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2 days ago
Current Been like 7 years since I began working. Calculated my fights, wrote a Soulmate Restitution, play for keeps, and am now prepared to street find a Polish Damsel to be my Wife, and start our own Party.
2 days ago
Made it to Polska Królestwo Dundee-Crown High School Charger Zmija! I Party-Animaled, which eventually got me to date a popular Dog Girl thanks to my aversement; Quit Outlander-boast to war "bitches".
6 mos ago
Skateboarding Partying in Illinois U.S.A.; With my cold blooded Court Ranger virtue being a Poland Kawaler Royalist I earned Brown Spotted Pit Zmija soulmate against fake sovereign Role-Players.
3 yrs ago
Kingdom of Poland
3 yrs ago
At my wedding I need to prove virtue is not only a regal word by chopping through a lit black candle with a knightly\rangerly longsword.


Favorite Animals became very knightly and orderly the prior years to 3rd Grade that monarchial virtues became evident within the classroom, giving all Students the chance to Noble themselves; Soulmating. I had missed 4th-5th respectively, but I imagine for GYM "weed" was in decline, or were offered "Ranger" positions amongst Nobles because all-in-all it was gossiping and rumorings that were the default, but it wasn't affable for them to attain positions through BALLS because payment wasn't real thus the "Ranger" became a "Huntsman", and so the Tournament for Soulmate began.

It's amusing having heard Students need prudence to become bureaucrats to trick Pets into subsidiary involvement. I got prominent with pretending to gain precedence before the class had any Lady-Consorts against Ladies-In-Waiting, beside deflecting "thugs". I'd use aversion to stand my ground and fight "misfit"pop(ular) culture into "mercenary" not merely for turf, but for honor. I got placed into other schools before I could "delegate" myself against candidates of a consortium - I get closer than a Republican after my contemporary-Soulmate-parties, but I'm no Magnate, so no Prince happened. Chivalric Sellsword was the idea of fun, though. Skateboarding got me Party Courtesans, they just kept invitationals and I kept going to be an Avenger to upkeep my 2nd-In-Command attitude to defeat any 1st-In-Command-Challengers to end that partying and get closer to the mentality of saving a Rangeress from a Cadaver; The Cadaver's were deflected in Kindergarten to 1st Grade by accepting the Curs intention to feel Adversary by coming to me Individually, since they didn't move to the front like I did, instead remaining at the end learning to mock ethnicity {I'm peachy}. Eventually the parties we had seperated us enough that it was up to me to requiem them that I was a 1st LT. That'd be them brokering me as gypsies, so I ambushed the whole "Resistance" like, as they say, "Hotel-Tango-Charley". Knowing that "Skanks" are predominatly the Intruder of the parties still outside of them, now adults, it made sense reminding myself how to appropriate and purge revisions here to also include my Role-Playing skills, from the Skanks that dye their hair to Incur the Sluts in public from escaping their presence without their "fuckboy" that slaves the Skanks into Brauds, because they're Bimbettes before Hos, or something like that, so I'd included them, too, which having gone from original resistance to 3 other schools before middle school, and further my High School a High School without my sister's colloquial I actually had to believe she succeeded as a "Corsair" instead of Ho, but because I thwart her inbred-son-of-a-bitch keeping her a Bimbo like Mtv's "teenmom|16andpregnant" I knew to make a restitution whilst Questing against this "Resistance"-of-losers-that-sided-with-an-Alchemist-Gurl-not-a-Plague-Gurl. Thus, Plague-Harlequins or Damsels, behold the finality of my Profile. I'm certain my venom will make you want to gush with all your friends.

I wanted to find my Barbarian Legacy, as like a Pure-Blood, not a mere ancestor-thing like an Entrepeneur for those "Common-Wealth" Adjutant stuff. And I learned, for Poland, that because of my Kingdom of Poland, if I am to use English I must say it so properly, so do not wonder about me bothering you like a National, this is just an eloquence I managed. Poland started from a Chieftain of a Tribe called "Pole" maybe even "Poles", {that's the Pure-Blood thing}, at about the AGE 500. The Romans never got to Poland, and were eliminated in the AGE 578 or so by "1st-World Countries". The Poles became Poland in the AGE 800 to the World, and at about 990 we used that famously to create the Kingdom of Poland. I learned of my Kings and their Queens, monarchial Titles worldwide of the 30-50 Kingdoms that ever exist truly {Meaning they're not eradicated from the Human Race, but could still be an Ethnicity... if they learn Ranger... instead of being Adjutant to Nation, because the Nobility is autonomous}, "Polonia"|"Polska"/"Poland" aside the word of my language "Polish", purged the "latin" Animal version of my Zmija although I'm certain this is English for use in Animal Kingdom stuff, since Britain has a infamy for Ranger use in novels, something I can't find about Poland, yet, except really that it was the Prince's that created my Rangers there- probably told the Romans they've been slaved to US with all that Impurdiant stuff, that's why we talk about the Romans: They called themselves an Empire from Slaving only. Which I believe, not that sorority\fraternity stuff matters first - Nah, I too know in my Soul I'd kill me those savages and sustain being Barbarzyn more... Into it being my Animalsoul not a mere "Favorite Animal", and numerous other Heraldric advances from writing the virtue into a restitution, then it all became certain with my Birth Certificate. There it said "Wisko", and that is "Coat-of-Arms" attested Nobly statedly to my "Surname". It is my duty to have searched and studied my self for my Kingdom, when ready to do so. I made that English word "Pedigree" of my Family, with the Birth Card knowledge I found from Playing Cards; I being the 7 of Spades. I didn't know where to place my Birthstone, the Amethyst, so I kept making restitutions til it fit in Nobly. I'm learning my Polish Jenzyk, too, to write and read, not just speak Polish.
I didn't get much Polish formalities, just a sense of Nobility. During which I self taught myself diligence, to not undermine my Sister, who was revoking herself aside my Father and Mother by my Polish Communions, but her Polish was great so there was no need.. Inevitably, as you've read, she ghasted herself not accomplishing being "sidious". As satiable as English occurred, I believe it should be comprehended how to become good, so I didn't fail even though I was a Burglar. With all those "Nihilist" type of Students not becoming Bards but actual misfits to be "Anarchists" I must of felt being a Duelist at night or something *shrugs*. The Peep Birthday Parties fantasy had it be Prince, then. And well, with the majority of School corrupting themselves to hide from telling Students peeves, which was a form of Peerage still, I liked how I wasn't vsing Cadavers that they created til I had defeated the Baters quitting the Resistance, losing Peep in the Populace of PEEP-communions not PEER-popularity.

I didn't join the Animal Roleplaying in School, because as inevitably as it did, it tried to harrass themselves into an intrigue aside covens; Shamans, omnuses, Assassins - the revere of a Persons height compared to the practical stature sense of, like, a Wolf wasn't processioned to be actually sometimes, making "Sirens" or "Vixens" to get by to a victory of pragmaticism. I have freed my Language, Polish, and have made "Viper" into "Zmija" for Ranger prospects, since "Viper" is latin in the U.S.A. and so study my Country, it's Kingdom, and am mightying against poachers, like bitches trying to explain that because I know the word "latin" itself I'm imperial, so my virtue stays Nobilitation, because English is gypsic in the United States of America I therefore should vs poachers, which are beneath "Street"...

I had a Polish Barbarzyn experience in Elementary School for both Favorite Animal and Soulmate. It was almost confusing, but never was, because the other Ethnics like German were feigning on those Class-Forestry Trips. Peer pressure is phenominal, I had attained no Aquaintince positions but became superior than most because of the Intruders doing spirituality. So to not reprieve myself in reverence I accepted the Nobilitation that Boy Scouts couldn't make-out for defence; I attempted to Magnate myself as a Forest Ranger. The nobilitation is further below, for now I'm explaining the barbaric adventure I gained. I expose the Follies like they could of been Damsels with the Flowers that were the Ladies-of-the-Meadow Initiates, not the Floozies (the Folly's rival cohorts avoiding the "Maiden+Bitch" thing about underage sex), abiding Naturalists possibly like rivals, if there were such a thing as Damsels dating Raiders to become Reavers thuroughly and not just my 1 Posey Girl, because My Zmijas we're primeval. It's a bit rough, but since Poland never had any intermediate mingling with the Romans it makes sense, that the Students tried to learn that the Danish, as Barbarians, were slaving whom they could in their lands, and so the Juggernaut was the Barbarian Warriors that escaped to make Russia, and Berserkers were the Barbarian Warriors that escaped to make Germany. The Students tried to rally, defeat, fend, and qualm themselves to support being Barbaric, to defeat the "spirituality" discording our English, French, or Spanish native learnings - so virtue, however mighty, became a Nobilitation of Peer Pressure, of course. I inevitably prepared an imaginary iron longsword when a Student would approach me to see if I was Barbarian, or if I'd not be mentally prepared and sake myself into becoming a Reaver- which I never saw esculate into anything, but I presume that I would of had to fight a Student if they gambled savage good enough. I've learned from studying my Poland Kingdom that the Polish Army is using Brigades. I didn't know that then, so I avoided being a Brigand type for my Polish Peers, instead accepting them only as Peeps, and not rueing myself away from other ethnic Brauds so I could mentally process this restitution as a Huntsman. I heard of Brigands at recess and had acknowledged I had gotten this far enough so far to fight them, if they weren't Polish that is - because other Countries used Brigands, too.

I was a 'Forsaken' Ranger. I like other Boys learned I was attractive psychologically first and made it courteous, on these Class-Forest Quests. Girls that were close to my Peering could of become Guides or Wards of the U.S.A., and many did, but I had enough experience to see other Boys ambushed from being a Ranger, because these Girls wondered what a "Girl" exactly was, and so naturalist became a thing of their own. Pathfinders, Guardians, Warriors, they were figured out by what-Students. But a Ranger made them reverefull. I didn't get aloof and expose myself, like I said I'm Polish so this might meant pride to be deflected by fascists becoming Follies. It may of been their own answer in defending themselves against the germ-spreading spiritualists, or poor skinned ethnicities touching for sexual innocuation, which did become hostility because they needed to defend themselves in gypsic formality that they were merely too close, hoping to dupe us from getting physically fit to be a Ranger, Knight, Prince, or whatever else did muscular. The most heretic of them knew their appearance would dismay Students if they looked like a heroic-poser, so if they had spit into their drinks, they chose to stay within bounds of their victims attention and learned how to Cadaver if the Person hadn't proven their popularity ambitions already, so had to Republican themself-which could of been not comprehended at such an age. Those Students would need the Cadaver to become a hired Thug to elevate them to cheating Nobility, because of the so methods explained ending virtue.

Instead of that happening I got Chivalry learned from all the Harrowers escaping a "Mad Swordsman". I had wondered if I'd become a Black Knight, and would Tourny the Harrowers eventually, because I knew the score I was accumulating that they were hindranced of, so I wouldn't become a Sellsword. It went quite well with them having become Harrowers into sports; I got good at Kickball, Foursquare, and Soccer. Carousers had been the natural Girl of School being couth. The uncouth were Folly's(Flower+Dolly), Floozies(Flower+Doozy), and Bitches. Their Rivals were the Dignitarians that were what friends I saw with the Carousers, learning to stay together and play("do"= doozy for Floozy) together. I do not accept "Braud" or "Maiden", just Dame, Damsel, and Lady. The Dignitarian I always treated like a Girl Scout, so if her friend had become a Bopper or Gambit I could reprieve us all of course, not needing Courtship like the uncouth Brauds or Maidens. Although the Gambits that didn't become a Bopper became a "Cooty" for being a "Cutie" not the Damsel- where either of them could of became an Arbiter making the Boppers Dames, and so avenge the Gymnastic Girls Order of Christianity, but because they were gaining males as the Crusaders, which had become Justiciars, an Arbiter never occurred, just Penitents.
Quite nice that they succeeded into Pilgrim, like the legacy. Awful that Students feigned learning Nobility by finding Empires, and became uncouth trying to vs us all when might had failed to be bravery or courage, thus a schism of raving occurred calling to the "Stoners" for "spirituality". Harrower Que(st)er endeavors for sex offense to defeat Flowers dating Raiders not Bardic Reavians, gypsies profoundly learned to disciple others with the word "gay" because Male Ethnicities needed consortiums to not feel victimized, since Bachelor was a total Entrepeneur Terraformist vagrant constitution adjutant the Royalist.
The remaining of School life was being a Party Animal, because most Students had feigned being an Opponent, thus no Tyrants just more Peer Pressure, so Party Animal became a solidarity against secularism that Students in other States in the United States of America had learned, too, how to achieve being a Soulmate through learning to seek being their Favorite Animal, because it defeated Peep-Pressure from Peer-Pressure. Peeps followed, and became gypsies, pop(ular)culture aside Peers and their popularity ideals. Thus those other territories became "Badlands" for a rave for younger or older generation of Students, making an adversity, not an extremity, to love or to fight, the decadence, doom, or delegation of the turfs Party Animal. It's without question that every Person on Earth, I think, can comprehend this self explanitory Quest called "Favorite Animal".

THE LOW TIER OF ANIMAL chose to fight initially, to better detect intruders, but also to gain their pride quicker. They keep fighting towards their virtues Princess purging wastelands with their badland, then guard her lovingly, of course, when achieved. There're no bitches at the Low Tier, the nobilitation of Soulmate is just where Low Tier starts. They do need to create a restitutional diary eventually. The other Tiers have them pronounced as something else, like "Treasury" or "Arbiture".

THE MEDIUM TIER OF ANIMAL partied to study the gain of their attitude and virtue to affirm the quest for the future of defending a Princess to have their own be protected, as Party Animal virtue goes, by not deflecting towards college soon; to master all the missing failures of that party success. Inevitably their fighting experience gains through hostilities as planned, then they prestige towards their Animal-Soul to vindicate their Party Animal morals, however honorably necessary.

THE HIGH TIER OF ANIMAL affirmed their Animal-Soul and have been protecting their Princess. They partied since Elementary School and have fought as proof towards their virtues and proceed with that. The infamy of High Class is both sexes are the same Animal type, and the legacy is that that pure-blood status is to the exact same Animal Type of Soulmates elsewhere in the world.

I am a Brown Spotted Pit Zmija, 7 of Spades Kawaler of the Kingdom of Poland, With the Amethyst Birthstone. The name's Sebastian.
I'm a 1st Person Role-Player, and have come far, since. I've never been amateur, or novice, trying to noble my principles, instead by rivaling the gypsic-Adjutants of School. I, til I found this Website, was Role-Playing GLORY for mercenaric adventures instead of GUILE like a Marauder. I used Pop(ular)Culture armored body-suits like the Halo Spartan or the Star Wars imperial Royal Guard to immaculately slay beasts out of the "lurking"Chat's shadow - with auxiliary music blasting, and rped thuroughly with, my reaping towards 1st-person. I like Barbarzyn Kings, Forest Ranger, and Black Knights. My Role-Plays were vaguely Commando to start. I survived being anarchic, and have never been a "spellist". I'm a Royalist through, and through!

So, do not think of me as a Space Sportster that grew in an AGE where space travel is abundant and became a Navy Officer that simply because more likely than not I had easily earned courage on space "field" trips since the AGE of 13+.
I'm not even a Senator type, or Ambassador, or Consular type. I don't do the "evanescence"+"angel" thing of "evangelism."
Nor am I comedic to be a perverted Bard, or Swindler. Sardonicism goes a long way, so if you need to imagine me do me as a Swordsman Guilds' Sword-Hunter.

I've learned to appreciate the Animal Kingdom self esteem within my soul and founded myself to avenge my Country's animals; I wrangled not to be an "Anthropologist" or "Herpotologist" just because I'm in the United States of America - I did it because I had plushies. I wasn't capable of achieving the Forestry Degree in College, but having gained the correct state of mind to have a favorite animal be my animalsoul to prepare to avenge my Country's Forest Rangers as a Royalist I did make a curriculum aftergetting accepted into my Community College; not needing financial aid, defeating "Reavians" that don't or do {however it's said from there}. So, for the United States of America's popularity I'm now capable of using "Zmija" of Poland instead of "Viper" which is latin.

I speak my Polish language with family, and always have, too. But it's creton. I needed to purge myself of taint that's supercilious, to sustain being Noble, to want to have Polish Language Classes. I plan to make my restitution go from English to Polish.

During the restitution I resolved many RE-words and made a reserve of mind, because I grew in the United States of America's Illinois, but was born in Poland. So, I avenged my favorite animal to be my animal soul and not have it be forsaken for things like fake "Gurus" using "spirituality" without being Barbarzyn lethargically, among other reasons, and Tournament Quests of virtue get last. That image above I got it tattooed on my back in a realism fashion without the scenery. But the head was smushed because the Tattooist stencilled it to tattoo realisticly, so I got a personal image tattooed over the head, to the center of my back in black, and some more to the right of my back to have a perfect solidarity of the tattoo seen. I wont color the Zmija now that it's perfectly blocking the bad image, for any Lady Brown Spotted Pit Viper. My 1st tattoo is black "DEATH" on my right forearm I got it to defeat other Skateboarders because inevitably I'd go Renegade for Party-Animal not "chump"{and after writing for that restitution I learned English is gypsic too in the U.S.A., so it's a perfect tattoo}, and my 2nd is a black Spade on my left bicep, so I'm settled.

I'm interested in having the body of a Polish Forest Ranger in that medieval value that's chivalrously mercenaric, so I've gotten a Venomous Snake Handlers Certificate to defeat the other Reptile Soulmates, like Lizards that would use it in an x-treme to make their own business. Like I said, chivalrously mercenaric so that'd be visiting my Favorite Animal's range to give a blessing, after I've earned a Motorcycle Drivers License; Got a Permit so far. Just need to go to a recreational facility and drive 1 of their motorcycles to get a License next.

*After exiting the Castle with me you are now in the Court Yard*

I'm not a Pet Animal, so only outside the Castle Turf would I keep your arm entangled in our walk, as proof of my Barbarzyn gallance noble. So, whether I was looking at you looking at me, or keeping your arm entangled however you liked I welcomed you to your visit, explained myself as not a "Duplicate" Brigand, but as a Ranger that highlanded the marshes, and outlanded the retorts to achieve Swordsman to slay just about any Challenger or Champion raiding "barbarian" with casualness that wasn't Polish, but if they were it was a deflecting-swordsman technique before I Rangered them into combat. If you thought it hindered you I excused myself merrily, and went a way after I told you how it's a hazop that comes with being happy enough to have a favorite animal be yourself if you respect playmate terms towards Barbarian not "Pagan". Pagans tried to be gypsies against barbarians, but to defeat imperials. There're people that also support being an Animal for their families but think it as a Pet thing than gypsy thing, of course, sufficing the equality of Cretoncy- which is supporting monogamy marriage specifically to not be Pagan, as a soulmate devotion to nobility; Leaving you to your wonders, meadows, or giant piles of treasury.

After a time I got to you again and unrolled a map, much like a Herald of the Kingdom of Poland but in basic COMMANDO clothing {a Peach tiedye T-Shirt, Zmija-scaled Kamuflaz Cargo Pants with a belt, Light-Tactical Combat Boots} but a Zmija scaled head-cap (almost like a bandana without the riffraff from the tying, but has the hem so it can keep to the head like a cap) and polarized sunglasses that were triangular not obscene- they were made for the X-Treme of being an Earthling. "The way I neglect seeing it, because I was capered, is that the English, French, or Spanish ethnics in my usa upbringing flaunted befriending unadequate ethnicities, like persian or german, which when those searched their legacies at such the young AGE of 5, they fell from nobility trying to, like history, poach the other ethnicities. Ranger's daunted them, because they wanted to hide those dexterities, so they became BROs|HOs anew, which rivaled principles.
Lastly, I don't bump fists, either, I say it's "gay" as that's not needed of me nor do I accept ethnicity as a mere consortium, too, so I fight my Sister and Cousins that have quit Polish; I am the First Generation.

If you want to DUEL me in the ARENA to feel 'fine', I by all means have a Opponent ready for you there:

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