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Britannium City → Silumin Reserve

When you step out of the pokemon center, you can't help but wonder where you should go. You could always return to Britannium park, but going back there a third time seems a litte... stagnant? You've seen the sights, you've battled the people, and while there's surely more trainers to be had, "it would be nice if I could find a battle on my way out of town..."

"Oh? You're looking for a battle, are you? I'm on my lunch break, so I'll take you on!"

You turn to find a man in a business suit of sorts, holding a pokeball. You were just talking to yourself, as one tends to do off-screen and never actually on-screen unless it is narratively relevant, but this is quite serendipitous indeed. You suppose it's par for the course, being an international league, for trainers to be all over the place. Well, actually, considering their suit, maybe they're just a native of the region? Well, it doesn't really matter who they are, you're just happy to finally get a chance to battle with an adult for once. Not to say that children can't excel in the art of pokemon battling - there were plenty of famous young champions after all, but most gym leaders and elite four are adults. Maybe there's significance to the pattern, maybe there isn't, but either way, you want to know if it feels different, battling against someone your own age. "Yeah! That'd be-"

Before you can finish your sentence, you're interrupted by a girl stepping between the two of you, wearing similar formal attire to the man. She adjusts her glasses in such a way that her they catch the light, obscuring her eyes with the glare and making her face hard to read. "Mind if I join in?"

"Eh? Jenn? Are you on break too?"

She answers matter-of-factly, "I am now."

"Uhhh..." The man seems uncertain, but this is no problem for you. "I don't mind. In fact, I've been meaning to try double battles for a while now, since I intend to try being a coordinator. What do you guys say? Two against one?"

Jenn responds before the man has a chance to. "I find those terms agreeable." The man seems to want to say something, but Jenn is already sending out her pokemon. "Go Snubbull."

You respond in kind. "Go, Sepher! Demetori!"

The man puts a hand on the back of his neck before relenting. "Go, Houndour." It only occurs to you after he sends out his pokemon that he never actually said whether he's okay with a double battle or not... Oh well, he seems to be rolling with it.

After beating Colleagues Jenn and Ryan, you call back your newly evolved pokemon and return to the pokemon center you just stepped out of. What they say about trainers practically living in them really is true.

As you hand your pokemon off to Nurse Joy, you start to wonder how you should go about approaching the league challenge. You mostly want a wide, open area to train without worrying about others getting in the way. according to the maps-guides you picked up earlier, Route 2 is full of shops and Route 9 is practically a park. You’re sure you’d be able to find places to train on either, but you don’t want to have to do any searching. They’re only candidates because they’re on the way to Arsenic Island, after all. That being said, there are a couple of forests around the place…

As you get your pokemon back, you ask Nurse Joy what she thinks. She recommends to you the Silumin Reserve, since the poison pokemon on Arsenic Island’s forests make it difficult to train for long periods of time, in addition to being easy to get lost in. You’re always up for a challenge, but from the sounds of things, it’s just more tedious to deal with.

You thank Nurse Joy for the advice and finish up your business in Britannium. Besides grabbing a bite at a local restaurant you’ve been meaning to try, you have to do a photo session with your two newly evolved pokemon. It’s only natural for you to show them off to the world, posting dozens of pictures of them online. Sepher seems to get more tired from the photo shoot than an actual battle, while Demetori is aloof throughout the whole thing. Once you’re finally satisfied, you hail a Flying Taxi and head straight to the Silumin Reserve.

Britannium City

As you come to watch the battles around the fountain, you find herself in awe. Sure, they aren't the most spectacular of battles, but you can't blame them for not comparing favorably to professionals, and there are so many battles going on at once that it's hard to find a dull moment. You wonder how difficult it would be to conduct multiple battles at once before dismissing the idea. Let's not get ahead of ourselves here, you can barely hold your own in a normal battle. Still, there is always double battles...

Ah, well, it seems one of the battles has come to a close, giving you an opportunity to join in. It's just what you need to focus on the things in front of you. "Mind taking me on?"

The lass responds in kind. "If you think you can take me!"

After her loss, all she has to say is, "Aw, darn."

You try to comfort her with words of encouragement. You figure it's what you'd like were you in the same position. "It was a good battle. Your Taillow is pretty strong."

Before she can respond though, one of the spectators is quick to step in, taking her place. "If I may cut in~"

Lass Michele doesn't seem to mind and simply nods. "I've been beat. Go ahead." You don't seem to have any say in this, but you suppose going for another battle is par for the course.

Whew. After a long battle, you manage to pull out a victory. You may have won, but it was your first time fighting such a tough opponent, and to be honest, you think it's time to take a breather. You come to realize you might be in a little over your head when a couple try to step in for a third round double battle. As much as you'd like to take them up on their offer, you're down to one pokemon, so you regretfully decline. You thank Tenson for the battle before retreating to the pokemon center and taking stock on your pokemon's condition.

Xi-on is raring to go.
Sepher is feeling more comfortable with your commands.
Demetori hungers for the blood of his enemies.

Now that your pokemon feel better, you do as well. You were thinking of taking a break, but maybe you should keep going. There's still so much to improve on after all, and progress is coming in spades... You could get used to being a trainer.
Britannium City

"Hey you! Very gorgeous lady!"

You turn to see a young boy offering her a rose. It's quaint, if a bit embarrassing, considering his age.

"Yes, I think so indeed, perfect! Say lady! If I beat you in a Pokemon battle, how would you like to become my girlfriend?"

Ah, what was that? Could it be that you heard the barking of a feral dog passing by?

Nothing angers you like being summarily judged at a glance. In fact, you'd have to say it's your biggest professional weakness. You can handle some overly forward fans; even creeps can be flattering, but when people talk about you without knowing who you are, it really gets to you.

Normally you would have picked a foreign language and tell him what you really think of him with a smile on your face, but not today. Cameras or not, there's always the risk of being overheard by someone who could understand, and you strive to always do better. Now is a perfect opportunity, since, thinking rationally, it's just some child's crush. His definition of a relationship is much different than yours. At worst, he's just some brat lacking in "parental guidance." You don't consider yourself the motherly type, but perhaps you should give him a small lesson...

"Le coup de foudre, n'est-ce pas? Désolé de dire que je ne suis pas croyant."

"Uh... What? Do you speak English, lady?"

"Mais si c'est juste une bataille que vous recherchez, je suis heureux de vous obliger." You wink as you say it and pull out a pokeball.

"Wait, so you accept then?"

"Allons-y! Xi-on!"

(Estelle vs. Rich Kid Roy)

As Rich Kid Roy is summarily defeated, he drops his rose the ground and you give him a wide smile, as if taunting him. "How can I be your girlfriend when we don't even speak the same language?"

"Well, I guess you're ri-WAIT, HEY!"

You can't help but giggle. "Ah, well, it's too bad you couldn't beat me. I guess I can't be your girlfriend now."

Rich Kid Roy blushes, but his brow lowers in irritation. "Hey, if you say it like that, then I'm going to take it as a promise, alright!?"

Ah, such an innocent kid. "Ah, Well, I think you're a bit too young for me, but maybe if you can show me a battle I can't forget, I'll give it some thought when you grow up. That good enough for you?" You don't want to play with his feelings, but outright denying someone is a big no-no in your profession. After all, where would you be without the love of your fans? That being said, you'd love a rematch after he trains up some more, though you don't expect anything special, even if he manages to win.

He seems upset, but you're not sure if it's because you've hurt his pride or because you turned him down. "I'll be back! I'll beat you yet! You'll be begging to be my girlfriend, you'll see!" With that, he stomps off, cheeks still red.

Haha, fat chance.
Rolling for abilities/weapons/talents to add a random element is fine if desired. Rolling to determine action outcomes in a forum environment might be less than ideal, since that would likely require your input after every post. Still, I do recommend having people roll if they'd like to attempt things that seem a bit far-fetched, or for general comedic effect.
Finally finished, and it only took a week and a half.

Meanwhile, @gentlemanvaultboy, you finished in like 2 days, right?
Xenta ██████

"My name is Xenta, and my Epithet is ████!"

█████████ - █████
Class - Cheeky ████er
Stamina: 19
Proficiency: 23


Xenta's eyes are minty green, with a splash of some other colors. ███ ████ Pixel█ tends to █████ ███ ███ follow Xenta around, no matter where he goes.



Xenta is an overall level-headed and upbeat individual, belying his tendency to speak with little to no verbal filter, lending to a vocabulary rife with profanity and blissfully ignorant insensitivity. He’s at least learned to censor the profanity, though he tends to slip up often, as his speech is a deeply-ingrained product of his upbringing, where colorful language was normalized. To that end, he’s talented at coming up with creative insults, which he is more likely to use on his friends as terms of endearment than on people he would actually want to insult. In spite of the nature of his upbringing, Xenta was a bit sheltered, and has only recently started to attend public school. As such, he’s somewhat naive, and sometimes fails to read the room. Still, he cares little if people think negatively of him, and isn’t afraid to put himself out there.

Firecracker Collection - Xenta is a firm believer that you’ll never know when a situation calls for fireworks. As such, he always carries around a few of his favorites in his pockets, along with his handy-dandy lighter. Xenta can use his epithet to delay fuses to set them off suddenly and remotely.
1. Crackle Balls - They explode, releasing crackling sparks in an area. Deals -3 damage to the target and -2 damage to enemies around them.
2. Crackle Flowers - They fire off colorful, short-ranged sparks from one end, which spins them around like a colorful top before they explode, similarly to Crackling Balls. Deals -2 damage when spinning and -3 after a delay. Because it is a dangerous firework with a long delay, enemies will avoid the explosion unless they are unable to move or incredibly foolish.
3. Star Balls - They fire off colorful, short-ranged sparks to spin, similarly to Ground Bloom Flowers. After a delay, they launch themselves a few meters upward before falling back down and eventually fizzling out. Deals -2 damage when spinning.
4. Mini Rockets - Quickly flies off in a direction before exploding beautifully. Has greater range and power than the other fireworks, but they’re also bigger, so Xenta can’t carry too many around. Deals -7 damage to the target and -3 damage to enemies around them. (thrice per chapter)

Not-so-Swear Jar - Whenever someone other than Xenta lets loose a big bad no-no word, (and Xenta is around to hear it) Xenta can ban words they've spoken. However, Xenta doesn't have any problem with swears, so he can instead censor any word they've said (in-character) in the same post. Xenta can only ban one word per person at a time. For ten posts afterward, no one can speak that word in-character. Any attempts to do so result in silence, and any ability with that word in its name is disabled. If their controller slips up and breaks this ban, Xenta absorbs the character's "profane energy" permanently, stealing one proficiency from them.

Parkour-fectionist (-5): If Xenta doesn't take damage between posts, he can use PARKOUR! twice in one.

Cluster ████ (3): Let rip ███ █████ ██ ████ ████████████ ██████████ ████ a torrent of █████████ ██████ ██████ █ ████ ██ censors! You get 6 ██████, each dealing -2 damage ████ █████ ██████ or healing yourself for +2 ████ █████ █████████.

PARKOUR! (1): Blur the room and do some cool tricks to get where you want to go underneath the haze. How'd he do it?! Nobody knows.

Behind the Black (3) - Summon 4 large black bars and then obscure yourself with one of them. You control the movement of each of them individually. When a black bar is attacked, it disappears. When you are attacked, all remaining black bars disappear. If there is only one black bar left, it disappears. Black bars are immune to area-of-effect damage, and they won't disappear if you are attacked by area-of-effect damage. Recasting this ability resets the number of black bars to 4.
Brittanium City

After finishing up, you decide to get back on your feet and return to the park. It's not like you know of any other popular battling spots, and one battle is not nearly enough to make you feel confident in the capabilities of you and your pokemon.

When you do arrive, however, you're overwhelmed by the sheer variety of wild pokemon all over. You kind of want to battle them all, but not all of them seem up for it. You make your way between the trees, closer to a few of them. When they notice you, you slow down, coming to a stop in front of them and give them a smile full of charm. "Would any of you cuties care to help me learn my way around battles?"
Brittanium City

You stick around for just a little while to listen to the commencement ceremony before heading out with a skip in your step. What's there to say other than that you're excited for this? The dazzling performances and battles you've been watching online for the past week straight have been all you've been able to think about. It's gotten to the point where you're kept awake at night imagining ways you and your pokemon could do the same, about their abilities, typing, moves, everything. After all, the key to a perfect performance is in not cutting corners!

Still, no matter how grand your goals, the reality of the situation is that you're still a novice trainer. You want to dive right in to training for the performances you dream of, but even if your pokemon had the tools to learn them now, you fear you won't even have the experience to direct them. Battles are performances and performances in the pokemon world are competitive rather than strictly cooperative. You can't rely on your opponent to give you the opportunity to shine, and you've never actually battled to begin with.

You're not sure where you should even start, so you end up doing a little bit of sight-seeing to get your bearings, grabbing a few maps along the way, before finally winding up at the park in the center of Britannium City. It's not as if this was the first place you intended to go, but it's the first place to catch your eye with the excitement of pokemon battles all around. You make your way to the most interesting one you see and watch the back-and-forth of it from the sidelines.

Immediately, the differences in experience between you, the trainers before you, and the professional trainers in videos online are readily apparent. You can at least say you recognize the obvious areas in which these trainers are less experienced than gym leaders or champions, but they also exhibit an adaptability to the flow of battle that you find yourself struggling to keep up with. A lot of the professional trainer videos involve overwhelming their opponent with devastating efficiency, but in a more evenly-matched battle, there's a ton of back-and-forth. You start to put yourself in their shoes, imagining your own responses and options, when a young voice calls to you out of the blue.

"Hey lady, you like pokemon battles?"

You turn to find a young boy holding a pokeball, also watching the battle before you. "Why, yes, I've taken quite an interest in them." Without thinking, you take out one of your own pokeballs, thinking about finding someone to challenge in this park.

The boy saves you the trouble. "You're a pokemon trainer, right? Then you have to battle me!"

You only have time to give him one confused look before he backs away to a more open position and sends out his Rattata. It would appear that Youngster Mikey has challenged you to a battle! You can't help but admire his enthusiasm, so you oblige, turning away from the battle you were just watching to have one of your own.

Thankfully, he's a good sport, but he is pretty shocked by his loss. "Man, that's strange. I've beaten everyone else I've challenged."

"Have you fought many trainers?"

"No, but I always win against my friend!"

Hmm. "Well, still, thank you for the battle. It was a great experience."

"Oh sure, anytime! Oh, there he is now!" The youngster runs off towards another young boy who seems to have just arrived at the park. Cute kids. A decent warm-up. Still, you're not quite comfortable with battling yet. In any case, first thing's first, you head to the nearest pokecenter to heal up Sepher. Money is no object to you, but you figure you should take advantage of the pokecenter services anyway, considering they're so close by. As you get your pokemon back from Nurse Joy, you send them out in the lobby and offer them each a pokepuff to celebrate your first battle.

...Turns out you were wrong about Sepher. Although your intentions didn't get through to him like they did with Xi-on, he wasn't annoyed because of your orders, but because you kept asking him if he was okay or not while he was busy with battling. He has a point there, you guess. Truly, a learning experience.
I don't know how many PMs TruthHurts is actually sorting through, but considering I've slowly been going back and forth with them over PMs for almost a week, I figure it's high time I announce my presence, bumping the thread in the process because it really deserves it and saying hi to anyone else out there lurking silently. Happy new years and all that.
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