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Current The shadow under my zmija-bodied longsword deflects centurllials into compatriotism of love and venom.
2 mos ago
Skateboarding Partying in Illinois U.S.A.; With my cold blooded Court Ranger virtue being a Poland Kawaler Royalist I earned Brown Spotted Pit Zmija soulmate against fake sovereign Role-Players.
2 yrs ago
Kingdom of Poland
2 yrs ago
At my wedding I need to prove virtue is not only a regal word by chopping through a lit black candle with a knightly\rangerly longsword.


Here, Warrior Princess Vipers of the Earth, I have accumulated my treasury of "Party Animal", in a surmised fad. I will go steadily into it on my youtube with a written restitution, the last restitution, for it is in English, and I now (then){after I printed it} acknowledge maturely how to think of gypsies from school as more than just "spiritualists" and bitches, aside Naturalists which were American-Born liking the Favorite Animal spectrum through deflecting "harrassment" unlike the heretics that became "pagans" and other stuff to dupe Students, like millenials. Hence they could only be Ladies-of-the-Meadow, hoping for a Ranger to fight on School Forest Trips, because Recess was lacking performance in truth, but it could happen anywhere still ideally - I didn't get a fight for my Animal on Forest Trips, but actually at the end of a Recess day when all Students were functioning perfunctorily by the doors to get inside but had yet to be all aquainted. 1 Kid hollered at me, but was close enough to have me mistake it for a bellow because we made eye contact, so I fully turned and grabbed his shoulders and kneed him in the stomach. I missed having to say my Animal, because I never acknowledged I was a Warrior I had just been aware of Barbarzyn legacies and the area was notorious for Animal fights becoming heroic - so it happened. It's in my restitution. English being the predominant Language in America it was hard to reject gypsies, but I pursued the virtue of Forest Ranger for delegational instincts for integrity, but I became a Thief because it was a JOB virtue inevitably acknowledged, and I thought of Thieves vsing Cavaliers for Princesses, so I became that naturally, but with nobility, not to be Petty. I say Ladies-of-the-Meadow, because they were not Maidens - that was a gypsy thing, no matter what, but Courtesans (which can be various "ette" or "ettess" to the "ess") because Recess was a wholesome experience with the plains, turfs, and prairies, and my School also had forests nearby with visible houses accounted to the plains. I expose the Follies like they could of been Damsels with the Flowers that were the Ladies-of-the-Meadow Initiates, abiding Naturalists possibly like rivals, if there were such a thing as Damsels dating Raiders to become Reavers thuroughly and not just my 1 Posey Girl, because My Zmijas we're primeval.

THE LOW TIER OF ANIMAL chose to fight initially, to better detect intruders, but also to gain their pride quicker. They keep fighting towards their virtues Princess purging wastelands with their badland, then guard her lovingly, of course, when achieved. There're no bitches at the Low Tier, the nobilitation of Soulmate is just where Low Tier starts. They do need to create a restitutional diary eventually. The other Tiers have them pronounced as something else, like "Treasury" or "Arbiture".

THE MEDIUM TIER OF ANIMAL partied to study the gain of their attitude and virtue to affirm the quest for the future of defending a Princess to have their own be protected, as Party Animal virtue goes, by not deflecting towards college soon; to master all the missing failures of that party success. Inevitably their fighting experience gains through hostilities as planned, then they prestige towards their Animal-Soul to vindicate their Party Animal morals, however honorably necessary.

THE HIGH TIER OF ANIMAL affirmed their Animal-Soul and have been protecting their Princess. They partied since Elementary School and have fought as proof towards their virtues and proceed with that. The infamy of High Class is both sexes are the same Animal type, and the legacy is that that pure-blood status is to the exact same Animal Type of Soulmates elsewhere in the world.

I am a Brown Spotted Pit Zmija, 7 of Spades Kawaler of the Kingdom of Poland, With the Amethyst Birthstone. The name's Sebastian.
I'm a 1st Person Role-Player, and have come far, since. I've never been amateur, or novice, trying to noble my principles, instead. I like Barbarzyn Kings, Forest Ranger, and Black Knights. My Role-Plays were vaguely Commando to start. I survived being anarchic, and have never been a "spellist". I'm a Royalist through, and through!

For what it's worth before finding this Website I Role-Played as an Action Hero in other types of chats, specifically challenging the adversity's accord of the place to not become a designated "Lurker". I would have armor, and use "auxillory" speakers to represent music to the beat of my Role-Play against giant monsters, to better my dexterity for something as simple as a duel with swords.
So, do not think of me as a Space Sportster that grew in an AGE where space travel is abundant and became a Navy Officer that simply because more likely than not I had easily earned courage on space "field" trips since the AGE of 13+.
I'm not even a Senator type, or Ambassador, or Consular type. I don't do the "evanescence"+"angel" thing of "evangelism."

Part of being a Zmija is having my guile not thwart myself, therefore think of me as just a Royalist playing with commando toys.

I've learned to appreciate the Animal Kingdom self esteem within my soul and founded myself to avenge my Country's animals; I wrangled not to be an "Anthropologist" or "Herpotologist" just because I'm in the United States of America - I did it because I had plushies. I wasn't capable of achieving the Forestry Degree in College, but having gained the correct state of mind to have a favorite animal be my animalsoul to prepare to avenge my Country's Forest Rangers as a Royalist I did make a curriculum aftergetting accepted into my Community College; not needing financial aid, defeating "Reavians" that don't or do {however it's said from there}. So, for the United States of America's popularity I'm now capable of using "Zmija" of Poland instead of "Viper" which is latin.

I speak my Polish language with family, and always have, too. But it's creton. I needed to purge myself of taint that's supercilious, to sustain being Noble, to want to have Polish Language Classes. I plan to make my restitution go from English to Polish.

I tried to be a Skateboarder, and it adversly got me to other types of parties than Birthday, and I defeated many adversity avengements, but no person was a Challenger, just Hosts, but I got peer pressured before these parties so avenging myself was hindered because I allowed myself to accept being an Opponent against that kid already, so I forgot to state I was an animal there and instead became a Leader. I wrote a restitution when I began working, and have completed it. Now I don't party with those people, like accepting them as Bandits - no, they must learn to live with how they partied without me, I am not to be hoarded, so I will not allow them to abdicate me, or however it is said for a semblance of Adjutant.

During the restitution I resolved many RE-words and made a reserve of mind, because I grew in the United States of America's Illinois, but was born in Poland. So, I avenged my favorite animal to be my animal soul and not have it be forsaken for things like fake "Gurus" using "spirituality" without being Barbarzyn lethargically, among other reasons, and Tournament Quests of virtue get last. That image above I got it tattooed on my back in a realism fashion without the scenery. But the head was smushed because the Tattooist stencilled it to tattoo realisticly, so I got a personal image tattooed over the head, to the center of my back in black, and some more to the right of my back to have a perfect solidarity of the tattoo seen. I wont color the Zmija now that it's perfectly blocking the bad image, for any Lady Brown Spotted Pit Viper. My 1st tattoo is black "DEATH" on my right forearm I got it to defeat other Skateboarders because inevitably I'd go Renegade for Party-Animal not "chump"{and after writing for that restitution I learned English is gypsic too in the U.S.A., so it's a perfect tattoo}, and my 2nd is a black Spade on my left bicep, so I'm settled.

I'm not a Follower, but I did have Special Education schooling so I missed getting muscular in school. I stopped partying at about AGE 23. I tried to skateboard again in my middle-twenties and got a fracture arm, so I quit, but am learning to make a Skateboard Throne - like that restitution, I certainly didn't want to be Savage. I skateboarded for 17 years. Now I get muscular, but I'm not a power-lifter, I'm interested in having the body of a Forest Ranger in that medieval value that's chivalrously mercenaric.

*After exiting the Castle with me you are now in the Court Yard*

This is my last Character before I got serious from writing a magistration of virtue to be my favorite animal because "spirituality" is retarded.
I intend to do more than just say I am a 7 of Spades Kawaler of the Kingdom of Poland, so, so I don't become some Barbarzyn Space Krol that slayed alien invaders then used their advanced technology to quantum theories - when I should of gotten to the next Planet and strengthened my original Kingdom on Planet 1 by making Planet 2, and so on. . . Here's the only Role-Play that I can imagine that's something a Terra-Formist would miscomprehend fascist.

Whether I was looking at you looking at me, or keeping your arm entangled however you liked I welcomed you to your visit, explained myself as not a "Duplicate" Brigand, but as a Ranger that highlanded the marshes, and outlanded the retorts to achieve Swordsman to slay just about any Challenger or Champion raiding "barbarian" with compatriotism that wasn't Polish, but if they were it was a deflecting-swordsman technique before I Rangered them into combat. If you thought it hindered you I excused myself merrily, and went a way after I told you how it's a hazop that comes with being happy enough to have a favorite animal be yourself if you respect playmate terms towards Barbarian not "Pagan". Pagans tried to be gypsies against barbarians, but to defeat imperials. There're people that also support being an Animal for their families but think it as a Pet thing than gypsy thing, of course, sufficing the equality of Cretoncy- which is supporting monogamy marriage specifically to not be Pagan, as a soulmate devotion to nobility; Leaving you to your wonders, meadows, or giant piles of treasury.

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