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2 mos ago
Current I'm back. I had some personal issues to take care of.
4 mos ago
You can change your username once every 3 months, and your old username will still link to you and won't be recycled. PM me if you want yours done.
4 mos ago
Feel free to help out instead of complaining about free stuff on my sidebar. Here is the source code:
4 mos ago
Trying to make some database updates without downtime, so things will be slow / shaky for a bit.
4 mos ago
I'll remove the ghosts from the "Who's Online". I only added them because I think the ghost icon is cute.


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In Mahz's Dev Journal 2 mos ago Forum: News
I'm catching up on some PMs right now. As I've said in my status, I unplugged for a few weeks to handle some personal issues.
In Mahz's Dev Journal 3 mos ago Forum: News
I've been very sick for the past 4 days. So sick that I'll be heading to the doctor today.

Dunno what it is. Worms? Bad tacos? The resurgence of the Black Death?

Today marks the end of the 10th year that I've been running the Guild.

I will try to get on later. Worst case scenario, I may have to sign in tomorrow. Or, if even worse, Hank is my next of kin.
@VidyaParamia Yeah, right now you only get on-site notifications when you subscribe to a topic/RP. (A lil number next to the bell icon at the top of the site)

But I'm working on an optional email-notification system as well.
In Mahz's Dev Journal 3 mos ago Forum: News
Oh, think I found the cause. Seems to only be an issue on 3 year old posts.

At some point in new-guild history, I think when I rewrote the forum the 2nd time, I changed the BBCode system.

Might offer a "Migrate" button for those posts that lift the post into the new system but require you to make it compatible with the new BBCode parser.
In Mahz's Dev Journal 3 mos ago Forum: News
Some people have been saying they have issues saving a post after editing it, and I see errors in the logs, but I haven't been able to reproduce the issue yet.

Can anyone give me an example of a situation of (and perhaps a link to) where this happens?
Bump, I'll add this to the header so that it doesn't compete with the Dev Journal.
In Mahz's Dev Journal 3 mos ago Forum: News
@Ellri If anything, I'd change the word "Like" to "Create your own contextual meaning/interpretation of this bean-counter-increasing button for this specific status", but haven't yet come up with a suitable acronym.
In Mahz's Dev Journal 3 mos ago Forum: News
Some rapid-fire responses to the posts I've missed:

- @BBeast: Yeah, I should allow you to sort by creation-time ascending/descending. Though there's a limitation with the current search I need to point out.
Since my database isn't optimized for search, I basically grab the first 1,000 matches and *then* sort them. That means that if your search net catches 1,000+ matches, then you'll never be able to see all of them with that query. For example, trying to paginate all of your posts made in a thread where you made 1,001 posts. Or trying to find the oldest post that says "hello" (I reckon more than 1,000 posts contain the word "hello")
At a glance, this seems sufficient enough. And it's something I should document on the search page so that people can let me know if they encounter issues with the limitation. But yeah, a sort is on my list.
- @Lady Amalthea: A username change updates that username wherever it appears in the Guild's UI. However it doesn't update @mentions in posts since that's text written by users. Though I tried to address this by redirecting /users/old-name to /users/new-name.
- @BrokenPromise: I intend to eventually show historical usernames on the profile page. It's necessary, just yet another small TODO chore.

It's up there with chores like "allow post updates to send new @Mention notifications" and stuff like that.
Welcome, @Hyperium!!
@HeySeuss Yeah, it's pretty silly how easy it is to dominate the status sidebar.

I'll make it so that you can continue to rapid fire status updates, but only one of your updates can hit the sidebar in some X minute interval.
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