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@SigmentTrue, plus there have been reloef efforts for Hurricane Pick up, and the fires in California. I want to be patient as possible.
Has anyone heard from Zaphias lately? Are they still up for this?

Not even a Private Message. I will continue soon, if Zaphias wants to continue, they can catch up, right?
Alright, I will post something. Whom should I speak with at phoenix wing? It's a couple hours to a day later right? I could have Elena show up instead of Perry, maybe she'd bring some attention to herself. HA.
Discord sounds fun.
@Sigmentit'll be the same thing, just more detailed, so go ahead.

Flu is killing me. Trying to rest through it. Sorry if my activity goes a little dark for a week or so.
I'll try to get something tonight.

Update: Wifi tower is down. Supposedly will be working tomorrow by the time I'm off. Otherwise it's phone posts.
Okay, a Time Skip may help me get some better writting in.
@Delta44Thanks. I'll let people know.
4/9 - Hinasho High, Gates - After School

Kaze waited patiently for Shun to arrive. He was interested in seeing what it was that Shun would be showing him around town. He pulled out his phone and sent a text to his aunt, alerting her that he may be in late, before placing it back into his pocket. It was only a few moments until another student showed up.
"Oh, yeah. Kaze, please." Kaze said as he was surprised by another student calling to him.
"Your family runs a Dojo? That sounds interesting. I'll have to check it out some time." he said trying to show genuine interest.
"Hey, Shison-san!" came Shun's voice as he came from the school building, a bike being led in his hands. The boy was beaming, and quickly lowered the wide grin on his face as he approached a student he recognized beside the Transfer Student.
"Oh. Hey Toroname-san. I made plans with this guy here to show him around town. Thought I'd treat him to some Noodles too." Shun scratching the back of his head, hoping he hadn't tried to ruin the fun that the other students were setting up for Kaze.
"You, uh, you coming along too?" He asked sheepishly.
"Oh, hey, there's...uh" Kaze said, waving before realizing, he hadn't taken the time to actually get the boy's name.
Will post tomorrow after work or Sunday if it takes too long
@Zaphias@Delta44@Tenma Tendo@Sigment

Edit: Ugh. I made way too short of a post. I should go back over it. Later. Long day, can barely think.
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