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A d r i a n n e

Personal Dossier

Kunze Adrianne


Düsseldorf, Germany

Physical Description
Adrianne is a composed lady, standing at about a striking five feet and ten inches, which is a height above most female peers; funny enough, shes still growing despite it all. For the most part, she displays a moderately muscled, hardened physique, with a flat, taut abdomen to boot. Her figure, for the most part, is one expected to have at this state of growth in a teenager, and tends to do her best when caring for said body. Like her family, Adrianne's natural hair coloring is black, with the white steaks being dyed and "experimental" as she calls it. Following more traits of her family (mother's side) are her piercing, focused red eyes; she used to wear glasses, but now sticks to wearing contacts due to the nature of her powers. The only thing she really got from her dad was the fact that she grew two small horns like him on the sides of her head. Other than that, she often has a frown that generally makes her appear to have a scornful, resting bitch face.

If anything is to say about her clothes, its... that Adrianne has never picked them out. Honestly, if it looks good to her parents, she'll just roll with it, such as the given example of her current wear displayed above. The first thing to note is the clear, white blouse she has on, which is somewhat large considering that it obscures the skirt she has on. Following this are a couple of purple ribbons that she has been taught to tie around at certain portions on her body. The only thing she can really say that she likes about said clothing is that it mostly is loose.

- Bitter
- Disciplined
- No-nonsense
- Passionate
- Perfectionist
- Quiet
- Serious
- Somewhat lonely
- Usually reserved
- Vindictive to a certain degree

Personal History
Quirks... they defined the family legacy, their culture, and why they were so specific. This is what made the Kunze's reject any notion of those who didn't fall under their concepts, their creation of a hero, their desires, the history they wanted to leave on this world. So what happens when someone is born not fitting into this mold? It depends on the progenitor, the parents they come from... as well as the current matriarch or patriarch of the house and triumvirates.

They weren't revered as a great house that bred top heroes for nothing, especially since attending some of the top schools for being a hero was the norm.

Adrianne was born in Düsseldorf to a pair of Pro Heroes, one of which had a job outside of heroism; her mother with telekinesis who was one of many children born from the Kunze lineage and her father who had the quirk to transform any part of his body, sometimes his entire self, into an entity resembling a demon in old myths and legends; he also worked as an elementary teacher. Growing up, she was the middle child, between her older brother Lukas, and her younger sister, Lisbeth. For the most part, their lives were normal, as much as you could call normal in this quirky world. However, it was more like Adrianne's world was a ticking time bomb as a result of the family she was born into.

Her mom was of a Germanic heritage, one that cultivated and grew children with psychic quirks... mostly telekinesis. They would often grow these children to be the very best through strenuous training that forced them to expand their powers before sending them to one of higher up hero academies of the world when they came of age... mostly U.A.

While her brother and younger sisters quirk manifested as Telekinesis, hers... well...

She gained her fathers quirk instead - being able to transform certain parts of her body into limbs or parts that were similar to those of a demon. Upon hearing this, The Kunze's generally consensus for disposing of children like this was to put them in an orphanage. Usually when this happened, a divorce would surely follow, but yet, there was none of it. Her mother, nor father fought about this and decided that they wouldn't abandon their child to uphold that legacy.

This made the annual family meetings in Germany awkward, especially when it came to discussions about further training involving said children. None of the adults, aside from her own parents even acknowledged her; playing with her cousins was an alright ordeal, at least until she noticed something - that she had a different quirk than them all. Honestly, it was a bit strange, but she never felt the impact later in her life until more and more of these annual meetings continued.

Everyone became so... distant. Instead of the silence from the adults, she was met with callous remarks. Only when her mother eventually took her aside, she then learned what was going on and why. While it was a bit difficult for her childlike mind to understand, there was a certain type of juvenile hatred, yet desire to be accepted. She tried her damndest to be noticed, or have them acknowledge her, only to be met with the same condescending attitude than before.

This only seemed to embitter Adrianne, driven now by a mixture of spite and a desperate attempt at being loved by those who chose not to acknowledge her, even going so far as to mimic the training she saw Lukas and Lisbeth go through! Of course, when some members of the Kunzes caught wind of this, well... they decided to play it off to their advantage, maybe break the girl a little and drive her away since she besmirched that legacy they were constantly trying to make.

Despite saying she was behind and constantly decided to push her and put her into scenario's more befitting of telekinetic users, she ultimately failed there... most of the time. Often, she would either power through, or be helped by her older brother, which caused some small amount of resentment to slowly build up towards him over time. Other than that, she often proved to be superior to everyone else in physical activities, taking pride in displaying that she was better than them at that... yet, it was never enough for the Kunzes.

After her first time training with the family over summer vacation, Adrianne's father decided to... take some of the matters into his own hands, via utilizing a "specialized" version of quirk counseling that the children received by supplementing her with his own version of training her up... as well as making sure she had time to relax by taking her out on fishing trips, one of his favorite past-times.

Every year ended up being the same rinse and repeat, with certain aspects of her personality and life beginning to boil over. She honed her body to a grandiose scale, but at the cost of alienating other people/sacrificing any aspect of a social life she would have, as well as having a strained relationship with her very own brother to the point of always trying to one-up him.

Of course, that was made worse when he decided to attend U.A., the #1 ranked school in the world for heroics. The Kunze's encouraged it, seeing it as a way to continue displaying their greatness, as well as giving the boy a chance to shine... plus, it did help that a few of them were graduates from that place, including the current patriarch.

Upon hearing this, their father was ecstatic and approving of the choice... however, their mother was against it for a multitude of reasons at first. However, she was eventually won over after witnessing the hard-work he had gone through, the enthusiasm he displayed, and a certain desire in his eyes, she eventually cracked.

While the Kunze's began utilizing their connections to ensure he got in through recommendation, making meetings with some of their children and friends to prepare for his lodgings, and so on, Lukas and his family began filling out all the paperwork (with him doing most of the work)... with Adrianne bearing witness to all of this. During this time, she became more unresponsive, quiet, brooding, and above all envious.

There was a certain chill during this time as she began to push herself and train even harder to the point where she would just pass out from frustration, exhaustion, or a mixture of both. The demeaning comments from the Kunze's as she continued to push herself didn't exactly help her state of mind.

Upon witnessing this, something just cracked inside of her.

Instead of trying to attend the school her mother or father attended, she began researching Japan, forgoing the original desire to head to the #1 school in Europe to prove herself. That wouldn't be enough, no. They would continue to ignore her, treat her lesser than the dirt she walked on. She pondered on attending U.A. for a second before recalling her older brother. How would she be able to stand out from someone who was going to get in by recommendation? The Kunze's certainly wouldn't do that for her.

How would they be able to see what she was capable of? How would they appreciate her for the bullshit she had to deal with? They would never understand her...

So her next target became the second best school in Japan - Ishin Academy. She was going to rip that spotlight away from him and show the Kunze's, the students, the staff her worth. She wasn't just going to be a shadow to her brother, constantly being overlooked.

In the midst of her training, she began pouring more and more research into the place, even requesting that her parents get that same Japanese language tutor they had for Lukas over. Of course, they said no and constantly tried to get her to apply somewhere else... that is, until they saw something reminiscent of Lukas in their eyes; while the reasons for her going differentiated largely, they saw that same desire. Defeated and mildly worried, they hired the tutor once more.

Over the course of these few passing years, everything continued to get harder and harder for her, especially since she learned more about Ishin through a second hand source - the tutor. She learned about how rigorous the school was as she began recollecting and regaling tales her close friend told her about the place, especially with how they treated foreigners. It caused her to draw more similarities to her own relatives than before, causing a certain disdain for the place to be imprinted upon her mind and only further amplified the sheer spite she had for the Academy and the Kunze's.

It didn't help that the Kunze's caught wind of this endeavor and desire swiftly. During the Kunze's annual training, they made points that only a few of them had been able to graduate from that place with their dignity and pride intact, even occasionally slipping that there's no way someone like her would possibly succeed, and that she should just give up.

The blunt, minor remarks were a far cry from the indirect way of getting her to give up... yet at this stage in her development, they were enough to push her even further, stirring up the accumulated spite within even more...

She wasn't just going to give up... it wasn't in Adrianne's nature after all.

Character Development & Conceptualization
My first thought over her when creating this chick was a reverse-Todoroki... namely due to where she originated from, but that's a story for another time. Adrianne is a character that I see fighting against society itself, specifically her Mother's side of the family. As a result of not being born with a psychic or telekinetic quirk, she is often forgone by most people over said side, and even shunned or bullied. This (probably) wouldn't be such a large problem if her mother's side of the family wasn't known for producing great Pro Heroes with said psychic or telekinetic quirks, but I digress. In due part, she fights against the discrimination she faced growing up, to make said family bear witness to the powers they ultimately devalue when "creating" new heroes. Granted, this comes with some drawbacks, such as the meaning of being a hero to Adrianne, but that'll be covered later on.

Right now, I see her as being antagonistic to a certain degree, and probably not making a whole lot of friends. If anything, she'll probably be dismissive or frustrated at the other students, namely due to trying to prove herself, but mostly because she lacks any sort of knowledge over how to have a normal conversation with another person. Uniquely, she'll probably impose the views her Mom's side of the family has onto the school itself, seeing them as a stone to defeating aid families mindset.

To add on to the latter portion, namely the way she interacts with others, I made her mostly a workaholic who has a singular goal and works tirelessly at it. Adrianne lacks any sort of social life and has been a sort of reclusive girl her entire life, never bothering to stop and smell the roses. I hope for her to start off, again, not thinking too much, but show some sort of growing desire for acceptance and companionship amongst her peers, eventually blossoming into respect and other things.

Following that, it would help her get through this unhealthy aspect of life, i.e. focusing primarily on work, and not working on improving other aspects of her life that help make a healthy person.

The question, what it means to be a hero I don't think has ever popped up in her mind. In fact, the only reason she's going out of her way to prove herself is to force her mother's side of the family to see the value in powers like hers, as well as to be accepted. Basically, to be a "great" hero; by "great," I don't mean that she'll be selfless and altruistic. Ironically enough, she'll be more like said family at first, motivated purely by her own self-interest. Eventually, I hope to develop her into someone who decides to "shrug" off the family name and strike out as her own hero; one that inspires hope in the "underdogs" of society, and those who are generally oppressed.

To sum it up, she ironically is becoming the same thing she is fighting against, but I want her to grow out of it, possibly learning to not only be a better person, but to respect and understand others, and do what it takes to go beyond and become her own person.

Abilities & Talents

Quirk Type

Quirk Description
Adrianne's quirk developed from her father's side, allowing her to take on the guise of a [Demonic Manifestation]. This allows her to take on the traits associated with demons or demonic beings from myth and legend, allowing her to augment her physical ability based on which physical shape she transforms her body into. Two examples are changing both of her lower limbs into goat-like legs, increasing her agility, as well as allowing her to cover more distance vertically when leaping into the air; the other example is altering her arms (and to some extension the area around her spine) into a chitinous, gnarled, twisted claws with jagged edges going all the way down to her spine. The main part of this all is that she can utilize this as a way to increase her strength and tear opponents to shreds rather easily, but also has a few other functions as well (i.e. a bit of defense and slow climbing).

Due to not having complete control over this quirk, she can only change a specific portion of her body to encompass said strengths and traits of a demon. Moreover, while she can swiftly transform said parts of her body to match a specific trait, doing so too much in a short amount of time will result in her becoming more and more tired, as well as causing Adrianne to bleed around certain parts of her body where she formerly transformed.

Other Talents & Attributes
Don't Underestimate Me!: You think she can't handle a punch or give one back without her [Demonic Manifestation]? Family training on her mothers end, as well as her fathers training, boxing lessons, as well as a few scuffles without her quirk will say otherwise.

German, Japanese, I Got It: As a result of trying to prove herself to her own family, as well as being able to speak with future classmates, she has taken it up to become bilingual. While she did pick up the tongue of her German heritage rather quickly, Japan was a bit difficult to come by... but nevertheless, she doesn't make as many mistakes as she did before!... probably.

Hook, Line, and Sinker: Whenever she wasn't busy working herself to be the absolute best, her father often brought her out on fishing trips... rather, dragged since she would probably keep declining if he didn't. She started out hating it, then begrudgingly going along with it since there was nothing to do, and finally silently enjoying it.

Jab, Jab, Left Hook!: As a part of her own physical training, she often works out and partakes in boxing. While she is a bit of a rookie, Adrianne has a really nasty left swing, and is more of a southpaw than anything. This training also helps her destressify, via inelegantly punching the crap out of a bag or her trainer.

Mind Spotting Me?: To continue over the latter, this is a part of her families (mothers side) training regiment, taking to it a lot easier than her cousins and very much excelling in it. Enjoys taking in the fact that shes superior in this section when compared to said cousins and even her own brother as well.
Alright then, I'll try to have a rework of their backstory, possibly where they lived, as well as minor abilities outside of their quirk reworked over the next few days.

Considering the little idea of picking either Germany or Japan, this could make things bit interesting. A foreigner to a large portion of her family and country, or forced to attend Ishin with little to no choice in the matter by her mother's side of the family? Hmm, hmm...
Welp, got her knocked out; hopefully her backstory does fit into the story involving MHA and this RP!

Hopefully I can get something up by tomorrow with some help from Piro, via discussing this quirk; lets see if I can come up with something that'll go beyond! Plus! Ultra!
Aurel Fuchs

Location:: The Amphitheater
Interacting With:: Snow Iclyn (@addamas)

His breathing was low and airy as his unblinking eyes continued to drift between the oncoming students... well, "inferred" students in any case. The only time he was ever close to closing them was when he began squinting at the boy known as Taka, tracing his rather prominent and pronounced visage. However, he had an understanding of what those eyes were like, even if they had a... "familiar" feel to them - the feeling of seeing something.

Aurel could only furrow his brows as his lips curved into a rather shallow frown as he watched Taka and his companion saunter down the path to the amphitheater. During this time, his eyes drifted back to the spot Snow had taken up - behind a tree. The thief wasn't exactly sure if she lost track of him or not, but he would hope that she didn't.

"Taka knows where you're at," Aurel inaudibly mouthed with a somewhat on edge grit of his teeth as he returned to the previous position he was in, save for the fact that he was now chewing on his index finger. Thoughts loomed over whether or not his companion, feminine and sleek looking, might of taken note of Snow... augh, he should of tried coercing her to get into the bush!

Tightly gripping the stone slab, the air around his hands became a bit humid as he stood as still as the architecture he was pressed up against. Along the way, he decided to peek out, just a little bit more; if he was anything less than a so called ultimate, a head poking out from the side of the building would warrant some attention... guess there were some merits to being a friggin' Ultimate Thief...

Regardless, more people were approaching the amphitheater, that much was obvious from what he spotted even with Taka's proclamation. The first person he saw... someone who almost caused him to rethink his theory, if not for a couple of the others following behind him. He had an appearance that reminded him of one of the dealers he saw during a small-time heist, being a scruffy looking man with a shirt, suit, and tie and all...

While the Gamblers presence seemed to demand some attention, Aurel pried his gaze away to identify and analyze the rest of the arriving students. The only one he could immediately recognize right off the bat was the boy with the guitar from earlier - Ultimate Guitarist or Musician as he dubbed. Not much else to be said other than a cute looking girl having what appeared to be a child in a garish dress clinging to her side.

However, something did catch his eye though - a stuffed and battered animal that looked like it had gone through a lot that was being held tightly onto by a rather petite girl with hair that was nearly as white as his. Aurel's eyes were widely opened as a child as the one drifted onto the stage. Certain elements disappeared from sight, the trees, the amphitheater, even the people surrounding it slowly began to vanish in favor of this one doll. While the sounds of others chattering was not enough to break his focus, it would take a lot more to break him from his pleasant reverie as the cogs began turning through his head.

... which didn't take a whole lot considering the fact that he heard the grating, nasally, squeaky voice again, speaking in all its annoying "glory." Everything came blurring back in as he blinked a few times to identify where the sound was coming one, only to discover that it was at the center stage of the amphitheater. Whether his silence was natural or a result of the circumstance, his jaw was slightly agape as one of his eyebrows slowly rose.

That was... a talking stuffed animal... a peculiar one with a sinister looking side to it, but nevertheless, the voice was coming from that. Ugh, looks like he was going to have to bear this pain of listening to... him for a few minutes. That was just spectacular.

The name Monokuma danced across his head, as well commenting that most people knew him already. The latter part didn't seem to important, but something was off as he tilted his head, staring at the toy with quite possibly the rest of the others there. What did catch him off guard was the fact that Monokuma wasn't exactly well aware of what time it is, despite claiming it to be summer.

A nice chill breeze brushed over, causing some hair to obscure one of his eyes. Pushing his hair back to the side a bit, he couldn't help but shiver just slightly. His thoughts were here and there, but found a focal point in determining their location through the weather, time, and animals (save for their "counselor" or whatever)... maybe there was an Ultimate Anthropologist amongst them all?

Regardless, what nearly caused him to stop dead in his tracks were the next words that escaped its maw - that they would have to kill someone. While it did get into more specifics, he was taken aback by the absurdity of it all; it felt way to surreal that a stuffed animal, who seemingly managed to set all of this up, who has no recollection of the weather or what time it really is for the matter, wanted them all to engage in murder with each other. What was it getting out of this?

Squeezing the bunny tightly against his chest, he couldn't help but bite his lip as he looked down at the two PDA's he managed to snatch, mimicking what Monokuma did to activate it... and began toying around and studying its different functions... lets see... there was a built in map, the rules, a blackened out portion, and...

Aurel nearly froze in his tracks at the sight of what he was reading, thumb trembling as it neared the screen once more before slowly moving away. His unblinking eyes were much wider than the ocean itself and his breathing became stunted and stilled as he slowly absorbed what he was looking at right now.

A dossier of himself and his own talent; Aurel Fuchs, The Ultimate Thief... with different forms that you could switch through when calling him by his talent, but that didn't matter! There was information on here regarding him, to his talent, to his blood type! What... jut what was this?

The thief only began walking, albeit at a much slower pace than before, when he tapped on another profile. "Snow Iclyn," he mouthed the words silently to himself as much as he was thinking it; the format showing information about Snow was the same as Aurels, with the same format and anything.

Moving his head away from the screen, Aurel caught a bit of Snows white hair sticking out from behind the tree. She was... not exactly going to like this.

Swiftly picking up the pace, he hopped over with each step towards her, no different than a certain bunny would act if it was a living creature. Once he was shoulders length away from her, he tightly squeezed the bunny whilst grabbing the other tablet in hand. Raising it up, he peered at the side of her head for a mere second before glancing away.

"Here you go... Snow," he murmured softly to the girl, tapping her on the shoulder with one of the two devices he managed to snatch.
And I finally finished the post that I've been meaning to get up for the past couple of months! Over the next few days I'm going to get some titles and links to our charys finished with my co-gms (finally I take it) as well as post the true plot synopsis for what the Clouded Arc will actually be!

Once a few certain events happen, courtesy of my two lovely gms, the true plot synopsis for the Connections Arc will follow as well! Stay lively world warriors! We are back!

Otsana K. Corral (@redbaron1234), and Brown Kasshouku (@Crosswire)

Rapping his fingers on the wheel, Jonas kept his eyes focused on the road, smiling lightly at the confirmation. They would be there in fifteen minutes, as per the instructions on the GPS, excellent. He briefly turned Otsy's way, flashing her that faint smile and giving the wolfish merc a visible thumbs up before pressing his hand back to the wheel.

Of course, that wasn't the only thing to smile about. If he had similar ears to Otsana, they would be perking up at the honeyed words she said. "Heavy competition huh," he murmured to himself, peering over at the skimpy clothed woman. He analyzed her briefly, how her face was arced, tracing where her eyes were drawn to.

For the briefest second, he was able to catch a glimpse of what she meant as they sped along the road. As the figures passed on by him, the doctor returned his head to the designated position. Pursing his lips, he tilted his head to the side, squinting at the mix of decrepit torn structures and intact buildings. A small sigh escaped his lips as he nonchalantly began clicking his tongue against the roof of his mouth, tracing each of the establishments as if they were the solution to all of his problems.

He only briefly nodded, peering into the rear-view mirror, he was able to get a better idea of what their appearance was, even as they slowly began to decrease to the size of his thumb. Both looked to be heavily armored individuals with interesting tech on them; Jonas's eyes struggled a bit over who to primarily focus on.

The only part of his flesh he could see on one was his face and even then that told a short story; thick hair lined his face and he looked more like a grizzled soldier as the doctor squinted briefly, barely taking note of the mans scar. Hmm... he could always ask if Otsy recognized that armor as it did look rather futuristic to say the least.

Musing on that, there was the other who was similar to her male counterpart - the only part of her flesh he could distinguish was her head, olive or chocolate in tone and long dark hair which contrasted with the armor heavily. White steel plating that wasn't as intricate in details as the other, save for something glowing on the side of the shoulder, as well as some sort of jet-pack attached to it.

Both of them looked like peas in a pod... so what was their story...

Taking a turn, his line of sight was severed with the duo, at least for now as he continued driving down, following the wolfgirls lead and veering off to the side upon seeing the crumple corpse of a robot in the middle of the road. Only thing he did was grouse in disbelief, shaking his head as he momentarily looked upwards; could they at least clear the streets or something?

"And we'll be walkin' out with a nice paycheck for our work," he said with a silvery tone, loud enough for Otsy to hear as he shiftily looked around with a normal grin at Brown, with a subtle hint of impishness. "Earned from a grueling challenge I bet," whispering to no one in particular as that devious smile dissipated, eyeing the little... lady.

Hopefully she heard that at least.

It wasn't long before they came across a small MAVERICK checkpoint, with was left to Otsana, thankfully with relative ease. Noticing her motion back to them, the doctor gave a small wave and an invisible grin before placing his hands back on the wheel.

Slowly, but surely, Jonas continued to follow behind the wolfgirl as the rain began to slowly beat down, becoming more and more apparent with the sounds of Otsy murmuring something about the tarp. Of course, they would have to find a parking spot... and looking over the lot caused him to do a double take, raising an eyebrow with his mouth agape for a split second before composing himself.

It wasn't that difficult to drive and grab the closest one... it was more or less that this place was moderately filled up with differing vehicles; even some MAVERICK personnel vehicles had taken the spots closest to where the hot-springs would be.

Grinding to a halt, Jonas popped open his side of the jeep, yanking some tarp out from the back, causing the trash left to spread over his seat. Sighing, he just shook his head before performing some minor stretching, grunting and groaning before peering back with a slight frown, glaring over at Brown. "Make sure ya pick up the trash y'left behind, 'kay," he jutted his chin out, grimacing over the discarded wraps and such that littered the back of their jeep before slamming the door.

Waltzing over, the doctor handed one portion of the tarp over to Otsy. In one fell swoop, both of them threw the tarp over, obscuring the bike from any sort of damage from the rain. Cracking his neck, Jonas reached into his satchel, delicately shuffling the items within around before producing two umbrella's.

"Hey Otsy, I have an extra umbrella; y'want it," he inquired, reaching out to offer the woman a second umbrella he had packed.

Jonas Langer (@Savo), Otsana K. Corral (@redbaron1234), Shippai "Brown" Kasshouku (@Crosswire), Calvin Redug, Rod Lightning (@wxps350), Rosier "Rosie" LeVai, and Seshat (@lavulman)

The pitter patter of the rain was one of the only consistent sounds in the vicinity as each drop slowly began to beat down faster, more in number, more in impact. The sounds of vehicles pulling into a lot, followed by the ignition being turned off were arrhythmic as well as the sounds of footsteps following it. Few nomads lingered in the parking lot, sometimes trying to chat with their friends and others asking MAVERICK soldiers to direct them to the hot-springs.

Despite this all, the clearest thing about these nomads here is that they kept a relatively safe distance away from other groups, staying within their own bubble, discuss differing subjects or the mission at hand. In truth, this was no more different than high-school cliques that never socialized with anyone outside their groups, save for those rare occasions where they stepped out of their little bubble.

As most nomads parked or moved across the street, it became more apparent as to how much of the streets were commissioned by MAVERICK. Soldiers stood at organized checkpoints, often waving in vehicles coming in as well as giving the nomads an easy way to cross the streets with no problems at all. The checkpoints held thick amounts of machinery in the form of large vans which were manually connected to each other, via ebony metal cylinders overhead. A few large spotlights were attached to these cylinders, being inactive for the most part.

Other than that, they had poles set up around every corner they occupied, each of them being a bit far away from each other. These speakers often had three or four MAVERICK personal huddled near it, observing an inspecting the area, as well as telling anyone who got close that it's just for making announcements and that they should just move along.

Moving on from the streets covered with traversing nomads and MAVERICKs, through an alleyway and down another emerged a large, sleek building with silver walls and reflective rain-dulled windows. It stood out like a sore thumb amongst the more "rural" buildings across from it; to make it even more obvious and out of place were the amounts of black tents and black vehicles piling up near each other.

Groups of soldiers filed in and out, whether it was out of the large vehicles that cluttered most of the parking lot or the actual building containing the hot-springs. Multiple thin black chairs and tables were organized in a neat line, allowing people enough space to move through as well as scoot out of a chair with no problem. Most of the people in there were nomads, some looking bored out of their mind, or playing around with their own abilities. Most MAVERICK soldiers just stood listlessly near points of interest, or sat at one of the tables as well, cleaning their guns, chatting about minute things, or playing a card game.

Though, once you removed all the smooth, durable, easily compact and foldable black chairs and tables, you were just left with a wide open lobby with a fancy floral design on its floor with simple looking wood tales with a brown outline and tan inside being out of the way, as well as chairs that matched the simple, yet ornate floor. Large glass panes that displayed the outside world were either clear as day, cracked, or were replaced with a simple, MAVERICK labeled wall that looked out of place as much as the other characters here.

Along with that, there sat a middle-aged Japanese receptionist behind the layered, marble counter with a curved edge that peaked over the rest of the structure. If anything, he looked bored out of his mind, rapping his fingers against the counter whilst staring listlessly at the door with glazed over eyes. Usually when someone came over to him to chat, they would ask to change the channel the TV in the middle of the room was on, or some other asinine question.

Eventually, something broke the sounds of the rain clicking and clapping against the sidewalk as the wind began to furiously brush over the landscape. Buzzing, followed by static noise emanated from the speakers before crackling out, become silent once again. For a few seconds there was no voice... at least until a minute passed on by when someone clearing their throat came onto the mike. Their voice had a feminine edge to it that was crisp, harsh, and ready to do business...

"Attention all Nomads assisting us in tracking down and putting a stop to these robots: report to the Asarigawa Hot Springs immediately! In ten minutes, we will debrief you all on your role in this situation, as well as the procedures and hierarchical standings you will need to be aware of when conducting business with our agents! If you do not know the way to the Hot Springs, one of our fellow soldiers will point you towards where you need to go."

With that announcement, there was a light buzz before it clicked out, leaving the pitter patter of the rain as the only consistent source of sound once again.

Jill Breicen (@lavulman), and Emmanuel (@wxps350)

The skeleton stood still, vigilantly keeping an eye on the area. While he did stop to take in the two challengers, one of them was a relative unknown to him whilst the latter's legacy was something he was familiar with. He nodded his head down, orbs standing still in place as he studied said goddess. Slowly, a hand rose to scratch his teeth in a sort of reflective gesture. While there was the troubling rain afoot, there was still the fight to try and take note of...

While the other hand of his slowly gravitated toward his notebook, he ultimately jerked his arm away, painfully feeling that there was bigger issue at hand. The way they both carried themselves gave him some pause, resulting in him circulating his skull around to survey the area.

As he looked over each nook and cranny, a singular thought punctured his head - inexperience. While it was blatantly obvious that the child, known as Karliah, had informal training based on her stature, Makoto appeared no differently than the standard martial artist. This is when the orbs began to slowly decrease in length but increase in width until they became nothing more than a thin, red, glimmering lines. While there was the way she held herself, he also noticed it through the so called "windows of her soul-" the eyes.

They appeared no different to him than the boy with a foreboding blade - cocksure, seemingly full of tenacious, overbearing confidence. That part was only made more explicit the moment he saw her smile - t'was a inhuman one, but nevertheless arrogant smile. Of course, that was followed up by what looked to be a punch with all her power put into it - curious was the necromancer as he scratched at his preserved teeth as he effortlessly sensed the areas ki.

He sensed that raw power behind the punch, yet something more beyond the barrier of her ki. T'was an interesting find - made him ponder on if that was the reason Makoto's family resonated across the world. Even so, the next set of actions helped him realize how green these two were based on how the strike was deflected, as well as the inelegant punch that Karliah sent towards the other girls gut. If he still had lips, he would be forming an o with his mouth right now; the best he could do was let his jaw slightly drop as his orbs rolled around in his cranium.

Confirmation bias was traveling through every nook and bone in his body as he attempted to purge such thoughts as he observed the fight go on. Desperate explosions of ki lit up the area as the skeleton began circling his head once more, observing the vicinity as the rain began to pick up more and more. Along with that, he began to test the area, see if there were any fluctuations in ki...

... and by god were there. It was difficult to pin down due to everyone's energy, as well as the suddden explosions in the ring. However, he felt it - small traces of ki, coming from... somewhere, possibly outside of the ring. Despite it all, his jaw nearly detached once he began inferring where all this energy was foiling down into.

His eyes blinked out of existence for a millisecond before reappearing, much like the nearly undetectable ki... and why did it seem so familiar?

That thought was interrupted by a sudden explosion from the ring, tearing it to shreds. Returning his jaw to the original position, he saw the energy violently burst around him, tearing at every crag, precipice, lights, anything it could curl its claws about, molding and shaping new life... or was it bringing them from beyond?

Regardless, Aldous was already dettaching his head as soon as he saw the ground crack and crumble around him, watching as an oni began to instantly tear the pavement around them to shreds. The reaction as a simple one as he sent his own head flying over the oni as his body flew into one of the holes, following after the flying skull.

Even with the repositioning, there was another oni that he sawing eyeing him, winding up a strike to as a baseball player would do to a baseball with its large, spiky club that looked meshed together from the concrete, arena, and metal stands; a crude amalgamation of a cultural weapon.

Its too bad it wouldn't be that simple.

Emerging from the ground, Aldous's headless body instantly flew up from the ground, striking the stone oni's jaw with a ki-powered uppercut, causing the creature to stumble and double-back. Quickly as it came, Aldous's head descended back to the earth, only to be met with a bony hand clutching at his skull; he watched as the oni began recovering. Cracks formed on its face as stone pieces of its cheeks, nose, and even one eye and a part of its jaw came tumbling down, yet it looked unperturbed as the skeleton quickly reattached its head.

As soon as that was done, the necromancer brought up his fists, his jaw tightly compact and unmoving as the red orbs which floated straight in place. That's when he waited, studying what he could of the opponents hardened composure before he saw that club rise up, as well as his opponents fist cocked back. Utilizing this knowledge, he kept an eye on the right arm pointing the club to the skies above.

Once it came rushing down, he knew what he had to do next. Ducking to the left, Aldous watched as the club bashed the floor in front of him, spurting up dust and other debris in the process, but he put more focus on fancy footwork, moving into to make jabs and straights at the opponents exposed side. Once he saw the oni realize its plans failing, it abandoned the weapon, albeit temporarily from what he predicted, to try and slap the skeleton away with its backhand.

However Aldous charged up a glob of green, ethereal goo which sputtered and bubbled with a ghostly imitation of his head inside. Once the face was in clear view, he thrust his arms out, shooting the spectral sphere directly at its face. From the way it growled and clawed at its face, it was a success with more pieces flying off.

Dealing the final blow, Aldous back began to twist and turn in abnormal and inhuman way, hunching, cracking, ready to burst. Suddenly, in eruption of ki, his neck suddenly shot up like a bullet, smashing through what remained of the stone onis face before it tumbled backwards, falling to the ground, lifeless. Following that, the sounds of snapping happened, his body flying up to reconnect with his head as he landed on its remains.

Jumping off, the skeleton scanned around, trying to discern if the only person he interacted with was still in the vicinity, crushed, or elsewhere duking it out with these creatures. Of course, she spotted him faster than he expected, whipping his head behind him as he began charging up a spectral flare and throwing it into the crowd.

"I don't exactly understand what objective someone wishes to get out of an annual event, but to answer your question," he paused, splitting up his energy between holding out an arm with skeletal pieces slowly forming together, from the head, to the intercostals, to the tarsals and all, as well as staring off into the distance for a few seconds, scanning the area.

"... they are, yet they aren't oni," he finally said, finishing the formation of his skeleton before pointing out, commanding it to assist in the battle at hand. "These statues each have different ki signatures of varying levels, yet they all share a similarity of-"

Before he could even finish, he barely made out bellowing within the crowds and the sight of a metal man, clad in armor, as well as a tabard that was a mark of... the God's Hand. Aldous could only barely register the moment before ducking out of the way of the zealots fist, only to find that part of it had managed to damage a bit of his cheek due to its energy; he could practically feel the ki radiating off of it!

Despite this all, he ended up stumbling back as the place he somehow managed to strike began to form a crack, as well as cause bits of bone to tumble out; to make matters worse, an oni behind him attempted take advantage of the situation, swinging their katana to the side in an attempt to bisect him. Deftly, Aldous began to swiftly turn into a swarm of bones as he flew backwards, encapsulating a part of the oni temporarily as it became disoriented with the amounts of limbs, spines, patella's, books, a crown, and so on striking and smacking her.

Eventually, he appeared behind him, reforming into how he was before while charging an attack and blasting a hole through the onis weakened back with a spectral flare.

"A zealot out of all things?! Just wh- no," he spat as if uttering a hex, glancing over to the side at the woman in her stylish garb. While small pieces of his face missing was an obvious, his glowing red orbs were slit diagonally, similar to the way an ordinary human would furrow their brows.

"I'll explain the rest in full later Miss, right now we need a plan," he spoke with a guttural, yet light tone of voice as his head slowly twisted back to eye the armored maniac. His orbs slowly began to thin out, little by little before flying back to look in the direction of the now costumed woman.

"... which I could create in the span of a minute or two if I just had the oni's to deal with, not the oni's and a wretched zealot."

Fafnir Sigurd (@dragonmancer), Klara Grimolfdottir (@KaiserElectric), and Al Denton (@A Lowly Wretch)

The announcement, the cheering of the crowds... they were nothing more than white noise to Verga as she felt the drops of rain tap lightly against her own hardened cheeks, not even eroding it to a minuscule degree. Her breathing was still as the rain continued to pickup, blinking whenever a drop ever so slightly neared her eyes, blocking it with deftness as she frowned lightly. She stayed as motionless as a statue, ignoring the fight of desperation erupting in the arena.

At least, that's what she did until the sounds of cracking and different gasps of surprise turned into shouts of terror. The floor around her began to feel weak, shifting and crumbling as she deftly turned to stare right at the ground, only to find a large stone hand grasping at the pieces of the arenas flooring, now falling to pieces.

She could only launch herself back, pushing past and knocking over other nomads who were in her way, only to peer back to find a hand rising from the earth, ready to bash the side of her face out. Swiftly, she hopped back, only to be smashed across the top of her head with a bit of concrete as she turned in the debris direction.

Verga could only curse in spite of her inability to notice, let alone dodge in time, bearing her fangs with her hands being as rigid and clawed, aiming straight down at the ground. "I've gotten slow," were the only thoughts that echoed through her head as the world began to crumble around her.

Its too bad that she wasn't the one to follow. The world around her clawed hands began to fold inwards, swirling and gravitating toward that invisible center that tore the area around her, bring in detritus, rain, and one unlucky nomad swirling around the whirlpool of gravity. The stadium around her was reduced to nothing but ruin; she couldn't stay in the singularity - she had to move, and find the source of this affair.

Maneuvering to the ground, she continuously compressed and uncompressed the singularity, hovering and falling, ducking and weaving, at once becoming a rock plummeting and at another becoming a feather gliding amidst the storm, Verga eventually found herself back on solid footing. This was like her time out in the tundra, save that there were more carnivores running about this time around.

The first thought would of been to fight off the stone beasts, only to then cuss and grind her teeth, realizing that this situation wasn't one she could easily mow down like that bear. She saw the ki of these beasts and they encompassed this place, swirling, clawing, rebirthed from the very precipices and crags of this Earth.

Survival was at the top of her priorities as a stone oni attempted to bash her head in, only to have a new gaping hole in its chest, with Verga ducking beneath the creature with the same resting bitch face she always had. Pushing the corpse aside, she flew through the crowd, weaving, ducking, destroying, and fighting any oni she came across. It didn't look like there was any easy way to open up a path out as the moment she finished chopping off an oni's arm, another three replaced it.

Of course, as she was busy putting the heads of two onis out, a shout erupted across the stadium, enough to get her attention amongst the dust, rubble, screaming, and destruction. Her sharp eyes only flitted to what she presumed was an armored silhouette in the sky before it glided out of sight. She clicked her tongue with admonishment, ignoring the plight at first, only to ponder on if she could use this as a chance to escape or possibly seek the one responsible for this.

She sighed and decided to follow after him, not bothering to waste a technique as she wasted another oni, sometimes just flat out ignoring them and dodging their attacks, not bothering to even give them the time of day. As she did so, she reflected on who might be responsible for such a situation.

An Oni Chieftain was the first thing on her mind, but that was quickly forgone due to the simple fact that there were no oni's left in this world. Next was a Necromancer, which again didn't make much sense since they involved the undead... and the fact that she saw one blasting one to pieces just a second ago also dissolved that theory.

Eventually, after sprinting, thinking, and fighting, she found herself amongst the ranks of other nomads who were called to arms. Some she noticed right off the bat was the armored man who bellowed out to rally to him, a bland young man, and a large woman draped in blue, including a hood that obscured her entire face.

The moment she heard choke point was the moment she was ready to turn heel and go back to her own fighting to get out of here. A choke point in the midst of an arena... really? That stupid plan wasn't going to get them anywhere, let alone was going to find them the perpetrator of this whole mess. While the bland boy actually had a modicum of sense to him, Verga wasn't going to stick around to hear any more of his ramblings, especially since he decided to go along with this whole plan.

Right now, she had her own plans. Instead of waiting to try and hold a point that wouldn't last, Verga wordlessly dashed away from the other nomads, quickly dashing into the fray once more and holding her hands up against each other, and swiftly sliding one away as she blocked a club coming down on her in place, only to slide to the side and let the oni stumble for a second, recollecting itself. By the time it had another shot, Verga was gone in the wind, swiftly making her way until the clusters of stone oni's became too thick for her to penetrate or weave through.

Squinting her eyes, she held her arm out, hand shaped like a claw as the world began to pull into itself, dragging any oni or nomad into a myriad of colors as they swirled in place, stuck trying to navigate through the powers they found themselves motionless to as Verga stood at the epicenter of it all. It was a difficult task, just to stand there as oni and nomads meshed with the debris and rebars swirled around. It wasn't in her nature to wait...

... but if it got her one step closer to asphyxiating the one responsible for this mess, then she would impatiently wait for the chance.

Karliah Reis (@Darkmoon Angel), Makoto Kurokami (@Dead Cruiser), Bec Bonnaci (@stonestring), and Camilla Del Bosque (@KaiserElectric)

As attentive as he was, he had an idea over who to cheer for already - The Goddess of Battle (and beauty)! He had heard of Kurokami and her family... or rather, her grandfather. Clenching his fists in anticipation, he muscled someone over, giving them a mixture of a nasty glare and a cocksure smile which seemingly did the trick. As the other person rolled their eyes and moved over, he began recalling some of the older movies made about him and his feats.

To Katsuo, this dude was one of the original nomads, the dude that set the trends that popularized nomads... and if this was his granddaughter? Ohhhooo boy, he would love to learn more about her... in a totally wholesome way, yeah.

The rigid bow was enough to try and get him to lean just a bit over the arena, squinting to get a good glimpse of her gi. Of course, the girl in the hoodie bowed back down and put up a stance that made her look akin to an... orthodox stance? Peering past her fists, he noticed that she was pretty hot too.

While he saw glimmers of blonde hair, he noticed her harsh yet luscious green eyes and other feminine features that made his heart bounce. Katsuo kept his eyes locked on her as he continued peeking through her fists.

Eventually, the battle commenced, a duel that... was probably skewed towards the lovely Kuromaki. Rushing in was a rookie mistake, something he would never do as he pulled back, chuckling to himself as Karliah rushed forward. Despite this, he did keep a close eye on her body movements and how each action affected another portion...

Before wincing a bit and looking away the moment Kuromaki struck Karliah's leg, baring his teeth and grinding them in discomfort before pressing one hand against his own knee. Brutal... wouldn't want a cutie like her to get banged up that much... ugh, why was this world so cruel? Eventually, he was able to bring himself back to the battle as soon as the wails of pain died down.

As the match went on, Katsuo seemed to get more and more into the battle between both ladies, judging by the way his eyes were glued to the stadium and both opponents. If one went about comparing him to a wide eyed child in a candy store, there would be no discernible difference between the two... after all, both of them were eating up the candy with a large smile on their faces.

Eventually though, there came the all out attacks! All or nothing! This was the stuff that defined the movies! The final blow where both the nomad and the villain struck each other with dead silence following! Katsuo was practically beaming at this point... before obscuring his own eyes, closing them as stone and dust flew from the arena itself...

... followed by more rumbling going on around him as more fissures formed on the ground. What the hell?! Was this the outcome of their final attack?! All the color from Katsuo's face slowly began to drain. It wasn't long before he was staring in horror at the earth below him, yelping as he fell back, bumping into another nomad, who seemed to be faring worse than him. Crumpling on top of him, Katsuo rubbed his hair, brushing away any dust from his eyes as he grit his teeth, confused at the screaming that permeated the arena.

When he opened them, it was... difficult to make out the world around him as his heart began pounding. Of course, a shiver went down his spine and eventually, he was as pale as a ghost when he caught a glimpse of the... stone demon overlooking him with piercing, cold blue glare. In combination with the other nomad pushing him off, as well as the forcibly scrambling off.

Now on his hands and knees, Katsuo witness something that made his mouth go dry and every bone in his body tremble - the sound of that nomad yelping in primal terror as a terrible cracking sound echoed from the poor saps abdomen. Pleading whispers were the only thing he could hear as the swordsman began to fearfully back away as blood leaked from their body, only to witness an explosion of blood coating the ground around him, with bits of blood and flesh splattering on his face as the demon.. no, no, oni, they looked like oni...

It didn't matter what they were... all that mattered to it what it was about to do as it delivered the coup de grace to that other nomads head.

Scrambling up, he only had so little amount of time to draw his sword, trembling a bit as the oni turned to face him. He felt that glare weigh down on him as it slowly began to face the boy, stoically grasping its club. Come on Katsuo, what would Guts do?! He would brave this shit and kick everyones ass!

Baring his teeth and furrowing his brows, he put on a bravado, returning his own glare towards the creature as it began to raise its weapon up. Within those few seconds, Katsuo took in a deep breath as he closed his eyes, letting his energy gather in the blade. As the swordsman did so, his weapon began to glow a deathly shade of crimson; with it powering up, Katsuo pressed his palm against the fuller of his blade as the beast swung at him.

... and with fierce determination, Katsuo swung the sword at it, shoving the spiked weapon off to the side, causing the oni to stumble a bit. This gave him that chance to strike as he lunged forward, swiping his sword like a baseball bat at the thing, leaving a nice chunk of it missing as it stumbled back a bit, attempting to regain his composure.

This fearsome hero would of gone in to beat it down!... if not for the panic around him as other battles transpired, with people bumping into him, causing the swordsman to be imbalanced... not to mention the ringing in his ears as a result of the gunfire... he could only ponder over how those two ladies were doing as he rolled to the side, grunting in pain a another oni smashed the spot where he was last standing on, only to crash into another oni...

Eyes widened as he peeked over his shoulder for a split second, only to pivot around with a horrified expression on his face as he brought his sword up to block once again. As much as Katsuo wanted to try and protect himself, the fact that he bumbled up a bit gave the stone oni enough time to smash its makeshift club into his sword with staggering force. The swordsman couldn't help but hiss and grunt in pain as the fuller slapped back right into him, causing him to fly back a foot before careening backwards, crashing into another nomad.

As if that wasn't enough, the nomad he slammed into was met with a bone cracking strike to the side, causing the boy to be on the receiving end as well. The pain surged through his abdomen as he let out a reverberating cry as he crashed to the side as his howls were lost to the myriads of others scrounging to survive.

Katsuo was barely holding onto his blade as he grit his teeth, trembling as he pressed his palm against the fuller, pushing himself up. He could only shallowly breathe in and out as the hurricane of events unfolded around him as he watched stony feet smash down by him, hustling as if to keep up the efficiency of their brutality. "... I... was almost trampled over."

He was wide eyed only for a brief second before closing them as a reaction to the dust kicked up into his eyes. Grunting to himself, he slowly opened one pupil up to find that he was staring up into the sounds, listening to the grunts and battle cries be replaced with a mixture of gurgling anguish and shattering stone crumbling to the ground beside him.

Other than flinching as soon as an unanimated face of the stony creatures fell in front of him, Katsuo stared straight up to barely make out that the cute girl from earlier was duking it out with another stone oni. What he didn't expect was for the lady to put a god damn hole through its chest before crumpling to her knees. Blinking to avoid getting dust into his eyes, Katsuo knew this was his time to shine!

Pressing his hands onto the fuller, the nomad slowly began to rise, his arms wobbling a bit like jello as he sucked in a bit of air, only to cough a bit when he breathed in some dust. Eventually, great-sword in hand, he stumbled to his feet, staggering about as he began to regain what little composure he had. Looking up, he tightly grasped his blade with two of his hands before utilizing his nomad abilities to hop into the stands, albeit nearly tumbling over.

Once he was there, he slowly began lurching over to the lovely lady of a fighter, eyes shifting anxiously from one angle to the next as the chaos continued to shroud the arena with dust and demise. While he was hoping no one would take notice of someone not being completely down and out, he saw some piercing eyes peering through the fog of war.

It shifted and shambled, coming into nearly full view of the boy and girl, with a club raised high above its head, ready to deliver the coup de grace to Karliah. This situation, while not so hot, could help portray some of his prowess as he rushed forth, holding up the fuller to block the attack in front of the girl. The clash of metal resisting concrete was music to his ears as he held back the assault of the stone oni quite easily, not even breaking a sweat despite his shaking limbs.

Turning his head away, he gave a cocksure grin to the woman which was followed by a wink and a comment, "Need some assis- AUGH!" Of course, before he could get his one liner out he felt another weapon clang against his blade, this time an oni with a naginata! There was a bit of pressure there with him starting to falter, but this was nothing, right?

... it was only made worse when another weapon crashed against his blade as he began staring down three onis, their glowing blue eyes filled with killing intent. He could handle one, possibly two, but three? Three was pushing it - literally too! Katsuo couldn't help but try to dig his heels into the stands, being forced downwards, the more and more pressure they applied to him.

He winced as he frantically looked around, closing one eye to avoid getting any dust into it, as well as brandishing a canine. His arms were now wobbling more than ever, almost ready to give out any second... fuck... he didn't want to shout for help! This was supposed to be his big chance, his huge moment to shine!

He couldn't just suck it up and ask for help, right?

"GHHHUGGGHUUH," he tried to push back, only to be met back with an equally tremendous force. No matter how much he tried fighting against the tide, he was unable to turn it to his favor. Clenching his teeth, he hissed and growled, still giving no quarter, still attempting to win this fight through sheer strength.


... but in the end, he couldn't.

"HEY, COULD SOMEONE HELP US OUT HERE," he shouted out desperately into the crowds, against his better judgement and pride.

... ugh, he couldn't help but shake his head as a result of his actions, feeling like a small part of him cracked from under the pressure. This wasn't what a nomad was, desperately whining to someone else to bail them out! Sweat was pouring from his temple as his breathing continued to become more rapid as time went on, his arms slowly trembling more and more.

While he was semi-pissed at his actions, it wasn't like he had another choice - after all, the moment his defenses were completely chipped away, he and this girl were going to die.
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Aurel Fuchs and Snow Iclyn

Location:: The Main Gate
Interactions Between:: The Ice Queen (@addamas) and The Listless Phantom (@Savo)

Step by step, slowly as possible, Aurel traversed farther and farther away, passing by some guy with a guitar. The thief didn't really feel like giving him the time day, only briefly gazing at the musician with the tilt of his head before moving forward. He didn't bother looking back, a small shudder shooting down his spine as he heard the lady with white hair forcibly demand answers, causing him to tightly clench his fists till the point of discomfort.

But before he took another step, he plainly stopped, here and there; it was as if sweet nectar of answers poured into his ears as the large guy approached the duo, making a certain claim over going to a specific school, namely Hope's Peak. His jaw dropped, his throat straining to say something before quickly ducking behind one of the buildings, the thief's eyes not even leaving his targets for a second as he peered from his spot.

Blinking, his lips curled slightly into a frown as he stared at the trio of teenagers, ears perked and ready to absorb any more information that escaped their lips. The only thing he got out of it all was that the irritated ponytail boy was known as Taka Tsuin and that the unpleasant girl with a table leg also was heading to Hopes Peak.

Now he could definitely confirm that this was no coincidence that he and guitar boy were just ultimates; the other girl was too, which meant the irked short boy was also an ultimate as well... at this point, it wouldn't be hard to guess that if he walked into another person, they would also be like him as well...

Either that or they were captors, just as the ice queen said, making him press his back hard into the building, slowly letting his fists flow free before clenching an invisible stress ball once more. It wouldn't be hard to guess that the first thing she would do if she ran into him was bash his head in and he preferred not to stir up the crowd and preemptively ran back onto the path before dashing down it while they were still busy.

It didn't take a very long time as he breathlessly slowed down to a jog as he reached a fork in the road; one path lead straight down to some different buildings with a rather large office that looked rather out of place at the end... it looked to fit more in an urban setting which caused Aurel to raise an eyebrow and squinted damningly at the place. Why was something like this there?

Before he decided to investigate the peculiar office, there was something more curious to study.

The gate.

Pivoting around, his eyes drifted around the gate, studying each portion of it. To be frank, it reminded him of one of the gates you would see at a prison - difficult, but not impossible to climb... except he was not touching that gate. As soon as the thief heard the sizzle and crackle of the gate, he flinched back a bit, wincing a bit while looking to the side.

He wasn't cracking the code, no doubt about that as he somberly stared over at the control pad. If the gate was lined with electricity, then...

Suddenly, his ears perked up, no different than a deer listening for a predator. Whipping his head, he noticed someone walking down the beaten path he just traversed. Eyes widened as he saw who it was - the ice queen with her weapon of choice. Unblinkingly, he stood still, no different than a deer in the headlights. The only thing that moved with the lady was his own eyes, carefully calculating her every step and how long until she would arrive.

Despite trying to walk elegantly, Snow's movements clearly indicated signs of someone who's in a foul mood; the expression on her face equally as agitated. If Aurel wasn't hiding in plain sight and Snow spotted him, she might have turned around immediately, but it looked like she was too busy with her thoughts to care either way.

It didn't take Snow long to reach Aurel...and walk straight past him to the gate, it was unclear whether she was unaware of his presence, or simply ignoring him. Her march stopped in front of the keypad, the puzzled look on her face a clear indicator of what she was thinking of before pressing a few success. Then, her eyes shifted towards the gate itself; as she took a few steps towards the center of the road, she lifted her free hand and reached out for the fence.

As the woman completely ignored, or missed him, the tense, rigid stone statue that Aurel had become began to erode away. A soft sigh permeated the air around his lips as he quietly sucked in more air as his arms became slack to his sides. Rubbing the back of his head, he turned once more to study the contraption, pondering on a few possibilities as he lifted a hand to his mouth, chewing away at his finger.

His head shifted towards the offices down the road, albeit briefly pondering on attempting to break into that... wonder if there was any makeshift things around here he could substitute as lockpicks?

That train of thought didn't last long as the sounds of clicking around the fence invaded his mind; no doubt that the ice queen was attempting to crack the code... or try something as Aurel returned to focusing on the fence. Of course, this little lady was going to continuously distract him with her "antic," one of which caused his ayes to widen in insurmountable terror as his jaw tightened.

Instead of analyzing situations, he was more busy rushing forward to keep this girl from electrocuting herself! The thief's arm shot out like a bullet, latching onto the girls arm that was reaching for the friggin' gate with a tight, blood-stopping, iron grip. Following that, he quickly yanked the white haired woman away with a "disgruntled," stony look on his face.

Despite the rescue, he braced himself over what would happen next as he stumbled back with the girl, his other arm hanging a bit back as his fingers rhythmically moved back and forth, akin to the way a spider would walk.

Suffice it to say, Snow was not amused by the combination of being jump scared, touched, and thrown in the span of a second. If she didn't know any better, she'd think she was being assaulted; but because the assailant was so quiet, it looked more like an assassination than anything. Yet surrendering to death was not in Snow's library of options, so she thought the best way to defeat this problem, was by flailing the table leg at Aurel with no control whatsoever.

That was to be... expected. The first swing went wide to the side, nearly hitting him as he felt a weak whiff of air pass by his face. The next one almost actually got him, forcing him to deftly, duck, causing him to wince and frown as he tumbled back more with the girl due to how sudden the ducking was. The next swing was the perfect time to strike however; with a glint in his eye, his arm shot out like a bullet, nimbly plucking the wooden leg from the girls hands. A small sigh escaped his lips as he slowed down to a halt when moving back, looking back up at the weapon he was holding high in the air.

If no one actually knew any better, it would almost look like he was the one that was assaulting the girl... well, it was better than her almost hitting him as the only thing he could feel were the whiffs of air that brushed passed his face as the ice queen tried to... scare him off. Of course, he would of normally flinched from the attempted hits at him, but he turned to face the girl before staring off to the side.

It appeared that he was gazing somewhere else, yet he had a stone cold face, as well as a frown. Only one question escaped Aurel's smooth, yet callous sounding voice as he addressed the girl.

"... do you want to die?"

That question made Snow's body feel a hundred pounds heavier. It was obvious from the expression of the boy and the tone of his voice; he was ready to kill her. That combined with his ability to easily catch her off guard and dodge all her blows managed to scare Snow a bit. Almost enough to break her now fragile barrier of confidence. How embarrassing, this human was actually outclassing Snow.

"Who's asking?" She spoke as if nothing happened, and simply scoffed at Aurel.

Aurel closed his eyes for a second, huffing back and shaking his head off to the side as a response. Without missing a beat, Aurel turned his head to finally face her; the way he looked at the ice queen was if she was transparent and was looking through her. His formerly hardened vision softened just a bit as he raised his arm higher and higher into the air.

... and with out warning, he did it.

The thief swung his arm by the woman's face, caused a small gust of wind to pass by her cheeks. As his arm came down, the chunk of wood left his hands as he tossed it at the fence. Suddenly, it crackled to life as a sizzling sound permeated the air. Looking behind her, he frowned and eyed the wood as it crinkled and crumbled into black debris within the span of two seconds before falling to the ground.

Aurel just sighed, acting completely unfazed by the turn of events as his heart stirred a bit.

"Someone who knows that touching electric gates is a stupid idea," he spoke flatly as his iron wrought grip around the girls wrist was released with the end of that demonstration. Looking at the trees to the side, his hardened face now appeared relaxed, almost bored as he crossed his arms and rapped his fingers across his skin.

As hard as she tried to remain calm, as soon as that table leg was heading for her head, she unconsciously yelped. Only seconds later did she open her eyes, hearing the crackling noises from behind her. Her eyes widened upon seeing the now charred piece of wood, but narrowed when looking back towards Aurel. He was lecturing her, and he was right; that frustrated Snow immensely. But then again, if he was this competent, then maybe he could be of use. But still...

"I-I knew that, I don't need someone like you to tell me what to do." She obnoxiously said with her arms folded. "But since you figured it out too, I'll let it slide. Now..." Snow started walking towards Aurel, only stopping until after she invaded his privacy. "Today is your first day attending Hope's Peak. You get out of bed, brush your teeth, and eat your meal." She said as she started circling around Aurel. "Whatever talent you had, they wanted, and now you're in front of their main building. But suddenly!" She stood behind Aurel now. "You wake up in this place with no memory of how you've gotten here. You get up, start exploring, and then you meet me." And with that she stood in front of him again. "Did I get that right?"

As soon as Aurel saw the girl striding towards him, he slowly began to slide his left leg back, scraping the ball of he shoe against the ground as if there was a heavy weight attached to it. He slightly angled his head to squint at her, his arms becoming rigid as his now opened fingers readied themselves to snatch something to try and throw the girl off guard, if she tried anything on him.

Of course, as soon as the ice queen got straight up to his voice, he silently uttered one thing, "personal space."

That was followed up by her slowly circling him, like a hawk or a vulture as she listed off myriads of generic things that he might of done in preparation for this whole trip. Aurel always avoided eye contact with her, swinging his head in another direction when their eyes would almost meet, keeping a soft frown as his arms began to loosen up. Sighing, he closed his eyes before placing his hands behind his head and stretching.

"Rather perceptive for someone who almost electrocuted themselves," he grumbled as he let some of his guard down, huffing as she correctly assumed most of what he did.

Regardless, that's the gist of it, save that I passed by you and those two Ultimate's you were conversing with," he nodded, taking in a breath of crisp air, almost fresh air that was diluted by the dissipating smell of cooked wood. "At least, I'm assuming you three were all Ultimates too based on the way you spoke," he brought a finger to his lip, tapping at the flesh before chewing on it.

"Taka Tsuin, the Ultimate Guitarist or Musician I'm guessing, and then there's you," he released his finger, pivoting slightly around to point at the frilly looking, yet harsh woman.

"... what's your name and talent anyways," Aurel said in a mellow tone, seemingly looking past the girl again with a flat stare.

Snow looked to her side, seemingly in thought, before Aurel's questions caught her attention again. She looked at him with suspicion shortly before finally relaxing a bit.

"Snow...I'm-" The sudden activation and subsequent announcement from a mysterious figure interrupted her. After listening to it intently, she lifted her arm to twist a strand of hair around the index finger. Whatever crazy scheme they had planned, it was definitely a trap; and yet not showing up wasn't allowed either; quite a dilemma.

"Know that voice?" she asked, her undertone still slightly dismissive.

Just before he could get a full answer, one of the... screens? What the hell, there was a screen attached to one of the buildings, which was rather out of place, more so than the office-like buildings placed near them. He turned his attention to it, only to find an unfocused silhouette on the screen. He winced, raising both of his hands up to cover his ears, slightly cringing away from the screen as a squeaky, nasally, annoying voice made their announcement.

Aurel was able to power past it for the most part, listening to the best of his abilities over what the he or she was say. Once it was over, the thief let out an exasperated sigh as his arms slumped weakly down to his sides. Honestly, he was glad to hear Snow's voice again over that high pitched sound, as harsh and irritated hers sounded.

"No... and I'm gonna pray that 'voice' was just a voice changer, jeez," he groaned, rubbing the side of his head as he winced.

But regardless, while this obviously seemed like a trap, it could also be as it said on the tin - what's going on here and how to get out. He tightly clenched his fists for a moment, raising one of his clenched hands to chew on an index finger. Eyeing the environment for a few seconds as if the green heralded some sort of answer, a small huff escaped his lips as he held his head in place with a hand.

"... regardless, maybe we should go see what this person has to say to us," he monotonously spoke, but not before raising up a finger. "But, we figure out a way to stay outta sight if this is some sorta trap... how does that sound... Snow," he whisper the latter portion as he looked along the trail they hadn't traversed down that did not lead to a huge looking office complex.

It seemed like Aurel had a bright idea once more; perhaps having him tag along wouldn't be as bothersome as Snow initially thought. His calm attitude and low amount of speech suited her as well...yes he would make a great assistant. As soon as Aurel finished his words, Snow started walking down the road towards the theater.

"Have you found the amphitheater already?" she said, her gaze still locked on the road.

As soon as she turned to leave, Aurel followed suit along side Snow, keeping his own eyes locked on the road. He... assumed that this would be a much quieter trip as his eyes drifted around, analyzing the area about for a brief moment before the woman caught his ear. Faintly rolling his head to the girl, he placed both of his hands into his pockets, fidgeting with the nothingness as he plainly shook his head.

"No; I've only been two places so far," Aurel murmured, retrieving a hand from his pocket, shaping it up to be a V. "The gate and the bathroom I woke up in," hmm, that did make him think of a few things, namely how many people there were here.

Tracing the air briefly, he pulled his hand back into his pocket before his own eyes began outlining the fence, tracing each portion out as he pursed his lips temporarily.

"Sixteen," Aurel suddenly blurted out, albeit softly, turning his head to firmly focus on Snow. "I'm guessing there are sixteen of us Ultimate's here in total based on how many stalls there are in the bathroom," Aurel pulled out a hand, tapping the side of his cheek as he shivered a bit as a crisp wind brushed over his shoulders.

"I see." Snow lowered her pace until she was walking right next to Aurel. "I want to have an advantage over them, tell me your name," She prudely commanded, looking him in the eyes. "Your talent as well."

The eye contact Aurel met with Snow only lasted for a second before he instantaneously broke away from it, hands becoming more agitated as his fingers fidgeted around very noticeably in his pockets. He frowned, looking to the side with a faint blushing tinge coating his face as he stared back onto the trail and blinked for a bit. While the thought permeated his brain over an "advantage," he didn't know what to make of it all...

While suspicious... well...

"Aurel... Aurel Fuchs," he muttered, unable to deny his name since she did politely introduce herself... surprisingly based on what happened back near those storage sheds, or whatever. He slowly began to stop playing around with the nothingness in his pocket as he looked up for a moment, tilting his head to look over at the girl.

His mouth opened for a moment before he slowly bit down on his bottom lip, looking in the opposite direction of Snow. The fidgeting began to start up again as indents and small hills formed in his pant pockets again. For a moment, he went silent, hesitating to speak out. He bit down harder to the point where if he did it even further, his lip would probably bleed.

With a small sigh, he gulped and looked down before hoarsely murmuring his "talent."

"... I'm the... the Ultimate Thief..."

With that said and done, it felt like his heart was going to burst out of his chest saying that, steadily bring his head back up, no longer staring at the dull, dirt path. "... wh-what's your talent?"

Slowly but surely, the ice queen finally cracked a smile, although it was a bit sinister looking. She gave him a short glance before returning her now soft expression to the road ahead.

"Ultimate hair-stylist." She looked at Aurel again, but this time with an annoyed frown. "You're an idiot, telling me your name and talent." Her gaze pressured Aurel as if she was pushing him to the ground with sheer will, yet their was no malicious intent behind it. "But you will not be telling anyone else, not until they can be trusted." As soon as the words left her mouth, she removed Aurel from her attention completely.

A small, minuscule, unnoticeable flinch was how reacted to her calling him an idiot for revealing some information over his name and talent... hm. Unblinkingly gazing down at the ground, he pursed his lips for a moment, pressing a finger onto his chin and slowly tapping it upwards as he steadily began turning his head away from Snow. Eventually, the tapping stopped.

Instead, he now was pointing a weak finger gun at Snow that was more on the accusatory end. "You just told me your name and talent as well Snow," he murmured, rolling his head ever so slightly like a pendulum before focusing down on the hairstylists neatly organized snow white hair. Huffing through his nose like a bull, his eyes looked off to the side for a brief second, then back.

“If I were you, I would stay clear of anyone you come across, they’re more likely our captors than captives... I think that's what you said when speaking with them, right," his voice was wispy; rather than asking, it sounded more like he was musing on something as he went on, becoming silent as he studied her hair again, squinting as he traced each portion, searching for an answer to a question he didn't ask yet.

"I'll stay silent, but..." Aurel slowly pulled away his finger from the ice queen, sluggishly drawing out the way he moved his arm away, as if to emphasize the point, before eventually placing his index finger on his chest.

"Why trust me?"

"Because-" A slightly confused look appeared as Snow had no clue how to answer that. She had relied on nobody other than herself for so long, it was nigh impossible to even consider leaning on others. And now this kid wanted her to ask why she trusted him. It took her quite a while to come up with a response, her cheeks turning brighter shades of red with each passing second, until finally:

"You didn't harm me...when I attacked you." her Embarrassed eyes darted between Aurel and the road ahead; she clearly wasn't used to these talks.

Looking over, he noticed the glowing redness in her cheeks; at this rate she - no, they would both become tomatoes at this point as Aurel quickly turned to look away. His lip was trembling a bit as he thought of a way to respond to this, but no, his head was becoming a wee too clouded at this point. Eventually, though, he did smile a bit to no one in particular, confiding in himself, at least for now anyways.

For all the way he observed the way she acted earlier around those two, this was... somewhat pleasant.

"... er, well, you were acting in self defense anyways, a-and," he slightly revolved his head stuttering a bit along the ways. His visage was much more visible now with a small glimmer of a grin painted upon his lips, his 'cool' exterior softening just a bit. "... and I never intended to s-see you hurt, either through my reaction or the f-fence..."

Clasping both of his hands together as if praying, he hoisted the two to the ground as he began fidgeting about, unable to say anything else as he took quick glimpses around, trying to take the subject elsewhere.

"... uh, h-hey, I think we might nearly be here," Aurel spoke up, jabbing a hand in the direction of a stone structure, nearly ivory in color if not for the discoloration of gray and such here and there. The structure looked to tower above even the buildings he saw earlier, probably going up two stories if he had to guess. Of course, that was accompanied by a stage as well with the same types of hues and shades.

Pausing, he moved an arm to point out where they needed to go, thrusting his finger back and forth as he began deviating from the path, looking back to see if she was following after him. While looking back, he mouthed the words "slowly" to her, motioning for her to keep close to him.

Although Snow usually wouldn't stand for anyone ordering her around, the present situation completely had Snow's attention. She was closely following Aurel's footsteps, occasionally nearly tripping while trying to keep up. As soon as she spotted people, she tugged on Aurel's shirt, her expression a mixture of caution and curiosity.

"We know that boy, he's the one I first saw when I woke up." Snow was trying her hardest to observe what was going on, it seemed like Taka was talking to a girl; but it was too far away to see the details or hear anything. "Those four look our age, they must be a few of the kidnapped kids too."

Squinting, Aurel nodded as he saw the ponytailed boy converse with a girl who looked to be draped from head to toe with clothes that were inky black and less modest than Snow. He couldn't tell much outside of their general stances and what they were wearing, but he was guessing they were breaking the ice rather well...

Other than that, he could guess how Taka got there as he began shifting, slower and slower. Once they were close enough to the stony wall, the thief retracted his focus back as he began reaching out towards it, pressing his hand against the stands. Cold and coarse were two ways to describe it as he gingerly ran his fingers across the semi-chapped rock.

Alright, so he could stay out of sight just by standing still, but Snow was another thing... before he could even concern himself with getting the scoop on whether or not anyone else was there, he began analyzing the area around him. For one, there were a multitude of trees facing away from the back of the theater, as well as a few bushes and other foliage scattered about. Instantly, he spotted it, his eyes lighting up as he slid towards the bush that was hugging up against the amphitheater wall.

The leaflets didn't look to be clustered in three, as well as other factors such as lack of being "hairy" as a descriptor. Sighing slightly, he did his best to silently remove any sort of branches, leaves, and vines, making a small opening Snow could slide into temporarily, whilst allowing her to keep her head poked out. While this did cause some rustling in the process, it was masked by the crisp and windy air which caused other plants to rustle alongside it, camouflaging the sound.

Crouching into the bush, Aurel looked over to Snow and began to airily whisper to Snow. "Crouch in here," he exited the bush, slowly crouching to peek around the corner of the stadium. "... I'll give you some updates on who shows up, alright? Just try your best to stay inconspicuous," he murmured, holding up a thumbs up for a brief second before steadily inching his head around the stands to study anyone who decided to meander into his sight lines...

The only thing noteworthy anyone would be able to see would be a part of his goggles, white hair, and his eyes... if anyone was able to spot him at all.

"I'm not hiding in that bush, no way." Even though her disgusted look wasn't aimed at Aurel, there was no denying the words. She was too pretty, her dress too delicate, to stain it with dirt and grass marks. She'd rather reveal herself than crawl on the ground. But luckily there was a nice big tree sitting right next to the bush, just the right size to hide Snow. At that distance, the two could clearly hear what everyone at the theater was saying, so whenever the announcement would play, it would also reach their ears.
Cyril Parjure

Location:: Robinsend
Interacting With:: Illedrith (@Lord SawSaw2)

Cyril kept a smile formed on his face, giving a rather shallow nod as he eyed the older fellow; the crisp air was a bit sharp, but it didn't really bother the magi as he took one step forward. The clockworks were already cranking in the back of his mind, a blink becoming no more than a pendulum swing as his eyes shifted from one part of the tiered town to the next.

The village had all the basic assortments, ranging from meat or vegetables being sold at your usual market stalls with a few colorful emporiums sticking out like a sore thumb amongst the others. The minstrels eyes were unusually focused on the trinkets and doodads at these stands or seemingly conspicuous shops which had a rather large dosage of people gathered around them.

Suddenly, that grin he was brandishing earlier began to change and unfurl into a frown as he unblinkingly glared at the shops. Some look acceptably trusting whilst others looked to be thrown up over night despite how "uppity" and "professional" the stand looked. Nothing more than a footnote for who to avoid when investigating the premise, especially since they were just trying to cash in for some quick gems.

There really wasn't anything else to note of other than how one portion of the town appeared unfinished, so without anything else to observe and analyze, he went on with the rest of the group. There were a few things settling within the confines of his mind, things the mayor spoke about; caused him to obscure his lips with a curled finger as he frowned. His eyes changed between each group member rather briskly before settling back on the old man.

The mayor spoke about lodgings below, but something nagged at him that this wasn't the type of "dragon" that spewed out copious amounts of fire to the point where a wildfire would look like the embers of a dying flame, oh no. Despite this, he gave a shallow nod to the man, arranging the pieces of a puzzle in his head, searching for the parts that were missing from the mix. Lightly tapping his lips, he his ears perked up at the sound of him preparing to answer his and Ceri's questions. His eyes focused hard on the man once he said those words "to answer their questions," not daring to take them off him for even a second.

Despite the words he spoke over the "dragon" lacking attack patterns, there was something the man said earlier that lent some credence to there being a pattern, as jumbled was it was - it went for the food stock, seemingly acting as if it was nothing more than an animal. While peculiar, hm...

The next two answers he gave were pretty good, in regards to how long this has been going on, as well as the groups disappearing without a trace in the next few days. While the latter portion shot a sharp shiver through his spine, he nevertheless maintained his composure. A month ago, exclusively attack their farm animals, and the facet that every group who came here vanished into thin air...

Even if it was a month ago, dragons were monstrous beings that could possibly topple any sort of infrastructure in the blink of an eye without the work of people coordinating to bring it down. Cyril softly tapped his lips, gazing over at the door for a moment, recalling the structures outside; wouldn't even be a footnote if the "dragon" decided to bring this whole place down.

So why a month?

Moreover there were other questions floating around in his head, one more macabre than the others that would be saved for when after Mis was finished with her own. He smiled a bit, affirming with a spirited nod, despite his rather worn out appearance. As their fearless leader continued to chat, Cyril was already at work, preparing for the next day as he discreetly formed two small, separate pieces of red string in his right hand.

Fibers extended from his fingertips, thin and nearly invisible to the common observer, bending inwards to grasp at one of the red pieces, gingery tying it around his ring finger. Flexing his fingers, he steadily drifted towards Mis, looking almost ready to pounce on her like a panther to its prey until suddenly both of his hands lunged at one of Illedrith's plated gauntlets.

"Weeeeelll, looks like I know who I'm grouping up with tomorrow," he said with a large catlike grin, looking down at the redheaded knightess as he quickly weaved his way through her hands, no different than an expert craftsman or weaver who measured someone for clothes or armor. Despite his actions, his voice was more matter-of-fact; Cyril's eyes also betrayed a sense of business as there was no twinkle in his eyes - only humorless, dull rubies rested in their sockets.

"Alright, so Illedrith," the sound of Cyril's voice penetrated the woman's head as he finished tying the knot. "Gonna be frank when I say this, but I highly doubt that there is any sort of dragon based on what I've picked up. Dragons are usually powerful creatures and when you study the town, as well as compare the time when these attacks started, then this town would of been reduced to nothing but ruins long ago."

Chuckling, he backed away from the lady, giving her a small wink as he took his place at the mirror knight's side, placing a hand on his hip as he brightly beamed at the mayor. "I have a few more questions for the mayor, so when he's done showing us our lodgings, I'll head back here and give you updates as things go along. Moreover, I'll start preparing more copies of me; I know its our first day here, but considering those other groups, well... mmm, try to stay on guard..."

"... ah and one more thing - could you talk to Kage and explain to me her abilities? I've only heard she can 'command the shadows' or something, but she... absolutely refuses to interact with me... Honestly, the way she acts makes me feel like I'm some sort of contaminated individual; rather irritating, consider the mission we're on,"
his shoulders weakly slumped as he tilted his head to briefly look over at Mis.

"I understand that's more of a 'me' problem, but communication between all of us is crucial for the success of the mission... that and the fact that it's best to have an idea for our groups, so yeah."
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