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Valhalla Hangar

A blue haired female mechanic was working on a blue Valkyr with a small group, deftly making adjustments without taking her eyes off of the Zifran magech. She really wanted to work on it, but she had no knowledge of those kinds of magecha.
A small girl with pink hair, bright red eyes and a sucker of some description walked over to the blue Valkyr.
“Silvy… Silvia!”
The blue haired mechanic whipped her head to see the voice, her bangs covering one side of her face.
“Oh, hey Chelsea.” she said, giving a small wave.
“Are preparations done with the Fafnir yet?”
Silvia closed the panel she was working on, and motioned for the crew to close up their ends.
“Yep. Just finished. Fafy here should have 0 problems on the field today.” Silvia said, giving a wry smile.
“Great,” Chelsea said excitedly, “I’ll go tell Rose. Fafnir is excited too. I can tell.” she said skipping away to a silver haired woman in a pilot suit entering the area.
“Hey Chels. We ready to launch?” she asked the girl. Chelsea nodded happily with a wide grin.
“Sounds good. Who am I partnered with today?” Rose asked.
“You’re supposed to go with Sartorius and Mike, but Mike’s just there for the broadcast.”
“Great. I’ll see you in coms then.” Rose said as she ran to her Fafnir and quickly boarded it.
Chelsea saw another pale haired woman seeming to leave the area.
“Rana! Wait Rana!” she said running up to her, “Are you and Sartorius not going on the mission today? Did something come up? Are you guys sick? You’re Pneuma flow is normal, so that shouldn’t be it.” she asked rapidly. She didn’t want to show it, but she was a bit worried. All of her hard work over the years, despite only appearing 13, wouldn’t get to be seen today if the group wasn’t up for it. But maybe someone else could go with Rose…

=Testing Field=
Lloyd was reading through the manual one more time, and saw that he could change the Fool II into a flight mode with the right packs equipped to it. There was also a new weapon function. One he wasn’t extremely keen on, as he had no Pneuma aptitude to speak of. That said, it was given plenty of cartridges for this situation, so he likely wouldn’t need to worry if he did have to use it. He thought back to his days as a border soldier, pushing back the enemy with little effort thanks to the support of his squad. That said, he was no push over either, having come in the top of his class, piloting and skillset, but unable to do anything related to Pneuma. He had even turned down an experimental procedure to unlock his Pneuma abilities, claiming it would be better if he didn’t have access to such power if it was the way the Kingdom would soon go. He’d be a shining beacon to those without Pneuma use, to prove that he was on the same level, if not greater than the other pilots out there. Sadly, he was now set back to prototype showcasing. A difficult job, but to him it also meant that the Kingdom saw him as expendable. A willing sacrifice to the betterment of the units.
It’d all be worth it though. To make that soldier’s salary that would pay for his family’s well being. His little sister Rei could finally afford a uniform to attend academy, his mother’s medicine could be afforded as well. They’d be out of squalor. From what he had sent already, Rei would soon be starting school. He knew that his mother would choose Rei’s happiness over her own health. He began feeling a slight bit of anger that his mother would choose this, but he quickly shook it off, imagining the look on Rei’s face. He gazed out the window and saw that the Test units were being moved out to position now, meaning final checks must’ve been done and set.
“20 minutes huh?” he scoffed as he placed his helmet on. A hand tapped him on the soldier, and he quickly spun around to face a darker skinned man with black hair in a bun, and a goofy faced blonde man.
“Liam, Sieg. You guys came to watch?” he said, hugging them.
“We wouldn’t miss it.” Liam, the goofy faced one said.
“We actually managed to get a couple of other Lts to replace us on the resupply tain.” Sieg said.
“You think that’s safe?” Lloyd asked incredulous that they did such a thing.
“Relax! The IAs are easily equal to 5 Magecha easily. Plus, who’s going to his a supply train that heavily guarded?”

=Supply Train=
The supply train soon came into view, finding that they were ahead of schedule by a wide margin. It was likely due to the two impatient Lts that were running the show today. Oddly enough to the corporals in the IAs. They could hear the conversation from General Roilant over their radio, talking about the glory of the Westerian Military, and how they would be broadcasting the new prototype, as a form of propaganda to dispirit the enemies.

=Vallhalla Cafeteria=

Claire was approached by a green haired teen boy.
“Hi. I haven’t seen you around. Name’s Roy. You are?”
Mio arrived with an apple and handed it to Claire.
“Roy, where’s Mike?” she asked him.
“Oh, he’s supposed to be on the mission today.”
“Oh.” Mio said, sadly.
“No worries. He’s only there for his Transmission Magic.” Mike said.
“Yes. You’re right. Thanks Mike. By the way, this is Claire. Starting today, she’s going to be a new pilot.”
“Thank you Mio.” Claire finally managed out.
“Oh, then I’ll be seeing you in the simulator.” Roy continued.
A loud speaker broke the silence, as a monitor lowered from the ceiling, showing Seed’s form.
“Vallhalla. Today, we make ourselves well know to the world. We are launching a mission to destroy Westeria’s new prototype, and to hijack the current broadcast, telling the armies of the world to lay down their weapons and have them dismantled. The team shall be Rose in her Valkyr the Fafnir, Rana in the Lovers which we generously gained thanks to Sartorius, and finally Mike, whose Transmission Magic will allow us to spread our word. He will also be transmitting the mission live to us. For now, enjoy the lovely cartoons that we’ve found from the Dragalia Federation.”
His face disappeared and was replaced by a cute animal like character talking to another.
“That’s odd.” Claire said.
“That’s our director.” Mio said aloud.
I'll go ahead and post something this weekend to get the ball rolling.

Missed Weekend Deadline. Still working to get it out asap.
My character is Zifran

No, as in specifically living in Zifran and a soldier of theirs.
Episode 1: Vallhalla Comes

(As we have no Zifran or Egriffin players, I will not be posting anything for those countries at this time.)
@Lotrix Molick Sounds good. Accepted. Post in Character tab.

Update on the BIG opening post, it's about half done. But it'll be done quicker than this first half. honest.

Actually, I was almost done. Forgot we don't have Zifran or Egriffin players as of yet. I will be editing to add some actual Color to my wall of text.
@Lotrix Molick
I think the new one is better.
@Aerandiryes. That's the one. Though, I saw one that was like, even more high def.
I've never seen the show, but it looks interesting.
@Lotrix Molick
Top is closer than the other. I was thinking something like...

Dunbine. The newer dunbine. Where they look biomechanical.
Sorry it's taking so long on the intro post everyone. I've been having to deal with some life stuff. But dont worry, it will be up as soon as I can.
@Lotrix Molick Yes, Non-Monster Magecha are Industrial, while Monster Magecha look more organic, to better embrace the being that it once was. This reflects the whole, Nature meets Man aspect that the Zifran keep.

Edit: Oh. And @aerandir all seems fine to me, so approved.
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