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Torys Felix

Not long after Torys gave her blessing for Reynard and his group to head out to assist the historian, she watched Felix storm in. Typically the boy was heated over something or other after a match with a guildmate, but this time he seemed more bothered by it than usual. No doubt their bubbly little water mage had put the smart mouthed teen in his place. It was little surprise that he headed straight upstairs. She shrugged lightly to herself and poured herself a drink before settling on the stool she positioned behind the counter.

It wasn't more than a few minutes later that Felix came back down the stairs with a pack slung over his shoulder. He ignored everyone as he approached Torys with a scowl still firmly in place. "I'm out of here."

"Oh?" Torys tilted her head slightly, observing the lad for a moment. "Lost to Ria, huh?" She had a playful hint of teasing to her voice, and followed up with a sip of her drink.

Felix's scowl deepened. "I need to train better and I can't do that trapped here with your stupid rules and lack of proper equipment. So I'm out of here."

Torys nodded, placing the glass down on the counter. "Well, if that's what you want then I suppose you know what you're doing."

Felix scoffed. "Of course I do. I just wanted to make it official. Because I quit."

Torys nodded. "Okay. Welp, it's your call. So then, it's official."

Felix hesitated for a moment himself before nodding. Then, without another word, he turned and left the guild.

Kaden approached the door as the kid exited, arching a brow and watching the younger mage brush past him without a word. After a moment, he shrugged and continued on his way into the guildhall.

Ria listened carefully, taking note in what he said of the wolves and then himself. It was interesting that a former soldier would settle to join their guild. It certainly raised questions for her, like wouldn't he perhaps be happier in a more well known guild. While she certainly enjoyed the fact the guild was bustling and had plenty of new faces in it, she wasn't about to fool herself into thinking that would last. It was the main reason she didn't look too hard at the job board. That was more important for others to do, to build up income and hope they didn't leave if the jobs stopped coming in as fast as they were.

"Well, I am always happy to help others with training. I'm not as skilled with a sword as my sister, but I still am quite handy with them and shields, and other techniques that could prove helpful for you to train against with your martial abilities. Gwen might be up for training as well. She does enjoy improving against others, especially with her blades." When Damian stopped walking, Ria did as well, turning to face him too. Of course his explanation perked her curiosity further. She reached out and gently touched his arm, fully sure she would know exactly how a standard body temperature was, then withdrew her hand just as quickly.

She watched quietly as the circles formed, listening as he explained things. Power locks weren't common, certainly not by any stretch of her reading, so to see one in action was a fair deal exciting. The fact he had several locks in place to help him control his magic thus far...was intense to see. She was still in aw for a moment after he released the final lock and approached her. "That's the first time I've seen a power lock actually utilized. That was quite impressive even for the draw back."

Reaching out, she gingerly touched his arm again before taking her hand away. Her gaze returned to his face. "Felix goes through something similar when he fights. A cultural thing for him that works to strengthen his powers. Perhaps that would be a good thing to work on as well. Control would help you withstand the burnout." She thought for a moment before offering him a soft smile. "You look like you could use a bit of a pick-me-up after that. Here," she said while cupping her hands together. "Rejuvenating Waters." A small sphere of softly glowing bright blue water formed in her hands and she offered it up to him. "Chilled so it should help you feel cooler already, but it'll help alleviate the fatigue of burnout like that."

It seemed more people were interested in the job board. Torys stood quietly, gaze fixed on Reynard as he took a job from the board. She waited patiently at the counter. Patiently was perhaps the wrong term. She had turned her attention from those perusing the available jobs and to the liquors behind the bar. When the paper slid across the countertop to her, the youthful appearing guildmaster had settled on a particular one and started pouring herself a glass.

Her brows rose up at the company drawing up around the new member, and gave them all a moment to discuss as she took the paper. Gwen accompanying two new members on this wouldn't be bad. Still...she tilted her head to the side as she considered the mission.

Finally, it seemed the group quieted enough for her to draw attention back to herself. She cleared her throat and perked back up. "Well, you are assembling quite the group. Carver would likely appreciate the extra company." She shrugged. "Just don't make the guild look bad, and don't screw it up." She motioned for the group to leave. "Carver is in the museum in town. Now off you go."

Ria didn't think anything of the two magical beasts continuing to investigate her. At first, her attention stayed on the path leading back to the main road, but that only lasted until the new mage began answering the questions. Her mismatched gaze turned on him. "The Royal Army? Ah, it makes sense now. You were very disciplined while training - saw you while Felix and I were choosing a sparring spot."

Then introductions came, and a light blush flooded Ria's cheeks. Her eyes widened a little. "Oh, yes, introductions." She laughed. "I completely forgot. Sorry. I'm Astoria Ocenade of the Gospel Clan, but everyone just calls me Ria." She smiled broadly, looking at Carmilla. "And she is welcome to investigate as much as she needs. I can't say I'm not equally curious about the pair myself. It isn't often one comes across magical beasts like these; I haven't come across really any books about such. If you wouldn't mind answering some questions about them, I would love to know more."

The smile stayed as her attention turned back to Damian. "Actually, it was a bit of both. I have an affinity for Water magics, but I prefer utilizing them for support rather than offense. Enough people can fight with their magic, but not enough can use it to defend or assist those with whom they fight." She shrugged lightly and smiled more.

"You were training with sword magic, yes? A rather rare form if I'm not mistaken. When you were with the Royal Army, did you train your magic alone too or is it just from your time as a wandering mage? It could do you good to truly develop more control against an opponent rather than trees or just the open air. The resistance of wood isn't the same as flesh, nor - and no offense, but obviously it's going to sound bad - your companions here. Magic with hints of your own is more mailable than those without a trace of it."


The youthful guild master read over the job flyer Alina handed her. She took a few minutes longer than needed, making a show of considering the job and what it entailed, before she spoke. "Yourself and Menzai, hmm?" The question came a bit deadpan, almost as if she might doubt it.

Ultimately, a smile slid onto her face and she shrugged. Torys turned her attention to Alina. "Very well. You'll have to secure your own way to and from Petunia Town. Not a terribly long round trip on foot if you want to walk, but from what I was told, the order you're going to pick up is more than what the two of you can carry. You'll need some way to transport it. All the other information is on the flyer."

She handed the paper back to Alina. "If there's anything you two need to know about the plants specifically someone at Sapphire Farms will tell you." With that, she left the young woman to her own devices and headed off behind the bar to inventory the liquor stock.

Ria watched Felix walk away for a beat. It was only when he'd passed Kaden that she realized they'd had an audience. Her gaze remained on the S-Class mage as he stood and left. Even a beat after, she stood listening to the wind rustle the leaves in the forest nearby brush along the grass of the field. Even with trying to soften the blow of defeat, Felix seemed to take the loss hard. Perhaps it was because she was reacting more than attacking, remaining on the defense and countering over giving him a proper fight like he'd requested. Or perhaps because she knew he viewed her as a stepping-stone in to A Class. Whatever the case may be she planned to figure it out and hopefully work with him more to improving. After all, she had a few more years of training under her belt than he had.

The pair of magic beasts investigating her drew her from her thoughts. A soft smile spread onto her face as she crouched. The best way to prove she wasn't a threat was to get on their level. If they'd been hostile, they wouldn't be sniffing and investigating her like they were. Plus, they were with the guy and she was pretty sure she had seen them around before. She offered out a hand for them to smell. "And who are you two?"

She looked up when the swordsman called his two compatriots. "It's quite alright. You're another of our new members, correct?" She stood and pointed at her guild mark visible due to the scoop neck of her blouse. "I believe I've seen you three around the guild on occasions I've been in the hall."

"Would you want to walk back to town with me? I'm always up for company. Plus, it would give your companions tine to investigate me. And, perhaps, help the three of your become more familiar with the area. How well do you know Crocus?" As she spoke, she approached Damian with every intention of continuing on her own should he turn her down.
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Ria blinked at the comment. She had heard of the peculiar tastes Akemi had, but she figured perhaps the things in the book would be interesting to Zenith. That didn't seem to be the case from his reaction. But she kept her smile from fading. "Yeah, maybe. I'll see if I can find a book that's more suitable for you then," the younger mage responded with a cheerful tone and large smile. She was certain there would be some book she could find that would have recipes that he not only hadn't made before, but would be interested in cooking. Exotic recipes didn't seem to be the case.

Before she had a chance to turn to Lavinia to offer to help clean up, Felix popped up with his usual vigor. She had promised him a fight at a different time. She didn't want to postpone on him again - the powers above knew she'd already done that enough given his time to rest and recover and then her own withdrawal after the job in Era. But now there was so much charcoal attempted cookies charred onto a tray and just as much smoke damage to one of the kitchen's two ovens. If they were to get a rush as part of the festival - no, what was she thinking, there was a very good likelihood given the guild was still enjoying a bit of renown after having defeated that beast in Era.

She hesitated perhaps too long because the boy headed off. Her attention turned to the spunky bloodmage before her with a smile. "Don't worry. I'll be back to help clean everything up. It'll be ready before the usual dinner rush."

Picking up the discarded book, she brought it with her as she left the kitchen and headed for the library. The bags of books for the newly built library were placed on the study table in neat piles; for now, adding them to the guild's catalogue, reorganizing the shelves, and putting everything away would just have to be in her 'to do list' part of her brain as something to get back to. Just like the kitchen. Just like so much other stuff. She'd get to it just like everything else. Now, at least, she had something else quiet to do while the others slept that wasn't reading or drawing in her room.

It was only a few minutes of being gone from the guildhall but already seemed like some tensions were picking up. Unfortunately, that area was right where she needed to go. She stopped across from Felix and offered him a smile. "I do have a lot I have to do but I promised you a month ago we would fight, and I do want you to train to get stronger. If a fight will help you do so..." Ria smiled a bit more. "Of course I will put us training together at the top of my to-do list. So, did you want to go do this now, or perhaps wait until after I help Lavinia with the kitchen clean up?"

Felix frowned at Ria, narrowing his eyes. "You suggested I wait once. I waited over a month. Lavinia can clean the kitchen herself for now. Come on!" He hopped off the stool and headed for the door, only waiting long enough to make sure the water mage was following him.

A short walk later, and they were just outside the city limits in the training fields. Of course in noticing the heightened wind in the field, Ria's attention turned to where it might be coming from and spotted a guy with two - was wolves a correct term given they had a power to them not exactly seen in earthly animals? - beside him. If it had just been the lad by himself, Ria might not have recognized him, but after word that they recently had a new member join that had two wolves with him it was hard not to realize who it was. Short of being able to remember his name, at least she knew they were encroaching on a guildmember's training space and she directed them to a further point in the field where the wind wasn't as active.

"Okay, so this should be -" Ria had barely started to get the words out before Felix was on her. She turned just in time to summon up a water shield for him to punch, which immediately blasted apart.

"Don't think I'm going to go light because you don't usually fight." Felix slid into a fighting stance as he stared at her. "You're A Class. You should be able to fight."

Ria smiled lightly, nodding back at him. "Okay. Neither of us will hold back, yes?" She didn't shift her stance though. The water mage simply watched her younger guildmate with a smile and her stance braced for reaction.

Felix didn't not so much as start charging a ball in his fist. "Blast: Rock." He launched himself at Ria. Seconds before reaching her, he discharged the ball at her.

Ria threw up a shield just in time to have it take the hit. It didn't stop it from dissipating, and letting Felix through to land a solid punch to her jaw though. She lost her footing and landed on her back, quickly rolling backward onto her feet to avoid the next punch. She stayed crouched as she cast, "Undertow." The air thickened around them, slowing the next punch Felix tried to deliver. It gave her just enough time to use her position to her advantage. She grabbed his arm, rolling and planting her foot against his chest to then release him with a kick.

Felix righted himself before he hit the ground, landing crouched. He launched himself again, this time charging up a different spell. "Blast: Rook" that set off a blast explosion as he landed a hit against Ria's arm block. When she stumbled back, he landed another hit with another blast explosion. When she stumbled and fell, he went to land another one but missed when she rolled to the side and he exploded the dirt instead.

"Cyclone!" Ria blasted Felix to the side with a powerful cyclone from her hands.

Despite smashing the close ranged blast, it still sent the young mage flying backward. Felix slid on his back until he used the momentum to flip to his feet as he utilized another spell to launch himself back toward Ria. He landed with another punch, but only exploded dirt with the girl rolling away.

"Obscuring Mist!" The field around them disappeared behind an instant cloudbank of fog. Using the cover, Ria landed a hit to knock Felix flat on his back before putting distance between them.

Felix growled angrily, flipping back up onto his feet. "Blast: Scissors" and used the attack to disperse the fogbank Ria had summoned around them. He didn't waste time once he had eyes on her again, he pointed a fingergun at her. "Blast: Zero Point."

Ria couldn't dodge the attack fast enough. She took the hit and rolled a bit after landing on her side. A shield of water stopped the next hit as she got to her feet. "Neptune's Dance." Just as another blast dispersed her shield, two torrents of water shot up from the ground beneath Felix to throw him up into the air.

It didn't last long. The younger mage jumped from the current and - "Blast: Bishop -" used his magic to propel himself like a jet toward the girl. "Blast: Knight." He swung his fist toward her as he got close and caught Ria in the ribs with a powerful punch and blast from the impact. As he went to bring his other fist to her, she caught the arm and spun with his momentum. He tumbled to the side when she released him.

The older mage gingerly shook the hand that touched his skin. Oh no... "Felix, get control of your magic." Of course her instruction fell on deaf ears as he launched himself at her with another round of Blast: Rook. She braced her arms behind a water-make shield before he smashed through it with another powerful punch backed by blast magic. Even with some lost footing, she still managed to stay upright. She summoned up another Water-Make buckler to block the next punch. "Felix, calm down. It's just a training fight."

Felix pressed on anyway. "Blast: Emperor." He closed the gap in the blink of an eye.

The water mage thrust a hand forward. "Waterlock!" A sphere of water captured Felix before he could connect with her. The water seemed to boil up around the young mage. Not a moment later, the sphere exploded in a spray of hot water, and the boy dropped to his hands and knees panting with steam rising from him.

"We're done," Ria said sternly. "Now hold still. You need to cool down before you fry your brain." She formed a sphere of water in her hand and placed it over his mouth and nose, then encased the young mage in another sphere of water. A gentle touch of her fingers to the sphere was all she needed to chill the water to the point heavy frost fell around it. She watched him as he soaked, using that basic contact to feel if it was working.

After she finally released the sphere from around him, Felix stayed on his hands and knees. "I can't believe I lost to you." He hit the ground. His gaze remained locked on the moist ground.

Ria shrugged and sat next to him. "I have four years of training on you." She looked at the sky. "Being strong and being able to win fights isn't about power. It's about control." She looked back at Felix with a gentle smile. "You have a lot of power you keep tapping into. You just don't control it. When you tap into that power, you start to heat up and your brain can't handle that and allow you to think so you move on instinct, you go for the stronger spells. You get a handle on that heat aspect of your magic, you will do better in fights.

"The best next step for you on your journey isn't to try to beat stronger mages to get stronger. It's to step back and control the magic you have. You have excellent control at your base level. You just need to learn to control how your body and mind react when you begin to heat up.
" She smiled a bit more and stood, offering her hand down to help Felix stand as well. "Come on, I'll look through the library to see if any of the books contain information on heat based magic."

Felix shoved the hand away and stood on his own. He glared at Ria, his frown cutting deep lines on his face. "I don't need to read books to figure it out and I don't need you patronizing me. I can figure it out on my own. I need to figure it out on my own. Otherwise, I won't actually be strong." He turned and walked away.

Kaden laughed softly at Akemi's dispute of the overprotective nature of Zen. That sounded like pretty standard older sibling stuff. At least, if your sibling wasn't a mage in a powerful guild and with other things to do. He didn't know that personally, but he'd seen it often enough growing up. The dynamic between siblings usually changed when they were in the same guild - or at least he'd also seen that too.

With the offer of the drink though, he could feel the hairs in his nose singeing just from the concoction being closer. He forced his smile to remain, and chuckled again when she withdrew the offer. He opened his mouth to respond when Tone boisterously announced his presence. Intentional or not, it made Kaden raise his brow and watch the overreaction to the foul concoction the strange new mage drank. Come back later?

Then Zenith showed up. Because of course he would. Maybe the newly titled S-Class mage had a sixth sense for when someone was talking to his sister. Whatever made the guy decide he needed to they were. The golden eyed mage smirked as he turned his attention to the other man. "Zen. Very classy way to interrupt a conversation. Suppose it's better than making a scene. Guess the Rune Knights taught you something."

His gaze stayed on the former Rune Knight as his smile grew a bit more devious. "Ya know, I was just about to ask your sister something similar. Considering she's still new to Crocus and I've lived her for a while." Kaden looked at Akemi. "I would be happy to show you around the city. There's a lot more to see than the tourist trap shit they're setting up for the festival."

But the fact he just heard Ria tell Felix she'd fight him, and the two were headed out the door to do just that, pulled his attention away. His gaze followed the pair until the door closed behind them before turning back to the siblings at hand. "Well, much fun as that would be, you two can go laugh it up with that. Can't pass up a chance to watch a fight." That and because he knew Ria was a water mage, but he also had heard she rarely got into combat. If he was going to try to use her to learn water magic, it'd be fun to see how she actually fought.

He followed the pair out of the city, and even diverted to where they set up to fight. Considering it was always a good call to stay back from combat like that, he sat himself down about 100 feet away from where the two squared off, and lounged back to watch the fight comfortably. After all - who wouldn't want to pass up the chance to watch a kid get his ass handed to him by a girl?

An intruder in a guild for hunting dark mages would be quite the cause for alarm, as others seemed to believe. The ostentatious entry of opening the guildhall doors with a member would have raised alarms in his head, if Markovis didn't study the situation. The intruder was calm, collected, seemed to be appraising the situation. There was power there, but the woman didn't seem to be looking for opportunities to attack further. While the others in the guild rushed to alarm and react, the stoic S-Class mage simply watched the scene unfold despite being ready to act if necessary. It wouldn't be necessary, he felt. Especially once the guild master announced who it was.

Fenixtear? It wasn't so much that he was surprised the guild might have someone worthy of their ranks. Given they had defeated a dragon not so long ago, of course there was the potential for there to be members strong enough to join them. He hadn't suspected a relatively unknown mage to be the one to be recruited though. It wasn't disappointment Duncan didn't feel his son was ready - he wasn't entirely sure what his son was thinking at this point given the boy moved from a legal guild to one of fleeting popularity. But when a lack of logic was applied, it made sense. A guild like that would separate the boy from the Pendergast legacy he himself had created in the Steel Hydra guild.

His steely gaze followed the woman and his guild master as they left to discuss other things. The expression on his face remained unchanging, even over the course of all that transpired and the instructions in his ear. That sounds easier said than done. Perhaps the fact she was from the guild his son had moved to it would be easier to accomplish. Or the fact she was a woman of few words - as apparent from her own display as when Duncan confirmed it. Introduced and inducted as an S-Class, understandable as it may be, or not, one fact remained true. She was a new member. A new member that needed to be introduced to the guild's ways. He could see the ways to make it work, once the woman had the appropriate guild mark upon her body.

Kali clenched her jaw tight when she saw the motion. She knew what was coming even before the dumb fox pulled her to him. It still hurt like a sonovabitch, but at least she was already scowling. No one would be able to tell the pain of it from the anger. Anger was a great thing to hold onto, especially for right now, dealing with cuffs that she'd need to harness all the magical energy she had to overcome if she wanted to get out of them. Which meant not trying to until she could afford the energy. Of course, that might not work, but she had to be patient to bide her time until she could properly try. Trying to run while she was injured as she was would do her no good; it was the entire reason she stayed put, and now had a foot helping pin her down.

Patronizing bastard, the fire mage thought with a huff. Of course he wouldn't have believed her. Of course he would think she was just making it up. Because he was entirely too right with the reasons he listed. She had no proof - though that was true even before the town was in ashes - and she ran. And, unfortunately, yes...she had burned something down out of anger before. But that was years ago. It was something that got her a reputation for new members of the guild, but also something that got her a reputation to make some jobs easier.

She couldn't fight back the grunt of the shock helping force her heart to beat normal. Not that it would do anything for the rib impacting her lung, but whatever. She had bigger things to worry about. Like getting out of these cuffs, and...or...hurting him enough she could get enough distance to get out of them herself and heal.

Grabbing his hand, she quickly yanked him off balance to get his arm in a lock using her full body. "Yeah, well, it's not like fixing a heart arrhythmia is going to fix a punctured rib. Now, let me out of these cuffs, or I will snap your arm." She growled the demand, and put more pressure on the joints to try to help sell her threat.
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