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Alexander James Wood

Alex jumped a bit when he heard a voice. He held his turned up and saw it was Thomas. He was in a brightly colored suit and it struck him a little odd. A bit dressed up for a club, but who could he judge? "Good to see you too, man. Thank you, it means a lot. This doesn't seem to be your scene, what brings you here?" As he spoke a woman in a very sparkly dark purple dress walked over with what appeared to be shots on a tray. She lowered it to their height and Alex picked up two shots, set one in front of Thomas, and handed her a bill; waving her off as she tried to give him change back. With a dazzling smile she walked away and back to the bar and Alex inadvertently followed her with his eyes. He looked around the bar and noticed a very tall and beautiful blonde haired girl. She was wearing some worn jeans and a frilly hoodie, but Alex didn't even care as his stared at her. Red faced, he quickly composed himself and turned his attention back to Thomas. He couldn't just walk away from him, he needed friends and Thomas seemed like he'd been a good one.

As he usually got in loud places, Alex was a bit spacey. It seemed to only be worse as his eyes kept flicking to the woman at the bar. He tried to seem interested in Thomas's response, he really was, but at this moment in time he was a bit distracted. He cleared his throat and stood up, "I'm going to get a drink, I'll be back. Want anything?" He nervously walked up to the bar and tried to sit in the chair next to the tall blonde. He noticed she's a lot taller than she looked from where he was sitting. In his awe and nervousness he fumbled a bit getting into the seat. He ended up mostly in the woman's lap. "Oh shit, he swore, face completely red. "I'm so sorry, miss." He awkwardly stood and sat himself in the seat next to her.
Alexander James Wood

Early Friday morning found Alex down in the bakery busting out as many cakes as he could while listening to soft piano music in his headphones. He had a wedding cake due that afternoon and he was taking no chances. Ann walked in and shook her head at him, "You work too hard, my boy. Shouldn't even be down here yet and you've already baked more than enough." He jumped at the sound of his boss scolding him after she pulled a earbud out, she really was like a mother to him. She took him in when his wouldn't have anything to do with him, didn't charge him rent in place of working for her and still helped with his medical bills. Ann was a complete angel and he couldn't ask to work for a better woman.

"Well, no I shouldn't be, but I've got the the Prickett cake due at three and a couple birthday cakes before. I would like to get out of here after the Prickett cake and get a nap in. I've got that open mic tonight, remember? Part of the agreement was I would get out more, can't do that if someone is burning my cakes," he said with a shit eating grin, replacing his earbud.

Pulling a couple cakes from the freezer he set to work dirty icing them. They were for a small two tier first birthday cake to be covered in fondant, not his favorite thing in the world. He much preferred to draw things out in icing, but the parents insisted. He carefully placed the rounds in the cooler to set before rolling out the different colors of fondant he'd need. He pulled out the faces he'd made just a few hours prior. They were set, but not enough to be completely solid. After covering the two cakes he delicately placed Grover, Cookie Monster, Elmo, and Big Bird on the bottom tier with some piping gel. Placing the two cakes side by side he placed some different color polka dots around them. Once happy he took the street sign with the name "Andrew" on it and put it on the front of the smaller tier. Ann walked by and gave him a pat on the back before stacking the cakes for him. This part always made Alex incredibly nervous and he thanked God that Ann didn't mind doing it for him. Checking over the order form he started on the smash cake with a star tip. "Red really isn't the color I'd pick for a smash cake," he thought as he made Elmo's face into a cake. He pushed the two cakes side by side to get a photo of them before boxing them up.

The second cake was a an icing one and he couldn't be happier. Smearing the top yellow he was careful not to get any on the sides before covering them in light blue. On the top he mounded a bit of yellow for cheeks before drawing out the face. Alex did so many cakes like this he swore he could do them in his sleep. Piping some baby blue for eyes he noticed Ann dirty icing the wedding tiers for him and smiled to himself. He could go take a well deserved nap. Not that he'd tell Ann, but he'd been up all night making fondant faces and flowers after Kelly called in ill. He said he'd cover for her even after working that morning and over estimated what he could handle. He made excellent use of the coffee pot in the last twenty-four hours. Looking down at the annoying sponge's face he drew some flower like shapes on the side before piping a yellow star trim around the top and light blue ball trim along the bottom. He finished the cake and boxed it before making his way to Ann.

"When is the last time you slept? And don't lie to be, boy, I can see the tired in your eye."

"Night before last,' he muttered before receiving a small slap on the arm.

"Go up to bed, I don't wanna hear you moving up there, ya got it??"

"Yes ma'am," he said with a playful salute before making his way up to bed.

Alex woke up later than intended and cursed himself as he took a quick shower, this time he smelled of citrus. He flung open his closet door and rummage to find a simple black shirt to pair with his bleach washed denim jacket. As much as he wanted to pick out a nice floral print button up, he hadn't passed all that well to the man at the zoo and wanted to blend in for the time being. At least until his voice evened out more and face slimmed a bit more. Fortunately, he hasn't experienced as many voice cracks as he did just two days ago. Sliding some black slim fit pants he stored all his belonging in the pockets before making his way to the door and sliding on his boots.

Alex made way to Club Aether on foot rather quickly. He didn't want to get there once everyone was already wasted and miss out of getting to that point with them. He scanned his ID card and was allowed into the pale purple lighting. Looking at the stage he saw a man with long hair absolutely killing it. He noticed there was no line at the stage and made his way to the bar. After a two shots of Jack he was ready. Walking up to the stage as the man got off he chatted with the band and picked up an acoustic guitar. Someone handed him a stool to sit on and he checked the tuning on the guitar. As he did this he leaned to the microphone, "I hope you guys don't mind if I slow things down a little. Poor timing, I know." Once everything was set up to his liking he spoke again, "I really hope you guys like it."

Quite nervously he played the first few cords of Say It Ain't So. He closed his eyes and began singing. Come time for the second verse his eyes opened and brow furrowed with the amount of passion he carried into the chorus. While his father hadn't left him because of any sort of drugs, he still knew how it felt for him to be absent in his life. He carried the passion all the way through the song until the guitar interlude at the end. He stood and lightly bowed his head forward before unstrapping the guitar and slumping down in the nearest seat. He needed a moment to collect himself, regretting doing a song that provoked such feeling in himself.
Alexander James Wood

"I came to explore the city a bit. Just moved here a few weeks ago and haven't been out much. Thought I'd get some photos of the animals." he spoke with a slight frown. He tried to keep his voice monotoned, but the excitement of being out in public and actually talking to people has brought out more cracks than he'd like.

Out of no where a rather scruffy black haired man drug himself to the trio. Alex could tell that he hadn't eaten in at least a few days judging by the fact he referred to them as The Xmen. He cringed a bit and really really hoped that Thomas wouldn't get offended by that statement. "Help me eat that beeeaaarrr…" If you thought Alex cringed at the Xmen comment you can bet he did at that. He took a small step between the zookeeper and the man. He tried to help him up, but the he had a bit on Alex as well as being limp from hunger. With an aggravated groan he managed to get him to a sitting position. Slipping his camera bag from his back he removed the bottle of water and handed it to Sarah before standing. "Here, have him drink this. I'll go get him some food."

He kicked off into a full on run towards the nearest food stand. There was a woman taking her good time looking at the menu aggravating the sandy haired boy. Somewhat rudely, he cut in front of her and walked to the counter. "I'll take four hotdogs plain, three waters, and two chicken sandwiches, please." The worker gave him an odd look, but regardless took his money. Just a few moments later he was given a small box of food and drink. He carefully took off running back to the group. Immediately dropping to his knees next to the man he set the box in front of him. "I know you're hungry, but don't eat too fast. You'll make yourself sick."
Alexander James Wood

When he turned around Alex felt him looking at him in confusion. His heart instantly hurt, this is why he hadn't left the house. He regretted his decision and started to leave when he heard,"My goodness. Thank you... mister?" Alex felt his face light up and grinned. "It was really no trouble, always here to help someone in need," he cringed as his voice cracked multiple times from sheer surprise.

From his right a girl came jogging up,presumably to help the man as he did. Looking closely he noticed it was the same girl from the poster and feeding the bear. While she was still shorter, she certainly looked taller now that she was no longer next to the huge grizzly. He grabbed her hand, quite firmly, and gave it a short shake. "Alex, Alex Wood. I noticed, you're the girl from the posters, no? How'd you manage to befriend a beast like Peanutbutter?"
Alexander James Wood

"Alexander, you'd better get your arse moving! They're coming in any minute for that cake!" hollered the short red headed woman covered in flour and icing. Alex nodded and started quickly, but carefully, the drop lines on the final tier of the wedding cake. He loved his job, he really did, but it could be incredibly stressful. Looking over his shoulder he pulled out his phone and headphones playing whatever had been playing before. It ended up being one of the local radio stations. They were chatting on about something and he wasn't fully paying attention.

"And thus, Johnathon came out with shit running down his pants and piss staining his shirt."

Alex hadn't been fully paying attention and caught the tail end of the story; it made him stop piping and stare in confusion at his turn table. "What in the fuck?" Shaking his head he finished the last line and sat back blinking at his cake. It looked great, it really did, but it sure made his eyes hurt. He pulled his headphone out and pocketed them as his boss, Ann, came over. She looked at him proudly and started to get it into the box with the help of her son. Ann asked Alex if he wouldn't mind sitting in her office and she'd be in in a moment to talk to him.

"Have you done what we've talked about?" Ann asked as we walked into the small office.

"No, I get off work and I'm just too tired. My hands hurt and so do my eyes. My boss really overworks me," he replied with a grin and Ann shook her head.

"Love, you need to go meet people. You've been here three weeks and you've got no friends."

"I do so. I have you, and John, and Kelly, and our regular customers."

"That's great and all, but you need to go out and explore. Meet new people. I knew I shouldn't have let you move in upstairs. You're dismissed for the day, I'll call Kelly in. You go make use of that bus pass I bought you, you hear?"

"Yeah yeah, I hear you." The two of them stood and embraced before she shooed him out.

After a quick shower, that left the boy smelling of roses, he walked to his closet and looked at the options. He'd recently been thrifting to recreate his wardrobe. He pulled out his binder as well a simple grey t-shirt and some black skinny jeans before looking at his small shoe collection. While his mom was pretty heartless about most things, if it were gender neutral he could wear it. Most of his shoes had been from the men's section, but if dressed properly could pass off as women's so it was allowed. He ended up picking up his black Busenitz along with a black bomber jacket. Once he was dressed he blow dried his hair, deciding to leave it down and fluffy instead of in a quiff. He picked up his camera bag and went to the bus stop, determined to get on the first bus and take it where ever it would take him.

The first bus that came up happened to be heading to the college campus. He decided to head there and grab some lunch before getting on another bus, maybe to the zoo. It was kind of close to the campus if he recalled correctly. He'd looked into the zoo a few days prior, but decided to offer his help at the bakery instead. It's not that he doesn't like people, he loves having friends, it's his voice. It's been cracking a lot lately and he's trying to avoid explaining his situation to others. He doesn't want anyone to know he's trans, he wants to live stealth. His youtube channel is under a different name so no one in the real world will find him. That's the hope anyway, it's still his face.

After a quick lunch and tea he makes his way to the bus stop. He ends up getting on the same time a guy in a wheelchair does. He's about to offer his help, but he looks like he might get upset with that so Alex keeps to himself. He stays close though, just in case something were to happen. He went to high school with a guy who had been in a wheelchair and he never saw him alone, always had someone nearby as he was prone to tipping himself over. Maybe Austin was just an idiot who took turns too quickly and not everyone needs assistance. Alex shrugged and pulled out his headphones to listen to some music. He ends up picking iamjakehill and letting the music take him over.

Just as Alex is about to hit the stop button the gentlemen in the wheelchair hits it. The two of them plus a small family of 3 get off. The little girl looks a Alex and he smiles at her and gives a small wave. She giggles and tucks herself into her mom's leg causing the three adults to share a chuckle. Looking around he noticed a poster hanging of a girl looking very comfortable feeding a bear. You could say Alex was curious and headed right to the bear exhibit to try and catch feeding time.

He made it just in time to watch her petting the animal, Peanut Butter according to the plaque giving him a small smile. He watches on and notices the worker speaking into a walkie then picking up the bucket and waving to them as she left. He turned around and noticed the small family had also made their way over. He crouched down to the height of the little girl and gave a kind smile. The father quickly scooped the girl up and gave Alex a funny face before he and his wife hurried away. Thinking about it a twenty-one year old alone at the zoo and crouching down to talk to a small child for a second time is a little weird. He turned around to walk away and noticed the guy from the bus. He looked like he was struggling. Upon further inspection Alex saw his wheel stuck in a hole. He kicked off and ran towards him.

"Need some help?" he asked as he grabbed the handles and lifted the side stuck in the hole. He's forever grateful for his at home/work workouts. He's taken some of the 25 pound bags of sugar from downstairs and used them a few different ways to try and bulk up his arms a bit.

I'm incredibly interested. Mind if I post a CS?
Hey guys. I'm super sorry, I hit a serious rough patch in my life and I basically cut ties with the internet, besides Netflix, to help myself get to a better place. I've gotten help and I think I'm finally moving forward with my life. I do apologize for just disappearing, but I didn't even have the motivation to make a post explaining myself. If you all still want to do this just say so and I will get it all ready to go.

Again, I'm so sorry.
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