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May I take a crack at the brutal God of War, Ares?

@ActRaiserTheReturned I just noticed, I joined the server in its current format, one day before you. That was after the old server crashed and this one came into existence. I was probably on the old server for about two or three years prior to the crash (December, 2013).

That's interesting.
If Hecate is taken, I'd choose Poseidon.
@shagranoz Hecate is a titan, so not a minor god, but she would be fair game!

I'd be interested in Poseidon.
The Academy Of Virtues - Expanded
By decree of Mother Su'ule, her devout begin to expand The Academy Of Virtues in Sithari. From now on, attendees who have completed their education at The Academy Of Virtues will have adverse side effects from Sorcery slowed down and alleviated. It stills happens, but monsters or others who use Sorcery will be less susceptible to ugliness, cosmetic or otherwise, from their use, or even over use of sorcery, since they are generally trying to be a good individual.

A role play where everyone is isekaied into an alternate dimension where there is an underbelly of supernatural horror throughout the world. We have our powers. We could be magic users, holy magic users, or empowered in other various ways (Maybe we somehow become a vampire or werewolf, for example) and encouraged to quest around Southwestern US. Enemies are various supernatural horrors, most of the time. I will be using Live Action TV series magic spells and powers, and creature physiologies for this role play.
Supernatural, American Horror Story, etcetera.

The Below Is a Discord Invite to the RP Discussion.

The Meeting of

SU’ULEK, Mother of Monsters and Maker of Sorcery





A great black scaled dragon, Su’ulek, Mother Of Monsters and Maker Of Sorcery heard a mysterious song through the Veil. Searching, Su’ulek was fascinated. The world of the Veil stretched out verdant and flushing with vivacious life before Su’ulek. Trees spread as far as the eye could see – apple trees and pear and all manner of fruiting trees, hazelnuts, great oaks, noble pines, silvered birches, beeches, rowans, hollies, bashful chestnuts, royal sycamores, weeping willows, and much else. Ivies tendrilled up tree trunks and grapes and lianas and other vines yet. And where there was dew, it was of sweetest honey, richest milk, never-intoxicating mead and wine, and ever-pure and cooled water. Plains of colourful flowers sprung where there were no trees. There were rose bushes and rose trees, lilies, daffodils, daisies, buttercups, orchids, and anemones; even in the endless wildwoods the trees had shuffled over to make space for beflowered glades and groves. There the trees and flowers swayed in the breeze. The wind here was sweet on the nose, refreshing in a manner that no earthly wind could ever be. A single breath brought health, youth, and longevity even to the most ailing and ancient of mortal husks.

Rivers flowed forth and lakes, mountains could be seen and rolling hills. And as surely as there were mountains, so too were there verdant canyons and valleys through which many rivers flowed and mighty waterfalls thundered. They thundered, those waterfalls, even from the skies, where great green islands floated and decorated the heavens. Off the coasts were islands of magick and marvels, and the coasts boasted mountainous bays and sandy beaches and cliffs and mangrove marshes. Grottos opened their maws onto the waters and out of them subterranean rivers flowed. As for life, birds of glamorous colours flew, butterflies and other vibrant insects, vivid fishes, frogs, salamanders, toads, and innumerable small mammals. Many things that were found on Galbar were found here, all were in their way familiar and yet they were things of glamour and magick unlike anything known to Galbar.

Most fascinating of the creatures that called the Veil home, however, were the little folk, the faeries, who bristled with unbridled power and magick. Indeed, they were creatures made entirely of magic! Su’ulek continued past them and did not pay heed to their dancing and flutes and music, or the laughter and dining and drinking. For all their happiness and joy here, there was no doubt that each was a creature of power not to be made light of.

Crossing th verdant expanses of the Veil, Su’ulek came to the Sweet River Rois and to the palace of Roisin, the Highholt of Taramanca. No sooner had she arrived when the High Queen herself emerged, the very image of the flowing beauty and delight (although she was extremely small!) For now, Roisin had little to no way of knowing if Su’ulek was friend or foe. Indeed, Su’ulek was not of the old gods who had marked the Khodex; those alone did Roisin Magnolia known. So far as she knew, Su’ulek could have been an Outer Dragon come to eat her as so many had come before! However, as soon as Su’ulek revealed herself, she spoke through hissing breaths. “Creature. What manner of being are you?” She inquired. “Are you one of the old gods that make Galbar their house of worship?”

“I greet you with peace, friend,” Roisin spoke, her serene smile apparent even through her veil, her dress glimmering in the sun of the Veil and her covered face glowing with beauty and light, “I am oldest of the gods and youngest too; newborn and anciently old. I was there when the gods marked the Khodex and I was there before all that too, and I was also not there. Does it really matter?” She shrugged, and golden magicks and dust sprinkled everywhere. “I am here now, that’s what matters. I am Roisin Magnolia, daughter of the Khodex, High Queen of the Veil and High Queen also of the Material World; my High Throne in here is within the Highholt of Taramanca and my Throne of Stone there is at Arbor, within the Tree of Life. Beneath my watchful eye, all things are beautified and goodness is mad ascendant. And what of you, great lady - for you seem to me a mighty being, a god in your own right. Who are you?”

“I am Su’ulek. I am Maker of the Sorcerous Art. My friends call me Su’ule.” Su’ule responded. “I was just enjoying that wondrous music. As beautiful as my own screams.” Su’ulek complimented, not realizing her words sounded like an arrogant insult. However, she continued. “I could listen to your song for countless hours.”

Roisin’s veiled face brightened at Su’ulek’s words, showing no sign of having taken any offence. Indeed, if her face could be seen she may well have beamed. “Your love for beauty is heartening, Su’ulek! Sometimes the eye and the ear are so tainted by the many miseries and traumas the world throws one’s way that neither eye nor ear nor tongue nor even touch can recognise beauty. Your ears knew beauty, however, and so followed it; and now your tongue is an overflowing river of generous praise. You have in you, Su’ulek, the threads of a beautiful heart - there is no doubt!” The pleased goddess invited Su’ulek to descend with her and the both of them sat by the Sweet River Rois. “But what is this Sorcerous Art that you speak of, Su’ulek? My knowledge encompasses many wondrous arts of beauty and glamour and the many ways of magic, but of these Sorcerous Arts I am admittedly ignorant!”

“Sorcery is a form of magic that taps into the inner will of the mage. They channel their own will to control magic. This magic causes a subtle change within the sorcerer, which, if not checked, will change them irrevocably. It is a powerful gift, and blessing I’ve given to the world of Galbar.” Su’ulek declared. Roisin nodded along.

“That sounds mighty indeed! Not even my glamorous arts can be called upon by mortals at will; for that they need careful study and magical tools. Do you not fear, my dearest Su’ulek, that such magic tied to will alone may allow those who are perhaps not fully matured to access terrible magicks? Is it wise that those who have strong will but little wisdom should wield such great powers? I fear that such will bring you into ill-repute, when in reality you are a music-loving adorer of beauty and goodness!” As Roisin spoke, she dipped her feet in the river and gently waved them here and there.

“Dear Roisin! If ever there was a goddess that was foolish, it is I. I seem to not have wisdom, yet I only have what mortals call “intelligence”. Anyway, I’m sure that this will work out. Surely the mortals will not destroy themselves. Would it not only be foolish, but vapid to do so?” Roisin reflected on Su’ulek’s words for a few moments, then spoke up. “It may strike us as such, but I have witnessed beings of great knowledge and a certain degree of wisdom throw themselves and their own into the jaws of perdition; I have seen beings older than time and wiser than either you or I heft the warspear and cry bloody murder. It is a sight to quell the warmth of any throbbing heart. If that is so of creatures such as the Outer Beasts and their mighty and knowledgeable Outer Gods, what of mere mortals? How are we to leave them with such great power and simply trust that they will not destroy themselves? Must we not give them guidance on how and why to create, rather than destroy, even as we give them such arts as Sorcery and Glamour and all the ways of magic?” The Little god of the Little Things seemed now to be musing to herself, but at the last she turned back to Su’ulek and directed the question to her.

“I see. I will take this advice into consideration. Anyhow, I would like to leave the Other Side and see my creations first hand. Would you like to see my children?” Leaving the searching questions and weighty matters of power and responsibility to the side for the moment, Roisin nodded and arose. “Of course, it would please my heart. But you must forgive me if I cover myself and am utterly veiled, for one look by any being other than a god on me is quite sufficient to slay them on the spot! Some beauty is not made for mortal eyes.”

The East River Delta

Disguised as an old woman Slith with Roisin Magnolia tucked into her hood, Su’ulek slithered to what passed as a large city on the Eastern River Delta. . . Sithari, the city was called. It had many thousands of inhabitants, and slaves came from all over Galbar. Humans, and others. Not realizing that these were enslaved beings, Su’ulek nonetheless finally made way to a Shrine built by the Slith Lugal, the King of Sithari. Cetanu was the Lugal’s name. He had developed a kind of Sorcery that could be used to accelerate the change into monstrous beings by the Sorcerer.

Cetanu looked at the bloody altar, and his student was seen raising a curved dagger over the Human woman’s terrified body. Su’ule was concerned. The old Slith woman raised a crackling, aged voice in protest. “Ssstop!” She demanded. The authority in her words caused Cetanu to halt the ritual. “Old woman, if you were not a gray scale, I would behead you where you stand!” Cetanu declared. “What is the meaning of this, Gray Scale?”

Gray Scale was a respectable name for an elder in the Sithari, and surrounding cultures. Yet Su’ulek was not pleased. “You raise your knife to sacrifice an intelligent creature!” Su’ulek accused, while Roisin bobbed up and down in her hood. “Mother Su’ule would be angered!” She stated matter of factly.” At this accusation, Cetanu almost laughed, but one of his few redeeming features as a person was respect for the old. He responded, “Humans and other slaves have no rights. They are as cattle for the glory of the Slith! Su’ule has given the Slith dominion over all inferior life.”

“Yet for the Gray Scale’s sake I will not draw out her suffering.” The Lugal stated. At this, Su’ulek was angered more. “I am High Priestess of Mother Su’ule! It is her word that you cease these bloody sacrifices. They are not sacrifices, but murders!” The Lugal, Cetanu was not yet losing patience, yet he could be cruel, even compared to others of his kind when he was. He was however, a little frustrated. “Old woman, I know all the priests and priestess of Sithari and the East Delta. I have never known you.” Su’ulek was now frustrated. “Child!” Su’ulek spoke in anger, her reverberating words of power filling Cetanu with terror, he recognized Su’ule’s voice. “Do as I say!” Cetanu’s green, scaled head began to turn white, as he screamed. Though he lived, he was terrified of Su’ule’s anger. That would be the last lawful blood sacrifice in Sithari. Furious, Su’ulek vanished. She was now considering bringing a curse to the city.

Before she did, however, Roisin Magnolia was by her side. She floated about the great dragon’s head and whispered words and magicks of calm and forgiveness. “You see Su’ule?” The Little god cooed, “It is what we were talking about: without guidance mortals will invariably go forth and destroy one another. What use then are curses and anger? Let it not be said that the wrath of Su’ulek descended before she taught the people how to be good! I say this: teach them what beauty is, and in that I will aid you. Let them know what it is to have a beautiful heart, a beautiful soul, and what it is to be good so they may strive towards it. Then, and only then, once they have known what goodness is and still stray from it, will they deserve punishment. What do you say?”

Su’ule was considering bringing a curse to Sithari. The curse would have infected the entirety of Galbar, however. Before she did, however, her new friend Roisin was indeed speaking to her for mercy. “Very well, friend. I will stay my hand, as I sometimes do not know my own strength. In seeking to destroy the wicked, I may harm the innocent. I may bring a lasting change to Sithari and the other Slith, rather than a curse, I must create a choice.”

One Year Later, At The Academy Of Virtue

“Cetanu has made substantial strides towards his journey.” Su’ule spoke, pleased. “He’s still a long long ways away from achieving his destiny. However.”
Roisin Magnolia sat on the dragon goddess’ shoulder, and nodded. “The Academy is making strides in spreading beauty and virtue, and the Crown of Wisdom rests easy on the head of Cetanu. These are auspicious times indeed.”

There Are Seven Magicks. Life, Nature, Sorcery, Chaos, Death, Arcane, and Eldritch. . .

I need to design Eldritch magic from scratch, but in this role play, players would be the Great Wizards of Arcanus and Myrror. This role play would be rules lite, and I will be using a role play template from another website. I am considering hosting this role play to having up to a dozen players, max.

Character Creation:

Character Portrait:
Character Attributes: (Include Spell Books And Retorts.)

Spell Books:
(You start with 13 points, each spell book costs 1 point, and you can have any Retort from the wiki, or even ask me for a custom Retort that's not on the wiki.)

More Details:
You CAN gain more spellbooks in ways other than just defeating other Wizards.

There WILL be NPC Wizards.

I am considering there being other ways to win than just casting The Spell Of Mastery or conquering The Other Wizards.

This game takes place in turns. A set number of days must pass before posts. Of course, non game play posts don't need time to pass.

Master Of Magic Discord:

The First Paragon
The first Slith ever created, hatched from a vast horde of eggs, that were hatching across the Great Twin Rivers and the Sea of Origins. This Slith was simply called Cetanu (Pronounced Setanu.) He was already a great and powerful Slith, who traveled across the rivers and Sea of Origins for years. He knew many forms of magic, but he was best at the newly minted "Sorcery" that Revered Mother Su'ule had created. Cetanu prayed to Mother Su'ule. He prayed to Su'ule for knowledge, or wisdom, for POWER! To exalt the Mighty Slith above all other races. The already wise and powerful Slith were small in number, they would need a leader, or leaders, to protect themselves and to rise to power. But Su'ule would not bless him the way he thought.

Su'ule answered. First, Cetanu felt the energy in his skin and scales begin to pulse with incredible energy! A mighty thunderbolt from the Void then struck Cetanu with great force, causing the huts of the currently small village to combust in fire, though a quick shockwave from the same lightning extinquished the fire as soon as the fires began. The villagers all had thought that Cetanu was dead. Perhaps he had angered Mother Su'ule!

Cetanu emerged from the devastated hut, slithering out of the ruins unharmed. He smiled, revealing all of his shark like teeth.

The Mother Of Sorcery
Mother Su'ule, as the Slith call her, chanted her spell. Her spell would suffuse Galbar with the power of Sorcery, which is an art of magic that changes the world around the Sorcerer. Her whispers would be heard in the dreams of Slith and other mortal races all around Galbar, or heard within their waking visions.

The Sorcerer casts a spell, learning this spell through achieving a specific mental state that can be taught through writing or oral communication. Sorcery is similar to All-Magick/Glamour, however, sorcery does not require a focus, although sorcery can CREATE a focus for specific purposes. The primary means of sorcery is the casting of spells through incantations and/or hand gestures while in a specific mental state, but there are side effects for the sorcerer, for repetitive use of this magic. There are differing levels of strength for sorcerers, depending on either their strength of will or their, for lack of better word, their ability to "let go". Sorcery is split into two forms of magic, White Magic, which is the art of effecting change through spiritual/emotional/psychological surrender to the laws of the universe and life, and Black Magic, which is the ability for the sorcerer to effect change through their spells. Sorcerer's side effect of constant sorcery slowly changes them into someone or something that resembles their personality and power. For example, an enormously powerful Human sorcerer can permanently change into a great dragon, if they are very greedy and powerful. Hence why all the princess kidnapping and treasure hording. Why has Su'ulek done this? Because, she knows that through this form of magic, many sorcerers would transform into monsters. Hopefully this could earn her worshipers as well.

Su'ulek wished to commemorate her creation of Sorcery through Galbar, among her chosen people, The Slith. As the Great Caverns were where her Holy Site was located, there were still large areas of that place that were empty and barren. Su'ulek basically created a neighboring Holy Site in the Great Caverns between the Overworld and the Underworld. Across the world, the Slith and other races are waking up after strange dreams, or experiencing visions and epiphanies that allow them to practice the powerful art of Sorcery.

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