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the issue with people disrespecting THE FLAGTM would be solved if they just changed THE FLAGTM to something people can universally respect for example: lunch
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in order to alleviate the stress of having to witness sub par content on my feed, several of my closest rpguild confidants have suggested that i try "Heroin"
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just troled my dick by watchin trap porn hahahahahaha ur gay little man
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its crazy to me knowin that all the kids who sat on their chairs like L in high school are probably drug addicts now
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If your grave doesn't say "Rest in peace" on it you are automatically drafted into the skeleton wars


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@Grimsee you space cowboy
@Fury Panda No problem man, just hit me up whenever
Heyo really glad to see a Persona rp here that is also active (Played Persona 5 over the summer and have now bought a Vita solely for Persona 4 Golden because I've lost my fucking mind) since you guys and gals appear to be active i didn't wanna assume and wanted to check is applications were still open? Also I've yet to properly check the story posts out so I also thought I'd just check to make sure a new sign up isn't going to cause any conflicting issues with the current storyline or postings
@Darcs it’s customary for every high functioning or developing alcoholic to have at least one

Hello as with most things im probably doing a good degree of shit wrong in this post in which case please feel free to give me a rigirous punishment for its what i deserve. that said here's my take on the holy father of Probity

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"Good morning once again people of Farmer's Hill! For those just joining us we're looking at relatively clear skies and an open road, that said if you are just joining us you're gonna want to phone in to your boss because it's ten pm and you're gonna be late! late! la-"

Peter's hand clumsily shot from under the covers as he tried to turn off his alarm clock, his precise movements only serving to knock it clean off his bedside table along with several unopened books on musical theory. He let out a drawn out groan.

"Now for all you outdoors types; well, you can expect standard September weather with temperatures dropping tonight at around-"

Forced to leave his mess of pillows and a half covered duvet Peter finally silenced the offending machine with a less than gentle slam of his fist onto the off button. He sat down with his back resting against his bed and sighed as he rubbed his arm across his eyes. He'd really tried to get on schedule to be ready for today but things had not been going so well in that department,

Regardless there was no time like the present as Peter pulled out some clean clothes from his wardrobe and picked up his bag which he'd had the foresight to pack last night, not that it took much work, Peter was poor and not prone to adventure trips or search parties. The grand total of his inventory added up to a small flask of water, a bottle of his medication. a wool hat and a single pencil. Properly outfitted and his bag slung across his shoulder, Peter gave his frazzled self a once over in his bathroom before leaving the dormitory and out into the open street.

This was why he'd set the clock for a later start.

Gripping tightly on the strap of his bag and standing still for what felt like an eternity Peter in his mind began plotting the route towards the mountain range. Then he ran.

Though everything seemed to be passing by in a blur Pete was able to make out the vague shape of stores and people as they darted right past his field of vision, before the quaint town gave way to the forest, then the torn open fence before finally coming across the ragtag group on the hunt for Cindy Keagen.

Though he reached the spot in what felt like a minute Peter still had trouble stopping from such speeds, transitioning to little hops with his feet before scrambling to hold on to a branch for a complete stop Peter got a good look at his abstraction, winding down from a vibrant blue glow into a more relaxed and neutral state. The frenzy haired teen then approached the rest of the new age breakfast club, catching his breath as he waved them down.

"Sorry I'm late" he said, cursing his choice of converse shoes on the dirt path "My alarm never went off."

He arrived just as Madeline offered a weapon to the rest, to which Peter shook his head in response, he was hardly experienced with firearms and frankly didn't really see the point. He'd been filled in on what Scott was now and if they did run into him it was probably a safe bet that, just like in movies, bullets wouldn't do much against him. Peter looked around and noted the absence of Dex which also probably meant the absence of Ryu

"We seem to be missing a few" he said to no one in particular.
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“He’s… an awakened.”

With a startled snort, Peter Grey awoke, his eyes snapping open as the daylight dripping through the half closed shutter immediately assaulted his eyes.

Letting out a pained sigh Peter made a halfhearted attempt to sit up as he took note of his surroundings. His bed was bare with the cover laid out on the floor and his room was its usual state with clothes littering the dressers and carpet along with the lamp missing its shade and a whole treasure trove of crap clogging up his wardrobe, so long as he didn’t break anything the academy owned he didn’t have to pay anything back on his dorm room. That didn’t mean he couldn’t leave it looking like ground zero though.

Peter rubbed his eyes once more and blinked twice.

’That dream…

He’d been having these weird moments on and off for a while, bouts of paranoia or gnawing feelings that seemed to claw up against the back of his head. But frankly all of that was the least of his worries, Peter had powers, as in honest to god “The-Human-Body-Is-Physically-Incapable-Of-That” powers.

After Hagan left Peter made good on his idea and opened up any exits he could find, which wasn’t much as by the time he and Hagan had finished arguing people had either broken through themselves or simply hadn’t made it. Even still Peter loitered around the Mill for some time after. He didn’t see anyone leave.

Eventually, as is custom when calling them, the police showed up, most attending to the student who had simply broken down and cried in the middle of the road, Peter had passed a few on his way, a few were either cased in soot, or blood. Peter tried his best not to make eye contact with them. Not wanting to be one of the few coherent enough for the laundry list of questions they’d have for him after an ordeal like this, Pete fled through the woods. His speed picked up and yet another nasty crash into the foliage awaited him.

’What the hell is happening to me… Peter remembered thinking as a small smile escaped from his lips before going back to exhaustion. Finally, he stood up and got off his bed, shambling towards his bathroom where he stared at his disheveled face in the mirror.

Grunting in frustration Petere focused on his eyes as the bags underneath them would be quite difficult to conceal, he considered wearing shades before shaking his head and deciding to just bare with it for the time being. He opened up the door to the medicine cabinet and thankfully the mirror the rested on the front disappeared. Peter pulled out a small white bottle and shook out two pills onto his open hand, he quickly threw them into his mouth and swallowed immediately with a slight cough, the pills were tasteless but they never went down easy.

As he walked back into his room Peter took the time to look down at the new “tattoo” he’d acquired, chances were his mom would kill him if she knew about it and the rest of his family already thought he was some kind of punk so Peter had been hoping it might just go away by itself but as currently proven, no such luck. With a frown he took a wristband off the top of his dresser and slid it over the offending symbol, then moved on to trying to scrounge up some clean clothes from the less cluttered side of his wardrobe.

As Peter slid on his shoes he buried his face into his hands and let out a yawn, It’d been a week since that massacre and the way it seemed to weigh everyone, Peter included, had been exhausting. That seemed to be the thing with tragedies like that, it seems to be all everyone wants to talk about but most can never find the words, when they do it’s either to callously gossip or it just comes across as something akin to talking about the weather.

’Man fuck this. Peter said rubbing his eyes. He’d been training his new “gift” of speed when he could at the abandoned fields but it was exhausting work, he was hardly going to start studying so if he wanted to do something worthwhile with his time he needed to perk up. He needed caffeine. Well, that or cocaine but Pete wasn’t really into that scene.

Cafe la Sucre.

The sun was still more or less out and pissing Peter off as he shuffled ungracefully towards the cafe. He still looked messy and unkempt but tidied himself up enough where it wasn’t really too dissimilar to how he normally appeared, that said his tiredness was making it quite difficult to put on the air of casual happiness that he usually presented himself with, the last thing he wanted was have someone corner him on if he was feeling okay.

As he neared the establishment Peter was sure he’d seen Hagan, whether he was right or not was irrelevant, just the possibility brought a frown to his face and he kept his eyes straight. Hagan had always been a bully and a pain in the ass but Peter had never had any issues with him, the night at the mill however had soured any sympathy or positivity Peter had felt towards him. It was most likely projection for how useless himself Peter had felt in that incident but he was hardly going to act like Hagan was anything more than a stranger to him.

Peter closed towards the entrance and came across Samson with Claire not too far behind, he swore slightly under his breath, he didn’t know either very well, more or less by reputation alone but he himself was aware reputations are typically bullshit. Still he wasn’t really in the mood to risk any stilted conversations, he kept his head down and averted both of their gazes. As he did so however Peter was sure he saw or felt something. Something not exactly normal. Regardless he made it to the entrance of the cafe safe and sound.

With a jingle from the door he entered and the faint smell of coffee from outside turned into a full on battery. Peter wasn’t really much of a drinker but something about the smell was really off putting, even still he braved the bitter aroma and made his way towards the counter, as he did so he found himself next to Dexter, someone else he knew only slightly well. He’d seen him and Ryu together a lot so was surprised to find himself alone, while they’d never shared much conversation Dex had always struck Peter as a pretty nice guy who tended to be well liked with a sizeable group of friends so it mildly surprised Peter to find him alone at a cafe.

’Maybe he’d been with Samson and Claire he figured and waited his turn behind Dexter, hoping the line would go quickly so he could stop looking like a Dawn Of The Dead extra.

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The look in Hagan's eyes told Peter right off the bat there was about to be some kind of scrap between them, not that Peter would enjoy that but he decided right then and there that chivalry was dead so he'd hit this big roid monkey below the belt immediately, then came a halt to the music and a piercing scream. Rushing right by Peter, Hagan charged back to the entrance to see what was going on, typically screams of terror weren't commonplace at a party and the crew Hagan had been harassing seemed to have dispersed, so Peter figured he might as well follow.

"Dude what's...." There were no words he could formulate to follow up that sentence as Peter came face to face with the devastation inside, he barely even registered the frantic partygoers pushing past him and screaming for help. He'd seen deaths and even bodies on TV sure but to see blood splattered across the wall and dripping slowly onto the floor, seeing the flames dance before his very eyes, that was something else entirely. The second his faculties came back to him Peter then saw Hagan below him, in a heap of despair, it honestly suprised Peter to some degree, he'd figure a guy like Hagan would be the first one to bail, none the less there was someone creating an ever climbing number of homicides in the mill and the two of them were lingering at the entrance in the open.

"HAGAN MAN WE GOTTA GET THE FUCK OUTTA HERE, GET THE FUCK UP!" Peter yelled as he tried to grab Hagan by his arm and pull him back.

"Fuck that man!" Hagan answered. "I.. I gotta - I got friends gettin' slaughtered in there!" He pushed Peter away with his superior strength as he decided to jump into action, and go after this crazy fuck.

"Getting yourself killed isn't gonna help anyone ya fuckin moron!" Peter yelled back as he ran back towards Hagan "We gotta get the fuckin cops and the fire department down here! Now let's go!" He was met with an elbow as Hagan desperately tried to go in there and help him.

Frustration wasn't really the word for it, Peter couldn't exactly save everyone but he wasn't going to leave Hagan to get himself burned alive or cut up by some psycho.

"Dammit! I. Said. MOVE!" grabbing a handful of Hagan's vest and putting a hand on his chest, Peter began running, and in a sudden and incredibly jarring moment Peter and Hagan flew backwards out the door in a speed far too dangerous for a sudden jolt and almost certainly impossible for a regular human to reach.

The speed the two went at didn't last long as they both ungracefully fell in a heap, bouncing painfully on the ground as they did so, Peter rolled uncomfortably onto the hard road a few ways away from the mill, the place was still in sight however, along with the embers of the fire and the screams of those still inside. Pete attempted to get back to his feet and gripped onto his arm.

"F- fuck, what-" he looked down at his arm and saw a strange tribal like tattoo snaking its way around his wrist, he squinted his eyes and peered closer "the fuck..." he whispered painfully to himself.

"What in the fuck just happened!?" Hagan loudly shouted as he picked himself up. He had a few bruises and scrapes, but nothing that really impaired him. What did impair him was the fact that they fucking teleported. Went through warp speed like this was fuckin' Star Trek! It felt like he was dragged off.

Peter stared at him wide eyed, only just now realizing he'd brought a passenger with him. He held out his hands "Man, I swear to god I have no fuckin' idea!" He looked back towards the mill.

"We can... We can worry about this shit later, call the cops or at least call the fire Marshall, there's still people inside!" he added with sudden concern, realizing the situation they were still in.

"I.." Hagan was tempted to go back, but it was far too late. By the time he got there... he saw how foolish he was acting. "Well, get off your ass, Peter, we gotta call somebody!" He snarked.

Almost dumbfounded Peter stared at Hagan and gave a snort of exasperation, he pulled out his phone and began dialing the emergency number. "The fuck are we gonna tell 'em..." he said aloud as he pressed the ringer.

"Tell him that there was a stabbing or something! I don't know!" Hagan said, annoyed as he grasped his face out of shock.

"Good evening sir, please state your emergency" a cheerful voice came over the speaker, immediately cut off by the quickness of Peter's reply.

"We need you to bring a squad car, bring the fire Marshall too, there's... There's been a stabbing, there's people dead or- or dying, I don't know, the old mill is burning and I think there might still be some people trapped in there!" Peter said as if the desperation in his voice would somehow prompt a quicker reply.

"Sir, is this a prank call?"

"DO I SOUND LIKE I'M FUCKING JOKING" He yelled with uncharacteristic anger in his voice.

"Alright sir please remain calm, we're dispatching a car your way now..." And then there was a sudden click, Pete honestly couldn't tell if he'd just been snubbed or not, at least they'd be obligated to check the scene out, but would they deal with the fire in time?

"We...." Peter trailed off as he stared at the destruction of the formerly lively party, "Is there like, a hose or something we can use to try put of the fire? shit man the idiots back in town might not get here fast enough." he said with more than some annoyance in his voice.

"Don't you know where we are?" Hagan asked, "We're past the fence - there's nothing up here except for trees." He said.

"Of course I know where we are!" Peter shout angrily "But, fuck man, there's gotta- there's gotta be SOMETHIN' we can do, that fire's still burning and people are stuck in there with some psychotic murderer!" even saying that out loud made Peter feel like he was in some high stakes drama instead of a usually boring farm town.

At this point Hagan got into Peter's face, and spat out,

"There was something we could do," He started off, "But the universe said no."

"What!?" Peter fired back, matching Hagan's annoyance "Run in and get yourself set on fire or cut in half great plan dumbass! We gotta be smart or else the only people we'll fucking help are the funeral directors! Maybe- Maybe we can try open up some of the exits and get out anyone who's trapped that way?" he added, attempting to force some sense of calmness into this otherwise foreign rage and worry he'd been feeling at present, going overboard wasn't helping any more than Hagan's bravado.

Hagan sighed as he put his hands in his pockets, and turned away. Walking off with an apathetic look on his face... "Forget about it, man." He said. "There's nothing we can do..." He said with a sigh as he walked up the road.

"Hagan!" Peter yelled, for a moment he considered trying to talk him back but he glanced back at the raging inferno inside the mill and frowned. "Fine! Even I know runnin' away from this ain't your style, but hell, you go right on ahead. I'm sure this decision won't haunt you man." He said with a slight air of disappointment.

Hagan will remember this...

Peter began jogging back towards the mill, careful not have a repeat of whatever the fuck cause him and Hagan to fly several feet back from the front door. Even though in his mind Peter felt that forcing open the rest of the exits probably wouldn't do much it still felt a damn sight better than just walking away, but even then he doubted the intelligence behind his plan, the dangers and risks were ridiculously high, despite that however Peter took one more glance back up at the approaching mill.

'It doesn't matter...' he thought to himself as he bottled up any feelings of fear or doubt.

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buying gf
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<Snipped quote by Drag>

can you what

friendzoned again :/
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