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Just fyi to all my rp partners, I'm hitting the final leg in my summer classes. I'll be busy so I'll post when I can
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If someone needs a few evolution trees for a RE: monster rp then just look in my album for some I created with a friend


hey its jangel13 here, been here a while and I do allot of rp types but I like to join those that have developing powers and character depth. I'm an idea guy and can come up with ant great rp idea with only a little bit of effort but putting it to work in practice is where I have trouble so I usually have a Co gm to help with that. If you remember nothing else about me then remember this: jangel13 never gives up an rp once he starts! I am loyal to the rp and never give up unless the GM does first!

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Yeah I did love the rp but I've hit my limit with it. I have other things to focus on and I simply can't be a gm at the moment. I will help if asked but that is the extent of my involvement in yet another attempt at this rp.
Yes I have neither the time or will to try and revive a dead rp for the 4th time. I am back in college and simply don't have the time to lead a new group rp. If someone else makes one and wishes to use the evolution paths I made I will gladly join, I am just done with being in charge and failing
Ice tried making this work 3 times of someone else wants to give it a try I'll happily help
Awesome then pm me so we can discuss
6 Months later

During the 6 months that passed the Mahre have taken leaps and bounds from where they started. Already they had worked and completed one of their goals in joining the greater galaxy. They had discovered that their was another planet with a mother much like their own. This knowledge sparked imagination and hope to their people. They weren't alone and more importantly their mother wasn't alone either. Their scientists had a revolution over night and started to take interest in space faring and exploration almost as much as their common workers. The commoners had to get to work and start creating more space faring vessels though they wouldn't be used for warfare but exploration. If their own planet wasn't alone in having its mother then what about others, did they have people much like The Mahre or was it only them that had the rare opportunity to become one with their mother and if so why.

They had one of the speakers go and relay the information to their mother. She was deep in the forests at the center of this world and only one was sent to speak to her for it was all that would be needed. She spoke to the mother and informed her of what they had done so far and to say their mother was proud would be and understatement. The world itself almost shook with laughter as much as the goddess was laughing herself as she seemed so happy to see her children exploring and finding others for her sake. She thanked the messenger and kissed her cheek before she stroked her hair gently with her vine like hands that felt smooth to the touch. She urged her children to explore and learn but to not forget their roots. They were her children and she wanted them to not forget of how they became her children all those years ago and to not make the same mistakes. The speaker understood and left her after they talked more and she informed the collective to keep exploring but to remember that technology was nearly brought them ruin when they first came here and to remember that their power came from their mother and their home. With that they continued to work and help out the different nations that they had already contacted and joining alliances with the other nations so they may continue exploring.

The Mahre took no part in the fight that had occurred during the 6 month period for they had no dog in the fight. To ask them to fight as they are just crawling onto the world stage would be ridiculous however they made note to not make the same mistakes.
@Angel Vicky

I'm happy to hear that I was a big fan of black flag myself and I odyssey as well. If you would like to work on making a story together then please pm me so we can discuss
I had recently been watching a few things on YouTube as we all often tend to do at least one in a while. As a result I had gotten to thinking about an idea I tried once upon a time but never really got to try. I am talking of course of assassin's Creed the game series. The series as a whole is amazing on its own conspiracy, right and wrong, control vs freedom, authority vs rebellion. As a whole it is still amazing. So I wanted to see if anyone would be interested in working on an idea for two oc and their entanglement in this world of assassin's and templars.

I will point out that I only do oc and I don't plan on involving ezio or any of his descendants this is our adventure so let's make it our own. We will just use the universe and we can work together to come up with something we will both enjoy.

So long and short of it I'm looking for someone to play the female role in this rp. I don't like gender stereotypes after all the hero is decided by their character not their gender.

Now if your interested in making our own adventure then here are my only rules:
Must be over 18
Must provide at least a paragraph of writing, quantity isn't as important as quality.
Must be okay with romantic and sensual scenes
Talk to me, if you don't like something let me know and we can work it out.
Have fun :)

Pm if I caught your interest

The usual ECU quarters wouldn’t be fit for this. Chaos is in the air, and the newcomers- if they’re observant at all- would feel it. Abadi led the Mahre ambassadors into the holo-suite, instead.

Based on the scans of their ships and the info leaked from other nations, the Collective should appreciate this. The holo-suite doors open to reveal a holographically created illusion of a forest clearing, rich in green and brown, filled with life all about. But curiously, a wood table sits right in the middle of it, with exactly the right number of seats for the delegation.

“Please, take any chair,” Abadi says. The table is round, so that nobody will sit at the head position. “The place you’re in now is not real, of course. But it should work for our talks. I hope you don’t mind that my compatriot here prefers to stand.” She nodded to a protector, her official security guard. He wore a brown suit, and she wore a long green dress: they were both trying to fit the assigned color theme.

Zephina and Richard had been contacted by another race shortly after their talks with the undefeated and they were glad that the other nations were willing to talk to them. She had soon followed after the message that she would be pleased to meet them. When they met with the representative she could sense a feeling of anxiousness in them although why that is she didn’t know. They were soon lead to a place they called a holo-suite. When they walked in she had Richard her translator as well as a single guard of her own, the same from her previous meeting striking an imposing figure. When the room suddenly changed they were surprised and half expected a fight as they got into a fighting stance Richard in front of Zephina and the guard putting his hands up as if ready to box. When they soon got treated to the sight of a forest they calmed down and instead looked around curiously. They didn’t realize that they could create a forest out of nowhere like this.

It was pleasant and they didn’t snap out of it until she said to take a seat. Zephina then responded and said “Only if you don’t mind that mine does the same” she said referring to her own guard as she and Richard sat down at the table. She then said “It is a pleasure to meet you in person. I am glad we are quickly meeting other races. Is there anything you would like to discuss with us?”

Abadi sat down opposite of Zephina. She hasn’t slept in two days, but manages to smile anyway- an instinct that months as an interstellar diplomat has forced on her. “Oh, many things, I’m sure…” she ticked through her infopad, skimming bullet-points notes of possible topics, but stopped and frowned a little when she saw one. “Here, there’s something we should get out-of-the-way first. I hear your nation has gone deep into ‘genetic modification?’ Tell me about that.” The ECU was still deeply hostile to any change in the human form.

Zephina was given another translation and was asked the question by Richard. After a few notes she spoke to him, he nodded and Zephina left it up to him to answer. Richard then started to explain “Madam Zephina has given me permission to speak to you as our head of genetic research. I am the lead scientist and as such my words carry enough weight without her needing to vouch for me. Our world was incredibly hostile towards us to a degree that we never thought possible and it wasn’t until a child who we now call the first flower showed us how to live in harmony with our surroundings. We banned all cybernetics, removing them from our history after that point. Since then me and my team have learned how to harness the planet's power into our own makeup. We don’t look like your baseline humans; however our DNA, the DNA of all humanity reveals our greatest strength, our ability to adapt to any environment. After centuries of research our bodies are tougher, stronger, faster, then any baseline human and it was through coexistence that we achieved this. The creed of every geneticist on our planet is Adaptation over domination while we have changed our bodies to be able to handle any extreme from toxins to lethal bites and anything nature can throw at us, we are still at our core human. Even if our forms don’t reflect that we still have our humanity and everything that makes us the same from the rest. Has that answered your question?”

Abadi nodded, slowly, seeming a little reluctant. There was one bright spot: they refused cybernetics. Once-upon-a-time, the ECU would have hated genetic modifications far more than they did cyborgs. But since the war with the Zetans, opinions have changed, and the image of the cyborg has become the go-to villain for all New Hollywood drama. Mutants seem better by comparison. Maybe that’s a selling point? She can see herself now, talking to the Savant: “Look, yes, they’re horrifying mutants. But they’re not cyborg horrifying mutants!” It probably wouldn’t work.

The protector beside her moved a little uneasily, twitching; almost like he wanted to reach for his weapon. Abadi reached over and rested a hand on his arm. Calm down.

“You’ll have to forgive my security,” she says, to Zephina and Richard. “He’s feeling a little nervous. You see, my people have long feared genetic mutations. Our homeworld, New Hollywood, has a problem with radiation, and that’s caused many generations of concern that it could damage our DNA. We consider human DNA to be precious, so we do not change it. But-” she thought for the right way to phrase this “-since coming here, to the Meeting Place, we have encountered many kinds of life. Mutants, apes who talk, aliens…” her voice trailed off for a second. “I think, perhaps, it is time for us in the ECU to learn to be more open to others.”

Richard listened as they spoke, seeing that their guard was on edge, they looked ready to step in if necessary but the motion to calm their aid made Richard and the escort calm down a bit. It seemed they were not exactly happy that they were mutants as they put it. Soon she mentioned their home and how they had radiation along with the fact that the baseline human DNA is precious while Richard agreed on a scientific standpoint the problem was that they could adapt the wrong way to an environment. Case in point radiation would warp human DNA negatively though how negatively it depends on the person and the amount of exposure, humans by themselves are weak. They then talked about how they should be more open to others and he said “Xenophobia doesn’t help, especially if you're seeking aid. I hope that we can prove that being open is a good thing rather than a negative thing.” He said as he took a breath to calm down wondering what made them dislike their kind so when they haven’t even met yet. To judge someone based on appearance was not something they practiced, at least not on such a stage. Yes there is the idea of someone looking pretty and being attracted to them but for them it was much different. He then said “Since you mentioned it, if there is such a problem in your home that deals with radiation I know me and my team of geneticists would be happy to look into it for you. We could even find a way to make the radiation a benefit rather than a detriment” He offered making sure not to go into detail that they could manipulate their DNA into harnessing the radiation positively since they seemed so against genetic tampering.

Abadi scratched her chin, letting her hand off the protector’s arm. “We could not allow any modifications to our own bodies. But you bring up an interesting point: are your people already resistant to radiation? There are certain ‘hot spots’ on New Hollywood. That is, areas where the radiation is particularly bad, and we’ve been unable to explore. Certain teams from the Mahre Collective- properly vetted, of course- might be welcome to them.”

Richard listened as she spoke and asked about if they were resistant to radiation already. He then said "we are already resistant to radiation however it depends on the kind of radiation that is causing it. Not to mention we would need time to adapt to it. We could certainly go to these hot spots and we would be able to set up shop there. We can create a barrier zone if you will while we study the radiation and create a way for us to nullify it, maybe even going so far as to thrive on it given enough time. What would you like?"

Abadi nodded. “Yes, I think I can grant you formal permission to visit these spots and propose solutions. If I may, I would suggest that you keep any observations focused on removing the radiation itself, rather than modifying us to resist it- my government would be closed to such recommendations. Some of these areas have hardly been seen by human eyes before- please share what you find with us.” Without saying it out loud, Abadi knew this was the real benefit of letting the Mahre visit these areas. New Hollywood would never accept modifications. But simply to send in some people, who were already mutants, to scout out radiated areas? That just might be accepted.

“Now,” she said, “what could my government offer as repayment?”

They listened and after hearing that they wanted to get rid of the radiation rather than adapt to it made Richard pause. They could of course figure out the cause but if they were opposed to modifying their own bodies then they couldn't promise to get rid of the radiation after all it could be something that is natural to the planet to produce. If that was the case then they would be against helping them destroy their own planet's unique ecosystem. Still they had no right to judge whether they should or shouldn't coexist with their own planet much like they couldn't do so against them. Soon enough he mentioned what they would like in return and this time Richard had to turn to zephina and asked what they would want from them in return for taking a look after explaining that their problem might be because it's simply a part of their planet.

She then said "in exchange for us discovering the source of your radiation zones. We would like to set up trade for minerals or material goods your planet can craft. Our planet isn't able to create factory items for example nor do we have the knowledge to create this very room we are standing in. We would simply ask for trade goods if that's acceptable"

The ECU rep nodded. “Yes, I believe we can share mineral resources. We have many alloys and metals. It should work nicely.”

“Then I believe we are finished here. We shall be in contact with you shortly about the finer details. Thank you for seeing us” Zephina said to him before they all got up and gave him a bow before they left and went to go and set things up.
Meeting between the Mahre Collective and the Undefeated@Raylah

Commander Jim Harlowe was waiting in the docks to receive the delegation from the Mahre collective, nervous about the first big negotiation he was about to lead on his own. He went through all the data Julianna compiled for him - results from various sensors, scans, and cameras. The ships truly were a magnificent sight, hovering peacefully near the Meeting Place, their body parts, if you could call it that way, constantly moving ever so slightly.

When the visitors arrived, Jim had to focus on maintaining a neutral expression. The two people from the recording were already exotic enough, but the third one they brought along, no doubt as a display of strength, was something totally different. Jim wondered whether such a thing could still be called a human but wasn’t so stupid to let such a feeling show on the outside.

He was standing there all alone and even though he was slightly taller than the green-haired woman, he felt small and defenceless. Maybe he should have brought some guards along after all? No. Sometimes the best display of strength is to not show any sign of fear or insecurity even in a potentially dangerous situation.

“Please, allow me to welcome you to the Meeting Place,” he greeted them with a smile, speaking to the woman who seemed to be the leader of the delegation, even though he knew she wouldn’t understand him and would have to wait for a translation. “I’m Commander Jim Harlowe, representative of the Undefeated nation of the planet Ellara. If you please follow me, we have designated a room where we can talk in private.”

Soon enough they would find themselves in a docking station nearby and would be met with a single individual. who would greet them. Zephina had to admit it was strange to find someone that looked like the ancient humans did before but he seemed to be in military garb. The question was why and if this was just standard for all their leaders to wear. Zephina had to admit that it was impressive that the human male didn’t flinch even though the third she brought with him was no doubt an intimidating sight. Seems she would need to be careful with them, if they didn’t think that one of their warriors was intimidating then it meant they had better training then she realized.

After he spoke Richard translated for her before she spoke to him again and he said “Thank you for welcoming us. As you know I am Zephina, my associate next to me who will translate for us is Richard. This one to my left is Zephyr, one of the warriors in our escort ships. Forgive us if this seemed rude to bring along protection to negotiations.” she said since it was only logical that one bring some semblance of protection to meet an unknown race since they didn’t have firearms a warrior was the next best thing. Neither Zephina or Richard were trained for combat Richard might be able to hold his own but that was it. Zephina bowed to him a bit before they all followed him to where they would have their meeting.

“It is absolutely understandable that you feel the need to protect yourselves in an unknown place, meeting with unknown people whom you have no reason to trust.” Jim eyed the silent warrior while they were walking through the hallways, wondering how strong the creature might be. Obviously, he would stand no chance against it unarmed as he was right now. But he worried that even if he was wearing his exoskeleton, the chances would be even at best. The thing looked way stronger than a regular Screecher, in fact it looked strong enough to bring down trees with a couple of punches. At least the guard wasn’t carrying any weapons, or at least not any visible ones.

Jim took them to the meeting room, realising just how bland and inhospitable the simple room must look to these people who seemed to be in a strange deep connection with the nature of their planet. “I know our name and appearances might come off as militaristic or even admonitory, but I assure you we pose no threat to you and your people. Just like you we have no ambition to dominate the galaxy. But just like yours, our world wasn’t very hospitable, causing us to live in a constant struggle to survive and keep our nation from being destroyed.”

Zephina smiled as he said that it was understandable to be protective of themselves in an unknown place. She was glad that they didn’t see her bringing a warrior as a threat as they were walking towards the meeting area. When they got there they saw how bland it seemed compared to their own home but then again anything without enough plant life would seem bland to them. He then explained that his people came off as militaristic but like them they didn’t seek to conquer the galaxy which was a load off their minds. The last thing her people wanted was war after their first attempt at seeking out their roots. He then explained that their planet was hostile as well which Zephina couldn’t help but be interested in hearing mainly because it was another planet that seemed inhospitable which meant that they may even be able to help them out.

She then nodded before she signaled Richard and he nodded giving her the sealed box before Zephina started to once again speak and Richard translated “We are sad to hear that you had similar difficulties in your planet. However before we begin talking in earnest I wanted to present you with this. This is a native plant from our home world. This is not a poison plant but we thought it best to keep it sealed. It produces a fragrance that is meant to help relax the body and help with sleep. We believed that in seeing new people it is best to offer a gift in the hopes of earnest goodwill and cooperation” She said with a smile handing him the see through box that looked to made of a glass like substance that revealed inside a purple and blue potted plant that looked like the old world nightshade but it was seen even through the glass that its flower tips were producing said fragrance.

Once they had given their gift Zephina and Richard took a seat in some chairs nearby in order to get comfortable while the guard took his stance at the doorway. Zephina then said “I would love to hear more about your planet. We are taking a vested interest in inhospitable planets like our own. If possible we would love to work with you to see if anything could be done about it” she said with a bow.

Jim accepted the gift, carefully holding the glass-like container in his hands. The plant looked beautiful, but despite Zephira’s assurance it was harmless he certainly wasn’t going to open it outside a controlled environment in a laboratory. You can never be too safe with alien wildlife, every person on Ellara knew as much. Even an innocent plant can kill you in a hundred different ways.

“Thank you very much for this gift,” he smiled at Zephira, bowing his head in respect and setting the plant on the table. At least something was pretty in the room now. We should really get some decorations around, he thought. He wasn’t exactly sure what he could offer to the guests in return, exchanging potted plants and gardening tips wasn’t really his strong side, so he settled for fetching a bowl with a selection of Ellarian fruits. “I’m afraid I don’t have anything nearly as beautiful and useful to offer you as a gift in return, but perhaps you would like a sample of the fruit we grow on our planet? There are some kinds that are native to our planet.”

Jim was taken aback by their offer to help the Undefeated with their ‘inhospitable’ homeworld. He was fairly certain that turning the entire population into some kind of strange hybrids to fit the environment on Ellara better was not a solution the High Command would be thrilled about. “I’m afraid that there isn’t much you could do in regards to our planet. The main cause of its inhospitality are the aggressive natives, primitive alien tribes that keep attacking our people. Yes, we have had diseases and problems with both fauna and flora, but we have worked through all that using science and determination."

Zephina smiled as the plant was taken and he thanked her for the gift which only made her nod glad that he seemed to like it. Soon she was given some fruits from their home planet and mentioned that it was grown from their world. She made sure to give one to Richard first since he had a stronger digestive system he could tell if something would be harmful to her. Once he took a bite with his razor sharp teeth leaving a noticeable hole in the fruit and tasting it he nodded to Zephina. She then took a bite herself and nodded at the taste. It seemed fairly sweet, nothing like their own fruits that were in the extremes of flavor but it was tasty nonetheless.

She then listened as he explained that the problem they were having was more because of aggressive natives rather than the environment trying to kill them like their planet did in the beginning. She then thought for a moment before saying “then would you prefer us to help by helping your people with a different issue? I am afraid that our greatest skill is adaptation to its extreme, our scientists, as Richard could attest, are able to manipulate our bodies to suit any environment. Maybe there's a certain material or mineral you are trying to access but are unable to reach because of where it is? Our people are explorers at heart and wish to expand our influence to worlds with harsh environments that most wouldn’t wish to live in, so in theory if we worked together we could mine said material you would like. In exchange for your protection and permission we could mine the resources and send you the majority of it in exchange” she said, giving her first offer of the table. Their greatest skill was as she said adaptation so anywhere they can’t go is somewhere they can. That’s what she hoped to get across to the man. They were invaluable despite not being as strong as their guard made them out to be.

Jim was surprised at how determined the Mahre collective was to assist them with something. And after all, why shouldn't they accept it? A foreign presence on Ellara would be problematic, but they weren't asking to settle in the middle of a populated area. On the contrary, they wanted to explore the most inhospitable and dangerous areas of the planet and Jim already had one such spot in mind. The Undefeated had barely anything to lose from this and a lot to gain. The mined minerals, while they could prove useful, were circumstantial. The main idea was establishing a good relationship with a new nation and opening a way to a potential new alliance.

"I would have to take this to my superiors," Jim started carefully, "but I think we can come to an agreement. There is a large area on our main continent that is basically a volcanic wasteland. The air is hot and filled with toxic fumes, the ground unstable. According to our scans, there might be some mineral deposits that could prove useful to us, but the threat to our people was always too big to outweigh the potential gains. If such an environment interests you and would like to explore it, I could suggest it to the High Command. There would have to be some strict security measures though, I'm afraid my people aren't very keen on having strangers move freely around our planet. I'm sure you can understand such caution."

Zephina listened as the man seemed surprised by their offer to help but the truth was they wanted to explore and find other worlds with harsh environments that others can’t manage. It would be another step in discovering their own abilities. He then mentioned talking to his superiors which made her curious since she didn’t know she was dealing with someone that couldn’t make such a deal happen. He then explained that they had a place that they couldn’t traverse themselves but had minerals that were valuable to them. Volcanic wasteland and toxic fumes as well, the toxins wouldn’t be an issue as their own bodies were already hard wired to handle all forms of deadly toxins but the heat would be something interesting. After a few moments listening Zephina thought for a few moments thinking about what this would mean to those back home and if it was a good plan.

After a few moments of thought she opened her eyes and nodded with a smile saying “Of course, we would be grateful to be given the chance to study and provide a stream of resources. We would only ask that in such a land we could make an outpost for our scientists to study the environment as well as provide the miners and traders that would give you said resources. You will of course have a majority of what is mined there and we will conform to whatever security measures you deem necessary so long as they don’t interfere with the study or the mining we would provide. I am glad we could come to an arrangement and I hope to speak to your superiors so we could put this all into writing of course”

Great, his very first diplomatic meeting and he was already making friends. Jim was quite proud of himself, even though it hardly took any effort on his side. “I’m sure we can work out the numbers later. I am authorized to make trade and basic diplomatic agreements, but a foreign presence in our territory has to be sanctified by our leader, the Grand General Oscar Pawlowski and the rest of our command. But since you are requesting to explore a very secluded area far from our settlements and are willing to conform to our security measures, I’d consider it just a formality,” Jim smiled. Of course the Grand General might still put a stop to it, but honestly Jim didn’t see any reason why he would do such a thing. “I have to say I’m very happy our meeting has proven so fruitful. If you don’t have anything else to discuss, I will have you safely escorted to your ship while I inform the High Command of our agreement, so we can get things moving as soon as possible.”

She gave a nod as he talked about how they would work out everything later and that he was only sanctioned for certain acts. Since they want to come planetside they understood the need to go to a higher power in this regard. She also learned that they fall under someone they call the grand general which was good information for later. As he said they had nothing more to discuss she stood up and she bowed along with Ricard and said “I believe that is everything we need to discuss. Thank you for being the first ones to welcome us here. We hope this is a start of a long friendship. There is no need to escort us as we can find our own way back but thank you for the kind offer. Also the flower needs to be watered and place in sunlight or it will wither” she warned with a smile reminding him of their gift before she made a motion and both Richard and the guard left ending the meeting there.


summary: set up an agreement between the two nations where the nation of the undefeated would allow The collective to send scientists, traders, and miners, to a hostile volcanic and toxic sprewing area to mine for minerals in a 60/40 split in exchange for following the rules set by the undefeated and to only populate the inhospitable zone where they would mine as nothing more then an outpost with no real foothold
They had finished with their speech and had walked back to the ambassadors ship waiting to see if their words would gain a response. The ship itself while massive was meant to be a ship that allowed Zephina to be outside of the home world longer. Such a big piece of their original world kept her tethered to it longer in a sense. The did not need to wait long and would soon be contacted by another species which called themselves the undefeated which doesn't bode well if they were a warmongering species. Their kind didn't seek conquest of the stars and while they could defend their home planet better then any they couldn't really launch an offensive strong enough to take over a world. Zephina had to think about how they would meet them and how they should exude strength but not in a way that would be seen as hostile simply as them being able to defend themselves. She had decided to bring a guard with her one with impressive defensive capabilities in case things go south for them. Zephina called for an escort and one of their men came over. He was standing a good 6 feet tall with a tough bone exoskeleton and holes in his forearms where his bone blades could appear in an instant. He also had the stone skin mutation on him so just his outward appearance screamed that he wouldn't be brought down easily. A single guard armed with only his body and its mutations would surely set the stage for their negotiations as they called it.

Zephina had brought Richard and the guard and would soon find their way to the meeting place where the other race wanted to meet for negotiations. When they would be allowed in they would be treated to the sight of the beautiful Zephina the strange mutated Richard and the battle heavy and indominable warrior of their people. She had to ensure that they fulfilled their goal in learning more about another race and be given the permission to study more planets that are hostile like their own. If their planet had a hostile climate itself then maybe they would be able to trade resources and use their collectives impressive genetic engineering talents to help them in exchange for whatever they may be able to provide. If they were lucky they could gain their military support so as discourage more hostile races from hunting them down for sport or some other nonsense. They would be the first humans they met in ages so Zephina wanted to make a good impression. She had made sure to bring a gift of a flower from their planet. It wasn't one that would attack them on sight like most would. This was one that helped with sleep and gave a calming aroma in room if it was cold enough. She thought a gift would inspire cooperation between them.
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