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Will be out of town for the weekend, and won't be online. Replies will come on Sunday later in the day.
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*Blasts TNBC soundtrack and Spooky Scary Skeletons for the next month*
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*Incoherent scream of rage.*
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I will reply to rps tomorrow. Taking tonight to just chill.


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Location: Camp Half-Blood - Big House -> The Van
Skills: N/A

Stella smiled a bit as Jason assured her that he was as ready to go on the quest as one could be to go on a quest. She shifted the backpack on her back, hoping that she really did have everything she needed for her first real quest. However, she had done the best she could in preparing, and Marygold had been with her, so she was sure that she had everything she could in her bag. She could see that people were starting to get into the van, but she wanted to make sure that all of her group was there before she got into the car. Thankfully, it seemed that the Roman girl would be joining them in time, as she joined them.

She clambered into the van, setting her bag in her lap as she found a free spot to sit in and buckled up. She looked around the van, seeing that it was quite crowded and only getting more so as more people poured into the van. She wasn't sure what to say to anyone, even as new people sat next to her in the van. She had made sure to be close to her group, or as close as she could, in the van. She was close enough to Jason, as she was sure that the Roman girl might want to be close to her friends. Stella started to fiddle with the seed bag she had, pausing and running her fingers along the string as she waited.

Location: Camp Half-Blood - Big House
Skills: N/A

Stella nodded a bit as Marygold said it looked like everyone was almost there, but it seemed that she was still missing the last person in her group, the Roman girl. Stella did wave back to Jason when he waved to her and she smiled a bit at that, as she felt a bit better now that she saw him again. She knew that he would keep an eye on her, and he really had been kind the day before. She looked up to Marygold again as she spoke but wasn't sure if she should or could really add anything to that. She wasn't sure how long the meeting would take so maybe this was normal?

She looked up as someone mentioned that the last of the Romans were arriving and smiled at that. "Take care sister, and I'll see you when we're both back." She looked up at Marygold one last time before walking over to Jason at that point. She tugged on the straps of her bag again, trying to get rid of the nervous energy she had bubbling up inside of her. "Are you ready to go then once the Roman girl joins us?"

Location: Camp Half-Blood - Big House
Skills: N/A

Stella silently followed Marygold towards the entrance of the camp, as she wasn't sure what she would say if she did speak. She would be going on her first quest soon, and with two older kids that she didn't know very well. She just hoped that she wouldn't be a burden on them, and that between her scythe and her seeds she would be able to help fight any monsters they came across. She was sure that she would be fine, and she was sure that she would be coming back from the quest. She had to keep telling herself that over and over, and keep that smile on her face at that point as they headed to the entrance.

Once there, she looked around to see that Jason was there, but the Roman girl, Niah, didn't seem to be there yet at that point. She tugged at the straps of her backpack a bit, waiting for everyone to gather up there, so that they could soon get going. She looked around at that point, unsure if she should go join Jason, or is she should stay with Marygold for just a bit longer before everyone split up to go into their quest groups.

Location: Camp Half-Blood - Demeter Cabin -> Camp Entrance
Skills: N/A

Stella offered her half-sibling as smile as they assured her that they would keep an eye on things and keep anyone from taking anything from her. She was thankful for that, but she had made sure to take the things she wanted out of her bag, and the things that were left wouldn't be terribly missed. "Thank you, I do appreciate that. I'll see you when I get back then." She offered them a small smile and a wave before she turned to look up at Marygold and offer her a nervous smile, as her emotions were getting the better of her. She took a deep breath to calm herself down before speaking again.

"Shall we head to the entrance then? I've got my things and it seems you've gotten yours." Stella tugged her backpack over her shoulders at that point and then tugged on the straps to adjust them. She stepped outside of the Cabin, giving it one last look before taking her first step out and towards where she remembered the entrance of the camp being. It was weird to think that she had only just arrived and now she was leaving again, after being there for roughly around twenty-four hours. She just hoped that she would return after her quest.

Location: Camp Half-Blood - Demeter Cabin
Skills: N/A

"Alright, cabin first then the entrance. I don't mind the detour." Stella was glad that Marygold wanted to go back to the cabin, so she could leave less of a mess. She followed her older half-sister back to the cabin she had been in briefly earlier, and then walked inside. She perked up a bit when she thought she heard a cat and then turned around to see Marygold petting one. She squeaked happily at that sight, but she didn't move over to pet the cat, as much as she wanted to. She turned back to her bunk, to see the bag she had managed to keep on her in a pile on the bed.

She pulled out a few things from her bag, mostly her money, her phone charger, and one of her comfort stuffed animals. She gently tucked them into her new backpack, and then smiled a bit as she was sure that she had everything she would want or need for her quest. She tugged the bag over her shoulder and turned back to her sibling at that point. "I'm mostly ready to head out, thanks. Can you guys must make sure that none of my stuff gets up and walks away please? I doubt it... but I just worry." She reached into her pocket, just to double check that she still had her bag of seeds, which she did.

Location: Camp Half-Blood - Camp Armory
Skills: N/A

Stella was thinking about what she would want to do next, while waiting for the meeting to finish, when the other campers walked in. She listened to them, and they mentioned the meeting would soon be over. "Oh, if that is the case, can you lead me to the entrance then, since that's where we're suppose to meet up, yes?" She was still a bit nervous at the idea of heading on this quest, but she was much better prepared now. She had supplies, her phone, her charger, some armor and a few weapons, should she need them. Sure, she would like a few more fighting lessons before she left, but that was on her for volunteering so quickly.

She did look up at Marygold and paused a bit. "Oh, um, unless there is anywhere else we need to go first? I mean we could go back to the cabin, and then I could organize my things in the cabin, since I won't be there for a while." She did realize that she had only haphazardly tossed her things into the cabin earlier. She had been hungry and in a rush at the time so she had thought nothing of it. Now? She wasn't sure if her half-siblings would be happy looking at the mess on her bed for who knew how long.

Location: Camp Half-Blood - Camp Armory
Skills: N/A

"Oh! Thank you! This looks like it will fit perfectly! Thank you again Marygold!" Stella smiled happily at that as she took the armor that Marygold had handed to her. She figured that since it was armor she could just try it on over her clothing, and so she tugged on the armor and it did fit her perfectly. She smiled a bit at that and then relaxed as she tried to see how it felt when she was just walking around, and relaxed more to see what was going on with it. Thankfully it didn't pinch, it didn't rub, it didn't bother her, so after a bit she tugged it back off and went to put it in her backpack of items.

Stella knew that while she had the scythe her mother had given her was a good weapon, it was best to have backup. So she looked over the collection of knives, and thought of which one to pick. In the end, she picked up a fairly innocuous looking dagger and tucked it away into a sheath and then tucked that into her backpack. She did one last look around the armory and then decided that she had what she needed. "I'm ready to head out of here whenever you are, Marygold. I think I've gotten what I need." She offered her older half sister a small smile at that point.

Location: Camp Half-Blood - Camp Store -> Camp Armory
Skills: N/A

Stella nodded at that and then smiled a bit as she looked at the Iris camper. "Thank you for all your help." She gathered up her backpack and then looked over at Marygold and smiled at her. "Oh do you think they'll have armor in my size? That's good to hear." She walked out of the camp store with her towards the Camp Armory, and then started to lift her left hand to her lips and started to chew on her fingernails. She didn't realize that she was doing it at all, as it really was an unconscious habit of hers. She mostly was nervous at that point, as it was becoming clear that she was over her head a bit.

Once they got to the armory, she started looking around to see if there were any knives or armor that stood out to her. She did notice the crate that in was back that was covered with a blanket, and that caught her attention. She walked to the back of the armory, and then pulled the blanket off the crate and looked at what was inside. It seemed to be an assortment of items, but none of them really spoke to her. Sure, they did seem special, but none of them seemed right to her. She replaced the blanket over the crate and then head over to the wall of knives and looked it over.

Location: Camp Half-Blood - Camp Store
Skills: N/A

Stella did sigh a little when the Iris camper told her that she would have to get a knife or anything like that from the armory, but she simply accepted that was what she would have to do. She did still have the scythe, but having something else would be a good idea. Maybe also a small shield would be nice, but she doubted that would work with what she was thinking. She tucked all her things into the backpack and then paused a bit as the weight of it settled onto her shoulder, reminding her that this was really happening. She was about to go on a quest, out to California, to go fight monsters and help the Romans with their lost camp.

"Hmm?" She turned to look up at Marygold, almost not hearing the question. "Oh, yeah I got everything I need here then, aside from the things I need to get from the armory." She turned her attention back to the Iris camper and then offered her a smile. "Thank you for your help!" She turned back to Marygold and slung the other strap of the backpack over her other shoulder. "Can you show me where the armory is before we go back to meet up with everyone we're going on our quests with?"

Location: Camp Half-Blood - Dining Pavilion
Skills: N/A

Stella tried to keep track of each thing Marygold was suggesting she made sure she had, and for a moment she mentally cursed herself for not having something to write it on. That was what one of her teachers had told her to do when her ADHD was flaring up so badly, though now she understood it was due to the fact she was a demi-god. Did that also explain why it was so hard to read sometimes? She wasn't sure. She realized her mind had wandered a bit, but she did catch the bit about being able to make her own food and chuckled at that. It probably wasn't that funny, but for Stella the image of being able to summon up some strawberries while on the run was kind of amusing.

"Well, um... a few things. Maybe first a bag so I can put everything in? Then an extra weapon, some food, some clothing..." Stella rattled off the list that Marygold had given her, and then once the Iris girl had shown her were each of the things were she started to gather. She picked up a backpack first so that she could toss everything in as she acquired it, and so she knew where it was. She did wrinkle her nose a bit at the bright orange shirts that she was given as camp clothing, as orange didn't suit her, but she couldn't argue. Clothing was clothing, and she might need back up shirts. She did make sure to tuck in the first aid kit in the front backpack pocket, as well as the little compass she took from one of the shelves. Yes, in theory she knew where she was going, but she wanted to make sure they didn't get too lost.

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