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Got nothing to say here, sooooo yeah.

I'm a bookworm, gamer, and obviously roleplayer since I'm on this site :P

Anyways, those are a few things that I'll say about myself... for now. Maybe I'll update this a little more in the future.


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While I'm still a gm, I still choose to abide by my own rules! Judge me @KaiserElectric and @redbaron1234

Ok, so, @baraquiel, got to reading your sheet and here's the short story - I think she's firmly a Mary Sue and is rejected right off the bat and should be scrapped.

Here is the longer version.

Lets get into the first portion, via the fact that she slept in a star. I know the rp does take a couple of leaps from reality, but the fact that she slept in a star probably already puts her ahead of the rest of the cast in durability. She would have to have high resistance to heat, kinetic force, radiation, gravity, and so on and so forth. Doesn't that kind of... do much for a demi-god? She sounds more like a god or something.

Moving on to the backstory; I usually don't have any problems with this part of the sheet, but honestly, it just doesn't resonate properly. I understand the backstory revolves around a pc usually, but it has reached a point of ridiculousness with hers. Ok, so Krios is her father and he doesn't want her to know she's a half-blood for some reason, ok. She lived a sheltered life with Virgo and for some reason the constellations all decided to take care of her. I mean, I could probably be alright with her being a half-blood, I'm not adverse to the idea... but this is where she begins to sound like a special snowflake.

Moving on, this is the part where it establishes multiple things - where she sounds more powerful than the cast (and possibly some bosses we haven't introduced yet) and attracts the attention of gods such as Zeus and monsters because of how powerful she was. How powerful does one have to be to catch the eye of Zeus and other monsters? I mean, I've read some myths, but that's besides the point. All attention shifts from whats going on to her exclusively it seems.

Then she tries to kill herself for the sole reason that her life was a lie. She gets put in a star which is probably more like a meteoroid, but that's besides the point. Sleeps for a while and the sphere of light stops her aging.

And despite wanting to kill herself originally, she doesn't try this again at all, even after retaining all her memories after sort of having a backstory similar to Superman in a sense, but eh, that's besides the point. The backstory isn't that good considering she becomes a sort of black hole that draw everything towards her and that also makes her powerful to a problematic degree.

Moving on to the fighting style... there is little in the way of explaining how she actually fights, or rather it shows one thing then shows another. Her fighting style employs certain moves that are inspired by taekwondo and fighting styles from fighting games, as well as dancing. You've compared her to Lili from Tekken.

Oh, and she prefers to fight at long range though. I would expect to see a sort of mix, probably more moves based on the former than the latter portion of this all, but I do not see any special moves that are based on the former portion of this all, rather the latter. Moving on to her moveset, let me breakdown each one and why they don't work.

Spotlight flashes the entire surroundings in a bright light and can blind anyone who can see it. She can still move freely while this is going on. So basically, unless you can ki sense, you're not going to be able to fight her with your eyes. Diantha automatically gimps anyone who can't ki sense since there's no limit to this ability/how long it lasts since it seems she can have it on indefinitely with no repercussions at all. Until the fight ends, a character is permanently blind.

However, even if they got through that, there's still the rest of her kit they have to handle. Star-Forge allows her to create any construct and shape it in any way possible. There is no limit to how many she can create, how quickly she can create them, and how durable they are (while we do know they are less durable than Constellations, we don't know how durable they are either). So she can trap a character the whole fight and beat them up easily with no set backs or anything unless they have abnormal strength. Again, what would account for abnormal strength? Is the average nomad able to smash through them?

Meteor Shower just sounds really unfun and unfair on so many levels. This attack pierces through anything except those who have high defense... so you can't block them and have to get out of the way. Again, there seem to be no drawbacks to this move at all, save for people having high defense. I'm pretty sure if this is the case, then no one will probably be able to resist this attack.

Star Wink... like King Crimson, what does it do? Other than being teleported around the battle field, does it have the same properties as a star? If so, then that's a big no already. Other than that, I have no idea what this move does.

Stellar Bursts. Sooooo she created some guns from the same material her constructs were made from and the bullets are stronger than normal bullets and explode on impact... she can also shoot out constructs with them. I already do not like this, based on what I know about the constructs and the fact that, again it seems powerful to the point where there is nothing debilitating about it. What's the point of shooting a bullet that's stronger than a gun when she could possibly shoot out a skyscraper?

Heavenly Light is just no. This means she will always be able to heal outside of caves, buildings and everything else since the sun is a star... and the reason the moon is bright is because of the sun. It isn't clear how fast this allows her to recover her wounds, but based on it all, I'm probably thinking that this heals her fast. Under that assumption, she can use this to heal fast and constantly have an edge on her opponent since there are no real drawbacks to utilizing it at all.

Summon Constellation suffers from problems similar to constructions, save that they are more limited.

Supernova... does 18 times the damage of a single c4, considering it weighs 1 kg. Basically, this will either one shot or kill an opponent outright is what I'm assuming. This sounds like something that would one shot a person. I'm comparing another characters super, Otsana to this one in which she uses 1 kg of C4. This attack roughly matches 18 kg of C4 based on what they've helped explain to me, so once more, this would probably one shot people which I'm not ok with. I know supers are supposed to be flashy, powerful attacks, but I feel this goes... overboard.

And finally Surge Gravitas will basically slowly kill and or instantly kill someone if it makes contact with a person, right? That's what I'm getting, despite it having indirect functions as well. Part of me is already going no since this sounds like a bs way to kill off someone else. While it does have other functions, it either kills a person or is used as a utility. I'm also basing this on how powerful she is too, sooooo yeah...

Moving on to her weaknesses... they aren't that good. She isn't good at close combat, yet the fighting style she was supposedly taught is probably involved in close combat. Heavenly Lights drawbacks are just poor; it can do everything else except cure sicknesses or mental stuff, but has no limits to how fast it can heal, how many times it can be utilized, and so on and so forth. Again, what qualifies as abnormally strong? I feel the one constellation at a time doesn't matter since, you know, it's a super move and I don't think she's going to have the ability to pull it off more than once. Based on this, you're telling me she could probably pull this off consecutively. And finally, I don't think the last two really matter that much since she slept inside a star and is very overpowered with her kit to the point where she is a jack of all trades and master of them all.

My apologies, but I don't really see any way to work this character out other than scrapping it entirely. I'm not adverse to demigods in this rp, at least not right now anyways, but it sounds more like you created a god in a mortal guise rather than a demigod.
The shit you're running on here is pretty gay mang ;^)
Cyril Parjure

Location:: Luna Crescente -> Robinsend
Interacting With:: Illedrith (@Lord SawSaw2)

Bursting from the library, the magi dashed along the cobblestone pavement, gritting his teeth while squeezing his hand that had a red string tied around his ring finger tightly. Good grief Illedrith, just... why? Running across the streets of Luna Crescente, Cyril was blazing through each pathway, passing by any other Harpy's or Golem's. Any quips or insults flew quickly behind just as he did. There looked to be a frustrated and rushed look on his face as he furrowed his brows.

"Y'know, this isn't enough time to get a good idea of the mission and plan things out," he communicated briskly in his head, twirling to avoid crashing into some people before yelping out an apology. The glasses that rest on his face bounced up and down every time he moved, threatening to come off at any given second.

Really, he only had the basics down over this mission and what was transpiring in Robinsend. Apparently they were tasked with taking down a dragon, which made him question why. It sent a shiver down his spine, so he assumed they would need a day, possibly a second one to be extra prepared, as well as take the necessary precautions, hell, even going so far as to purchase any lacrima that could possibly help tip the tides of the battle in their favor if anything went awry.

... nope, leaving today, like, really?!

Bouncing along the path, he found himself staring at a group of people along the road, no alternate paths to take, and this was the fastest route back to the guild. With a small amount of adrenaline coursing through his veins, the solution to him was rather simple.

Eyeing the top of a building, he noticed a sign far above it that someone could hang from. It only took a split second, but before he knew it, he was tossing the books straight into the air and reaching out towards the sign. String formed from the tips of his fingers as he began to unravel before he launched himself into the air too.

The string he manipulated went to work, dashing and ducking around like snakes through the grass before wrapping themselves around the sign. Smirking he began to entwine his body back together, and flew through the air, forcing his way up around the roofs. "In any case, the town is set below the snowline, and based around some rumors unfurled about, the dragon usually appears around the mid to late day, so we should set-up in the morning if we can," he delivered the information, swiping the volumes out in midair.

To add on to style, he twirled about, leg nicked out with a hand stretched towards the earth. As he whisked and whirled, it nigh time came to and end as he stuck the landing, knees bent and arms spread out with his head facing the pavement. There was a large grin, filled with a bit of gravitas, yet a bit of fun to it all.

The same natural feeling, heh. Rising back up he quickly broke back into a sprint, heading towards the guild hall. "In any case, bring something warm with ya; if y'can't find anything, I'll just make something fer you on the way there... and be sure to tell the rest of the group as well; don't want Sae or Ceri gettin' too cold," the thought crossed his mind with a semi-pained look before continuing off, opening one of the books.




After some lengthy time, he burst into the Nest with vigor, causing a yelp of surprise from the few people meandering or drinking about by the entrance. Of course, he gave a swift apology while dashing about the place before hopping up the stairs and swinging up some of the railings.

There, he found it all; myriads of rooms set about with no way to reach them, lest one had any sort of mobility. The oval shaped doors were familiar to him as he blazed on by to find his room. Upon discovering his perch, he extended some string towards the beam that allowed him to get up there in the first place.

"The community is rather new, namely that it came before the age of dragons based on what I've been told and the information in these books, so the town doesn't really have any sort of history with dragons," Cyril restated as the string wrapped around, tightly grasping the firmly lodged, stout wood. Pulling himself back up, he continued his report, taking some time between looking down at the book and looking up to his room, unfazed by the height.

"The town is a multi-tiered sprawl, with the community largely involved in farming, animal husbandry, and logging; typical exports includes goats, timber, high altitude crops, and so on, so lets take that into account when trying to avoid collateral damage, or prepare any sort of traps," he approached the door, hanging and with no real way to open it...

... well, other than his string of course. Using his other finger, he sent out more twine to grab his key, as well as unlock the door and twist the knob. Kicking at the circular door, it opened up and with as much finesse as he could, he swung back and forth a few times before flying into his room.

There he went to work, gathering a few items, focusing as he created a bit of padding for his clothes; an overcoat of sorts that would still allow him to show off his usual style and be great enough to keep him reasonably warm. "Other than that, that's all I've got. I haven't been able to gather much on the patterns of the dragon, so we might be going in a bit blind, so be on guard," his penultimate words echoed to Illedrith as looked around his room for a brief second.

"I might be a bit late due to the short notice, so you're going to have to give me a bit."

That was definitely going to be the biggest understatement of this week as he slowly set to work.




Satchel with the basic essentials... pulling it open, the usually items were in there, ranging from some food and water to bandages created from his own string, as well as other items to help aid in a survival scenario. Check.

Clothing... well, check. Sword... drawing it from the sheathe, he gave it a good inspection; he wish he went to get it sharpened today, but he was short on time. As much as he hated to admit it, this would have to do for now. Check.

After checking off other items on the list, he let out a huff before unraveling his hand a bit and tying it around the post to his room. Jumping out, he didn't bother with any sort of acrobatics this time as he descended, satchel to his hip as it was a slave to gravity as much as Cyril. A solemn, slightly irked look rested on his unsmiling face. Dashing through the hall, the mage quickly flew out the door, heading to the meeting Illedrith assigned to them.

"S-sorry, for being a bit late," he said, putting on a smiling visage as he snapped his fingers, his sprint slowing down to an almost complete halt as he sauntered over to the rest of the group, eyeing Illedrith. Guess he wouldn't need this any more. Untying the string off his finger with ease, he let it flow into the wind, the red twine gradually fizzling out of existence.

Staying silent, Mis did all the talking over the path they were going to take to get to Robinsend, Cyril taking it all in with a stony face with small smile on it. Placing a hand on his hip, Cyril gave a shallow nod to the lady. "Nothin' from me Mis; lets hit the road!"

The journey wasn't too long, taking at least a day or so based off of what he was predicting based on the map when he asked to look over it with Illedrith on their travels. He did do his best to fill the group with any sort of conversation, even flirting with Mis just once. For the most part, Ceri was Ceri, Kage shied away from him, and other than Mis, Alex was the only other person who would talk.

Looks like he was going to end up being the chatterbox for this journey.

Eventually, the sun began to set after sometime, Mis leading them to a stream she pointed out when discussing the map; predictable, heh. Of course, there were other travelers there too, a few being cute girls that he decided to chat with after helping set up his teams own camp for the night. As he spoke and exchanged different news, alongside hobbies, he eventually questioned if they could purvey some of their wares.

While they did appear a bit wary, he eventually worked his charms into asking, taking a look over some of their items, purchasing some items he believed that they could use against the dragon, along with something else that caught his eye. While he did chew at his lip upon hearing a couple of things about the item, namely the price, he did eventually fork over the required gems for it and swiftly pocketed it.

Afterwards, he went to setting up a couple of clones around camp, focusing as to weave each of them together, taking around ten to fifteen minutes for each one, sometimes less if he was lucky. Before he knew it, there were a whole bunch of string versions of him who began walking around camp, silently interacting through waving at others and a warm grin.

Eventually as the evening faded away, Cyril ordered and assisted his clones in packing up his portion of the camp, even going over to help others if they required it.

After some time traveling, the group loaded up onto a ferry after paying a toll. The trip across was rather peaceful, though he did have to dispel his string clones since they would try to charge them as well. Made him roll his eyes over how ridiculous the prospect was and made the trip across a little less enjoyable as he stared into the crystalline clear river.

Of course that changed when they were halfway across as he recalled something and briskly cruised along the boat to Mis, striking up a conversation with some teasing. Of course, one thing lead to another and he was eventually able tell her his suggestion over having the group go for a swim when they get back, either before or after the second trial.

This also set him up for her own retorts and jabs... but she seemingly didn't seem too adverse to the idea, so there was still a chance there!

He spent the rest of his time trying to get to know a bit more about Kage, who just... constantly kept her distance from him. It was kind of irritating trying to get an idea of what your teammate could do if they were very unwilling to explain.

Gives him conniptions. Made Cyril just downright grimace with a bit of frustration as they came to the shoreline. Other than that, the rest of the trip was uneventful as they all traversed to Robinsend.

Everything was as described in the books as he gave the place a wide berth, studying the infrastructure and how everything was built up. His eyes darted about as he traced indiscriminate lines around each house, squinting as a bit of string formed at his index finger, wiggling about like a worm through the dirt.

Cyril disconnected it once they came into the proximity of what looked to be the person mentioned that was giving out the job. He initially seemed like an affable man before causing Cyril to frown slightly and wriggle his nose at the term given to them all. They were here for a job; glory was important, but seeking that out was secondary to him when it came to success and safety.

Stepping forward, Cyril gave the older man a pleasurable smile, pressing a hand against his hip as he approached him. "Aye, of course we are," he announced proudly but not before stopping a few inches in front of the man. "But before we get to helping you out of this mess, I've a few questions for you regarding the task if you wouldn't mind answering; two that spring to mind in fact."

"Could you tell us a bit about the attack patterns of this dragon, as well as when this whole fiasco started; we haven't been debriefed on either as far as I'm aware,"
despite his affable appearance, his voice was smooth and formal, the sort of tone you would see in someone who was ready to do business.

Which is, of course, what they were all ready to do from the get go... or at least, he hoped they were.
Alright then people, looks like it starts!

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Ready, on your marks, get set, fight!... well, not yet, anyways, that'll happen soon enough, ehehe.

"It has been two weeks since the start of the journey many of these warriors have undertook. As they grow and fight, the event that kick started their journey has stirred up the world. Rumors and gossip about the attack on Rio continue to be spread as it has been discovered that the robots were created by none other than the Domovoi Mechanica, Inc., resulting in an uproar around the world."

"This has also caused even more issues in Japan with the Annual Japanese Championship being around the corner with suspiciously similar robots appearing in the Hokkaido Prefecture. While some nomads have been drawn once more to the allure of the tournament, others see merit in tracking down the robots up north..."

"What ever the case may be, it is best to gather new blood as there might be more to these two missions than it seems."

"And only the strong shall survive it."

The Annual Japanese Championship was a roaring tournament.

Unlike the tournament in Rio, the stadium was much less accommodating in size for nomads, as well as the spectators who lined the stands that were elevated above the mix of marble, safety carpets, and a slew of other materials. The crowds were in an uproar, with a mixture of cheering and booing with a match currently going underway; it was between a young man garbed in black with a rather humongous and menacing blade versus another dressed in light blue gear and a scarf who gave the impression of a super sentai hero.

Crowds of other people were gathered around the platform of differing shapes and sizes, watching the fight with awe, cheering alongside the crowd as the masked hero dive kicked at the man who stumbled a bit to deflect the assault. Despite this all, a few were rather unnerved by another presence that lined the stadium - MAVERICK.

There were agents seen patrolling about in their black gear, lined with all the kelvar they could possibly strap onto their body, or standing stationary, mostly stone-faced. The weapons they had were not uniform as them, consisting of shotguns, carbines, and even shock batons and turrets that either were attached to an extremity of theirs or followed close by them like a small dog.

Along with that, there was an opening above them all, the weather being rather crisp with a bright blue sky; only one or two clouds could be spotted, with a plane soaring over above.

That sound was quickly drowned out by the hysteria as the hero smashed his leg into his opponents gut, causing him to fly back. The hero quickly back flipped away, twirling in midair before sticking the landing and posing... before getting kicked in the face from the young man who was soaring straight at him. A large imprint was left in the floor behind the duo as they continued to clash as the young man gave a cocky wink and smirk before blocking the hero's ki infused strike.

As the fight continued onward, Aldous stood near the fight, taking time to jotted away at a notebook before looking up. He elicited no grunts when someone accidentally bumped him when fist bumping, instead opting to take note of the way the crowds reacted when a certain move was thrown out by each of the contenders. Jotting away at his notes, it looked as if the hero was going to win this first match...

"Popular choice, as well as sustaining little to no damage," he murmured to himself as the red orbs squinted at the fight as the young man with the large sword was sent back, followed by a pose which sent the crowd into a frenzy; figured that it peaked him in popularity, but left him open to a couple of attacks.

And the crowd was left in awe once the hero was sent flying upwards. Of course his red orbs followed too, dilating to take it all in... before he noticed something rather off. In the span of a few minutes the whether outside had taken a complete u-turn as the sky above was starting to gray. Along with that, the sound of a droplet ticked against his skull, as well as a page of the notebook.

How peculiar... he was certain the weather forecast today was supposed to be sunny with little to no clouds in sight. He tapped at his teeth for a moment before returning his attention back to the fight where he saw the boy with the sword taking a hold of the scarf the hero had on him and began yanking, as well as choking his opponent.

And with that, the fight came to an end as the young man quickly launched his sword at the opponent, slashing at their neck, causing them to fly out of the arena and into a crowd of nomads, who either managed to get out of the way... or were unfortunate to be crashed into by the fighter. Aldous was one of the few who managed to dodge the impending doom, clutching his crown as he ducked to the side and looked back at the injured fellows.

The safety here was impeccable as always...

"And with that, Ketsuiki astonishingly makes a comeback, taking his opponent out of the arena, as well as causing collateral damage to the other fighters," the announcer shouted with a hint of disappointment under his breath, which nevertheless managed to stir up the crowd. "Regardless, looks like that's it for the seventh round folks! Our next fight will begin very shortly, so stay tuned!" And with that said, the man tuned out, with the arena staff quickly setting to work, gathering and checking up on any injured nomads, as well as tending to the opponent the boy managed to knock out of the ring. Along with that, they also swiftly went to work, cleaning up the arena and any sort of... alterations made to it.

At least they were still efficient.

Tapping his chin with a pencil, Aldous turned to the person by him, lightly tapping them on the shoulder with his bony finger. "Quite the exhilarating fight, wouldn't you say," he clamored excitedly, semi-attached from this all as he questioned the other nomad beside him, sizing them up as well with his red orbs.

And just as he asked, the sky continued to darken even further as droplets of rain began to pick up an escalate as the wind started howling. There was no traces of the sunny day left as many nomads and civilians began bringing out their umbrellas, with some of the former using special techniques to keep themselves dry.

However, the sudden appearance of rain had resulted in some chatter amongst the MAVERICK agents, who were either dispersing to investigate or seemed tenser than usual.

Aldous briefly navigated his orbs to the shifting crowds, orbs squinting until they were a fine thin line before returning his attention back to the nomad he was trying to interact with. Even though his interest was primarily focused on the nomad, there was something nagging at him.

Why was there rain?

Verga didn't mind the easy money. That was to be expected at least as each round followed another, either a slog or something that ended really swiftly. Really, no one really distinct really made their debut yet, and that was disappointing since her sixth sense read a couple of rather strong signatures here and there, but it was difficult to tell since it had been a while... would of made her a little less disappointed if she could discover who they were.

Who knows, maybe they would be able to put up a decent fight.

She didn't cheer along with the crowd, sitting all the way back as far away as she could from the arena. The closest she could get to eliciting any reaction was when she cracked open a can of lemonade and began sipping at it. There were some entertaining moments, such as watching the one man perform all that ridiculous twirling backflip, only to be kicked in the face. Despite this all, she was emotionless; stony-face would be a good way to describe it as she continued downing the drink.

Even as she continued sipping, she peered upwards, still expressionless as the sky grayed above with a light drizzle. Choosing to focus on something more tantalizing, she continued staring upwards, even tilting her head a bit as if it would help her get a better idea of what was going on. As she continued staring, her vision was eventually obscured by a light blue blur in midair.

The fight continued, but she concentrated more on the graying above, becoming darker and darker. It was really without fanfare as blacker clouds obscured that once sunny sky. Following that came more droplets of rain as she sipped more and more. It was difficult to tell if there was anything wrong, aside from the way those faceless mavericks were acting, and trying to tell anything else was more of a chore.

Of course, the only thing that really brought her back to the fight and out of the clouds was the fact that there were nomads being quickly knocked over, no different than dominoes. This warranted her attention, at least for a few seconds before finishing up the rest of her can, and effortlessly crushing and tossing it into the nearest trashcan.

But even as "interesting" as that was, something was stirring in the air hanging above them. It was like the sensationless half second after stubbing your toe, followed by a few seconds of silence and waiting before the pain began to surge into your entire body.

Gotcha now you flighty sonofobitch!

Smiling wickedly with a fire in his eyes, the boy in black took his sweet time pulling the man in blue back... at least for a couple of seconds. He did want to drown out any sort of hope that his opponent might win, not that it was obvious anyways. He knew from the start that he had this in the bag after all. After choking the guy in blue out for like thirty seconds or so, he firmly grasped the scarf and yanked it back with all his might.

The scarf tore just a bit as he let go, swiftly grasping his sword, holding it like a baseball bat. The boy in black kept his eyes trained firmly on the neck of his of his opponent, squinting to get a better view of it. He grit his teeth for a moment before letting go.

Slamming his sword into their neck, Katsuo made sure to put all his strength into this, gripping the sword as he applied as much force as he could. The man in blue on the receiving end wasn't fortunate at all as the blow launched him back into the crowds of nomads. Of course, some managed to jump out of the way, but others took the full brunt of it all.

Standing there, he took in his handiwork, panting and sweating a bit, his smile still as wild and the flame in his eyes being unextinguished. Sure, he had a bruise here and there that he would wince at from time to time, and his gut hurt... just a bit, but this nomad stuff was pretty easy!

Blinking for a moment, his breaths became longer, more focused as he carefully grasped his sword and pulled it close to his body and began closing his eyes. In and out, this would all pass. Basking in his victory was a nice thought, but not if he had to deal with the urges of painting the blue blur red. "Breathe in and breathe out... remember Katsuo, remember..."

This remembrance drowned out any other sounds, even the announcement of his own victory. It took at least a minute before his eyes fluttered open once more. Blinking for a moment, his vision was a bit blurry, but not as red as before. His sword was slowly tipping over, threatening to take it's owner down with it as he scrambled a bit to keep balance, via taking a few stumbling steps forward.

Once he maintained himself, he raised his sword into the air, staring at the blade as he twirling it around with a large cocky grin plastered on his face. He then quickly sheathed it on his back, but not before snapping his fingers and winking to some of his audience, mostly the female nomads. Katsuo then nonchalantly walked off the stage, letting go of his blade so that it would rest in its holster.

Shoving his hands into his pockets, he looked around with a much more relaxed smile, but nevertheless had glimpses of overconfidence in them. Surely someone would want to talk to him about how well he performed in his fight... right? Retrieving a hand from his pocket, he waved off some of the workers who wished to treat him for any injuries, he could handle em' just fine himself.

Eventually he merged in with the crowds of nomads, rapping and tapping his sides, looking around at other people, sometimes thinking he caught their gaze, only for them to look the other way before he could even brandish a large, proud smile. Seriously, like ugh...

Looking around, he shifted through the crowds a bit, sifting through each individual with a watching eye, ignoring the rain crashing down around them... not that it wasn't refreshing in the slightest.

Eventually he found someone who might want to hive him the time he deserved. Sliding past another nomad, he nudged at the other person with his shoulder. Once he was certain he got their attention, he snapped a finger gun right out of his pocket, which was followed up by a humongous cocksure smile. "Sooooo, what didja think of my fight? Pretty damn, good right?"

The harbor city Otaru was rather benign at the moment, if you completely disregarded the MAVERICK agents stationed out around the southeastern portion of the city. There were less people walking and driving amongst the streets though as of late; possibly due to the fear looming around them, as well as one or two robots littering the streets. The sleek white and yellow workings that were once apparent on them were scratched out to a certain degree as they remained slumped down.

Their "eyes" that once glowed with blue, electronic life had gone silent. They were littered with dents and a few bullet holes here and there, with signs of them being there being all too apparent. Some buildings were looking to be repaired as the sides were covered up with wooden boards. Brick and shattered pieces of stone that would of looked to belong to certain builds crumbled down on the side walk.

Anyone looking to cannibalize the robots at this point would probably realize that more of the uncommon parts had been... removed. Confiscated by MAVERICK would of been a better word.

These were the "hot-spots" of MAVERICK patrols; it wouldn't be too out of place to see one of them walking down the streets, armed to the teeth with their array of weapons and cybernetic technology. They seemed to always be on guard, blinking and eyeing other civilians or a vehicle for a brief second before returning to observing the surroundings for any sign of trouble.

However, these spots usually would have little to no civilians walking amongst them. Homes were usually barren as they clustered about and the rivers that were once used for tourist entertainment was now one of the few temporary ways to transfer MAVERICK agents across the city. Most people didn't feel like going out of their way to get near those wretched automatons, whether it was to respect the duty of the soldiers or out of fear of what might happen.

You could easily spot a child or a few getting near the robots, touching them, and scurrying away.

Their current provisional base of operations there was the Asarigawa Hot Springs. While the days were slow for obvious reasons, the customers there were now made up of MAVERICK agents whenever they got the time off and a few other nomads who had managed to make it there.

"What is the status report on Squad Three," a stern voice spoke in the background as a few other agents relaxed... well, "relaxed" in their own way. Some were busy taking a part their guns, whistling to themselves as they went about cleaning their weapons. One person was busy tinkering away at their robot, raising an eyebrow before shrugging an attaching something onto it. The tv that was in the area was constantly changing channels to different stations, before eventually stopping at the Annual Japanese Tournament.

Some watched with an unerring eye, whilst others squinted, nervously tapping at something.

One agent opted to watch for a few minutes before returning back to his own device. Hitting the playback button, the item silently whizzed to life, with a rather colorful commercial being played. Squinting at it, he rapped his fingers on the table, studying it as if it held some enigmatic secret.

"Since the dawn of time, an invisible force has flowed through every being on this planet... PURE! FIGHTING! SPIRIT! Limits? For the true fighter, there are no limits! Not when you have ki on your side! With superhuman powers, these heroes, these adventurers, these nomads journey the world searching for showdowns , and this Friday, catch the showdown of the century: the BRAZILIAN! FIGHTING OPEN! Tickets are a click away, online! Can’t be there in person? Catch this historic brawl on Fox Sports and ESPN Live! Contact your cable provider today before you miss out on this once-in-a-lifetime event—[/center]

The man watching the ad on his device yelped as he was rudely interrupted, a finger interjecting in between him and the device, causing it to whir off. Seriously, who just does something like that other than... oh...

"Oy', it's time t'make our rounds boyo, so don't y'even think 'bout skipin'm," a rather large mountain of a woman spoke in a light voice. Her face was obscured my a mask, but it had certain customized tribal designs to it with the lens being a light blue color. She quickly jabbed her thumb behind her, listlessly staring at the man.

The man sighed as he looked up at the senior officer and nodded. Like hell he was going to use this as an excuse to watch some ad over and over. Snatching up his device, he promptly pocketed it before grabbing his FAMAS, his eyes glazed over as he began loading the gun up with ki-laced bullets - a specialty of their organization.

As he trudged on out with the other soldiers, he and his squad acknowledged the others they were switching with a salute before heading off outside. "Two weeks ago, huh?"

Even though the field agents handled the situation well, there was still something bothering him about what occurred in Rio—why did those robots strike? The lack of any answers just left him with more questions that piled up each day, leaving him more frustrated than anything...

... but as paramount as these questions were, they were dismissed by the soldier once the squad was greeted by a bit of drizzle, light raindrops, and a semi-darkened sky.

Weird... Japan's forecast didn't say that there was a risk of rain today... but then again, what did he even know about meteorology? Marching in unison, the unit walked passed other agents outside. It looked like a hostile takeover with sturdy black trucks and small movable outposts being stationed out there, possibly filled with ammunition and other items.

Eventually, they began walking onto the road, not letting the slowly darkening atmosphere get to them as the rain slowly began to pick up. They were unwavering as they stared down the barren street, heading towards the outskirts of town.

Before Jonas even knew it, the two weeks since the tournament in Rio completely flew by with the snap of a finger as he kept his eyes on the road in this jeep. For the most part, there wasn't any problems between the jobs and hunting down those Massacre de Soldiers or whatever... most wanted for taking down an iconic Nomad monument, eh? And they even went as far as to pin the blame over on the small time gang, as well as another so called collaborator.

Hmph, something didn't really resonate with him there as he kept his eyes on the road with the thought of the attack being in unison was set in the back of his mind, furrowing his brows with a frown as he pushed the thoughts back.

Regardless, the doctor remained relaxed as his gaze would sometimes drift between each of his companions, all in their usual gear; it wasn't that cold, though he did feel a bit of a chill when he rolled down the window to take a look over Otsana and her motorcycle. One of the first few questions that ran through his mind was if she was cold due to her lack of clothing and how that small sidecar held up with all the guns she would of kept in there.

"So, robots, huh? Wonder how this place is holding up," he pondered, tilting his head to the side as he made another turn, rolling the window right back up. Making sure there were no vehicles on the road at the time, he peered to the back, expecting to see the wolfgirls weapons.

Well... he was right, for the most part, save that his eyes widened as he blinked before furrowing his brows and shaking his head. Good grief Brown... Jonas grit his teeth as he pursed his lips, averting his gaze from the litter that was scattered amongst the gun cases.

Moreover, how many of those sweet breads has she gone through already? The back was a mess! Shifting his head back to the road, he passed on by another vehicle before giving Brown his attention.

His face was pointed towards the road, but his eyes were focused on her... and he was fairly certain that... girl had already gone through over half of the bread. Jesus Brown, just... "Seriously Brown," he muttered to himself, removing his eyes from the younger girl. As they continued down the road, he noticed they were coming up on a few buildings, assumed to be a city. Taking a look at the GPS, a small smirk formed on his face.

They finally made it to Otaru.

Driving by each building, the group moved a lot slower, navigating through the mostly abandoned streets; Jonas deferred between Brown and his own interpretations of the signs in this city, passing by some people who shied away from the jeep.

No skin off his nose before he made another turn, and saw a singular robot that was resting on the corpses of now defunct buildings. The thing was about twenty feet, dwarfing the people in black who gathered around it, going between walking around the area to analyzing it.

"MAVERICK's," a singular word crossed his mind. That meant they were getting close at least. Humming one of Beethoven's compositions to himself for a few minutes. here on, he deferred to Otsana's lead, letting her guide the way.

As a few minutes went on by, Jonas ended his little symphony, sighing as he began rolling down the jeep window once more. Peering over at Otsana, he loudly clicked his tongue before saying "hey Otsy" to garner her attention.

"So we're lookin' for the... Asarigawa Hot Springs right," he questioned, raising an eyebrow, slightly smirking for the most part at the woman. "Hopefully you didn't just take this mission just so you could get a free 'bath' as well," he chuckled, rapping his fingers on wheel, but not before recoiling just a tad when he felt something wet brush by his face.

Peering up briefly, Jonas retreated back into the jeep, rolling up the window slightly a bit a the first bits of rain began to come down on them all. Swiftly flipping the switch, the doctor watched as the windshield wipers waved to life, brushing aside any sort of rain that pervaded their world.

"So, how long until we get there Otsana," he questioned with a businesslike tone in his voice, not even taking his focus off the road.

Aurel Fuchs

So this was it huh?

Aurel just stood there with all his luggage, alone to his thoughts as he stared up. Beyond these gates therein lied his new future - Hopes Peak Academy. This was the prestigious place where so many amazing people came to, right? Fidgeting around, the young thief brought up a finger to his mouth, chewing at it as his head swiftly whipped to each side, taking in the surroundings.

Trees glistening in the sunlight as leaves swirled around him, the iron grated fence was... rather imposing, not that it helped that there was a giant tower of a school behind it all. Out of all, any people who could of came here, it had to be him... for being an expert thief... or the ultimate thief?

Really, it didn't matter.

The only thing that was plastered on his face were his furrowed brows with a small frown as he continued to nibble at his finger... focus Aurel, this is your new future, you can do this.

Tearing his finger away, he gulped in a breath of fresh air as he took a step forward.




What wasn't he just?


As the dream faded away, the boy began rolling his head around a bit before he began gently tapping at the tiles with his fingertips. Cold, very cold. Groaning emanated from the slumped over man in the bathroom as he began tracing the tiles for a few seconds. Eventually, Aurel finally began to slowly open his eyes as a shiver was sent down his spine, waking up from the constant haze that swirled around his head. Everything around the room was blurry, making it difficult to figure out just where the heck he was.

Then the sun shone through a window, the waves of light crashed against his eyes as he moved his head up, causing the boy to clench his teeth and hiss as he held the back of a hand up to shield his eyes. Blinking, he turned away to survey the area around him as he raised his other hand to rub his shoulder.

Laminated looking doors that looked to be around his... hm, no, they weren't his height, they were probably an inch or three higher than him, he couldn't exactly tell. Some of them were wide open whilst others were shut. Raising a finger, he began quickly counting each of them, drawing his finger along each side of them. "Sixteen," he groggily murmured before pressing his hand against the tiles and slowly rising up.

He went to his full height for a moment, averting his gaze from the window sill as he rolled and popped his neck, giving him a nice cracking sound as he began to stretch as he went over everything. As his hands rose towards the ceiling, he began thinking over what he saw here. The facility, for the most part looked clean as a whistle; there wasn't a single spec of gunk or wear and tear from first glance.

Bending over, he began to try and touch his toes, grunting as he easily reached them. There was a sink at the end of the hallway, multiple faucets, one large basin, seemingly for multiple people. He was going to assume that he was slumped over in front of the door based on the fact that he noticed a knob when bending over to touch his toes.

As he continued to stretch, he swore someone yelped and cried out from the fifth stall on his right side and he was not going to deal with that. Pressing his back against the door, he had no intentions of staying here any longer, rather getting the heck out of dodge! Just... what was happening?

One hand was being nipped at with his teeth as he pivoted around, slowly reaching out to grasp at the door knob. Slowly, he shakily pushed the door open, ensuring that he would leave a single creak or sound...

... and instead was bombarded with a chill entering the bathroom. Aurel's teeth began chattering for a moment as he took a gander at his surroundings, slouching over as he began peeking about. No, he didn't care for no test, he cared more about why he was here and... how did he get here exactly? The fact that he was standing in front of the academy... no, that wasn't a dream. What was... what?

He didn't understand... no way he could. It was impossible. Blinking, he stepped out into the area, letting the door close behind him with a resounding thud. Aurel began taking in a deep breath as much as he did the surroundings.

... a fence... it looked pretty oppressing and did not look like the kind of thing he could clear, at least from first inspection. Hm. How did he shift from the stone path of Hopes Peak to... this? Was he ambushed and kidnapped? That was the only explanation he could come up with before his ears were met with a sudden onslaught of loud cursing. Cringing, he instinctively reached into his pockets for some earplugs... wait.

They weren't there. He distinctly remembered placing them in his left pocket. Well, the irony wasn't lost on him, but the sound of another human-being caused his ears to perk up.

The voice was... harsh and came from his left, not too far along the path. Gazing at the figure, they seemed to be a lot shorter than him, but he wasn't going to bother learning anything else from him as he quickly dashed to the clearing in between the buildings, out of sight.

Not that it mattered; he didn't have much of a presence anyways.

As he went in between them, he swiftly pressed his back against... whatever this... cabin was? So cabins, huh? He didn't exactly expect Japan to have any, but what did he know. Peering around the corner, he heard and saw another figure being upfront towards the screaming man, platinum hair, frills, etc.

Her dress was pretty, but the personality seemed to be... forceful, a far cry from what she was wearing. There was also the fact she was brandishing a table leg and looked ready to almost bash him if he didn't adhere to what she said.

As much as he wanted to figure out what was even going on, he needed to focus. One breath in, one breath out. First thing to do was investigate this place and find a way out of here... and he did not want to run into either of these two at the moment. Breathing in and breathing out, Aurel clenched his fist tightly before letting it breathe as he made his way towards the dirt track.

Before he knew it, he was walking towards the duo... and passed by both of them, adjusting his goggles and brushing his white hair out of the way. He was certain they didn't take note of him as he kept an eye on the fence, largely pretending that the purple haired lad with another plausible instrument strapped to his back didn't exist.

All he had to do now was not garner attention and keep walking down this dirt road; after all, it would take him somewhere eventually.
While things haven't exactly started up yet, I'm curious over a couple of things, namely which characters do you think are foils of each other? Like, for example, Otsana and Lucie, Jonas and Vindani, and so on; curious to see what others will come up with, as well as reasons (didn't come up with any for mine now, but I'll maybe get to it later).
Alright, so as opposed to me doing a review right now, I would rather like to post our first two plots. These two will be separate, yet connected. For all accepted people, I want you all to choose where your accepted characters will appear in for right now; I'll get to reviewing the other two to three afterwords. Along with that, I will assume certain characters will be participating in certain plots (i.e. some returners), so correct me if they will not participate in said plots. With that being said... @KaiserElectric@redbaron1234@wxps350@Crosswire@lavulman@Megsychan@dragonmancer@Lmpkio@DracoLunaris@stoneString@A Lowly Wretch@Darkmoon Angel@Pirouette@Dead Cruiser

▻ Clouded
  • A martial arts tournament is being held in Tokyo, with the grand prize money being 20,000,000 in yen. Despite the public turmoil and officials protesting it due to the very recent attack on a tournament in Rio, this event was hosted against most peoples wishes. Some Nomads are reluctant as well, not willing to risk wagering their lives... but for others, they are attracted like moths to a flame. In any case, MAVERICK has also been deployed to the tournament to watch over anything that may threaten the tournament. Surely nothing will happen like last time, right?

▻ Connections
  • In the Hokkaido prefecture of Japan, MAVERICK agents have been stationed out there due to reports of machines similar to those in Rio wandering the landscape. Out of fear or further investigations, they have been set to guard, but not to pursue or engage. Along with that, a job was placed under the NomadicNation by MAVERICK, detailing that they need assistance from Nomads to help smoke these wretches automatons out, and that they would handsomely pay anyone who would respond. However, the problem might be a lot more complex than it might seem at first.

In any other case... @Spiral Powered@GamerXZ aye, we are still taking in new players! Might close up soon since we have gotten a pretty huge crowd here. But for now, you two are welcomed!
Second verse, same as the first! Three on floor and not another moor!

@Dead Cruiser alright, back to Makoto. Back to the fighting style... which is a much larger improvement over last time. Instead of hyperboles, you displayed what type of fighting style she utilizes. Good, no problems here at all. Her moveset is more indicative of a shotoclone, leaning toward rushdown, but isn't a hyperbolish to the point where it's difficult to tell her own capabilities... even though you kind of explained it regardless in the int. check.

For the supers and weaknesses, I did a bit of talking over with one of the other gms and how they saw it. It did give me some insight based on how you utilized the hyperboles over. For now, I don't have a problem with her supers... at least right now anyways.

And based on the changes you made to your fighting style, this means I don't actually have a problem with her current weaknesses. She's just a chick with a good amount of ki who is hyping herself up, correct? Regardless, this is a lot better and is accepted on my end.

@DracoLunaris alright, since certain things have been cleared up in the gm chat, it is now a lot easier to review the young descendant of oni's... and the thing I find funny about this kid is that he probably is the shortest member of the cast by far. Three feet and five inches... jeez man xD

In any case, his description, personality, and backstory check out. Looks like we have another character looking to prove themselves, which again, there isn't anything wrong with that. In regards to him, he might make friends with another cast member rather easily... probably... idk.

But I digress. His fighting style description I have no issues with at all. He comes off as a dynamic fighter with me, switching between two powers to go at it against opponents. One is a A melee zoner who plays keep away to avoid his frail body from being hurt and the other is a much larger oni who seems to be involved with his supers mostly.

Regardless, I lack no qualms with his fighting style, as his weaknesses demonstrate that he cannot just swap on the fly and there are debilitating effects to switching into another form... and the fact that he sort of keeps them to a certain degree. Regardless, there aren't any apparent problems with him I can spot. He is approved.

@Valor personality is short like Malus's, but again, it still works. For the most part, descriptions and backstory are good in my book. Now, onto her fighting style...

So she knows a couple of fighting styles but prefers to zone people out... and she is very much dependent on her weapons, so if a nomad gets the drop on her, she won't be in a favorable position. Also, I won't go into detail over the regeneration since Kai already asked about it and approves of it based on the like. Also, since it'll see more use outside of combat/when her body stops sending out adrenaline and the fact that your character is quite... limited to a certain degree with what they can do in a fight involving specials. I'm fine with it being a bit faster when it comes to regenerating herself under these measures.

I'm a bit iffy on the moveset since it reminds me a bit of how Al's was usually designed. If you do any changelogs and add attacks or so for her, I'm going to scrutinize it at least in the guns aspect, taking Lucie Bardot as an example for one... also the way it's formatted bothers me a bit; maybe you could put the portions that aren't indented in indents?

Other than that, she has my ok for now; I think you just have to get Red's approval and you're good to go.

Alright, so once again I am a bit tired. Will get to reviewing Aleks and Ivory tomorrow, as well as writing up some plot blurbs... two to be precise. Wonder where your character will go in Japan, eheh...

But until then, I need my sleep; toodles.
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