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19 May 2017 8:19
Current Please, body, could you stop throwing health problems at me right when I'm about to start a course? This is the second time now and it's getting really fucking tiresome.
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9 May 2017 21:47
TFW you're writing a post and a cat keeps walking on the keyboard - then he does big eyes at you, and you just can't get annoyed.
5 May 2017 8:44
What's better? Be aimless and never know what you could have achieved, or aim high and risk falling? The first option sounds much, much safer...
10 Mar 2017 17:39
"Experience required but not essential." Wow, that was actually in a job description. That's just brilliant.
14 Feb 2017 11:29
TFW you've written 99% of a post, without saving, only to get the blue screen of death.
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In Pokemon: New World 23 May 2017 10:32 Forum: Casual Roleplay
♥ Ellanor "Ella" Beaufort ♥

Location: Feyhollow Town

@Dusksong @Dark Light

"I don't know, but she says someone's in danger!" Ella blurted. The screen of her Pokedex lit up with a beep. Jabbing at a button, she stared in horror at the new message.

"She thinks she's found the Vileplume! But Petal's trapped, with someone who was helping out! There was a cave-in!" She gave the other two a frantic look. "Viv's in Greenhaven, at the Pokemon centre! We've got to go help!"

She hastily typed a reply.

"Yeah, my friend's Chikorita was stolen. Maybe she's somewhere around Greenhaven? We'll get there as soon as we can! Did you hear the story about a being who guards the desert? It's said he punishes people who harm Pokemon, maybe the thieves angered him and he caused the earthquake!

See you soon! Miss you!


Still clasping the device, she raised her head. "Florence, maybe Vernie's there! If that's where the other poachers are, maybe that Kadabra took her to Greenhaven! Let's go!"

✿ Florence Hadley ✿

Location: Feyhollow Town


"Y-Yeah... I'm fine..." Florence responded to Leisy's question, straightening her back. In truth, although in a better state than yesterday, she was far from fine, but there was no time to waste.

At Ella's sudden outburst, her eyes widened. "Greenhaven?"

Hope and fear surged through her in equal measures. This was a chance to find Vernie - even if there was no guarantee she'd be there, it was possible - as well as the other stolen Pokemon. She hadn't met the Vileplume's trainer, but knew all too well what this person must be going through. If a cave had collapsed, though... She could only hope with all her heart that it wasn't too late for the person and Pokemon trapped inside.

As much as she wanted to head straight over, she recalled Leisy's advice about making sure they were truly ready. "Umm... We should stock up first, as quickly as we can," she suggested. "Then let's make a move."

@Dusksong @Heckno12 @AbysmalDemon They could do a little exploring, I guess? The group would be safe with Rachel around.
In Pokemon: New World 21 May 2017 20:51 Forum: Casual Roleplay
✿ Florence Hadley ✿

Location: Feyhollow Town


The light was beginning to fade, but still seemed harsh as it flooded Florence's vision. She moaned and stirred, bruises twinging. The previous night's events came rushing back, hitting her like a punch to the stomach, knocking the breath from her.

I have to find her, was the first thing she thought, dragging herself out of bed despite Clefable's protests. She showered as quickly as she could, the water bringing little comfort despite its warmth, and swapped her sticky, sweaty dress for her blouse and jeans. As she left the room, Clefable following alongside Bonica and Panacea, she checked the time on her Pokedex. Her ribs tightened. Six hours had passed - and she didn't want to think what could have happened to Vernie in that time.

"Oh? You're up already?" the nurse commented, with a concerned glance over, as Clefable joined her at the desk. Florence slumped into a chair, her head aching but her jaw tight with determination.

"I have to be," she mumbled. "For Vernie."

The nurse was on the phone in an instant, the officers arriving quickly. Florence wished she could give them useful answers to their questions. No, she hadn't been able to get a good look at the poachers' faces. No, she hadn't seen where the other man had run. She felt almost as helpless as she had in the pit.

After the police had left, Florence stared at the clock. The seconds dragged by. She wasn't going to wake Ella and Leisy, but her nerves grew more and more taut with each passing moment. There was no way this would be solely the authorities' responsibility.

♥ Ellanor "Ella" Beaufort ♥

Location: Feyhollow Town

@Dusksong @Dark Light

Once she'd had her Pokemon healed, Ella had gone straight to bed, sleep coming quickly as the adrenaline wore off.

She woke to the alarm ringing from her Pokedex. Such a cheery tune, jarringly at odds with recent events and upcoming challenges. Climbing out of bed, she switched off the alarm, noticing something on the screen she must have missed from tiredness earlier on.

A message.

She read over it, eyes wide, then quickly typed her reply.

"Viv! It's been so long! We're still in Feyhollow, there have been more attacks, another Pokemon's been taken! What did you find? What happened? I'll let the others know! We'll be right over! And yeah, I thought that earthquake was part of a wild Pokemon battle! Are you ok?


In a rush, she washed and dressed, and ran from the room. "Leisy!" She banged on her friend's door. "Leisy, Vivian's found a lead, but I think she's in trouble!" She hurried to Florence's door, knocking but getting no response. "Florence, are you alright?" She felt stupid saying it. Of course Florence wasn't alright, physically or emotionally, but her silence was worrying, to say the least. Maybe she was already up? It would be just like her to start searching for her Chikorita as early as possible.

Running to the lobby, Ella noticed the other girl hunched over in one of the chairs. "Florence! We've got a lead! But somebody needs our help!" The brunette jumped right up, nearly toppling. "Ah!" The pink-haired girl sped forward, her aching legs beginning to tremble again as she supported her new friend.

Were they really in any fit state to help anyone?

@fer1323 Ok, will do :)
@fer1323 Do you want me to wait for you?
In Pokemon: New World 19 May 2017 6:52 Forum: Casual Roleplay
@Dusksong Just so you know, health related stuff just came up (on top of other things) so my replies will be slow. Hopefully this will all get sorted out soon.
Yay! On top of everything else, health related stuff just came up. Worst possible timing. If my replies are slow, that's why.
In Pokemon: New World 17 May 2017 19:20 Forum: Casual Roleplay
@Dusksong Still going with a Cutiefly egg? And you can timeskip a few hours, if you want.

@Dark Light Ella hasn't seen the message yet, but she's going to bed too, and she'll see it when she wakes up.
In Pokemon: New World 17 May 2017 19:08 Forum: Casual Roleplay
♥ Ellanor "Ella" Beaufort ♥

Location: Feyhollow Town


A lump formed in Ella's throat as she watched Florence try to stand, determined to save her Pokemon despite her own condition.

"Leisy's right," she said gently, helping Florence up. She felt terrible saying it. The only people she'd ever seen this broken with grief were Vivian's parents. "Vernie would hate it if you got hurt again." Her own legs shook, but she remained standing, supporting the other girl.

"B-But..." Florence could only speak in a trembling whimper. "Who knows what could happen to her?"

That feeling of complete and utter powerlessness returned. "We'll find her," Ella tried to reassure her. "The sooner we rest, the sooner we'll be able to. Florence, we'll do everything we can to help you!" She took a step forward. "Come on, let's get this Cutiefly back home," she said, glancing down at the bug in the Audino's arms. One Pokemon found - another lost.

The Cutiefly must have sensed the thieves earlier, she realised, and so had Jumbles, most likely. That would explain their odd behaviour. And the poachers must have done something to agitate the Onix... If only she'd paid more attention to the warning signs.

With heavy, weary footsteps, the group headed back into town.

✿ Florence Hadley ✿

Location: Feyhollow Town


When the old couple opened their door, their relieved expressions turned into shocked ones as they took in the state of the group.

At first, Florence couldn't bring herself to speak. When she opened her mouth, only a sob came out, tears spilling down her cheeks. If she told the story, that would make it real. And what if the couple blamed themselves?

It was Ella who told them what had happened. The old lady's kindly eyes widened.

"Come on in! You look like you need to sit down. We'll get you something warm to drink, and we'll make sure the authorities know about this. They say they're looking into what's been going on, and alerting people."

Florence shook her head. "Th-Thanks, but we really need to get back to the Pokemon centre."

Although the old man gave a warm smile, there was something sad in his eyes, as if he were at a loss. "The least we can do is give you a token of thanks, after what you've done for our Pokemon, and after what you've been through," he said, as the Cutiefly landed on his outstretched hand. "Right now, it seems you could do with some more good, reliable friends to help you through this. We have three kinds of egg to choose from - Cutiefly, Combee or Weedle."

Hesitating, Florence nearly turned down the offer. How could she be trusted with any more Pokemon, after what she'd let happen? Deep down, though, she knew the man was right - and that she was unlikely to get Vernie back while still a beginner.

Once the group had chosen their eggs, Florence thanked the couple again before setting off towards the Pokemon centre, still leaning on Ella. In her cupped hand was a tiny, pastel yellow egg. Receiving it should have been a joyous experience, but instead, she just felt numb and empty as she cradled it close to her aching body. Beside the girls, an unusually subdued Bonica followed, as did Treasure, who held a larger, brown egg.

The moment she entered the building, the nurse took one look at her and hurried over. "Florence! What happened?"

Florence found herself able to explain the story this time, albeit in a rushed, garbled way, the tears coming back as she sank into a chair. She closed her eyes and hunched over, feeling Nurse Joy's hand on her uninjured shoulder.

"Oh, Florence! Are your other Pokemon ok? You're not badly hurt, are you?" her former colleague asked.

"I... I'll be fine, I think," the trainer mumbled. "So will Bonica here, she's not hurt, thank Arceus. W-We just... We just need to rest up before we can do anything. She pressed a button on a Pokeball, and her newest team member appeared. "Panacea... Please, look after this egg."

Staring up in concern, the Happiny removed the stone from her pouch and replaced it with the Cutiefly egg. Florence ruffled Panacea's curly hair, then reached for her medical kit, rubbing sanitiser into her hands, cleaning the bite wound and applying a bandage. "I'm sorry, Cea... I-I said you'd get to play, but... your new playmate..." Her eyes stung again. "I'll find her! I'll keep searching until I find her!"

As Panacea placed a stubby hand on Florence's leg, guilt washed over the trainer. The Happiny had only gone with her because of Vernie. So had Bonica. Without the Chikorita around, would they really be happy travelling with her?

I'll reunite them, she thought, fingernails digging into her palms. I'll make sure of it.

"It's important you take care of yourself," the red-haired woman said, helping Florence up and leading her to a room, accompanied by one of her assisting Pokemon. "Clefable, please watch over Florence, and help her sleep with Sing." As the tired and distraught trainer slumped onto the bed, the Fairy type approached her.

"Both of you..." she whispered to Bonica and Panacea, after the nurse had left. "Sleep will do you good too, after... after today."

Even as Clefable began her lullaby, Florence couldn't imagine falling asleep, worries gripping her mind like a waking nightmare. That squeal, those terrified red eyes, were all she could think about. Before long, though, her heavy eyelids closed, exhaustion taking over.

@fer1323 Everything alright? Btw, I should be able to do the pics soon, including the pairings.
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