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Current Heads up: Planned Power outages in my neighborhood/ area/ county/ state in the next few days. So if I'm not on when I normally am... that's why. Yay *eyeroll*
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I'm a bit out of it. Will be back tomorrow. <3
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Starting the new job tomorrow!! New hours! Yay!
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I hate paperwork. With a passion.
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I will be gone most of Monday, and when I get home I will probably just go to sleep, so... I'll be back and replying on Tuesday!


...I'm crazy. Got a doctor's note and everything.

Been role playing for over fifteen years, no stranger to forum rp'ing, as that is the way I learned to roleplay.

I don't bite, so don't be afraid to say hi.

I mostly prefer 1x1's, and am on PST. (Hello from the West Coast of the USA.)

If you are interested in rps, really, don't be afraid to say hi!!

Or if you just wanna talk, I'm usually very open.

For those of you still here, have some Pusheen!

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Hey, pm me please and we can discuss! I'm interested. @Azure Flame
*gently bumps to the front*

"It's just... I was always told when flying that no one can command the wind. Even VeĆ°rriddari could not fight the strongest of winds, and he.... Oh he was magnificent." Astrid nearly teared up as she thought about her mount and then looked over at Sumi as she explained that this place felt their essence a bit. "I suppose that does make sense?" She shrugged a bit as she finished off her granola bar and was about to ask Alexander another question when Sumi asked about magic.

"I do. Valkeries have access to it and we use it. I... know about lay lines as well. It is one of the ways we find our way to the Tree when we need to use it to travel." Astrid sighed a bit as she set down her bag and then felt the air around them a bit. "This place has more Magic than Earth does, so that will make it easier." She reached around her neck and unfastened the necklace from around her neck. She gently took her spear pendent off and she ran her hand along it until she found the little knot on it.

Soon, the spear was growing to it's full length, and Astrid was using the tip of it to trace a rune into the ground as she muttered to herself.


Katalina had been watching with interest the others in their little rag-tag group. It was obvious that Astrid had many questions to ask Alex, but now was not the time to get to know one another. She did hope for their sake they would get some time later. She was thankful the younger girl, okay younger and older at the same time, had some knowledge of magic. The most magic Katalina knew about was the oyster in her pocket. Other than that, she was a warrior, a fighter. She wouldn't know how to use magic if it bit her in the butt.

"So, ley lines... this is what you guys were talking about earlier?" She looked up at Kade at that point.

Sweet Nereids, Katalina had never been more thankful for solid ground under her feet at that moment than she had felt thankful for it since she had been tossed back to Earth. Her throat was raw and throbbing as she had screamed so loudly and the entire way down. She shuddered as she pulled herself off the ground, whimpering a bit as she did so. She'd be bruised later, and it would hurt so much, but she was thankful that her two feet were on land.

Katalina took a bottle of water and nearly downed the whole thing in one gulp before she accepted the fruit and the granola bar. She simply nodded her thanks, as her throat was still too raw to talk. She sighed as she looked around at where they had landed. However, it was just a void of white light, nothing to distinguish it at all.


Astrid landed with a bit of a grunt, as she had tried to position herself for the landing, but she had miscalculated. She'd bruise her knuckles the way she had landed, but thankfully, nothing else would be hurt. She looked over at her companions and sighed a bit as she realized that they had to be in the right place, but where they were? It was oddly quiet, and flooded with light. She looked around and then paused as Kade handed out refreshments.

"Thanks." Astrid checked the watch she had and realized that no, not that much time had passed. She would be fine for now. She sipped the water and then looked around, and over to Alexander. "I... have to ask how you did that. They always say the wind obeys no one, but you got us into a Slipstream." She smiled a bit as she nibbled on a granola bar, while looking at the slightly older boy.

The sensation of the wind blowing through her hair was one that Astrid had missed, more than anything in the world. However, as they fell through this place between worlds, she felt a surge as her strength came back to her. Her sense of the living and the dead, hearing those that were going to fall in battle...

She looked to her companions and gasped a bit. Christopher, so bright and vibrant like the world he called home; Katalina looked older, like she was and older woman, worn down by war; and she glanced over at Alexander and for a moment she saw a kindred soul. Sumi had yelled at him to manipulate the wind, but no one ever told the wind what to do, at least in her experience.

However, she was distracted by everything by a familiar whinny in the background and the sound of partying and drinking just beyond the veil. "Home...Valhalla..." Oh she could hear the cheers of those drinking, the ever on going party of those that had died so honorably in battle. All she had to do was reach through, to tug herself through the veil, to get back home but no. Odin would not want her to come back in such a dishonorable way, having not fully finished becoming what she was truly to become. She touched the patch over her right eye and nodded. No, she was on a quest, and if she had learned anything from her time in Valhalla, it was that you always followed a quest to the end.

Alexander's voice broke her train of thought, as she heard him tell them to head into the slipstream. She moved to roll herself into the slipstream and then aimed herself that way. She looked back towards that last whinny and simply nodded. "I'll be back, my friend." She closed her eye, feeling a tear roll down her cheek. She then opened her eye and rolled into the slipstream and followed it. She saw that Katalina had done the same, but the other girl looked terrified as she kept falling, and she swore the other girl was screaming, loudly.
*gently bumps to the front*

Katalina had a bad feeling about the number before Sumi said something... indicating that to get passage someone would have to stay. Katalina didn't want to suggest herself, but she would have if... Hannah had not spoken up. She looked over at Hannah and walked over and hugged her tightly. "I know we didn't... but take care of yourself. And... thank you. I will remember your song... and..."

Katalina reached into her pocket and pulled out the oyster in there. She opened it and spoke a word, and a bubble of water came out. "Here. You can break it if you need it, and you never know when you might need a way to escape." She handed the pearl of water to Hannah and then sighed. They would have to explain to Eleanor, but she knew the woman had up her sleeves stories to tell for when a kid went missing or found their way home. Christopher had told her as much before. That worked for her. Her own parents had pretty much just left her at that school. She wasn't going to ever go back to those ignorant assholes anyway. They didn't understand their daughter was gone. She was long gone, left behind when she fell through that door.


Astrid looked over at Hannah and simply saluted her. She had not been at the school long enough to know the other girl, but she did recognize what she was giving up. However, Astrid knew her door would open again one day. Odin and Freya had promised her. She just had to finish becoming what she was meant to be.

With the salute giving, she stepped onto the ledge and then stepped forward and found herself... falling. Falling and falling. Oh the feeling was a rush!

For everyone left, the number ticked down to four.

The thrilling exhilaration of being up high tingled in Astrid's soul, and it made her miss her beloved mount more than anything in the world. She felt the wind whipping through her hair, causing the tendrils to whip around her face. Oh, the tower felt familiar to her, something that spoke to her, but she couldn't place why it was familiar. However, she felt something resonate deep within her bones and her empty eye socket.

She walked around the edge of the tower, not sure what was going on until the air started to changed gold, and then she gasped as she saw Sumi's fingers start to burn gold. "Oh Sif's hair..." She muttered a bit as she felt the warm air around them starting to glow more. She paused a bit as she looked around, until Christoph pointed out the number.

"Six?" She raised her brow a bit at that and then looked over at Sumi again and then frowned a bit. "Uh, are you okay?"
*gently bumps to the front*

"I promise, the ladder will work... I felt something when I touched it earlier." Katalina reached out, putting her hand on the ladder. She brought it over to a spot that would easily reach the top of the castle, and once her hands were on both sides of it, it extended itself to reach the top of the castle tower. Katalina gasped a bit as the ladder soon reached the full height they would need it to reach. "So... I think we have our way up. But as I said before, I think we need to go up one at a time. Aside from..." She looked over to Wash. "I'd say your good bye's now." She shrugged a bit at that and then went to climb the ladder first.


Astrid really was hating the weather here, and had shoved all the excess layers into her pack. She could not wait to be out of here and go wherever they were headed next. It had to be more stable right? Sure, she was use to weather fluctuation, but this was crazy.

She was distracted from her thoughts by seeing that ladder climb all the way to the top and she felt her spirits soar again. Maybe this would be the closest she could get to flying again, but she hung back as she had heard what Katalina had said. One at a time, or the weight might harm the ladder. Once Katalina was at the top, the former Valkyrie was hopping on the ladder and climbing easily to the top.
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