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Current The status bar has always been used as a public chat server tbh
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who the fuck comes back from 0-6 and 5 turrets down? SKT, apparently
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Don't fix what ain't broke lads.
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The problem isn't finding a support to play. It's finding a support I haven't S ranked yet.
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Insert status vaguely related to the one thread everyone is currently following.


I'm a dude, usually in a jacket, who does nothing but sit on a computer all day. Like the rest of this site! HEYOOOOOO!

(Just kiddin', don't linch me ;m;)

If you intend on starting a Yu-Gi-Oh! RP, always shoot me a message. They're like, totally my jam.

I'm also a fucking idiot, keeping the whole 'I'm Gming a thing gais' for a whole month after I was done Gming a thing. Currently Co-GM of Souls of Steel and End of the World (card game), so there you have it.

...I end up becoming co-GM a lot for some reason.

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Do you want to wrap up the Serah/Jason stuff in sort of a mini-collab as the first part of your next post? Doesn't need to be more than like a paragraph or two, but this way some clutter can be avoided and I wouldn't have to worry about making a Devors post without clunkily having Serah address Jason in the past.
Voices overwhelmed Serah from all sides, despite expecting the usual tranquility of a medical ward. She was sure she heard Jake speak up before Jason did, with his voice coming from the other direction, though it didn't really register in her mind as to what exactly he said. Serah clutched the mattress underneath her, pushed herself up straight on the bed and let out a sigh of relief. Her body was exhausted and her throat was sore but the girl didn't have much time to think on it. She heard Jason talk again, turning back and listening attentively to what he said.

"Told you I wasn't going anywhere before, didn't I? So here I am."

Serah felt comforted by the boy's words and wanted to throw her arms around him for a hug, but fatigue got the better at her and she settled for smiling at the comment. Before Serah had any time to think, her attention was grabbed by the voice of the 'new' squad leader. Serah slowly looked around the room in response, seeing everyone else who was in the ward. She spied Jake, Elise and even a still-unconscious Mai.

Seeing the sight in front of her made everything click in Serah's head, the memories of what exactly happened in the battle before flooding back to her like a tidal wave. It didn't have the same effect on her now as it did then, though, as the stress of battle wasn't weighing on her anymore. It just made her face sink for a bit and the girl bit her lip as a knee-jerk response. Serah couldn't afford to look somber for much longer, however; she needed to partake in the relief everyone felt about people waking up. Forcing out a smile, the girl tried to catch snippets of what happened from the people talking all around her. Somewhere during this, Serah noticed Ariin was suddenly in the room. She must have missed the moment he entered. The boy was talking to Elise, which gave Jason a chance to catch Serah's attention again.

"How are you feeling, Serah? Are you alright?"

Serah turned her attention back to him again as she tried to gather her thoughts. Right as she opened her mouth to try and reply, Ariin had decided to address Serah as well. Like a bobblehead, Serah turned around again in surprise, briefly listening to the boy.

“And how are you Serah? I’m actually just checking out myself... More brain scans since they just love to watch my argue with the rogue intelligence leeching off my brain.”

Ariin confused Serah. Not the part about asking how she was, of course, as that was slightly reassuring. It was everything else he said that didn't make any sense. It even looked like Ariin started talking to himself afterwards, scaring the girl off from answering. Ariin had become pretty insane after what happened back at Troas. Serah decided to ignore him for now and turned her attention back to Jason.

"I'm fine, just a little sore..." Serah said with a strained voice, giving him the most reassuring smile she could. She reached out her hand to grasp his, wanting to feel his warmth for just a moment. She was a little lost for words, a mix of emotions swirling through her. She was relieved Jason was here, but also remembered what she saw inside Atty. Serah didn't really want to think about it, but it nagged her in the back of her head.

"Hey, I may be a little silly but... can I get a hug?" Serah asked, trying to lighten the mood for the sake of the both of them. She giggled and raised her arms up, waiting for the boy to lean forward and wrap his own around her. Besides, she's been wanting one for a few minutes now.
@Ariamis I am working on a post but couldn't really write because of a ton of school work this week. Busy busy. Gonna get on it in the weekend, though.

Kinda want to give Serah a chance to react.
<Snipped quote by Altered Tundra>

How is that relevant to excluding roleplayers based on gender.

I think you may be missing the point of these past two comments from other users being jokes, Deadrop.
You know a thread's blown up when Odin joins the fray.

Anyway, I guess I've lurked long enough on the thread to give my own two cents, though I don't think I'm going to be saying anything that hasn't been said before.

I personally find you an idiot if you put stuff like 'only X type of person' in your title. An ignorant, biased individual who needs to learn to separate themselves from their fictional creations- granted you don't have a diagnosed disability for those sorts of situations. People get too emotionally attached to something they're not, and restrict others because they're too conceited and ego-centered. I may be using strong language, but I do genuinely think you need to get over yourself if you actually care what the other person's got hiding in their pants.

On that note, however, I do agree with the whole 'you can't stop it' point. While I do enjoy discussion like this, I don't think it's going to change anything in either the short or the long term. The only people that would check out this thread already have, and it's been made pretty clear that people in RP discussion aren't prone to changing their mind. I think the focus shouldn't be on witch hunting those who do or don't do it, or calling each other out on practices they do or don't do. Nor do I think the focus should be on jumping at each other's throats. The focus should be more on reaching a conclusion posed by the intial question: is it wrong? And, I think there's already been a clear conclusion drawn amidst all this chaos; Yes, it's 'wrong' to do it, but ignorance will find a way.

I don't think people are wrong with it having roots in sexism, but I disagree on using that term. I think misguided or ignorant might be better, as sexism is a pretty strong accusation to hurl at someone in which they will be on their most defensive once accused. It doesn't breed healthy conversation in my eyes, and especially not with the crowd that likes to frequent these threads (no offense to anyone meant by that).

I can't really say the whole issue has ever affected me, though. I'm not a 1x1 roleplayer.
@ArkmageddonCat it, uh

took a while
shit now I don't have a reason not to post
first character bitches

Also it's not in a hider because Red asked me not to do that so blame him for anything that can (will) go wrong
Tamatsu Eimin





Tamatsu is fairly short and frail, standing at 1m52. It often looks like her eyes are unfocused and the girl just stares off in the distance, lost in thought. The girl also likes to dress in thick, warm clothes when outside of her school, even in the middle of summer. Heat doesn't seem to bother her, but even mildly cold weather bites through her like a termite through wood. Tamatsu's plain appearance makes it so people easily forget her, as it seems as if she isn't even there most of the time. Her voice is fairly subdued and quiet, making her stand out even less.

Tamatsu is meek and quiet, preferring to keep to herself and watch others from a distance. She isn't one to go out and make friends and it takes a bit of effort to get her to open up to you. The girl hates pushy people as they make her feel uncomfortable, but her shy and non-threatening demeanor makes her unable to tell anyone off when they're upsetting her. Tamatsu would sooner let herself feel bad than accidentally hurt someone else's feelings. She prefers peaceful, quiet places and doesn't like staying home. Tamatsu much prefers going to the library to read or to the park to relax, but always by herself.

Tamatsu also absolutely hates swimming and cold water, it makes her feel like she's choking and unable to get any air into her lungs. Whenever the school does any swimming activities she absolutely refuses to take part, and this stubbornness carries over into anything else she doesn't or wouldn't like. The girl often refuses to try new things because they seem scary to her.

Tamatsu hasn't been playing World End for very long. The deck she currently has focuses on manipulating the abyss, but she isn't very good at the game yet.

Tamatsu is completely unknown, being a complete newcomer to the scene.



Tamatsu had always been a plain, average girl. She was born an only child to a happy couple, although she never got to see her father much because of the office job he had. In grade school she wasn't as quiet as now, as the girl happily played with the other kids. She never got into too much trouble and always stayed polite to the adults, even getting praised for her good behavior. She wasn't quite the 'smart' kid, but her grades never got bad either. She was just... average in every sense.

This didn't change much when she got to middle and high school. She still behaved and paid attention, although she had gotten a lot more quiet. Being in a new environment caused her to lose all of the friends she made in grade school and the girl couldn't muster up the courage to approach people and make some herself. So, she faded into obscurity. Nobody really knew Tamatsu or made an attempt to get to know her, she just kept to herself and found a nice, quiet place each lunch break. Because of her lack of friends she turned even more shy and socially awkward, until eventually people would start forgetting she was even around. It was almost as if she had become a ghost with how little people paid attention to her.

Despite how ordinary she was, Tamatsu developed a condition where her body temperature became unnatural. It had become colder than the average human's, though she was still able to function normally. It's why she dressed warmly whenever she could, to hold onto what little heat her body still gave off.

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Warrior of End: Vanth

Vanth grew up in a tower of wizards, learning how to control his magical power and use it responsibly. He was a prodigy in every sense, which made him arrogant. He did not want the limits that the elders placed on his magic or let his power be tempered, Vanth wanted it to be free and wild. One day Vanth managed to steal a knife from the kitchen, which allowed him to carve runes into his body to remove the hexes that the elders had placed on him. By the time anyone had realized a knife had gone missing, Vanth's blood has already soaked the floor of his room. The teenage boy had bust through the wall of his room and conjured up a gale to carry him down to the ground, rocking the tower as he did. This was how Vanth escaped from his shackles and fled further into the land, free to explore his talents at his own leisure.

At some point, Vanth became obsessed with eternal life. He wanted an eternity to perfect his magic, to cause raging storms and calm them with the snap of a finger, to conjure up an army of demons without so much as breaking a sweat. He started kidnapping young women, chaining them up and carving into them similar markings to which he had. He experimented on them, learned what combinations made people live and which made people die. People started catching on that it was the work of a serial-killing mage once the bodies, found in the strangest of hideouts, all showed the same signs of abuse.

It didn't mean that people knew it was the escaped mage Vanth, though. He had been able to flee far and his face was not recognized anywhere, but as his own scars became more extreme, rumors started to spread of a marked man bringing misfortune. It wasn't long until people everywhere had heard of Vanth, even if they did not know his name. He had to start fighting back against the soldiers that came looking for him, summoning monsters and fleeing every time they got close.

At one point, Vanth found himself in the lands of the man who ruled with an Iron fist, the one who later came to be known as the Dead King. Vanth underestimated this man and got himself caught, but was surprised when he was lead into the king's court and let free. Apparently the king had a little 'hobby' of necromancy, and since Vanth was about as unholy as mages got, the king decided to enlist his help. In exchange, he offered protection from the outside hunt and allowed Vanth to continue his own research, with some restrictions on his practices. Vanth agreed, not like he had much of a choice, and the two became allies to each other.

Vanth and the Dead King worked together to burn the lands of the country, utterly wrecking it so nobody would ever dare set foot into it again. This meant an end to Vanth's protection, however, so he no longer had a need for the Dead King. The mage had already prepared a seal and was about to cast it while his 'ally' was none the wiser, but it didn't quite go as hoped. The Dead King had already had a nagging feeling Vanth would betray him, so they attacked the mage and wounded them pretty badly. Vanth still managed to seal the king as one of the World End cards, however and threw it away out of spite. Vanth's business in the lands was done and the biggest threat to come from it was dealt with.

However, the mage's luck ran out when an extremely talented knight managed to corner him in those lands, after having driven Vanth back into them. Weakened from his bout with the king, Vanth did not have many options left available to him. Vanth laughed when he was caught, screaming that he had already unlocked the secret to eternal life. After all, he had just witnessed it with the Dead King! As the knight's sword plunged through Vanth's stomach, he mouthed his last words before his body died:

"My spirit... is eternal!"

What the Knight didn't know as Vanth's cold body dropped dead is that the mage had cast a spell to forever bind his spirit to his remains. The leftover magic in the land of the dead made Vanth able to have one last hurrah, but it would take time to settle. The knight thought he was dead, however, and decided to burn Vanth's body. It didn't stop the spell. Vanth revived, but only his bones remained. Tied together by magic, Vanth was infuriated. This was not the eternal life he wished for! But now, unrestrained by a mortal body, Vanth had become all-powerful. His unholy magic was second to none as his limits were unshackled, and he became an even bigger terror to everyone in the ancient world.

It was then that Vanth's story came to an unfortunate halt, as a holy man blessed by the gods stepped forth. They challenged the all-powerful lich known as Vanth. The lich didn't know that the knight's holy power was even stronger than his own unholy body, and so Vanth's power was slowly being drained. Vanth refused to give up, however. In one last effort, absolutely refusing to let his spirit leave this world, he did the same to himself as he had done to the Dead King: Seal himself. Vanth bound his skeletal body to a single black card, vowing to return in the future within another person's body.


Vanth's reputation varied on who the targeted audience was. Regular folk feared him, thinking the carvings were proof he was some kind of demon coming to drag them to the underworld. Kings and knights around the world considered him a notorious criminal and wanted nothing more than to see him dead. However, there was a very small group of people that looked up to and respected him, even long after his death. They were cultists and fledgling mages who wanted to tap into Vanth's vast knowledge and mastery of offensive magic, uncaring of the lengths he went to in order to achieve that.


When posing as Tamatsu, Vanth appears a lot more confident and sly. Tamatsu doesn't speak in a hushed tone anymore when Vanth takes her form. She suddenly has a much more imposing presence, piercing through her opponent with her gaze.

Vanth himself is a scarred individual, carvings covering him from head to toe to show his dangerous exploits in magic. His original body is extremely tall and slightly malnourished. He often wore robes to hide his many scars, even though he could never hide the ones he inflicted on his face. The ornaments he wore were all imbued with even more of his magical power. The horns on his head were the result of the demonic runes he carved into his body, showing how little care he had for the consequences of his actions.


-Extensive knowledge of magic runes and incantations which require carvings on any surface, especially the body.
-Great knowledge of human anatomy
-Seductive and suggestive way of talking to get people to let their guard down

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@SleepingSilence I appreciate the effort, but I didn't post that to throw a pity party for myself. I also think that mentality is just... wrong and inconsiderate.
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