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The status bar has always been used as a public chat server tbh
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Don't fix what ain't broke lads.
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I'm a dude, usually in a jacket, who does nothing but sit on a computer all day. Like the rest of this site! HEYOOOOOO!

(Just kiddin', don't linch me ;m;)

If you intend on starting a Yu-Gi-Oh! RP, always shoot me a message. They're like, totally my jam.

I'm also a fucking idiot, keeping the whole 'I'm Gming a thing gais' for a whole month after I was done Gming a thing. And co-GMing too, I guess. Need to pay more attention to this thing. Currently Co-GM of 'Souls of Steel' and 'Yu-Gi-Oh!: Harmonia United' as well as a regular player in 'Danganronpa Alternate: Apologies to Hope'

...I end up becoming co-GM a lot for some reason.

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@KOgaming Synchro and Xyz were chosen because they represent opposites in both colour schemes and ideals if we go by the anime. We also don't want to have too many dorms as, quite frankly, too many players is a pain to handle in such a narrow setting.

Rituals and fusion don't really fit anywhere into this and 4 neutral dorms would've honestly been a bit overkill anyway.

EDIT: By the way, your sig's broken.
@KOgaming 1: You don't 'switch' dorms. Every time something like this comes up I will keep mentioning it until people realise we don't do reservations or anything of the like. People should sign up for what they want to sign up for, not based on what someone else wants.

2: Dorms are not attribute-locked. Just because I decided to go full synchro doesn't mean everyone else needs to be as rigid. Just look at Sat's sheet, there's a pendulum deck in the middle of an Xyz dorm. It's based on the people in it, not the decks they play.
Can I reserve the Wind dorm?

No, you can't. What you can do is put up an app for wind dorm. We don't do first come, first serve here since only 6 slots are available and there's only one shot at each of them.
@Deluge Not really intent on making a full-scale argument over Link monsters in the thread, but my two cents on the subject matter can be summed up in a few key matters.

-I already hated it when Xyz had generic as sin summoning requirements, but Link take it a step further. Most link monsters can use anything under the sun as materials, making them so splashable it hurts.

-I really, really dislike gimping the extra deck and Pendulums for Master Rule 4. The game's already gone through a huge load of changes in MR3 and taking it a step further in MR4 makes the core experience so vastly different that I wouldn't enjoy the game even if I tried to.

-Konami's card design has always been an issue outside of Links, and while this doesn't have anything to do with the ED method itself, it shows just how bad things have gotten when they felt the need to introduce an entire mechanic just to rectify mistakes only to get screwed over by other cards they've made in the past.

Also, a general point as to why it's bad for RPs:

-Keeping track of the board state in a written form gets very messy, very quick.

And while I'm on a roll anyway, concerning Vrains:

-Vrains has some of the most boring duel writing I've seen in a long while. The show isn't bad by any means, but seeing a predictable Playmaker win after shitting out 5+ links in a duel isn't fun. Extra Deck Vomit already had shaky footing when Reiji did it, and he only got away with it because it's novel and he didn't duel often. Meanwhile, Yusaku does it nearly every duel, heck, his summon count only goes up each episode. By the end of the series he's going to have shit out more Extra Deck monsters compared to all other protagonists combined. That's not fun writing. It's stale and repetitive.
Watching your threads. The more I look at this type of RP, the more they look the same.

It's been a year and still nobody uses the newfangled blue cards.

Because links suuuuuuuuuuck.

Killing any and all deck variety for the sake of shoehorning in a poorly thought-out mechanic which was supposed to slow down the game and only ending up accomplishing the opposite? No, thanks.
@Deluge No glaring issues I can see from skimming over it.
@Deluge Alright, one thing that springs out immediately is that you have second years in your top 5. First and second years have their own brackets separate from the third years, so while it may very well be possible that some second or first year duelists are better than your top 5, officially they wouldn't be in the top 5. Considering the winning dorm's top 5 students all go pro if they win, it'd be awkward for a second or first year to end school early like that.

EDIT: Or, y'know, what Sat said.
Masaru Chinen


Masaru is pretty average in terms of height, being neither particularly tall or short. He has medium-length, midnight blue hair with a few bangs hovering in front of his red-trimmed glasses. Behind his pair of spectacles lie two cool, azure eyes. His skin is smooth and well cared for, but his constant icy gaze and sneer to most people can be more than off-putting. Masaru pays great care to his appearance, which is evidence by how his uniform never seems even the slightest bit wrinkled. His more angular face bears great resemblance to that of his mother’s, showing that he inherited a lot from her. He’s also not very athletically built, being more scrawny than muscly.

Masaru is a diligent but stubborn individual, obsessed with constantly trying to improve and being the best at at all times. Because of this, and some inherent intelligence, he considers himself better than most people and will look down upon them most of the time. That’s not to say he can’t hold a regular conversation, but he’d rather not engage with people he does not deem worth his time. Because of these factors, Masaru is a very sore loser. He dislikes failing anything and will beat himself up over things in a disproportionate manner, leaving him unable to be happy for his opponent to have won.

Masaru is also generally cold and dismissive to people, which make him and Emi Fujino a surprisingly good duo. If you see either of them interact with somebody, it’s usually each other. Conversely, people like Hyousuke, who don’t take anything seriously, annoy Masaru to no end. Masaru doesn’t have a sense of humor, either, making him clueless whenever most people crack a joke.


Masaru is the son of Aiko Chinen, his dorm leader. She’s always been a hard worker who was hellbent on her goals, so it comes as a surprise to most people that she has a son to begin with. As you might expect of this hard working lady, though, she never had much time to spend with Masaru. The boy grew up around his father for the longest time, though on Masaru’s 10th birthday, his father passed away in an accident. Even so, however, Aiko had trouble finding time between her work hours to spend time with Masaru. She obviously cares for her son, but due to constant stress and overwork she put a lot of expectations on him and kept pushing the boy to get excellent results. Aiko was very strict in that regard, making Masaru grow up with very little fun in his life.

Things got even more complicated when the company Aiko was working for, Noritaka inc, wanted to transfer her over to Harmonia United as the lead researcher and one of the teachers there. Reluctantly she agreed, but decided to take Masaru with her once she did. Even if Aiko had little time to spend with her son, she wanted to at least be near him to be able to keep an eye on the boy. Still, this only made things harder for him. Since Aiko was a very strict teacher, Masaru had to quickly learn and study up on everything to work his way up with his grades. By the end of his first year at Harmonia, Masaru was already top of his class grades wise… but his dueling still lacked polish.

During his second year, however, he improved over time. Masaru didn’t have the time to make friends in his first year, but he met Keitaro and Emi on the following one. Both of them were already top notch duelists even back then, often crushing Masaru and knocking him further and further down on the leaderboards. Still, he got back up each time and analyzed his losses to the point of madness, ready to challenge either of them again soon enough. It took him a while, but by the end of his second year at Harmonia, these three had pushed themselves to their absolute limits and became some of the best students in their dorm. During the final exam to decide the next year’s champion, Masaru was put up against Hyousuke, the top runner of the year. After an intense, nail-biting duel, Masaru barely came out on top and clinched the title.

Now, however, he has so much more to lose and even more expectations placed upon him. No matter what it took, Masaru was going to prove that his hard work didn’t amount to nothing, that he deserved to be where he was.

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