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Current You know you play too much Five Nights At Freddy's when you're conserving power on your phone and half expect something to jump at you when you look up...
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I just want to see more academy RPs with momentum and staying power in general, but yeah a RWBY one would be nice.
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Don't you just love those colds where every time you cough or sneeze, this massive headache hits you like a truck?
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Sick on a day off. Positives: No need to call in and risk getting accused of pulling a fast one. Negatives: SICK ON A DAY OFF.
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Apologies to everyone I RP with, hotel housekeeping work is manic in the summer. Now excuse me while I collapse and melt all over the floor.


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Ayumu Harasawa Phantasmagoria

@floodtalon @SimpleWriter

Tragedy? Ayumu held back a laugh at Yui's sickly-sweet speech. Oh sure, that was one way of looking at it, for bleeding-heart masochists who didn't know the meaning of the word fun. She wouldn't think about it like that. She wouldn't...

It was when the light girl's gaze rested on her that for just a second, her laidback attitude faltered. She blinked in surprise, one thought occupying her mind. How did Yui know? Was she that obvious, something no magician should be? Or had that sparkly bitch gone and told Yui, completely overlooking the fact that it was none of her business? Either way, no way was Ayumu going to let that little sap pity her.

At least Ami's comment lightened the mood, but of course the teacher had to dampen it again. Adults had no sense of humour. Once all the students had taken their turn, Ayumu waited until Miss Tamashi's back was turned and scribbled a note, handing it to Ami. Best speech by far.

Lessons dragged throughout the morning, and it seemed an eternity before lunch break arrived. Once it did, Ayumu slipped out of class, breaking away from the hustle and bustle of students, keeping a look out for one person.

Well, two people, actually. There it was again, that presence that set every one of her nerves on edge. She slunk forward like a cat hunting a mouse in an area that reeked of dog. It turned out her gut instinct had been right three nights ago. Considering how messed up Touka had gotten - not in any way she couldn't recover from, but even so - the newcomer truly was a danger.

Spotting the particular one of the two she'd wanted to find, who sat eating lunch by a window, Ayumu stayed back and sent forth an illusion of a shadow hand. It tapped Yui on the shoulder with a claw, then swelled into two outstretched arms and a grinning skeletal face with glowing eyes, looming over her. "Heh, surprised?" Ayumu taunted, strolling over and dismissing the monstrous apparition. "It's just you seemed oh-so-lonely over there. I thought you might want someone to chat to. Specifically about what you meant by all that warm and fuzzy bullshit about growing stronger through tragedy, cherishing what we have, yadda yadda."

She draped herself into a seat beside Yui, trying not to let her wariness about the all too familiar blonde outside show. "Don't think I didn't notice how you looked at me right at the end. Care to explain why?"

Tama Miyara Angelite

@floodtalon @Noxx

Throughout the lesson, Tama could barely concentrate. The class had too many empty chairs, their usual occupants now injured, or mourning loved ones, or... The bluenette clenched her fists under the desk. If only she and the others could have done more.

By lunch break, she still had little appetite, but trudged out of class gripping a packed lunch nonetheless. Together, Yui had said that night. Tama made her way down the hall, in search of the rest of the team. Supporting each other was more important than ever now. And just maybe... she wasn't going to get her hopes too high, but there was a chance... This could be the day they'd find Alara.

A flare of dark energy and a glimpse of red-veined black armour caught her attention. At the sound of a thud, followed by yelling - one of the voices familiar - she quickly checked nobody was around to see her disappear, then unleashed her own magic. Blue light flowed from between her shoulder blades, forming a rough gem-like structure around her, which broke apart. The pieces spread out, solidifying into her crystal shard wings.

Angelite stormed into the room, her fears confirmed in more ways than one. Soma picked herself up from her sprawled position, rubbing her jaw and giving the blonde who stomped all over her lunch a piece of her mind, while other students gawked. No wonder. Not only would Soma appear to them as if she were shouting at thin air, her half-transformed state would add ghost rumours to the ever-growing list of unexplainable events.

Striding over, Tama placed herself between Soma and the roiling mass of hate and anger. "You heard her," she said, wings stretching out as if to protect her friend. Despite having been a magical girl for two years herself, she didn't know Ami well - just how quickly had she gone dark, Tama wondered - but glimpses of her gleefully destructive battles as a dark girl proved she meant business, provoked or unprovoked. "There are two things you need to get into that hot head of yours. One, we have every right to be here. Two, she's far from the aggressive type so I think you'll find uncalled for doesn't even begin to describe that."

Folding her wings, she turned to Soma. "Are you alright? And, uh... It might be best to come away from here for now... For a few reasons." She motioned to leave the room. "There's something I've got to point out." Maybe living apart from society meant Soma didn't realise how she looked to most people while half-transformed, but she needed to be told.
Sophia Danvers

Mesalon Pokecentre

@Zanavy @fer1323

With a slight snicker, Sophia shook her head as Oscar made his typical attempt at sagely advice. "What, you're saying I don't know what I'm talking about? Yeah, counters are kind of a given, but you've got to admit, throwing off their Normal type moves is still a useful technique." Now she thought about it, though, that was probably why the student had that Dark type Rattata, to take out Ghost types. She cringed, hoping nobody would notice.

When Ty asked her about her goals, she tried to make the confident act all the more convincing, grinning and straightening her back. "Well, as you've probably heard, Kosei has a league challenge like no other. As in a tournament. And yeah, given that contests are a big thing here, this is the perfect place for me to make a name for myself... in a lot of ways." It wasn't just her Pokemon who could impress, after all. Ty may have shown little reaction to her trick earlier, and she remembered Oscar's comment several days ago about having "seen better" all too well, but in time she'd prove herself to them, and to everyone around her.

"Oh! Yesterday someone mentioned a contest hall in the next nearby town, Vareena," she added, then immediately regretted it. If Ty got into contests as part of his training for movies, that would mean even more competition. Someone else to show up her lack of knowledge unless she got some practice in, fast. "Just you wait. I'll show both of you the meaning of the word style."

❅❄ Fuyuko Yamazaki ❄❅

@A Lowly Wretch

Even as Sophia denied trouble, Fuyuko knew there had to be more to the situation than she let on. Why else would the brunette have concealed herself, or even have transformed at all? Either way, Fuyuko reminded herself there was no need to worry. Neither Kiyoshi nor Noriko had picked up on any issues.

The okuri-okami gave Sophia one more nuzzle, then turned to the other two. "It's alright. I don't see any shades nearby," he reassured them, backing up the goth girl's response, "and I'll help to keep a look out."

Fuyuko's little smile returned. "Thanks." Shades weren't her only concern, but Kiyoshi wasn't going to mention the Hex Night around a potential competitor unless there was a good reason, and would alert them to any hostility from fellow magical girls. For all she knew, if Sophia was taking part, she could be just as on guard. Even if she wasn't involved, she might be avoiding getting mistaken for a combatant. The yuki-onna started to relax, the cool floral-scented breeze soothing her nerves. Sophia certainly did seem to enjoy nature just as much, whether she was telling the entire truth or not.

"I agree," Fuyuko replied. "Noriko and I grew up in a small mountain town, there's no atmosphere quite like that. I've noticed city life produces so many more shades... larger, stronger ones..." She tilted her head down, pale hair drifting across her face. "Sorry if this conversation is getting depressing."

Noriko was quick to lift the mood back up. "At least there are more of us around here to keep the doom and gloom at bay!" Her slightly elongated canine teeth showed as she grinned. "And yeah, places like this sure help."

With a nod, Fuyuko glanced at the landscape stretching out around the hill, the swathes of trees giving way to building silhouettes and the soft glow of lights. Like will-o-the-wisps, she thought, leading some people from their bleak worlds with promises of better lives, only to leave them more lost than ever.

"Uh, so..." She turned back to Sophia. "How are you finding Tokyo?"
Gabrielle Angouras

Gabrielle didn't want to be pitied, but couldn't deny that the earlier shock and panic had given way to tiredness. "Yeah... It certainly has been quite a day," she mumbled, standing up and skulking back to the guest room. The first thing she did was wash the food stains from her wrist fur, only to have it weigh down her arms again. Sighing, she started up the hairdryer. She may have only been a Pokemon for a few hours, but that was no excuse for her of all people to make an idiot of herself.

She settled into the massive four-poster bed, pushing the covers off herself five minutes later. It was so damn hot with all this fur. How did regular fluffy Pokemon manage? At least this was better than the wilderness she'd nearly had to spend the night in. She curled up, trying to block the memory. Despite what she'd been through, sleep came easily, letting her put the day behind her.


As morning light shone through a gap in the curtains, Gabrielle opened her eyes... then closed them. She didn't want to see a room that wasn't hers, or a body that wasn't hers. Maybe she had been dreaming after all, and now awake, could go back to her usual life... her fans, her friends, her family...

Yesterday's events swept away the fogginess of sleep, sharpening sensations. She could still feel that thick coat of fur. The birdsong outside sounded louder than it would to human ears. Sighing, she allowed herself to look. Sure enough, she was in the same guest room. Could she even call herself a guest? She'd become a prisoner here, or as good as, and she'd stay that way until somebody found a way to lift the curse.

All she wanted to do was curl up and block everything out, but a glance at the clock revealed it would only be half an hour until breakfast. She rolled over, right onto one of her ears. With a yelp, she sat up, scowling as she stormed to the bathroom and showered. Hopefully that wouldn't set the tone for today.

It was after she'd spent the longest time trying to get her fur dry that she acknowledged today really wasn't starting well. Twenty five past eight, the clock read. She'd be in trouble if she didn't hurry. The bunny turned the hairdryer up to its highest setting, only for the fuzz on her arms and ears to frizz like she'd been out in a storm. Cringing, she brushed it, which just made it worse. How did people even manage without stylists? She opened her mouth to yell for Simone, then thought better of it, recalling what Jean had said about the Audino's keen hearing.

Time ticked on without improvement. No choice, then, but to go downstairs looking not just like she'd been dragged through a hedge backwards, but forwards again, then lengthways all around a fifty acre garden. She pulled the dress on, hurrying downstairs and hoping the others wouldn't mind her lateness. Surely they wouldn't be too annoyed about ten paltry minutes. Surely they wouldn't be as critical as her father had been yesterday.


Given Gabrielle's treatment of Simone, Mira hadn't wanted to bother her. Even so, the Audino had insisted on alleviating her headache to the extent that she could. Able to get into bed without her head ribbon throbbing as much, the Gothitelle dozed off quickly, but something else disturbed her sleep.

While brief, the images seemed all too real. Gabrielle, whimpering and running, blood matting her fur as a four-legged shape chased her through the darkness. Mira woke with a start, staring around the safe, quiet room. She exhaled in relief, but underlying worry lingered. Had Gabrielle been hurt worse than she'd let on? No, those Mightyenas hadn't drawn blood, and Simone would have dealt with any wounds. Which meant the vision must have shown what would have happened if Gabrielle had stayed in the wilderness any longer. A disturbing thought, but at least those events hadn't come to pass. Maybe it hadn't even been a psychic dream. Maybe it had just been a plain old nightmare brought on by a stressful incident.

Mira tried to drift off again, but sleep came fitfully for the rest of the night. She gave up at seven AM, climbing out of bed with a groan, heading into the lobby to see who else was up and what duties needed attending to.

Setting up the dining hall for breakfast kept her occupied, but she couldn't shake the feeling of unease, especially when Gabrielle failed to turn up. Mira frowned, glancing towards the door every now and then. It was nothing, she told herself. If something were wrong, she'd have felt it when she'd walked past Gabrielle's room. Even so, the more time passed, the more anxious she grew.

"I know she's probably just slept in or something," the Gothitelle said, "but should one of us go check on her?"

Just then, she felt a presence approach. Footsteps pounded, and a particularly irritable-looking mass of puffy fur burst in. Mira let herself relax. So that was all it had been, trouble getting ready. Nothing disastrous, although Gabrielle would probably disagree.

Alyssa was the first to greet her, sunny-toned flowers bobbing as she leaned forward. "Morniiing! Did you sleep well? Don't worry, everything's still warm, ooh you'll love today's breakfast!" The gardener's peppiness only deepened Gabrielle's scowl.

Mira gestured towards an empty chair. "Ah, good morning, do take a seat. Is everything ok?"

With a huff, Gabrielle sat down. "Oh just fine, except for, you know, the whole getting plucked out of the limelight and trapped in the middle of nowhere thing. And of course this." She pointed at her static-filled ear fluff. "Which I expect someone to help me with right after breakfast."

Even if there was no crisis of yesterday's scale to deal with, Mira thought, it was still going to be a tough day for everyone.
Jessamyn "Jess" Bailey

Jess nodded, the movement somewhat tense from Roxy's nerves as well as her own. "Thanks. Uh, please let me know if I do anything I'm not meant to." She'd kept her driving knowledge as sharp as possible, having studied general rules and road signs during her time in isolation. Now to see if she could put theory into practice.

Hunching over the steering wheel, she pressed her foot on the accelerator, slowly turning the car out from the parking space and onto the road. Her ribs clenched. The thought of driving had been daunting enough, but actually being out on the road was another matter. There was very little traffic, she reminded herself, the weather was fine, it'd be ok... She gasped as she narrowly avoided hitting the curb. It took her a few tries to drive in a straight line, and even once she managed, she kept her white-knuckled grip on the wheel. "Sorry about that," she muttered. So much for avoiding giving Roxy any extra stress.

Despite the panic threatening to take over Jess' reason, the feeling that she was going to lose control of the vehicle and crash at any moment, the rest of the journey went by with no major mishaps. A few times, she had to ask the anchor for guidance, her mind blank from anxiety. If Roxy could drive just fine while experiencing all this firsthand, she should be able to, Jess scolded herself, nonetheless relieved as the garage came into view. Thankful for the spacious parking area behind the garage, she slowed and stopped the car.

Her muscles unclenched as she climbed out, probably because the open door had the same effect on Roxy. "I'll try to remember more next time," she said, taking her bag from the back, "but thanks for helping."

She made her way towards the building that had become her home. For now, it was back to the routine Roxy liked, or as close to it as possible, given the ever-present threat in the background.
❅❄ Fuyuko Yamazaki ❄❅

@A Lowly Wretch

At the initial lack of response, Fuyuko bit the inside of her lip. Just how upset was this person with them? A few seconds later, though, the shadow veil lifted to reveal a girl clothed in elaborate black frills, with dark hair and equally dark eyes, seated in an ornate wheelchair that matched her gothic theme. Instead of the look of annoyance Fuyuko had expected, she wore one of calm.

The yuki-onna bowed again once the girl had explained her delayed answer. "Ah... It's ok. Nice to meet you too." Sophia's politeness put her at ease somewhat, but a hint of wariness remained. The wheelchair and breathlessness didn't necessarily stop this girl from being a formidable fighter, ranged magic being more than capable of making up for physical frailty. Thankfully, Kiyoshi showed no sign of detecting hostile intentions, padding forward and nuzzling her. Fuyuko could only hope this was just a display of friendliness, not an indication that she and Noriko had caused unnecessary distress.

"Ehh, I'm the one who should apologise," Noriko said, rubbing the back of her neck. "And don't worry, Kiyoshi here won't harm you, whenever he's not in combat he's just like a puppy." The okuri-okami turned to glare at his summoner for a second. "I'm Noriko," the wolf girl continued, "and this is my sister, Fuyuko." Despite the lingering embarrassment at the little mishap, the older sister gave a slight smile.

As Noriko petted Kiyoshi, then tucked her hair behind her ear, Fuyuko knew what she was doing. Her lifting of an okuri-okami hair to her eyes would look inconspicuous that way, at least to people who didn't know the full extent of her magic. Further relief settled over Fuyuko when Noriko didn't seem to pick up on any warning signs, acting the same as usual. "Ohh awesome!" the younger sister commented, wide-eyed as she glanced up. "I'm going to guess those ravens are yours, that's a neat move!"

Fuyuko's eyebrows furrowed as she looked in the same direction. There had to be a reason Sophia was using her magic. A reason she'd been hiding just now. "Uh... If you don't mind my asking," the white-haired girl said. "This got me wondering... What is it that brings you to these woods? There isn't trouble nearby, is there?"
Sophia Danvers

Mesalon Pokecentre

@Zanavy @fer1323

Sophia leaned forward and listened as Medic started to sing, softly at first as if she doubted herself. "No need to be nervous, you're doing great," the brunette soothed, her tough front easing away. Maybe it was the proximity of a friendly Pokemon, maybe it was the song's calming effect. In all likelihood, it was both. A delighted grin spread across Sophia's face as the tune's pace picked up. Such an adorable Pokemon, and so kind and caring... The psychic knew she hadn't earned such compassion, but appreciated it nonetheless.

The more the song went on, the heavier her eyelids grew... Sophia shook off the feeling, shifting her position. No way would she repeat the Clefairy video incident. To keep herself awake, she softly hummed along to repeating stanzas.

It was Oscar's showing off, and Ty's reaction, that jolted her back to reality. Given the circumstances, the fact that Oscar had a badge still didn't bother her. The problem was more that by now, she should be able to present one too. Her gaze turned wary. Oscar had better not say anything about how she'd gotten her ass handed to her...

She piped up when Ty mentioned preparing for his own gym battle. "You know, there are students in the gym you can challenge first, naturally they have loads of Normal types. Pfff, they're pushovers though," she said, as if she'd done better than she really had. "That and there are other strategies besides brute strength. Not that I had to be told this or anything! I mean, there's defense. I have a Steel type and a Ghost type, Normal types struggle to put so much as a mark on either." She glanced at Oscar. If not for her current state, she'd speak into his mind and tell him not to mention the gym fiasco, but that would probably result in her collapsing again. Instead, her warning glare said as much, before she turned her attention back to Ty. "I'm Sophia, by the way. A name everyone will surely know by the time I finish this journey."

As Medic's song drew to a close, Sophia's smile returned. "Looks like you enjoyed that just as much as I did," she said, easing herself back onto the chair, careful not to stand too quickly. She still wasn't going to let on that she'd needed cheering up, but the melody had certainly helped to do so.

@Zanavy Yeah, planning on a timeskip shortly after Dusksong posts, if you're still alright with that.

Next IC day, everyone who has yet to challenge the gym can do so, and then... *bursts into song* We're on the road to VAREENA CITY! Meet my friends along the way! On the road to Vareena City, I got a badge and the power to play!

... Ehhh, couldn't resist ^^;
Sorry for the absence, I'm back to my normal routine now and work isn't too hectic, so I should be able to post more often.
❅❄ Fuyuko Yamazaki ❄❅

@A Lowly Wretch

The casual chatting during the journey home wasn't enough to lighten the tension in the air. Fuyuko noted her mother's hunched posture over the steering wheel, as if the return from from a busy day teaching to an even more stressful home life weighed on her physically as well as mentally. Fuyuko wanted to tell her she wasn't alone in trying to help, but couldn't. Noriko was the only person she could talk to about certain things.

It was a few hours after the three had arrived home that the front door slammed. Fuyuko sat bolt upright at her desk, eyes shifting from her homework to the bedroom door. Footsteps plodded through the hall downstairs. Muffled voices grew louder, angrier. Her father's slurred words sounded like he'd had an after-work whisky or several. Fuyuko winced. Since he'd become unable to run the business, moving to the city in search of job opportunities that came and went, his drinking and demeanour had gotten worse. No wonder, Fuyuko thought. The more he accused himself of failing the family, the more he struggled - and by extension, so did everyone around him. A vicious cycle. Had those shades been preying on him since day one, the robbery of his stock followed by that of his resilience and self-worth?

Sighing, she rose and shuffled along the hallway, knocking at Noriko's door. "This sounds like our cue to head out," she whispered.

After scanning for monsters targeting the house and thankfully finding none, the two girls stuck close by each other as they headed up a hill to a nearby shrine. Despite her interest in folklore, Fuyuko had never been particularly religious, but if magic was real, who was to say gods weren't? Besides, all she could do was pray for the upcoming challenge, or for some other miracle if this proved too great for her.

"I can't wait to hear all about this later!" Noriko bubbled, then stopped in her tracks, face suddenly serious. "Whoop whoop, monster alert!" She pointed towards the forest, where something lurked in the shadows, as if concealing itself while preparing to attack.

A shade, in a peaceful place like this? Then again, people did travel here to ease their burdens, which were bound to leave a mark on the area... As an energy orb resembling a wolf's eye surrounded Noriko, snow whirled around Fuyuko's feet, spiralling upwards, obscuring her. The cold brought no stinging or shivers, only comfort, becoming part of her essence. The flurry dissipated, revealing her white-haired, kimono-clad self.

Noriko was the first to charge, lupine ears flattened, tail streaming. Before she could reach her target, her wolf companion gripped the hem of her dress in his jaws, pulling her back. "Huh?" She turned her head, eyebrows furrowed. "Kiyoshi, what's gotten into you?"

Kiyoshi let go, staring at the odd shadow, then up at his summoner. "Look before you leap. This is no shade," he told her.

Fuyuko stood stunned. If this wasn't a shade, then the figure could only be... Oh. Cringing, she bowed to the partially hidden form. "I-I'm sorry! We didn't know, I'm so sorry!"

Even so, she remained on her guard. After all, she didn't know this girl, or her intentions. With competition already growing fierce, no magical girl could be too careful.
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