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I'm an adult with a family and responsibilities that take priority, as well as mental health issues that can cause me to not get on this site for periods of time. I'm getting better with balancing RP back into my life - as it really does help my mental state - so if you sent me a message, just know I will get back to you within a few days.

If you want to hear back from me sooner, you can shoot me a DM on discord - Sanguine Rose#8370 - and I'll likely respond within a few hours.

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Interactions: Nolan @hatakekuro, DM @Zarkun

"Sorry. Yes, I'll warn next time." The water mage looked a bit sheepish. But there was no time to really let the feeling sink in. the bloody things were moving. She couldn't get a good sight on them but she could hear the movements. The horse she was on stirred a bit restless but not because it was spooked. At least that was good.

Then they attacked. Too fast.

Ria threw a hand up toward the rushing Asterins. What should have been a blast of water was nothing. She swallowed, trying to keep her panic from showing. Okay, attacking wasn't an option yet. She'd have to try again later since others seemed to be handling three on their way.

She shook her hand then quickly jumped to her feet, seamlessly positioning her feet on the saddle like she'd done this a dozen times. The horse shifted nervously beneath her but she was used to that too. It wouldn't have been her first time on a panicked horse getting attacked. But she had to do something to help keep them safe. Direct attack wasn't an option, but a structure to keep them safe from overhead ambush?

Her fingers worked the intricate patterns she needed while she worked her hands together near her waist and wove strings of concentrated water together. At the same time the tornadoes of dark energy Nolan cast went out, she threw her hands up. "Water Make: Canopy."

Interactions: Adelyn @Lunarlord34, Kiba @Cello, Sergeant Monreu @Zarkun

Adelyn seemed confident, and Kiba was capable. Despite knowing the lightning mage was the weak link she still at least presented herself as more than capable, which made him wonder if she realized she was the weak link here or not. Maybe his initial assessment of her ability was drastically wrong. There was a first time for everything. They'd certainly find out soon enough though.

Like the girl said, it seemed pretty clear cut and like they had time to plan. Not that his plans would be vocalized before it was necessary. There was no planning without actually getting eyes on the situation. An exercise in trust it was. He didn't doubt his ability to obliterate the target if he could land a blow, but he liked the idea of the challenge of taking the beast in alive. It would prove far more valuable to understand the thing than if it was dead, but it also presented its own quagmire of dangers. Nothing worth learning came without risks, though.

But the matter, unfortunately as far as he saw it, wasn't quite settled. There was that nagging standard objective he was told to keep in mind any time he had to work jobs with others.

"Sergeant, my prime directive is to make sure everyone gets home alive. That includes you and your men. Do not draw any more attention to you than your task requires. I have no intentions of either of us failing our objectives."

Faye Wrexlyn

Okay. So step one was done. The engine hadn't been touched. Yet. That didn't mean it wasn't next on the list. AND! she finally new what she was dealing with. Tinkatinks weren't things she knew much more than the pokedex entry for, but they certainly looked pretty cool. The fact they were making things with metal was impressive too. Few pokemon she could think of were crafters like that. That meant they were strong. She needed something like that on her team.

But that was for a little later. Right now, she needed to get that engine safely from them.

The young trainer went back over to eevee waiting in front. Faye pulled out his pokeball and called him back. "Sorry, bud. I don't want to risk them hurting you or getting scared by you before we can work things out," she whispered to the confined pokemon. She didn't like putting him away but it was safer for him than being face to face with the business end of a mallet those tiny pink fairies were making.

She knelt and put her pack on the ground. After a bit of rummaging, she had found a few of her cans of food then slung the pack back onto her back. The trainer walked to the doorway, metal cans of food at hand, and stopped near the entrance but not in it. She made sure she had the ability to dodge if one of the not so good hammers came her way. Then cleared her throat very loudly.

"Excuse me. Tinkatinks? Can I please talk with you?"

Faye Wrexlyn

Sage didn't make much noise following the scent, but he started walking even more carefully when he heard the sound of metal being banged. Eventually his purple haired trainer heard the noise too and slowed to a more careful walking pace with her focus entirely on where the sound was coming from. There wasn't any way to get distracted from something literally drawing your attention with a racket.

And there was no way in this or any other world Faye was going to just rush on in there. She may not have known what pokemon it was, but she knew what kind it was. It was the kind that could - even if it took a dozen of them - remove and carry a vehicle engine well away from the spot they stole it. It was the kind of pokemon that could apparently work metal. That was the kind of pokemon she wasn't going to ambush without knowing how big or how many or any thing like that.

Sage stopped away from the house, watching the front door. Faye made her way around to a side window, hoping to find one she could see the pokemon inside without having to creep up on the porch. If she needed to go up on the porch to see in a window where the pokemon worked, she'd do so carefully testing the boards with each step ensure she didn't pick a board that would creak and alert the engine stealers to an intruder, or - worse - snap under her weight and cause her to get hurt.

Step one: find out what pokemon she was going to be dealing with, and if the engine was still intact.
Step two: carefully get their attention and try to negotiate.
Step three: recover the engine by any means.

So, onto step one. She peeked in a window with her pokedex at the ready to help identify the pokemon.

Faye Wrexlyn

Every single dilapidated structure called out to her. Things that lasted the troubles Cipher brought to the land. Whether or not they had something to do with why these were abandoned she wouldn't know without a proper look. Unfortunately for her, but fortunately for the mission, every time she spent too long looking and starting to venture into what clearly was not a place the pokemon that stole the engine were hiding, Sage yipped to help direct her toward another spot.


She looked down then let out a heavy sigh. That would be a nightmare to clean, but she wore her hiking boots for a reason. She expected to step in stuff, and they were already old and beaten. It would have just been nice to not be a mess.

At least they were on the right path. "Okay, you're right. They're not in any if the buildings. Think you can keep us on the trail now that we've got a good fresh bit of oil and maybe scent of whatever that pokemon is to track?

Sage nodded with a confident. "Ee eevee vee ee." He smelled around the oil a bit before leading the way (at least toward the next bit of oil) with his trainer left to follow his lead.

Faye Wrexlyn

Pink pokemon from the forest? Surely they weren't talking about the Illusive Forest. Well, no, surely they were, given it was the only sizable bit of woodland nearby. Okay, so a fairy type - maybe a grass type? - that wants metal. What the hell fairy type wants metal? None that she could think of off the top of her head ate it or used it, but a fairy type would be more likely to be trying to make use of metal than eat it. So at least there might be time.

She realized the old man was about to start another fight and chased her pensive expression away with a smile. "Okay, well, that's actually great news. Well, not great news that the engine was taken, but if they were interested in metal perhaps I can barter with them. I don't have an engine worth of metal, but I got a bit. And if you maybe have some scrap metal...Point is, if you - " pointing at the old man - "Head on back to your shop. And you -" pointing to the farmer - "at least see if you have spare nuts and bolts to get the engine put back in...I think I can help get it settled."

Sage looked up at his young trainer with a quizzical 'eev?' before yipping a bit more cheerfully.

It wasn't a great plan, but it was a plan. And rather than wait to see if the older men agreed or not, she just turned and set off North where the farmer had said he saw it. Sage trotted alongside her. Faye knew she was putting a lot of faith in luck and such, but she had a general game plan. There was enough metal on her she could maybe entice a trade from the pokemon if they were looking for what she assumed and just wanted metal. The real luck was that they wouldn't have destroyed the engine before she could convince them to not destroy the piece of machinery. She was expecting them to be small, so was readily looking for smaller hiding places that only truly determined pokemon might follow creatures - but also maybe big enough for a truck engine to fit.

Faye Wrexlyn

Excellent, the tension was diffused! Score one in the win column. When motioned to come closer, the young trainer absolutely abided the request and approached. To find the whole dang engine was missing. Okay, that was worth the exaggerated question of how in the heck that happens. Who would take a whole engine but not the truck?

She blinked and looked from the engine to the farmer that owned the truck. "Okay, well, do you have an idea of anyone that might want to impede your business? How long has it been missing? I don't have any pokemon with the ability to carry an engine back, but I sure as heck will see if we can track it down and get assistance bringing it back."

Interactions: Nolan @hatakekuro, DM @Zarkun

A quiet ride should have been lovely and boring. It wasn't long before the young water mage had to catch herself from starting to hum. The forest was lovely, and if it wasn't for knowing the dangers that lurked inside, she'd likely come wandering here herself. The way the sunlight passed between the leaves of trees, the wild flowers scattered among the carpet of fallen vegetation, the variety of birds perched in various places that didn't usually come into town - all quite beautiful. At some point she'd started counting how many blue and purple flowers were around and it wasn't until the guards started pointing out the lack of noise that she even realized she hadn't seen a bird or critter in a while.

Asterins... It was the only logical beast in the area that would make the forest go silent like that. Thus far, she never had the displeasure of an up close battle with one but she had seen the teeth and the claws and heard rumors about what they could do. Her attention turned from their surroundings to Nolan when he spoke up. Yup, even though the guards likely expected something else to cause issue with this shipment, Asterins being a problem didn't change any of their missions.

Offense would be an entirely different matter, but she at least never had problems casting defensive or utility spells. She kept her breathing steady, stroking her horse's neck as it shifted from side to side. Her gaze turned to the surroundings, scanning to be as ready as she could for the next point of attack. Would funneling help or just mess up the guards? She didn't like the idea of being surrounded. Would it be better for everyone if the beasts were able to pile in front of them though? That would be worse, wouldn't it? Or would it be even worse to have them potentially just go from behind? Maybe she could block behind them - but that would block other travelers until she tore the wall down...."Focus," she whispered to herself.

Her attention turned back to the guards. She'd dealt with a beast with similarly sharp claws and their armor didn't look up to par for that kind of attack, and the horses definitely needed some additional protection if they were attacked. "Water Make: Thick Articulated Armor", Ria muttered and directed the spell on each of the guards and all of the horses. It would make everything but a face plate, in hopes of helping grant them the best protection possible without hindering their ability to see or move as they were used to. It was the only thing she definitely knew she could do to help protect the guards and the cargo.

Interactions: Adelyn @Lunarlord34, Kiba @Cello, Sergeant Monreu @Zarkun

Mark quietly listened to the more detailed information about the assignment. Once again, his interest in capturing the creature to study was peaked. It didn't sound like that was the intent. Sounded like they wanted the thing dead. Unfortunate for his interest in the creature, but if the guards were nervous and thought it would make it safer for them and the town if the thing was dead...Nope, still unfortunate. It wouldn't help in the long run to not know more about the thing, but history was full of killing things you didn't understand.

"Our task in this mission is to kill this creature? Or capture it?" His attention was on the device being offered as he spoke. He accepted the device, and pocketed it as his attention returned to the guardsman. "We will ensure we achieve the goal you desire."

He had half a thought to tell the Sergeant to run rather than buy them time, but he was fairly certain that request would be shunned. Which made the request a waste of effort on his part, but he didn't relish the thought of guard deaths weighing on his conscious. Two miles out meant the lightning beast could kill one or more before he could get there.

Well, they would cross that threshold if they got there. All he needed was the answer to his very pressing question about the state they needed that beast to be in, and they were set to be on their way. Hopefully Adelyn wouldn't delay their departure; given Kiba talked less than he did, there wasn't much chance the older mage would ruin that streak now by dragging out their departure. The sooner this mission started, the sooner it was over.

Faye Wrexlyn

Faye finished putting her extra pokeballs away when she stopped dead in her tracks because someone stood in her way. Wait, looking for her? She blinked after confirming with the delivery guy then read the note. "A benefactor?" She unwrapped the package to see the stone. Her eyes widened slightly. Well now, that was quite interesting indeed. Her gaze dropped to Sage who tilted his head to the side as they locked gazes. "We'll talk about it after we find out what the holdup is for the delivery is. Right now, let's get moving."

Back down Route 1 they went, and despite the continued distractions happening around her, she managed to stay on track. There would be time to do stuff later. No need to rush. Okay, well, she supposed putting things off was problematic and would cause rush, but right now she needed to stay on task. The task was likely not worthwhile, but who would know unless they investigated. And right now, with the anger the two she saw between the two older men and yelling contest they seemed to have going on, it seemed it might be helpful if someone stepped in.

"Hiya!" The young trainer raised a hand as a wave. She figured calling out as she continued her approach would help prevent either ornery adult from startling (though she knew that wasn't likely to stop the anger from getting redirected at her.) "So, I know you two will think it's none of my business but my name's Faye Wrexlyn, and I heard there was some trouble with the shipment so I came to offer some help." She kept a friendly smile on her face as she came to a stop, Sage beside her, not too far from the two gentlemen. "My team and I can look for whatever part is missing from your truck."

Faye Wrexlyn

Faye caught herself from laughing at the initial reaction to her offer. She wasn't surprised at his, well, surprise. Why would he have any reason to think some stranger would offer to help? And while backtracking wasn't exactly ideal, it did present a small chance to possibly catch a few other Pokémon from the first route she skipped over in her haste to get on with the journey. Okay, probably not - she'd likely just forget to catch more Pokémon and just head straight there and straight back without trying to catch a single thing. Because let's be realistic here.

She pulled out a piece of paper and a pen from her pockets and jotted down the address and description of the grandfather. "Awesome. I mean, alright." Her next magic trick was going to remember that she did write these things down.

The rookie trainer offered the shopkeep a reassuring smile. "I'll get this all sorted for you. Here," she jotted down the number for her pokédex and tore it off the paper and handed it to the man behind the counter. "If there's any update you might have, you can contact me on my pokédex. Name's Faye Wrexlyn, by the way. You're in good hands." She tucked the pen and paper back into her pants pockets, gave the clerk a faux salute, and headed back out with Sage at her heels.

Time to go track down a missing shipment.

Sage yipped next to her and pawed at her leg when she started toward route 1. When she looked down, he barked again, "Eev vee eevee ee," while motioning toward the shop window.

"Oh! Right! See, I knew I named you right. Thanks, Sage." She reached down and ruffled the fur on the top of his head. The trainer turned and headed for the town's Pokemart instead to purchase 6 pokeballs before heading out to the address on route 1.

Faye Wrexlyn

Oh good, he was worried, and it wasn't because of anything about her. That was a breath of relief she didn't realize she'd feel. But then he just looked tired, like he'd failed to sleep all night. Poor guy. A shipment of apricorns running late was bad. Really bad for a specialty pokeball store. It wasn't her problem, but it would be very problematic for not only this store but many trainers in the area that might travel here for the specialty balls. Most of these weren't things one could find in most stores. Route 1 meant back tracking but...

"Give me a description of your grandfather and an address for the farm. I just came from Route 1 but I'd be happy to backtrack to see if I can help either find this missing shipment and get it to you, or find your grandfather to stop him from creating problems. Hopefully I can accomplish both." She offered him a calming smile. While she couldn't make any promises, hopefully her offer to aide him would at least take some weight off his shoulders. That would hopefully help lift his spirits so he doesn't look so downtrodden for any other customers that show up today.
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