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Current Just got a new job and am getting used to the routine, so please bear with me as I catch up with RPs.
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Oh the joys of living next to a rowdy pub when you have trouble sleeping at the best of times...
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Oh thanks, insomnia, you just had to go and kick in right before a job interview didn't you?
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Kitty: Hey, human! I know you're trying to sleep, but meow.
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Younger characters can be good for coming of age stories, but yeah, the trick is to make it so they still have room to grow and develop, rather than having them be hypercompetent right from the start.


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Jessamyn "Jess" Bailey

Jess grimaced at Roxy's answer. "I'm sorry, I know..." She trailed off. Her words weren't empty ones, she really did know, having taken on that warped sense of time from the anchor before - but the last thing Roxy needed was a reminder of someone intruding into feelings she tried to keep locked away.

Guilt spread through her as she trudged outside, not just about the weak attempt to cheer up Roxy. There it was again, that loneliness welling up in the anchor and leaking out, like a wound that kept opening up and bleeding instead of healing. Because I keep opening it up, the empath thought.

She cringed again as the anchor asked if she wanted to drive. She appreciated that Roxy was trying to give her more freedom, but... "Uh, well, I haven't had actual driving lessons yet," she admitted. "I did a theory test and was going to, but then... Umm, that plan got put on hold. I can give you directions, though."

She'd thought she'd already mentioned this, before the drive from the cabin to Roxy's place, but that day had been such a whirl of ups and downs, she wasn't sure if she fully remembered such a detail among more significant ones. If she really had told her, given everything the anchor must have had to think about, Jess didn't blame her if what she'd said had slipped her mind.
@OtomostheCrazy Just posting up the link here so we both have it as a reference:
@OtomostheCrazy Ok, gym team is ready if you want to try now.
@OtomostheCrazy Yep! I'm remaking the Showdown team for the gym leader and will let you know when it's done.
@OtomostheCrazy Mesalon, the town with the Normal type gym leader. Is Deneb still in the gym?
@OtomostheCrazy Yep, go for it! Also, if you still want to get a Meditite, Mesalon would be one of the best places to find one.
@OtomostheCrazy Well, you can always go with Alexis got a bit more training in, if you want. If not, then level 10 or 11.
@OtomostheCrazy Probably best to go with around level 12, given all the training.
@Balthazar007 Yay! Glad to hear this is still going, and I hope the financial situation improves soon. I'll try posting when I can.
Jessamyn "Jess" Bailey

"Yeah," Jess replied, despite the conflicting feelings knotting inside her. It was like just before her mom's visit several days ago, only worse. Eager as she was to catch up on lost time with her family, there was even more at stake now. Not to mention being back at her old place would feel weird without her dad around...

She dragged her suitcase, waves of anxiety intensifying as she neared Roxy. Given the upcoming car journey, Jess knew it wasn't just about having to deal with other people. "Uhm..." She tried to give a comforting smile. "It'll only be around an hour from here."

Her earlier check of an online map had revealed it really would take no more than an hour, but would that be enough to reassure Roxy? She recalled each minute stretching out during their previous vehicle journeys together, that stress-distorted sense of time spilling over from the anchor. An hour may normally sound like a short length of time, but it wouldn't to Roxy.

Way to make the situation worse, not better, Jess inwardly scolded herself.
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