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Current And I do mean pre-planning with the whole group. You can think, collectively, maybe one plot point ahead of time, and a rough idea of where you want the character to go. Beyond is much too volatile.
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as much as I'd love to pre-plan RPs, I've also noticed that's the fast track to killing them. A little planning and a rough gist is fine, but anything beyond that and people don't wanna write no more.
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Warum sprichst du kein Deutsch, Soldat?
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Heeeey did someone mention pokemon? Come join Orgasmo's Pokemon Mystery Dungeon RP c:…
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It was funnier before you clarified.
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The day that Moss was hanged, eight others were cut down,
And when the graves had all been dug, the queen rode out of town.

(I have a badly written 1x1 check if you want to know what kind of person I am.)

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There were a number of pokemon gathered in Songstream hall, one of which being a tiny little Minun called Gale. He wasn't actually the shortest pokemon in the crowd for a change, though. Next to him stood an even smaller bundle of energy, bouncing sprightly on her little feet. The Fomantis was clearly the most excited of all the group, and this attitude wistfully reminded Gale of the reason he was here to begin with. He turned his gaze downwards, let out a small sigh, and then nearly had a heart attack when he heard the loud "AHEM!" coming from the guild master, Kick. It sure did grab everyone's attention.

Gale briefly glanced beside him to see the Fomantis scared out of her wits and, if he was perfectly honest with himself, the Minun was only barely keeping it together himself. Still, when Kick explained further how he wanted to greet the new recruits, Gale felt at ease... briefly. The notion of him having to introduce himself for the crowd, as well as an Aron being involuntarily volunteered, left him uncomfortable again just as quick. Said Aron's name was Ting and he was just about as nervous as Gale seemed to be. Ting took his leave, leaving the next candidate for introduction yet to be decided. Gale wondered if he should be the one, and if he did go, what to say. Should he talk about Breeze? Or make something up? Does he talk about where he came from, like Ting? As his mind raced with what-ifs, Gale suddenly felt a pat on his back. He turned, seeing the same Fomantis he'd been stealing glances of gesturing at herself. She proceeded to confidently waddle up on stage, gave an enthusiastic greeting and then left Gale wondering why he was so indecisive about this.

The Fomantis returned to her position next to Gale, who sheepishly said: "Thanks... err..." and couldn't finish the sentence. He... actually didn't catch her name during all that, as it turned out. But, still, it was Gale's turn to speak now, and the longer he stayed there whispering, the higher the chance of Kick dragging him up there by force. He gave his fellow recruit a determined nod and then climbed up on stage himself. Unlike Ting, he didn't have much stage fright. Seeing the crowd in front of him didn't do much to Gale. If anything... he just had no idea what to say.

"...I'm Gale." he began. An awkward silence and pause ensued as he put his little paw to his mouth, pondering. "I guess I'm looking for someone. And I think rescuing will let me travel the world and help with that. ...That's all."

Not much to Gale's introduction, but it got the point across. He looked up to Kick again, who was about five times the Minun's size, so he could give him a nod. Then Gale simply hopped off stage, walked back over to his spot and stared, once more, at the guildmaster.
I thiiiink I'll let Tree post first, because I wrote Gale as waffling a lot, so I kinda wanna write around that by having Fio go before he does
At the hospital

The duel was over. Tsukiko could breathe somewhat easily with the danger having passed and the holograms fading out. "...! Doctor, are you okay?!" she'd call out to the slumped-over person while Aiya frisked them, but neither Aiya nor the doctor stirred for a response. The girl's expression turned pained as she muttered: "I... I see... it got him too..."

Then, as soon as everything was dealt with, Aiya did something stupid. "Ah- Aiya?!" Tsukiko would call out incredulously as the other teen opened a window, said a brief word of thanks and then jumped out of it. Tsukiko felt her heart skip a beat as she rushed over to look out, but luckily, Aiya somehow had managed to nail the jump onto the surrounding fence. It was just a short climb down to ground level from that point, and thus Tsukiko signed with relief that her new friend was safe. The brief moment of respite wouldn't last long though; as soon as everything was dealt with, the hospital staff burst into the room because they'd hear the screams. Nurses were followed by doctors as the ward got a new patient, and Tsukiko was left to explain the whole mess...
Abandoned Streets

Kei was walking along a narrow, seemingly endless path stretching out into the void. Nothing was around him save for darkness; yet he still seemed able to see fine despite that. The constant march wore on him, tiring him out as he struggled to keep a consistent forward pace. The vista around him changed from time to time; it had been his house, the card shop, the streets of Kaleido... and now, once again, it changed to something new. It morphed to the town square where he saw Aiya leaned against a wall. She noticed Kei and gave him a wave, before vanishing into nothing. The next sight was the alleyways, Shinrei at the end of the road. Kei froze in fear as the champion summoned his Cyber End, but as soon as it looked to fire, the illusion faded.

Then, an unfamiliar sight spread out before Kei. The path he'd been walking on suddenly seemed to come to a halt, a literal light shining at the end of the road. It bathed a tall figure in a blinding veil, making Kei unable to get a good look. The figure spoke to him:

"Find me... save our worlds."

The light grew to be blinding and, in that flash, the figure disappeared. The location changed one final time, back to the square of Kaleido. Shinrei, Aiya and other people he knew were all laid across the floor as a dark miasma poured out of them, blanketing the entire city. It would blot out the light if it weren't for the raging fires all around the city center, buildings collapsing all around. That all, however, still wasn't the scariest part. That honor belonged to a giant, looming figure on the horizon. A gargantuan monster, the source of all this havoc, that slithered forward once it had noticed Kei. It aimed its left arm- ending in the head of a dragon- right at the boy. The dragon head spit out flames, burning Kei just like the buildings around him.


Kei screamed awake from that nightmare, having broken out in a cold sweat. He shot up straight and regretted it as soon as he had. A throbbing pain coarsed through his entire body, but particularly his chest and head, alongside heavy exhaustion. It made his head spin, but Kei still tried to look around. He could quickly tell he was neither in the alley he was last in, nor had he woken up in his bed like it was all a second dream. No, Kei found himself in a different street, covered with a not-quite-clean rag and put down next to a pile of trash. He wasn't alone, either.

”Did... you bring me here...?" Kei asked, half in a daze, to a ragged-looking man sitting on top of the nearby dumpster. A person that, most likely, had been watching over the boy and waiting for him to wake up. This situation was bad for Kei, given his recent track record with strangers in back streets, but his body felt much too sluggish to resist even if the stranger did have bad intentions. Clutching his head, Kei added a: ”And why...?"
Myke hasn't been on in a little over a week, so I'm not fully confident about them being around.
Through a complicated chain of dominoes, my mind thought about Sunrider again. Turns out Love in Space is making another one, despite my impression they'd given up on Sunrider.

I'd get optimistic about it, but Liberation Day was such a trainwreck of a VN that I'm dreading whatever the hell they're cooking up. Someone else can bite the bullet on this one for me, 'cause lord do I not want to have to think about LD's plot ever again.
Hey, the man's got a goal, and ain't nobody stoppin' him from getting to it.
Kei twitched on the ground as his body ached from the blow. He scratched his fingers along the dust-covered pavement, getting some grip to push himself back up with. ”Damn… straight!” he groaned out, slowly and weakly getting back on his feet. ”Nothin’s over yet… not this duel, not me!” he defiantly yelled back at Shinrei. Kei raised up his duel disk and hand both, looking at the cards he had available to him. They were two spell cards, no monsters in sight. Kei knew he had to draw a monster the next turn, one that could turn the duel around, or lose right there. There was only one such monster that fit the bill. Kei closed his eyes and gently put his free hand on the deck. A soothing feeling washed over Kei.

”...I can feel you, partner.” he muttered quietly. ”You’re the only one that can get me out of this… I trust you, and my deck both! Let’s beat this guy together!” Kei said to rally both himself and his cards. The boy’s eyes shot open the moment he yelled ”Draw!”

Kei didn’t even need to look at the card. He somehow knew what was in his hand, and it made him burst out into a grin. ”Let’s do this, partner! I summon Silent Swordsman LV3!!”

Kei’s signature, favourite card: Silent Swordsman LV3.

ATK: 1000

Shinrei’s permanent frown got another few wrinkles added to it the moment Swordsman appeared on the field. ”There you are… I finally found you, you parasite,” he said with absolute disdain in his voice. Kei matched the scowl with one of his own.

”...What’s the big idea?” he complained. ”I’ve put up with your comments this whole duel, but I’m not going to let you insult my partner! Explain what the hell you’re on about already!” Kei demanded with a clenched fist. Shinrei flicked his hair to the side.

”...True enough. You don’t seem possessed,” Shinrei cryptically answered, and even though Kei wanted to press for more info, he wouldn’t get the chance to ask about it. Shinrei dramatically pointed at Silent Swordsman. ”But that doesn’t matter. That card’s latched onto you. It’s only a matter of time before you get consumed by it. That’s why I’m not going to show any mercy… I’ll eradicate and annihilate every single one of those accursed ghosts, even if you’re caught up in the crossfire.”

Kei had a bad feeling about Shinrei’s explanation, despite not being any more informed than before. Shinrei was seriously threatening Kei, and it somehow had to do with Silent Swordsman. The boy started to get afraid, the fear not being helped by his body aching all over. It was far more dull than the time with the Red Ogre duelist, but this duel was still wearing Kei out… as if Shinrei was doing the same thing. The thing is that the aura around that other guy isn’t around Shinrei, so whatever it was, something else must’ve been going on.

Kei looked at his hand again and saw it trembling. He knew he was afraid of taking the next step. Doubts started to creep up in his mind, but when things got bad, a familiar voice reached his ears: "...believe in me, Kei…!" its quiet tones registered. Kei snapped back to reality, glancing over at his field to see Swordsman staring back at him over his shoulder. He gave the monster an apologetic smile, and then picked up a card from his hand.

”...Heh. It’s almost like I could hear your voice, partner. I’ll believe until the end… believe we can do this, together!” his thoughts rang, giving Kei the motivation to continue onwards. He met Shinrei’s look dead-on, staring him straight in the eyes with renewed determination. ”Here I come! From my hand I activate ‘Level Up!’!”

Swordsman raised his blade off his shoulder, swinging it to the side and taking a battle ready stance. The air around him started to twist and turn, gales spinning around like a tornado. ”This card allows me to evolve my partner into his true form! Silent Swordsman LV 5!” Kei shouted as the warrior was bathed in light, morphing beneath its veil. He grew taller, older and even his sword gained some girth. Once his transformation was complete, the light and winds shot out in every direction, fluttering the clothes of both duelists.

Silent Swordsman LV5: 2300 ATK

Shinrei’s scowl deepened. ”That much attack still isn’t enough to overcome my Cyber Twin Dragon. Which means…”

”We’ll see about that!” Kei yelled back at him. He declared: ”Let’s attack his dragon, partner!” and the warrior readied his blade. Kei then immediately slammed down another card from his hand. ”And with Silent Sword Slash, his attack goes up 1500 points! Go, partner! Silent Severing Slash!

Silent Swordsman LV5: 2300 > 3800 ATK

The swordsman’s weapon gleamed and lengthened as the warrior leapt up into the air. The air tensed as his dashing figure blocked out the sun, leaving only a silhouette of Silent Swordsman visible. The warrior spun around, realigning his body to allow his blade to come crashing straight down on Cyber Twin Dragon. His acrobatics allowed Silent Swordsman to slice clean through the machine, cleaving it in half.

”Alright! We beat it, partner!” Kei celebrated with a fist pump into the air, Silent Swordsman jumping back onto his side of the field. Then, however, is when Shinrei made himself known once more.

”Is that so?” he mockingly said, the smoke on his field clearing to reveal two Cyber Dragons and his life still untouched.

Kei, in shock, stammered out: ”But… but how?!”

Shinrei flicked his hair to the side, then pointed to the glowing card at his right. ”De-fusion allows me to cancel out the battle by splitting my monster into its fusion materials. And further…” he paused, pulling his free arm back and pointing to his left with the cards in his hand. There was a second card there, a trap this time, glowing just as bright. ”With Pixie Ring, you cannot target the monster on my field with the lowest attack. The only monsters I control are two Cyber Dragons with the same attack…”

”...Meaning… my battle phase… is over…!” Kei hesitantly finished Shinrei’s sentence for him. Kei’s face tightened as he reluctantly declared the end of his turn, and explained that ”Silent Sword Slash’s effect ends, and Swordsman’s attack returns to normal…”

Silent Swordsman LV5: 3800 > 2300 ATK


Upon the declaration of Shinrei’s turn, the air around the two of them changed. It turned cold, unfeeling. The chill bit into Kei’s skin. Shinrei activated a spell card from his hand, Magic Planter, which removed his trap to draw two more cards. Shinrei looked at them, then up at Kei.

”This is as far as this duel will go,” he coldly said. ”With Fusion Sage, I add Polymerization from my deck to my hand. And then I’ll activate it, fusing the Cyber Dragons on my field with the one in my hand.”

Kei felt a cold drop of sweat trail the side of his face. He knew exactly what was coming. Shinrei’s most powerful, most terrifying card. The two cyber dragons on the field let out a howl, joined by a third appearing on Shinrei’s field. The three of them were then sucked into a portal that opened behind him, swirling together in the vortex of colour. The alley rumbled and bolts of lightning shot out of the fusion pool, hitting the walls and street.

”I fusion summon Cyber End Dragon."

Kei could barely keep himself standing from the shockwave that emerged once the portal burst apart, a gigantic figure spreading its wings and roaring with all three heads from behind Shinrei. Its three pairs of cold, metallic eyes all gazed down at Kei’s monster.

Cyber End Dragon: 4000 ATK
Shinrei’s passive, cold face suddenly looked extremely threatening. He didn’t care a lick about what would happen to Kei, and in order to prove it, he played the last card in his hand: ”Limiter Removal." It caused Cyber End Dragon to howl out once again, more electricity shooting out from all around it. Every orb on its body glowed bright and the monster started thrashing around; no surprise, either, considering its effect had just doubled its attack. And to add to it, this already huge monster doubled in size to match, sticking out clear as day above the rooftops. Its metallic armor blinded Kei, who had to take in its reflection of the sun.

Cyber End Dragon: 4000 > 8000 ATK

”Do it,” Shinrei coldly commanded his dragon. Its three heads each charged up its own, separate beam of energy. The lightning in their jaws could barely be contained.

Kei, in a panic, looked at his monster and shouted: ”PARTNER!!” in fear of what’d happen.

”Eternal! Evolution! BURST!

The gigantic machine fired off its attack, and Kei could only watch in horror as it approached. This was it. Kei could do nothing to stop the incoming attack. It collided with something and caused a huge explosion, wiping Silent Swordsman and Kei off the field both, sending the boy flying backwards as he screamed in pain from taking 5700 points worth of damage. Kei came down hard on the street, bounced once, then landed on his front side. He weakly looked up, seeing Silent Swordsman’s card laying in front of him. He tried to reach out for it, mumbling ”Part…ner…” before losing consciousness.

Kei: 2500 > 0 LP
Shinrei: 4000 LP.

Shinrei stood there, his jacket fluttering in the winds caused by the explosion. His Cyber End roared as it faded away from the field. Shinrei waited for the smoke to clear, and once it had, his scowl worsened even further.

”Tch… ran away, huh?” he growled when nobody was sprawled out on the floor of the alley. ”You can run all you want, parasite… next time, I’ll eradicate you all the same,” he voiced his threat in the vague general direction of where his opponent had been.
Kei was in a pinch. Sure, his monster could take out the Proto-Cyber on Shinrei’s field, but all that would do is leave himself open to a counter attack from Cyber Dragon itself. He needed some other kind of plan, but luckily, his friends were there to support him. He shot a glance to the monster on his field.

”Gemini Scorpion… please lend me your power!" he asked of his monster. The warrior looked back at Kei and, while keeping the same stoic expression as most monsters did, gave him a nod. Kei smiled. ”Thank you!" he said to the monster, then shifted his gaze back to Shinrei. ”I’m tributing my monster to summon a new warrior to my field!" he said, determined.

”Friends, huh? Of course you’d call them that... you’re the same as them," Shinrei growled in a low enough voice to not let Kei notice. His scowl deepened.

Kei didn’t let Shinrei’s musings stop him. ”I got no idea what you’re saying, but here I go! Gemini Scorpion, let’s have you evolve into Divine Knight Ishzark!" he declared. Gemini Soldier sank into the floor and, from the same spot, a new monster rose in his place. A warrior clad in a blue body-suit mostly obscured by his oversized, feather-like shoulderpads and long kilt. The eyes were obscured beneath the helmet and the warrior swung around his buster-sized sword with one hand like it was a mere paperweight.

Divine Knight Ishzark: 2300 ATK

Keeping the momentum going, Shinrei’s opponent declared his battle phase. ”Cleave that Proto-Cyber in two!" he shouted. Shinrei quickly tapped a button in his duel disk and stretched his arm out to the side. Before Ishzark even got close, Proto Cyber was surrounded by light and faded away into it, starting from the bottom.

”Trap card: Attack Reflector Unit. With this, one Cyber Dragon on my field is tributed to summon Cyber Barrier Dragon in its stead," Shinrei explained. Wind kicked up as behind him a slightly larger and bulkier Cyber Dragon rose up. It had a shield built into the “neck” of the beast. Barrier Dragon reached forward and said shield unfolded itself, projecting an electromagnetic barrier in front of Shinrei and his other monster. Shinrei explained: ”Barrier Dragon will negate one of your attacks each turn, as long as it remains in attack position.”

Cyber Barrier Dragon: 800 ATK

Kei recoiled as his attack got interrupted. ”That’s a champ for you…! You seem to have a trick for everything…" he bemoaned the current situation, then picked up a card from his hand and set it face-down. Kei declared the end of his turn, but internally his plans were far from over. He looked down at the card on his field, mentally projecting its image in his mind.

”Even if he summons a monster with attack points higher than Ishzark next turn, my set Intrigue Shield can protect it… further, Barrier Dragon only has 800 ATK. As long as I can get through its first attack negation, I can counter-attack!” was more or less how Kei thought his plan through.

Shinrei wasted no time in taking his turn, drawing a card and playing another from his hand. ”From my hand I activate the spell card Downbeat. I can tribute my Barrier Dragon to summon a second Cyber Dragon from my deck!” he declared. Cyber Barrier Dragon roared and overloaded its systems, the extra armor padded around it flying off after a few localized explosions. The Cyber Dragon underneath was revealed and Shinrei now controlled two of the same monster.

Kei, as has become a pattern, was taken aback once more. ”No way! You only just summoned it, and now you got rid of it for another Cyber Dragon?!" he commented. Shinrei stared him dead in the eyes.

”That was my plan from the start. But before I show you why, I’m drawing two cards from my deck!” he replied back, activating an Iron Draw card from his hand. As long as he controlled exactly two machine monsters, Shinrei could draw from his deck. The trade-off was that he was allowed to summon only once more that turn, but as he put it himself: ”That’s more than enough. I activate Fusion Substitute, combining my two monsters!”

And, at that moment, everything clicked for Kei. Why Shinrei assembled his monsters the way he did, why he kept trying to summons more Cyber Dragons. ”Shoot, I let my guard down…! As long as you have a fusion card and the required materials for its summon, you can summon a new monster from your extra deck!" Kei said. It was far too late for him to realise that, as far as Shinrei was concerned. The white-haired boy raised up one finger skywards.

”An iron shell does nothing to contain your fury! Shackled to each-other, rage against all that oppose your twin wrath! I fusion summon Cyber Twin Dragon!”

A whirlpool of bright colours appeared behind Shinrei as he chanted, his two dragons letting out their mechanical roar while being sucked into it. Their very essence pooled together and combined in the raging swirl, combining themselves into a new form. Twin head suddenly forced themselves out of the whirlpool, roaring and trying to snap at Kei. Once their fusion had completed, the dragon slithered over on Shinrei’s field and wrapped its body around him. The twin heads stared down coldly at Kei.

”Cyber Twin Dragon, tear him apart with Evolution Twin Burst!” Shinrei yelled to declare his attack with. Kei was quick to react, springing the trap card on his field as the first head rained down its laser.

”With Intrigue shield, Ishzark is protected and I take no damage!" he explained as planned, a pegasus-crested shield appearing in front of Kei’s monster to block the blast. Kei didn’t ease up though, looking as nervous as when the attack had been declared. Shinrei took note of that, saying:

”It seems you’ve realised my monster’s attack is far from done! Cyber Twin Dragon’s effect allows it to attack twice per turn!”

Another blast was aimed Kei’s way, this time out of the second head and with no more tricks up his sleeve. The beam melted straight through the shield and Ishzark both, the monster letting out a cry of pain. The Evolution Burst landed in front of Kei’s feet and caused an explosion. ”Guoaaah!” the boy screamed as he flew back from the blast, landing roughly on his spine. Apathetic to the plight of his opponent, Shinrei merely said to him:

”Get up. This duel isn’t over yet.” and then picked up some cards from his hand. ”I’ll set two cards and end my turn.”
Meanwhile, at Shinrei and Kei’s location, their duel was about to kick off. "The first turn is mine," Shinrei calmly said. He picked up one of the cards in his hand, then plainly stated: "I’m summoning Cyber Larva." The words had left his mouth and, in an instant, a little machine worm had appeared on his side of the field. He followed it up with ”I’ll set a card and end my turn." as his last move.

Cyber Larva: 400 ATK

Shinrei’s face had a cold, steeled expression plastered all over it. It was hard for Kei to get a read on him. "Alright, it’s my turn! I draw!" he shouted, eagerly swiping the top card off his deck and then comparing it to what’s in his opening hand. He looked up to Shinrei’s field and started to think about the state of the game.
"Cyber Larva… I think he played that card during the tournament! When you attack it, the opponent won’t take any more damage, and it summons another one of itself… so in that case, this is what I have to do!"
"I’ll summon Marauding Captain from my hand!" Kei said, placing down one of his Warrior monsters onto the Duel Disk. A blond-haired, slightly gruff knight rose up from the floor, longsword on his shoulder.

Marauding Captain: 1200 ATK

"I know what you’re planning, Shinrei!" Kei confidently exclaimed. "You’re gonna use Cyber Larva’s effect to summon more of itself and stall for time so that I can’t deal any damage to you… but I’ve seen straight through that!”

Shinrei’s face remained passive upon this ‘revelation’. "Have you, now?" would be all he said in response. Kei wasn’t gonna let the champ fake him out, though, continuing with his plan apace.

”I activate Marauding Captain’s effect, allowing me to special summon a level 4 or lower monster from my hand! I’ll choose Gemini Scorpion!" he’d shout. After Kei’s declaration, Marauding Captain stabbed his sword into the ground. A portal opened up and another warrior rose up out of it. Clad in red armour and having flowing locks of white hair, the man would spin his two shortswords around their vertical axis and take a battle-ready stance.

Gemini Scorpion: 1600 ATK

Kei picked up another card from his hand. He explained: ”I’m not done! When Gemini Scorpion’s summoned, I can special summon a level 4 or lower Gemini monster from my hand!" and as Kei finished, Gemini Scorpion’s entire appearance changed. His white hair turned to red, his armour dyed a shade of dark blue and the two blades in his hands started to stain black. ”I summon Gemini Soldier!" Kei declared. Out from behind Scorpion jumped a green-clad ninja kid, his eyes the only thing visible between the bandanas wrapped around his head and mouth.

Gemini Soldier: 500 ATK

”How’s that! Now I have three monsters! Even if you summon more larva from your deck, I can destroy them all at once!" Kei smugly said to the champ. Shinrei didn’t flinch. Kei’s smug smile quickly turned to a moody pout. ”C’mon, give some kind of a reaction… argh, fine! Gemini Soldier! Take out that Cyber Larva! " he said to launch the attack. The kid whipped out a dart with a propeller at the end, tossed it into Cyber Larva and pierced its fragile aluminium shell.

"Because of Cyber Larva’s effect, I take no battle damage and summon another from the deck," Shinrei reiterated, the card in question jutting itself out of his duel disk upon that verbal command. He picked it up, placed it on his disk and summoned the monster in defense position.

”One down, two to go! Let’s go, Marauding Captain!" Kei said to launch the second attack. The troop’s commander dashed over to Shinrei’s field and cleaved the Larva clean in two. The champion simply said:

"I summon another Larva from my deck," and no more.

”One last attack! Gemini Scorpion, it’s your turn!" Kei ordered. The red-haired warrior rushed forward, jumped up into the air and then split into both his forms. The two warriors came down and sliced Cyber Larva in a cross-shaped pattern, sending the last machine to the grave. ”How’s that! With this, I end my turn!" Kei said, clutching his fist and pumping it up in the air. He clearly thought the momentum of the duel went in his favour. For that reason alone, Shinei’s scowl deepened.

”Do you really think you’ve outsmarted me?" Shinrei asked Kei. The boy was confused.
”Huh? I broke though your monsters, didn’t I? Now you don’t have a wall to protect yourself!" Kei replied, fully confident in the answer. Shinei closed his eyes.

”What a waste of my... I draw," he said, opening his eyes again to take a brief look at the card he drew. He put it in with the rest of his hand, then picked up a different one. ”If only my opponent controls a monster, then I can special summon this card from my hand: Cyber Dragon!" he declared. A long, thick and serpent-like dragonic machine appeared on Shinrei’s field. Its sleek and polished white armour reflected Kei’s mirror image back at him. The long, slender creature lowered its head, the eyes behind its metal shell boring into the opposing monsters with their cold gaze.

Cyber Dragon: 2100 ATK

”2-2100 attack without a tribute?!" Kei stammered back incredulously.
”Oh? I thought you were a fan of mine," Shinrei verbally countered. ”You should have known about this card and its effect."
”...! Shut up! It just slipped my mind, okay?" Kei angrily yelled back at Shinrei.
”Is that so? Then did it also slip your mind that I can still normal summon this turn?" Shinrei said. He picked up another card out of his hand and then shouted: ”I summon Proto-Cyber Dragon!" with one more machine appearing on his field. Its design was similar to that of Cyber Dragon, but the differences between them were the prototype’s darker armour, smaller size and less defined features.

Proto-Cyber Dragon: 1100 ATK

Kei instinctively mused ”Two monsters…!" out loud when he saw Shinrei’s play.

”Tell me. If you really saw my duel yesterday, then do you know what card I used to win?" Shinrei asked the boy.
”...Huh? It was… Cyber Eltanin, right?" he replied. Then it hit him. He wanted to cry out: ”Wait are you going to-!?" but never finished the thought. Shinrei got the message and interrupted him before he could.

”Don’t take me for a fool. Cyber Eltanin banishes every machine from my graveyard and my field. But what would happen later in the duel?"
”Yes, later. Because you told me about your plan, I now have three machines resting in my graveyard. Eltanin powers up for each card it consumes. Further, Cyber Dragon only summons to my field if I control no monsters. If I had summoned my larva and you hadn’t attacked, I couldn’t summon it to my field."

It started to dawn on Kei what Shinrei was talking about. ”Then… this entire time, your plan was to create the conditions to summon Cyber Dragon?!" he stammered out. Like the fool Shinrei thought him to be, Kei had told his opponent exactly how to play out the situation.

Shinrei’s expression became cold once more now that he had drilled the repercussions of his opponent’s actions into their skull. ”Now, then... that Gemini Soldier belongs to the ‘Gemini’ series of cards. If I’m not mistaken, they gain their effects when normal summoned twice. This one negates destruction from battle, corect? Shinrei asked Kei rhetorically, already knowing the answer. He didn’t let Kei get his answer in before continuing to talk. ”Not only that, but Marauding captain redirects any attack to a warrior to itself. Now that I have two monsters, I can get rid of both! Battle! Cyber Dragon, destroy Marauding Captain with Evolution Burst! Proto-Cyber Dragon, attack Gemini Soldier with Proto Burst!" As Shinrei declared his consecutive attacks, both mechanical dragons charged a beam of energy within their maws. Cyber Dragon’s was a bright white, Proto-Cyber’s was a deep yellow. Both still hit their marks and cut through Kei’s field like a knife through butter.

Kei: 4000 > 3100 > 2500 LP

”Turn end." Shinrei dryly stated.

Kei took a step back. ”D-Damn…! In one move, my field’s down to only a single monster!" he incredulously stammered out. He couldn’t even use Gemini Soldier’s effect to shore up his own defenses. Shinrei flicked his hair to the side.
”What’s wrong? Weren’t you going to claim my title?" the champion mocked Kei. The boy shot back a glare at him.
”Don’t make fun of me! The duel’s only just gotten started!" he shouted. Kei looked down at his deck and took a deep breath.

”I’m sorry, guys… he’s strong. I couldn’t protect you just now. He’s not an opponent I can afford to let my guard down against like that. But you guys… you’ll still lend me your strength, right?” he thought to himself. Kei gave his cards a smile. ”I’m not gonna let something like this get me down… so let’s fight him together!” After rallying himself, the boy put his hand on the top card of the deck.

”Regional champion or not, I believe in my friends! We’re gonna win this duel! Draw!"

That took *way* too long to write jesus chrIST-

(edit: for context and anyone who cares, I'm discussing with jar right now how to post this 75k character monstrosity without it being a giant wall of text)
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