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@tobiax My worry was more about trying to get a sheet done in a timely manner, which I was clearly unable to do lol
Admittedly, I was a bit disheartened when I saw Double decided to make a character for the Crest of Sincerity, more so following their comment about not being in a mood to compete over a crest.

Overall, I only really had an idea for Sincerity of the crests that were available. I can't think of or draft anything up for hope or knowledge that doesn't feel lackluster or cheesy/weird to an undesirable degree. But seriously, thanks for the consideration. I hope you won't mind if I lurk around a bit and see what happens over the course of the game though :D

I do apologize for wasting your time though ^-^"
Looks like I took a little too long. Some stuff got in the way, so that's on me. But since I was initially planning to try and go for the Crest of Sincerity, and that's all I really had an idea about... Plus, I have no potential ideas for the Crests of Knowledge or Hope... I think I'll bow out. I hope the game goes well though. All the best :D
Something something I'm in too something something
So @soren told me about this roleplay, and I thought it seemed interesting.
If you guys, @tobiax and @EnterTheHero would allow it, I'd like to try my hand at creating a character.
Right now, I think I could make a character who would work for the Crest of Sincerity.

And you didn’t even @ me know I was gonna join. For shame @Ambra. For shame.

Cafe Dumonte
Somewhere in Switzerland

August 12th, Present day, Afternoon
Tags: @Ambra@Kyouki@Grey@Suku@Jakeozzy@Raijinslayer

Yoshiaki had assumed that the best course of action would be to play it cool. The only members of their troupe, after all, that would likely be known in any capacity were Caterina (who he assumed wasn't a big name outside of the Vongola as of yet) and Ren who was fairly well known. Of course, with the sudden turn of events he couldn't help but growl when he heard Ren's "battle cry," if you could call it that. The fact of the matter was he could have waited a bit longer, but if Yoshi was being honest, he was glad things turned out this way. He'd been getting bored and if he'd had to spend another moment watching Cyril doze off or stuff his face with sweets, he would have started a fucking riot.

Still, in the minute that changed the mood of the entire day, in the moment that felt like an eternity, he snapped back to reality and immediately jumped up from his seat. "Fuckin' hell!" The second his feet hit the ground Yoshi ran across the table. If you were to assume he would let Cyril follow him, you'd be wrong. There was simply no time. That coupled with Yoshi's impatience and clear annoyance with his partner led to his following actions.

"Get a move on Sleeping Beauty," Yoshi paused briefly, not missing a beat as he slipped his hand into the collar of Cyril's shirt at the nape of his neck. "We've got work to do!" The young mafioso tightened his grip as yanked his companion up out of his seat. He was using his own strength coupled with his momentum to try and get a jump on the goons before them. It was possible that a distraction would be necessary for Ren, but more than that, this was just gonna be fun. "We're goin in guns blazin!" Yoshi turned as he moved forward, adding to his momentum, swinging Cyril through the air like a rag doll until he finishing the rotation of his spin and launched Cyril through the air in the direction of their targets. The statement he'd made had been to help prepare Cyril, but more than that, it was to his comrades so they knew what he was doing. If it was necessary they were given full permission to do the same.

Yoshi meanwhile was charging towards them from below. He was confident that Cyril would keep himself safe, somehow, and more importantly he banked on the men focusing on him. He was moving somewhat unnaturally fast compared to what the more experienced men were likely to expect. Yoshi was also hoping that the sudden call to action and the sudden throwing of his comrade coupled with his with his subsequent charge would throw them off enough to let him get close and begin his real attack. They were armed. And there were more in the area. Was this the best course of action? Maybe not. But that wasn't stopping the future Vongola boss.

Cafe Dumonte
Somewhere in Switzerland

August 12th, Present day, Afternoon
Tags: @Ambra@Kyouki@Grey@Suku@Jakeozzy@Raijinslayer

Yoshiaki sat restlessly as he took a sip of his drink, eyeing the treats set before him. He glanced over to the right, passed the wandering heads of locals and tourists alike at a pair of men before looking away. “I’ve got eyes on the target.” He spoke in a hushed tone, only picking up by the receiver he was wearing to let the others know of his presence. They were on an intelligence gathering operation at the moment, first and foremost. Communication was key, or so he’d been told. They were not to engage. Of course, that was the hardest part for the young man. He figured he could handle the two guys and get any information that they needed, but it was decided that it’d be smarter to observe them, get a feeling for their patterns, and maybe follow them to the hiding place of their boss.

He picked up a danish and took a bite before saying, “Gimme a status report.” He wanted to see how the rest of the team was. Where they were in relation to him. They couldn’t all be at the same cafe... right? No, he'd have noticed. They were posing as tourists after all. Some variety would have been smart. That's why they'd paired up. Yoshi could have done without the damn brat Cyril with him though. Probably could have saved some money if Cyril hadn't gotten hungry too. He stared across the table at the younger boy, his eyes narrowing as Cyril stuffed his face.

“And lemme know if you guys see any other possible targets,” he added with a huff before taking another bite of his danish and a sip of his drink. The past 3 or so months had been a world wind of events. The training, in particular, had been grueling and annoying, but there was still something so exciting about it. It was unordinary, not his usual routine. Plus, god knows how many people were there that he couldn’t take out easily. He chuckled at the thought for a moment.

Still, this was different. It wasn’t a training exercise and it wasn’t sparring. This was a mission. A mission that important for their standing as boss and guardian candidates. People were already talking too. Talking about how the Caligari famiglia had attacked and stolen from a Vongola weapons cache.

This was a bitch though. He hated all the sneaking around. The importance had basically been beaten into him over the course of the last few months. But even then it felt like it would be more fun than this. At the thought of his boredom he couldn’t help but yawn. “Dammit, you’re laziness must be rubbing off on me,” he grumbled to Cyril, before noting that the men were starting to move. “Guys, there on the move, heading East. Somebody please tell me they’re around that way and can get eyes on them.” At the very least somebody might have found other Caligari members that they could keep track of and observe.

Yoshi tried to think of who'd be around that way. Akari and Veronika maybe? Catty and Kurune? Fuck all if it was Ren. He wasn't sure what to think of that guy. He was odd. At least with Catty he could get the notion that she didn't like him in the slightest, even if he wasn't sure why. He could trust Akari. Veronika was a bit worrisome since he couldn't tell how she'd do with the stealthier part of things. Kurune was a bit of a wild card. Catty... well it wasn't like he could trust her really. She could stab him in the back at any moment. Ren... Moving on. And then there was Cyril. The little shit was likely to hold him back. Leaving him behind wasn't an option though.

Yoshi groaned. He was hoping this would be a simple endeavor. Then they could at least get to busting heads sooner than later. But here they were. He was getting bored out of his mind. He just wanted to storm their based, take them down, and get back what they'd stolen. But that wasn't a damn option if they couldn't find the base. "Somebody get me something that we can use," he grumbled getting more annoyed as the time went on.
Posting these here so that you at least know I'm not just sitting around doing nothing. Bother are almost done. Just gotta do the backstories.

Laying claim now. I'll be working on a Feebas character as well as a Gengar character. Doesn't mean y'all can't use the same pokemon, just a fair warning and calling of dibs right out the gate lol
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