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Got nothing to say here, sooooo yeah.

I'm a bookworm, gamer, and obviously roleplayer since I'm on this site :P

Anyways, those are a few things that I'll say about myself... for now. Maybe I'll update this a little more in the future.


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Marc Kurosawa

Central District

Interacting With
Some Jackass Yakuza Maybe(?) (@ERode)

Marc blinked, almost convulsing a little as he slightly tipped to the side before readjusting himself. His jaw was slightly agape, eyes glued completely to the scene; it almost looked as if he was going to well up into tears or inelegantly barf on the side of the street.


The sound was like a heartbeat, nearly constant and consistence, though it went off a few intervals as it continued to transpire. He took one step forward, almost as if he had a shuffling gait before another passed on by, almost ignoring how the young man was reacting.


He could only push through the crowds before finally getting someone to excuse him, catching a few glares as Marc forcefully jammed the phone into his pocket and continued to flow sideways against the current. It was difficult rushing towards the scene, especially since so many were indifferent to the seemingly distressing plight he was in.


Until then, finally, he came upon the scene, interjecting himself into this bubble of violence, bubble of misfortune, the bubble that didn't seemingly exist to all these people. Marc's eyes were vibrating, his lips were trembling, almost making an irregular chattering of his teeth. With one hand clenched in a fist being held to his chest and the other outwards, open, ready to grasp at the situation, he could only fearfully utter one sentence in between the periodic-


"Uh-Uncle Hideki? Sir, what the hell are... are you doing to my uncle?!"


A few minutes ago.

The dimly lit lights of the cityscape harmonized with the rhythm of the drizzle, the sizzle of their song being barely heard amongst the scattering crowds, all singing to their own tune, all flowing down their own path... but him? Oh no, Marc wasn't a part of the current... in fact, he was more or less pushing against it, going in the opposing direction, swimming up the stream, pushing against the crowds of people.

Some made his life a bit easy by weaving through the side. Other times, he had to duck out of the way himself, earning possibly a scowl, grimace, glare, or two, but nothing else before the droplets returned to the regular flow of the district.

Maybe this wasn't exactly the best of ideas to return at such a busy hour. The young man sighed, unresigned, pushing forward with a phone in one hand and a transparent, disposable umbrella in the other. His face felt a bit sticky, possibly tasted salty if he decided to lick it, mixed with the light sprinkle of the springs dew.

"Hm... I should check out those Whispers in the Wall, or something," Marc pondered, eyes pasted on the illuminated screen for a brief second, scrolling through the latest posts of the Urban Legends subforum before tearing his eyes away from the screen.

The glow reflected off his face as he astutely gazed over the crowd, picking away the faces of the crowds... and strangely enough, picking out a kindred spirit flowing against the current, plastered as all hell. Drunk, maybe? Or lost in his own world like him. A small smirk briefly followed before he was somber, unsmiling, eyeing the mans ragged appearance. Good god, he could smell the guy from all the way over here.

While there were judgmental thoughts that followed, there was another tune that followed.

Where are his friends?

Is there anyone worried about him?

How long has he been like this?

What happened to put him in such a blissfully ignorant state?

What happened...

Marc didn't know whether to be content about letting the man continue to bumble on by, at least until that deplorable scene followed. The only details he could make out from between the rapidly, uninterrupted crowds was that the dirty man had bumped into... collared crisp shirt, tight, expensive looking pants just from the quality.

And the sound of a violent whump.

People surrounding the vicinity watched as they continued to march, blindly following the tune of the cities Shepard, the Mayor... whoever that might be.


Mothers turned their children away, teenagers took their eyes off their phones for a fleeting second before continuing to text.


And it became normalized; the metronome to the city streets. The brutality of someone being mercilessly assaulted. A beat that continued to follow, a beat the crowds did not condemn, a beat they rationalized that was ok...


It was a beat he refused to follow, a beat he could not agree with as Marc clutched his phone, feeling as if he could crush it as he watched the one-sided beat down continue, no retaliation from the helpless man lying there... he did nothing to dissuade his assailant.




And then, nothing.

There was no fanfare, no special ability that caused his eyes to glow with a blue luminescence comparable to the All Seeing Eyes of God, oh no... there was just the deafening sound of silence and stillness. Any cool breeze that blew, any conversation, the sounds, the world, it all abruptly stopped as Marc continued to stare at the scene.

Marcs world... his frozen time.

No matter how long he stood and stared, nothing would change the raw feeling in his gut, cold, curling crushing his stomach. It was comparable to butterflies in ones stomach, or expulsing said contents out of his body. Schoolgirls disappear and adults don't bat an eye, a man is beaten and bruised with people passing on by.

There was merely an embittered scowl plastered on his face, whether for anger or discomfort, he didn't know as he let his umbrella and phone go, turning to walk towards the scene. Of course, like many things in his world, they stood still, unmoving, porcelain statues.

... and that was the main issue; unable to push anyone to the side, he had to resort to... other methods to traverse over to the scene that many were giving a wide berth.

Climbing up onto one of the people, it was still a bit of a challenge, but he steadied himself after a couple of seconds of wobbling a bit. Of course, once that was settled, he clambered over to another person, and another, before finally hopping off, and rolling into the scene. Honestly, it would of been badass if he could of just front flipped... but there were too many immovable objects around, too many thing to bump or injure himself on.

But that was not why he was here, oh no. Marc slowly began to rise, eyes like flames seeking any smoldering embers to burn away, to add to the fire. Blinking, he pushed up his glasses till they were firmly against the bridge of his nose, approaching the scene with a scrutinizing glance. He squatted down, staring at the man with his beady eyes, scrunched up nose, and clenched teeth as his foot was half-buried into the other sods chest.

And then, he chuckled.

Marc just shook his head, smiling disdainfully at the whole scene rubbing his chin as he continued to judge the man.

"Heh, you're really a pathetic piece of shit for getting bent so out of shape for some random ass dude bumping into you, y'know that," he stopped rubbing his chin, clenching his hand and leaning in so he could press his fist against the gangsters crotch. As he did so, he produced a small popping sound, the only sound of wind in this scenario before backing up and rising up, studying the duo more as if he were a detective at a crime scene.

Circling the two, his mind wandered and he pondered. Not a minute could of passed before he noticed something. He couldn't tell if it was the drizzle or not, but there looked to be a small, ephemeral smudge Marc noticed before sneering.

"Are you pissed about dis' guy getting such a widdle, widdle shmudge on youw pwecious shirt pwincess?" The insults were shot, but would never land. This was the world he only knew, and the mockery of treating this man like an entitled child throwing a tantrum would stay in it.

While talking trash to the guy, myriads of thoughts traveled through his head as he assessed the whole situation. How might he deal with this? As much as Marc considered to try and fight back, there was the main issue of his tattoos. It was one of the few things he noticed when circling the man like a vulture, and considered the man to be a possible Yakuza member.

While this was completely founded on looks, Marc didn't feel like doing anything stupid now, especially picking a fight due to the implications it could have... well, unless the gangster instigated it.

Marc shook his head and sighed before taking a seat, going between ideas, deciding which ones to nock and which ones to hold before he rose again.

"Uncle Hideki? Sir, what the hell are you doing to my uncle," he said in his most worried voice he could, putting emphasis on the horror of it all before clearing his throat. He recited the line a couple of times, all with different degrees of inflections in his voice, even going so far as to how his body language would portray himself. Hell, he even went above and beyond, coming up with other lines to respond the the (possible) Yakuza member if they said anything... though, he couldn't plan for every scenario.

He wasn't a gypsy after all.

In any case, after at least five minutes passed on by, he sighed before brushing himself down, doing some stretches, and doing some mock do re mi's to 'test' his own vocals. Once that was over, he went into a pivot, twirling around, spinning with an imaginary partner before coming face to face with the statues from before, impeding his way back to his spot.

Well... second verse, same as the first as he gracefully used a child as a footstool to scramble up onto the shoulders of another person. Rinse and repeat before he found himself making a similarish pose as to what he had a few minutes ago.

"... and time... resumes."

Zun - Airport
Jill, Jasmine (@Kamen Evie), Yoko (@Ruler Inc)

Tch, you really had to be friggin' kidding!

A lone young man leaned on one of the tuscan pillars dotting the area around the airport, more so on the cream-colored porcelain floor, leading paths from the front entrance of the airport all the way to the smooth marble check in booths, security, the myriads of restaurants and souvenir shops and so on. The bustling of people and Nomads, humans and mystic alike trot through the airport as groups and mobs of people shuffle through, more so taking a wide berth over the congregating masses of Nomads demanding answers from the agitated WMAF representative before telling most of them off and scurrying away.

The hero couldn't help but scoff and look up, raising an eyebrow as he sneered with contemptuous arrogance, rapping the side of his shoulder with the rhythmic tapping of his fingers. Katsuo, the Legend to Be could not believe such a preposterous statement.

Canceling World Warriors? He could never, ever believe such a thing could happen!... well, outside of that whole pee tape scandal a few years ago... and, uh, a couple of other... things.


Regardless, he could only ponder unimaginable wonders, so important that a dull oafs mind could not comprehend the importance of it all? Like 'fuck, I blew most of my money getting here' or the classic 'wait, am I missing a new episode of Justice Riders, or is today rerun day.' Truly inspiratory things that our Hero needed to think of when pertaining to his destiny!

Speaking of destiny, Justice Riders, and money, he spied with a larger than life eye a lovely blonde cowgirl with a stunning face, a red scarf, hell, she looked almost identical to the newest, equally beautiful Justice Rider Jill Breicen!

... wait, WAIT, WAIT.

That is Jill Breicen! And possibly a... friend, fan, relative, whoever hanging around her with some weird, chubby black blob with wings that no way in hell could pass for a bat unless trying to frighten some kids on Halloween that was hovering by said person.

What could he do? Should he approach her and ask for an autograph? Ah, fuck, he didn't have pen, paper, or anything! Could he approach her and say, 'holy shit, you're Jill Breicen, the newest Justice Rider," and segue into talking about her episodes, like that one time where she bitchslapped some creepy clown with no legs and a million limbs with her motorcycle?

Ooh, ooh, maybe talk about her trusty sidekick Pitstop and how he saved her that one time from some redneck Crocodile hick by running it the fuck over with her Motorcycle before she promptly kicked it into oblivion (followed by a rad explosion).

... hnng, no, he would probably just look like an overly enthusiastic fan instead of a local connoisseur who takes notes of violent displays of combat. He had to play it cool. Calm. Suave. Needing to look like he didn't give two shit about looking at explosions.

... maybe he could impress her and he could end up working along side her as her lancer before ultimately becoming an anti-hero slash rival half way into the season, setting up some drama for the both of them when we ultimately have to clash again! And he would be on TV! But there was no way in hell that was happening...



The proper opportunity arose! How about that? Our hero was alert, keen for any sights of trouble as he spotted what look to be a Japanese girl with a staff and... magnanimous ass... real talk me, why the hell is she wearing a black and yellow leotard? She isn't one of those fetishy type of people, was she? Eh, whatever, this little discourse provide our hero of legends with a (hopefully balanced and somewhat fair) proper challenge!

Utilizing the momentum, Katsuo lurched coolly off the wall, not at all imbalanced by the giant slab of crimson, wrought iron(?) metal that could probably put Gut's Dragon Slayer to shame... maybe, he considered that he might be overselling the size of his blade that much, but it didn't matter. That arrogant sneer was replaced with a confident smirk that seemed to radiate an aura of arrogance as he swaggered towards the Justice Riders and the Leotarded fool who was going down to pound town!... wait, not like tha-

Unsheathing the weighty blade in a single, effortless draw, he hoisted the cursed blade above his head for a second before resting it on his shoulder. Rapping his fingers on the hilt of the sword, he clicked the roof of his mouth in tandem with each of his steps, sometimes making an aside glance and winking to any ladies on his path.

And as he was making his approach... wait, sis? Hata-what? Wait, going? No, no, no, no... FUCK.

Aaaaaaaand she was gone, just... ugh. He wanted to stop and plot out a new course of action, but what was he to do? Stop in the midst of his journey looking like some lost puppy? Hell no! He plowed on ahead, trying to figure out how he would mend this idea.

... Jill did say sis, right? And they were prepping to fight possibly somewhere... hmm... hmmmmm... HMMMMMMMMM... Ahah!

He didn't need to rant on! He could totally show his prowess in a three-way (heh) battle, or try to diffuse this situation... something, something Sun Zhu said... OOOOOOH, IT COULD BE LIKE THAT ONE EPISODE, although, he reeeeaaaally wanted to use that whole "why dontcha work on purging your inner demons instead" line. It was so perfect!

"Maybe y'don't have to do your whole Sailor Moon transformation, if, you know, you both don't fight?" The blade arced off his shoulders and into the air, coming down between the duo with an audible woosh, stopping mere inches from the Hatawhakatikis stick. Looking over, he did his best to exude that confidence he had when striding over here all while trying to seem like he was laid-back...

Hell, he even built up on that by retracting the sword, spinning it in midair, and embedding it about a foot into the... floor... uh... yeah, he wasn't paying for that minor repair, but he kept playing on that fabrication by leaning onto the blade, seemingly loafing about.

"I wouldn't mind indulging in some asskicking myself and gettin' some sweet, sweet eee-ex-pee, though there are bigger issues t'deal with than making some devil cry." Ok, this line was ten times better than what he came up with originally, giving the two a stern but faint smile as he continued.

"... like, y'know, that whole spiel on the news about a possible coup? There's enough trouble brew'n about and I don't think one lil' bat should take precedence over that... so how 'bout doin' something more productive, liiiike purging your inner demons instead." YES, yes... hooo, that line did not go to waste at all! And the cherry on top? The whole nonchalant shrug with an almost disinterested stare with a lax articulation. If this didn't disarm these two ladies, then, well, at least he could show off his badass combat skills.
Alright, very, very late, but I think I'll build off of some of the other locations.

ヴィラ天狗さん/Tengu's Villa is located at the Western District; lets give that nice old lady who's taking care of the place a home, aye?
Tegami Oka is located at the Central District, as if we didn't have enough buildings there already; I'm gonna infer that Marc lives some blocks away from Miyane, so that's gonna be fun.
Teru Tiger Traceur Gym is located in the Northern District, surprise surprise; wonder how many of these districts are gonna be under utilized.

For NPC purposes, I swear that having Kurosawa as a last name was a complete accident, but part of me would find it a tiny bit compelling (and, possibly a pain in the ass for another character) if Takeshi Kurosawa was Marc's dad. Honestly, the guy strikes me as someone who would be his dads, possibly due to similar personality traits they have, plus it would possibly be interesting to see how he tries to get around his father when going about exploring the city, as well as what'll happen when he gets caught. How will they react to one another, etc. If the shoe doesn't fit, I'm cool with that, whats say you @OwO

For PC purposes, I'm more than fairly certain that Marc has probably snuck onto the set once or twice, though he probably booked it after getting caught. Probably investigating the area after picking up some (bs) story floating around in the off-topic section of the forum, stating things like the myriads of different apparatus the yakuza used there, as well as rumors of restless, tortured souls lingering there caused by the yakuza as well. If anything, unless you want to elaborate or discuss this further, Marc and Miyane would probably just be passing faces in the crowd, to her a blonde-haired fan or delinquent, and to him a weird mix of plain yet (possibly) moderately stylish? I dunno, thoughts @banjoanjo

And for another PC, I might be semi-clueless about how to handle this, as I don't know whether or not to count her as a passing face to Marc... especially since I placed a particular building in a similar area. Wanna brainstorm this a bit, or keep them as familiar faces that possibly have noted of each others existence @Asuras

I wonder if Marc has noticed anyone else... unless some people are poking and prodding around in different parts of the city, the red light district, or so on, I have no idea who else he might of came into contact with... so, uh, yeah. That'll be fun possibly seeing all these characters interact with one another for the first time.

Also, I'm all for discord. From what I've noticed, having one helps with keeping a rp alive... somewhat. Great for building a bit of a community, plus it allows for much faster communication there as opposed to the forums. The only issue is that the ooc would look as dead as a door nail. Plus, the group is a bit small, as Asuras said, but I do not know the benefit of a discord for a smaller group... but I'll still firmly advocate for it.
Or all of the gms; would be helpful if we all had an idea of whats up with them so we can discuss plot points, how you want them handled, etc.

Zun - Airport
Clover (@Gentlemanvaultboy)

Jonas raised an eyebrow in befuddlement at the mention of her not setting up shop, before mutely mouthing oh to himself all while looking over at the assaulted individual. He wrinkled his nose, turning to look back at the individual, scrutinizing him as if he had millions of ants all congregating around that red contrusion.

Of course, his gaze immediately shifted back to hers as she introduced herself, thrusting out a hand to meet with his. That once judgemental, inquisitive visage shifted swiftly in the manner of a couple of seconds. He whipped his body around, raising a hand to meet with hers all while displaying an affable, relaxed smile.

"Aye, a pleasure to meet'cha Clover; I'm Jonas... Jonas Langer," he chuckled, gripping her hand, locking eyes with the bunny girl, and giving Clover a firm handshake.

Once that was finished, he let his own hand go, letting it fall back to his side at a leisurely rate, but not before placing it on the side of his hip and pressing a finger against his lips.

"Sssh!... if you must know... I'm hunting wabbits," Jonas' prior exterior had changed once again, stoically glaring at the woman as he delivered the line with a deadpan rhetoric. Of course, he didn't bother keeping that facade up as he sluggishly tilted his head to the side, impishly smirking whilst leaving his hand frozen in place.

"Hah, sorry, couldn't help myself... but regardless, I was actually lookin' for a decent bite t'grab; got off my flight with a friend nearly an hour ago an' was feelin' a bit peckish," he rolled his head rolled back into place, as his other hand, once more, fell away.

"Thought y'might have a recommendation of what t'eat since, well, I assumed you worked around here; my mistake, Clover."

Zun - Airport
Rod (@wxps350), Nameless (@DocRock)

Really... she came all the way out here for this.

There was no words to describe her exasperation, no way to properly convey it beyond that unsubtle scowl, shaking head, and slumped shoulders. In the midst of the crowd, she pivoted away from the spokesperson, trudging in the opposite direction, eyes fixated on the airports door.

Verga had no intentions of responding to the nomads who flocked to this area, nor the ones she bumped, or shoved out of the way effortlessly with a light tap of her shoulder. They were angry, a cacophony of erupting arguments and shouts as the spokesperson too departed... but she really didn't care.

She could not give a single damn about how none of these Nomads, frauds or otherwise reacted to the news, nor could she even waste any energy on responding to the angry shouts directed at her when they tried provoking her after being forced out of her way. The woman in purple strode coolly and calmly, pondering on the other possibilities of this place she could take advantage of.

A new technique to further herself? Hm...

Such a thought was interrupted, of course, by a flickering firebrand of a girl, trying to ignite embers of this cancellation. The words, possibly like that blonde child, were weak, meaningless. The only thing she managed to get from Verga was a weary gaze, but that was about it. Nothing else as she sifted through the crowd, trying to gauge if there was anyone that could at least give her a proper fight as well while she was here.


... nothing, no one. She could only really huff or sigh at this point as she lightly bumped aside some gaudy midget with sunglasses inside before finding herself liberating from the almost suffocating crowd. Beyond that, her agenda was clear.

The way she walked didn't change, the way she gazed didn't change, she was stone-faced through and through, not bothering to change the trajectory in which she walked. Verga constantly plowed on ahead, roughly bumping a girl in a biker costume to the side with little to no effort or care at all, glaring intently at the sun-kissed crowd beyond the airports liberating doors.
Welp, decided to go with the forum user goer grill. Could of made a better backstory, but I think it generally gives you an idea of Marc's life, so here's the finished product.

I was thinking of some sort of gym, but decided against it due to Burger's chary having one, but now I think I can justify having one, especially to explain certain abilities; I think I'll replace the Tenoroshi Library with what I originally had, Teru Teru Tiger Gym... maybe I could go with changing the name to Teru Tiger Traceur Gym, as alliteration is always fun.

I also could probably give him a father figure, or lump on some daddy issues instead... maybe that could play a role into the way he is as a person.

But I will say the virtual idol thing did give me an idea. Due to the fact that Marc explores town a lot and can cover a lot of ground, maybe he found a forum that ended up talking about myths, folklore, and urban legends, and ended up finding a user that specifically talked about rumors and events going on that were talked about in horrible detail. Probably started out with him trying to research these events, as well as any popular urban myth or rumor surrounding Tenoroshi before discovering this forum, as well as user, and utilizing it to his advantage.

Though, one main issue I see with this is the fact that Rin exists... so I still might need to brainstorm another npc, but I'll keep this forum user as a backup. Regardless, good luck on your paper.
Also, as much as I hate posting a WIP, might as well throw it up to show what I've got. Will probably help with critiques and anything I might have to change to improve Marc.

Yeesh, I need to be quicker on the cuff here; someones already nabbed a convenience store and a nice place to view the city... granted, it was him clambering up to the roof of some random apartments without getting caught, but still... at least no one has taken a library yet, that's for sure.

In other news, I'm struggling a bit to figure out who I might have for a third person with relationships. I did want to roll with a student who conditional hangs out with Marc when it benefits him, but I felt like I would of probably made him a bit one dimensional... plus I don't think I could of a proper, tangible personality. Another was a strange, stray Shiba Inu that he decide to show a bit of kindness to and over time, became acquainted with... all while have an impeccable ability to appear in the most bizarre of places at times.

Regardless, I do understand that I can just make an enemy or adversary to him, but I might have the same issue as the prior. Maybe I could brainstorm with you or someone else to help me come up with a tangible idea to get the the last person down before setting Marc in? Also, funny coincidence, namely for Burgers chary since this the guy they listed won't be the only Kurosawa they run into.

If I get this up on time anyways.
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