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Gabriella Gonzales
Repulsa Libre

@Ruler Inc

Gabriella was reacquainted with the concrete once more. Instead of leaping into the air again, Gabriella stayed grounded, her muscles undulating beneath Phoebe as she sprinted the remaining distance to the robot. "Sounds good! Tropica continues to ride. Long legs of robot difficult to outrun alone, I thinks." Gabby's lips pursed tensely upon the realization she'd forgone the use of the third-person at the end of that sentence. Well, no time to worry about it now. She'd just have to hope Phoebe didn't notice.

She came to a stop at the edge of the remnants of the robot's destructive rampage, a clear line visible between the still standing houses of the residential distric and the scattered, crushed remains of buildings that previously stood in the vicinity of the robot. Repulsa Libre looked up, taking in details about the robot's body. It was simple, for the most part. The chances of the whole thing being waterproof looked low, which meant Tropica's idea was all the better. It was facing away from the two of them, its attention instead on the taller buildings of the adjacent commercial district, the ground shaking with each building its large arms crashed through.

Repulsa Libre then looked downward. She'd need something to help her get its attention so they could start luring it. She took a couple steps forward, then bent her knees while reaching downward, making sure not to throw Phoebe off her shoulders by bending forward. She rose up again with a mostly-intact brick in her right hand. It fit neatly, so she could grip it well. She gave it a small toss upward and caught it, judging its weight, and how much force she'd need to apply with her quirk to get it where she wanted it. Then, once she was satisfied, she reared back, stretching her arm behind her as she prepared to throw.

"Are you ready?" Repulsa asked, not wanting to move too quickly for Phoebe. If either of them were unprepared in any way, their teamwork would fail.

As soon as Tropica gave the okay, Repulsa Libre's arm would hurtle forward, and just as she released the brick, she'd activate her quirk, applying extra force and rocketing the brick up to the back of the robot's head.
Gabriella Gonzales
Repulsa Libre

@Ruler Inc

Having seen a crisis for them to solve, Tropica had pointed with her finger while making her suggestion, and Repulsa followed the direction the limb was pointing with her eyes. A giant robot, at least as tall as a 3-story building - possibly more, she couldn't quite judge from the current distance. A pearly-white grin split the light coffee tone of the uncovered half of her face. Surprise mixed with eagerness - she wouldn't have pinned Phoebe as the type who would confidently face such a sizeable challenge, yet she couldn't find herself disagreeing. A large woman like herself needed an even larger opponent in order to shine as brightly as possible.

"Repulsa Libre is in agreement," she answered as gravity took hold of the pair and began their descent back toward the concrete. The landing wasn't the softest ever, but Repulsa made sure to hold on tight to Tropica's ankles to prevent her from flipping forward overhead, and she was able to decrease the impact on their bodies by using a weaker repulsion the moment her feet connected with the ground. As she turned a street corner to head toward the robot Tropica had pointed out to her, Gabriella was careful to pay attention to the feedback from the soles of her feet; no problems thus far, but she wouldn't able to do too many more leaps like that before she would start feeling pins and needles in her feet. It normally wouldn't be so much of a problem, but she was carrying Tropica as well - extra weight was extra weight, no matter how small.

"If nothing else, we can at least distract from harming civilian. Repulsa Libre will jump again. Look around for place we can lure mecha that maybe has less people. Would suggest construction site, perhaps."

Without waiting for an answer, Repulsa activated her quirk and once more shot up into the air. It was lucky they seemed to be in a residential neighborhood - the roofs were lower so she didn't have to leap terribly high for a good view, which meant less stress on her body due to her quirk.
Lol kinda' feels like Abigail is criticising us as writers. XD
Gabriella Gonzales
Repulsa Libre

@Ruler Inc
Before she could go off on her own, Tropica would feel a powerful hand grip her midsection, and her feet begin to leave the ground as she was lifted up into the air. If she didn't struggle, she'd soon find herself riding the shoulders of the largest girl in class, going by the hero name Repulsa Libre. Being that they were both members of visible minorities, the two had shared some exchanges over the first few weeks of the semester, relating common experiences to one another - it might even be accurate to say they were friends, though it was possible that was just Gabriella's interpretation of their relationship. Regardless, it meant Gabby felt confident Pheobe would be comfortable with the gentle invasion of her personal space, especially since it was for a good purpose.

"I like idea of work together," the large young woman's deep voice rang from below Phoebe. "And look - our colours match almost! But many peoples are in need of saving, so we should split up just a little."

As much as she would love to work together as an entire class, with the size of the full-scale model city and the amount of crises happening at once, it did make some amount of sense to not all be in one place, she thought to herself.

"Please, use taller eyes to see where we need to go!" Repulsa Libre suggested. She then began moving toward an area of the city she'd not seen many students go, except maybe the moth girl if she remembered correctly. After a few steps, she bowed low, then rose back up and activated her quirk, repelling herself off the ground and soaring about a dozen feet into the air, helping Phoebe see more things around them. Since they had started slower, most of the problems that had arisen in the immediate vicinity of the students had already been solved, so Repulsa didn't need to worry about missing nearby victims. Of course, she did have to worry a little about her sandals, which were blown off the soles of her feet by her quirk. Ah well...
Interested, but I have my hands in several cookie jars already so I can't be certain I'll join if it gets off the ground. ^^; Regardless, I very much will be keeping my eye on it.
@tobiaxOoh that would be a big help in keeping track of it, yes please. :D
@tobiaxOoh, interesting. I do have a couple RWBY OCs I'd like to get more use out of. I'll consider it! Thanks for the heads up!
@BiffleChump Great suggestions thanks! I'm in the process of applying to one of the My Hero Academia ones. Probably one of the reasons my world is so small is that I don't really have any motivation to expand my horizons. Xp Heheh. Thanks much for the recommendations!

@Mistiel Heck yeah Puddin! :D Nice to see another TFS fan here, and one that likes stuff other than just DBZA. Awesome.

This one's still a WIP but I'd gladly take feedback on what I have so far. Hello to everyone I didn't meet in the Discord by the way. I accidentally went there first. ^^; Didn't know it was for people already accepted into the RP.

EDIT: Okay, everything is done save for the sample post. I was told it would be fine if I waited to write the sample until everything else had been approved and/or fixed first. I should be ready for feedback on the whole thing now.

EDIT 2: Okay, the entire CS is complete! I, uhh...broke the hiders while trying to add in my own colours like everyone else was doing, but I don't have any pictures so hopefully it's not an issue. I'd love some help fixing it if anyone can see where I went wrong. ^^;

EDIT 3: Fixed the hiders. Thanks @KaijuBaragon
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