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Ashton Griffone || Club Aether || Friday Evening

Marinalia @PrinceAlexus, Victoria @PrinceAlexus, Aoki @Rodiak, Xia @King Tai

Ashton glanced her amethyst eyes to the two sisters at their comment, the tall blonde giving a smile and tilted her head while shrugging her shoulders in response. It did seem to she always got into situations like this didn't it? Marine might nag her later for getting herself in trouble once again. But it was her duty to help those in need wherever she can. Blinking as Aoki whined and complained about not dancing, gingerly trying to struggle and push against the giant, but Ashton's grip was firm and gentle in order not to drop the poor drunk. The struggling did cause some spikes of pain to run up her arms and her leg whenever she moved it wrong.

Turning her head to look at the two sisters, Ashton blinked as she noticed a large growing group of people seem to heckle the two women. Worry crossed her amethyst eyes, forcing herself to pick up her pace and out of the bar. Blushing a little shyly and embarrassed as Aoki seemed to now just snuggle into her, Ashton gingerly took the offered card, her eyes glancing around. Spotting a bench, the firefighter going over to a nearby bench and gently setting Aoki down. Taking off her jacket and wrapping it around Aoki for some extra warmth from the crisp winter air.

Looking to Xia, Ashton quickly shuffled her hands in her pockets before pulling out a wallet and handing a hundred to Xi if she wanted to use a taxi or something to take the girl home. Gently putting pointing her left index and middle finger towards the amethyst eyes, flicking them toward Xi, then towards Aoki before bowing while clapping her hands together in a pleading manner. Asking Xia to watch the drunken girl.

Ashton then quickly rushed back into the club, eyes scanning and spotting the two sisters with a now bigger group of people. Per usual, Ashton quickly pushed toward the heating fire. Wearing just her gray tank top now, the toned muscled but burned arms were shown. Gently, she put a hand on the two sisters' shoulders. Stepping once more in between, though there were quite a few more people. The firefighter gave her usual friendly smile, holding her hands up and waving them bit. Wishing for the people to calm down and to just walk away now.

One of the girls scoffed and sneered as a big oaf was suddenly in between them. Putting her hands on her hips and giving a scowl. "Oh what? Now you need some big ugly oaf to protect you? Get real. Figures you'd keep a raggedy dog at your heels. Should you throw a biscuit for it?" she sneered as she took a step foreword. Ashton blinked at the words, but kept the soft smile. At the step foreword however, so did Ashton that forced the much shorter female to take a step back.

Ashton didn't want people to fight, why couldn't they just get along? Wouldn't everyone feel a bit better if they all could be friends? Perhaps these people had a little too much to drink and were taking their frustrations on others without meaning to?

"What's wrong? Going to say anything? Or are you actually too big of a chicken to actually do something? No bark or bite?" the girl sneered, seeming somewhat irritated this giant was playing body blocker and didn't seem to be getting agitated, nor saying anything. The girl stumbled a bit, perhaps a bit intoxicated as her fist clenched a bottle in her hand before frustratingly thrusting arm up.

"Would you fuck off bitch?!" she hissed.

Ashton was taken a little surprised and didn't have a chance to react as a bottle was thrown and smashed against her right temple. The bottle shattered against her head, the glass falling to pieces to the floor. The firefighter stumbled a little but regained her balanced and remained firm as she stood. Though her vision was blurred, her amethyst eyes blinking to clear them. Warm liquid seemed to gingerly drip from her head. Rolling her shoulders backward like it was nothing, she assumed it was just alcohol, her feet casually and gingerly scraping at the broken glass to bundle it into a pile. Not wishing for anyone to step on it, that would be unfortunate.

Little did Ashton really realize, it wasn't just alcohol dripping from her face. Trails of blood gingerly slipped down over her scarred face, dripping the good of her right side in blood. The sight of a scarred giant figure with blood all over, with them barely reacting to getting smashed in the face caused some onlookers to nervously stare.
Ashton Griffone || Club Aether || Friday Evening

Marinalia @PrinceAlexus, Victoria @PrinceAlexus, Alexander @Alex_The_Great, Aoki @Rodiak, Xia @King Tai

Flicking her amethyst eyes toward the drunken Aoi and the new companion she had managed to acquire, Ashton returned the smirk with a smile at the unfortunate soul who was now the prime target for antics of drunken flirting. The dark skinned woman looked fairly toned, most likely works out and athletic. She was being quite patient considering the stumbling situations that had fallen upon her.

Blinking as the dark skinned woman beckoned her, Ashton smiled then looked to Alex. Pointing to herself then nodding over to the two girls. Basically trying to excuse herself so she could go and lend a helping hand. Still, the tall firefighter took both of the slender boy's hands and shook them cheerfully. Trying to convey that she was happy to meet him. Raising a hand and gingerly ruffling the brown mop of hair, she got off the stool with ease. Shortening her pocket cane and putting it in her pocket before moving towards the two girls.

It was then that it appeared that the two were starting to be bothered by a large man who had taken a interest in the pretty women. Ashton gave a silent sigh as she saw the full anger radiate from the girl named Xia. Mhm Ashton will have to keep of names today, she's meeting all sorts of people! Walking over and placing a comforting and reassuring hand on Xi's shoulder, giving the girl a bright friendly smile. The firefighter soon stood in between the man and the two girls. Standing tall at seven feet, the dirty blonde ran a hand under her hood to ruffle her hair a bit before crossing her over her chest. Although she was wearing the usual friendly smile, Ashton waved her hands a little and shook her head firmly.

She would prefer things not to get heated. After all everyone here was trying to have a good time. Watching him, Ashton saw some hesitation as this towering figure with a heavily scarred face now stood in front of him. Even then however he seemed to take his chances as he puffed up in front of her to try and look a bit more intimidating.

"Hey! Get outta my...." He growled as his hand reached to probably grab the collar of her shirt, but her left hand reached and tightly gripped his hand and twisted it backwards enough for it to be just a bit painful. Watching him wince away and glare at her, Ashton gave a smile as she held up her hand vertically and gave a little bow of apology. Lightly she patted his shoulder in a friendly manner, motioning to the rest of the club. Gingerly scratching a index finger against a scarred cheek as he grumbled something like 'fuck these bitches' then wandered off.

At least that didn't escalate, he might bother others so she'll probably have to come back here and make sure everyone is alright. Turning around, Ashton looked to the two girls and gave a bright friendly smile like nothing happened. Looking to the bartender, Ashton picked up her own glass of water, pointed to it then flicked gun pointed fingers toward the door. Watching the bartender give a nod, she soon returned with a to go cup of water. Offering the cup to Xia to hold, the tall firefighter smiled cheerfully at Aoki before bringing her long arms around the girl.

Wrapping the left arm around the shoulders while the right arm wrapped around the legs near the knees to promptly pick up the drunken girl so she didn't get into too much further trouble. In her absent mind, she forget her leg was still recovering. So she did feel her sore leg take a few painful stab at her, however Ashton chose to ignore it. Shifting her body so she wasn't favoring that leg, Ashton looked between the two girls with another cheerful smile and would start heading out of club.
Ashton Griffone || Club Aether || Friday Evening

Marinalia @PrinceAlexus, Victoria @PrinceAlexus, Alexander @Alex_The_Great, Aoki @Rodiak
Mention: Ethan @Almalthia, Xi @King Tai, Paige @Pilatus

Blinking as the blue haired girl handed the firefighter a card, Ashton glanced over it with interest before her amethyst eyes looked over to the drunken woman with concern as she fumbled through the crowd. The itch to go and assist was there, but she also didn't want to bother her. Thankfully, the drunk girl returned to the bar looking a bit out of it. Perhaps Ashton will really have to look out for the others here, just to be safe. Maybe offer a few rides home or something. Luckily, a woman the blue haired girl had bumped into and recently entered, had come over to check up on the drunken girl, so that was a relief. Looking to Mari at the mention of using Uber, Ashton gingerly scratched her cheek again as she gave a slight unsure smile.

Marine had said she didn't exactly trust them in a drunken super, or herself for that matter. Plus she was dragged to places like this in order for socialization and things. She knew her friend was just trying to look out for her. Even if Ashton wasn't much of a actual partier or drinker. Perhaps she was a little worried about the tall dirty blonde. Though whatever her plans were, it usually ended the same. Ashton would be the driver, and end up taking care of anyone who needed some help.

Giving a brighter smile, she waved her hand as if to say for Mari to not worry too much on the matter. Giving her a bright curious look, the fire fighter nodding her head toward the fellow blonde as if to ask how her night was going.

Her amethyst gaze caught sight of Victoria, which made the scar face of the fighter brighten, though it did soften as she seemed to be having fun with a handsome young man. Suppose Marine was correct on her assumption. Well, she was happy her newly made friend was having fun at least. And the man seemed to have a nice voice as well when he started to sing up on stage.

Turning her attention to the boy who had bumped into her, Alex as he had introduced, and gave him a bright friendly smile in greeting, putting her badge away and waving both her hands in a hello manner. At the offer of drinks, Ashton seemed to chuckle, even though no sound escaped from her lips before looking to the bartender and held up her empty glass of water. It was quickly refilled. The question Alex then offered caused the giant to give him a surpirsed look before giving another smile. However it was a lot more softer. Perhaps even nostalgic.

Slowly, Ashton had to shake her head side to side before putting her hands together in front of her face and giving a little bow of thanks. Sitting up straight, her right hand raised up to grasp her throat. Opening her mouth and moving her lips. No words came out of them as she did though. Pointing to herself as she did so, her next gesture had her hands crossing over one another in a x. As she tried to silently explain, that she couldn't talk nor sing.

Giving a brighter smile, she did clap a little and pointed at him with both index fingers then giving a double thumbs up. Conveying that he did well.

Ashton looked not too far to see a serious expressioned looking blonde take a seat at the bar and speak with the bartender. Victoria also seemed to come over and hide behind her sister. Ashton tilted her head at the two sisters, but was otherwise oblivious. Giving a bright friendly smile, she outstretched a long well toned and well worked arm, the sleeve of the jacket sliding down to reveal some of her new burns, and waved it over her head as she greeted the raven haired girl.
Ashton Griffone || Club Aether || Friday Evening

Marinalia @PrinceAlexus, Alexander @Rodiak, Aoki @Alex_The_Great

Ashton perked up a bit and turn her gaze toward a familiar blonde that had decided to join the bar. It was Victoria's sister, Marinalia Romus she believed? The last Ashton saw her, the girl had been practically quite upset at the party. The tall dirty blonde felt a little bad she hadn't done even more for her, maybe even got her a gift? Her equally upset and drunk sister, Victoria, however needed some looking out for. Sadly, there was only one of Ashton to do her best to help others.

Nodding at the question, Ashton gave the fellow blonde a bright friendly smile and waved her right hand cheerfully as a greeting. At the offer of a drink, the scar face firefighter shook her head before lightly patting her hands against her chest then holding out both hands in a ten o' clock and two o' clock positions. Slightly steering them in unison back and forth from left and right. Mimicking steering a wheel as she tried to charade that she was basically the designated driver for the night. Pressing her hands together, the tips of her fingers against her lips, she gave a thankful little bow to Mari in order to thank her for the kind offer.

Mari had spoken to a light blue haired pretty woman beside her, in which Ashton easily looked over Mari's head and gave a friendly wave of greeting and a bright smile towards her. She was about to perhaps question the Romus sister before the firefighter's amethyst eyes blinked in surprise as someone fumbled a bit toward Ashton. Reacting, Ashton raised her hands, gingerly catching the slender male by the shoulders with calloused rough hands. Blinking more at the embarrassed apology as the brown haired male took a seat beside her, Ashton gave a friendly smile, left index finger scratching against her scarred left cheek. Soon waving the hand as she gave a cheerful smile and gently patted the man's shoulder reassuringly.

She was a little surprised he could tell she was female, most people were a little confused thanks to her casual baggy clothing and standing the abnormal height of seven feet. And also having quite a bit of features that wouldn't be considered pretty. Scars, burns... being a beanstalk. Still Ashton gave a curious tilt of her head before reaching in her own pocket and held up her Firefighter badge.

Patting her other hand against her chest as if to say this was her, silently giving a friendly introduction of who she was to the possible new friends.
Ashton Griffone || Club Aether || Friday Evening

"It's time to party!" Marine chirped as she walked into the club wearing a pair of blue jeans and a red blouse, decorated in golden bracelets and a green gem necklace. Following her with a black cane as she limped along, was Ashton dressed in a bit torn up and worn blue jeans, a white tank top and a darker gray baggy hoodie jacket, the lace on either side lazily hanging over her chest. Dirty white sneakers gingerly following her companion, Ashton's curious amethyst gaze looked over the large crowd, her dirty blonde hair only slightly covered by the raised hood. The seven foot firefighter blinked as the sound blared against her ears before turning to look at her friend.

"Alright Ash, here's the plan! You be my backup in case something goes wrong with my date tonight alright? Dude is super cool and I doubt I'll need your help but just in case, be my wingwoman. Got a fan of the local hero and I'm taking advantage of it! BUT!" Marine started before turning a icy glare on her partner, causing the giant to go rigid and blink in alarm.

"Remember! Don't overexert yourself! You're still injured! So don't go getting yourself in any dangerous situation again got it?! Which you shouldn't do anyway but you always do! Also, don't accept open drinks from strangers! And don't go being a third wheel with people on dates! You're richy rich new friend is bound to be on one so if you see her don't go messing it up like a idiot! Actually don't do that with anybody! I know you love giving hugs and making friends like a living care bear but try to read the situation! And...---" Marine rattled a few more things off, Ashton slowly starting to bob up and down in the rhythm of the music with a goofy energetic smile on her face.

"And that's that. See you later and have fun! And if you do something stupid I'm kicking your ass!" Marine giggled before skipping off and disappearing into the crowd.

Watching her friend go, Ashton looked over the scene a little bit lost. Unsure what to do now other than to enjoy the music. She was warned not to bother people and she didn't want to. Singing was of course out of the question. It would only end in a bit of embarrassment. Dancing, well she didn't mind it, but she was quite clumsy and doubted she could avoid crashing and crushing someone on the dance floor. So for now she sat at the bar, tapping the counter and scribbled on the boogie board hanging around her neck to ask for some water. Gingerly sipping the cool liquid, slightly moved her head with the music as she mulled over some thoughts that ran in her mind.
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Ashton Griffone || Coffee Pot || Wednesday Afternoon ||

Victoria @PrinceAlexus. Mentions Reya @Majoras End

Ashton blinked a little at the offer, giving a nod with a slight nervous smile. Mostly for the fact that despite Victoria saying it was easy to find, Ashton had a natural talent.... of being lost. So it may take a bit if she was purposefully trying to find the place. Still it made her a bit giddy in the heart at the thought of going over to someone else's house like good friends would! It be fun she was sure! Though she was sure Marine would be baffled at the fact a classy woman such as Victoria would invite Ashton over so casually. Marine often liked describing Ashton as a street dog. A golden retriever, but a dog on the streets none the less. Not a bit of her was classy or elegant.

Tilting her head as her amethyst eyes looked at the raven haired girl, Ashton raised her left hand, rubbing her index finger in a thoughtful manner against her chin. A summary? It wasn't what she thought Victoria would ask for, more like 'Where are you from?' or direct questions like that. How much should she say? Unlike most folks, Ashton didn't really have much to hide or anything. She would of answered honestly to any of Victoria's questions. Sure, there were sadder memories, but she accepted those along with the happier ones. Well, her therapist probably would disagree, since the firefighter remained mute after all these years. Plus there were some points that seemed to make some people uncomfortable so she was unsure how much she should say.

Perking up as she attentively listened to Victoria's little summary, Ashton gave a smile before looking to her phone and started to type with a smile, oblivious of Victoria's body language as the blonde took her eyes off of the elegant woman.

'Wow! That all sounds great! London is a beautiful place to grow up in ^-^ I also played a little of American Football in high school! Fun, a bit rough though and not my favorite of the sports I've tried. As for me, well let's see~ I've grown up here in Sol City at the Old Harbor Orphanage. My adoptive mom, Claire Griffone, took me in when I was maybe 12? We lived up in Park View. I did a bunch of sports when I was in school, then went off as a marine afterwards. It wasn't for me so I retired and have been a firefighter for about four years now. Still, I do miss visiting many countries and exploring the different culture and architecture :)'

Ashton finished her text, and as her amethyst gaze looked up to the elegant shorter woman, she blinked as Victoria stood and notified the tall androgynous firefighter of the fact she was going to return a purse. Nodding a little in return, Ashton curiously washed Victoria walk in the direction of another cute beautiful girl. Who had pretty blue hair and looked quite exhausted. Looking to a waitress passing by, Ashton waved her bare tan well muscled but burned arms to her. Pointing towards the blue haired girl before taking the boogie board around her own neck and scribbled some words down. Writing out that put whatever the blue haired girl gets on Ashton's tab. The waitress gave a giggle and nod at the firefighter before returning to work.

Catching Victoria's gaze, Ashton slightly turned her upper body for her right arm to rest against the back of the seat, while the left arm raised to wave as she gave another goofy smile. Obviously, was not offended or worried in any way.
Ashton Griffone || Coffee Pot || Wednesday Afternoon ||

Victoria @PrinceAlexus. Slight smile and wave in turn to Dustynn@MissCapnCrunch and Leo@CaptainSully

Ashton smiled goofily at the comment about her sweet tooth compared with Victoria's sister. The blonde did quite have a sweet tooth. Listening to Victoria who seemed quite glad to get a little more clear, the tall blonde gave a silent chuckle, curling her index finger and thumb and pressing the tips together to form the OK symbol for the fact that assistance with moving was not needed and gave a bright smile. Taking another sip of her drink, she listened to Victoria explain how she was having a nice time at her job, which the raven haired girl gave little to no detail about. But the firefighter didn't mind too much, even though she was quite a bit curious what Victoria could be doing. Something that required to be quiet with information apparently.

Blinking at the questions Ashton gave a thumbs up before gingerly tapping in her phone. Occasionally having to delete back because her big thumbs ruined the word she was trying to type. 'I'm good! Coworkers won't let me get back to work for awhile so I've just been taking walks instead. And sure! Lets ask each other questions to get to know each other better then ^-^ What is your first question? Don't worry, I'll eventually find my way back to the station, no need to trouble yourself.' Ashton texted with a big bright cheerful smile.

It was always nice to make friends! Blinking as she saw Victoria seeming to look at something, she followed her gaze towards couple seated not too far away. They looked like they were having fun. They had seemed to notice Victoria's gaze since the girl smiled and the man saluted. Ashton just gave a bright smile when they did and gave a cheerful friendly wave of greeting before looking toward Victoria once more.

Ship To Tenrou Island

@Crimson Raven@Demon Shinobi@MarshiestMallow@CitrusArms

Karn gulped a little, listening to Trinity's comforting words before taking deep breaths as he tried to calm down from his panic attack. He could hear Edarn giving a sigh within his mind but he paid it no mind. Slowly nodding, he tried to focus long enough so he could properly transform. Pulling away from Trinity, the blonde transformed into a beautifully snow white Pegasus.

"What about your other friend?" Edarn's voice spoke within his head.

Pausing, Karn thought for a moment before looking to Trinity. "Mithy's here too... should we bring her? She looked tired though." he said, giving a soft neigh as he thoughtfully wondered if he should go and try wake her up or not, or let her rest on the boat.


Ship to Tenrou Island


Watching Trinity and Karn, Prince gave a soft whistle and a cheeky grin towards their direction. Although he didn't get to tease the cute duo before his ears perked as he heard Michael's quiet voice speak up. Turning his head, Prince gave a bright smile as he saw his teammate. Giving a loud purr and promptly glomping the shorter male, purring and nuzzling his cheek against the top of the blue hair.

"Mikey! It's good to see you! Did you and your bro have a good conversation?" Prince chirped curiously, his one teal eye looking at Michael with interest. He knew that Michael would probably take this chance to speak to his brother since it had probably been a little while now. Though, that didn't stop Prince from being happy at the fact the cute boy would come up to him. Usually, Prince was the one that stalked and pounced on Michael. So this was a lovely change of pace.
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