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Got nothing to say here, sooooo yeah.

I'm a bookworm, gamer, and obviously roleplayer since I'm on this site :P

Anyways, those are a few things that I'll say about myself... for now. Maybe I'll update this a little more in the future.


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Bjyerlfal City || Byjerlfal City Docks || Morning
Before Yuu could even get relatively far in discerning the location of the Professor's Lab, a shout pierced through the crowds, causing him to jilt his head away from where he was looking at. He then honed in on the source of the voice almost instantly, which was especially helped with the fact that the person brazenly shouting out to the crowd was holding up a cardboard sign with the words "Camphor's Lab" on it.

Yuu shrugged, grunting as he swiped off the application he was on and tossed up Vivi into the air, letting her levitate in place as she stared down at Yuu before glancing over at the lady calling out their name. It gave an excited whir and pointed in the direction to which Yuu nodded, "Yeah, I know. That must be Camila, the assistant we're looking for."

Yuu pursed his lips, giving the Rotom-phone a small swipe as he murmured something to himself, "Prompt, good." As he took a small step forward, he immediately came to a pause, all while Vivi continued to float away towards the group before screeching to a halt midair and glancing back at Yuu. Looking back at the Rotom-phone, Yuu gestured with his index for them to come back, "Vivi, hold on for a moment."

The Rotom-phone whirred, raising one of its eyes in befuddlement as it hovered back over to the boy, "Yes, I know, the irony isn't lost on me," Yuu couldn't help shrug and chuckle a little, "however, I just realized something rather important. I'm going to be a trainer, right?" Vivi whirred, nodding in response.

"So why not use this time to observe and note down the wild Pokémon around here? Who knows, we might catch something interesting worth coming back to when it's time to begin catching them. Get ahead of the curve, you know." The Rotom-phone formed a little o on the screen as its mouth, nodding understandably at the thought process and began twirling around and whirring in excitement as it began scouring the landscape, only to get grabbed out of the air by Yuu.

It whirred and beeped in confusion as he began deftly swiping at a couple of things before letting her float away, before she realized what program he activated. "Give me a beep per usual when you want to take a photo. While I don't mind if you take more photos of the city, could you, at the very least, please get some Pokémon in the shots? As for me, I'll be scouring the waters for any Pokémon of note." Vivi whirred, wiggling its antennae as it swirled around and began beeping like crazy.

Yuu would continuously tap the Rotom, taking god knows how many pictures all while he began evaluating the the Pokémon on the water, or at the very least some of the ones gliding over it. With a free hand he began to rub his chin, appraising every Pokémon he could take note of, from the Wingull soaring over the waters to the Magikarp that were obliviously hanging around the dock with a few Tentacools hanging nearby.

The young man nodded his head, murmuring "How curious," before whipping his head away to look back at Vivi and swiping out of the application. "Alright that's enough for now Vivi," he proclaimed, much to the Rotom-phone's chagrin, "I'm sorry. However, as a promise, I'll let you take as many photos of the city while on our way to the lab, deal?"

The Vivi whirred in excitement, doing a little jig before ending it with a flourishing twirl. "Alright, alright, enough messing around. Lets go see what this assistant is like," Yuu snapped his fingers, pointing at the lady as well as the other people who began congregating towards her, his future co-workers, potential rivals, and in general trainers. Yuu couldn't help but sigh heavily upon looking them over before following suit and trudged towards Camila.

Of course, it didn't take too long before there was another voice bellowing behind him, causing him to instinctively peer at the sound. The Captain, as well as well as that trainer from earlier, were both striding towards the assembly of new trainers. From there on his eyes shifted over from Captain Tuule to the nameless young man who he caught... staring at him?

Yuu grimaced a little, tilting his head as he glowered back at the young man, meeting his own stare briefly before appraising the rest of his attire. Yeah, he was more than well aware that his eyes were set on him a little bit longer than normal and did not know why or what prompted this. Eventually the duo broke their gaze with Yuu snorting and shaking his head as he took note of the gossiping folk surrounding him.

It couldn't help but make him wince and uncomfortably shift around, staring at the ground as myriads of thoughts flooded into his head at once. Was he aware of his mom? Oh god, did he know and was thinking he'd do contests or something? Was he... expecting Yuu to participate? He had never even met the guy and yet... and yet.

"No Yuu, focus... focus," he sighed the last bit out as he murmured to himself, shaking his head. "You're overthinking things Yuu and imagining silly things that your silly mind keeps conjuring up again and again. He Probably met mom, but there's no way he knows what I look like. No way in hell he knows who I am. It's a new, fresh start, far, far, far from home. No one knows who you are. No one knows who. You. Are."

Vivi whirred over Yuu's deathly silent brooding, tilting its antenna as it circled around beeping its concerns which was more than enough to break the young man out of his trance. "Ah? Oh, it's nothing Vivi, just was... reminded of something, that's all," he forced a smile out waving off the Rotom-phone like it was nothing, though they didn't seem particularly convinced. However it seemed like he wasn't going to speak more on the matter, following after Yuu as he merged with the group of would-be-trainers gathering around Camila.

The only thing that really seemed to catch his eye was the mysterious purple and white box the Captain was handing over to Camila. While he was curious, it was neither the time nor the place to ask, though he couldn't help but muse on the matter: Did it have to do with their job, a pet project for the Professor, or something else entirely?

One could only wonder...

Bjyerlfal City || S.S. Calliope => Byjerlfal City Docks || Morning
All dreams end when the dreamer wakes.


Yuu observed with cold indifference as the Dhelmise dispatch the Annihilape with aplomb, his face stony and blank before twisting into a scowl the moment one of the awestruck onlookers beside him broke out into an uproar. He glared at the person with a dreadful, piercing gaze before sighing loudly and pushing his way out of the crowd. "That battle didn't warrant that much praise yet some simpleton deigns it appropriate to screech into someones ear."

Yuu sighed to himself, "Some imbeciles are too easily pleased." As he broke away from the cheering crowds he began to clear his thoughts and focus on the finer details in the battle, mentally breaking it down step by step. "Disregarding the Aggron, it was no different than a one versus one... and as for their strategies... the one with an Annihilape was overly aggressive to the point of recklessness and the gym leader with Dhelmise played it smart and patiently waited to capitalize on its opponents aggressive style... more over..."

While Yuu continued to muse silently to himself over the battle, as a booming voice erupted from the speakers, temporarily severing his line of thought and demanding his attention as he stared up at the speakers announcing their arrival at Byjerlfal City soon enough. The so called "City of Dreams," huh? Yuu shrugged before glancing down at his pocket.

"Did the announcement wake you up Vivi? Sorry about that, I didn't realize I was standing so close to a PA system," as Yuu uttered this, a purple Rotom phone lazily whizzed out of his pocket, whirring something to Yuu to which he nodded, craning his neck back while sighing in relief, "Really? Glad to hear it wasn't much of a bother then... moreover, we're almost here."

Gesturing to the horizon, the purple Rotom followed Yuu's hand as the latter began to walk towards the railing, with Vivi floating nearby him. The Rotom Phone seemed to be buzzing with activity as Yuu crossed his arms and leaned over the railings, staring over the city. Yuu briefly glanced over at the phone, watching as it was abuzz with excitement as he heard it click multiple times.

He was glad one of them was having fun as he took note of the place before ruffling through his belongings. Honestly, he had better things to do over staring at that city, like checking if he procured everything he needed for this journey. Shifting through the rather sizeable bag, Yuu began murmuring to himself about the items in there, whether it was the sleeping bag, the multiple change of clothes, and even the singular potion he remembered to bring.

Then he nodded. Good, everything was there and he didn't have to take a short jaunt back to his room to grab anything left behind. Looking back up, he resumed his position of blankly staring at the eyesore of a city, going back over the strategies he saw employed in that battle. However, that wouldn't change the fact that he was far away from home.

And he was happier for it.

After a couple of minutes the cruise came to an end as Yuu urged Vivi to come back to rest in his pocket so they wouldn't get separated. The Rotom complied and with a heavy sigh, situated itself back in his pocket. Yuu proceeded to then give said pocket a gentle pat and wistfully stated, "Don't worry buddy, you'll get to see more of the city soon enough; just don't want to get separated, that's all."

Navigating through the crowds, Yuu merged into a sea of eager tourists and new arrivals as they flowed down the stair steps that had been rolled towards the cruise. Yuu managed to keep his own pace, despite the roaring waves of people trying to force him to go faster. He was choosing to go at his own pace and if anyone shouted at him to hurry up, they would be met with a glare that could paralyze an electric type.

Eventually he finished making his descent, his eyes ended up being drawn to the 'marveling' skyscrapers, with plenty bustling with excitement and some even shaped like stadiums. Intricate designs were everywhere as well, with shorter buildings being able to standout with either a sleek or pop-out design. Everything looked so congested; it wa no different to a malevolent, but extremely bright and blazing maelstrom surrounding it all.

It truly did remind him of home, except it was way, waaaaaay gaudier. And his first thoughts? "This is going to be hell trying to find the lab with how big this place is."

OK, sure, there was going to be an assistant named Camilla that was going to escort them to the lab, but if he could find the location on his Rotom Phone before they arrived, wouldn't really need an escort, right? Whipping out Vivi, he whispered something to it before it buzzed back and began whizzing and beeping.

Yuu in the meantime was keeping an eye out for the woman, scanning the crowds of people and keeping his ears pealed for anyone shouting "Hey, looking for a new batch of trainers," or "Excuse me, could the new hires for Professor Camphor please make their way here," well, something like that.
I have finally finished this chary sheet!... somewhat. Probably will add some stuff to Riolu later, but for now mlem.

And so it returns and I am all for it; should have my app potentially up by tomorrow.
Cyril Desrosiers

Hah, and just like that their victory was claimed. With a smile and a wink, Cyril performed a pirouette and extended one of his arms out to the side... which Cation seemed to freely hang onto without a care in the world, "Shiiiiiiiiiiiiii~!" Now it was time to get some answers from th-

"H-hey, wait a sec," Cyril suddenly exclaimed as he quickly scrambled around and stumbled forward a bit, calling out to the two virtue grunts as they both darted off. Still, that was... annoying. Cyril could only pout as the duo fled from him and Chloe, leaving a victorious young lady and her stylish compadre behind.

For the long look on his face, it wasn't going to last long as a happy little Aster wobbled on over to him, bouncing in glee as he cried out, "Fwee, fweeeee!" That certainly quashed any sorts of negative vibes as he shined a small smile to his partner, "Nice work out there lil' Buddy, you, Buneary, Growlithe and Pidgey sure put on a wondrous performance."

And of course, he didn't forget his other partner as well as he stood up and glanced over to her with a thumbs up as Cation blissfully hung on his arm, with Mimi peering over nervously, "Hapi?"

And aye, indeed we did Missy; you did a great job taking control of the battle at times and formulating your own strat," Cyril proclaimed, grinning widely at the lass before peering off in the direction those two grunts ran off in before slightly wincing, "But beyond that win I am a bit worried about a couple of things." He could only ruffle his hair as he stared blankly at the ground, lost in a couple of thoughts.

"Sure they never got our names but our faces is another story," Cyril grumbled to himself as he felt Aster rest against his leg, "and based on my limited knowledge of Amethyst, I am a bit worried about what they could be doing with some of the Pokémon in this forest." Cyril merely sighed crossing one arm over whilst propping his other arm on top of it to rest his head as he rubbed at his chin.

And then Cyril snapped his fingers, "So, how about one more decision from our future champ? You wanna figure out what's going on with those Amethyst chumps, or head back to town for some shopping or put that on hold for now?"
Cyril Desrosiers

Alright, now here was her grand slam of a plan! Cyril merely watched as the Pidgey took Aster out of range of the attacks as well as the frantic wiggling of his partners legs. Despite the planning, most of his other friends seemed a little worried for the safety of their friend, especially with a panicky Mimi tugging at his pants.

"Ha... hap, h-hapi?" She posed this question to Cyril, staring up at him with those big round eyes of hers as she alternated between that and Aster being hoisted into the air. This prompted Cyril to give the Happiny a gentle smile as he crouched down and scooped her into his arms, positioning herself by the much more curious Cation.

Who then proceeded to lick her face.

"Happhtthphhth," she could barely get a word out before giggling a little at Cations antics as she found it somewhat ticklish. That got a chuckle out of Cyril, "Heh, well, no need to worry Mimi, Aster will be fiiiine," he calmly proclaimed to her over the frustrated voices of the Virtue grunts.

"Pidgey isn't gonna drop him!... yet."

Despite the calm they all felt moments before, they were left with stunted silence as Mimi was extremely flustered, wiggling around constantly in his arms. Velvet was a lot more relaxed, but giving him this sort of "really" look, eyebrows up and frown to boot. And Cation, well, was being Cation.

Aster on the other hand was a smidge pale from hearing that. Dropped?! From this height?! There was no way he was serious! The Pidgey most likely felt Asters buds tightening around their claws, as if praying to some god that they would not let go, "FWEEEEE!" As exciting and heart stopping as this was, he was starting to lean more into the former as he stared directly at the two enemies.

"Uh, Missy, you do have other commands other than to send Pidgey out, right?" Cyril turned his head, still looking quite collected, albeit a little laid back as he tilted his head a little. "Right," OK, now he was a little worried, despite it only be evident in his slightly wavering voice and flickering eyeballs between her and her partner.

Clearing his throat, he took a deep breath before breathing out and leaning in to whisper to her, "I know I said I was gonna leave it to you, but your Pidgey looks ready to drop him. Don't go for that just yet," he hissed, looking back up to the two Pokémon in midair.

"Instead have him soar around the attack and while the Spheal is recovering, get Budew in close to do a quick Absorb and get out," Cyril rapidly jabbered out this plan, relaying it as quickly as possible before she left it to her Pidgey.

"Have him hide around the trees and use that as cover, but also try to have him come from either an odd angle or from behind those two," Cyril continued his instructions before pointing and wiggling his index finger between their opponents. "Then you can have Pidgey chuck Budew directly at the Spheal and leave them little time to react. Maybe after the first hit and run you could direct your partner on where to go by doing stunted pointing so they struggle to follow along?"

With that set of advice out of the way, Cyril partially felt he was helping a little too much right now, but maybe that could be sorted out later. For now, he merely watched and waited for when it was his and Asters time to play their roles.
Cyril Desrosiers

"Er, uuuhh, yeah," Cyril awkwardly chuckled as he glanced to the side as a small sweat droplet formed on the side of his face. Right, she had a cute lil' Pidgey. "Yeah, faint is probably a better term," he gently murmured to her. Smooth Cyril. Regardless, he could apologize to her later as he returned his attention to the battle as Chloe followed along with his plan.

Cyril merely observed what was going on before shaking his head with a wry smile on his face as the man brought his own partner to a screeching halt, skidding and digging its body into the dirt, leaving it not only paralyzed but basically embedded in the ground. Yeah, it was little more than a turret until it dug itself out... or someone else did.

That dry smile only seemed to grow wider as he gloated, unaware of what was to come as Chloe announced their own plan in tandem whilst Cyril nodded as well. "Also, what are you talking about," he tilted his head as he put an index finger to his lip inquisitively.

"Your partner did hurt your ally!" As he bellowed this, he held one arm out before snapping his fingers with it whilst holding his other hand up, wide open and nearby his face, "Missy, have Growlithe grab the Spheal with a Bite and toss them directly at Grimer, Budew, assist Growlithe in tossing Spheal with your buds!"

Until he issued that attack, Velvet was staring at him in bewilderment, pondering on what alternate reality Cyril was living in before uttering a single "Bun." While that was going on Cyril deftly swooped down and scooped up Cation into his arms, prompting the little Shinx to not only paw at his face for a little bit, but remember who he was talking with and now paw at her.


While that small tangle was going on, Aster peered behind him and nodded to Cyril whilst taking a gander at his unfurling bud. He had no idea if he was going to be as physically adept as the Growlithe but he had to try as he puffed out his chest, stuck his tongue out at the two opposing trainers and ran over to assist Growlithe.

Should there be some success, the duo would heave the Spheal together and hopefully make him take the brunt of the poison, if not all of them whilst having its fat body slam directly into the Grimer, dealing some damage to it in the process. Following this success, if it was, Cyril smirked as he began rubbing his chin before eyeing Chloe briefly.

"A'ight, since the Spheal is poisoned and both our partners are speedier than these two, I've got a handful of other strategies up my sleeve," he extended his arm once again and tugged on his sleeve in an exaggerated manner with his other hand before chuckling and placing a hand on his hip, "Whaddya feel like going for, safe and slow but boring, or fun and fast but risky?"

Cyril Desrosiers

"Aye aye Missy! Buneary, return," Cyril gave a wry grin as he retrieved her Pokéball and gave it a click before chucking it in the air. Red energy enveloped the Buneary as static coursed around her body as she warped back into the ball. As Velvet was returning into the soaring Pokéball, Cyril did a pirouette as Aster stood up on his partner's shoulder, looking to balance himself.

"And now, looks like it's your time to shine," he exclaimed as he held one of his arms out as Aster began dashing down it, albeit somewhat wobbly as a result of not being too used to the brisk whirl of his partner. The moment he reached the end of his hand was when Cyril finished spinning as Aster crouched on the back of his hand. With a combination of the Budew's small jump and the momentum of his hand, he sent Aster flying through the air with... some success.

"FWEEEEEEEEEEE!" Aster could only cry out in surprise, anticipation, fear, but most of all, he sounded plenty excited. While him flipping through the air wasn't exactly his idea, the Budew just did his best to play it off as well as he could since it would look extremely cool for the dashing Phantom Thief!

Just ignore the fact that his tiny legs were wriggling frantically in a panic as he soared through the air. Of course, while he was about to stick the landing in a couple of seconds, there was also the Pokéball Velvet was stored in began tumbling downwards, back to the loamy earth. Cyril was on top of things as he stuck an arm up, hand wide open to catch the ball.

Of course, due to being totally stylish, it descended straight into the palm of his hand. Hah, just as expected~. Clicking the ball open, he held it towards his shoulder as a red glow began to envelop one of his shoulders as a somewhat roughed up Velvet found herself sitting there, wincing a little as static coursed around her. She couldn't help but give Cyril a slight glare before her visage soften the moment he gently patted and scritched her head.

"Good work out there; you gave us quite the glamorous performance," he softly smiled at her before she gave a light tap to his face with one of her ears. It was somewhat slow, albeit jittery but it did give him a little static shock, causing him to flinch a little. "Ayckphth," he reacted a little in surprise, which elicited a small giggle from Velvet and a fake, annoyed pout from Cyril...

... whose facade faded away almost instantly before coming back to the battlefield.

While he was doing that, it appeared Aster had stuck the landing! Well, more or less. Looked a bit roughed up and teetering a little, attempting to re-balance himself, but for the most part, he did it. The moment he was properly on his own two feet again, he puffed his little chest, giving a victorious little "Budeeeeee," with Mimi giggling and giving Aster a little encouraging cheer, "Hap, hapi!"

The little Bud spun his body and shone a smile at her before turning to face their opponents. Alright, now what did Cyril want him to do?

Clicking his tongue, he gave a cheerful little smirk as he snapped his fingers as Cation pawed at his legs, attempting to get Velvet's attention, "Excellent work Missy," he praised the girl before shifting his eyes back to the field.

"While he's going to keep rolling until that move ends, it perfectly sets us up for our next lesson," if he could recall, the fact that it was paralyzed would slow it down its move. Holding his arm out, Cyril rolled his fingers before snapping his fingers.

"Budew, run directly at the Grimer, Missy have Growlithe follow behind Budew," he bellowed out with a large smile on his face, "trust me on this, we should be able to kill two Pidgeys with one Rock Tomb."

Dang, smooth saying there Cyril, gotta write that down somewhere later as he waited for Chloe to issue the command to her own partner. Aster on the other hand decided to not look too bewildered and trusted his partner as he dashed directly towards the Grimer. "Budeee, fweeee," he cried triumphantly out as he felt his little heart beat into his head.

Assuming Growlithe follows directly behind Aster, Cyril was banking on leading the Spheal directly behind the duo instead of splitting them off. To him, the plan was to not only root their little spherical Spheal in place with the gooey glop of the Grimer, but to hurt the Grimer as well. Hopefully these two grunts didn't pick up on the plan too quickly, but hey, there were contingencies in case this failed.

But for now, he had to relay the next part of the plan as he leaned in close to Chloe and whispered, "Alright, on my mark, have Growlithe jump to the left." Looks like it was closing in soon. Whether or not the Grimer attacked Aster and managed to damage him, that just meant it was staying in place, but ideally it would end up attacking the Spheal as it barreled toward the group.

Should this strategy begin to bear fruit Cyril would then command, "Now Budew, jump to the right!" Aster would follow up with diving to the side and doing a little roll before tumbling back onto his little feet with hopefully Growlithe doing the same as the Spheal would potentially ram straight into the much slower Grimer.

Once that occurred, Cyril would place a hand on his hip while the other two's Pokémon were caught in a bit of a daze before issuing an attack, "Now, time for an all out attack on this Spheal, Aster, Absorb!"
Aurel // Hiroki // Hibiki

Location:: Mess Hall (Aurel), Dock (Hiroki), Cabins (Hibiki)
Aurels Interactions:: Ginshi, Taya (@Ammokkx)
Hisakawas Interactions:: N/A
Matsuos Interactions:: Flare (@addamas), Momoe

Hibiki's Perspective

As much as Hibiki wanted to sleep like a baby, his dreams were plagued with that same gruesome scene with the aftermath set onto replay. Sure, he managed to handle it well in the courtroom, but when left to his lonesome, he couldn't stop seeing it all happen.

It lead him to waking up much earlier than anticipated, causing him to stare up at the roof of this cabin for god knows how long. The world was much more blurrier than usual, though the fact that he wasn't wearing glasses probably didn't help out with that too much as he decided to close his eyes and reflect on the events that had happened.

"What exactly did Flare want to talk about with those two anyways," that was something that remained on his mind as he just lied on his mattress, running through the scenarios, before opening his eyes as the monitor in the cabin flickered and fizzled to life. Hibiki didn't even bother staring at the monochromatic bear as he made his announcement.

Scooting off the bed, the young man stretched and stifled a yawn or a brief moment as he grabbed his glasses and began wiping them off with his shirt before getting dressed and ready for the day. As much as he didn't want to stick his nose where it didn't belong, he felt there was some necessity to it all due to some conflicting personalities.

Setting out, Hibiki wasted no time in seeking Flare out, only to notice that the Smuggler was waiting right by the blonde girls cabin door. He didn't bother making himself scarce as he rested himself against one of the cabins nearby, keeping a soft smile plastered on his face as he patiently waited for the opportunity to enter the conversation.

Hiroki's Perspective

Silence. The docks were eerily quiet this early in the morning as Hiroki sat near the waters edge, letting his feet rest in the cold depths. Sometimes he would swing his foot and let out a small splash of water, focusing intensely on the ripples that were made as a result. His head sunk and he groaned.

Despite his seemingly relaxed posture, there was a stringent worry that permanently enraptured him as he stared at the lake, glancing over at each and every other dock. "I wonder if there are other people like us across the lake," he pondered.

Suddenly he kicked up a huge wave of water, letting it all splash down in a torrent of rain, spreading myriads of ripples across the lake, each small wave coming into contact with one another before vanishing. Hiroki couldn't help but shake his head and recline before staring up into the pale blue sky. Maybe there were, maybe there weren't.

It didn't feel comforting to think that there were other people that this bear was quite possibly torturing as well. And if there were a collection of students like him, it made him think even further, if they had gone through that same class trial. The thought made him shiver for a brief moment as he glanced back at the cabins before sitting straight up, wondering if he should go to check on Ayu.

Then, his thoughts came back to how he acted at the end of it all, shouting at Shirou. The student bit his lip. She didn't need to deal with this right now, plus he did still hold some resentment towards the so called "Hero" for his actions. Who did he think he was?

Sitting back up, he just sat there by his lonesome, continuously thinking about the trials and tribulations they would all have to possibly endure as he drifted onto another lingering thought of someone he once knew. Hopefully they were doing better than the rest of this motley group.

And then, another kick.

Aurel's Perspective

"The cups are over there," a third voice interjected in-between the duo, possibly startling at least one of them as the thief suddenly appeared out of thin air, pointing directly at one of the unopened cabinets before returning to whatever task he was working on.

From the looks of it, he seemed to be have a carton of eggs resting in his arms as he brought it to his part of the counter, which seemed stacked with a couple of miscellaneous items ranging from frozen sausages to pancake mix. Gently placing them down, he grunted and crouched down, sifting through certain cabinets before retrieving a whisk, bowl, and other utensils before placing them on the side.

Despite the atmosphere of the situation, Aurel remained deadly silent as he went about preparing the meal, mixing eggs, milk, pancake mix, and other components in the bowl as he ponder on what might occur during the rest of their time trapped here. As he beat away and blended the materials together, his thoughts instantly went over to Snow and Ryuma as he paused for a brief moment, letting the whisk rest in the mix for a brief while.

The thief's shoulders drooped as he sighed, staring at the pancake batter as he began to ruminate on the duo's actions and words. Snow was lashing out at everything and rebuffing his statements, and Ryuma had just crumbled and caved in to the hopelessness of the situation. He was worried about them a lot as he began mindlessly stirring, blankly staring at the batter before perking up.

"Sorry if this breakfast is different than what you're used to," Aurel murmured to the two as he made sure the batter was well beaten with no thick lumps before pouring it into the measuring cup. Getting a light bit of butter, he sliced a thin portion of it and placed it into the pan and rolled it around.

Following that up, he began to pour some of the batter in and just let it cook. Aurel sighed, he missed his mom's pancakes. As his shoulders sunk, his mind drifted back to the other campers as he pondered on how they were all handling the situation. To him, it seemed like Taya and Ginshi had everything settled. What was going to happen going forward from here?
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