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I can't be the only one up set that the live action Teen Titans isn't going to have Cyborg... "When there's trouble you know what to do... CALL CYBORG!" u.u
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I feel ya, Dewey. All the hospitals are full! This flu season is a train wreck. Oi
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If you don't spend 90% of your game time in character creation, you're not doing it right.
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Licetne mihi ire ad latrinam. <--How we had to ask to go to the bathroom in Latin class. It's been almost 12 years and I still remember it. Ave Caesar


ER nurse by night... also gamer/RPer by night. Look, I'm not as strung out as Batman over here, so I sleep during the day! Cut me some slack!

As a night shift nurse, I work 3 days a week on 12 hour shifts and sometimes more as needed; as previously mentioned, I require sleep--usually at least 6 to 7 hours. Minus an hour for travel time, I have 4 hours leftover for myself at best on nights when I work. Needless to say, I will not generally post the days I work because my time is spent. I will let you know ahead of time if and when I'm going to be MIA for days at a time. I expect the same courtesy from partners.

I'm 28, for those who care about age. I prefer to play as women--with some exceptions.

I enjoy most any type of RP as long as it has a well-thought out premise, characters with some depth, legible writing, and of course a great partner!

I love fantasy, sci-fi, romance, intrigue, and mature themes more than others.

Negatory on torture, murder, sexual assault, et cetera themes.

As previously mentioned, I love games! May be interested in the right game-based RP setting, but I really prefer OC. If I wanted to play the game, I'd just play the game. xP

Sound like someone you need in your RP? Message me! Happy to chat when I can. (8

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"One headache, coming right up!" she quickly called back in response to Ovra's request. Eirny let the thought of the paralysis glyph drop from her mind and replaced it instead with a shockwave that would give the group a few moments to gain an advantage. The downside: she would need to move closer to the action.

She barely spared any attention to the exchange that occurred. Nearly all of her cognitive faculties were focused on the blast she needed to expend at a moment's notice. A flicker of movement caught her periphery as crossbows raised. She could tell that negotiations were ongoing and perhaps not quite to anyone's liking. The sound of Ovra's voice continued followed by that of another woman. She heard someone laugh, then a flash from Ovra. This was her moment to get closer.

As Ovra moved to throw her axe at the caster, Eirny sprung forward as quickly as she could in an attempt to reach their foes. When Ovra dropped to the ground and gave the signal, Garlenn bought her a few more moments of distraction when he got a solid hit on another rider. Only a split second gained, she stopped running, the momentum carrying her into a slide forward as she let loose her stunning wave that was meant to disorient the minds of her enemies.

Arms outstretched with staff in hand, she saw the wave wash over the five closest: four in hunter's garb and the mage woman. The last hunter in the back appeared to be untouched. It startled a few of the horses themselves, and the one without a rider turned now to flee. She hoped it was enough to buy the rest of the Breakers time to move as she raised her staff to attack the farthest back rider; simultaneously, the figure appeared to be taking aim at Eirny.
Working till Sunday. Will post asap.
Side note: just got my wisdom teeth out today and am on some pain meds, so if my posts seem weird, don't make sense, et cetera just let me know! I will fix then--or attempt to--asap.
Wee, finally a night off of work! Short post, but I'm pleased with it! Eir is all fired up. Poor horsey, qq.
Eirny's eyes pierced the sand and discerned the group shortly after Ovra's did. She watched the scene unfold with large eyes, clenching her staff more tightly to herself when the horse was struck and the rider thrown. "Maker's breath...", she muttered under her breath. It hurt to watch the innocent creature injured to stop the one she bore only moments before. The smell of singed hair and flesh joined the wind and sand, turning her stomach; she watched the creature lie still as death. Whether it was momentarily stunned or truly dead, she could not tell.

Then Ovra's yell snapped her out of her momentary daze. "Time to move," and Eirny watched as the dwarf moved to place herself between the attackers and the fallen figure. The small elf would usually be feeling anxious at the situation, but this time she felt the anger bubbling up. After the call, she barely hesitated a moment before moving from her vantage to form up with the others. She tried to spare a glance at the person, but as they were face down in the sand, she couldn't make out much. She looked back to their leader now, awaiting further orders.

Almost assuredly, Eirny knew that Ovra hoped to gain something from this be it money, knowledge, or otherwise else she would not risk it. She knew enough to know that she thought it worth their time and resources to intervene, especially with at least one Tevinter mage involved. Right at this moment, Eirny held no good thought for the group; for all she knew, they were slavers chasing a runaway slave. That would explain why they attacked the horse and not the rider: didn't want to damage the goods. Already, she imagined the necessary focus and energy needed to place a paralysis glyph that would catch any but those she designated. She had recognized the order to stand down unless otherwise told, but she would be ready nonetheless.
My deepest sympathies! Keep friends and family close and, yes, take as much time as you need.

Work always takes me away for 3 days at a time, but I'm always eventually lurking. (8
Made this post after work, so apologies for any errors. Sleepy proof-read it once or twice. Will read again after sleeping/before work this evening! (Unless I oversleep) X:
Eirny was engrossed in a single page covered in various writing and sketches: various notes derived from both credible and not sources on where the Silent Plain's Rose was said to be found. It was a curious thing, one not even she had heard of during her time of study in the Circle. Many people swore it was real while others laughed, calling it an old herbalist's tale. The drawings were contrived from the copious descriptions she had been given on the rose. Again, the 'facts' were few, far between, and often contradictory. She didn't know what, if anything, they would find in the end, she just hoped they found something soon. It had been several days already and the journey was grating on her.

She looked now to the others in her party. Many of them grizzled and tested adventurers in his or her own right. Even their newest member, Shok, looked better suited to the lifestyle. Eirny knew she was often the one slowing them down, though she did her best to push through as long and as fast as she could. It had been a year already since she joined the mercenaries, and while she definitely felt more at ease now she knew that she had a long way to go yet. She reminded herself that she wouldn't be here if she didn't need it. Just the thought of the events leading up to her apostasy was enough to stoke the fire in her chest.

A tiny light danced on the periphery of her vision now, not really present but showing itself to her in case she needed to call to it. She'd grown accustomed to the wisps popping in and out and this was just their way of letting her know that they were near; it was always a little more comforting to know one was keeping her company. The sounds of the group put her even more at home, even in these environs. The sand was unpleasant to say the least and a storm threatened to break soon. Nevertheless, the sounds of humming, singing, making camp, and the occasional guffaw brought back memories of what life could be like. It was a strange family, but it was hers now.

Shok and Erinya hadn't needed her help with the cleansing, mending, or wrapping of their wounds today but she kept a concerned eye out for them nonetheless. It never hurt to have a second opinion, especially where wyverns were concerned. Fascinating but deadly beasts. As was becoming habit, Eirny watched Shok work if no assistance was needed; she always offered her assistance, of course, wanting to be useful but was more than happy to watch whenever she was declined. Ever the student, it was always interesting to see a new or different way of doing things.

Now the dwarf called Garlenn was starting to set a camp fire. Now seemed as good a time as any to start unpacking her bedroll, when Ovra gave a shout. She watched as Garlenn and Erinya were quick to move into position. Not wanting to lag behind yet again, Eirny took up her stave with a readied position from the rear. She had a good vantage from here and she wanted to make sure she was in a better position to help support and defend than the last fight. "What've we got?" She wasn't sure if anyone had a good look at whom or whatever was approaching, but Eirny strained now to look in the direction Ovra seemed to be facing.
Heads up! Working Thurs-Sat night, off 2 nights, then back on for 3. So if I'm delayed, just give me till Sunday or Monday night. I'll get a post in. Gonna try and post tonight/today.
Yay! So excited for this, I squee'd a little and the hubs gave me crazy stares. I posted my sheet in the character tab.

Meet Eirny the City Elf!

Will update my thoughts on the others this evening. (8

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