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Imagine being in a situation where you were forced to choose between a raving lunatic or a senile old man as the leader of an entire country. Can't begin to fathom.
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gonna beat *you* into the ground
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my conditioned reaction to hearing "in a perfect world" is "men like me would not exist" three times
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boutta drop time wizard on its ass
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Cola doesn't even taste the same in every country. The US, for example, has much more sugar in it than the average.


The day that Moss was hanged, eight others were cut down,
And when the graves had all been dug, the queen rode out of town.

(I have an old/outdated 1x1 check if you want to know what kind of person I am.)

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Aiya had come to check out what the trouble was. "My Ryuka..." the customer uttered with slight reverence in his breath, shifting his attention away from the other maid he'd been harassing. Aiya asked the customer if he'd had a bad day, if he'd like to talk about it, or perhaps even duel. "Duel..." he muttered, and Aiya could sense a faint change in atmosphere. It was as if the air around the customer had twisted ever so slightly, out of sync with the rest of the room. "Yes... duels... I knew it, you know me so well, my Ryuka!" he blurted out. "I've always been watching every single one of your duels... your grace, your elegance... and you never lose!" he spoke, laying lavish praise on the girl.

The man took out a Duel Disk from the pockets of his hood. "These duel monsters you love so much... I spent nights pouring over them, learning everything, so I could challenge you... and then... it came to me...!" he kept rambling with staggered speech. The man snapped the device onto his arm, it folding itself outward for an upcoming duel. "Let's duel, my Ryuka...! I simply must have this duel!" he near yelled. Outwardly, nothing seemed to be wrong with him, but it was plain for all the staff to see that this wasn't the same person that had come so regularly to the café. And Aiya, just Aiya, could see something faint behind them. The outline of something having wrapped itself around the man.

Whatever it was, a duel seemed to be inevitable either way.
Blazing pondered Luna's questions for a little bit. "Blaze was taken, actually... but isn't it cooler this way?" he said with a goofy grin. Then Blazing added "I think I did hear something about an event, but it's not until later today. It should be here at the town square," and looked around him again. "This place really is crowded. I don't like that. Let's go where the monsters are!"

Without waiting for any input from Luna, Blazing ran off into the metaphorical sunset. It didn't take too long to get outside the city walls, at least, not when compared to trying to find their way to the city square. There had been a protective barrier laid out around the city, which he passed through. As soon as he had, the Duel Disk Blazing so desperately searched for earlier materialized on his arm. It was a retro design; one of the first ones ever released. "Ooooh. There it is. Now I can duel!" he happily said to himself.

The area he'd found himself in was a long, open grass plane, split in two by a dirt road that led into town. The same kind of carriage that had carried him and Luna into Radix came out from behind Blaze, operated by an NPC. They looked to be carrying some kind of goods on the back of their wagon, ready for transport to another location- probably wherever the road lead to. Blazing looked back over his shoulder. "Luna-chi! Let's find a spot to duel!" he yelled back. While he wasn't looking, some sounds came from the direction the carriage went in. When Blaze went to look, a couple of monsters such as Change Slime and Dark Plant started to inch closer. The owner of the carriage was panicking and crying out for help. Blazing blinked twice, then looked back to find his friend. "Luna-chi? I think this is some kind of event. Should we help?" Blazing asked her nonchalantly.

Rivka, Selma, Crystal and Aoife were all misfits, which you'd think would make Chie an exception among them, but the general sense of feeling out-of-place at the military ball hadn't escaped her, either. Her eyes were generally found wandering during the speeches, boredom striking her as much it does any girl her age. She didn't show it on her impassive face, honed through starting to get used to her teammates, but Chie was wanting to just bolt right out of the whole endeavour. Rivka and Crystal had a harder time masking it, though. Everyone did, really. The served dinner felt less gratifying than their usual, even though it was of a higher quality. There wasn't much conversation happening between the five of them, making for a stiffer atmosphere.

As not much was happening, Chie took a moment to ponder about her time at Nova Lux so far. She'd spent most of it either in training, or with Selma in their room. Selma was nice, but Chie felt like she was a bad fit- the tree of a girl was always trying to encourage Chie, who just nodded along each time without much input. While it's true Chie hadn't really gotten over her screw-up in the initial demonstrations, she'd been trying to make up for it by losing herself in the aforementioned training. Every chance she got, she'd practice and practice. Practice until she was sore all over, until her magic had been exhausted. The instructors, of course, told her not to push herself, met with a response of her saying she'd try, but she never actually did try to reel it in. Chie felt some burning drive, some obligation to live up to her peers. Even when Selma had told her she didn't need to.

As much as she liked to muse, though, Chie noticed a shifting figure in the corner of her eye, which had pulled her away from the realm of dreams. "Rivka?" she muttered. It wasn't really her calling out to the other girl, mostly just a reflex. Chie noticed the music that had begun to be played and assumed Rivka wished to go dance.

"Aha, I didn't think Rivka was the type for a waltz..." she said to the other four. Chie leaned forward a bit, resting her head in her hand. She gave Selma a sideway glance. "I've never actually done one before. Do you think we should try it out?" she asked. The question was aimed at everyone, but Chie's stare made it seem like she was talking directly to her roommate, asking her for a dance as opposed to one of the officers there.
"Hey, what are you getting all flustered for? Has my baby brother never had a girl cling to his arm before~?" Rui teased Sora when she saw how bashful he was being. She also said something along the lines of "C'mon, don't think I haven't noticed you spending time with... that..." but had trouble remembering who the person he'd spent time with actually was. It's not just the name; her face, her status, it's all gone. There was just a gaping hole of Rui being aware there was something there, but being locked out of accessing it.

Before the situation got any more awkward, or rather, to make things even more so, a small child approached the sibling duo. She recognized both Rui and Sora as commanders, but Sora was quick to shoot her down. "Yeah, we both are Sakura. But I am not exactly in the mood to battle. I am spending time with my big sister here." he said.

"What are you saying, Sora?" Rui chastised him. "This is the perfect chance! We practiced, didn't we?" she continued. Sora still seemed hesitant.

"Yeah, I know this could save me, but I don't want... I couldn't... Not with such a young child."
"She's a commander, just like us! It doesn't matter how old she is. C'mon, Sora! You can do this!" she tried convincing him. Rui didn't seem all too concerned, unlike her brother. She'd step in and take the challenge herself, but Rui was worried about him. He needed to get a win, to buy himself some time. Rui was strong; she could find and defeat opponents by herself... but Sora needed every edge he could get. Eventually, Sora was convinced by both her and Sakura. The three of them moved to a less crowded, more remote location and Sora opened the battlefield with his opponent.

The child- Sakura- was clumsy. She didn't know too well what her cards did and often played them in the wrong order. Sora, while not the most experienced himself, had a basic idea of what his deck wanted to do thanks to practicing with his sister. He made sure to protect his life cards, slowly build up an advantage and never leave himself in a position to lose. A more experienced player could've exploited the holes he still left in his strategies, but Sakura was much too fresh to recognize and take advantage of them. Soon enough, it was Sora's victory, his previously blackened coin returning to its golden luster.

"You did it!" Rui happily exclaimed, hugging her brother after his victory. He didn't seem nearly as happy as her, though. Sorra wrangled himself loose from Rui's grip and walked over to the child, crouching down to meet her at her height. He tried to console the small child, though the Avatar, Blaze, actually did the most of the work by saying:

"It's alright. Come on, Sakura. You're going to win the next battle for sure! And this battle was good training, right? Let's train some more on our own before the next battle." Sakura seemed to cheer up pretty quickly after that. She thanked Sora and gave him a respectful bow. Rui clasped Sora's hand with both of hers.

"See? She'll be fine. You shouldn't worry about her so much," Rui said, trying to be comforting even though her words were cold. "Wolf must be exhausted... so let's not worry about battles anymore today, okay? Let's just enjoy the rest of our day!" she cheerily said, trying to lift Sora's spirits. In the process, Rui ignored the little girl there with them. She didn't seem to care much about her, whether intentionally or not... it was hard to get a read on her like she was now, with her attention so squared on Sora.

"You're being scary again, Nee-chan..." Lumia muttered to herself, unbeknownst to her commander.
"I'm over here Ren!"

Rubbing the cheek he just got slapped on, Blazing heard his real name being called. He turned his head in the direction of the voice, blinked a few times and said aloud: "Mmm? How do you know my name?"

After a few seconds of silence, the gears in Blazing's head started to turn. "...Chiharu! Why didn't you call me sooner?" Blazing said to her, blissfully unaware that he, too, forgot to settle on a name to give her before starting the game. Chiharu explained how she took a while on the character creation process. "Oh, right, I guess I should call you Luna then huh... maybe I should've names myself Solar or something..." he mused to himself, slowly drifting back into the random and inane fantasies ever-present in his head. Before Blazing completely lost himself in the soup of thought, though, Luna made sure to remind him that she had no idea what to do.

"Right, well, first thing would probably be to start a duel and..." Blazing said to her, pulling up his arm to press buttons on his duel disk which... wasn't actually on his arm. "Eh?" he voiced, looking all over his body. "Duel diiiisk? Duel diiiiiisk?" he tried calling out, but nothing seemed to appear or be found. One of the people in the area- ostensibly one of the staff, judging from the large GM next to their name- came over to Blazing to explain the problem.

"Our apologies, but in order to keep the starting zone from being too crowded, we have temporarily disabled dueling in the spawning areas. You will find your duel disk..." the staff member explained and droned on. Blazing stopped listening about halfway through.

"Oh I see," he cut the staff member off and took Luna's hand. "Let's go look somewhere else, Chi- Luna. Luna-chi."

The events unfolding after were a display of Blazing's magical ability to get lost even with an in-game map feature telling him which way is where. He and Luna spent a good fifteen minutes going around in circles, ending up seeing the same alley about ten different times, before finally managing to arrive at the town square. In there, it seems, dueling had been enabled. Several pairs of duelists were already going at it. Blazing tried again futilely to magick his duel disk into existence, but he was repeatedly met with a "Duel cap limit for area reached. Please wait for duels in progress to end." message.

"Eeeeh? Why are so many people dueling in this area?" Blazing asked, completely oblivious to the reality of an MMO-style game's first hub area often being its most crowded. He looked around the town square again and noticed something quite spectacular you'd have to have tried to miss- an imposing statue of a dragon right in the middle of the square's fountain. It looked like it had its eyes closed, even though it stood in a dynamic pose ready to swoop down.

"...That dragon... looks familiar..." Blazing muttered, being unable to place his finger on what monster it was meant to be.
"Emotional support, is it?" Nanashi commented, the suspicion clear in his voice. He turned his mask to the card Sora was holding. "...I see. It's an Avatar card. It must be the core of your deck," he said, pocketing one hand in his hoodie. Sora explained- well, whispered that he'd rather spend the day with his sister and Nanahi nodded in response. "Of course. It was rude of me to interrupt; you two have fun on your day."

Nanashi turned around and took a step forward, then paused. He looked back over his shoulder at Sora. "Wolf, right? Take good care of that card," he said. After that final message, Nanashi walked off for real without looking back.

"I really don't understand him," Rui told Sora after the other boy had left. "He shows up at weird times, says something cryptic and then walks off again..."
"Aha, honestly, he kind of creeps me out too... it's almost like he knows something we don't," Lumia added.
"Right? And why does he wear a mask like that, it's so weird!" Rui kept complaining. She looked up from Lumia and grabbed Sora's arm. "Hey, if I pretend to cling to you, do you think people will leave us alone?" she asked, and Lumia happened to end up near Wolf when Rui did so. Lumia quickly shifted gears and whispered something to Wolf while their commanders were distracted.

"Wolf, did you feel it too?" she asked. "Another commander moving closer while Nanashi was distracting Nee-chan and Sora-kun."
3000 years ago, a battle between Light and Dark unfolded. One noble pharaoh sealed his soul with both, which a new vessel would unlock the secrets of to renew the struggle between Light and Dark.

Through the effort of the vessel and the pharaoh, the Darkness was repelled. The pharaoh returned to the afterlife after completing his mission, leaving the vessel by himself. He would create his own story from that day forward, no longer acting in the shadow of a man long dead.

While that world now knows peace, the battle between Dark and Light still reigns in many realities. Many mirrors of the same universe, all with one uniting element: Games.

The most common among those games is Duel Monsters. A game binding the embodiment of mankind's darkness to cards, battling with their feelings and thoughts on the line. A game who's fate is linked to an evil presence, the Shadow Games.

One world in which Duel Monsters is played has reached a new stage of evolution, the Virtual World. This is the story of two friends, who would both become that world's avatars of Light and Dark.


The only son of the Tsunemori household, Ren, laid spread open on the floor of his room. The pose he was in looked like he was trying to make a snow angel out of all the scattered tech, books and clothes scattered messily around his room. Ren wasn't a particularly great role model when it came to keeping your life organized, but he did well enough in tests to have his parents get him a new game that launched a few minutes from the point he was at: Digital Monsters. It made use of brand new VR technology, a little band you'd snap around your wrist, to send your conscious into a whole new, digital world. There, people would start a new life as one of many duelists playing Duel Monsters, another game Ren was fond of.

Ren rolled over on his side, looking at the deck of cards he'd been holding in his left hand. "No, bad deck. I can't take you with me. It's against the rules," he said to the inanimate object. It's true; you couldn't take your real deck into Digital Monsters. Everyone would need to start from scratch, working together or against each-other, in order to build up a complete collection. The game hoped to attract newcomers this way, to have everybody on the same playing field. Ren picked his phone up off the floor and looked at it to count down the last precious seconds before the servers went live.

"30... 29..." he muttered and muttered. Right before the countdown ended, Ren opened up his most recent contact. He typed out "See you there." and sent it. In the next moment, he heard a little beep from the console on his wrist. Ren rolled onto his back again, held it up in front of him and said:

"Connect: Digital Monsters!"

In the blink of an eye, Ren's vision went dark. In the next blink, rays of light entered his sight as he felt himself floating down from the sky. Floating text surrounded Ren, as if he was in some kind of glitched environment. As he gently felt himself lowered onto some kind of solid-but-not-visible ground, a solid black ball of... something appeared in front of him.

Running protocol: Avatar.
Welcome, Tsunemori Ren.

The black ball changed its shape into a copy of Ren, mirroring his real-life appearance.

Please create a custom Avatar different from the one before you.

Sliders and buttons appeared all around him, parameters to tweak and clothes to pick out. Ren hadn't bothered to create an account ahead of schedule, so he was busy creating his character for longer than it had any reasonable right to take him. After going through more confirmation windows than one man knows what to do with, the Avatar protocol finished.

Running protocol: Eraser.
Please enter a custom name different from the one before you.

The name in question was, as one might expect, Ren's full name. He erased it and entered something new that he thought would match the avatar he'd created: Blazing.

Eraser protocol complete.
Running protocol: Root.
Welcome to Digital Monsters, Blazing.

A flash of light blinded Ren after the robotic voice welcomed him into the world, and the next thing he knew, Ren was sat in a horse-pulled carriage alongside several other people. Once everyone inside it had opened their eyes, the driver at the front looked back to start an automated speech introducing everyone to the world. The players on the cart all had different looks; some had gone for a beastman-type appearance, others had wings on their characters. The opening speech all placed them as travelers going to the city of Radix, the root of all journeys. In order to enter Radix, all of them had brought their own decks and duel disks, that registered them as citizens. He pointed to the roaming monsters off the road, saying it was dangerous to explore these lands, which is why all citizens needed their cards to protect themselves.

'Blazing' stepped off the cart as soon as he could and stretched himself as the gate closed behind him- presumably permanently- leaving the rest of the game world to be explored. He looked around, seeing some people immediately dash off to explore while others stayed in this spawning area to talk to each-other. Everyone mostly seemed to be ignoring him, though.

"...Come to think of it, I didn't ask her what her name was going to be." Blazing suddenly said to himself. He looked to his left, then to his right. Then he took a deep breath. "Chiiiihaaaaruuuuuu! Wheeeeere aaaaare youuuuuu?" he said with a raised, though not shouting voice. When his first attempt failed to find him his friend, he started going around asking each and every single female player getting off the starting cart. He'd ask "Are you Chiharu?" and when the inevitable answer was "no", proceeded to completely ignore the person and move onto the next.

Blazing was well on his way of making himself out to be the resident weirdo of the game.
Wayback makes a snapshot on their end. It's not an actual website, it's just the code that made up that one particular page at that one point in time. There is no way to log in because the website doesn't actually exist. Even if you somehow managed to log in on the wayback machine, it'd be just one account's snapshot (which would be unlikely in the first place, as this implies the wayback machine backend had a user account on for some reason and was logged into it at the time)
are you just going to watch every YGO 1x1 RP I happen to start up? I don't mind, but I am surprised
"A stalker...? Me?" Nanashi confusedly replied to Sora. He brought his fingers close to his mask, as if lost in thought, even though there was no mouth on it. "Does that mean I've met you two before...?" he muttered to himself.

"Ahaha... this is bad, isn't it?" Lumia said with a nervous little laugh. "Actually, I don't think he's..."
"You tell him, Sora!" Rui said as she hid behind her (younger) brother, sticking out her tongue at Nanashi like a little kid. Lumia let out a sigh.
"You too, Nee-chan...?" The exasperation in her voice was clear.

"...No. Nevermind. I have something to ask you," Nanashi spoke up again, turning his attention back to Sora. "Can I see that card you're holding?" he asked. "I found it strange your sister pulled out a card from her bag so suddenly. That's why I came over to talk to her." he explained, his mask shifting towards Lumia. Just like back at the card shop, a feeling of discomfort clearly washed over her. She knows he cannot see her, and yet this makes twice now that he'd singled her out. Nanashi's gaze looped back around to Sora. "And you're doing the same. Are you two admiring some rare cards? If so, I'd like to take a look. Maybe I could trade to power up my deck," he asked.

Rui was, at that point in time, a bit too baffled by the request to give any input on the matter.
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