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Current Watching Aladdin (the animated movie) with my 2year old. After 20 min. Hubby (WFH in same room): "I just realized, Aladdin is the princess of the movie. He's the only one that really gets any songs."
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So if you're a partner and have been waiting on a post, it will be coming soon. Can't put an actual time frame on it because I'm sharing my comp with my son so he can do schoolwork. But it'll be soon.
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Finally getting back into a creative mood. Finally able to "actually" write posts - the quotes are for the questionable quality of the responses.
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Well, at least I can take some solace in the fact my former work is having a shit load of problems handling things now that they fired me. Really proves my point that I was the glue. Well...F*#$ YOU!
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Nothing like crushing depression to really get the creative juices flowing. I apologize to all of my partners and everyone in the group RP. I'm really trying to work on my mental state so I can reply.


Hey look. I did a thing. I made a gallery with some of my stories and scenes. Feel free to stroll through the garden. I'll randomly be updating it with new sections.

If you're here, then thanks for looking. I periodically decide to edit and, sometimes even, bump my interest checks so feel free to check it out if you really want.
This one is my current interest check.
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Short bit about me: As far as age goes, I'm in denial so I'm going to just say I'm over 21. I have three children, which includes 2 toddlers (just upgraded to a newer model for the youngest lol) that seem to have as many hands as an octopus has limbs. My work schedule is more consistent now, but at the same time just as chaotic (so no more rotating schedule, but still shifting hours to help cover my department's needs now that I'm an assistant manager) when matched to time dedicated to my family. But I'm more consistently on with my phone and can usually get a post a day out, so...little things.

Whether you're an old partner looking to reconnect/start something fresh, or someone I haven't been in contact with before but are interested, don't be scared to contact me. I don't bite (unless you want me to) and will certainly respond when I have the time.

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Seeing the beast rise out of the water trying to get something, Ria smirked a little. This is going to be fun. Bessie was about the same size as Cormenila. She loved chances to spar with him. This was just going to be less fighting, and more tag. "Just like a game of tag," she muttered to herself with a nod. Fun.

Her attention turned back to Will when he offered her the magical ring. Her eyes lit up, smirk turning an excited grin. "Oh, wow! This is so cool!" She took it and slid it onto the pinkie of her offhand. If she did need to throw a punch while dealing with Bessie, she didn't want to make it hurt more from the ring, or break the ring in the process. That would kind of ruin the point. She held up her hand to both watch it adjust to size and admire it. "So awesome."

She looked over at Cade when he joked about needing one. She laughed. "I thought you were supposed to be keeping an eye on us." The smile left her face as she realized he was helping one of the barrier mages off the boat. She jogged over to help the mage off his boat. Surely that was why Cade was here too.

"Hey, Kaito. Bessie isn't leaving as fast as I was told she would, huh? We're going to get her on her way." She offered the mage a smile. "You shouldn't have to go back out again to deal with her tidal waves. So rest up and relax, 'kay?" She waved as she walked toward the far end of the dock. "Right, guys, are you ready? Time to dive right in, right?" She laughed at her own pun.

Yes, it certainly did sound like they had a plan. Ria’s problem wasn’t just coming up with a plan, it was sticking to it. If they had a communication lacrima so Cade could keep watch from the shore and tell Will and maybe she’d hear it one of the times she surfaced. She was pretty sure she wasn’t going to be staying under the entire time, but she certainly wasn’t going to be able to hold onto a communication lacrima and deal with Bessie.

The blast of frigid air that proceeded their guildmaster’s grand entrance hit like a punch in the chest. She could stand outside without her spell cast for a decent amount of time in what she was wearing before she’d really feel the chill, but that was the natural environment. The Ice-Maker magic Aiden used put White Harbor’s frigid gusts to shame. A shiver ran down her spine, but a smile spread on Ria’s face all the same watching the display of his maker-magic.

Okay, let’s go,” she laughed as Serena broke the news to Aiden - that the interview was off. They had more important things to do than delay starting their job. “As you said before, the sooner we start - the sooner we might be able to finish and get something to eat.

Ria didn’t mind the questioning - and sometimes criticizing - glances she got walking down to the docks. She was used to the judgemental looks when she headed out for a swim. The cold didn’t bother her until the spell wore off, and generally by then she was already on her way back to the guildhall. That’s what she figured would happen again this time. She never really timed how long it took for her spell to wear off, but she figured they had plenty of time, especially since she was going to be out in her element.

So, Cade, you’re staying on the docks, right? I’ll be counting on you to help try to keep an eye on how things are going. I know the split between the bay and deeper waters below water, but I won’t be able to tell how far I’m getting her out if we stay close to the surface. Will, if you’re coming out with me, did you already secure a boat?” She looked at him. “Or were you planning on swimming too?
The water set to heat, Steve offered her an apologetic smile. “Sorry about that. I didn’t mean to startle you.” He turned his attention to the cabinets as he opened one and fetched down a set of coffee mugs. “Truth be told, I forgot who you were for a second.”

Setting them on the counter, he turned back to her. His hands folded behind his lower back as he leaned against the counter. It shortened the shrug he had to go with his response to her question. “I got a call from one of the night shift IT guys at work. He was having trouble with his system and needed upper level support.” He chuckled softly. “So while he’s all set to work the rest of the night, now I get to try to shut my brain down again.”

It was weird to think that before yesterday they’d pretty much only said, like, ‘hi’ and maybe a polite ‘bye’. Weird, but he didn’t feel awkward about it. If he were more awake, he figured maybe. But then that’d make the whole thing more awkward, and...

He chuckled softly when he realized he was starting to overthink it. “Sorry, it’s just - it just occurred to me that we barely spoke before yesterday. Now the bulk of us talking has been while I’m half asleep.” It was probably better this way, though. Half-asleep meant his brain wasn’t awake enough for him to be self-conscious about how the interaction was going - not because she was a girl or his friend’s sister or anything like that but just the simple fact she was a person he was talking to in a non-work setting. Even office parties were nerve wracking for him, and most of those people he interacted with on a daily basis.

His attention turned to the pot when he saw it start steaming. Turning the burner off and moving the pot to a different spot, he popped open the lid and tapped in some of the leaves. “It just needs to steep for a few minutes,” he said as he put the tin away. “I don’t know if you’ve tried this blend before, but it’s a blend of tea leaves, some herbs and flowers, and some fruit peels. It’s light and sweet by itself in my opinion, but I can take out the sugar or honey if you like to sweeten your tea with either.”

Ria was up for leaving to discuss the plan on the way when Cade offered up his opinion. She figured he was ready to leave, but he’d accepted the drink Serena was offering. No harm in waiting a few more minutes. It wasn’t like Bessie hadn’t been living there for a few weeks. Another few minutes wouldn’t hurt if it meant having more of a plan before getting to the shore.

She hadn’t thought of hurting the poor thing. It wasn’t Bessie’s fault she was in the bay. It was where the food was, and she could fit. Her mama went to deeper waters, and she went closer to the shore. Her cheerful look soured at the suggestion they turn her into a fillet. “We don’t need to hurt her to get her to leave,” she said, dead certain.

In the end, we’re all animals - predators even. I was taught most things respond best to a firm but gentle hand. You go in there aiming to hurt, a predator is going to push back. Prey learn to run, predators learn to attack. We go trying to bully her out, she'll fight to keep her territory. That’s instinct." Drawing in a small breath, she closed her eyes for a second before opening them and bringing back a bit of her cheerful tone and smile. “Bessie and I aren’t much different in what we learned to survive. Means we’re better off trying to go easy, nice. She came in the bay looking for food, and she’s staying ‘cause it’s here and hasn't moved on. We just need to show her there’s more elsewhere. She's just overstayed her welcome this year is all.

"But...If you're looking for an early lunch, you're welcome to stay here, and Will and I can handle her. We'll just split it between us.
" She grinned teasingly as she motioned between her and Will. "I took the job because it's something I know. I asked you guys to help because I like hanging with you. But something else I've been taught is you can't rush a job or it just leaves a mess to fix. If it takes a few hours to get her moving, then that's what it takes." She didn't think it would take longer than that, though. In her head the job was simpler than Serena made it sound, and didn't need to involve hurting Bessie like Cade suggested. Piece of cake.

She turned to head for the door before stopping with a foot half raised to walk. A brighter, but somewhat sheepish grin spread on her face before she laughed and rubbed the back of her head. She turned back to her companions. "Oh yeah. I almost forgot. Can't go out like this." She set her feet and made the motions with her hands to summon up the right spell. Magic circles appeared under the three of them, then she finished the motions and thrust her hands above her head. "Resilience!" Both the boys would feel less cold - granted an immunity to the chill environment - and perhaps feel a bit of a bolster to their magical energy. Ria never felt the effects of the last bit, but it certainly wasn't the first time anyone would have seen her cast that spell before taking a dip into the harbor.

"Okay. Now we're ready! Let's go!"

Ria backed up a step when the older dragonslayer woke up with a start. She tried to not laugh, but the squashed bit of amusement still painted on her face with a smile. It wasn't so much that he'd been startled, but the paper stuck to his face that she wanted to laugh at. "Yup, just little me. Didn't mean to startle you." She did let out a quick laugh at his comment about making himself presentable though. "Yeah, you may want to wash the ink stain off your face. Right...there," she said as she motioned to the bit that had imprinted onto his face. Her smile brightened a hair as she put her hand up and headed for the door. "I'll be sure to let her know."

Closing the door behind her to leave the guildmaster his privacy again, she jogged back off toward the main room to meet up with her team again. Serena was offering up a drink, but hey - what was a few more minutes? She still needed Will to brainstorm up a plan. "Great! Now the whole team is here! We just need to figure out how we're going to go about this. Serena didn't seem to think it was a good idea for me to just jump in the water and deal with her - and I hadn't even told her that was my first plan," she said with a pouty look toward the mage behind the counter. Of course, Serena was a wizard and psychic (it clearly had nothing to do with the fact it was a pretty standard dragon slayer tactic that the woman was well versed in by now) so she always could predict Ria's plans. It wasn't going to put her off from trying to brainstorm more. The ensuing headache from that act would.

"Oh! And Serena," she started as she turned her attention to the woman. "Master Aiden said he would be out once he made himself presentable."

Just like that, her attention focused back on her companions. "So yeah. I still think the easiest way is for me to just lure Bessie out of the bay and figure out some way to intensify - " she paused, looking at the ground as she tried to figure out the right word she wanted there. It was a pretty smart sounding word... "Intigrate...En-centralize...Ugh." She sighed, shaking her head before looking back at Will. "Figure out a way to make her want to stay with her mama instead of come back into the bay. Without killing her" she said the last part with a stern look tossed over her shoulder at Cade.

"So, got any ideas?" She split her attention between the two as her smile came back, and her cheery tone returned. "Otherwise we're going with plan Slayer and you two can figure out the details as we go."
Washed up, changed, and in bed faster than he realized, Steve wasn't sure how long it had been that he'd been asleep - one of the few times he didn't check his phone one last time for any messages before his head hit the pillow - but he knew hadn't been enough time. It took him a few rings to finally realize the ringing was in real life and not part of his dream. A few swipes to the side, and he finally gathered his phone in his hand just in time to answer the call. "Hello?" he asked as he yawned.

"Steve, it's Mike - "

"Mike, are you kidding me?" Steve sat up, working an eye with the heel of his palm. "Dude, I thought I got all the bugs out today. What time is it?" He swung his feet over the edge of his bed. A quick stretch and he was on his feet already headed for his computer. "Nevermind, what's up?"

"I know I'm the on-call, but the network keeps crashing and it's not responding to my admin password."

Steve sighed as he waited for his computer to boot up. Cradling the phone between his shoulder and ear, he scrubbed his face again to try to get his brain working a bit. "Was there another brown out?'

"I don't know. What I know is that it's not working and I gotta get this back online because marketing is trying to get their meeting with Hong Kong going."

"So no pressure. Great," he mumbled. It took only a few quick inputs to get his computer logged in remotely. "Okay, I'm going to reset your admin, then you need to give it a try while I'm on the phone." As he spoke, his fingers raced over the keys. "Okay, did you get that email?"

"Yeah. Give me a second...Okay, yeah. I'm in. Thanks."

"Sure, no problem. If you need anything else, call Rebecca. She's supposed to be senior on call tonight."

"Sure thing. Sorry to wake you. Thanks again!" With that, the line went dead.

Steve sighed and scrubbed his face again as he put down the phone. Another middle of the damn night phone call. As tired as he was, he knew he wasn't going to be able to fall back to sleep without some assistance. A nice cup of tea usually helped that. He powered off his computer, and headed out of his room.

Seeing someone else in the kitchen threw him off for a minute. He just stood in the middle of the living room staring, trying to recall who and why. Who knew that the potential of a break-in would leave him looking like a deer in headlights? And feeling stupid when he realized the who was Olivia - Ethan's sister - and the why had to be food related. Geeze, the few hours of sleep really wasn't enough. Hopefully he wouldn't wake up too early after having that tea.

He continued into the kitchen and went straight for the cabinet he kept his loose leaf tea. "Can't sleep?" He offered her a soft smile as he settled on an herbal blend meant to help the pulse and encourage sleep. Perfect. Placing the canister on the counter, he filled his tea pot and set it to heat up. "I'm going to make a pot of tea. Would you like some?"

Locals getting roughed up by the guild's manager was nothing new. Ria hadn't even thought twice about it really. The woman wouldn't have just roughed him up for fun, so obviously he had to have done something and whatever it was, Serena had taken care of it.

What had taken some of the wind out of the girl's sails was the way Serena talked about Bessie. She always took the woman's advice to heart even if she learned later that the advice was actually just a joke. But where something might have been emotionally joking, one of the many things she had learned was that she never joked when warning about personal safety. At least, not when it was a serious job. Chasing off Bessie was a serious job. If not for the sake of the fishermen getting back to work, then for the sake of their barmaids not having to put up with daily harassment.

Well that was going to take some thought. A lot more thought than she'd originally given the task. Originally she figured she'd just dive on in and get Bessie to follow her out to the sea, but she hadn't really studied how fast the beast was. If she was as fast as Cormenila, it would certainly take a bit more than she anticipated. Well, that was what Cade and Will were for. She could go in a direction and deal with a problem, but this planning thing was going to take someone that could plan. The whole reason she took it was because she could do the bit in the water and others couldn't. The only way this would have been easier would have been if Klaus hadn't gone to keep an eye on two of the other slayers in the guild on a more fighty job.

The thoughtful look vanished from the young mage's face, quickly chased off by her typical smile, at the request to fetch Aiden. She heard of Sorcerer's Weekly; people talked about it. She opened her mouth to respond but heard Cade speak up from behind her. After a moment to process he'd shown up, the smile was back. "Well, we're just waiting on Will now. Then we have to figure everything out. Bessie may take a bit more than I figured since we just want to chase her off an' not kill 'er. But we'll talk about all that when Will gets here."

Ria pushed off the counter with a bit of a bounce. "Serena asked me to go get Master Aiden, so I'll be right back. 'Kay? Don't go leaving without me!" She turned and bounded off toward the guildmaster's office. Knowing him, if he was doing paperwork like Serena implied, he'd fallen asleep.

That safe assumption was confirmed when she stepped into the office. If it wasn't for the paperwork, he'd get a quick dose of water to get him going. Considering that meant the paperwork Serena didn't want messed with would be soggy at best, she had to decide on something else. Something less...hydrating. After a few moments of scratching her head, she finally shrugged. Tried and true was probably best. So she walked up to the guildmaster and placed a hand on his shoulder. "Master Aiden? Serena said someone from Sorcerer Weekly is here to see you. You gotta get up," she said softly while giving his shoulder a gentle shake.
Steve’s brows rose at his friend’s mild teasing. “No, man, I didn’t - “ He cut himself off with a sigh. That was exactly how it sounded, didn’t it. Like her staying overnight meant things happened. “I didn’t mean it like that. She’s a friend that’s a girl, and we were just watching movies and stuff. She crashed on the couch.” Why he felt the need to explain, he wasn’t sure. Things had the chance of getting physical with her, both seemed to acknowledge it in their own, unspoken, way. The problem was that he wasn’t sure he wanted that. That usually ruined friendships, and Marissa had been part of his life for the past few years. But...

Things were changing. Not necessarily between him and her, but definitely in his world. It wasn’t just him and Ethan renting this apartment together. It was Ethan’s sister too. There was adjustments to be made. Things that were both familiar - living with a younger girl - but it was still change. Maybe changing two things at once might be good.

“Don’t worry so much about Olivia. It’s good to get your mind back on track with work, but when you’re not here - I can help. I don’t have to travel for work, and it’ll be easy enough for me to check in with her. Maybe - like - if there’s weekends you’ll be away, or during school breaks if you gotta go, I can try to arrange with my parents to let my sis come out.” He shrugged. “That’d be easy enough to help if she doesn’t connect with school.”

He chuckled at the mention of trying to avoid having Olivia leech onto him. “One sister is enough for me, thanks.” Giving Ethan a solid pat on his arm, Steve smiled a bit more. “That’s my guy. I’m sure things will settle and everyone will adapt. These things just take time.”

Even with the cheerful mood they were taking, he couldn’t help but yawn. A quick scrub of his face as he glanced at the clock, and a tired smile stuck around as he dropped his hand. “I don’t mean to cut the reunion short, but if I don’t head to bed now, I might not make it there.” He gave his friend another pat on the arm as he walked past. “It’s great that you’re back, though. Even with Marissa here a few nights, it’s been pretty empty and I’m sure as hell not used to having a place all to myself for so long.”

After offering Ethan another soft smile, Steve headed for his own room to get ready for bed.

Picking out just the right outfit that wouldn't get in the way and would still offer at least a bit of warmth was difficult. There were plenty that would do one or the other, and in the end, after piling almost all her clothes on her bed in various - seemingly incoherent - piles, Ria finally settled on a pair of skin tight shorts and tank top; no shoes - those would just get in the way. Her usual swimming attire, which she planned to pair with same spells she always cast for negating the cold of the harbor for her swims. But this time wasn't about a swim. The last thing she grabbed before leaving her room was the job flyer.

If it hadn't been so late when she heard there was a job that would let her go swimming again, she would have been out on the bay already. For the past two weeks she'd planned to do just what the rest of the town was doing - waiting to see if Bessie would move back to deeper waters on her own. That wasn't happening, and now she'd get paid to do what she'd been considering. She didn't even care that it was a split between three people.

A slight skip entered her step as she headed down to the ground level. "'Morning, everyone!" She waved at the gathered people at large as she walked over to the counter. "Serena, you made note that Cade and Will and me are going to deal with Bessie, right?" She pulled the flyer from where she'd stuffed it into her top. "They helped me find it yesterday. I figure it shouldn't take me long by myself, so with them helping - we'll have Bessie back out in the ocean by sunset. No problem!"

It would just be a matter of waiting for her shopping buddies to be ready. She didn't want to wait long, but she wasn't about to start the job without them.
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