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Current To be fair, fictional high schools tend to be more exciting than real ones. Especially if crimefighting is part of the curriculum.
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Starting a programming course online with absolutely no prior experience. This may be 5% learning to develop games and 95% swearing at the computer.
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Weeb is just a term of affection if it's between anime fans.
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@headintheclouds They both represent evil to lazy writers.
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You know you play too much Five Nights At Freddy's when you're conserving power on your phone and half expect something to jump at you when you look up...
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Freya Leander ~ Cait Sith


Well, now she'd gone and screwed up.

Renard's sigh and the way he got out of bed on the other side, away from her, were proof enough. Freya raised her head, then averted her eyes back to the scattered snacks. Without a word, she gathered them into the bag, sweeping up the crumbs, the burn on her palm twinging with every movement of her fingers. She propped up the packet on the bedside table in case Renard still wanted them, which if he didn't, she wouldn't blame him. He said nothing either, but the silence itself spoke volumes.

When words came to her, they trembled despite the slight smile she put on. A smile that probably looked more like a grimace. "Well, uh... Hope you enjoy." She glanced from him to the door, that sinking feeling growing by the second. She'd known this was a mistake. For all Renard's insistence that he was ok, he clearly wasn't, or in any mood to talk. "If... if this isn't the best time though..." Freya stepped back. Then, without finishing the sentence, she hurried from the room.

She kept running along the hallway until pain and fatigue overcame her. With a groan, she doubled over and leaned against the wall, clutching her side. Her bruised ribs clenched, her breathing coming in short, choked gasps. Stupid, stupid, stupid, was all she could think, staring over her shoulder. What a stupid thing to do. It was all too likely Renard would take this the wrong way.
Jessamyn "Jess" Bailey

"I'm s-" Hurrying up the stairs, Jess bit back an apology after Roxy confirmed one thing she'd been worried about - that she'd feel responsible. She took a plate and sat down at the table, knowing this would be yet another less than enjoyable lunch. This seemed a world away from the weekend, which despite the few issues, had been a welcome break. The empath hadn't imagined it would lead to this.

She raised her head as Roxy leaned against the counter, listening to her explain that it wasn't her fault. Jess sighed, her face no less solemn. Whether or not she was to blame, that didn't change the fact that she couldn't see a way to help. "Even so..." she replied. "Let's uh... Let's do our best to support each other through this. If that's what you want, that is. In any case, I'll make my own decision."

Going by what Roxy had said, the man seemed to have them cornered whatever they did - but if the anchor had gotten out once, maybe there was a way to do so again?

Freya Leander ~ Cait Sith


At first, Renard didn't even look Freya's way, that distant and haunted look still in his eyes as he stared at his bandaged hands. Freya froze in place, a lump forming in her throat, Maybe this was the wrong time to approach him. Maybe it would be best for both their sakes if she left the room.

For just a second, he drifted back into reality, turning his head towards her. Then, he looked away. It was only after a lengthy silence that he faced her and replied, asking if she was ok, his faint smile a shade of his usual grin.

Freya nodded, the corners of her lips twitching upwards. "Yeah. Don't worry, I'll be fine." She put her hands behind her back, hiding her injuries just like he appeared to hide his own. The bandages covering her scratched arms and the shock wound on her palm felt tight as she clutched the snack bag. There'd be no permanent damage besides a few scars, but she knew how much worse things could have gotten, several times, for both of them. Including at that moment. And it was clear Renard knew too.

Don't make this worse, she told herself, edging forward. Whatever you do, don't make this worse for him. "Are-Are you, though? Are you going to be ok?" she asked, not just referring to the beating he'd taken. Whatever had happened, the emotional trauma seemed to run just as deep as the physical, if not deeper. Crouching by the bed, she held out the bag. It wasn't much, but it was all she could offer. "Here. I, uh, figured you'd prefer this to hospital food."

Just as he reached for it, the reflex kicked in. Freya jittered. The bag fell from her grip, crispy snacks spilling all over the bed. Shuddering with guilt and embarrassment, she glanced down at the mess, then at the floor. Anywhere but at him. Closing her eyes, she muttered two words.

"I'm sorry..."

It wasn't just about the snacks. It was about more than a simple apology could even begin to fix.

Freya Leander ~ Cait Sith

@Aviaire @Heartfillia

It all happened at once. No sooner had Freya looked away than the chainsaw woman rushed at them. The catlike girl reeled and toppled, but before the villain could strike, a shockwave from Enterprise knocked her back. Just then, a certain other pro hero made her appearance, using her lion-like strength to slam the attacker to the ground with minimal effort.

Freya let out the breath that had caught in her throat. This was the first time in years she'd been glad to see her sister. "Felicity! Thank you so mu-" She trailed off as Sphinx turned that look of pure condescension towards her and her friends. The insult that followed hit Freya like a punch. It rang true as far as she was concerned - but not as far as Eira and Renard were.

As much as she wanted to shrink back, she met that piercing gaze. "Y-You don't know what you're talking about," she spat. Her classmates had never seen her outright angry before now, but she didn't care. "You don't know them. Everything I thought I saw in you, Fliss, everything I looked up to you for... I see for real in them."

Sphinx snarled and growled. "Oh? I don't know what I'm talking about?" That sneer returned. "Are you saying you know more about hero work than I do, kittycat? After this, no less?"

Freya suppressed a shudder. "What I'm saying," she said, glancing at her two nearby comrades, "is... Ah!" The rest of the sentence - she knew, she'd seen the traits that made a true hero - never left her mouth. She stared at the slumped figure beside her. "Renard...?" Her friend, although still breathing, didn't respond. "Oh no, please, tell her off, make a joke, just say something!" A fresh wave of guilt sent tears spilling down her cheeks once more. "I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry!"

Sphinx simply strode away, muttering something that sounded like "weaklings" as she dragged the bound villain with her.

By now, more pro heroes had arrived on the scene, but a look around revealed the damage already done. At the sight of the two other wounded forms - Sofia unconscious and Gabby sagging away from the scorpion villain - Freya could barely breathe. Another explosion rippled from inside the building, a brutal reminder that although help was here, the situation continued to spiral out of control.

Saturday. A day Freya usually looked forward to, as it meant a good sleep-in. Curled up in the hospital bed, though, she'd slept fitfully, nightmares invading her slumber.

Even now, when she closed her eyes, the images flashed through her mind. The chainsaw attack out of nowhere. The birds. Sofia in a pool of blood. Abigail, a nasty piece of work but seemingly on the heroes' side, revealed as a traitor. The mangled forms of guards who'd never made it out. And Renard's reaction, that frenzied look that was utterly unlike him, the physical and mental state he'd ended up in, all because of her recklessness...

For several minutes, she sat hunched on the bed. Then, she eased herself up, groaning at the aches that still jolted through her body. She'd recover, the medics had said, and the use of healing Quirks meant it would happen in a reasonably short amount of time, but fears for her friends nagged at her mind. Taking one of the seafood snack bags her parents had brought her, she dragged herself from the room and down the hallway, stopping at one of the doors.

Her grip tightened on the bag as she stood there. What on earth would she say to him? Would he even want to see her? A tearing sound drew her from her thoughts. Looking at the bag, she cringed. She'd grasped it so hard, her claws had started to poke from their sheathes, piercing the plastic. She pulled the packet free, only to rip it even worse. Great. Holding the edges together, she cast a panicked glance from the door to the hallway. Could she risk coming across as that tense? Should she get another one? If she did, would she lose the nerve to face him?

Taking a deep breath, she knocked on the door. "Renard, it's me." Slowly, she pushed it open with a creak. "I just... I just wanted to check that you're ok. And, uh, those snacks I was going to give you... I've got them right here."
Sophia Danvers

Mesalon Pokecentre


At Ty's mention of a show, Sophia grinned. "Sure we would! ... Ah!" She glanced down at the Timburr, who'd tried gobbling down his breakfast a little too quickly. "You ok there?" she asked, watching Lacey continue patting Hunk's back once Ty had done so.

When it turned out there was no need to worry - the Fighting type had just been hyped up about challenging the gym - Sophia's smile returned. "Pfff, that fight's gonna be easy anyway," she said, hoping it really would be this time round. "For me, at least. And it's ok. Alright Fanto-Aaaahh!"

Before Sophia could finish speaking, Fantoccino rose up to a light, spreading his cloak wide, casting shadows over the walls that swelled into a multitude of monsters straight out of a nightmare. Ragged wings and clawed limbs stretched across every surface. Gasps sounded through the cafeteria. A few tables away, a man spat his coffee everywhere. Most of Sophia's Pokemon stared in surprise. Grimalkin hissed and ran under the table, while Arcturus drooped its limbs with an exasperated "Hyah!".

Sophia glared at the little Ghost type, whose eyes shone with glee as he chuckled at everyone's reactions. "That is NOT what Ty and I meant."

Freya Leander ~ Cait Sith

@Aviaire @Heartfillia @Mangrale

As Freya struggled to stand amidst the ever-erupting chaos, movement from inside the building caught her eye. "Eira!" she yelled, watching that scorpion tail lash at her. Just in time - hopefully it had been just in time - someone knocked the stinger away with the same fire extinguisher the villain had used as a weapon herself.

Hearing a thud, Freya turned to see Renard fall to his knees. That wild look was gone from his eyes, replaced by one of pain and guilt as he stammered an apology. "Renard... Wh-What happened?" she blurted, but he didn't reply, his expression distant once more.

Footsteps sounded, and in an instant, Eira was beside them. "Eira are you ok? Y-You didn't get hit just now, did you?" Freya asked, tensing as Eira gripped Renard's arm, but he seemed to have used up the last of his charge. Relief spread through her as he began to stand up - only to sink back down. "I-I'm sorry... Oh Renard I'm so sorry!" The words came out choked. She crawled towards him on twitching limbs, tears streaming down her face. It was clear his physical state was much worse than hers, and all because he'd stepped in to save her. "If-If I'd been more careful, hadn't run into her like that... I'm sorry!"

When he hauled himself up, insisting she and Eira leave him, she shook her head. "No." Her stomach clenched. "No, you heard Eira, we're leaving, all of us." For all her attempts to help, however, as he reached out, she flinched away. Dammit! Don't make this even worse, she scolded herself, staggering to her feet with a strangled cry. Pain spasmed through her body with every movement.

Clutching her arm, which hurt worst of all, she steeled herself and stepped closer. She trembled all over, her muscles so taut they burned, but no way was she leaving a friend behind. Especially not one who'd gotten into this mess for her sake. "Come on, both of you." She glanced from Renard and Eira to the chainsaw woman, who writhed on the ground just a few feet away. "Let's get out before she recovers."

The sight of somebody else collapsing brought a gasp. "Sofia! Th-This... No, this can't be happening..." This was meant to be a simple school outing. How could it all go to hell so badly?

Freya Leander ~ Cait Sith

@SimpleWriter @Heartfillia

"No... Oh god, Renard, no!" Freya could barely believe what she was seeing. Tears welled in her eyes as she watched the villain fling Renard through a window, then a wall, as easily as she'd throw a doll around. "Th-This is my fault... I've gotta do something!" Before anyone could stop her, Freya leapt to the ground, running through the courtyard and launching herself through the hole in the wall - straight at the attacker.

"Leave him alone!" she yelled, digging her claws as hard as she could into the woman's shoulders. "I'm the one you were going for!" Eyes wide with desperation, she called to Renard. "Don't worry about me! Just go!"

This wasn't a fight she could win. She knew that full well. She could only hope to buy her friend enough time to escape.

Freya Leander ~ Cait Sith

@Mangrale @OwO @Heartfillia @Aviaire @SimpleWriter

As a gust of wind swept the birds away, Freya raised her head to see Sofia darting over. With a sigh of relief, she spat out a feather and nodded. "Yeah, let's..." Eyes widening at the flock diving in, she slashed as many birds from the air as she could, grimacing when some shook off her blows. Dammit, her injury was making this quite a bit tougher than it should be. Not that it would be easy even if she were at her best.

"I'll hold them off!" she called nonetheless as the flurry swarmed her again. "Go!" Just then, the temperature plummeted. Her ragged breaths misting, Freya tensed from the chill, but relief flowed through her. Seizing the opportunity once the attackers' flight slowed, she resumed tearing them away from the students. Nearing Renard, she couldn't help smiling at his jokes.

"Well, there's that chicken you wanted!" she called, tackling a bird away from him. As he slammed a chair against one, Freya leapt over his head, bringing a pigeon to the ground. "C'mon, let's all tern round and make a swift exit!"

The approach of another villain reinforced the need to do so. As the scorpion-tailed woman fixed her cruel gaze on Renard, taunting him, Freya responded with a laugh.

"Pecking at us with guilt, huh?" Her voice wavered, but she kept on. She had to boost people's spirits somehow. "That's fowl play there!" Even so, it was only now that she truly took in the carnage, hers worse than Renard's. It looked as if a wild animal had run rampant through the room - and she was that wild animal, instead of the hero she aspired to be.

A moment's distraction was all it took. Wings slapped at her face as another horde descended. Freya shielded her eyes, yelping when talons raked across her arms and her back. Clenching her teeth, she started lashing and flailing. Of course. This was what the villains wanted - make people feel bad, weaken their resolve.

At the sound of screams, she struggled harder. Tearing a path through the mass of beaks and talons, she gasped. Eira and Sofia lay sprawled on the floor, blood pooling from a gash on the moth girl's leg. "No!" Horror overtook her as the scorpion woman lifted up a fire hydrant. In an instant, Freya bounded forward to stop the attacker, but was too late. She could only watch, panic-stricken, as the extinguisher sailed through the air towards the two...

And veered off course as it smashed into a chair. The crunch mingled with the roar of a drill as, with Gabby's help, Peter used his rock form to break through the ceiling. "Whew... Yeah," Freya replied as Renard called to her, pieces of broken chair falling from his grip. Not wasting another second, she rushed over.

"Eira! Sofia! One of you, hold on to me!" she shouted. This would be difficult, especially with someone as tall as Eira, but if she mustered all her strength, she'd be able to leap across surfaces with one of them until she reached the hole in the ceiling. That way, with Gabby helping others through the exit, maybe there was a chance they could all escape...

That was when she noticed whose path she'd stepped into.
Jessamyn "Jess" Bailey

Jess was silent as she headed towards the stairs. Don't worry about me, the anchor had said, and she'd gone and ignored that, but was there any way to avoid worrying? Especially when, by refusing to say whether something bad could happen, Roxy had all but done so? Sighing, Jess turned her head to meet that glare again.

"I-I know you want me to choose, but..." She clenched her fists, the brown paper crumpling in her hand. Did Roxy really consider herself that unimportant? "How can it not play a part at all? You're only having to deal with all this because of me."

Knowing an outburst was one of the least likely things to improve the situation, she breathed deeply. Maybe she was letting the anchor's emotions overwhelm her along with her own. "Ugh. Sorry. I'll just... I'll just make sure things don't get worse," she continued. Of course, until she met Roxy's father, she couldn't know how to stop everything spiralling further out of control, if there was even a way. "And this is going to be my choice."

Freya Leander ~ Cait Sith

@SimpleWriter @KaijuBaragon

At worst, Freya had expected another crash or explosion. Nothing could have prepared her for the masked woman who dropped from the air vent, swinging a chainsaw right at Eira. Before the worst could happen, Mr Hayes blinked into visibility, using the attacker's strength against her to fling her against a wall.

Rooted to the spot, Freya let out the breath she'd been holding. "Mr Hayes! N-Never thought it'd be a relief to see you pop up like that." If he had anything to say about her attempt at humour in the face of adversity, so be it. There was a lot more to worry about right now. Especially as Enterprise launched an attack that missed, crashing through a wall instead.

The hero-in-training gasped, staring from the hole to the left corridor, then the right one. Several more figures, each one just as dangerous-looking, closed in from both sides. Freya hunched her shoulders, heart thudding, a hiss escaping her mouth. Despite the dim light, she could still see the villains clearly, but not even that would be much of an advantage. The class was outmatched. Badly outmatched.

In a rush of wings, a flurry of birds burst in, lashing their talons and jabbing their beaks at any students they could. At once, Freya sprang into action. Normally, she resisted chasing birds, but this time she let her instincts take over. She launched herself at the feathered fiends, swiping and biting. Her two damaged claws stung, but she kept fending as much of the flock away from her classmates as possible.

No matter how many she staved off, it wasn't enough. As she dragged a bird away from Gabby, several others swooped overhead. Wincing at scratching sensations along her back, she spun round and pounced, finding herself faced with many more. More than she could take on.
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