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Current Apologies to everyone I RP with, hotel housekeeping work is manic in the summer. Now excuse me while I collapse and melt all over the floor.
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Just got a new job and am getting used to the routine, so please bear with me as I catch up with RPs.
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Oh the joys of living next to a rowdy pub when you have trouble sleeping at the best of times...
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Oh thanks, insomnia, you just had to go and kick in right before a job interview didn't you?
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Kitty: Hey, human! I know you're trying to sleep, but meow.


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Ayumu Harasawa Phantasmagoria

@I Need A Name @Noxx

Well, it seemed Team Fantasia had found themselves on the receiving end of the element of surprise. As she ran after Kiru, a scene of utter chaos greeted Ayumu. A park in ruins, broken lampposts and fallen trees strewn across a jagged icy wasteland. Quite a spectacle, the dark magician thought, a smirk spreading over her face. Maybe she could learn a thing or two from this - while the light girls hellbent on ruining all their fun would learn the hard way.

Instead of taking on shadow form, she turned invisible, catching up with and trailing behind Kiru to mask her presence. The original target was the furthest thing from her mind as the team zeroed in on a new opponent. A blonde she hadn't seen before, who hid behind several shields, preaching against some kind of Detention Club get-together by the sound of it. Phantasmagoria suppressed a chuckle, reaching for her cape. All she had to do was maintain her invisibility for a second longer, and with the light girl distracted, a sneak attack would be child's play...

Without warning, the shields exploded. First at a trapped Maiko, then at Kiru. Without wasting a moment, Ayumu flung her cape open, crow silhouettes soaring from under it and blocking as many shards as possible. She winced as some struck her, but kept her usual cool demeanour. "Tsk, tsk," she muttered, appearing before the blonde as the shadow birds faded. "For such goody-goodies, you haven't grasped how rude it is to keep crashing our parties."
@OtomostheCrazy Is Alexis still at the Pokemon centre? I wonder how she'll react to seeing Oscar with loads of Pokemon, including one who's evolved...
Sophia Danvers

Mesalon Gym


"Conflict of interests?" Sophia tried to step forward as Oscar turned to leave, but the Bronzor wouldn't move from where it floated. "You... You're not even trying to understand! And how is this likely to get in the way? I mean you have other goals! You have people you care about! None of that's stopping you, so why should it stop me?"

Before she could say anything else, Oscar had disappeared through the doorway. "He says there's no getting through to me?" she muttered to the other trainers. "He's one to talk."

She wasn't going to let go that easily, wasn't going to take a promise lightly. Not after she'd nearly died. She'd narrowly avoided losing the opportunity to make her family proud, and like hell was she going to throw away that dream just because some smart aleck thought he knew best.

Amber Pine

Mesalon Gym -> Outside

@fer1323 @Heckno12

"Sophia... You really should rest," Amber suggested, backing up Oscar's statement. "I know you want to train up, but you'll be in a better state to do so if you take a few breaks now and again. Come on, let's sit down, I have something that may help."

Lacey, standing at her trainer's feet, looked up and nodded with an insistent "Ita!". Sophia visibly tensed, trying to stand up on her own, only to slump over Clarus again. "Ugh, if you say so..." the psychic muttered. "But I'll be fine in no time."

It seemed Oscar was right about Sophia being difficult to get through to... and she was also right about accusing him of the same. No wonder they ended up bickering if in the same room for more than a few minutes. "Well, while you two talk to Lan, we'll be outside," she told Rachel and Vivianne, then led Sophia to the doors, taking one more look over her shoulder at her former friend before stepping out. Maybe she needed to clear her head too...

The rock garden looked like the perfect place to do so. A sense of calm settled over Amber as she made her way down the path, past simple yet artfully arranged rocks on ripple patterned sand, past bamboos towering high, the rustling of leaves in the wind like a soothing whisper. Sunlight glimmered on a pond, and on the scales of Goldeens dancing through it. After these past few days, most of us could probably do with taking a breather here, the researcher thought as she sat down on a wooden platform, Sophia easing herself down beside her.

The other trainer gave a weak laugh as she leaned against a wall. "Oh please, don't tell me you're going to teach a psychic how to meditate," she scoffed. "That'd be like me teaching you to scrawl down those notes at every possible opportunity. Besides, Lan got me to do all that self reflection and inner peace stuff earlier."

Amber shrugged off the acerbic comment with a smile. "Well, this is just something you might find relaxing," she replied, taking out her Pokegear. "If it doesn't help, let me know, but..." She recalled the first time she'd met Sophia, that humming as a coping technique. "Music cheers you up, doesn't it?"

Sophia rolled her eyes. "Like I need cheering up. But fine, go on if you must."

After a few button clicks, an online video started playing, showing Clefairys floating in dance-like patterns outside a cave under a full moon. "I think we all might need cheering up," Amber said as the fairies' song filled the air, the otherworldly beauty making the hairs stand up on the back of her neck. "Isn't it amazing, the way Clefairys sing and dance like that when the moon's full? It's the moonlight that lets them float. And apparently they create a strange magnetic field! Like certain meteorites... Uhh, ok, I'll quit babbling now and let you listen." Sophia stopped giving her that look, her eyes turning to the screen instead. Irritable as the girl was, there was no mistaking the fascination on her face.

"Let's just listen, breathe slowly and relax," Amber said, then closed her eyes, inhaling the scent of azaleas and letting the melody soothe away the tension she'd been carrying. Hopefully it would do the same for Sophia. She hadn't told the troubled girl this was the video Coral said she used to play to sleep more easily. That would be almost guaranteed to make her feel like a child and do more harm than good.

Coral... Amber couldn't help wondering if, by having sent that message, she'd harmed or helped her sister. She tried to focus on the music, but it seemed not even a fairy song could ease all a person's worries.

To her surprise, Jess noticed Roxy wasn't completely without hope for the counselling situation. She had to try and view it the same way. It wouldn't change the situation, but it might make them more able to cope with it. That and if it meant she could adapt better, she'd be easier for Roxy to live with, and possibly more fit to support the anchor through whatever was going on.

Before Jess could say anything, Roxy shuffled her chair to the side - as usual, she needed space and there was nothing to do but respect that. Attempting to brighten the mood - if she had any capacity to do so - the empath chatted with her mom. Better small talk than awkward silence. When the food arrived, she tucked in, forcing herself to act hungry instead of pick at it. All the while, she couldn't help but wonder what the presence of the watchers truly meant.
@LuckyBlackCat Did you want to make our debut a duo? Come hard and strong and mess up everyone's plans? Or skip a collab and wreak havoc when ready?

Ooh, yes, collab sounds good! And might make it easier for us to introduce our charas.
@TheWindel @KoL Yay, thanks! Going to read through everything so far and then will post ASAP.
@TheWindel @KoL Ladies and gentlemen, for my next trick, I will conjure up a Dark Magical Girl!

@OtomostheCrazy We might be heading back to the Pokemon centre before long, if that's easiest for all of us, so our charas could meet up with Alexis there.
Sophia Danvers

Mesalon Gym


The only way Sophia could stand was by leaning on Clarus as he floated upwards. Although she kept a steely glare trained on Oscar, it was in a much cooler tone than earlier that she spoke.

"How typical of you. Not getting what I mean," she muttered, panting like someone who had run a marathon. "You don't have to tell me all that, because I know. I know you by now. And..." Something in her face mellowed, a trace of that vulnerability showing. "You may or not believe me, but same here. Besides the promise to my family, that's why."

She stood up as straight-backed as she could. This was something she'd say to his face, in front of his Pokemon, like he wanted. "The stories we shared, about our home regions. That kind of thing stays with you, especially... Especially if it starts happening all over again." The wounds on her hands ached as she gripped the Bronzor's ridge, wounds that were nothing compared to what had happened to Rheese, or those paramedics. She took care to keep her phrasing vague enough not to let on too much to the dragon. "Enough damage has been done."

She gave a shuddering breath. "You can think what you want about me and my family. I should be above caring. But back there, on the way to this town, when I said count me in... I meant it." She hoped the sincerity in her words was clear. "And no matter how many things about you get on my last nerve, this isn't one of them. In fact, as long as you're not doing anything reckless..." The corners of her mouth lifted into a near-smile. "Quite the opposite."

Amber Pine

Mesalon Gym


Sticking close by Sophia, Amber glanced in the direction Lan had gone to heal his Pokemon, then back towards Oscar. "Let's not let this get out of hand," she urged him and Sophia. "Given recent events, it seems we all have more than our original reasons to grow as trainers, even if it's just to make sure we're prepared. Now, we should go find out if the healing machine's free, and then rest up ourselves."

To her side, she saw Vivianne nod. The other researcher needed to speak to Lan anyway, and so did Rachel. She could take some comfort in that, knowing there were people looking into these matters, even if it didn't completely quell her worries.


Mesalon Gym

@fer1323 @Heckno12

"Easy there!" Rachel rushed over to the drained psychic, who still insisted on having a heavy conversation. "Yeah, sitting down sounds like an idea."

Trying to lift the mood, she beamed at Oscar and his newly evolved Fire type. "Congratulations! Two milestones in one battle, that's pretty neat! Ooh, with that team of yours, seems like you'll have a good few Fighting types before long! That'll be useful if you battle my Rock types at any point... Ehh, maybe I shouldn't have let that on." She rubbed the back of her neck, chuckling at her own blunder. At least there were ways to get around type disadvantage, and fellow specialist Oscar was probably planning on doing the same.
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