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The problem isn't finding a support to play. It's finding a support I haven't S ranked yet.
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Insert status vaguely related to the one thread everyone is currently following.
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Only 4 days? Man, you must be new to procrastination. Try like, two weeks.
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Those Korean roleplayers still trip me up.


I'm a dude, usually in a jacket, who does nothing but sit on a computer all day. Like the rest of this site! HEYOOOOOO!

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If you intend on starting a Yu-Gi-Oh! RP, always shoot me a message. They're like, totally my jam.

I'm currently busy with five RPs currently, so I'm pretty booked. All are on this site, with four being as a player(and Co-GM on two of them!) and the other one being my very own Yu-Gi-Oh! 'Duel Tower' RP.

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Devors scanned the people frantically running to and fro, most likely because of more pilots having docked. Their voices and footsteps became kind of a blurry haze of noise- and then there was this ringing! It must've been his ears, they must be exhausted from the fight, or something. The lights running along the roof also annoyed the man's senses- were these always so fucking bright? It's like staring into the sun! Or maybe his eyes are just tired. Actually, lots of things didn't seem right in thinking about it. Everything hurt, and not just from the neural feedback- not that there had been much of it.

The man spied two more patients being hurried into the medical ward- spotted some light blue and pink hairs. Clearly boobs on one of 'em, too. Must be the two girls who bum-rushed the Cruxi, didn't look like they got out too well though. What were there names again? Mia and Sarah? Nah, that seemed wrong, somehow. Devors was also too deadbeat to really care, especially when their boyfriends (they were boyfriends, right? Heck if he knew.) stormed right through. Both of them tried- and failed- to get into the medical ward. Same brute-force approach Devors took, but now there was more staff. He traced the moody one with his eyes as they went and leaned against the wall, trying to look cool. The man got a faint nostalgic feeling from the sight, and that also came coupled with some shame. Not that he knew why, brain's too fucked to tell him.

"Great outcome, right?"

Shit, hang on Devors. Watch what you're about to say... actually, heck, who cares at this point? The burning feeling coming from his lungs told him that it wasn't just his brain talking. That bottle or two of mörder was definitely helping things along.

"Soon we'll be declared heroes for blowing up that station and denting the cruxi's forces, but meanwhile you can look at the result by proxy of the three sleepin' ladies in the room next to us. Looks like you two's better halves got brain-fucked and I'm running the risk of havin' the third's death wearing down on my conscience. Fuck, I still can't believe she even chose this gig. We bust our asses and risk our lives out there fightin' the 'good fight' and half of us don't even care to be here. I know I don't."

Devors violently jerked his head back, banging it against the wall and closing his eye.

"Not that I can quit. Miracle I haven't been tossed into some kinda jail cell or been executed in some way. Naw, we got two options: Death by tentacle dismemberment or death by your employers. Pick your poison, both taste like ass. Meanwhile you, me and the ones over in framesville gotta worry our asses off when someone else gets hurt, wishing we'd have been the ones instead so they didn't have to. Only catch is, then they'd have t'worry 'bout you, right? What a joke."

God, his throat is getting sore. That, and it didn't look like these two were listening anyway. Devors pushed against the wall and shakily got to his feet, his lanky figure as unstable as it appeared. He opened his eye again to look at the two boys, seeing as they hadn't yet left because of this deadbeat's ranting. No surprise, Devors didn't really expect them to just up and leave their lovers like that. At least, he thinks one of them had a girlfriend. The ginger, maybe? Ah, fuck, he didn't care.

"I think I'm gonna go pass the fuck out. What 'bout you lot?"
You could have Serah wake up slowly in the medical ward, unless you want her to stay in a coma for a day or two.

I don't think Serah's injuries would be severe enough to knock her into a full-blown coma. Hell, it's hardly injuries, it's just the neural feedback that hit her hard and made her go into shock, so she should wake up in like, an hour or two of rest.

Iunno. I'll think about writing something later- I've still got a ton of school work piled up and won't be able to write 'till at least Thurday- as that's when all(most of) my work's supposed to be handed in.
...Ah, hell. Guess I'm the last one that's supposed to post.

I'm a bit stuck on what to do. I could have Devors open up dialogue with Jake and Jason about being locked out of the medical ward, but otherwise I don't have much.
I think @Jasonhero accomplished one of his RP goals: make something blow up really spectacularly
Blackstar - Haulin' ass
Eiswolf -
Ranius - Recalled
Paladin - Prolly following X-7's lead
X-7 - Firin'
AA-XOTRY - ded
Caretaker - Cursing and haulin' ass
Neo Angel - Letting Jake do the work
Weissritter - Doing the work

Those left out have already left the battlefield.
EDIT: Some background music, courtesy of Charak.

Alright. I think it's time to end this.

I don't think I can do this RP anymore, I'm afraid. It's been one hell of a ride, almost two years since I suggested rebooting it. It's been one heck of a ride, going in gung-ho without a plan and shooting for the moon to see what I'd get. Along the way I improved, dealt with drama, fleshed out some broken systems and actually had a plot going. Things looked to be going well, but then the pacing issues hit. Interest seemed to dwindle from my players, and honestly from me as well. I think it's been obvious for a while that my writing became more uninspired the longer this went along, and I've always dreaded having to come up with the next post.

Honestly, the only thing that kept me going was the fact I was the only one who could give you guys what you wanted: A YGO RP that wouldn't die. Not like any of KOgaming's or Garland's failed attempts, or forced-into-being-the-GM-while-not-wanting-to like Scarifar and Silver had to endure. No, I wanted to be the one that started something and then saw it through to the end. I felt I owed you guys that much.

But... I can't do it. It's not been fun for a while now. I guess I could try to shift the blame to you guys, but there isn't much point. I had to do most duels, and they became a chore to write. Whenever I tried to push something forward, I couldn't rely on anyone but one or two people to actually take initiative and, most of all, we just had too many people. Exclusing my two GMpc's, there were 13 characters I had to account for at all times. Make sure everyone had something to do within the honestly small scale of an academy. In that sense, the setting was very ill-fit. I came up with diversions, but they wound up being more of a farce. Encouraging people to make their own fun also wasn't working and I noticed some cliques started forming- and not going to lie, I have my own clique.

So yes, there are a lot of factors to this decision. However, I'll still say "Thank you". Because even if this is a big decision which I've been pondering and discussing for a while now, I feel grateful that this project was fun for some. I know it's going to be a dissapointment to see it end like this, but I think that keeping this going would have made it a shell of what it once was. Maybe one day I'll give GMing another shot, with my own original concept, some fleshed out rules, less characters and a whole new setting. But this has been a great learning experience, so...

Thanks for playing @Eklispe, @1Charak2, @Scarifar, @Jangel13, @Satoshi Kyou, @vancexentan, @Tojin, @The Irish Tree, @LunarStandard and @Joshua Tamashii
So for those wondering why I didn't post on Wendesday while I said I was going to, das why.

It was a fun run for the short while it lasted, at least. I'm kind of sad about having to lose Yasu as she's one of the best characters I think I've thought up of yet, but I wouldn't dare re-use her for anything other than the tale she was created for. Also I might have kind of sorta shipped Endar and Yasu? Don't tell anyone tho. I'm supposed to be anti-shipping. Just thought they were cute.
-Ah shit I totally forgot about doing anything for this. Whoop whoop.

If the others are still interested in keeping this alive 'till KO gets back, I'll get something up. Not going to bother 'less I know I'm not the only one who'll write, though.
Surprise I'm still alive.

Got a Devors post out, and I'm 50/50 about making one for Serah. With the fact Atty's repaired, it'd be logical that she'd wake up and take advantage of it, but waking her up still feels premature and with the fact she'd need to gather her thoughts I don't think she'd be able to react fast enough to run on her own.
As the storm calmed down somewhat, Devors had begun to hover back to NOAH. He wasn't of any use anymore as blowing open the base was the primary goal of his deployment. The man had shut up for once, taking in the eerily silent atmosphere as the two artillery units of the squad were charging and no new orders came in for a little while. His gut told him that it wasn't over just yet, but... there were bigger things on his mind right now. Especially as he was docking, getting out of Ranius and letting the recycled air of the ship wash over him. It certainly felt fresher compared to the cockpit of his framewerk.

Just as he managed to unwind though, explosions loud enough to be heard all the way to NOAH reached Devors' ears. He figured the cavalry arrived- that, or the artillery duo decided to blow their load early. Either way, the man didn't really care. The kids our there could solve out their own problems, he had something else to go and confirm. The man paced past the engineers scrounging to get to his framewerk and brushed off the medics looking to see if he's unhurt and, more importantly, sober. He held a brisk pace, looking for a certain facility in the ship: The Emergency room. He knew he wasn't supposed to just freely roam like that, in case he needed to go back out and all, but it wouldn't be the first time this man would be scolded for insubordination. It's a miracle he hasn't been gotten rid of, really.

Surprisingly, or maybe because the staff was all over the place because of the chaos, there was nobody guarding the door to the ER. Devors was able to walk in, being met with cries of "Sir you shouldn't be here," and the like. Unfortunately for them, they couldn't focus on forcing Devors out of the room as Elise's wounds were much too severe to ignore. Devors still respected their work, however, and kept his distance. She was engrossed in looking at the nearby video feed- no doubt placed there so the medics were able to quickly mobilize for new dockers like himself. She was an absolute mess and Devors couldn't bear to see that. Blood was all over the place, her small body was limp and they hadn't even begun to remove the broken helmet yet- showing just how critical the other injuries are.

He told her to move out of the way, damnit! If only she'd listened to him... but in reality, it might have been his fault for going with a stupid plan. The man was confident in his own skill, but there was no way Elise could have been too- not in the heat of the moment. He knows, however, that sticking around will be worse for her in the long run. The people trained to deal with this situation needed to focus, and so Devors moved out of the room and collapsed against the outside wall. He was going to need to get even drunker after this- forget about the entire mess. That usually helped.
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