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Hi, I'm Cloth. I'm looking for a roleplay partner that's 18+.
Here's some info on what I'm looking for:

Literacy of at least 2000-4000 characters per reply. Good grammar is a must.

A modern romance (enemies to lovers maybe?) story with lots of angst, violence and sadness. Humiliation, embarassment, shame. Everyone's getting hurt here, but there's also a lot of funny moments when they try to piss each other off. A slow burn romance with complex emotions that bounce back and forth. The emotional conflict of going from hating each other to needing each other. The emotional equivalent of eating a sour patch kid.
I'm comfortable with most topics. Religion, addiction, abuse, homophobia, mental health, so on. And you should be too, if you want to roleplay. I don't really have any triggers, but I won't do really gross things, like gore.
Also, importantly, there will be smut! I don't know when or where, or how frequent. We can talk about how comfortable you are with that in private. I, for one, am super comfortable with it.
And, if you want to add a bit of modern fantasy to the plot, I don't mind.

Roleplay partner:
I don't care what your gender is or who you are, unless you want to share it. Talking about how we're doing is fun but I don't want to go in depth unless we've known each other for a while. However, I love talking about planning, the story and our characters no matter what. Sharing some jokes is also nice.
We have to plan out the story before we play it. We don't need to go into detail, we can diverge from our plans and we can control each other's characters when need be. Emphasis on the last two, since a lot of people don't like that.

I want your character to have at least an anime/semirealistic face claim, be it AI or detailed art, preferably not a real person's face. I don't like ultra feminine/masculine men either, I'm only into light makeup at most and realistic anatomy.
Your character is at least 22 years old.
Your character is a switch! Most of my characters are also switches.
I don't need you to make a detailed character sheet, I like improvisation and knowing everything about your character beforehand makes it less fun. Let's find each other's secrets thru roleplay instead. An attention grabbing description of their past and/or present, personality and a simple face claim is enough for me.
I love making supportive characters for my main character (friends, bosses, enemies) and world building(making up fictional cafes, etc) and might include them quite a bit in the story, depending on what we plan.

Idk what else to add since I haven't roleplayed in literal years, read my introduction post for more info.

My character:

These are mostly expositions and can be completely changed based on your character. If YC doesn't fit with any of these, we can make a new plot together.
YC - your character

Interested? Leave a comment here and I'll PM you, or you can PM me.
Hi, I'm Cloth. I'm a 20 year old college student in the Netherlands and my life sucks. I used to roleplay a lot but stopped for 2 years because I had to study a lot... I still do, but I miss it too much now, so I'm thinking I might get back into it, if I can find someone worth spending my time and words with.

Roleplaying career: I roleplayed for 2 years before quitting and my longest one lasted 8 months. I used to write 4k-10k characters per reply but I'll probably stick to +2k as I warm up again, no clue yet. I'm used to waiting a long time for roleplay replies and I don't mind it at all.

Roleplaying preferences: I like angst, violence, mortal enemies to lovers type of stuff, but I love some well timed soft fluff or whump. Most settings are fine with me. I mostly do MxM and sometimes FxF.
I only do mature, 1x1, long term, private roleplays with original characters! I want quite detailed, complex stories we plan out beforehand but can also divert from in a bout of wild inspiration. I want someone I can chat with outside of RP, that'll stick around for a long time and won't ghost me. Be willing to wait days or even weeks for replies. And don't be cringy, please.

Hobbies and interests: I'm studying to become a programmer, I like metal music and I'm a pretty great artist so, if we make great OCs, I might draw them.

DM me and find out more for yourself. Thanks for reading, I guess.
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