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Sorry for going quiet the past couple of days, been trying to make a dent in the last of my college work, only got three weeks left to finish everything.

Have a few ideas on who/where Claude can go but I'm open to some collabs with anyone really so if someone's looking for something to do before the group heads out let me know.
Hello, everyone:

For personal reasons, I will be bowing out of the RP. I realize that this disrupts some things in-character, and I sincerely apologize for the disturbance. I've talked with Roman, and both of us want to make it clear that there is no animosity between us whatsoever. I also want to make it clear that I have no ill-will towards any of the other players in the game. I will likely check back in on this site once or twice over the next couple of days, but will be offline indefinitely following that.



You always comes first man.

Good luck with whatever it is you're dealing with dude
@Roman A discord server might help in regards to planning out collabs and whatnot, I was in a couple of rp's that had them and it was a pretty helpful way to plan rp related stuff/generally shoot the shit, up to you though
<Snipped quote by Fetzen>

I mean everything is in his cs, nothing is really hidden but just know he's kind of a secretive person despite how loud he is, and he hates knights with a passion.

I think he’s talking to Roman about his own cs dude
(Like seriously, the guy dresses like one of Lowe's story book phantom thief hero's. They're cool, definitely, but he'd never thought he'd actually SEE a phantom thief in real life. The wolf was more realistic to achieve because forests and stuff, but like a Phantom thief? That, like, steals stuff stylishly? He thought those were made up until now. He'd have to tell his sisters he'd met an actual phantom thief when he got home. They probably wouldn't believe him though.)

Admittedly, reading a room was not a skill that Claude was familiar with, he didn't spend enough time as part of a group to glean it, even still however he could already tell this merry band of misfits was going to provide an..... Interesting experience. Although Claude had guessed one of the warrior types would puff out their chest and attempt to christen themselves the leader of this group, it had not happened and though he was happy about that for the time being it seemed this gang needed some direction and fast.

Taking a short step towards the rest of the group Claude began to realize he had, if anything, underestimated how unprepared his new comrades-in-arms seemed to be, the boy had almost immediately began talking of sweets, at a time where they didn't even know where they were going Claude thought it best not to dignify the outburst with a response and come to think of it he hadn't ever actually visited the bakery in Vasilius so he didn't have an answer for the boy either way. Meanwhile the girl seemed to be having words with one of the warrior types, who incidentally Claude was sure he'd seen the boy stare daggers at him earlier as well.

'Must not be good with children' Claude thought to himself.

He eyed up the members of his group one final time and cleared his throat, it seemed someone was going to have to give some semblance of direction to these people and unfortunately for Claude it seemed he, as usual, was the only one with his eyes firmly on the goal.

"Before we all start giving each other affectionate nicknames" he began, flashing a bemused look at the warrior and the girl "I think it best we start deciding where to properly begin our search." His face then grew serious.

"Now, admittedly I spend a good deal of my time here in Vasilius so my knowledge on current going ons are... Spotty, the only location I know about as confidently as here is Eerum, however I've heard on good authority that the ever so friendly folk of The Barbed Church in Kafaara have supposedly been funded to research the blight. I feel it'd be advantageous for us to start there and see what they've found out." Claude gave a side glance at the boy, a flash of annoyance in his tone "But, if there's anything of importance you need to do I'd suggest doing it now. Or, if any of you have a better idea then lay it out now."

Despite himself Claude was actually somewhat thankful for the boy's outburst, it had reminded him he'd need to collect a few things for the trip ahead. Unlike the tourists he had no need for a wagon ride to Vasillius however he hadn't had as much time as he'd like to get all of his affairs in order and go over anything he may need, it'd be a long trip, regardless of if these people would agree to begin with Kafaara or not.

But then that would assume they'd all be able to leave the hall without killing each other. Claude was quite unsure which would come first.
Claude paid no mind as his mark was placed on his arm, though normally he would consider such a "branding" extreme cause for concern, he was far more interested in studying the surroundings of The Garland Citadel. There was something off about how immaculate and beautiful it looked inside, highlighted even further by its clearly despondent ruler, this palace was a place of triumph and wealth, an air of desperation and hopelessness seemed obscene within these halls.

But then Claude took the time to study his new companions, to be frank he wasn't exactly thrilled either. While his motivations were, as ever, purely personal he had hoped finding a cure for the plague would attract more capable looking adventurers. The two children were the first to catch Claude's eye, unless they were perhaps monk-types trained from birth he did not think they were going to be of much help and to be frank he wasn't too hopeful about their chances of survival either, better to keep a distance from those two, Claude could be incredibly heartless but he wasn't enamored with the prospect of seeing children die.

The other two fit slightly more in line with what Claude had envisioned, muscular, bearded, scarred to hell and chances are more than willing to brag about a few after a flagon of ale. Although they seemed like they could handle themselves in a fight he wasn't really jumping for joy at the prospect of being forced to work alongside either of them, when it comes time for diplomacy or, more likely, subterfuge in regards to finding research notes and such for actually getting the cure, Claude doubted they were going to aid much in that regard.

The High Lord's words fell on deaf ears for Claude, a pardon would be useless to him as he'd go right back to his old ways once this was all over and being lauded for "heroism" didn't seem appealing to him in the slightest. The money and security however were factors much more useful sounding to him and perhaps having The High Lord's favor couldn't hurt. Yet having to stick with his new allies was beginning to seem like more and more of a difficult prospect each time Claude thought about it and glanced back over to further assess each of them.

'Think of the coin Claude, think of the coin.' he continued to reassure himself
@Fetzen probably finals and irl stuff like work dude, I wouldn't worry too much, college has personally had me in a veritable armbar since it started so I imagine with school and stuff coming to a close it's kinda tenfold for anyone going through it rn
@GreivousKhan I really hope through some series of events we get to hear Drath utter "a hoonter should hoont beasts"

But yeah I can kinda see the AC inspiration there more than anything else, lost way to many hours to Brotherhood's multiplayer not to. Even though I might have went a little too heavy on the Thief influence as Roman pointed out I kinda take a few influences from Jetstream Sam from MGR as well for Claude, kinda see him as being annoyingly arrogant yet also fairly lighthearted (when not on a job) just to kind of set him apart even further from the more noble characters, to put it another way were he a Darkest Dungeon character "Gallows humor" would most likely be one of his skills lmao.

Drath and Claude would be a good team for combat tho since individually they both aren't exactly great at it, she hands him a syringe with nasty things and he slips on in and places it wherever she tells him to, then they get back in their van and solve mystery's together :p.

I haven't played dnd in a long time though, really need to find some folk to get back into it
@GreivousKhan I was actually wondering if that's where you took inspiration from lmao, I obviously took a lot of inspiration from Thief but I got a very Darkest Dungeon "For Science"-y vibe from Drath. Been playing a lot of DD tho so maybe it was just stuck in my head
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