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Current Holy crap on a cracker that WandaVision finale was just amazing!
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Decided to bust out the old ps2 for some nostalgia in the form of Final Fantasy XII. Gonna be a good night
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Today is such a great day for sportsball
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RIP Regis Philbin. May you find out who wants to be a millionaire in the afterlife.
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<Snipped quote by metanoia>

I adore Taylor Momsen but still have a real love/hate relationship with her character from Gossip Girl, honestly. 🙄

Since we can reserve, mind if I reserve Daren Kagasoff with his color being #C35817?

I'm the opposite. I loved Jenny and everything she did.
Definitely interested! And I'd love to reserve Taylor Momsen if I can with the color #e62020. :)
Just patiently waiting

"If you don't have an injury or two, you haven't truly lived!"

Jax/Jackson || 14 || Male

Appearance Details
  • 5'4"
  • 120lbs
  • Chestnut-colored hair || Spiky and usually a mess
  • Amber-colored eyes
  • A typical Jackson Drake outfit usually contains the following:
    • A hooded sweatshirt of some sort.
      • Sometimes with a single-colored t-shirt over it.
    • Blue jeans/pants or shorts
    • A camouflage headband that keeps his hair out of his face (a pet peeve of his)
    • Vans sneakers. Always.

  • Skateboard
  • Backpack with some snacks and a few cans of dew
  • Handheld camcorder to record him doing sick tricks on his board

Character Summary and Crest
Jackson Torvald Drake (yes that's his full name) has always been one to put one foot in front of the other, always one to not shy away from taking on things that would otherwise be deemed dangerous. And maybe that's why he embodies courage, because not showing any fear to new experiences has always been a part of who he is, as well as his upbringing.

Originally from Ridgewood, Utah, Jackson grew up in a fairly household. His father, John, was a mechanic and his mother Riley a waitress at the local diner. Understandably so, he never knew what it was like to come from a broken home. He grew up very close to his parents and they often were very supportive of his aspirations to become a professional skater. His father even bought him his first skateboard, to which he started at a very young age. It became his main focus and in his mind, that meant taking risks with tricks, setting up shots with his camcorder, and filming himself skating through places he might get into trouble for.

If Torvald wasn't his middle name, then having no fear certainly would be.

And that's just always been the kind of boy Jackson was. He never showed any fear because he didn't know what it was and still doesn't. He doesn't care what people think because he's never been genuinely hurt or heartbroken.

Digimon Partner
MetalKoromon → Kapurimon → Gotsumon → Golemon → Gogmamon → Blastmon

At his core, Gotsumon is a mischievous, cheerful-ish rock mon. He is often the first one to want to investigate a dangerous location and will more than likely do all that he can to get others to come with him. Much like his partner, though he means well, Gotsumon makes problems worse or causes them more frequently than he does in the effort to solve them. And like Jackson, Gotsumon is quick to anger and will always use his head in the literal sense. This, apparently, makes him the perfect Digimon partner for Jackson Drake.
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Digimon Adventure-inspired ♦ 4-6 Characters ♦ American Digidestined

You might not realize it, but you have been chosen for something great. You and five others experienced something incredible six years ago. That day you might’ve been too tired to understand what was happening -- the day you saw two monsters fighting in the forest in the distance. You might’ve been scared. Your minds then hadn’t fully developed what might be real and what wasn’t. But I can tell you it was real. As real as the fact you are one of lucky ones.

I can tell you that you are chosen to help save our world. You and those five others, who not--so-coincidentally, will find yourselves serving as camp counselors nearly five hundred miles away from The Incident. You all are nearly out of junior high school -- actually, you all should be around fourteen now, right? Yeah, that lines up perfectly.

Oh? My name? I’m sorry, I had completely forgot. I’m Jericho. Jericho Watson.

But who I am isn’t as important as what I can do for you.

In reading this Email, I hope you believe me or else I imagine your surprise will be most unpleasant. Just know are the only hope. For your world and mine…

Yeah, six years ago there was a sighting of two giant monsters that attacked the small town of Ridgewood, Utah. A town, which hosts less than 1500 residents, made waves. Or it should have. Truth be told, the sighting was only popular on conspiracy sites. The same sights that claim bigfoot is a Bollywood sensation and the Loch Ness invented Toaster Strudel.

Nobody believed the six kids who swore they saw a red dinosaur with green scales going down back and tail fight a flying praying mantis-esque monster with long sickle-like blades for arms
Some might’ve shrugged it off while others stood firm on the belief that they saw two monsters fight for nearly seven minutes, with each getting their own licks in until a hole in the sky opened up and that was when the weirdness began.

Instead of what you might expect -- which, really, who could prepare for that -- a beam of “light” (instead of it being actual light, it was barcode and ones and zeroes) shot down from the center of the tear, latching onto both monsters. Their limbs were slowly absorbed into the light and their bodies disappeared into it. And about a minute later, the tower of “light” was gone, the rip had faded, and everything went back to normal.

But it wasn’t normal. It was never going to be normal. The six kids who didn’t know each other, who all watched it from their own neighborhoods -- they weren’t normal. They were special and, they didn’t know it at the time, but they were chosen to save two worlds. They were the Digidestined.

But as life would have it, seeing those monsters when they did -- especially for those young minds so impressionable -- didn’t do much to develop their psyche in a healthy way. They claimed to adults they saw monsters and these adults, of course, didn’t believe them. They thought they had overactive imaginations. And when they didn’t stop, the same adults who promised to believe them and love them, thought they were sick. So they went to therapy. And when that didn’t work, six years to this day, these six find themselves at a “resort” for the mentally ill. It’s a youth resort for troubled teens.

Among several others, through circumstances unknown to them, the six who were at the same camp. They don’t know each other nor made aware that they all lived in the same area when they saw those monsters appear. But during the Independence Day celebrations, when everyone will be focused on the explosions and festivities, these six will have their lives changed forever.

Was it part of some grand plan? Well let’s find out, shall we?
In Heed the Call 12 days ago Forum: 1x1 Roleplay

Ken ♦ 29 ♦ Male ♦ Pacific Time

About Me
Sup! I'm metanoia. You can call me Ken. As you might’ve guessed from the title and my snaggy header, I’m male and way too old to still be doing this, but here we are. I have been writing for the better part of the past *checks notes* thirteen years. I’m not the best and I’m certainly full of errors and typos here and there, but I like to think of myself as a literate writer.​
I can’t promise that my posting speed is going to match my partner’s every single time, but if inspired and motivated enough, my response speed may surprise you. I tend to match whatever I’m given (for better or for worse). I can post anywhere from a paragraph to full-length chapter (if I feel like it).​
I like to think of myself as someone very easy to get along with and, if you find me interesting enough, plot with. My preference of tropes tends to stay in a few known, almost laughably-cliche, yet-equally-as-entertaining categories: the loveable idiot, the girl that can kill you with a jab, and a kinda-sorta-not-really Hinata clone. But I mainly just go for whatever I know the most. Is it staying in my bubble? Maybe but I like to write characters I know I can do well.​
But anyway, I’m rambling. I am an experienced writer and just love to relax and write occasionally.​

What I’m Want
It’s been a while since I’ve done any sort of interest check for a 1x1 and usually I stick ones, but recently I’ve been finding myself with a serious hankering for Digimon. And I have a whole idea rearing to go, but before you see it, here are some things I’m looking for in a potential partner:

  • Due to my age and for my own comfort, I will only be accepting partners who are 18 and over.
  • The idea I have in mind might require we double, even triple up, which means us each tackling on 2-3 characters + any NPCs we may create down the line.
  • I do consider myself an advanced lit writer, so my partner would need to be able to write at least 2-3 paragraphs (non dialogue).
  • I love making friends and knowing my writing partners, so if you enjoy talking oocly, I'm your guy!
  • Discord is my ideal platform for OOC. I'm online practically every day unless otherwise stated.

If you’re still with me, then bitchin! Absolutely bitchin!

The Idea

There was a certain air of familiarity for Miki when she stepped into Christian's house with Jackson's arm hooked with hers. The party crowd that she had known for the longest time, the subjects that she had come to both adore and control all around her. It was both emboldening her, taking her back to a time when Liberty was no longer closed down and she could be her truest self with them.

But as she went through the maze of intoxicated teens, their hollars already giving her a headache, she felt something else pull her. The facade she put up for everyone about how she had to be this perfect ruler with the iron fist was, in some way, being reduced to Jackson's anchor. Not that she thought that was less than anything else, but at a party, where she had to be present as the queen more than anything else, she felt like her mind was playing a game of tug of war.

Even as she and Jackson found a spot where beer was aplenty and company was pleasant, she still felt the inward struggle pull her. Staying by Jackson's side was something she knew she had to, less she feels like she was abandoning him, but she was the queen of liberty. Even if most of them didn't like her, they had to know she was around. But doing the latter meant abandoning Jackson, or at least pulling him into the chaos.

And she couldn't do that to him.

What do I do?

She hated this. Miki Park never doubted herself, yet here she was doing just that.

Maybe they can start with a beer and see where that takes them.

So she handed him a beer and got one for herself. "Here. This will help us relax!" She didn't know if that was true, but at this point, she was willing to try anything. Maybe if she had some liquid courage, she may find hers yet.
Not to be THAT guy but I'm being THAT guy.

Are we waiting on anyone? or is things just going slowww. I know things fizzle out sometimes but I want it to be known I'm trying to be active this time lol.

I was wondering the same thing. From what I can see, there's only one person who hasn't posted in the current round.
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