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22 days ago
Current Will reply tomorrow... game night.
2 mos ago
Flying home tomorrow. Will be on later.
2 mos ago
I HAVE INTERNET!!! I will probably reply to RPS's tonight. Thank you for being so patient with me! <3 <3 <3
2 mos ago
To all my partners: I am going out of town for the holidays, and may not have internet till the 27th. I am hoping to have it sooner than that, but if not, Happy Holidays!
3 mos ago
As a note to all of my rp partners: I will be busy the next few days for a good reason. Should be calm by Saturday, but will not really be on that much. Take care.


...I'm crazy. Got a doctor's note and everything.

Been role playing for over fifteen years, no stranger to forum rp'ing, as that is the way I learned to roleplay.

I don't bite, so don't be afraid to say hi.

I mostly prefer 1x1's, and am on PST. (Hello from the West Coast of the USA.)

If you are interested in rps, really, don't be afraid to say hi!!

Or if you just wanna talk, I'm usually very open.

For those of you still here, have some Pusheen!

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