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Current Oh thanks, insomnia, you just had to go and kick in right before a job interview didn't you?
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Kitty: Hey, human! I know you're trying to sleep, but meow.
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Younger characters can be good for coming of age stories, but yeah, the trick is to make it so they still have room to grow and develop, rather than having them be hypercompetent right from the start.
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To write a character, I had to research the effects of long-term isolation. Yeesh. Now I kind of want to get out more.
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Unable to use Discord for some reason. Is anyone else having this problem?


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@OtomostheCrazy Things are good, had another creative block lately but am working on stuff again now. How've you been?
@Balthazar007 Yep, I'm ok with a timeskip. It's probably best story-wise, Florence is currently out of commission and Zarkun's character Tommy is waiting for a badly injured Pokemon to be healed.

Gyms and contests sound good! Looking forward to both. It seems most people want gyms first, so that might be the best one to go with.

Edit: New thread could bring more people in, some people in the interest check take one look at this RP and say how established it looks, even though it's pretty easy to jump in.
@Balthazar007 Yes!! It's still alive! As the most active person here besides Dusk, I'd be happy to be a co-GM.

Just a question. The timeline's become a little skewed from absences (not anyone's fault, it's just that time of year) so what's happening with that?
Jessamyn "Jess" Bailey

Jess shuddered at the man's words, but reconsidering wasn't an option. If all she did was stay hidden, then what would she be able to do for Roxy, who'd done so much for her?

"It's-It's alright, really," she reassured the man, scribbling down notes and sorting through the pile of papers. She probably just sounded naive. Like she had no idea what she was getting herself into - and she didn't. She acknowledged that. This was yet another reminder that she and Roxy had ended up in some kind of trouble, and Jess didn't want to think what that trouble could be. "I'll cope. I've got to help in some way. Uh..." She glanced up. "Could I take your name?" The empath mentally scolded herself for not having asked who he was and what he needed done right away.

Once she became more familiar with the regular customers - well, the least rough ones anyway - things would be easier, or so she told herself.
Aaargh I've been in a pretty bad mental health slump, slowly catching up with RPs. Writing up the post now.
@OtomostheCrazy Honestly I don't know how that stuff works, the pics I've done are for free so all you have to do is give details about what you want the drawing to be like.
@OtomostheCrazy Yep! I'll gladly do a pic of those two.
Just so you know I haven't disappeared! I'll write up a character soon.
Amber Pine

Mesalon Cave Complex

@Heckno12 @AbysmalDemon @Dusksong @Noxx

Amber stared in wonder at the intricately-decorated archway. As eager as she was to find out where and what it led to, though, she stopped. Exploring a place like this without a healthy amount of caution would be suicidal. Of course, being in this cave in the first place was rather less than cautious, and the researcher briefly wondered if she should try to convince the group to turn back.

The sight of the string and barrels backed up her doubts about continuing onwards. She tensed as if to step away, but thankfully, someone had already rendered the trap harmless. This cave, for all its mystery, wasn't quite as unexplored as it seemed.

"Whew... Close one," she muttered. As Rachel headed through the archway, so did the researcher, against her better judgement. For such a trap to have been set up, there had to be something noteworthy in here. Something she just had to see.

Some example I am to Coral, she mentally scolded herself, advancing all the while.

Her breath caught at the sight before her - an enormous cavern, with a path running through, bathed in an eerie light from purple flames flickering in braziers. A shiver ran through her. These kinds of flames had to be created by some sort of otherworldly power, or even from life energy.

More little fires danced nearby. Blue ones. Catching a glimpse of several small, candle-like forms, Amber quickly turned her head away, raising her arm to shield her eyes. "Litwicks. Don't look at them," she warned the rest of the group, a growl from Kyra emphasising the statement. She'd never seen a Litwick before, but she'd heard stories about them draining people's life force and luring them to the ghost world. That was one theory she wasn't exactly willing to test.

Before the wild ghost types had a chance to try anything, the Gengar stepped in, sending a burst of purple light pulsing through the cavern. In an instant, Amber recalled all her Pokemon, but it turned out Nyxx's guardian angel - well, guardian demon, more like - had pretty good precision. The only Pokemon who had taken any real damage were the wild ones. Several Litwicks and two Yamasks lay fainted on the ground, while a Duskull fled into the shadows and a group of Misdreavus disappeared through a stony wall.

With all these ghosts around, was continuing further really a good idea? Amber knew the answer. Still, she had no intention of leaving this cavern just yet. Curiosity killed the Meowth, but satisfaction brought it back, she reminded herself.

@fer1323 Whew! Just broke through that creative block.

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