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Current Yeah, very possible. The system you replace dice with is called "talking to the other guy ahead of time".
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spaghetti with brown sugar is fucking great tho
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pizzabread is pretty good though
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I've seen gorgenmast diaperpost, nothing in the status bar can phase me anymore.
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so when you call someone an egghead what that really means is that you want to give them a facial, huh?


The day that Moss was hanged, eight others were cut down,
And when the graves had all been dug, the queen rode out of town.

(I have an old/outdated 1x1 check if you want to know what kind of person I am.)

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Calling dibs on a Snow White with ice powers, because what could be a more natural fit?

Summons (Seven dwarves) or poison (the apple), all things considered. Snow White is only really in reference to the colour of her skin.

Yeah. Yeah this is something to keep an eye on.
<Snipped quote by Ammokkx>

Don't let it steal your soul. D: (Or all your cash through microtransactions. Picture looks like a "I paid money for this." screen.)

Y'know, for as much as I'd like to flaunt my SSR collection, it's not that impressive. Yeah- I spent a bit of money getting there- a grand total of 1 euro for a Phoebe pack and nothing else. Getting SSRs in this game isn't actually the problem, it showers you in gacha currency and tickets to roll with and you get a guaranteed SSR on 20 rolls on a Select banner, with 70 rolls guaranteeing the cover unit.

No, the problem in this game is actually maxing the SSRs you do have out. Miyuki is super easy because not only does she have a select banner for new players, but you also get two duplicates of her logging in... others, however, are less lucky. Either you pray to the gacha gods to get more copies through rolling or you spend weeks at a time slowly grinding out 1-3 shards at a time in Arcana.

Don't take that as me complaining, though. Grinding is part of the fun in gacha games. The fact it's not too hard getting the characters you want is a bonus for me.
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Chie was... unsure of how to transform back. Her pain-addled mind did her no favors in figuring this out, of course, but it wasn't just that which was the problem. The Nox in the air was still so... thick, even though she wasn't aware of any other voids that spawned. It made it hard to focus. The raw power running through her armagus wouldn't let her become normal again. Chie's earpiece buzzed to life as she pondered it.

“Masuzu, re--“ a voice came through, but the sentence was left unfinished.
"Operator?" Chie tried to answer back. No reply came. Something was wrong, she was sure of it. A queasy feeling washed over the girl. No matter how much she looked around her, though, she couldn't see anything out of the ordinary. The only thing there was this invisible miasma tickling Chie's skin.

And then the explosion happened.

"Nh-!" the ars-magi-in-training grunted in surprise as she shielded herself from the wind displacement. She hurriedly looked up to the source of the explosion, finding a fancy new hole in the tower awaiting her gaze. After a brief moment of shock and dread, Chie came to her senses and tried to say something through the earpiece: "Operator, is everyone-" she begun to ask, but froze up when she realised static was coming from the other side. "No..." she hushed to herself in a quiet voice. Chie looked around, trying to find anything that could've caused that shockwave, only to see a shadow in the sky diving past her and into the opening. Panicked, shaking in her boots, Chie had to think of something. She had to hurry. This was her fault, she must've missed one of them. One that was a lot more powerful if it could do that. She needed to fix her mistakes before it was too late.

But when Chie took a step forward, the sharp pain in her back shot through her again. The void's mark was still ailing her. She grit her teeth and ignored it. She was wounded, it hurt, but she could still move. Just like Calcaria, the girl's mistake had caused problems for the other three. She had to hurry back and fix it. Chie took a pained step, then another. Before she knew it, she managed to push through the pain well enough for to be running back. The ars magi felt light on her feet. Chie didn't notice it before, but even a mild jog was much faster than any sprint she'd accomplished before that point. It bolstered her confidence. If she could move like this in the state she was in, then the other three should've been able to hold their ground, too.

"Everyone, please be safe...!"

I've been playing for two days and I'm already knee-deep into a new gacha addiction

Illusion Connect is pretty good
The night sky had settled in as the battle concluded. After the battlefield had gone, Rui, Haruto and Sora were left blanketed what the few stray rays of street lighting they could get. Rui was very close to Sora. "Don't apologize, you dummy..." was all she could say to comfort him after the fact. Sora apologised to Wolf, and in that moment, Lumia spoke up.

"Don't worry, Sora-kun. Wolf is just resting." she said. "Battling is rough on us Avatars. It sucks all the energy right out of us. He'll be okay."

"It's the same for my Sacchi." Haruto suddenly chimed in. He had his back turned to both Rui and Sora. Without looking back at them, Haruto raised up Sacchi's card. Sacchi was curled up into a ball, peacefully resting as his chest bobbed up and down.

"Who cares about you? You're horrible," Rui spat back at him. Sora also had something to say about the situation.
"I thought we were best friends."

Haruto turned to Sora. Haruto's face was neutral, expressionless. Just like it had been throughout the battle. "I guess we were, huh?" he replied.

Rui blinked twice. "Best... friends? Sora, you know this guy?" she questioned her brother. It wasn't her brother that answered, though.

"I've known you and him for years. You're a Commander too. Your memories of me must be stolen." Haruto told her.
"Don't give me that! If you're his friend, then what was this about!? Why would you toy with him like this?"
"For my wish," Haruto replied in monotone. He opened his hand; five golden coins were inside of it. "I'll do whatever it takes. Even if it's taking advantage of Sora-kun."

Haruto turned his back to the two of them again. "Wait! I'm not done with you yet!" Rui called back to him. Haruto tilted his head so he looked back over his shoulder at Sora.

"I meant it when I said I didn't want to get you involved. Even if we were friends, now you're just another Commander for me to defeat. Stay out of my way, Sora."

Haruto walked off after saying his piece, even when Rui protested it. As her attempts were all ignored, just her and Sora were left behind. After Rui was done watching Haruto's back she turned her attention to Sora. She gave him an apologetic smile and took his hand into her own. "...I'm sorry, Sora. It's my fault for yelling at you. Let's go home, okay?" she requested of him. Rui began tugging on him to bring him back. A familiar, nostalgic feeling washed over her. When she tried to place why, static filled her head. Rui stayed strong for Sora's sake and didn't let it show she was in pain. She knew, though. She knew what was causing the headache.
'...I'll remember our promise, Sora. And when I do... I'll make sure to keep it, too.'
Y'know, for the longest time I was always in the mood for a Yugioh roleplay, even if they looked like a trainwreck. I couldn't actually be bothered to run one after Duel Tower scarred me for life. (outriders? what about outriders? never heard of it.)

Somewhere last year, though, I realised "wow, I really don't like YGO as a game anymore" and like an on/off switch I immediately lost all interest in ever RPing it again. So kind of like the exact opposite of the thread's conceit.

As for something I actually am down for, though? For some reason I've been wanting to RP magical girls for the longest time, but not a whole lot of magical girl RPs show up over time. (I realise I am in one. Still would like some more.) Specifically dark magical girl stories with all that edge to them, like the entire subgenre of trash that spawned in Madoka's wake. For some reason I just want to indulge in the fantasy of characters suffering for no other reason than they made a series of poor decisions coupled with extraordinarily unfortunate circumstances.

I'd also like just a JRPG-like adventure, which aren't too common around these parts either.

Good luck getting me to GM anything though lmao
Rui held a balled-up fist to her chest, worriedly looking to Sora as he tried to pull himself together. Lumia was sitting on Rui's shoulder and took notice of the field. "Nee-chan," she said to grab Rui's attention, "it's not looking good. Sora only has three life cards."

"Life... cards?" Rui repeated. She tried to think back to the small rulebook from earlier. "Sure, that's bad, but... he should still be able to survive as long as he can put more attackers on the field." Rui had hope. Even if Sora was a beginner, he could still play. She felt that hope surge when Sora played his cards. "Keep it up, Sora! You can still make it!" she cheered him. As long as he ended his turn now, Sora would be in a position to claw it back.

"Wolf... Full attack." Sora declared. Rui felt a shiver run down her spine.
"Wait, Sora, don't! Just end your-"
"I can't block because my attackers are exhausted, so I'll take it all from the life." Haruto interjected before Rui could finish her sentence. Rui's pupils shrank as she turned her head to look at Sora's opponent.
"Wait... no, don't..." she stammered, but it was too late.

Wolf launched forwards, empowered by his three attackers. Sacchi couldn't draw upon his own attackers to block Wolf's strikes with, so the red Avatar was left defenceless as Sora's partner pummelled him. "Nh-! Gah! Urgh!" Sacchi grunted, trying to bear the pain of the blows. A final kick launched him onto his back, five of the lights around him shattering like glass. Five more cards appeared in front of Haruto, having been added to his hand. Sacchi giggled and defiantly stared back at Wolf. "It felt good, right? To get back at me like that?" he said to Wolf, unsteadily rising to his feet. Sacchi met the green avatar's gaze even long after the latter had retreated back to his own field.

"He wanted him to copy his moves..." Lumia muttered under her breath, realising something. "That guy knew Sora-kun would follow his lead. He wanted to leave him wide open for every attack!" she hesitantly explained to Rui. Rui angrily looked at Haruto.

"What's your problem!?" she yelled at him. "Sora's just a beginner! Why are you doing this to him!?" she continued to shout, as it was all she could do. The mist separated Rui from the target of her anger and she wasn't about to test if there was any solid ground off her platform.

"So what if he's a beginner?" came the reply. "Sora is the one who said he needed to battle. I don't any reason to go easy on him. Not me, not anyone else."

Rui's anger continued to bubble to the surface. "That's so low! You're the worst kind of scum! Taking advantage of him like that...!"

"Ooooh, I see how it is!" Sacchi suddenly chimed in, a smug grin plastered all across his face. "Onee-chan's just mad she didn't get her cute little brother's first time..." he said with his index finger on his bottom lip. "You shouldn't be so attached to him... Sora's never going to grow into a big boy with you hovering over him like that, you know~!"

Rui was taken aback, all she could do was yell back at Sacchi to "Shut up!" and not much else. Lumia tried to calm her Commander down with very few effective results. As if bored by Rui's tantrum, Haruto turned his attention back to Sora.

"Is that everything?" he flatly asked. It was all business with Haruto, just like it had been from the start of this battle. "Your attackers are exhausted. You've used all your colour. There's nothing left for you to do but wait for me to end it."
"No waaay, he really didn't attack~!" Sacchi playfully commented on Sora's mistakes. "Hey, hey, Haru? Aren't you being a little mean to him?" he said back to his Commander after twirling on his heel.

"Quiet, Sacchi." Haruto reprimanded his Avatar.

Sacchi, with a playful hum in his voice, replied again: "Oooh, you're so scary~! It's a good thing I like that about you~"

The clock's hand shifted back to Red with a loud clicking of the gears, Haruto hovering over his deck as two cards joined his hand this time. "Colour charge." he said, same as before. Sacchi, too, went through the same motions, a wry smile on his face as if he knew what was coming. Haruto continued his turn. "Your blockers are an eyesore, Sora... let me get rid of them for you. Incantation: Scorched Earth." he told his friend. One of Haruto's own cards, the level 1 attacker, burnt away. A flickering flame remained on his field in its stead. The flame suddenly shot out and leapt at Sora's table, splitting into two and incinerating both cards on either side of Wolf. Sacchi could barely contain his laughter.

"Pffufu! Don't look so surprised, Sora! Your cards will be fine after the battle's over," he explained with a wink, "but now that you don't have much left to protect you, let's have some fun!"
'Sora... Sora!'

Rui desperately ran through the darkening streets in search of her brother, but didn't make much progress. She took a short breather, leaning up against a nearby house. From her pockets, she could hear a voice chiming in. "Nee-chan! Nee-chan!" it kept pestering her. Rui took Lumia out of her pocket, mildly annoyed. When she saw the serious look in Lumia's eyes, however, Rui couldn't find any words to tell her to be quiet. "I didn't know how to tell you this, but... there's a battle going on not far from here. I don't want to believe it's Sora, but..."

The pupils in Rui's eyes shrank. "No... he wouldn't- that idiot!" she angrily shouted as she stomped her feet. "I need to make sure he's safe! Tell me where it is!" she demanded and Lumia obliged. Rui continued her mad dash, following the instructions fed to her by Lumia. She soon reached a small clearing where she found Sora and somebody else slumped up against a nearby tree. Rui dashed over, grabbing Sora's shoulders and calling his name.

"It's no use, Nee-chan... he's... he's battling," Lumia timidly informed Rui. Their eyes met.
"Then tell me how to stop it!" she demanded. Lumia just shook her head.
"I'm sorry, but we can't. It's impossible for a commander to stop a battle between two other commanders. However... we can still enter their battlefield." she replied. Lumia explained that Rui should "Hold me up and shout 'Open'" to her commander. Rui, determined to do what it takes to see Sora safe, did just that.
Haruto's eyes remained fixated on his board. "Two more attackers, one level 0 and level 1." he continued, having a full formation lined up as the two joined his one remaining attacker. "Sacchi, full attack."

Upon hearing his Commander's order, Sacchi narrowed his eyes as he grinned. "Aye aye, sir~!" he playfully replied. The three cards around him briefly glowed with a red aura, those auras then coalescing around the avatar. He kicked off from his platform and shot forward, being in front of Wolf before Sora had time to blink. Since Sora had nothing to block with, Wolf couldn't do anything to guard against Sacchi's upcoming strikes. He grappled Wolf, threw him down onto the table and then jumped into the air. Even if Sacchi was wearing sandals, the force with which he crashed down into Wolf's gut with left its mark. Sacchi proceeded to use Wolf as a springboard to leap back all the way across the battlefield, landing neatly on his side while the other Avatar lay battered and bruised. Seven little lights had surrounded Wolf, of which four shattered. Sora's life had been reduced from full to three within just one turn of starting the match.

At that moment, from the depths of the intersection between the two mists, another platform rose up. Rui's platform. She didn't have a table to play Nexus with and it was much narrower compared to the other two, but she still had more than enough legroom to herself. "Sora! Sora, are you okay?!" she shouted in concern. Rui didn't really know what was going on, but any confusion about the situation was pushed to the wayside to make sure her brother was alright.
Haruto smiled as the duo agreed to the proposal. A gentle, caring smile like Sora had known up to that point... or at least, that's what it should have been. To Wolf, who didn't know Haruto before this, it looked different. It had malice behind it, like the smile of a hunter as he approached the sprung trap he'd laid out beforehand. Haruto raised up his Avatar, narrowed his eyes and said: "Open."
"Rui? Is everything alright?"

Rui jumped a little when she heard her mother's voice from the other side of the door. "Did you have a fight?" she continued to question and Rui was at a loss for words. Rui's mother wanted to open the door, but because she was sitting in front of it, couldn't make much progress. When her mother protested, Rui quickly shot up to her feet and opened it up for her.

"Sorry, mom! I... I yelled at Sora," she sheepishly admitted.
"I see... well, as long as he doesn't interfere with your studies it's fine. I'll give him a talking to when he gets back home," her mother replied.
"No, don't! It's my fault, you shouldn't- wait, huh? Did Sora leave the house?"
"Hm? Oh, yes, I suppose. I didn't really notice him earlier, but he ran down the hall and out of the door before your father could tell him to be quiet..."

Rui's face went pale. "No way..." she muttered. Rui's mother noticed the card on the floor and asked about it, reminding Rui she could be studying instead of playing games. Rui grit her teeth as she picked Lumia up off the floor as she was told to. "...I'm sorry, mom. I'm going after Sora," she said to her mother, running past her into the entryway and putting on her outdoor shoes. Rui's father and mother were close behind her, chastising her for wanting to leave so suddenly and telling her to stay put. She repeated "Sorry, but I'm worried about him!" to them before running out the house to go look for her brother.
Sora and Haruto found themselves in an entirely new place. The air was cold and pierced through their clothing like they wore nothing at all. The space was illuminated, but the light was gloomy and dyed everything a slight shade of grey. Black little snowflakes fell all around, but they disintegrated as soon as they touched anything else. Each boy stood on their own platform, a fancifully designed table floating in front of them. The platforms themselves were partially submerged inside of a thick mist that covered the entire field, coloured in the same shade as the main colour of their decks. Haruto's was Red, but all of that wasn't the strangest thing about the situation. On the tables in front of them, dead in the center, was each person's Avatar. The cards weren't just lying face-up; no, the people themselves were standing proudly, in the flesh and blood, on top of the now-empty art box. Wolf was a lot smaller now compared to when Sora saw him inside his own memories. Once both players got their bearings on the situation, seven black cards appeared behind them. Inside the centre of two of them, for Sora, appeared a small golden coin. For Haruto, however, four were lit up.

"Sacchi, let's proceed like usual." Haruto flatly stated, hovering his hand over the pile of cards in front of him. One of them floated from the top of the deck and joined five others already laid out in front of him. "Colour charge," he continued.

"Leave it to me, Haru~!" Sacchi said back to him, striking a cute pose before reaching out his hand. The red mist from below gathered in his hand and focused at a front point in the table, collecting into a small ball.

"Two attackers, level 1 and level 0." Haruto proceeded in monotone, two cards lifting up and placing themselves next to Sacchi on the table. "Go ahead, Sora." he said. Haruto didn't explain any of what he'd just done, which had to have been a mistake, right? But even if Sora asked, all Haruto would do was coolly stare back at him, saying nothing as he waited on Sora to play his turn.
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