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casual/advanced with 8-ish years of roleplaying experience and the average world-building and plotting enjoyer. i have a slight preference for fantasy settings but modern settings work just as well if interesting enough!

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i'm looking for a mxm, romance-centric rp loosely based on the game 'elevator hitch' and the general vibe of rpg maker horror games. if you don't know what that means, don't worry! the rp would revolve around our characters with little to no prior relationship between each other getting stuck in a liminal space of sorts and figuring out how to escape together. as you can see, the term 'loosely' is a pretty appropriate descriptor; just a couple of lads five feet apart in a dimension of psychological horrors with a focus on their interactions and dynamics as they perhaps grow closer through figuring out puzzles to try and escape.

as for the dynamics between our characters, i don't have anything specific in mind apart from perhaps an introvert x extrovert kind of deal with me playing the more toned down of the two but other than that, i'm open to anything! i would also prefer this to be a sfw rp with some tooth-rotting, 'rivals to lovers'-esque fluff.

about me.
- pretty good at grammar (all lowercases here are just for fun, i type properly for actual rp posts)
- on that note, feel free to ask for a writing sample
- i tend to average around 2-5 paragraphs per reply
- can post once every few days
- i'm cool with pms, forums, or discord
- animanga faceclaims only

about you (preferably).
- over 18
- similar post quality, length, and frequency
- open to brainstorming alongside me - i'd like to work together to create a setting with elements we can both enjoy and be unnerved by so please don't leave me to do all the plotting :)

if you've gotten past all that and anything strikes your fancy, feel free to pm me or leave a message here!
hello! more or less what it says on the tin; i'm craving a btd rp with an oc of mine and ren from btd2 and would be more than happy to double up for your oc or a canon x canon pairing you'd like in return.

regarding doubling up, i have several ideas in mind to have our two pairing's plots running smoothly alongside each other depending on the canon character you'd like me to play for you, but details will have to be discussed in pm's as i don't think i'm going to have enough space for every idea here ^^'

about me.
- pretty good at grammar (all lowercases here are just for fun, i type properly for actual rp posts)
- on that note, feel free to ask for a writing sample
- i tend to average around 2-5 paragraphs per reply
- can post once every few days
- i'd prefer a more balanced plot to smut ratio but i'm down with changing it to favour either side a little more
- i would preferably like some degree of romance and fluff beneath all the dark elements but i'm open to having it be purely horror
- making friends over shared interests is something i'd love to do, especially over something as less talked about as btd is!

about you [preferably].
- over 18 (it's btd so i sure hope you aren't a minor)
- similar post quality, length and frequency
- at least some experience with playing canon characters
- open to brainstorming alongside me - please don't leave me to plan everything myself, at least some contribution would be more than appreciated!

Ignored by everyone, yet again, tale as old as time. A small sigh escaped Ciel's lips to match the exasperated expression his features had furrowed themselves into. Though, his resigned disappointment was soon interrupted by a... weasel? And not just any weasel, by god, Ciel could have only hoped it was a normal stoat to bring some sense of logic back to their situation, but no, the ermine was clad in miniature clothes and worst of all, talked. Its appearance earned a squeak of surprise from the young man before quickly clasping his hands around his mouth in an attempt to suppress any more noises of shock. Needless to say, the following sight of Deuel glowing did little to calm his already on-edge nerves, although, this time, the only movement he'd let slip was a slight shuffle backwards to better examine Deuel's new attire and the talking stoat. Although, Ciel's futile attempt to tack some sort of coherency to the happenings before him was cut short by the ermine's claim of Deuel's status as 'The Chosen One' while everyone else had been relegated the role of 'party member', which, if Ciel was to say so himself, didn't quite line up.

"Hey, wait, If Deuel is the special one while we're his support wouldn't it make more sense for us to have magic outfits and weapons instead? We'd only be dragging him down without anything to contribute ourselves, plus, what even constitutes as 'a force of evil'," he snarked once he'd pieced the inconsistencies Basil, as the ermine had dubbed himself, had mentioned. Though, considering the fact that he was talking to a stoat, Ciel would have arguably been more surprised if Basil had given them irrefutable information.

And of course, the exchange between animal and human couldn't have stopped there, no, a flying dolphin greeted Conner to quell his own exasperation at his lack of supernatural outfit before promptly giving him his own, albeit one that differed from Deuel's. Ciel was admittedly rather surprised he hadn't suffered an aneurysm from simply attempting to keep up with the scene, furrowing his brows even tighter together and casting his eyes downwards so as to not let the blurs of shape and colour distract him from the auditory information he was struggling to process which unfortunately, did not quite work out in his favour.

Unaware of the dove chasing after Chesi and Basil, and by extension him, his arm reflexively flung out to shield himself from whatever new creature approached him, "Ah, hey, piss off!" A sharp nip at the shell of his ear convinced him to cease his flailing limbs, before cautiously bringing his hands to his head to figure out what was residing upon it, the pads of his fingers meeting soft downy feathers.

"My apologies, these two ruffians should have waited before making their presence known, but alas, patience is only a virtue for a select few it appears," came a stern voice from what Ciel had ascertained to be a bird, "No matter, I am Vayu, and will similarly be here to assist you," she nodded, as if proud of her status as mentor, a status which Ciel had not shared the same joy in. She'd certainly be a hoot to deal with. Pun intended.

As dusk blurred into night, the other five began to approach the campfire and its single visitor where Ciel almost leapt out of his skin at Deuel's question, fingers scrambling to regain its hold upon his console and struggling to keep his feet beneath him. "Ah! Yeah, yeah I'm doing great! Must've been the summer heat I guess," he quickly twisted the corners of his mouth upwards and let out a small laugh from lungs already strained from the accidental scare. Though, the sloppy facade didn't have to be further covered up as Deuel announced his intentions to hand out gifts to everyone before hurrying to the tent, leaving Ciel to give in to his wavering lack of stability and settling on the sand with a shaky breath.

With Deuel's return and the procession of gift giving that followed, so too did the relief of not being questioned, and surprisingly, the bubbly feeling that tends to accompany being given a gift. "Woah... thank you," Ciel brushed his thumb across the tablet's screen, however, his attention was soon snatched by a fleeting glance of a plush with Deuel's likeness in Niles' hands. Of course. They liked each other like that. People who like each other give gifts to remind the other person of them. It was difficult to discern what they were talking about but from Niles' perpetual apathy, Ciel could only imagine it was about something romantic. Whether or not he had decided intervening for a second time would be inconspicuous quickly became irrelevant as Conner prompted the rest of the group to sit and watch the shooting stars together. At least whatever was going on with the tightening in his chest would be buried under the gentleness of being with friends whilst lights danced across the night sky.

Needless to say, it wasn't.

Ciel didn't even have time to register what was happening until he'd found himself sprawled upon what he could only assume was... grass. The tendrils of light were gone and so was the portal they'd been pulled through; no trace of the beach seemed to be present and the steadying of his equilibrium as he pulled himself up by the bark of a nearby tree did little to provide any extra information as to the specifics of whatever the fuck happened. However, the semantics weren't important. Sitting out in the open in a place none of them seemed to recognise would do more harm than good at the moment. Pale irises lazily trailed along whatever generic shapes and colours he could gather from the blur of their surroundings; no more beach, just flora that Ciel couldn't quite place his finger on the origins of, though, despite the mystique of the situation, figuring a way out seemed like the only logical next step considering their inherent lack of survivalist and combat skills as a couple of boys fresh out of high school.

Deuel, however, beat him to the chase in terms of proposing plans. Moving forward would be too dangerous without knowing what lay ahead whilst staying put would make them vulnerable. No. Exploring and gathering resources before making a final decision would likely keep all of them alive longer. "Maybe we could look around and try find some edible plants or water before going anywhere? Y'know, so that we're not going out blindly or whatever," Ciel piped up. If they were going to die out here, better to die seeing the rest of where the tendrils of light had a vendetta against.

The almost immediate agreement Niles gave was more than enough for Ciel, oblivious to his passing remark to Deuel. With a grin that teetered upon the edge of smug and sincere, he gave a small nod in acknowledgement before bounding back to their campsite, careful to keep himself between Deuel and Niles during the walk. As he told himself - his actions were merely a benevolent gesture to keep any hard feelings from interrupting their trip - any other suggestion as to the cause of his behaviour would be asinine.

Once back to where Niles' comically large tent had been pitched, Ciel's once vice-like grip upon the firewood he gathered loosened to reveal the angry, crimson lines and circles the bark left upon his palm. How the kindling managed to stay intact wasn't much of a miracle considering the years he'd spent allowing his muscle mass to dwindle away behind a monitor, however, the dull throbbing of the reddened flesh ushered him to make himself useful before his thoughts or the pain got the better of him. With the toe of his sandals, he nudged a patch of sand into a decently-sized pit far enough away to save the six of them from having a last minute bonding trip to the fire department and dropped the firewood into the shallow circle adjacent shape. With dark blobs of the landscape melding into one another and the anxious buildup of emotions in anticipation for the camping trip, Ciel let himself fall into a crouch by his hastily-crafted fire pit and let out a small yawn. With the undoubtedly ever growing bubbling of excitement from at least one of them for the presumed shooting stars, he figured he'd conserve some energy to keep up. Besides, if he could focus on the generic glare of neon colours of his DS' screen, he wouldn't have to deal with the internal debate of monopolising Niles' time away from Deuel and appearing clingy or letting the emptiness of not knowing what was happening between them eat away at him.
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