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Location - Writing Club Room

As soon as the spotlight had moved off him, Kevin pulled his shoulder bag into his lap - that desk was barely stable enough to support his notebook and arm, there was no way it would support his whole bag - and dug out a new pen. His gaze lifted as soon as another person offered to lend him a pen, but held up a new writing utensil of his own. "I'm good. Thanks."

He made sure that when he lowered his bag back down, he didn't just drop it least they have to deal with even more dust in the air. This place was going to suffocate one of them by the end of the week if they weren't able to do something about it. How could the school operate like this? Not even cleaning all of the club rooms before the year started? What his parents spent to send him here was outrageous for them to be in a room like this. At least it didn't seem like anyone was actually allergic to the dust mites likely living in every unswept corner of the room. That would just seal the deal for them needing to buddy up to other clubs.

Then an overenthusiastic and tardy student burst through the door - like they needed any more damaged property here - and proceeded to trash the club in general. Kevin's gaze locked completely on his notebook, making a few tiny notes about the way she phrased things or an image that came to mind the way the door fell off its hinges and how the room looked lit up with the better lighting from the hall.

And just as quickly dread filled him as it was announced the academy customarily had everyone go around and meet and greet with the other clubs. Maybe it had been too much to hope for, that he wouldn't have to go socialize with more than the group of people in the dusty, tiny room. It had obviously been too much to hope for that the club he would be with all year wasn't going to be stuck in a claustrophobia inducing small room he was growing increasingly certain the school may have forgotten even existed aside from storage location. Then there was the surprise - apparently, did no one read the paperwork they signed? - about the club choice being locked in for the year. The phrasing of being clubs was weird but then so much of this place was weird he was willing to just keep his mouth shut as usual.

Though the fact they had new tasks and would just think on the slogan more later after these new tasks were done was fine with him. Slogan writing wasn't anything he was good at. Everything submitted would be a camel anyways. It was just a camel race - to see who had the best one and could get the principal to like it first. Tasks would do the club good anyways. After all, going to get replacement equipment or things to maybe help cheer this place up would do the atmosphere good. Which in turn might make everyone else a bit happier to be here. Was he the only one that actually wanted to be here? It was starting to sound like it a little.

Kevin shook his head to pull himself from his thoughts, then blinked realizing he was actually shaking his head and that was probably weird, right? His gaze lifted to the room at large again before looking between Seira and Naoko. "If you don't mind, I'll go along with you to the gardening club." Gardeners couldn't be terrible to talk to, right? "That way at least one of us can hopefully remember to get tips on how to take care of a plant in a room like this." He stood, casually draping his messenger back over his body to drape across his chest and shoved his notebook and pen back into it.

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This week was marked by improvement. People were starting to flow into the city in higher volumes than usual. The occasion? Prince Ryokugyoku Fiore would turn 21 on the culminating day of the festival - one week from today. It was exciting for all - the royal gardens open to public viewing, shops putting together their finest venues, and even some friendly competition between stores and whatnot to updo each other. There were plenty of game booths set up in the city center, sign ups for innocuous competitions to be hosted in the city center, and there were postings saying there would be a special declaration from the King at the end of the festival. Many speculated as to what that would be, but there were not to be any hints until the time came.

* * *

"Lavinia, you better not burn down that kitchen," Torys shouted. One minute, there'd been no one at the job board, the next - the youthful guildmaster was blocking it as she posted up a few new jobs among the others. When just over a month ago there'd been barely any work to be found, now the board was continually filled with fliers. It was a turn of events many in the guild seemed to appreciate.

She popped her head into the kitchen. "I'm expecting we're going to have more customers with the festival. That kitchen better be in working order." With that she moved along to her usual spot behind the bar just watching the room.

Ria flitted down the stairs with a few weighted hanging from her arms to help with carrying books she couldn't handle in her arms. "I have the order of books for the guild library, but first..." She skipped along as she moved through the guild. Indeed the cheerful mood the purple haired girl usually had was back. And the first stop on her trip around the guildhall was Asher, merely because he was the closest in her journey. She shifted the pile of books in her arm to recover a rather bland looking one. "Here, I noticed you'd been drawing airship designs and this is about the history of airships highlighting most of the best known ones through the years all the way back to The Blue Pegasus' Christina." She placed the book down on the table beside him before moving on.

"Menzai, I got you a few books that include abridged histories of Bosco, Fiore, and Isenberg." She carefully shifted the stack so she could place each book down on the table beside him too. After stacking roughly seven books in all, she turned and headed off again. She leaned into the kitchen to offer out the last two free held books to Lavinia and Zenith. "Cooking For Beginners, and a book of exotic recipes I found while I was picking up the guild books." She glanced down for a moment before crossing her arms in realizing she was offering the advanced recipe book to Lavinia and the beginner to Zenith. A smile beamed on her face again. "I saw a few recipes in there that are, unique. I don't know if we have the cookware to handle them, but I believe Felix might enjoy them."

* * *

Kaden hadn't expected the chick he'd heard to be Zen's sister of all people to strike up a conversation, but...He looked at her with a subtle arch to his brow; she wasn't bad on the eyes. Wait, no. She's too young. He resisted the urge to shake is head. Still, a charming smile slid onto his face at the follow up introduction and identification. Chuckling softly, he turned to fully face the odd girl.

Looking at the hand for a moment, Kaden shrugged and shook it. "I'm only trouble for those that deserve it." His smile pulled higher on one side for a moment. "Zen's just paranoid and probably just trying to be a good, overprotective big brother." He lost some of the smile as he looked at what she was drinking. "Please tell me that tastes better than it looks..." he wrinkled his nose. "And smells."
As far as the capital city went, it certainly made Katya miss the open fields and valleys around her home village. There were too many people, not enough space, and the bustle and noise was something she wasn't quite pleased to be around. How one could want to live in a place like this was beyond her. City life would never be for her, though. It was a given from the moment she first started going out into the wilds with her father in search of herbs for his medicines. There was nothing more appealing than being out in the wilds, testing her survival skills against the wilderness - especially not after raising Vasha.

The way some of the citizens and, certainly the monsters, in the city shifted away when the black furred beauty - at least, until she'd undergone the Rite of Channeling to imbue Vasha with the element of Thunder and marking the black fur with streaks of near white gold - that was her nargacuga. She was kinda proud he stirred unsettling reactions out of the others. Probably not the best mindset for a rider but, then - she didn't just learn about raising and training monsties. She wore her armor and weapons proudly, unashamed of the tale it told others.

But making the content city-dwellers uneasy wasn't the reason she was here. She had a summons burning a hole in her satchel and she was determined to get it over with and back out to the wilds before Vasha got as restless in the city as she felt. It only took a bit of negotiating their way through the city before she finally spotted the guild off in the distance. Quite a few other riders and beasts, most oblivious to yet another powerful monstie showing up in their midst, stood or moved around the courtyard. She'd considered having Vasha just come inside with her, but surely that was frowned on. It wasn't like anyone back in her village liked such a large monstie following her into buildings there either. So, for an outrageous 200 zenny, she got him stabled and headed inside.

Soon enough, Katya was shown to a large ornate set of doors before a few loud knocks proceeded them being opened and her gestured to join the others in. After a second to look around and inwardly cringe at the amount of books surrounding her, the rider's gaze locked on the two others in the room.

"Right, so I'm Katya Milyan - got a summons - " which she produced from her satchel - "and was directed to this room. Are we waiting for more or can we get the meeting on and over with?" She rolled her shoulder while looking around the room again. "Place is too cramped."
Sorry I'm delayed on posting. Dealing with wicked bad depression and anxiety attacks. On new meds so I might be back to writing in a few days.

Location - Writing Club Room

When Kevin first arrived in the - this was supposed to be a classroom, right? - he assumed he'd gotten the wrong one. There didn't look to be any other students his age there. Everyone was upper classmen. Or, worse, what are the odds he was the only freshman to register for this club? None of the other ones held any interest for him - and were full anyways - so here he was, walking in as the youngest in the group and found himself a seat as far to the back of the tiny, dusty room he could find. It also meant dealing with the dust still floating in the air from everyone else arriving. Given he had no plans to actually open his mouth unless absolutely necessary, he didn't really worry too much about the nasal clogging particles too much.

In the time since the club meeting was supposed to start, until the club leader finally arrived, he'd taken out a notebook and just made little notes in tiny, neat writing. Much smaller than some of the pages previously had if any chose to look. It wasn't really anything much - the way someone else in the group sat or moved, or a thought that popped into his head about the worrisome flicker in the lighting, and a few other random thoughts to pop into his head that might be interesting to use in some story at some point later. That was something the young writer liked to do, just jot down notes of whatever popped into his head when he was actively trying to think of something to write or do, and see what might fit where later. There'd been a few stories he'd written those kind of phrases or traits came into play and given how strange some of the others seemed (and only a little to do with the fact they were all older and likely would say or do things he hadn't thought of yet) it seemed a great place to draw inspiration from.

Things kicked underway quite well after the last person arrived and announced they were all early instead of him being late. Great, another one of those kinda club heads. Like he hadn't dealt with that kind of thing enough throughout all the years of other clubs he was part of. Oh well, you take the good with the bad. And the good was it was more notes he could make on people in the room, including the way the club head Jing immediately shut himself out of the proceedings and the way the pink haired Naoko reacted to the dust, or...

Kevin cringed when Micha fell to the ground after neglecting to remember how shoddy the equipment was in this room. "Are you okay?" As soon as the words left his mouth, the black haired teen blinked in realizing he'd just betrayed his idea of sitting quietly and going mostly forgotten. His cinnamon chocolate gaze snapped from the older boy now sitting discontentedly on the floor to the rest of the room.

"And, um, hi - to everyone - I suppose." He anxiously fiddled with the pen in his hand, now feeling distinctly like he imagined deer felt staring down headlights. "I'm Kevin, Kevin Marshall. This is my first - well, second, I suppose - day here at the academy so yeah. But, and no offense, uh - Naoko - or, um - Yvonne, but the task was the school slogan...not for the, uh, well, not the club. Something that is more representative of the school and what it wants to portray instead of boasting the club itself. That's what other clubs will likely do, probably."

The more he spoke, the more that pen twisted and turned between his hands, until he'd finally - quite accidentally - worried the front off enough the spring launched the pressured contents across the room. The boy blinked again before frowning. "Shit." And his cheeks immediately flushed. "Sorry."

After the quick apology he cleared his throat and continued with his rambling attempts to help. "Right, so, like, maybe, The first step to realizing dreams...?" He shrugged and immediately turned his gaze to his notebook. "Or something. We're trying to make a camel here anyways, so - ya know - 'Word up' was a good suggestion, too."

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