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I'm taking tonight to watch Puppy Bowl. My brain will thank me.
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...I'm crazy. Got a doctor's note and everything.

Been role playing for over fifteen years, no stranger to forum rp'ing, as that is the way I learned to roleplay.

I don't bite, so don't be afraid to say hi.

I mostly prefer 1x1's, and am on PST. (Hello from the West Coast of the USA.)

If you are interested in rps, really, don't be afraid to say hi!!

Or if you just wanna talk, I'm usually very open.

For those of you still here, have some Pusheen!

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So, I'm just waiting for Feisty-Pants to get Viola inside now, right?

I believe so, yes.

"Sumi? Hannah? Ever cool it? Unlikely... I mean, c'mon Alex. You have your moments as well. We all do." Katalina sighed as she stood up and looked over. "I think Eleanor has it in hand. Though, she has the look of the warrior on her. I admire that. Even in the worst of moments she clutching to that spear... as a life line." Katalina's eyes went from the blue she had to a more stormy grey in that moment, as her true age reflected on the surface. She knew the look the new girl had too well. Also the eye patch... she had lost it somehow. She wanted to know more about her, and when Eleanor spoke up, she blinked, wondering if the girl would pick her as a roommate.

"C'mon Eleanor, Cora and I aren't that bad... we make sure that everyone has towels. Especially after Kade made it perfectly clear that if we kept using them to try to plug up the bathroom we were not allowed to use the pond." The blue was back in her eyes and the fifteen year old was back.


Astrid looked at the brightly colored older woman as she approached and held onto Vaengr tighter. Most adults wanted to take her spear away, saying a young man...lady, should not have any 'toys' like that. They didn't understand, none of them did. She had earned Vaengr, and it was the only other thing she had beside her empty eye socket to reassure her that her journey had been real.

"Um... I'll room with Cora? I suppose? One is just as good as the other..." Her voice was barely above a whisper, but ever so delicate and feminine. She was proud of the fact that she could pass so well, and had trained herself to never raise her voice so much to arouse suspicion. "I believe there was to also be an orientation?"

"That will come later..." A red head spoke up as she plucked herself up off the chair she was sitting on. "Name's Katalina. I can show you to Cora's room while Eleanor deals with the other new arrivals parents. Also, best that they not see a spear as well."

"A-ar-are you going to take it away?"

"Nah. Just don't let the mundies see it..."

"Katalina, we've talked about that. Do not call them that." Eleanor's voice was kind, even as she chastised the other girl. Katalina simply rolled her eyes and looked over at Astrid.

"Yes, Eleanor. C'mon. See you later Alex." Katalina gestured for Astrid to enter the house, and lead her inside, and then up the stairs. They creaked ever so slightly under Astrid's feet, and she was thankful for the welcome feeling of wood. So many modern buildings were made of concrete and brick, so she missed the shining wooden halls of Valhalla. This place was a poor substitution for it, but it would do for the moment.

"So, a Land of the Dead, huh? I guess we'll learn where in time. I'm from... well, I can't pronounce it right. Don't have the right ability to click now." Astrid blinked at the slightly younger girl's words as she was lead further into the house, and noticed something... odd. Some rooms were covered in bright colors, while others were more somber. What place had she landed in this time?
They are super quick reads... like 2-3 hours each. Also super good.
Problem is, Astrid is still outside, with a spear in her hand. I doubt that is the impression that Eleanor wants Ryker/ Jaguar's parents to have.
You pervy people and not wanting to wear shirts. Viola just prefers barefoot because she feels it helps her remain more in tune with nature. XD

Clothing weighs you down in the water.

Also Astrid wears clothing!
Katalina walks around in a bikini and a sarong.

It was a bargain. She didn't want to wear anything. Clothing + water is not... good.
I was mostly saying my now edited post. *laughs*

I mostly was asking if Viola was now originally from Earth, as it was a little unclear.


"Now, you're sure you've got everything? We made sure that the headmistress knows of your needs, and that you do have to go into town to see the doctor at least once a month. You've also got..."

"Mom, I'll be fine. We've been over this a hundred times, and when I say that, I do mean literally. I've been counting." Astrid looked up at her mother with soft eye. She knew the woman was trying her best, but was at her ropes end. That is why Astrid was going to be going to Eleanor's School for Wayward Children. Astrid had to give her parents credit. They had accepted a lot, but just to absorb it all at once, she couldn't blame them for needing to send her away.

"Alright..." Astrid's mother kissed her on the temple and rubbed her cheek gently. "Call us anytime." Astrid nodded as she picked up her case and then started up the driveway to the building. It was a quaint looking house, a nice place for a school. As she headed up the stairs, she couldn't help but wish that the door would open back to Valhalla... she missed it.

Before she could open the door, there were two girls there, dressed in the oddest of ways, at least the Asian girl more so than the other. It was like a rainbow, exploding on a person.

"Uh, hello... I'm guessing you're students here as well? I'm Astrid, pleasure to meet you both." She looked at them both oddly with her one good eye, and backed up a bit. Of course, it didn't look that friendly, as Astrid still had her trusty spear in her hand, and she clutched it closer.


Katalina had gotten use to the sound of chaos that seemed to follow Hannah and Sumi, even if it wasn't her thing really. Nonsense worlds were not really her thing. She had seen what Sumi's idea of meal time meant, and found herself missing the raw fish of home more and more.

She laughed a bit as she sat there by the front entrance, watching the two terrors pour out the door and nearly assault the new girl. "Oh boy, if she is from a land of the dead, I hope it is a lively one... otherwise those two are going to stomp right over her, huh?" She smirked as she looked over at whomever else was in the room with her.
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