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Current To be fair, fictional high schools tend to be more exciting than real ones. Especially if crimefighting is part of the curriculum.
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Starting a programming course online with absolutely no prior experience. This may be 5% learning to develop games and 95% swearing at the computer.
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Weeb is just a term of affection if it's between anime fans.
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@headintheclouds They both represent evil to lazy writers.
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You know you play too much Five Nights At Freddy's when you're conserving power on your phone and half expect something to jump at you when you look up...
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Jessamyn "Jess" Bailey

Even though Roxy kept her face and tone neutral, Jess could feel the welling panic. As far as music went, this called for something soothing. Unless Roxy hated it, of course, which given their luck, was all too likely.

Pulling out her phone, Jess scrolled through the playlists until she settled on some relaxing soft rock, not unlike the oldies Roxy had played in the car the other day. Maybe this would be closest to suiting both their tastes. "Here," she said, handing Roxy an earphone, letting the mellow guitar intro play. "How's this? Uh, let me know if you'd rather have something else, or if you'd rather choose some of your music."

With the melody came memories of how it had eased her worries, as day after day she'd wondered how long it would take to find an anchor. Now, as she shared the song with that very anchor, she hoped it would have the same calming effect on her.
Jessamyn "Jess" Bailey

"Ehh, sorry..." Jess rubbed the back of her neck as she shuffled after Roxy. By suggesting activities, it seemed that instead of helping, she was just highlighting her own privilege. She'd had a normal life. Roxy hadn't. The car outside was a reminder of this, as was the empty feeling the other woman gave off. Loneliness deeper than any she'd felt herself, even during those five years.

She climbed into the car, muscles clenching, doubtlessly due to Roxy preparing to get in. A regular journey would be bad enough, but this was quite something else. Looking up, Jess gave a twitch of a smile. "I guess it's worth trying." As much as she wanted to tell Roxy she wasn't alone any more, was this truly the case? They shared their lives, but not their experiences, the anchor's being ones that not even an empath could fully understand.

Instead of stating it outright, she worded it in a more subtle way. "There have got to be some things out there that work for both of us. It's... It's just a matter of finding them."
"She had been alone in a way Jess' isolation could never simulate." - I love this line. Going to try to put a post up now.
@NeoAJ Yay, thanks! And yeah, I feel you about the work situation, glad you're recovering.

Kerianne Morley ~ Nightwatch

@SimpleWriter @Tenma Tendo @Aerandir

Kerianne stayed back, sighing with relief as Breeze cleared the glass away from where Gabby and Momo fought. Still, she wished she could be more help. Part of being a hero was knowing who was best suited to which job, but that didn't make it easy to just stand there and leave things - even small things - for others to deal with.

Her surroundings tipped and twisted as she turned to Yi, who'd asked if she needed help. Given Erika's sulking, the winner of that sparring match was clear. His was the example to take, Kerianne thought - a hero should stay cool and focused like he did, not end up a staggering mess. She stretched her arms out to keep steady, all too aware of why she couldn't do any cleaning.

"Thanks, but I'm alright," she replied, taking step by tiny step towards the bench. She couldn't blame him for worrying, considering last week's accident, but she needed to show him he didn't have to. Or at least, he shouldn't have to. He wouldn't once she proved more heroic potential. His comment about resting, however... Her shoulders sagged. She couldn't exactly disagree out loud, after having told Breeze the same thing. "And it's ok. A few minutes of rest are all I'll need."

Easing herself onto the bench, she glanced towards Breeze, who kept returning the same concerned look. In a way, it was a good thing the fight had been cut short, with the way it had gone. Whatever the reason she'd upset her friend, she'd be careful not to do it again.
@NeoAJ Yay!! Just the kind of RP I've been looking for. Here's my solo artist, I hope this is ok.

Freya Leander ~ Cait Sith


As Renard looked away, clearly uncomfortable, Freya bit her lip. Had she said something wrong? Seeing him smile, though, put her mind at ease, as did his mention of getting juicy stories about Raymond. This was his typical behaviour all right.

With a shake of her head, she chuckled. "Of course you wouldn't turn down that opportunity." Raising her eyebrows, she gave him a pointed look and a playful smile. "As I haven't forgotten." Her own cheeks warmed as she recalled her mother spilling story after story to him, an old photo album spread open on the table. Her mom had just had to show him that childhood picture of her stuck in a too-small cardboard box she'd crawled into, and get out the teddy bear she'd used as a scratch toy. Not that she'd complain if he heard any more such stories about her. As long as it cheered him up, it would be all good.

She finished her glass of water, standing up once Renard did. "Yeah, we might as well," she replied, nodding and shrugging, when he suggested returning to class. "What better place to catch up on sleep than the back of a classroom?" Hauling her bag onto her shoulders, taking care with her slightly tender arm as she did so, she traipsed after him.

At the sound of breaking glass, she glanced towards the gym. Gleeful chatter thankfully indicated nobody was hurt. When Renard mentioned a likely culprit - Gabby - Freya gave another laugh. "I wouldn't put it past her," she replied, "but Maple King did say those other three have a reputation for that kind of thing."

Trudging to the classroom alongside Renard, she took her usual seat at the back, leaning slumped across the desk. Class wasn't exactly something to look forward to, but at least the bakery was.
Jessamyn "Jess" Bailey

"Thanks. As for the week after that, uh..." Jess knew she should take her own advice, focus on the future instead of the present. Easier said than done. Not that it would be easy to think of activities suited to the two of them in any case. Taking tiny nibbles of the cereal bar, she mulled over the possibilities.

There were the arts and crafts activities she'd tried in the cabin, but she'd shown no aptitude towards them, as the anchor had seen with the bird sculpture. Who knew, maybe Roxy would turn out to excel, although she doubted it would be her ideal hobby. Jess thought back to what she'd enjoyed before isolation, besides solitary pastimes such as reading. Athletic hobbies might be an idea, besides woodland walks, which wouldn't be the same again. It was just a matter of figuring out what kind.

"Well, I did mean it about getting back into an exercise routine, so are there other sports we could look into?" she asked. "Uh, if you're ok with that. It just seems like something we'll both enjoy. That and there's sharing the music we like, and..."

She fell silent at the sound of a car pulling up. Glimpsing the vehicle through the window, she shuddered and stood. "It's something to figure out over the weekend," she murmured, throat tightening as she spoke, her reaction most likely mirroring Roxy's. "Something to look forward to."

Her words rang hollow as she hefted her bag onto her shoulders. There was much more to fear than to anticipate.
Jessamyn "Jess" Bailey

As soon as she heard the door open and felt Roxy's presence shift, Jess rose, hurrying to get ready herself. Heading to the living room, she noticed the gleam of the knives as Roxy slipped them into her boot. She shuddered, gripping her overnight bag tighter. The situation wasn't likely to get that dire, was it? Just how much danger were they in?

She shook her head at Roxy's question. "No, I'm good. Nothing much anyway," she murmured, grabbing a cereal bar from the cupboard. No time for a leisurely breakfast and coffee, not that relaxation would be an option even if there was. She sat down, shoulders hunched, eyes shifting towards the window every so often.

"While we're over there, let's think of next week the best we can," she said. It wasn't much of a suggestion, but it was all she had to offer. "And the weeks after that. Let's think which activities to try." Maybe focusing on things to look forward to after the visit would help them get through it.
Jessamyn "Jess" Bailey

"That'd be great."

Jess' smile grew, yet it still hid a great deal, as Laura had likely figured out in part. "Again, thanks, both of you," she said, glancing from Roxy to the counsellor. She and Roxy would have to bridge the rift between them as much as possible to get through the upcoming weekend.

Said weekend, despite their efforts to focus on work, arrived all too fast. The morning was still dark and quiet, no sign of sunrise, when Jess woke up on Saturday. She lay in bed for several hours, trying to drift back to sleep, but worries chased away any chance of rest. As light began seeping through the curtains, she sighed and swung her legs over the side of the bed.

Roxy, who probably hadn't slept any better, would surely be up soon. Best for both of them to face this day and get it over with, Jess knew that, but thinking about it only fed the fear. She could only hope what little closeness they'd kindled would help her support the woman who'd risked everything for her.
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