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Current Loved Xenoblade 3, and I just got done with Astral Chain my friend lent me. Monster Hunter Stories 2 is next, and so far I'm liking it!
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I love the dance Sekiro has me doing, but I think I need a break. Thinking I'll SwitchTM it up with Xenoblade Chronicles 2.


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Marie O'Hare
Queen Morag

"We'll just have to do what we do best."

"And that's kicking copious amounts of butt!" Marie chimed in, punctuating her statement with a "clack!" created by pounding the butt of her vertically-held halberd on the marble floor. "Which I'm guessing is where our, uh, "avatars" come in? I'm gonna' go out on a limb and assume these getups aren't just for show. So, if I wanna' open a portal like Morag does, do I just need to think about it...?"

The natural order of operations for a gamer to follow when starting a game they aren't familiar with is to practice controlling their character; test all the buttons, memorize what they do, make sure the camera controls aren't reversed, stuff like that. Thus, when a vertical portal opened in the air next to the closed-eyed Marie, it looked almost natural as Marie opened her eyes, reached through with the hand holding her halberd and placed it upon an empty weapon rack that looked to be located in the armory of Queen Morag's castle. She pulled her arm out of the portal, and just as effortlessly as the circular doorway in space had appeared, it was gone.

"...Cool. Anyway, I'm with Ellen; not super jazzed at the prospect of continuing to force living people to be characters in a video game under other peoples' control, though the fact that their values are severely outdated and shaped by time periods whence violent conflict was rampant--" Marie paused to inhale. "--does kind of necessitate some kind of rehabilitation program, I think. Masada should probably get started on that next after we rescue him instead of immediately diving into Rift Warriors XI."

Although, the biggest question she wanted answered was about this supposed "virus". A computer virus creating an entire separate universe from a video game, bringing everything in it to life while keeping it connected to the universe it originated from and giving control of the people now living in the separate universe to the people in the universe of origin seems...unlikely. Clearly this "virus" was as supernatural in origin as everything else that was just explained to them.
Marie O'Hare
Queen Morag

"Sorry to interrupt, but if you both have a moment, I was wondering if you guys happened to open a copy of Rift Warriors X only to be greeted by a blank character portrait?"

Marie pulled her eyes away from the unclear reflection in her armor and looked forward as two figures that had previously escaped her notice approached. She blinked once as astonishment washed over her. Sitra and...HellfireRider in Jesse cosplay? Wait...

"ClawsOfTheLioness? And--"

"I'm sorry, I guess I should have introduced myself first. I'm Thomas or you may know my screen name HellfireRider. Based on your outfits, I can only assume you are ForTheRedQueen, and you...You must be that rookie player who came out of nowhere in the last few months? Sorry if I can't remember your screen name. Rather impressive feat regardless."

Marie nodded her head at Thomas. She'd met him and ClawsOfTheLioness a few times at tournaments. Thomas in particular seemed personable enough for the handful of time she'd met him, and had helped her with a few of her hurdles. It was reassuring to have him along for whatever kind of ride this was going to be.

“Ohmigosh, hi! I’ve heard of you! Yeah, uh… that’s me… I’m a filthy casual as they say… Um… I never expected to make it this far, I’m shocked as everyone else… Uh, my username is TwinkleStar. Um… I-I-I know it doesn’t go with the whole Spartan thing. It’s a username I made up when I was younger and I kind of use it for everything… Um… you know what… just… just… call me Danny…”

"Filthy casual," he says after giving me so many problems. The Spartan was a particularly annoying character to fight against, what with all the special effects and ailments his kit could inflict, and this Danny had proven to be enough of an expert at exploiting that annoyance to almost take the fourth spot from her, and the player who'd ended up in the sixth spot had been no pushover, either. To think it'd turn out to be a kid even worse at personing than me. Huh.

"So if four of us are here, that can only mean we're waiting on one last player to arrive."

"...And the devil shall appear. I'm Ren."

Now this was a guy who was even more of a mystery than Marie tried to be. He was fairly personable to interact with, and he'd been a good enough sport to give her advice during the couple times she'd met him at tournaments, but their interactions never really went beyond that. She'd be tempted to call Thomas a friend, but this guy was definitely still in "acquaintance" territory.

“Hello to you too. I think Aster Wilde is really cute! Oh gosh, I’m sorry if that made you uncomfortable… Um… You know what I’m just going to stop talking now…”

"Good, that means I can start," Marie announced, stepping between Ren and Danny halberd-first. "ANYWAY, that's right, I'm RedQueen, though Lioness and Heckrider know me as Marie. And yeah, I saw the blank character portrait on the select screen of ten, too. Soooooo, we all put in our copy, saw a character select screen with only our main on it, and now we're in Rift Warriors itself and dressed as our character? Why? Did Masada agree to sacrifice us to the elder god he made a pact with in exchange for his game dev skills?"
Marie O'Hare
Queen Morag

Marie couldn't have been the only one stuck with a blank, dumbstruck look on her face as the surprisingly well-spoken English words of Rift Warriors series director Ryuichi Masada bore their way into her mind. Not only would X be the final entry, but it would only have five copies distributed to the top five ranked players online. She thought about her own rank, which was a decent number, but not even in the double digits as of then. And yet...mystery called to her. She had to know what was so special about X that only five copies were being made. Despite the ease with which she could fall into a competitive mindset during friendly activities or gym class, she'd never actually entered into a competition with an actual prize on offer. She'd been content just living at home, doing well in school, getting a work-from-home customer service job, and supporting her parents.

She looked at the poster of her favourite character tacked onto the wall over her bed. Queen Morag, the kind of woman who took every opportunity available to grasp victory. Perhaps, this was an opportunity for Marie to do the same...

Marie couldn't help the wide grin that forced the corners of her mouth apart. She'd never really given the fact that people she didn't know knew of her much thought until that moment, as she looked at the phone screen displaying the tweet she'd made just a few hours ago. The E3 livestream that had announced Rift Warriors X had only been a month ago. She'd managed to attend her first handful of tournaments between that time and now, and it was her first tweet using the screen name she used in Rift Warriors IX (a name she had thankfully made an account with back when she first started meeting people at tournaments, worried that being social at streamed events and becoming friends with well-known creators would eventually lead to someone trying to impersonate her online given she used a completely different screen name outside Rift Warriors). Even so, it had done quite good numbers.

"One of those copies of #RiftWarriorsX is @ForTheRedQueen."

Naturally, the replies had plenty of other well known players of RWIX accepting the challenge, including the likes of HellfireRider and ClawsOfTheLioness, as well as plenty of fans rooting for her. Apparently, being famous felt pretty good. With the supercharge of energy she'd received from both the friendly competition and overwhelming support brewing in her notifications, she immediately took to Rift Warriors IX's online mode on her gamepad-supporting PC to continue sharpening up her skills and raise her leaderboard placement as high as she could that night. She had already almost made it into the double digits.

It was a struggle to both obtain and hold onto the fifth top spot, especially considering her main, Queen Morag, was a slow, armored, heavy hitter, where most of the higher tier characters were faster rushdown types or zoners, and she herself had only been playing truly competitively since the announcement of Rift Warriors X, but she only had a few more days to go until the anniversary of the first entry. That was the deadline Masada had set during the livestream several months ago. She just had to make sure nobody stole that spot from her in her sleep. To that end, she unloaded the several cans of energy drinks she'd bought from the shopping bag onto the floor next to the desk her gaming PC sat atop.

Marie's hand trembled in excitement, the jewel case containing what she'd been working her ass off for the last several months nearly slipping from her fingers. It was right there. In her hands.

Rift Warriors X.

"Yeeeeeheeeeheaaaaa!!! YEEAAAH!!! Fourth best player in the world, you sons of bitches! Eat it! Haha, yeah! Eeeeeeeeheeheehee!"

Marie's parents weren't startled by the sudden shouts of excitement coming from Marie's room; she'd warned them they might hear her. Instead they smiled and shared a laugh, happy for their hardworking daughter. Queen Morag might have been somewhat taken aback by the item being shoved in her face, had she been a living person and not a poster on a young woman's wall. Once she was finished showing off to Morag, Marie dropped rear-first onto her bed and bounced to standing on the floor, turned around and fell into her computer chair, which rolled backward until it collided with the computer desk. Marie turned it 180o with her feet, then spent the next minute trying to claw her way through the corner of the plastic wrapping with her fingernail, having failed to foresee the need for scissors and too embarrassed to look her parents in the eye after her earlier squeals of elation. Finally, after that minute, she succeeded in opening the case, removing the disc, and inserting it within her PC's disc drive.

What greeted her, after the installation, opening cinematic, dialogue box asking if she had Rift Warriors IX save data to import, and the title screen, was the character select screen which was...strangely barren. Rather than the two or three dozen characters most entries in Rift Warriors had, there was only one available to her: her main, Queen Morag, according to the text. And even stranger, her portrait was missing, leaving an empty box. She hadn't even been given the main menu yet.

A quiet "...Whoa..." was the only sound Marie could make, overwhelmed by the further mysteries presented by the game she thought would answer all the questions and speculation she and many other members of the community had discussed online in the recent months. Before she could explore further, the screen began shooting up in brightness, quickly forcing her to cover her eyes to avoid being blinded. The light engulfed not only her, but her entire bedroom, before the screen went black, leaving her bedroom devoid of its previous occupant.

Marie gasped loudly as she came to. She wasn't sure how long she'd been out, but it mustn't have been that long; she felt as though she hadn't taken a breath since her computer monitor shone that wicked light. Taking panting breaths, Marie looked around, and immediately realized she recognized the location: The Hall of the Messenger, the place most introductory cutscenes in the Rift Warriors series took place, usually at the start of the story mode/each newly introduced characters' arcade mode.

"Diiiiiiiid I just get killed by a videogame?" Marie asked aloud, motioning to take a step as her natural curiosity took over and compelled her to begin wandering and looking around. Upon hearing the clunk of her plate armor boot on the floor, she looked down, and realized she was wearing the outfit of her main, Queen Morag herself. She could somewhat see herself in the shine of the grey chestplate, and realized it wasn't just her outfit that changed: the bright orange mess she called her hair was gone, replaced by an equally frizzy and untamed mess of stark black. She still had her glasses and freckles, though. She could also somewhat make out the scar across her lip, helped by the lipstick making it stand out.

So, I guess that means Marie and Morag are approved? May I paste their CS in the Characters tab?
Lol if Marie shows up, looks around, realizes who she's dressed as, goes full cosplayer mode and declares her intent to kick the ass of everyone there, PVP immediately. XD
Yeeah, probably a good decision, actually. I figured since NoCo hadn't mentioned it, it wasn't an issue. I hope the idea for the hammer is still useful, though.
It looks like his shield already has a link to the Gorgons vis a vis Perseus' mirror, so that should work in place of Poseidon. It looks like The Spartan is shaping up to be a status effect focused fighter. I think the real outlier is the hammer. It would make sense if its use was doing more damage against enemies inflicted with effects from the other weapons.
@TheNoCoKid You're imagining it exactly correctly. Full body Tower shields forming the outer armor of the titan, soldiers lining up their zweihanders to make the giant swords, and there are cavalry units at the bottom to give the thing mobility. The shieldmen comprising the chest are hiding crossbowmen behind them, so it can open up and fire in front of it.

That sounds cool, but I dunno if I could give up having the second ult be activated through doing a horn call with her taunt, though. I pictured that not even being something listed in her commands, it's just something players of VII figured out by using the taunt to mimic the horn call she did during the phase transition cutscene of VI. And I think it would be bad to have all her supers and her regular ult be activated that way, too, that would make her nearly unusable since the taunt doesn't pause the action and the calls would take longer to input than regular commands. XD
@TheNoCoKid I was thinking a full screen cavalry stampede. Obviously it would be blockable, but since I imagine blocking would be the only way to avoid it, it wouldn't do any chip damage. It was probably a way more bullshit attack during her first phase boss fight. Also, castle titan? Now I want her castle to be able to transform into a mecha as well. It probably wouldn't be used in the games themselves but it would give Marie one more cool thing to make use of in the world.

Also, really glad you like the idea! :D I'm honestly in love with it, too. I mainly wanted to combine a slow heavy fighter with a partner summoner, and portals kind of fit theme of "widespread influence of royalty", it just made sense she'd also be able to teleport herself around.

Any chance this RP will have a Discord server/PM group set up? I can't stop thinking about this RP or my character and I want to gush about it with people in real time. XD
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