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13 hrs ago
Current when someone tries to tell me how my character should act to me: youtube.com/watch?v=LE0ORmU…
4 days ago
Oh yes, because god-forbid people be held accountable for idiotic statements they made. How dare we be decent human beings?
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5 days ago
Directed by Zack Snyder
5 days ago
Body: "Shit I'm tired. Time to sleep." Brain: "Remember that thing that's been bothering you all day? Yeah, let's keep you up for that." Body: "No, wait--" Brain: "Too late motherfucker!"
8 days ago
Today's been a good day. I've had a great creative day and I sent in 2 Wal-Mart applications. Good day indeed!


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Moro 22 days ago
*waves* howdy stranger
Dirty Pretty Lies 2 mos ago
Love Dove 3 mos ago
Btw, your Sora Avvie set is freaking awesome!
HaleyTheRandom 6 mos ago
I'm here for three reasons.

-I'm bored.
-I have yet to post a VM on your profile.
-The current gif in your signature is hawt.

Have a nice night.
Moro 6 mos ago
Hey! :) Yeah, I still come on. I created a new account hoping for some better luck with roleplays but got the same response xD So I've pretty much given up Roleplaying. My other account is Infamous Auror xP
How have you been, friend? It's been quite a while!
Burning Kitty 7 mos ago
I love your buffalo joke. You sir are my new favorite person here.
The Valkyrie 10 mos ago
I was told that you were a provider of horrible puns, and I would like to know how to subscribe.
K thanks! <3
kingdomkeylight 11 mos ago
Sup stranger X3?
Nallore 11 mos ago
The new episode of Shadowhunters was amazing right? :D
Inkarnate 1 yr ago
are you dead
Rockette 1 yr ago
Dirty Pretty Lies 1 yr ago
Dirty Pretty Lies 1 yr ago
HAPPY SECOND FRIEND ANNIVERSARY!!!! Here's to many more to come! πŸ’–
Mae 1 yr ago
on the NaNo thing: That's rough, you might have to increase your words per day to 2k or have a few days you really go hard on it.

I wish you the best of luck!
AngelofOctober 2 yrs ago
Filthy Mudblood 2 yrs ago
well now the surprise is ruined so I'm just gonna say hi :3
pugbutter 2 yrs ago
Mistiel 2 yrs ago
Your status made me think of: lol

Midnight Howl 2 yrs ago
fer1323 2 yrs ago
I see you have played tales of zestiria. Are you a 'tales of' fan?
Wayward 2 yrs ago
I see you're still kicking around these parts.
Mistiel 2 yrs ago
Came because Lenny Face. Left because bio wasn't available. *casts the first stone...then five hundred more* >,>
SgtEasy 2 yrs ago
Zorogami 2 yrs ago
Hey man, I just wanted to apologize for disappearing without a word months ago. Maybe you don't even remember me, but I needed to get that off my chest. Hope you have been doing fine. Cheers
pugbutter 2 yrs ago
Can't tell if that status was a joke or not. If it was, I'm either stupid or autistic.

Anyway, dill as a spice came before "dill pickles." That just means it's the primary flavorant in the pickling solution. Which at its base is water, sugar, salt, & vinegar. Any other spices to taste.
Gowi 2 yrs ago
I see you lurking.
Dirty Pretty Lies 2 yrs ago
Hi, just dropping by to say that I am Tundra's #1 RPG person, and if you think otherwise you are wrong. K? Thanks. That's all.
Ruler Inc 2 yrs ago
Grey 3 yrs ago
this one
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