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2 days ago
Current all it tells me is that thoughts are super cheap
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3 days ago
I've been using for pretty much my whole time on the site as a storage shed for ideas I want on RPG, but out of sight. Mostly plot and/or GM stuff.
5 days ago
Me and my 3 friends on discord
11 days ago
If I wanted Drama I'd just look at the status bar
11 days ago
marx is the best pokemon

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final fantasy XIV is consuming life

send help

might be too late


white mage/conjurer's storyline sucks ass
final fantasy XIV is consuming life

send help

might be too late
You appear as online in a thread for 15 minutes after you log out.

I know. I use this thread to reset me looking at other threads (as in, to stop this exact thing from occurring in other threads, I click on this one.) Only reason I spotted Melo the one time is because I was on my profile, saw them having clicked on it after some status bar shenanigans, figured they'd be in my thread, they were, and I wanted to see if I could bait them into havin' a chat with us. Didn't get it, tho.

Regardless, it seems like I've worn out my welcome, so I'll be off now.

feel free to pop in any time tbh.
Was that satisfactory? Can I phone my dog? I just wanna go home.

Broken, I'm all for banter, but this is beyond passive aggressive, dude. Wasn't checking the thread at the time you lurked, and even if I pinged you, I do it 'cause it's fun to ask people what draws them to a thread. No malicious intentions here; if I had those I'd PM you more than likely.

Other than that, tho, yeah. Adda, Vocab and Aime are still around. I mostly yell at them in discord to post.
@Ammokkx I thought you were going to spot me and call me out, so I had to call you out first. Don't hate, skate.

y u here
@Ammokkx Hey I don't tag you when you lurk *my* RPs.

Oh, cool, I like threads like these. Bit of an issue on my end though- I don't so much have a "favorite character" as much as I do a spectrum of stuff I liked about some of my past characters. I'm not gonna say all of them were ace-in-the-holes, though- while I don't tend to forget anything I've made, I'd be lying if I said I actively thought about most of them. Still, there's some I regularly come back to think about, both that I've mentioned in previous discussion threads and not, so why don't I discuss each of them here? I'll even link to their sheets, despite my better judgement. I'm not exactly proud of... any... of my past writing, but at least people get something to dunk on while also understanding the context a little better.

Yeah, this is right up my alley. Keep me in the loop when the OOC goes up.

If you want another setting with some focus on eating whatever the fuck is edible, Made in Abyss often spends a good bit of time expanding on the edible wildlife. Some of it also wants to be eaten so it can kill you and reproduce, which is nice.
Truth Bullet unlocked - Bloodied scissors
A pair of scissors with blood on them. Found near the docks.

Truth Bullet unlocked - Shower
One of the shower stalls had been left locked from the inside, with shiny shards and torn pink fabric on the floor. The shower was still running without anyone inside.
i fucking suck at videogames
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