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@DeadbeatWalking ...My cats would destroy everything if we didn't put it in cases. How did you get yours to behave that well?
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100% not in the mood for April fools jokes please. I lost someone dear to me today.
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As a note to my partners/ active rps, I will be away on vacation from the 5th to the 21st. I will still be on from time to time and reply, but probably not at my usual times.
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Announcment to my partners/ active rps. I will be out of town starting tonight and until Friday. Replies will be slow coming if at all. Take care and I will catch up for sure Saturday!
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...I'm crazy. Got a doctor's note and everything.

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Katalina saw Sumi and Astrid arrive before Kade, Hannah, and Alex returned with another young man. Alex and the young man were singing some kind of tune about... lying? Dear nereids, chanteys were weird in other worlds. She remembered the ones that she had learned in her world but of course, she couldn't sing any of them. It would hurt everyone's ears, and she didn't have the right vocal chords anymore.

"So, you found an old friend of Alexander's and the guards are... stubborn. Well then, I'm happy to say I have some good news. We found a ladder, and it has some kind of magic in it. It will get us to the roof of the tower, I promise. It is behind the castle, where there are no guards." Katalina smiled a bit and looked at them. "However we will have to go one at a time up the ladder. It might not hold the weight of all of us at the same time."

"Christopher and I know where it is, so we can show you."


Astrid shyly hid behind Sumi when the new boy approached. She was still unsure of how to approach boys sometimes, even while they were in another world. She had found it easy in Valhalla, but here... the boys were handsome and now, there were more of them. She looked over at the rest of the group, and listened to Katalina as she spoke.

"So, a ladder? That's our ticket up? Sounds good to me."

"Some rules are meant to be bent and broken... not all things in life are firm. However, we should go see if anyone else has had more luck than us first." Astrid looked over at Sumi, and then when the guard turned to leave, she turned and stuck her tongue out at his back. She then was rewarded by the rain pouring down over them both, and she sighed. She was already wet, muddy and cold, now she'd be wetter and colder. "I hope wherever we end up will be warmer than here. Gods know this isn't as cold as Hel, but at least I had a fur coat there." She shuddered at that as she looked at Sumi. "Town then." She turned back that way and started making her way, giving up on keeping herself dry at this point.


The fountain must have been beautiful when it was constructed, but now it was crumbling and being used for laundry. They did not seemed to mind even as the rain poured down, but neither did Katalina. The rain didn't bother her, even as it caused her hair to get wet. She simply tugged up the hood of her coat and she looked over at Christopher. "Seems we're the first people here. Who do you think will be next? Sumi and Astrid? Kade, Hannah and Alexander?" She looked up at him and paused a bit.

"I'd say Kade and the others... they're more likely to be on time." Christopher said softly as he looked over at Katalina.

"That's true, I'd believe this as well." Katalina looked out through the rain, wondering who would be joining them soon.

"It's fine Sumi, it was more fortunate if you had another... but I guess not." Astrid did her best to clean herself up, but she probably was still stained with mud as she got to the castle with Sumi. She did let the other girl do the talking, as she had the most experience, but they found themselves stonewalled.

She stepped in close and looked up at the guards. "Are you sure there is no way we can get to the top? Or manage to convince you that we need to get there?"

The first guard glared a bit at that. "Are you deaf? No one is allowed up top. Now go. Both of you."

Astrid stepped back at that and then looked away blushing. She had failed at that. Oh gods, she usually was able to talk to people but it seemed that these guards really had a dedication to their duty.


Katalina looked over the castle, and felt a tingle of nostalgia at the back of her brain. The castle felt like one of the ones that she had seen in all those Disney movies as a kid. She wasn't sure which one it was, but she shrugged as she walked around the castle and then looked over as she noticed a shed.

She tilted her head as she walked over to the ladder by the shed and she touched her hand to it. It was burning to be used, and Katalina looked at it. It was perfect, and it looked like it would hold their weight. "Hey Christopher, I might have found our way up. We should hide it and then go tell the others. We were meeting up at the fountain, right? We should head that way."

"Yes, we're meeting there. Let's head that way." Christopher seemed happy to have found the ladder as well, so they had a good way to head to the top of the tower. However, Katalina was still worried about how this was going to go down. She hated heights, and she would have to jump into the unknown.

Katalina frowned as the snow turned into mush quickly and thankfully, she kept her balance, even as she slipped a little. Christopher however, was not even phased by the mud as they walked. The castle path was getting muddy and slippery at that point, even if they were walking towards the last place that she wanted to go.

"Hmm... there's a moat. Around the whole castle. And... no good place to climb up from the moat...unless..." Katalina frowned a bit as she looked around, trying to see where she could climb up. She frowned more a bit as it was cold... damn what she'd give to have a thicker coat. Why was it cold and muddy at the same time!


Astrid looked at Sumi and frowned as the ground got muddy and... Astrid slipped right in it and landed on her ass. She let out a cry, as she did not have much in the way of padding. She was still working on getting what some might call a 'bubble butt' as the hormones were helping but... "Annoying is.. an understatement."

She pulled herself up and groaned. Now she was wet, sticky and frozen. She frowned at that as she tried to get herself cleaned up and then looked over at Sumi. "I don't suppose you have a fresh clean coat?"

"Send the water girl to look for a moat. Alright. I think we can do that. C'mon Christopher." Katalina could feel the cold, and moved to tug out a jacket out of her pack. She tugged it on and shuddered a bit. She could tolerate the cold ocean when she had been at her home, but that had been different. Her body was use to that cold. This? Ugh. Snow was stupid. Frozen water did her no good, and it never felt the same as her beautiful ocean.

"So, uh... if there is a moat, what are we going to do?" Christopher was tugging on a coat, but while he did, his little flute never left his hand. Katalina found it odd that he always had the flute with him, but she had heard whispers that it never ended well when it was taken away from Christopher.

"What Sumi said. Find a way around it. There has to be a bridge somewhere, but if worst comes to worst, I'm sure we can ask Alexander for some help? He looked more than happy to climb up and jump from the castle earlier. Ugh... heights." Katalina shuddered at that. Katalina preferred the ocean, it's depth, it's comforting embrace. Heights? No way. She had never been the kid climbing up the trees. She had been the one diving into the pool.

"Alright..." Christopher shrugged at that as the two started walking towards the castle. Katalina zipped up her jacket and shuddered a bit more. Oh god... was it just her imagination, but was it getting colder the closer they got to the castle.


As the temperature started to drop, Astrid was at first not affected. She had been near Helheim a few times. The frozen land of the dead... where poor souls went if they could not go to one of the other afterlives. After a few minutes, Astrid reassessed her situation. It was getting colder, and she was not use to the cold that well. She tugged out a lovely wool coat, one that she had stitched a rune in (purely for her own pleasure.) She buttoned it up and looked to Sumi.

"So, the front gate huh? The direct approach for you and I? Alright, I guess we will see how that works out for us."

Astrid went relatively quiet as Kade and Sumi spoke. Sumi was the leader of this quest, as Eleanor and Kade had said, so she would listen. She was a bit surprised that Sumi wanted Astrid to go with her, but she didn't question it. It sounded like Sumi had an idea of what she was doing, and that comforted Astrid. She had always looked to her head Valkyrie for guidance and orders, especially when the lady Freya had not been around, which was most of the time. She was busy with other tasks, even if she was the one that helped assign new Valkyrie's to where they would be the most useful.

The thought of her Lady as well as her fellow Valkyries made her a bid sad. Of course, as the blast of wind almost knocked her over, she squeaked a bit as she tried to regain her balance. She blushed as she looked up at Sumi, hoping that little moment would pass without remark. "So, what shall we do? We're trying to find a path to the top of the castle, yes? Then we're going to jump from it? Okay then." She frowned at that. She was okay with heights, but usually she knew she'd be fine if she fell. If she died here and now... it would end poorly for her.


"Alright, I can work with Christopher." Katalina was aware that some of the other students had issues with Christopher, partly because where he had gone. Many boys went to other worlds, or their homes, to find adventure. To be a pirate, to explore the world. Christopher... had went to Maripose. What she knew about Maripose was that it was like a big Dios los Muertos painting.

The wind did not affect the girl from under the water. She was use to fighting the currents, so she firmly stood her ground as the wind whipped around, and looked around. "I think someone does not like that we're here. We should be quick. Where do you want our groups to go?"

"What you never learned the first rule of anything? Always look up. No one expects things to be up. Of course... your world everything is already up yes?" Katalina laughed a bit at that as she started to head towards the opening and let Astrid's hand go. "Not a door. Okay, good to know." She sighed at that and then went to walk through the doorway.

Kade had warned them... oh sweet gods. The smell of the ocean, the feeling of gills... she swore she could feel the webbing between her fingers again. Oh, to be so close, she wanted to dive headfirst back into the ocean, to go back to swimming. She made sure to keep pushing herself forward, each step renewing her sense of faith and purpose as she walked through the doorway. As they stood before the castle, she frowned a bit at that. She didn't like the idea of fairy castles or being near them. She looked herself over and realized that it had only been for a moment, as she didn't have gills, or webbed hands for swimming.

"So we're here? In the in-between?" Katalina looked around and then looked up at Kade and then to Sumi and Hannah.


"Ah, that is standard. I was told never to eat most of the food from other realms... just from Valhalla... or... Midgar." Astrid sighed a bit at that and then looked over at Kade. She watched as the others slipped through the trees and then went to slip through the trees as well. When Katalina had pointed them out, she saw the two trees, so thankfully she knew where to go.

The smell of honey filled the air, and she swore she could hear the chatter of the Hall, as well as she felt her strength returning. However the moment was over when she saw the castle and then... they had gotten wet yes, but now they were dry. She could feel her strength, and then realized she could almost feel the feeling of death again. Valkeries were those that guided those that died in battle to the after world. Oh... the feeling ached for a moment, as she wanted to help those souls, but she did not have her true powers back.

She looked around and bit her lip a bit. "So... we're here?"

Astrid tucked the little bottle and syringe case away into her bag and thanked Kade for it. Sure, they might be gone for only a week, but she was still cautious. If she even missed one dose, it could be bad for her. So, making sure she had everything in her bag, and headed outside with the rest of the little group. She had passed on the hug from Eleanor, mostly because she did not know the older woman that well, and hugs were sometimes... awkward. Give her a good thump on the back from a warrior any day, but hugs? Scary. She did notice that Katalina partook in a hug from the older woman, and muttered something to her.

She followed Kade as he lead the group and gasped a bit as the rain was coming down from every angle. She moved with quick movements, while she noticed that Katalina seemed to be savoring the rain, letting it drench her as much as possible. Apparently, the girl did not mind the idea of getting ill... Astrid's train of thought smashed when Kade spoke up and then frowned. "Interwoven trees? How can anyone tell the difference in this woods?" She squinted her eyes a bit as it looked like every tree looked the same to her.


Katalina decided to swipe the knife, and tucked it into a holder in her boots. Why she had a knife holster in her boots? That was a secret to her only. She regrouped with the others, and took a hug from Eleanor before whispering something to the older woman. "Sorry about the knife." She pulled away before Eleanor could question her, and followed the others out to the woods.

The former mermaid, as that was the best word to equate to what she had been before in her opinion since humans didn't have the right vocal chords to say the word, relished the rain as it fell on her skin. Sure, it wasn't the ocean but it worked for the moment. She was well aware that she was dawdling as they headed to the woods, but she did made sure not to dally too long. In the woods, she heard Astrid remark that it was hard to tell the difference, but to Katalina...

"How can you miss it? It's right there." She pointed to the arch of trees that interwove at the top, just as Kade had said. "Can you not see it?" Astrid's shaking head confirmed that yes, she could not see it, and she was irritated by that. "Weird. I wonder why I can?" Katalina took Astrid's hand to guide her towards the trees.

"Thank you!" Astrid dashed off to her room, or was about to, when she realized that it was still dark. She muttered a soft apology as she picked up a candle and then went to head to her room. She sighed a bit as she headed to her room, thinking about how this quest should be. Of course, she had been on quests to bring heroes back to Valhalla.

She went to her room, and gently picked up her spear. She ran her hand along the pole for a bit and then she found a soft knot in the wooden shaft. With a press, the magic rune was activated that shrunk the spear down to a more travel friendly size. She gently strung it around her neck, feeling the point against her sternum. That cold metal against her body reminded her that she was armed, and that she was protected.

She then grabbed a rough looking sack out of her still unpacked suitcase and started roughly shoving clothing into the sack, as well as... oh shit. She mentally cursed and then went to run back down the stairs to find Kade. "Uh... Kade... when I arrived my parents handed over something to Eleanor... I'll need it for the quest."


"Cool. Thanks Eleanor." Katalina ran up to her room by memory alone, and tugged some clothing haphazardly into a little mermaid backpack. (The irony was not lost on her. It had been something that Hannah had given her when she asked for a backpack. Katalina had just stared at the other girl for a moment before walking off.) She wasn't sure what kind of weapon to grab, if she was going to grab one. She did make sure to gently pack up her shell, wrapping it with the most tender care, which she wasn't giving to anything else.

Katalina had been trained to use a trident when she had been in her world. It was the most effective weapon for under water fighting. They didn't have guns in that world, which made sense, and they also didn't really do sword fights under the water. It was stupid to try to swing things around like that in the water.

Maybe a knife? Would Eleanor be pissed if she took one of the knives from the kitchen?

"The squirrel is... not someone you want to meet. He's larger than... most dogs, and his bark is worse than his bite. But if we don't have time... then where are we going to go? The Fairies then?" Astrid felt herself being a little disappointed by not being able to use The World Tree. It would be the closest she could get to home, without being invited back inside. She was sure that it was so close... but fairies. She had not really dealt with fairies before.

Elves, dwarves, demigods, yes. Gods too. Fairies were not a... thing in Valhalla. She knew they did exist, but she had not met any herself. However, she did notice the reaction Kade had about talking about fairies. Not 'his' fairies? She had a feeling that he had some history with them, but it was not the time to ask.


"I don't like trees myself, so I'm okay with going somewhere else. But Eleanor, if we're heading out now, pretty much, shouldn't we go pack? I mean, yeah the lights are still out, but we can go in a group with a candle or something? I'm sure Astrid wants her weapon, and I want my shell." Katalina sighed as she looked over their little group and sighed a bit. She knew Kade didn't want to deal with the fairies but if they didn't have any options, they would have to deal with them.

"Sumi, do we still have supplies in the closet? I think that not all of us have... y'know, weapons or something if we need those?" She looked over at Eleanor, as she was sure that the woman would disapprove of them taking weapons, but she doubted that Astrid would leave without her spear, as she seemed rather attached to it.
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