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Elena took a moment to think of how to put the story into words. Well, a short version anyways.
"So," she began taking a deep breath to calm herself. "and, follow me here. I was trying to perform a take over spell when Perry knocked my target out of the way, and some other weird stuff happened. Now, I am stuck inside of his body, and we fight over control. However, I have more power over the body than he does, so sometimes I can make him do things. He's probably exhausted because last night I spent the last of our money on some more enchanted outfits. Elena said trying to not ramble, and not give away that she used to technically be a dark wizard.
"It's hard for him, but it's also hard for me. He used to be a rich merchants' son, well I guess he still is, but ran off to 'Save the world'," she airquoted, "from dark wizards. But the merchant wants his son back sometimes. I've left out parts to him where I have to fight off a pursuer. Well, fight off's not the right phrase. More like, persuade."
"So, how'd you two get stuck at the hip, pardon the phrase? Quid pro quo and all that."

@Crimson Raven
NOTE: This is an original Comic Universe in development. Characters will be explained as they release.

Lemon Blade Comics: Ultropolis

Long before the Greater Celestials, there was The Rot and The Cauldron. A being that would not give its name had placed the Cauldron there, only going by The Creator. He used this Cauldron to create the Greater Celestials, a thriving race that could alter their forms to appear as whatever they wanted. Shortly after their gaining of sentience The Creator’s voice taught them how to create their own creations, including the multiverses. However, where there was creation, there was also destruction. The Rot, a slow moving mass of darkness grew envious of The Cauldron’s creations over the millennia and began to close in. The Greater Celestials went from billions to less than three thousand with most of their world consumed by The Rot. However, they have managed to hold it off in the last city, the last of their creations contained within a Library that they call, the Omniverse. Here, they can experiment and create new multiverses, looking for ways to fight back against The Rot.
The Greater Celestials use chemicals in the Cauldron to make different creations. Two of the most used, that have caused deviations in the multiverses, are the Kuro Chemical and the Shiro Chemical. Universes within a multiverse that are more dependent on magic tend to be made from Shiro Chemical Reactions while Kuro Chemical universes have more biological enhancements.
NOTE : Simplified Existence; Metaverse (Us), Lemonverse (Something between us and The Creator’s universe), Oververse (The Creator), Omniverse (Greater Celestials and The Rot), Multiverse, Universe.
Within the Omniverse, one of the few Librarians loves to visit the various multiverses and often views one in particular, Multiverse 23557, because here, she finds some of the most extraordinary universes.

Here is our story:
Welcome to Ultropolis, a sprawling city in America that claims the title of largest and richest city in the world, spanning 10,000 sqKm and a population of 20,000,000. Ultropolis also holds the record for most Deviants in a city as well as an enormous crime rate that is often handled by the Vigilante Citizens of Ultropolis. This city is under the jurisdiction of V.E.I.L. a task force of the Earth Government that holds records of any interstellar beings on the planet, and keeps tabs on Deviants, those who have DNA or abilities that allow them to deviate from normal people. Ultropolis is gaining a few new tenants today though, as William Doctome, a brilliant human scientist that experimented with Kuro and Shiro residue, and his family, Robin, Amber, Jade, Violet, Alex, and their Robot Dog BHUD, join the many inhabitants of the city.
The Doctome family shall soon be witness to a number of evils trying to conquer the universe, city, or world. And so shall you.

Deviant: Anyone that exhibits superhuman abilities, including aliens. This can also be due to equipment.
SophoZoos: A race of animals with human and above intelligence that recently was made by experiment and increased by Ferret, the first SophoZoo.

Gender: (If applicable)
Race: (Human, Alien, Robot, Animal)
Backstory: (How’d they get these powers? What led to this moment? Do they have an Arch Enemy?)

(Another Note, I would welcome a Co-GM, as this is planned to be a sandbox RP with various stories overarcing inside.)
"Perry is..." Elena paused for a moment, wondering how best to put it. Though, given who she was talking to, they would likely be the best to tell.
"He is my other side. Technically, this body is his, I'm just controlling right now." she went limp for a moment, but still stood.
"He's still asleep. We're actually looking for a way to fix our little, condition." Elena confessed.
"I could tell you how this all happened, but I don't think you'd believe it. Might I ask how Lava and...Cold, Got mixed together? Was it birth? Maybe Take Over Magic gone wrong? By the way, who do I need to talk to so I can join this guild? I need funds and a way outta this body. I'm not getting younger. She rambled near the end, more joking to herself than anyone.
@Crimson Raven
That last line made me imagine Perry sneaking off and putting on a fedora that makes him Elena. Like the Platypus.

Edit: On an unrelated note, my favorite character in Tekken died. I just found out.
I wanted to do an OCT (Original character Tournament) a while back, similar to Law of Talos or Everafter Asylum (i think that's the name of the OCT). However, I wasnt sure if that would work as an RP. I also realize that an OCT needs good artists, and would probably be invite only. I also wanted to do a prize, but wasnt sure.
Any suggestions people?
Hmm... I should probably have Elena mention the dragon slayer entering.
Patient as I can be. I've seen Zaphias log in now and then. Maybe they lost interest?

I'm thinking so. They haven't answered any PMs
Over two weeks... Everyone still here?

@Sigment@Delta44@Tenma Tendo
<Snipped quote>
This....thanks to this, all I can imagine is Ethel doing exactly that

"Eee," Elena said with a start as she backed away from the ice magic, "There's no need for that. As for the joke, I assume that was your other half?" Elena began.
"I'm trying to find out how to get put into this guild so I can make some money. Then maybe we can try that dinner thing again." she winked at him. If there was no reaction she'd call him a party pooper. She then shivered remembering his magic.
"So, what's the other's magic? Fire? It's kinda predictable, but it works the whole fire and ice thing. Cool and Hot headed.
Kinda like me and Perry."
She gasped as she let the last bit slip.
"Y-you can keep a secret right? The boy would be devastated if someone else knew." she said, hoping for the cooperation of the duo.
@Crimson Raven
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