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Current Blackmist16: Status bar updates. Sometimes like fine poetry. Sometimes - what the fuck?
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Possible uncommon opinion: Ducks are way cuter than swans.
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Not all cops are bastards, but too many are, and get away with it no less.
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I'm not even going to try to make sense of that PM.
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I never knew Heiress either, but I'm sorry to hear that, and glad the guild made her happy. My condolences to her loved ones.


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Jessamyn "Jess" Bailey

"It's just..." Jess chewed her lip. In some situations, making things obvious may not be a problem, but cases like this were surely exceptions. Not for the first time, she wished she could be as good at hiding things as Roxy was - if that were the case, the anchor may be in a better position right now. "I know. Most of the time, yeah," she whispered, looking out for anyone who might overhear. "But I take it he's not going to react well." That was an understatement, if Roxy's fear of her father was anything to go by.

Of course, the fact that Roxy wasn't mad at her made it clear there truly was no good outcome. Reginald had his ways of figuring out the truth. All they could do now was get through the rest of the day, and try to think of a way out before he set them their next task, whatever that would be. Jess didn't want to think about it, or about how Reginald would take out his anger on both of them.
@drewccapp @Grey Omen Still on board to deal with the Nox's impending all-you-can-eat buffet?
Jessamyn "Jess" Bailey

Jess sighed as she stood up. Ok, that had been dumb, to even consider the possibility of that ploy working. The guilt weighing in the pit of her stomach was her own - would the culprit's greed or negligence go without consequences, or was it obvious by now he was responsible? As she trailed alongside Roxy, she looked over her shoulder, considering blurting out the truth. The anchor's relief made her reconsider. Jess wasn't going to ruin that glimmer of respite for her, not after she'd ruined so much else yesterday.

Calm down, she reminded herself. She knew full well this wasn't just about securing the business through legitimate means.

"There was no way that could have ended well, was there?" she muttered once out of Reginald's earshot. They'd gotten away for now, but there was no getting away for good. At least, not right now. Lowering her voice further, she continued. "He saw right through that. I could tell how suspicious he was."
Still here, and happy to continue!
Whew, finally managed a post! I'm on holiday for Christmas now so will have more time.

Rose stumbled back as the floorboards splintered, a large root writhing beneath them. "Eeeeehhh! What the...?" She stepped aside, one hand over her thudding heart, the other pointing her gunblade at the tendril. No, she scolded herself, it didn't do for a Ze to get jumpy, especially at a time and place like this.

"Heh..." She caught her breath. "At least the plants are livening the atmosphere. And yeah, you know how I kept saying I'd run away and join the Ze? I had to follow through. I'm Steel Rose now."

Her forced smile faded as she listened to Jay's warning. The way he described Nox possession was worse than she'd imagined... and if the Ravel got their way, there'd be many, many more hosts trapped in here before long. "Well, shit." Her stomach sank. "So you were right all along, Ruski."

Ruskali, as usual, was quick to speak up, his cries of defiance echoing through the building. "You tell 'em!" Rose backed him up, her bright confident tone returning. "Like we'll let them anywhere near the Light. Or let them keep you walled up in here. Your bodies... They're still alive. There's a chance you'll be able to go back."

At Jay's mention of a vessel, Rose opened her bag. "Is an old satchel ok? Just, uh, be careful not to set off the motor skates in there. They didn't work quite as expected." This time, she kept her cool when the plants wriggled, all while keeping a healthy distance. Falling through the floor wouldn't help matters.

Unknown to her, neither would the many-legged creature darting silently along the ceiling...
Jessamyn "Jess" Bailey

Jess flinched from the telltale squirming sensation that accompanied the lie. There was no way Reginald hadn't seen her reaction, but she kept her guard up the best she could. "You heard her," she said, an irritable edge slipping into her tone from Roxy's annoyance. The room buzzed with frayed nerves, particularly from the older man and his cowardice.

"That reaction..." she continued. "I have to say, that makes it obvious to anyone you know more than you let on." That level of defensiveness, the crossed arms, the raised voice, surely had to ring alarm bells even to non-empaths. There, she'd tried to help solve the issue without outright stating she'd picked up on his lies. Much like him, though, for all her reluctance to admit the truth, she'd probably made it clear.
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Mellona's carapace bore scratch marks, but Emmy clearly fared worse of the two from the successful Struggle Bug. Seeing the smirk wiped off of Nicholas' face, Antoinetta laughed, partly from relief. For all her fears, was this battle going in her and Mel's favour?

Not that she could relax just yet, as Nicholas' taunt reminded her. Something nobody had been able to beat before? Surely he was just talking tough...? Judging by his next command, he had to be. Netty chuckled again. "Nobody except us just now," she jeered. "Mel, again, Gust." Once more, Mellona whipped up a mini tornado.

Was Nicholas really that forgetful and overconfident, or was this Quick Attack part of a bigger plan? With a gut feeling that it was the latter, Netty watched the round unfold.

Ah, sorry for the confusion! The last bit was addressed to the guilty party.
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