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Ah, anxiety attacks when I'm trying to sleep. My favorite.
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Oklahoma Made Gyros
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I'd totally spend 1.25 million on the golden throne if I had that kind of money, you kiddin'?
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listen, if we just made waifubots a reality already, I'm sure the population will thin out in a very natural manner. The subsequent extinction due to lack of reproduction is only a minor issue.

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Taka Tsuin

'What the hell was up with this guy?' was a recurring thought in Taka's head. Hard not to, considering the guy in question couldn't sit still for even half a second. Taka wanted to turn tail and walk off multiple times in the rather stilted and awkward conversation, but stopped himself every time for... god knows what reason. A good guess might've been fear, considering the hand he pocketed earlier couldn't stop shaking. The boy nearly succumbed to his own desire to get away from the thief when the latter had decided to seemingly end the conversation then and there, but just as he wanted to leave, a proposition was gently pushed out from behind the thief's lips.

"W-wha-? N-no! What the hell?! For all I know, you're her killer!"

Taka quickly pulled his arm out of his pocket and slid one foot backwards. A defensive stance, as if feeling threatened. Almost immediately after, though, the boy's tense muscles relaxed. He straightened himself out and slammed one of his palms against his forehead. "Shit, what's wrong with me today...?" he muttered in a shaky voice. Taka took a deep breath and looked back at Aurel. "N-nevermind. I guess I can't... say that yet."

He was clearly flustered, bothered. The situation got to everyone, but Taka wasn't the greatest at handling it by himself. "If you want to get out of here, that's... fine. I don't... I haven't gotten much done here. I'll tag along."
very tenative 'maybe' from me.

None of those terms actually mean much of anything beyond what you want them to mean. In the end you're what you consider yourself to be. I mainly hang out in the Casual section because it's the one-stop-shop for every different kind of RP and nothing generally passes by in Advanced or Free that catches my interest.

You shouldn't really constrict yourself to a label and instead just dick around, being what you are. I've seen a guy posting in Advanced with posts that I'd barely define as being worthy of casual, but I've also seen casuals go way above and beyond with their posts (hell I know of a casual RP that casually drops like 12+ paragraphs per post, per player).

The three sections on this site are more communities of people that RP different stuff more than anything. I'm amazed this level of separation has even persisted throughout the years, as other RPing sites I've seen just lump everything together under one umbrella (for the worse imo; stuff is consistently lower quality)

You're mostly a 1x1 RPer, though, so this stuff matters even less to you than it does to most of the site.

“Yo, Hibiki.”

Momoe hadn’t skipped a beat once both her and the boy locked eyes, each going in opposite directions on the same dirt road. One direction lead away from the docks while the other went straight to it. Momoe stopped in front of the boy, looking as disheveled as ever. The bags underneath her eyes got worse by the day, but the real strange part was that smirk plastered on her face. “Done investigating already? Seems awfully quick, if you ask me.”

From all the time that Hibiki had attempted to analyze her character, without personal interaction, he had been stupified, yet here she stood, the SHSL Smuggler in the flesh. Not only was her tone odd in the atmosphere at large, so too were her actions. Aurel, her partner in cuffs, had appeared, although a small part of Hibiki wondered if Momoe simply didn’t have enough self-preservation to check the scene of the crime. However, the tutor was given a psychological puzzle yet again in the form of Miss Momoe Mizuno and there hither her attitude.

“...It seems my assumptions were not unique here...” Hibiki assessed his odds of overpowering her for information and came up with rather negative results, but it also seemed unlikely for Momoe to leak anything without any leverage, “...I’d ask if you had found anything, but I believe it would be a moot point.” He glanced at the surroundings and found no help for him there either, “Feeling lucky?”

“Threats, huh? Didn’t take you for that kind of guy,” she scoffed and turned her nose up. “I’ve just been out for a walk. You’ve got guts trying to accuse me of something.”

Ah. Maybe it wasn’t right for Hibiki to be critiquing Miss Maiya’s social inadequacy when he wasn’t exactly up to standard himself. The tutor stood there blankly for a second as he tried to process what to do with himself because now she was on the defensive and he really wasn’t fit for this line of questioning. After a moment he let out a small sigh and came back to the conversation.

“...A-” No, that wouldn’t work either. Her facade was starting to irk him as he tried to shed some kind of fake light on the situation, attempting in vain to find a silver lining. ‘In concise terms, I believe you do not rationalize the idea of revealing the truth, but I do not believe whatever you have will become a worthy trump card.’ Or that’s what he wanted to say anyway.

“Is it wise... To be out for a stroll at this very moment?”

Momoe’s smirk returned.

“Who knows? Goes the same for you, you know. Why hang around this place?” she asked him, pulling up her shoulders in an exaggerated shrug. “If I had to wager a guess, you think there’s a reason to link the docks and the crime scene. Am I wrong?”

Hibiki nodded as he studied her expression and body language. Obviously, Momoe thought she held something of utmost importance to the case, but that was the concern. What would be left to pick up besides what had already been found? There was the supposed weapon, time of death, location, body... All were found at the scene of the crime. It would have only been a follow up based on the evidence provided to arrive at the docks. However... What point in the timeline did the killer arrive at the docks? Before? Or after?

A source of water to clean, storage shake full of hiding places, close to the murder... It had to either be something well hidden or something that only the first person to the scene could find, that’s all Hibiki could draw from the situation.

“Why wouldn’t there be... Miss Mizuno?”

She waved her hand dismissively. “Oi, oi. It was just a guess, don’t take it so seriously.” Momoe looked past him and towards the cabins. “Although… I can’t say you’re off the mark. Tell you what; investigating is a bit of a pain, and I think you’re good at keeping secrets. I know something you want, and you have info on the scene of the crime. Fill me in on what it’s like, and I’ll tell you what you’re waiting to hear. Sound like a deal to you?”

That was all he needed to do? Not go through any hoops or a legal contract? Well, it seemed the tutor had been bested once again, even if unknowingly. He blinked for a second before scratching his side. “...Yes, beyond adequate.” Considering his monopad was absent, there wasn’t much exchange besides a verbal explanation amounting to his eavesdropping and probing of the evidence found earlier.

“...How informative. No wonder you’d come here. Well, catch!”

Suddenly, Momoe pulled something out of her pocket and tossed it at the tutor using an underhand throw. While he was busy trying to catch it, she walked right on past. “Found it at the docks. Let’s keep it between us, alright?”

A few steps away from Hibiki, Momoe turned on her heel and looked back. “Oh, and don’t get any funny ideas. Me and the thief stared longingly into each-other’s eyes all night, couldn’t get a wink of sleep. Neither of us are reasonable suspects. I think he might have a crush on me, really.”

She snickered and continued on her way, taking her leave of the other ultimate.

You would think that someone who had spent so much time with a feline companion that they would have quicker reflexes, yet that was not the case for Hibiki. He managed to stop the object from hitting him in the chest, but not from it falling onto the dirt road. So much for keeping evidence in pristine condition. As the tutor glanced back up to see the tail end of Momoe’s trenchcoat a single thought slipped past out.

I wouldn't say I write novels, like at all, but past RP experiences do sometimes stick with me. There's this one extremely unremarkable Yu-Gi-Oh! RP I've always kept in the back of my mind because something just... clicked with the cast of it. The cast itself wasn't very good, hell, I carry about 3 of their characters with me and I've forgotten all the rest, but in my mind those 3 had an interesting dynamic that could've made for a good story. It's a concept I've slowly tinkered at over time, and maybe someday I'll write a fanfic based on the ideas carried over from them.

Actual RP itself was hot garbage, though.

Otherwise I don't particularly inspire myself off anything that happened in the past, or off of my peers, but I do tend to remember most any character I've ever made and sometimes draw from my own well of ideas. I did straight-up parody someone else's character at some point, but that's about as far as it ever got. I am known to sometimes just... adopt dropped characters, though.
Momoe Mizuno


Momoe's head was throbbing harder than the morning after a 15 year old high-schooler's first illegal party. Vision blurry, a burning desire to collapse and limbs that felt like lead didn't help matters. She'd followed Aurel a short distance, but didn't know where the thief got the energy from to sprint to the crime scene as he did. Yes, it was funny to see him almost fall on his face, but also, her face was too stiff for a grin. She pushed herself up from the crouching position she'd been performing in order to preserve some energy and looked further down the dirt road. The bear's announcement was not long ago... but she had a feeling that the crowd wasn't going to stop at just her, the thief and whoever arrived on-scene first.

She dusted some dirt off her coat and looked from her left to her right. There was one more thing on this side of the camp... and it wasn't too far either. With any luck the numbers over the cabin would be thinned out in a few minutes worth of time. Maybe it was just the general lack of proper rest and nutrition she'd been enduring, but wasting a bit of time elsewhere didn't seem like too bad of an idea.


She'd walked over, all casual-like. Normally, this is the part where Momoe bust open the door to the docks' storage shack and started ransacking the place. What stopped her was a faint glimmer coming from the corner of her eyes. She barely made it out with her only half-awake mind. The smuggler casually strut on over. From the distance she was at it felt akin to noticing a coin at your feet. What she saw as she approached, however, was quite a bit bigger than a simple coin. Momoe crouched down and picked it up.

"Should trust my instincts more often," she muttered to herself. It was a very pleased mutter, one accompanied by a self-satisfied grin. "Maybe checking this place out some more might be worthwhile after all," Momoe continued to talk to herself. She spun the object around her finger once, allowing it to neatly slip into her sleeve. Now all she had to do was give the docks another brief once-over, though Momoe suspected that this was the last of what she was going to find around these parts.
Taka Tsuin

Really, it's hard to expect a guy not to freeze up in a situation like this. Taka had been staring at the corpse for more or less 10 minutes. Felt like a lot longer to him though. It's not like he was trying to ignore the world all around him... it just so happened that Ryuma was able to take the situation a lot better than he was. Pretty sure that guy left with- wait, didn't he make off with the prime suspect?

...Ah, hell.

That thought sure as shit snapped Taka back to reality. His eyes darted all over the room. A lot more people had gathered since last time- what the hell was that girl doing to the corpse? No, wait, nevermind, he had to turn around and find-!

"So, uhm, hi Taka,"

Oh goddamnit, what now? ...wait, who the hell was talking to him?

"Soooo, aahh... dya' know who arrived at the scene first?"

Taka turned around to his fellow inmate, in spite of the chill that had ran down his spine. When the boy had finished rotating on his axis he was completely unfazed in finding out that the thief was the one who'd caused the startle.

"Hey, asshole, can you not sneak up on people?" Taka growled, scratching the back of his head. His scowl quickly melted. "...Fuck, no, wait, sorry. Bit on-edge from all this," Taka muttered in backtracking fashion. Still took a step away from the thief, though. He pocketed one of his hands. "Hey, if you're gonna talk to me, 'least you can do is look me in the eyes, yeah?

"For the record, though, me and Ryuma arrived first. If you want to be a nitpick about it, just him. I had to catch up a lil'. Didn't take me too long, though. Why the hell do you care, anyway?"
Ayu Usui

Ayu snuck into Naomi's cabin alongside Hiroki, her eyes quickly drifting off his back and further into the rest of the room. A lot of people were gathered here already. An absolute chaos was unfolding. People scrounging about, a flurry of conversation and panic despite Shirou's leadership. Even the boy she came in with seemed distressed an disturbed. She expected him to be, though. There was something that caught her ears- something about a file on their monopads. Ayu opened it up.

Monokuma File 1

1. The first. So even if they got through this, the bear didn't intend to stop. Frustrating.

Truth Bullet - Monokuma File 1
The victim is Naomi Fuduka, the Ultimate Linguist.
The victim's body was discovered in Naomi's cabin.
The estimated time of death is anywhere from 10:00 p.m. to 7:00 a.m.
The cause of death was asphyxiation due to the open wound at the throat. No other fatal injuries were detected.

...Odd. It didn't detail the exact time of death. Why obscure such a fact? Did Monokuma do this on purpose? There were cameras all over camp. There couldn't have been a blind spot. And the victim was discovered inside of this cabin, so the killer must've been able to bring them here. All of this was strange. Ayu shut off the screen to her monopad. She walked past Hiroki and crouched down next to the victim's corpse. Undeterred, she also started to carefully comb every inch of it with her eyes.

"...Hiroki. Look," she muttered. Ayu reached over to Naomi's clutched hand. The corpse was stiff, so she couldn't part its fingers, but Ayu didn't need to. She just grabbed the wrist and lifted it up closer to the other boy. Inside of it was a large, blood-stained fish hook.

Truth Bullet - Fish Hook
A large fish hook, covered in blood. Discovered inside of Naomi's hand.

Ayu made sure her partner-in-solving-crime had seen it, then gently lowered Naomi's arm again. She stood up from the corpse, then turned her eyes up to Hiroki. "And... the bloodstains are strange too. They're too dark to be fresh..." she muttered to him.

Truth Bullet - Blood Stains
Blood stains Naomi's torso and bed. Its been dry for several hours.

▂▃▅▆▇█ Miku █▇▆▅▃▂


Miku stepped inside her new room. Relief washed over her. She was safe, at least for the moment. The studying, the practice... it paid off in the end. She dropped her sports bag onto the ground and took a seat on the bottom of the bunk bed placed inside the room. It meant she probably got a roommate soon. Not too surprising, with how she was placed among some of the worst students. It felt frustrating and humiliating, doubly so with how hard she fought to be enrolled, but the frustration was nothing compared to the burning flames in her heart. Flames of perseverance. She wasn't going to take it lying down; if anything, it just made her even more determined to rise up the hierarchy. She had everything to lose.


"O-Oh! Hello..."

Miku perked her head up. The door's opening followed by a soft voice caught her attention. A young girl stood in the entryway, one hand on the handle of her rolling suitcase. The girl was short and had brown twin tails held together with a large red ribbon.

"You got assigned to scarlet, too?" Miku asked the newcomer. They nodded, but also twiddled their fingers a little.

"Mmm... mhm, yeah. I-I'm surprised, honestly... I thought I would be rejected for sure," she replied. "A-ah, by the way, my name's Honika Suzuki! Uhm... I'm sorry if I'll be a bother," the girl was swift to apologise.

"Oh, uh... it's no problem. Really.
"...You can, uh, choose which bed you want. I'm indifferent,"
Miku told her.

"Ah... uhm..." Suzuki stumbled. She didn't seem very comfortable with it.

"...oh, uh, nevermind. I'll just... take the top one if you can't choose."

"A-ah! Sorry, I should've-"

"No, it's fine. Really."

Miku averted her gaze and got up from the bunk. She crouched down to her luggage and began with the unpacking. Suzuki shuffled into the room, but Miku only heard silence from the other girl for a while after the door closed. When she turned to look back, Suzuki was just standing there. Frozen.

"Oh... am I in the way or something?" Miku asked.

"...N-no! It's nothing, uhm... excuse me then," the other girl replied. Then she began unpacking as well. Her face was red as a beet, though. A few minutes of awkward silence passed between the two of them as they got the room set up. Surprisingly, out of the two of them, Suzuki broke the silence with a question. "Uhm... what's your name?"

Miku blinked. "O-oh... right, sorry," she stammered. "It's Miku. Miku Miyazaki. I hope we get along," Miku answered with a bow.

"Mhm... yeah, I hope so too."

They continued to unpack. When Miku got done sorting the wardrobe, she took a step back and accidentally bumped into her new roomate. She heard a bunch of things scatter to the floor, along with a "Eep! Oh, no, my cards..." from Suzuki. Miku turned around.

"Oh, sorry! Let me help you," she offered and immediately began picking up the scattered deck.

"Oh, uhm... thank you," the other girl said. With the two of them it didn't take too long to collect all of them. Suzuki averted her eyes though. She clutched the deck tightly to her chest. "I-I know what you're thinking! B-but they're all my precious friends so, ah, uhm..."

"No, don't worry about it. Really. Here, I'll let you look at my deck to make up for it..." Miku answered her. She'd forgotten to take her Duel Disk off in all this time, so she could easily slide out her cards and show them to Suzuki.

"Wow... so you use fusion too... I think I'd struggle to fight it, though..."

"Want to try it?"

"H-Huh?! Like, right now?!"

"...Yeah. I think you're probably a lot better than you give yourself credit for."

"No, I'm, really, uhm, not... b-but if you want to, I, uhm, I don't mind dueling, so..."

These two were going to be just fine with each-other.

Ah well, no worries mate. If you're not feeling it, you're not feeling it. No sense in dragging it out.

I hate it tho, because I had something I thought was genuinely worthwhile. It also barely got off the ground before I decided to axe it. Like, I probably should at least have given y'all a proper taste (even if that might've made me dropping it worse) but eh. It's just that, after talking to a friend, I came to realise I probably shouldn't be doing stuff I'm not enjoying. It's not like this is the only thing I've dropped, two others soon followed.
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