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Want to do DRUGS? How bout take a nice walk instead. That's all the drugs you'll ever need! gets u absolutely fucking zonked
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im the guy at mcdonalds who decides which states the offers are not valid in, an d i get more death threats than god
26 Feb 2017 1:53
Anyone do backyard surgeries I really want another set of arms
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Born too late to throw Helen off the high walls of Troy, Born too early to enjoy fully automated luxury space communism. Why me


Hello I am Drag I am also proud owner of bench

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Extra prediction: Aldous will sound like Skeletor and I'm gonna read him that way whether it's canon or not


- Scorch Of The West has been removed due to feeling out of place with the rest of Voyt's kit
- Bang Bang Boom is now a stun/breaker move as opposed to a pure damage move
- DRAW! has been removed due to Voyt's normals being firing his gun anyway
- Added the JJ Special to counter charging opponents (And get a lil reference to the death of an Old West legend)
- Added Trick Shot, a move to counter projectile parrys
- Added Sand slide as a distance closing attack

- Is still shit
Oh no it's Drag trainposting again~

Since this arc is coming close to its end I thought I'd try spark up some discussion by asking everyone if they had any favourite moments and their predictions for some of the cast.

Gonna be a bias little bitch and say my favourite was Justin V Voyt just as an intro for the character and because that market place got fucced up proper. I also quite liked Yeong Suk vs Seven Seven.

I feel the Jonas League may abandon Jonas' job for a bit to deal with whatever the arc plot is with Jonas secretly doing so to gain his group's trust, maybe brining his morality and motivations into question later by someone like Brenda

Lucas will die and it is revealed that like Kenny from South Park he is doomed to live a miserable unending existence

Veronica gets btfo by Gideon again

Yen and Calvin solve some mysteries

Yeong-Suk is forced into helping with either the Onis or Robits after not winning the tourney as a way to prove Korea's superiority

(Gonna try and write more when I get home and my internet doesn't cut out from tunnels)

“Y’know son, typically people try to avoid falling off the side of the stage” A grizzled Doctor in a white coat said as he handed Lucas an ice pack.

“I t-think I preferred it better than the a-alternative” Lucas muttered as he pressed the back against the back of his head, he now sported several red marks around his neck and a large welt on his back that didn’t seem like it’d go down anytime soon.

“Point taken, open your mouth” The Doctor said, pressing a little flashlight…. Type…. Thing? Into Lucas’ mouth and looking around for a few moments “Well, after a quick once over, and I do stress quick once over, your vital signs seem to be well enough. Don’t know who you pissed off to get lumped against that freak but at least it’s over now.

Lucas looked around at the stark white and polished doctor’s office, usually used for more nagging injuries as opposed to immediate medical attention, even still Lucas was only here because he kept trying to get off the gurney staff had strapped him to after the match, chiefly because they strapped the damn thing way too tight and he was beginning to feel lightheaded.

Even though he was quite thankful he didn’t die, as thankful as once can be, Lucas still gave off a slight sigh. A regular fighter would have been irritated to lose sure, but they would pack their bags, resolve to get better and move on. Lucas’ performance was the absolute best he could do, and he still failed. He wouldn’t care so much had it not meant he’d have to continue doing this damn thing.

As the doctor was about to speak again a long scraping noise was heard outside followed by the pleasant sound of screaming. The doctor and Lucas looked at each other quizzically before they both rushed to the door to see what was happening.

In an interesting turn of events the Click-Clak came from three metal… Things, stood side by side advancing down the hallway, some patrons of the fight and less, gifted, Nomads running in fear from them.

“What do we do!?” Lucas asked fearfully to the doctor.

“See ya kid!” he faintly heard as he looked over to see the Doc running franticly to the hall on the left with a bag full of medical supplies, syringes and other appliances spilling out the side.

Lucas let out an annoyed groan before turning back to the, now closer, robots. His expression turned to fear as he comically looked left and right, his feet constantly moving in a haywire of orders to flee. Suddenly he bolted to the right corridor, one robot seeing this and breaking off from the current slaughter to deal with the small fearful child.

The spurs of Voyt’s boots gave a slight jingle as his footsteps echoed through the empty corridor, ordinarily he wouldn’t even register them but the place was so devoid of noise that it felt maddeningly loud. The place should at least have some form of noise from the wandering spectators or the monitors.

’That’s, probably not a good sign.' Voyt thought to himself, a thought that proved correct when the wall next to him smashed open, a man in martial arts gear fighting off several robots flew past Voyt, crashing through the wall to Voyt’s other side.

“...Hrn.” Voyt grunted as he squinted his eyes in annoyance. He glanced back towards the first created hole in the wall to find some more robots pouring out of it.

Voyt took a good look at them and frowned, they appeared more mech like than anything else. Regardless Voyt drew his revolvers and brought them to his face.

“Incendiary.” He said barely above a whisper, he spun the cylinders and began firing at his attackers, the bullets crashing against metal with an audible bang, the rounds heat and ki enhancement pushed the mechs back and even brought down a couple but more were quick to take their place, stepping over the bodies of their fallen comrades as they approached Voyt.

The gunslinger continued backing up as he lay down an endless volley of firepower at the robots, behind him three members of that Brazilian gang who’d been no end of problems for the Nomads during the time of the tournament appeared around a corner and behind a retreating Voyt.

Knowing that he couldn’t really keep this up forever Voyt formulated a new plan, pulling one of the grenades out from his poncho Voyt threw it towards the wall and fired at it with his gun, causing an explosion that brought down another section of the already weakened wall and collapsing a portion of the above level on top of Voyt’s robotic adversaries, now having cut off his attackers who would no doubt go to seek some more worthwhile prey Voyt allowed himself an exhale of relief before he turned around.

Right into a group of three members of the O Massacre De Soldados.

“Well look what we found boys, another fuckin’ Nomad.” One said with an evil grin “Good of you freaks to keep runnin' right to us, like shootin’ fish in a-”

The “Soldado” never got to finish his cliche as Voyt wordlessly fired one of his guns at a monitor next to them, the bullet ricocheted off into the first one’s head, passed through into the other’s before lodging itself in the taller and final member’s neck. As the gang member struggled on the floor, choking painfully on his own blood, Voyt walked over them and looked into his satchel.

’Six vials. After dealing with all this shit today I’d say that’s more than enough…’ Voyt thought to himself as he neared the arena’s exit, it seemed like Brazil was to implode at any minute and Voyt was not going to stay to get caught in the fallout. It was time to see ‘The Jackal’ and finish the job...
God damn of course I forget to link the fuckin thing, my bad:…

Latest post I did
Using my phone and accidentally clicked quote instead of edit, led to me posting my sign up again in the thread, would appreciate if someone could remove it
Same, I understand it may be open to abuse but it is quite annoying having the damn thing sit there until someone can get on to remove it, that said, my bad on this one.
So I was on my phone and while on the train I decided to fix some spelling errors and phrasing in my sign up which my phone construed as "quote and post the entire thing again" so I now have two sign ups.

I wonder if this means I have two of the same characters, evil twins maybe?
@Bishop I love you so much man, you don't even know, it's the greatest stuff I've ever read.

I'll give you some credit, like Cross said this guy is better than the teleporting sentient fruit, but I'm not going to lie that really isn't saying too much.

The main problem I have with this character is you could slap on "Psh nothin personnel kid" and it wouldn't look out of place, with the rp we're trying to make some flawed, unique and interesting characters, your guy is very obviously out of place for two key reasons. 1. He isn't really a Tale, you can make a case for Stoker's novel but you don't mention anything like Helsing or his wives and even say he was the literal Vlad The Impaler and 2. His backstory tells us literally NOTHING about the character, who he is, where he came from, how he has these powers and his current job, it is pretty much a drawn out version of "He's immortal lol, fuck you" (I also just noticed his name is literally only "Count Dracula" which I'm sure makes for interesting conversation when he goes to the DMV or something)

Your personality isn't much of a personality either, and funeral directors aren't given corpses for the sole purpose of using them as action figures or something.

your weaknesses aren't very good, sunlight is all well and good but why in the hell is he affected by silver, does it trigger repressed memories? Did silver kill his dad??

He has quite a lot of powers, typically I'm going to raise my eyebrow at your intentions but with this rp I'm pretty willing to compromise, with the character you made before (as well as the other sign ups I've seen you make elsewhere) christ dude I'm not even raising an eyebrow I am fully making lingering eye contact towards you, I am dead certain you made this character with powerplaying and "xtreme cool" in mind

Unless you overhaul this guy or come back with a sign up that actually thinks outside the box then I can't accept this.

(Also they're called Tales, not Fables)
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