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3 mos ago
Current Investigating the catastrophic performance issues.
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9 mos ago
I'm back. I had some personal issues to take care of.
11 mos ago
You can change your username once every 3 months, and your old username will still link to you and won't be recycled. PM me if you want yours done.
11 mos ago
Feel free to help out instead of complaining about free stuff on my sidebar. Here is the source code:
11 mos ago
Trying to make some database updates without downtime, so things will be slow / shaky for a bit.


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Would you be willing to divulge the story of your journey to us? What introduced you to RP and ultimately to this site? Just to this site. The road to moderator is probably another story.

If it's too personal, you can forgo an answer (or pm me?). I only asked here because I thought others might be interested too.

It'd also be nice if we can get an answer from the other Mods.

When I was a kid, before we even had internet, my friend (Hyzhenhok) and I would write stories together. We each had our own Lego man and we'd take turns writing chapters in Microsoft Word while the other played Nintendo 64. Our Lego men would roam around a Lego galaxy into fictional worlds like Lava World (the floor is lava) to defeat an antagonist named Shane, who was basically a Chad.

My character's special weapon was the Adult Rifle. By the time I learned it was actually called an Assault Rifle, too much lore was written and I kept them old name.

I don't know how that began. Just cosmic luck, because it was probably one of the most important events in my life, a gateway into writing and eventually other socially destitute hobbies like programming and being a roleplaying forum admin.

I didn't know we were roleplaying at the time. So by the time I found internet roleplaying forums, I was a seasoned veteran.

The bulk of my roleplaying took place on the now-dead And that's where I met someone named Blackfire.

Well, had this annoying issue where the admin, ThornBreed, was never around. Ugh, doesn't he know how to run a free forum? I was 15 and had all the time in the world. I didn't understand how an admin could just neglect a forum like that. I obviously knew things he didn't!

At the time, 2006 or so, roleplaying communities also usually were mired in strict rules and moderation.

So Blackfire, Hyzhenhok, and I created the Guild as a place with no rules nor moderator intervention. And with admins that would always be around.

Well, it took a year of sock puppeting my own accounts to get the Guild to a point where it had a large enough cabal of regulars for me to stop sock puppeting. And that's how I burned out on writing and roleplaying. In fact, I've barely roleplayed since then. I wrote many thousands of posts to make the Guild's first members think they weren't the first members.

Fast forward over a decade and I now understand why ThornBreed was never around. I'm 29 now and every year it gets more and more expensive to devote time to the forum, but I look at it as a charity since roleplaying was so enriching to my youth. Every time someone gets mad that I'm not around, I see my own self 13 years ago. I would've never guessed how much effort it would take to bootstrap a forum, that's for sure. Definitely not something I will ever have energy for again.

Of course, in Dec 2013, the Guild was deleted. And having no job/money, I thought it would be cheaper to build it myself. But I underestimated the effort it would take. Though I finally got the Guild's monthly expenses down to almost $100/mo while it used to cost $400-500/mo when it was on vBulletin. After an incredible amount of work ( the Guild is still missing relatively basic features people expect from a forum.

These days I'm always wondering if it makes more sense to continue work on my custom forum software or finally migrate to something like Xenforo. I wish I could peer into a parallel universe where I use Xenforo and see how much money I'm spending and how much happier Guild members are.

Every once in a while I create an alt account and try to roleplay to force myself to use the forum I've built. It helps me experience the forum's sharpest pain-points first hand, like the atrocious editor. But I think I roleplayed enough for two lifetimes back when I first started the Guild and it just doesn't seem to be an interest I can claw back.
In Mahz's Dev Journal 21 days ago Forum: News
I still need to remove the "expect performance issues" header.

I've been procrastinating it because I had to apply some hacks when I was at the beach to fix the guild during the downtime issues. I think it will require some downtime again to remove the banner so that I can remove some of those hacks that let me deploy code at that time.
Guild can't really be fixed without some solid sit-down time which I can't really afford until I'm back in the city.

I have some pending changes that I want to apply, but they need to be tested. It's just not a good time.

For now I have put the Guild back up so that people can at least try their luck with it, particularly so they can access their material. Just be patient with it.
In Mahz's Dev Journal 5 mos ago Forum: News
<Snipped quote by Odin>

yeah i know

Seriously? Never even knew this could be an issue.

To be fair, the emojis could be worse. I kinda like the Discord icon.
In Mahz's Dev Journal 5 mos ago Forum: News
@Grimhildr Is this cookie expiration issue a relatively recent phenomenon (<1 year) or has it been like this for longer?

In Mahz's Dev Journal 5 mos ago Forum: News
@Grimhildr Re: fullscreen issue. Same here. Looks like it's a relatively new issue possibly after updating the version of a CSS library I use. :(
In Mahz's Dev Journal 5 mos ago Forum: News
Okay, thanks. Sounds like it's predominantly a mobile issue. I'll have to see if I'm encoding cookie expiration in a way that only works on relatively modern browsers.

@Grimhildr Wait, it won't even let you check the checkbox to begin with? Now that's weird.

@NuttsnBolts Oh yeah, I remember. I even rolled out the feature but had to reverse it due to a root issue with how deleted posts work with pagination.

I spent most of my Guild time this weekend fixing issues that prevented me from setting up the Guild dev environment on my new laptop.
In Mahz's Dev Journal 6 mos ago Forum: News
Hey everyone, I'm back.

I have some low priority pushes to make like updating the homepage. But I'm also gearing up for a platform upgrade in the Guild's underlying software stack.

I'll have to read the last 100 posts in this thread or so to remember where I was at mentally before my break. I have a dozen work-in-progress features on my computer and I don't remember which one is the closest to being done.

If I recall correctly, the email system was my main priority before I had to leave.

I'll be on Discord tonight so feel free to PM me even if I'm offline.
In Mahz's Dev Journal 9 mos ago Forum: News
I'm catching up on some PMs right now. As I've said in my status, I unplugged for a few weeks to handle some personal issues.
In Mahz's Dev Journal 10 mos ago Forum: News
I've been very sick for the past 4 days. So sick that I'll be heading to the doctor today.

Dunno what it is. Worms? Bad tacos? The resurgence of the Black Death?

Today marks the end of the 10th year that I've been running the Guild.

I will try to get on later. Worst case scenario, I may have to sign in tomorrow. Or, if even worse, Hank is my next of kin.
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