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Got nothing to say here, sooooo yeah.

I'm a bookworm, gamer, and obviously roleplayer since I'm on this site :P

Anyways, those are a few things that I'll say about myself... for now. Maybe I'll update this a little more in the future.


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An Interlude of Information

Interacting With:: ???
Location:: Abandoned Townhouse, Albero

"Oh, non, non, non, perish the thought mon ami, I understand the circumstances quite distinctly," he bellowed jovially, waving one of his hands in a nonchalant manner one of his guards lead the chains binding the poor sods to one of the quartet of magi, leaving only three to accompany the Maestro. "But oui, I am more than happy to learn about my... prospective business partners."

With the snap of his fingers, both his escorts flanked behind him as he coiled and curled the cigarette, a snake slithering through the airy grass. "Why of course not! I am always on the look for more lucrative opportunities after all, Monsieur?" The slowed down the speech near the end seemed to indicate that he was curious about the leaders name, marching towards the staircase and began to ascend them with his two... "subordinates."

With Maestro heading up the stairs, the remaining trio turned and walked up next to him, the man who spoke earlier continuing as they walked to the top of the stairs.

”We are pleased to hear it! You have such impressive goods, and surely could not have had much notice about our presence here; it is certainly a sign of good things to come.”

On the second floor landing, there was a staircase ahead of them, but the trio turned to the left instead where a large double door dominated the wall. Heading over to it, the trio opened the doors to reveal a lightly furnished meeting room.

”Come, sit down, and we will talk about business here.”

Unbeknownst to the group, they were being listened to. Having heard them heading up the stairs, Ceri immediately stopped heading in their direction and paused just out of sight at the top. Business partners? Goods? Whatever were they talking about? Silently, as they turned to head towards the door, she took a few silent, light steps down certain that she was not noticed.

A large man, flanked by two obvious guards. A trio of obvious mages followed. Narrowing her eyes, she hesitated. She could ambush them here, easily. So easy. Silently. End their miserable lives - But she didn't, quickly stepping back as she decided best not too get involved for now.

She headed back the ways she came, moving to one of the third story windows, opening it and hopped out, gracefully landing not far in front of Mis.

Maestro Lyric

Interacting With:: ???
Location:: Abandoned Townhouse, Albero

Striding down a side avenue with a swagger in his, a rather rugged behemoth of a man who looked to be in his early 40's twirled a cigarette in his mouth, while a hilted sword bounced in place with each step he took. While ashes did appear on the tip of it, there was a distinct lack of smoke in the air as the man took a fresh breath of air. Even with his serious appearance, there was an underlying amount of cruel whimsy faintly dancing in his coal-like, dark brown eyes.

Today was going to be a wonderful day was not exactly something he could convey with a solemn, wolf-like stare as he "appraised" certain passersby. Most seemed to give the imposing man massive leeway, as the few who took this route awkwardly swerved to the sides and out of sight, intimidated by the overwhelming aura and dominance he was exuding from him.

Not surprising; even he knew the radiating power that he was aglow with, driving off these impudent, minute primitives. Such as their place in society! Although... one dared to even bask in the glory that was... Maestro Lyric! Even though they passed on by, the great and mighty Lyric was able to give them such a hardhearted, analytical stare that caused the unfortunate imbecile to sheepishly scuttle away!

Pahaha! Guess there was some silver-lining to watching some schmuck flee upon eye contact, for like, what, a second or so? Even though he was on business, it was the small things, such as scaring the piss out of a passerby that helped make this grueling walk even better...

... of course, having a little bit of muscle never hurt either with the intimidation factor, as the great Maestro Lyric was flanked by an individual that was nearly about his size, yet, somewhat shorter in stature. They appeared heavily armed, with the armor and helm concealing the persons identity, gender, and so on; their gear appeared ornate in nature, the midday's sun shining on it... yet something seemed to be off. Other than the noticeable fur lining the neck-guard, the sun didn't exactly refract off the armor, as it also had small, nearly imperceivable bristles...

But enough about his broken slave and their pieces of armor! It was time to come back to the highly adored (by those he trained) Maestro of the hour! Whilst the his "companion" trailed behind him, always keeping their eyesight forward, the Grand Maestro always kept his eyes peeled, always rolling his head behind him every couple of seconds just to keep an eye on his back; never know whats going on behind the stage of a scene, especially any sort of... pyrotechnics.

While he was (close to) perfect, he couldn't manage everything on this theater of a world, after all. He had his part to play, and so did many, many others.

Regardless, it wasn't much longer before the duo reached their destination - a rather plain abode, a townhouse. It was three stories high, and whilst overshadowed some other buildings surrounding it, the sun still managed to beat down on the nearly bleached, burgundy roof. The outside display from the front didn't look any better, as it had a singular, faded color.

While the superficial aspects of the house seemed to make it look abandoned, the almighty Maestro knew better than to be dissuaded by such an insipid display as he traipsed steadily towards the front door, his guard always staying close, until the Maestro barked an order for them to stand guard a couple of feet away from him.

Taking a few steps closer to the door, he rapped it in a cadence that could be comparable to a person with arrhythmia. Afterwards, he paused, waiting for a few seconds. It was considerably rude to keep a man such as he on hold! The Maestro Lyric was on quite the schedule here!

Despite the pretenses of "standing guard" Lyric always leered back, strangely eyeing a specific alleyway across the street. It wasn't until the front door shifted slightly that his piercing gaze was brought back to attend the opener of doors!

"... who are ya, and whaddya want?"

"Moi? I am the one, the only, Maestro Lyric," god, he was not going to get tired of saying that. It was finely tuned, a somber yet lovingly crafted orchestra of a name that rolled off his tongue. Maestro Lyric, Maestro Lyric, Maestro Ly-Ly-Ly-Lyric! Pfft, ha, ha!

"I'm on business here, mon ami... I was hoping to... purvey some property in Albero for some friends of mi-"

"I ain't interested in renting this place out t'ya." Just before the semi-hostile person could completely close the door, Maestro Lyric, in a grand display of powerful, unrivaled force, latched one hand on to it, slightly prying it open to where it was previously and leaving it there.

"A cesura? And so early into the verse!... Non, non, non, you must let me have this place! I'll pay anything for it!... though it could use some sprucing up."

Hah, he knew those words would get the landlord to pause to reconsider what they were turning down! His offer was just as tempting as he was when making certain suggestions to those he... trained.

"Liiiiike," an immediate response? Hah, glad to see that they didn't keep him waiting! With a smug, almost snake like grin, he let his grip on the door slip, and snapped a finger gun at the man in question.

"Some of my own precious gems! Topaz, Rubies, Amethysts, Diamonds, hell, maybe even throw in some Emeralds while we are at it," and of course, even with such charms, his expression was still displayed with some hints of intimidation as an arm ejected from the door, pointing to the wayside path leading to the gardens out back.

"... they'll handle the rest out in the back; good day... Maestro Lyric..." And with that, the door instantly slammed shut. That attempt at an... "affable" visage suddenly deteriorated into a much more sinister gaze, that smile becoming more twisted, more foul as he pivoted around and raised an arm towards the alleyway he eyed a few moments ago.

Gesturing with two fingers, a new figure emerged from the shadows, almost like a looming stalker, with a similar appearance to his own silent guard... with the main difference being that it was carrying bristled chains as well. Following that, there were large cuffs constraining the individuals that trailed closely behind.

They seemed to be in tatters of clothes, with one having a bag over their face, whilst another was blinded and gagged... and the final one, well, he was only gagged and could see where he was, though the latter did toil against the threads of fate. He was a tall lad with ebony hair and piercing red eyes, looking to be no more than in his early 20's. The mans clothes that could be worn proudly due to the wonderful craftsmanship were left in the same, sorry state as the other fools ragged, tattered mess they could once call clothes.

And with that, all the pieces moved forward, inching towards the back of the house, before disappearing into the back of the townhouses garden.

And so, the deal was struck.

... and with that "deal," he could say Act 1 was coming along quite swimmingly... and now, all he had to do was wait... wait for the other actors to play their role in the theater deemed life...

Aurel Fuchs

Location:: Cabins => Cafeteria
Interacting With:: Snow (@addamas)

A few minutes had passed since he entered the Bathroom Area, with the sound of drizzling water soon evaporating into the air. The sweat ridden clothes hung on the side of the shower door, along with pieces of Aurel's usual duds... well, they did.

Every few seconds one piece would disappear, starting with the pants and going all the way up to his shirt and goggles. After that was all set and done, the door slowly creaked open with the thief stretching a bit from the refreshing shower. He did this for a bit as the thought of yesterday continued worming it way into his mind before slapping the sides of his cheeks.

With a quick huff, he tried to puff up his chest, which only really looked like him trying to imitate a Peacock if there was a lack of context, to help him steel against what would come next - the meeting.

Snatching his clothes and towel, Aurel tossed it over the side of his shoulder, forcing himself to the best of his abilities to recall everything he investigated with the group. Approaching the door, he steadily pressed the door open, striding on outside. The thief didn't expect to see anyone else up this early.

... much less someone looking like the latest fashion disaster. Aurel kept his cool upon witnessing Snow, holding back his utter shock at seeing her up this early... as well as her current appearance.

He suppressed himself even further, lips firm, head staring off to the side per usual, with a glance that could put this weather to shame. "... uh, morning, Snow..."

The way she reacted was... not one he expected to incur from the lady... visibly recoiling, holding a hand to her chest as if she was suffering from a heart attack, and the sudden speed at which she swiveled her head away. His lip fell a bit, almost agape with confusion until he recalled that... right, he was still... "invisible."

Aurel winced a bit, uncomfortable of the sudden spook as she obscured her visage. This was when he slowly rotated his own to face her, just a bit, uttering only two things - "... s-sorry, Snow." Of course, as he murmured that, she met his gaze, albeit very briefly. This was when his eyes widened for a second and quickly pivoted back to its prior position, staring straight off to the side, appearing as morose and uncaring to the world.

"Why are you looking away?" ... what? He... always did this though?

"You are so rude... It's not my fault I didn't get any sleep!" Aurel was visibly appalled and befuddled, mouthing a what, as singular brow shot up. For a moment, he was still, wondering if she just had a bad dream about him or something... which honestly just caused his shoulders to sulk a bit. He held a quivering hand to try and... console the young lady, if he could, but she just ignored the gesture, muttering under her breath as she stomped past the thief while wiping her arms across her face.

Pivoting his whole body around, Aurel just stared at the back of her head, slowly curling and pulling back his held out hand as if grasping something. "Snow, are you-"

She didn't even respond, entering into the bathroom and slamming the door behind him with such an extreme bang that he could of visibly jumped out of his clothes, let alone his skin... it didn't help that the the squaking of birds and the ruffled fluttering of wings followed.

Instead of just heading to the cafeteria, he just approached the door and gave it a light tap. Sighing, he couldn't comprehend what to say next, but he had a faint idea of what the issue was with that grim reminder, her own words... "Snow, what's... are y-... mmm..."


"... I'm... sorry."
What followed was silence, standing there for what felt like and eternity. That was the best response he could think up at the moment as the thief began to doubt himself. He would of just dejectedly headed away, if not for the response he received.

"...I'm fine...just leave..." The way she sounded felt less... abrasive, and more sullen... defeated. Aurel didn't honestly know how to respond, but it made him feel a little better... but there was something swelling inside him. The thief just wanted to reply, but nothing escaped his lips, and instead he just left her to her own devices, hoping it would all turn out ok in the end.

A small grumble escaped from the thief's stomach as the doors to the cafeteria creaked, gradually opening up. If it wasn't for the fact that Aurel tried to deliberately appeared, it would look as if both doors were thrown wide open by a specter, or the machinations of Monokuma...

... but the sight of food being laid out almost caused him to have a minor freakout and vanish from thin air. This was followed by him taking a few deep breaths and listlessly rushing towards the entrance to the kitchen and passed by a few sandwich filled tables. Beyond this, the thiefdidn't even bother interacting with anyone else as the door to the deeper recesses of the building suddenly opened and slammed shut.

Taking a bite out of one of the sandwich... mmm, this was pretty good... he began scuffling about, noiselessly scuttling and examining each nook and cranny from the prior day. What he found was rather... baffling.

He took stock of what they consumed the other day, yet, the pantries, fridges, and everything... it was all, well, restocked!

An exasperated breath of relief escaped his lips as that was one worry that left his mind - that no one would actually have to starve... ugh, that was just a relief... of course that meant multiple things in his mind, but still.

"I guess Flare figured it out before the rest of us," a stray thought escaped from him as he leaned against the refrigerator, nibbling away at the sandwich he assumed the Guide Dog Trainer made as he sunk to the floor. As he continued chipping away at the meal, he was also drowning in a sea of his own musings, each thought tearing at his mind in one direction or another.

It wasn't until he finally devoured the small meal was when the more prominent event between him and the Hair Dresser was suddenly yanked to the forefront. The boy began to slightly sulk a bit, before suddenly lighting up; sure, the situation they were in was shitty, but that didn't mean he shouldn't try to make it better, even just a bit.

Rising up, he silently sifted through the pantries and fridge... looking for something to drink, as well as a couple of cups... mmm, what about milk? That sounded good right?
Aurel Fuchs

Interacting With:: Maiya(@xxlanatjexx), Shirou(@Vocab), Hiroki(@TheSeriousJoke), Flare(@addamas), Ryuma and Hibiki(@AimeChambers), Ginshi (@KenjuGuy)

... well, that could of gone better. One person slowly approached, appearing just as composed as him, save for the warbling voice the thief displayed. But still, as her question rang, Aurel's heart sank at this confrontation, keeping steady as he blinked before taking a momentary glance at the girl. In his mind, "Ultimate Smuggler" pulsed, beating with the rhythm of each step she took.

The only thing that allowed him to keep "eye contact" with her was the fact that one of her eyes was shut due to a scar, sewn away like a nicotine doll. Sure, it felt like this girl, Momoe, was glaring daggers with both sides, but less so with a supposed damaged eye.

The moment she stood before him, the boy could only hold his breath, in anticipation and to avert breathing in the foul air she displaced beside him... and what could only follow was just disappointment and silence from Aurel. In that brief amount of time she spoke, she managed to reduce Aurel to nothing but a false bravado of a scowl and furrowed brows, discreetly gritting his teeth in the process.

Her final words though... he could only dig his eyes into the back of her skull as much as his own fingers to the palms of his hands. Even with his plans ruined, she was smart, but those words meant something else... and that watchful glare never left, up until Ryumas confrontation with Momoe, which caused him to blink back into reality.

He could only mentally cringe at multiple things, standing in the middle like some set-piece as he witnessed the Parkourist's reaction. While he did feel elated and relieved some of the pressure from his hands, something in the back of his mind told Aurel that they were both wrong in their actions, that this is what Monokuma wanted.


The thief's lips didn't even budge an inch, physically standing still as a statue, accruing and deducing this whole spiel... heck, he didn't even physically acknowledge the boy who quickly shuffled passed him, mentally noting him as the Ultimate Type A Student, as well as his mysterious girlfriend who was somewhere in the crowd.

The crowd... a few were dispersing, such as Snow and the Smuggler... plus he was certain he saw a girl making a mad dash away from them all out of the corner of his eye, segregating herself from the vicinity. He could only frown, leaning over just a hair, trying his best not to sulk as writhing doubt began to rear its ugly form.

... that is, until a girl with hair as white as his began speaking up, not in a way that incited an incident. Aurel could only slowly rise up, briefly glancing at the girl before focusing on the top of her head. He could only nod as she affirmed what she said, but for a second, felt some fragment of success as his chest rose up and down, restrained and unidentifiable as the breath of reassurance taken.

Aurel could only look away the moment she started stuttering, crossing his arms, closing his eyes and breathing in through his nose. "... it's... fine," he muttered in an almost methodical way as the girl spoke about her habits, but not before pulling up his PDA and performing a deft, swipe to the rules, temporarily shutting out the cries of the Fanatic to respond to this small light he was granted.

"... good points... but being in a group can deter murder," Aurel spoke up a bit, though he mostly remained in that aloof, quiet state before jumping up onto the stage. His fingers scrolled through the PDA for a couple of seconds before landing on the fifth rule. "... to leave, someone needs to perform a... murder," he hesitated on the last portion of his explanation, clearing his throat before continuing.

"... it's easier to murder a lone 'wolf' than a pack of them, especially with the other rules in place," the thief uttered, scrolling through, attempting to almost predict what she might question next before stopping at eight.

"... along with that, only the murderer can leave... even with the help of an accomplice; there's no real benefit in helping a murderer, as it will result in their deaths as well," and with that said, he quickly slid the PDA to who knows where, before crossing his arms, staring once again at the snowy peak of the girls head... Maiya Yukimori, the Ultimate Improvisational Engineer, right?... hm.

There was an arbitrary thought floating through his head, but nevertheless, one that he gleaned as useful before wrapping it all up. "... to summarize, groups prevent murder from people outside said group and within... plus... people who fly solo are just enabling Monokuma, especially with what just happened..."


"... so yeah."

With that said, Aurel just let a hand fall back to his side, leaving one arm up, fist pressed against his chest. His pulse was abating, slowing from the prior trauma that had occurred that was... somewhat necessary. His head bent over, making the thief almost look as if he was preparing to make some sort of bow... but all he did was smile at the ground, smile in a way that no one could see it.

... now the next course of action...

That smile was instantly replaced with a cool, collect, distant stare, lips once again straightened to the point where a drawn line couldn't even compare. He merely peered back over to watch how the congregating group was still attempting to remedy the situation. Pivoting to face the five, he continued doing what he did best - looking the other way, as if he could not give a single shit in the world.

"... Flare... Ginshi... and Hiroki, right? How about we get these two to the c-"

... and out of nowhere, he heard a boisterous scream go straight into his ears, interrupting him mid-sentence to lecture them to stop fighting... when it sort of already ended...

Regardless, Aurel had no idea what cardiogenic shock felt like, but he was certain that currently, this was the closest he was going to get to it right now. He could only recoil, jumping back like a cat (save for a lack of hissing) and clutched one of his ear, reeling in pain from the loud noise, teeth clenched and grinding to numb out such pain.

"... noisy," he growled at the back of his throat, sounding guttural in his speech as he bore witness to the boy shouting orders at the others... Aurel's only counter to this was covering the other ear. By all accounts, couldn't he tone it down a notch or twenty? Just as bad as the bear...

Regardless, Aurel still did absorb his idea... and by all means, it was logical, but not completely sound. The only thing he did to display he was against the idea was doing the same thing the Hero, Shirou Emiya did, and cut him off. The thief stood against the bloodied boy, analyzing his state briefly before sighing softly.

"The cabins," he contested, raising his voice to a relatively normal level of sound for most to hear before continuing, "... are a better place to go; you both need to get some rest in relative safety, especially with the both of you having lacerations," Aurel pointed out, jamming an index finger out in the direction of Emiya's blood-soaked leg, before moving beyond the boy, gesturing to those behind him.

"... plus, there are others in better condition who can retrieve the supplies with relative ease... how does that sound?"
Aurel Fuchs

Interacting With:: Everyone (@Ammokkx, @Pyromaniacwolf, @TheSeriousJoke, @xxlanatjexx, @addamas, @AimeChambers, @KenjuGuy, @Vocab)

"... though, to be fair, it would of helped if Snow gave out her talent," the thief uttered, keeping his eyes on the road, though very seldom would he glance over at Ryuma and listen to his own replies... so this was what it was like, huh?

For the most part, this felt like a minuscule reverie in the storm of confusion as the duo eventually made it to the amphitheater... and from the looks of it, they were the last ones... fitting, he supposed as Aurel tapped his lip for a moment, before raising a finger to the air, muttering numbers as they approached.

"... fourteen, and the both of us make sixteen, so I was right," he uttered more robustly and triumphantly... though, his robust was probably how loud a normal person would speak. Though, he did crack a brief, but small smile for a second. Myriads of things were on his mind as his mouth slowly declined and became more straight-lipped as they approached.

Of course, the moment they were within the area encompassing the amphitheater, the hairs on his back suddenly began to stand up... though they did momentarily flatten back down the moment he spotted something quite prized to his very eyes - a ragged stuffed animal; it was just as cute as the girl holding it, but she didn't matter at the moment. What mattered right now was that rabbit.

"... a moment," he hastily vocalized to Ryuma before taking one step and swiftly vanishing from sight. Before dissipating into the legendary "smokescreen" known as walking, there was a glint in his eyes; one of unparalleled avarice and desire.




Aurel ended up fading out of everyone's line of sight as soon as Monokuma appeared. While he was doing whatever in the shadow of the sun, he still reacted as he would to the sound of his irrepressible, grating voice... but there was still consideration for what he took away from this all...

Though, funnily enough, he started thinking once more, clutching the small bunny to his chest, tightly and gently as he could before staring up into the cloudy sky. A small chill went down his spine as he both listened to the bear and felt the nip of the wind; it was... too cool to be spring.

"... stolen memories, huh," he expressed, chewing his free hands index finger as he instantly appeared back beside the Parkourist. If anything, he promptly began sifting through the words the vexing bear continued to squawk out, intermingling it with his own ideas on the matter, piecing it together, little by little.

While the thief continued to keep a careful eye on the bear, his eyes widened more than usual, his senses attuned and sharp as he paused briefly to gaze at the damning smile of their "counselor..." And in that abhorrent moment, the boy became as still as a statue.

"... kill... someone," it sounded as if he was musing over it, but there was spite and poison mixed with fear into the midst of it, making a boiling concoction of denial. As the bear began closing out the speech, the only thing he could think about was the docks and what he observed.

He blinked. Terror slowly crept up his spine, before shooting straight up without warning.

Aurel just... he just strode into a quick prowl, taking about a second or two before returning to his companion, a second pad... their PDA in hand. While the thief looked detached and unfazed by the whole situation, his free hand sang a different tune. Grasping the extra PDA, he slowly put his arm out, waiting for Ryuma to take it...

... it wouldn't be hard to take notice that his hand was shaking; while mild, it was more than noticeable; even his other hand that was tightly hugging the bunny and now his own PDA was vibrating as well.

Once the Parkourist took it, a bit of that intensity from this whole situation, the stress or at least some of it decomposed. "... so-"

Before he even got a word in, the thief abruptly flinched and clamored up at the resounding cry of defiance one of the girls made. It was really loud, and at this point, relegating himself to silence was possibly the best thing he could do as he dove in, nose first into the PDA.

The only thing he really did between listening to the myriads of of speak out against the bear, he was fidgeting around more with the tablet and getting familiar with the functions, finding each portion to be interesting - a list of the rules, a map, a dossier of all the students here (with information about him being all revealed, great, just great), and another... blackened out portion.

That was quite... curious, but regardless, he embalmed all of this data into his mind before quietly exiting out and pocketing the item... all of this was just... hm. Aurel shifted rather uncomfortably on the spot, his mind focusing on the words he had picked up, as well as going back on the bears words...

There was a... certain amount of truth to this all, yet there were some obvious contradictions that he couldn't shake off, even with the looming threat. A small bead of sweat began to form, sliding down his side as he began to muse and contemplate some more, before being shaken from the process by a rude, piercing, and over the top squeaking voice.

... which was then followed by the same girl who shouted in defiance earlier screeching before sprinting directly at the bear.

The only thing Aurel could do was stare in horror as the whole situation played out, ridiculous and whimsical as it treacherous and unpredictable as it was. He could barely move to try and stop it, stuck on the spot like some ingenue, shielding his mouth with a hidden, agape jaw.

How... even with the multiple contradictions, it still...



It... no.

No, no, no. He wasn't just going to let all his ideas get scrambled, even as he watched two people shuffle to the stage in an attempt to help the duo, even as he watched Snow slowly beginning to depart. Even with the medical attention, others might get in the way, trying to do the right thing, fear and possibly even doubt might get sewn.

The thief wanted to believe, but... he had to try something... something like that boy did earlier.

He took another shaky step forward.

"... Ryuma," Aurel's head slightly turned to face the boy as he stared at the dirt, murmuring the Parkourist's name. "I... I'm going to try something and I need everyone here... if I can't get Snow to stay, please keep her here," he spoke, his voice wispy as the wind, and shaky as the trees about the area as he vanished for a second, the sound of some bushes rustling a few meters away behind the amphitheater.

Following that, he reappeared once again, trudging passing Ryuma. While his eyes were directly on those acting on stage, he had another target as well; someone as important as everyone in the area. "... Snow," Aurel spoke in a gravely voice as he tightly grasped her shoulder in an effort to stop her.

Following that, he did something he hoped to not have to do for another eternity or two... he... he forcibly turned his head to look directly at her, secretly biting his own tongue to avoid his teeth chattering. If she would gaze back, he would meet her own with a solemn and piercing, but pleading stare before deftly placing his other hand into his pocket before it began shaking.

"... I... mmm... please stay; I-I'm gonna try something and i-its important that e-everyone is here t-to hear... me," he uttered the last portion out of some form of tense contempt for going up onto that stage, as if he would keel over from doing so. "... that includes y-you," were his last words to her for now as he freed his grip from the girls forward and trudged forward.

That's all he-


That's all they could do.

Blending between the small crowds, mixed and intertwined, his pace was more tightened, sped up as he quickly accelerated towards the centerpiece, scooping up the two PDA's that were discarded and briefly noting the lack of any cracks or scratches. Upon passing the final line of Ultimates, he came back into focus as in one fell swoop, he hopped onto the stage.

... he wasn't here to help the injured; he lacked any sort of medical knowledge, outside of CPR for certain situations, plus clumping up to assist would probably cause the situation to be even worse...

"... here," he murmured briefly, kneeling down beside the defiant girl and red-haired young man. Quietly, he slid over two of the PDA's to them; they were the ones that "dropped" theirs. That was really the only thing he was going to contribute to this situation, rising back up to his full height, gulping as he did.

... fuck, was he really going to do this?

It felt like his heart was going to burst from his chest and in turn make the whole amphitheater a crimson splash zone as he stepped forward. God damn, he really didn't want to do this. And another. Just... oh no...

And another...

... dear god he really was going to do this.

It was tough keeping his arms from being visibly shaky, legs almost turning into gelatin and him tumbling over like that one time he stole Buddha's Tooth... at least no one was around to see that. For a second, he inconspicuously bit down on his lip as he stood, front and center... in front of a bunch of people... after they had all witnessed someone getting shot...

... and everyone was probably staring at him.

... could the bear come back with the irksome voice, please?

"... ah, uhm... h-hey, could I g-get everyone's attention," he suddenly shouted, his voice reverberating with an unprecedented loudness that startled even himself. Dear god, he was certain that if they weren't already starting at him.

... his pulse was increasing, pumping, rushing...

Aurel's mind nearly went blank, almost forgetting the thoughts for a second that he had put together, set up and all... swiftly, he stared into the relatively empty stands, devoid of any souls. Good, no one there... the thief could feel most of the stares on him, but there was some comfort in not having to give them the same response with his eyes, as relatively minute as it was.

"I-I'm pretty sure we all kn-now that... th-that bear has some form of truth to its words, h-however, there are o-other things that bother me as well," while his tone was cool and aloof, he began to feel his toes, twisting and curling painfully inward as he paused, feet quivering in his boots... yet it was one of the few things that was unseen by the crowd...

... if he could only say the same thing about the way he began speaking.

"... wh-while Monokuma stated he took away certain memories, the thing is... which ones? While I'm c-certain that we have an idea of which ones, there might be some others we haven't realized were stolen." Pausing briefly, he took the moment to raise an arm partly up, index finger pointing directly at the sky. In that moment, Aurel took one gulp of the crisp air in, before calmly breathing it out. Come on... you've already dug yourself an even deeper hole.

"... have any of you noticed the weather? May sound out of l-left field but humor me for a second here. Its crisp, getting a bit cooler, and the c-color of some of the trees are beginning to change... from the looks of it, the current season we're in is the Fall." This was the last time he would do this, cold turkey after this all; most he would speak, period.

"Based on the information accrued, we're all students from Hopes Peak... but the o-only memory I have is standing in front of its gates in the midst of Spring... I-I'm sure most of you know this, but school starts in the Spring in Japan, and that includes Hope's Peak Academy as well."

"... which means our memories as classmates from Spring to Fall were stolen."

At this point, he gave the longest paused, letting these words, this "revelation" of how much time had gone on sink in. Despite the stares making this process even more painful, Aurel utilized this brief moment of silence as some form of false reassurance; an escape from the storm he was now caught in. He raised both of his arms and crossed them over, feeling his heart surge even more so than before.

Dear god, he was going to have a heart attack at this rate.

But there was one curious word he had uttered: classmates.

Aurel gave himself a couple of seconds more as his own personal break before jumping back into the heat of things. The way it was signified that he was continuing was with the boy shutting his eyes, taking one huge breath in before slowly breathing out.

"... you heard me right - I said classmates and I mean it... which means we all befriended each other at some point," were they and did they? It... was a good guess, but even then he was moderately unsure... but even so, it was one of the few safeguards at least, and it would of been nice if they were all...

"We all lost all our memories of our t-times spend with each other at the start, and I'm c-certain Monokuma just didn't just abduct random Hope's Peak students out of the blue... call it Thief's Intuition," right, "Intuition." Still, there it was better than putting the chips on the bears motives based on the way it articulated a certain word... and that would be a more asspulley lie than usual.

"... so yeah; while I have other theories at the moment, there are more important matters right now, such as tending to the wounded, and," Aurel stopped, quickly navigating his tab before pulling it up, displaying the map on the screen as he pointed to it.

"... getting a better understanding of the area around us and trying to figure out a way out... based on our n-numbers, we should go in groups of four..."

"... four go to investigate this gate, four g-go to investigate th-the lake and other piers, four take the wounded to the cabins, and the last four sh-should check out the Mess Hall just in case we get stuck here for more than a couple of days."

Pocketing the pad, he then directed his "attention" to the masses yet again, crossing his arms to stop them both from convulsing. Aurel had bravely done his part, as much as he could anyways... god that was just an experience, but it wasn't the end of it all. There was one final, parting statement the thief gave to the crowd, further increasing the chances of him mentally shutting down due to the last couple of minutes.

"... does that sound like a plan?"

Otsana K. Corral (@redbaron1234), and Brown Kasshouku (@Crosswire)

As Jonas held out the extra umbrella to Otsy, he watched as she instead pulled out a poncho and deftly through it over her just as he would swiftly don his own coat with... multiple, clinging and clashing knives... and less flair too.

He slowly raised an eyebrow as he began to slowly retract both arm and offer as she did a small, quirky, almost cheeky smile. "Thanks for the offer Doc, but umbrellas are a lot less tactical, 'f ya know what I mean." He replied back with a short shrug and a nod, with a small thought crossing his mind that maybe he could adapt his own coat to be like that.

... why had he never thought of that idea before.

However, the thought came as fleetingly as the wind upon Brown piping up and reminding him that he was also on babysitting duty. Right. As he turned back to face the girl, both lips parted and contorted in tandem with the teeth, becoming no different than a snarling wolf. Pivoting back and slowly marching, he quickly snatched up any of the wrappers she discarded...

Couldn't of Otsy picked up anyone that wasn't short of childish and irresponsible?

"If you couldn't tell, the robots aren't here for the hot-springs," he shot back, voice cool as the rain, if such droplets had any modicum of human formality. He groaned a bit to himself muttering in irritation over how she was constantly littering; a few of the cases blew away, but the doctor preferred that he didn't get a fine for this girls actions.

Shaking his head, he eventually leaned back up, wrappers and an unfurled umbrella in one hand. He wanted to try and teach this girl some manners, but there wasn't any time for that as a copy sloughed off from Jonas, heralding the same annoyed mien as the original, holding a copy of the trash he had and the two umbrellas.

The Doctor nimbly transferred all the waste to the mimic with furrowed brows; it seemed to understand what to do as it dumped the contents, copied or otherwise, into the ki copied bag and marched ahead into the crowds of gathering nomads and MAVERICK personnel alike. Anyways...

"The reason we came out here was because of the job MAVERICK posted, which required us to assist them with the robot threat," he groaned lightly as he felt part of his arm tugging the umbrella against a cold blast of wind, splattering droplets across his face. His grip remained iron as his own own breath and words, as he took a couple of steps forward towards where they were being directed.

"While that does mean they know where it is, we also came here for a paycheck," Jonas pressed his other free hand against the side of his temple, running scenarios constantly in his head over how he could convince this womanchild not to run off the moment she was pointed in the robots direction.

"... think of it like this," the Doctor spoke up, lightening his tone of voice as he raised a finger up, pointing skyward at the rapidly darkening sky. There was a facade of a genuine smile, with the undertones of it being more sardonic than anything as his head lurched slightly around.

"The three of us need money; if we don't have any, that means we can't go anywhere, and by definition," he suddenly paused, emphasizing the end of his sentence as that finger he was wiggling upwards early suddenly coiled towards the girl, pointing at her with a sort of serpentine flair. Peering over his shoulder, he made sure to wait until the girl acknowledged him to ensure she was listening before continuing.

" can't go anywhere and fight interesting things." Hopefully that would get to her, but all things considered, there were other things he was doing in his mind, rummaging about certain information with trying to satiate Brown as an aside, duly noting that she was still recovering, even though the estimated date had come to pass.

Turning back to face forward, he began marching forward at a steady pace, following the designated roads as he proceeded to multitask between certain actions with his... comrades, i.e. doing his best to make some benign small talk with Otsana, trying to satiate Brown with more answers in a seemingly futile attempt to keep her roped down instead of childishly running off and getting killed, and discerning the nomads around them as the group continued to wade through the midst of the growing storm.

At this point, keeping the umbrella out was more of a nuisance than letting the rain splash across him. Deftly, he began closing up the umbrella and popped it straight into his satchel. If anything, it caused Jonas to walk with a spring in his step, desperately determined to escape the wrath of the rain as they arrived in the creeping shadow of the building, overlooking the myriads of scattered tents, large vehicles, and other technology.

In his haste, he saw a rather... disgruntled figure trek outwards and past the trio in some rather flashy clothes; made him think of the stereotypical rich kid, hell even his ki wasn't too much to write home about... and yet, Jonas kept the same discerning eye on him as the other nomads the trio moved passed. He couldn't even be surprised when a figure who appeared in a comparatively snazzy outfit shouting to the man about his cane.

Of course, the moment he stuck his head out was the moment this new figure took the center stage as they got closer to the entrance. There as a slight frown as Jonas scrutinized the feminine man, all the way down to his ki. Raising a hand to his lips, he began tapping away with both his index and thumb, stopping the moment they arrived directly at the building.

Of course, when this happened, the man in the beret was already off, leaving the door to slowly close, if not for Jonas clasping and catching it rather deftly at the departure of that face in the crowd. Looking back at the duo, he backed away from the entrance, gesturing the duo to head into the relatively cramped lobby.

Jonas Langer (@Savo), Otsana K. Corral (@redbaron1234), Shippai "Brown" Kasshouku (@Crosswire), Calvin Redug, Rod Lightning (@wxps350), Rosier "Rosie" LeVai, and Seshat (@lavulman)

As time went on, most nomads shifted around as the mild chattering that was once there before was replaced with an anxious silence. Whether it was out of a fear for MAVERICK, boredom due to how this felt like the longest ten minutes, or just some other nuanced emotion. The only foreboding sounds that filled the atmosphere was the sounds of raindrops tapping against the side of the building, and the sound of a tv changing every few minutes between multitudes of channels.

Most of the soldiers were a part of the impending atmosphere as well. Most of them began ending their activities half-way through, save for a few that began checking up on their weapons and drones. A few rose from their seats and migrated to one of the many walls that littered the spacious lobby, standing attentive and ready.

There were nomads that also lingered outside as well, whether it be due to the obtrusive amount of others that occupied the space within or some other reason, benign, anxious, or otherwise. There were a couple of tents being posted up near the entrance, sheltering both soldier and wanderer from the rain. At first, it felt... calm; no warning of any impending downfall.

That didn't last; the oppressive rainfall soon followed. The harsh rain attacked the tops, attempting to tear through the durable and stable material by force. Some smarter drops whisked through the side as a result of a gust of wind, assaulting the few that took shelter from the baleful drops.

Despite this all, he was exactly on the mark as an armored individual marched down out of one of the hallways. The MAVERICK soldiers snapped to full attention as the man in what could be considered a paradox of a mildly damaged, yet sleek combat suit stood directly in front of the receptionists desk, causing the person behind it to make themselves scarce for the time being.

From the loud speakers outside to the head of the suit, the sound of a man clearing their throat could be heard, garnering most of the rabbles attention. Once he was certain that he had the attention of all the individuals in the lobby (and hopefully outside as well).

"Good afternoon Nomads," he spoke crisply with an air of professionalism. "I am Captain Rodnell Armstrong and I would like to briefly thank you all for coming here to assist in our endeavor." With that brief introduction, he then placed his hands behind his back, peering and scanning the crowd through the eyeless helm before continuing. "I'm sure most of you know about the robot issue in Rio a few weeks back; some of you might of even participated in trying to repel them before the arena was leveled. We suspect there is a repeat issue here as well, with the robots settling here and planning some attacks on this city, as seen by the metal corpses some of you passed on by."

"While there has been speculations over their objective, we believe that they are being controlled somewhere around this area."
Raising one hand up from behind his back, he made a V shape with his hand, holding it out for everyone to see.

"We have two objectives - find the source of the control and either destroy it if necessary or report to us about the location if you can safely secure it. While we highly prefer the latter, if you can bring back any sort of proof over who this could be linked to, that will do as well. The second job is patrolling the city; as boring as it sounds with your... capabilities, we still have daily incursions that try to strike at areas where we have the least amount of soldiers there, so you will be able to test your mettle against these robots."

"Outside, we have groups of soldiers, separated between tents; you will travel in not only your group or another Nomad group, but with three MAVERICK soldiers who will monitor your progress, update you on any changes, provide support in any fights against these robots, et cetera. If you have further questions, speak to one of my two Lieutenants, Ms. Boutet or Mr. Tibayan."

"Now, moving onto your payment... it will be rewarded either in full or by a salary depending on how quickly you handle this menace; probably both. That is one of the other reasons why MAVERICK soldiers will be accompanying you. Other than that, listen what they say and we should both benefi-"

Suddenly, the mans voice cut out as both of his arms came to position, pivoting his head to look behind him. Whatever he received in the feed, he was left in silence for a minute or two before him clearing his throat before continuing. "Apologies for that, but we have received an update on a situation down in Tokyo; we will update you all on further instructions in thirty minutes or so through my two Lieutenants. Questions and concerns can be directed towards them as well. Other than that, good day."

With that final statement, he rushed back to whence he came, going at a complete jog as he disappeared down some hallways until the rhythmic tapping of his footsteps were the only thing left of him. With that, the scene mostly returned to normal with reactions ranging from confused to groans of boredom and so on. Some people went to flipping on each channel on the only tv, bouncing between the news to a show to the Tokyo Martial Arts Tournament.

Regardless, something was up; that much was obvious.

Jill Breicen (@lavulman), and Emmanuel (@wxps350)

A small, guttural sigh escaped his bony mandibles; the Justice Rider wasn't blinded by any sort of unruly, zealous righteousness, unlike this belligerent, religious dog... and she instead decided to attempt talking him down; a respectable course of action in the necromancers eyes. While she was busy handling the rabid crusader, Aldous was busy detecting the energy flowing throughout the arena.

It was a mixture between being a relatively simple, yet complex case of detecting energy about the arena. Per usual, the ki that permeated the air made it difficult to detect the origins of the constantly resurrecting oni statues, but it made it even more obvious to sift out those of a dissimilar power.

It took a few seconds for the skeleton to detect the two masses of nomads; a group of nomads rallied by the armored fellow from earlier and a much more organized group of people. Before he could get a full read, he was interrupted by a stone oni who was attempting to take advantage of his "vulnerable" state.

The red orbs, however, didn't budge an inch as he stared in the direction of the ki, fist soaring straight at his crown, attempting to crush his head in one blow. However, he knew better as one of his minions spawned by a Spectral Flare rushed back to assist the skeleton, taking on the full brunt of the assault.

While it did somewhat drag the arm down a bit, Aldous casually reacted by swiftly tossing his skull into the midst of the air, causing his body to instantly dive into the earth. Of course, this also caused the being to crush the place he was last standing on, only to have a part of her face fly off as the body of Aldous shot straight up from the ground, fist first.

During the counter attack, he finally got a full read on who the other people grouping up were - the MAVERICK soldiers. What more, he found them safeguarding some injured civilians and nomads alike in a phalanx, with a few medical professionals that seemed obviously exhausted. Valiant as it was, he saw every little thing in their ki and the damage they were sustaining; same went for the other group.

The main issue was... how would they rally both groups together? That was the main issue as the red orbs became no different than thin lines as he felt each phalanges grasp at his mandible and carefully landed to ensure that no parts of his skull would fly off after the prior attack from the crusader.

Upon reattaching his head, he recalled the Justice Rider had a bike of her own - a method of transportation; soon the bone cogs began to creak and turn between his parietal's. He had a part one of a plan down, but the main issue was that even if they tried combining their strength, the onis would retaliate by pouring most of their strength into keeping them back... while it would thin out in a few areas, Aldous was certain most of the forces would be wiped out trying to get a few through if he went with that plan...

... they needed an outside force; Aldous suddenly rotated his skull all the way around to face in the direction of the MAVERICK personnel. If they still had forces out there, then maybe, just maybe...

"Justice Rider," he announced, fervently in such haste, head once again snapping to look in her direction. "Plan concocted; we need to combine the two groups of nomads," he spoke as deftly as he dodged and shot a spectral bolt at an invading oni, whirling to the side as he ducked under another.


Before he could continue, the explanation and oni assault was interrupted by a rather striking figure. His attention was drawn for the duration of the whole entrance of the hulking individual, caked in a natural color of red. This... this couldn't be; they were all extinct!

Aldous was gawking at the imposing man, standing over and intimidating the crowds, making a characteristic scene that washed over in waves as much as the storm. Of course, that mixture of awe and desire to possibly learn more about a forgotten race was interrupted upon witnessing what he wielded - a white gauntlet.

If anything was going to get his attention, that would. Suddenly, those orbs began to glow even brighter, widening as if there was something stirring in the soul. While it was obvious that this person was the cause for the stone oni incursion, the fact that this oni, this last remaining oni, as the skeleton assumed, was in possession of a Virtue.

"... I'll explain, walk and talk, forget the maniac" Aldous hissed between his teeth as the crowds abated. The skeleton spoke in such haste as he frantically rushed a bit toward the general direction of the MAVERICK hold out, gesturing for Jill to follow. While his voice, still ethereal and guttural per usual, there was more emotion to it than before. He was more impulsive than ever, toes and tarsals rhythmically moving as if itching to leave the woman behind any second.

With every action Aldous took and made, it was all held together by one tangible feeling - fear.

Fafnir Sigurd (@dragonmancer), and Klara Grimolfdottir (@KaiserElectric)

The area Verga occupied was nothing more than a maelstrom for the next couple of seconds, drawing all manner of debris, fighters, and other unfortunate things closer and closer to the eye of the storm. A few of the warring nomads and oni found their attacks veering off-course, either violently striking another ally or foe with an empowered attack.

The results of the collateral damage were palpable, as some stone creatures and nomads alike dropped like flies in this pursuit, with chunks of stone and flesh being rend off. Yet, she stood there, still keeping the same stone cold indifference as she stared with a crushing gaze amongst the raw maelstrom.

Eventually, that patience paid off as gravity began to return to manageable levels. She noticed a bit of a fold along the pebbles obstructing the way out. Before giving them the chance to recover from the dervish of an attack, coldly put a hole through two at once, shoving the now broken beings back into one another.

It became like a domino as a few crumpled back with an arm or two breaking off in the process. While it didn't completely thin out the horde, it was more than enough to get their attention as them clambered over some of their fallen comrades, attempting to deal with the disruption within their ranks.

However, in contrast to how she acted, ignoring the oni menace, she instead alternated between a short retreat and a short skirmish. This caused a bit of a fold, causing the density of oni to form in a specific area, yet this caused a small pocket of an escape to slowly form as she drew the stone beings closer and closer, only to engage, destroy a few or cause a knockdown and fall back.

The rinse and repeat was grating and getting on her nerves; there was no challenge in tricking these imbeciles into bringing them closer and closer to the verges of even bigger fools who wanted to hold out. Eventually, she was able to bring the incoming wave of oni's towards them... and unlike last time, she mercilessly fell behind those the armored moron rallied.

With a brief sigh, she swiftly weaved and swayed between the masses of nomads, vanishing into the crowd of them, leaving the two opposing forces to fight each other. Instead of chasing for that woman, the legion of onis that blocked the way out descended on the last place she was - the rallied nomads that Fafnir called to his aid.

With that bit of time spent, she slowly watched the engagement, alternating between elbowing a part of an opponents rocky face off to chipping off a foot of one, causing the thickheaded oni to struggle with maintaining a shred of mobility. Verga continued evaluating the clash with both groups, guessing that it would be as short-lived as the intelligence of a few nomads.

Eventually, the perfect, opportune moment exhibited itself before her, with a large enough clump forming between both groups... a small bit of crackling energy was forming at her fingertips as she eyed the area above the fighters. What was even more impeccable is that as she prepped the attack, all of the stone figures stood still... as well as the others they were battling against.

Instead of tossing the unstable ball of crackling energy above them all, Verga instead snuffed it out, clasping the hand that once radiated the power into a fist. The reason for this was simple - the nomad found herself briefly watching as a large, brutish, red being step into the arena, making his announcement, playing up such a ridiculous bravado...

... a puckered frown formed on her lips as she squinted at the creature as it further revealed to the arena that he was the one responsible for this. Quite frankly, the only thought Verga had imprinted on her mind was that this was daft decision; to expose himself to an arena filled with nomads and even MAVERICKS?

That insolent pride would be his own undoing as the woman didn't bother staying put during this... "ceremonial" procedure. Instead, she headed directly for the stands, bobbing and ducking through the onis... pah, even they had stopped as well, not even acknowledging her presence; wouldn't surprise her if a few even attempted to leave... most nomads were fickle after all.

Of course, whilst heading for her vantage point, Verga noticed out of the corner of her of her eye that the bland boy from earlier attempting to intercept and attack him in the middle of his speech... foolish from the looks of it all, but a thought crossed her mind as she continued her dash towards the stands.

The gears were turning in her head; it wouldn't take long until others assaulted him... she would strike then... after all, their rash behavior would prevent them from taking this bout of glory...

Karliah Reis (@Darkmoon Angel), Al Denton (@A Lowly Wretch)

Katsuo could feel the pressure straining on him, his limbs slowly starting to give out as one of his arms angled back, causing an awkward bit of imbalance in how the boy held this gigantic blade. He could feel the beads of sweat forming on his temples his legs began to wobble even further.

He couldn't tell if there was any other intent outside of murderous, or a glint of emotion outside of instinctual rage. All he found himself looking at was the three Morai, as he closed his eyes and began picking a god and praying to it... and thankfully that was short lived.

The massive weight that found itself wrestling against the boy was... somewhat mitigated, albeit by how lopsided it felt due to most of the pressure either lifting or going to where his other arm was being held. It gave him a mild bit of strength to crutch his other arm up to pathetically repel it all, and enough courage to slowly open one of his eyes, only to witness three stone onis careening and becoming a stone pile.

With the pressure dispersed and in his moderately weakened state, he stumbled a bit forward, causing the blade to crash into one of the onis head. It wasn't a clean cut, more like a jagged smash as part of the uneven head splintered off into bits and pieces of stone.

Katsuo sucked in a deep breath of air, before hacking and coughing out the dust he had managed to inhale as well. The ensuing chaos only caused him to groggily move his head up to the closest thing shouting at him. Amongst the swirling cacophony of destruction and death, he only saw the guy gesture swiftly and briefly before watching another makeshift club flying at his face.

The only break he had was the fact that this average, mildly bruised up guy manage to catch the fiend and... tossed him all the way over to the center of the arena... that was a good distance away... when could he... nevermind.

The boy wobbled as he did his best to stand up erect, swinging his sword around his head once and sheathing it on his back. Damnit... just... maybe... ugh. Katsuo proceeded to weakly whip his head away, as a sort of response to the boy, hair ruffling and shuffling about as he attempted to display some sort of aloof defiance...

... even though he was still gonna save the girl, or try to... fuck, how was he... ok, breathe in and out through your nose. Stifling a sneeze, he felt like he was going to keel over as he began kneeling, exhausted as one of his arms slipped themselves under the girl. The swordsman's other limb soon followed after, rolling the girl into sort of a bridal carry.

She was still... pretty, despite how brutalized she appeared... damn, what was something cool he could say right now? Mmm... Hmm... "Sorry 'bout that, tougher than they look," he winked, attempting to force out a chuckle, only to get a peculiar mix between it and a painful groan.

From the looks of it, MAVERICK seemed to attract attention from both oni's and wounded nomads alike; some joined with the phalanx of sorts, others utilized as a way to lick their wounds... but from the looks of it, the whole deal appeared to be a half-and-half chance of survival based on how many were being cut down or rounded up.

If the girl had any sense of feeling, she could probably hear the palpable heart of the boy, beating steadfast as the mayhem about the remnants of the doomed coliseum. Along with that, whether or not his arms were shaking out of weakness or fear, therein lacked a difference as Katsuo took a step forward, audibly gulping at the scene as he weakly rushed forward, doing his best not to tumble over.

Hopping over the stands and back into the arena ground, his legs shook and swayed as he attempted to find some form of balance. Trudging forward, he could barely go at a sprint, let alone, full out jog as he stumbled towards what could count as safety, ducking and twisting between each fight; it was difficult and he almost managed to get roped into one of those "murder" circles if not by another nomad that intercepted two of the five oni's.

While he did eventually make it, as if on cue to a curtain call of a performance, a small portion opened, up allowing him and the girl to be swallowed up into the group. Of course, the needs of the nomads were barely being tended to by a few support units from MAVERICK, as well as other nomads and nurses trying their best... but the input was far greater than the output; they wouldn't be able to continuously sustain this many people as all of them were beginning to lose steam, and tire out or succumb to hopelessness.

"... you're gonn' be fine; I'll make sure of it," Katsuo looked down, trying to sustain some modicum of strength, but the beaten, bruised, and mildly bloodied display didn't do much, save make him appear just as sapped just as the rest of those occupying the space.

Of course, in a grandiose display, there came a reverberating, ear-blasting shout echoed across the arena. He was more than certain it would be enough to shake the foundations of the place, if there were any left. The strange thing was, despite the overarching threat, there was a brief moment of tranquility as most of the fighting came to a close, save for a few pragmatic nomads who utilize this fleeting "peace" as a way to break the ranks and attempt to flee the arena.

If anything, Katsuo was not one of those as he stood, shook and bewildered by the sudden imposing figure, standing above the rest of the dust, the grime, the blood-soaked dirt. This man... this... thing was more flesh than the oni's about, and left a nameless fear in the boys heart that could verge on a heart attack.

As much as he wanted to try and be a hero, he... couldn't. There was not a lot of resilience left he could muster up... "... fuck," he hissed to himself, slowly setting the girl down on the ground, slowly hobbling back up as he grasped the grip of his blade.

Some of that bravado remained, but there was a lack of conviction in his body... and a gnawing lack of one steadily building up at the back of his mind.
Ryuma and Snow Star in:
The Phantom of the (O)Pier(a)

Aurel Fuchs (@Savo), Ryuma Hitsugaya (@AimeChambers), Snow Iclyn (@addamas)

She definitely was a feisty one. Not only had she completely taken Ryuma's threat for granted, she had completely missed the message behind it. Ryuma's half-smile started to go sour as one of his eyebrows twitched. Well, it wasn't that easy to change a person's personality, so he'd have to scare her even more until she actually took responsibilities for her action. The girl really was very good at pushing his buttons the wrong way, backwards and upside down.

The art of stomping was lost on this Princess, then again, maybe it fit her character perfectly. Some stuffy little child who always throws a tantrum when she doesn't get what she wants. Oh! And hates being treated like a child even though she acts like one. From what Ryuma's mother had read to him, Princesses were supposed to be well-mannered, gentle and intelligent, which this shemale seemed to be anything but. While she did seemed riled up by Ryuma's perfect reaction time, he didn't want to have to deal with anymore of her bullshit.

Or so the Parkour Runner would have liked to have ended it that way. But this nagging instinct was thumping angrily in his chest screaming at him to follow her. With weak strength like that, she'd be gobbled up in no time and Ryuma liked to thing he was a chivalrous guy. Ryuma waited a few moments after she left to get up from his chair, only to kick it out of the way in frustration. His head was telling him to get the hell away from her, but his heart told him he was now some super high school level babysitter. Picking up something off the floor, he started to walk after her, he ignored the people to his right, they barely came up on his radar. It wouldn't take long for him to catch up anyway considering his legs were a lot longer and stronger than hers were.

Aurel cautiously strolled on forward, inching more and more closer to the wooden dock, looking over the slick coating of paint. Before he even stepped a foot onto the rather spacious pier, he swiftly glimpsed over his shoulder and made an assessment about the congregation of figures some ways away, as well as the young man with a scowl on his face heading over to merge with them.

A small shudder shot down the thief's spine as his head pivoted the other way, identifying that, no, there were no others walking down that dirt path. A small sigh of exasperation escaped his lips as he stepped onto the docks, mind still in a bit of a flurry after that small incident.

Immediately, Aurel stood still, torso and legs no different than a hardened statue, with the only exception being his head. It swiveled back and forth, squinting with one brow up and a frown; there was... really nothing here other than the hut with a green rooftop. That was honestly the only thing he was drawn to other than the picturesque scene of the lake.

Biting at his index finger, he was drawn in by both things, but in the end, the lake won his attention as he took one step forward, in tandem of letting his hand and arm flop back down to his side. As he eyed the encompassing lake, he also took a small look at the rather towering fences, pondering for a second if it was even possible...

... he didn't even need a second before silently shaking his head, muttering that it was impossible from the analysis.

Regardless, Aurel invariably reached the edge of the docks before a cool breeze disrupted the two. The waters mirror-like appearance became nothing more than ripples, with the thief shivering briefly before raising a hand up to clasp the side of his shoulder. However, a simple gust of air wasn't enough to make him keel over, as chilly as it was outside anyways, as he examined the lake.

Now that he got a closer look, his eyes widened, blinking as he continued to focus on one thing - docks. The boy would of deemed it a good idea to try and grab a canoe he saw earlier in that shack to investigate, save for one issue... a rather big issue.


Large, lethal mini-guns. He stood still, a deer to some headlights as he stared them down. Two were positioned at the dock on the left, both seemingly staring the thief down, as if they were daring him to come closer... yeah, no, he wasn't that foolish, but...


... the ones on the right had the same amount as the left, looking as equally menacing. Blinking, Aurel took one step back, before noticing something out of the corner of his eye. Coming back through a whiplash, Aurel peered over the edge of the dock once more, only to see the guns revolve to face him.

"... so thats how they work," he murmured, tapping an index finger against his lips, before lightly nibbling it. Aurel had an idea of how they were programmed, but it was incomplete; there were other variables he wished to test well. Pausing for a second, he pulled himself back up before gazing over his shoulder at the hut.

Instantly, he pivoted around, briskly gliding over the docks to the hut, and swung open the door. Peeking inside, he found a bit of dust floating away as he entered, letting out a soft sneeze as he pulled the door shut. Other than the windows, there seemed to be a wide, unpainted overhead door, locked down by shutters.

It wasn't long before the overhead door was unlocked and flew open with Aurel standing invisibly at the epicenter of it all. With that all said and done, he went and grabbed a rather unwieldy canoe. the thief did stumble a bit, but he did manage to keep his balance before marching out the door...

... what followed next was him gently placing the canoe down on the pier, and rushing over to gaze over two new figures sauntering down the path. Multiple things crossed his mind as the made their way over, one being whether or not they were both hostile or benign...

As Snow was still walking aimlessly with a bad taste in her mouth, she turned to look around a bit. Now that she could get a proper feel for the place, it dawned on her how different this place was. It wasn't like any place she had seen before, and it actually cheered her up a bit to take in the beautiful lake's reflecting sunshine, albeit it through the ugly fences; and then she heard footsteps behind her.

"Why are you following me? Leave me alone."

Ryuma slipped his hands behind his head and had started whistling, "I don't exactly want ya to try and kill someone else. I'm just trying to protect others, ya know. I don't want that guilt on my conscience." So what if he was lying? She probably wouldn't give a damn if he said what he was really thinking anyway. He took the extra step so that he stood side by side with her and watched her expression change, "It ain't too bad to buddy up, is it?"

"Tch, fine, you can be my meatshield when we find the culprits." She said, turning her pouting head to face away from Ryuma as he walked beside her. "You should worry about them, not me..."

Oh shit. Did she read his mind? How could he ever show his face again after receiving a blow like this?! Pfft. Whatever. It wasn't like he cared what Princess thought of him. All thoughts of appeasing her had been thrown out the window when Ryuma saw the chairs headed for his face. As long as she wasn't going to continue whining, the Parkour Runner was willing to take it as a win. As the boy started observing the area around them, he pondered, "So docks... Considering what we've seen so far, looks to me like some sleepaway camp. Think we might be able to catch a ride across the water-" That's when he was the second one to notice something black and gleaming at the end of the docks. "Fucking hell..."This wasn't the first time he'd seen one of those.

"They were smart enough to catch us off-guard-" She said, finally looking back at Ryuma as he so suddenly dished out swearwords. She then followed the line of sight from Ryuma's point of view until it landed on what probably elicited his response. "They wouldn't just let us ride out of here by boat." Her words sounded very calm and rational as she looked at what appeared to be turrets; on the inside, she was really scared though, as one should be when faced with a giant weapon of destruction.

As the duo continued to make "proverbial" jabs and conversed, Aurels head slowly pivoted, watching them with an uncertain gaze. They didn't seem too bad, at least, aside from the girl who was a bit abrasive at most. He slinked forward, gliding over the docks like an apparition as he steadily, and cautiously approached the silver-white duo.

Eventually, the thief found himself standing beside the girl in rather stylishly cute clothing. Unflinchingly, the boy leaned over the edge of the dock once more, and the guns that once were so devoid of life, snapped to attention. Each minigun was pointed at the duo and the invisible boy suddenly as he did a double-take on each of the docks before pulling away, the guns returning back to their original positions.

"... they seem to target any human being that is over the lake; dunno how close you can get yet," he uttered, stiffly and cooly, crossing both of his arms as he glanced at the duo for a mere second before returning a cold, calculating gaze back to the lake.

The only other consideration he gave to the two was a rather, casual bit of inquiry with a neutral appearance as he clicked his tongue against the roof of his mouth before reclining a tinge. "... so, you two are trapped here as well, right?"

It really was weird how those turrets just stood there aiming at anyone getting close to the three as the white haired boy pointed out; usually you would program them to watch the shore on the outside of the fence, not within; it showed that the turrets were there to keep them in, trapped like the white...haired...boy...said.

"Wha!?" With a sudden display of agility, Snow relocated herself to stand behind Ryuma. Why was there a boy here? How did he get here so silently, was he sneaking up to them? But then why would he announce his presence like that? Snow's mind was going crazy as this tranquil kid just stood there non-chalantly, but Snow would have none of it. This greying kid just thought he could jump out of nowhere and scare her like that? No way would she just let that happen; besides, she needed answers from him, mostly the ones she kept fuzzing over.

"Wha-why-H-how did you get there!?"

With the sound of the white haired boy's voice, Ryuma's feet immediately pivoted, ready to jump away from the supposed intruder. While he had appeared quite suddenly, Princess stood in between the two of them, allowing Ryuma the necessary time to escape by using her as a meat shield. The athlete tried to keep his surprise off his face, but Princess was a different story altogether.

It actually felt kinda nice to have Princess use him as a shield, in some twisted chivalrous way. He knew she was only doing the same thing as he was thinking earlier, but at least he was trusted more than some kid who just appeared out of thin air.

"...That seems to be the case, comrade. Though it seems Princess doesn't care for ya subtlety." They were from Hope's Peak, so he would have to have some kind of body talent, especially with sneaky skills like that. Ryuma would have to be on guard, but he also found the small boy's talent fascinating. "Let's just get introductions out of the way, I'm Ryuma, SHSL Parkour, you?"

That was... somewhat expected? Regardless, Aurel mildly perked up at the reaction, slightly inching his head towards them, yet kept a distant appearance as he glanced between the lethal weaponry, clear blue lake, and the duo, who were a bit on edge. Closing his eyes and inhaling deeply through his nose, he pivoted around to face them, no longer crossing his arms.

"... just walked up to you two... that's all," he uttered, sounding almost bored and indifferent as he placed an arm on his side and pointed towards the open hut and canoe. "... plus, I've been here ever since you stepped onto the docks..." Tilting his head to the side, he still kept peering away from them as the boy with the shaggy appearance interjected, still defensive, yet open to introductions.

This is good; they were open to talking with him, even more so with one of them admitting that they were a student attending Hopes Peak, or rather that they were an ultimate. "Ultimate Parkourist," he uttered silently, eyes becoming sharp enough to part the lake as he stared at it. The hand that was placed on his side moved up to his lips as he began slightly nibbling at it, semi-ignoring the duo for a second.

He didn't immediately respond to Ryuma, instead opting to mutter things under his breath for at least a minute, alternating between sixteen, ultimates, Hopes Peak, etc. Of course, he instantly ended this trance upon dropping his finger from his mouth, wiping it on his side.

"... er, sorry about that," he coolly uttered before raising a clenched fist to his mouth, and cleared his throat before introducing himself.

"Ryuma Hitsugami, right? I'm Aurel Fuchs, the..." He hesitated for a moment, visually shifting as he anchored his head much farther away. His fingers toiled and rubbed rather uncomfortably against one another before he finally finished. "... Ultimate Thief."

"So, uh, who are you, Miss," Aurel hastily spoke up, leaning over as if to eye Snow, still adhering by that same composure he had before as he now turned the question over to the girl.

Instead of answering though, Snow simply stood there observing Aurel with stinging eyes; he was lying. There's simply no way that he was just walking up to them and standing there before the two even got here, they would have spotted or heard him for sure. Who is stupid enough to make up such a seriously idiotic excuse and expect anyone to fall for it. He even hesitated when uttering his ultimate, proving that he didn't think that far ahead; what an idiot.

"Parkour boy, restrain this man." Snow coldly stated while pointing a finger at Aurel. "he's lying, so we have our first culprit."

This kid seemed to have some crazy past based on the clothes he was wearing. His mumbling put Ryuma on edge, he felt the urge to get close enough to hear what the kid was saying, but the athlete wasn't that reckless. He shifted his hands into his pockets as he waited for the white-haired kid to do his thing and only started to pay attention to his words again when he spoke clearly enough.

The boy froze. How the living hell did the kid know his name? Ryuma's hands balled into fists in his pockets and his mostly carefree expression hardened. He might have been a co-conspirator with the kidnappers or a mole. Whatever he was, the kid was skinny as a popsicle stick and even with his almost supernatural-like talent, Ryuma should be able to beat him up to pulp if need be.... Not that he would want to go that far with a kid.

Ultimate Thief seemed to fit the kid perfectly. Slim, can get into small nooks and crannies easily. His outlandish appearance seemed like it would be easy to pick him out from the crowd, but if he moved too fast, Ryuma supposed that wouldn't be an issue. But still, this kid Aurel was dangerous and needed to be taken seriously. "What kind of scum wou-" The athlete started to curse under his breath before getting interrupted by the lionness.

That was the reason she was accusing him? "I doubt he's lying but... With speed like that, working as a mole would be a piece of cake." Ryuma took a step closer to Aurel, one of his hands slipping back out of his pocket. In his center pocket was a chair leg half the size of his forearm, sharp enough on one end. "Now where the hell are we?" His voice got deeper as he moved, stretching the wood out in front of him.

But meh, weapons were never really Ryuma's style. After a second for effect, he let the chair leg drop and put his hands back in his pockets, "Look, it really is too dull to fight over this. We need info Firecracker, so tell us before anything else gets nasty. Princess, if you want to have at it, go for it, I don't want a knife to the back."

"... huh?"

Aurel couldn't help but be a bit... bewildered by the turn of events. They didn't seem like bad people at first, but now they were both... threatening him? It was difficult to understand the turn of events, other than him possibly saying Ryuma's full name, but regardless, that put the thief on the defensive.

The first part of being called scum and even a liar caused a subtle contortion of his face, via a mild but nearly unnoticeable frown, one of his eyebrows barely rising up, and so on. Alongside that, one of the thief's arms was slightly rising up, followed by one of his legs faintly moving back. It was even worse when he was called a mole; he could understand the implications behind that due to his... "work," but a claim of being one somewhat left a bad taste in his mouth with these two.

"... I'm right here y'know," he muttered rather coldly at the misguided assessments, shaking his head before his eyes went moderately wide. Whether both eyes appeared amused or said that he was mildly surprised at the turn of events, Aurel knew differently.

The thief's arm was completely raised, crossing the side of his chest as he slid his leg an inch or two back. Instead of staring at the Ultimate Parkourist, he was now glaring at the wood, seemingly intent on burning it away by just staring at it.

Aurel really wanted to give them the benefit of the doubt; he honestly didn't want to come to blows... it felt... hrm.

Regardless, with the threat in hand, he continued listening, ears as keen as his focused eyes, continuously staring at the wooden leg... and then, Ryuma dropped it.

In the midst of the fall and the start of the dialogue, Aurel nimbly lunged at the piece, swiping it up, and vanishing. Repositioning, the thief now found himself staring at the small gap between where the girl was holding onto Ryuma, he did his best to still his breath, panting in and out. This was... he didn't... hm...

"What the hell!? Stop doing that!" Snow suddenly flinched as Aurel dissapeared only to reappear somewhere else. Her eyes visibly widening as she spotted the table leg that the culprit was now wielding. God why did Ryuma drop it, you don't just drop your weapon in front of the enemy; idiot.

The kid suddenly vanished, making Ryuma involuntarily flinch. How could he do that? There had to be some kind of trick to it and Ryuma definitely wanted to learn it. It seemed as though Aurel didn't really take the athlete's humor well... He'd have to placate that before he got shanked.


Despite the reactions, he chose to have faith in them, believing that it was mainly the tension of the situation. As the scene stilled, Aurel left his defensive posture behind in favor of a more relaxed and casual one. Opting for a different approach, he strode behind both the girl and Ryuma; reaching over, he gave a light tap on the boy's head with the blunt end.

The tap wouldn't hurt him, rather it was a gentle one that lacked any sort of malice behind it. Of course, as he performed it, he appeared before the duo, albeit, taking a bit of a large step away as he tenderly grasped the leg.

"... sixteen cabins, all of them with names on them; yours, mine, and presumably hers," he calmly asserted as he paused for a second, looking away from the two, his face pointing at the cabins instead. To demonstrate, he deftly discarded the table leg, tossing like a rag doll it in the general direction he looked in.

As he lobbed it away, the thief winced a bit as he felt that he cut his index finger. Quickly masking the pain with a stoic grimace and a small sigh, he turned his face a tinge to... somewhat face the two.

"... so, instead of resorting to threats, lets instead be sensible about this, Ryuma and," he paused for a second, raising his injured finger up to his lips, tapping on them for what felt like a second before he raised his finger and stabbed at the air towards the girl.

"... Snow Iclyn?... or is it Chika-"

"STOP...monologuing," said Snow with that trademark disgusted face which only contorted heavier as Aurel spoke her name. "Such a lame excuse for knowing our names; if you saw them on the cabins, you wouldn't guess my name that fast." Her words stung like killer bees as she folded her arms, clearly unimpressed by the attempt at persuasion, she gave Ryuma a short glance before starting to walk towards Aurel. "God I have to do everything myself...let us go, before you hurt yourself."

Ryuma flinched as the end of the wood cracked on his head and quickly pivoted to face the Thief, only to move full circle. His tense mouth was slowly curling up at the sides at Aurel's dexterity. The athlete wouldn't challenge him right away, he'd have to understand how he was able to move so fast. But a match had to be fate. Ryuma hadn't failed to notice Aurel wince, but he wasn't buddy buddy enough with the kid to ask why. So he's probably not the mole...

This chick, seriously. While she really was doing something stupid, Ryuma doubted Snow would do any real damage and Aurel had patience for miles judging from their earlier interaction. "Look Princess, I'm all for a little cat fight every now and again, but we don't have time for this. He ain't a mole and he could've already killed us if he really wanted to." He gave a glance at the Thief, "Sorry about earlier."

Too lazy to get in between them, he called out from behind her with a shit-eating grin, "I didn't realize you'd have such a cute name, Snow Icyln. It really melts my heart."

"... -ko Himura," he murmured the last portion to himself as the girl instantly interjected. Part of his mouth was left agape, seemingly stumped on the response as he pondered to himself over if he really was monologuing as the girl threw sharp accusations at him that only rebounded due to how blunt and untrue they were.

"Was I really going on a monologue? I thought that was... short," he uttered somewhat unexpressively and mildly, tapping his bottom lip with his cut, sensitive finger. But still, he began rapping a bit faster with her words, affirming that he was right from the get go before slowing the rapping down to a regular pace... with her demanding to let them out.

... he could try if there was a gate and a lock-pick somewhere... but that was still a hard try.

Other than that, the honest words that were much more calm, casual, and relaxed that emanated from Ryuma still shocked and stung him more than anything the girl had thrown at him so far. "... kill," he mused with a certain amount of horror hidden within the articulation, treating it as if it was a taboo as the woman began to stomp over to him.

Even with the words, there was a sort of comfort in the gray boy's smile as Aurel took a small step back from the ever encroaching lady, listening to the comment that she did have a cute name. The thief just... paused.

Was he trying to defuse her?...

... either way, he was right... "Snow Iclyn... hm... it is a pretty name..."

And so was the girl and her dress as well... hm...

"Shut up Romeo." Snow snarkily said over her shoulder towards Ryuma as she kept walking, clearly not listening to the parkour man; maybe it was because of their situation, but the fact that they both called her name pretty didn't bother her as much as she would've thought. Nonetheless, now that she entered Aurel's personal space, she reached out her arms towards his chest, intent on pushing him to the ground to subdue him.

... ok, so that wasn't exactly enough, but it was an attempt as the boys legs started to work once more, taking a few, minuscule baby steps as the girl encroached closer and closer to the boy. Eventually, it ended with him not outpacing the girl as he stared out into the lake, seemingly "ignoring" her advances.

Of course, he did notice something out of the corner of his eye - two arms reaching towards the boy, palms open. Either she was going to try and grapple Aurel or shove him, he didn't know... but he couldn't help but deeply frown as he deftly pivoted away from the lady and the lake, sighing as he now stood in front of her with one foot pressed farther back than the other.

While Aurels visage was now put directly from her, his eyes drifted away to the fences, not even bothering to acknowledge what happened with his body. This resulted in the thief faintly shrugging his shoulders, with an almost bored sigh that was followed by a question.

"... what are you trying to do?"


Before he could even receive a response, some hellish intervention caused a sudden ring. This resulted in the poor boys face contorting a bit, causing the thief to appear more expressive than he was earlier. That cool, aloof nature was beginning to fall apart as his arms suddenly recoiled, rising high up to clasp over his ears as his head twisted around to view one of the monitors stationed on the hut.

His frown was much more visible than before, save he was brandishing a set of pearly white teeth that were grinding against each other due to that irritating bit of noise. "Noisy," he growled almost gutturally through his cinched teeth. When he almost thought it was over, suddenly a voice emanated from the monitors.

That voice.

That god damn voice was just... grating... While his ears attempted to avoid committing suicide from the dreadfully, vexing ear rape, one of his hands shot down into one of his pockets, fumbling and shifting around desperately for something. Following that, he cupped his ears with said hand and went about the other pocket, shifting uncomfortably as he did so.

Unluckily enough, he found that his earplugs weren't there either. While the irony wasn't lost on him, this didn't prevent Aurel from mentally cursing as he found himself doomed to listen to this... thing speak, but with a terrible, terrible voice.

... eventually, this unpleasant announcement came to a close, causing the boy to skulk over a bit as a breath of relief escaped his lips. Both of his arms instantly dropped to his side as Aurel groaned one word out.

"... annoying..."


As Snow now stood in front of Aurel, her angry gaze were focused on him...and yet that boy didn't even look her in the eyes; he hides in the shadows, dodges all efforts against him, and doesn't even dare look people in the eyes, what a coward. This boy just got on Snow's nerves in a way that most humans would be terrified off. In any case, she had no intent on staying near this cowardly thief, so she abruptly pivoted on her feet and furiously stomped of again, in no particular direction.

"You better hope the shrieking guy on the other side of that monitor has the answers I want, or I'm coming back for you Aurel."

Ryuma stood back and watched, cocking his head at the sound of the announcement. They'd finally have some answers and a chance to see the big boss, but he didn't sound tough, more annoying and unpredictable. It was interesting to see how Aurel and Snow reacted to the announcement, but mostly, he just wanted everything to be over and done with.

"So... Wanna walk together or do you need a potty break?"

"... bye?" Aurel just continued to stare in the opposite direction as the girl trudged away, holding up a hand and waving... awkwardly to the cute girl... maybe she just... didn't know how to act in this situation or was like a tootsie-pop he snatched from a store once?

Sighing, he shrugged the encounter off, swaying his head at the absurdity of this whole situation, glaring unblinkingly at the glowing green arrows... and noticed a couple of more glowing green monitors littered around the area... the abundance was... jarring as is with the constant clash of technology and nature, followed by the mysterious circumstance that they were all here...

Aurel shivered slightly; whether it was at the gust of wind or a possibility of some awakened nameless fear haunting his heart, he just stood there, still as a statue. He silently processed the situation that was occurring, closing his eyes and seemingly meditating on it all. The only real thing that broke him out of his trance was probably the closest person he could see as...

... friendly, yet not familiar; normal in personality, yet special in talent. Taking in a deep breath, his eyes fluttered open, and for a brief moment, he made some form of eye contact with the boy as he pivoted and took a small step in the girls direction.

Despite how he seemed to be outright ignoring the boy, Aurel displayed that he was acknowledging him, in the peculiar way it was, via keeping his neck turned so a part of his visage could be outright seen by the other Ultimate. He was silent for a second, pausing outright with his foot extended in front of him...

"... after that craptastic pun, I might need one," he said with a neutral, somewhat wavering tone of voice as the thief's head instantly turned back in front of him taking a couple of steps forward before stopping in front of the path, looking over at the now barren fields...

"... you don't seem so bad," he murmured, taking one more glance behind him in the general direction of the Parkourist before continuing.

"... so, shall we get going, Ryuma?"

The Princess really was a handful, but the athlete was feeling a weird connection with Aurel. A part of him was wanting to get his autograph while another part wanted to spar, while yet another part wanted to treat him like a younger brother... And all with a guy he had just met. This really did feel like some shit dream now that Ryuma thought about it. He hadn't felt something like this since he had last been with his older brother...

The Parkourist shuddered for a second before catching the tailend of Aurel's mumbling. Slipping back on his shit-eating grin, he followed after the other boy until they were in step with each other. "That's the nicest thing anyone's ever said to me," he chortled, rubbing at the back of his neck, it really was stinging pretty badly.

Aurel Fuchs

So this was it huh?

Aurel just stood there with all his luggage, alone to his thoughts as he stared up. Beyond these gates therein lied his new future - Hopes Peak Academy. This was the prestigious place where so many amazing people came to, right? Fidgeting around, the young thief brought up a finger to his mouth, chewing at it as his head swiftly whipped to each side, taking in the surroundings.

Trees glistening in the sunlight as leaves swirled around him, the iron grated fence was... rather imposing, not that it helped that there was a giant tower of a school behind it all. Out of all, any people who could of came here, it had to be him... for being an expert thief... or the ultimate thief?

Really, it didn't matter.

The only thing that was plastered on his face were his furrowed brows with a small frown as he continued to nibble at his finger... focus Aurel, this is your new future, you can do this.

Tearing his finger away, he gulped in a breath of fresh air as he took a step forward.




What wasn't he just?


As the dream faded away, the boy began to emanate a guttural groan, straight from the bottom of his stomach. His body was wracked with pain as he slowly dug his hands into the... loamy soil? Like a claw, he scrapped up bits of rubble and dirt pulps as he began to slowly open his eyes. It all felt so cold; it didn't exactly help that a sharp pang of blistering cold air brushed above him, sending a shiver down the boy's spine.

His head was spinning and the world around him made it look like he was staring through the lens of a wobbling, unfocused camera. At the most, it was obvious to tell he was outside... it made him ponder on whether or not he passed out in front of the academy before wincing in pain at the sudden piercing headache he had.

It caused him to dig his fingers even more into the soil as he hissed a bit, blinking and adjusting his eyes to his surroundings. The first thing that caught his eye was the thing he was laying on, prone - the ground. Pressing his hands against the ground, the thief slowly forced himself upward. Even in his haze, he could at least still make that out, along with the... building?

As he whipped his head to the side, he found himself swirling to the point that it felt as if he was still on a nausea-fueled amusement park ride. Bending his arms, Aurel quickly thrust himself back up, wobbling a bit as he tried to find his footing, before maintaining a semblance of balance.

This whole ordeal felt awkward as he held his hands outward to keep himself from tipping over, blinking to acclimate his eyes to his surrounding. It took a few seconds for him to adjust, but after that, it was crystal clear and he could make out more than just the ground - the shapes of buildings that surrounded him.

They were a... strange mixture of being a log cabin and a somewhat modern condo, with a iron bar inhibiting any passage. From what he observed, one path lead down to other, seemingly locked up cabins, and the other, well to other cabins, save for another path that looked to diverge outwards.

Brushing the dirt from his face, Aurel steadily approached the cabin near the diverging path, squinting at the label on the side. "Himura... Chikako," he groggily murmured before stepping away and raising his arms towards the heavens.

There were myriads of things running through the thief's head as he cracked his neck and rolled it around before reaching down to touch his toes. Just where was he was one of the many amongst a sea of questions, like if this "Himura" person lived here and if they were one of the people who possibly kidnapped him... and for some reason dumped him out in the middle of a dirt road where he could easily wake up and read their names...

That was... right peculiar as he pivoted around in time to see that there were myriads of cabins facing the others as well. Putting a finger into his mouth, he began chewing at it as he cautiously approached another one, squinting to make out the name... before his finger fell straight out of his mouth as he hustled over to make sure if he was reading it right, rubbing his eyes as he got closer and closer.

"... Aurel," he murmured in bewilderment, eyes widened at the sudden revelation that this was his... living space for some odd reason. Wait... that meant multiple things. For a minor scale that meant Himura was the girls last name; on a more major scale he deduced one more thing.

"... if I'm right, then everyone listed on these cabins has to have been another abductee like me..."

A small sigh escaped his lips as he trudged back onto the well-maintained path, save for a part that had his whole body imprinted onto it. For the next couple of minutes, he began casually reading off each cabin he traversed by, bit by bit.

"... Snow Iclyn..."

"... Ayu Usui..."

Why were they here?

"... Lilly Hart..."

"... Shirou Emiya..."

What was their objective?

"... Hiroki Hisaka... wa? He momentarily paused and blinked for a second. The door to this cabin was left open; it was odd and very much out of place amongst the other six he had counted up so far. Of course, Aurel was as much reserved as he was guarded, ensuring that he would prevent himself from being ambushed in the process.

Taking one long glance over his shoulder, Aurel briskly and autonomically scanned the vicinity for any signs of life, becoming an unmoving sentry for the minute that he stood there. Following that, he turned back to face the entrance and took in one deep breath, clasping the handle of the door. It was now or never as he slowly pulled it open just wide enough to take a peep in...

... and... uh... what?

... hold on...

This isn't... ok?

Aurel's head involuntarily tipped to the side as he tried to process what was going on, leaning a bit too much on the door as a support for how dumbfounded and bewildered he appeared. His mouth was agape, one eye squinting with the opposite sides brow rising up. He blinked. And blinked again, slightly blushing at what he was witnessing.

... did they just... leave the door open while having... Aurel just... he couldn't compute what was going on. Did he walk in on them redressing? Were they trapped here like him, or the perpetrators of this whole situation who decided to just?...


The girl locked eyes with him, albeit very briefly, making the situation even more discomforting. Aurel just tensed straight up and frowned straight back at her, making it appear as if he was giving them a harsh sense of disapproval before instantly slamming the door and walking in the opposite direction that he came.

Both of his palms were pressed up against his forehead, double facepalming. This was already becoming an embarrassing repeat of the time when he stole the Imperial Treasures with that poor Chinese girl. The only good thing he could say that came out of this whole awkward situation was that he was more hyper-focused...

... like right now as soon as he heard a bit of squeaking behind him. Silently and swiftly, Aurel ducked to the side of the cabin, crouching down to obscure himself as much as possible... even with his minute presence, every little bit helped in hiding. While he was at this, he began to not only keep his ears glued to the cabin, but his eyes peeled as he squinted at another adjacent cabin and began reading off the name on it.

Once that task was completed, he rose up, and walked as casually and quickly away from that cabin, repeating the same process as before to purge that memory into the back of his mind.


Following the next few minutes of going in what he assumed was a nearly complete circle, Aurel had counted up the number of cabins and had a mental roster of each name he saw. He wasn't going to bother dwelling too much on the names, as he walked by Ryuma's cabin, knowing full well that none of them were familiar to the thief.

As he left the congregation of cabins and followed the trail, he found himself staring down another individual who was making their way down the path. Putting a finger into his mouth, Aurel began gnawing at it, more and more fervently as the other individual, who looked mildly pissed and piqued, approached. Fortunately, there wasn't any trouble at all as Aurel strolled on by the dude, being invisible as always to the world.

Aurels gnawing slowly died down until his hand flitted out of his mouth and his arm dangled to the side once more. While there wasn't much to think on, the next course of action he had on mind was to accustom himself to his surroundings, investigate for a better idea of the situation, and then get out of dodge when he could.

That was the plan as the thief slowly began approaching the docks, taking in each canoe, the hut, and the crystalline lake before him... this was going to be a long day.
Looks like the last person we're waiting for is lana! Can't wait for us to start dropping like flies!
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