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Got nothing to say here, sooooo yeah.

I'm a bookworm, gamer, and obviously roleplayer since I'm on this site :P

Anyways, those are a few things that I'll say about myself... for now. Maybe I'll update this a little more in the future.


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Aurel Fuchs // Hisakawa Hiroki

Location:: Courtroom
Aurels Interactions:: Hiroki
Hisakawas Interactions:: Ayu (@Ammokkx), Lilly, Izo (@Vocab), Aurel

Hiroki could only gaze off to the side, tapping his two index fingers somewhat timidly as hew frowned the moment Momoe accused the duo of never splitting up - which was entirely true. He never really felt the need to get away from the person he was linked up and was musing on what to do next as he caught Ayu's glance over to his stand.

The boy paused, eyes widening as his mouth opened as if to say something to her, before seeing her gentle smile. He returned the gesture, albeit awkwardly, before sighing and nodding back to her. His once tense shoulders relaxed a little as he looked up from his stand, briefly glancing over at Naomi's before returning his gaze back to the other students. Despite this all, he still held his breath.

And then she dropped the bomb.

"No, it's just as she said," he replied to Lilly in a matter of fact tone, gulping before continuing, "we never used it; neither of us really had a reason to use that function anyways."

After that, Shirou followed up with a couple of questions, scratching at his neck, now trying to figure out how they would manage to vouch for each other. Well, he would of until Izo decided to interrupt that train of thought.

There was a knot forming in the bottom of his stomach as he clenched his fists. God, why was this guy so relaxed? They're in the middle of a life or death situation. Just as soon as the Fanatic was nearly finished, he was about to hop to their defense, till-

"... huh?"

-he was in the limelight. The boy fell still for a brief moment, processing it all before blinking before furrowing his brows, recoiling back before bringing a finger up, "Waitwaitwaitwaitwait, I didn't-"

Just as he frantically started up, he just as quicky came to an abrupt, chewing on his lower lip. He turned to the side, looking at each of the others; it felt like he was sweating bullets at this point.

"We shouldn't jump so early to conclusions-"

Yes, thank you Aurel!

"-however, he is our primary suspect as of now."

Ah, damnit. Hiroki wearily glanced over at the thief, his lips forming a tightly pressed line as his eyelids drooped. Strangely enough, Aurel kind of looked... befuddled? His head was tilted down at an angle and is hand was on his chin, with the only other thing being a raised eyebrow. "Well, unless he can give us a reason to prove it wasn't him."

Hiroki, not even missing a beat, whipped out the Monopad and began sifting through the evidence, there had to be something they missed! "Uhm... what about the pink fabric in the showers? As far as I know, Ayu and I don't have anything pink in our wardrobe."
Cyril Desrosiers

A swift, shallow nod and a quaint little smirk were his only responses to the young lady as the gears turned in his head. To be fair, there were multiple ways to exploit this system that shot through his head, though it came at the expense at his partner or the other trainers partner and the few that did could benefit them both seemed like a one and done deal.

Regardless, his mental machinations came to an end once Chloe entered, all while he held the door open for the two Hopeful's, keeping it open until they departed the lab to Kalmia's front lawn. He kept it open long enough for anyone else to leave and observe the battle before he slowly inched his arm back, letting the door close.

Following that, Cyril approached the trio with a hop in his step, with Aster bouncing in tandem with his partner, wiggling his little bud as he chirped. As he entered, he observed the scene with a careful curiosity, a gentle smile drawn on his face as his partner rested with a hearty, happy sigh. Of course, he didn't bear witness to it all, turning his attention to Kalmia with a hand propped on his hip as she imparted her own words of wisdom.

"I 'ppreciate this all Professor; hopefully my research bears some fruit! Heck, maybe some of yours could help with mine, all things considered," he replied plenty enthusiastically, with an expression that could easily cause a Sunny Day.

Turning back over to the young lady, he waved her over in his direction before ambling over to healing station and patting the side of it lightly before rapping his fingers on it, "Now then, how 'bout we get your little partner healed up, then I'll go about explaining the plan."

Once she did that, Cyril would continue.


"Alright, sooooo since we both have Pokédexes, we are both connected to the Pokémon Research Association!" As Cyril began chattering about this information, he brought his own Pokéball out and tapped it against the side of Asters head, resulting in him feigning a wince before giggling as the red energy shot out and placed him back inside the ball.

"While there's a whole buncha' other stuff to go on about, I'm just gonna' cut to the chase," Cyril spoke swiftly, placing the Pokéball in the machine and making a few deft taps before it began its magic, "every time we catch a new Pokémon, we get paid."

There was a dark glint in his eye, shining brighter than a dim sun as he snatched up Aster's Pokéball and spun it on his finger, "I want to trade Aster for your Sentret. It'll be a temporary deal since we'll trade them back a few seconds later, buuuuut my idea is that since we technically 'own' them during this time, it'll count towards the number of Pokémon you've caught, resulting in you being paid!"

"So whaddya' think? Wanna give it a shot?"
Kingdom of Reynes || Alymere Fort || Morning
Einar smirked at her astute observations, turning is head slightly behind him and glancing at the lady "Sky is blue, grass is green, and yeah." He quipped a bit chuckling before returning his focus to the door, raising a hand and waving it off lazily. "Sorry 'bout that, but I think that's more than obvious to all of us," he proudly proclaimed, though no longer gazing behind him.

Despite the ruckus that he heard, another sound stood out to him, his ears twitching as clanging sounds banged from behind the derelict door. His vision sharpened, a cry was heard, yet nothing. His eyes widened for a second before realizing that it was getting farther away. He scowled for a moment before realizing those were the only footsteps he heard.

"OK, timeout Einar, sounds like none of them are coming to investigate, now what?" It was a snap judgement as he frowned and bit his lower lip. Soon after, he began running through ideas in his head before gulping and sheathing his blade. This was going to be dumb, but with allies, he could take a considerably larger risk.

"OK, from what I can tell, they're either waiting for us to make the first move or are focusing on the ones up front, so a slight alteration to whats planned," he announced reaching his hand towards the door. Honestly, if there was someone right behind it, he could always get behind his more armored ally after taking a hit.

"If I start boasting, get out of sight and get ready to skewer or obliterate the bandits that enter this room, if not, I'll... say help or something, alright?" Regardless of what was said or done, they couldn't just loiter about, so it was time to take action.

The young mercenary slightly tipped the door ajar, peeking out to get a good idea of what he was seeing, all while maintaining what he thought was a healthy distance from getting one of his eyes stabbed out. He could barely see the tin bandit lumbering away from the door and addressing something to the south of him while two others protected his flank.

He couldn't exactly see if there were any others to his left without sticking his entire neck out and making himself completely known, so Einar instead popped the door open. Just as quickly, the mercenary closed it, leaving it open just slightly to make his plausible retreat easier.

Looking to his left he saw at least four bandits and some jackass standing behind what looked to be some sort of throne. That frown soon turned into an almost self-gratifying smirk as he began to snigger to himself, slowly building up to a reverberating laugh, taking a few steps away from the door but generally remaining by it in case any of the bandits wanted to attempt to block his escape.

"Wow, now this is just pathetic. The leader of these bandits is holed up at his throne, hiding behind a buncha' weak, ineffective peons," he roared boisterously, placing a hand on his blade and drawing it once again and twirling it for a second.

"Seriously, do you morons think you even have a chance to beat us? Would be smarter just to give up and beg for your worthless lives," as he continued shouting, Einar gauged primarily if they were closing in on him and took a bit of their facial expressions as well. The moment two or three tried to engage him, he would move back for the door and retreat into the room, where he was confident his allies would make quick work of them all...

... well, if none of them decided to follow him out.

Status: Einar Used Bravado!
Cyril Desrosiers

Chloe recoiled with slight fright at Cyril’s sudden intrusion into the whispering conversation. Jacques, meanwhile, chuckled a little.

‘Fufu. Was that a secret? In that case, I fervently apologize, I did not realize,’ the Elite Four said, bowing a bit to Cyril. Chloe, meanwhile, looked a tad more intimidated for a moment as Cyril started inspecting the Sentret on her shoulder, but then regained a smile and got a decently admiring smile on her lips.

‘Wow. Okay. I’ll ask you to be nice to me, then!’ Chloe said, hopeful and happy.

Being inspected, Sentret held onto Chloe’s hair as she looked back at Cyril with an unsure look for the moment, but since Chloe didn’t seem to mind then neither did Sentret. She didn’t let Cyril get behind her, though, Sentret turned to face him whichever way he walked.

Then Cyril went to the door and said his piece about of course Sentret is cute, because Pokémon reflect their trainers…

‘Tihi. They do, don’t they?’ Chloe said, smiling rather proudly. because Chloe knows she’s cute and not afraid to admit it.

Sentret tilted her head and looked a bit puzzled.

‘Absolutely! Let’s go!’ Chloe said, skipping in her step with Sentret holding onto her hair as she leapt after Cyril outside and took her place on one side of the street. ‘Alright! You ready, Sentret?’

‘Sent!’ Sentret told, as she skipped off Chloe’s shoulder to land on the ground beneath in the lab’s front yard.

‘Oh, oh! A battle!’ one of the twins told.
‘Show us something cool!’ the other said, as the two got ready to watch. As did Jacques and Kalmia, because new trainers fighting is something endearing to watch. Albeit one isn’t exactly entirely new, but still.

"Fwee?" The little Budew looked up Cyril, tipping his little bud on his side as the lady skipped outside, with Cyril following suit, practically jumping out the front door, causing the little Pokémon to chirp and wriggle in excitement as it transpired. What followed was the Professor's two children, to which he smirked at them toothily, before walking to one side of the yard.

"So Aster, you ready for your first battle," he asked softly to him, the little plant looking up, almost puzzled at the statement, before looking to the opposite side of the field where the Sentret stood. The trainer felt the little guy shiver, the bud trembling a little as he looked at the other Pokémon, prompting a sigh and a gentle smile.

"Hnng, I know, I already accepted, but if you don't want to, then-" he stopped, the buds trembling turned into wriggling as it squirmed to get out of his grip before popping out with a light kick, standing on his arms and puffing its little body out, "Fwee!"

With that cry it hopped down, its little legs wiggling as it landed on the battlefield to be. With a few hops away, it pivoted to look at Cyril and shook the top of its bud excitedly. Cyril could only smile broadly before looking over to his opponent and her partner. With a flick of his wrist, his stylish scarf flew around his neck, flowing a bit due to a slight breeze before stopping; Aster followed suit, hopping around, staring down the Sentret as he planted his tiny legs into the ground.

"Heh, looks like he does." With an impish grin, he locked eyes with Chloe, like any good trainer raring for a battle would. "In any case, just because you're like green tea, it doesn't mean I'll go easy on you," he crossed his arms, dramatically posing before opening his eyes, his arms sprouting upward to the sides, palms wide open.

"Let's do this Aster!"

‘Sentret!’ Chloe jumped over and scooped up the small fellow into her arms. After a bit of inspecting she gently stroked the Pokémon with a little smile. ‘Don’t worry about it. We were a little outmatched this time, but we’ll grow much, much stronger together! We’ll get a taste of victory, too! Okay, Sentret?’ Chloe told her fainted Pokémon before eventually returning Sentret to her Pokéball and then turning to Cyril.

‘Thank you for battling me! I’ll need to grow much stronger before the next time I challenge you!’ she started, giving a happy smile to start with.

"Fwee?" The Budew was panting lightly, its body heaving up and down as the Sentret crumpled into a heap, its cries being the last thing he heard. It tilted its little bud before recoiling as the girl burst towards him, shivering for a second before flinching again as Cyril scooped him up from behind and snuggled him tightly. Aster was dazed for a moment, before realizing moments later that they had won. The little Pokémon nuzzled against his trainers chest, though the lament of Chloe wasn't lost to their ears.

Cyril looked over the lady as she consoled the fainted Pokémon, psyching herself and her partner up before returning her to her Pokéball. For the most part, he remained, respectfully, silent, giving her time to recuperate while praising his partner in his own way.

When she rose back up to address him, Cyril merely smiled warmly at her, looking down to his own partner, then Chloe's Pokéball, then back to her. "Heh, I'm looking forward to our next battle then," he chuckled lightly as his Pokémon squirmed happily in his arms before looking over to Chloe.

"Like Jacques, I expect great things from you," he pivoted around and walked towards the bucket before putting a foot in and twirling it around a bit before launching it behind him, sending it tumbling back into the yard. Turning back to face the girl, he jabbed a thumb towards the lab, "In any case, Jacques said you were out of money, right? I think I can help a bit with that, but first, how about we get your partner healed up first."

With that said and done he strode towards the door and swung it open (hopefully not hitting anyone), and gestured for her to come on in.
Cyril Desrosiers

"Alright then Professor Kalmia, sorry if I disrespected ya," he chuckled awkwardly, slipping an arm behind his neck as he glanced off to the side, the little green bud still giggling and nuzzling against his trainers chest. Of course, that resulted in another violent set of sneeze as he whipped his head back before sneezing into his arm twenty times and sniffling a bit before looking down at the little Budew who had stopped jiggling around in his arms, looking up to see if his trainer was OK.

Of course, that was before her scamps came scurrying back into this messy abode, causing a confused "Fweeeeeeeee," to escape Aster, freezing up and stiffly protruding its bulb upwards. Cyril could only tilt his head to the side, looking with a blank, yet befuddled expression, "Proudlesprout? Snarklespark?"

He mumbled these two names, if they were even real names, rather slowly, pausing for a couple of seconds in-between the two of them before being brought back to Earth thanks to the Professor.

Cyril turned his attention to the door, with a rap-tap-tap that was courteous yet firm, Cyril pursed his lips, rubbing it with his thumb.

Duh, duh, duh, duh, duuuuuuuuuuuuuuh! A dapper young gentleman in a top hat! Reminded him of another guy he met at a gala Sycamore took him, Dexio, and Sina to. "Actually, that might of just been Dexio." Anyways!

"Oh, oh! So you're the Jacques Professor Sycamore told me about," Cyril exclaimed, smiling before nodding once at the man, a more informal way of being polite, "pleasure to meet you too!"

With that said and done, Cyril opted to scooch to the side making some room for the elite member to mosey on it, but regardless of whether he would take the offer or not, the assistant opted to watch with a keen interest, smirking impishly as the small Budew bobbed around in his arms, curious about the whole exchange.

"Clothing store?" He perked up like a little Yamper, staring at Jacques with almost twinkling eyes before being brought out of his little trance the moment a rather striking young lady stepped into the scene, he felt his heart skipped for a moment. Charming smile, lovely appearance (that make-up is soooo unnecessary for a journey), and was into cute Pokémon, as evident by her fawning.

While Aster did enjoy the attention, he wasn't as receptive as the first time, yet he wasn't exactly as cowardly as the first, instead tilting his little bud body over, letting out a simple, confused sounding "Fweeeeeeee?"

Of course, following that, the whole scene played out as Cyril watched silently to the side, until Chloe pivoted around and showed off her own Pokémon as well as it popped out and stood on her shoulders. The assistant quickly whipped out his Pokédex again, recording the Sentret before pocketing the device.

Sadly, he couldn't get the chance to fawn over the Sentret before she issued a challenge towards him! Cyril could only fondly smile, rubbing his chin with a thumb as he reminisced. His reverie, however, was broken by the sound of Jacques whispering something to girl.

"Hey, hey, spoiler alert Jacques. NO need to tease the girl~."

Cyril covered the side of his mouth, leaning in to whisper this to the two before backing off with a little hop, twirl, and smile like it never even happened, "Aaaaaaanyways, sure, but before we get to that I've-"

He took one giant step towards her, staring lovingly at the Sentret, "I've gotta get a closer look at your Pokémon~!" He spoke in a singsong voice, covering his mouth with one hand while Aster shyly looked away, the two contrasting each other. Assuming she does let him, he would do a half-circle, going between the front and back of her as he examined the small scout Pokémon.

After a minute, he took a step towards the door, nodding cheerfully to himself, "Yup, yup, she really is cute," he spoke quite loudly as he stood in front of it, "but then again, I shouldn't be tooooooo surprised."

"After all, Pokémon do reflect their trainers~,"
he gave the girl a playful wink before opening the door, gesturing for her to go on out. "Anyways, anyways, how 'bout we battle outside? Lot less cramped out here than in here."
Kingdom of Reynes || Alymere Fort || Morning
Stilled and silent, as the bandit should be as he slumped to the floor, bleeding out from the cuts and orifices the princeling and mercenary created. Without missing a beat, he pivoted to face the brawler he had wounded earlier, only for the corpse to slump onto the ground as small flecks of magic danced about the body, before dissipating, just as his life.

"Whoo, that takes care of them," he muttered giving a thumbs up and a smirk to the mage and prince before making his main priority the door once more. There was a bit of breathing room, at least for a brief minute as Einar tore a good chunk of cloth off the bandit closest to him. In one quickly swipe, most of the blood was absorbed, with a bit dripping or flying off onto the decrepit pavement.

However, his gaze stayed firm, eyes fixated on the door with a penetrating glare, like a hawk watching its prey, waiting to make one wrong move. He made one more quick swipe with the red-stained cloth before tossing it to the side, brandishing it as he held the edge close to his face. He didn't blink, only turning around to size up Alnard's guardian.

The way he rode his horse, the dull yet practical armor he sported, as well as other factors gave him pause for a moment. Maybe, just maybe...


Well, that maybe would have to wait for another time as Kyran came galloping in on his steed, Einars eyes being drawn to the arrival of his other companion. As his horse strode up, the mercenary gave a shallow nod and a slight smile, "No problem, just took advantage of the situation, that's all."

With that being all said and done, Kyran took his horse and steered it towards the door, observing it just as Einar had earlier and the mercenary noticed. "I think it's best that we hold down here," he replied, hoisting his sword onto his shoulder, pointing the hilt at the door as he gave a sidelong glance in the general direction of the others.

"They focus on us, the others assaulting the front should be able to clean the other bandits up; if they don't, we flank em'," he uttered, nudging his sword off his shoulder, before swinging it in a lackadaisical fashion as he pointed it at the door.

"To make this happen, Kyran and I will cover the door, Alnard and Artemisia will harass anyone that attempts to get in with spells, and Alnard's Bodyguard will watch our flank to make sure there are no stragglers." The aura he projected was vivid, rapping his fingers on the hilt before tightly grasping it as he fiendishly smiled, waiting for them to try and catch them all off guard, if they even tried it.

"Sound good?"

Status: Patience, Patience, Patience
Cyril Desrosiers

Thankfully, he didn't step inside, smiling for a brief second before swiftly reacting, twisting to the side and dodging the water splooshed onto the yard, the pail following after with a thunk, rolling uselessly on the ground in the new puddle. Cyril didn't know how to react, besides having what looked to be a mixture of a frown and a smile as his mouth was agape, eyes twitching as one hand held on tightly to the door frame.

"Uhm, what," he murmured in deadpan to himself, befuddled by this turn of events, pondering on if it was natural for the Isson professor to specialize, in, uh, traps. That, of course, was followed up with the shouts of two giggly little boys who hopped out and sprinted out of there in a burst of speed. He barely caught the two speedy youngsters, but they looked to be twins.

Cyril didn't bother pursuing, instead loosening his shoulders as he held a hand over his heart and did an over-exaggerated sigh, shaking his head and smiling as he looked to the bucket, now lying on its side. Kids would be kids of course, though they were unexpected.

Cyril didn't bother questioning this further, as with a shrug, he stepped inside the lab and dear god it was a far cry from what he was used to.

"This place... how does she even find anything around here?!" Cyrils head comedically spun around, trying to figure out where what was which and why everything was so unorganized. Pokemon were hanging around the lab, doing whatever, he had to squeeze around to avoid knocking things over, and even flinched like a Persian upon bumping into the bookshelves around the center, before pouncing and looking around to see if it was rocking before sliding away at a unhurried rate.

Guess being limber paid off as he hollered once more, passing by a Slowpoke that was resting on a server, "Uh, hello, Professor Kalmia, are you home?"

Following that, a door opened and a mildly soaked (hot) blonde haired lady in glasses emerged, greeting the young man as he gave a swift salute, an award winning smile, and wink, "Thanks for the warm welcome! That's a pretty strange way of greeting people, I might add."

He chuckled to himself, covering his grand grin as she explained the circumstances behind it all, with Cyril waving it off as she segued into chattering about things as he received a Pokédex, taking a glance at it. Current version, huh? He stared solemnly at it, smiling as he admired the design, swapping between maintaining eye contact with her, as well as checking out the functions of it, as well as the orange trainer card.

Cyril politely listened with a keen interest as she spoke on about this all endlessly, bobbing his head up at times during certain points, though he did ponder on how money functioned in this region based on this side job he now had. He couldn't help but grimace in the back of his mind, guessing that most items would be much more expensive than in Kalos as he ran his hand through his hair a couple of times.

"While this doesn't pertain to my own research, I'm curious about your primary field of study as a Professor, you know, like how Sycamore studies Mega Evolution and how Birch studies Pokémon habitats."

Cyril had other questions beyond the first, which ate up a bit of time, despite being aptly answered in an organized, yet short period of time, which left Cyril with a huge smile on his face as he scritched at his chin and nodded.

"Alright then, thanks for humoring me Mrs. Kalmia."

And with that said, he clasped his hands together and rubbing them together so quickly that he could possibly cause a fire with his hands alone as she held out a pokéball to him. His heart was slightly pounding as his thoughts fluttered with excitement as he reached one very hot hand out and retrieved the pokéball. "Alright then, lets see who I got then! Come on out little buddy!"

With a twirl on his finger and a light toss, a red light shot and fizzled out of the ball, forming the shape of a-


"Oh. My. God. He's..."



Cyril was practically squeeing as he fawned over the green, little Budew as it took a few steps around, looking up to the trainer as it tipped its bud to the side. It was inquisitive, though it did shrivel back a bit as he saw this giant of a man staring at him with pupils that seemed to form into the shape of hearts. Was that normal? He didn't know before the guy bent over and stretched a hand.

The little Budew didn't know how to process this and instead stood there, shivering like a Deerling in front of the headlights, only for Cyril to kneel down. "Heya little buddy, how are ya doing?" Cyrils tone was chipper and warm, almost instantly causing the nervous Budew to stop shivering and instead take a few experimental, cautious steps towards the Cyril. "Fwee?"

"Oh, right, before I forget," he suddenly spoke up in an excitable tone, retrieved his dex, spinning it in his hands like some revolver before stopping it and scanning the Budew. Once he did, he brought it down to the Budew's level, who bounced over to take a look at it, remaining oddly silent as the machine did its thing.

- You've obtained Budew! -

Pokédex Entry #406 – Budew, the Bud Pokémon. It is sensitive to changing temperature. In winter it closes its bud and endures, while in summer it blooms and releases its pollen. This pollen is mildly poisonous and can cause harsh sneezing. It lives near clear ponds.

- Would you like to give Budew a nickname? -

Nickname, huh?

"... how about Aster? You like the sound of that?"

The little Budew paused and looked up, tilting its little body to the point where it appeared it would tip over any second, raising its bud up and jiggling it for a second. It performed this song and dance for at least a couple of seconds before bouncing up with an excited "Fwee," iliciting a chuckle from Cyril.

"Alright, alright! Pleasure to meet you Aster, I'm Cyril~," he cried out, scooping the Budew up, much to its surprise and spun around, cradling the little pokémon in his arms. It looked scared at first before jiggling and giggling with excitement as the boy spun. Eventually he came to a stop as Aster nuzzled against his coat affectionately, causing Cyril to look away from Kalmia as he emitted a harsh sneeze.

This continued for a minute until Cyril was red in the face, sniffling as he rubbed his slightly teary eyes before smiling at Kalmia and laughing, "Miiiiight of gotten a bit carried away... and got a bit of pollen on myself, ehe~."

He rubbed the back of his neck, blushing a little, though it was difficult to tell due to how red his face was prior to that as a result of the sneezing. "Thanks Mrs. Kalmia, 'ppreciate you giving me such a cute partner with that specific evolution type in mind! I'm more than positive that I'll get results, especially with a partner like this!"

Once this whole encounter wore off, even though the Budew and trainer were still laughing, one new question sprung to mind as he locked eyes with the Professor. "Say, Mrs. Kalmia, how long ago was it since you departed on your own journey?"
Cyril Desrosiers

Earlier that day.

The sun shone brightly, a bit too brightly as the Wingulls and Pelippers cried over head, singing their songs for the sailors, fishermen, and many others at these large, rather ornate and solid docks. There were myriads of different people who had arrived here in the morning, especially on a much larger boat that could of been easily mistaken for a cruise ship, if it was five times larger.

A ladder extended downwards as many people of different statures traversed down, families to friends to even the lone person, all of them coming from their own distinct walks of life. One of the workers on that boat ushered people off, urging them to be careful, as the songs of the birds were drowned out by the now cacophonous chatter going about the new arrivals.

"What a nice breeze."

One of the few in the crowd slowly walked down the stairs, much to the chagrin and impatience of those behind him, who practically just shoved him off the moment he was one step away from the dock and began chattering about their plans. Instead of frowning or scolding them, the tall, young man instead glanced them, unblinkingly and inquisitively, eyes slowly widening like a child on Christmas, before sighing and brushing them off, shaking his head as he looked upwards at the bright, morning sky.

Sheltering his eyes from the beating sunny day, he continued to look at the baby blue sky, inhale and exhaling the sea breeze before smiling, his body feeling lighter than when he was on the ship, "Finally, I'm here."

Diverting his attention from this beautiful, yet hot day, he pivoted to face inwards, squinting at the city ahead as he held a finger up to his bottom lip pressing it. Thoughts flew through his head about the location, Pureplain, was it? Professor Kalmia should be located there as Sycamore explained, hopefully with a Pokemon that specifically evolved by friendship; he did remember requesting for that.

Instead of marching off instantly to the lab, Cyril instead took in the sight with a bright, dopey as he utilized his other hand to waft in the sea salt currents that rolled over them, feeling the mist cool him down just a smidgen. Sighing to himself, he took it easy as waves upon waves of people traversed down the boat, either taking their time or shoving past each other as if they were going to an amusement park.

Now then, a map of Pureplain was in order as the hand he was wafting with earlier moved towards the relatively empty satchel, and began to sift through it. The map had a specific texture to it all, unlike all the paperwork and generally paper he had brought along as well, even feeling his fingers bump into some of the pokeballs he procured, as well as the smooth everstone and packs of lunch. He was starting to get antsy as he began to rummage through his bag even more, even bending over to stare with an exaggerated look on his face. Eyes open so largely that they could pop out at any second, a wrinkling of his nose as if he had just stepped in pokepoop, and a frown that could be mistaken for his jaw dropping.

"S-seriously, it isn't here?! I remember picking up everything back at the lab, like the formal paperwork, the information of my studies, and... hnnnng," A light-bulb suddenly went off in his head as he retrieved his Holo Caster, clicked it on and began to tap on it before the visage of a yawning Sycamore, still dressed in his lab coat.

"Oh, bonjour Cyril, je ne m'attendais pas à ce que vous arriviez à Issen si vite! Comment était votre voyage? Avez-vous rencontré Mme Kalmia," he emphasized the last part with a wink, though he followed up with a rather large yawn which he failed to stifle, earning an unrestrained laugh from his younger assistant. "Non, non, je viens de descendre du bateau, j'ai rencontré quelques jolies femmes, même si je ne sais pas comment elles se mesureront au charmant Professeur Kalmia~."

The duo chattered for a couple of minutes, exchanging this such as current events in Kalos to informational tidbits learned about Issen to each other, even dipping into some older memories they reminisced on. "Je savais qu'il était un bon choix! Sina et Dexio me doivent donc de l'argent à mon retour, ha ha," he cheered, smiling brightly as he fist pumped into the air, joyfully hopping like some sort of cheerleader.

"Je suppose que oui! Dis, autant que j'aimerais continuer à parler, je suis sur le point de rentrer à la maison pour la nuit. Heureux que vous soyez arrivé en toute sécurité et-"

"Attends attends! Avant de partir, pouvez-vous vérifier si j'ai laissé quelque chose comme je ne sais pas, une carte de Pureplain par là," Cyril cried out, nervously looking to the side and squinting as he rapidly scratched the back of his neck, lips tightly pursed together as if he had eaten some sour candy.

"Ah, bien sûr Cyril, laisse-moi un moment." While Sycamore was still on call, his hologram disappeared from view for a minute as his assistant stood there with bated breath, until finally, he returned with a solemn smile on his face as Sycamore held up the folded paper, "Ouais, le voici; pensais que tu l'avais amené avec toi."

"Merde, eh bien, merci pour ce Professeur, on dirait que je vais devoir trouver son laboratoire par moi-même," Cyril let out an exasperated groan as he tipped his head back, before ricocheting back and nodding to the professor with a weak smile, the duo sending their regards to one another before hanging up. So much for those crepes, what a great way to get the day started.

Though, maybe all wasn't lost as he turned his attention to the crowd, though while abundant, was actually thinning out somewhat at this point. Sifting through each individual, Cyril placed his hands under his chin, rubbing them as his eyes traversed from one person to another, studying them closely before taking a step forward.

Pushing and weaving through the crowd, Cyril, continued going against the currents of people as the mist of the ocean lingered in the air as the young man reached out his arm and tapped on the shoulder of a young lady who looked to be around the same age as him. She was rocking punk aesthetics and while not sensible fashion for a journey, there was a glint of admiration in his eye as he smirked at the girl, observing her as she turned to face him with a slight frown.

"What?" The tone of her voice was moderately harsh, sounding like she was fed up, though Cyril didn't drop the ditzy bravado, continuing to act friendly despite the strident response, "Ah, mademoiselle, apologies for bothering you, but do you know the way to Professor Kalmia's lab?"

Her two other friends nearby perked up, took a glance at Cyril that did not go unnoticed by him, as he winked and gave them an award winning smile, causing one of them to shake their head whilst the other grinned impishly before giving the blonde punk girl a slight shove, much to her chagrin as she brandished her teeth, grunting as her shoulders slumped, "Oh? And what makes ya think I know where 'er lab is?"

Cyril merely smiled as a response at first, remaining silent for ten seconds as he ascertained the trio, scanning over each of them like a metal detector before returning to the blonde girls question to question. "To start out, you're from Issen, but your friends are not. From what I can guess, they're both from Unova, aye?"

This gave them a bit of pause as the duo behind her stopped giggling and looked directly at Cyril, while the blonde merely scowled before challenging his assertions "... how'dya figure that, huh?"

"Well, for one, its the way you carry yourself. Up till this point, you seemed relaxed, nostalgic I suppose. Also, the Victini key chains they both have, as well as fashion and way they hold themselves is also a dead giveaway," he smirked, placing his hands on his hips as he snapped and pointed a finger gun at them, "either that or you came from a Serene Grace concert back in Unova. I know they were touring there a couple of days ago."

This got the other two girls interested, with whatever fears they had sloughing away, instead replaced by a glimmer in their eyes as they rushed over to him and began jabbering away about the concert, talking about each song they sang before one of them struck a pose. The blonde punk girl, rolled her eyes and crossed her arms.

"What, not much of a fan of their music," she responded with a nonchalant shrug. "Meh, more of an Own Tempo fan." That was a bit predictable, her style was somewhat similar to the singer in their group, but-

"Ooh, they have pretty good music! One of my favorite albums is 'Blazing Truths, Shocking Ideals,' what about you?"

This seemed to get her attention, though her gaze was still a bit hard, it softened under her lightly baggy eyes, smiling slightly before turning away, nodding and murmuring something. "Good tastes, huh," he thought to himself, smiling brightly at the girl before she turned and pointed a finger through her crossed limbs.

"Say, what's your name Mr. Kalos?"

The girl, named Marina, lead him through the bustling streets as people from different walks of life passed them by, some children playing with their own Pokemon, others heading to work along a cable car that was powered by an Ampharos. The smell of fried food came from one of the restaurants nearby, named Emboars Famous Grill. Original. Regardless of what people passed on by, the two chattered about different things, even got to meet her partner Pokemon, a Marshtomp.

"Seriously? That's their worst album!"

"Hey, it sounds great and still does today! Doesn't matter if it performed badly at..."

The talk and banter continued for quite some time until they were in front of a rather sizeable building as Marina explained this was where Kalmia did most of her research, "Soooooooo, you know what she studies?"

"Pssssh, I'unno, never got my Pokemon from her," she shrugged, tossing her hands up in the air and shaking her head, hips, and generally whole body. Cyril could only elicit a sigh, turning to face the lab before looking back to the girl.

"Guess this is where we part ways. Shame, I was really warming up to you and your friends y'know," he teased, causing her to roll her eyes and give Cyril a light shove, grinning slightly, "we met thirty minutes ago."

Cyril merely responded with a wide, toothy smile as he tilted his head to the side, before looking back at the girl. "Regardless, good luck on taking on the League and doing Contests; you've sure got a lot on your plate to multitask."

She bobbed her head, looking to the side, gazing as if she was smack dab in the middle of a fog, "Yeah, sure newbie, shouldn't be too hard for someone amazing as me."

"I have a name, your greatness."

She merely smiled at his retort, "Do you now? Welp, I'd love to stick around and see you get your first Pokemon Cyril, but I don't wanna keep my friends waiting. Maybe we'll see each other again on our travels, but for now, later dude!"

As she said that, she pivoted around and bolted down the path they came from, waving wildly to Cyril, who in turn mimicked her, "Ciao Mademoiselle, we will, I'm sure of it! And good luck!" And with that said and done, she eventually disappeared into the crowd of people.

Turning his attention once more to Kalmia's lab, he took in a deep breath before exhaling, slapping himself on the side of the face as he walked up the path to the entrance before standing in front of it. Raising a hand, he gave the door a light tap with his finger before reaching for the knob and pulling the door open.

"Hello, hello, is the lovely Professor Kalmia home?"
Aurel Fuchs // Hisakawa Hiroki

Location:: Courtroom
Aurels Interactions:: Flare (@addamas)
Hisakawas Interactions:: Aurel

"Of course," Aurel responded after appearing to have some quiet contemplation for the last few seconds of their discourse, looking to the side as he rubbed the bottom of his chin with his index finger, shivering for a moment. "There was a clanging sound; pretty loud and annoying, if nothing else," he murmured, and for a moment cutting eye contact to glimpse at Momoe, eyebrows drooping briefly before his gaze returned to Flare.

"Wait, but if you heard something, why didn't you both bother intervening? If you two did, we might not have to have this entire trial," Hisakawa pointed out as much as he pointed his finger, staring in disbelief at the thief, shaking his head as if this was one bad joke.

Aurel couldn't help but visually wince, shrinking back a bit as he awkwardly stared at the monitor "We... kind of used up our twenty minutes that day..."

"But it resets at midnight, surely you could of... erm, sorry, I'm getting off track, just forget it," Hisakawa murmured, covering his face with both of his hands for a second, completely exasperated before looking back up to each of the other students, to the crudely marked out stand where Naomi could of stood, then back to the crowd.

"Well, what about the murder weapon? While there was a bloodied fish hook, I find it a bit hard to believe that was used to slit her throat. Did anyone find anymore clues?"

All the while this was going on, Aurel remained silent, eyes glazed as they grew wider and wider. Cupping his mouth, the thief initially appeared contemplative, though that betrayed the true nature as he cupped his mouth, initially appearing contemplative. What was hiding beneath, however, was a trembling bit lip, shivering profusely. It seemed he was a bit paler than usual as well as he peeked over at Snow for a second before going back to his stand.
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