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Xuma lunged foreword to pierce her spear into the behemoth's neck, ears twitching a bit within her helm as she listened to the others speak. The brawler seemed a little aggressive about the whole situation. Roaring, the beast seemed to wave its horns and smacked the miqo'te with its tail. Grunting, the feline fell back before back flipped and landed on her feet, launching in another jump to spear the beast from above right into the head.
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Ashton Griffone || Somewhere near the Old Museum?/Abandoned Building || Thursday Late Afternoon/Evening

#PuddledAshes Ash Carson @LostBrotherGrimm, Capella Xing @Tenma Tendo

Smiling brightly as the pooch approached her, Ashton gently scratched the dog behind the ears with on hand and giving him some loving pets on top of his head. What a good dog! Amethyst eyes flicking up to the youngest of the two boys. She examined his eyes. Did he have trouble seeing? Mhm that could be a problem since pretty much all her communication is visual. What are the chances of someone hard of seeing and someone hard of speaking being in the same place in a snowstorm? Probably not all that high.

As Capella offered his hand, Ashton gave a smile, raising her right hand and giving the boy's hand a firm shake with calloused slender fingers. A idea came to mind and she wondered if the boy knew sign. So she moved her hands to grip the back of his palm and gently shifting her other hand against his palm. Gingerly making words and letters out of her hand as it shifted to speak through her hands. Signing to the boy that it was nice to meet him.

Looking to the other boy apparently named Ash, Ashton gave a silent chuckle. Raising her left hand vertically over her face and bowed her head a bit apologetically. Scratching her left cheek with her left index finger in embarrassment at having giving the boys quite the spook. Suppose seeing a giant lone figure in the middle of a snowstorm that didn't say a word was a bit intimidating. She smiled, her left hand raising to her throat and cupped it bit. Patting it as she opened her mouth as if to say something. But no sound came out of it. She tried again. Only pain clenched her throat as if clamping down hard to choke her out. So the result only ended up in a cough.

It was show, that she couldn't talk. And that was why she hadn't said anything to them.

Xuma blinked as she caught the crystal, her crystal gaze looking at it curiously then to the moogle as it began to speak. It seemed the moogle pleaded them for assistance, causing the miqo'te to look around at the others who seemed to have been dragged her as well. Her head whipped around to look as the behemoth charged into the room. Taking out her spear to hold it in her hands. Hand pressing against her wrist for one of the collected crystals upon it. Her outfit changing to be fully plated her dark colored dragoon armor. Eyes narrowing, she focused flexed her body. Feeling the power within swell quickly before bursting out. Illuminating energy bursting from her body, the blue colors forming that of a slender snake like swirling dragon that danced around her. Unlocking the Blood of the Dragon, Xuma weilded her spear and launched herself into the air. Spinning her spear to point downward and spiked down to slam the tip her spear into the beast's head. Jumping backward as she stood in a fighting stance.

A yawn escaped from the toothy mouth of a tall Miqo'te as she stretched her arms over her head. Rolling her shoulders, her fluffy midnight blue tail flicked as it curled itself behind the chair, her slitted crystal blue eyes curiously looking at the plate of food before her. Wearing her casual wear that her friend Tataru had kindly sewed just for her. Pointed feline eyes twitched as she took her right black gloved hand and gingerly gripped a round a perfectly round sweet. It was a light brown and had a light red fruity spiral going along the top of it.

"Tell me again what these are?" piped up a voice across the simple rounded wooden table. The voice coming from a young long haired blonde woman who donned a red dress with matching pointy-tipped shoes and baggy white pants. Her blue eyes looking skeptically at a similar cookie that her feline companion was holding.

"I believe it was called a Tea Snap, Lyse. A raspberry filled one to be exact." came the calmer voice of a fellow female Miqo'te that sat beside the blonde woman named Lyse. Her name was Y'shtola. A Miqo'te of the Seekers of the Sun with a light brown skin and brown facial markings, light pale eyes and white hair with two frontal pigtails tied with rings. She dresses in a white dalmatica with silver patterns, blue trousers and black ankle boots. She wears a visual device on her neck, that assisted her in aetheral activities. She has the tattoo of the Circle of Knowing on her neck.

"They are quite popular in Ul'Dah. I'm almost surprised Alisaie was able to procure such a treat!" A tiny girl that reached to maybe as tall as the average toddler sat on the other side of Lyse. Wearing a pink dress and waving a tiny arm happily to snatch another pastery. Using the other hand to brush back some lilac hair as her violet eyes shined gleefully.

Xuma, the dark haired feline of the group, glanced around the area. They were currently sitting at a table in the Rising Stones of Mor Dhona. It was colder than normal today, perhaps the winter winds were blowing in sooner than expected this fine day. Currently it was snowing outside and the people of Mor Dhona were having a grand ol time upstairs in The Seventh Heaven bar that held their secret operation. Most likely enjoying being out of the snowy weather and getting a good drink. The rest of the Scions within these hidden walls having a good chat. Everyone seemed to be at peace for the day.

A soft amused chuckle came to her right, causing Xuma to look in that direction. "Well I did promise some good treats. I don't go back on my word as I'm sure you are quite aware Tataru." a young girl of perhaps sixteen years of age spoke up, a amused smile played upon her flush red lips. The teen stood to around Xuma's chest... even though she was a Elezen but Xuma figured that perhaps they might get a growth spurt when they older. Still had quite the pointy furless ears though. The teen had white hair pulled into a long ponytail that had a red knot tied to it. Wearing a large delta-shaped earring on her right ear and creme colored clothing with purple markings on her collar.

Turning her head at a soft sigh to her left, Xuma saw almost the spitting image of Alisaie sitting to her left. However this pointed elf eared individual didn't have as flushly red lips and his ponytail held a blue knot and a green marking upon his collar. Donning a white-tunic with matching pants and boots, a blue coat with black hood and black gloves. He was the twin brother of Alisaie and a fairly long time companion and friend of Xuma for some time now. Though pretty much everyone here was.

"That is quite commendable dear sister but pray tell why it must be out of my pockets in order to have this?" The young teen male Elezen commented.

His twin gave a soft 'tut tut' at him as if scolding a child as she picked up another tea snap. "Now my dear brother it was a jointed little effort. You'd make a payment, I'd set it up, and Xuma would assist in fetching it. It all worked out quite smoothly if I do say. Xuma what do you think? A success I hope?" Alisaie questioned as she turned her light gaze upon the more quieter of the group but indeed many would say quite the important one.

Xuma looked between everyone as the group looked towards their friend and 'Hero' to gauge her opinion on the matter. Blinking her crystal eyes curiously, the dark haired woman gave a toothy grin and shrugged nonchalantly, her pointed fangs poking out from her upper lip. Soon enough though, Xuma took a bite of the 'tea snap' and gave a soft pleased hum at the sweet taste. Her left hand forming a thumbs up in approval and a eager nod.

This of course caused Alisaie to give a pleased knowing smile. "See? The Warrior Of Light seems quite satisfied with it." she hummed, causing the other girls at the table to laugh while Alphinaud just rolled his eyes a little. Though a smile still quirked his fair face.

"Yeah, with this snowy weather and everybody finally taking a little break from world ending. Good time to live a little." Lyse laughed as she nommed quite a few of the delicious snacks.

Xuma nodded in agreement as she shoved another tea snap in her mouth. It was nice just being around friends. Adventuring was fun and all and she adored it... but fighting giant gods spun up by scared desperate people, a nation trying to take over the world, and a group of robed basically immortal weirdos trying to plunge the world into darkness could be tiring. It felt nice sitting down during a stormy night in a warm cozy place full of hope and being around the warmth of her friends for at least a little while.

A little break from world saving couldn't hurt.

Well that's what she thought until she noticed her companions suddenly stop talking and just seem to be staring at her in shock. Blinking her crystal cat eyes curiously, Xuma looked around for answers before her eyes turned to her hands. Noticing that her body was glowing with a light blue light. A bit similar to Hydaelyn's crystal light. Xuma stood quickly as she looked over herself, wondering what exactly was going on.

"Stand ba-"

Xuma managed to hear before their words were cut off and the vision of her friends and the Scions base of the Rising Stones disappeared in a brilliant light. When the young woman regained her senses, she was no longer where she once was. Crystal eyes blinking as her eyes adjusted and looked around to examine her surroundings. She seemed to be in some sort of chamber. Was this a Ascian trick to trap her? Her gaze then focused on one figure in the room.... A robed moogle? This caused the Miqo'te to cross her arms over her chest and tilt her head in puzzlement.

Was she transported by a moogle? Mhm she didn't know of any moogle that would resent her that she recalled anyway. She's befriended several. Though she did have to beat up a few during Hraesvelgr tests. So her right hand raised and unsheathed her spear, pulling it from her back to hold it in her hands. Just in case.
Ashton Griffone || Somewhere near the Old Museum?/Abandoned Building || Thursday Late Afternoon/Evening

#PuddledAshes Ash Carson @LostBrotherGrimm, Capella Xing @Tenma Tendo

Finding what she wanted, Ashton gave a gleeful smile as she held her badge in her right fist, hands out of her pockets with a small sense of victory. However her amethyst eyes blinked in surprise as she looked to the boy who started to rave in a nervous manner. Accusing her of being some kind of murderer while also throwing quite a bit of what was obvious bluffs. These two couldn't look anymore less intimidating. The 'black belt' wasn't properly in any stance and was more like clinging to his taller friend. And the dog 'Inferno' well... the army pups in training might be more aggressive. Although, Ashton did give a silent chuckle at the mention of a tall basketball player from some anime. She could probably honestly see that.

It was now quite apparent, Ashton was assumed to be some killer ready to rob these two boys and their little dog too. Marine would surely laughing at this, probably want Ashton to play along and scare the living pants out of them. Whatever that means. Maybe break a table in in half to show off a bit. But the tall firefighter didn't really like showing off. Course, if the boy decided to try and hit her with that piece of wood, well Ashton had a good guess she could easily catch and snatch it. The boy didn't look like a fighter. If he hadn't probably been so scared, he'd been quicker and find a hiding place, perhaps try and nail her in a sneak attack.

Ashton just rolled her shoulders, raising her left hand to brush against her bangs and knocking the hood off. Revealing some snow dusted dirty blonde hair and her deeply scarred face. Looking at the two boys, the firefighter simply tilted her head to the side, giving a amused smile before she held her hands up, palms foreword and revealing her badge.

Giving a bright smile as she looked at 'Inferno' Ashton bent down on one knee and held out her left hand to the spinning dog. Giving a soft whistle to grab his attention, her long fingers slowly beckoning the canine over.
<Snipped quote by Pilatus>

Our group might die before the judging commences :(

They'll be fine with Ashton XD well, unless they keep being silly
Ashton Griffone || Somewhere near the Old Museum?/Abandoned Building || Thursday Late Afternoon/Evening

#PuddledAshes Ash Carson @LostBrotherGrimm, Capella Xing @Tenma Tendo

The three of them stood there, standing in silence. The blonde kid seeming a bit confused at the sudden stop or at least not noticing her at all. His friend however was staring at her, seeming frozen in place until the dog made a sound. Ashton wasn't sure why they were quite reacting like this, was she that surprising to look at? Amethyst eyes blinking as the slightly taller boy grabbed his friend before making a dash to a alleyway. Standing there for but a moment, the tall firefighter briskly walked after the odd trio. Her long legs carrying her with ease. Ashton figured that if she bolted after them, they might get more scared.

Listening to the rush of crunching feet against the freshly deepening snow and the creek of a old door, Ashton continued following as she came upon a old abandoned building. Why does she get the feeling like she's seen something like this in some horror movie or something? Was she the 'killer' in this story? Considering the 'kids' sorta ran into a run down place like this. In the middle of a snowstorm. With basically no one else around. Where it be somewhat difficult to get a hold of the cops and if the storm worsens, throw off cell service.

Yeah it did feel somewhat like a horror story.

In a way, she found it amusing. Still though, Ashton hadn't wished to scare them.

By what she saw, their clothes were too well put to be somewhat living a place like this. Well, either way she better keep trying to make sure they are alright. After all, never know who might be squatting in a place like this.

Casually walking through the door, Ashton gingerly used her right foot to push the door close to at least block some cold air. The tall figure's hands shuffled in her pockets to pull out her badge so she could let the two boys know that didn't mean them no harm.

Ya know Zack is using Phoenix right? XD
Ashton Griffone || Somewhere near the Old Museum? || Thursday Late Afternoon/Evening ||

#PuddledAshes Ash Carson @LostBrotherGrimm, Capella Xing @Tenma Tendo

Some time, Ashton had been working hard in building that house... though of course Marine found her and demanded the tall firefighter to actually take a break instead of just finding more work to do. So today Ashton thought she would go and check out a cafe she heard some of the guys at the station talking about. The start of her search started around 7 am. Now the skies were clouded and dark and fluffs of snow were raining down from the sky, making it hard to see really anything.

The tall firefighter was dressed in blue jeans, a gray long sleeve shirt with her boogie board hanging from her neck and a her favorite black jacket with white fluff trimming on the hood. Wearing fingerless black gloves on her hands which were shoved in her jacket pockets, and a red bandanna on her left bicep with a golden griffin upon it. Her hood was placed over her messy dirty blonde hair, her amethyst eyes squinting as she tried to see where exactly she was going.

It seemed the storm was getting worse and soon it would be nightfall. Ashton wouldn't have much choice but to find a place to shelter for the night from the storm. She had no idea where she was, nor could she retrace her footsteps back home with the amount of snow that was falling. Such a shame she wasn't able to fine that cafe. She could go for a cup of cocoa. Blinking a little, to her surprise she saw three figures out in this snowstorm. Uh oh, that didn't seem good. With a storm like this, honestly no one should be out here. Ashton was at least resilient and it wasn't her first time being out in a snowstorm. So of course like a good hearted person would, she walked toward the two of them until the 7'0 firefighter stood in front of them.

Taking her hands out her pocket, she greeted the two with a cheerful smile upon her deeply scarred face and a gleeful wave of her hands of greeting. Tilting her head to the side, her the androgynous figure gave a questioning look with a hint of concern as if to ask if they were alright. Two boys and a dog were in front of her, the blonde kid being a bit unstable on his feet, being led by his dog and his human companion it seems.
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