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Location: Magnolia | Phoenix Wing Guild

Interacting: Penny @MarshiestMallow, Elena/Perry @PandaBrady, Nolan @hatakekuro, Neil @Sanguine Rose, Trinity @CitrusArms, Jasmine/Rajah @Lunarlord34

Karn beamed up at Neil, hopping from one foot onto another with his joyful energy. "Mmmm yeah but giving nicknames feels like bringing people closer together, and make for friends. And more friends the better." he chirped in response, although, he suppose he didn't have a time limit like he did before Edarn was shoved inside him. So perhaps the desperation to make as many friends as possible before then wasn't as needed but now it was habit. Blinking towards Damian as he made another announcement and revealed he was part of the masked band, the blonde gave a wide eyed stare and ooo'd and awed.

Briefly, his cheerful face disappeared, his emerald eyes glowing a ethereal green as they rolled a bit before returning to the cheerful as Damian played a song. He suddenly stiffened and flinched away from Penny as the scent of water got closer, but this time it was from a familiar face. Gripping onto Trinity as his body trembled for a few heartbeats from the shock. He gave a sigh of relief, and although he was cautious as he saw Jasmine clinging to Penny, he wasn't as on edge. Jasmine was a nice girl and he felt bad for reacting poorly around her.

He had been focused on Jasmine that he blinked a bit as a familiar feline was shoved into his hands by Trinity. Karn smiled brightly at Rajah, but before he could greet the Exceed, his expression dropped again to a monotone and the ethereal green eyes returning. Edarn stared blankly at Rajah for a long moment as Trinity fussed with the foul cat. "You know, when you told us to hold onto a puss, I didn't think it would be the one with wings." she commented bluntly in another offhanded joke, releasing her hold as Trinity took Rajah away. Her eyes squinted as her head pounded into a irritating migraine.

Karn once more popped out as Ariel entered the place with a fox eared looking girl and waved happily. "Hihi Copycat! Nice to see you! Ashy missed you lots!" he chirped innocently of the possible further embarrassment he may or may not have caused for his Ash God Slaying friend.

As Neil excused himself to find his teammate, Karn nodded and waved cheerfully. "Okie Dokie tell Mar-Mar we said hi!" he chirped in farewell. He noticed Brianna talking to Pudding man, whom soon got distracted by Nolan, but Karn got distracted as a pretty handsome man came barging through the doors. Tilting his head to the side a bit as the newcomer made a announcement, but was difficult to hear thanks to the chaotic nature of the excited guild. Green eyes widening as he listened, he cheered before hopping over as the man transformed into a lady and explained the situation. Right right.... Karn had remembered hearing someone like this, but also didn't have any direct contact with them.

"Hihi! Welcome! You two are like me and Eddie!" Karn chirped excitedly.

"Eddie and I." Edarn corrected, the green eyes flashing the ethereal green before returning to the regular emerald color.

"Super duper nice to meetcha! My name is Karn! The soul inside me is also named Karn! I just call her Eddie tho! Nice to meet ya Elly and Perry!" he cheered, sniffing a bit to get a better read on them, blinking curiously.

Location: Dragon Fang Guild

Interacting: Keiko @BlackMaiden, Caitlyn @Landaus Five-One, Michael @MarshiestMallow, Silver Wolf @Raijinslayer, Enma @hatakekuro
Ashlyn @Lunarlord34, Hunter @Zarkun

"Thanks, hope you'll be my best man." Prince purred in response to Enma with a wink.

Prince couldn't help but chuckle as the young girl gave the Oni a barrage of questions, personally amused by her excitement over what many would consider a 'scary' individual. Though Enma was a good guy, pretty much the definition of don't judge a book by its cover kind of deal. Though he could still pummel folks if he wanted to. It was then a familiar red head came busting in with her usual entrance full of gusto. Ashlyn was probably what one would think with the term 'Fire Mage' popped up. Also, someone who had very tasty magic and was always someone Prince probably would bother for meal. Lucky for her though, he was currently pretty satisfied. Caitlyn's comment caused Prince to glance at Michael for a moment, before flashing a smile and waving in response when Caitlyn responded to Ashlyn.

"Awe you know, it isn't Dragon Fang if it doesn't attract a stray or two or a curious individual. Whether this one stays or not we shall see." he chirped before looking to Michael again as Silver Wolf started to speak as well, giving his own introduction.

Fingers tracing Michael's blue hair and giving the man soft pets on the head, the red hair man gave a reassuring confident smile. "It's understandable to be worried. I'm confident you and Gabe will figure it out. You're smart." Prince said in his usual relaxed manner, focusing the flow of taking magic to be at the absolute minimal since this was suppose to be a reassuring touch. He had a nice meal, so it was easier to barely take anything.

As Silver mentioned a job, Prince hummed thoughtfully before whipping his head around to look at Ammy as she announced a emergency job. In no time, Hunter was the one who took it before turning to the rest of the guild and asking if anyone wanted to come along. The feline man gave another hum as he stretched out his arms, tail flicking left and right. "Ah well I'm but a simple C rank so perhaps not I unless you want me to tag along to fix the inevitable owies hun." he chuckled, content in seeing his other guildmates reactions to emergency job.
Location: Magnolia | Phoenix Wing Guild

Interacting: Penny @MarshiestMallow, Brianna/Tearsy@Landaus Five-One, Damian @Zarkun, Nolan @hatakekuro, Mandi@Dezuel, Neil @Sanguine Rose, Trinity @CitrusArms

Karn flashed a bit of a smile to Brianna's reassurance before his green eyes flashed back to the person clad in yellow, his grip on Penny's clothes tightening as he peeked over to look at the stranger. His face flushed a little at the compliment and flashed a soft smile, glancing down as his foot dragged small circles on the ground with the toe end of his shoe. "Oh no, I'm not all that strong, many other mages here are way stronger than I am." he said with a soft chuckle, blinking a little as he could hear Edarn sigh within his head.

"You really underestimate how much trouble your transformation magic alone can be." She echoed within his mind.

The blonde tilted his head a bit in confusion. "You mean like when I transform into my Eastern Chimera form?" he thought back.

Edarn sighed, one could feel the shake of the head. "Let's use Ashtray over there as a example. If you wanted to, you could transform into him, use his modeling popularity standing, and go around messing around. Make his life extremely difficult by going around random girls around town and flirting away. It would cause quite a bit of trouble for him." she said and Karn stared blankly as he pondered over why he would do that. "It's a example. It would be amusing, but I don't recommend it. The guy probably couldn't handle it." she finished.

Giving a thoughtful nod while flashing Nolan a innocent smile and playful tongue sticking out at the Ash God Slayer's shout of embarrassment, Karn perked up once more as Penny wrapped a comforting arm around him and he flashed a grateful smile as his nerves calmed. He wasn't sure why Nolan wasn't all that big on hugs, they felt so nice and warm. Glancing toward Tearsy upon Brianna's hip at the question, the blonde gave a thought before pointing to Penny with a chuckle. His eyes caught sight of a newly arrived man who reminded Karn of pudding for whatever reason. Before Karn could give a proper examination, a chill ran down his spine and for a brief moment, his body locked up and he felt a sharp pain in his chest that pricked at his very soul.

Blinking a bit, Karn then heard the pitch cry of a child and he turned his green eyes toward a little girl named Faith. With Sasha following behind. Ah, Eddie must have noticed them before he did. Karn smiled brightly as Faith clung to Penny, even brighter when the little girl called for him so cutely. He reached down and gently grasped the child's reaching hand. "Hi there Fae-Fae!! How are you?" he chirped cheerfully, attention completely distracted by the cute little girl.

Perking up at the tug of his dress, he turned and smiled brightly at Trinity and ecstatically accepted the request and wrapped his arms around her waist in a tight hug. "Trinny!! Hi Hi!" he cheered before turning to look up at Neil and also gave him a hug. "Hi NiNi!" he greeted cheerfully before pausing as Damian raised his voice for a announcement. As Damian explained, Karn threw his arms up and joined in the cheers happily. It was so exciting. A show and display of magic from those at the top of the guild and a parade! It'll be so fun he was sure!

Location: Dragon Fang Guild

Interacting: Keiko @BlackMaiden, Caitlyn @Landaus Five-One, Michael @MarshiestMallow, Silver Wolf @Raijinslayer, Enma @hatakekuro

Prince's smile brightened as Michael took hold his hand with much ease compared to how Michael used to be. The blue haired boy was still a shy little thing, but he had grown quite a bit since the first time they met. And everybody in the guild probably could easily say that Michael probably spoiled Prince out of anybody. A rumbling purr vibrated from his chest and throat as he intertwined his slender clawed fingers with Michael's. Enjoying the taste of the magic, which its flavor was soothing and left one a bit light on their feet. Teal eye glancing to Keiko at her question, the tall cat man gave a hum in thought, as if he had to think through the question. His free hand rubbing his chin thoughtfully.

"Well I'm sure some magic can be poisonous to us, much like how some foods are poisonous to humans. I'm sure Black Magic probably would be a likely culprit, but can't say I have tested it out. Regular old poison magic types seem fine though." he answered with a chuckle before whistling a bit.

"8 eh? Started off so young." he mused before blinking toward the door as a familiar man smelling of the forest came walking in. Prince raised a hand and waved with a smile to return the greeting.

"Wolfy buddy hello there! Done training already? Apologies, I have yet to check myself. Busy getting extra sleep and then chatting with old and new friends." Prince chirped before a familiar Oni came walking in, grinning at the comment the red colored oni made.

Dramatically, Prince threw his free arm over his forehead like he was in such distress he would faint. "Unfortunately, my charms have yet to work and woo the cute and handsome Mikey." he said as though he just got smacked in the face. Grinning under his arm, he dropped it while raising Michael's hand that was currently intertwined with his. Closing his eye, the red feline man brought the hand up to to his lips and gave the back of Michael's hand a kiss. The trickle of magic he tasted was now a nice mouthful amount, and he couldn't help but purr in satisfaction as his hunger was satisfied. Though, he was more eager to see Michael's reaction. Opening his one eye to give a quick wink, Prince gave Michael's knuckles a few pecks before untwining their fingers and letting go. Giving a amused grin as his lithe tail swayed happily.

Turning to Enma, Prince gave a smile as his hands dramatically motioned to the young lady, Keiko. "Ah yes! Enma, this is Keiko. She came here to have a bit of a look around, ask some questions. No final decision on joining or anything. She seems to a interesting curious young lady though. Cailyn and I were just trying to be pleasant hosts. Or curious cats." he said before looking to Michael again and smiled, a hand gingerly brushing over the top of the blue hair.

"Don't worry Mikey, sure your brother will be fine. And the Guildmasters having a normal conversation. Jack probably is happy to have a little break from here eh?" Prince said as he gave a bit of a mischievous smile.
Location: Magnolia | Phoenix Wing Guild

Interacting: Penny @MarshiestMallow, Brianna/Tearsy@Landaus Five-One, Damian @Zarkun, Belius @Sho Minazuki, Nolan @hatakekuro, Mandi@Dezuel

Karn continued to tremble, his entire body seeming to be on a low perpetual vibrate as he clung to Penny and his fear too overpowering to respond to Tearsy's kind words in his head. Occasionally willing himself to take a peek around her before shrinking back again. If it wasn't for his current state, Edarn might have responded to Brianna's questioning to the Edolan's actions, but the Karn's counterpart had decided to remain without taking the reigns. It wasn't like she didn't care the Earthland Karn was absolutely terrified nor condemned him. However in this situation, she was fine staying back and letting him handle it in this controlled environment. His fear of water was a serious weakness of his and it was unfortunate. Logically, she couldn't help but think his transformation skills would be helpful if they had to use it to explore the waters. That was unlikely though without drastic precautions laid down. Or facing opponents who water based, it would be unlikely the outcome would go well if they faced them on their own. She had hoped to get him a little more accustomed to the presence of it, and well... he wasn't bolting right now so there was that. Then again, it was just the smell of it setting him off. Lords forbid if the water mage offered a glass of water. Still, she wished there was a way to help him, other than doing it for him. Kids won't grow if parents always do everything for them. She just hadn't figured that quite out yet.

Glancing up at Penny and Brianna as they obviously noticed his terrified actions, despite his fear, the blonde still gave a shaky friendly smile through his trembling form. "Y-Yeah... Thank you... I know I shouldn't be like this... I'm sorry." Karn instinctively apologized in a melancholic kind of tone still with a smile on his face as he slowly peaked toward the man as Penny started to speak with the man clad in yellow. Tensing more the closer the newly named 'Mandi' got to them to return Penny's greeting. The man seemed obviously friendly and a great new friend to have, which just had Karn more disappointed in himself. Of course this man wasn't mad at him for doing something wrong, preparing to punish him for something, or just wanted to let off some steam. He knew the water user didn't have any reason to just go shooting water at people. Yet every time he was near water, he felt like he needed to brace himself and prepare for the consequence of him doing something wrong.

As Mandi questioned about what S-Class meant while Belius questioned what the Fantasia Festival was, Karn's eyes shot wide and started to glitter, washing the terror away to leave some room for complete awe and fascination. In his head, Edarn was making a comment if Mandi lived under a rock while Belius was just uncultured, but Karn wasn't listening as smiled brightly and fully poked his head out from behind Penny.

"S-Class Wizards are the Elite wizards of a Guild! Super duper representatives of a guild's hard work! Their magic is not only super strong, they are smart, skillful, and have proven themselves to handle the toughest of jobs! Only S-Class wizards can take on the super duper life or death by one mistake jobs reserved for S-Class wizards!" Karn chirped and sang song in utter glee and starstruck, and in his excitement, seeming to at least for the moment forgot the fear of the scent of water and spun around the room and twirled in the dress before going to Nolan and gave the taller man a big old hug around the waist in his excitement. Practically snuggling.

"Ashy here worked really reaaaaaaaally hard a couple years ago to pass his promotional test!" Karn chirped before letting go before transforming into a exact copy of Nolan, using his left hand to push some strands of locks in his face back while the right arm flexed before just laughing and waving them about happily. "Now he gets to put on a show with the rest of the S-Class wizards of Phoenix Wing! It's so amazing! I'm sure he'll try even harder with his sweetie Copycat watching!" he chirped in Nolan's voice, still sounding excited which was probably weird with Nolan's face and voice. Eyes shining brightly before transforming back to his regular blonde self as he twirled around as he thought about the festival.

"The Fantasia Festival, also known as the Harvest Festival was a festival hosted by the great Fairy Tail Guild a loooooong time ago here in Magnolia to celebrate the harvest and give something special to the town! They hosted the Miss Fairy Tail Contest every year, a beauty contest for all the girls in the guild! It was a apparently a big event that people from other cities came and saw! Sometimes they hosted a battle event! Then at the end of the day the guild would host a parade where members would ride on floats and use their magic to entertain the crowd! It always sounded so so fun!" Karn chirped and cheered until he got close to Mandi, in which case the blonde didn't seem to be fully terrified, but he did return behind Penny. He seemed more at ease, at the prospect of the exciting events coming up.

Location: Dragon Fang Guild

Interacting: Keiko @BlackMaiden, Caitlyn @Landaus Five-One, Michael @MarshiestMallow

Prince hummed as he observed the young lady as she explained her intentions, while the ghostly figure examined them. He responded with winking with his uncovered eye and flashed a charming grin. He hummed as he bent down and leaned closer to Keiko, nose and ears twitching with a hum. "Ah I see, well I have to say you're quite the unique one that happened to wander in here. I'm glad your not too shy of us so in return it would be only be gentlemanly to inform you of my unique little quirk." he smiled and nodded his to Caitlyn.

"You could say I'm the opposite of her. I eat magic of those I make skin to skin contact with. A unfortunate racial need I have to say, but hey when one is hungry they are hungry mmm? You are more then welcome to have some here~ Ammy darling russle us some food please beautiful~~" he purred as she waved to the lady manning the bar, as if he didn't say anything mildly disturbing to any wizard.

It was then he spotted a familiar mop of blue hair coming down the stairs and he leaned back to whisper to the two girls with a completely, super totally innocent expression. "Be right back in a sec." he whispered and winked again before suddenly skipping with his long legs and his arms in the air with a cheerful expression. One could practically see stars and hearts fly out from him.

"Mikeeeeeeeeey" Prince greeted happily before promptly moving to glomp Michael. "Gooooood Morning~" he cheered before letting go and curling his fingers into a paw gesture as his one eye widened in a pleading look with a curled smile. He didn't say anything else, but he was staring at Michael, with both a happy and searching gaze.
Location: Magnolia | Phoenix Wing Guild

Interacting: Penny @MarshiestMallow, Brianna/Tearsy@Landaus Five-One, Damian @Zarkun
Mentions: Belius @Sho Minazuki, Nolan @hatakekuro, Mandi@Dezuel

Karn’s smile only brightened as his wide green eyes sparkled up at the fellow fire based wizard. ”And it’s super duper good to see you!” he chirped, seeming not to mind at all that his fired off ramble of questions were left unanswered and was simply happy to be there talking with Penny. At the question, he gave a gleeful laugh as he waved his arms up and down excitedly like he was some bird trying to lift off.

”Goody good! Well yes and no cause Eddy has been trying to get me used to water over the past couple of years by collecting seashells and well I try I really do but the water is riiiiight there and it’s big and fully ready to swallow and gobble, so other times I like helping around town and Eddie does the things with the gizmos and knickknacks I have no idea what are but seem fun but I’m not allowed to touch them so instead I try and take care of that egg but it still hasn’t hatched yet. Yesterday Eddy and I spent the whooooooooole day shopping and we tried to ask ZZ and Zenny to come with us but they were busy with something that ZZ said I couldn’t handle which I dunno why but maybe they went swimming or something but hey Eddy bought us this dress then we went to some place with uh aliiicooohaaaalll and Eddy banned us from drinking there because she doesn’t want to test out what that does if I drink it yet and I dunno why but everyone there wanted to buy us lots of drinks but anyway Joe, the bartender there, paid us to sing something and we sang and danced then we took a nap in the back and then we came back out and started talking with this guy which Eddy said I wasn’t allowed to talk to and she’d handle it and they started talking about some like weird looking lacrima and some Dark Guild and then we got told to say a thing and then he started touching us all over I guess he wanted hugs or something but then Eddy kneed him and we left and then we came back here.” Karn rambled at quite a fast pace not even taking a breath. Finally he had to pause in order to take a another inhale of oxygen.

Whirling his blonde head around, his green eyes sparkled as a familiar girl with dirty blonde hair approached. Raising his right arm, he waved enthusiastically. ”Hihi Bri-Bri and Tearsy!” Karn cheered a greeting, eyes sparkling before within the instant his cheerful face fell to a complete monotone the moment the voice entered their mind. It was difficult at times, defining voices, and those who actually communicated that way was a challenge to recongize. Considering Penny’s reaction though this one was real.

Edarn’s half lidded gazed looked at the sword as her arms cross over her chest. ”Unless Utility over there actually likes eating dirt, that’s most likely.” she responded calmly at the mention of why jolly saint over would be talking to sword for brains D over there. At the compliment, Edarn’s expression didn’t change for a few heartbeats before just arching a eyebrow.

”Mm being flirted by a sword is definetly a new one, but hey willing to edge it out.” Edarn remarked in a deadpan joke. Her eyes had been focused on staring at the sword rather than anything else. However her green eyes did glance toward Penny beside her as she heard Damian.

The minute she did, her senses warped. It started with white noise, until it was now just a insufferable ringing in her ears. It was so loud, she could hardly hear anything. Echos of chatter, explosions, screams, crackling... her vision of the light atmosphere turned dark and ‘Penny’ was pointing a spear to her throat. Her mouth was filled with the taste of rusty iron, of salt and of ash. Her nose could smell smoke and blood while her body felt numb and heavy. Her skin crawled and prickled, as her muscles felt like they were spasming.

As she looked at Penny, there was a compulsion. For her body to attack or suck in cover. Fingers around the throat until something snaps.

‘Rip, Tear, Swallow.’
‘Gotta survive got the get the job done. In the way. They are all in the way. Go. Move.’
‘Do something useful pathetic weakling.’

Voices echoed whispers into shouts, willing her to utterly snap. Instead, she closed her eyes and thought. ’Trees make oxygen for our sorry asses and we breath carbon dioxide for them to breathe. The world spins. Water evaporates into the air only to fall back down on our heads. Cycle cycle cycle. Don’t tell a girl she’s fat. Don’t touch the damn glass at the bakery and leave grubby fingerprints. Propel that mechanism to get the wings to...

Quiet quiet quiet. No fault but here. It’s fine. I’m fine. Numb it. Just numb it. Can’t hurt them. Can’t hurt this body. Can’t. Won’t. Refuse. Foreword not backward. No other way. Determination until the end. Gotta endure. Endure. Endure. Endure it.’

Counting backward from ten, her hands twitching to reach a cylinder in her pocket, she slowly opened her green eyes once more with the unchanging blank expression. The only indication of her mental instability was the slight clenching of her jaw and a bead of sweat on her brow. It had all been within but a moment as her gaze locked with the fellow blonde that had addressed her.

At the apology, Edarn just arched a eyebrow before slowly uncurling her arms and raised her left hand. Middle finger gingerly curled along her thumb while the others stuck out. Before briefly in a light swift manner, flicked Brianna’s forehead.

”It’s fine, I didn’t expect much else.” Edarn mused with a teasing smug smirk before once more the cheerful joyous expression came out.

”Teehee thanks a lot Tearsy! How are you and Bri-Bri doing today? I was just telling Fira alllllllllllll about yesterday!” Karn chirped in blissful cheer, repeating Penny’s question of how the two were. He then turned to Damian and smiled brightly in awe and threw his arms up.

”We should have a cooking day sometime then!” he chirped, and once seeing Nolan, the feminine boy waved his arms gleefully in greeting to the ash god slayer. His cheer grew at the thought of watching such great and fantastic wizards show off their superior skills. He was perhaps about to say something until he completely stiffened. Green eyes darting around, he spotted a man clad in yellow and had a strong scent of water on him.

Karn was smiling brightly still as in greeting, but he had found himself hiding behind Penny, hands gripping the back of her clothes as his entire body trembled. He could hear a sigh coming from his mind as Edarn saw the situation but she didn’t say anything else to lend aid to his plight.

Location: Dragon Fang Guild

Interacting: Keiko @BlackMaiden, Caitlyn @Landaus Five-One

Glancing his one good eye to the fellow feline like individual, Prince gave a toothy grin in response. ”Ah well you know, cats need their beauty sleep.” he chuckled, ears twitching which caused his hat to move. As his handshake was denied, the red head chuckled as he let it fall and placed his hands on his hips. Tilting his head as he examined the young lady he gave a soft hum.

”Ahhhh I see, wonder what you’re looking for?” he hummed before continuing. ”Our Guildmaster is unfortunately away for a meeting, but you are welcome to have a look around and ask us any questions if you like. Some of our top class just came back.” he cheered as he pointed to the power couple with a thumb. It was too bad to not get a taste of the newcomers magic, he couldn’t help but be curious and he was hungry. But it can’t be helped. It might spook her away anyhow.
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Location: Magnolia Nightclub ----> Phoenix Wing Guild

Interacting: Penny @MarshiestMallow, Damian @Zarkun

"Yeah, got this lacrima from some Dark Guild wannabe. Supposedly did some underground work to make some black market stuff. Quality ain't great, but hey, couldn't pass up the chance of having a lacrima like this eh?" laughed a brown haired man who pretty much screamed dumb rich kid. His brown eyes sparkling with overconfidence as he took a sip of some red liquid from his martini glass. Sitting beside him at the bar, Karn... or rather Edo-Karn was sitting next to him, twirling her blonde hair with a index finger as wide green eyes sparkled while staring at this peacocking man.

"Ohhhh wooow! You're so resourceful! Such a smart and handsome man is so rare to find." Edarn cooed with a awestruck voice, giving a bright dumb blonde kind of smile.

'Unsurprising how much you are manipulative.'
'And a complete and utter...'
'Really, you just don't have any dignity. Completely useless. Completely a waste of space.'

Edarn ignored the voices in her head, within her soul or mind... ah whatever. Echoes, Ghosts. She gave a bright smile as the man handed her the lacrima and gave a bit of a giggle as her slender fingers played with the purplish black glowing orb, rolling it against her index finger. It certainly was ominous looking, if it was actually legitimate however was yet to be seen. Even if this guy was confident it was, honestly he didn't seem the smartest tool in the shed. She had spent the night here, doing a little multi-job. Do a little singing up on stage, chat up this bloke that often comes here to pick up girls. Waving his money around and boasting of his connections.

"For me? What's it do?" Edarn continued with awe, flashing another naive smile despite having a good idea what this particular thing does.

Giving a slight twitch of a smile, the man ran a hand through his hair nonchalantly and smirked. "Oh just a bit of beauty magic. It'll make even the dirtiest backwater trash into a drop dead gorgeous babe. Why not give it a try babe? Make that cute face of yours even cuter. All you got to do is activate it is to say Please Me." he grinned, a glint within his deep brown eyes, seeming to have a difficult time hiding his impatience.

"Alrighty then. Hmmmm Please Me~" Edarn chirped in response, as she made a little bit of a dangerous gamble. Rumors say girls would often disappear after this, those naïve enough to fall for this trick. This lacrima wasn't for such a simple purpose, but supposedly to cause women holding it to succumb to complete servitude just like that. Just be a walking puppet for those to play with for little while or whatever Dark Guilds needed them for.

After she spoke, the man beamed before leaning closer and placed a hand on her thigh, fingers wrinkling her dress as they unabashedly touched her. Edarn's face went blank, although it seemed the man hadn't bothered to check to see if the lacrima had worked. By his aggressive actions, it seemed the rumors and theories were correct. Edarn's expression remained blank as she felt a hand travel along the thigh, and another to her flat chest. Her green eyes did shift to the right to lock eyes with the nervously concerned barman, Joe, whom gave a silent sigh of relief as she did. Mmmm seemed even lack of eye movement was a sign of it working. Guess she scared Joe with her daring ploy as well. Suppose it be a hassle if it had worked and Joe had to call the guild to bail her out of this predicament she got Karn and herself in.

It was then the man stiffened and froze, seeming to have found something utterly shocking. When he looked up to meet green eyes, Edarn gave a innocent smile. "Gotcha." she chirped before slamming her knee up right between his legs, her right palm slamming into his face and pushing him away from her. Brushing down the green dress she was wearing she got up from seat and set some jewels on the bar counter.

As the guy was on the floor whimpering or something, Edarn brushed a hand along her neck, fingers running through the blonde hair and waved to Joe. "Here tell the guys I did my part. Have them study this lacrima and report to GM if you find anything interesting regarding the Dark Guild making these." she said as she tossed it to Joe before winking at the man on the ground.

"Thanks for the help big boy. Hate to give you them blue balls but I gotta go. Toodles." Edarn spoke before walking out of the place, green eyes squinting at the sunlight. Morning must have already come before she realized. Still with a shrug, she walked along the streets of Magnolia.

These red shoes were uncomfortable, and she heaved a sigh at having to wear a impractical outfit. Still it did the job and it was one Karn had wanted out of all of them. It was at least not a ungodly amount of pink this time around. Last night had earned them a bit of food, and some extra money for her to buy some more mechanical parts for some projects. She felt her nightly outing tiring, but it was worth doing the job.

"Wow that was fun! I dunno if you should of hit him that hard though? He didn't hurt us after all." Karn's voice spoke out from within her mind. Which caused her to simply give a sigh in response, a swift facepalm, before running it up and into the blonde strands.

"He was a creep and did plenty of things." she simply responded out loud, looking like she was talking to herself, but she didn't mind it.

'You enjoyed it.'
'Hard to believe you didn't just keep it up all the way through.'
'Perhaps you were just pathetic and a coward though teehee.'

Voices echoed once more but Edarn just shrugged a bit as she continued walking, listening as Karn piped up with questions and started to ramble but she wasn't really listening. However once she stopped in front of the doors to the Guild, her blank expression stared at the doors. Closing her green eyes, she sniffed, trying her best to identify the smells that are within. She had gotten a bit better over the couple of years, however it was still difficult to actually utilize a acute sense of smell. The many scents of the Guild just ended up giving her a migraine.

"Dammy and Fira are back!" came Karn's excited voice that ringed in her mind, as expected he'd be able to identify who all was in there.

Edarn did not share the excitement as she just looked at the doors for a long moment. It was a pretty rare sight for her to bother interacting with the Earthland Guild Members, well mostly a certain list of people. Interaction only happened if her input was really required, otherwise, she secluded herself from them. A part of her hated them, even though it was just stupid to do so. It was unfair of her to do so. But the whole entire thing was just unfair as well. Her logical and emotional sides didn't align well when it came to this situation. Or maybe she was just insane, and this was the only way to hold herself together.

It was easier to be numb than in pain.

For the most part, Twinkle Toes was the only Red Flag that did occasionally try and speak to her. Edarn responded, mostly for gains in research and assistance but even her presence just...

Edarn shook her head and waved a hand as she took a deep breath. "Go say hi then." she said as the green eyes closed and she completely released the control over this body.

Karn's expression melted from Edarn's expressionless face to one of bright sunshine, a smile plastered on his lips as he busted through door like a barrel of nerves. "Dammy and Fira are back! Welcome back! How are you two?! Did you have fun?! Did you travel the whooooooole wooooooorld?! Do you have any epic stories to tell?! Did you eat a lot of good food?!" the blonde chirped and cheered, as he hopped and skipped all about the guild, twirling around in the dress with utter glee and excitement. So happy to have friends return once more. His rambles got directed more to Penny since Damian was trying to interact with others, but his green eyes gleamed brightly.

He respected Damian and Penny a lot. They were S-class Wizards and top of the Guild. It was awe-inspiring. They were everything he wasn't. They were strong, brave, respected, leaned on, kind and caring. Karn had once perhaps dreamed to be like them, and like many wizards, be a S-Class Wizard. But it was one he had simply given up on. He just wasn't good enough, not confident enough, not strong enough, not brave enough. But it was fine, if he could just help with little things too.

Location: Dragon Fang Guild

Interacting: Joslyn, Zen, @Zarkun Keiko @BlackMaiden

A yawned escaped from a man lying up on a wooden beam in the rafters of the Guildhall, a red tail lazily hanging over the side. The tall feline clad in red was writing in what looked like a thick book, humming a soft tune as he did. Occasionally he did watch the activities of his Guildmates, especially when Hunter started his usual challenging rounds. Guild Master Jack was off on some meeting, so sadly the feline man could not bother him today. Fluffy ears twitching as the doors opened, Prince looked down with his teal gaze and gave a bright toothy smile. "Hello Hello there power team. Welcome back." he purred as he rolled on his stomach to look down at Joslyn and Zen making a return.

It was good to see they seemed alive and well at least. Prince looked to the doors as they opened once more, this time a girl wandering inside. Ah, perhaps another newbie? Seemed to be getting more and more as of late. Stretching out, Prince closed the book he was writing in and put it in his bag before standing up. Stretching and giving another yawn before leaping down and landing gracefully onto the floor of the guildhall. The tall man wandered over to the silver haired girl and tipped his hat in his greeting.

"Well hello there good lady! Welcome to Dragon Fang! My name is Prince, pleasure to meet you!" he chirped before holding out his right bare clawed hand out as if to handshake.

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Karn/Edarn - Tenrou Island

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As Karn felt their feet knocked from under them, he had to release his form of the dragon. Disappearing in the blink of the eye to return as his human body. Crashing against the ground and rolling a good feet away from the force. He coughed and hacked, wheezing from breath. His body feeling like it was electrified and exhausted from the over use of the magic. He felt was in shock and could barely understand and comprehend what was going on around him. He could hear Ferrin in his mind, giving a instruction. So the blonde struggled to his feet. Looking up to the dragons and hissed as he tried to transform again. He just winced in pain. Breathing deeply, the young man tried breathing... and breathing... until golden flames started to lick out of his mouth. Green eyes flicking to Trinity and Mithera to make sure they were alright.

Eastern Chimera magic.... he didn't think he could transform fully into his Eastern Chimera form, so he'd be defenseless if he took a hit. But maybe at least he could work up some attack power. Maybe if he could eat some of the fire dragon flames... would that work? Wasn't dragon flames supposed to be magical of sorts? Well he never really ate dragon fire. Can't be too bad right? And if it rejuvenated his magic why not?

It was then a man... Zeref appeared. Anger welled inside Karn at the thought of all these dragons being controlled. Memory of Hemlock flashing within his mind and causing him to shutter. As magic users started to cast their spells, Karn looked toward Zero before taking a deep breath. Clapping his hands together before forcing himself to jump up, inhaling deeply before breathing.

"Eastern Chimera Roar!" the blonde roared, golden flames shooting from his mouth, the powerful force flashing over. Enveloping up behind Zero's drill attack, pushing it foreword, golden flames dancing swirling along with the drill. Falling back to the ground, he landed with a thud, panting heavily. He didn't know if that worked or helped, and he could ear Edarn question pretty much everything, but he was struggling to even think right now.
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