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Current Okay I know I said I would reply today everyone. Gonna have to push it either tomorrow or Saturday
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Will try replying tomorrow night. Will be tired tho so don't bet on it. But I will attempt
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Make that either tomorrow or Monday night
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Ok. Said I'd reply today. But I'm super tired. Might be tomorrow or the day after so I can play catch up
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Posting may be iffy because puppy had surgery today. Gotta watch him


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Yuna frowned as she watched the young girl start to burst into tears, the utter frustration finally getting to the mage prodigy. Soon enough, the former summoner reached and gently embraced Naisha. Brushing her left hand gently against Naisha's back to comfort her while the right stroked the top of the raven colored hair. The poor child.... indeed it was heartbreaking to see Naisha go through such a harsh time. It wasn't fair, but it was something she would have to get by.

"I know Naisha dear. It isn't right for them to do so, but you also shouldn't allow your anger to cloud your judgement. They are young and they are foolish, but they don't deserve to be speared with icicles." Yuna spoke with a soft voice, gingerly wiping at the tears

"All I'm asking is for you to try. You're working so hard already I know, but once you can settle your mind and heart, I know you'll feel lighter and happier. May take some time and me and Lulu are always ready to help. Same with Alex." she said, her mismatched colored eyes softening as she gave a gentle smile.
Alrighty then ^^
Lol yeah I bet xD you have the patience of a saint really
@rivaan Sorry for the long wait. Again XD
[oops double post]
Yuna gave a soft sigh, the former summoner thoughtfully looking at the young Naisha then at Lulu. Mentor and guardian. "Yes perhaps you are right. It might help benefit everyone with just a little time to talk." she said looking up to see if Alex was around before looking to Naisha.

"Naisha, try to understand. Violence doesn't solve everything. It's perhaps the quick way, but it also can have consequences. Not only to yourself but others as well. Do you think they would of allowed Alex to become a Auroch if you hurt one of those boys? I know, it wouldn't be her fault but I know you've seen some of the unfairness some of the townsfolk are. Do you think they wouldn't find some excuse that she wasn't fit enough?" Yuna said, her voice clear to get her point across, but still gentle. She wasn't mad, but she was trying to make the young mage understand that just throwing any old fireball or ice spear at someone could lead to drastic consequences.

For example, crushing Alex's dreams of being a Blitzball player. Alex probably would of played it off as fine since it was Naisha, but Yuna and she was sure Naisha as well, understood she loved the game and she probably would be disheartened when they weren't looking.
Glancing at the others, Karn rolled her emerald green eyes before smirking as Wylde seemed to be quite concerned. "Oh dear dear lass, I know it can be a bit Wylde in there but the city of Treno is a marvelous place. Gambling, getting into cage matches with giant behemoths or dragons, perhaps snag a purse or two from a snotty noble, playing a round of Tetra Master it's pretty great." The feline said with a chuckle, giving a pat on the white haired woman's back before moving ahead and into the city. Taking in the smells of beer, fine wine, and the grungy smell of infidels. Indeed, this was Treno.

"Sure it's very possible to be shanked out of nowhere and mugged but hey, good thing you all have plenty of protection." Karn snickered before waving her hand.

"I'll catch up to ya'll later. Got a little someone I need to visit. Have fun and stay safe." Karn smirked and playfully winked and giving a casual wave before slinking through the city with ease.

After that little venture, and since they were here, she may as well get some more supplies for herself. Wasn't something the others really needed to be concerned with. It was her business and it wasn't like they were really friends anyway. Doctor Tot should be home, old coot doesn't usually leave his place. Well, maybe head to Card Stadium to play a game or two. Shouldn't be too hard to track down.
@CAS1006 ooo they look great!
Very sorry, this week is tough cause work is frantically making us work because we are having NFL cheerleaders visiting the store this week xD
Just realized this was a thing! Will try to perhaps bring Ash here as well! ^^
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