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Current Will try replying tomorrow night. Will be tired tho so don't bet on it. But I will attempt
5 Mar 2017 3:44
Make that either tomorrow or Monday night
3 Mar 2017 4:49
Ok. Said I'd reply today. But I'm super tired. Might be tomorrow or the day after so I can play catch up
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21 Feb 2017 4:21
Posting may be iffy because puppy had surgery today. Gotta watch him
29 Jan 2017 4:21
I'm feeling quite sick so I may not reply all speed like. Sorry folks
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HSV Kharon

"Affirmative." Phalanx responded before turning its head to watch Aviza walk by. "Greetings, Aviza Norea." it returned the greeting before snapping its flashlight gaze toward the asari whom grabbed its hand. At the tugging, Phalanx was quick to follow the blue organic's lead to her room. Watching her go to shower, the synthetic examined the supplies for a moment, making some calculations before starting to tinker.

When she returned, Phalanx looked to Vella, listening as the asari chattered about, giving some explanation of having spare parts and pondering what kind of drone she would like. The Geth's three fingered hands grasped the assembled machinery, placing it closer to Vella for thorough examination.

"This is similar to a Geth Drone. Mostly used for recon and stealth kills. Fragile but powerful. But if you require something a bit heavier, we can make further re-calibrations." Phalanx chirped.
I was annoyed with FF12 for the fact it was easy to lose where you are if you don't quite remember what you were doing.

But, also willing to play it again
It is a amusing signature. Although I'm a console player xD
<Snipped quote by Silver Fox>

Rodger that, commander. I'll get right on it.

Good. On the double, soldier!
Hello, I was sent here by @Mega Birb and am very interested in joining this RP. Any chance I could get my name placed on the waiting list?

Co-GM @MrDidact has decided that it may be possible to squeeze you in. If you show us a Character Sheet that has a good concept that we don't already have. So go ahead and write one up and show us what ya got ^^

HSV Kharon

Phalanx tilted its head a little at Vella seemingly unsure statement before excusing herself for a shower, a form of cleaning the organic body of unwanted bacteria and grime. "May the shower processing go well." It bid farewell to the asari, turning its flashlight head to examine as quite a few of the others started to part ways. Either to speak with someone or to return into sleep mode for a bit. For a moment, it tried to calculate its next move. It could attempt to socialize with someone, yet its attempts would not prove useful for others whom are currently busy with some form of task. Perhaps it could try speaking with Talos? Yet a young created AI wasn't something Phalanx was wishing to gain information from. It's a different perspective but perhaps not of right now. Maybe it could just make some calibrations and diagnosis of the ship? Examine the engineering?

Or perhaps it should attempt to reassure all the organics on the ship that it was actually friendly by socializing? Mhmm... perhaps it should attempt to act a little more organic. The only organic it knew their habits well was its Creator. Whom was quite a bit more chipper and energetic. It might come off as intimidating and odd if a tall synthetic lifeform acted this way instead of a tiny Creator.

As it calculated its options, it paused them momentarily as it whipped its lightly blue glowing eye toward Vella as she spoke up once more, pausing in her venture to her destination. Posing a question.

"Drones make useful in scouting out possible scouting points, facilities, spying and possible dangers. Geth tend to favor using Geth Hoppers or Hunters to perform these tasks. However I understand the advantages of having drones. Both drones and weapon tech capabilities have been studied by Geth in order to make full use of their capabilities. I hold knowledge of both, having to calibrate with the other programs that once resided in this platform during the Morning War and the Reaper War." It answered. It didn't particularly answer if it 'enjoyed' it, but it knew it. Knowledge was knowledge. And it was useful knowledge.

At her last question, it took a few more seconds to calibrate a answer compared to most of its just about immediate answers.

"Join you in the showers or assisting in building more drones and weapon tech? Either way, I am willing to lend assistance when I can." It whirred.
In Pokemon: New World 10 May 2017 6:35 Forum: Casual Roleplay
Shoot I meant to add the earthquake but totally spaced! Exhausting day! Meh I'll add a mention to it next time I post.

Gonna be a busy month cause I gotta get the house ready for a new roommate.

Who's a neat freak and I'm a natural slob.

In Pokemon: New World 10 May 2017 4:55 Forum: Casual Roleplay
Sorry for the short post, will try better next time
In Pokemon: New World 10 May 2017 4:55 Forum: Casual Roleplay
Tora Azure

- Tephan Village || -

Through the train ride, Tora mostly slept, tired from her ventures. Perhaps taking on a journey like this wasn't the best of ideas, yet it was worth the risks that came with them. She knew full and well the the possible consequences this journey would cause. It would be difficult since she got tired easily, and she had to worry about being followed. She was sure her parents knew and had already set up a reward for her safe return home. At least she managed to get some rest on the train.

When they got to the village, she waved to her friends as they split up, her blue eyes scanning the area. This area was indeed a bit hot, Archie seemed to enjoy it as the puppy Pokemon spun in circles happily. Fire Types would be right at home, but it would probably best to not have Pezi or Sirius out too much in this environment.

She headed to the Pokemon Center to lie down for a little while.

Walking to the Pokemon Center

@Rithy@Silver Fox

I think at this point, Phalanx should sleep with one optical sensor open.

@Mega Birb@PrivateVentures

Surely she can just plug in a webcam, can't she? xD

Or she can just not sleep xD
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