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18 hrs ago
Current I really need to stop being the queen of my nerds. It just makes me have to learn new table top settings so I can explain them to everyone else
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4 days ago
Ever run into the problem of wanting to do something but not being able to figure out what that "something" is? Yeah...me too. All I know is it's not "work" which is what I'm supposed to be doing...
8 days ago
I don't know if I should bump or not...what I'm in the mood for is very specific...What to do, what to do? *goes to run errands instead* Future Me will deal with this!
9 days ago
Hmm...maybe I can take one more...
11 days ago
General check in for all my stalkers. Mental health update: still alive, still kicking, still stressed as all hell, but all is generally well. Should get some crummy responses out today (kids willing)


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