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the discussion of economics and the dangers of megacorps is very interesting and all, but make a thread about it rather than a status chain
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Are you telling me I can't waifu the NPC's?
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that's one way to advertise
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G2 Vs. FPX? More like... IG Vs. FNC

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@Ammokkx We could, but I'd honestly like a mostly even pool to pick from as well. It makes it somewhat easier on me to decide. For instance, if there's 5 extremely well written girls and 2 extremely well written boys, I'm more likely to pick the 2 guys and 3 girls.

One person's well written girl =/= theirs would be a well written boy. Don't get me wrong; I get the idea of wanting to balance the cast and notifying people would have more of a chance to get in if the pool to pick from was balanced. As I see it, however, if you already have 4 guaranteed characters, and only 3 slots open past that, then you should compare those 3 slots to the 4 guarantees, not the *entire* sample size.

For example, if the ratio currently is 2-5, but in terms of actual accepted players it's 1-3, then it'd be more poignant to say "We need males to fill the slots since the base ratio is skewed to females."

Similarly, if it's an equal 2-2 on base players, then it's better to just say "We're looking for an equal amount of male and female signups, but we've gotten 0-3 skewed to female right now, so it's better to sign up with a male."

Saying just 2-4/5 is a bit confusing, considering we can't tell how many of those are part of the core 4 and how many of those are the competing parties.
It seems we have a 2-4 or 2-5 boy/girl ratio. I'd appreciate it if you could make some males. ^^

Isn't it best to only count the four who have been accepted regardless, considering us other 6 are competing with each-other anyway? Sure, we'd be making it harder for ourselves if we hypothetically only made females, but if you're inclined to go for quality over quantity, I don't see why we'd have to be particularly worried about it if we're confident in our own writing ability.

Not like I've even thought about what gender my character is, anyway.
people's ability to not only dig up a year-old thread, but then not realise it's a year old, will never cease to amaze me
hey tree

piss off

tag me when you do something
lmao this goes up an hour before I go to sleep and have to start another brutal week of lessons

How much time do we have to submit a CS, 'cause if I'm going to submit one, it'll prolly not be until a few days from now on the account of being a busy bee uni student
Keeping my eye on it, as you've noticed.
Ayu Usui

It was starting.

Ayu had been investigating the corpse pretty much the whole time, but it gave her and Hiroki more than enough clues to work with. When Monokuma's announcement had come and gone, then, she wasn't particularly upset about it.

"...We should go," she remarked to her partner, looking up at him. "...If you're scared, that's fine. It's normal to feel scared... we'll find the culprit."

It sent some mixed messages to hear those words come out of a face and posture as stoïc and unassuming as Ayu's, but she didn't give Hiroki much more time to dwell on it. The girl yawned into her dangling sleeve and walked out of the cabin, finding her way to the fire pit with ease. Once there, she tried to keep her distance from most others- well, save for Hiroki. Ayu remained silent, otherwise.

Momoe Mizuno

"Tch... not from here, huh?" Momoe growled under her breath as she kicked the door of the supply cabin. It slammed shut with a thud. She leaned forwards and pushed against it, clutching her head, her thoughts dizzy and cloudy, yet clear enough to understand the bear's message. (Only one other place it could've been,) she thought to herself, but she's out of time to linger on it... and what's more, she gave her ace to that damned Hibiki. How unlike her to slip up like that... bastard better not have lost it.

Momoe stumbled over to the fire pit, where a small crowd's amassed. She leaned against a tree, both arms folded. This was a two-part power play; not only did it play up her "too cool for school"(™) attitude, but also, Momoe was tired as all hell. She could use just about anything as long as the fucking thing kept her standing straight in the moment. The girl didn't bat her eye at anyone else, keeping to herself.

(What the hell made the bear choose this of all places...? Something doesn't add up.)
Taka Tsuin

Taka and Aurel spent the entire rest of the investigation examining the mess hall, but unfortunately couldn't turn up any clues. Not too much chatter happened between the two of them because of the tense atmosphere, but Taka hadn't been too hostile at least. He thought. Hopefully.

"...Seems we gotta get going," he offhandedly mentioned to Aurel. "I'll meet you back at the fire pit, I guess."

Taka left ahead of Aurel and followed the dirt road. It took him a short while, since the boy wasn't particularly thrilled to get their in a hurry, but he did get there eventually. Some people were already gathered while others had yet to arrive, but Taka took his place somewhat at the center of the crowd. Nobody was saying anything- and actually, that kinda got on his nerves.

"So, anyone got a clue the hell we do now?" he posed the question.

(S-Shit... I don't... even want to think about it...)
Chikako Himura

Despite her best efforts, Chikako's search of Aurel's lab didn't amount to much. A part of that was because Flare distracted both her and Lilly with the CD case (what kind of a clue was that, even?) and another part because,


Chikako didn't know what she was looking for, really.

Monokuma's announcement didn't care though; as far as the bear was concerned, time was up. Chikako nervously swallowed her saliva and looked over to the other two girls. "Well," she began, "you heard him. I don't really wanna go, though." She may have admitted her reluctance, but that didn't stop her from dragging the other two with her to the firepit. She was antsy and restless; even though Chikako didn't want to go, in a sense, she was the most hurried out of all of them to get there. Just to get it over with.

Chikako took her spot in the gathering crowd.

"I dunno," she answered Taka. "I guess we each... go over what we found, or something?"

(What a weird place to make us all gather...)
Ding Dong Bing Bong...

No matter who you were, no matter what you were doing... when that bell rang, silence swept over the whole camp. All the monitors flickered to life, and every eye was drawn to the bear sitting on his throne.

"It's time for what you've all been waiting for! The class trial!

Campers, please make your way to the fire pit. Don't worry if you've never been there- just follow the road going to the woods! It's in the middle of camp, you can't miss it!

Puhuhu... isn't your heart just pounding with excitement?!

Just remember! I don't like people who are late! Puhuhu... Puhuhuhu!"

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