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Current My great grandmother has died as of today. I'm going to go and see her, forgive my abruptness in going silent on you all
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warning: my Wi-Fi may go out soon if it happens I won't be able to post. To all those I rp with I ask four patience until Friday
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All those I rp with, I am in the direction of hurricane Irma, I won't be active for a while. Wish me luck and safety during thus hurricane season
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Just fyi to all my rp partners, I'm hitting the final leg in my summer classes. I'll be busy so I'll post when I can
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If someone needs a few evolution trees for a RE: monster rp then just look in my album for some I created with a friend


hey its jangel13 here, been here a while and I do allot of rp types but I like to join those that have developing powers and character depth. I'm an idea guy and can come up with ant great rp idea with only a little bit of effort but putting it to work in practice is where I have trouble so I usually have a Co gm to help with that. If you remember nothing else about me then remember this: jangel13 never gives up an rp once he starts! I am loyal to the rp and never give up unless the GM does first!

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Still with me?
Alright that's two at least
Everyone still with me?
The trip to the science station only took two more hours before the intercom said that they were exiting hyperspace. Once they did they saw the commander in her N7 gear ready for battle while they mailed the gigantic space station. It was like a skyscraper floating around a blue sun making it glow like a moon thanks to it's white stone surface. Angelo was already waiting by the transport ship even before the intercom said "professor urtum, commander, infiltrator Angelo report to the hanger for airlock." Thankfully it seemed that they would get in through the stations docking yard.
Maria was given the option by her commanding officer to join this special unit. To be honest Maria joined because she was given the chance to be a part of something huge so she accepted. So long as she was able to keep doing what she did best then she would take it. Her trip from Brazil was a long one so she spent most of the time watching movies from her laptop until they finally landed. She groaned a she got up from her seat and grabbed her luggage. She didn't notice anyone else important when she was in the plane that could have easily been explained by the fact she was enjoying her movies.

She grabbed her luggage from baggage claim and turned around just in time to notice her name on a board along with two men one who she assumed was Saul. She walked over wearing her army cargo pants along with a black tank top and a green jacket. Her hair was in braids behind her back as she carries her 3 bags easily. Her eyes were like emeralds and her skin had an olive complexion thanks to get Brazilian roots. She then said "I'm going to go ahead and guess that your Mr Saul. Names Maria Silva" she said holding it her hand to shake not showing any obvious emotion with a deadpan face. She didn't seem all that interested in Saul before she did the same to the chauffer giving him a proper greeting if nothing else.

Name: Maria Silva
Age: 21
Nationality: Brazilian
Occupation: vanguard leader
  • Reckless
  • Agressive
  • iron willed
  • Sadistic
  • Defensive

Personality: Maria is a very aggressive and headstrong woman. She lived her life fighting to get what she deserves and is determined to make sure that she has her share. She prefers to fight on the front lines and lead by example in the field never telling her squad to do things she wouldn't do herself. She has no mercy for her enemies but will rush to the defence of those she trusts.

History: she was born to a poor family in the sluts of Brazil. Her father was an abusive gambler who spent what little money he earned trying to double his fortune on the dogs. She would have ended up like him if it weren't for her kind mother teaching her better. Most nights she had to huddle in her room and close her eyes as she heard her father beat her mother because he lost again. At the tender age of 17 she had enough and killed him when he thought that he should let his only daughter sell herself so she could bring in more money. She was then given a choice jail or military.

She chose military and that's where she shined. Her agressive nature made her a perfect soldier ready and willing to kill on command. After running missions for a full 2 years she became a squad leader proving that a woman had the ability to lead. She put the skeptic's in their place of course. She ran Black ops missions and proved a capable leader and soldier. She still runs spec ops though nobody can tell with all the black bars on the files...
She couldn't help but smile as she shook his hand and noticed his mind already thinking of ways to improve the lab. She gave a nod to the AI when she appeared before she took her hand back. She then said "as I said before the closest one that would be able to help you in this investigation is our doctor so don't be afraid to call on him. If you have need of special equipment fill out a requisition form and I'll have the crew install it when we dry dock next. For now do whatever you need to to be prepared when we get to the science facility. Dismissed"
The counselman nodded intently listening to every detail. When the scientist finished he then said "very well, clearly something big is going on and I wouldn't want the only scientist that survived such an ordeal gone from my best ship urtum I will inform the dalatrass about your staying on the commanders ship. Commander as an n7 you will have full authority to search this facility. If you find anything I want you to inform us immediately. I don't have a good feeling about this so stay vigilant. Councilman out" he said before the hologram disappeared. The commander then turned to him and said "congrats Dr urtum. Welcome to my ship, you are now the chief science officer" she said holding her hand out to shake.
I'm happy to hear that I'm honestly just reacting and thinking on the spot lol
Good to know, how am I doing so far?
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