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Current Man, Mahz is still on his really long vacation, huh!
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Better not leave me hanging like Sayori.
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This is the way the world ends This is the way the world ends This is the way the world ends Not with a bang but a 훌 쩍


Got nothing to say here, sooooo yeah.

I'm a bookworm, gamer, and obviously roleplayer since I'm on this site :P

Anyways, those are a few things that I'll say about myself... for now. Maybe I'll update this a little more in the future.


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Pretty sure they are more than capable of communication, especially since I'm having my head wrapped around part 3 at the moment. Even without outright speaking, the gorilla does communicate to Jotaro about the name of his stand and such and I'm pretty sure Polnareff put some faith into Iggy to somehow communicate to the other three about what has transpired.

So I do think it's possible. Would be interesting if the stand cry ended up being the way it communicated instead of it being a bit of a meme, but that's just a random thought I just had here.
I'm not willing to take up the position, at least, not right now. Possibly down the future I'll try to act as a co-gm for any rp, but right now, negative for me.
Kingdom of Reynes || Alymere Fort || Morning
It took only a few days before the assault on this fort commenced and before he knew it, Einar was standing with a crowd that was no bigger than a small militia. Didn't need too big of a group to overtake this place, especially with what the seven of them reported back. As he stood there with some of the infantry, a few of them were some fresh faces, but nevertheless, Einar did have a good idea on how to approach this.

Squinting at the fort, analyzing it once more, the mercenary placed a hand on his blade, grasping the hilt and holding it in place. His breathing was still, calm as the morning breeze, running through what he would do, as these bandits looked a bit smarter than those raiders they faced a week ago; meant he couldn't be as brash as last time.

Nevertheless, he was patient, waiting for the signal that the Princeling would eventually give as he bent his knees, as if a panther on the prowl. At the moment when the time was ripe, Alnard cried out the command; Einar felt his blood surged as his vision became sharper, digging his feet into the ground as the sounds of guttural shouting emanated from the fort, watching as the sentries scamper from the walls; the battle had commenced.

Instead of jumping into the fray, Einar waited, swiftly assessing the situation unlike a few who were a bit gung ho. What was the best time to strike was the question, as efficiency was at the front of his mind.

Speaking of gung ho, he expected that bulky man, Thom, to be at the forefront, not that woman, Artemisia, charging into the melee; thought she was more collected than that. He could help but roll his eyes, groan, and be equally befuddled at the same time, and as much as he thought it would be stupid to try and move, an arrow flying towards one of the bandits caught his attention.

Sucking up all the air, Einar dug his feet in even further before launching himself forward, sprinting into the battle. Deftly drawing his sword, the mercenary kept his eye on the woman as she was nearly struck by an hour. Good, hopefully that brought her out of whatever stupor she was in as he turned his gaze back to the primary target.

From the looks of it, they were getting tunnel vision, axe grasped confidently in their hands as they eyed the woman, rushing to make her into mincemeat. What they didn't account for was the two new threats that emerged - the arrow flying in his direction and Einar as he held his blade out to the side.

Just as he closed in on the bandit, Einar came within the bandits vision, forcing the man to address him as opposed to Artemisia. Hoisting the axe to the side, Einar smirked as the brigand telegraphed his action and instead of fully committing to the assault, hopped back as soon as he was within range, causing the bandit to whiff.

Completely open, he took it, thrust his sword forward at the mans chest.

Status: Cracking some skulls
For Nowhere Man, it's interesting and I like it, but if the rod isn't necessary to use the ability and doesn't deal damage, I struggle to see the point of including that as part of the power. If it's that the rod counts as a part of Ciaran that lets him banish someone, why go the extra step and not just touch the person? Unless the rod's big enough that the extra range is important.

Ciaran can still be damaged during this process by the other stand user and since he can't defend himself with his stand, this leaves him opened to being attacked. If he lets go, the process stops and now he's at a significant disadvantage against the other user. The rods were never meant to be used for damage, as the main utility lies in being able to safely teleport someone to Nowhere Land without the risk of being damaged, though the hard portion comes when you need to get in and get out.

Basically, he needs to be touching the other person in one way or another to activate his ability and must maintain contact until the transportation process is completed.
I considered keeping the musical reference in as well, but decided it wasn't completely necessary to keep it. Its your call over whether or not you want to add it at this point.

On another note, what's everyones opinions of each others stands so far?
I think I'll just post my WIP here as well; just need to redo some of the backstory and personality and I should be as right as rain. Hopefully you don't mind me taking some creative liberties with the Speedwagon Oil Company and the Devils Palms.

Redid and reposted. Might of bleh'd during the backstory, but it's good for now I suppose.
You thought you actually claimed the first post, but it was I, Savo!
I'm a bit interested, as I've been waiting for some form of Jojos rp since the last two I were in died. Will say I'll probably start working on an application tomorrow, but I do have a few ideas for what I might do. Also, what year does this take place in?
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