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Current Announcment to my partners/ active rps. I will be out of town starting tonight and until Friday. Replies will be slow coming if at all. Take care and I will catch up for sure Saturday!
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Will be on and replying later after work.
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Puppy bowl will be the death of me!
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I officially hate a whole new thing because of today.
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...I'm crazy. Got a doctor's note and everything.

Been role playing for over fifteen years, no stranger to forum rp'ing, as that is the way I learned to roleplay.

I don't bite, so don't be afraid to say hi.

I mostly prefer 1x1's, and am on PST. (Hello from the West Coast of the USA.)

If you are interested in rps, really, don't be afraid to say hi!!

Or if you just wanna talk, I'm usually very open.

For those of you still here, have some Pusheen!

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"Thank you!" Astrid dashed off to her room, or was about to, when she realized that it was still dark. She muttered a soft apology as she picked up a candle and then went to head to her room. She sighed a bit as she headed to her room, thinking about how this quest should be. Of course, she had been on quests to bring heroes back to Valhalla.

She went to her room, and gently picked up her spear. She ran her hand along the pole for a bit and then she found a soft knot in the wooden shaft. With a press, the magic rune was activated that shrunk the spear down to a more travel friendly size. She gently strung it around her neck, feeling the point against her sternum. That cold metal against her body reminded her that she was armed, and that she was protected.

She then grabbed a rough looking sack out of her still unpacked suitcase and started roughly shoving clothing into the sack, as well as... oh shit. She mentally cursed and then went to run back down the stairs to find Kade. "Uh... Kade... when I arrived my parents handed over something to Eleanor... I'll need it for the quest."


"Cool. Thanks Eleanor." Katalina ran up to her room by memory alone, and tugged some clothing haphazardly into a little mermaid backpack. (The irony was not lost on her. It had been something that Hannah had given her when she asked for a backpack. Katalina had just stared at the other girl for a moment before walking off.) She wasn't sure what kind of weapon to grab, if she was going to grab one. She did make sure to gently pack up her shell, wrapping it with the most tender care, which she wasn't giving to anything else.

Katalina had been trained to use a trident when she had been in her world. It was the most effective weapon for under water fighting. They didn't have guns in that world, which made sense, and they also didn't really do sword fights under the water. It was stupid to try to swing things around like that in the water.

Maybe a knife? Would Eleanor be pissed if she took one of the knives from the kitchen?

"The squirrel is... not someone you want to meet. He's larger than... most dogs, and his bark is worse than his bite. But if we don't have time... then where are we going to go? The Fairies then?" Astrid felt herself being a little disappointed by not being able to use The World Tree. It would be the closest she could get to home, without being invited back inside. She was sure that it was so close... but fairies. She had not really dealt with fairies before.

Elves, dwarves, demigods, yes. Gods too. Fairies were not a... thing in Valhalla. She knew they did exist, but she had not met any herself. However, she did notice the reaction Kade had about talking about fairies. Not 'his' fairies? She had a feeling that he had some history with them, but it was not the time to ask.


"I don't like trees myself, so I'm okay with going somewhere else. But Eleanor, if we're heading out now, pretty much, shouldn't we go pack? I mean, yeah the lights are still out, but we can go in a group with a candle or something? I'm sure Astrid wants her weapon, and I want my shell." Katalina sighed as she looked over their little group and sighed a bit. She knew Kade didn't want to deal with the fairies but if they didn't have any options, they would have to deal with them.

"Sumi, do we still have supplies in the closet? I think that not all of us have... y'know, weapons or something if we need those?" She looked over at Eleanor, as she was sure that the woman would disapprove of them taking weapons, but she doubted that Astrid would leave without her spear, as she seemed rather attached to it.

Before she knew what she was doing, Katalina had her hand up in the air, and then Sumi was announcing that she'd be going on a quest with Alexander, Astrid, Hannah, Christopher and Kade. "So... what is even going on and what is the Index Line?" She asked softly as she looked over to Kade, but she was soon interrupted by another voice before anyone else could answer.


As Kade brought up the in-betweens she gasped and bounced a bit. "The Tree! I could find it!!" She shouted excitedly and looked over at Kade.

The boy Astrid had been told was Christopher cocked his head to the side, and paused a bit. "The Tree?"

"Yggdrasil! The world tree! It connects the nine realms, including this one. Midgard. It also connects to all the worlds around... besides the nine realms. Is that one of the in-betweens you mean?" Astrid seemed to sparkle as she talked about the Tree. Of course, one of the branches lead to her home. Valhalla. She wouldn't intrude without AllFather's permission, but it would be so close to home. She was already going to be on this quest, so why not offer up a solution for where they could go. It was an in-between, and what's what they needed, yes?

"Sorry, just we uh... it could be a good starting point. I think I know where the Door is. If I remember right, Boston."

Astrid looked up at Alexander and paused. As Eleanore explained that it was a micro-storm, she raised her eyebrow at that. "A localized micro-storm over this house?" She then looked to Alexander as Eleanore asked them both to check on the younger ones. "Alright, Miss Eleanor." She sighed a bit as she looked over at the little ones and headed over that way.

As she went to check on the oldest of them, she looked at Alexander. "Do you buy that? It's just coincidence that this storm is brewing now?" She asked softly as she looked over at him. "Also, uh, hi again. Sorry we did not get to speak more earlier. Thank you for the hoodie." She smiled softly as she looked at the youngest of them.

She was about to say something when Eleanor said a word that caused Astrid's hand to shoot up. "I volunteer! I volunteer for this quest!" She shot up eagerly, and paused for a moment, blushing as she realized she had just made a fool of herself in front of a cute boy, and everyone else there.

Astrid let out a squeak as there was a crash of thunder, a flash of lightning, and then the lights went out. Kade put his hand gently on Astrid's shoulder. "It's alright. We already agreed to go to the dining room and you were going to head that way. I should check on the others, but I'll lead you there." His southern twang came out harder in that moment, as he removed his hand. "Sorry, hope that was okay."

"That was fine. That's acceptable. I don't mind touches." Astrid said softly and sighed a bit as she moved to the dining room. She could see that the tables had been pushed aside, and there were piles of blankets and pillows there. Astrid saw that Katalina was helping with the tables and moved over to help her. Eventually, the whole dining room was cleared out for a big space. Of course as the other students filed in, it was clear to Astrid that not many boys were there as there were girls.

As she finished clearing the table her cell phone beeped with a weather alert. Her parents had insisted on her having a cell phone, just in case. She pulled the thin piece of technology out of her back pocked and looked at the screen. They were alerting them to the storm. It was getting bigger and...

"Hey um..." Astrid spotted Eleanore and walked over to her. "Miss West... Eleanore... this is saying the story is localized. To just the house and the area around it." She pointed it out on the screen and frowned a bit. "Is that normal?" She asked softly, as she was trying not to alert anyone else to what was going on.
Marco DePaulo

Location: Pegasi Stable
Mentioned: The Athena Kids, @Kirah

"Good. I only pester because I do care about you." Marco smiled a bit as Greg walked off and then went to put the pegasus back in his pen. He heard the sound and frowned a bit as he heard the 'laughter.' "Oh I hope you're not laughing because you threw my brother off... I'm gonna ask Kiera to talk to you later. Though..." Marco was sure that the daughter of Poseidon also had a lot on her mind. Thing had seemed a bit different about Kiera since he had arrived back at the camp a few days ago. Of course after Rosie's little prophecy, no one was feeling quite their usual self.

As his other siblings arrived back at the stables, Marco looked over at them. "Hey, I want to have a cabin meeting later today. Pass it on. However, I want to talk to either Zoey, Brynn or Ericka or Alannah first. We're going to be be participating tonight." At the collective groan of his siblings, he rolled his eyes. He heard them grumbling about their looks, their nails, or how boring Capture the flag was. "C'mon guys. We will be participating. The other team has the Hermes cabin and Ares cabin... we need to show them that we're not all surface."

"Alright. Before or after dinner?" Grace asked as she look at Marco.

"Before. Now go get some breakfast before you head off to your activities. I'm gonna go find Em before I give more riding lessons for a bit."

Katalina sighed. "You know Eleanore hates it when you call them that. But yeah, get her together. Thankfully, we only need to gather in the dining room if the power goes out. Though... I get the feeling everyone's gonna end up there anyways." She balanced the pile of blankets in her arms, and then stepped away. She reached the dining room and saw that she was still alone there. She sighed as set set them down and finished pushing the tables aside.

She wanted to go outside, to feel the water on her face. Rain was nothing like the vast oceans of home, but it was a substitute at times. The pond was okay, as was the rain, but she missed the saltiness of the ocean. Of course, she was hyped up a bit since she had watched Astrid run out, begging to be taken home. She remembered those days. Hell, she still had those days.


Astrid could tell that Kade had more he wanted to say, but he swallowed his words for the moment. "That is all I can ask you to do for now. That and once you finish your cocoa, head to the dining room. I believe that the generator might go tonight. Replacing it has been on my list of things to do. But that's not your worry right now. Finish your drink and head to the dining room."

Astrid paused for a moment. "Can I grab my spear?"

"If you can please leave that in your room." Kade's look told Astrid this was not the first time he had been asked such a question.

"Alright." Astrid finished her cup of cocoa, got up and headed for the dining room.

Marco DePaulo

Location: Pegasi Stable/ Path back to it
Mentioned: @Kirah

"For my sanity, and the fact that not only am I your older brother, I am your head counselor too, please get yourself checked out. Please. I'd rather not have Zeke or Chiron come after me later because you fell over during another activity." Marco was not overly fond of Zeke... though he was a talented healer. "Maybe see if Brian can look you over, okay?" Marco knew his fellow head counselor would the one to see as well, as he was a talented healer as well. Most children of Apollo were, but there was the old adage about being 'jack of many trades, master of none.' Apollo sometimes fell into that category, but so did Hermes sometimes.

Marco leaned over to kiss Em on the cheek. "Save me some breakfast? I have the feeling I might miss it. Thanks sweetie. Love you." He mostly whispered those last words to his beloved and stroked her cheek for a moment before turning his attention back to the pegasus that needed attention. He gently rubbed the pegasus's muzzle softly and the lead him on by his bridle.

Once there, he put the creature back in his stable and sighed. He made a mental note to grab Kiera and have her maybe talk to the horse, and figure out what had gone on. Maybe Greg had just done something wrong, when Marco wasn't looking. He had been distracted, he would openly admit that, but there was a lot on his mind.

Katalina looked at Sumi and then paused a bit and sighed as she heard sobbing in the background. "Hey Sumi... Eleanor wants us all in the dining hall if a power outage, since there is a storm. I'm collecting up the blankets and the like. If you can pass on the message about gathering in the dining hall just in case, I'd appreciate it. As... for Hannah, tell her I apologize... but we all hope still. And things are..." She sighed a bit. "I'm sorry. I best put these in the hall before we... just in case." She turned to head back to the dining hall, with all the blankets still in her arms.


Astrid was waiting in the classroom when Kade walked in. He had a cup of cocoa in one hand, and extra blanket and two candles. "For your room. Eleanor wants everyone to have two and I think that while Alexander and Christopher are getting some, here." He then sat down and looked at Astrid.

"Look, Astrid... I'm not going to make promises. Those never help. But doors... usually don't reopen, but sometimes they do. You may find yours in time, but you can not chase after every thunder storm, okay? I promise you, that's not your door." Kade's southern twang reassured Astrid, as did the cocoa. There was almost a hint of honey in it, like the sweet mead from Valhalla. It made her long for home, and she started tearing up again.

"I just... Lord Thor always arrived in a smash of thunder... and well... I had hoped... Lord Odin and Lady Freya told me I would know." Astrid sniffled at that and sipped her cocoa more and more. "This is good. I'll just... stay away from storms."
Marco DePaulo

Location: Pegasi Stable/ The Sky
Mentioned: @Kirah

Marco smiled as Em returned the wave and kiss, as he was happy to see her down there. That was where she belonged, with the strawberries. She was so beautiful. Of course, that moment was ruined by one of his younger brothers crashed into the fields and and he swooped down and then landed on the ground and paused. "Are you alright, Greg?"

"Yeah... yeah... I'll be fine." The young man said and Marco walked over to pick the younger boy up. "Nothing bad happened."

"Good... Sorry about the field Em... I can help you with this later, if you want. I best make sure that both Greg here and the pegasus are okay." Marco looked over Greg and the boy did seem alright. "Go find an Apollo kid to check you over. Better safe than sorry. Chester, go head to the stable, I'm gonna walk this little one back home. Best after a fall like that." Greg sighed, rolled his eyes and then walked off to Cabin 7, to see if ether Zeke or one of the other Apollo campers were there, and give him a check over.

Chester seemed to understand what Marco said, even if Marco was missing the gift of horse talking, and went to fly off back to the stables. Marco walked over to the other pegasus and gently rubbed their muzzle to calm them down. Once the pegasus was calmed down, Marco used his lead to guide him back to the stables. As he walked, he waved and smiled to everyone, still hiding the fact he was freaking out about Rosie's prophecy the other day.
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