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Current Doesn't matter how courageous you are. Mice and rats are disgusting and they will turn any and all great men and women into the cowardly versions of themselves.
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5 days ago
I used to think that Jeff Buckley's version of "Hallelujah" was superior to Leonard Cohen's version, but recent re-listens has made me think the reverse is the case for me.
6 days ago
At the end of the day, games like Fortnite, Overwatch, and League of Legends aren't bad, not really. The real problem are their respective communities.
6 days ago
Something's a little fishy about them.
6 days ago
Just take a breather. It happens and that's okay. Just go for a walk or do something not writing related and come back to it with a fresh mind.


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Upcoming Projects:
Crossroads Academy - Anyone from the shores of Tokyo Japan to the rain-covered streets of Seattle, here at Crossroads Academy, they will find a place, for it is the essential meeting place for those fresh out of grade 8. For whatever reason they have come here, either because they are and their parents decided it was in their best interest be in a safe, yet freedom-encouraging environment, or they are overachievers seeking the best the American education system can offer. Whatever the reason, if the money is there, Crossroads Academy is for you.

Crimson Cycle - In history, Angels and Demons have hated each other. Ever since the biblical days, they've always been at odds. And growing up, we always knew that the Angels of Heaven were the good guys and the Demons of Hell were the bad guys. But is that really the truth? Maybe the Great Book lied to everyone. Perhaps the demons were the misunderstood product of false propaganda and the Angels are actually the vile creatures. Or maybe those in the middle - the Humans of Terra - are to blame?

Everything has a beginning in The Great Cycle. This is where we find out what's true and what's false. Written in blood, the cycle will roll back time and reveal the truth. In the Crimson Cycle of Terra, Bloodfire, and Seraphina, the truth will come out.

Hey There, Kid - Eight kids from a summer camp in North Dakota find themselves warped to a strange land where they meet strange creatures known as Digimon. Tossed into a war they had no idea existed, these strange kids will have to adjust to their new surroundings as they fight for their survival and all the while having to deal with their emotions of being away from camp. Little do they know that these creatures known as Digimon will end up being their best friends - but they'll have to get past their superficial surface layers first.
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