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I have a rough draft for my final due this week and the final is due next week. My replies will be slow for a bit. Bare with me.
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@Punished GN Should we all make sheets like this?

Damn. She really hit the oxy hard if she can't tell who the hell the priest was. She didn't recognize him at all and couldn't for the life of her remember anyone that seemed inclined towards the clothe. Not that it mattered. Man was here five second and the moment he opened his mouth, Tayla had a headache. The way he spoke and his jovialness didn't match the scene at all. She trusted very few people, but she already knew she's never trust this clown. This meeting needed to get done, so she could go home. She's already tired of this shit.

She tuned out the priest's speech. He moment he said "Sister Auclair", she pretended he didn't exist. She's good at that when she thinks about other things. Like how the fuck she's getting home. She pulled out her phone and checked the time. The ferry's last run was at 8pm. It's edging into 7pm now. She could order a ride to the dock the ferry docked at, and get home after dinner. She's knew there would be leftovers. She made plenty of sides on Sunday to last them the week. Her father just had to take care of the entrée. She hoped it wouldn't be ass, but that's a dying hope considering his cooking skills.

After the priest's riveting performance, Auri finally got to the point. And boy had she wished she didn't say what just came out of her mouth. The fucking Wolfpack. This is what she's here for. The bane of her exists and the thing that exacerbated her trauma just happens to be the next important thing Auri needed to talk about. Maybe she should've held her tongue. She wasn't ready to shoot straight into a relapse after she's been doing good. The reason she came here didn't seem all that important anymore. Nothing but holding onto her sanity mattered.

She raised her hand, ready to decline, when a man dressed in a suit with a food platter in his hand came inside. She put her hand down. He looked a wreck. Like having attention on him was about to make his shit himself. And when he looked at her, he looked more like he would shit himself. He stumbled over his words for a few seconds, before something in him changed. She's been around enough snakes to know one when she saw one. The way he held himself, spoke, and even his expression, all changed in an instant.

He started talking about the murders, the police investigation, then brought up the FBI. What they have to do with anything Coven related was lost on her, until the main pulled out a badge and attached to that badge was his ID. She right in front of him and got a look at his name. Kali Mahendra. Didn't know him, and she didn't want to.

"What the fuck, Auri. You invited the feds?" She complained, crossing her arms, then gave it a second thought a split second later. "Y'know what, it's good you invited him. He can go down to the Wolfpack and chat them up. They're dangerous and all. No need for the rest of us getting involved. What's your next lead? I'll go literally anywhere else that's not Wolfpack related."

She can't be anywhere near them. The memories will come back. All the feeling she liked about being on oxy, the smells of the strip club, of any place she frequented for a fix, all of it would be a calling card to welcome her back into misery and an early grave. For her to abandon her son for drugged up pleasure and sex with a biker that shouldn't fuck her when she's incoherent, but will do it anyway. Her forehead prickled with a cold sweat. She tucked her hands under her arm pits to quiet down the shaking. She needed to go home. She needed to get out of here. This was a mistake.

Most of Tayla's day was normal. She got up at 4am to help her father, Taeshik, prepare the fishing boat. She dressed in dark green rubber overalls with attached boots, and a bright yellow coat. She got her son, Siwan, up at 4:30am to get him dressed and in his coat and scarf to set sail in. Day care wouldn't open for another 2 and a half hours, so she had to take him with her on her first job of the day, fishing. The waters were choppy as they tended to be this time of year, but she grew up on this boat, could deal with the waves. Her son will grow up on his boat, and he's already used to it. She put down under deck in a crib she bolted to the floor. He'll grow out of it soon enough. She'll come up with something else when he's too big for it.

They were on the water fishing at 5am for 2 hours, before her father pulled into the harbor so they could dump their catches and she could take Siwan to daycare.

"빨리빨리!" her father called.

"네," she replied, not in the rush he wanted her to be in. It's the same every day. He'll tell her to hurry, like he's not going to take an hour break on the pier chatting with the other fishermen. She walked several blocks inland holding her sleeping son in her arms to his day care. It was ran out of a middle aged woman's home. Her name was Ms. Darcy. She's been watching sailor's children out of her home for twenty years. It's a business her mother started decades before St. Portwell was built up to the city it is now. The home was a two stories, white colonial style home. The outside has not aged well, but the inside was clean, warm, and well loved. Not many children were dropped off here anymore. Not with the school district opening up their own or the private school that went from day care age to high school. But Ms. Darcy wouldn't close and she loved her for that.

She dropped him off with his baby bag she kept in the boat so she wouldn't forget it. Siwan went with Ms. Darcy even enough. He clung to her like he would to his mom.

"Bye bye," he said mid-yawn.

"Bye bye." She kissed his cheek. "Dad will pick him up at noon." She walked backwards down the stairs. She hated to leave him for most of the day. The weekends were a highlight for her. She got to spend time with him all day on her days off.

"Have a good day, and don't forget payment is due next week," Ms. Darcy said.

"I haven't forgotten. Haven't missed a day." Ms. Darcy also had the cheapest day care prices in the city. Couldn't beat $800 a month. All the other places would put her in the thousands. It was hard squeezing out that money, but until he was old enough for pre-school, she and her father would just have to deal.

She hurried back to the boat, her dad lounging round on the dock, shooting the shit with other fishermen talk about the catches they caught that morning. It's been about 20 minutes. She wasn't in the mood to stick around for another 40.

"아빠, 가자," she said.

Taeshik waved her off, motioning that he was in the middle of something. She would've stopped off to get some breakfast, but she wasn't in the mood it eat nor did she have the patience to stick around. She kicked his chair.

"가자," she said again. She didn't stop kicking it and repeating herself, until he got up looking peeved.

"I need to get ready for work," she said.

"Go get something to eat. You're too skinny," he urged her.

"Not feeling it. 가자."

Taeshik sighed and shook his head. He said bye to his fishermen friends, then took her back to the island they lived on. It was called Callie's Island and had four homes on it. It was about the size of three city blocks, had dial up, and ran on propane tanks. Not the most modern of living, but it was quiet and kept her out of trouble now that she's moved back home. Their tiny two story house faced the west. The sunsets were easily the best part of this place.

She got off the boat and went to get ready. Taeshik took the boat back out. Tayla spent a lot of time getting ready to get the smell of the sea, salt, and fish off her. Just because she worked that Martine Museum, didn't mean she needed to smell like the sea. She showered and dress in a hour and a half. She packed another set of clothes. She had to wear a navy blue uniform shirt with her name badge and white bottoms. She always wore a flowy long skirt. The whole outfit hide her body decently enough. She put on red lipstick, packed extra clothes, because she didn't want to show to the evening meeting in her uniform. She doesn't need any of her old coven mates knowing where she worked. Lord forbid any of them ever show up for her 8 hour shift.

She got back on her dad's boat and he dropped her off at the port near the museum. It was a long walk up the old wooden stairs, but she got there with more than enough time for her 10am shift when they opened. Her day went on like usual. She answered questions in person and on the phone, took money, gave out tickets, nothing abnormal about her day at all. She got a text message at noon from her dad. It was a badly taken selfie of him and Siwan together. She smiled and saved it, texting him to have a good day and that she'll see him tonight. Since she's not coming home right away, she'll have to get her own ride home. She hoped one of their neighbors would be in town or that the ferry guy wouldn't mind going a little out of his way. She needed to buy her own boat whenever she gets the money.


Six o'clock rolled around pretty slow. For her, but when her shift ended and the museum closed down, she hurried to change out of her uniform in the staff bathroom. She felt a lot better wearing bagging black pants, a white button up shirt, and a black sweater vest. All her clothes were baggy and made her look shape less. She could be anywhere between 100lb and 200lb. Flowers and Canvases was a quite a car ride away from coast. She had to get an uber, which cost her money she didn't really have to spend but it's worth it not to be hunted down and murdered as an alternative.

She got there a little after 6:30. Feeling awkward at Auri greeting her like everyone else that walked through the door. She sat in the near empty front row. No one liked front rows seats and she didn't like sitting next to people, so it worked out for her that she could be mostly alone. There's a chance no one would recognize her, she's changed so much. She was taller than the last time she saw everyone, about thirty pounds lighter, and no longer the bright bubbly person that was crazy for her boyfriend. She even made her nickname her legal name. She took a quick selfie with some people in the background, then texted it to her dad. He got nervous when she wasn't home right after work. Would think that she's slipping back into her addiction. But no. She's where she said she would be. At a flower shop with some old 'friends.' Maybe he'll recognize a few faces. She sure did.

Auri looked the same for the most part, but she's grown up quite a bit. She still rambled or maybe she's misremembering. She couldn't remember a lot from her time in the Coven. Everything before, during, and after the battle, she purposely tried forget for her own sake. It's been a decade and she thought everything would still feel the same. It didn't. Whatever friendly feelings she had for these people were ambivalent at best and apathetic at worse. In Drake's case, still annoying. She didn't remember Luca at all, but there's a vague memory of Britney doing something fucked up. She showed up to so many meetings after the battle on oxy, and sometimes she didn't show up at all, that she can't remember what that all was about.

She raised her hand. "So, you brought us all back together and invited someone that at least one person could be triggered by and another her cheerleader, and expect us to be a family? Yeah, no, that's not going to work for me. I expect a lot from family, but I'm not expecting shit from whatever this is supposed to be." She circled her finger to generally indicate their surroundings. "I want to get what we got to do done and wash my hands of this. It's taken me a long time to get good and I can't back slide on your butterfly dreams of fantastical expectations. I've moved on from this, so let's get to the point. We can make nice on our own time, what's the next important order of witchy business? I have a self-imposed curfew and I'm already breaking it to be here."
@Punished GNThat makes sense. Never thought about it before. I've gotten back into the GL comics lately.
@Punished GNWow that's a lot.
And yes, giving. "In brightest day and blackest night, no evil should escape my sight yada yada yada, Green Lantern's light!"
The chant is giving Green Lantern.
@Punished GN Bruh what's your word count for that first post? Like damn.
@DragKing Gizzard

Hachidori was on the other side of the beach, taking cover from the fighters above under a long destroyed shell. He could bid his time. He kept track of what his teammates were doing. More and more fighters and drones were being taken out. The ones hovering above were shot down, giving him a chance to escape. Some of the crew were in the rainforest beside the beach. It wouldn't be good for him to be isolated from the rest of the group. He could handle himself, but strength in numbers.

A large blue beam shot out of the forest followed by an explosion. A large swathe of trees were destroyed, giving him a view of the shell that did it. An alert popped up on his screen just as Ava came through the comms. "Ossifrage-80 down." Telling him what the reading said. He's too new to feel anything other than general sadness for losing a teammate. There would be time to mourn after the mission. He had orders he needed to follow.

"...I want Gizzard and Hachidori to rip the thing to shreds with their weapons. Copy?" Ava said.

"Copy that," he replied.

He didn't run right at it. He figured hitting it from behind would be much better.

"Gizzard, let's hit it at the same time. I'm going at it from behind. Over," he said. He skirted around the damaged the trees, heading for the lush ones instead. He kept low and took it one step at a time. He didn't want to alert its attention, before Gizzard was ready. No doubt all of them showed up on its scanners, but the closest would be prioritized. He needed to hit it fast and hard with no time to react when the moment was right.

@Punished GNI did the opposite of that, but I gotchu. Next rp, they'll have all the Lux. I can't make any promises to make it make sense for why they're a rainbow magician, but I'll yolo it to the stars.
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