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Current Today I got asked what I want to be when I grow up. I just looked at the person for a moment.
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Baking Day, will be off and on, on and off.
10 days ago
The cats are upset that we caged the tree. I'm happy for it, as it means they won't knock it over.
19 days ago
I hope I'm not getting sick...
23 days ago
Going out tonight. May be back later, and if not, til tomorrow. Happy Turkey day for America and anyone else that celebrates it. To anyone else... happy thursday.
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...I'm crazy. Got a doctor's note and everything.

Been role playing for over fifteen years, no stranger to forum rp'ing, as that is the way I learned to roleplay.

I don't bite, so don't be afraid to say hi.

I mostly prefer 1x1's, and am on PST. (Hello from the West Coast of the USA.)

If you are interested in rps, really, don't be afraid to say hi!!

Or if you just wanna talk, I'm usually very open.

For those of you still here, have some Pusheen!

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Marco DePaulo

Location: Pegasi Stable
Mentioned: @Kirah

Marco walked over the pegasus and then gently pat it and looked into his eyes for a moment. "He needs a bit more time, but he's also looking for something... I might ask Kiera can talk to him later. For now... we'll just let him fly with us. If he wants. Ugh, talking to animals seems like a useful skill, and I wish we had it sometimes." He then went to finish saddling up the one he had been saddling up.

As his sister, Grace spoke, Marco looked over and smiled brightly. "Things with Em and I are great. It's good to be back in person with her. Messages can only do so much." Marco and his older siblings giggled at that notion and then smiled a bit. The younger ones didn't quite understand.

"If we're all saddled up, and everything looks good, we can go fly for a bit. I'll be here till lunch, as I think I have a few lessons to give." Marco laughed a bit at that as he saddled the Pegasus he usually flew, and then mounted him and patted him on the back. The chestnut brown pegasus had a heart shaped heart mark on his belly, and had been named Chester for his color. Marco wanted to change his name, but the old stallion wouldn't have any other name. He soon took off to the sky, letting the wind whip around his face as they flew around the camp. He looked around and soon looked over the Strawberry fields and waved to Em and blew her a kiss.

Katalina had been mostly stunned when Astrid had torn out of the old house and headed outside, and sighed. She was distracted by Eleanore soon talking to her and then blinked a bit at that. "Ah... yes, I'll get the blankets and pillows. I'll make sure that the word is passed around... also... sorry Eleanore. Didn't mean to... y'know." Katalina was suddenly the fifteen year old her body and hormones trapped her in, and she was running along to the linen closets, and passing on the message to the others there. She took the bundle of blankets with her down to the dining hall, and put them on one of the tables and started pushing them aside. If they were to spend the night there... she knew they would need the space.


Astrid looked at Alexander when he draped his coat over her shoulders and muttered a soft thank you. She thought that she must look pathetic in that moment, crying and wet, having demanded to go home to an blank and empty sky. She looked at Kade and wasn't sure that she wanted to really talk, but she knew that they had to. "I'll make sure it gets back later..." She said softly as she looked at Alexander and then headed to her room.

Once there, she moved to undress, taking care to put the jacket off to the side and hung it up. The other clothing she tossed off to the side before pulling on a clean skirt, and t-shirt and sighed. She headed for the classroom and sighed a bit as she waited. She knew that she was in trouble, on her first day. But all she had wanted was to go home. She curled up in one of the chairs, listening to the thunder and seeing the lightning and sniffled. Silent tears rolled down her cheeks as she looked out at the rain, and then she put her hand to the cold window pane.
Marco DePaulo

Location: Stables of Camp Half Blood

The sweet smell of strawberries in the air, as well as the crispness of a Long Beach summer reminded Marco that he really was there, at Camp Half-Blood. Another school year, another year of excelling at languages and sweet talking his way into good grades, not that anyone could guess he was anything less than a perfectly charming student. The young man had made sure that no one would ever suspect that there was anything different with the young man, other than his dyslexia.

With his earbuds in, he was brushing down one of the pegasi, while humming along to The Queen. A few of his fellow Aphrodite campers were brushing down the other pegasi, and a few others, like his sister, Marianne, were saddling up some of the pegasi for flying lessons. Marco wasn't as good with them as Kiera, the only child of Poseidon at the camp, or that they knew of at the moment, but he was good with animals.

Speaking of, a little squeak came from the bag at Marco's side, and he smiled, and fed a little green leaf to the little sugar glider in his bag. "You ready to go for a flight, Milo? I know you love it up there. You can glide down." Marco laughed at that as the little sugar glider looked at Marco, tilted his head and then munched on the leaf without a care in the world.

Marco was envious of his little pet for the moment. Two days ago, shortly after he had arrived with the other campers, and had reunited with his sweet Em... Rosie had opened her mouth and spouted a 'Great' Prophecy. He hated the whispers of war swirling around, as his mother had a rather horrible reputation with meddling with wars or starting them. Hell, most of them had not forgiven her for Troy! Hell, his older sister, that he had never met... well two of them, had been key in the last two wars. It was a huge weight on his shoulders, as he kept trying to be more than just that pretty son of Aphrodite. He was thinking he might need to go talk to either Zo or Em later... as he could feel himself stressing out.

"Marco... I think you've brushed him enough?" Marianne sighed as she tapped his shoulder.

"Ah... Mari you're right. Let's saddle him up." Marco sighed and put down the brush and went to get the saddle.


Katalina looked at Kade and paused. "I'm okay... better go get her before something terrible happens." She said and then sighed a bit. She was worried about the new girl, but at the same time, she went to head to her room, and heard Hannah yelling at Astrid. "Oye... c'mon hon..." She sighed as she looked at her and frowned a bit. "The girl has met some gods in her world... don't taunt her like that." She sighed a bit at that.


Astrid tore off for the outside, and slammed the doors open and looked up at they sky. The rain pelted her face and she looked up at the sky and held her hands out. "Please, sweet Thor! I am ready!" She yelled and then turned back to the door when she heard Alexander and Kade. She frowned as the rain matted down her hair, and the droplets rolled down her face, masking her tears. She turned back to them both and whimpered.

"It's not the Lord of Thunder? It's just... regular lightning?" She spoke softly, her voice a little broken at that point. It seemed that she had hoped, but maybe it was too soon.

She walked up the porch and stood there, dripping wet and sighed. "I... guess... I should go change." She didn't look at either Kade or Alexander as she stood there on the porch.

"Oh, what I'm doing is not what we're suppose to do. Eavesdropping. Kade and Eleanor have been odd all day since the new students arrived, one after the other." Katalina whispered to Alexander. She knew that something was up... something was bothering them both. She paused and gestured for Alexander to go quiet as she listened to Eleanore and Kade.

She leaned in close, her ears picking up the conversation and the last of Eleanor's words. "Can't find out with going to the index line." However, the crash startled her, and it startled another, and with a cry, Astrid stood up and dashed off.

"Sweet Lord of Thunder! I am here!" The girl yelled as she ran off for the stairs. Katalina knew this too well, some people took things the wrong way. She had mentioned... why would there be a Lord of Thunder? It had to be a summer storm. However watching the poor girl tear down the stairs as if she was looking for her door... so soon... it hurt. Katalina knew that pain. However, she could also see the young man with the corn-yellow hair that was probably going to chase after her, or scold them for eavesdropping.

Will do!!

Should be fixed!


Before orientation Astrid was pulled aside by Kade to talk to him. She explained her situation to him, regarding her shots and medicine, and he gave her a sly smile, as if he perfectly understood. He made sure to tell her that she'd be fine, and that he wouldn't let her forget. Astrid got the feeling that Kade understood better than he was letting on. She thanked him, for keeping it between them, and he nodded to tell her that she always had a friend and ally in him. Orientation was... weird. The compass system didn't make sense, since she didn't seem to fall on it. He did make sure to explain that Underworlds and Death Worlds fell on a different sort of compass, and they would explore that later.

After the orientation, Astrid went to fetch her things of medicine to bring to Kade, but saw that he was headed to Elenor's office, and paused a bit. She was curious about what was going on.


Katalina had dinner with Cora, and explained to the other girl about her new roommate, as much as she could. Cora was a bit sad that the girl wasn't from a water world, but did understand. The two mostly talked about a few things before finishing dinner. Soon, Katalina was walking down the hallways, and bumped into Alex and saw that Kade was entering Eleanor's office. "Hey." She kept quiet... as to not arouse any suspicion.
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