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Current *Blasts TNBC soundtrack and Spooky Scary Skeletons for the next month*
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*Incoherent scream of rage.*
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I will reply to rps tomorrow. Taking tonight to just chill.
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Rest in Peace our King... Wakanda Forever.
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Will reply on Thursday. Decided to extend the mental health day.


...I'm crazy. Got a doctor's note and everything.

Been role playing for over fifteen years, no stranger to forum rp'ing, as that is the way I learned to roleplay.

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Location: Niflheim, The Cave
Skills: N/A

Location: Niflheim, The Cave
Skills: N/A

"Shame we don't have any spirits on us... I believe those would survive the temperature and we could use that for fuel..." Lara paused for a moment as Astrid held her flashlight over to her and Arnora, and blushed a bit at that. "Or that would work. Thank you both." She saw that Arnora had lit up the make shift torches they had made and she looked around the cave and gently looped her arm around Elizabeth to help keep her steady for the moment.

"Sneaking aboard and damaging their supplies might be a good idea... I think if can get out to the open I can help provide the distraction if you want. My partner shouldn't be too far away, and he can always hear me." Astrid smiled as she turned off her phone flashlight and then held up the horn at her side with a grin. "Trust me, I doubt they would be expecting any attacks from above." She chuckled a bit at that as they walked further into the cave.

"They may not but they still outnumber us easily... are you sure it is a good idea to split up, even if you might have the advantage in the air?" Lara was tugging her hair up into a ponytail while she held onto the torch in her hand tighter. They still had some supplies, and the fire did help keep her warm, but they were in the coldest of the Nine Realms, and there was only one place colder and it seemed they were headed that way.

"Well, do we have another option? I mean we can all sneak on, but it is risky either way. One way we have a distraction, the other we just pray they're too busy getting ready to notice us."" Astrid sighed a bit at that, but Lara did have a point. It was four of them, with numerous dragur and giants out there, and they had the advantage. She did make sure to stay close to Arnora as they headed further and further into the cave.

Location: Argo III
Skills: N/A

Marco gently pecked the top of Em's head as they held one another, even when there was a small squeak of distress from Milo as his parents nearly squished him. Marco pulled back and gently took the compact from Emily and nodded at her words. "It's okay, Em love, none of this is your fault. I'm sure they'll understand... and as for Sean... he will be remembered with honors like anyone else." He sighed deeply at that and then looked over the top deck of the Argo.

"I... want to check on Demi in a bit but Em, love... I think it's time we retired... losing the Camp...nearly losing you made me realize I'm ready to settle down. Please... will you consider it with me? Retiring to go to college and settling down?" Marco held Em close for a moment, but he was sure he knew her answer. It was their time... they had served with honor and it was time for another chapter in their life, a hopefully more quiet one.

Location: Niflheim, The Cave
Skills: N/A

Location: Niflheim, The Cave
Skills: N/A

"I will be more than happy to offer my assistance. It is my duty to assist where I can." Astrid looked at them and reached over to gently help up Elizabeth and then looked the group over again. This one seemed to have more likely a chance of surviving, they were working well together for one. When the other group had faced trouble, one of them had run away like a coward, and he was the one that was currently becoming a draugr snack. [color=#EDDA7]"As for keeping the ship where it is..."[/color]

"I would say go after the crew... that would be the easiest way, or to go for the ship and try to destroy it, but... given what it is, that might be impossible." Lara sighed at that as everything was pushing them towards going back to the water and to the ship. However, she knew that they had keep the Ship of the Dead from launching. The fate of the world was counting on them.

"Ah, torches... hold on." Astrid reached into her bag and pulled out her cellphone and turned on the flashlight feature. "I know I get poor reception out here, but we can at least use it for light, and to see what we can make the torches out of, am I right?" She offered them a small smile and then started gently waving the little beam around.

"I guess that is a start. I keep forgetting how technology has changed..." Lara gently made sure that Elizabeth could stand on her own before going to find some cloth they could use, as well as large sticks of wood. She made two torches, and paused as she thought of what they could use for fuel. "Do we have anything we can soak the rags in to light them up?"

Location: Fifth Cohort -> Argo III
Skills: Running

Marco ran like a bat out of hell towards the only beacon of survival, the flying ship the Greek's had arrived on. He knew Em was still in the Labyrinth... He tried not to focus on that as he saw Alexandra and Nancy. He did nod in agreement and then gestured for Alexandra to board after Nancy, feeling his chest tighten up a bit as he looked around. So many injured were being hurried to the infirmary, and he was going to head that way to see if Demi was there when he spotted a familiar face...

"EM! Thank gods!" Marco didn't care where they were, or what their current state was, but he rushed over to his beloved Em, cupped her face fully in both of his hands and kissed her deeply, letting his thumbs brush over his cheeks as he felt the start of tears in his eyes. He broke the kiss and pressed his forehead to hers before whispering softly in French, their shared language. "I am so glad to see you again my love. I was worried I'd never see you again." He let his hand trace her face, and looked her over.

Yes, he would check on Demi in a bit but Em was here. His lifeline, his love. They were together.

Location: Niflheim, The Cave
Skills: N/A

Location: Niflheim, The Cave
Skills: First Aid

"Thank you kindly... I do appreciate it." Astrid walked in and gently tugged down the hood of her cloak, letting her blond hair fall free. "I was out here on a quest with some other Einherjar, but sadly they have all perished. The last of the group I was with is just outside... and well, it seems that I might have to wait to try to return to Vallhalla and let the Allfather know we have failed..."

Lara looked at the Valkyrie for a moment before looking around at their small group. "Maybe you could join us? We could use another hand, and well..." She looked to Elizabeth for a moment. She was doing better, and they were thankful for that, but there was no guarantee that she would be useful for a while. She had taken quite the blow earlier, and it would take her some time to recover from it, if she ever did.

"Maybe, it might be wise to stick together out here... and goodness knows that it would be shameful to return without helping as much as I can. I am Astrid, a pleasure to meet you and work together with you." Astrid offered a small smile to the group and then she knelt down next to Elizabeth. She was about to look her over when Lara set her hand on Astrid's shoulder.

"Let me look you over first. It looks like you have seen some action." Lara knelt down next to Astrid and started to look her over. The Valkyrie had some injuries it seemed, and it first Lara was struggling to remember even the basics, but after a moment, she soon has Astrid patched up with some supplies from her kit.

"Thank you. So, what is your quest, if I may ask?" Astrid rubbed her shoulder a bit as she looked at the three of them.

Location: The Fields of Mars -> Fifth Cohort
Skills: Running

"I love you too, Em. I hope I'll see you soon. Take care of the others dear heart." Marco watched Em's face fade and he felt his heart sink like a stone. Em was his life line, his love and if he lost her...

No. It wasn't a final good bye. She'd do her task, they'd get out of New Rome and retire.

First, she had to get out of New Rome, and he couldn't do that without making sure he had Milo. He abandoned his singing for the moment and took off at full tilt from the Fields of Mars and towards the Cohorts. He could hear the alarms going off, hear the screaming, the yells of distress, but he ignored them. He had to, otherwise he might break down. His second home was about to go in flames, and he needed to make sure his little baby didn't go down with it.

He reached the deserted cohort to hear distressed squeaks from the cage Milo was resting in. He dashed over and opened it and scooped up Milo into his hands. "I'm sorry Milo... had I known I wouldn't have just left you here. We gotta go, okay?" He gently tucked Milo into his shirt pocket, as he didn't have much time to get out the full papoose or anything else. If he delayed, he'd risk his life.

He dashed outside and noticed a dragon limply flying and prayed to gods that it was Demi getting away from New Rome at least. However, from the distance he couldn't tell. He just hoped the Greek demi-god was still alive, before he started off at full tilt again, making sure that Milo was secure as he ran. He just hoped that he could make it out in time.

@Nallore Stella for your approval for part two~

Location: The Fields of Mars
Skills: Audiokinesis

It was getting harder and harder to focus on a song as the numbers kept seeming to swell instead of decline. Marco could feel the icy grip of anxiety clutching at his chest as he tried to hold himself together, but it was unraveling faster than a ball of yarn that had been found by a kitten. Even more so when he heard Nancy scream and blast several enemies across the field, as the songs were now gone. He could only use his power to attack, to try to get away...

The flares shot up into the sky and he knew it. New Rome was going to fall... and there was nothing they could do. His first thoughts turned to Em, but as he turned to look at the Sewers the entrance was on fire. In frustration, he turned towards the enemies advancing on him and blasted them with a loud scream of energy, that seemed to knock a few away.

His second thought was to his poor little Milo. Oh gods... Milo was in the Fifth Cohort... So Marco felt his body turning towards the building and he started to think. He noticed a puddle on the ground and he pulled out his phone and turned on the flashlight mode. He fished a coin from his pocket and tossed it into the Rainbow. "Oh Rainbow Goddess, I need to speak with Emily Richardson now please!" Even if he couldn't get to her in time, she needed to know. When her face appeared, Marco nearly shouted at her. "Em, if you're still in the sewers get out! New Rome is going to fall and we need to leave now!"

Location: Niflheim, Outside the Cave
Skills: Death Sense

Astrid frowned as she had followed her death sense and was now witnessing the dragur eat the last of the group she had been tasked with escorting. She wasn't sure why Odin had tasked her with this group, but now here she was, stranded in Niflheim, cold and very much so one of the few living things around. What was she going to do now?

It was then her eye caught the ice wall on the other side of the dragur. It didn't seem... natural. It seemed like it was newly made, and if she was believing her death sense, there were others on the other side of the wall, other Einherjar that had already died and were on their own missions. She looked at the group of dragur and took the risk of them being distracted and dashed over to the wall and gently tapped upon it.

Location: Niflheim, the Cave
Skills: N/A

Lara looked over at Arnora and tried to offer a small smile, a small comfort, but it was hard, as it was only getting colder and when she heard the groan she got up and moved to check on Elizabeth again. "I'll be fine, and it seems that Elizabeth is finally coming around... maybe she can give us some aid." She looked at Arnora and this time she really could offer her a real smile until...

She heard the tapping. It didn't seem like it was erratic, and she was sure if it was a dragur they would be banging, not tapping on the wall. "That's... odd. Do you think that someone is on the other side or do you think it is a trap?" She pulled out her spear, ready just in case anything was to happen. However a voice spoke softly on the other side, in old Norse.

"Hello? Can I get some assistance?"
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