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7 mos ago
Current warning: my Wi-Fi may go out soon if it happens I won't be able to post. To all those I rp with I ask four patience until Friday
1 yr ago
All those I rp with, I am in the direction of hurricane Irma, I won't be active for a while. Wish me luck and safety during thus hurricane season
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1 yr ago
Just fyi to all my rp partners, I'm hitting the final leg in my summer classes. I'll be busy so I'll post when I can
1 yr ago
If someone needs a few evolution trees for a RE: monster rp then just look in my album for some I created with a friend
2 yrs ago
my life has really been a struggle lately. the homework keeps me busy every weekend just so I can keep up. This college work will be the death of me. please don't hate me for being slow, thanks


hey its jangel13 here, been here a while and I do allot of rp types but I like to join those that have developing powers and character depth. I'm an idea guy and can come up with ant great rp idea with only a little bit of effort but putting it to work in practice is where I have trouble so I usually have a Co gm to help with that. If you remember nothing else about me then remember this: jangel13 never gives up an rp once he starts! I am loyal to the rp and never give up unless the GM does first!

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Yeah today was bittersweet, I honestly hoped to celebrate but how could I when I'm being evicted.
Good news bad news guys: good news I passed my licensing exam, I am now licensed to sell life insurance in Florida!
Bad news: I'm being evicted and I have to leave by this Wednesday

Sorry I've been dark but I've been in training for my life insurance license. If you will allow me I'll send you my character description because having a collar picture of all of us would be beautiful and one I plan to keep

Yeah he is in a cage by the alphas "throne" so to speak. Only goblin heads are around his neck. Or rather the skulls of goblins
Seems like their is always a hurricane to worry about

Yes however because the target is still alive you only gain partial power. Think of it like you only eating one piece of a large candy bar
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The goblins had to work to take down the alpha ogre. This needed to be done efficiently by all the goblins there and if nothing else at least their plans were working to good effect. The troll was able to smash his club against Zats shield and even with the living armor protecting his body the shock rattled him completely his vision blurring as if a grenade was blown right next to him. However, his shield and body stood firm and it simply annoyed the ogre more since the little goblin wasn't crushed by his attack. Before he could try and attack even harder he growled loudly as the webbing covered his legs causing some mild pain. Then without warning, he felt his leg get cut off when another goblin with a sword attack him making him howl loudly. He swung his club to make the goblin with the sword go away as he limped himself onto his only good leg. They soon saw his body bulk up as he got enraged before a loud howl echoed through the cave making the other ogres back away knowing this wouldn't end well.

However one of the ogres soon started to shrink unexpectedly his body started to go pale and wither and that was because Gird had gotten behind the ogre and his soul was being eaten. It had no particular taste, however, the way it went down was sublime like an airy dessert. It only took moments before what was left of the ogre was barely anything but skin and bones.


The goblin was waiting and knew that what was coming wouldn't be something he could kill. It was strength beyond reasoning and the air started to grow hot and it felt like he was breathing in pure fire and that if he took to deep a breath his very lungs would burn up from the inside out. Ash and fire came closer and closer before they finally saw what had injured the child so:

The being came closer and simply burned the ground that it passed. It growled as it moved ominously closer to the child...
FYI guys i am doing online training right now, ill get a post up on sunday, thanks for your patience
Thanks and yeah honestly it is but it so worth it seeing how your characters drive the story lol
Thanks for your patience everyone, truly
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