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Thanos, Hulk, and Iron made a group chat. They named it Snapchat.
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Due to the quarantine, I'll only be telling inside jokes.
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The upside of being an introvert who goes nowhere is I don't have to worry about catching corona.
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Never underestimate the crippling paralysis of mental illness. Its staggering effects can put any attempt at a hobby to an abrupt stop without warning.
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Do you know what comes after USA? USB.


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Naruto and Neji might not have been the flashy spectacle Gaara and Lee were but man, that fight had a lot of emotional blows to it.
@Dead Cruiser All fights are happening concurrently, otherwise we'd be here forever lol

Feel free to conjure up ghosts but you'll be hard pressed to make any shambling corpses.

And yes the spells you have listed in the CS are only the notable ones. Your character can have weaker spells or variants of your notable spells that isn't often used e.g. let's say Sekhandur can use his sand magic in a different way that wasn't listed.

So it's a preliminary Dragon Ball tournament style, eh? Like sectors of the arena devoted to these simultaneous fights, etc?
All of the time. Not just 1x1 partners but people I've plotted with in groups who, for a number of reasons, left the site. I always wonder what happened to them and if whether or not they are still writing or if they've completely retired from that life. I'll even go back and read posts of RPs we were in just relive those days and entertain the thought of what could have been if they stuck around.
I've been around the 1x1 circuit for about 4 years now. I've tried everything from ERPs (still do on occasion) to regular 1x1 experiences (aka the non-smut one). And, honestly, I've enjoyed doing 1x1s. Back when I was at the peak, I could do multiple posts a day by just going back and forth, but those days are few and I can't do it as often as I would like, so I've regulated myself to google doc roleplays. Sometimes, I'll admit, they don't feel quite the same because I really started by writing post to post, so trying to convert that into a more chapter like format was a difficult change. Still, I have a partner @Rosalia who is really good at being patient with me (even when I'm hella slow in my responses/decision making). That being said, I still do miss writing on threads for my 1x1s but I know I'm probably not able to keep up with the rapid-fire style it usually demands - at least if you want to get anywhere at a decent pace.

Nicholas Grey @metanoia and Tyler Jane Morrissey @melissa
Location: Cafeteria → Dorms


The dry heat of the plains hit Tyler Jane square in the face as she emerged from the cafeteria, a strange weight being lifted off of her shoulders as she abandoned the questionable situation behind her. The redhead had absolutely no clue what had gotten into Savannah that caused the girl to act with such bravado, but, at least Nicholas had taken the bait to walk with her back to the dorms so she could redeem herself from… whatever that was back there. Tyler turned to him, an unmistakable smug look on her face as she spoke.

“Did you pull an allnighter last night? Or do you often just wear the same thing to avoid the laundry room.” She joked, referencing his previous statement.

Nicholas chuckled, arms casually dangling at his side. “Something like that.” He hadn’t the heart to tell her the exact details about the night he spent with Dwayne or what it exactly entailed. Could he reveal it? Maybe. It’s not like there was anything to say really, but for the time being, Nicholas didn’t feel like admitting that to Tyler Jane, not yet at least. “So, how was your morning? Well--” He let his voice slip into a temporary silence and coughed as he would continue, “--I mean, before what just happened...happened, that is.” Nicholas knew he had to tread carefully when referencing the highly entertaining (for him) display of claw-on-claw actions befitting of two highly spirited girls.

Tyler Jane tried to contain herself, but couldn’t help letting out a stifled laugh at his attempt not to reference what had just occurred. She could care less that Nicholas had picked up on the girls’ not so subtle battle of words, I mean, it was hard not to notice. But, as confident as she was, all she cared about was making sure the boy didn’t lose interest based on her behavior. “My morning was definitely interesting, that’s for sure.” Tyler Jane shook her head, letting another laugh naturally tumble from her lips. Her statement was inclusive of their interaction in the cafeteria and all that occurred before it. “I was up at the crack of dawn as always, so I spent a few hours in the dance studio rehearsing.”

“Oh really?” Nicholas’ interest was piqued. He loved watching her dance. She always moved with an unrivaled grace with no wasted motion. Whenever he was presented with the opportunity, he liked nothing better than to enjoy her routines. Maybe there was a part inside him that felt at peace whenever he managed to catch her in the dance studio. He found she performed her best when it was just the four walls and her. “You’ll have to let me see it before anyone gets the chance to, especially if you were up at the crack of dawn practicing.That alone tells me it must be something truly special.”

“Trust me, it’s nothing too exciting. Just something I put together last week and have been perfecting.” Tyler modestly replied. She wasn’t one to gloat about her skills in the studio, as good of a dancer as she was. There were plenty of other dancers who were better than her, just none of them happened to be on this campus to upstage her. “Unfortunately though, due to an unwelcome visitor in the studio this morning, who mind you I promptly told to leave, someone beat you to it.” The redhead rolled her eyes. “Happens to be a friend of yours.”

He immediately scowled in a very Nicholas Grey way when TJ had mentioned there was another who saw what he wanted to witness first. Her description of the individual did a lot to reveal the identity of this person to him. Nicholas had a lot of friends, but there were only a few people he knew who fit that description. Of those, he knew he just had to deduce who would be up so early and around the arts buildings and only one person came to mind. “So, what did the meathead do this time? He didn’t hurt you, did he?” He took this moment to look TJ up and down and he didn’t detect any visible sign of harm, but then again Leo wasn’t the type to do that unless he really felt like fucking up. “Or was he his usual obnoxious self this morning?” He asked with a curious brow raised at the redhead.

Tyler Jane smirked, slightly enjoying the fact that Nicholas seemed concerned about her. “Oh just the usual, Leo deemed it an ‘open rehearsal’ because I left the door propped and when he decided to invade my personal space I kicked him out. Literally.” Most people on campus knew that the boy had a tendency to stick his nose in situations that didn’t involve him, so it shouldn’t have come as a surprise to Nicholas that his friend was asking for trouble. The redhead scoffed, “You’d think I’d let him hurt me? Pshh, there’s no way in hell he’d get close enough to lay a hand on me.”

Nicholas had known for a while that Leo was, to phrase it respectfully, a bit of an imbecile. He had problems with boundaries. As much as he cherished him and the unique friendship (?) he had with the boy, he also knew that sometimes in order to learn humility, Leo needed a swift kick in the privates to remind him that he wasn’t a god among men. He was just a surprisingly well-built boy. But at the same time, hearing TJ proudly state what she did to him, he couldn’t help but smirk. To stand up to Leo Brooks in such a way proved exactly why she was easily one of the few people at the school who was worthy of his attention (just as he felt worthy of hers as well).

“So does that mean if it were the right person, you wouldn’t mind letting them touch you?” The question lingered for a couple of seconds before he chuckled. “I mean, hypothetically speaking, of course,” he would later half-jokingly correct himself.

Tyler Jane’s cheeks tinged a delicate pink, complementing the many freckles strewn across her face. Nicholas was certainly a smooth talker, and clearly knew exactly what he was doing in order to make her blush. But, regardless, she didn’t miss a beat. “I mean, hypothetically, even if it were the right person, I’m not so sure.” She couldn’t let it be that easy for him, now could she? “After all, trust isn’t just granted.” The redhead explained matter of factly.

She always looked the cutest in those moments he caught her blushing smile, when in those moments, despite holding her own, signs of her vulnerability came through. Nicholas appreciated that. “How right you are. You should never let just anyone get that close to you.” He stopped walking as they reached the door to the dormitory building. He allowed his gaze to linger on her eyes, always finding himself entranced by her beauty. The way he looked at her expressed that as clear as a crystal bowl. He moved a few inches closer to TJ, leaning his shoulder somewhat against the closed door.“Being so close to someone, especially in an intimate way, could sometimes put you at a disadvantage, but if it’s with someone you know won’t hurt you, there’s nothing to fear.” Nicholas flashed his usual smile at her, though this time it was a lot softer than previous times.

The redhead’s breath hitched as Nicholas dared to move closer to her, his choice of words poetic but suggestive at the same time. Tyler Jane could feel her pulse quicken with the intensity with which he looked at her, almost as if he was searching for some kind of answer in her eyes. “Who says I’m afraid?” She asked, dropping the hypotheticals from the equation.

There was a moment even before she spoke where Nicholas saw it: the confirmation that she wasn’t afraid. It was at that very moment he moved closer, his hand touching hers. Only inches separated their chests from touching. To put it another way, they were close enough to where they would be able to hear the other breathe deeply as the heat of the moment went even further with Nicholas bringing his fingers to slowly and sensually trail on her hand, riding up her forearm. This was his move before the magic happened. “Maybe we should put it to a test.” His words oozed out in a breathy tone. Moments felt like they were being slowed down by the immense build up, the slow tension skyrocketing. Nicholas knew she felt it.

As he went forward, suddenly the door to the dormitory opened, causing a gap between them to form. Nicholas, who had been leaning partially against it, fell back and almost collapsed on the ground. A student, someone who he had seen around, apologized and Nicholas caught himself by gripping the side of the door with his hand.

Tyler Jane couldn’t be more certain that they wanted the same thing. Maybe it was because of how close he was, or the way his brow raised after she spoke that caused her to realize what was bound to occur. The redhead let her eyes flicker down to Nicholas’ lips and back to meet his gaze, the hairs on the back of her neck standing up as his fingers grazed the skin on her arm. She was caught up in the moment and his choice words fueled the fire. Nicholas could have said anything to her in that instant and she would have obliged- she was putty in his hands.

But alas, the world had other plans. As the door flew open, the girl jumped slightly, startled by the rude interruption. Tyler Jane snapped out of her daze, dissolving into a gentle laugh as Nicholas recovered from his near fall. Regaining her composure, she smirked at him. “Guess that test will have to wait.”

Nicholas chuckled and gave TJ a smile. “I’m sure there’ll be other chances.” He would boldly proclaim, holding the door open for her since this was their destination, anyway. “Like maybe at the party when we’ll have a lot more privacy.” Nicholas was usually more subtle than he was being right now, but when it was made clear to him that TJ wanted him too, he didn’t feel that he needed to.

The redhead raised an eyebrow at Nicholas as she walked past him and into the lobby of the dorm. The air conditioned room brought her even more so back to reality, the cold sending chills up her spine and goosebumps down her arms. Turning back to look at him, Tyler Jane let the right side of her lips tug up into a smirk. “Oh will there be now?” She sarcastically asked, beginning to wander slowly in the direction of the first floor residences where her room was located.

He proceeded down the hallway by her side but didn’t say anything (at least not yet). Truth be told, Nicholas wasn’t sure he should say anything. The fun was in the mystery of not knowing what might happen, but then again, they were probably past that point now. “The Magic 8-Ball says it is likely,” he joked, laughing at his own comment.

While the two walked down the hall, Tyler Jane shrugged her backpack off her shoulders, fishing in the side pocket for her set of keys. She looked back at Nicholas, chuckling to herself as they approached her door. “If the Magic 8-Ball said it, it must be true then.” She reasoned, stopping short in front of her room. The redhead’s name was written in cursive on a placard affixed to the door, making it somewhat evident that this was her stop. “Well, I better go get ready.” Tyler Jane stated, fidgeting with her lanyard that held her key.

As he watched her door open, the small part of him that didn’t want to wait felt a tug of following her inside and continuing their previous conversation right then and there. But then at the same time, Nicholas was a patient boy. He knew how to play the endgame and something about the party scene made him excited. Oh what fun they were gonna have come Friday. So, he gave her one last smile before turning and taking those first steps down the hall. “Be seeing you, TJ!” He spoke louder so she could hear him as he made his way to his own room, though it was on a higher floor than TJ’s was.

Mood — All over the fucking place
The time spent on the road had blurred for Ava and it did so for a number of reasons. She was in and out of a couple of power naps that kicked in as soon as she settled into one of the comfortable beds she had claimed on the second floor and even applied her own signature to it. She had remembered going down to the ground level to get something to drink and one of the GearFits had mentioned they just passed some town named Victorville. That was the last time anyone saw anything resembling Ava Esposito until they reached their destination.

Dragging herself out of the comfortable bed with overhead air conditioning (which was something she appreciated )to the dry heat of this summer afternoon in Las Vegas, all of Ava's serenity and peace of mind was stripped away from her the moment her face felt the light gust of humidity. At the same moment, when all distractions of comfort had also been stripped of her (and in addition to her being forced to carry her own bag, she remembered why she needed quality alone time and the full head of pink hair was it.

If Ava was a lesser person, she might say something about everything that was pissing her off right now. She might even go as far as to make sure the people she was annoyed at heard her, but she didn't want to drudge up issues that were best left in Beverly Hills, Most of those who stepped off the RV were her friends and she was going to suck it up and try and not stir up anything. The only thing she wanted to stir up was something that would make her forget about her troubles.

Hurling her bags over her shoulder, Ava and everyone else went into the Bellagio, which holy hell was it a nice hotel. "Jesus fuck!" Ava exclaimed, eyes full of wonder. She lived a life of luxury and privilege but that didn't mean she was immune to getting starstruck. And from the ceiling to the way everything was placed and how shiny it looked, if this was going to be commonplace for where they'll be staying at throughout the summer, AVa could more than deal with Princess Peach and her five feet of mememe.

Ava had finished her moments of awe and followed the rest of the gang to the elevator. Truth be told, she was too busy basking in the glory of the lobby that she didn't even hear any of what AJ said. She heard his voice and even nodded, but between her eyes elsewhere and her attention wherever her eyes were focused on, it wasn't until the elevator stopping did she see the looks some of her preferred company give her as others who stepped off on one floor that she didn't want to waste time with. Ava's slow uptake on the scene had finally lit off the lightbulb that was her mind and she gave them all the "are you serious" look, to which she followed up with an annoyed, albeit accepting, expression as she dragged her bags with the others to their room on the 35th floor.

She looked back at not only Ivy, who she wasn't sure if she was still mad at her for this morning or not and Reyna, her ride-or-die who had to suffer with AJ.

When Ava and the rest figured out their living arrangements and she felt the wind of a rushing Leon, she parked it on one of the couches with one of her legs resting on the armrest and she whipped out her phone, sending Reyna a text.

I'm so sorry you have to deal with him boo. 
u can com crash in my bed if you get tired of him ;)

When it went through, she let her head fall naturally against the soft cushion of the couch, letting her mind sink as her head physically did into it, relaxing every muscle in her body in the process. She thought about a lot but the one thing that seemed to recur was her lack of college entry. Truth be told that was the only consistent thing she could think about and especially when she opted to be alone in her thoughts for a few moments. It wasn't that she was all that ashamed. She wasn't so ignorant to think that she wouldn't be accepted to a community college, when all of her friends were going to college and how she hid it, that weighed on her.

”Mojito’s anyone?”

Ava perked up immediately as though Sam had said the magic word. "Sammy, my man!" Ava hollered, rushing over to the bar, sitting on the stool next to the one Leon's impulsive ass knocked over. "I'll take two to start with and make sure mine is mostly alcohol. If I even get a whiff of fruity, I'm going to rub my ass all over that couch you just claimed!" She teased (mostly). Sam should know it was best not to test Ava, especially when it was clear as day that her good mood depended on how fast those mojitos were made.

"What's the best RP you've ever been in?"

Truth be told, I have a lot and some for different reasons. I have a roleplay I love because of the character depth, a few because it's in a setting I really enjoy. But, if I really think about it, there was one roleplay that was a tad short-lived but it's one that always stays true to my heart. It wasn't on this site (although a lot of the characters spawning from this rp have evolved into characters I use today).

It was a Bleach RP and I remember it being one of my favorites for a lot of reasons but I think it was honestly because one of my favorite characters I've ever created made their first appearance in that roleplay.

And side note: it was the first rp I got to flex my villainous muscles and see how much I could get away with in terms of writing sexual on a public forum that didn't necessarily allow that sort of thing.
<Snipped quote by Matsuri>

Oh just a quick note: the arena that they're using is magically enhanced to minimize the damage to the surrounding environment so that's why Nyx told them to go all out.

Ey that's perfect. Now if Caelum dies, at least we know he would have gone out fighting his best fight!
>Caelum vs Alberta

This will either be the biggest surprise of the lineup by being evenly matched or Caelum is gonna get creamed so bad you might as well call him Butter Tempesta.
Sorry if I've been absent lately. My sleeping schedule has been very effed up and been trying to fix it and it's been messing a lot of things I wanted to do.

Anyway, threw up a last minute Caelum post!
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