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Current *Blasts TNBC soundtrack and Spooky Scary Skeletons for the next month*
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*Incoherent scream of rage.*
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I will reply to rps tomorrow. Taking tonight to just chill.
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Rest in Peace our King... Wakanda Forever.
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Will reply on Thursday. Decided to extend the mental health day.


...I'm crazy. Got a doctor's note and everything.

Been role playing for over fifteen years, no stranger to forum rp'ing, as that is the way I learned to roleplay.

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Location: Base of Mount Othrys
Skills: Charmspeak

Marco simply watched as first Waverly ran from them, and then Em went to chase after her to talk to Waverly. "Okay then... I guess I'll um... help out here... with Prometheus... if that's alright?" He was fully aware that if he misstepped right now he would have no less than twenty arrows buried into him, after being turned into a deer or stag. However, there was something he could do, that would help all of them in the long run.

"Prometheus, do you swear your words are true and that you came to warn the Roman Camp of the impending attack?" Marco once again let the magic fill his voice and the air, the sweet tone reassuring the Titan that he was a friend, that they could talk. Prometheus soon confirmed that he was speaking the truth, and then Marco knew that the Titan had been correct. "It seems that he is on our side today, Huntresses, and that he has no ill intentions. Madalyne, with your permission, I can use my compact and have a message sent back to camp to warn them of the attack if you so wish?" Marco was going to do his damnest to show not only respect to the Huntresses and his Praetors at that point. He wouldn't demand the titan's freedom, and he wouldn't over step the boundaries of what he could and could not do.

However, there was an uneasiness settling at the back of his brain. If Prometheus was right, which he was, which Titans and Giants would be heading to the very camp he called home?

Location: Lobby -> World Tree
Skills: Climbing

Lara took a second look at the cat and then frowned a bit at that. She was suddenly very glad that Klara would be going with Nadia and Runa, instead of with them. Lara had an intense dislike of cats ever since she was a little girl and one had swiped her across the face. Of course, she dare not bring any of that up at the moment, as it seemed that even Freya was blessing the cat with some armor for their quest. It was a little cute, but again, the sooner she was away from the cat, the better.

She followed Arnora and Nadia to the tree and looked up at it in all it's glory. Well, at least the branch of it they were on. They would have to be quick to avoid Ratatosk, and that bark of his. She had heard it once before and even the thought of it sent shivers up and down her spine.

She got into the climbing gear, tied up her ropes and started the climb down the tree, her hands and feet making sure to find purchase somewhere before she would move the next. Each move was carefully made, as the last thing she wanted was to fall into the wrong world.

Location: Base of Mount Othrys
Skills: N/A

Marco could feel the glares of the Huntresses upon him, and he had a feeling it had to do with the fact that he was, in fact, the very proud owner of a penis. He didn't blame them however, sometimes his own sex could be pretty damn awful, and if even half the stories about what had happened to Diana were true, (no less the other goddesses and fair maidens in mythology) he really couldn't blame them. So the best he could do was offer them a small smile, and just go along with what was happening and let his Praetors speak. He knew Nancy had great respect for his aunt...

And then Waverly opened her mouth about Nancy's poster. What the Gods? When the heck had Waverly seen something like that, and why the heck was she spilling about it in front of Nancy and the Goddess herself! He inwardly groaned before his attention fell back to the man that the other Huntresses had captured. "Prometheus... I thought he was still chained up as part of his punishment? I mean... it was an awful thing what happened to him daily but damn... him being here... maybe that's a good thing?" He was sure that he remembered Prometheus siding with the gods against his own family of Titans during the war. Maybe he was here to help? Then again, Zeus had been the one to punish him for giving Man fire.

He had decided to tactfully stay out of what was going on between Nancy and Waverly, since he really didn't feel like this was the time to be so petty, but... he would have a talk with Waverly later about how not cool it was that she had said that to Nancy. Em's words summed up what Marco was thinking, right down to pointing out that Nancy was Ace.

Location: Floor 233 -> Elevator -> Lobby
Skills: N/A

Lara's thoughts kept weaving in and out of the present and the past, even as she finished securing a bedroll to her backpack. She double checked to make sure that she had her bracelet on and her other necklace. She found her fingers brushing over the ring on the necklace she wore daily, and sighed a bit to herself. She tucked that necklace back and away, only letting her spear necklace be visible. With one last mental check done, she closed up her bag and slung it over her shoulders, letting it settle in a bit.

Lara walked over to the elevator and hit the button to summon it and waited. Her mind was still reeling from the events of dinner, and the fact that she would be going out on a quest once again. She was still worried as she wasn't sure how they would be getting to Hel's realm but if she believe the stories they might have to go towards water.

Lara couldn't explain why she always had such a fear of deep water. It had nothing to do with her Godly parent, she knew that. It was a fear all her own and it haunted her.

The elevator dinged and Lara got in it and hit the button for the Lobby and then leaned up against the wall of the elevator. It was thankfully a quick ride, and soon she was getting off and waving to Arnora and Elizabeth. "Are we ready then?"

Location: Elevator -> Floor 233
Skills: N/A

"Thank you." Lara did feel a bit of color rise to her cheek when she heard Arnora say that they would be in a group together, with Elizabeth. The groupings did make sense, as Lara, it seemed, could tolerate Elizabeth the longest out of those gathered. "I'll meet up with you all in a bit then." She headed back to the Elevator and hit the summon button and stepped in. Her finger gently pressed the button for Floor 233, her floor. She leaned up against the wall and sighed a bit as she pinched her brow a bit at that point. She had mostly come along earlier in case they needed her skills and now it seemed she would be going on a quest to the one place she never wanted to go. Hel's Domain.

She didn't want to see her loved one there... if she saw Levi there... she wasn't sure she'd just jump in to join him even after all these years. Yes, he could also still be very much so alive. Gods knew he could even be elsewhere. He hadn't been of the same faith, goodness knew that.

Her thoughts were derailed as she heard the ding as the elevator reached her floor and she stepped out and headed to her room. First things first, she would have to change. If she was about to go on a quest, she was not going to wear uncomfortable clothing. She tugged a sports bra, some fancy work out leggings, and a big baggy shirt that said: Tulip Festival 2016 on it onto herself. She then tugged her long hair into a ponytail and then looked at herself in the mirror and nodded. Next, she grabbed the necklace and bracelet she had from her jewelry stand and smiled a bit. "You guys ready for a fight?" She was aware her weapons couldn't really speak to her, but she couldn't resist.

Next to come was her packing up her bag with extra clothing and some food, while she tried to keep her thoughts from derailing too much.

Location: Traveling
Skills: N/A

"I really hope it is not a wildfire..." Marco trailed off a bit as he realized that not only where they surrounded, but whom they were surrounded by. "My Lady Diana... Huntresses of Diana and Artemis..." Marco bowed his head a bit, his eyes trying to avoid the goddess at that point and not disrespect her by staring. He then looked to Waverly as she claimed them to all be armed lesbians and inwardly groaned. Yes, it wasn't commonly known that the Huntresses all swore off any kind of romance, even the Sapphic kind. It did make his presence there awkward, as he was a son of the Goddess what was almost the opposite of Diana. Aphrodite was all about romance, any kind and she lapped it up, especially if it was tragic.

"As our Praetor has said, we are on a quest and simply require passage on our way." Marco knew better than to use his charm speak now, so he was simply trying to use his own charisma at that point as he spoke. He also hoped that by changing the subject he could sooth things over with the Huntresses as well as Nancy... since Waverly had also just given Nancy an order. Which would probably get her slapped. Hell, he'd be honestly surprised if Waverly didn't end up slapped in some way shape or form by the end of this.

Location: Traveling
Skills: N/A

Marco gently held onto Emily's hand as they walked together, and he noticed her spreading out the seeds behind them. He knew what she was doing and he didn't blame her at all. Who knew what they could find plant wise up on Mount Tam. He knew there was that tree there, the one with the golden apples, but he didn't know if Emily could control that. It could be too risky, considering the fact that the tree had a protector. When the scorpion came into view, he did have to pause for a moment. That was not a good sign that those monsters were out here this far from the Mountain itself, as well as it's size.

Marco held Emily's hand tighter when he noticed her reaction to watching Niah take off. He did frown when Niah called down that she saw smoke. Just smoke. In California smoke was never a good sign. "Can you tell which way the fire is coming from? That might be where we need to go." He frowned a bit at that as he was distracted by Waverly. It was probably Niah's armor, and you really didn't ask to borrow other people's magical items. His other hand gently touched the compact in his pocket, and he rarely let anyone else use it. If anything it was only Emily.

Location: Floor 21
Skills: N/A

Lara could feel the start of a headache brewing between Elizabeth and Runa, especially when Elizabeth tried to make what was going on about her. They had a quest they needed to focus on and that was as much as Runa was saying a bit at that point. She was thankful that Runa was steering the conversation away from Elizabeth, and towards their quest, and she was extra thankful that Klara seemed to be in agreement. This was about the quest to find Baldur, not any problems they might have.

"It seems we have a consensus to leave tonight then. If it is alright with you Runa, I would like to head to my room and gather up my supplies for a quest. I am probably not the only one, correct?" She looked around the group and paused a bit at that as she looked at the others. "Also how do we want to split up the groups? Like how we discussed before, three and three?" Ge gently tucked a lock of her hair behind her ear softly as she looked at the others and then to Arnora.

Location: Floor 21
Skills: N/A

Lara was getting a little bit frustrated at Elizabeth, and she knew the others were tense as well, but she stilled her tongue as the girl spoke... and then listened to the others as the suggested ideas. Then... Dalisy decided her part in all this was over. Lara was inwardly thankful for that, as she didn't really want to be on a quest with her. It would end with one of them killing the other for real at that point. However, the lingering big about heading to Hel's kingdom caused her chest to tighten up a bit. What if.... what if someone she knew was there? It didn't make logical sense, but, then again, if logic could be applied to this situation, Lara wouldn't be in Valhalla.

"I'll be more than happy to lend my aid against the army if you ask of it. I am not happy with the idea of the undead rising up at her insistence too much." Lara looked to Arnora, a bit thankful she would be with her, even if that did mean she'd be with Elizabeth as well. Elizabeth was a good fighter, but sometimes her tongue got her into trouble, as evident by earlier that night. "When should we depart then?"

Location: In the Uber -> Traveling
Skills: N/A

Marco looked over at Emily, and smiled softly as he noticed her calm down a bit when Milo snuggled into her neck. He could tell she was going back to the old days, and he was there to be her tether to the present. As Nancy listed him off as team trick he had to suppress a laugh at that. "Alright then, I'll sweet talk him and figure out what he knows before Niah and I trap him into an oath. As for pissing him off well, I'll leave that to you lovely ladies. I mean I could insult his father or remind him of his failures. He is holding up the whole world for a reason."

As they got out of the car, and Emily gently put Milo back into the papoose, Marco smiled and kissed her forehead sweetly. "Anything for you, mon amour. Mon cher," He murmured so that just Emily could hear his words, before turning to Niah and nodded in response to her question. "Yeah, I paid him and tipped him... and thankfully he won't be remembering any of this ride once we're a bit away." Marco had made sure to make the charmspeak work long enough and was powerful enough that their driver would not remember the odd group in his car. It had just been another ride for him, nothing atypical at all.

He gently tucked the blanket around Milo so that the little sugar glider could sleep if he needed, and then slipped his hand into Em's for a moment and squeezed it softly. "So which way are we heading now?"
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