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Alright, so I am wanting to do several RPs.

First is an Original Universe Super Hero RP. It would be set in the city of Ultropolis, a super city that stretches for 50 miles by 50 miles. In this Comic-verse, the Greater Celestials created a multitude of Universes by using different methods, creating extremely different universes, or even very similar sepending on which one made it. There is also a constant threat of The Decay, a darkness that exists on the plane of the Greater Celestials.

My Second idea is "The Extraordinary Journey of The Scholar." A Who-inspired RP in which an Alien known as The Scholar attempts to travel the universe and timelines to stop any anomaly he finds and to teach the next generation how to protect themselves. Players would play the part of a human being that is flung into an anomaly that the Scholar would help them from, and ask if they wish to travel with him as well. (Max of 6 players.)

Thirdly is based on a Fighting game that I am attempting to create. Long ago a demon rampaged the lands, but a master of martial arts managed to face the Demon and seal it away. The master then created the God Hand school of Martial Arts, to teach the next generation how to defend themselves if the Demon should break it's seal. His 3 disciples argued over who should inherit the school when their master died, and split into the schools of Mind, Body, and Spirit. These schools have been upgraded to fit modern curriculum, but due to dangerous gangs, terrorists, and other pugilists around the world the schools continue to teach self defense. Every year, the schools hold a tournament to determine who would perform the sealing ceremony. This year however, the Mind School Principal has another idea.

What do you all think?
In this thread, I'd like to keep people updated on what seems to be the current most popular genre of RP on the site, and to have others discuss this with me. The current popukar trend seems to be:

Now for part two of the Hot Topic! If you have an RP you want to do, pitch the idea here, and we can help determine genre of the game and see if it will be popular, or merely drowned in the sea of similar RPs. Example:

The Extraordinary Journey of The Scholar

This is an RP that i wanted to do that would be similar to the show Dr Who, but with my own made up universal encyclopedia. Players would deal with being a random human that is thrown into the thick of things, and then decides if they would like to learn from the Scholar by going on a sort of Extended Field Trip.

So the idea is scifi in theory, given it is similar to Dr. Who. However, it could also be seen as Fantasy because it is not stated in the above whether or not Magic, Ghosts, or other supernatural forces will be involved.
So after some looking and moving things around, the story is only resembles each other in setting alone. The mechs are also similar in appearance, but will end differently. This is not Sakura Wars.
Warning you now, March 19-20 I will be in Vegas, There is no guarantee I'll have internet at that time.

Slight Typo. 19-25
In ancient times, humans were threatened by demons, but a saving grace came in the form of Angels, and Witches. With the demon threat sealed in the underworld, Angels agreed to leave the humans be, except when in dire need, and would leave a few angels in human guise to keep an eye on them. During this the following eons, some demons managed to find a way out, but never a huge amount, only one or two.
However in the 1500s, a demon disguised as an arch bishop managed to convince the humans in doing a Witch Hunt. This wiped most of the Witches, and Angels, from Earth, until said demon was sealed away once again by Witch Knights. Unfortunately so many had died already that it was easier for demons to appear and stay on earth for longer, allowing them to influence humans sparking an expansion of British power to America, and the eventual civil war in America.
The spread of demons caused much suffering, and even pulled the strings behind the Great War. Now the year is 1920. Oddly, Demon size has increased massively, and to help combat this, noted German scientist Lucian Croix created the Steam Golems, a mechanical marvel powered by steam that has the power to face off against these demons.
Though still in the Testing Phase, the Steam Golems Blueprints were sent to three other scientists, who modified them to work better with Witches controlling them, allowing for more ways to stop the demons. The Scientists worked with the militaries in Japan, America, and France. For this, they picked out certain Witches around and outside the country, to pilot their new Steam Golems, allowing them to customize them how they see fit.
We start in Japan, where Ajisai Kishimoto, has just found that he is one of a few males that have the ability to use spiritual power like Witches, and is being moved to the secret Steam Golem facilities. While there, the members will be honing their combat skills, piloting skills, and musical talents. Meanwhile, a dark force has begun to emerge in Japan, and it’s up to the Armored Demon Combat Division to keep Japan from the forces of evil.

The Steam Golems:
Steam Golems have a cylindrical body, standing anywhere from 4-6 meters tall. They come equipped with standard arm manipulators, and leg units. Exhaust ports differ from country to country. The Japanese Branch, have 6 large pipes going from the main core of the machine out its back. The visual systems in the SGs are a mooneye style camera, allowing for eight way tracking in the face plate. Each SG can be customized to better suit the pilots fighting style, or personality. Paint, Emblems, Weapons, or even additional armor can all be customized.

Witch is a term for any human that has the ability to use Spiritual Power. Due to the Witch Hunts long ago, the original Witch pool has drained to a near puddle. By using Spiritual Power, a Witch can control the elements (usually one, though two is not unheard of), summon creatures from another dimension to fight for them, or even alter the course of projectiles. A witch can focus their Spiritual Power by focusing on music, acting, or art. There are elder witches as well, but if you were to look at them, you’d never guess. They normally stray far from other humans, unless it is in their own interest. The Elder Witches have lived at least a hundred years, and became ageless and immortal once they unlocked their full power. Elder Witches are immortal, and can only be slain by other Elder Witches. They can also grant others one power of their own, with powers that normal Witches dream of. But I digress.

Here is a basic look at the Steam Golems. Don't think that this is the set appearance for your SG. Think of it more like...Glasgow Knightmare Frame compared to later ones.

Nationality: (as well as part of country)
Steam Golem Nickname: (Not needed)
Steam Golem Design: (Color, Weapon, designs on it)

Example CS:
Name: Ajisai Kishimoto
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Nationality: Japanese, Kyoto
Appearance: 5’6” (Note, appearance has changed, updated pic will be up in the future.
SG Nickname: Edelweiss
SG Design: His Steam Golem is white in color. It is equipped with dual katanas and a hand gun.
History: When Ajisai was born to a German Mother, and a Japanese Father. He was raised in Germany until he was five, and could only remember the German Language, and the Edelweiss, his mother’s favorite flower. His father moved him to Japan, but unfortunately, his mother could not come with them. He was sad, but his father kept his mind off it by placing him into a military academy, to bring honor to the family name. He still wondered about his mother, but could never get a straight answer from his father. Years passed and he quickly grew into a budding cadet for the Japanese military. While picking up a delivery for a base across the country, the base was attacked, and Ajisai jumped into action with the rest of the base. However, he hopped into one of the Steam Golems, thinking it was a Tank, and managed to defeat the Demon. Upon hearing about this, his commanding officer decided to send him off to the Steam Golem facilities to be trained as part of the Armored Demon Combat Division.

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