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Current Real men hide behind cute anime girls as their icon.
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I mean, I don't see what the problem with ghosting is, really. Danny Phantom does it all the time and *he's* still fine.
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brb, reheating food with my freezer
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The more Hiragana I learn, the more I recognise it when stumbling across it on the net and it's giving me -unlimited power-
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bad idea.
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eh, w/e

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✫✫ Nico ✫✫

"F-... Forward?"

Nico blinked a few times as she processed the meaning behind both the words she'd spoken and the meaning given to them by Nari. The catgirl turned red as a beet, frantically waving her arms in front of her as she tried to stammer out a reply. "N-no, wait, not like that! I-I, I didn't mean it like that, I swear!!" was the best she could muster. Nico buried her face in her hands as the tail behind her quickly tucked between her legs. "Ooooh... that's so embarrassing..." she muttered, alongside similar sentiments, to herself for a short while. Then both the young lady and the tail jumped up like they'd realised something.

"Oh my gosh I totally forgot! I was looking for my friend before I got roped into this," Nico quickly rambled off, looking around the area as if she was suddenly expecting to find someone. "She should be around this area... I have to go! I hope none of the shades got to her before they arrived here," she informed Nari. The girl quickly climbed back into a tree, but turned around in it and gave a friendly wave to her new friend.

"It's a promise, okay Nari-chan? If I ever see you in trouble, I'll jump in and help right away! So let's meet again, okay?!"

And with that, the catgirl jumped from branch to branch and, eventually, out of the whole park. She'd continue to find a safe spot and transform back, then searched for the shrine maiden around town.

Well in that case...

I will never not mention how upset I am I never got to play Tamatsu.

So let me set the scene here. You have this new upstart card game RP that just blew up- like, massively- and I was there since the start. I'd actually helped the GM brainstorm and he even assigned me co-GM at some point in time due to me getting super involved. I PM him to bounce ideas back-and-forth about what I could make my character.

Then it hit me.

"Let's play a dead girl"

See, it's not mentioned in this sheet since it's the public one n'd all, but with the lore of the universe, I could reasonably pull off Tamatsu actually not being a living human. But let's back up a bit; because this is a two-parter. Vanth was also a factor, and if not for the two of them, this wouldn't have worked nearly as well.

Vanth is this batshit mage who lived in ye olden days and was absolutely obsessed with the arcane. He'd go to any length to be the most powerful mage on the goddamn planet, up to and including self-mutilation and eventual self-lichdom. That was the baseline concept, but we had a whole discord for this RP, and it soon became apparent that through linking various WIP lores together, Vanth turned into an easy final boss character. He also refused to die under any circumstance, so he eventually sealed himself before a holy knight could finish him off for good.

Now why was sealing himself important, you may ask?

Well, through some leftover magic, he's actually the one to cause Tamatsu's accident. Sending a truck off-course while she was admiring some fireworks from afar caused her to crash into the lake, limbs crippled leaving her unable to swim. Vanth's entire gambit was reliant on this gentle girl to not have a deathwish, and since she desperately wanted to live, he could form a contract with her to reincarnate into her as a second persona.

So this asshole managed to not only defy death twice in the past, but actively caused an innocent person's death just to serve his own goals. Tamatsu is barely even aware he's there, but she almost impulsively knows she's dead too. The girl's just a poor innocent soul who absolutely did not deserve to be subject to this, but because she was so simple, it also makes taking over her mind super simple. I was actively working with like 4 other people on possible relations, too. Someone with a similar backstory (though the possessor isn't nearly as evil, nor was the character strictly dead, nor did the possessor cause the accident) was going to be her friend and it would lead to a really tragic fight where both of them fought to free the other from their curse by sacrificing themselves. Tamatsu was going to be frequenting the shop of an older character, who taught her the game. The Dread King and Vanth had a whole chain of backstabbing going.

And then the GM imploded the entire RP because he didn't flesh out the mechanics ahead of time ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ

I still consider Tamatsu and Vanth's dynamic an absolute stroke of genius I'll never be able to pull off in any other RP again, because the planets had to align for their existence in the first place. It makes me all the more bitter that I never got to write them.
What is your favorite character that you have ever written?
Bonus points if you link me to the character sheet. Extra hella bonus points if you link me to a post of you writing this character.

Wait, written as in "Has at least 1 RP post" or written as in "Has a character sheet"

because my answer varies depending on which one it is
E.g Gem knights from a mining family. That would be preferred yes.

wait hang on a sec-
Depends on if their is a suitable hankering for one.

The council of Ammokkx votes in favor, with a majority vote of 1-0.

@RolePlayerRoxas Wait, how close did Himeko get?
Plenty of people dropped out before you. Unfortunately we went months without a post because everyone was writing duels at the same time; kind of a hazard with this kind of RP I guess.

mmmyes. Very much so. I still like that method of doing things (and will probably try to apply it whenever someone also wants to) but it gets to be a problem when everyone duels at the same time.

People need to be more stingy with dueling. Stuff's a lengthy affair.
@King Cosmos We meet again.

...Sorry for leaving Harmonia out to dry like that.
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