a conical plume of energy which would open wide to encompass El Rey’s entire body as it would devours a path through the ether. There would be a massive physical force within the billowing plume comparable to that carried by a loaded and speeding semi truck, but this was simply the first effect. Xavier’s energy was one that could devour practically anything that has been placed before it; weakening the structure of any object which bares the misfortune of experiencing a direct physical attack. To prevent said affect from comprising ones arms and/or armor there would have to be some other form of energy actively defending against it to prevent that physical contact. For even against the mightiest defenses each microscopic particle of Dread Energy was capable of devouring almost any material placed before it. That’s not to say that El Rey would find himself to be suddenly nude in the ring, but there is a distinct possibility that he would find certain areas of his suit to be weakening from prolonged exposure. For Xavier’s torrent would be relentless up until the point that there was something else for him to worry himself about.

The blast from Xavier’s face was set for contact less than a full second after El Rey’s own blast stretched across the land; power levels rising as the damage continued. How would El Rey fair against this blast of energy that Xavier was returning at him? What was the familiarity that rang in the back of Xavier’s mind as El Rey’s ether had washed over him? If what Xavier thought was accurate, than El Rey received his powers from something within the Chaotic Element much like where his own had mutated from and would find himself hard pressed to defend against it entirely. What’s more, there’s a good chance that he may also eventually succumb to the insanity or hallucination’s that are known to follow exposure to Dread Energy. If only due to the fact that his powers may fall into the lineup of the very energy Xavier is most easily able to overpower for his own.
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