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Current warning: my Wi-Fi may go out soon if it happens I won't be able to post. To all those I rp with I ask four patience until Friday
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All those I rp with, I am in the direction of hurricane Irma, I won't be active for a while. Wish me luck and safety during thus hurricane season
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Just fyi to all my rp partners, I'm hitting the final leg in my summer classes. I'll be busy so I'll post when I can
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If someone needs a few evolution trees for a RE: monster rp then just look in my album for some I created with a friend
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my life has really been a struggle lately. the homework keeps me busy every weekend just so I can keep up. This college work will be the death of me. please don't hate me for being slow, thanks


hey its jangel13 here, been here a while and I do allot of rp types but I like to join those that have developing powers and character depth. I'm an idea guy and can come up with ant great rp idea with only a little bit of effort but putting it to work in practice is where I have trouble so I usually have a Co gm to help with that. If you remember nothing else about me then remember this: jangel13 never gives up an rp once he starts! I am loyal to the rp and never give up unless the GM does first!

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She sighed but smiled as he said that if the doctor had arms he would be helpful. She then said "hope you still feel that way once you work with him" she said as she put the holographic notpad away in her pocket before she started walking and led them to the elevator. She then asked "what can you tell me about your supervisor? I want any knowledge you may have as well as your personal opinion of your handler so to speak."
The commander nodded in thanks to Alis and was able to look through a few files before the scientist came in saying that the talk with his supervisor was a strange one and he needed a lab. She then nodded and said "fair enough though I will warn you now that we only have minimal facilities. The other science officer we have is our chief medical officer Baukus Chandra. He won't be much help I'm afraid, the man can stitch your head back together and have you solving quiz shows in an hour but his skill in science barely qualifies" she said with a sigh. She has the best cutman in the Galaxy but he is a dimwit when it comes to figuring out things. He then said "if you want I can come take you down there where he is no doubt in our lab slash medical office. Besides I'd like to talk to you more about your conversation if you don't mind"
The commander nodded as the doctor said he would leave his ai to do the talking which only got confirmed when she said she was an AI. The commander then said "very good, for now I want you to forward all the information you have on your operation. If it consolidates with what Intel we were told then we will be able to confirm our suspicions. Ortega see to it that you write a report of what happened down there." She said and Angelo nodded and said "yes ma'am I will be in my room writting my report, I'll send it via omitool" he informed as he went to the elevator.

Angelo went down to the third level of the ship where the crews quarters were. He got himself a nice window room next to the lounge. He sat in his chair while his armory was behind him and started to use his computer to write the report.
The commander looked at the hologram as it presented itself and was a bit confused wondering if it was an AI or if it was just a VI though she was glad that either way the promise to keep the rotting flesh where it belongs was reassuring. When the salarian asked about the Intel she simply said "the latter in this case. As for communication you can go to the com room. It's right behind that door and to your right. You can't miss it" she said with a nod.

FYI his name isn't Argo it's Argos with an S so you need to say Argos' when referring to something he owns. Just wanted to clear that up
Merry Christmas and a Happy New year to you all! :D

Argos watched as the new goblin came inside and apologized for intruding on him like this. He shrugged and said ""Dont worry about it. Honestly I was wondering if I would alone with these trolls for a while. So who are you and where is your tribe?" he asked knowing that a lone goblin meant one of two things. First that they were confident enough in their abilities to fight alone, which if he guessed from the way he talked that was unlikely. Secondly that they were separated from their tribe or hunting party. He hoped it was the former.

The goblin soon left the area taking note of his surroundings while the bear didnt notice him in particular it did look up as it sniffed the air for the poison he was carrying. Clearly its sense of smell was strong and would detect him if he wasnt careful. When the poison was out of its scent range it went back to drinking and gathering fish for its meal.

As the goblin left to hunt he soon saw a rabbit that was out of the area from its mate. It was gathering a few berries to grab for him and his mate. He was a large rabbit but that was because he was nice and fat from slumber. The area around him was filled with open space and as a result he had less of a chance to sneak up to the fat male unless he took the time to go around and stay in the bushes.


Grandpa simply smiled at her as she hugged him and he hugged her back patting her back lightly as she thanked him. When she thought about what form she should take he sighed and thought for a moment putting his hand under his chin as he thought it through. He then said "Hard to say young one. You have been praising the goddess of death after all but you wouldnt look good a skeleton. Maybe you should try becoming a beast that thrives at night rather then a skeleton" he said with a shrug.


Argos was ordering the remaining trolls in the cave to do some manual labor mainly in cleaing up the place. He planned to make this his cave even if he was to do so with no other help. He soon heard however the voice of another goblin. One that was scrawny and looked weak. He sighed softly before he got up from a piece of rock he had been using a chair to order the trolls. He put his hands on his hips and he looked over at him and said "well are you going to come in or not? obviously you were looking for help" he said simply deciding that if nothing else he would help him get back up to strength.


The skull simply grinned or rather he felt that the skull was trying to do so since it didn't have a mouth to make facial expressions anymore. "I will keep that in mind. If you do have to use me just make sure its for an emergancy, I cant help you if im not around after all. As for what you can call me... I think when I was alive my name was.... Ah! My name was gobta" The skull said glad to have a proper view again and when it was brought outside it sighed happily "been to long since ive seen sunlight! It said happily.


The child simply smirked a bit before it shook its back and a green apple covered in vines came from its tree. It landed in front of him he then explained "While you didn't do much you did keep the spirit busy while I recovered I can at least pay back the favor. This fruit if given to another bear will allow them to be your follower. I would reccomend finding a young one rather then an adult though. They will constantly look at you as a tastey snack if you tried. Offer it to a cub and they will see you as their father"

Hobgoblin arch gained: Unique item= fruit of the earth bear. When given to a cub will allow the cub to be a pet and follow the giver like a father.


The little rabbit followed its master without question as the goblin went out on a joureny all on its own. It would take hours before they would see even a spark of civilization and when she did she would see far to the west away from her brothers and sisters a dirt road that looked like it was well used. Maybe by a caravan or simply a farmer tending the fields she knew that if she was to get anywhere she would need to be extra cautious...
By all means pick a role and make your cs
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