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The Vanburen Estate - The Garage

Tossed from the highest point of the village, the woman fell from the sky; screaming. As the last thing she saw was the cult watching her fall to her death, the warmth of the flame underneath her became more and more intense. Until she hit the ground and it was complete darkness; no flames, not the oil they covered her skin in, not the wind hitting her, simply nothing. It was a release from this world until the next. The Triple Goddess' cult watched the virgin fall to her death and her body char to blackened ash; accelerated by the oil they covered her in before they pushed her off the sacrificial stand. As she burned to a crisp; they all disrobed until they were completely nude... and they danced around the flames.

The Triple Goddess watched, and so did her brother - she could not do anything other than crack a twisted smile.


The Triple Goddess heard in the distance which wiped that smile off her face and she looked towards the gate - and in the blink of an eye, she teleported right before the group of intruders. Her cult had assembled around her, each of them brandishing spears, swords, bows, and arrows... a massive hellhound the same as the one that Morgana used hopped over the crowd and landed next to the Triple Goddess, brandishing flaming chains. She faced the intruders, a diverse lot, but not from around here,

The Triple Goddess spoke first, being the leader of the cult; it was only natural to her.

"What business do you have here?" One face spoke.

"Speak quickly, or we will kill you?"

A man wearing a suit spoke up, he had his hands in his pockets as he faced the Triple Goddess without any sort of fear. Not that she would expect any; she could sense he is Extra-Normal, "I've come to make a proposition... one you cannot refuse."

All three faces faced the man.

"I said speaking quickly. My patience is running thin..."

So that's what he did,

"How would you like to expand your cult beyond the villages? Beyond this world, even."

"I am aware of the other worlds, but how do you intend on doing that?" The Triple Goddess incredulously asked. "Who even are you?"

"I am..." The man put a hand on his chest as he said, "... Thorton Walters."

... It's over. Sabrina thought to herself as she saw one of the icicles coming right towards her... Oscar got in the way and erected a stone wall that prevented her from being injured further. This is cool because it was because of pure adrenaline that she can even stand right now. She hated being such a nuisance to the Vanburen.

"Come here!" A tall blonde-haired woman shouted, wearing a familiar robe to the cult. Did they find the defector? Was she actually on their side now? Sabrina got her answer when the woman put a hand on her chest and a white light appeared and she could her wounded body get mended. The pain went away and she felt... oddly well. Soon the lights faded and she felt okay. She sighed out of relief only to see Georgie mutter something (she couldn't hear too well due to the chaos) and jump into her garden... maybe it was a smart idea to avoid the Triple Goddess getting to the skull, but Sabrina couldn't help but feel a bit abandoned. They're all fighting to protect the Estate and she just... runs and hides. She looked down for a second... before she pushed away Oscar's hand, before she looked towards him with fire in her eyes, saying,

"No..." Sabrina said to Shane, "... I'm going to fight."

When the ice spikes came near Justin, all he did was raise his hand; and they were suspended in mid-air as they were caught in his flaming aura. They quickly melted as fast as they appeared as Justin handled them nonchalantly. He turned his head ever so slightly when Tuyen's shadow tossed the car at the Triple Goddess... however, the Goddess merely raised her hand and a powerful gust of wind came and hit the car - stopping its momentum.

"Well, they can just buy another one." Justin said under his breath.

"Hey, that was my car!" Sabrina shouted.

"...Oh." Justin said as he reached into his pocket for more of his balls of steel and they ignited as he tossed them at the Triple Goddess... however, she raised her hand and the fire that surrounded them came off and flew directly at Tuyen as her shadow was grabbing another car. "Hey! Get out the" Justin tried to warn Tuyen before he was hit with a powerful gust of air that sent him sprawling around the ground, ending in a skidding stop. While he was on the ground, he heard the second melody and was brought back to a simpler time: when his grandmother was alive and everything was fine and dandy. It filled him with power... the fire appeared around him as if he was lifted to his feet by some kind of external influence. Then it disappeared as he switched from one abstraction to the other.

The bullets impacted the Triple Goddess... none of them penetrated her, oddly enough they simply crashed up against her and left cracks in her body. It was nothing that made her flinch, or so much as move.


"That you are," The Triple Goddess said, before a wave of soil came from behind her, and went directly towards him. That was when she was interrupted by the wave of light that made her cover her six eyes... and her attention was turned towards Tansy. The one that she could sense had an Apparition affixed to her... The Triple Goddess moved her hand as Tansy spoke. She spoke to her about sparing her sibling.

"Follow me and you shall have your brother!"

The Triple Goddess smiled, before she spoke, extending her hand to take Tansy's,

"... Then lead me to him, my faithful servant."

Outside the Sunrise Resort

“All the more reason we need you to help us. We’re willing to forgive your friends in full as long as they stop supporting this Goddess. No retaliations, no charges, water under the bridge. You just need to convince them to not do anything stupid if they butt in. They don’t need to help us, they just need to stay out of our way. I’ll admit I was wrong. Trying to do things in a logical, reasonable way just doesn't make sense when we're facing off against the absurd. We should’ve listened to the experts in the first place. It’s clear now that the Triple Goddess isn’t going to give us any breathing room until she gets that skull. There’s no point in hiding it, and if she can just appear anywhere then it’s useless trying to run. Fighting seems to be our only real option now. Fortunately, the Triple Goddess just gave us a prime opportunity. She overextended herself—some of the Wiccans were still at the resort. We protect Georgie and Sabrina and hit the Goddess and Morgana,” he glanced at Thea for any protests, ”hard before the Wiccans even have a chance to intervene.”

"I'll try to convince them," Thea said, "Morgana and her sister are..." There was a trembling in her voice, "...just beyond saving. So I don't blame you if you do what you have to, Mr. Vanburen. I'm behind you fully."

Justin was only half-listening to Ezra; he's heard his fair share of rousing speeches but apologies and whatnot were simply not on his mind. This was their only chance to take out the Triple Goddess... who knows what will happen if she decides to escape without the skull? She could form an even larger cult that can threaten the world, but Justin knew that she was no Glutton. They were going to stop her, and whatever the hell else lurked here until they ended the Vanburen curse. He reached into his pockets to pull out his steel balls.

"... If you're going in for a direct fight; you're in for it," It was the familiar voice of the Skeleton, leaning up against the wall, with a glass of tea in hand. He was stirring it around with a spoon as he talked... not attempting to drink it. "If you want my advice: either lure her into the manor or deeper into Araminta. Otherwise; you're all fighting an uphill battle."

"Now who the fuck are you?" Justin asked as the balls floated in the air, surrounded with a firey aura.

"No time to explain," The smokey black fog appeared behind the skeleton and he drifted into it. "But, you're going have to seal the Triple Goddess or she'll regenerate in a few days or so. Which would get her out of your hair for a little while, but she'll be back. Possibly even stronger. But; I'll leave the shot-calling to your experts." He faced Justin and laughed.

"I'll be watching..." Before he disappeared completely.

"Ooookay," Justin said to himself as he faced Arabelle's mirror that she had fled through... he realized that he hadn't even noticed that she was gone. Oops. Some expert he is. She ran out, shouting...

“They’re in the garage! It looks like it’s just the Goddess outside.”

"Got it!" Justin shouted as he ran for the mirror, "You all know what to do!" He wasn't even going to ask if anyone was willing to follow him - he didn't have to. He had his full faith in the Vanburens that they were going to do the right thing and be right behind him. Even if all of them aren't; they had to do everything they could to save Georgie and Sabrina.

He charged through without fear...

In the dead of the silent night, it was complete darkness and shadows other than the torches illuminating the well-paved path. The woman pushed herself through the pathway, holding a child in her hands that were so wrapped in fabric that you couldn't ascertain any details about it. On both sides, men and women were wearing ornate robes, each of them had the skull of an animal that they had previously sacrificed on their face. This was a familiar sight to the woman, and eventually, she came across stairs made out of well-paved marble and she walked up them without a second thought. When she made it to the top; there she was...

... The Triple Goddess.

Standing above a massive ornate torch like the Olympic flame, the Goddess' three faces looked down upon the woman. She unwrapped the child; a beautiful little girl with a smile on her face like no other. Anyone would be proud of such a happy and gorgeous child... then she fell to her knee, holding the child in the air; presenting it to the Triple Goddess. She screamed,

"Maiden of the waxing Moon, Mother of the full Moon, and the Crone of the waning Moon! On this day, I show my love for you like no other. How dedicated and committed I am to you! How many I would
give for you? How I would do anything for you. Please accept..."

The Triple Goddess smiled as she grabbed the child.

"... My sacrifice."

"... The Goddess accepts."

The child let out hellish screams as she was immolated in flames in the Triple Goddess' flames. It was a flame that burned brightly and extinguished all the other flames instantly... it wasn't long until the child was nothing but ashes. The woman let out a tear for her deceased child, but that was the last time she thought about the child as she was covered in orange light. Intense winds came through and the woman's robe came off; revealing herself as completely nude to the Triple Goddess' cult.

She laughed as she was overwhelmed with pleasure and knowledge like no other! Her eyes glow an orange light as she felt the power rush through her... and a certain ring floated onto her finger.

"Your loyalty will be rewarded in ways you cannot imagine... you will carve this world until it fits our liking and we will put you right on top of it."

The woman looked at her glowingly as the Goddess continued.

"Long as you remember; you will always be under us."

The Vanburen Estate - The Garage

Sabrina hit the brick wall with a thud and could the pain radiating through every fiber of her body. She coughed a bit of blood as she could barely force herself to her feet; was this the end? Was she going to watch Georgie get killed or release the Horned God to save herself?

"If you release my brother," The Triple Goddess said to Georgie. "I will spare you and leave Araminta in peace. Even releasing my grasp on the cult."

There was a brief second of silence as the Goddess let her words sink in.

"If you don't; I will make your last moments on this earth as painful as possible. Then I will kill your family and destroy everything you know and love," She paused again, before she added, with every voice speaking at once. "Make your ch-"

Then she sensed something; it immediately drew her attention to the yard behind her. Her head turned around, then the rest of her body as she faced the little friendly skeleton man. Just standing in the field; holding that same glass of tea. The Triple Goddess screamed, floating towards him.


"Ah, yes, hi love," The Skeleton said as he (finally) took a sip of his tea... and all it did was stain his suit going down. "I'm going to have to ask you to politely give up and seal yourself into something. Just something that's not this teacup, because it's my favorite."

The Triple Goddess pointed a finger at Thorton Walters.

"You ruined everything! You and your damn Inner Circle destroyed everything me and my brother built!"

Taking another sip of his tea, the skeleton said,

"... I did?"

Orange lightning sparked off the Triple Goddess as she growled, gritting her teeth as she raised her hand.... that was when she heard something behind her. Before she could turn around; she was struck by a barrage of Justin's steel balls. She shouted in pain as she turned around to see Justin on one knee, his flaming steel-bearing balls flying back in between his fingers. In between her and the garage - or in her eyes, in between her and her brother.

Justin grinned.

"Got the jump on you; some Goddess you are," He placed his balls back in his pocket as he turned back to face Sabrina. "You good?" He asked.

Sabrina forced herself back up to her feet, before bracing herself against the wall as she muttered to Justin, "Might have some internal bleeding..."
"We got this, just get out of here!" Justin said to Sabrina.

"You Vanburens..." The Triple Goddess seethed as the wind began picking up extremely fast... sending all manners of snow and debris all over the place. The clouds went dark as orange lightning bolts danced between them... the Triple Goddess floated in the air as rushing winds formed a sort of shield around her. She held her hands in the air as she said, "If I can't release my brother..."

Massive ice spikes formed in the air around the Goddess, all pointed at the garage.

"... Then I'll just have to kill all of you myself!"

The spikes flew into the garage at extremely high speeds.

"Well, I've played my part..." The Skeleton spoke as he floated away into a portal.

The rumbling of her hellhound's footsteps as they charged through the woods barely went noticed by the inhabitants of Araminta as if they were used to supernatural fuckery from the last year. Morgana pulled her robe over her face in an attempt to alleviate the cold hard winds rushing against her face. She lived in Araminta all her life and knew how cold it got at night... she summoned her flaming chains and they dangled off the hellhound, rattling as they hit the ground. They alleviated the cold but she was not worried about the cold; she was worried about making the Goddess happy.

The orange bolt of lightning struck and Morgana immediately knew that it was the Triple Goddess... she shouted, "Faster!" And the Hellhound that she was riding broke off into a sprint as they climbed a hill that overlooked the entire Vanburen estate.... she could see the Goddess! Morgana shouted, "Stop!" And the Hellhound she was riding came to a skidding stop, and so did the other two. She couldn't hear what the Goddess was saying, but if she was in the Vanburen estate, maybe she tracked down the skull! However, she could see the Vanburens engaging her.

Leaping off the Hellhound, she dug into her pockets (damn robe kept getting in the way) for her phone and pulled it out. Calling Tegan; the second she answered Morgana said;

"The Goddess is in trouble!"

Gold City - Streets.

The missiles flew over Justin's head, and he only half turned his before he remembered the old dinosaur: Seshat. He gave her a brief look as everyone else took off after them; he knew that she was not going to give chase. Good. Justin wasn't going all out because unlike Jill, Oh-Seven, and the others; he didn't have a whole lot of abilities that lent well to a long chase. So, he was going to bring up the rear and wait for one of them to get knocked out of the sky then engage.

"I'll try to cut 'im off," Jaden said as he put his sword away. "Don't try to stick your dick in these though, Justin! Your little girlfriend might not like that!" He laughed as he teleported to... somewhere. Justin didn't care. He stuck his hand out, creating his glowing blue scythe, and began to chase after them.

The trio of MIRAGE-aligned androids flew through the streets of Gold City; expertly dodging every sign that the three came across. However, Oh-Six's radar went wild as she turned her head backward and saw the missiles coming straight for them. "On our six! Pun intended!" She shouted, before giggling.

"We don't have time for this!" Oh-Three shouted, "Four!"

"On it!" Oh-Four's thrusters disengaged for a second as she lost momentum, and they kicked back on. She used her massive shield as, well, a shield. The leading rocket hit it and launched her back a bit as she grinned, ready to take the other two... the second one exploded against it and she was no worse for wear. She prepared to brace for the final rocket before Oh-Three came charging by, and grabbed it with both hands.

Oh-Three was launched backward a bit before she came to a halt... before she threw the rocket directly at Jill's bike.


Created Three Years Ago | Oh-Three "Tanya" | She/Her
"Oh-One is still out there; we can't stop him with love and determination."

The leader of the three One-Hundred models that sided with MIRAGE. Oh-Three was a more primitive predecessor to Oh-Seven that Gerard has given the title of "The Leader". Meaning her role within the One-Hundred Series is the leader for all the others, but she was unable to fulfill this role when Oh-One went on a rampage and slaughtered them by the boatloads. She fled, barely surviving Oh-One's rampage with her two sisters: Oh-Four and Oh-Six. The only reason why she was able to make it was that she chose to side with MIRAGE and Oh-One was unable to combat the terrorist organization. After Oh-One's destruction; the Pariah told Oh-Three that his AI was still out there... and would return even stronger than ever. Following the Pariah; Oh-Three has received upgrades to her systems that make her a powerhouse. The primary upgrade that she has received is to her thrusters, which are located in her arm gauntlets. She uses her thrusters to augment her strength and increase the damage of her already powerful attack, and use them to cover distance suddenly and unexpectedly. Despite her size and appearance; she is extremely intelligent. She is the stoic contrast the rest of her sisters and Oh-Seven, and she holds an intense grudge against Oh-Seven for abandoning them.

Signature Moves:
■ Flame-Thrower
Oh-Three fires a jet of flames to immolate her foes.

■ Uber-Boost
Oh-Three points her gauntlet in one direction and fires a powerful jet that'll launch her in one direction extremely fast. She can even use the jet offensively because of how powerful it is; creating tons of distance between herself and her enemies.

■ Rocket-Punch
Oh-Three launches her fist (attached to a chain) at her opponent and retracts it.

■ Tyranical-Impact
Oh-Three charges up a powerful ball of fire and then tosses it; creating a massive explosion on impact.

Created Three Years Ago | Oh-Four "Marie" | She/Her
"It'll only sting for the rest of your life!"

Designated as the "Reviver" by Gerard, Oh-Four is meant to be a master "doctor". She was his first foray into nano-technology and before he came up with the idea to install self-repairing nanobots into the One-Hundreds his original idea was to have them injected into them. They would repair any damage and Oh-Four was designed to create and administer these nanomachines. However, she was rendered redundant when Gerard upgraded the Nanomachine technology and merely made her an assistant. Not feeling contempt; Oh-Four left and tried to help people out in the world... and this was just before Oh-One began her rampage. Oh-One cornered her and easily dispatched her, but she was saved by MIRAGE who fought Oh-One off and offered her into their ranks. Oh-Four was upgraded and was given a shield by Pariah in order to protect herself, now she is able to heal and poison enemies with her needles. Oh-Four isn't much of a fighter and uses her variety of chemicals to wear down enemies from a distance. She's oddly cheerful, even when fighting and killing people.

Signature Moves:
■ Adminster
Oh-Four chucks a syringe full of either healing or damaging nanobots that work over a short period of time.

■ Chemical Leak
Oh-Four throws the syringe on the ground, and it will cause anyone who steps on it to slip.

■ Shield-Bash
Using her thrusters: she launches herself at an enemy and sends them flying.

■ Poison Cloud
Oh-Four creates a massive cloud of poison using an experimental grenade provided by Pariah. In the cloud, enemies move much slower.

Created A Year Ago | Oh-Six "Paige" | She/Her
"Want a haircut?"

Desigated "The Watcher", Oh-Six is Gerard perfecting the scan-mode. She's able to scan the environment and gain all sorts of information from it and utilize it. Her vision is impeccable, and it's damn near impossible to get away from her once she has you in her sights. However, her ability is what secured her and Oh-Three's survival when Oh-One went on a rampage; constantly keeping vigilant of him allowed her to dodge him whenever she could and escape when she couldn't. She survived until Oh-One was defeated, then she joined MIRAGE with Oh-Four and she was upgraded by the Pariah. Her thrusters were enhanced and she was given a fancy scythe of her choice; now she uses her scanning abilities to go straight for the opponent's weak spots.

Signature Moves:
■ Scan-Mode
Oh-Six scans the environment or whatever catches her eye to gain all manners of information about them.

■ Jet-Blade
Oh-Six swings her sword and creates a wave of energy that slices whatever is in it's way.

■ Spin-Top
Oh-Six spins incredibly fast and slashes whatever is in her way.

Outside the Sunrise Resort

Justin moved to the Brush immediately after Blu told him where he was going to lure Thea... he was not worried about the rest of the Wiccans, merely because they were presently too scattered. He peeked through the bushes and saw Thea storm out... and heard the melody, perked up, and went over this way. Hm. Seems like Mr. Moonblood was full of surprises here. Thea tripped over... something? Probably some sticks or something, it was getting dark and she was a white woman in a horror movie. She probably would have tripped over a frog or something.

"Shit! I can't with these-" Thea hissed as she tried to climb up to her feet, only to hear somebody climb into the brush and shake her head. Assuming it was one of the Wiccans, she said, "Just give me a second-"

“Your friends really should’ve picked a better place to squat. There’s a reason this resort is abandoned. One moment it’s the sprinklers going off, and the next thing you know the roof collapses. Here. You’ll catch a cold. I’m Ezra Vanburen. I’ve been told by a mutual friend of ours that we both might have the same opinion when it comes to your group’s current leadership. If you would come with us I am sure we could manage to come to some sort of agreement that would leave us all quite happy—at least those of us who still have some sense. Arabelle, if you would,”

Thea immediately turned her head towards Ezra and really was about to piss herself and scream for help and then hope that the Wiccans can pull their heads out of their asses for just ten minutes. The Vanburens were out for revenge but... they weren't. Ezra made it clear that they were somewhat on the same side here. He used his abstraction to make a mirror on his wrist massive... however, her first thought was that the Vanburens were trying to kidnap him to toss him into their sex dungeon or something (she heard that daddy Vanburen was a huge hoe).

Then she saw Arabelle... that girl that she saw during the Wiccans, not so well thought out, attack on the Vanburen estate. She felt a lot more at ease with her around but still was on edge... Arabelle explained the same thing that Ezra had. She was still on edge, with everything that was going on; could she trust Arabelle?

Justin listened in more on the conversation between Oscar and "Trisha", turning out to be Tuyen. Then Oscar announced that the Triple Goddess had arrived at the Vanburen estate, probably on top of Sabrina and Georgie. Which was, in all honesty, the worst-case scenario. In Justin's eyes; that meant that they needed to get back to the Vanburen estate if they were going to have any chance of salvaging this.


"Look, I trust you, but I have three other people who are on our side, and I can't-" Thea tried to say before Arabelle just jumped into the mirror. Thea shook her head, hopefully, nothing negative was going to come from this... She followed in behind her. That was when Justin did the wise choice and followed behind her too, and just like Arabelle said; he didn't stop until he got to the other side.

They looked around, twiddling her thumbs as she saw everyone screaming, tense, and more. She grimaced, as she awkwardly waved at them.

The first instinct Justin had was to go over to Arabelle and tell her,

"We need a portal to the Vanburen estate, now!" Because like hell he was going to lose Sabrina (or Georgie) or let the Horned God get free.

"I should let you know," Thea said, "Morgana's sister, Tegan, can open portals to anyone she legitimately cares about. Which can be me, Morgana... the Triple Goddess..."

She continued to play with her fingers.
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