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2 mos ago
Current After a full month I finally got Internet in my new appartment. And they say we germans are punctual :/
4 mos ago
Quit Work and enrolled in College. Strangely enough I got a lot more time for this site now.
1 yr ago
After some unintentional time off I am back.


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I had very limited internet the last weeks because I moved again. I am still very interested in this and hope there is still some interest left! I will look to start this as fast as I can!
@Aristo Yes
@RaylahIf you want there to be a river there is a river!
@Dogematix You don't have to pick an animal. A form of God or something similiar would be interesting to! Don't look to much at my tribe.
@Milkman I will post today!
@Aristo They are actually supernatural. Although their powers should be nothing flashy or to powerful.
@Aristo I am still searching for a suitable map. I thought it should include the valley and surrounding areas (Mountains, forest, Savanna). The Ethnic diversity would be up to the players.

The Valley of Tears. In the beginning of time Hyena stole the first child of the great goddess from the crib. The great goddess wept and wept, her tears falling down to the earth and forming the lakes in this valley. Hyena raised the boy and taught him the secrets of the World. This boy was our first chieftain. Now the valley is like paradise. Our tribe has to have it, it is our birthright. There is not enough room for the others.

In this RP every player will play a small tribe of humans in a low-fantasy setting. Your tribe will have totems or fetishes to aid them in their struggle against the others for the control of the Valley of Tears, a blessed almost supernaturally beautiful piece of land full of surplus. The technology level is as low as it gets. Weapons are stone or Obsidian and agriculture is not widespread. Can your Tribe secure the Valley?

This is still a work in progress but if anyone is interested just say it!
@Jones Sparrow Im Game!
@T Risket I think just act like she was never there. @ReusableSword You are accepted and free to go!
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