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Current Starting a programming course online with absolutely no prior experience. This may be 5% learning to develop games and 95% swearing at the computer.
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Weeb is just a term of affection if it's between anime fans.
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@headintheclouds They both represent evil to lazy writers.
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You know you play too much Five Nights At Freddy's when you're conserving power on your phone and half expect something to jump at you when you look up...
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I just want to see more academy RPs with momentum and staying power in general, but yeah a RWBY one would be nice.
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@AtomicNut Spice is busy with exams right now, but I'll give her a friendly reminder and see if she can look over the CS. If not, hopefully she'll be free again before long.
@VitaVitaAR Ok, I'm up for an NPC being sent Fuyuko's way!
❅❄ Fuyuko Yamazaki ❄❅

@A Lowly Wretch

"Thanks." Reaching for her phone, Fuyuko gave a brief smile. As glad as she was to have met Sophia, it was something of a relief that the conversation hadn't veered towards participation - yet. Soon, the fact would be impossible to hide. Fuyuko may well have been worrying about nothing, not knowing yet whether Sophia would be taking part, yet she couldn't rule out the possibility. "Yeah, that'd be great."

Once they'd exchanged numbers, the mousy-haired girl inclined her head. "Well, it was good to meet you, and I hope we get to talk again soon." Under positive circumstances, was the part she kept to herself. "Until next time."

Noriko waved over her shoulder as she began to head along a separate street. "Yeah, I guess it's time to get back to work, but see ya!" she called. Fuyuko took one more wistful look in Sophia's direction before traipsing after her sister. She wasn't exactly one to make friends easily, and it seemed Sophia wasn't either. If only they'd met in a situation more conducive to friendship.

"Well..." Noriko lowered her voice. "I'd better go begin guard duty, but best of luck! I'm rooting for you!" Her eyes shimmered with desperate hope. Another reminder that failure was out of the question. Both sisters hugged before Noriko hurried back towards the family home, ready to fend off one of many waves of shades that flocked in greater numbers night after night.

Fuyuko stood alone, shivering. Not from the cold, which no longer bothered her, even in her regular form. It was the thought of what would happen if she failed. A thought that would haunt her throughout the entire tournament. She trudged along the street in search of shades as the sky dimmed overhead. Before long, only the moon - that distant land the princess in the folktale could no longer reach - would give it light.
Jessamyn "Jess" Bailey

Following Roxy into the shop, Jess flinched back as an all-too-familiar figure strode through the door. She'd had a gut-churning suspicion this man would be a regular visitor, and it seemed she was right. "Ok, if we get any customers I'll let them know," she called, trying her best to sound calm and professional as the anchor stomped away after him. Not that it would do much good around this creep.

She busied herself with the few trivial tasks she could right now, starting up the computer, checking and re-checking appointments. All the while, she couldn't help imagining what this guy must want, no matter how much she hated to think of the possibilities. The sparks of anger she could still feel from Roxy made her teeth clench. A jerk working for a rich guy, the anchor had said... Jess remembered the phone call that had started all this, the muffled conversation, Roxy hissing a word that had sounded like "father". If only she had some idea what was going on, and more importantly, some way to help...

"Oh! Hi there." Jess swivelled round on the chair as a tattooed man with a leather jacket stepped into the garage. Someone who looked more like one of the usual customers, to her relief. "I'm afraid our mechanic isn't here right now, but she'll only be a few minutes," she explained as if everything were perfectly normal, hoping she wasn't making it obvious it was anything but.
Aki Harigae

@NiceSpice @Thanarosa @Karkinos @blackdragon

Aki turned, eyes widening as the wounded girl's flesh began to fuse back together. She winced at how agonising the process looked, but her comrade showed no sign of pain. Instead, she had the peaceful look of someone who'd woken from a pleasant dream.

With a small smile, Aki inclined her head to the girl once she'd introduced herself. "Nice to meet you too, Yonaga-san, and no problem." She glanced around the fragment-strewn area. "Well if anyone does turn up, they won't know we're here as long as we stay transformed, but we shouldn't linger in any case. There'll surely be Vices elsewhere."

Guilt shuddered through her at her own words. They'd all faced a gruelling enough challenge already, and now she was dragging them into another. "Of course, only come along if you feel you're up to it," she added, her gaze settling on each girl in turn, including the newcomer Kichi spoke to. "I imagine some of you may want to rest after that."

Just then, the redhead leapt from the blackened hole in the wall and promptly began giving Uetsuki a piece of her mind. "Oh! Thank goodness you're alright," Aki said, hurrying towards her, presenting her with the mana shard. "Here, you succeeded anyway, so take this." She spun round as a flustered Uetsuki leapt away. "Hey! It's ok, we can talk this through," Aki called, but the bunny maid seemed to have fled the scene.

Right after the redhead rushed off too, another voice addressed the group. "Great work, everyone!"

Poking its head through a hole in the fence was what looked like a white cat, with purple tufts on its large ears and an amethyst-like gem on its forehead. The creature scampered through the gap to the middle of the group, followed by two others, one pale blue and plush-like, one with vivid green and pink fur. "Don't forget all these mana shards," the white Keeper reminded the team, gesturing around the place with a paw. "You've earned them! Here, we'll help you." With that, the three began to gather up the slivers.

Aki bowed, biting back a gasp as the wound stung. "Thank you," she said, dispelling the Celestial Beacon in a flash of light, trying not to set off the injury too badly while bending down and helping the Keepers pick up the shards. "You were right... The Vices really are getting stronger." Despite her somber expression, resolve glimmered in her eyes. "But that's why we're needed. And why we need to make good use of these."
Gabrielle Angouras

Gabrielle gave a deep sigh. "Well since the only thing to do is get used to it," she muttered, "and this is your place, fine, I'll go along with you." Once she'd finished her breakfast, she stood up. "After someone helps me fix up this mess, of course," she added, dragging her fingers through her ear fluff in an attempt to tame it. The fur felt as tangled and static-filled as the wool of a Mareep who'd been out all night in a thunderstorm.

Mira rose with a scowl. "I'll help," she offered, "but one complaint and you'll be getting ready on your own like most people do."

Like most people? Gabrielle refrained from retorting as she led the maid upstairs. How was she supposed to not find that insulting? Sitting in silence in front of the mirror, she let her expression do the talking while Mira set to work with the dryer and a curling hair brush.

"Hm... That's something of an improvement, at least," the Lopunny said, studying the puffy mass from different angles. "Geez, how do people without stylists even cope?"

Accompanying her downstairs, Mira remained as stony-faced as ever. "You'll find out if you keep up with the attitude."

Gabrielle tried to ignore that little remark. Striding back over to where Jean waited, she folded her arms. "Ok, I'm ready when you are," she announced. "Where to first?"
Sophia Danvers

Mesalon Pokecentre


It wouldn't do any good, Sophia decided, to sit around moping. She had other, better things to do. Like finally get that gym badge as proof of her progress.

She felt sick with nerves at the thought, but took a few slices of toast for herself and set out some bowls for her Pokemon. Once released from their capsules, her companions gathered round, Lacey squealing in delight and tucking right in. Grimalkin and Lumas followed suit, while Arcturus seemed to absorb the food into its body. Clarus didn't eat, instead floating above the other Pokemon and keeping watch, particularly over Fantoccino. "Ready for a big day, all of you?" Sophia asked, the words coming out shakier than she intended.

Despite a "Zor!" of protest from Clarus, Fantoccino drifted up, the eerie chill he brought intensifying as he took his own breakfast. Sophia's shoulders drooped, tension leaving them as the frustration from earlier ebbed away. It should have been a relief, but instead of feeling pleasantly calm, she just felt emotionally burnt out already. "Well, you got quite a feast there," she muttered. "But seriously..." Refusing to show any vulnerability now the hustle and bustle of early risers began to fill the cafeteria, it was with her mind that she continued speaking to the Shuppet.

"If... If I'd put on a better show earlier, I wouldn't have to feel like this. I shouldn't have to. So it's a reminder that I've gotta keep pushing myself until it pays off. And it will, believe me it will."

Fantoccino tilted his head as he listened. Then, he billowed forward in a blur. Sophia pulled back, but all the Shuppet did was settle on the table, his cloak expanding like a tablecloth. The next second, he rose up, doing his own version of the classic tablecloth trick by phasing through all items and leaving them in place. He spun in the air, his fabric-like body flowing, and stopped, rolling his eyes around as if dizzy. As he laughed, Sophia couldn't help but do the same, partly out of surprise. "Ok, now that was a show," she commented, out loud this time.

Was Fantoccino actually trying to cheer her up? But... Weren't Shuppets drawn to negativity? Maybe he was only acting like this because he'd already fed, or maybe he saw her as a friend instead of just a food source.

It was then that someone else approached her - Ty, taking a seat at the next table. At his mention of contests, Sophia inwardly squirmed. Great. So she did have another contest competitor, just as she'd suspected. Someone else who knew more about them than she did. Nonetheless, she put on a grin.

"Yep! Finally my chance to shine!" she announced as if she had no doubts she could pull this off. If only that were the case. "And as you may have seen," she added, gesturing towards the Shuppet as if presenting a performer, "Fantoccino here sure likes to entertain people."

Jessamyn "Jess" Bailey

That wave of relief from Roxy made the snapping easier for Jess to cope with. At least she'd taken one burden off of the anchor, even if she'd given her another. "I was thinking," the empath said as she jotted down the appointment time on a wall calendar, "mornings would be easiest. That way the shop can open back up in the afternoons." Best to have the garage open at the busiest times, for Roxy anyway. For her, it would mean facing customer after customer while in a fragile state from the sessions. Then again, that amount of work might help take her mind off things. Who knows, she tried to convince herself, it could suit both of us.

Once she'd had a bowl of cereal and cup of coffee, she headed back to the workout area. "So, uh... I'm ready if you are," she told Roxy, moving towards the stairs and hoping for no sketchy customers. That was one thing there was no talking to a counsellor about.
Tama Miyara and Honoka Takahide

@TheWindel @SimpleWriter @floodtalon

Tama listened with rapt attention. So it turned out Miso City did have another much-needed magical girl. Presumably a light one, going by the way Miss Tamashii had broken up the fight, and an incredibly powerful one at that. A subdued "You learn something new every day, huh?" was all Tama uttered at first, in contrast with Honoka, who beamed as she skipped after the teacher.

"Ahhh that's so awesome!!" the redhead squealed, eyes shining. "So you've been helping fight Nightmares this whole time! I bet they don't stand a chance against you!"

Despite the complete and utter bewilderment, Tama gave a slight smile at Honoka's good cheer. A second later, the bluenette's usual solemn expression took its place. "About that... Do you know what amped up all those Nightmares back then?" she asked. "Also, the other girl who was with us just now." She glanced over her shoulder. "Is she going to be ok? Yes, she put us in that state, but we can't just leave her."

Honoka nodded. Hopefully the flying girl had been fixed up along with the scenery, but if she hadn't... The musician knew all too well what a bad fall was like. "Yeah, let's go check! It's not like she can harm us right now anywa- Ah!" She raised her hand to her mouth, recoiling. "What is this?!"

Her sudden stop nearly caused Tama to bump into her. Both stared at the crowds of students pouring out of the doors, as the blaring of a fire alarm filled the crisp winter air.

"Fuck." The word slipped out of Tama's mouth despite the proximity of a teacher. "So much for protecting the school." Guilt struck all over again. Should she and Honoka have stayed behind after all when the fight had left school grounds, to make sure nobody else got hurt?

As soon as Miss Tamashii had returned their magic and released the light girls from a hug, Tama and Honoka rushed over to the other teachers, asking - or frantically babbling in the younger girl's case - what had happened, and if everyone was alright. They were, as far as the staff knew, but apparently something had gotten into the school, smashing up lockers. Tama's hands clenched by her sides. She had a good idea of what had happened, more than likely to do with that miasma of darkness from earlier, but it wasn't exactly something she could tell school staff.

"And to think everyone got brought here for their own safety," Tama muttered, trudging away from the crowd, with just Honoka at her side. Both Soma and Rose had left without a word for all their apparent camaraderie just now, and Ami wandered in the other direction, no longer interested in picking a fight to Tama's relief. In all likelihood, the dark girl was heading off to check on her friend.

Were those of the dark really more loyal than those who sided with light...?

Shaking her head, Tama pushed away the thought. Positivity was needed more than ever. Honoka had the right idea, that spring returning to her step.

"At least everyone's ok!" the redhead reminded her. "As for the damage, it'll get fixed up in no time!" She glanced in the direction Miss Tamashii had gone, then grinned back at Tama. "You know what I'm talking about!"

In truth, Tama was less than certain such a thing would happen. If everything suddenly became good as new with no explanation, that would weird everyone out further. The cracks in the city's facade of normality wouldn't be so easily fixed, not as they spread and deepened by the day.

As a familiar figure descended, both turned to face her.

"Yui!!" Honoka bounded over to the other light girl, before skidding to a halt, remembering that to most she seemed to be greeting thin air. Gahhh, she thought, still so much to get used to. "Huh?" She brought her voice to a whisper, noticing the tears welling in Yui's eyes. "What happened?"

Tama stepped forward, her response just as soft. "You found her, right? There wasn't more trouble, was there? Was it... Was it anything about Luna?" She started to lead the other two away from the school building. "Or Alara? Did you find out where she is?"

Before Yui could respond, a fourth person approached them. The white-haired, Western-looking maid wasn't someone Tama or Honoka had seen before, and radiated no magical aura. As such, her announcement of a message for all of them came as something of a surprise, in so much as anything was surprising any more, especially as she handed Yui the letter.

"You can see her?" Honoka blurted. It must have been a mascot, she figured, who had shown the maid their location and revealed to her what was normally hidden. The redhead craned her neck, eyes widening as they scanned the text. Once she'd finished, she jumped up from her stooped position, her face resolute. "We'll be right on it! Don't you worry, we'll get that emblem back for her straight away!"

Tama's eyebrows furrowed. A stolen emblem... She'd felt vulnerable enough just now while depowered for a few minutes. For a magical girl to not just lose her powers with no certainty that she'd regain them, but to know that her life was in danger... The memory of Luna's bloodstained corpse resurfaced, her tattoo slashed down the middle. "It seems it'll be best to discuss this once we've spoken to her, found out more," Tama said, with a compliant bow to Elizabeth, "and we'll find our friend as fast as we can."

She turned her attention back to the crowd, alert for any sign of Illya.
@A Lowly Wretch It's ok, it makes sense for her character. I'll try to have a reply up soon :)
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