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((He is an NPC.))Appearance:

Concept: The quest giver, enigmatic guide, and occasionally, the guardian.
RC1: Higardi Waji.
- Vibe: A wise, powerful Jedi master in the Old Republic.
- Power: He is a master lightsaber duelist and is strong in The Force.
RC2: Tellah
- Vibe: The wizard, who is an old, passionate, ironically unwise but powerful genius of a mage.
- Power: He knows almost all the Black and White magic spells of Final Fantasy IV, including Meteo, the most powerful Black Magic.
RC3: Gandalf (Film version)
- Vibe: A wise and powerful wizard, also courageous.
- Power: Capable swordsman and also powerful wizard, there is something otherworldly about him, he is resistant to harm and is also capable of telekinesis and other forms of magic.

Scarlet Thorne

Scarlett was feeling increasingly lost as this conversation progressed. What the entities were saying wasn't that hard to understand... but it was very difficult to accept. First she wondered why they would need lesser creatures to represent them. If they were this powerful, then why not handle it themselves? But she put that thought aside for the moment. She supposed they'd have their reasons. And maybe this meant that, as intimidating as they were, they were somehow limited in their actions. And this helped her regain some confidence.

The fact that these gods were calling themselves "the Light" really clashed with her sense of aesthetics. She audibly clicked her tongue when she heard that name. But she resisted the urge to rebel. And after a minute, a strange voice sounded in her head - different than those of the beings. A voice from within her.

"Play along for now," it said. "You don't really have to be a good girl... hahaha. But knowledge is power, my dear. Take as much information as they'll give you... use it to get closer to the heart of the matter, and then make your own decision." Yes, that made sense. That was how one could effectively assert her will in this situation.

"Fine," Scarlet replied, regaining her bearings. "Tell us what we can do to help you. And then let me go. Please."

The words spoken were now somehow not "The Lights" but the lone entity, with the British accent.
"We know that not everyone will do this just so they can live, or for altruistic reasons. Do it because, though it's the right thing to do, once you learn this is the truth, but also because our agents are all given empowerment for their services. Service may be the wrong word, but you get the point, don't you?"
"If you haven't figured it out yet, your powers come from past lives of yours. We have the power to grant you access to more of your past lives, and thus, more power."

"And if you want us to 'represent you,' then shouldn't you tell us who you are first?" As soon as the last word was out of her mouth, her attitude returned to its normal, currently distressed and overwhelmed state.

The voices spoke in unison, this time, more obviously, loudly proclaiming theirselves, while containing their thundering sound, coherently, almost silently. Parodoxically, The Light were being gentle yet firm all at once.
"We are The Exalted Light. The Light, entities, you may call us. We were from before the time before time, and will always be."

Scarlet Thorne

"Thanks girl!" she had responded to Nyx's compliment, flashing her a smile. But seconds later things had changed, and all four of them were gone.

Scarlet was breathing heavily now. Being transported to a foreign place like this all of the sudden caused a wave of panic to roll over her. Her chili dog had fallen to the floor of the expanse, and she was a split second away from bringing out her pets and taking a defensive stance. But something held her back from that. A thumping in her mind told her that it was unwise to bare fangs at those that far outclassed her. The soothing presence the beings were emanating felt alien to Scarlet. Her wide eyes scanned the rows of mysterious beings with fear. How was this possible?

Trying to maintain her dignity, she swallowed her feelings and responded in a milder tone than before. "Then let's hear it. But please don't keep me long. I have plans," she claimed, though really she didn't have much going on, apart from the convention reveals. She just wanted to be away from this sense of inferiority.

It seemed like the Light Entities were all smiling, only a little bit amusingly, mostly politely, though no one could actually seem them do so. The soft, female, British sounding voice began to represent the rest of the Entities as she spoke, "I'll be blunt, but hopefully courteous enough for your liking. We need you. We needed more of you, to be honest, but the three of you will do. Something is coming to the world, and, even just as importantly, something is coming from the Earth that threatens to eradicate the world as you know it."
"Your world has been a world of Eldritch Horror, a world of Primal Terrors, a world of Sword and Sorcery, but these were all times past. Now, the past is about to rear it's ugly head."

"We may be unable to stop it. Thus, we need warriors, representing us, to stop this Cataclysm before it begins."
"Long ago, The Great Old Ones were over thrown by younger gods, The Primal gods. These younger gods were thus supplanted by others over time. We have reason to believe that Cthulhu is going to awaken from Rh'ley, in the deep sea of this world. Should that happen, life as you know it is surely over."

Anyway, he was a professional. He was masking his discomfort well. At least until he found himself admits a near collision of multiple people. He carefully danced around the two girls. Practiced grace, he kept his balance with calculated and deliberate steps. “Alright, if everyone is Ok…” He moved to take his leave.

In a flash, the thoughts passed through and she was back in reality. She looked up at the girl and an elderly man who had nearly bumped into her as well. 'Only three of us?' Nyx looked around.

"Eh? Watch where you're going, pops." Her attitude was a bit rude, like she wanted him to squirm.
[@Olive Fontain]

The old man smiled. Suddenly, he snapped his fingers, and the three protagonists found themselves in another place. A vast expanse of nothing but white, everywhere. "Welcome to the Expanse." The old man was there, but even though none of you could see anyone, you could feel the presence of many powerful beings. Something about them seemed spiritual, maybe even divine. Their presence seemed soothing and pleasant. "Indeed, mortals. Welcome." All of you could sense their god like power was quite greater than yours.

Before any of you could speak the voices, which spoke in unison, yet carried only the sound of one voice all at once.
"We would speak with you."

The Journey Begins
It's the Virtual Reality Gaming Con, VRGC, in 2057. September 1st. The thousands of people attending the annual event have flooded the large, sprawling complex. Scarlet, Ryder, and Nyx are all attending. For the moment, everything is occurring normally. People are taking sodas from vending machines, and eating from the food court, conversing with each other, in the lounge.

You have a room assigned for your character to take people's autographs. A comfortable place to sign for people and answer choice questions. For now, you're on break. At the food court, Nyx and Scarlet, and you all seem to run into each other, almost literally. In addition this event, an old looking Englishman with glasses seems to be a fourth man who joins the near collision.

Wordlessly the old man seems a little disappointed, somehow, but no one can quite seem to pinpoint now, a moment passes, then he finally speaks. "Only three of you?" He states.
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