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Current Mass apology for my unexplained and extensive disappearance to all my partners. I will send an apology to each of you soon and to see if you wish to continue. I understand if you do not.
2 mos ago
Once again sorry to all my partners. Things have been crazy at home; we're closing on a house and I'm in my final week of college. I should get back to all of you at some point this week.
2 mos ago
Sorry to all my partners. I got called into work yesterday and today. Responses are delayed but should be to you all in the next day or two.
2 mos ago
I'm settling into a new job and won't be able to get any responses in until Saturday.
3 mos ago
To everyone I haven't replied to yet. Your replies are in the mail (um, by which I mean you'll receive them tomorrow.) The Flu part 2 has hit my house and the kiddos are demanding attention.


I have a 1x1 interest check thread that is randomly updated (haven't decided to bump it yet.) Feel free to check it out if you really want.
I'm currently not looking to take on any more partners, but thanks for looking. If you're someone that has recently contacted me, please know I will respond, so please be patient and don't assume I'm blowing you off.
Short bit about me: As far as age goes, I'm in denial so I'm going to just say I'm over 21. I have three children, which includes a new baby and a toddler that seems to have as many hands as an octopus has limbs. My work schedule is, well, chaotic as far as being regular; it consists of a rotating schedule of back to back twelve hour shifts that makes it difficult to have a consistent sleep schedule, or sleep for any decent amount of time if I want to spend any time with my family during the days I work.

This bio is a work in progress, as is most things in my life, so don't be surprised to find things changed every so often.

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I'm giving into my nagging muse and bumping this very specifically for someone interested in an X-Men Evolution that is either Rogue x Gambit AU with them both in highschool *terms to be discussed* or Brotherhood OC x X-Men OC.

I'm willing to work with anyone that can write at least one legible paragraph (misspellings are fine as long as I understand the gist of it, and about five sentences is preferred) whether or not you are 18+; there will be no smut, though romance is intended (I mean, it's not like Rogue is a physical contact kinda gal) and although there is no inherent Gore/violence let me know how you feel about it if you want it to come up.
I'm willing and able to play either role for either pairing. Post frequency doesn't matter- just don't expect rapidfire or even daily replies from me. Right now anyway.

I'm not looking for anything else at this time. PM me if interested.
Here are a few of my current cravings.

Safe - See my interest check for details.

X-Men Evolution (OCs mostly. If playing canon characters, I prefer exploring a Gambit x Rogue relationship (perhaps an AU where they are both in high school) and will allow for artistic liberties to be taken with the characters.)
Harry Potter (OCs in a post Books setting *set 10-20 years into the future or an AU.)
Percy Jackson and the Olympians (OCs only. Set in Camp Half-Blood, pre-series. I have a quest in mind if you're interested)

Spy/Secret Agent x Normal Person
Bad Boy x Good Girl (have an idea for this based in high school - 16+.)
Bumping this because I'm searching again.
I'm looking for someone that's willing to RP in a specific setting/overarching plot I tried to do as a group RP a few years ago under a different SN here. It never panned out as a group thing, but I recently came across my notes and was struck with the desire to try it again.

Before I get into that, I want to say right off the bat that this RP will potentially make you uncomfortable if you have issues with things happening to people that are 8-15, abuse/violence, and other 'trigger' or adult situations. Do not apply if you are one of those people.

Because of the nature of the RP, this needs to be done via PM.

The universe/lore for this is based on that thought up by an author named Laurell K Hamilton for her Anita Blake: Vampire Hunter series. Below is basic information about the setting, and safe for work info about the plot. You do not need to know anything about the series. I can either link you to a wikia that has information about the series you can browse at your leisure, or can just info dump the information into our OOC.

That stuff aside, here's the pitch.

**Very Basic Rundown of Setting**

Vampires exist. Were-creatures are real. Magic is not just in fairy tales. This is the real world. The real world is full of monsters, legends, things of fantasy. Some are endangered, some are extinct, and some even live among us.

[City TBD], like most other cities in the US thanks to legalization of vampirism (giving them the same rights as the living) back in the early 90s, has many vampire owned/employed establishments. Sure, it still is pretty difficult to be a lycanthrope here, but it falls right in line with the rest of the country; most people don't want lycanthropes teaching their kids, or working in their offices, and certainly not treating wounds or protecting them from danger even if that paranoia and discrimination is akin to fearing someone with AIDs doing those same things. Those with magical gifts are looked at sideways by most regular people, and sometimes treated with the same level of prejudices as lycanthropes and vampires; some choose to keep their abilities to themselves and practice in secret others are open practicers because bills need to be paid and those that can raise the dead or commune with spirits are highly sought out by both private and government employees, and even a few are scared of their abilities - seeing them as curses instead of gifts. Special laws have been created to protect or act against witchcraft and other preternatural acts. Witches, vampires, and lycanthropes caught breaking those laws are executed within 48 hours of conviction as it is difficult to contain such individuals in prisons. Vampire executioners are recognized as federal marshals to allow for ease of job when bringing such convicted individuals to justice. Like most states, the [City TBD]'s police department cannot afford a new division to deal with preternatural crimes, so they make use of the Regional Preternatural Investigation Team (RPIT) for such problems; they just luck out that the local RPIT is based in their city.

**The basic plot**
Years ago, young preternatural beings disappeared. After a series of gruesome murders, the disappearances stopped and the missing youths returned. Now, not even two decades later, the disappearances have started again. Three children have disappeared in the last three months, as far as the detectives know, and the case has finally turned over to RPIT now that the preternatural connection has been revealed. The RPIT detectives are without a clue again, but they count themselves lucky that the murders haven’t started. Yet.

So, like I said, you don't have to have read the Anita Blake: Vampire Hunter series to do this with me; I am willing to info dump everything that you may need to know regarding the lore/universe if you're interested. This will be based in a city/state/region of our choosing, though I will say it does need to be in the US and that I'm most familiar with the New England area (the series takes place in St. Louis, just for reference and we can certainly use the canon city if you want.) I have some personal flare for the setting that I didn't put in the setting dump, because it doesn't have to come up; I want to discuss it with my partner first.

This doesn't have to involve romance; it's mostly a murder mystery RP kind of thing.
The pairings can be any kind of mix and match of humans, witches/psychic humans (long list of abilities that can come up for psychic humans), lycanthropes, or vampires.
We can be detectives, private investigators, members of a lycanthrope group (the same or different) trying to figure out what's going on, witches/psychic humans looking to find loved ones, a mix of these options, or even an alternative plot in which we play individuals that were abducted.
Could even double up, and play both individuals there were abducted and individuals trying to solve the abduction/murder case.

Lots of possibilities, everything can be discussed.

As far as romance is concerned - it doesn't have to be there, as I said. Physical relations can be a possibility with or without romance, just like real life so keep that in mind. If you want to maybe involve romance/'adult interactions' between our characters, let me know while we're discussing things; some of the characters I have for this are non-romantic/asexual, while others have specific preferences.

As far as rules go, outside of you needing to be 18+ - I'm pretty light for the rules.
Give me something to work with - i.e. at least decent five sentences, though I definitely appreciate more - and try to use proper grammar and spelling. Autocorrect and errors happen, but try avoid it happening a lot and in every post.
Also, be okay with doing character sheets; we can discuss how elaborate they are, but I like having something to reference rather than looking back through posts to see if I've gotten an important character fact/name/description correct.

Sorry about the walls of text; I tried to keep it as simple as possible, but wanted to make sure to have the main stuff clear enough from the start. Same goes for the froffy coloring - thought it might help highlight things better.

If you're interested in this, I would prefer you PM me.
It would help if you tell me a bit about yourself and/or if you have any initial thoughts or questions regarding the plot or setting; doing so shows me you are interested in putting forth effort as a partner and not just playing a role in the story I may tell.
Tia was studying divination in Cortwellin when she heard the crier speak of a village plagued by misfortune. That was pretty much all the incentive she needed to change her path from study to adventure. After all, any problem that needed solving was something Tia wanted to explore, and this certainly sounded like a problem that could use some arcane assistance. Plus, it sounded fun - in a purely academic sense - to figure out what was causing the problems and attempt to assist in it. Especially with divination being her weaker area of study, she looked forward to working on it in a field setting.

It took a little over a week to travel to the town of Kasdella. A bit longer than she expected, but considering Cele’bagar kept complaining about the conditions of their travel and how they slept it couldn't be avoided. Arriving close to midday, it seemed some of the problems hadn't quite been leaned up yet. She originally planned to settle in before starting her investigation, however such a ripe opportunity was hard to pass up. Despite Cele’bagar's protests; he rarely enjoyed Tia's spur of the moment decisions anyways.

Though hesitant - to say the least - at first, the farmers she approached answered her questions. The superstitions they spewed seemed rubbish, but Tia certainly wasn't about to brush off any potential lead just because it seemed mere legend. If she learned nothing else in her decades of study, it was that magic could make anything possible. After convincing the owner of the dead cattle to allow her to take a sample of the deceased cow's blood and obtaining that sample, she bid them farewell and continued on to the village - and further still, the inn. More information could be obtained in due time. She owed it to Cele’bagar to get a room and settle them in for the duration of their stay.

Tia finally left her room after hours of pampering Cele’bagar, settling in for a long stay, and even starting arcane tests on some of her sampled blood. Time's passing escaped her notice for the most part, particularly in being surprised that night had fallen already. Settling into a table and quickly catching the attention of a server, she placed a food order for her and Cele’bagar before turning to just observe the patrons of the tavern. More than a few of them looked glum; honestly, the only one with any remote sense of cheer seemed to be the entertainer that started singing. Even that song sounded desperate.

Perhaps a song that is less desperate and focused on current situations would do everyone wonders, Cele’bagar said to Tia using his telepathy. His tail flicked impatiently, tapping against Tia's shoulder in a quick rhythm. Tia couldn't deny that she disliked the morose atmosphere cast in the tavern, so she wasn't surprised that Cele’bagar didn't like it any more than she did.

"Good madam, do you know of the tale of Coran, defeater of B'nok the Devastator? Or perhaps the ballad of Melvar the traveling monk?" Those two songs, though not things she could recite herself, were upbeat and spoke of brave adventurers that saved towns from evil and destruction. She didn't know if perhaps they were songs the entertainer had already performed, but it was at least a good suggestion spot to perhaps lift the dark cloud hanging in the room.
I am extremely sorry for my disappearance. I became extremely ill and haven't been able to really do much else aside from rest and recover. I'm doing much better now, and hope my delay hasn't killed anyone's desire to participate.
Hey, just wanted to let you all know I haven't forgot about a response. I just haven't had the opportunity to get to it yet. I'll get something together tomorrow, Sunday at the latest.
Chose this color for narrative/setting. Will probably use this for NPCs as well.

Feel free to insert your characters as desired. I won't get around to writing something for Tia until tomorrow. I will have NPC responses/narrative/setting for anyone that goes to interact with any of them sometime tomorrow evening (hopefully within 24 hours of now) as well.

And perhaps in the future, time and technology willing, I will manage to get a reference layout of the town and such together and made available for you. For now, feel free to establish the layout as you want (keeping consistent with what someone else has established, as much as possible.) Figured doing it that way was easier than going into detail about how the village was laid out, makes it easier for everyone in my opinion.
The village of Kasdella is a quaint town. Outside of the distress from their current predicament and what the former lord of the land had done, they live a rather peaceful life. A town mostly inhabited by every day folk - such as farmers and bakers - they see their fair share of foot traffic as a town on the way between two larger towns. Crime, while it does happen on occasion, isn't a daily or even weekly occurrence - as far as something that involves the authorities anyways - and thus most of the town's justice is handled by the churches; St Cuthbert and Pelor are the main two that share the responsibility, all with a dedicated church within short distance of the town center. Shrines dedicated to many of the other gods are located along the town's main streets. There is a decent sized inn that serves as the local pub as well. An alchemist that also occasionally dabbles in magic items and scrolls resides in town, as well as a goods trader that has workers that travel to other towns to procure objects of desire should there be demand for things not in his shop. Nearly any goods one could expect of a stay town can be obtained, either from vendor stalls or being directed to the proper craftsman.

On the hill to the north, overlooking the town, stands tall a massive castle surrounded by a sentry wall. A dark and twisted forest has grown up a decent way of the hill to make the untended pathway from Kasdella seem even more forlorn. Farmers taking down rotted crops and adding to their compost heaps, as well as herders dealing with dead livestock, can be seen from the main road leading to town. Not every farmland has these problems, but it can be seen those closer to the forest and hill leading to Castle Larendale seem to be the ones with the problems heard about abroad.

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