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"Well now, that's an idea." Carver nodded as he looked back at Asher. "I can't speak Goblin, no, and I'm not quite sure what their actually trying to say, but...if your assumption is correct and they are just hungry..." He let his thought trail off and fished around in his pack once more. This time, he came up with a protein bar.

The historian unwrapped the bar and broke a piece off, then looked between his companions. "Um, perhaps it would be safer if someone else were to hand this to one of them, wouldn't you say?" He offered the remaining bar to the others. "But one of you should offer it to the leader. I'll show them it's safe by eating this part, and if they accept the other part and eat it...that may help quell the hostilities if they're here because they're hungry. If not...well a quick departure would be in order, I suspect."

Still, to prove the point, once someone took the bar to offer, Carver would follow on his part to show it was safe by consuming his part.


Interactions: Elena/Percy @PandaBrady

Watching Percy change from female to male was probably about as impressive as the first transformation; Neil always found such things fascinating. He had to be mindful to not allow his curiosity to get the better of him, least he start looking into more concoctions he could potentially manufacture with his alchemic pursuits, but still - he enjoyed watching any transform with the same delight each time. This current one was perhaps a little less shocking - as he knew what to expect. Sure enough, Percy was in his own skin again, and coming to terms with what had been requested.

Neil looked at the job posting he'd been handed and offered it to Percy to read. "It's been posted up on the board in the center of town too. Anyone could do it so long as they have a partner. One person enters the drinking contest, the other plays look out in the audience, and the point is to catch the thief. Someone's been robbing contestants of everything from valuables to clothing. According to the posting, your -" he stopped and let out a half laugh, with a charming grin gracing his face - "other half, as it were, would likely be a better piece of bait. Though I'm sure you might fair just as well so long as you got a partner."

Location: Phoenix Wing Guildhall

Interactions: Dalton @hatakekuro, Jarvis @MarshiestMallow

"So to determine what level jobs I can take requires determining how experienced I am with my magic, which is determined by either you, or the Jamie in a meeting, or one of the mages that left for the fight." Nyssa thought about that for a long moment. It all seemed to make sense. After all, someone might assume they were ready for a job even if they weren't, and potentially get hurt - not only not good for the group, but for the individual and the person that needed the thing done. It was better someone else decided if they were ready or not. It was much like any of the labors at the village; one needed to prove they were ready to do a task in order to be able to handle it alone.

She nodded, smiling as she looked back at Jarvis. "Okay, yes. That makes sense. So when does that happen? Does this mean I am a member of this guild now?"

Location: Phoenix Wing Guildhall Kitchen

Interactions: Jasmine @Lunarlord34

Around normal people, the growl of a hungry stomach may have been embarrassing. Seeing as Markovis wasn’t normal, he didn’t think a second thought about it. Or, rather, not one that would be embarrassing. Jasmine was a dragon slayer - and like other slayers he had encountered, such abilities that could topple immortals and the likes came with an amazing natural energy conversion ability, which meant lots of energy stores needed. Energy stores, for the most part, meant needing to eat a lot.

Usually, he didn’t bother having anyone taste test anything for him, but Jasmine was a cook. He trusted she would be truthful in her opinion. There were several variations to the recipe that involved more or less spice, and since he wasn’t sure everyone else’s taste for it - he just went with a moderate spice level. He knew Trinity would like it, but the others - that was why he needed Jasmine’s opinion. She cooked more often for the others in the guild than he did. Short of that, Jarvis or one of the others might have an idea what was a good ratio, but that required far more work than just hoping for the best.

And if no one else wanted any, that just meant more for Smokin’ Bottle and Jasmine.

Of course, though assisting in serving is unnecessary. I planned to just set up a spot for people to just get their own food if they’re interested in it, and I would simply oversee it.” He already had an idea of how he would serve everything anyways - which was to announce that it was available then leave it for others to take their share. The only one that he was actually going to serve the food to was Trinity. And now Jasmine.

Markovis transferred a portion of the rice into three dishes - a small-ish bowl for Trinity, a larger one for Jasmine, and then a dish large enough for the rest of the rice. Then portioned out a serving of the cakes and dip for Trinity. After getting utensils for the collection of food and dishes he’d gathered, he offered Jasmine the bowl and spoon. “Here is your dish. I’m going to bring Trinity her food then get everything set to bring to the exhibition. If you would like to get yourself a serving of the sweet potato cakes and cream dip, help yourself. I should be right back.

Given how timid Jasper was when he first showed up - hell, even now - Kaden hadn't entirely thought it would be easy to connect with the kid. Yeah, he was young. It wasn't entirely a deal breaker though. He was capable enough. Poor kid just needed to get out of his shell. That had been the tricky part; not so much in convincing the kid to chat, but in doing so in ways that didn't always appear like he was actually nice, even to Jasper. Next someone might get the notion he cared about what happened to those in the guild. That would ruin his entire game plan. But with the crowd the way it was currently, it was easier to just hide amongst the patrons and chat with the kid.

A floorboard creaked behind him. Kaden's gaze shifted to a glass on the table to catch the reflection of Tone winding up to kick him - if he judged it right. But before he even had the chance to react to stop the dragon slayer's foot from connecting with him, some other guy had appeared and caught his foot. This was certainly a turn of events. The S-class turned slightly in his chair, adjusting to watch the exchange with a soft smirk.

Ria was cleaning up a table when she heard a commotion on the other side of the guildhall. She wasn't surprised Kaden or Tone were there. Tone probably wanted a fight and Kaden was Kaden. Even though he'd been in a fight once already, there was no doubt he was still ready to go another round and that was probably what Tone was looking for. The fact that the new face around the guild was in the mix added another element to it all together. She sighed and set to finishing up clearing the table and setting it up for the next possible customer.

"Don't go dragging me into this, kid," he laughed as he held his hands up in non-engagement. He was quite content to see what went down. This Ronan guy was new, and he couldn't get a read on him at all. There was something off about that. Usually he could get a read on other mages without an issue, but this guy. There was something more off than just maybe not being a mage. When he'd walked in earlier, the guy had been at the bar and he hadn't seen the guy move - just over near the bar, then right near him in a flash. Even Torys didn't surprise him like that.

Ria walked over and stood near the others. "Tone, you were warned the last time -" Of course she could finish reminding him, he'd already launched a hit at the new guy. Only for Ronan to dodge it. Hit after hit, dodged faster than Ria could believe. Tone was fast even without amplifying it with magic. She had no desire to fight him, and knew if she did she needed to keep her distance least she get seriously hurt. But the way Ronan dodged...Gwen didn't move that fast. She'd seen Holly and Gras fight, and she was fairly certain those two couldn't keep up with Ronan. "Stop before -"

Kaden shifted ever so slightly to fully put himself between the scuffle and Jasper. Tone could get carried away, and he wasn't going to be taking the blame for if the dolt hurt the kid. That was what he would certainly tell them if anyone noticed him move. He could handle a hit from Tone - even likely handle stopping a hit if Tone managed to use this Ronan guy to hit him. He doubted Jasper would fair near as well. But swing after swing was dodged by this guy and Kaden was starting to grow more suspicious of the one eyed man's ability to dodge the strikes. But even with a strike fast enough that Kaden - though he'd never admit it aloud - barely could follow, Ronan not only dodged, but reversed it into an arm bar that could have seriously messed up Tone's ability to fight for even a little while. It was clear that wasn't the new guy's intention.

A smirk slid onto the S-class's face while the water mage frowned and crossed her arms. Kaden found the whole thing entertaining - Tone was always a fair deal more entertaining than the brat whenever he went to instigate a fight - while Ria was debating on giving them both a scolding for their antics (but largely ready to ensure nothing was broken and nothing came close to injuring the others in the room should it get too wild). Luckily the patrons that were around had moved back to keep from getting involved, and it seemed most were entertained too. If it wasn't clear this all wasn't just in gest, then perhaps there may not have been so much ogling and perhaps a bit more excitement from them.

"Help make it more of a scene? Great job. Really saved me the trouble of actually having to acknowledge the hothead before he landed a blow." The smirk on his face only grew as he lounged against the back of his chair. "Maybe next time you try to not make much of a scene, you just don't bother getting involved, yeah?" He may have been smiling, but there was a clear threat behind it. Kaden looked at Tone. "But so that was what you were coming to ask earlier. Well, I guess since Akemi is out with the wash-up, I've got time for a match now." He stood, shooting a look over his shoulder at Jasper. Might do the kid some good to get out of the crowded guildhall. "Wanna tag along? You could stand to learn a few things about fighting - if this chump doesn't lose too fast." He shoulder checked Tone as he started past toward the door.

"If you all are quite done..." Ria's tone was far tamer than what she felt inside. She looked around and a soft smile slid onto her face as she focused in on Ronan and Tone. "Tone, why don't you just ask Kaden next time instead of attacking? You know Torys doesn't like you doing that while we have customers at the tables. Ronan, thank you for trying to assist. Why don't you head back over to the bar to wait for Torys? I'm sure it won't be long now." She turned with a larger, more apologetic smile to the table closest to the rabble. "Terribly sorry about all that. Everything alright for you?" With everything settling and the patrons all fine and resuming whatever they'd been doing before, Ria finished setting the tables before heading back into the kitchen.

She finally headed into the kitchen to put stuff away she didn't need to finish setting tables. "Tone? Oh he was just looking to fight with Kaden. Apparently he figured he'd just get the drop on him and challenge him after. He has some issues sitting around idle - he's either out training or doing jobs - so I'm not terribly surprised. He misses some nuances of, you know, actually just asking people to train. Though I think that's because his initial attempt to ask Kaden for a match was foiled by whatever Akemi was drinking today."

Ria listened to the music Trinity played and hummed along quietly while she scrubbed. So far, she wasn't willing to call it quits on this last pan, but it was getting close. There was another pan that was beyond repair as well. Not terrible. Easily replaced. In fact, she was doing a bit of the math about if they needed to get any other cookware or dishes to make one trip instead of realizing they needed more and needing to make several trips. She'd just need to do a full check on everything and evaluate the food supplies before heading out.

She put the dish to the side and finally dried her hands. It was certainly going to be all she could do to get it fixed. Two out of all those pans? Not terrible. Not terrible indeed.

The humming continued as she moved to the pantry to take stock of those supplies, then headed to the walk-in to verify their cold stock. She was pretty sure they didn't need anything from market - it had just been stocked this past weekend, wasn't it? Or was it only two or three days ago? - but it didn't hurt to double check. After all, Lavinia might have used more food than necessary, or even the wrong ingredients, in her attempt to make her cookies. It didn't seem they needed to do much to restock the supplies lost in the venture, though. Not enough to need to include in a run to the market today - which meant they likely wouldn't need her to run out to get a replacement tray and bowl until they went to restock again anyways.

The water mage finally ventured over to where Damian was working on the soup. She took a large sniff of the air, absentmindedly close to brushing right up against the older mage, before leaning back. "That smells delicious. That's definitely going to be a hit with customers!" She offered him a cheerful smile before gathering up the stack of menus from the holder near the door. "I'm going to get tables set if you don't mind keeping everything handled back here." He seemed like he had everything under control though.

She offered Trinity and the new guy a smile as she passed, heading to the tables to start placing menus out and taking mental count of how many still had place settings from the breakfast rush.

"Hmm...That's - unnerving..." Carver adjusted his glasses as he looked around. He was certain he had mapped out around the territory of most monsters. Perhaps he'd been mistaken. It didn't sound like it was anything terribly big. But even little things in great number could be deadly. "But I don't believe we are in any real danger. It sounds like - "

A small rock hit him in the forehead.

The historian fell flat on his butt, dropping the food bar that he'd been holding. The rock hadn't landed hard, and didn't sound like it had. He picked up the pebble and looked at it.

The chirps and squeaks turned to loud chittering. Several of the bushes shook and rattled, close to the same loud ruckus whatever hid in them was making. Then, a large (at least for something typical the size of a raccoon) goblin stepped out. It chittered and squeaked, motioning with it's spear - a crudely fashioned stick not much longer than the creature was tall, with a rock tied onto the tip with vines - toward Carver's feet. The other cacophony of complaints from the bushes and shadows around them died down, as if to give the creature before them more preference in its demands.

Ria hummed softly to herself as she scrubbed, then power washed, then scrubbed the pans some more. She was pretty certain that some of these were completely done for - too much scrubbing or pressure washing and the bottoms would surely be worn away to nothing. For now, she was set to trying to salvage what she could. There were glass bowls with cement - oh, right, this was supposed to be cookie batter - hardened in it that took some extra concentrated blasts, but they seemed to be coming up now. A few of the pans were set to the side, soaking in soapy water to help loosen bits up.

She glanced over her shoulder at Damian when he asked how things were going. A smile spread on her face, wiping away the focused concentration she had taken on in her task. "I think your soup will be ready before I have even the mixing bowls cleaned." She laughed softly. "Some of these are beyond saving, but I won't know how many until I'm finished. I'm not entirely sure what she used to make the cookies, but I'm starting to think they wouldn't have been edible even if she hadn't caught half the kitchen on fire. Lavinia must have just been too shy to ask Zenith or I for cooking tips." She looked back at what she was doing to make sure she wasn't scrubbing through the pan. "Maybe Zenith or I can do cooking classes for people interested in helping but uneasy about keeping up with orders. Would you be interested in participating? Having someone else willing to cook and help might encourage the others too."


Interactions: Elena @PandaBrady

Neil blinked when Ariel - he assumed it was Ariel, considering it looked exactly like her except she now sported tails and ears like the girl on the other side of Dalton - showed up. In a swirl of partial chaos, she swept away the third member of the team away before Trinity could even receive the food Markovis had headed off to make for her. He shrugged to himself. It was certainly going to be a fun thing to explain to their sometimes obtuse friend. He doubted Markovis would believe him if he told the whole mess, so he figured it would be better to stick to the basics.

His gaze instead fixed on the woman that had approached looking for Markovis. That was certainly a name he knew his friend wouldn't enjoy, but he certainly did. A smirk crossed his face at the thought. A drinking contest? That seemed right up his stoic friend's alley, but he was pretty sure the request wasn't to compete with each other. It was to lure out a potential threat - that meant it was better for someone to be in the crowd than the pair to both be contestants. "Well -" he started before it seemed she broke off to an internal debate.

And then Perry was speaking. Though that didn't quite seem right. Unlike Edarn, who didn't have much of a choice, Perry seemed to be incapable of switching back to the proper body. He knew the light mage had a body - he'd seen the transformation before. It was another thing entirely to see that this Elana could switch bodies and minds and all that without Perry being able to do much about it. "Well, I'd say that's a new one, but I suppose you're in the same bucket as Edarn and Karn. Tough break. But, you know, this little minx you're bound with - not sure you were aware she wants to take a job with Markovis, or if she can hear me right now like sometimes can happen with the Karns but - I'm not entirely sure would end up getting a yes out of Markovis for this job she's looking to take. He's not much for the, um, playful sort." He did look sorry to say that, but maybe it was in everyone's best interest to break some hopes before Markovis shattered them.

Location: Phoenix Wing Guildhall

Interactions: Dalton @hatakekuro, Jarvis @MarshiestMallow

Nyssa's ears flicked with the ruckus around her, but kept redirecting to Jarvis. All the new people around threatened to steal her attention even though she was determined to keep on task before getting distracted. So if she found a job she was interested in, she could bring it to him, or the woman Jamie that was in a meeting, or one of the S-Classes. Her gaze shifted a moment when the man that stood near a table with another female at it called out for the S-Class mages to leave, and two others left with him. Oh, Ariel's not-mate Nolan is an S-Class. Interesting.

That glance to the side distracted her more than she anticipated, with a swish of tails that caught her attention. She thought it was Ariel but since when - OH!. Right, Ariel's magic...Nyssa had forgotten about what the older girl had said about her magic when she transferred energy to her to repay for the food and travel. The shift in appearance looked good on the model, but then - all the shifts in the mage's appearance she had seen had looked good. She seemed a bit more playful in this form than the others the kitsune had seen, hopefully that wasn't too problematic for her friends. Surely they were used to it.

Her mouth opened when Ariel swept up the girl that had been introduced as Trinity and carried her away. How was she going to meet this Karn person now? She looked at Dalton beside her. "The girl that was going to show me where this Karn person lives just left with Ariel. Do you know where he lives? And, if so, would you show me to his place?" Once she was a member, she reminded herself.

"Oh, right. First things first." Her attention turned back to Jarvis. "So does this mean I am a member? Or is there more to it? And - Oh, what is that?" She pointed to the stamp. "And how do you determine skill level?"

Location: Phoenix Wing Guildhall Kitchen

Interactions: Jasmine & Rajah @Lunarlord34

All things considered, it was the prep that took Markovis the longest to cook. Prepping the ingredients for - what he'd counted quickly was about twenty-five people - for both dishes wasn't something he could just use his magic to fast cook. He was sure he could figure out a way to do it with his newer magic, but that likely wouldn't go as well as just having standard Earthland food. Besides, he enjoyed cooking. It didn't come as a surprise to him when Jasmine said his name. She had been bound to show up eventually, and he didn't have to hear Rajah to know the entitled Exceed was with her. "Hello, Jasmine. Hello, Rajah."

Much to his chagrin, the sentient cat - perhaps the kindest definition of the dragon slayer's companion - perched atop his head to oversee the meal prep. If this were the first time, he may have bothered trying to protest. Instead, he simply adjusted his stance to accommodate the excess weight rather than fight it. "I am - oh." When he noticed Jasmine trying to reach the flying cat, he stooped down a little to assist. Jasmine brought her away and he focused back on finishing up the Bosco Rice. A large platter of sweet potato cakes sat on the counter with a few set out on plates to serve up already. Small cups of cinnamon cream sat on those plates, with a larger bowl of cream and more serving cups set beside the platter of cakes.

"I have made sweet potato cakes with cinnamon cream to dip, and am finishing up Bosco Rice now. This should be enough to feed the guild present. Trinity was upset and I decided to cook her something to help lift her spirits, and with so many returning - comfort food is supposed to be good for helping with gatherings like such. At least, that is what I have read." He retrieved a spoon from a drawer and took a small scoop of the rice. Cupping his hand under it as to ensure none fell to the floor, he approached Jasmine and offered it to her for taste. "Tell me what you think."

It took more time than Ria liked to get the charred bits off the oven and stove respectively. It was cute Lavinia wanted to learn to cook. Maybe next time she would agree to allowing Zenith or herself, or maybe even Damian, to help walk her through it. Well, that would be for later to figure it out. For now, she'd gotten the worst of the mess power washed off. After drying it off, a quick check revealed it was all still working.

"Perfect," Ria chirped. She clasped her hands together and turned to face Damian. "Thanks for getting all that put back away. I just have to get the dishes done and that shouldn't take me long. Do you know how to make minestrone or onion soup or any soups in general?" As she spoke, the water mage headed to the sink to try to power wash the charred bits off the baking sheets and clean up the excessive amount of bowls dirtied in the process of attempting cookies this morning. She organized everything and started washing the easiest to clean first after setting the worst to soak. She continued speaking, "We offer a soup of the day and when I'm cooking I usually make minestrone or onion soup. But if there's a soup you know how to make and want to help out with by cooking it up, that'd be appreciate. Or just keeping an eye out for customers, that would also be helpful."

Kaden walked into the guildhall, gaze quickly taking it in for a moment. Huh, Gras still isn't here. Weird. Maybe she'd show up later - or not be out on the streets at all to avoid the crowds of the festival. Not that he cared. She was just more of a mainstay out of everyone in the guild. It was just weird walking into the place and not seeing her brooding in the corner.

But there was one person that he'd grown accustom to seeing lurking in the hall that he would go hunting for if the guy didn't show up. A soft smile cracked on his face as the S-Class mage crossed the room. It was definitely out of his way, but he didn't mind. The kid was always too nervous to approach others first anyways.

He ruffled the boy's hair as he took a seat beside Jasper. "Hey, Kid. How was the coma? Musta been nice. You weren't in the hall yesterday," he said with a laugh. "Up to anything today?"

"That's the spirit. Right, now keep up, everyone," Carver called in a delighted tone. The historian led the trek up the footpath. He kept the map out, looking down to reference it and the compass every so often and correct their path. Unless one requested it, it would only be ever few hours they would stop for a drink.

The sun sank well below the trees and the sky was turning dark before he finally had them stop in a small clearing. "Right. So we should stop here for a brief break to eat, then - if you are all up for it - we will continue on." Hoisting his pack off his shoulders, he set it on the ground and pulled a flashlight from within it, then spread the map out on it. He pointed to it as he spoke, "We are roughly here, which puts us needing to go still about fifteen or twenty miles following this trail." Though the trail in question was just ink on the paper. The path went up at a far steeper incline than the previous hike. "We could just do that part tomorrow, or we can hike the rest of it tonight and make camp when we get to the ruins, but it is likely this will be the flattest part of our trip until we reach the ruins I'm looking for.

"Either way, we should all eat something and take a short break to recharge our batteries.
" Carver folded up the map and tucked it away into a pocket. Then he dug out some of the meal packs he had brought along and offered them out to the Fenixtear members accompanying him. "Eat up."

* * *

Small feet scurried through underbrush and hopped from tree branch to tree branch. Not quite close enough to be heard but for on the wind, squeaks and chirps murmured between them. The first time a light was shined toward the sound, there would be nothing but the forest coverage to be seen. If one were quick enough, they might catch a glimpse of a bushy tail or a small spear in trying to figure out what the noises were.

A plan was coming together for a wonderful experience. The guild getting more foot traffic and jobs and such was starting to really help the cash flow. It could even mean that they'd soon enough have the funding to just hire a cook and waitress rather than the guildmembers themselves being the cooks. Eventually, maybe. They did have a lot of fast jobs and plenty of members. She could always hire out someone if they needed, but if it got to the point she considered hiring someone, she'd certainly be running that by Torys first.

She was startled from her thoughts with the sudden shout of 'steak' from Damian. Blinking, she looked at him with a bit of surprise while he rattled off about cooking a steak dinner after helping clean. The smile spread back onto her face with a soft laugh. "That sounds good. A steak dinner would certainly be appreciated by most everyone, I'm sure. I know I definitely appreciate the help cleaning, and would love to help you cook. If you wouldn't mind getting things organized, I should be able to get the dishes and the oven cleaned."

Ria was almost in the kitchen when she heard Trinity shout out her name. She turned and smiled at the other girl. "I'm fine. Just got back from sparring with Felix. Now I'm going to clean the kitchen and cook up lunch with the help of Damian." She paused for a moment when she finally took in the flustered appearance of her friend. "Is everything okay? You seem flustered" Glancing over her shoulder for a moment, she looked back at Trinity. "Get something to drink and once the kitchen is in order, I'll be back out to chat between taking orders and such. Okay?" With that and an encouraging smile, she turned and headed into the kitchen.

"Right, so if you could just get this all organized..." her voice trailed off as she looked over the unorganized catastrophe that was the counter space from the various ingredients still being splayed about and the charred remnants still haunting the pans. "While I deal with the charred mess that is the pans and oven." She didn't bother waiting to see if Damian set to his task, as she opened the oven and used a torrent of water to start cleaning the charred bits out of it.

Kaden wasn't entirely sure where he was going. He didn't have anywhere to be for hours, and he didn't exactly feel like going back to the guild right now. Maybe in a little bit for food. Maybe. Loathe as he was to admit it, the others in the guild definitely were decent cooks. Better and cheaper than most of the places around the city. Right now, he was still kind of disappointed Damian had cut in on the fight - that was shaping up to be a good work out.

His gaze followed the purple haired girl he'd seen around the guildhall lately as she ducked into an alley. Huh, that was unusual. She seemed like she was a bit panicked, almost like she was...Then he saw some guy duck into the same alley she had. It didn't take much to correct course and enter the alley just as Trinity disappeared up onto the roof. A smug smirk slipped onto his face as his hands disappeared into his pockets. "Tough break, huh?"

"Pfft, I know who she's with. She ain't gettin' away with stealin' our work." The guy scowled at Kaden. "What do you care anyway?"

"Ya know, you're right. I shouldn't. Except - " Kaden shifted his shirt to show the guildmark on his side before dropping his shirt - "She's one of mine. So if you got beef with her, you got beef with me," he said as he started closing the gap between them.

* * *

That shouldn't have been so easy. Really, it was more disappointing than satisfying to beat the guy. At least Salvis and Teague had actual fighting experience. It seemed that guy only had experience in intimidating and beating up defenseless people. Unbecoming, really, but it explains why the guy was looking to go after the fix-it girl instead of take it up with the girl. Intimidation - something Kaden knew a bit about. Maybe now this guy and his guild would think twice about going after one of theirs. If they weren't independent, the repair guys wouldn't mess with them, but then again - they'd have more issues elsewhere.

Still, beating the guy to send that message barely took any time and certainly didn't satisfy his desire to find something to do. With a bit of a sigh, the mage finished wiping the blood from his knuckles and started slowly on his way back to the guild. He wasn't hungry yet, but maybe if he took his time he'd be hungry by the time he got back.
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