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Ship to Tenrou Island

Prince had pretty much followed Michael, and had found himself lounging on a highly stacked pile of boxes. Resting on his side with his elbow on the ground for support while his head rested against his raised palm. Red tail flicking from side to side gingerly and calmly. Enjoying the scent of fresh air and the open sea. It was nice being out here and prepared for the open waters.


Ship To Tenrou Island

When Sasha seemed to be call for the move out, Edarn had turned to Mithera and gently pushed the woman off of her. "Sorry but gotta get going again. We'll talk later when I get back alright? See ya." she said, pondering over the name Mithera that Trinity spoke. Something that quite stirred a excitement from the other residence of this body.

"K-karn, wait!" Mithera said as Karn got up to leave. She hesitated for a moment as she collected her thoughts. "Would it be okay if I joined you? I really want to catch up with you, since it's been a little while since we've seen each other. I promise I won't be a hassle!" She said. "If there's no room for another person, I can just stay with you in your room, right?" Mithera gave him what she hoped was a disarming smile, but with the dark bags under her eyes giving away her utter exhaustion it came off as much more ghastly. Her growing headache throbbed, reminding her that sleep was supposed to be her number one priority. "B-by the way, how far is it? I'm uh, a bit tired after the past couple of days and admittedly I'm not sure of my ability to, um, stay awake."

Pausing a bit, Edarn glanced to exhausted looking woman. Scratching the back of her head and ruffling the blonde hair. "Well I don't see why not. Bunch of folks seem to be going and seems they could use the support." she mused.

"Yes yes!"

"Good to see you're awake."

Turning her glowing ethereal gaze toward Mithera before shrugging and rolling her shoulders before moving and smoothly picking up the taller girl up bridal style. "It's fine, try to get some rest it shouldn't take too long. Everyone needs some beauty rest, though you don't need too much of that." Edarn chuckled a bit.

Edarn had just followed the crowd carrying Mithera, continuing to pretty much ignore Sasha and just remain a shadow that creeped quietly after them. Once on the ship however, there was one issue that she wasn't particularly enjoying about this body. The fact that Karn's body seemed to get absolutely motion sickness thanks to his powerful magic. It hadn't seem to effect him until after the training with Nolan, which he mentioned is probably because he got strong enough to the point where the overload of magic made him feel ill with motion that wasn't natural. So once on the boat, Edarn was just at the starboard side of the ship, arms folded on the railing with her head buried in them. Simply standing and leaning against it as the waves of immediate nausea assaulted this body. In which case, of course, Karn was hiding so he didn't have to deal with the full frontal of it like the one in control had to.
Ashton Griffone || Old Harbor || Main Stands || Race Day

Victoria @PrinceAlexus, Allison @Mattchstick

Ashton's amethyst eyes looked at Victoria before looking toward where the pale girl pointed in order to examine the car. Joel huh? He indeed seemed to be doing quite well in the race. So the tall blonde gave a cheerful smile, glad it seemed the woman's choice of cheering was going well. Ashton didn't particularly have any certain one to root for, just it was nice to watch. Victoria... at the feel of her hand and on closer inspection, it did seem this woman seemed to be on the frailer side. Or at least quite more delicate in comparison to Ashton. The pale woman's skin was soft while Ashton's was calloused and rougher. Some scars glittered in the upper arms of Victoria, but they at least required more closer inspection.

Scars littered Ashton's tall frame, and the most obvious one wasn't as easy to hide without wearing a mask and looking like someone straight out of a horror flick. Her toned arms had some cuts and perhaps some burns, though nothing she was ashamed of hiding. She knew that she wasn't in any shape or form.... have that much girly looks. It sometimes was a shame, but Ashton wasn't disappointed. She was herself and that was okay.

Blinking a little in confusion at the sudden cheering from Victoria and her peers, Ashton gave a silent smile in return as Victoria offered a drink. Generally, the firefighter didn't care for alcohol. Although she did enjoy the really sweet ones like frilly martini's. If she wasn't technically possibly required to go on a rescue, Ashton would of accepted the gesture out of politeness. Of course, since Marine probably wouldn't mind since she didn't like Ashton being back on the job, feeling as if since the accident Ashton should take some extra rest. But it was fine, her back wasn't that bad.

Instead though, the tall woman politely smiled and shook her head while waving her hands gingerly in order to decline the offer and giving a soft bow in thanks before tapping her badge to notify that it was probably for the best that the firefighter did not ingest alcohol. Although she did wave cheerfully to Victoria's other companions, be it friends or family.

Not long however, someone else approached her that managed to catch Ashton's attention. Mostly for the fact that the red haired woman had purposely seemed to walk right to her. Amethyst gaze blinking curiously at the red haired woman, the dirty blonde gave another bright friendly smile and waved her right hand in a cheerful greeting. Doing a similar introduction as she did with Victoria, Ashton held her badge up with one hand before holding her other hand out for a handshake.

Tilting her head to the side in a questioning and curious manner of who this was and why it seemed she was interested in seeking her out in the sea of people. Not that she minded, Ashton welcomed all the friends.
Ashton Griffone || Old Harbor || Main Stands || Race Day

Victoria @PrinceAlexus

Ashton gave a brighter smile in return, her strong hand squeezing gently but firmly against the tiny pale hand and giving it a good shake. Nodding and gingerly putting her own left pair fingers and made a tipping of the hat motion in order to return the 'nice to meet you' before returning her gaze to the race with interest. It seemed it really was going to be a exciting race! Some of the drivers were already making daring moves on the track. Must be pretty fun and thrilling to race like this. Although she hoped no one got hurt, since it didn't take much for a accident to occur.

It was a fun day so far, and she met someone new!

Glancing toward the woman named Victoria, if the woman turned toward the tall blonde, Ashton would give another smile, amethyst eyes wide and full of curiosity as she gingerly pointed toward the race cars in a questioning manner. Wondering if perhaps Victoria had any friends competing in the race today. Personally Ashton didn't really recall anyone she knew herself who was entering or anything. But it was something to... discuss at least.
Ashton Griffone || Old Harbor || Stands || Sunday Morning

Victoria @PrinceAlexus

Ashton's gaze blinked with a bit of a dumbfounded expression as the woman she had interacted with had at first spoken in Russian before switching to English. Both sounding pretty fluent and spot on. The firefighter had known some Russian thanks to the army, but it had been years and that time of learning the language had become a bit rusty. So she could only get a couple of words, which didn't really help with the whole thing so one could say it was a bit worthless. Language was funny like that, it usually took a constant use to actually keep it. The blonde was sure that if she had spoke herself, her own English would be slurred or broken. Considering she hadn't spoken in probably four years or so. Quite amazing that this woman could switch between two languages though!

Giving a ever so bright cheerful smile at okay to sit, the tall androgynous woman sat down beside the tiny but more elegant woman. Shuffling her firefighter jacket from around her waist while stretching out her arms and upper body. The faded white shirt a bit loose and wrinkled from overuse and her suspenders snug against her strong shoulder blades. At the whining complaint of someone behind however, Ashton soon hunched over so her height didn't bother folks behind her as much. Arms resting lazily over her legs and hanging down in the middle relaxed.

Blinking her amethyst gaze more curiously as this woman seemed to plea not to call the ambulance before motioning to her walking stick, Ashton gave a nervous smile and scratched her cheek with her left index finger. Should she be ashamed that wasn't the first thing that came to mind? Was she staring and make this girl uncomfortable? She didn't mean to, she just thought the girl was pretty.

Quickly Ashton shook her head and waved her hand, trying to convey that she wasn't going to do such a thing... well unless it truly needed to happen but so far this girl wasn't fainting or anything. Rubbing the back of her messy dirty blonde hair, fingers gingerly ruffling the strands for a moment in some embarrassment, Ashton gave a silent chuckle before giving a thoughtful expression. Before looking straight at this woman before pointing at herself, then tapping at her own head, then pointing to the white haired woman before drawing her finger toward the horizon of the dazzling water.

It was her own way of trying to say she was thought this woman was pretty, not that she was looking at how sick she looked or anything. Of course, Ashton wasn't sure this woman would quite understand since everyone had a different sense of 'beauty' and all. Despite that, the tall firefighter smiled before reaching into her pockets and pulling out her badge. Slipping off her right glove to set her calloused hand free, she held that hand out for a handshake while holding her badge out with the other hand to show her name Ashton Griffone.

A bright cheerful smile still upon her face while taking a few glances at the race as it roared to life. Seemed it was already going well. That was good.

Phoenix Wing Guild


Giving a soft amused chuckle as Michael spoke, Prince playfully poked the blue haired boy's nose in a 'boop' manner. The red haired man gave a soft hum and purred a bit, tail swaying side to side. "Ah you're too kind! You're quite good to me Mikey! I just love you so!" Prince chuckled, giving a innocent teasing grin, teal gaze lit up mischievously.


Phoenix Wing Guild


While listening to the music, Edarn's slightly glowing green eyes watched as the woman who was Pen's Earthland self, Penny stormed in. Eyes twitched a little as the memory of 'Pen' irked in her mind at the sight of his face, though feminine. His voice ever so echoing in her mind. His image, she could see him clearly and ever so vividly amongst everyone. Eyes cold and hollow, empty... not unlike her own.

"They all will stab you in the back. They can preach, they can pretend, but they always will if you get in their way. No matter what high road they try to fill your head with."

Closing her eyes and taking a breath, she opened them for her vision to return to normal, and for now the voices be a little more quiet. Soon enough Penny left the Guildhall as soon as she arrived, looking quite a bit upset. Another guild member followed so the blonde wasn't that concerned. The next was Mayt, in which case her green eyes narrowed before turning away.

"It's a wonder what will happen to your brother and mother now."
"Perhaps they won't last long."
"Perhaps you're brother will meet the same fate as you did."
"Or they are already dead."
"Not like you'll ever find out at this rate."

Edarn took another calming breath, not paying much attention to the oncoming female before Edarn found herself wrapped up into another embrace. Causing her to briefly tense at the feeling but relaxed when she realized it wasn't malicious. Blinking a little in mild surprise, she flicked her green gaze to a tall woman with white hair. Looking at the face of this woman, appearance wise, this woman wasn't familiar no matter how much Edarn dug through Karn's memories. However, she did feel a eager spark of energy come from the other soul. So perhaps he had some recognition of some kind.

"...I've had girls falling for me before but this is a little surprising." Edarn mused, raising her arms and lightly patting this girl on the back in a slight return of the embrace.

"I've been sort of exploring I guess. Sorry to let the cat out of the bag though, I don't quite recognize you. And I usually remember pretty faces." Edarn said, giving a slight amused grin.
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Il include your reply in the big post I do for thr upcoming Joel race post.

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Ashton Griffone || Old Harbor || Stands || Sunday Morning

Victoria @PrinceAlexus

Ashton stretched out, listening the rumbling of cars while her eyes looked at screens of the large tvs as well as listening to the portable radio listing information about the race. It would seem the race was about to start. They had a decent view, though not too great since the team wasn't really required to be up near the front lines or anything. The tall fire fighter's amethyst gaze was curiously looking over the crowd, before turning her gaze toward Marine who gave a groan and gripped her hands on the taller woman's sleeves.

"Uuuuuuugh Ash! This is so unfair! Save yourself!" the red head groaned dramatically draping a arm over her forehead.

Tilting her head, the dirty blonde gave a questioning look. Eyes blinking rapidly in confusion, causing Marine to roll her eyes and standing up straight with her hands on her hips.

"How about you go get a better view? We'll call if we need you alright? Plus since you're such a big lug, it'll be easier for you to push through the crowd. Plus, everyone loves their favorite Firefighter eh?" Marine chuckled as she playfully punched the taller woman's arm.

Ashton blinked a little more before giving a bright smile, amethyst eyes glittering with some excitement. Rapidly nodding, the blonde raised her left hand and curled her three middle fingers while holding her thumb and pinky out. Holding it up to her ear like a telephone as she took off her helmet and set it inside the firetruck before heading off toward the stands. Tightening her firefighter jacket around her waist as she moved through the crowd. Wandering through the crowd, Ashton's long legs carried her easily as she made it to the stands to get a better view of the race. Perhaps Marine always liked spoiling the giant a little by giving her chances of fun like this. Maybe she just still wanted the blonde to take it a little easy since she sort of came back on the job a little early.

Still, Ashton didn't mind! She loved her job and she just wanted to be sure everyone else was alright. As she moved through the stands, bowing a little apologetically to those she had to pass whom were already seated. She saw a empty seat besides a short woman who was as pretty as fresh morning snow. The towering figure raised her left hand, gingerly scratching her cheek shyly before giving a bright smile and clapping her hands together to get the girl's attention. Once getting it, Ashton would wave her hand in greeting before tilting her head questioningly and pointing at herself then to the free seat next to the girl.
Alver was thinking to himself, trying to clear his mind from his unsettling nightmare, keeping his focus on cooking. Perhaps humming a little tune to settle his nerves. As he a pile of pumpkin pancakes on a plate, something to fit the season, he heard someone come down the stairs and smiled a little as he turned his head to see Luke. The albino chuckled a bit and poured some milk in a glass before walking over and setting the plate and glass on the table in front of Luke.

"Well good morning Luke! Did you sleep well? Ready for some breakfast I hear." Alver said with amusement at the sound of rumbling tummies. His lavender eyes glanced toward the stairs and gave a soft sigh, taking a seat across from Luke, wearing a white apron.

"Your dad must still be asleep. Glad he's getting some rest." Alver chuckled a little.

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