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Current All I really want is a Warehouse 13 RP...
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Deadpool 2 was amazing! So much fun!
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Phantom of the Opera was my introduction to Musicals, along with The Sound of Music and The Wizard of Oz.
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So on top of being busy with vacation stuff, I am sick and the over the counter stuff I'm taking to fight it makes me drowzy... I am so sorry guys.
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If I owe you replies, I will try to have them up either tonight, Saturday or Sunday. Vacation is busy!


...I'm crazy. Got a doctor's note and everything.

Been role playing for over fifteen years, no stranger to forum rp'ing, as that is the way I learned to roleplay.

I don't bite, so don't be afraid to say hi.

I mostly prefer 1x1's, and am on PST. (Hello from the West Coast of the USA.)

If you are interested in rps, really, don't be afraid to say hi!!

Or if you just wanna talk, I'm usually very open.

For those of you still here, have some Pusheen!

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Hello Lovies!

How is everyone doing? @Siaya Dragalorn I do hope you are feeling much better.

Astrid had been shown around the school by Katalina, but by dinner time, Katalina had decided to leave Astrid to her own devices. Apparently Katalina complained that she needed to go swim for a bit. So, Astrid had been spending the past hour in the front sitting room. She had been warned to keep her spear in their room, at least until all the teachers had left. They were all, as Katalina had said, and then Eleanor had scolded her for saying the word earlier, 'mundies.' Astrid understood that the word was not to be used, but she got why Katalina would use it. She had seen it with her parents. They didn't understand where she had gone, why she was different. They tried to help as much as they could, but they would never understand.

She heard the sounds of the dinner bell ringing and sighed as she realized that she better eat something, otherwise she was going to have a reaction later. She still had to speak to this 'Kade' fellow about her medicine. Eleanore had made it clear that Kade was to be asked about things like that, as well as medicine. She wasn't sure why, but Eleanore had just said: "Trust me," winked and then had walked off when Astrid had tried to ask her more.

She headed to dinner, deciding what she wanted was to be alone for the moment. The two girls from earlier had been too much, and she didn't know anyone other that Katalina really. She knew that she would meet more of them later, at the orientation, and she was fine with that. This was still so much to take in. A whole school full of people like her? That had gone to other worlds?

Yes, she had seen some of those worlds while she had been a Valkyrie. Collecting the souls of those that had died in battle had been her task. So many brave souls, so many people... and she found herself missing it. The halls full of laughter, no one ever sitting alone... it was a big party. She missed the smell of mead, the intermingling, the sounds of music... everything here was different.
No worries. I am hoping to have a post up in the next few days. Take your time, and take care of yourself first and foremost!

Hey y'all.

I will be out of town for the weekend, til Tuesday! Take care and I'll miss you lovely people!
Hey y'all!
Too little time.
Astrid and Katalina

Kata paused as she head the bell and laughed a bit at that. "Ah, well you've seen more of the school now. After orientation ts afternoon you'll start classes. Just to note, most of the teachers come in from town. That's why you have to keep the spear in your room... they know we're 'troubled kids' but if we showed up with weapons..."

"I understand. I mean, my folks were not thrilled with me having a spear but... I refused to let anyone take it." Kata noticed that look in Astrid's eyes, and she knew it well. It was hard for her to let go of anything that held her to her true home. Though she was envious. Kata hadn't spoken to her parents since she had left school to come to Eleanore's school, and was pretty sure they had abandoned her. Now, two students arriving with parents that seemed to care even a little? It did sting a bit, but she didn't hold it against either Astrid or Ryker.

"Well, for now, I'll show you where the dining room is. From there, you'll probably go spend the afternoon with Kade. He's cool." Kata offered a small smile to Astrid and lead her downstairs and into the dining room. She could see Hannah and Sumi talking away in their usual fast paced chatter and decided that it was probably best to introduce Astrid to someone calmer for lunch... though she was not sure whom to introduce her to.

Katalina noticed that Astrid looked around at the food and paused for a moment before speaking up. "Where's the mead?" Oh sweat Nereids... this girl was going to have her own set of problems.
Hey, no worries. Our lovely GM is out of town until the 21st, and probably will be returning to work.

I might make a post soon, but it won't be that much plot advancement, I'm sure.

Take care, have a good time out of town! Thanks for the notice.
*hipcheck and bump*

Should I have Kata shove Astrid into orientation? Though I also figure she might want to talk to Kade before it as well.
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