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Elena and Percival

In the Guild Hall

"Well, I'm glad to see that everyone around here is so friendly to newcomers," Percival said laughing slightly. "It's very nice to meet you all." he says taking a bow to them. "I'm actually looking for a job right now, so maybe I can scrounge one up. Thanks again for all your help, Rose." he said before waving to them and walking over to the job board.
"That was a weird exit even for you." Elena said within his mind. He kept his mouth shut and ignored her.
"Silent treatment, eh?" she asked. He then spotted a job that caught his eye. A rogue mage in the Desert?
"A rogue mage killed everyone in his entire guild?! Unforgivable. We must seek justice for his crimes at once." Percival said with a fire in his eye. He went to run directly out of the guild, but found his legs wouldn't move.
"Hold it! As a dark wizard myself, I can tell you that neither of us are equipped to deal with a sand mage that killed his own guild and guild master." Elena chided him.
"But I've taken on plenty of other dark wizards in the past!" Percival loudly whispered to himself.
"Name three. I don't count."
Percival thought for a moment, thinking of the ones that he had fought, and how he had defeated them.
"Oh! There was the Shadow guy that could steal your shadow and make you his puppet."
"Where did you fight him?"
"In a clearing in the middle of the day so that his shadow couldn't reach me."
"Mhm, who else?"
"There was this woman that made whoever she touched morbidly obese to stay skinny."
"You wear full armor against her?"
"Yeah." Percival replied, hanging his head.
"One more." Elena reminded him.
"Yeah, this guy with a lacrima in his chest. He used it to negate people's magic and send it back at them."
"That hardly sounds evil."
"He was using it to gain all the slayer magic he could find and use it to destroy the Magic Council."
"Oh, that sounds promising. How'd you deal with him?
"He blew up after absorbing too much magic. At least, I think he's gone." Percival scratched the back of his head.
"Anything else I should know?"
"Well, his sword was made of some super dragon's fang or something and I couldn't find it after so-
"So he's not dead?!" she shouted in his head.
"Maybe? I mean, I haven't killed any of them, they just gave up their evil ways."
"I'm stuck with a 'Dark Wizard Hunter' that hasn't killed anyone?"
Percival looked for an out to get away from the subject. He spotted another job, this one as a temporary Librarian.
"How about this job? Its at a library. We might find something about our issue!" He said excitedly, hoping she would stop with her Spanish Inquisition. He hadn't expected such a thing from her. Then again, no one does.
"Boring. There's no chatter there, nothing to do, we just be paid to sit around and check books in all day."
"But we kinda need the money."
"Move over, let me pick." She said, taking over control once again.
"Ooh, Wine Delivery," Elena's voice purred from Percival's throat. "That sounds right up my alley. Then afterwards we can get plastered."
"No! No. We deliver, we get paid, then leave. You can party when we are no longer in the same body." Percival interjected, louder than he meant to.
"But we're agreed?" she asked him aloud.
Percival sighed heavily.
"Great! I have just the outfit." she said giddily, making them hop up and down as they exited the guild.

@MarshiestMallow@LightningMaiden@Joshua Tamashii
Elena and Percival

In the Guild Hall

Percival was flustered, how could Elena do that to him, he thought angrily. He was sure that Elena had made a fool of him and began to turn to leave. He was surprised when a dark haired woman appeared before him and politely introduced herself and explained that the people he needs to talk to were away but that she was the caretaker, for the moment. He was surprised to find that the woman was a mother as well.
"Hi there little one, my name's Percival. You can call me Perry though." He said crouching down to meet the girl's gaze.
You know, short people don't like when tall people do that. I used to be short too. Elena's voice chimed inside of his head. He sighed audibly.
"So," he began, "I'd like to explain my predicament." he said to Rose.
"I've been traveling around, guildless, taking on random jobs from people that can't afford the guild's help. Sometimes I'd even fight dark wizards, but I haven't run into one in two years. Anyways, recently I've run into some money troubles and thought about planting my feet for once. Do you think I could take a look at the job board and get a job?" He paused for a moment.
"I've also heard that some guilds force their newcomers to take a test or do something to show off their abilities before joining. This could be an opportunity for that." He said hoping that it would be enough.

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Phoenix Wing Guild Hall

Elena nodded at the two's story. "Well. I thank you for your help. I may want to visit this facility later. Perhaps I'll find some fun magic to add to my repertoire." She stood from the table and bowed before starting to walk off, but pausing momentarily. "By the by, whom would I need to speak with to get into this guild? We were thinking of planting our roots here." She then reached a hand to her head.
"Uh oh. Looks like Perry is waking up. I better change before he gets suspicious." she says, waving a hand over her body as it becomes Perry's once more, his armor and weapons returned. "Ciao." she said before a wave of surprise washed over the boy's face.
"Huh? Wha-?" Perry asked looking around confused. "I was at the counter earlier, then I fell asleep. his face dropped as he turned away and whispered to himself.
"Elena, you didn't do anything did you?"
"No, I just sat down and spoke with the person you see at the booth. Colt and Claire." she chimed in his head.
"I only see one person." he whispered harshly.
"Oh, they are kinda like us, but not for the same reason."
"Wait, what?"
"I'll fill you in later. You were thinking up a plan?"
"Oh right!" He said nearly jumping. He then cleared his throat loudly, turned towards the majority of the crowd and...
"Members of the Phoenix Guild!" he began, "I am Perry Grungust and I-" his voice slowly died and squeaked.
"You can't do it can you? Here."
"No, Elena you don't-" his lips moved on their own accord, interrupting his complaint, "My name is Percival Grungust! I have been traveling the world hunting Dark Wizards to protect the people from them! However, I have found recently that I need somewhere to place my roots. Would you all do me the honor of allowing me to join your renowned Guild?"
Perry's face was a tomato.
"You're welcome." Elena said smugly to him.
Perry simply awaited the next thing to come, hoping that Elena's speech through him would work.

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I am still around, just too busy to post well. Sorry guys. Just treat me as a background character. Still Childless too.
So I can start back up on Perry and Elena joining. I've been super busy with work lately. Until we get another person it will remain that way.
Hey, the guilds back. After my time off. In the words of Todd Chavez "Hooray!"
My new schedule has kept me from my computer. I hate having to post via phone because I worry that my writing quality will dip severely.
Sorry I'm so inactive guys.
I wanted to apologize for my inactivity. Working 6 days a week, the holidays coming up, and keeping my YouTube channel going has been consuming my time like Kirby at a Feast. I will try to get something up soonish.
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