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Sarah Cooper

"Oh, god," Sarah gasped as the ragged stranger crawled into her view, muttering some comments about eating bears and the X-men that doubtless would have been horribly concerning and offensive had they not come from someone in such clear disarray. She rushed over to him, accepting Alex's water bottle without thinking, crouching down beside him and running her hand through his greasy hair. He looked like shit and smelled worse, but those things she noticed distantly - right now, he was an injured animal.

"Here, can you drink this?" She said, offering him the water bottle - he looked strong enough to accept it, but if that wasn't the case, she was fully prepared to bottle-feed him (or bottle-hydrate, as the case may be.) With her other hand, she pulled her walkie talkie out. "Angela? Call security, ask them to get an ambulance on the way. Yeah, we got another one. By Bear Mountain. Thanks." She holstered the device, and set about nudging the man, trying to get his attention. Thomas had just inquired as to when the last time he'd eaten was, which was a good start - the best thing they could do until help arrived was try to keep him lucid and present. "Hey, hey, it's okay, help is coming. I'm Sarah. Can you tell me your name?"

Alex arrived a moment later, setting down a small mountain of food in front of the man. Immediately, Sarah flopped over and pushed the food away from him. "Hey, hey, easy! Not too much! He needs to see a doctor. If you give him too much food, he could develop a refeeding illness which could shut down his liver." A bit of an oversimplification of the medical issues at hand, but she hoped the hasty explanation she blurted out would carry enough urgency to be followed. Also, she was basing this off her knowledge of caring for malnourished dogs, but, well. She was a zoologist.

Sarah selected one of the chicken salads Alex had brought, opened the lid, and carefully selected a cut of chicken. "Chew, then swallow," she said slowly, then offered it down to the starving man. She glanced back up at Alex, already feeling a little bad for being so short with him when he was just trying to help. "Good instinct," she said. "I'll make sure you get a refund for the food."

Just so you know, etiquette on this site is, in almost all cases, to post the character in OOC to await GM approval before posting it in the characters tab.
Right, ok, now I just need to reintroduce him. I'm thinking of sending him to join the zoo crew, following the tradition of having him slowly starving to death when he meets them, and maybe consider eating the bear, or at least implying it.

All glory to the great and terrible zoo!
@Lyla Yeah, I can see in hindsight that I may have gone a little far with the power level. The thing I was going for wasn't that he was the best mage ever, just that he somehow had near limitless 'mana' if you would, which actually held him back in some ways because it meant that he relied on overwhelming his opponents rather than using magic with any tact. Let me know if this is better - I tried to nerf him down from 'campaign breaking' to just 'powerful wizard' level; he can still alter reality with his mind, like any good wizard, but hopefully he's been nerfed in some ways that will make it easier to fit him in. My goal with him wasn't to be the most powerful character, just to explore how he reacts to his power, what a person with his capabilities would become, how he relates to the world, etc.

That being said, I also like the idea of his legend growing into his being 'the best wizard ever', so in regards to his myth, that can be taken as hyperbole.

Gonna get started. Should have something tonight.
I think I'd like my character to be around the middle in terms of time period, if that's alright. Not ancient history and modern enough that he can still comprehend the world, but a big part of what would he interesting would be him seeing his legacy and being recognized as an old story by these other larger than life figures. Living his own afterlife, if you would.
Sarah Cooper

Sol City Zoo

(with @Conscripts and @Alex_The_Great)

Sarah laughed at Thomas's joke, already slipping back into her tour-giver persona. Possibly the only question she answered more than 'how did you befriend Peanutbutter' was 'where is the bathroom', so slipping on her performer's winning smile and bringing out her well-rehearsed response had become a nearly automatic instinct.

"A circus bear? No, no, though I would like to see him in a funny hat. Peanutbutter was born in captivity in a zoo in Colorado, we got him when he was about two years old. He's a bit of a grumpy guy, likes to keep to himself mostly, but just two weeks after I started working here he came moseying right up to me when I brought him his food bucket, and we've been pals ever since. I guess I always did have a thing for the strong, silent type." She relaxed her shoulders when the diatribe was done, her broad grin still on her face.

The grin didn't fade when she registered that the name of her alma mater had been spoken, even though thinking about her time in university mainly recalled memories of tearful study all-nighters, ice cream binges and a few very obnoxious boyfriends. Such was the price of growing older. "Solaris, huh? I actually graduated from there myself a few years ago. How is it? Food still terrible?"

Something gave her the sense that neither of these guys got out very much; Thomas in particular, but there was also something about Alex that seemed off, like there was a nervousness to him that went beyond social anxiety. Whatever it was, she couldn't place it - maybe she was just being judgmental again. She didn't think she'd seen either of them around before. "What brings you guys to the zoo, then? Besides hoping to catch a glimpse of the amazingly interesting girl on the posters?"
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