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Alright, so, Nightmare's dead.

He's been gone for a couple of weeks and I can't contact him through discord so unless he comes out of his coma, it seems the RP as originally planned isn't gonna happen.

That being said, if all of you are still interested in doing so, we can continue the RP where we left off. Let me know if you guys want to if so.

As far as the RP itself, I was recommended to GM it, since Nightmare made me Co-GM. I’m down to do it in theory, but I’m not confident that I'll be able to consistently keep up with it. If any of you would like to take the reins so to speak, I invite you to do so, though considering that we’ll probably need a new thread anyway, it may just be better to ditch the RP altogether and post alternate RPs here. I have some ideas for keeping the broader premise of reincarnators intact, so let me know what you guys think of the matter, and what you guys want to do from here.
The salty ocean air and the bright, shining sun really accentuated the "vacation" vibe, as if the cruise ship itself wasn't cloyingly emblematic of it already. Sean hadn't taken a single step on it before he already felt like a tourist. All he needed was an Alolan shirt and a selfie stick and he could probably go around pretending he got on the wrong ship. Maybe that's just an overly neurotic way of thinking, considering that applies to most people, if not everyone, but he can't shake the feeling of not belonging here. He supposes he should just let loose and enjoy himself, it's just that the prospect of upcoming pokemon battles put him in a pessimistic mood.

For the time being, Sean's mostly been sequestered in his cabin, playing with the berry pots he brought along. It might be a bit excessive to have so many on hand as to justify carrying around a berry pouch, but he figures he should get them ready for whatever the heck the tournament's "creator" has planned. From the sounds of things, he's expected to fill out an entire team of pokemon, so keeping up a supply for any possibility will probably go a long way. After all, if a new pokemon has the same tastes as one of his, he’ll need double the berries to feed and train them. He knows this because his Vibrava has mostly the same tastes as him and Watmel berries grow frustratingly slowly. Magost berries are easier to sustain on short notice, but it's just not the same.

God, Custap berries are the greatest, but why do they have to be so rare? Hopefully, this "Bigang region" has as much variety in its berries as it does its pokemon. As impressive as Sean's collection is, he's still missing a few. He's at the point where he's tried hunting down mirages that supposedly contain them, but the distance and constant threat of bad weather makes it hard to meaningfully search the Hoenn triangle.

In any case, Sean can't stay in his cabin suite for the entire trip, so when he's satisfied with his supply, he ventures out onto the deck in search of… well, he's not sure, fresh air? Kinda redundant, really, but stretching his legs out is nice, and the sky is bright and clear, as if the air was locked into a state of serenity. In the distance, he could make out the early vestiges of the Bigang region slowly coming into view. Without anywhere to be, he leans on the railing of the ship's bow and stares off into the distance as thoughts of the future and its troubles flood his mind. What trainers he'll meet, what pokemon he'll catch, and just how dangerous it might be to tangle with other reincarnators. Perhaps most of all, just what kind of a rich dandy would have the time and resources to be able to track down so many reincarnators just to host some hoity-toity tournament. Gotta wonder how it's going to be monetized, or maybe they're just one of those creepy fanatics looking for the right… candidate. The more he thinks about it, the more his uncertainty grows.

Sean's taken out of his thoughts by the ship captain announcing the visibility of the upcoming landmass. It's not a terribly good view yet but it's become more than just a tiny speck on the horizon. The announcement no doubt heralds the arrival of others, and he's not sure whether he wants to stick around for that or not. His indecisiveness decides for him as he lets himself get distracted by distant Wingull and other tiny, colorful specks dotting the coast; pokemon he can only guess at, pokemon he's never seen for himself before, and perhaps pokemon he'll become the best of friends with. In spite of any apprehension he has, there's something unshakably wistful about the adventures of a pokemon trainer.
Name: Sean
Age: 21
Legendary: Shaymin
Legendary moves: Magical Leaf, Synthesis, Sweet Scent, Natural Gift
Legendary powers:
-Sean is capable of absorbing pollutants (anything short of clean air counts, such as kicked up dust) and purifying it into water and light. While the pollutants are absorbed, his hair turns black. It can be kept that way for quite a long time, though if he deliberately holds it in, he'll eventually get a headache. He'll absorb pollutants automatically unless he's trying not to.
-Absorbing enough pollutants enables the use of Seed Flare, a shockwave caused by releasing the water and light all at once. Sean can use it without absorbing pollutants, though he isn't experienced enough to do so yet. (See moves) Sean can disperse the purified pollutants harmlessly, though he'll be inclined to release it as a Seed Flare akin to how most don't like holding in sneezes.
-Sean is capable of transforming any land into a blossoming meadow instantly. He does this automatically whenever he uses Seed Flare and hasn't learned how not to.
-He is capable of stimulating plant growth. He does this passively, though he can increase the effect greatly by focusing on a plant. His specialty is flowers, so if it's not a flower, it'll actually take a while to grow something. (as opposed to instantly) Still, he can make most plants full-grown in a matter of minutes. (Long-lived trees could take hours or even days, depending, though berry trees grow quickly)
-Natural Cure (Somewhat strong immune system)
-"Flower-like aura"

Biography: Sean was born in Solaceon town and lived on a farm near its southern edge with his parents. He spent his childhood there, helping out around the farm, tending to the Animals or watering their Tropius. An active boy, he also had plenty of time to wander the woods, explore the Solaceon Ruins whenever he worked up the courage and visit the day care frequently where he could play with the pokemon. Even from a young age, Sean loved pokemon, and pokemon seemed to love him too, if only because of the abilities he did not yet have a full grasp of. It was quite subtle at first; the air around him was always clean and wilting flowers would bounce back when he passed by, but eventually some trainer breathed cigarette smoke on him and he discovered how to use Seed Flare.

For a little while, Route 209 became more colorful than Floraroma.

The trainer probably didn't understand what happened, and when he came to, he didn't stick around to ask questions, in spite of his injuries. From then on, Sean tried to better understand and control his abilities, guilty that he had assaulted a passerby and horrified that he could do so without meaning to. He didn't hide it from his parents, though they encouraged him to do whatever he could to keep it hidden so that he could lead a normal life. He agreed to abide by their wishes, more or less, and managed to keep a lid on his identity as a reincarnator, give or take a few people like the Daycare couple. As he finished his schooling, he eventually wanted to leave home in pursuit of his career, not as a pokemon trainer, but as a pilot. He started out as a freelancer, which took him all over the place, but eventually came to settle down in Mistralton City of the Unova Region. He became responsible for the runway plants, as well as commercial flights to Lentimas Town or the Nature Preserve. When he received the invitation to the Reincarnation Tournament, he ignored it. He wasn't really a pokemon trainer after all. He couldn't even remember the last time he had a battle. A tournament like that wouldn't suit him in any way, shape or form. Still, when the gym leader of Mistralton caught wind of it, they insisted he enter for the sake of "broadening his horizons". He tried to argue back that he's a pilot; he literally has some of the broadest horizon out there, but they insisted, practically bullying him into it and giving him "all the time off he needs". Well, here he is, ready to compete, I guess.

Original region: Born in Sinnoh, moved to Unova.

-Sean has mild arachnophobia and it totally has nothing to do with the wild Joltik that snuck into his bed that one time.
-Sean has never seen or heard of Gracidea flowers, yet.
-Sean's favorite color is, predictably, green.

Pokémon team:
I thought we wouldn't be taking stats so seriously, kinda like in the anime a statistically weaker pokemon (like pichu) can win in a fight against a stronger one (i.e. scyther). I say this because I think that frankly, it's more interesting if we are allowed creativity in the battle and it isnt just "use flamethrower" and "use rest". Makes it feel more realistic too if we aren't only after stats.

True, stats don't really matter when you're running on anime logic. In the past, restrictions like this (Scyther but not Pikachu) just bothered me a lot since stats were taken into greater account there, if not outright functioning as a pseudo-sim at times, so hard-and-fast policies for this stuff seemed like the most "fair" idea, but they're also kind of lame for RP so I digress.
Having to start with Pichu or Igglybuff instead of Pikachu or Jigglypuff just seems silly, you know?
although perhaps I'll add a thing where the Reincarnations can only use Pokémon corresponding with the typing their Legendary is. For example, a Palkia-Reincarnation would only use Water and/or Dragon Pokémon.

A series of monotype (or duotype) teams would feel restrictive, yes.

Also, I'll probably allow more than a single Pokémon as the starting teams, but give them a limit, like 3 Non-evolved Pokémon or 2 Non-evolved and 1 evolution Pokémon that evolved once.

If anything, I recommend limitations based on base stat totals, since pokemon like Scyther and Pikachu throw evolution as a balance metric out the window. (Scyther being too strong and Pikachu being pretty weak, but Pikachu is the evolved one) I'd ballpark it at 401 BST and under (the only 401 BST pokemon is Archen, who has a negative ability) Fully evolved shouldn't be a problem either under this system. (Kricketune isn't gonna hurt anyone) It includes a fair bit of evolved pokemon (Graveler, Gloom, Beautifly, Kadabra, etc.) but any lower and you'll exclude pokemon like Roselia, Wailmer, Porygon, Munchlax or Onix. This would exclude 2nd-stage starter pokemon. (most of them are base 405) It would also exclude pokemon like Plusle, Minun, Pachirisu, Murkrow, or Ponyta, but I figured starters were the best metric on where to draw the line.

Alternatively, you could give a bst budget and restrict evolutions altogether. No need to balance Scyther and Pichu when you can have twice as many Pichus.

I feel like you have a point when it comes to themes being influenced by the Legendary's background rather than typing. For instance, the person who would get Darkrai could have a lot of sleeping/dreaming-based Pokémon, which could also be Psychic types or even a Snorlax.

I don't know about that. I was thinking of going loose with themes so that they could exemplify the character's own tastes and personality. While they would, to an extent, embody the pokemon they are reincarnated as, it doesn't necessarily mean that they would like pokemon that are similar to it. For example, if there was a Giratina reincarnation, maybe they wouldn't like ghost types because they don't like/are bored of the reverse world, and would prefer to seek out pokemon that are exotic by its standards, like a grass type as a Persephone to Giratina's Hades.

Meanwhile, how does everyone think about having a Discord server? I'm gonna make the OOC later tonight but I can perhaps whip up a quick Discord.

Sounds convenient.
Similarly tentative interest. Similarly tentative dibs on Shaymin.
My experience with RP-based pokemon battles is anime logic in full effect unless it gets too ridiculous and/or an agreement can't be reached, wherein it becomes simulated pokemon battling. (Or if players just prefer simulated battling instead) I assume it wouldn't be much different here?
Would Reincarnations be in addition to pokemon teams, or be a part of them? Do you have any plans for progression, or would Pokemon teams consist of whatever you want them to?
Alex Cardona
As you're snapping your fingers to wake up the unconscious girl with pink hair, the small girl asks if you're all in the same boat. As you're about to reply, the girl with pink hair gets up and quickly produces a mechanical proxy to ask you where you all are. That strikes you as odd, but you can imagine why she's using one. For a second time, you address two people at once. "We've all just woken up, and I'm not sure where we are." As you stand up, you notice a particularly hairy man appear, who starts a back and forth with the prickly girl, revealing her as Neola Akiyama, celebrity impersonator. He continues, giving you an introduction of... everyone else. He even swoops awkwardly, offering to help Lilly up. He then demands to know who you are.

You're immediately suspicious, but your suspicion lessens when you realize that everyone here is from Hope's Peak Academy, and that the identity of most of its students are publicly available. You suppose it makes sense that you're the only one who isn't recognized. You're a foreigner, after all. Even still, as the Ultimate Swagger, you can't let that fly.

For a brief moment, the sun stops being a star. Instead, it shape-shifts into a laser pointer, blasting a blindingly powerful beam on your exact location, spotlighting you and only you, leaving the rest of the planet in a woefully dark ice age. Lesser men would spontaneously burst into flames, but you stand with a stalwart grace. With the light focused on you so heavily, you shine with the force of ten thousand suns. When you smile, the whiteness of your teeth ignites the surrounding trees which burn so intensely that they are made into charcoal. "Most people know me as Seth Ryder," you say, your voice flowing into every nearby orifice like a sweet ambrosia, enveloping your surroundings and causing the entire field to bloom with an array of colorful flowers. "but you can call me Alex."

With your introduction done, the sun reverts into a star, the world is illuminated once more, and everything goes back to normal.

"So who are you? You've introduced me to everyone but yourself."
Alex Cardona
You retract your hand. It makes sense for one to be alarmed in this situation, and you are... taller than her...

That's when another woman shows up and lectures both of you. You blink your eyes at the forceful woman who just appeared, unsure if she's serious or doing a bit. You guess you should be kind of insulted, but it's not hard to see why there's a misunderstanding. Even still, in spite of a little girl yelling at you, you maintain your placidity, keeping the same facial expression you've had since the moment you woke up...

'Leering'. Is she... talking about how your face normally looks? Ouch.

"I was trying to help her up." You run a hand through your hair. This is actually kind of awkward. You look back at the little girl, still on the ground, then address both of them. "You two can't remember how you got here either right? I couldn't just leave all of you lying here in the grass." You make your way over to the third other person in the field, another girl, and repeat what you did with the small one, bending down and snapping your fingers.

...You're pretty sure this doesn't count as violating personal space.
Alex Cardona
You wake up to the sounds of birds chirping, which immediately strikes you as bizarre. One, because it's not your usual alarm clock, and two because you live in an Apartment building in the city.

...Wait a fucking second.

Your memory slowly comes back to you as you sit up. Unfortunately, it doesn't give you any clue as to why you're here. You were going to attend Hope's Peak Academy in Japan, but can't remember anything beyond entering the building. Instead, here you are, in an empty field with only a dirt pathway to suggest there's any way back towards town. You don't have a splitting headache, so it probably wasn't alcohol. If it were chloroform or something you'd still remember more than what you do. Instead you're just... lost. You can make out some kind of stone structure and a fence nearby, but this definitely isn't anywhere near Hope's Peak.

Standing up and taking a look around, you spot some other unconscious people laying in the grass. No doubt having gotten here the same way as you. Unfortunately, that probably means they don't remember how they got here either. You brush the grass off of you as you make your way over to the nearest one... a very small girl. It's a little unsettling considering that your prevailing theory right now is spiked punch, but you can bother with the details later. You bend down to snap your fingers a couple of times to wake her up, getting back up and offering her a hand when she does. "'Morning. Here, give me your hand."

Flint Asidea
Your open your eyes to find a black object suspended directly above your face. Looking around, you find yourself underneath the seats of a canoe, which you take your time disentangling yourself from as you try to remember how you ended up in an unfamiliar place. Your first guess is that you had a particularly vivid vision of god, but instead just end up with more questions. Much more.

There's a hole in your memory.

There's never a hole in your memory.

You can't remember a single time you've forgotten something. There's been times when a vision has blocked your view of something, or drowned out a sound, but you never forgot what the vision looked or sounded like. There was no vision, no interim to this... canoe shed? Whatever. The last thing you remember is entering Hope's Peak, and then...

Dammit. Fuck. Fuck.

You begin to have a small panic attack. Those people wanted you for your memory. If they know, you might be expelled, and you'll let down your father. Beyond that, how on Earth do people live like this!? Not knowing what just happened, or how they got where they wake up? You don't think you've seen anyone freak out when they wake up, are they all just used to it? That's insane! You'll never get used to this as long as you live!

For perhaps the first time in your life, you are truly thankful for having the talent that you do. Well, I guess you don't have that talent after all, huh? Maybe all your memories are just made up, and you've been telling people lies the whole time.

Still, you can't just keep freaking out here forever. You're not looking forward to it, but you still need to attend class at Hope's Peak. That becomes a problem though, when you open the shed's door to find yourself near a dock and a dirt pathway. You guess it figures, given that you're in a canoe shed, but you still can't help but wonder how you're going to get back. You can't tell where two of the paths lead, curving around some trees, but down a third one in the center you can see some cabins. Figuring you might find someone who can give you directions, you head that way, still trying to remember how you ended up here.
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