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2 mos ago
Current warning: my Wi-Fi may go out soon if it happens I won't be able to post. To all those I rp with I ask four patience until Friday
8 mos ago
All those I rp with, I am in the direction of hurricane Irma, I won't be active for a while. Wish me luck and safety during thus hurricane season
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9 mos ago
Just fyi to all my rp partners, I'm hitting the final leg in my summer classes. I'll be busy so I'll post when I can
10 mos ago
If someone needs a few evolution trees for a RE: monster rp then just look in my album for some I created with a friend
2 yrs ago
my life has really been a struggle lately. the homework keeps me busy every weekend just so I can keep up. This college work will be the death of me. please don't hate me for being slow, thanks


hey its jangel13 here, been here a while and I do allot of rp types but I like to join those that have developing powers and character depth. I'm an idea guy and can come up with ant great rp idea with only a little bit of effort but putting it to work in practice is where I have trouble so I usually have a Co gm to help with that. If you remember nothing else about me then remember this: jangel13 never gives up an rp once he starts! I am loyal to the rp and never give up unless the GM does first!

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Thanks I appreciate it

I'll allow it but for the future please refrain from that. Fact is I don't want the rp to be shut down for it being inappropriate in a casual rp

"I cut into the rabbit taking out the meat and separating bone"
"I cut the stomach pulling out intestines and the bile starts to spill out"

That help?
@Crusader Lord

Alright I'll just name a few off the top of my head.

    *Enhanced speed: was once an Olympic runner
    *better aim with thrown weapons: an Olympic archer
    *connection to divine: was once an priest
    *slight of hand: a thief/ hustler
    *hunters instinct: was once a professional hunter

Got it now?

Hmm not sure since thus brings up the old proverb: if a tree falls and nobody is around to hear it does it make a sound?

I'm just going to say your character heard a very loud crunch like sound
@Crusader Lord

Not at all, did you want me to provide you with examples?


Not very but the sickening crunch of the alpha spine breaking would be very loud and would carry depending on how far you are from them
@Crusader Lord

Gifts are varied and can be many things. So long as they aren't op from the start and is a talent you can develop will be allowed. Want to make items easier, go for it. Want to have inherit sex appeal to seduce enemies, by all means. If you want to know magic right off the bat, big fat X. Talents that you would have developed from your previous life will translate into your goblin, does that make sense?
@Crusader Lord

Glad it caught your interest and yes this has been rebooted several times. The current evolution trees are available on my page. Just go to my images and you will see them but those are just ones I already had from the last reboot, depending on how everyone behaves ill make new trees.

Sorry thought you wanted to make another post, well go for it

The fall-

The two goblins got into position and when the fell down the alphas had no idea. Thanks to goblin luz pinpoint accuracy and the height from which she dropped the strike was perfectly aimed and she soon heard the sickening crunch from the broken spine where she strike directly. The rabbits spine snapped and it was an instant kill. When gird dropped from the other branch with his spear he used good aim but didn't get the same crunch like luz instead he pierced the rabbits body but it wasn't a fatal blow. However he strike an artery which cause the alpha to loose a lot of blood fairly quickly. He could easily wait or finish it off but he killed the other alpha. Of course when the female saw what happened it didn't stick around it hopped away as fast as its leg could take her. The goblins had two alphas though so it was more then worth the loss of a single rabbit.

Goblin gird learned bloody strike: this goblin has learned to find the most vulnerable part of its prey and strike to cause massive bleeding damage. Warning: iffenfective against inanimate objects or undead
Goblin luz obtained pinpoint strike (level 2): this goblin has used pinpoint strike enough that now she is able to aim the strike from a distance. Even throwing a rock while using the skill will cause the same massive damage as close range strikes


A first hunt-

The rabbit was bleeding and knew all it could do was fight off is attacker in the hopes of being free. It watched as the goblin took position but it had no choice. The rabbit charged forward hoping to scare the goblin into running but it wasn't so lucky. It was quickly killed when the spear pierced its hide once more this time ending it. The goblin competed its first hunt

Goblin Ren learned defensive stike: this goblin has learned that the best offence is a good defence. This goblin is able to take a defensive posture and still make a powerful strike either in the hopes of killing said opponent or to run away easier.
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