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I'm a dude, usually in a jacket, who does nothing but sit on a computer all day. Like the rest of this site! HEYOOOOOO!

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If you intend on starting a Yu-Gi-Oh! RP, always shoot me a message. They're like, totally my jam.

I'm also a fucking idiot, keeping the whole 'I'm Gming a thing gais' for a whole month after I was done Gming a thing. And co-GMing too, I guess. Need to pay more attention to this thing. Currently Co-GM of 'Souls of Steel' and 'Yu-Gi-Oh!: Harmonia United' as well as a regular player in 'Danganronpa Alternate: Apologies to Hope'

...I end up becoming co-GM a lot for some reason.

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& Ayu Usui

Hibiki only momentarily looked up from his pile at the other girl’s question, “...?” He gave her a slightly confused look before peering at the group. They all seemed to be around the same highschool age, but also seemed rather agitated. The boy shook his head before turning so that he could properly see the amphitheater. “...They must be related somehow.”

“Mh…” the girl near him murmured, staring off in the direction of the other people. It’s only a few short moments after that point where a monochrome bear popped up at the theater, though its small size made it a little harder to make out from this distance. The two of them were still in earshot, so they could hear the explanation of what was going down.

The first thing that seemed to pop into the Tutor’s head was the fact that the stuffed bear didn’t seem to be picking up too much dust. Was the amphitheater usually swept or was it just outright magical? Secondly, Ritsu would love to chomp on its ears... but the overall appeal was ruined by its half smile. The bear had an attitude that left the boy feeling even more sleepy, or maybe this was just a half daydream hallucination. But by the way the rest of the ‘campers’ were reacting, that didn’t seem to be so.

It took a second for his brain to wrap around the situation. He’d need to get out of here to find his precious fluffy companion after all. Also, considering the only way to get out of here was to kill someone, they’d have to outsmart the bear, it would be better to find someone who had the ‘umph’ to do such a thing. Hibiki got up, wiped off the leaves on his pants and surveyed the situation. A few campers seemed to be out in the open, but that didn’t mean any of them were ‘hiding’ like the two of them. Whether or not to go out into the open, that was the real question.

As Hibiki was engulfed in thought, the girl next to him had been sitting there, motionlessly. She didn’t say a word or even twitched with her fingers, an almost trance-like state washing over her form. Ayu got up unannounced, running her hands through her hair to get off some leaves, inadvertently covering her eyes from others’ sight. She started to walk past Hibiki, not so much sparing a glance his way.

While the boy hadn’t done much in terms of speed, almost having appeared sluggish this entire incident, his hand suddenly shot out to catch Ayu’s wrist. Hibiki hadn’t been thinking too hard about Ayu herself when he had done so, but his eyes searched the girl’s face as he muttered, “Not safe... Probably.” The guy who had just spoken out didn’t seem like the nice type while the girl didn’t seem the most sane either. It might be easier to stay hidden and get to the back of the line to get the pads once more people had come out.

Ayu froze for a second, only muttering “Please let go,” as she yanked her arm away from him. Her cold demeanor was calm, with no sign of hysteria or fear to be found in her voice. The girl had almost zealous conviction to get there, but she did turn her head briefly towards Hibiki before completely walking off.

“...Thanks though. You’re nice.”

And with that, Ayu slouched over to the theater, leaving the boy to his own devices.

Hibiki let his hand slip down to his side before scratching at the back of his head. Best to survey the situation alone, though the achy feeling in his throat hadn’t really dissipated. What to do...? He thought he caught sight of someone else in the bushes beyond, but thought he’d just lean against the tree for a bit.

In scene: All of them except Otoishi

The top of the Fire dorm weren't particularly picky about where they stood in the crowd, so they'd stood somewhat in the center during the entire spiel from the two teachers. You could say they were hidden in the crowd, if it weren't for the bright blazers giving them away. The five of them were chatting away somewhat, discussing what their next move was going to be. Well, except Otoishi; he was off humming a tune in his own little world.

" like I said, Synchro's the best option. They've got way better tech and unlike a certain someone, they're constantly improving," Sinata concluded the argument she had been building prior in the conversation, but nobody really looked convinced.

"I-I'm not sure I w-want to work together with Masaru, though... he's kind of cruel..." Kotone meekly spoke up, eliciting a groan from Sinata.

"Oh come on! We can't make our decision based on which one of them is the nicest. If we're going to team up with someone, they've got to have talent! Kien, you agree right," Sinata asked hopefully, but the round boy's brow was furrowed and his eyes closed in thought. It took him a few seconds to come up with a reply.

"I'm not so sure. I might agree with Kotone here, lord knows we can't have our little Machi get into a fight with three thirds of them all the time."

"Hey! I can keep my temper in check when I need to," Machi rebuked, but he got interrupted before he could say anything else. Out of seemingly nowhere, the Water dorm champion stood in between the group and had her finger pointed straight at Machi.

“Machi. I challenge you to a duel.”

"W-Wait, right now?!" he let fly in a slight panic, with this coming out of nowhere. Kotone was equally surprised, jumping back a little and standing even further away from the group than she had already been. The students around them began murmuring things like 'Did she just say duel?' and 'Whoa, a match between our top students this early?!'

The crowd of third-year students seemed as excited as the first and second years were in the arena earlier, putting the four fire dorm students in a tricky spot. Kien put his hand on Machi's shoulder, letting out a dramatic sigh. He told Machi not to be careful embarrass himself while Sinata warned him that refusing this one would reflect badly on their dorm.

"...Fine, fine, I get it," Machi groaned, reaching for his deck holder around the waist. He picked up his classic Jurrac deck and slotted it into the deck holder slot of his fiery red and orange Duel Disk, the rounded parts ending in jagged tips being very reminiscent of a blazing inferno. The flames spun around and slammed into place to create a C-shaped blade around the base of the machine. The students around him backed away as Machi paced around Kanna, taking a spot far enough away from her. The statue next to them stood in between the dividing line for the fields, acting as a useful separator. Machi's face held a confident grin as he ground his feet into the pavement, taking on a steadfast fighting pose.

"Bring it on!"

In scene: Masaru Chinen & Hyousuke Murakana


If Masaru had to sum this entire charade put forth by the school up in a single word, it was that one. He's known nothing but the pair-up system since coming to the academy, having spent his last two years getting familiar with its intricacies as he dueled like the faceless mook he was. Those memories are awful; being stuck at the bottom, wanting desperately to improve and yet never reaching the heights you struggled to reach. Now that he was at the top, standing as the sole ruler of the mountain, it felt hollow and empty, having to rely on some other faction to even have a sliver of a chance of getting anywhere...

It's almost as if his dorm wasn't considered good enough. He hated that thought.

"Hey, you think we should go get Keitaro?"

The boy perked up at the question posed by one of his dorm-mates, namely by Hyousuke. After the announcement was over, he seemed to have nonchalantly kicked himself away from the comfortable spot against the founding principal's statue so he could stroll on over. Masaru had wrung away from his fellow top Synchro students as to avoid them, watching from a remote spot in the courtyard, so Hyou's sudden appearance was met with a scowl.

"And why do you suddenly care?" Masaru asked warily.

"Well, 'cause you look like you want to be anywhere 'cept here!" Hyou answered with a laugh, taking a step forward and throwing his arm around Masaru. The latter was too stunned to push him away in the moment.

"C'mon man, you need to loosen up. Besides, if we don't find him, who knows what trouble he's kicking up?"

"Fine, I get it! Just... get your hands off me."

Masaru pushed Hyou away and started to pace off, with the other boy trailing after with calm steps. Knowing Kei, they both had a pretty good feeling he was stirring up stuff in the Ruins like he usually did. Unless someone happened to look in the direction of the not-so-dynamic duo, they could slip away relatively easily from the crowd.
Deluge seems to have vanished despite my attempts to contact him both on-site and in private, so I'll be taking over the Fire dorm students. I'll get something up for them at a later point; for now I'm writing something for my synchro dorm.
Bumping this again to mention that, despite being pretty old already, the RP hasn't progressed all that far yet and we could still use a player for the Earth dorm!
@King CosmosIt doesnt actually matter it can be either, ofcourse i love IC challenges and the option for the characters to actually respond
Satoshi Kyou

To translate: We don't really care whether you ask players in advance or just post a challenge IC out of the blue. I doubt anyone else is going to care either, considering this particular YGO RP is all about character interaction over the actual game.
@Eklispe Sorry for the holdup, some communication hiccups between me and Sat made me unwilling to answer any sooner.

So to your first question, the characters themselves decide who teams up with who. If your cast gets along well with my cast, for example, there's a real chance they'd decide to team up. The same applies to anyone looking to ally with Satoshi's crew. Conversely, I doubt the Synchro or Water dorm would team up, considering they showed hostility to each other so far.

To answer the second, I don't recommend trying it. You can be a sneaky snitch and do it anyway, but if either dorm found out you're attempting to double-time them, I doubt they'd want to be your ally for much longer.
Taka Tsuin

Taka was befuddled that Alice didn't bother giving a reply to him, in favor of staring at something behind the boy. He turned to look what it was.

"...What in the world are you lookin' at-?"

The cross-dresser cut himself off as a monitor lit up, or at least partially. There was some blurry silhouette making movements on it and instructing the entire student body on the camping grounds to make their way to the amphitheater... the place where this duo had just come from. Taka groaned and slapped his hand against his forehead.

(Why the hell is it calling us campers...? And what's with the bear puns?!)

Taka turned back around to face Alice, just as she locked her eyes with him again. Before the boy had any chance to speak, Alice had already taken initiative. She states her intent in the same dramatic flair as before, trying to sound knightly and pranced off ahead of him. The boy ran a hand through his hair and scratched his head a little, slowly pacing behind Alice.

"Great, now she's bossin' me around as well... can't get a break in here."

It didn't take long for the duo to reach the theater, as they had only gotten about halfway to the gate earlier. Just before they got there, however, Taka noticed a tuft of hair poking out from behind one of the trees. Said tuft of hair seemed to be very similar to a certain bossy lady he met earlier.

(The heck is she trying to do? ...Whatever, I'm not going to bother her.)

Whatever that girl's deal was, Taka was having none of it. He looked in another direction, spying another tree... with even more hair sticking out behind it. Granted, it was jet black this time. He rubbed his eyes in a double take, but the hair hadn't disappeared from sight.

(Why is everyone hiding behind trees all of a sudden?!)

After a brief moment of questioning his sanity the boy gave up trying to rationalize it. The more interesting thing was the fact a group of five people were walking down the road, at the front being a scruffy... man? He certainly didn't look like a high school student. Trailing just behind him was a smaller girl in comparison, stark white hair, looking up to the man like a lost child. Next up in the roster was a spiky haired boy, pretty well built, who looked rather cool and collected despite the whole situation. Rounding off the party was a short girl pressing her head against a slightly taller girl, who looked to be... Sayaka Maizono?!

That couldn't be right. Sayaka already graduated Hope's peak, didn't she? ...Damn it! Taka's memories seemed foggy in that aspect. Whoever the girl was, she couldn't be Sayaka. It wouldn't make much sense. Despite his confusion and general weird composition of the group, Taka turned to face Alice.

"Oi, there's people coming this way. Seems everyone got just as curious as us..."

Ayu Usui

Ayu didn't even register that someone had waved a hand in front of her eyes, or plucked a leaf out of her hair. The girl's eyes were unfocused and staring blankly past her vision. Her thoughts were raging too wildly, were much too chaotic and raw, to register any sense of smell, touch or sight. What did register in the girl's mind was a sudden but dull ringing noise, at least to her. It was enough to snap her out of her daze for a brief moment, scouting around by slowly turning her head and eyes. She noticed a monitor placed above her, and while Ayu didn't see what was being displayed on it, she did hear what it was saying. It asked to go to the theater, but by peering over the edge of her tree resting spot, she could still see it plain view.

"...Nah. Not moving."

The girl returned to her nesting place and was about to resuming staring off into space, but now a shadow was looming over her. After a short delay she looked off to the left, seeing a boy blocking out the sun and plucking a few leaves out of her hair. Ayu's eyes darted up, seeing the little snippets of nature falling around her.


Ayu didn't even bother looking at Hibiki as she said that, head lowering and looking off to the right. She saw a group of five walking down the nearby road, chatting with each other. They were probably curious about the theater.

"...Look, people. Are you with them? I hadn't noticed you..." the girl asked, tilting her head back to Hibiki.
sorry for the holdup peeps, we're havin' a bit of trouble getting this post organized on our end
@ThePlumbum Confirmed with Sat, but the gist of it is "Enough to send you flying, not enough to cause pain (unless you hurt yourself from being sent flying). So if a monster's attack feels like an actual slash across your chest, that'd be Leonard's power at work.
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