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3 days ago
Current Ah yes, I too enjoy my Hawthorne Heights while chowing down on my grilled cheese. Not trolling btw; i am supporting this amazing hobby!
1 yr ago
RIP Regis Philbin. May you find out who wants to be a millionaire in the afterlife.
1 yr ago
I hate having so many amazing RP ideas that I would love to see fully realized but lacking the conviction and time to commit to them.
1 yr ago
Thanos, Hulk, and Iron made a group chat. They named it Snapchat.
1 yr ago
Due to the quarantine, I'll only be telling inside jokes.


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I reserve Booboo and Fivel Stewart just in case anybody was eyeing them

also thinking I might claim chloe bennet or Lana Condor but we'll see
This is hard. As a somewhat obese American man, it is no shocker that I love food. I love cooking it and ordering in. A lot of what I eat might have some of my friends say is "gross" and "puke-worthy", but I enjoy trying unique combos and seeing if they work. Sometimes I'll strike gold like with peanut butter ramen and sometimes having ice cream and nachoes within 3 hours of each other will result in stomach pains.

But I am getting away from the point.

I do love food, but I would be lying if I said the thing that I love most is Chinese food. Doesn't matter if it's traditional or American Chinese food from Panda and the like. A good plate of orange chicken, chow mein, some egg rolls, and the like is the best way to get me to be happy.
I'm honestly a pleb when it comes to metal knowledge, but there are a handful of metal records that I've honestly enjoyed start to finish:

  • Ride the Lightning
  • The Black Album
  • Kill Em All

Dream Theater
  • Octavarium
  • Metropolis P2 - Scenes from a Memory
  • Images and Words
  • Systematic Chaos

Body Count
  • Manslaughter

  • Dead Heart in a Dead World

Iced Earth - I know Jon is a shit human being now but he and his band has made some killer music, so meh.
  • Dark Saga
  • Horror Show
  • Dystopia

Between the Buried and Me
  • Colors
  • The Anatomy of...

Rhapsody (of Fire)
  • Symphony of Enchanted Lands II - The Dark Saga
  • The Frozen Tears of Angels

  • Battle Hymns
  • Warriors of the World
  • Gods of War

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In Gif the User 3 days ago Forum: Spam Forum
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