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Cafe Dumonte
Somewhere in Switzerland

August 12th, Present day, Afternoon
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Yoshiaki sat restlessly as he took a sip of his drink, eyeing the treats set before him. He glanced over to the right, passed the wandering heads of locals and tourists alike at a pair of men before looking away. “I’ve got eyes on the target.” He spoke in a hushed tone, only picking up by the receiver he was wearing to let the others know of his presence. They were on an intelligence gathering operation at the moment, first and foremost. Communication was key, or so he’d been told. They were not to engage. Of course, that was the hardest part for the young man. He figured he could handle the two guys and get any information that they needed, but it was decided that it’d be smarter to observe them, get a feeling for their patterns, and maybe follow them to the hiding place of their boss.

He picked up a danish and took a bite before saying, “Gimme a status report.” He wanted to see how the rest of the team was. Where they were in relation to him. They couldn’t all be at the same cafe... right? No, he'd have noticed. They were posing as tourists after all. Some variety would have been smart. That's why they'd paired up. Yoshi could have done without the damn brat Cyril with him though. Probably could have saved some money if Cyril hadn't gotten hungry too. He stared across the table at the younger boy, his eyes narrowing as Cyril stuffed his face.

“And lemme know if you guys see any other possible targets,” he added with a huff before taking another bite of his danish and a sip of his drink. The past 3 or so months had been a world wind of events. The training, in particular, had been grueling and annoying, but there was still something so exciting about it. It was unordinary, not his usual routine. Plus, god knows how many people were there that he couldn’t take out easily. He chuckled at the thought for a moment.

Still, this was different. It wasn’t a training exercise and it wasn’t sparring. This was a mission. A mission that important for their standing as boss and guardian candidates. People were already talking too. Talking about how the Caligari famiglia had attacked and stolen from a Vongola weapons cache.

This was a bitch though. He hated all the sneaking around. The importance had basically been beaten into him over the course of the last few months. But even then it felt like it would be more fun than this. At the thought of his boredom he couldn’t help but yawn. “Dammit, you’re laziness must be rubbing off on me,” he grumbled to Cyril, before noting that the men were starting to move. “Guys, there on the move, heading East. Somebody please tell me they’re around that way and can get eyes on them.” At the very least somebody might have found other Caligari members that they could keep track of and observe.

Yoshi tried to think of who'd be around that way. Akari and Veronika maybe? Catty and Kurune? Fuck all if it was Ren. He wasn't sure what to think of that guy. He was odd. At least with Catty he could get the notion that she didn't like him in the slightest, even if he wasn't sure why. He could trust Akari. Veronika was a bit worrisome since he couldn't tell how she'd do with the stealthier part of things. Kurune was a bit of a wild card. Catty... well it wasn't like he could trust her really. She could stab him in the back at any moment. Ren... Moving on. And then there was Cyril. The little shit was likely to hold him back. Leaving him behind wasn't an option though.

Yoshi groaned. He was hoping this would be a simple endeavor. Then they could at least get to busting heads sooner than later. But here they were. He was getting bored out of his mind. He just wanted to storm their based, take them down, and get back what they'd stolen. But that wasn't a damn option if they couldn't find the base. "Somebody get me something that we can use," he grumbled getting more annoyed as the time went on.
Posting these here so that you at least know I'm not just sitting around doing nothing. Bother are almost done. Just gotta do the backstories.

Laying claim now. I'll be working on a Feebas character as well as a Gengar character. Doesn't mean y'all can't use the same pokemon, just a fair warning and calling of dibs right out the gate lol
As of right now, we are gonna be giving them ages. There are stats, but those are more for comparing and stuff. and giving a sort of small idea of what your characters parameters are. If needed we can help with stat creation and the like given how fickle and weird pokemon can be (At least to me lol).

As for Eeveelutions, I haven't spoken with Ambra about it yet, but I do personally have some ideas on how we can go about it. Sooooo, hopefully you'll have an answer sooner than later.
Although... I do think Umbreon is the bosses fave, sooooo idk lol xD
I'm really glad to see interest has begun to build up a bit. I'm working with Ambra on certain details and the like. However, one thing I'm thinking about is how we'll answer some questions that might be a bit tougher to give clear guidelines for. I'm thinking something like polls and the like through discord and stuff, but we'll see. Honestly just glad y'all are as interested as we are!!

Also, discord will not be the sole manner of communications. It's just easier for some of us at times lol Also, PMs are a good way to get attention when the OOC isn't working out as well.
@AmbraI got your back, fam :D

I'm compiling a list of pokemon I like, ones I can find faceclaims/pictures for, and ones that just seem like they'll be fun to mess around with. Right now... the list is somewhat long, but not quite lol I might go for Shinx or Growlithe... Maybe Gengar? It's so hard to choose.

EDIT: Eeveelutions can be really interesting.
Welp, here's hoping we get more interest. Also, I can help you GM if you need a partner lol
This was quicker than I expect. I already told you I'd join though lol xD
I'm around as well

Sarutobi Compound, Konohagakure
Present Day, Daybreak
Interacting with: N/A

The Sarutobi clan was bustling on the morning of the graduation of not one, but two of its member. The young shinobi to be was brimming with excitement. He’d prepared himself for the world that he was entering, steeled himself to live his life for the village and clan. At least, that’s what he told himself. Still, as excited as he was, he was also nervous. He'd hardly been able to sleep; the few winks he had gotten in he wasted with extremely early morning training. He couldn't help it. Seiichi knew that if he was to become a respected member of Konoha, if he was to live up to the legacy set by his father, and his father before him, he would have more than a little work to do. It always began with his morning routine (100 push-ups, 100 sit-ups, 100 squats, and a 10km run around the compound). Seiichi had worked up quite the sweat with what should have been a small warm up routine to keep himself limber and at the ready, never wasting a moment that could be used to better himself. In truth, that likely did more harm than good. He'd been told many times, by his father even, that overwork was just as dangerous to the budding ninja as under work.

But he could never heed these warnings. He had to work harder. If not for himself then for his demonic aunt who would suplex him if she thought he was slacking, or the branch members of the clan who expected him to one day lead it, or even just to show that he wasn’t top of his class due solely to the talent so many praised him for. He scoffed at the notion. As the next clan head of the Sarutobi, he was determined to show the village what he was truly capable of. And it all began today.

He had just finished and taken a moment to sit on his bed when a lesser member of the clan entered his room. It was about time to get ready, a fact Seiichi knew, though he'd been giving himself some time to think as he got himself dressed. He was dressed as he normally did when leaving the compound:a dark green, short, shirt-like, Kimono with matching pants, mesh armor underneath, visible at the ankles and wrists, and a brown, sleeveless haori with a fur lined trim and the Sarutobi crest over the left and right of his chest. He was fixing his hand guards as he ventured out only to see his father, relaxing as others prepared what could only be a celebration for later on. His father seemed to enjoy things like this on occasion. The older man looked his son over, stopping for a moment to examine his bear fur trimmed Kegutsu. He tilted his head at it, but smiled and laughed all the same. Adorned with his ninja tool pouches and his other gear, the boy seemed perhaps a bit too overzealous.

“Seiichi, you are aware you likely won’t be beginning training or any missions today, yes?” The man asked poking fun as his offsping. Seiichi’s face grew a slightly deeper shade of pink than he had been previously before he cleared his throat.

“W-well father, a good shinobi should always be prepared.” He finally responded after a brief moment.

Until just now, Seiichi had been unsure of how to face his mother and father. Two individuals who had taught him that a ninja was more than just a weapon, contrary to so many other teachings he’d experienced in the Leaf. And yet, he felt silly to have thought they would have been anything other than who he’d grown to admire during his life. Still, the pressure he felt, whether unintentional or not, came just as much from them as it did the rest of the clan, his peers, and his sensei.

For a moment, that was all he could hear: the clan elders, lesser members, even those who weren't shinobi. His accomplishments no longer felt as such. They were expected. Any less could potentially be seen as a disappointment. Failure to live up to them could tarnish his clan, his family’s name and reputation.

"Seiichi!" His father spoke up a bit, pulling the young man from his thoughts. "Being nervous on the day of your graduation is natural. But you should relax a bit." He voice returned to a more laid back tone. "You'll be faced with challenges like never before."

"But your father and I have no doubt that you and your brother will make a fine shinobi." His mother chimed in.

"Push everything out of your mind." Atsuo said simply. "You've worked hard to come to this point. You're ready." Words of encouragement had become his father's forte. It was almost like the man could sense the pressure his son put on himself, even if he hadn't yet worked out how exactly such a thing could be fixed. But then, he was sure the jonin his son would be assigned to could more than handle the situation.

"Yes father." Seiichi finally replied when it looked like his parents had finished speaking. He smiled and without another word, he made his way out of the compound.

Met with the rain that laid before him Seiichi took a deep breath. He had an umbrella in his hand. He wasn't in much of a rush. He wouldn't be late if he kept at his regular pace. Still, as he walked, his smile had shifted to form something of a scowl while he moved through the paths of the village before him. Was this an omen? Rain on the day of this generation of Shinobi's graduation couldn't be a good sign. Although those kinds of things weren't much his forte.

Shinobi Academy, Konohagakure
Present Day, Daybreak
Interacting with: N/A

Seiichi arrived at the school relatively quicker than he'd expected. There weren't as many people in the way as was the usual case because of the rain. That helped to make the trip much simpler, if not a bit more lonely. He was quiet as he entered the academy, closing his umbrella and shaking the excess water off before continuing down the hall toward his classroom.And soon, he was there. He wasn’t the first, but having almost been once again overcome with the slight nerves as his mind ran laps around the ideas of omens and expectations, he opened his mouth only once to speak. "Good morning," he said to nobody in particular as he went to his seat. He didn't interact much further than that though, mostly just observing and waiting.
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