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2 days ago
Current Aside from ending my shift more pissed off than I already was, I'm fine.
2 days ago
Ah yes. Just what I wanted at the end of a 12 hour shift. A head injury and having to spend an extra hour at work filing an incident report and getting examined by the onsite nurse.
6 days ago
This is why I don't give parenting advice.
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6 days ago
*sees parent trying to keep 1yo from walking into people while trying to keep own 2&4yos from doing the same* "Don't worry, it never gets easier." *realizes how that sounds 5 minutes later."
8 days ago
Off a 12 hour shift to take my 2 year old to the ER for (maybe) stitches. Then another 12 hour shift. Fun times.
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Hey look. I did a thing. I made a gallery with some of my stories and scenes. Feel free to stroll through the garden. I'll randomly be updating it with new sections.

If you're here, then thanks for looking. I periodically decide to edit and, sometimes even, bump my interest checks so feel free to check it out if you really want.
This one is my current interest check.
This one is my NSFW interest check. (Must be 18+ to play under this one.)

Short bit about me: As far as age goes, I'm in denial so I'm going to just say I'm over 21. I have three children, which includes 2 toddlers (just upgraded to a newer model for the youngest lol) that seem to have as many hands as an octopus has limbs. My work schedule is more consistent now, but at the same time just as chaotic (so no more rotating schedule, but still shifting hours to help cover my department's needs now that I'm an assistant manager) when matched to time dedicated to my family. But I'm more consistently on with my phone and can usually get a post a day out, so...little things.

Whether you're an old partner looking to reconnect/start something fresh, or someone I haven't been in contact with before but are interested, don't be scared to contact me. I don't bite (unless you want me to) and will certainly respond when I have the time.

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A water mage <.<' *cough*thatusedtobepartofDemon'sMaw*cough* >.>'

I know. But I already submitted a character. Lol
See, so I'd have more time than you. Lol. Being in the future helps.
@Kal-ElIf you turn it in at like 11:58pm on saturday, I will give you the irritated teacher look.

Not to play devil's advocate, but I do at work so it comes naturally...

Anywho! Time Zone listing may be helpful if you're judging by your 11:58pm angry teacher time. That EST is only 8:58 Pacific.
<Snipped quote by Sanguine Rose>

Ria : Was part of Demon's Maw
Ria : Was a SLAVE of Demon's Maw
Rashiku : .......... *less strong urge to stab...*

Oh believe me, if it gets out, I'm sure it'll be more complicated than that (and more time between "was part of Demon's Maw" and finding out it her choice.) But she doesn't talk about that to anyone.
Though where he'd get mad (assuming) at talk of the guild, she'd be saddened.

It'd be fun to have come up, though, 'cause all the kinda brooding or less social members her age are exactly who she'd want to hang out with. Like an annoyingly bubbly sister wanting to play. Lol Though she'd want to hang out with pretty much everyone. (Especially on Klaus's boat.)
I'm really excited. I can see Ria having a lot of interesting interactions with everyone posted so far.
No wonder why you taste like doom. ;D
Seriously, right?
How's Dis? :D

Omg. You're awesome❣ ❤❤❤❤❤

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