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Ayu Usui

Ayu glanced back over her shoulder once she heard the boy's voice again.

"Oh. You're still here?" she asked, as if she were expecting Hiroki to have left already. Ayu turned on her heel, stared at him for a few seconds and tilted her head as the boy told her to forget it.

"Mmm... okay then," Ayu replied back, intent on turning around again and heading off to the road, but she was interrupted by a monitor to her right flickering on. A shadowy figure moved sporadically around inside of the screen, telling everyobody to meet somewhere... and there was also something about campers? Ayu didn't recall signing up for a camping trip. She stared at the screen as it lit up an arrow and brought her left hand to her head, resting it inside of the palm. She supported the elbow with her other arm, wrapped neatly around her stomach to ease the burden. A low hum escaped the girl as she thought about the current situation a little more, getting a little lost in thought. This process was swiftly interrupted by the boy in the area though, who addressed her again.

"...Oh. You're still here...?" Ayu echoed, head still resting in the palm of her hand as she tilted it to look over at him. He said he was going ahead and asked if it was alright with her... which was strange. She thought he'd left a long time ago, she wasn't sure why he needed her confirmation. Ayu didn't really pay any attention to the boy as he started to walk away from her. She was more interested in the screen with the bright green arrow pointing them in the direction they were going.

"Mmm... I don't really care, but I guess I'll have to go as well. Everyone else's going to be there, though..." Ayu muttered to herself, finished off with a dejected sigh.

"Well... I'll just take the long way around, I guess."

She let her arms drop to her side and pulled up one shoulder of her sweater, slouching back towards the road as she followed the oval-shape towards the amphitheatre.
Taka Tsuin & Momoe Mizuno

"...! Hey, wait, hang on a sec!" Taka shouted from the back of the group towards Izo.

"I don't think it's a good idea to wander off alone, maybe you should take someone along- Ow!" Taka wanted to suggest, but was cut off by Momoe having flung the butt of her cigarette straight at his forehead. It wasn't lit anymore so Taka didn't get a burn mark, but the sheer velocity still stung, even as the used-up stick harmlessly bounced onto the ground.

"Give it a break. If you got here safe enough on your own, he'll be just fine," she snarked. Taka turned to face her with a scowl, a 'Why you...!' being muttered under his breath, but both their attention was drawn by the spunky girl telling everyone to chill. Momoe raised her eyebrow while Taka's scowl was now directed at Chikako.

"What do you mean, chill out?! I just woke up here with no memory, we're seemingly trapped and I'd like some damn answers as to what's going on around here!" Taka snapped at her, but not long after he did, the monitors scattered all around the campground lit up with an identical message being played on each of them. Taka and Momoe's attention was grabbed by the one near the party- albeit Taka's a little more than Momoe's- as it instructed them all to make their way eastward.

"Looks like you're getting your answers, hothead. Seems like mr. beauty sleep had the right idea after all," Momoe informed Taka with a smug grin. The boy just silently fumed as Chikako energetically told everyone to kick into gear. The one-eyed girl in the group didn't bother to wait for Chikako's signal as she'd already nonchalantly started to make her way towards the theatre. Taka bit his lip as he looked off to the side.

"Tch... whatever."

He waited a little before following behind everyone else. Taka's mood was even fouler now, and the boy was also more than a little embarrassed because he made an ass of himself there.
I said I'd do a write-up of my thoughts on each and every character. Sometimes I wish I didn't say these things.



I guess I've been more than a little neglecting this myself.

Other than posting again for Synchro I don't have much to do, though. Eklispe's Light, Tenma's Dark and Knights' wind are all occupied by Satoshi. That only really leaves Fire and Earth to interact, but without knowing where Earth is atm I can't do much more on that front.
Momoe Mizuno

"Oh, thank god. You got your beauty sleep, because that's what we should be worrying about here," Momoe sneered towards Izo, taking another look around the area. She could see the shifting figures of the individuals at a nearby stage, but they were much too far for her to make out anything they said. On the other end, a mildly annoyed boy with a ponytail the size of the Eiffel Tower was pacing towards them. Momoe clicked her tongue as she began to search around in her coat. While she was fiddling around like this, the girl looked towards the tanned individual of the group.

"Yeah, sounds about right. I'm going to go out on a limb and say everyone here's some variation of that, if my fractured-ass memories are anything to go by."

Momoe seemed to have found what she was looking for, casting her eye back down to her coat. She pulled out a small packet and flicked it open with her thumb, revealing a nice line-up of orange tips and white sticks. She pulled out a cigarette from the collection and swiftly hid the rest again. While holding the stick between her index and middle fingers, Momoe flicked her pinky into her hair and knocked out a lighter she deftly caught. She spun the thing once while putting her little goodie in her mouth, then lit it without mcuh care for the rest of the people there.

(Seems like whoever's abducted doesn't know how to get around my talent... I'll need to keep that in mind.)

She took a deep breath from her cigarette, enjoying the sensation before letting all of the smoke out in one big blow. Momoe then temporarily pulled the small object out of her mouth while she looked back over to the group.

"Clueless student number five coming up at three 'o clock by the way," she commented off-hand as Taka had drawn closer to them.

Taka Tsuin

The boy had made his way over from the docks because these were the only people he saw, but the piercing glare of the fierce lady furthest from him briefly made him reconsider turning around and going somewhere else. Still, if Taka wanted to find out what was going on, these guys were the closest he was going to get. Although, the grass stains on each of their clothing and the bedhead on some of them didn't exactly inspire confidence.

"Oi! You people also just woke up around here? I think I was supposed to be arriving at my new school, but I found myself in this place instead," Taka asked generally, and Momoe was the one to answer his inquisition.

"Hope's Peak. You were on your way to Hope's Peak. Welcome to the club," she sneered. Momoe then took her cigarette again to drag out the smoke once more, closing her eye as she let the blissful feeling wash over her. Taka furrowed his brow at the girl putting words in his mouth, and just about held himself back from commenting on it.

"...Yeah, Hope's Peak. Hell... does that mean they managed to abduct a bunch of Super High-School Levels? ...Aargh, fuck! This is such a confusing mess!"

Taka shook his head, trying to get a grip on himself. He looked back to the other four again.

"Any of you guys got a clue of what we should do?"
Ayu Usui

"Hope's peak?"

Ayu looked back at Hiroki with mild surprise. Thinking about it, he didn't much look like an ultimate... though really, Ayu wasn't one to talk. She was pretty normal all things considered...

"Mm... yeah. I was going to Hope's Peak too," she replied with a nod, then had her eyes dart off again to the door. She opened it up all the way now, holding her hand up to scout out the rest of the area.

"It's like a camp here," Ayu commented again, stretching her arms out with a yawn. Her eyes lazily darted from one end to the site to the other, trying to see if there was anything interesting. She could make out a few figures from the small cracks of space between the lodges, but too many of them obscured her view for a proper look.

"...Mm... maybe you should ask the people out there what's going on. I don't remember much of anything..." Ayu told Hiroki as she looked back at him. She didn't care to stick around for much longer after that, as the girl nonchalantly stepped out of the cabin to leave him in there alone. Ayu shuffled towards the road like a zombie, looking as if she was low on energy despite her nap.

"...Kh... Aargh...!!"

Throbbing pains surged through the head of the groaning voice's owner, the person pulling themselves up from what they seemed to be leaning up against. A wooden surface, rounded and uneven. Glancing behind revealed it to be a canoe dangling from a hook, swaying forward a little at the person climbed up and moved away from it. A thought shot through them, grabbing behind their head to check something.

(...Thank god, she didn't forget. I would've died if I had to go out as a girl.)

Taka Tsuin

Taka confirmed himself again by looking all over his body and he found his usual clothing and make-up to be in place. He didn't know why he was in what looked to be a boat house, but maybe they just got... lost on their way to hope's peak. Not that that would explain the head-ache. The boy stumbled forwards a little, reaching for the door. He needed to figure out if it was unlocked and with a click, that seemed to be the case. A sigh of relief escaped him. Wherever Taka was, at least he wasn't trapped. The boy took another quick look at his surroundings. Rays of dawn shone through the small windows of the hut he was in, illuminating the contents to be seen clearly. Canoes, paddles, lifevests... everything you'd need for a trip on the lake seemed to be in order.

"Where the hell did you get us...?" Taka mumbled to himself as he opened the door in full now, shielding himself from the rays of sun that assaulted his retinas. Once his sight became less blurry, the boy took another look around. Straight ahead, a collection of cabins. To the right, a road and some giant fence. To the left? More giant fence and way closer.

"What the fuck...?"

A wave of deja-vu washed over Taka as he started pacing towards the road, feeling as if he'd been in this situation before. He should probably be freaking out over being, y'know, trapped, but it wouldn't do him any good to do that. Well, he'd be lying if he said he wasn't a little panicked, but if his eyes didn't deceive him there were some people groggily waking up on a grass plain not too far from here. If he was going to get any idea of what was going on here, he'd best check in with them.
Ayu Usui

Ayu was a pretty peaceful sleeper.

She recognized she was laying comfy even in the depths of her slumber, however. It was nice and warm, maybe a little hard but not too much. Like a good pillow. It felt very natural and relaxing, making her sleep soundly and not moving an inch aside from the soft breathing of her lungs.

But when she was lightly being shook, it worked like a sledgehammer on her psyche. Her eyes flickered open, adjusting to the sight. Once her focus came into view, she saw... not much. Her glasses weren't on her face, and all she could make out was a blur. Without skipping a beat she pushed herself off from whatever she was sleeping on and yawned without a care in the world, glancing around the area. She could make out a faint shape on a small nightstand near her, reached for it and found her spectacles.

They helped quite a bit. Now Ayu could see she was sitting on a bed, with a boy not too far from her. An unfamiliar bed, at that. She probably woke up on him. Around her was a pretty basic and uncharacteristic room. There was a nearby shelf for some kind of toy collecting, but that's about it. Oh yeah, didn't she hear some noises earlier? Glancing back at the boy, Ayu figured they must've come from him. Not that she paid any attention to what she had said.


After her short and brutally honest reply, she picked up the creaking from the nearby door to the cabin. Glancing in that direction, Ayu locked eyes with a scruffy-looking, white-haired boy with some... eccentric clothing. Ayu tilted her head as he closed the door again and jumped off the bed. She slouched over and opened it herself again, peeking her head out only to find nobody in the area.

"Weird. Were you two friends?" she asked the nearby boy, her curious inquisition devoid of the tone that would make it seem like she actually cared. Ayu took a step away from the door again and stopped in her tracks, staring blankly at the curtained window on the wall opposite to her. Jumbled thoughts started racing through her head as she began to think of what this all was. Her brief peek outside revealed that Ayu was not, in fact, at the dorms of Hope's Peak as she initially assumed, but instead some kind of lodging spot. To that end, she still didn't know why she was there with two guys and waking up on a bed, but considering she was fully clothed and didn't feel weird, not much must've happened. Strange to think of why they would bring her here, though...
Momoe Mizuno

"Oh my god, shut up."

Momoe blurted out as she heard the unfamiliar voices of people around her, a throbbing in her head being the culprit of her foul mood. She threw her hand against her head and slightly clutched it, hoping it distracted her from the pain. It didn't. Her one eye slowly flickered open as she was staring straight up at the clear blue skies, cold chills running over her body from the breeze that hit it. She slowly pushed herself up straight, taking in the rather featureless plain Momoe found herself in. Three other people too, from the looks of it. A monk, a party decoration and one normal looking person. Not that she was any judge of appearance, considering the faint throb coming from her left eye.

"Why the hell did I have the bright idea of spending the night on a field of grass-?!" Momoe cursed to herself, taking a bit of a better look around. She saw a huge, iron fence on one side, a lake far off in the distance, some wooden cabins of various sizes to her left and behind the girl looked to be a stage. Not to mention the goddamn forest that wasn't too far removed.

(Fantastic. This is the first time I've had absolutely no idea where I am.)

Momoe grit her teeth in frustration, feeling like she just got played for a fool. The girl rose up to her feet and dusted the blades of grass off her coat, cursing that they'd better not make any stains. She glanced back at the other three, the normal one looking about ready to wake up as well.

"Well? Any of you lot got any idea of where the hell we are?"

Yo there, I'd like to reserve a character spot while i'm working on my character

I too would like to reserve a spot. I'm still working on the details of my character, so it should be done relatively soon!

holy shit finally
Yeesh, with the lack of people deciding to jump in, I might just create a second character myself and join you guys even more in the despair of watching our own babies die!

ultimate belly dancer incoming

EDIT: Might as well show the newbs what my legacy characters look like.

new chara

@King Cosmos@Satoshi Kyou

gonna be honest, this sounds like a miscommunication issue lmao

one of you prolly shoulda PM'd the other
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