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I have a rough draft for my final due this week and the final is due next week. My replies will be slow for a bit. Bare with me.
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Mention: Luna @Estylwen, Sully @Atrophy

Tayla couldn't be happier to have her feet on the ground again, until the smell of rot from Sloane hit her in the face. Holy shit. A lot happened over here and she'd taken her headphones off awhile ago, so she didn't know what went on. She didn't care to find out. Tsukino didn't get the warmest welcome. She knew she wouldn't, but she hoped that would change after her plan to get her help in exposing Greyson for the snake he is.

She'd just caught Sully about to call her name, when Tsukino pulled his attention towards other members that were injured. Whatever he wanted to say, they could talk about later. For now, she needed Tsukino's number. She didn't ask for it, until Drake and Auri left. Last thing she needed was Drake jumping down her throat.

The Coven members broke up and left in groups or one by one. She stood close to Tsukino and pulled out her phone. She handed it to her with the contacts open to NEW CONTACT to get her information. "I got something I want to talk to you about. Give me your number. I'll text you later."

She pocketed her phone once she got it back. "Thanks for the save. I'll see you tomorrow, maybe."

She kept their conversation quick, before moving on to Sully. She figured he had something to say, since he's approach her twice already. Most likely something about Dean, but at least there weren't many Coven members around to hear them talk about him. She followed Sully back into the forest. He was looking through the grass for something.

"What are you doing?" she asked him, arms crossed and shivering. The adrenaline of the day wore off and now she's cold from being soaked through. She's skin and bones under her baggy outfit. She's prone to the cold going right through her.

Mention: Tsukino @Estylwen

"Woah!" Tayla held onto Tsukino, afraid for her life when she was suddenly in the air. She'd not been flying since she and her dad immigrated from South Korea. She loved the ride then, but this wasn't that. Her feet were meant to stay on the ground or in a metal flying contraception if she was going to be airborne. Not ass out in someone's arms that could fail them at any moment and drop her, especially not Tsukino's skinny ass (like she's one to talk about skinny).

"Not so fast!" she screamed. They got above the canopy in seconds and she could see everything. The forest and the house looked like hell. Kari's house was destroyed and so was the land around it. 8th Street were gone and the group had come together. She couldn't seen them well from here, but based on movement it looked like some were fucked up, bad.

She point down below towards the group. "Go there. That's where the group is." 8th Street wasn't a threat anymore, so it seemed, but they were sitting ducks for anyone looking towards the sky. Tsukino was way too bright and like hell she's getting shot out the sky with her.

Mention: Tsukino@Estylwen

Tayla felt weighed down by the rain soaking her heavy clothes. All this had to go down in the fall when she wears thick hoodies for warmth. Even putting her hood up didn't help her not feel like a drowned rat. The ground got mushy, her boots squishing with each foot fall. If this situation got worse and she had to run, it'll be hell trying to do it in these conditions. It took her few minutes to get close enough to get a good look at the wall without being near it. The zombies she'd seen in Jack's memories where a little too close for comfort, but they weren't walking towards her or the wall. They were jerking and doing a weird movements. Someone must have done something to them.

When she tracked Tsukino down with the headphones, she had heard others' thoughts too. She wasn't sure how she should approach this. There was a battle going on and she's not about to walk right into the thing she ran away from when 8th Street showed up. She could stand out here and wait. That would be the best option. She eyed the zombies. As long as they kept doing whatever the hell they were doing, then she wouldn't need to worry while she waited.

She walked in a circle to keep her circulation going. She'd stood out in the rain without moving before. Quickest way to freeze. A pink mist crept towards her. Fuck. She could guess what that is. She's not seen pink magic that wasn't related to Pink Lux. She didn't know what that did, and she wasn't willing to find out. She back away from it. She doubted it could travel far. As long as she outpaced it, then she would be go-

She got smashed into and knocked over by the person she'd been waiting on.

"Ow! What the fuck?" she said, her breathe taken from her.

Tsukino had her wings out, she didn't remember her being able to do that, and latched onto her hand. It seemed like she was going to lift her out of there, but the pink mist overwhelmed them. She couldn't help but breathe it in.

"Hey, babe, you okay?"

Tayla nearly jumped out of her skin. Her sudden movement to look at James shook the little boat they were in. It's the one tied to the end of his family's dock. It sat four people comfortably and had a motor on the back. She loved this boat. They'd always go out on the water for little dates on the weekends. Once, they went so far out on the ocean, they couldn't see their island anymore. It's like old times.

"You almost knocked Siwannie out." He held her little boy in his lap, having pulled him away from the side when she was spooked.

"괜찮아?" she asked her baby, leaning forward and taking his littles hands.

He giggle, moving her hands up and down with his.

"He's so cute. How do you have a son that's this cute?"

She laughed and looked up at him. "Have you seen me?"

"I have and your gorgeous."

She blushed. A goofy grin spread across her face.

[color=DE198A]"I know," she whispered. She used to deny her looks, but James never let her get away with it. He wouldn't except anything less than her acknowledging her beauty when he was around.

"I hope our kids look like you."

"Our kids? We're only twen-ty..." Her grin slowly fell. 'Twenty-five' was what she was going to say.

For the first time out to sea she got a good look at James. His shoulders that were narrow a few months ago had broadened out. The sun shown bright on his dark curly fro. He'd gotten a side fade a week ago at the barber shop. Said he wanted to try something different other than his twists. His fair brown skin didn't look effected by the sun at all, despite him having a tendency to turn red in his cheek when the heat got overbearing.

"Babe?" He looked concerned. She'd seen that look dozens of times before. It's the face he always gave her after every fight with the Stygian Snake. He'd worry that she got hurt, when it's her that was worried for him. He had Orange Lux. He's more likely to get hurt going head to head with the Snake or when assisting someone else's power.

The thing that hit her hardest was that he still looked the same he did the day he died. Forever frozen at sixteen. Never growing up with her. Never growing older. He'll always have his baby face. He'll never develop a sharper jaw like his father. He'll never get the tattoo of a dove and a tiger on his back. They'll never have kids. Or buy a home. Or go to college together. They're lives stopped at sixte-No his life stopped. Hers went on pause for a little while.

She looked down at her baby boy, then picked him up. He was her present, her future, and her forever. He's waiting for her right now, at home. She stood up in the middle of the boat, in the middle of the ocean, under an unforgiving sun she couldn't feel the heat from. She had to wake up and keeping pushing forward. If she stayed here, she'll die. She wasn't ready for her afterlife with James yet. It could wait.

"I love you, Jamie." She never got to tell him that. One of her biggest regrets was that she didn't say it back when he told her earlier that day.

"I know." He gave her that sideways grin of his, then he vanished.

Rain poured down on her. Her vision blurred from her tears. It hurt to breathe. She wanted to go home. See her son. Get away from everything that reminds her of him. She's afraid she'll back slide. Slip into oxy to forget what she just saw. She can't forget. Wanting to forget puts her back with Dean and anyone that'll fuck her for a pill.

She wiped her eyes and was somehow already on her feet. She wiped what she could and pushed the rest down. She found Tsukino, probably still in her vision. Now wasn't the time. They had to go.

She grabbed and shook her from whatever she was seeing. She didn't know what the situation was like on the battlefield now or how long she was out for, but that's time wasted on making an escape when there were people trying to kill them. "Get up. We gotta go. Now!"
<Snipped quote by silvermist1116>

Yeahhhhh... Someone will really have to hold Linqian back if that happens before she goes gets herself shot
(Thankfully she's not the one of the two with the mind reading...)

She's on Greyson's payroll. Sounds like his responsibility. As long as no one mentions it, it'll be fine...I wouldn't be surprised if Sully drunkenly lets it slip.
<Snipped quote by silvermist1116>

He's probably the one coven member with the best shot at it thanks to his mafia connections...
(Tbh Linqian finds out about Dean and she'll go try beat his ass anyway, edict can take the credit)

Very true. Dean won't make it easy for him. She hopes Linqian doesn't mind out. She's not trying to get her killed.
@FernStone Honestly, if he does that, all is forgiven and she'll love him forever. We can totally make that happen.
<Snipped quote by silvermist1116>

Besides advice to get out of dodge and a lump sum of cash to insure she can? No clue, he's probably fucked LMAO

Depends on the delivery, but considering she don't trust him, yeah he's fucked. Lol
But nothing beats a failure, but a try.
@AtomicEmperor I mean...he's gotta bring something juicy to the table regarding her kid for her to take him off the list. She won't be easy to make happy either.

When Jack popped up out of nowhere, it shocked Tayla out of her concentration on Greyson. She pulled her headphones off for a few seconds, but only a few. She needed to know what he knew. Ways to get him alone and vulnerable to take him out. She put the headphones back on and found her way back to him. She did her best to ignore Jack's thoughts, but Greyson was in his head trying to catch up on everything. Which meant she also saw what happened in that house while she was outside confronting their stalker.

So much useless drama. The interesting parts are the house catching fire and the fight going on. She avoided everyone's thoughts from the battle. It was too for her to handle at once. From Jack's view, it was digestible. Shit's gone to hell in a handbag. There are zombies now? What the fuck are 8th Street doing? Greyson didn't stay in Jack's head long. That left him open for that 'hard work' he was talking about. He didn't explain to Jack, but he didn't need to Tayla saw him having a conversation with a woman named Phantasia. She seems to be with the mob and for some reason wants Britney dead. No, not some reason. The Void. Alizee's thing. Britney did something to it and Phantasia's pissed about it. She killed it. Or had a hand in it being killed. She pulled her headphones off at a surprising piece of news.

She doesn't know who the hell the Temple are, but Greyson's a go between for them and the Dollhouse. Motherfucker's working for them? What was the point of pulling her into their shit if they had Greyson the whole time? Oh she's pissed. They're playing her for a fool.

She had two ideas and one involved finding Tsukino. The other, she didn't want to think about.

In the time she listened to Greyson's thoughts, the rain had gotten worse. The tree no longer worked in keeping her from getting wet. She had to get down. Next thing she knew, lightning would strike and she'd be a burnt biscuit. She slowly climbed down. Her feet slipped several times and it took time for her to get her footing back. She finally made it down safely.

She put the headphones on and hoped Tsukino wasn't in the middle of the battlefield. She needed to find her before this all ended and everyone went their separate ways. She didn't know how to find her if she didn't do it now. Just her dumb luck she's where the ice is trying to stop whoever's blocking their way. Better than in the middle of the zombie fight.

She slipped the headphones off again and headed for the ice wall, which happened to be the direction the zombies were going in. With everyone fighting them, she's sure they'll end up dead-dead before she gets there. She could only hope so.
@Aeolian Quick question about his relation to Tayla. Is 'Get out of his head' for her having Pink Lux or for her magical headphones? If it's the latter he can't know what they do, so his bad vibes from her in this regard wouldn't make sense. If it's for the former, then it's fine. Everyone still thinks she has her Pink Lux.
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