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Current Dragons vs unicorns? I want to say dragons, but then again, Galarian Rapidash beats most Dragon types...
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To be fair, fictional high schools tend to be more exciting than real ones. Especially if crimefighting is part of the curriculum.
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Starting a programming course online with absolutely no prior experience. This may be 5% learning to develop games and 95% swearing at the computer.
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Weeb is just a term of affection if it's between anime fans.
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@headintheclouds They both represent evil to lazy writers.


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@Metatrooper Yay! And I'm liking how similar our characters are. Ohh the awkwardness...
@Mistress Dizzy Arachne, good choice! Liking the sewing theme, all the CS needs is a picture or description, and SimpleWriter's approval.

Veronica Edwards ~ The Portraitist

The mansion came into view against the dimming afternoon sky. In just a few hours, night would settle over the city, bringing its seething underbelly to the surface. It would signal the start of another hunt, the enemy embodying said corruption, moving in ever-increasing numbers. This hunt, however, would be different. This time, the witches of London wouldn't work alone.

Said witches followed Veronica's brisk steps along the path, towards a pair of elaborate gates. Stopping outside them, Veronica turned towards the group, looking over them with eyes as impassive as her stiff-backed posture. Unofficial and secret as the organisation was, she had to come across as nothing less than professional. "This," she explained, "is to be our headquarters. Our host will be greeting us shortly, and once you've all introduced yourselves, I'll explain tonight's mission." Her voice, although soft, carried and air of respectability.

"And then," a voice chirped inside her head, "it'll be time to see for ourselves what we're all capable of together!" Although the pixie remained in stationary hairpin form, she seemed to buzz with energy. "Good work Vee, keep on with it!"

Lowering her head, Veronica replied in her mind. "First things first. But I won't let you down, Claria. I won't."

A butler approached, giving a courteous bow as he greeted them and opened the gates. Returning the bow, Veronica followed him along the pathway, into the estate. There, a sumptuous living room awaited the magical girls, mahogany sofas and chairs arranged around a table. A maid smiled at the group, placing a tea tray on the surface and setting out cups. "Welcome, do make yourselves comfortable," she said, gesturing to the seating area.

"Thank you," Veronica replied, settling into a chair as she waited. While she herself wasn't one for small talk, this would give the group a chance to relax and mingle before official introductions began.

Lucilla Crawford ~ Ignis Fatuus

Peering out of the window, Lucilla watched the other magical girls approach. Mixed feelings danced through her - that knee-jerk wariness of strangers, and relief at belonging to a group once again. That was, if she truly did. If they didn't find out about her recent past, and if they all got along in any case.

Figures grew clearer as they neared. The leader, the formal-looking strawberry blonde - she had to be the girl Sophia had mentioned, Veronica. The founder of the coven. The coven... It still felt surreal, but she already knew life could be unpredictable, for better or for worse.

"Please tell me they're here! I'm booooored!" Wisp moaned, flitting around in a corner like a butterfly in a jar. "I want to meet everyone!"

Lucilla chuckled. "Now, now, a little patience." Her eyes shifted from the pixie to the window. "Besides, looks like the wait's over." She smoothed out her shirt, tugging at it. She had yet to get used to wearing clothes that fit once again, and to social gatherings. As Wisp whirled around in excitement, leaving trails of purple mist, Lucilla listened to the creaking doors and footsteps that backed up her words.

"Now to see if things are less chaotic than usual," she murmured, heading towards the landing as Wisp settled into ring form on her finger, "or even more so." With that, she made her way down the stairs, to the new team she'd be working with.
@PsyBlade @Yankee @Metatrooper @AlternateMan

Finally posted! I was waiting to see if anyone else wanted to post, since it wouldn't be in character for Lindy to speak up first, but I had her have a little mishap instead. Feel free to decide whose foot she stepped on.

Lindy Carlson ~ Project Medusa

@PsyBlade @Yankee @Metatrooper @AlternateMan

Lindy shivered, not just from the wave of cold. Admittedly, that was bad enough, the draft the open hatch let in stinging her skin even though her thick clothes. What set her on edge even more, though, was the duty ahead of her, and of the eight other Zasshu. Tenshi signals hummed all around her, bringing back memories of that day five years ago. There was no reason to fear the others, they were human just like her, she knew that - but it wasn't them she was wary of. It was herself, and what could happen if she couldn't cope with the upcoming mission.

She pulled up the large hood of her jacket, curling the serpentine appendages that protruded from her head into it. Partly to shield them from the cold, and partly because the gesture felt like keeping her Archon side under control. As weird as it was not to be able to see all around her like this, hopefully she and the others would be somewhere warm soon.

Her only reply to Akane's introduction was a small smile. With a deep breath of damp-smelling air, she moved to the side so she could see past the Zasshu in front of her, while repeating four words in her mind. Don't mess this up. Don't mess this up. Don't mess this up...

... Only to step on someone's foot. Cringing, she backed away, snake heads peeking out of the hood so as to watch where she was going better this time. "Ah! I-I'm sorry!"

What a great start to the team-up.
@Majoras End @Mistress Dizzy @Hammerman @Killy

There seem to have been some issues with Discord links, so here's another one:
@Killy Accepted, and yep I'm liking the mythology reference with the pixie's name! Your character's going to contrast nicely with the more upstanding magical girls.

@Suneli Yep, that keeps her balanced while being a competent fighter/supporter, and I'm looking forward to seeing how she develops. Accepted!

@Sinsystems You'll already know this from our Discord chat, but here's your official welcome on board.

@Vega7285 Yup, I approved both of them :)
Ok, sorry for the delay everyone ^^; Anyway...

@Sinsystems I like it, although yeah the "healing cutting" thing needs clearing up. Am I right in thinking you're referring to magically enhanced surgery? Once that detail is clarified, consider the CS accepted.

@Suneli Ah, sorry if I intimidated you yesterday! For the most part it looks good, it's just that yeah, you seem to be a little worried about making your character overpowered, and underpowering her instead. I'd personally relax some of the restrictions on The Hanged Man, especially as she isn't guaranteed to get it at any one time. Very creative though, and I like the personality changes as a side effect of her powers.

@Mistress Dizzy Yep, that suggestion seems like a good one to go with. Considering things weren't at all easy for black people in the 1800s, a servant background would be likely. As for the magic, got to say you need to elaborate on it. The versatility looks good though, and I'm interested in seeing more details.

@Killy Once you write the personality section, your character seems fun, especially with the bug magic! That's pretty unique.

@Vega7285 Hehe, classic light and dark, lawful good and chaotic good duo. I'd recommend having them both as foils, although it's understandable if you only want to go with one. You'd always be able to bring the other in later.

@Majoras End Yup, vampire concept looks good so far! Let us know when the CS is complete.


Whew! That's way more characters than we expected. It's probably time to close applications, and start the RP soon.
@Suneli That idea has potential if it's fleshed out. While it's pretty complicated, the fact that you're willing to work with GMs shows you're serious about keeping things fair. Plus the randomness could be an interesting weakness, if she gets the wrong type of magic for a particular situation.

It'd be tricky, but as Majora's End said, it can work for RPs. That and yes there could be some low-level prediction involved, although I'd keep it pretty vague and limited to the near future.

Two suggestions for how to make the concept workable and relatively simple: One is her weapon could be a deck of cards that turn into projectiles when thrown (I had a magical girl in another RP who did this with playing cards). Every so often, she can use a card to predict an enemy's move, but the vision is very brief and the ability has a cooldown period of several minutes. Every day, she also gets a random slight boost or alteration to her abilities based on a Major Arcana card, of which she'd only start out with a few. They could also have disadvantages - the Strength card, for example, could trade her predictions for increased attacking power.

The other suggestion is that the random card determines her weapon/item for the day, based on the four Minor Arcana suits: a sword, a baton, a disc or a cup. Each would have their strengths and limits - sword would deal physical damage and be for close combat, wand or staff could channel magical energy attacks, throwing disc would make her a ranged fighter that day, and a cup could contain a potion that would buff or heal allies but would have no offensive use. She'd have to train a lot to adapt her fighting style accordingly. You could also include the prediction thing though, that would be a constant.

Hope that helped, and I'm up for chatting if you want to discuss ideas :)

@Sinsystems Nice, a healer! I was wondering if we were going to get one. That magic is creative, and I like the background, it fits the gritty but ultimately hopeful feel of this RP.

The only issue is, she may be a bit too young. SimpleWriter and I envision the characters generally being between 15-19 years old, although there can be a few older exceptions, like Veronica. So she could be 15, maybe 14 if you feel it'd work best with her being the youngest?

Anyway, looking forward to seeing the CS!
Jessamyn "Jess" Bailey

"Well... An activity, in any case," Jess replied. She swept her glance over the cool blue of the water, deceptively tranquil in a fraught environment. The pool looked like those in hotels, grand and inviting, but she doubted anything under this roof would feel much like leisure for either of them. Still, maybe it was the only thing close to a way to unwind, if Roxy's emotions were anything to go by. "An outlet."

At the mention of heading back, Jess bit her lip. "I guess we'd better get this done with," she murmured, trailing after Roxy. Tension knotted through her, around her, until she felt like a fly in a spider's web - and it wasn't just her own feeling. Through the growing stress, a stab of guilt spiked. Jess flinched. What had brought that on? Had Roxy dismissed an unpleasant thought, or was she still convinced all this was her fault?

"Please try not to blame yourself," Jess whispered, so low nobody else would hear. "We'll find a way to get through this." What that way was, though, she had no idea.
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