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Current I'm not even going to try to make sense of that PM.
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I never knew Heiress either, but I'm sorry to hear that, and glad the guild made her happy. My condolences to her loved ones.
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Dragons vs unicorns? I want to say dragons, but then again, Galarian Rapidash beats most Dragon types...
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To be fair, fictional high schools tend to be more exciting than real ones. Especially if crimefighting is part of the curriculum.
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Starting a programming course online with absolutely no prior experience. This may be 5% learning to develop games and 95% swearing at the computer.


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Jessamyn "Jess" Bailey

Jess woke with a start. She sat up to see weak rays of light filtering through the curtains, morning having arrived all too soon. She couldn't recall any nightmares, but her heart thudded, and a sheen of cold sweat clung to her skin. Which meant this wasn't so much her reaction as Roxy's, this house reminding the anchor of a past she'd rather forget. A past she couldn't forget as they both became more and more caught up in it.

Pushing away the covers, Jess wrapped her arms around her body as a sense of vulnerability flooded her. She grimaced, her stomach turning. What exactly had Roxy been through here? Right away, Jess clambered out of bed, hurried from the room and knocked on Roxy's door. "Are you ok?" she asked. Stupid question, especially coming from an empath, but it was the first thing she could think to say.

For all she knew, Roxy could still be asleep, If she was, though, this would wake her from any nightmare she was having.
Steel Rose

Rose slammed to the ground again, an eerie, high-pitched scream filling her ears as the Nox vanished. Gasping great lungfuls of fetid air, she eased herself into a sitting position. "Whew... Thanks." She stood on shaky legs, leaning against the wall and pressing a hand to the right side of her face. "Glad I made this mask tough." While the mask had protected against serious injury, she could feel a bruise spreading across her cheek, making her lower eyelid swell. Well, this isn't exactly what a markswoman needs, she thought, trying to keep her eye open. Especially one who has enough trouble hitting targets as it is.

She mentally chided herself for being negative, but Fluke's jibes weren't helping. "Y'know Fluke, less talking and more doing would be nice!" she snapped into the earpiece, shaking her head at the drone, which did nothing but buzz around like an annoying bug. "I might have to work on some combat drones for next time," she muttered, trying to reassure herself and the others there would be a next time. Despite the false starts, they'd get through this.

Rolling her aching shoulder, she turned her attention to Cedar. "You ok?" She glanced at his blue-tinged hand. As she did, something caught her attention. An armadillo dug in the dirt, around what was unmistakeably a human arm. Rose's stomach turned. "Oh gods..."
Jessamyn "Jess" Bailey

Exhaling heavily, Jess swam over to Roxy. "Yeah, same." Her muscles ached, but it was the satisfying ache of a vigorous exercise session, which had done both of them good. Just as Roxy had hoped, it had burned off most of the stress and anger. "Seems like it was what we needed." Maybe in the morning, they'd be able to think of something. If the situation didn't hit again like a truck, that was.

She quickly caught up with Roxy, who waited by the changing room, and followed her in. After getting dried and dressed, she headed back down the hallway beside her, to the rooms set up for them. As comfortable as hers looked, and as grateful as she was to the maid, the knowledge of whose house it was offset the effect.

Nonetheless, she gave Roxy a little smile. "Night," she replied, and headed into the spare room. She almost didn't want to sleep. If she slept now, she thought while changing into her pyjamas, it would be morning before she knew it. Another day of dealing with this crap. She dug out a book from her suitcase, but barely read a page before her eyelids grew heavy and her focus drifted. Switching off the light, she nestled into the soft linen. Being well rested would mean being better able to support Roxy, and not screwing up like earlier.

At least they only had one more day here. Then it would be back to their lives, even if those lives were still entangled in Mr Black's until they found a way to escape.
@Asesina Feel free to write both Cara and Jane getting to the top floor.
Cara Bryant

A slight smile softened Cara's formerly stoic expression. "It's no trouble," she replied. "That injury should be healed in a matter of days, but you'll still want to be careful with it in the meantime." The change in the woman's attitude brought relief. Not only because it was now clear she wasn't hostile, but it seemed she'd be ok in a world where so many people weren't.

Visibly relaxing, Cara nodded in response to the offer. "Good idea for people to stick together when possible anyway," she replied. She probably sounded paranoid, and hoped she wasn't setting the girl's nerves on edge, but the intention was to reassure her there was safety in numbers. Relative safety, in any case.

"If you want, I can check on the wound in the morning," she offered. The girl would likely want the effect renewed by then, especially if she was planning on setting out. Cara hauled her backpack onto her shoulders and started her way up the stairs, her ascent slow as she held onto the rail, careful not to slip in the water trickles. With any luck, the upper floors wouldn't be too bad, although of course that depended just how leaky the roof was.
Steel Rose

"Mmmmmmph!" With a muffled cry, Rose flailed, dropping her gun and falling backwards. She winced as she landed on her shoulder, already sore from recoil. On instinct, she gripped and pulled at the creature's sludgy body to no avail, then stopped. No. Bad idea. If she accidentally pulled the mask off along with the Nox, and it recognised her as human... It didn't bear thinking about. Yet, with Cedar hurt, and with her lungs straining for oxygen as the mask pressed against her face, someone had to do something.

More than Fluke was doing. Rose had tried to brush off his jibes and passivity, but now irritation simmered. Why watch them if he wasn't going to help them? His duty may be mission control, but surely he could do something in a pinch. As could Archer. For the gods' sake, it wasn't like either of them were far behind.

As the Nox covered Rose's ears and the speakers, Cedar's offer sounded garbled, but she got the gist of it. Even with all the ways it could go wrong, it was their only real option, unless Fluke had some tricks up his sleeve - and actually bothered to use them. With some difficulty from the writhing mass of shadow, she nodded. "That'd be great," she tried to say, although her words came out as an incoherent mumble.
Yep, unless you'd rather write the next day, I'm good with either.
Cara Bryant

Cara pressed her lips together, but showed no other sign that the comment had gotten to her. She'd heard worse from some people she'd helped, and the attacks weren't always merely verbal. Even so, a duty was a duty. "I'm a paramedic," she said, to explain both the blood and her offer to treat the woman's injury, as she took her first aid kit from her backpack. "Or at least, I was until all this happened."

She approached the girl, setting down the first aid kit on a higher step, donning thin translucent gloves and examining the wound. It wasn't deep enough to need stitches, but bore the distinctive jagged edges of a bite, heightening the risk of infection. She set to work cleaning and dressing it, the glow returning to her hands as she did so. Her fingertips tingled, neither her gloves nor the bandages stopping the energy from flowing through. "This will speed up the healing process a little," she explained. The girl would feel the effect right away - reduced pain, and no blood seeping through the bandage - but would still have to be careful not to aggravate the injury.

Once done, Cara put away the medical supplies. "How's that?" If the woman wanted to rest, hopefully she'd have an easier time of it now, in so far as rest could be easy in recent years. Of course, there was always the chance the girl would use the slight recovery as an opportunity to attack. Cara could feel the strain setting in, partly from earlier, but couldn't let her guard down just yet.
Is this a good point to timeskip?
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