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Slowly working on a post. Work has me scheduled a lot.

Edit: Is there a written description of what the guild looks like? (Phoenix Wing that is)
@Tenma Tendo Yep, no problem.

@ZaphiasIts alright, just making sure you guys are still here.
@Tenma Tendosounds good
@Tenma TendoHey, just thought I'd mention, in Japan, they have no lunch room/Cafeteria. They eat in their classrooms and are expected to bring their own lunches. However, there are some schools in Japan that... Hold on... I just did some research. It seems that Japanese Schools DO have a school lunch set at 250 Yen (Average) a meal, or that can be waived if a student chooses to serve the lunch with the staff. But it is still in the classrooms, but it is given a large amount of time so as to not rush students to finish their meals.

I will have a post up eventually. But first, @Delta44, @Zaphias, @Chaotic Chao any posts coming?
@Tenma Tendothats perfectly fine. Its common for lunch time to have children from other classes visit.
@t2waveActually, Elena's is internal, and Percival speaks out loud to her.
@t2wave Elena would be very interested aa to how it works, even thinking of her as a next target, if she can get out of Percival. Though, she would want to make sure she doesnt end up absorbed.
@t2wave Yeah sorry about that. I thought about that this morning as I went to check the RP.
Perry the penniless... Again

A cold wind blew through the streets, causing a sleeping teen to shiver himself awake. The surrounding was much different than he remembered leaving it. The night before he had been able to gain a room at a local inn, a comfort he seldom got. He slowly rubbed his eyes, thinking that perhaps that would clear his vision of his room. But this was to no avail.
"Oh great. I wake up in an alley again." He said as he got to his feet, but a sudden wave of nausea caused him to nearly topple over, if not for the nearby trash can that he managed to catch himself with. Upon doing so, the lid was dislodged from its resting place, causing it to fall onto the ground in a clatter that to him sounded like an explosion.
"Ugh. Another one. Elena come on!" he yelled before noticing that he was not in his usual attire, but a red dress that he didn't recognize. "What the hell am I wearing!?"
"Hmhmhm," A voice came from inside his head, each chuckle like a hammer to the poor boy's head. "Come now Perry. I think that look suits you."
Perry knew the voice well, as the two had become inseparable after a botched spell a year ago.
"Elena. Please." Perry pleaded with her.
"Oh fine. You're no fun when you are like this. You can't even enjoy my master prank." She said.
The boy's hand raised to his temple with a small glyph on it. "Healing Magic: Hang Under."
Perry began to feel a wave of comfort go over him, releasing him from the effects of Elena's partying.
"Thank you. Now... WHAT AM I DOING IN THIS DRESS?!" He yelled as he requipped his standard clothing...and a scarf.
Elena burst out laughing while Perry discovered that his wallet was now barren. The realization caused Elena to quiet down.
"Elena. What happened to all of my Jewels?" He asked rage building.
"Well...," she began before taking a deep unneeded breath. "After you went to sleep I took control because I remembered seeing a magic item shop, so I spent 5000 Js to buy that dress you had on and went to a Tavern because I wanted to test the dress and it works really well but I ended up drinking too much and got into a brawl with some guy because he grabbed my butt so I knocked him out with a Table, but the Bartender demanded I pay for the damages and drinks.
Perry sat grasping the bridge of his nose in annoyance, took a deep breath and gently asked, "Alright. That's par for you.
What does the dress do?"

He could practically hear Elena smile sheepishly, "It has a charm spell on it that makes the opposite sex attracted to you."
Perry rolled his eyes saying, "Typical." before hearing his stomach growl.
"Aw man. We don't even have enough to eat right now."
"Well, I mean, there are some local Guilds here. Maybe you could find an easy job to get some money. Plus, there could be a Wizard in one of those guilds that can help us in our little predicament."
"That's...Actually a great idea!" Perry yelled as he left the alley and began running towards what he thought is the nearest guild, a shining smile on his face.
"You have no idea where you are going do you?" Elena asked causing Perry to slow to a halt.
"Nope. Not a clue." He could feel Elena face plant inside his head. He noticed he has ran straight into the market area of town. He then turned to a nearby vendor. "Excuse me. Do you know where the nearest Guild is? I'm a traveling Wizard and need a job." He asked politely.
Name: Percival “Perry” Grungust / Elena Rainor
Age: 17/100+
Magic: (Perry) Light Magic, Light Make, Requip. Perry has the ability to launch light projectiles, either as spheres or as beams of energy. By using his secondary magic, Light Make, he can create physical manifestation of light, varying from walls, to shields, to weapons, to even a person shaped light. Along with his power of Light based Magic, Perry has a Requip spell for his various armor. Or, at least he only focuses on his armor, and never learned how to swap out weapons.

(Elena) Wind Magic, Transformation Magic, Healing Magic, Dark Arts, Over Take Magic. Elana in her elongated life has picked up a few types of magic. One of which is a Wind Magic that allows her to fly, launch blades of wind, and even create barriers.

Light Magic: Holy Beam – A straight beam of Light releases from the palm of his hand.
Light Magic: Judgement Rain – Perry points his palm up over his head, and beams of light begin to release from his hand and rain down.
Light Magic: Orb of Soverigns – Perry gathers a large amount of energy into his hands and tosses it, releasing in either a small ball, or a large sphere.
Light Make: Heaven’s Sword – Perry creates a weapon in his hand made of pure light.
Light Make: Pavise – Perry creates a large barrier of light to block oncoming attacks.
Light Make: Pegasus Stamp – Perry unleashes a large amount of light to create the shape of a Pegasus which he launches at enemies. Is also ridable.
Requip – Perry can equip one of his various outfits or armor. Also usable by Elena.

Wind Magic: Fairy Gale – Elena releases a burst of wind strong enough to push an opponent away, or to push herself in various directions quickly.
Wind Magic: Pixie Blade – Blades of wind are released from Elena’s swipes, causing slashing damage.
Wind Magic: Sylph’s Gust – Allows her, or an intended target to fly where she wants.
Transform – Can alter her appearance to look like someone else from head to toe.
Heal: Hang Under – A spell that she came up with after long nights of drinking. She can also use it to rebalance a person with a head cold, stuffy nose, vertigo, etc.
Dark Arts: Anger Bomb – When incredibly angered, Elena can launch a ball which obliterates anything in it’s path… But only at Extremely close ranges. After which, the explosion from the attack usually sends her flying. (All other Dark Arts have been sealed away since her incident.)
Take Over: Cat Soul – Gains traits from a cat, including agility and claws.
Take Over: New Soul – Elena has expanded her abilities with Take Over, and can learn to Take Over the traits of other beings she touches.
Take Over: Dark Arts: Rebirth – A spell that she can’t get to work since the incident. Elena used this spell to become young again by sending her magic and mind into a new body. The target must be young and weak willed, otherwise unknown consequences may occur.

Magic Level: (Perry) B (Elena) A+

History: Perry was born in a large city to a merchant family. His father wanted him to study hard and become a great merchant, so he constantly supplied him with books. Unfortunatley for his father, he began reading books about the old mages and how evil wizards would ruin the balance of the world. So he began studying to become a mage, and found he had an affinity for Light Magic. He believed it to be divine providence, and left his home at 16 buying a suit of armor and hunting down beasts and Dark Wizards. He hadn’t thought about joining a guild at the time, but in a year’s time he would.
Rumors pointed him towards a Dark Wizard with a house in the woods. A family came to him claiming that their daughter had been kidnapped, and no one would do anything, especially being too far from a guild to request. Perry quickly rushed into the heart of the forest, and barged into the house. Upon doing so, he surprised the Dark Wizard inside and accidentally caused her spell to fire in the wrong direction, hitting him. He watched as the woman’s body disintegrated after the spell, and assumed that he had been victorious. Perry then returned the child home to her parents, and continued to be a traveling Wizard.
However, he noticed that when he slept, he would wake up in other places. At first, he thought perhaps he was simply sleep walking. Until he woke up with a screaming headache, in an alley, wearing a red dress. Confused by what happened and beginning to freak out, he heard a laughing in his head. The Dark Wizard’s spell had caused her to inhabit his body, and she gained control of his body when he slept. Her grasp had been getting stronger, but the two found that as long as Perry didn’t want her to control him while he was awake, she couldn’t.
Elena, she introduced herself, did not enjoy the idea any more than he did, but her magic wouldn’t let her hop out again. Apparently, she had been doing this for many years. She lost track of the actual years, but remembers it being over 100. She would transfer into a younger body, take over, and then learn new magic and grow until her beauty left, and would do it again. All so that she could one day learn all magic, and pass down magic if it became “Lost”. This love of magic comes from her mother, who used to be in a guild and save the day for her daughter.
So, the two now journey to find a way to separate from each other. Perry often has to take random jobs to pay for food, since Elena spends all the money on things while he sleeps. Though, sometimes he is pleasantly surprised by a random piece of magical armor she bought.

(Perry) Perry has a strong sense of Justice, and is always willing to help someone in need. Though he is a little shy about asking if people need help, feeling it is rude, and usually doesn’t wait for people to ask him for help, unless he hears about it elsewhere, like on a public board. He has some trouble with getting to know people, mostly because he is afraid that people won’t believe his story and accuse him of being a cross dresser when Elena turns him into a girl at night. He also is very picky about his hair color.
(Elena) Elena is obsessed with Beauty and Youth, to the point that she developed a new version of the Take Over magic. When she is in a suitably young body, she will become a friendly, fun loving, gambling, drinking, whirling dervish of a girl. Once she hits the Age of 20 with her body, she will begin becoming very studious in order to learn a new kind of magic to bring with her to the next young body she finds.

Team Members:
None yet.

Three Strengths:
-A strong Sense of Justice.
-Great at keeping secrets.
-Intelligent and Strong.
-Clever and Cunning. Some may even say manipulative.
-Always repays a debt. Even if it is late.
-Agile and skilled magician.

Three Weaknesses:
-If his hair color gets changed,(be it magical, or powder, or charcoal, etc.) he will become remiss until he manages to get it back to its original color.
-Law Abiding to a fault. If he is pursuing someone and a sign tells him to stop and look both ways, he will.
-Constantly Tired because he will try and stay up way too late to keep Elena from doing weird stuff with his body.
-Too carefree and playful. An elongated life of youth and luxury can do that to a person.
-Angers easily when her beauty or youth is brought into question.
-Hates to be in uncomfortably hot weather, and would prefer the cold anyday.

Greatest Love:
(Perry) New Magical Armor.
(Elena) Money.
Perry wishes to become a well known and respected Mage, known for saving the world from Dark Wizards. Also to get his body back.
Elena wants to learn all the magic in the world, but can’t in a single lifetime. So she delved into forbidden magic to stay young and beautiful.


Edit: Posted. I'm hoping this can allow Perry to get interaction with other characters by doing this.
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