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Current Skateboarding Partying in Illinois U.S.A.; With my cold blooded Court Ranger virtue being a Poland Szpadel Royalist I Charged Brown Spotted Pit Zmija soulmate against fake sovereign Role-Players.
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Polska Królestwo
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Kingdom of Poland
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At my wedding I need to prove virtue is not only a regal word by chopping through a lit black candle with a knightly\rangerly longsword.


("Fellow" is BOYish, but "Guy" is Stranger). ("GALavanting" is for Gal; "GIRL" is Peer Pressure).

The Tournament. It's a 1 Person vs 1 Person spectacle, and event, possibly a Melee of many Challengers, too.
When Playing sometimes in life a Boy|Girl claims to be a certain Animal, possibly not aware of how to mature the sentence yet, so blurts it as like "I am the VIPER!" - THIS IS THAT TOURNAMENT, another is the Barbaric Tournament; Purebloods found their Animalsoul, Soulmate is of course defeating "spirituality" - which is slaving People that souled themselves so the slaver can lie about defeating them, calling them Spirit, til freed by their Barbarian, hence "ethnics"; the escapees of slain nations empires making "spirituality". It took a while for me to say it with intentional-MIGHT, just the same, so by the time I did I had already PARTIED; Therefore I attained WARRIOR status!

Before you read further, I must say my High School GPA... I had Special Education classes most of my life, and didn't succumb to picking classes when Schools prominented learning as free-choice, or whatever that was - I transmuted the Teachers to make my classes, it was more of an indulgence they needed to attain, than I seeing them rushing from letting me choose. In High School I heard them called "BASIC". Unweighted I got a 1.9, weighted I got a 2.7.

I am aware of C-Class Barons, B-Class Dukes, but for Princes I was a Thief without a Cause, other than it taught me agility or nobility against adolescence, thus cadavers. Maybe it's said as diligence, and dexterity... Whatever it was writing a restitution has me steal the diary efforts of Republicans and Democrats, no? Now, behold the extraordinaire!

"Vanguards" were the Friends, and Allies, also Prep-ing, for the Tournament. Quite self explanatory there, mess with them they mess with you, so if you weren't a Challenger for the Tournament they may of never had stopped becoming "Paragon", since things like "wizardess" tried to rival the Nobility of the said Challengers. But a WARLORD was also possible - the didn't join the Vanguard or did becoming it's Champion to Challenge for Tournament righteousness.
The steady resistance effort saw to defeating all those Pretenders. The Resistance are MILITARY enthusiasts without Tournament - they went for Duelist itself, to attain Compatriot or Mercenary against those such WARLORDS. I imagine if they're a RANK, then they're a bandit. Depending on the situation where I'm from it's either a "Badland" thing to sustain PARTIES against "larp"-centennials, like the "Myrmidons" and "Persians" where cesspools are created to Outlaw the Resistance not believing in Avengers, or it's a Popularity PARTY of Animal Soulmate compacities aversing defeats of "BRO"-"smut" into adversity.

Having Partied in High School, not College, I wear these colors.

I am the Brown Spotted Pit Zmija. I'm Polish, and learning to translate all this, not merely vs "anthropology" and "herpotology", being in the U.S.A., for Polska, my Country. I tried to enter Ranger College as aversement to my challenges, entered a Community College to prepare a "curriculum" of it's Science Classes then prospect the differences of Community and Ranger Colleges, but doing it as how they've said for College "going-for-fun" I had sought Journalism, because I was making the restitution elsewhere (just hadn't included a chronicling of my Kings and Queens yet to straighten it out into a Royalist thing, instead of merely a testimonial of my achievements|accomplishments) not comprehending the extraordinary English I was purging, it occurred to me to accept College as a thing existing too and not merely be using a virtue for Ranging vs "Reaving", because I wouldn't of been accepted I thought to that Ranger College, fore it needed calculus.
I didn't know it was "Journalism", so the brainwash being there for fun termed it as Art or something- I found some Stage Combat classes that gave certificates each individual class, and they were all priced about the same as a single Science Class. The magnanimity of this option not needing math was what I chose to do, since it took like 4 years studying wild animals on youtube to perfunctorily try to find my Animal Soul and then reminded me to make the restitution to Prep for Ranger College, poeticly.

Bothered that I wasn't allowed to because of covid, I quit the college to find volunteer work instead of make math a thing - since Animals don't count. Became a Swordsman, Polish language classes on the computer, tried archery, I drove for a Venomous Snake Handlers Certificate, found the missing Instructors for the community college and so am now participating in a Small Sword semester for that Certificate (although the find was random on the computer. The college had all classes available, this Arts Center has 1-2 classes aside their gymnastics. I'd of wanted the Single Sword class, first), and have been accomplishng a Motorcycle License without a Motorcycle; Permit, Academy Waiver for a License from my DMV - I even get to drive a similar-type of Motorxrosscycle I want for it. I'll never get street wheels for my street-leagal Dirtcycle. I also have taught myself Zmija Shadow Boxing. Got "DEATH" tattood on my right forearm; English Reaper thing against my Skateboarders - they're all English, but for some Mexicans that I've frighten off at the Skate Park with a broken bottle. Seemed to stop the beginning of a mexican gang aside parties, they lost the skate park with their first automobile so I imagine they taught themselves defence. Got a Spade on my left bicep, because my Birth Card is the 7 of Spades. Got the Zmija tattood on my upper-back in "realism", but didn't color it in because I've never seen my breed of Soulmate Animal in Girl, and the head was not correct, looked like an Adder not a Viper, so I got a black burglar mask tattood in the center of my Back; It covered the Head.

Favorite Animals became very knightly and orderly the prior years to 3rd Grade that monarchial virtues became evident within the classroom, giving all Students the chance to Noble themselves; Soulmating. I had missed 4th-5th respectively, but I imagine for GYM "weed" was in decline, or were offered "Ranger" positions amongst Nobles because all-in-all it was gossiping and rumorings that were the default, but it wasn't affable for them to attain positions through BALLS because payment wasn't real thus the "Ranger" became a "Huntsman", and so the Tournament for Soulmate began.

It's amusing having heard Students need prudence to become bureaucrats to trick Pets into subsidiary involvement. I got prominent with pretending to gain precedence before the class had any Lady-Consorts against Ladies-In-Waiting, beside deflecting "thugs". I'd use aversion to stand my ground and fight "misfit"pop(ular) culture into "mercenary" not merely for turf, but for honor. I got placed into other schools before I could "delegate" myself against candidates of a consortium - I get closer than a Republican after my contemporary-Soulmate-parties, but I'm no Magnate, so no Prince happened. Chivalric Sellsword was the idea of fun, though. Skateboarding got me Party Courtesans, they just kept invitationals and I kept going to be an Avenger to upkeep my 2nd-In-Command attitude to defeat any 1st-In-Command-Challengers to end that partying and get closer to the mentality of saving a Rangeress from a Cadaver; The Cadaver's were deflected in Kindergarten to 1st Grade by accepting the Curs intention to feel Adversary by coming to me Individually, since they didn't move to the front like I did, instead remaining at the end learning to mock ethnicity {I'm peachy}. Eventually the parties we had seperated us enough that it was up to me to requiem them that I was a 1st LT. That'd be them brokering me as gypsies, so I ambushed the whole "Resistance" like, as they say, "Hotel-Tango-Charley". Knowing that "Skanks" are predominatly the Intruder of the parties still outside of them, now adults, it made sense reminding myself how to appropriate and purge revisions here to also include my Role-Playing skills, from the Skanks that dye their hair to Incur the Sluts in public from escaping their presence without their "fuckboy" that slaves the Skanks into Brauds, because they're Bimbettes before Hos, or something like that, so I'd included them, too, which having gone from original resistance to 3 other schools before middle school, and further my High School a High School without my sister's colloquial I actually had to believe she succeeded as a "Corsair" instead of Ho, but because I thwart her inbred-son-of-a-bitch keeping her a Bimbo like Mtv's "teenmom|16andpregnant" I knew to make a restitution whilst Questing against this "Resistance"-of-losers-that-sided-with-an-Alchemist-Gurl-not-a-Plague-Gurl. Thus, Plague-Harlequins or Damsels, behold the finality of my Profile. I'm certain my venom will make you want to gush with all your friends.

I wanted to find my Barbarian Legacy, as like a Pure-Blood, not a mere ancestor-thing like an Entrepeneur for those "Common-Wealth" Adjutant stuff. And I learned, for Poland, that because of my Kingdom of Poland, if I am to use English I must say it so properly, so do not wonder about me bothering you like a National, this is just an eloquence I managed. Poland started from a Chieftain of a Tribe called "Pole" maybe even "Poles", {that's the Pure-Blood thing}, at about the AGE 500. The Romans never got to Poland, and were eliminated in the AGE 578 or so by "1st-World Countries". The Poles became Poland in the AGE 800 to the World, and at about 990 we used that famously to create the Kingdom of Poland. I learned of my Kings and their Queens, monarchial Titles worldwide of the 30-50 Kingdoms that ever exist truly {Meaning they're not eradicated from the Human Race, but could still be an Ethnicity... if they learn Ranger... instead of being Adjutant to Nation, because the Nobility is autonomous}, "Polonia"|"Polska"/"Poland" aside the word of my language "Polish", purged the "latin" Animal version of my Zmija although I'm certain this is English for use in Animal Kingdom stuff, since Britain has a infamy for Ranger use in novels, something I can't find about Poland, yet, except really that it was the Prince's that created my Rangers there- probably told the Romans they've been slaved to US with all that Impurdiant stuff, that's why we talk about the Romans: They called themselves an Empire from Slaving only. Which I believe, not that sorority\fraternity stuff matters first - Nah, I too know in my Soul I'd kill me those savages and sustain being Barbarzyn more... Into it being my Animalsoul not a mere "Favorite Animal", and numerous other Heraldric advances from writing the virtue into a restitution, then it all became certain with my Birth Certificate. There it said "Wisko", and that is "Coat-of-Arms" attested Nobly statedly to my "Surname". It is my duty to have searched and studied my self for my Kingdom, when ready to do so. I made that English word "Pedigree" of my Family, with the Birth Card knowledge I found from Playing Cards; I being the 7 of Spades. I didn't know where to place my Birthstone, the Amethyst, so I kept making restitutions til it fit in Nobly. I'm learning my Polish Jenzyk, too, to write and read, not just speak Polish.
I didn't get much Polish formalities, just a sense of Nobility. During which I self taught myself diligence, to not undermine my Sister, who was revoking herself aside my Father and Mother by my Polish Communions, but her Polish was great so there was no need.. Inevitably, as you've read, she ghasted herself not accomplishing being "sidious". As satiable as English occurred, I believe it should be comprehended how to become good, so I didn't fail even though I was a Burglar. With all those "Nihilist" type of Students not becoming Bards but actual misfits to be "Anarchists" I must of felt being a Duelist at night or something *shrugs*. The Peep Birthday Parties fantasy had it be Prince, then. And well, with the majority of School corrupting themselves to hide from telling Students peeves, which was a form of Peerage still, I liked how I wasn't vsing Cadavers that they created til I had defeated the Baters quitting the Resistance, losing Peep in the Populace of PEEP-communions not PEER-popularity.

I didn't join the Animal Roleplaying in School, because as inevitably as it did, it tried to harrass themselves into an intrigue aside covens; Shamans, omnuses, Assassins - the revere of a Persons height compared to the practical stature sense of, like, a Wolf wasn't processioned to be actually sometimes, making "Sirens" or "Vixens" to get by to a victory of pragmaticism. I have freed my Language, Polish, and have made "Viper" into "Zmija" for Ranger prospects, since "Viper" is latin in the U.S.A. and so study my Country, it's Kingdom, and am mightying against poachers, like bitches trying to explain that because I know the word "latin" itself I'd be imperial, so my virtue stays Nobilitation, because English is gypsic in the United States of America I therefore should vs poachers, which are beneath "Street"...

I had a Polish Barbarzyn experience in Elementary School for both Favorite Animal and Soulmate. It was almost confusing, but never was, because the other Ethnics like German were feigning on those Class-Forestry Trips. Peer pressure is phenominal, I had attained no Aquaintince positions but became superior than most because of the Intruders doing spirituality. So to not reprieve myself in reverence I accepted the Nobilitation that Boy Scouts couldn't make-out for defence; I attempted to Magnate myself as a Forest Ranger. The nobilitation is further below, for now I'm explaining the barbaric adventure I gained. I expose the Follies like they could of been Damsels with the Flowers that were the Ladies-of-the-Meadow Initiates, not the Floozies (Flower+Cooties[cuties])(the Folly's rival cohorts avoiding the "Maiden+Bitch" thing about underage sex), abiding Naturalists possibly like rivals, if there were such a thing as Damsels dating Raiders to become Reavers thuroughly and not just my 1 Posey Girl, because My Zmijas we're primeval. It's a bit rough, but since Poland never had any intermediate mingling with the Romans it makes sense, that the Students tried to learn that the Danish, as Barbarians, were slaving whom they could in their lands, and so the Juggernaut was the Barbarian Warriors that escaped to make Russia, and Berserkers were the Barbarian Warriors that escaped to make Germany. The Students tried to rally, defeat, fend, and qualm themselves to support being Barbaric, to defeat the "spirituality" discording our English, French, or Spanish native learnings - so virtue, however mighty, became a Nobilitation of Peer Pressure, of course. I inevitably prepared an imaginary iron longsword when a Student would approach me to see if I was Barbarian, or if I'd not be mentally prepared and sake myself into becoming a Reaver- which I never saw esculate into anything, but I presume that I would of had to fight a Student if they gambled savage good enough. I've learned from studying my Poland Kingdom that the Polish Army is using Brigades. I didn't know that then, so I avoided being a Brigand type for my Polish Peers, instead accepting them only as Peeps, and not rueing myself away from other ethnic Brauds so I could mentally process this restitution as a Huntsman. I heard of Brigands at recess and had acknowledged I had gotten this far enough so far to fight them, if they weren't Polish that is - because other Countries used Brigands, too.

I was a 'Forsaken' Ranger. I like other Boys learned I was attractive psychologically first and made it courteous, on these Class-Forest Quests. Girls that were close to my Peering could of become Guides or Wards of the U.S.A., and many did, but I had enough experience to see other Boys ambushed from being a Ranger, because these Girls wondered what a "Girl" exactly was, and so naturalist became a thing of their own. Pathfinders, Guardians, Warriors, they were figured out by what-Students. But a Ranger made them reverefull. I didn't get aloof and expose myself, like I said I'm Polish so this might meant pride to be deflected by fascists becoming Follies. It may of been their own answer in defending themselves against the germ-spreading spiritualists, or poor skinned ethnicities touching for sexual innocuation, which did become hostility because they needed to defend themselves in gypsic formality that they were merely too close, hoping to dupe us from getting physically fit to be a Ranger, Knight, Prince, or whatever else did muscular. The most heretic of them knew their appearance would dismay Students if they looked like a heroic-poser, so if they had spit into their drinks, they chose to stay within bounds of their victims attention and learned how to Cadaver if the Person hadn't proven their popularity ambitions already, so had to Republican themself-which could of been not comprehended at such an age. Those Students would need the Cadaver to become a hired Thug to elevate them to cheating Nobility, because of the so methods explained ending virtue.

Instead of that happening I got Chivalry learned from all the Harrowers escaping a "Mad Swordsman". I had wondered if I'd become a Black Knight, and would Tourny the Harrowers eventually, because I knew the score I was accumulating that they were hindranced of, so I wouldn't become a Sellsword. It went quite well with them having become Harrowers into sports; I got good at Kickball, Foursquare, and Soccer. Carousers had been the natural Girl of School being couth. The uncouth were Folly's(Flower+Dolly), Floozies(Flower+Doozy), and Bitches. Their Rivals were the Dignitarians that were what friends I saw with the Carousers, learning to stay together and play("do"= doozy for Floozy) together. I do not accept "Braud" or "Maiden", just Dame, Damsel, and Lady. The Dignitarian I always treated like a Girl Scout, so if her friend had become a Bopper or Gambit I could reprieve us all of course, not needing Courtship like the uncouth Brauds or Maidens. Although the Gambits that didn't become a Bopper became a "Cooty" for being a "Cutie" not the Damsel- where either of them could of became an Arbiter making the Boppers Dames, and so avenge the Gymnastic Girls Order of Christianity, but because they were gaining males as the Crusaders, which had become Justiciars, an Arbiter never occurred, just Penitents.
Quite nice that they succeeded into Pilgrim, like the legacy. Awful that Students feigned learning Nobility by finding Empires, and became uncouth trying to vs us all when might had failed to be bravery or courage, thus a schism of raving occurred calling to the "Stoners" for "spirituality". Harrower Que(st)er endeavors for sex offense to defeat Flowers dating Raiders not Bardic Reavians, gypsies profoundly learned to disciple others with the word "gay" because Male Ethnicities needed consortiums to not feel victimized, since Bachelor was a total Entrepeneur Terraformist vagrant constitution adjutant the Royalist.
The remaining of School life was being a Party Animal, because most Students had feigned being an Opponent, thus no Tyrants just more Peer Pressure, so Party Animal became a solidarity against secularism that Students in other States in the United States of America had learned, too, how to achieve being a Soulmate through learning to seek being their Favorite Animal, because it defeated Peep-Pressure from Peer-Pressure. Peeps followed, and became gypsies, pop(ular)culture aside Peers and their popularity ideals. Thus those other territories became "Badlands" for a rave for younger or older generation of Students, making an adversity, not an extremity, to love or to fight, the decadence, doom, or delegation of the turfs Party Animal. It's without question that every Person on Earth, I think, can comprehend this self explanitory Quest called "Favorite Animal".

THE LOW TIER OF ANIMAL chose to fight initially, to better detect intruders, but also to gain their pride quicker. They keep fighting towards their virtues Princess purging wastelands with their badland, then guard her lovingly, of course, when achieved. There're no bitches at the Low Tier, the nobilitation of Soulmate is just where Low Tier starts. They do need to create a restitutional diary eventually. The other Tiers have them pronounced as something else, like "Treasury" or "Arbiture".

THE MEDIUM TIER OF ANIMAL partied to study the gain of their attitude and virtue to affirm the quest for the future of defending a Princess to have their own be protected, as Party Animal virtue goes, by not deflecting towards college soon; to master all the missing failures of that party success. Inevitably their fighting experience gains through hostilities as planned, then they prestige towards their Animal-Soul to vindicate their Party Animal morals, however honorably necessary.

THE HIGH TIER OF ANIMAL affirmed their Animal-Soul and have been protecting their Princess. They partied since Elementary School and have fought as proof towards their virtues and proceed with that. The infamy of High Class is both sexes are the same Animal type, and the legacy is that that pure-blood status is to the exact same Animal Type of Soulmates elsewhere in the world.

PARTY ANIMAL Courting Barbarzyn Court Ranger
Started at AGE 4. I had been given free roam of the Apartment Complex. Eventually many Children accomplished Animal acknowledgement this early as Themself. I, and my Friends hadn't yet. For me specifically when venturing through a parkinglot I got accepted by some Boys playing Basketball at a fenced Basketball Court. They showed me a Rattlesnake Man. He parked his automobile, took acknowledgement of us, and kept walking into the complex.
Anything else would have to be the older Girl that bided Lady-In-Waiting to a Girlfriend of her AGE, I heard her say being a Wolf.

I do not accept the PET PEEVES pretending to be Mates to reap Animal popularity as like a "Vixen"|"Siren", but luckily they're not "Omnuses" too, or the Duplicates that tried to poach friends aside them, becoming "millennials" or "centennials" or "imperials" or other Cur or Cretin not being real. I like defeating those compitional-raving-Party-Animals, though, that get "Spirit" instead of Soul - paws, spots, or other tribal shape tattoos - with the full realistic Animal tattooed on my back not bothered by it's Outlaw meaning. Party Animal Serpents have Courtships in my Animal Kingdom. "Intercourse" is saying Lower-Castes Mating, gradually into Nobility, or the monogomy of Royalty. I had no idea what PARTIES were most of my life, but I knew not to have sex like a preMature-Mate, "Mystic", 'Heathen'. That's being weaker than my respective Gal. AND so I kept from basking naked among "Girls", showing my Zmija sex-organs whilst learning to fight however got me to defeat Adults feigning Highlander that hadn't become Men, regaining them as reproductive-organs. Vindicating myself as a Brown Spotted Pit Zmija. I don't need a Tournament, but as a Swordsman instead of the Naturalists born in the U.S.A. also vsing "Pagans" I do.

I wont be including the perception of what Animal I had thought People to be, just those that had said which they were, no matter how minimal. I having already a "Thief" virtue was aware of Girls outside the Parties, and ended friendships to stay with the Quest that they're Damsels in need of a Ranger instead of "Stoner". Defeating Avenger with my Skateboarding or Guardian wih the Bachelor-Hosts fief, the only Badland was the sex offense of having sex underage, so naturally I tried to find Lollies but I choseto not quit forsaking myself as a Ranger in forets, so Skateboarding toughened me away from Peeps. I got to measure myself with some Parties, establishing fairness I hadn't in School with Girls, tried those tactics, and didn't pursue other Girls, keeping to my style - gaining the maturity there and so forth. It had me cheery not needing optimism. I let my merriment subtley dupe my Peeps from being a mere Guy, unabashedly aside a Ranking-Role. I succeeded as a Ruffian with ample tastes, conserving myself for the better, letting the Others escort themselves my way instead of a rove away from the band, one by one on the Internet to mellow out from procussions gotten. There're no Party-Hills here, there were some woods-style, but if not a pool the frontier took them. No King of the Hill racing courses of Skateboarding, so the adversity was hard to see as rivalry because games of "S.K.A.T.E." challenged the safe-houses into vague vogue. My sword-hunt assaulted them on the Internet eventually, as they got Girls they tried to escape skateboarding with me, but allowed it when they didn't have them, I never texted for skateboarding sessions, I just guessed the intentions then, like it were highlanding for me.

I had Burg Parties in High School; I travelled from 1 Party to another, 55% as a Skateboarder and 45% as a Party Animal. I accepted going to unFormal Parties, not bothered with Girls not being Damsels, but there were no Dandies that expressed being a Champion at any of the Parties from having lost to a Dog or other Pet so were existing here not making a Dungeoneer from Courier, so I didn't get Challengers to duel into a Tournament prosperly, some Cur rivals of Theirs existed partying, so I tried to rob them, becoming a Burglar, which taught my agility. No Mercenaries happened though.. but they did seem the empircal british ethnic types of wanksters moreso than ruffian, so the thugs inevitably became PREY not their masters. There wasn't much altering-themselves-like-Destriers, but Girls outside Parties typically did purging Floozy-Skanks, to concede the Dandiness hiding amidst their wanksters, instead cheer made Lancers for Colleges, or they were already Preps. Some of my former Peeps from Elementary Schools partied along there with me, but my Beer Pong Partner was a different type of Partier, so I didn't get to them other Parties as a Fellow, I'd of needed to try and be a Follower. I belonged where I got having always Quested for the Animal might of Barbarzyn forest class adventures, virtuing Ranger amongst those Students that too processed World Animal Stuff. I scarcely saw any fights occur, not even amongst the ethnicities that had acknowledged peep-pressure, as Peer-pressure is different, so naturally I was like a 5th-Opponent-In-Waiting at my smoking locatons, fair, humbled, and spectrum efficient, keeping my extremes mellow and reserved myself conservatively there Pettily.

I got to here much with how I wasn't feigning my Polish. I'm aware of Girls thwarting Polish with English, so I just let my English settle into indignity eventually - which causes me naturally to be a Polish Fighter. I don't have good memories of Polish people in school, but there was a moment of older students that may of been sardonic. They greeted eachother in Polish and unabashedly asked the approacher why they werent in camo uniform, and they reluctantly seemed to say why abjectly. Most likely why my High School colors are komando-like. The others seem emporiumed.

We Students at Sleepy Hollow Elementary School of Illinois were asked if we had a Favorite Animal in Kindergarten Music Class. Many Students had Dogs, and became Dogs, too, Golden Retriever wasn't settled as a Noble gesture for an answer, but as a Soulmate thing.
This became 2 types; The expected type was to have be akin to Lord-Commander of either Gender for proof of virtue towards Baron|Baroness Dog, but I guess whatevr hills there were to getting that they couldn't esteem an ambition to rank outside of a Party, but Birthday Parties simplified that. Wild Animal Soulmates think them like other Pets, Consorts of Nobility, thus typically Pets get the Soldier or Trooper prestige of tactical ranks like "Commander" or "Sergeant', having Wild Animals Tournament for rivalries of like King or Princess.
Follies were enticed to be Mercenaries though. Foe+Dolly if Damsel, Flower-Dolly if Ward, and Rangeress to Animal. Whatever was chosen it's regarded as Pet Animal, I say.
They got secular quite well that they began Fair Lady, and it furthered into the higher nobleness titles of Princess, Princette, Queenette, and so such gossip became Cheerleading Mates. The Crusadesses tried not to be an Animal, because it became a sexual reprieve or something about roleplaying.
The 2nd type were the Pets that deemed creating themselves as a Slayer against Wild Animals, without mercenary purposes. Far as I seen they created Wankster mobs trying to vs each other before Wild Animals because of a whole pride matter to even be a Pet.. they posed possible stature of Opponent against Floozies (Flower+Cooties[cuties]). Segregating Cadavers as poachers of ethnicities into emporiums of banditry for adversity to have Girl Animals coerced to be their breeds for power not love.

Alyssa DiGillio had said she was a brown Bunny Rabbit. (Not a Rabbit, Bunny, or Rabbit Bunny - a Bunny Rabbit.)

There were Timber Wolf Boys at the morning lines but they were never singled-out just it was respected as such, Mathew Mercado aspired to be a Manitoba Wolf which gained a Girl, and a Girl said she was a Dove. Boy Scouts became more prominent with the lunchroom so the older Students had gossip being besmirched into rumors about being a Red Wolf, and actually the Red Wolf Boys did exist there as Musketeers. Very scarcely "Plagues" became known as the Son or Daughter Animal of a similar breed of Family Animal but had been fighting on their own, for their cause not the Family's, progressing against the "Make-Out" tactics of Boy|Girl Scouts feigning friendship to survive this underclassmen Roleplay stuff.

Went to a Birthday Party, and a Basset Hound Boy got attention for being there. Non-Animal Boy Students thought to try Prince mannerisms against them, but they wussed out. I've been trying Prince against Students primarily since then, they calling me a Outlaw?- It's even more tough for them.

A Girl was teased on School Field Trips about being a Golden Finch Bird, eventually she accepted being it personally.

Then came the Forest Questing Adventures with Classes, where many Students learned to be a Ward of the State through appreciating Favorite Animals as a Ranger or other Guardian, and other types if vsing popularity specifically - like with the Follies, sexual inoculation occurred with bumping into each other as attacks, or feints, thus creating harassments. Aside my Forsaken Ranger quest I had to also be a Warrior when in attendence, and so I learned how the rogue Students tried to misbehave - I saved myself from tripping by using shadow boxing to learn gravity, but didnt declare myself an Outlaw when near Students that wouldn't to prefer bystandings as a Stoner. So, when Shield-Of-Arms were Barbarian concepts it appealed to me neutrally. Adolescence became of the Elitism that ethnic Students tried to atone from becoming Outlaws against Barbaric Students, such as I've said I do, creating gypsies, and they made emporiums. The elitism was doing exercise as preparement for a healthy life, to learn to mentally create themselves into an Opponent. It didn't deter me into a Sellsword though, I kept my Barbarzyn nature. Because of this, it became known of English as an ethnicity - WHITE. So, like "spirituality" was tried to be believed in. As I see it the Tribal tattoos are last, the portion tattoos like a paw or spots are mediate, and a whole animal is the answer - but only 1. Naturalists occurred making it a "Pagan" thing, which got settled as "Stoners". It created schisms, seperatists, invaders, and if a sex-offender insurrections of who was gay, which whelmed gossip into rumors. It may of been fake Barbarians picking an Animal but not being a Slayer. I got as far as creating an imaginary iron longsword when the germanic Girls were raiding for whelps for an easy-kill - offering them imagination to deceive them into peace-keepers.

The Quest to know whether I was a Wild Animal Soulmate that was different than of popularity or be similarly a popularity type to have love be simpler than searching for might the hard way, but being Young it wasn't hard either way deflecting the bad so I hadnt chosen indignity but nobility when "arching" became popularity looking for Animals on home computers. I didn't, keeping me neutral from Follies becoming Maidens, or whatever that was - I wasn't a computer person then. My virtue for Ranger kept me delegational with my diligence, if students weren't worthy I tried to neglect acquiesance to become primeval in the future not satiable.

Stag and Wolf were the only peerful insighted breeds, the others are survival at the best. Stags avenged herbivores, and peace. Wolves became Tropical Wolf Role-Plays if enough peace had gotten.

There was a brown Bear Boy that may of began in class, they learned appraisal. May of been deceit but they kept at it.

A blonde Sky Terrier Boy was going for guts to defeat conforming conversation. He said he'd try the Doberman Dog. I didn't follow like a Mongrel, but saw abroad his intentions got to what could of been the Doberman Dog. Fists made.

A brown Fox white Boy began serendipitous dueling in School Forest Trips not accepting being unBarbarian, so they began virtue against scoundrels. It made many new Animals, which may of started "Party Animal".

Ferret Boy. I enjoyed a group of Boys communing by the recess pavement turf. They had brought toy cars. The Ferret Boy stated halfy he was a Ferret and began conversing how Girls were felling groups of Boys and other Students, implying the grassy plains, and to disband before we'd become too friendly with eachother like Rangers. Because he said it specifically in that deflected manner I abliged and conceled my peering them - which took me to the plains to avenge myself. Learned Party Animaling there, howso.
I got to a Girl that said she was a Jackal who too was a Ranger. Thats where I got "Rangeress", she Titled herself that specifically in delegation to Me. So we talked well, and warned me of the "millenial" Students feigning to be Animals because of some "Omnus" word or "Cannibal" types, too.

If a "millenial" happened they'd get gushed with haplessness- hoping I'd boast about knowing what they were (that was the cannibal aspect of them) but didn't so they kept discording themselves as having been defeated by Rangeresses and Dames or Male versions as devistational-gladiatorial-war-storied-Animals. I still did not "recruit" them to my cause after that.

"Summoners" had gotten to Girl Scouts at Recess, so those began creating rallies to attain Party Animal prompts. It was unacceptibale accepting what Animal a person was said to be if they werent saying it themself, felling the feigning Girl Scouts into making bad judgements for challenges, but they avenged themselves as Rangeresses and Court Rangeresses too, like creating a Party Animal to fight as themself to attain higher tiers of Nobility with matriarchial efforts than abjected Knight or Barbarzyn, but their Rivals used contemporaries to make Brigands and Bandits when they didnt fight, stature opponents or not. Thus the Tournament arose from a Male perspective, creating Monarchies, and matriarchs vs'd witches.

I traveled through and a tubbish Mexican-ethnic Boy said he was a Pigeon across me to a Mexican-ethnic Girl, which she liked. He was looking at me the whole time to begin with - then when She acknowledged Him liking that he was the Pigeon, me in the midst of my stride, they focused upon eachother and I never looked back.

I was a SWINGER, unabashed with bravery to swing on the cold iron instead of the wood or painted playgrounds. I could see through them but I bever tried because I was me getting to it, but it had basic prairie, that field coaxed the "North" of the playground to the "East" where the Field Day Event was on those soccer plains there. We ran practiceful around this through the circle estate and parkinglot to the whole circle by the Gym. I swung with Girls and Boys on swings behind the Playground, but level to see all the playground, so I didn't get lost. I did this 1st Grade to 2nd Grade. Learned to do Grade-Rivalry with it, purposing myself towards better language diplomacy, tattoos not piercings (piercings were trapping Coyotes to be a Girls Hunter as fascism), backflips, distancing, wracking, spinning, I didn't run-through the swingers though or climb the poles. I got told of other Swingers being possible Animals from a Boy so stopped going there, I didn't want to glorify the Boy in some way. From then on I played playmatedly elsehow lastly centrally on the pavement, defeating Harrowers at kickball - and learning of my Black Knight consequences because the Harrowers were escaping Girls, and the shystily became oustful of gay Harrowers not Harrowers but Followers, the Harrower tried to manipulate esteem or something. Didn't work on me, and I even became a medic-bringer for the Nurse with Girl Scouts on the pavement, also against them. Those Girl Scouts centered the pavement eventually, bringing all types of Students to play merrily, it became so gay they began to act. Before I could learn what harassment they learned in their acts I was Fellowed by a Boy recognising me so asked me to enter the playground with them instead.
By then Ladies-In-Waiting and Princettes schismed from Summonesses and Dignitarians became Boppers for Carousers. For Boys it was right about the time of Knights and Paladins. The School Village Girls, not Follies but thee Damsels, were never found. I don't know if they're good or bad, except through relationships as Consorts-In-Lady.

A Dog, possibly a Shepard Dog there was a mobster type near them, so I cant think which was which, was used to the location to line up after Recess by the Gym architecture, and had befriended the situation well enough. They were getting more friends being a Dog, but some other Animal dismayed them from accepting further friends. It was also just an acknowledgement of a non-Pet type, or I think the Dog would of not hindered themself visibly. Golden Retriever Dogs occurred now, and were irresponsible Prats, being made by someone else, but accepting of it of course. Girls wanted Mates around now, and my gosh did they then begin to reavaluate comprehension - WOLF. Near me it was Bulgarian and Hungarian Wolf that Girls wanted, hoping to entice me to be it or Mate immediately with them and be it later, and Jackal was intrigued too. It was here that I had my first fight; Just about Party Animals, keeping my turf barbaricly, not needing to boast who I was, learning the PET Students. I assume if a PET asked me what I was I'd totally say Wild to start with, an dgradually learn "offense" when I felt mightily natural. What happened instead was a random Boy was placiding the order of the attendance lines which by me was not yet Party Animal, making me 1st Opponent for the D's. He got to close to me, near enough that I grabbed him in 1 swivel of my body to grab his shoulders and knee his belly. He went down clutching it and crying, me and the classes walked into the School leaving him to his fell. I didnt get in trouble, nor did the Students ever treat me like an Outlaw after that, I just kept on living normally, created a TAG game on a play-gym where Students with my rules couldn't get off the gym and the TAGGER could.
Being to young to write restitutions yet my D's learned Diplomas were Diplomatic for the Princettes that were making diaries to be Bachelorette because of most Students being in Vanguards of a Virtue, thus figured out Mistress for Parents sake.

Arctic Wolf Girl by the coat area. Last to get ready, to be diligent, had caused her to bcome an Arctic Wolf because she had white-blonde hair. This was also an ara Fresh Water Fish tried o go from fat-kid to Count but I saw it as Goon. I learned my stretching bothered them like I was intentionally fighting them, thus learned they were a facade, making me get serious easily more. Learned that some created fake Outlaw like Animals to become Assailants against these types, so maybe they were Counts.

The hallways had Robin Bird Boys, a Kazakhstan Wolf avenger tan Boy (he didn't deny any of it), Coral Reef Shark Boy was seen once, and a Caspian Cobra Girl had a reputation for befriending a Egyptian Cobra Girl and Forest Cobra GIrl, but I didn't see the other two. In GYM I had Javan Spittin Cobra Girl become next to me and a Girl, and it was that moment I assessed that I was going to be extreme to learn Hero as I had just learned of this Pretty Cobra next to me fending for her popularity with reality. Other Students had the same resolve, and began rivaling older Students to heighten Animal abilities for restitutions. I became a Thief. Because the worst Students couldn't accomplish the feat of self procession and relied on TALK as adolescence. So, of all these Animals I am a Brown Spotted Pit Zmija that then specifically prefers hunting the Javan Spitting Cobra.

A Sea Dragon Boy.

The only Dogs I heard by classification name were the Dachsund Dog and Shitszu Dog. The Shitzu was a younger generation of Student, affirming they (she had a friend in this) were Ladies being Terriers. The Daschund Girl was of my Recess, she with her Ladies-In-Waiting looking-types merried through the prairie lands by the School windows viewing Recess. Many Animals mingled here.
Mexican Wolf Boys.

Steppe Wolf was the Wolf that was made Bachelor-Challenger Soulmate near me. Jamesons Mamba was what I enjoyed seeing be of a Boy. He was quite the righteous rival, totally a real Bachelor, not a Musketeer. Made me like cool-hides instead of hot-fur types, personally. Foxes relegacized Dueling, into even Dragoons. I began caring about Magistry here. Monkey Boys, Toads, Fish, Pigeons. Consort Dogs surviving yearned a Tournament of Deflection, razing Gladiator 1-Sword Deflectors, Shield-Deflectors, and other Foot-Soldiers.

Cats and Dogs by now had learned to appreciate the defeat of sarcasm|harasment through avoiding Birthdays to become Elite. Their sardonicism was their failure. But, as it goes Mongrels and Mutts play with rejection, or guile.

Falcon Boy messenger. Jackal Boy. Hippo black Gal at the waterfountain. Dolphin Boy at the water fountain. Crocodile myths and ocean endeavors, furthered into GYM, but I never fell to a "circus" of Pet-peeves, or raider-peeves to have me Entrepeneur into Bachelor because of some "magician" semblance to the word "Magister"- I kept my Overlord accord affable of me.

Dog Bitches were rivaled by Floozies inevitably vs Bugs or Asps (Cobras and Asps were my serpent Girls at School- an Asp is any venomous slender snake, like Mambas, Kraits, and other types like the Montpellier Snake.) Bugs began wearing jewelery, as some other Girls began to learn they were a Gal through hair dying - losing their Animal. Many Girl Dogs began seeing the Mate potentials through the Harlequining, for like natural selection, and loathed it, while others, like Squirrels, were overjoyed, but fascism developed so, like, Polish Wolfesses are lost to me, inplace were like Wombats or Kestrels, so... the excursion of Introvert, Extrovert, corruption became Raver. Lollies came out during this medium. I also saw the beginning of my generation of Other State Animals - the Red Wolf Musketeers that I said earlier were older Grades, inspiring us to appreciate Manliness and Heroism as Boy|Girl Scouts was introduced to us. As that subsided, I not losing the might, got to see them respected in other States as Soulmates, thus the Golden Retriever Girl resurfaced - and as a Tropical Golden Retriever Girl. Florida was the best speculation about Her whereabouts. And Follies made "Consort" "conspirational", making Overlordess.

I was sent to another Elementary School, Lakewood Elementary, about March in 3rd Grade for an actual Behavioral Special Education Class. I was placed out of my 3rd Grade Class in Sleepy Hollow Elementary for not comprehending math's multiplication (I couldnt do it, and after some tutelage the very comprehension as a Classmate that I didn't get it immediately like the other Students I outlawed caring about the tutelage quietly) so was placed in a Learning Disability Special Education Class. There I mastered it and got to a new Class like a Recruit - it wasn't Math but Art. There were sardonic Students with oceanic Animals, but also a Gecko Boyfriend, the Octopus was a Black Boy. There were no Serpents like my Former 3rd Grade Class had, -there were Regular Snakes being deflected by Troupes of Animals slaving themselves for PET PEEVES, becoming Elitists in "Bureaucracy" to, of course, slay those Troup Invaders, inevitably. It was exciting though that the Barbarzyn Tournament existed here though, unlike my former 3rd Grade Class which was Monarchial-Courting itself from Ethnic Warriors, Brauds and Scamps were being Heroic or Mercenary, feigning midismal acquisitions against implimentations of totalitarians, because "deflection" was childs play. Brigands defeated Raiders, thus Raiders could find glory as a Challenger, whether a Warden or Constable, instead of felling to Pagan- but if you weren't a real Barbaric Heritage of a Person the "Pagan" was a Rebel. Some called this Tournament a Prison, I saw opportunity to revel in why I had chosen Ranger since 1st Grade for delegation interpretations, and became a Court Ranger because of it. Later I learned I was Barbarzyn that whole revel, actually.
There are Barbarians that became Slayers anew, since these were also Reavers-to-be, like the Russian Juggernauts, Norwegian Vikings, German Berserkers, Polish Hunters, or like French Bitches.

Spanish Students were Birds, unlike Mexicans. They had a Tournament too, then it became self-imposed, leading to all Tournaments really self-imposed against our own Country men, only the U.S.A. Born Students could have Petty Tournaments gambling treasures. But for us Animals every Student is a target.

At Lakewood Elementary School that 3rd Grade gave me a normal class about 30-minutes to a Music Recorder Instrument Class. I've been duping teachers ever since, they have put me in intellectual classes like math was subsidiary, so I did not complain I let it commence - I'd become sharp instead of dexterious, then teach myself dexterity myself, crudely but it became instantaneous flex ever after. This class had a Siberian Tiger white Boy Avenger, made Elite it seemed, but he was legit (unlike the Ocean types), Labrador Retriever Dog Boy, Dragonfly Boy, Coon Hound's here were pleasent (must of been the tile flooring. At Sleepy Hollow it was mostly carpet.), an older Grade had an orange Timber Wolf - he tried to make it poetic to a girl about pyro element, I think a Mongolian Wolf white Girl with diamondy-blonde hair existed. During the Recorder Class that she may of said it matter-of-factly near my presence before my Acquaintincing. That's how gossip vs'd rumors also - with dignitarian bopping for reaping. At Field Day I was found by the Girl she said it to, so she became my Lady-In-Waiting.

4th Grade I didn't behave well and lost opportunities for any normal class, although I didn't indulge in creating peers with the peeps, they had a mexican language problem. As regal as it was knowing Spanish, the natural speakers learned guile from the ethnicity differences. About as close to stopping germ-spreading as I got. And just the younger Grades at the Bus Attendence abound me liked trying to become Ardent, and Armourus, against "Paragons" because of the many Knights defeating "Peons."

I didn't steal in that School. I did in Sleepy Hollow and the 5th Grade School, Liberty Elementary, which I joined the next year. It was a new School, and only went to 5th Grade. I used the idea to escape the School when I tried furthering my approach to respecting myself. My Family occasionally gave me a cash allowance, halting me from becoming a Guardian for Neighbors, I tried to learn economics through theft, and was successful. Not knowing it was said as either I tried to morally dissuade some followers, but they just duplicated the efforts, so I just kept at it, bit of burglary into a church taught me agility with them so I had learned their "fun" they were missing from me, and focused away from it. They played baseball, and were younger, so when they tried to serious themselves it's most likely they narced on me, since they were bastards. Family kept it secluded from me who tattled, and I didn't go pillaging, I was able by then to do it on my own, so I shadowed it, well, well, well. I didn't pursue it for years after some ended choice of it being outside. It returned when my sister took me to a Middle School basketball game. Not caring to sit through it and brainwash myself something about satiable-sporting-intrigue, or whatever it was, I ventured out and explored the playgrounds, perhaps that's how it started, but there were so many automobiles in the parking lot I didnt make it away from the walls. The automobiles were low, and I was totally younger than those things, so being tall I began peering the vehicles, and saw unlocked doors - self explanitory from there, opened, got in, didn't test drive because I saw abundance of cash 'economicly' and so with it being from another Town I learned a premise on how to steal. This is how I learned Ranger abilities inevitably. Pickpursing my Mothers wallet, not taking to high a bill, and arranging them to origin thoughts of naturality taught me to take only 5's and 1's, but if there was only 1's none at all, had to appreciate the allowances I got with this for maturity. Escaping School without a purpose other than I lived nearby, and both Parents worked morning jobs. Other stuff...

5th Grade had Summoners vying for Summoness, trying to get motionable Students from Recess to become Duelists was an Animal-thing away from the playground. My Class tried a Tropical-Wolf Roleplay in-class. Predation was esteemed, but I didn't make affable. I bided liking seeing this inside 'beginning' getting Heroes or Enemies anew. The Girls didn't become Damsels, so they didn't commit to a Tournament, instead at this point in life they just talked about Soulmates that had attained beyond Prince, Master-Of-Arms, or Tyrant, like the Bald Eagle. Gym Class wanted me to be an Avenger, after fully being inducted out of Special Education for this 5th Grade, maybe to disuade the Pirate Students against emporiums, whatever their resolves were to me it was Prince-still-against-Girls, because Courtship is for Mating or for Government, so I pursued the Tropical-Wolf-Roleplay creator for 3 years. Ending about 7th Grade to her ardening me to stop in the locker-hallways, so I did. Good, because I just amiabled "Girlfriend", not getting a reputation for 'Challenger'. . .


Thiefery became Middle-Class by now, so I taught myself processional guile or smythe into Beseiger because Middle School allocated Students from Elementary Schools, so my former Peeps from Sleepy Hollow were again, but the ones from Lakewood went to a different Middle School. Liking that Bards had failed Sellswording into a Tournament my Thiefery got negligible to tell myself how I rivaled Others like that, so I "forgot" how to be a Ranger, thus Prince, to Ward emporiums from becoming Lancers, much like what Bards remained, so whenever I was given a cause to lead my Elementary School I rustled Geeks to slay from escaping deflection... See if they were fiends for real. But as it may they were jovial, so I accepted their Halo 1|2 Xbox System-Link Party instead and fought them Privately. Had I not gone to the Lakewood-High School I'd of slew them like a Jock, or became the Slayer-Champion of Barbarzyn and slew their Contemporaries, and watch them scurry from being a scamp... When I finished partying I reminded myself to attack them reprievingly on facebook, quelching "moron", surely. There were no reveres from them, they did evangel into shadow.

That Kid I kneed in Sleepy Hollow Elementary School joined my Special Education classroom in 7th Grade (I didn't do homework in 5th). That being the only time I saw Him I didn't know who he was by this time. Perhaps he was a feigning Bard, because he kept being who he was thus far.

School early in, like 6th Grade, had mimics and replicators of Animals shortening their midismal activism to get other Students to become that Animal, but I never saw any, whether New Student or Challenger, defeat or Cur them. Still being plussed though it purged some Harlequin Girls to delve against Harlotry itself. Parrots, for instance, used Peace-Keepering against whatever Plague Resistance arose as Hellraisers, Mercenaries, or Death Dealers, defeating fascism with peace-signs and avenging tye-dye apparrel, marshalling sovereigning roleplayers to vs anarchy commandos. That was my mentality instead of Soulmate Sword-Hunting Party Animal Quest, which since occurred in Middle School I defeated Black Guard brokering Peep-Pressure. Keeps me from fist-bumping adversity; No "anima(l)" clairvoyance for them! That was the last I saw of "Coyotes", or "Rodents", but a good amount of Spiders, Frogs, Felines, Rocks, and Starfish were doting alternative lifestyles from said excursions.

1 such thing that I can't see an excursion to, was a Husky Dog Girl leaving a Group of Friends to another amount. She said she was going to "Harlot-Hunt", which for me was doting them, but she also included saying she was a Husky Dog, which was dignitarian. So, whatever those Ladies-In-Waiting were about, I'm glad to know it was in English, which is WHITE, and not baroque or something of WHITE. Spider tan Boy.
At the Lunch Room during 8th Grade I had a reputation beseech me. I was asked who I was taking to the Homecoming Dance, bothered that I wasn't asked this 6th or 7th Grade, that I stated a Girl I had heard from Peevish Boys biding smut. She was said to of been a Gamer Type of Girl, which in School had to of been board games. I somehow recognized her, must of been that she was WHITE, and she me. She was ecstatic that I may of. I was nonplussed, but knowing how I advanced myself took it well with not deflecting her, but charmed myself nonchalantly, thanks to that "Tropical Wolfess" earlier. Had my Family not moved to Sleepy Hollow from a Highlander-Western-Bend, I'd of gotten the typical Prince slaying Jocks Quest of Soulmate for Parties to be prominance, if the Jocks could prove to be a Lancer (Squire's Champion) instead of feigning to be a Warlord because they weren't a Peeving-Prince Mercenary, for Ladies-In-Waiting.

This Kid I kneed was out of Special Education, but I still saw him in the morning Lunch Room 9th Grade. Inevitably his consciousness of me since Middle School altered his progression to show me he smoked weed. We played, and partied in sleepy Hollow, his Party became a constant thing, knowing Boy Scout acute senses I fellowed them as friendships went. 1 night he brought me to a secluded picnic area, to another Boy - they had the weed. I didn't smoke really, but it was dark so they didn't know. After then we were always smoking, it was like we had become Raiders, but it was really the fault of the others to be so dysfunctional in society. Eventually "stoner" beguiled itself into their brains, but not "bandit", so I didn't go Arbiter as the Party became Parties because of more Students having a cesspool of indignant existence aside School. I didn't enter School from my own Smoking Location, there they spoke of evangelism prying into the lives of Peer Pressure like Peep Pressure, and the Kid didn't socialize. In fact I only ever saw him during the mornings I didn't venture to the smoking location, there in the lunch room, way in the end near other entrances to hallways. {It was also the nearest place to the Deans Office - it had two doors, 1 adjoined the Lunch Room, and the other directly to the hallway with memorial plaques and trophies asounder the Gym entrance hallways. That's the entrance where I waited for the Buses to take me Home, and where the younger Grades had Parking. The Older Grades had Parking down a drive specific for the Field in their own Seclusion. It had stairs through Woods to School, that's where my 3|3 location to smoke was.} Other times would of been when during actual Lunch Time, because I didn't seek the Kid when I got to Gym to defeat Vanguards. But there were Girls trying to be Damsels not Maidens or something doing the same thing, so I just played on the biggest Hoop. We played "Call-Out" (different than "T.I.P"); Call out a Person playing to have them try and block the ball from the basket after making a basket. If it goes in they are out of the game til someone gets the shooter out.

9th Grade's 1st smoking location had gossip about black Animals. May of been rumors; Black Bear, Black Wolf, Arizona Black Rattlesnake. I appreciate that for comprehending might figuratively for other Animals because of the black plausibility for instilling fear. I found a different location hoping to begin my own hunt for Highlanders (I crossed the street off my High School turf into a rise of the Carpentersville Neighborhood, for 2|3. Sometimes there was a Neighbor that drove through it like a Bend, but we didn't get in trouble for smoking in the street making our own Cul-De-Sac.) I didn't get to fight and attain U.S.A. Forest Ranger of the North turf because no muscular Highlander came from the other smoking locations, so I didn't get to become an Outlaw through fighting them if they did, but I did get street against Adults and geek-safehouse fights, because I would not allow myself to accept them as my own Team, already having a Squad, so I didn't jeapordize my Command with bringing in gypsies, so I raided them trying to figure out how to proceed with my Command, it took too long, my Squad disbanded, but I fought them and later whilst living in my old Burg I purged the Aquantinces new to smoking there, knowing the system, preferring to get in the middle of their "trash-talk"-satiable-existance, if so, and become a Resistance-Misfit rival of the Resistance-Plague types, that they probably succamb to acknowledging as wanksters and scamps, so it was a growing-up moment further, not an attack. Seemed like it could of been, what with their red Rough Border Collie Girl being from a 3rd High School, my sister's having became obsolete for the Burg, but it's actually my High School's West-Side turf I've learned. So, it's not a "Rival" High School since my sister's (she got to stay her 12th Grade my 9th Grade.) High School now has the new High School for this turf to contend for. It is that turf I defeated with my 3rd Datee.

At a 7-Night Party I had was going downstairs and there stood a Whelp Boy keeping Partiers from entering more to the bottom level. With having been invited by Skateboarders to avenge Cheerleaders not Mistresses I tried to adamance pass his indomitable stature for doing it as a Sentinel for a Drug-Dealer that frequented my smoking location at School. He was the Highlander. Oldest but by 1 year so it became a Petty Group, although when the other Skateboarders came in 11th Grade I was a Skateboarder already - so joined them on adventures, and their Peeps and I got invitations to Parties, so I made a Squad with the Peeps I affled from the gypsies the Kid brought to his dads house (I got him removed from Sleepy Hollow. I didn't accept their being a "curfue", so with him getting in trouble with the Police he got sent to live with his daddy. I having not gotten in trouble directly kept skateboarding to his house 5-7 miles away, but 1 mile from the School. The Damsels got forgotten as Party Animal had to happen, I'd help them dismissing being a Maiden instead of siding with Corsairs (water if vomiting, for example), but I didn't accept them as "Shifters" whether that meant automobile or Free-Boppers of Harlotry to my cause to gain "Street-Fighter", and I didn't settle for Highlander with the remaining Skaters, not deflecting my Polish because it's not an "effect" but they weren't Buccaneers, they weren't with me, it was just an invitation per Bringer- and it's this I use to find me a Polish Lady now, get that pureblood status certainly to Middle Class Adult, and prepare for a Vanguard of our own, since I wrote this restitution to forsake being a Nobleman. The Boy wouldn't let me pass, and I didn't want to suspend my attitude - I needed it for powerful strikes and blows so to not mistake Peoples appearances as a rampage or ravager raving, just misfit. So with the combat knife I had on me I said I had a knife - he didn't care he said. I returned to the party upstairs. His leader, that Drug-Dealer made face. We didn't fight, I explained myself instead, as he was a nice enough guy. I never saw him at the smoke location after that, though. So, I'm sort of confused between Forest Ranger and Polish Commando, because I cessed a Viper's Pit. But I learned that Poland's Princes created the Forest Ranger there, so I'm totally a Party Animal Soulmate.

At the Track during GYM a Black-and-Yellow Mangrove Snake was proving to be an Opponent to "DOGES".

I was at a PARTY HOUSE, not a safe-house - a safe-house Parties minutely (no Party Music. There may of been "music" but it wasn't "party music") to trick People into becoming a Vanguard for them, and a tan Girl stated she was a Monocled Cobra. She had an Entourage of just Boys following her, too.

AFTER HIGH SCHOOL I started working and sought my Animalsoul. Founded it at my Skate Park against the remaining Skateboarders I had PARTIED with. I did the exercize gambit-of-course that through calisthenics I'd be vsing Avengers and Underlings vying for Underlord or Undertaker, maybe for Meister. With quitting the GYMs I inevitably reminded myself to stop the slow calisthenics and spryly amp myself with weightlifting.

Polish Nobility was rare though in School itself. I had it in Family Communions, but I didn't use that to make invitations with Peeps, instead extreming rueness for popularity, and preserving hobbies along so til I became a Combatant. But had I got the accomplishment to say so in School, well it's self explanatory what I would of gone for for Nobility-Sake, and further.
I didn't get misfitted from thinking the Polish Mate thing, I just was in Ranger intentions already, so kept at it to be the best Male a Man I could accomplish for myself, of course, vsing what Students were defeated of Polish Students that also were doing what I was doing to preserve humble prides and principles into action when it mattered, too, because They that succumbed ("succ"ess+c"umbe"rsome) not doing this, not becoming Polish, had to benign existence as Platonic. So, when that Kid brought gypsies with some Skateboarders over to his house to smoke, I recognized the Peer-Pressure of needing had proved I had sex, thus wasn't a Gypsy, to have been there smoking. A night they were driving I was aseated beside them, they unknowst what to do, and the Kid on a fishing trip with his dad, I considered it him actually tripping to the ground. I got the troupe to his house, spoke with the neighbor we'd be loud, used my burgling skills to shadow through a window and unlocked the door. We hosted a party for 2-3 days and nights. When the Kid returned I had called his GF to fight his 1st-In-Command, see if "Misfit Parties" were Extremists not Anarchists, but they didn't fight me. They Floozied out to the Kid to fight me, he didnt, and like I thought what gypsies were - the gypsies belittled themselves and joined them, even though he didn't become an Opponent. No scarecrow.

Being that's the reason why "Party Animal" can be "Party-Animal", I didn't make the Petty Insistence to Mate with the gypsies to ofFend them into Maidens (bitch) or Scamp-Corsair-Raider. Being a Black Knight not a Player initially I defeated Adjutant-Elitism, making them bitches, not Pets, but because I was originally a Ranger, just "Thief" is the only repute I knew they knew of me and turned from "Burglar" to "Prince" to depose elitism to avenge myself as warring cadavers in the course.

They didn't say, but I'll allow my perception for my 3 Courtships be said because we got laid.
Katelyn the Cottontail Bunny. 11th Grade. 9th Grade's last Month of High School I got transferred to an Alternative Special Education School, and then the last 3 Days of that Month to a tougher Special Education School. That School paid me monthly a sum of good merits. Eventually I earned through the course of leveling for the Dollars, and earned going to my High School part-time. I had no job, but I was getting cash. I bought Skateboard stuff, and weed, and had Dates with this Girl. I wanted some other Girl in Creative-Writing Class, then chose Her behind her, messing with immediacy. She accepted, and we Dated. She brought the initial Girl and her partner for the class, and Cottontail Bunnied me away to take her shirt off; She had her faction-talk not be a squabble or mutter with her, and got me laid. Later in the relationship I got her laid in her room. I beat her at Halo 1 PvP. She was a lesbian. Her lesbian got a Male to Date whilst I Dated Her, and I got invited to a frienemy of hers Birthday Party. I went without her, and saw some old elementary school Dandies attending. The Birthday Girl treated me like a Prince, telling me of my Gal's lesbian movements. Happy to see that the system was still something akin to defeating lesbians and homosexuals with Nobility, I broke up with her. The day I did was near some of her girlfriends, she breathly said we weren't together, actually, so I was in that thing called "the friend zone", due to my Kawaler courting of her. I skateboarded from her mothers house, without saying it's ended, avenging just myselfs courtship. Fathest Girl I had, lived 12 Miles, and some where near my High School in an Isle.
Sydney the Marbled Fox. 13th Grade. I ventured onto a nightly cliff, interested to smoke weed, and there She was with a shit-looking Black Girl, and a Boy, smoking. Did some introductioning, smoked, and when she was saying her goodbyes I said I'd walk her home. She did not live in that direction, living in the only local Rural Bluff Suburb that can't be accounted as part of my Burg logistics - but we Dated since that way. She got me laid and put on something like Princess Daphne from Dragon Slayer from another room, and I got her laid. Very sexual. Very surprising how ugly her friends were. She must of avenged them from a Floozy's "slut|skank" scene. I wondered about myself being a Burglar and how far I had come with vsing Heartbreaking Rogues by now, but the thought was an odyssey, void of imagination and gave me no esteem to-ignore-it-to-break-up-her, so I couldn't break-up with her naturally, to fulfill my interests of combat, aside, for the resolution to protect her indefinitely before a Challenger tried to deflect the Damsel's civility. Was in a car with a bunch of friends, ended it with a call. With those friends she had the only people I saw her with, she tried a slut move, blamed me like that guy- haughty, but good riddance.
Abbigail the Red Rough Border Collie Dog. This is my Burg. We Dated; My primeval slithering was boasting about defeating her local-Boyfriends. She chose them, but they didn't do anything so she forced cheating on herself with 1 of them. Kissed in the street - I don't know how they planned that I was in my house for it to make sense for them to do that, and her Girlfriend tried to block it - I guess that was the 'plan' if I wasn't. I'm no Hoodlum, so I didn't run out there to pummel the guy about my everlasting-Illinois love. I already knew her, so wanted to save my best personality for fighting her 3 abomination scarecrow brothers from different dads, she too had a different dad. She tried to get me laid in her automobile, at the skatepark parking lot, but I wasn't driving so I got her laid, but I was too powerful being near my skatepark that I comprehended a trap, so I broke-up with her there, exited and walked home. I partied a bit more to AGE 23, with the remaining Skateboarders that preferred being local, the Parties made this original 11% of the 60+ Skateboarders rise to 20%, then when about 21 they were dispersing across America, some for Apartments others for other States, that percent lowered to 8% with me still enjoying the local turf amongst them going to Taverns, sidelonged from the Partying like the other Partiers that weren't Skateboarders. It was a fun adventure going into forests, getting more Girls out there than inside Party-zones. The Skateboarders and I never arranged identities as Guardians specifically to each other, just commercially it felt like we had an umph towards it, but that popularity wasn't necessary for me, but only 1 Skateboarder got assaulted by a Party. I tried to stop them, but they androided me out of the doorway. That was the last invitation of the 11 Years Partying (9th Grade to AGE 23) of my 17 Years Skateboarding. Fight happened, their People weren't Myself, so skateboarding-indulgence stopped. Quit drugs and cigarettes. About AGE 24-27 I fought and defeated the whole Burg neighborhood section I had. Their fascist behavior to be knowing of the Red Rough Border Collie came to them to late, and I live across the street from Her. I broke the random dads teeth halfway through the fight, from the house by mine near there's - I don't know if it was gypsy or the daycare Owner's meddling (my sister was a Babysitter there and spread a rumor about me, losing her position, but she has been stuck a friend to the Dog's brothers ever since and has kept them as a reserve from being couth) but he came outside and watched from darkness before the police came to bother me about looking into his window. Knowing he was trying to usurp my potential as an Out Lander I jogged around our block and got him like I thought; Pretending to play with his children sports. He got to the sidewalk and didn't know how to quit it since he's a fat person it meant uncouth. I've gone 1st LT U.S.A. Resistance Compatriot, and being a Zmija I'm more than just treading on them, this is my turf.

A Barn Owl Male.

If you want to DUEL me in the ARENA to feel 'fine', I by all means have a Opponent ready for you there: roleplayerguild.com/topics/78452-aren…

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*thinks* "Ah, the feminism of transgender teleporting for biased fantasy..."

Here's why I won't vote. Because other than mine they seem to be from an emporium.
Sebastian was now in the Castle. Slithering, not vipering, sidelongingly down a passage on a red carpet, enjoying things on the walls, casually forward.
I stopped vipering, acknowledged it as slithering - I must be going after Prey to be Vipering, as that's my species. I pooped. usually I poop with the last of my scale shed, now I am capable of pooping itself. I peed, too.
I felt primeval, I wasn't slithering but vipering. The darkness was so comforting that I vipered above the shadows. Bumped into something, though. Then many times. Vipering needed skill.
Hee, you look for rules in those things! I just needed to know Experience Points.

I do use the Advanced Thief's Handbook, though.
Banned for being hard!
@Mahz I'm proud of my name changes, please make my existential names on my profile page... Very close to having this sentence feel like I could of actually said it. . . The blacked-out names on my Profile looks gunky, I want my former names proven, then.

Got like 5, and from my introduction I think it goes like "reaping Adder", "StreetViper", "Viper Commando", "Sebastian the Viper" "Viper Sebastian". "Zmija Sebastian."
What is Platonic? Is that that thing where a Boy is amidst harassment but isn't ethic-bad, so does ethic-neutral because they're good for themself, but for other people it'd be platonic til they advance better for themself?

-totally a bump-
I'm a prochoice about Snakemen, but I've indulged in Snakemen with legs, so I'm interested with your option to RP as the Elf. @TheBlackKnight
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