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21 hrs ago
Current Okay, let's see how many partners I can get back to today...anyone that doesn't receive a response today will receive one tomorrow.
2 days ago
Well either I'm working again tomorrow, or my migraine will side with my hubby and I will get responses to all my partners.
4 days ago
I promise I'm doing my best to respond. Work is crazy and I'm looking at 10 straight days of work depending on how our inventory audit goes Saturday.
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12 days ago
I'm working hard to get replies out. Thank you all for your patience.
16 days ago
Sorry to everyone. Life exploded all over me and my brain is still processing it. I'm slowly becoming functional again, so I'm going to do my best to get back to everyone in the next 24 hours.
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If you're here, then thanks for looking. I periodically decide to edit and, sometimes even, bump my interest checks so feel free to check it out if you really want.
This one is my general interest check.
This one is my NSFW interest check. (Must be 18+ to play.)
And this is dedicated to my current fandom love affair Fairy Tail.

Short bit about me: As far as age goes, I'm in denial so I'm going to just say I'm over 21. I have three children, which includes 2 toddlers (just upgraded to a newer model for the youngest lol) that seem to have as many hands as an octopus has limbs. My work schedule is more consistent now, but at the same time just as chaotic (so no more rotating schedule, but still shifting hours to help cover my department's needs now that I'm an assistant manager) when matched to time dedicated to my family. But I'm more consistently on with my phone and can usually get a post a day out, so...little things.

Whether you're an old partner looking to reconnect/start something fresh, or someone I haven't been in contact with before but are interested, don't be scared to contact me. I don't bite (unless you want me to) and will certainly respond when I have the time.

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Not going to lie. I'm really craving a NSFW RP or two. All plots in this thread are meant to be mature and for adults only. But we'll get into more on that in a bit. First...

Me and You

The TL;DR Version: I’m an adult with a family and mentally demanding job, who is looking for an RP focused on NSFW situations, can play male or female characters with a preference for heterosexual pairings, in a casual RP setting on this site via PM only.

TL;DR - Try your best with spelling and grammar. PM only. Be 18+.
TL;DR - Bonus Round! = Plotting and planning is great, character sheets are better and sometimes required. Help with supporting cast when necessary, please.

Okay, hopefully you read some of that. If not...well, hopefully you read below.

What I'm Looking For if you read nothing else - read this: I'm looking for NSFW focused plots at a 60+ to 40- ratio of adult content to plot. Plot can happen, but I'm more interested in the focus of it to be adult based.

Again, this is mostly for heterosexual pairings. It's what I'm most familiar and comfortable with. If you want to do a M// or F// pairing, give me your sales pitch. I'm willing to hear you out.

I'm willing to play the male, but I'd much rather get to play female here.

I'd very much appreciate it if I could find someone that will take a more dominant role in this. I generally get stuck playing the dominant partner.

As for plots and pairings:

This isn't an exhaustive list. If you have a plot/pairing you might be interested in, feel free to shoot me a message with that info.

Kinks, other preferences, and details will be discussed privately.

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