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Location:Hotel Valhalla Floor 233
Skills: N/A

Lara stepped off the elevator on her floor and was thankful a bit for the calm. Yes, she enjoyed spending time with others, like Arnora and some of the other residents in the hotel, but when it came to Dalisy... the woman would not open up to Lara. They butted heads like they were a pair of goats that were fighting over the one part of the hill, when there was an entire mountain to fight upon. Lara always tried to be civil to Dalisy, but it seemed that no matter what she did, it would not matter. However, Lara did know that not everyone could be friends. It was mostly just awkward when Lara wanted to spend time with Arnora... which... was a bit of the time if she was honest to herself.

Lara headed into her room and sighed as she looked at it. In a cruel twist of fate, her room had been designed much like the little apartment she had hoped to move into with Levi when the war was over... the little apartment they would make their live together. But no, the fates had not been kind. Lara didn't even know if Levi had lived or had passed. She had never looked as it would break her heart. She knew that Levi would have never joined her here. He was a scholar, and.... she was a warrior.

She flopped out on her bed for a moment, as she wanted to take a shower but also felt herself feeling a bit drained at the moment.

Location: New Rome Coffee Shop
Skills: N/A

Marco frowned more as it was explained they would be heading to Mount Tam. Honestly, he was glad that Niah was going to be there, as well as Emily since Charmspeak against a Titan? He'd be lucky if he survived trying to do that to a god... and that wasn't easy. Hell, he only knew of one powerful Charmspeaker that had helped fight against a Titan, and it hadn't been her alone that had done it. So having multiple people there and trying to subdue the Titan would be for the best. However...

"I do agree we should go quickly, but doesn't the Senate need to vote on this first? I know I'm not really into the political side myself but if this is a quest, we need to do this right." He was sure none of them would really want to go to the Senate about this, even though they probably would get approval as both the Praetors were on board with this, but still if they didn't do that right others would protest.

"Also Nancy, I didn't take you as the kind of person that would want someone significant to you to bring you lunch. I was pretty sure you didn't really do relationships."

Location: New Rome Coffee Shop
Skills: N/A

"Lunch does smell good, thank you for bringing it to me." Marco whispered back to Em at that point and smiled as he relaxed a bit at that point as he started eating. Oh yes, lunch was good but as the topic turned from one thing to talk of Atlas and going to check on his prison on the island... Marco had lost his appetite and soon he pushed his food off to the side to wait for his stomach to catch up with the hungry part of himself.

"Okay Nancy, I do appreciate you wanting to use my wonderful talents at this time, but I am not sure my, as you put it, 'Voodoo magic' can work on a Titan. I have Charmspeak but I do not have it as powerful as some of my siblings... I mean I have it more than others." Marco was trying not to be insulted when Nancy called his charmspeak 'Voodoo' as it really did not work out like that. Charmspeak was... more... influence from what he understood of having used it before.

"So, the Titans and the Giants coming back huh? Well I'm in to help prevent that from happening. Honestly, war is not something I enjoy."

Location:Hotel Valhalla Floor 12
Skills: N/A

"I'd appreciate that, but I think another day for a rapid run together would be for the best." Lara mostly spoke to Arnora at that point, since she was sure Dalisy had not inclination of ever doing anything with Lara again. Sure, Dalisy had tried to keep the disdain out of her voice, but Lara could pick it up ever so slightly at that point.

"I'll pass on leather working for the moment, but I will want to go to my floor and change out of my wet clothing before I freeze." Lara reached over to press the button for her floor, which was 233. That did mean that Arnora would be getting off the elevator before either Dalisy or Lara, which would probably be a bother.

"So any theories on if there will be anything going on at dinner? I think I heard whispers of a new person earlier, before I got on the rapids." Whenever anyone new arrived that night their death would be played and then they'd be honored. It always interested Lara to see how people had earned their way to the Hotel.

Location: New Rome Coffee Shop
Skills: N/A

The coffee shop was starting to fill up more, especially since the Senate had ended. Marco was working on the various pour overs and other drinks, and almost missed what Nancy had said, but his ears almost seemed to perk up when she mentioned not only his name but Emily's and Waverley's. "Wait and Marco, Emily and Waverly will what?" He pulled over one of the college age baristas over and told them in no other terms that Marco was taking his lunch right then and there. This was a conversation he needed to be apart of, and probably Emily and Waverly as well.

"Hey Em hon... you might want to come over here and bring Waverly!" Marco picked up the packed lunch Emily had brought him and then he walked over to the table the praetors were sitting at with Niah. "Excuse me ladies, but I think this conversation now involves me so I think I have the right to crash the party. Also I'm pretty damn hungry and Emily brought me lunch." Marco started pulling things out of the bag and set the food out on the table and smiled. Emily was such a sweet girlfriend, and Marco counted his lucky stars every day that they were together.

Location:Hotel Valhalla Floor 12
Skills: N/A

"Fun was one way to put it. Next time I want to go down the rapids I might have to ask to go with you two again, given that I survived with you two rather than with the people I started off with." Lara knew that even as she said that that Dalisy would probably toss herself into the rapids than go down them again with Lara. That was always the way with Lara and Dalisy, since the day Dalisy had arrived. No matter how many times Lara tried to ask her what the problem was, Dalisy always found away to avoid answer the question.

Lara hopped off at the dock and helped tie it up at that point and sighed a bit at that as she looked at them both. "You two can go again if you'd like, I might go practicing somewhere else. Unless there is something else you'd like to do, Arnora?" She smiled at the other woman, hoping that Arnora might want to hang out a bit longer.

Location: New Rome Coffee Shop
Skills: N/A

"Well technically yes, she's my niece and I only remind her of that when she's annoying me. Her father is my sibling through my mother. But... anyways I'm glad I'm not on the council or senate. I think I couldn't handle all that. Em knows how I am with drama sometimes." Marco sighed a bit at that as he leaned over the counter and looked around the little cafe.

It was picking up for the afternoon, so he knew that he should prepare, but his ears perked up when he heard mention of Nancy's vision and the Greeks arriving soon. He had always been interested in meeting Greek demi-gods, especially ones from his mother. Aphrodite/ Venus was one of the few rare gods that seemed to not be torn apart by their various sides. Love was love after all... and if there was anything his mother was known for, was love, as well as starting wars.

Location:Hotel Valhalla Floor 12
Skills: Spear

"I can try my best to keep them occupied, but well it seems Dalisy is also on top of it." Lara gently crouched down in the canoe, and then looked over at the other canoe and narrowed her eyes a bit. She knew that she had to be careful about where she stepped and where she aimed... but thankfully her spear would come back to her if she tossed it... but the other canoe got in close, close enough for Lara to make some jabs at them. Sadly, she missed the other woman but...


The ever so satisfying sound of metal piercing wood and causing a huge hole in the other canoe made Lara grin at that point. She simply smirked over at the other canoe and then pulled her spear back. Thankfully, even if she had missed the other people in the canoe, she had caused them some damage that they couldn't easily fix it.

"Anora, we need to get out of range and quick, think you can do that?" Lara had faith that the other woman could do it, but it was still a bit risky if the other woman left in the canoe wanted her vengeance or to even try hopping over. Lara didn't want to die, not by drowning. She hated drowning, and it was on her list of top horrible ways to die, right up there with being shot to death.

Location:Hotel Valhalla Floor 12
Skills: Boating, Spear

Lara was about to tell Arnora that would be nice to Dalisy when the other started being nice to her, but this was not the moment at all to be saying that. Especially when her feet betrayed her a bit and she nearly stumbled as she took the oar from Dalisy and sat down. "Thanks... but I prefer to use my spear when it comes to pushing things out of the way." Thankfully, her trusty spear had been in it's handy travel size when she had nearly gotten lost in the rapids, so she tugged it out from under her shirt, giving them both an accidental glimpse of the ring she normally tried to hide.

With a mutter of the magic word, the small pendant grew in Lara's hands and became her trusty spear, which she immediately swung up to cut down a branch that was about the be a problem for the three of them. "There we go, I can help get rid of obstacles in both the water and the trees this way." She smiled at that as she looked over at Dalisy and then the smile faded.

The other woman had not like Lara since she had arrived at the Hotel, and it still puzzled Lara to this day why Dalisy hated her guts when Lara had barely spoken two words to her. Then there was the other mystery of how friendly Dalisy was with Arnora, when Lara herself was friendly with her, and it did not seem like Dalisy and Arnora had much in common. But well... only Odin knew sometimes why things were the way they were.

Location: New Rome Coffee Shop
Skills: N/A

"Do my ears deceive me ladies, but are you talking about my niece? What has she done this time?" Marco was well aware that Leandra had no friends in the Praetors after her many vocal objections, but hearing that this time was about budget cuts over the lives of everyone else in the camp made him wince. Marco was aware of what the word priorities meant... and sometimes budgets fell by the wayside when quests came up.

"Well if coffee is what you lovely ladies need, I'll get right on it. Hot cocoa for Madalyne, the usual but on ice for Nancy and the usual for Niah on ice. Got it." Marco put the payment that Nancy gave into the drawer, gave her any needed change before turning away to work a different sort of magic.

He started with the hot cocoa first, as the milk needed to be steamed, so he filled the little silver pitcher and put it under the foamer. Then he started up the triple shots of espresso for Nancy. Thankfully Niah's drink would be the easiest, as he pulled out the milk and the chai concentrate he had made fresh that morning. Two cups full of ice were put off to the side, and one of them got pumps of the delicious caramel syrup, and the paper hot cup got several pumps of the rich chocolate that Marco had fought the budget for at the coffee shop.

After several moments, he was gently serving up the hot cocoa with a generous amount of whipped cream and topped with some cinnamon on it towards Madalyne, Nancy's iced extra caffeinated and extra sweet caramel macciatio towards her, and Niah's iced chai with plenty of spices in it. "There you go ladies. If you want, the corner table has a reserved sign on it you can take off it you want to talk in sort of private."

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