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Name: Emelia Muir
Age: 43 years old
Sex: Female
True Seeing
Life Force Manipulation (Healing)


Emelia is a powerful mage because she not only has Madam Muir as her mother, but because she puts both her hard work and formidable intelligence to work. She works tirelessly on learning new spells and is a world class mage because of it. Most mages with her power level are around twice as old as she is. Despite her being obsessive compulsive when it comes to neatness and workaholism, she genuinely cares for the students.

Emelia thought she and Madam Muir got along well together as family until she recently discovered Emma's diary detailing her plans of murder. Emma and Emelia have seemed to get along together with few hang ups for Emelia's entire life. There was no sign of her mother's betrayal, ever. Emma taught Emelia the basics of her powers and various spells over the years, but her greatest gift has been her nurturing of her daughter's intelligence.
Ivy came up so late, one might have thought her father was Belphagor rather than Leviathan. The tiefling panted as she reached the doorway to the estate. Nice ward work. And it seems he even took one of them down so I could get in. Must have known in advance we were coming. Did he get a premonition, or did Emelia contact him?

Ivy looked at Anatole. The old sorcerer was well respected throughout the school, and even in several other planes. "You wouldn't happen to have a place for me to do rituals, would you? I don't need a fully stocked arcaneum, just a bit of space."

"You'd have to ask Mister Benjamin Blackwell. And the answer will most likely be no."
"Maybe there might be a place somewhere outside, but indoors will only be used for the ritual Emelia plans to begin."
1 Ally of the good Wizard King. . .
Black Hill Top

Mister Anatole was there, along with an assortment of many others. On the Hill, there was a small gathering of buildings, giving the area a strong rustic small town feel despite being so close to the city. A school, a general store, a gas station nearby by, a motel and a diner were all nearby the Black Hill Top, and serviced an actual small town which existed even closer to the large hill. At the top of Black Hill Top, the Black Well Estate was used as a sort of meeting place for the assembled witches, warlocks and members of the magical community in times of crisis. This definitely counted as one. The entirety of Madam Muir's School for the gifted was there as well, hundreds of students who were terrified of Madam Muir's black magic.

A middle aged man, the stereo typical butler was waiting for the protagonists at the front porch of the rather lavish estate. Inside the entry way, Mister Anatole himself was eager to see everyone.

"Ah, I can see that my old friend has finally gone off her rocker."
Name: Dominic Anatole
Sex: Male
Age: Presumably, just over one hundred and ten years old
Relationship: Unknown

Unknown, he can teleport, mesmerize and utilize telekinesis, He looks like he could be an older man in his 70's, but he's really well over one hundred, so he most likely has some form of enchanted longevity as well.


Mister Anatole appears to be a harmless old man who runs the magic shop responsible for supplying the School for much of it's supplies such as wands, potions, and spell ingredients. He is always smiling and providing some kind of service, sometimes out of "the Kindness of my heart". Anatole has been a friend of Madam Muir for at least thirty years and seems to have been in a serious relationship with her much longer ago, in his youth.

Mister Anatole claims to have been a businessman in his youth and more recently a scholar and magic shop owner. Apparently Madam Muir and Anatole have been an item in his younger days, and he may have at one point been even stronger than her. He still has quite the fortune, and indeed when not attending to his business, he spends his time in his rather lavish estate just outside of town.
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