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Current Not only did the court date go as I expected (she was awful and the mediator had to continually point out her defense was invalid) but I got exactly what I wanted to get out of it and she was pissed.
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Really fucking panicking about my court date. Really fucking hoping this goes well (for me.)
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May not be around until Sunday at best. Have to go to court to try to file a restraining order against my landlady tomorrow, then clean and pack more before my daughter's birthday party Saturday.
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Torn. The sensible part of me is hoping landlady doesn't show up. The vindictive part of me hopes she shows up so I can have her arrested for trespassing due to refusing to comply with my schedule.
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Who would have thought receiving a court summons for an eviction could relieve so much stress?


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Steve smile a bit more when Olivia seemed to brighten up over the thought of him having a little sister. It had been a while since any of his family had come to visit; almost a year to be precise. It was easier for him to go back home than it was for any of them to come here. So the thought of having Vivian come to visit was actually appealing. She liked the trip the last time, but it had been just her and Chris and it was a chance for them to feel a bit of freedom. It was about time he asked if any of them wanted to come out to see him instead, and he was sure his sister would jump at the chance to come out again.

"Yeah, I could talk to my folks and see if we could arrange it sometime in the next month or so. She's a little younger than you - fourteen - but I'm sure she'd love to meet you too." At least that much he was sure of. His sister was a social butterfly. Really, everyone in his family were far more socially adept than he was. The only difference between their socialness and hers was that for some reason she had an interest in meeting the people in his life. Like it was some oddity or she needed to vet them or something.

When she mentioned seeing what they did for fun, he couldn't help but chuckle a little bit. It wasn't like they did a lot for fun. Having people over or going out to a bar with some of their friends was kind of it as far as he was concerned. Considering they both had demanding jobs that kept them pretty busy, or at least exhausted, they weren't terribly exciting. At least, that was his opinion. Plus, what they did for fun wasn't exactly something she could do as well.

Steve opened his mouth to answer Olivia's question when he heard Ethan's voice. He chuckled at his friend's comments, he couldn't help it. Yeah, walking around a mall wasn't exactly how he wanted to spend his weekend, but then again it did mean getting to know his new roommate. If Ethan hadn't voiced defense for him, he honestly wouldn't have thought twice about agreeing to it until they were actually at the mall and he realized the rabbit hole he'd stepped into.

"Well, to be fair, I did make the offer for us to all spend time doing something this weekend to, ya know, get used to each other. I suggested a bit of a tour and meeting the others in the building and showing her around the neighborhood. If she likes the mall..." He shrugged a little. "I honestly don't mind showing her where it is. I mean, if it turns into a thing, it's not like I don't need things I can get there." Not that he really wanted to sign himself up for walking a teen girl around a mall on a Saturday, but he did want this all to be easy for everyone. If that took volunteering to walk around the mall, then so be it.

"It's not like there's a lot of places we hang out that she can join us." He offered Ethan another shrug.

Alright. So I've decided to take a different approach to partner searching and decided this will be my bump thread. If it appears on here, it's what I'm interested in. If it's not on here, I'm probably not interested. With that said...

Hiya! You can call me Sanguine. Rose. SR. Hey you. Etc.

Before we get to the good stuff:

The hiders have more in depth information, but I'm assuming you're just interested in the highlights, so I put TL;DR sections below each.

The TL;DR Version: I’m an adult - that can handle adult things - with a family, enjoys romance in RPs, and can play a decent range of characters (with a preference for Heterosexual pairings) in a casual to advanced range of writing.

TL;DR - Try your best with spelling and grammar. PM only. Be 18+.
TL;DR - Bonus Round! = Romance is great, adding to plot and plan is better, character sheets are amazing. Help with supporting cast, please.

Through all that and still with me? Great!

Please know, I may ask for a writing sample. Sorry, not sorry. The key word is may.

First: super craving Harems or Reverse Harems - most of the ideas below can be altered into a harem/reverse harem if not already built in. I'm up for playing either the group or the individual in either concept.

Second: If you skipped it down to here, I prefer heterosexual romances. I'm fine playing males and females, but may have a preference for a given plot. I'm willing to play homosexual pairings, but it's been a while since I actually played in one, so just bear that in mind.

Third: Although I'd prefer OCs for fandoms - so pretty much just borrowing the main universe and using canon as background - I'm willing to play canon characters in some of the fandoms; for the most part, I view canon characters - especially main characters - as characters that should be secondary or background to whomever we play.
Of course, feel free to ask if I'd be up for canon in a particular fandom, but know most importantly - you will be required to double. I'm not interested in being the only one playing a canon for you to match to your OC. I hope you understand.

Finally: The number of *s indicates my current level of craving.


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Steve chuckled at her comment about pizza connoisseurs. She didn't look like someone that would eat pizza often. That was probably a good thing. Up until recently, she'd probably been lucky enough that she didn't have to survive on something she only needed a paper towel to eat. That had been about the first month or so in this new place before they got their finances in order. Well, because of that and the fact they constantly had their friends over for minor parties. Nothing crazy enough to get noise complaints, but definitely stuffing a lot of twenty-somethings into an apartment barely big enough to handle them. Those days were over, but not because of Olivia moving in.

"Well, we can certainly give you pointers on all the best take-out and delivery in the area if you ever want it," he said with a smile. "With all the OT I've been pulling lately, the cash for a pizza and tip is barely a scratch. We've been converting to a new data entry system at work, and then today's power outage...Let's just say I'm very happy it's Friday, and I don't have work tomorrow." He let out another chuckle before taking another bite of his piece.

When Olivia started talking about the whole situation, the smile slowly faded from Steve's face. His brows rose at about the same rate. He hadn't really expected her to thank him for that. Especially because he didn't really think he was doing much. He paid the bills while his friend was on leave from work, he'd offered a shoulder and sat around quietly at the funeral and wake, and remembrance because he honestly didn't know what else to do aside from maybe block people from going and bothering Ethan when he excused himself from the crowd. Pretty much, he thought about what he'd want someone to do for him if it had been his parents, and just tried to do that. But it didn't feel like a lot.

"It - " He stopped himself from finishing that statement. She looked half ready to cry with the way she brought it up. "I'm glad there was at least something I could do to help," he said instead. "If you need anything, too, you can just ask. Like you said, we're going to be living together."

He smiled afterward, though. Because they were both had the same thought. Establishing having each other as roommates. "Well, I do have a sister, but she's nine years younger than me. I doubt she really remembers living with me. But I have an older brother, so I know what you mean," he said with a chuckle. He supposed Vivian might also have gone through that, but it was likely more with his brother Chris than it was with him. When he was living at home, and until he got used to the more casual environment of college life, he usually just took his clothes into the bathroom to get changed after a shower, even in the high school locker rooms. Since third year of college, he'd gotten a bit more comfortable not doing that, even with co-ed showers, but he still wasn't about to walk around in just a towel. If it were Vivian, he'd still revert back to like he was living at home as far as decency around the apartment was concerned. "But I don't really think you have to worry about that kind of stuff with me."

After a bit of a pause, Steve offered Olivia a bigger smile. "Honestly, I'm not really going to be adjusting my habits. I'm a pretty low impact person, and generally do the majority of the cleaning anyways. But we should hang out or something this weekend and get to know each other - get all three of us used to the living situation. Or maybe we could introduce you to some of the people from the building. Or, if your brother's cool with it, you could have people over to get used to this being your space too."
"Dinner is ready, boys."

By the time she had called over, Steve had already headed back into his room after getting dressed. He wasn't hiding - that's what he told himself. He was just taking his sweet time finishing up drying his hair and putting his stuff away. Ethan wanting to pay half was nice, but it wasn't necessary. It wasn't like he didn't get a decent wage. Actually, from what he heard from a few of his former classmates, he was making really good money starting out. A fact he wasn't going to take for granted, even if it came with calls to come in at odd hours and work late.

When he walked out of his room and realized Ethan was asleep on the couch, he chuckled softly to himself. Today was a long and difficult day for all of them. The last time he'd seen his friend pass out like that, it had been when they finished moving in. They'd both fallen asleep on the couch, even though both had every intention of just taking a quick break off their feet before finishing unpacking. Now it seemed it was the same situation all over again. Except it was moving someone else into their home.

His gaze drifted over to kitchen, where Olivia seemed to be taking her time eating a slice of pizza. Not a bad call doing it that way. Less dishes to clean up. Something he could totally get behind on days like this. After a second, he realized she wasn't really focusing on anything in particular. It made sense. Moving into a new place, likely still dealing with her loss - it was a lot. Especially for someone still in high school.

Steve walked into the kitchen and picked up a slice of pizza. He leaned on the counter opposite her as he took a small bite. "Thanks for taking care of getting this from the delivery guy," he said softly. It was just an innocent comment, one intended to break the ice. If they were going to be living together, it would serve them well to get to know each other a bit better. At least, better than her being his best friend's sister and him being her brother's friend. "If you ever decide to order pizza, I recommend this place for pretty much everything. We tried a few other shops around, but this one is the best."
Moving the truck had taken only a few minutes. It was the just letting the siblings have some time to get Olivia settled - or at least finish putting her things away and for Ethan to take a breather - that left Steve sitting in the truck for an extra ten minutes after ordering a large pizza half combo half cheese only. The reality of the situation was still settling in. They not only got a roommate, but said roommate was one of their siblings. Even for being adults - and for Olivia being almost a legal adult - that still left siblings often acting like siblings. He hadn't lived with his family since he went to college. This whole living arrangement was going to be rough on everyone.

The only saving grace was they had relatively busy schedules. Well, at least he and Ethan did. He was just kind of assuming Olivia did. She had to be close to the end of her high school career. He knew his brother Chris, who was about her age, was busy; that may have just been because his brother was on the track team and played baseball, and was getting ready for college. Surely she was busy with trying to prep for college.

A soft sigh left Steve as he scrubbed his face for what, he figured, wouldn't be the last time that night. Things would get easier. Everyone would get used to living with each other. Those things were inevitable. It was just the initial growing pains of remembering there was a teen girl in the apartment that would be his hang up. "Come on, Ethan's probably going to wonder what's taking so long," he murmured to himself.

So the tired techie walked up to the apartment, only hesitating once when he reached their floor. He entered their apartment and spotted the siblings relaxing on the couch. A soft smile came onto his face as he tossed his keys into the key dish on the table behind the door. "The pizza should be here in about fifteen minutes." He pulled his wallet out of his pocket and pulled out enough cash to cover the food and driver's tip. He placed the money on the table next to the key bowl. "This should cover food and tip. I'm going to jump in the shower. Would one of you mind paying the guy when he gets here?"

Steve didn't exactly wait for an answer. He just headed straight for his room. After all, if the answer was no - which he doubted it would be - he could still take a shower and be dressed in time to deal with it if he started now. He casually tossed his work bag and walled onto his bed as he started to loosen his tie. Tapping the door with his foot, he pushed it closed - or at least mostly closed - even though he wasn't getting fully undressed in there. That was the part that was going to need to be remembered. He couldn't just towel it up between bathroom and bedroom; he was fairly certain Ethan wouldn't like it even if Olivia didn't care, but it wasn't proper regardless of if either of his roommates minded it. He could still go from his bedroom to the bathroom in his undershirt and pants, though. Which was the next thing to happen - removing his button up and discarding it into his hamper. Finding some comfortable clothes to change into, he carried the pile with him into the bathroom - not really paying the siblings much attention.
Steve was all about helping in some way, so the fact that he could potentially help with moving the truck was great. Ordering a pizza was nothing. It would take two minutes once he actually dialed the phone. He was about to answer regarding the truck when Olivia piped up. He'd caught the look from Ethan. It was a look he was very used to when his siblings were having issues with each other and wanted an escape. It was something he was kind of thankful until now he didn't have to put up with anymore. But this was a stressful situation for them, to say the least. He could at least make things easier on his friend.

"I know when we moved in, getting settled in was all I could think of. It helped we had someone willing to move the truck for us." He'd phrased it carefully, because he certainly didn't want to bring up the fact that it had been her late parents that had moved the truck for them. They didn't exactly feel like his parents, but they'd impacted his life the few times he'd been around them and he was grateful for every time.

His gaze shifted to Ethan, raising his brows slightly like a questioning shrug before looking at Olivia again. "Why don't you go settle, and I'll get the truck moved and pizza ordered? You'll be happier in the long run doing it like that. Then once you're settled I'm sure your brother can help you with learning manual." He'd have made the offer to help too, but that was more a brother sister thing than something he could step in on. Not without talking to Ethan. As sure as he was his friend was going to be working hard and a lot the coming weeks to make up for all the time off in the past month, he couldn't just invite himself into their relationship more than they were already intertwined now.

Steve offered both his roommates - a concept that was starting to freak him out a little now that it was a reality - a smile before heading to the truck and climbing in the driver's seat. He wasn't going to let on that he was a bit freaked about it - that was entirely unfair after suggesting it to make everything easier. It wasn't a problem. It wasn't; it was just the thoughts going through his head of what his family would think having a teen girl living with them. Everything else about being in a bachelor pad - not that Steve or Ethan threw wild parties, but it was definitely a different freedom not really worrying too heavily on influencing an impressionable teen - kind of went into the air too. But they'd make it work. He wanted it to work, since it didn't feel like he'd done much else to help with the whole awful situation of coping with their parent's death.
Steve had opened his mouth to say something, try to argue the point that they surely had been moving a lot in and could use a break, when he heard Ethan’s voice. He’d heard someone coming, but it hadn’t really added up that it was probably his friend until after the man spoke. It distracted him from the conversation he’d been starting up with his roommate’s sister. A soft, a bit modest smile slid onto his face with a soft laugh. “Yeah. But you know how it is. Higher ups want things running and that’s just how it’s gotta be.” He shrugged slightly as he spoke.

It wasn’t a big problem for them that Steve sometimes worked long or weird hours. It was what it took to really get his foot in the door at the firm he worked for. And it was that work ethic that had gotten him promoted to senior technician quickly. Well, that and being good at his job. Since he was single, it wasn’t like working long or weird hours was a problem for anyone except Ethan if he made too much noise leaving for a super early morning emergency or pulled long hours. It paid bills, helped him save up for trips, and was definitely helping pay off his student loans. If he kept up all the over time he was doing, he could probably pay off his debt in another year or two.

“Is there anything you guys need help with? Or would like help with?” He slung the strap of his work bag over his shoulder as he followed the siblings out to the truck. While he took Olivia at her word that it was only another trip - maybe two - between the siblings to get her things upstairs, he still felt bad not being back in time to help move more in. Surely there had been a lot, or at least it had felt like a lot. Steve knew he wasn't exactly the strongest - or strongest looking - but he did stay in at least a little bit of shape. He didn't need to be muscular, but he at least stayed trim, which was better than most others that mostly sat in front of computers all day.

He paused for a moment, seeming to think over the offer for a moment before he looked back at the siblings. "Actually, if you guys think you have that - why don't I go order something for everyone to eat? How about pizza? It's fast, it's easy. It's pretty much moved into a new place classic." He wasn't sure about Olivia's dietary preferences, but he kind of just figured pizza also made for a good comfort food too. There was science behind why, but he didn't put much thought into it. He did know why it was classic 'moved into a new place' food - because usually people didn't unpack their plates and pizzas were an eat by hand food.
They'd been friends since that fateful day first year of college when they'd both shown up at the same dorm and found out they were to be roommates at least until the end of that first year. Steve - as he preferred to introduce himself - had gone most of high school with few enough friends, but college was a different beast. It was nice to have a friend, especially one who was just as happy to keep him a roommate subsequent years in college. For a guy that didn't have a lot of friends coming out of senior year - having dove pretty hard into his classes to place well his junior and senior years - that friend was pretty much a life preserver when he let school swallow him up from every other friend he made at college.

Spending the next few years as roommates after college acted as much the same life preserver. He'd moved away from his own family - only seeing them when he could afford time off to make the trip. Considering how much Ethan had done for him, with or without knowing it, he wanted to help as much as he could when Ethan's life was thrown on its head. All his offers just felt empty compared to the weight he knew was weighing on his friend. He didn't know how to make arrangements for funerals or any of that. The best he could do was offer his condolences, give his friend a shoulder when he wanted it, and at least try to make things easier. He had been saving for a trip to see his own family at the time, but he'd offered to cover the full costs of their apartment while Ethan got his family's affairs in order. Not much, but it was something he knew he could do.

That left a long month of pulling as much over time as he could to help make the whole transition smooth. They already were renting a three bedroom - it helped them set up a room as an office for them both to use to work from home without crowding their rooms with desks and computers. That wasn't going to be the case anymore. But Steve hadn't even really given it much thought until last weekend when he and Ethan talked about him helping get the place ready for Olivia to move in. It was weird to think that after seven years of it just being him and Ethan sharing a place with their various friends coming and going there'd be someone else there. But he'd made sure to get that third bedroom cleared of their stuff, and properly hook up their computer set ups in their own rooms. Once that last computer was running, it was like some kind of clock started ticking.

When he got home that afternoon, he hadn't even noticed Ethan piling up boxes to carry in. There'd been a brown out on the company's grid the night before and he'd gotten called in early to try to trouble shoot and get them operational before work hours. He and the other two poor souls that received the same call weren't lucky enough to get everything going, and it left pretty much everyone in the building complaining about having issues with everything from computers to phones. All day had been spent getting everything up and running with everyone prioritized from company need.

Needless to say, his mind was fried and he was looking forward to just going in his room to crash. Steve scrubbed his face with one hand while the other held his work bag over his shoulder. Completing that scrub, he slid the hand back through his short - well it wasn't short now was it? he needed a hair cut like two months ago from how long it had gotten - brown hair to finish with scrubbing the shorter hair on the back of his head.

His olive green eyes opened to fix on a familiar looking girl sitting on the stairs. Stopping, he blinked. His brain was working a bit slow since it took him another blink before he realized what the teen looked familiar. "Oh, hey, Olivia. I completely forgot you were moving in today. Awesome." He offered her a friendly smile as he dropped his hands to his sides. "Did you have move to unload? I could help finish bringing stuff in," he offered. Yeah, he was tired. That wasn't going to stop him from helping his best friend move his orphaned sister into the apartment.
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