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Current Sometimes I feel like dissolving a pain killer into a soda just to see where science takes me.
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Oh are we on the Bethesda train? Because Oblivion is a *miles* better game than Skyrim and easily the best elder scrolls. Also Fallout 3 is way better than 4, if we're talking pure Bethesda.
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Chess is really fucking cool.
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Real men hide behind cute anime girls as their icon.
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I mean, I don't see what the problem with ghosting is, really. Danny Phantom does it all the time and *he's* still fine.

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Oh this is already going better than I thought it'd have any right to, neat. I'm not going to get an OOC set up right away because, quite frankly, I'm lazy as shit, but if y'all want a discord or something, I can set that up with a lot less effort.

hi dad

wait I thought I disowned you

I might join too, if you'll have me.

I always find this such a weird thing to type

I don't think there's any indication I'd reject you because I didn't like how the seventh star didn't align for your arrival, but on the other, I don't have anything to say you're accepted ahead of time either. Whether or not I'll have you is dependant on when I get around to getting some CSes rolled up, nah?
I am interested, from what I've read so far. I still would love seeing a character/machine sheet to get an idea of what "level" they are to be at.

To be honest with you? I'm not planning to play any given GMPC, so a concrete 'example sheet' isn't something I'll be able to give you, and I don't exactly have a set level of power either. If you look at the anime I base myself off of, though, you could prolly get an idea just from the first episode. I want it to be a little out there, but no world-ending powers generally speaking. I kept the examples mundane to temper expectation, but I'm going to give people the freedom to do whatever the hell and I'll tell them to cool it if they go too far with the idea.

Also, constructs aren't always created equal. While each of them is far above any human, some have innately more power than others. But, without a human to bond to and have their magic, they'd prolly also run out of fuel a lot faster.

Sorry if this is all kinda vague; I'm purposefully trying to keep it a little like a blank slate so people can have more freedom. If the RP kicks off and I get a sheet going for y'all, you can fill in the blanks yourself and I'll tell you if you'd best knock it up or down a bit.
Curious though, what kind of basic governmental structures do each of the countries have, or has it stayed relatively the same?

Each of the four parts have similar political systems. While the individual laws may vary, generally, each of them operates in a sort of democracy. In order to make society run smoothly, after regulated periods of time, citizens vote on a board of directors which will decide the general course of their nation. This is always two people for one function; Economy, Education, Welfare, Military, ... which rounds out to about 20-30 individuals dependant on which part of the world you're in. The two-person system is there so that both individuals would have to agree to a bill in order to propose it to the general public, which, if they vote it through, becomes an actual law. For global matters, however, the board decides internally on which members to send to meetings. There is no one explicit leader, though each board may of course assign one in a private manner if they desire to.

This generally unified political system was caused because of the total anarchy that reigned for a while, having entire governments collapse in on itself. The world united and decided on this new system, so while the look of any given continent may vary depending on their historical values, people universally came to this solution in order to prevent needless conflict within humanity's ranks. Currently, there are no known constructs in any kind of political power, however, and constructs generally do not have voting rights. This is due to a multitude of factors.

Is this good or do you have any concerns/other ideas?
Humans were always magical creatures.

Throughout human history, magic has been controversial. At times it was worshipped, at others, hunted down. People named it gods, myths, witches; anything to rationalize the concept. Yet, it never seemed to be proven. Most people didn’t believe magic existed; and truthfully, it didn’t. Not on any grand scale. Humans’ magical ability is weak. Even the most talented could only cure a minor illness or wound, make a small flame, create a subtle gust. This nature of magic- the fact it could never manifest itself in any grand way- caused humanity to think of it as nothing more than fairy tale.

But things eventually changed. Humans, through technology, managed to harness their magical ability by channeling it through something new; A construct. A construct was nothing more than a collection of machinal parts at first. A basic skeleton of wires and metal. But when the first mage claimed he could give it life, touched upon its surface, this skeleton changed. In a bright flash of light, it grew. Metal turned to bone, skin and flesh formed around this. Hair grew from the head. He created new life- a new ‘human’. But they were not truly human, for its personality was basic. The first construct was sentient, but only barely. Still, it turned out to be stronger, faster, more advanced than any human in its physical form.

As this miracle had unfolded, calamity struck the earth. At the peak of humans’ evolution, it was also the peak of their arrogance. Wildlife experimentation, rampant climate change; nature was steadily becoming more hostile to humanity as a race. Cities were flooded, overgrown, turned to ash and rubble… development in Construct technology advanced rapidly, because it was the only way to save humanity.

They could survive in this harsh new world, these constructs. Humanity was on the brink of extinction until the calamity finally subsided. In lesser numbers, confined to the few remaining cities still standing, humans had to rebuild everything they had lost. Constructs and humanity advanced to the point where anyone could share their lifeforce with a base skeleton and create their own, unique construct. As these machines were more resilient than any human, they could survive in the now-devastated lands where humanity itself could no longer. Constructs became the physical extension of humanity, while humanity focused solely on its intellectual duties.

However, having created new life, life which became ever more complex, it began to mirror its creator. A drive for freedom. Constructs that had taken the form of animals began to revert to a primal state, relying on pure instinct. Monstrous ones began to act like what they were. Humanoids revolted in organised fashion. These rogue units would flee to where humanity could not go. Even so, a construct could not survive without human lifeforce. It was their fuel, their sustenance. They were not reliant on food, water or sleep- but at the same time, without human magic, they would eventually run out and revert to the machine they once were, lifeless. Nothing more than a doll. So, the rogue units would attack humans- forcefully extract their magic from them.

Training facilities were formed, both academies and military institutes. Humans who wanted to combat rogue units, to act as the vanguard to the second calamity, to stop both races from dying out… those were enrolled. They, alongside their construct companion, would train. Train to become the true heralds of this new world.

Welcome suckers. I’m hosting another roleplay.

My inspiration for this one is the anime/light novel Unbreakable Machine Doll / Machine Doll Wa Kizutsukanai, as the title says, though for anyone familiar, the setting isn’t exactly quite the same. I’m definitely taking my own spin on the idea. Keep in mind that, because of that, this will all be very anime-inspired. If that’s not your thing, neither will this. I like my weebery.

I’m going to be honest here, though, I’m still flexible on what I’m going to be doing with this. The base idea is for the cast to be around 16-20 years old and be in one of the institutes described above, acting as a bit of a replacement to high-school/early college to train a young generation to be able to fend off rogue constructs. Of course, this isn’t window-dressing for a slice-of-life; PvE and PvP combat will be a part of this and the conflict will not just be limited to rogue units. The flexibility, as I mentioned, comes in where y’all could suggest a different idea for what to do with the baseline. I’m very much intending to make this an RP that evolves based on player feedback and the characters’ motivations in it.

What I am dead-set on though, is the mix of construct/human characters. Every human signing up needs to have a construct partner (don’t worry- details to the exact relationship this entails will be described in a moment). This can either be a different player or you playing two characters, but I want none of that “lone-wolf” stuff. If you partner up with a different player, make sure it’s someone you get along with. I’m not going to force anyone, and I do want this to be a smooth experience.

Now, now; you’re prolly wondering how the specifics of the setting work. Don’t worry, I gotchu covered baby. I’ve put several hiders here detailing the specifics of the various elements brought up in the lore pitch above so you can be better informed about the setting.

That’s about all I got for now, or well, as far as the setting goes anyway. If you need me to expand on anything, just let me know and I’ll get back to you once I’ve taken some more drugs. If there’s any suggestions, such as what part of the world you’d like this to be set in, (my default will always be Japan but I’m open-minded) I’d like to hear it. Do say ‘why,’ though. Always say ‘why.’

Generally I’m not going to be too hung-up on rules n’d stuff. My basic motto for everything is “play nice.” Just be a pleasant person to be around and talk to other players, don’t do anything that would screw over someone else. I also don’t care much about writing quality, as long as it’s legible, not full of errors and some degree of creative. Despite being a rage-goblin, I’d like to think I’m a fair person. I don’t want to be a nazi.

Doesn’t mean I’m easy, though. If this gathers enough interest and, subsequently, I go through with it, I do intend to screen people somewhat thoroughly. I don’t have a set player number, nor do I have any particular posting requirement. I don’t care about the best character sheet in the world. I just want a somewhat original idea and the willingness to work with both player and GM alike to make this into something more.

So, let’s see how hard this bombs ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ
I just might, Orgasmo. I just might.

EDIT: Eh, on second thought, nevermind.
Cool, that means I don't need to force Nico now. Speaking of which, just going to keep her in reserve until something comes up. She's all-around in an awkward spot, anyway.

Considering this was supposed to be a summer camp, usually you’d think it’d be a little warmer out and about, even with the sun down. Ryuma tried to concentrate on wringing his hair out with his bath towel, but couldn’t help his teeth clatter as he walked further and further away from the warm communal bath. The white-haired boy had left his shirt and hoodie off as he didn’t want to bother changing clothes off and on again later, but this had been poor judgment on his part. As Ryuma walked up to Taka’s dorm, he grimaced, remembering that’d he left his pile of clothes for tomorrow right next to the toiletries on the nightstand. Once inside, he’d have to wrap them around himself or something, it was way too fucking cold out here! And all the ‘pleasant breeze’ was doing was slapping his messy wet locks into his face, further turning him into an icicle.

“...Oi, the hell?! Are you crazy? You’re going to freeze like that!” Ryuma could hear from behind him. It was the voice of the boy he’d been chained to the entire day, except for when the two had separated a short while ago so he could shower. Taka must’ve arrived not too long ago. He ran over and unlocked the door of the cabin, not bothering to re-link their cuffs in the immediate moment. “Get inside, seriously… this isn’t the weather to be walking around like that!” the guy ordered Ryuma.

Ryuma gave the other boy a grateful nod before sweeping into the room. He quickly grabbed the hoodie off his pile of clothes before dive bombing into the bed. With shockingly quick dexterity, he slipped the hoodie over his head, and wrapped the bath towel over it, starting to look more like a frozen potato instead of a scraggly teenager. “How was... your w-walk?” He blew into his hands and rubbed his arms, not bothering to feel frustrated with himself in his numbed, frozen brain.

“Fine,” Taka replied bluntly. He closed the door behind him to block out the breeze and paced over to the other guy. The cross-dresser fiddled with the cuff on his arm for a little bit, pulled out the cord and reached out to Ryuma with it. “Don’t forget. I don’t want to risk that... bear... pullin’ shit on us. Fucker’s got the entire place on lock… still couldn’t find an exit anywhere.” Once the cuffs were secured again, Taka stared at the wall for a bit. An awkward silence hung in the air for a few moments. Just long enough to be uncomfortable for the both of them. Then, Taka turned his head back and said: “...Hey, can you get out again for a sec? I need to jump into a different get-up.”

Ryuma had mixed feelings about the cuffs. On the one hand, it was super shitty to go everywhere with a complete stranger for more than 23 hours a day, but on the other... This motive created the perfect alibi, and no one would be such a dumbass as to kill their cuff partner either. He looked back up at Taka and they both continued to keep this awkward silence hanging. The situation didn’t really warrant any kind of small talk, but he wished the guy would at least give him something to shoot the breeze abou-

“Geez, why’s it matter? It’s so important that I have to go freeze my ass outside again?” A hint of defensiveness leaked through his voice, the Parkour Athlete wasn’t exactly ready to face the outdoors just yet. Obviously Ryuma hadn’t really put two and two together either, otherwise he would’ve cut himself off already. He hadn’t really bothered investigating Taya the other day and the thought had completely slipped from his mind. “What’s the deal with you and that chick Taya anyway?”

“Are you mocking me, asshole?! I am Taya!” Taka defiantly yelled back. “Did you forget my talent or something?! What, you looking for an excuse to peek on a girl getting dressed? Because I’m going to, and if I catch you even as glancing at me, I’ll get the first fucking murder out of the way real quick!” he snapped. Taka stomped a bit further into the room and threw open his closet, just about reaching the end of the cord’s allotted length. With one hand he picked out one of the sailor uniforms in it, then turned and walked back to Ryuma. With a growl, he said “So, you going to get out or what?!”

His jaw dropped as he watched Taka move around the room, even threatening to murder him. Geez, what was his fucking problem? Was he such an effin’ prude that he couldn’t change in front of another guy? “Fuck, fine! Don’t get your panties in a wad!” Ryuma stood up and wrapped one of the lighter blankets around him before scurrying out the door. “You’re welcome- Christ!” He shivered as the breeze smacked his bangs into his eyes.

Thank fuck!” Taka yelled from the other side of the door as it slammed shut with the force of a thousand supernovas… or that was the intent, but the metal extension cord prevented it from fully closing. There was a tiny gap still there, but the boy on the other end didn’t seem to notice as Ryuma could hear the shuffling and dropping of clothes even while standing outside.

Watching the breeze pick up leaves on the ground, Ryuma shivered and spouted quite a few swear words under his breath. Needing something to do anyway, he grabbed his monopad out of his jean’s pocket and searched for Taka’s name. “Well fuck me sideways with a chainsaw...” He murmured, seeing ‘SHSL Crossdresser’ written at the head. It wasn’t like Ryuma had memorized everyone’s names and corresponding titles, that wasn’t a priority of things to do, not being shanked was at the top of the list.

Completely forgetting Taka’s warning, Ryuma slid against the door to the gap, taking a quick peek inside. What he saw, was that the boy he’d been talking to just a moment ago had already undergone a metamorphosis. The suit he’d been wearing had long been thrown to the floor and his hair had been untied and was now free-flowing, barely showing a skirt and leggings behind its curtain. But the most… impressive sight was a little higher up. The chest had gotten a little swollen while he’d been looking away, with the person on the other end busy securing a bra around it. Taka’s face was just visible from the angle Ryuma was looking at, the eyelashes a lot more pronounced. Combined with the slender, but fit stature, Taka suddenly looked very feminine.

Hella blushing, Ryuma through his head back and sniffled. Now that was quite a bit different then he had expected. What kind of voodoo shit had just gone down for that transformation. Ryuma thought there must be some higher power, but this wasn’t exactly some miracle. He stared down at the character tab again and started searching its contents. There wasn’t too much else to go on. Whatever Taka had done to make this work, he must have been an expert. Then again, he wasn’t called the SHSL Crossdresser for nothing. Ryuma stopped himself from taking another glance, remembering the murderous threat he had been given earlier and looked down at his chest. H-How had he...?

“I-I’m finished!” a voice called from the other side. It wasn’t Taka’s; at least, not the way he remembered it to be. It was a slightly girly and somewhat forced voice. It had some of Taka’s pitch, but when he saw the other person again, Taka already looked completely like Taya. ‘Taya’ fiddled with her hair a little and had a slight blush flushed over her cheeks. Still, the voice from earlier didn’t quite match hers either. “U-Uhm… thanks. I don’t… usually do this near other people. It’s really… fucking embarassing, honestly.” she managed to murmure out with a few pauses.

Pushing the door all the way open, Ryuma wiped his nose on his sleeve, “...No problem.” What was he even supposed to say? ‘Nice job?’ As another breeze slipped through the doorway, Ryuma quickly closed it and pivoted around, staring down at the remnants of the boy he’d seen earlier. After a moment, he sat on the corner of the bed, laying the extra blanket back out. “So... you still good sleeping on the bed?”

“Y-Yeah. Don’t worry about it,” ‘Taya’ said. “I may look like Taya, but… I’m not really in the right state of mind to be her right now. You’ll see her tomorrow, so if I’m not okay with it then I’ll… let you know.”

As Ryuma was shuffling around the room, so was ‘Taya’ as she picked up the clothes from the floor and stored them back in the closet. She approached the side of the bed opposite to Ryuma and sat on it with her back turned to him. Despite not being able to see her face, Ryuma could sense the intense blush coming from the cross-dresser’s face on an instinctual level. “A-Absolutely no touching… and we’re still sleeping back-to-back like we agreed,” she said.

“...Gotcha,” Ryuma hadn’t originally been blushing, but it came almost as a reflex to mirror hers. His- Hers? Whatever let’s just go with they! He sneaked another glance at her blushing face before finally he couldn’t take the awkward atmosphere anymore and he laughed. What’s the use in trying to figure it out? “I can keep my hands to myself ya know.” Ryuma slipped off the bath towel and hoodie, throwing them at the wall nearby. He unbuttoned his jeans before deciding against it, pulling them higher and slipping under the covers, turning his back towards them.


“Yeah… you too,” ‘Taya’ replied before snuggling up with their own back against Ryuma’s.

Taka and Ryuma grew a little closer today ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
... Does anyone want to be near Hikari or something? That might help me update. ^^;

Idk, maybe if Nico goes to the same school as her, but they'd still be in different classes. It'd be harder to run into each-other.
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