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4 days ago
I hate to be a spoilsport, but this is like the 4th or so time Raddum(todd)'s pulled this.
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5 days ago
The original Far Cry is like, the only good one. Fite me.
8 days ago
getting banned from 4Chan is pretty easy tho. You have to be a *special* kind of person to survive there for any extended period of time.
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14 days ago
you know the saying "Don't stick your dick in crazy?" Well, some people would go "Are you kidding? I'd totally stick my dick in crazy." That's the kind of person that's into Yandere. Crazy ftw btw.
15 days ago
odin lowkey admitting he is/has been bronze


eh, w/e

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Paladin can keep the Halberd, thrusters and ATS with the following changes: thrusters have 1-turn recharge and add 3 units to a move.

you good with this or do you want something different about your assault pack?
What are the specific rules to becoming a magical girl in this universe, or does that not really matter? Want to know so I can get an idea of what the backstory should be like.

Also, what makes the 'skills' section different from the 'abilities' section?

EDIT: rip guess I should be patient and wait on the GM's character first
@Ammokkx: I'd take a look at Nanoha's wiki, Symphogear's wiki, and, oddly enough, the Nasuverse wiki(specifically Servants) to get sort of an idea of what I'm aiming at in terms of abilities.


I don't want you to just like, use them as a guideline for everything you do, but I think it should give a power level idea.

I'm not creatively bankrupt ;w;

I just need something to get a grip on things, so I don't end up with another character who's hilariously underpowered compared to literally everyone else in the cast.
@Ammokkx: I would recommend trying to look at some magical girl stuff, just to get a jist of what it's normally like

This won't be the first or last time I've hopped into a concept I'm only vaguely aware of completely blind. Plus, as I'm aware, stuff varies massively depending on what you're watching. I prefer asking the GM in cases like these because even if I'd watched every magical girl show under the sun, it wouldn't mean much without knowing the specific power level of this RP.

But um, in terms of power levels and stuff, it's a little hard to make a comparison because the few different concepts I've figured out kind of vary a bit in terms of their abilities. There's a couple who are weak but have strange powers that let them "cheat" and then there's a few that are major powerhouses in terms of their capabilities.

that's still super vague ;w;

I suppose I can say the power level ceiling is relatively high? I'm happy to see destructive giant lasers and exploding swords and stuff like that, but it's hard to think of a specific comparison at the moment.

Guess I'll throw something at the wall and see what sticks. I'll look at some other magical girl RPs and see what people do there, but if you could give me like, a show who's wiki I can skim to get a good idea of what you'd like in terms of power that'd be cool too.
I don't know the first-fucking-thing about magical girls, but this one looks like it could be fun. I need some guidelines on the 'magical' part of this though; can you give me like, an example or two of how high/low-powered you want the powers to be, and what kind of powers you're looking for? It's kind of vague in the way you've written it. While that may have been on purpose, I'm really bad at throwing darts with a blindfold on, lol.
Taya Tsuin

Taya giggled into her fist as Izo questioned who she was.

"Well, I guess I can't blame you for being a little confused. I guess we didn't talk to each other yesterday, huh? I'm Taya, Taya Tsuin. It's so nice to properly meet you!"

She gave the priestly teenager a beaming smile, radiating with optimism. It was around then that Chikako entered the building, announcing her grandiose desires to escape with each and every single one of them in tow. Taya gave the other girl a pity smile, but when she noticed what Izo had muttered to himself, the girl whipped her head around again.

"A-Ah, no, Saitou! You shouldn't do that! I-I think you should have a little more faith in everyone..."

Taya sheepishly scratched her cheek, her smile softening as she was a little flustered. The girl turned her attention back to Chikako, thinking over the proposal she'd given everyone. Flare had also spoken up, being in full support of the idea.

"Um, if I may..." Taya began as she got up from her seat, swallowing her saliva to suppress her nerves.

"I think we should wait on Emiya and the others to arrive, first. He wanted us to gather here and, um... I think it's best if we calmly think this over instead of rushing things."

She gently sat back down on the bench, silence falling over the cafeteria for a few seconds.

"This is a waste of time, but sure. Why not, right?" a voice called out from the far-end of the room. Taya turned her head towards the source. The voice belonged to Momoe, who kicked herself off the wall and started to pace through the mess hall. Some hair fell in front of her face, which she promptly flicked away again.

"I don't think you lot would get much done if you ran out again like yesterday, anyway."

Taya trailed the other girl for a short while, even though the smuggler remained silent after her last comment. The cross-dresser watched Momoe snatch one of the sandwiches from their plates on her way to her destination, which turned out to be Hiroki's table. Taya turned her head away just as the smuggler was about to sit down, looking back at Izo. She was still smiling like always, but it was much more nervous compared to before.

"Mizuno is a rather scary person, huh...?"
I got asked to do this.

Hiroki - Blackened - Chapter 2
Taya/Taka - Victim - Chapter 2
Ayu - Survivor (plz x 2)
Lilly - Survivor
Aurel - Blackened - Chapter 5
Snow - Survivor
Hibiki - Blackened - Chapter 3
Ryuma - Victim - Chapter 5
Maiya - Victim - Chapter 3
Izo - Survivor
Shirou - Blackened - Chapter 1
Flare - Victim - Chapter 3
Ginshi - Survivor
Chikako - Blackened - Chapter 4
Naomi - Victim - Chapter 1
Momoe - Victim - Chapter 4

xxx Cyll xxx

After silence fell in the room where Mushi and Cyll lay, the latter's ears perked up. He heard the faint noise of metal repeatedly clanging against stone even through the cottage walls, a sound that only got louder as it neared what seemed to be the door. Cyll whipped his head around to try and get a look. Without any windows where he glanced, though, the boy was left in the dark. He swallowed a little, every hair on his body starting to tingle even without seeing the figure on the other side. A feeling of dread welled up inside his chest.

(W-What the hell is with this pressure...?)

When the door gently opened, it was revealed to be a harvin who stepped through. That didn't make Cyll feel any more at ease, though. Especially not when the stranger positively oozed power. It's as if the very air around them was heavier than any other, that even nature itself was afraid of this man. The harvin didn't look hostile, but Cyll remained on guard. One half of him was afraid, but the other didn't trust the stranger. Why the hell would someone that strong need to search for some out-of-reach doctor?

"We're fine," Cyll responded, crossing his arms and keeping an eye on the harvin.

"Pretty sure she's treatin' someone else. Prolly gonna take a bit."
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