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If your grave doesn't say "Rest in peace" on it you are automatically drafted into the skeleton wars
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Want to do DRUGS? How bout take a nice walk instead. That's all the drugs you'll ever need! gets u absolutely fucking zonked
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Born too late to throw Helen off the high walls of Troy, Born too early to enjoy fully automated luxury space communism. Why me


Hello I am Drag I am also proud owner of bench

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“So friend, iz this your first time in Germany?”


“Planning on staying long?”


The moustached clerk maintained a warm smile and nodded as if he and the blonde haired man were old friends catching up with one another. It had always struck Voyt as odd how friendly the German people seemed to be, the business owners anyway, perhaps it was just a way to maintain a consumer base. Voyt still didn’t like it. Nobody was that happy.

“Can I use your bathroom?” Voyt asked with the same terse tone he’d maintained since he came in, the clerk didn’t seem to notice as he chuckled for no apparent reason and made a joke about oral hygiene before pointing to a thick wood door next to a row of energy drinks.

Voyt beelined for the door as the clerk laughed on behind him, quickly putting down the lock and breathing a small sigh of relief to himself. He relaxed himself and walked towards the mirror, taking off his bag and letting it thud to the floor as he did so. Voyt stared at his reflection, his dirty blonde hair really being the only indicating factor of who he was, had you seen him before, the cowboy ensemble gone, for now, and the dark paint around his eyes washed off.

Considering the climate wasn’t exactly suited to Voyt’s usual attire he didn’t complain much, though he felt naked without his mask, but if he wanted to distance himself fully from his usual appearance then he’d need to go a little further. Voyt took out a pair of scissors from his bag and draped his head over the sink,carefully snipping away the length from his hair, a process that went slow but Voyt’s typical steady hand and presence of mind made it relatively painless.

Voyt turned on the sink and let the water wash away the flecks of hair he’d left behind as he looked back up at his reflection, his hair now short and neat at the back, he wasn’t one for elaborate styles so Voyt parted the front of his hair to the side and left it at that. He bent down and pulled on his green bomber jacket and black gloves as he prepared to once again go out into the cold, but not before taking out his twin SAA’s and allowing himself a moment to enjoy holding them once more. He placed his guns into the specially fitted holsters in his coat and exited the bathroom,

Voyt braced himself as the clerk lit up upon seeing him again, a quip about Voyt’s new haircut began escaping from his lips but the gunslinger immediately tuned him out as he turned his attention to a TV mounted on the corner.

"This is Molly Schuler, and tragedy has struck at the Brazilian Fighting cup in Rio!" Molly started off. "Right when the first match begun, a horde of machines, descended upon the stadium, and caused a massacre. Destroying a majority of the stadium, along with the death of many civilians."

Molly cleared her throat as she continued.

"Brave MAVERICK soldiers fought bravely to ensure the contestants, and survivors get to safety, but it seems an explosive went off in the building." Molly started off. "Authorities are still looking for survivors."

She centered herself.

"MAVERICK is still investigating who is behind this attack, but it is believed to be either the work of the dreaded ZODIAC group..." Molly trailed off, as she pressed her earpiece, and turned to the side. "... We have received word that the two terrorists, Justin Haggar, and a woman who refers to herself as Seven, are the two behind the attack."

"These two are responsible for the destruction of MAVERICK headquarters, currently with a bounty of a trillion dollars," Molly started off. "Said bounty has doubled to two trillion dollars each. Seven is wanted strictly alive..."

It was a repeat, even though it had been about two weeks since Rio the incident was fresh on everybody’s minds, a bounty like that would be publically broadcasted on it’s own but the trouble at the arena had people from all over the world honing in on it. Anti-Nomad activists using the incident to further their campaigns, conspiracy theorists debating the presence and nature of the robots that attacked the place, a mass of voices crying over each other to make a point about something they never really understood. Voyt hadn’t been altogether pleased they’d essentially broadcasted his bounty for the rest of the world but then he wasn’t exactly their exclusive hitman, their way of reminding him he was a hired gun he supposed.

Voyt stared intently at the footage on screen, the fire raging across the arena as the remnants of that massive machine stood broken in the centre. It bothered him, he understood that, but he had more trouble comprehending why. He didn’t exactly order those robots to attack nor did he even aid them. Pushing the thought from his mind as quickly as it entered the gunslinger took a step outside, the polite farewell from the store clerk barely registering behind him.

Voyt was much more concerned with the metallic abomination blotting out the sky above him.

The clerk rushed out of his store and stood beside the cowboy, whereas Voyt’s typical indifference gave way to a slight frown the clerk’s jovial disposition changed to a mixture of awe and fear, he continued to gaze up at the beast while addressing Voyt, a touch of weariness undercutting his words.

“They never stop, they attack relentlessly and without warning… We have had no luck in stopping them.”

Voyt turned to face the man, he opened his coat slightly, enough to show the clerk the revolvers they concealed. Though unfamiliar with the concept, Voyt spoke with assurance, however vague it might have been.

“If I were you, I’d get outta here while you have the chance. Don’t look back and don’t stop for anyone but the people you care the most about. This, all of this. It’s gonna get a lot worse before it gets better. With the bounty out, there’ll be nomads coming from all over to break apart these things, just wait it out somewhere safe.”

The clerk looked at Voyt hesitantly before gazing once more up at the dragon, now seeming to carry a blot on the side of its wing as its roar pierced the landscape below. He stared back at voyt and gave a slight nod before walking in the opposite direction down the street, slowly breaking out into a jog and then a run.

Unholstering his revolvers, Voyt began walking down the street as several of the village’s denizens fled in terror from the scene. The gunslinger didn’t expect to find his targets among the ones fighting the dragon but perhaps he could find someone to point him in the right direction, besides, he hadn’t done undercover work in some time.
@bobert778 There was a good chance I'd accidentally get him killed anyhow~
Spoke to Lavul and he knows already but I'm gonna have to bow out of this rp guys. It's not anything on your end and I've enjoyed talking to everyone here but I'm basically cutting down on most of the commitments I've made here, if anyone wants to pm me some hurtful comments however then do feel free as I kind of deserve them.

Regardless thanks for letting me be apart of this and I hope you guys continue
I'm still here. I'm just afraid to post to move the story along, since it might mess up some preplanned events.

I wouldn't worry about that man, if there was something kinda big that I was worried about being knocked off course I'd let people know. As it stands right now I have some ideas in mind for a fair few plot points but I'm open to and eager to see where other characters end up taking them through
@Drag@Crosswire I was rereading the first few issues of "Fables" the other day and I had a thought. We should have some kind of event, maybe once we've all taken care of our individual business, that brings all of our characters into one central location. Like the Remembrance Day celebration from the comics or some such? Could make for some fun RP :)

I've really been meaning to read the comics honestly. I guess since I played TWAU first I'd feel bummed out cause it wouldn't feel like *my* Bigby y'know?

I really like the idea of celebration, I'd imagine the anniversary of the Exodus would be one, holiday specific Tales (IE: A Christmas Carol) would probably celebrate their own holidays when they come to pass as well I'd imagine.
@Drag Nice post. I might have Boogie say one last thing, which Crier can respond to. And Jeff Bridges as Shere Khan is amazing. It's one of those things I didn't know I wanted until I read it lol.

It was between him or Liev Schreiber but damned if I didn't see Jeff with his long hair and beard and get the vibe of someone who could become a big ass tiger lol

There was something stirring inside Crier, he's expected a hostile response and quite possibly some disillusionment - which to him he received anyhow - But Terror's comments about them being alike.... The Boy Who Cried Wolf felt his stomach tighten in response as she spoke, particularly about righting past wrongs. He then felt a great sense of relief after her breakdown she admitted that perhaps they weren't alike at all.

"I don't really pay attention to likenesses Miss Sinclair; I guess, as a lawman, I'm a little bit more naive in that I believe there's good people..."

James glanced over at the window for a brief moment, catching his disheveled reflection.

"And there's bad people.... And the bad ones will get what's coming to them, sooner or later, makes no difference. You're right, I do want to make Taletown a better place, but I don't "feed" on people's money, you don't know who I am. I didn't come here to strong-arm you either, the council wants a result, like I said. They want a culprit that doesn't necessitate much evidence or paperwork, you, The Gingerbread Man, B.B, makes no difference. I was actually giving you more of a warning than anything else."

James placed his cigarette back into his mouth, taking out his wallet and continuing to talk as he did so.

"Can't imagine why exactly you'd want to come along with me, I just get insulted for a living. Nor would my reputation spike up by association with you, if you really wanna join me then you'd have to do as I say and keep outta the way, can't imagine if those terms are all that appealing to you but that's what they are, I don't try to tell you how to do your job."

James flicked out the last few coins and placed them on the desk.

"That's fifty. What else was it? Consider your proposal? I'll keep it in mind. Appreciate the names Miss Sinclair, I'll look into 'em when I get the chance."

James disregarded the majority of potential suspects as Rebecca listed them off. B.B was always a possibility but barring a complete mental breakdown James couldn't quite see it, the Munchkin family didn't exactly seem all that hopeful either. His interest was slightly raised at the mention of Br'er Rabbit, why would Terror name him only to take it back again? Claws weren't the only thing that could do that kind of damage.... James did note the possibility of the Chupacabra and Br'er Bear, maybe they didn't do it but perhaps he could learn something from them, particularly if Bear stayed at the Hundered Acres.

"Always a pleasure, Miss Sinclair" James commented dryly, placing his hands back into his pockets as he made way for the door.

There was something to the way Terror spoke, she seemed quite keen to get him on her side. Whilst James was very adamant on viewing the world in black and white he'd begrudgingly admit that Terror probably wasn't one to create a wasteland only she could rule, but she was ambitious and wasn't quite convinced she cared about Taletown, only the power that came with ruling it. It'd be easy to promise to any lawman complete power to get them on your side and claim it's in the name of justice and self-assurance in that one's morality, Crier could just be in the right place at the right time. Before he'd even placed his hand on the door handle, he'd decided to himself that Terror was not someone he was going to support.

Politics in general didn't matter to him, not right now anyway. There'd be nothing to rule if panic set in and pushed Taletown over the edge into anarchy. Whoever did this, had to be stopped, not for publicity or wealth or even justice. Evil had to be punished.

"Someone knows..."
Now, I've finally decided to sit down and hash out who is on the council - I'll be adding this to the first post in the ooc thread with a more in-depth look (And will be putting these Tales as claimed NPC's under the character's tab), The played by is just so you know the face claim which I'll also add a photo of when they're on the OOC post

So, here's the "wondrous" glue holding Taletown together;

Played by: Jeffrey DeMunn
Tale: Historia Regum Britanniae (A fictional character added into an otherwise predominantly historical book, later adapted and portrayed in various different works, most famous being alongside King Arthur)

Trusty John
Played by: Dan Lauria
Tale: Trusty John

Shere Khan
Played By: Jeff Bridges
Tale: The Jungle Book

The last one will be the one I make my other character, I'll keep him under wraps for now until I get a sheet done for him
@Lexicon Yeah
@Lexicon It's around 5 I'd say? Kinda hard to tell honestly but I guessed on account of Red's store being open and Chupa's van maybe one works late and the other opens early or both or not etc. So I'd imagine it'd be a bit lighter out now but beyond that I can't imagine the sun would be breaking through
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