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Current A whole two nights at work destroyed the good mood. Time to rest, recuperate, and go back in for four more starting Saturday. Le sigh
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Mood: Oh, she's hot but a psycho~ So left but she's right though. At night she's screamin' 'I'ma out my mind'. Grab a cop gun kinda crazy~ She's poison but tasty~ And people say 'Run, don't walk away'
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Been watching 'Lucifer' on Netflix and I must say... *in my best Marie Kondo voice* This one sparks joy.
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If you're a night shifter and you have insomnia, what does that make you?
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My hands always feel like death. It keeps my patients on their toes.


I guess this is where I tell a little bit about myself...

ER nurse by night... also gamer/RPer by night. Look, I'm not as strung out as Batman over here, so I sleep during the day. Cut me some slack!

As a night shift nurse, I work 3 to 4 days a week on 12 hour shifts and sometimes more as needed. This severely limits my ability to write/roleplay on those days

I'm 30, for those who care about age. I prefer to play as women--but am willing to compromise as needed.

I'm reliable for around a 3 to 5 minimum paragraphs with good grammar and spelling, usually more. However you would categorize that.

I enjoy most any type of RP as long as it has a well-thought out premise, characters with depth or whom have the possibility of development, legible writing, and of course a great partner!

I love fantasy, sci-fi, dark, steampunk, romance, intrigue, and mature themes more than others. I especially think that most any story can be improved with a bit of romance--if it makes sense within the context of the story.

Negatory on sexual assault or similar themes. I can handle mature, dark, and even very violent scenes. (I'm a trauma nurse at a level 1 trauma center, so you can't really gross me out) but I don't touch on the abusive for abuses' sake. I get enough moral injury at work; I don't need it here. 8P

As previously mentioned, I love games! I love pretty much every type of game--except for racing games minus Mario Kart. May be interested in the right game-based RP setting, but I really prefer original characters if that is what you are after. If I wanted to play the characters from the game... well, I'd just play the game. xP

Sound like someone you need in your RP? Message me! Happy to chat when I can. (8

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ois was long since used to the way that Ross persisted on removing his respirator when speaking with her pretty much anyone, if he could help it. Of course, one hardly required a background in medicine to understand for what purpose the equipment was needed, but she wasn't his physician; it was obvious to her that he had long since made up his own mind on the matter, so she said nothing--as usual--even if she noticed him struggling from time to time suppressing a cough or sound of pain here and there.

When he came closer to offer his hand, Rois did not hesitate to return the gesture. "Ah, I'm glad you find the morning well," she replied and couldn't help but return his good-humoured smile. The man gave off a very amiable energy in his movements and words, not what you would expect by judging solely on his appearance or military record. When his tone turned a bit more consequential, she began her less than lackluster attempt to appear more business-like; this presented as Rois suddenly appearing a bit stiff in posture and closed off in body language. She wasn't uncomfortable with the shift in conversation rather she was merely unpracticed at not being the one delegating tasks to be done. It had been a while since anything had come down the line from anywhere above her, and she certainly wasn't used to receiving the news in person. She was certainly nervous at the prospect, but also terribly excited. She could definitely use some excitement right about now, anything to chase away the stagnation of late.

A light turned on in Rois' eyes and she was already lining thought after thought up on what the task could be--of course something potentially plant-based if she was being considered--when the commander's speaking was interrupted by an alarm in his hand-held device. "Of course, Commander. It's certainly easy to let time run away with you here; I'm glad it is to your liking. I'll watch for word from you and your staff." She could see that he was just as excited as she was to talk about it, but of course couldn't just lay it all out--especially in Eden with too many ears. Nevertheless, the fire was lit for more information and she hastily pulled a notepad from her pocket, hurriedly flipping to the back of the book to find a clean page. A suitably empty paged found, she hastily scrawled:

Underlined. Underlined. Starred. And she shoved the notepad into the breast pocket of her suit before continuing on to her duties in Eden.

She was always happy to be in Eden, but now she had some pep in her step as she moved from section to section, closely examining each arrangement of 'wildlife'. The trees from the Conglomeration were a personal favorite; she loved to run her hands over the bark and imagine climbing the trees back on the farm. Hell, climbing the trees at university as well. The tips of her fingers found some old vandal work by one of the ship's crew whom was no longer permitted unsupervised visits; they were damned lucky she allowed them back in at all after they'd carved into her tree. That was about the closest she ever came to wanting to murder somebody. She'd scraped some of the bark and applied a covering that enabled some of it to regrow properly, but the poor thing was forever scarred.

Satisfied in the current health of all Eden's specimens, she moved on to the irrigation and simulated weather systems. She didn't handle those personally, but she could check if basic functions were in order via hubs strategically placed around the area. It wouldn't do to have the whole area under the same exact weather pattern, so multiple units were placed that controlled each wedge to which they were connected. This not only enabled slight changes in temperature, shade, and breezes but was also helpful in case the watering system malfunctioned. Instead of the whole area being disrupted, only a single section would be; furthermore, it enabled maintenance on the synthetic systems without interfering with the whole of Eden. It was well designed, and Rois remained very appreciative of her colleagues in fabrication, who were always quick to jump on any problems she had presented them. Even a few false alarms. One could never be too careful about these things. All screens seemed to indicate proper function from what Rois could tell, so it was unfortunately about time for her to head out and back to home base in Hydroponics.

As she walked, she pulled her notepad from her pocket again, adding a second note to the back of the first reminding herself to actually check her e-mail for once. She wasn't as forgetful with her professional correspondence as she was with personal, but she had lagged behind as of late. She couldn't say how many months it had been since she'd even logged in properly, but her PDA indicated they were--mostly--routine and automated messages. Surely nothing important. Probably. She'd have to find a minute at work today to go through it as she figured she'd hate to miss whatever it was that was going to have her being a part of history for a second time.
Been keeping an eye on this for a while. Will continue to do so, just tossing this out here to make it known. Glad the OOC is finally up. Time and space permitting, been rolling around the idea of a changeling. We shall see...

As for posting frequency, I can generally do at least once per week. Daily is unrealistic for me considering I work twelve hour shifts back to back each week for work, so I tend to be gone about three to four days a week, but I do my best to let people know these things ahead of time. (8

Edit: I also might just bring a pre-existing character over. She is a creature whose people are entwined with shadow and darkness. (See my current avi) I may not throw my hat in at all. Again, we shall see. xP

ois was forced to take a longer route to arrive at her destination. According to the onboard screens of the transit system, part of the Hub was locked down due to Ark Sec matters. She wondered what was going on this time. She hoped it wasn't anything too serious; she hated to think that the last of human society as they knew it to be was falling apart only five years out. There was no way people could prepared for this type of scenario, but why were they all having such a hard time mitigating the damage? She supposed the answer lay somewhere in human nature: definitely not her area of expertise.

As she arrived at the entrance to Eden, she presented her badge to the staff on either side of the sliding doors. It was purely for protocol and out of habit at this point; if she was well-known anywhere on the ship outside of Hydroponics, it was Eden. It was a very rare day that Rois missed a visit to the gardens of Eden, and she could produce almost all of the names of the other regular visitors if prompted; likewise, they could all probably do the same with her. Whether for therapeutic or personal reasons, she was always ecstatic to discuss the shared space with those who visited on how they felt about it, what else they would like to see, and how else it could be improved upon. It was hers, but it was theirs, too. She was okay with sharing as long as the inhabitants took great care with everything. A closed ecosystem like this could topple over the smallest changes.

It belonged to everyone, but it was her baby. She could name every specimen, when it was planted, when it would germinate next, so on and so forth. She had little else to do these days but to dote on her plants. If the rest of the crew thought she was weird when she first arrived on board, she had definitely become moreso in the time since. Sometimes she could be caught talking with the plants; if confronted, she was sure to point out that "many scientific studies show positive results in botanical specimens where auditory stimulation is provided in person by caretakers." Most people just learned to ignore the woman if they caught her in the act.

Her hazel eyes shifted from the flora to the fauna as she removed her shoes, nestling them into the crook of her right arm; she preferred to feel the grass and 'earth' beneath her feet as she strode the paths of Eden. Several people were here this morning, as usual. With all the turmoil that had been brewing this past year, Eden had seen a large uptake in visitors. She was conflicted on how to feel about that: on the one hand, it was more people to enjoy her team's work; on the other, it increased the chances that something would be damaged. Thankfully, the staff did a good job of keeping an eye out, but their eyes could only watch so many people at a time. As she scanned the occupants, her eyes landed a familiar sight: @Superboy Commander Ross sat on a bench, seemingly engrossed in some sort of hand held data slate. She slowly made her way over to the man where he sat on the bench, stopping a few feet away on the nearby grass.

"Good morning, Commander. What brings you here this morning: business or pleasure?" She wore an easy smile as she spoke. While many on the ship were disquieted by the inarguable majority of military officials in control, they had certainly given Rois no reason to pause or feel distrust towards them. On the few occasions she'd had to interact with this particular official or observe him in interactions with others, he'd been friendly enough. If she was bothering him now, she would apologize and carry on her way towards the center of the garden. "Either way, I hope you are finding Eden suitable this morning."

hand reached out from under the strewn about covers, groping for the alarm clock which was shrieking somewhere on the floor near the vicinity of her bed. After several seconds where her hands only found crumbled notes and dirty laundry, Rois finally threw the covers from her with an exasperated breath. She was definitely up now, as she half-leaned out of the bed to find the source of her frustration. Finally turning the damned thing off and returning it to her bedside table, she sat up in bed and glanced at the time: 0600. She had meant to push it back a few hours since she'd had to make a late night inspection in her center the previous night. Of course, late night meant nothing in this place except that someone was up when they were usually sleeping.

"May as well get up, I guess." She mumbled to herself as she finished stretching and stood, moving to her bathroom to shower the rest of her sleep away. A few minutes, and she felt somewhat refreshed for the day. Brushed teeth, combed hair, and a few sprays of the water bottle for her terrarium. Stopped to give a frown at the state of her room as she turned from the tank. It was about time for a clean up, so she corralled all of her discarded notes into a corner and tossed her used clothes into another. That would do for now. She'd take care of the rest later. It's not like she ever had guests, anyways, besides her myconids--and they didn't mind at all. She slid into the last clean work uniform from her closet, clipped her badge on, and headed for the door.

She stopped short, as she always did these days, to stare at the small faces huddled excitedly next to a sign that read 'Lorne Farm'. It had only recently been hung here and hastily so as Rois had 'lost' it in her own detritus for a time. When she finally got around to cleaning, she had found the picture frame cracked and ruined. Thankfully, the picture inside was undamaged. She reframed it and hung it at the door so she wouldn't forget again; she couldn't forget herself or those she left behind. They made the monotony of every day a bit more bearable. "The ship is running, so it's gotta be a good day." She said halfheartedly. It wasn't the original phrase, but that one didn't work here. There was no 'sun' to 'rise'. Just the Vitae and her lights.

Her daily ritual complete, she started for the cafeteria from her living space near the Hydroponics Center. She decided that she would walk today. It made her feel like she was going somewhere sometimes, especially if she changed the route up. Maybe she'd walk around the far side of Eden or past the Archives. Anything to make her feel like that she wasn't doing the same thing day in and day out. The tiny changes made a big difference. Today she wanted to walk past all the vendors as they received their shipments of food. It was nice to see the literal and metaphorical fruits of her labor. When you spent all day staring at plants and dirt and irrigation systems, it was easy to forget why she was here. Sure, it was smooth sailing for hydroponics at the moment, but they'd had their challenges with rampant disease, malfunctioning sensors, and even a few deficiency scares since launch. Nevertheless, she felt like she hadn't had a real challenge in some time. The thing she most looked forward to these days was whatever Dr. Wolfe's@Nieszka latest idea was, and most of that was hands off for Rois until a viable product was produced.

As she finally arrived at the cafeteria, she smiled to think of the friends and acquaintances she had made over the last five years. Dr. Wolfe was just one of them. Rois approached the serving counter wait her turn to collect food. When it was finally her turn, she requested two; a request the veteran serving staff were more than used to at this point. Rois was in the habit of taking another of her friends a meal tray at least once or twice a week. It was about that time again. "Thank you." She filled a large reusable bottle with some fresh orange juice before clipping it onto the edge of her work suit and heading off towards the direction of the Fabrication Center. That is where she would most likely find Miss Audrey Knight@Cairo. She would take the transit this time to speed things along and keep their food from getting too cold.

On the way, she passed some rather disgruntled looking citizens standing loosely around another individual who was harping about the current political climate. It had been building for some time now, but it wasn't until recently that the civilian population became bold or disgruntled enough--or both--to make their voices and opinions public. There was unrest towards the current power structure; a structure in which the people had no say. Rois struggled with her own thoughts on the matter. While she may sympathize and on occasion empathize with some of the points that were laid out, she was also a straight-forward and logical woman and recognized the multitude of goodness the military skeleton afforded them. Alas, a large amount of the crew were not military born, raised, or trained--such as herself. She didn't know what the answer was, but she hoped it could be found peaceably if at all possible.

"Excuse me, you're blocking the bus ramp which is rude and--if I may also point out--a safety hazard." The harper and his onlookers gave her a disapproving look but moved aside to let her pass. She took her seat on board, taking care to tuck the covered food neatly onto her lap while she waited for the bus to arrive near the Fabrication station, where she would disembark and navigate the familiar halls to Audrey's room. Upon arrival at the appropriate door, Rois gave a quick knock and was about to push the door comm when she was addressed by another woman who seemed to share the same destination. @13org "A-Ah, yes. Just here to make sure she's eating properly. She takes such care of the automated machinery, it's the least I owe her."

Rois simply stood in the hallway and watched the way the new woman seemed to completely overtake the whole corridor with her energy. Whether forced or natural, this woman had maintained a formidable amount of cheeriness considering the somber attitude that permeated the rest of the ship. She supposed such bright spots had their uses during times as these. While Audrey was presumably engaged with the other visitor, she turned to hand the food and drink to the newcomer. "Feel free to give her these as a bargaining tool for the door. It works pretty well for me. Ah, sorry. I haven't introduced myself yet: Rois Holt, botanist. Pleasure to meet you, Dr. Katz." She would offer a hand in greeting but either hers or Maeve's would be busy with food and drink to balance. "I'll head out so you can see your patient. It's about time for Eden's check up anyways."

Facing the door a quick moment before she left, Rois called through the intercomm to Audrey. "I'm leaving your food with the good doctor here, so open up and eat something." Then she turned to make her way back to the bus station and on to the Hub. According to Rois, Eden was always due for a check-up. It was her eternal excuse these days to spend more and more of her technically off-the-clock time on duty. The space was the most therapeutic on the ship, and sometimes she wondered if it wasn't the only thing keeping her sane these days.
@13org @Cairo

I may just edit the end of my post so that Rois drops the food off with Maeve to bring to Audrey. No sense in everyone crowding in, and no worries about the oversight. Rois has work to do, anyways. Audrey's morning food was just a pitstop on Rois' way to make her morning rounds at Eden. As long as she gets fed, that's all Rois cares about. Sound good?
@13org I think that was supposed to be Rois bringing her the extra food. ;;;<.<
Salutations and welcome to the guild! There are lots of lovely people here from all over and I'm sure you'll find some good partners in no time! Be sure to take a peek around the 1x1 interest checks or maybe set up your own!

Happy roleplaying. (8
@Cairo It's totally fine if Audrey isn't in her room. Rois will wander around till she finds her, but I assumed that's where she would be. This isn't her first (food) rodeo. xP
I altered my colors to a lighter red and bolded her thought text. I hope that helps cause the light reds are really annoying. ;<.< If not, just let me know. Might move on to an orange color. (8

Changed to orange anyways, lol. I'll get it sorted eventually. xP
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