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Will try replying tomorrow night. Will be tired tho so don't bet on it. But I will attempt
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Make that either tomorrow or Monday night
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Ok. Said I'd reply today. But I'm super tired. Might be tomorrow or the day after so I can play catch up
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Posting may be iffy because puppy had surgery today. Gotta watch him


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Sorry I haven't replied. Everyone around here has been getting the flu =.=

I had the beginning paragraph typed up a bit too ;A;
Was gonna post today but will have to postpone to tomorrow

Tenrou Island

@CitrusArms @Burthstone

At the tackle, Karn let out a yelp while Edarn took control, quickly catching the ground with her hands to avoid falling flat on her face. Glancing to Trinity, Edarn simply stood up, brushing herself off. "It's fine, hes..... very excited... Keeps moving around like this he's going to cause his friend to fall off." the blonde said, digging around in her bag to take out some rope. Reaching around to strap Mithera against her back. Least this way, she could use her hands if needed.

Of course at that moment, Karn took over once again and gave a loud cheer. "Trinny but dragons! Come on lets go say hi and explore and lots and lots!" Karn chirped cheerfully, his eyes briefly changing as Edarn took over.

"Wait-" Edarn started before Karn took over and transformed into his Eastern Chimera form.

"Exploration and friendship!" he cheered before the large lion like beast bounded, climbing up some rocks with ease. Perhaps not considering running off on his own was perhaps not the best decision and that fact alone was making his Edolan self facepalm.


Tenrou Island


Prince chuckled, patting the top of Michael's head at the more nervous male's stutters. Feline ears flicking while his tail swished side to side thoughtfully. "Oh I'm sure to find out some things, maybe some information, maybe some treasure. All the fun stuff." he mused, smiling with his usual cheerful and casual self. Undisturbed by the happenings around them.
Alright I’ll look things over and try to post somethin tomorrow

Tenrou Island

@CitrusArms @Demon Shinobi @Burthstone

At Zero's recommendation, Karn gave a nod and transformed back to human form and ran off to fetch Mithera. Finding her sleeping soundly, the young blonde picked her up gently before trotting back outside on deck. Moving her so she was over his shoulder, he transformed into a pegasus once more, shifting so his friend rested more comfortably on his back. Trotting over to Trinity, the white winged horse offered her a lift to the island. Once she was on, Karn took to the sky, flying over the waters. Not daring to look down.

'Don't look down don't look down.'

'Yes please don't.'

Flying over the terrifying water, it didn't take long for Karn to land onto the island. Waiting for Trinity to dismount, Karn transformed back into his human form, carrying Mithera piggy back style. Which probably was a bit odd looking considering she was taller than him. The blonde glanced around the island, jumping a bit as a roar rang out and his green eyes sparkled with utter wonder.

"Drrrraaaagoooon!" Karn cheered and was started to bolt off in a direction until skidding to a halt, eyes shifting to the etheral green as Edarn took over, standing a bit straighter and acting as if carrying Mithera was nothing.

"Yes, and bolting in said direction sounds like a great idea." Edarn said, her face expressionless with a sigh but her expression soon switching as Karn's cheerful expression took over.

"But dragon!" he cheered.


Tenrou Island


Prince for the most part was pretty leisure through the trip toward the island. Sticking with Michael wherever his teammate went. Happily hugging him or just lounging about on the little boat. Unlike his friend Karn, having little to no fear of the water. The salty seas were a bit calming. A pirate's life wouldn't be so bad truth be told. When they reached the island, Prince stood on the beach and strethed out his tall body, leaning a elbow on top of Michael's head gently.

"Well here we are Mikey! Are you ready for this splendid adventure?" the tall cat man said, giving a toothy grin as a roar rang out. [color=aqua]"Got a feelin it's gonna be a great one."[/color[ he gave a hearty laugh. Seemingly unperturbed by the most likely dangerous sound.
Super sorry for being gone, irl caught up to me and punched me in the mouth. And by that I mean dentist runs that made me want to do literally nothing. What did I miss?

Xuma lunged foreword to pierce her spear into the behemoth's neck, ears twitching a bit within her helm as she listened to the others speak. The brawler seemed a little aggressive about the whole situation. Roaring, the beast seemed to wave its horns and smacked the miqo'te with its tail. Grunting, the feline fell back before back flipped and landed on her feet, launching in another jump to spear the beast from above right into the head.
Art for Phoenix Wing Guild ^^
Ashton Griffone || Somewhere near the Old Museum?/Abandoned Building || Thursday Late Afternoon/Evening

#PuddledAshes Ash Carson @LostBrotherGrimm, Capella Xing @Tenma Tendo

Smiling brightly as the pooch approached her, Ashton gently scratched the dog behind the ears with on hand and giving him some loving pets on top of his head. What a good dog! Amethyst eyes flicking up to the youngest of the two boys. She examined his eyes. Did he have trouble seeing? Mhm that could be a problem since pretty much all her communication is visual. What are the chances of someone hard of seeing and someone hard of speaking being in the same place in a snowstorm? Probably not all that high.

As Capella offered his hand, Ashton gave a smile, raising her right hand and giving the boy's hand a firm shake with calloused slender fingers. A idea came to mind and she wondered if the boy knew sign. So she moved her hands to grip the back of his palm and gently shifting her other hand against his palm. Gingerly making words and letters out of her hand as it shifted to speak through her hands. Signing to the boy that it was nice to meet him.

Looking to the other boy apparently named Ash, Ashton gave a silent chuckle. Raising her left hand vertically over her face and bowed her head a bit apologetically. Scratching her left cheek with her left index finger in embarrassment at having giving the boys quite the spook. Suppose seeing a giant lone figure in the middle of a snowstorm that didn't say a word was a bit intimidating. She smiled, her left hand raising to her throat and cupped it bit. Patting it as she opened her mouth as if to say something. But no sound came out of it. She tried again. Only pain clenched her throat as if clamping down hard to choke her out. So the result only ended up in a cough.

It was show, that she couldn't talk. And that was why she hadn't said anything to them.

Xuma blinked as she caught the crystal, her crystal gaze looking at it curiously then to the moogle as it began to speak. It seemed the moogle pleaded them for assistance, causing the miqo'te to look around at the others who seemed to have been dragged her as well. Her head whipped around to look as the behemoth charged into the room. Taking out her spear to hold it in her hands. Hand pressing against her wrist for one of the collected crystals upon it. Her outfit changing to be fully plated her dark colored dragoon armor. Eyes narrowing, she focused flexed her body. Feeling the power within swell quickly before bursting out. Illuminating energy bursting from her body, the blue colors forming that of a slender snake like swirling dragon that danced around her. Unlocking the Blood of the Dragon, Xuma weilded her spear and launched herself into the air. Spinning her spear to point downward and spiked down to slam the tip her spear into the beast's head. Jumping backward as she stood in a fighting stance.
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