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5 mos ago
Current warning: my Wi-Fi may go out soon if it happens I won't be able to post. To all those I rp with I ask four patience until Friday
10 mos ago
All those I rp with, I am in the direction of hurricane Irma, I won't be active for a while. Wish me luck and safety during thus hurricane season
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12 mos ago
Just fyi to all my rp partners, I'm hitting the final leg in my summer classes. I'll be busy so I'll post when I can
1 yr ago
If someone needs a few evolution trees for a RE: monster rp then just look in my album for some I created with a friend
2 yrs ago
my life has really been a struggle lately. the homework keeps me busy every weekend just so I can keep up. This college work will be the death of me. please don't hate me for being slow, thanks


hey its jangel13 here, been here a while and I do allot of rp types but I like to join those that have developing powers and character depth. I'm an idea guy and can come up with ant great rp idea with only a little bit of effort but putting it to work in practice is where I have trouble so I usually have a Co gm to help with that. If you remember nothing else about me then remember this: jangel13 never gives up an rp once he starts! I am loyal to the rp and never give up unless the GM does first!

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@demonspade64 sorry if it confused you but yes you are stuck by spider webbing. I just tried to describe how the spider did so which apparently wasn't that good.


Oh no he has been taking computer issues it's all :) wild idea a very active player after all he is the co gm :)


Nah think at least two miles. You can notice something is up with the whole water moving bit but you won't know what it means and just think it's a fish. I would not give a goblin a shot at something that dangerous

If you want, you could explain how you feel being captured and all

If you want I guess...


Simple items like rocks and sticks you can find without my input. Its if you were looking into a chest or walking into a cave that i would need to step in.

Butt, that's why it didn't notice barth attack

What do you mean facade?

Nope didn't you see the mention? She is our newest member :)


Yeah you have to at least support the followers of shirila to devote yourself to her son.

Wait your just making an axe though, how do you suppose I reply to that?

Shit, give me a minute. My bad man
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