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Current Wow three years since an update....well - I guess I've been busy. Finally getting back into real story writing instead of just editing and submitting old stuff.
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Responses didn't come like I meant them to. I'm working on being able to get to them this week. Thank you for your patience with me.
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Responses to those waiting to hear from me will come tomorrow. Apologies.
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Shit happens, responses slow. Working on it. Please be patient.
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I'm an adult with a family and responsibilities that take priority, as well as mental health issues that can cause me to not get on this site for periods of time. Just know I will get back to you within a few days. If I had something going with you at some point, and you're interested in either starting it back up or starting something fresh, just reach out.

I recently started working on getting published, and have self published one story so far. Check it out on Amazon - Into the Night by Alexia Wynd.

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Faye Wrexlyn

"I actually was hoping to convince the 'mon to bring the engine back and avoid a fight all together," Faye admitted with a laugh. "Planned to figure out another way after the fight once that stopped being an option." She would have figured out something. It just would have taken a bit more thinking than Rosa needed. Or a lot more waiting if she tried the same method Rosa was able to employ and call a relative to help. Little thought out, but the main goal at the moment of assessing the situation was keeping the engine from getting destroyed.

When the farmgirl explained her predicament, the other trainer listened. It made sense why Rosa's parents thought it was a good idea. Most parents would, wouldn't they? But it sounded completely opposite of what she dealt with to get into the league. She had to convince her mom to let her, and even then her mom still didn't seem okay with the idea. There was more to unpack with that, but she figured she'd discover the depths of why as she developed a better understanding of what it might be.

Though being told to be more like Tristan brought an involuntary reflex to make a disgusted face. "That's only because they only know the fancy face he put on for them."

Then she laughed softly. "They probably wouldn't have said that if they knew how he departed Kapoc's lab." Faye blinked and pulled out her phone. It took only a second to pull up the first picture she took with Sage, then another moment to zoom in above Sage's head on the background image of Kapoc's Hydreigon dropping Tristan on the curb outside the lab. She offered her phone to Rosa to share in the laugh.

"Though, to play devil's advocate, it might not be bad to travel a bit. Not necessarily to see the world, but - like wouldn't it have been nice to be able to solve whatever problem it was that Tristan helped your folks out with? Think he could have handled that without at least one Pokemon? Think we could have saved the engine without Pokemon? I certainly tried." She laughed. "The stronger our Pokemon partners, and the better our bond with them, the easier it will be to help solve problems presented us. I'm not saying you should have to travel far and wide, but I think it might be good to at least travel a little. And you don't have to do it alone. You could come with me - though I suppose I should warn you I am traveling with Tristan for now."

Faye Wrexlyn

Faye had reached down to pick up the unconscious Tinkatank's ball and hadn't seen the Pokédex. She'd assumed it was a phone, until she glanced over to Rosa upon hearing that Rosa was calling her dad. That definitely didn't look like any cell phone the young trainer had ever seen. It almost looked like... The thought blinked out of her head as her companion caught her off guard with the comment. "Oh, hi back?"

Yup, there were more questions. She could feel them in the back of her head, but none of them were fully articulated yet. Kind of like when she started researching areas; there was one main question which typically gets answered easily then everything else is just following threads without any tangible question to answer by tugging on it. That was how this was going to have to go. She answered the one question she had to ask - how to get the engine back to the farmer. The rest...was all about getting to know this girl a bit better. Obviously a girl that was outfitted as a trainer for this region given the style of the Pokédex. Which meant sometime within the last few weeks, months - year? two? - the farmgirl was outfitted as a trainer. That didn't necessarily mean her goal was to hit gyms and face the league though.

The purple haired trainer laughed softly at the dumbfounded look on Rosa's face. "You've said that a lot. Sounds like we have a bit of time, though." She motioned for the other girl to sit as she herself took a seat beside both her pokemon. "I think the more relevant question at the moment is what lead you to this farm house? Not that I'm expecting upset at the help, couldn't have done it without you. Just, I guess, wondering why you showed up. I mean, there's also how long you've been a trainer, and what other Pokémon you have, and if you're going to compete with the gyms...but again, we'll have time I think."

Faye Wrexlyn

Holy shit I caught one. The thought had only two seconds to float through Faye's head before she had to get back into the battle. One down, but one left to go. Which was when she saw the friendly one knock its friend out. Poor thing. She was definitely happier to catch the pokemon (outside of it clearly being part of the requirements of being a trainer) than simply beat them unconscious given they didn't seem like they wanted to do harm so much as they wanted metal to make their clubs. They didn't really do anything wrong except refuse to return the engine.

As much as she didn't like the idea of it, she still threw a ball at the unconscious Tinkatank. She needed a way to bring the thing back to a pokecenter to get healed, at the very least. Then to stop somewhere to get them some proper metal for them to make their clubs. She was a person of her word, and these mon deserved it. After that, she'd figure out where these were from and let at least that one go. Or find it somewhere safe to let it go. It wasn't fair to it or her to force it to stay with her. If the ball didn't work, she'd just have to carry it back in her arms and still planned to help get it whatever it needed to avoid it stealing engines from farmers.

She plucked up her new Tinkatank as Sage trotted to her side. Tilia joined them, landing on her shoulder, a few moments after. The purple haired trainer looked over at the friendly Tinkatank again. "I'm sure that wasn't easy for you to do. Thank you. I promise I'll get your friends fixed and get you guys the metal, just like I said. Please, stay with us until then."

Her attention turned back to Rosa. She finally let out a soft sigh of relief. "Well, when I got here, they were making clubs out of metal so I think they snatched it to use in making better clubs. Sage and Tilia tried helping me reason with them. The three we fought said something to my 'mon that I really couldn't fathom a guess as to what was actually said, but it sounded serious. And, well, they weren't all willing to give it up peacefully." She glanced at the engine then Rosa. "Okay, I gotta know, what got you all the way out here? Figured you were probably helping around the farm or stuck on babysitter duty again today. Actually - no - that question should probably wait. Right now, the most important question is how the heck are we getting this engine back to the orchard?" She laughed softly. "With one of them unconscious, and I think it took all four of them to move it here...We're a bit shorthanded I think. Got ideas?"

Faye Wrexlyn

Faye barely had time to process the how fast Tinkatanks, let alone the very thing she wished to avoid was about to happen, when the one fighting Tilia ran up the wall. The pit fell out of her stomach. Then the next moment, another Tinkatink smashed the one that was fighting Tilia. What? She blinked then looked at the ground beside her, then back at the new Tinkatink in the fight. She felt bad about the fight but worse now that the pokemon was fighting its friends.

"Thank you, um, Tinkatink." She had assumed the Tinkatink would sit it out rather than fight. She was grateful it was help, absolutely. Hopefully Tilia didn't get confused about it. "Tilia, tackle it again!" Depending how that one was looking after another tackle, she'd try to catch it. Catching them seemed the only way to really deal with them without completely making her feel awful about everything.

Thankfully Sage was holding up well enough after taking a hit from the Tinkatank and his determination to help managed to get it out the door. Maybe that hit was hard enough to daze it enough for the trainer to finally step in to eliminate the threat. Only one way to find out. The pulled out a pokeball, prepared it, then threw it at the Tinkatink. Fingers crossed - otherwise Sage had more fighting to do.

Faye Wrexlyn

"Tilia, try to block the Tinkatink's wind attack with Leafage and Tackle it again."

Faye knew her Rowlet was of little match for the fairy pokemon, but there was only so much she could do to deal with it. If Tilia got too hurt, she'd have to leave everything up to Sage. That poor Eevee wasn't going to fair much better. So she just had to hope the two could tough it out. At least until her friend could handle that third Tinkatink and turn her pokemon to help.

Her attention turned back to Sage and the now blinded Tinkatink. It was swinging wildly. Too wildly. They were fighting in the old farmhouse and that not only put the structure in danger, but it put the engine in even greater danger than it was before. There were no good options.

Which left only desperate, bad ones.

"Sage, dodge around the hammer. Use your speed, Growl, and Tackle to it toward the door. Then Tackle it outside. We cannot have it hit that engine."

Interactions: Nolan [@hatakekuro], DM @Zarkun

Why couldn't she ever manage to attack when she wanted to? Surely this was life or death enough. So why was it she could only manage to cast offensive magic when she was fighting Azria. Thankfully her defensive stuff worked just fine and she could help with the fight at least. It's not like anyone knew she could do offensive spells, nothing beyond using make-weapons anyway. So the good news was: she wasn't disappointing anyone.

Ria's gaze followed the ash hand from the truck to Nolan, arching a brow. That was quite the articulated spell for a basic ash mage. Maybe he was a maker mage too. That'd be something. The guild could use some more of those. Right now wasn't the time for thinking on that though. She could hear more Asterins in the brush and they needed to be ready.

When the older mage turned his attention to her, the water mage focused on him. Limit the Asterins mobilities as much as possible. Use whatever spells can do as much as possible. She took a breath. She had spells like those, but to do the most good those would both need to be maintained. It was a terribly tall order to try to maintain both. First one as broad as I can then maintain the other... She nodded, smiling softly. "Yes, okay. This might feel a bit weird, everyone, but I won't be adding anything to you. Just...helping you navigate these spells."

She settled into properly sitting in the saddle and cast the first spell. Obscuring Mist rolled from her hands, extended above her head. The heavy fog to billowed out and spreading as far as she could feel in all directions. Sure, heavy enough winds could force it away, but for now it was neigh impenetrable vision wise. At least, for the Asterins. Her hands descended as if to push the billowing cloud out further around them. Her focus turned to each person, where she knew they were, once the mist reached its limits. For each, the mist would seem to part, but the feel of heavy moisture in the air would still be noticeable if they were accustomed to walking through heavy morning fog (so long as they weren't in the trucks).

Her attention turned from those she was defending to those she was against. This wasn't as easy (not that targeting multiple people with her other spell was easy) a task as the other one given she has very limited view of the targets for this one. But still, she pressed to try to find targets, instead giving up to focus on giving weight to the plants around them. Undertow dragged at each, aimed at turning them all into a proverbial current to pull anything that crossed them away from the path the group drove on.

Hopefully it worked.

Interactions: Adelyn @Lunarlord34, Kiba @Cello, Sergeant Monreu @Zarkun

It seemed they had an understanding. Mark wasn't sure what the man found funny, but they weren't wasting time discussing trivialities any longer. He took it as an understanding. Of course, when he expressed making sure everyone came back safely, he hadn't exactly envisioned it being horses as the other garrison members he would be ensuring were safe. It didn't change the sentiment regardless; or, perhaps it rather reinforced it. He certainly wasn't willing to let one of these beautiful beasts fall to harm if he could help it, and they were just as vital a member of the force as any of the actual guardsmen.

The smallest of smiles ticked onto his lips as he stood beside the mount he would ride. His hand glided over the soft hairs of the neck before stroking the fuzz of its muzzle. Any trace of a smile vanished when he heard Adelyn's struggle just to get up into the saddle though. With a soft sigh, he walked over and boosted her into it and tossed the reins to her before heading back over to swiftly mount his. Another few strokes of the mount's neck, and he prompted the beast to follow after the Sergeant.

Thankful, the lightning girl kept quiet for the ride out of the outpost and into the forest. Nothing was more tiresome than idle chatter. There was enough to look at and study for the ride out anyway. Noting markings on the ground, the look of particular trees as they passed, even noteworthy rocks or bushes - all would be helpful if for some reason something required them navigating back with an unconscious Sergeant in tow.

"Very well." That was all Mark said, with a slight nod, before the Sergeant started his climb up to his post. A vantage point like that meant it was easier to remember anyway. In case he needed to suddenly report here to help. So much to note, and keep track of. But the Sergeant was right - dismounting would likely be best. From all the hunting books he read, and the few times he tried his hand at the concept, it was better to limit the scent signatures. Cover it with something more natural was best - like mud or something - but he wasn't exactly intending to go through that amount of effort for what could ultimately turn into a fight. Traveling from downwind would be best too. That was perhaps the easier thing to do.

He dismounted and looked to the others. After Adelyn finally stopped rambling, he nodded and dismounted as smoothly as he mounted. "Yes, do not risk the horses." Of course, on the topic of if they had anything they could do to get them in easily...He had one spell in mind but was it worth the energy? Two miles north in a grotto was a rough estimate, There was the potential he miscalculated and they ended up directly on the thing. That would still provide the element of surprise but it would be just as jarring for them as the beast. There were too many variables to be confident in using Void Step, and the experience would certainly be too jarring for at least the girl.

No, there was only one real course of action. Sneaking in to take this beast on would be no different than when he would sneak up to observe some of the beasts near his home as a child. There were certain things you did and didn't do to be quiet. This was new wilderness to him, for the most part given how much of a bother it was to get all the way out here, but it was still the same principles. Which meant hunting the beast would just be an elevation to scientific observation.

"We will need to go on foot. Single file. Walk carefully. Avoid dry twigs and leaves as much as possible. It will conserve our energy for the fight, and if we can remain downwind it will give us the ability to observe what we will face. Hopefully that will give us the advantage." He set to ensuring his mount was safe and steady beside Sergeant's before looking back at the others. "I can take point. Kiba, can you take rear?."

Faye Wrexlyn

Sage relaxed his aggressive stance for a moment, tilting his head ever so slightly as he considered the words the Tinkatinks said. Tilia didn't seem as hesitant to attack if told. In fact, she was ready to preemptively attack as suggested by her trainer when the pink pokemon seemed to look past them. The flying pokemon turned slightly, just in time to see the attack launched at the engine thieves.

Faye blinked, tensing slightly as the bolt of electricity passed by her. Then another blink and her muscles relaxed as she realized she kind of knew that voice. No, not kind of. She spent hours talking with the owner of that voice just a few hours ago. It couldn't be, could it? Sure enough a glance over her shoulder confirmed the rancher girl - Rosa - was there with a pokemon of her own. Surely she had questions - who wouldn't have questions about a complete shift in appearance from the person she met the other day? - but none came to mind at the moment. Just shock, confusion, and a hoot from her rowlet reminding her that they hadn't even begun the battle.

Right, the battle. The purple haired trainer nodded, and what she knew was a mix of confusion and surprise vanished from her face. "Right." She turned back to her pokemon and pointed at the Tinkatink before them. "Sage, you're faster, dodge out of the way and use Sand Attack to disorient it. Tilia, fly up out of reach then try a divebomb Tackle. Both of you try to keep out of reach of those metal clubs.

Faye Wrexlyn

Well, shit. This wasn't ideal. Faye certainly hoped to avoid a fight but it was obviously unavoidable. At least she didnt have four metal club wielding pokemon to fight. She wasn't sure if the tinkatink that came to her side was willing to fight his friends. Even if he - she? it - was, it still meant Sage had to fight. She couldn't ask Tilia to take on two or, worse, three of these things. Man, she needed to stop being distracted with tasks and more distracted with catching Pokemon.

"Are you guys sure we can't work this out?" The novice trainer stood. Her hands went to Tilia and Sage's pokeballs, hovering in hopes of not summoning them.

The two seemed to know better and popped out. Tilia and Sage appeared between their trainer and the opposition. The eevee crouched, ready to pounce, while the rowlett spread its wings wide and high, making herself as big as possible.

Tilia fluttered its wings, not to kick up dust but show she meant business. She hooted a few times, trying to reinforce the message she was sending the tinkatinks that planned to keep the engine. We don't want to hurt you, but we will do what we must to help our human.

Sage growled and yipped. There's still time to change your mind.

"Get ready, guys. I think it's already decided we have to fight. Try not to hurt them too much. We just need to get back that engine." Though how a teenage girl was going to lug an engine back to that farm on her own was a problem she hadnt figured out yet.

Faye Wrexlyn

She had their attention. Would be wonderful if her mind didn't temporarily turn up a 404: File Not Found screen when she tried to remember her next course of action. Okay, okay. Talk calm and get low. No threat.

A smile slid onto her face and she knelt down, slow and steady. Yup awful for getting out of the way if they were faster to club her than she could dive out of the way, but she was risking her odds. She needed - well, promised she would so more or less needed - to get that engine back. She'd be damned if a bunch of punk faeries kept her from it.

"I hope I can trade. I see you need metal, and I need that big piece of metal you took. So I will give you metal-" holding up one of the many items in her arms - "in exchange for that," she ended with pointing at the engine.

"If you help me bring it back, I will help get you better metal too. Okay? I need that to help me. I know you need good metal to protect you so se can work together to help each other. Do we have a deal?" She offered out a can then put all of the cans in her arms on the ground as far as she could reach without getting closer. Then, staying on her knees to show she wasn't a threat, backed up to make sure they saw she was well out of reach of them should they want to take the offered loot.

Interactions: Nolan @hatakekuro, DM @Zarkun

"Sorry. Yes, I'll warn next time." The water mage looked a bit sheepish. But there was no time to really let the feeling sink in. the bloody things were moving. She couldn't get a good sight on them but she could hear the movements. The horse she was on stirred a bit restless but not because it was spooked. At least that was good.

Then they attacked. Too fast.

Ria threw a hand up toward the rushing Asterins. What should have been a blast of water was nothing. She swallowed, trying to keep her panic from showing. Okay, attacking wasn't an option yet. She'd have to try again later since others seemed to be handling three on their way.

She shook her hand then quickly jumped to her feet, seamlessly positioning her feet on the saddle like she'd done this a dozen times. The horse shifted nervously beneath her but she was used to that too. It wouldn't have been her first time on a panicked horse getting attacked. But she had to do something to help keep them safe. Direct attack wasn't an option, but a structure to keep them safe from overhead ambush?

Her fingers worked the intricate patterns she needed while she worked her hands together near her waist and wove strings of concentrated water together. At the same time the tornadoes of dark energy Nolan cast went out, she threw her hands up. "Water Make: Canopy."

Interactions: Adelyn @Lunarlord34, Kiba @Cello, Sergeant Monreu @Zarkun

Adelyn seemed confident, and Kiba was capable. Despite knowing the lightning mage was the weak link she still at least presented herself as more than capable, which made him wonder if she realized she was the weak link here or not. Maybe his initial assessment of her ability was drastically wrong. There was a first time for everything. They'd certainly find out soon enough though.

Like the girl said, it seemed pretty clear cut and like they had time to plan. Not that his plans would be vocalized before it was necessary. There was no planning without actually getting eyes on the situation. An exercise in trust it was. He didn't doubt his ability to obliterate the target if he could land a blow, but he liked the idea of the challenge of taking the beast in alive. It would prove far more valuable to understand the thing than if it was dead, but it also presented its own quagmire of dangers. Nothing worth learning came without risks, though.

But the matter, unfortunately as far as he saw it, wasn't quite settled. There was that nagging standard objective he was told to keep in mind any time he had to work jobs with others.

"Sergeant, my prime directive is to make sure everyone gets home alive. That includes you and your men. Do not draw any more attention to you than your task requires. I have no intentions of either of us failing our objectives."
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