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Got nothing to say here, sooooo yeah.

I'm a bookworm, gamer, and obviously roleplayer since I'm on this site :P

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Aurel Fuchs

So this was it huh?

Aurel just stood there with all his luggage, alone to his thoughts as he stared up. Beyond these gates therein lied his new future - Hopes Peak Academy. This was the prestigious place where so many amazing people came to, right? Fidgeting around, the young thief brought up a finger to his mouth, chewing at it as his head swiftly whipped to each side, taking in the surroundings.

Trees glistening in the sunlight as leaves swirled around him, the iron grated fence was... rather imposing, not that it helped that there was a giant tower of a school behind it all. Out of all, any people who could of came here, it had to be him... for being an expert thief... or the ultimate thief?

Really, it didn't matter.

The only thing that was plastered on his face were his furrowed brows with a small frown as he continued to nibble at his finger... focus Aurel, this is your new future, you can do this.

Tearing his finger away, he gulped in a breath of fresh air as he took a step forward.




What wasn't he just?


As the dream faded away, the boy began to emanate a guttural groan, straight from the bottom of his stomach. His body was wracked with pain as he slowly dug his hands into the... loamy soil? Like a claw, he scrapped up bits of rubble and dirt pulps as he began to slowly open his eyes. It all felt so cold; it didn't exactly help that a sharp pang of blistering cold air brushed above him, sending a shiver down the boy's spine.

His head was spinning and the world around him made it look like he was staring through the lens of a wobbling, unfocused camera. At the most, it was obvious to tell he was outside... it made him ponder on whether or not he passed out in front of the academy before wincing in pain at the sudden piercing headache he had.

It caused him to dig his fingers even more into the soil as he hissed a bit, blinking and adjusting his eyes to his surroundings. The first thing that caught his eye was the thing he was laying on, prone - the ground. Pressing his hands against the ground, the thief slowly forced himself upward. Even in his haze, he could at least still make that out, along with the... building?

As he whipped his head to the side, he found himself swirling to the point that it felt as if he was still on a nausea-fueled amusement park ride. Bending his arms, Aurel quickly thrust himself back up, wobbling a bit as he tried to find his footing, before maintaining a semblance of balance.

This whole ordeal felt awkward as he held his hands outward to keep himself from tipping over, blinking to acclimate his eyes to his surrounding. It took a few seconds for him to adjust, but after that, it was crystal clear and he could make out more than just the ground - the shapes of buildings that surrounded him.

They were a... strange mixture of being a log cabin and a somewhat modern condo, with a iron bar inhibiting any passage. From what he observed, one path lead down to other, seemingly locked up cabins, and the other, well to other cabins, save for another path that looked to diverge outwards.

Brushing the dirt from his face, Aurel steadily approached the cabin near the diverging path, squinting at the label on the side. "Himura... Chikako," he groggily murmured before stepping away and raising his arms towards the heavens.

There were myriads of things running through the thief's head as he cracked his neck and rolled it around before reaching down to touch his toes. Just where was he was one of the many amongst a sea of questions, like if this "Himura" person lived here and if they were one of the people who possibly kidnapped him... and for some reason dumped him out in the middle of a dirt road where he could easily wake up and read their names...

That was... right peculiar as he pivoted around in time to see that there were myriads of cabins facing the others as well. Putting a finger into his mouth, he began chewing at it as he cautiously approached another one, squinting to make out the name... before his finger fell straight out of his mouth as he hustled over to make sure if he was reading it right, rubbing his eyes as he got closer and closer.

"... Aurel," he murmured in bewilderment, eyes widened at the sudden revelation that this was his... living space for some odd reason. Wait... that meant multiple things. For a minor scale that meant Himura was the girls last name; on a more major scale he deduced one more thing.

"... if I'm right, then everyone listed on these cabins has to have been another abductee like me..."

A small sigh escaped his lips as he trudged back onto the well-maintained path, save for a part that had his whole body imprinted onto it. For the next couple of minutes, he began casually reading off each cabin he traversed by, bit by bit.

"... Snow Iclyn..."

"... Ayu Usui..."

Why were they here?

"... Lilly Hart..."

"... Shirou Emiya..."

What was their objective?

"... Hiroki Hisaka... wa? He momentarily paused and blinked for a second. The door to this cabin was left open; it was odd and very much out of place amongst the other six he had counted up so far. Of course, Aurel was as much reserved as he was guarded, ensuring that he would prevent himself from being ambushed in the process.

Taking one long glance over his shoulder, Aurel briskly and autonomically scanned the vicinity for any signs of life, becoming an unmoving sentry for the minute that he stood there. Following that, he turned back to face the entrance and took in one deep breath, clasping the handle of the door. It was now or never as he slowly pulled it open just wide enough to take a peep in...

... and... uh... what?

... hold on...

This isn't... ok?

Aurel's head involuntarily tipped to the side as he tried to process what was going on, leaning a bit too much on the door as a support for how dumbfounded and bewildered he appeared. His mouth was agape, one eye squinting with the opposite sides brow rising up. He blinked. And blinked again, slightly blushing at what he was witnessing.

... did they just... leave the door open while having... Aurel just... he couldn't compute what was going on. Did he walk in on them redressing? Were they trapped here like him, or the perpetrators of this whole situation who decided to just?...


The girl locked eyes with him, albeit very briefly, making the situation even more discomforting. Aurel just tensed straight up and frowned straight back at her, making it appear as if he was giving them a harsh sense of disapproval before instantly slamming the door and walking in the opposite direction that he came.

Both of his palms were pressed up against his forehead, double facepalming. This was already becoming an embarrassing repeat of the time when he stole the Imperial Treasures with that poor Chinese girl. The only good thing he could say that came out of this whole awkward situation was that he was more hyper-focused...

... like right now as soon as he heard a bit of squeaking behind him. Silently and swiftly, Aurel ducked to the side of the cabin, crouching down to obscure himself as much as possible... even with his minute presence, every little bit helped in hiding. While he was at this, he began to not only keep his ears glued to the cabin, but his eyes peeled as he squinted at another adjacent cabin and began reading off the name on it.

Once that task was completed, he rose up, and walked as casually and quickly away from that cabin, repeating the same process as before to purge that memory into the back of his mind.


Following the next few minutes of going in what he assumed was a nearly complete circle, Aurel had counted up the number of cabins and had a mental roster of each name he saw. He wasn't going to bother dwelling too much on the names, as he walked by Ryuma's cabin, knowing full well that none of them were familiar to the thief.

As he left the congregation of cabins and followed the trail, he found himself staring down another individual who was making their way down the path. Putting a finger into his mouth, Aurel began gnawing at it, more and more fervently as the other individual, who looked mildly pissed and piqued, approached. Fortunately, there wasn't any trouble at all as Aurel strolled on by the dude, being invisible as always to the world.

Aurels gnawing slowly died down until his hand flitted out of his mouth and his arm dangled to the side once more. While there wasn't much to think on, the next course of action he had on mind was to accustom himself to his surroundings, investigate for a better idea of the situation, and then get out of dodge when he could.

That was the plan as the thief slowly began approaching the docks, taking in each canoe, the hut, and the crystalline lake before him... this was going to be a long day.
Looks like the last person we're waiting for is lana! Can't wait for us to start dropping like flies!
Heh, took you a while, didn't it :P

Sapporo, Japan
Ishin Academy, April 7th
"Interacting With"::
(Briefly looking at...) @Inkarnate (Mizuhana Yoshiba), @Scrub Mage (Katō Takara), @floodtalon (Adachi Chen), @Altered Tundra (Chikyu Yuki), and @liferusher (Kishimoto Rin)

These people were just the worst; the longer her ears remained attentive to this amateurs, the more and more she wanted to waste her energy just to tell them to shut up; it was taking a lot of self-discipline to do so, something these children lacked... and their ringleader... their ringleader, their ringleader, their ringleader...

She was still no better than any of these fools, letting them romp around, continuing to whirl around in a disruptive frenzy. Honestly, it felt like she was going to have an aneurysm soon due to what felt like an eternity for this whole assembly to start. Thankfully, as soon as it felt like she was ready to hiss at them to stop their obnoxious squawking, someone else interjected.

Adrianne's bared, grinding teeth and exasperated visage began to simmer down as her ears perked up to the sound of what appeared to be tapping echoing through the auditorium, followed by a stern, seeming authoritative voice that demanded everyone's attention, as well as hushed the bothersome masses.

While she didn't jump straight up to give the facade of being attentive like some people, she calmly and collectively gazed over at the older looking man, straightening her own posture out of respect and dignity, something the people sitting next to her could learn.

While, evidently, she still appeared generally pissed off, her glare wasn't as harsh and her lips were just about as comparable to a singular, straight-lined thread. Adrianne's ears perked up to listen to the man make the general opening announcement. There wasn't much to muse on other than wordlessly psyching herself up, silently telling herself that she would go beyond their expectations...

Blowing a bit of hot air out of her nose, she felt that cold gaze briskly pass overhead. There was a certain chill she felt over her head, yet Adrianne continued listening, continuing to heed each word, whether or not it mattered to her now. While the congratulatory speech directed towards the second and third years for continuing to go beyond, Adrianne watched the man deftly press his hands against the podium.

They were next.

Yet, even as the girl observed him scrutinize them all, Adrianne continued to stay composed, largely unperturbed and with a soothing calm... whatever that amounted to for her and her resting bitch face.

However, the next words stuck with her. For the first time since he stepped on to the stage, Adrianne scrunched her brows and clenched her hands into tightly clamped fists that dug into her lap. "Battleground... proof... belonging," she mouthed to herself, inaudible to the audience of her peers, especially the soon to be fourth rate dropouts sitting across from her.

Following the next portion, her eyes also drifted away the moment he began to speak about the merit of just being a student didn't merit that they would stay there. Adrianne's head was motionless, yet her eyes drifted back over to the girl with blue hair and her crew, honing in on each of them as she squinted and glared at them briefly before returning her attention to the frosty, graying dean.

There really weren't any movements from the rigid lady, aside from certain points during the speech where she gave a shallow nod and her visage lightening up, albeit briefly. Along with that, followed a few seconds of silence as he took a sip of water, something Adrianne bizarrely honed on intently.

However, subsequently, this was only time she displayed some modicum of disdain and irritation was when he mentioned that they would be getting a day of "comfort." Nothing more than a waste of precious time as she silently clicked her tongue against the roof of her mouth before that fleeting notion disappeared completely.

Guess that was understandable; giving the students a day to get acquainted with the school, and at the mention of dorms and pamphlets, Adriane did recall some information about her dorm on the pamphlet received. It took her a second to recall the information before it began replaying, like a vhs tape in her head.

Other than tidbits of important information over who to contact if there was some difficulty, the last parts of the speech flew on by rather swiftly, save for the parting words. Juggling them both, the information about dorms and the final words, Adrianne took in a deep breath through her mouth, not breaking eye contact with the dean.

"Soar Skyward..."
Yeesh, with the lack of people deciding to jump in, I might just create a second character myself and join you guys even more in the despair of watching our own babies die!

... to show what my chary looks like or some shiz.

Aurel Fuchs

Location:: The Amphitheater
Interacting With:: Snow Iclyn (@addamas), Neola Akiyama (@BrokenPromise), and Kara O'Hara (@AimeChambers)

She seemed... pleasant enough. A brief whiff of the air and an even shorter breath out of his mouth were the only things indicative of a sigh. Neola didn't exactly seem to cringe back at him or tried assaulting him with a stick so far, so that was a good start! Even more so with another little lady who decided to interject on in.

As soon as he heard footsteps approaching, Aurel's ears perked up, only to gaze over to see a dainty little girl dressed in a gaudy garb waltz on over to the rest of the group. He didn't even squint and quickly glossed over the lady of a diminutive, petite, seemingly vulnerable stature over. Aurel barely made out her smile as he turned his head away, indirectly glaring at the stuffed toy on stage. If there was a real life sweet roll, she would probably be the closest in his mind... along with a bit of self-preservation.

But regardless, this small bit of interaction caused him not to ponder and chew on his fingers, but rather Aurel obscured his mouth. These two weren't running away, nor making any comments about what his talent was. The talk may of been on the somber topic of how to escape, but that didn't stop him from cracking a small smile across his palm; the bit of kindness from Snow helped a bit, but this situation felt... nice.

The situation felt wrong, yet the results did... give him something to look forward to.

Before Aurel could pipe up and make a response, that totally uncute and probably not devil bear finally intervened amidst the chaos, causing Aurel to revert to his usual, stoic frown. The hand flopped and plunged downwards, pressing itself against his hip as the thief squinted at it.

Of course, the first question it asked was Neo digging at the rules and breaking out of a building someones locked in, followed by something most curious - its objective and the mention of a Mastermind. This caused his scowl to only intensify as it continued speaking once he learned how... broad yet narrow its goal was.

Didn't help that constantly listening to that squeaky, high pitched voice wasn't doing it any favors. But at the mention of a mastermind, one of his index fingers was being chewed on once again. It mentioned the mastermind was amongst them... who could it be? Was it just bullshitting to make us distrustful and paranoid? Did the masterminds plans align with that... thing?

Regardless, the boy was left to think as the harsh, raucous laughter ringed in his ears before watching... the bear disappear into thin air.

Huh... that... possibly explains something at least. And following that, a small sigh of relief escaped the two slits of his mouth; there was a bit of solace in not having to hear it speak anymore, but there were more important things to respond to...

... like Neola's idea.

Honestly, it sounded like a good idea on paper, but... "... considering what the electric gate is for, I don't think we're gonna find any rubber suits around here," Aurel murmured, slowly rotating his head to face back in the groups general direction. If anything, there were over a dozen reasons he could think of over why it would be impossible to find some rubber suits... but enough on that, there had to be another contingency they weren't thinking of...

Tugging his index finger away from his gnawing teeth, there was a sudden outburst of Neola requesting that they go to the bathroom, pronto. That seemed... out of no where as Aurel's eyes widened a bit with his jaw slouching a tad, revealing some of his teeth.

He blinked a bit, staring directly at her before Snow decided to put off the needs of the girl down for her own with abrasive indifference. The thief just shook his head and chuckled, wiping his somewhat saliva coated finger on the side of his pants before tapping away at the tablet.

"Snow... there's no need to be so cold... besides," he calmly grinned, pressing his finger down gently on the screen before holding it up, displaying what looked to be a gridlock map of the vicinity, the camp they were in. "It did leave a map hanging around here... more so installed, but still..."

Briefly, Aurel tapped a certain part of the map, emphasizing a certain area where they needed to go before pivoting to face the path they came from. "... in any case, how about we go to the bathroom," Aurel spoke down to the ground, staring at it as he passed Kara and Neola, only to pause for a second to lean in and whisper something to Snow.

"As well as walk, talk and figure away out," he broke away from the white haired girl only to disappear for a few seconds, the last place his foot was seen was deviating from the path. The moment he swerved away from the dirt path, the sound of a rustling bush could be heard nearby. It resonated not too far from the stone structure, and abruptly stopped before anyone could go investigate the noise.

"... it's this way, by the by," he spoke up mildly, back on the track and appearing once again as he stood on and pointed down the path, gesturing to head this way to the trio of girls. However, there was something else that was disparate about the thief; while his own tablet was in hand, there was another item that he clutched tightly to his side - a little, ragged rabbit that looked to have a bunch of stitches here and there.

... time to get going.

Sapporo, Japan
Ishin Academy, April 7th
"Interacting With"::
@Inkarnate (Mizuhana Yoshiba), @Scrub Mage (Katō Takara), @floodtalon (Adachi Chen), @Altered Tundra (Chikyu Yuki), and @liferusher (Kishimoto Rin)

Breathe in and breathe out - that's the only activity Adrianne spent doing for the most of her time riding on the bullet train... other than sizing up the others in this train and constantly thinking about the text messages she received from her family. She was tenser than ever, with that attitude only exemplified by one of her legs shifting back and forth.

She unblinkingly stared out the window, her scowling visage resting on her propped up arm; furrowing her brows, Adrianne breathed deeply through her nose before breathing out the same passage. Watching the scenery swiftly pass on by, the girl thought about the final message as she stepped off that plane, alone. Temporary reservations were made early on for her to stay at a hotel. Adrianne knew what her parents hoped the girl would do for the past few days.

Their efforts were no different than what she thought of it all - a waste of time. She was here for many reasons, and screwing around wasn't on her agenda. That scowl intensified as she closed her eyes and let out a short sigh, sitting and meditating to herself before opening her eyes again to focus the scenery swiftly fly on by.

It was just as fleeting as her interest as the girl rolled her head to look the other way, finding herself glaring at the empty seats across the aisle... in fact there weren't a whole lot of others surrounding the other seats other than her suitcase. It was like she was cursed being... it didn't help that Adrianne could hear the rather noisy whispering of what she presumed were Japanese students heading to Ishin.

"Tch," she peered back over the seat, resting her arm on the head of it, glaring backward at the perpetrators. They didn't exactly catch her doing this until thirty seconds later, but one of them immediately shut up, cuing the other to take a glimpse at what their friend was staring at.

Her visage was stoic and stony, hardened just as much as her muscles, semi-visible through the sleeves... and Adrianne's face? That stare was all it took to get them to shut up.

That former scowl harbored from earlier had dissipated, turning into a nearly unnoticeable frown. Her eyes were focused directly on the duo, as if glowing and silently judging them with a high level of contempt; those were the red eyes they were stabbed with, piercing and vibrant... and the way her brows furrowed and the ways girls eyes slowly went into a semi-squint. She radiated with that cold, sharp discerning visage, slowly moving it to eye the others conversing, only to notice them breaking into an unnatural silence of whispers.

A few thoughts were going through her head, such as a passing judgment upon the supposed other students of Ishin, sizing up her competition, as well as silently pondering to herself over what they were all discussing. Was it the news, daily life, or how their dreams were? Adrianne was certain she heard something about a nightmare performing some strange deed.

Or maybe they were talking about that hero?

... as much as she wanted to know, there was a stronger urge to stay put and not waste her time. Interjecting wasn't on her list of priorities... her real priority was getting to Ishin Academy.

As the bullet train came to a halt, Adrianne took few passing glimpses as she slowly rose to her feet. Tightly grasping the handle of the large suitcase, she instantaneously hauled it behind as if it was nothing more than a lightweight ragdoll. She had to do everything she could to prepare for this, even doing minor "workouts" such as these on the way to her new school.

She was alone, stepping out into the aisle and deftly striding out the front door, appearing as if there was a chip on her shoulder. The horned girl didn't even hear the conversation start up again, loud and cacophonous is ever. Not like she would ever care as she alternated the arm she carried her luggage in, wordlessly recalling and making her way down the streets.

The train was no different than before - everyone kept their distance and whispered to themselves... though she did swore that she heard something about "that horned girl." That certainly caused her to raise an eyebrow and glower in the direction she heard that in.

... other than the little comment and her nasty glare, the whole trip was uneventful; she had the layout somewhat memorize to a tee, barely making a single mistake as she trudged, closer and closer to the academy.

Eventually, after some time, she arrived, alternating her grasp on the suitcase to her left hand. While she would of normally been punctual, she was... intuitive, curious, judgemental. The girl wanted to get an idea of what she was up against; she had an idea of how Ishin worked, hell, even was exposed to something similar earlier in her life.

So she stood, pretending to bask in the "glow" of Ishin, hungry eyes not fixated on the towering school she was going to conquer, but the others attending. She blinked once during this whole predicament, sifting through the crowds and mentally separating the mites from the apex predators, the bottom-feeders and the sharks, the first-rate students who were a threat and the third-rates who would most likely quit.

She was still as a statue, radiating an aura of displeasure as she studied everyone. Some acted like this was just their everyday, ordinary school. What, did they not properly learn about how to use their quirks responsibly or something? Were they still living their fantasies? She bared her teeth, frowning largely in displeasure over some of the students who got in, brows furrowing to the point that if she tried to crease her brows further, they just might tear off from the sheer force.

Not a whole lot look serious; some might be familiar with how the school works, some might not be. It was difficult to tell, especially with those meandering on the campus lawn... so she just filed them into the same group...

... and that's when she decided to leave for the hall housing the first-years. Trudging out of the courtyard, her face contorted with sheer disgust and frustration. She could just break the grip of her suitcase just by tightening her own hand around it, yet she displayed some restraint. This was ridiculous.

Why were they all so relaxed?! Did they breeze through the interview because they knew someone? Got in by recommendation? Or was it because they were Japanese?! Did they get free passes because of any of these reasons?!




No, no, stop. Don't get pissed. This is your first day. Ishin will see them for who they are and they'll be gone within the week... possibly a month in the worst case scenario. Just breathe in and out through your nose. Calm breaths. This is fine... besides, you'll show em' anyways. They'll see. You'll kick their asses out of the park.

Just breathe in and out...

Taking a deep breath in and out, seldom taking in the other students around her. That unpleasant scene and thought was just... unbearable. Better to just try and focus on herself, at least right now. Despite the mildly crowded corridors and close vicinity of students, there was still a bit of a bubble surrounding her as Adrianne made a passing glance... suddenly became Moses by making a small group of people part a bit.

This involuntarily caused her to just roll her eyes and shake her head, glaring down the hallway before noticing a few students be ushered into a specific hall. From the last time she reviewed how this whole presentation was going to go out, this hall was supposed to be for first years... god, the way school years were structured here were peculiar.

Filing in with the crowd, there was a temporary contortion of her face, a bit of a mixed bag of emotions over what she was feeling. On one hand, this auditorium was actually filled with a lot of students... on another, some of them were just being a bunch of chatty dips. Eventually, it just settled back to her usual visage as she strode up to the front and quickly found a seat that was far away from some of these more chatty individual.

... though, while she did observe others, more and more came, filing in, wading to their assorted defeat or success, Adrianne relocated herself more than once around the front. At certain times, it was because most of these third-rate students were busy blathering over some event she could care less about; wasted brain space and time was what that was.

Other times, some attempted to converse with her, to which she callously ignored, grabbing her bag and hauling it away to another spot. It was less of a waste of time to keep relocating than to have to actually put up with some of these flunkies... she would of hoped that she could be stationed near some students with a semblance of responsibility and silence.

If anything, it was getting grating that she had to constantly move every few minutes. It made her look indecisive, and she did not want these people looking down on her like she was... so against her better, agitated judgement, she ended up sitting next to Tentacle Blue and Her Comedy Crew.

Regardless, it was just irritating just being in the vicinity of them, at least four seats away. She was mildly slouching in her chair, leaning on one of the armrests and propping up the rest of her arm to cradle her cheek on. There was a bit of a pout on her face that was blooming into a spiteful glower by the minute... didn't these people know how to shut up?

And if anything else, she was the epicenter of it all, the cause of this disturbance from what she presumed... probably a friggin' second-rate student who didn't know how to control the rest of her third-rate crew.

So throughout the chaos that was ensuring near her, Adrianne slowly turned and anchored her head, glowering directly at Tentacle Blue with a piercing gaze, and a scowl that was ultimately filled with contempt.

How did people like this even get into the school?
Aurel Fuchs

Location:: The Amphitheater
Interacting With:: Snow Iclyn (@addamas), and Neola Akiyama (@BrokenPromise)

Aurel sighed slightly as the woman procured her own tablet before returning his vision to his own. His hand glided over as he performed a similar action to the girl, skimming off each person, one by one, and found they were all Ultimates, no different than he. The thief couldn't help but nod just slightly to himself as he continued absorbing all the knowledge. While there were some curiosities, like Aya Usui and Neola Akiyama, there was always one he came back to that sent a shiver down his spine, one that completely stole away the color from his face.

Alice Parker, the Ultimate Assassin.

... and he thought his talent was problematic... but this one... in a scenario like this, he didn't exactly know how said Assassin would react. Would she try to kill someone to get out of dodge as quickly as possible or analyze the situation. Either or was a possibility as Aurel became anxiously engrossed with the tablet, slowly bringing an index finger up and gnawing on it.

No one was really going to kill another to get out of her? Right? It was silly, preposterous, surreal...

"What does Monokuma get out of this," were the words that echoed in his mind as he constantly stared down the tablet before being snapped from his trance by Snow, jerking back a bit as he sheepishly looked up with a moderately neutral visage. The words that came out of her mouth were a bit distressing, but maybe the assassin wouldn't try to kill someone.

Aurel couldn't help but clutch the bunny and tablet to his chest as he listened, looking off to the side somewhat uncomfortably when she said she didn't exactly care much for anyone here, shifting a bit away from her when she passed on by. But the final words she said? It made him look up and briefly made eye contact with her.

As soon as the thief saw her going towards the crowds, he immediately tried reaching out to try and stop her, but he faltered. His hand cringed back for a moment as he sighed slightly and slumped back against the tree, eyeing Snow move farther and farther away from him. Breaking his field of view from the lady, he shoved himself up, taking one step after the woman before abruptly stopping. Glancing down at the bunny in his arms, his eyes widened before moving back up to stare at the girl with the peculiar device.

... Aurel thought he felt his heart stop for a brief second, his throat parched and dry. His breathing ceased as he felt a similar feeling in his gut told him something bad was going to happen. It was reminiscent of the heist involving the few different places claiming they had the Holy Lance... namely the first run in Rome...

Outsourced guards, attack dogs, and so on... it didn't help that their leader announced cockily and anonymously to the world what the next items they were going to steal...

After recalling that horrid memory, as well as scope out the vicinity, he took note of the bush he hid in earlier and briskly strode on over to it. His regular breathing returned as he examined it before going to work on it, attempting to make it look as it did before he carved it out from earlier.

It only took a minute or two, but while he was at it, Snow spoke up, breaking his trance upon fixing the bush up, causing him to peer over at the lady, standing with confidence. He felt his heart pounding for what felt like an eternity before stopping. A frown was plastered on his face with glistening eyes that only continued to widen as he talked.

Upping the rate he was going at, he began quickly carving out a hidden compartment in the bushes - a place to safely set the bunny without anyone realizing it was there, as well a prevent any sort of damage to it! Sighing to himself, he set the bunny in, keeping an ear to Snow as she spoke out confidently... too confidently.

It honestly hurt a bit to hear her say that she didn't trust anyone, as that meant him too... He couldn't help but slouch as he rose up, keeping his ears peeled. Even if it was a short while, he... mmm... Aurel took in a deep breath, clearing out those thoughts for a while. He wouldn't let it bother him, no, he wouldn't. He would go over there, support her plan, and try to interrogate their "counselor."

Steadily walking over to Snow, he nearly stopped in his tracks the moment he heard a booming, abrasive shout coming from the the purple haired boy from earlier. Aurel couldn't help but glare at the boy, squinting as he frowned; "Ando Yamagata," the thief murmured to himself, continuing to traverse closer to Snow at a pacing that could be dubbed "nearly immovable."

Of course, the moment he heard a name shouted out and the fact of the matter of her talent, he halfheartedly scrolled on over and tapped on the name. Everything to her talent, appearance, blood type, and so on was still listed as before. Aurel couldn't help but squint and purse his lips, uttering "Schrödinger's cat," as he neared Snow.

Upon nearly bumping into the hairstylist, he cleared his throat, and put up a forced, yet genuine semi-smile on his face. Placing a hand on the girls shoulder, he stared forward, looking into the crowd. "... you came off a bit too callously... but I think it's a good plan," he nodded, doing his best to try and affirm what she said, briefly turning his head to look at the woman.

His hand. Doing this was... hm, how was it... how would he think of this? Aurel's hand unnaturally recoiled back, unnoticeably shaking. The way that part of his body was acting was stark contrast to the appearance on his face as it snapped back into position, overlooking the crowd ahead.

"... I'll, mmm... how about I t-try saying something," he muttered coolly to the woman, taking one step forward as he attempted to straighten himself out and stand at his full height. Taking in a deep breath, he opened his mouth...

... and it was all over. He was incapable of getting a word out as the ones involved with the assassin began descending into chaos with petty threats, cursing, and most likely false "statistics" being thrown out just for the hell of it. Raising a finger up and opening his mouth, nothing came out. Before Aurel knew it, he was biting on his lip as his hand, now shaped into a fist, began to descend.

How was he supposed to do this? He could do it, right? It wasn't that hard, right? Well, amongst it all, he did make out a synthetic voice in the crowd of chaos requesting a hit... and a chill went down his spine as soon as he noticed it was from. His gut feeling was shouting at him from the top of its lungs, telling Aurel not to let out a singular peep.

And so, he stood motionless, unknowing of what to say and respond to this all, making out a point amongst the flurry of insults before the whole situation settled with Alice deciding to go off and the Gambler, a.k.a Davis opting to stop her... this sort of solved itself?

So much for trying to say anything.

Dejected, he grunted and shrugged to himself, backing up and pivoting towards Snow, only to witness a pretty blue-haired girl come up to her. Aurel was able to pick up the questions she asked about the exit, and concluded that she must of believed it to be like a... checkpoint of sorts... well, I guess maybe clearing that up would be a start.

Slowly, he silently crept up towards the duo, doing his best to keep a calm visage over the whole situation before stopping at least within two feet of her. Blinking, he looked down at her before coolly responding to the girls question.

"To get more into specifics, the exit is a large gate, so walking through isn't exactly an option."
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