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Zero and Zenoram

> > > Battle On Tenrou Island < < <
Phoenix Wing
Interacting directly with: @LightningMaiden@Zarkun
Everyone else:@MarshiestMallow@Crimson Raven@YipeeXD@T2wave@Hatakekuro
@Lunarlord34@Burthstone@Silver Fox@CitrusArms@Joshua Tamashii@Oblivion666
And if I forgot anyone I’m sorry!

Zero continued to watched as everyone else reacted to the dark mage who had plagued so many lives. He’d honestly never believed he would run into the infamous wizard, but he was. Lazarus seemed to be breaking down, and Amaya was filled with rage. Fear and anger surrounded him and the darkness felt suffocating for almost a moment. The Black Mage Zeref. He couldn’t be bothered with the mages before him. Zero hated that. Being looked down upon as if he were little more than a bug in the wake of his enemy. He was a goddamn Dragon Slayer! And yet, part of him had been afraid all the same. Part of him had judged others for trying to attack him head on as if that were an idiotic thing to do.

Yes, Zeref was powerful. In fact, he was more than that. Fighting him could result in death. But backing down could mean death regardless. Then all was still. He felt something on his back. He turned his head back, but nothing was there.

”I’ve never seen you like this.”

All of a sudden, Zero felt a calm wave wash over him. Zenoram’s voice was all he needed.

”Sorry for worrying you. He thought before glancing around as the others around him. He smirked. Everyone had their own shit to deal with it seemed. And yet they were all here. Together. It was something he never could have imagined in his wildest dreams. He remembered scoffing at the thought when Hemlock would tell him stories and teach him about the society he’d hated for so long. The society he still hated, but had at least found a reason to remain in after Hemlock’s death.

”Listen to your boy toy Amaya.” He finally said with a chuckle, feeling a little more like himself. ”You keep going on like that and you’re gonna start sounding like me,” he added confidently as he began to release his magic. He’d been lucky to snap out of his stupor. The tension had broken and torrent of attacks would soon be coming their way. Many could fend for themselves, and those that couldn’t would have all the help they needed. But he couldn’t just stand by and let everyone else do all the work. He was a Dragon Slayer. More than that, he was a Phoenix Wing Mage. And whether he liked it or not, that meant something dammit.

“Dragon Slayer Secret Art!” Zero signaled his attack as his magic began to pour out of him. Poison enveloped his hands. It flowed wildly around as he used it all to create a vortext around himself. It acted as a barrier against the incoming constructs of darkness much to his satisfaction, absorbing them into the spiraling poison. “Amethyst Wisteria:” He continued as he focused on controlling his magic and poison. Zero had always been careful about how and when he used his secret outs. They were far more destructive than he could possibly control, but he was sure anyone of his allies could reasonably keep themselves or each other safe.

”Come on… Come ooooon! He thought desperately. He knew something was coming. A moment he could use to his advantage. He didn’t know how, he just knew.

”Now!” Zenoram’s voice pushed him forward once more as a flash of light enveloped the area.

”Poison Dragon’s Drill!” The dragon slayer roared as he directed the spiraling, drill-like mass of poison towards Zeref. It had admittedly obstructed his view, and the light hadn’t helped, but he didn’t need to see to find his target. It was Zeref after all. And he trusted in Zenoram’s judgement more than anything. He knew this was the right moment. And there was no turning back. There was no biding their time. This was it. To put anything but this much forth would be a waste of his and his allies’ lives.
Tamarr Ruzunn wasn't much the troublemaker within the confines of the prison. Was he prone to a small brawl here and there? Yes. But a man with a mysterious past would likely get a few questions. If that wasn't enough, it quickly became known upon his arrival to the prison that he'd been former Nova. That, coupled with the fact that he was clearly not a friend to the guards, meant he was alone. So, he kepted to himself, choosing not to approach or fight anyone he didn't need to. Those who chose to come for him would quickly find that to have been quite a mistake as he'd put them down easily. He was used to dealing with all sorts after all.

Still, what was going on in the prison... This... This was somethign out of a nightmare that would have left him speechless, save for the one phrase that could apply to just about any out of the ordinary occurrence.

"What the fuck?"

What was going on? Zeon was under attack, but it was one of the most secretive, high security, space fortresses currently under the care of the Nova Corps. So, what the hell was going on? "Hey! Guard! Guard!" He tried to call out from his cell before the explosion and the power disturbance. It didn't matter though. All hell was breaking look and he was gonna have to fend for himself if he wanted to survive. At least, that's what he thought when the crystal came to him.

"Well, that's new." He commented a slight hint of surprise buried under the more serious demeanor kept under the circumstances. It was almost as though he were saying, 'yeah, this might as well happen' as he charged out of his cell. He was immediately met with a few of his neighbors, who didn't seem to grasp the severity of the situation.

"Tamarr Ruzunn... You son of a-"

"Yeah, I'm gonna have to stop you right there. I'd love to sit and gab with your ugly mug Clicky, but look around. There's some bad juju going on and we've gotta either contact the Nova Corps or just try to get out."

"That's Klintikaz, maggot." The larger humanoid alien sneered, completely disregarding the brunt of Tamarr's warning.

"Looks like we're doing this." Tamarr responded charging forward. He watched carefully as the brute swung wide with his right arm. That was a feint. He quickly followed with a left straight, but Tamarr was prepared. He swiftly pivoted, moving out of the way in order to counter with a few well placed, powerful blows to the wrist, elbow, and shoulder joints of the big man. He roared in pain, his lackeys shocked. Normally, Tamarr would play along. Didn't wanna draw attention. Also didn't wanna give the guards a reason to think he was anything than a normal prisoner. But right now, not of that mattered.

"You little!" Klintikaz raised his right arm to swing down, but Tamarr was ready. He had faced bigger opponents. He turned his back to the man as he reached up to grab his wrist and used the momentum to swing the larger male over his head and directly into the ground.

"If I were you, I'd take him and get the hell out of here." Tamarr warned the grunts before charging past the scared shitless fools. He had been meant to follow the crystal, but there was something he needed first. "Can you relay a message?" He asked quickly. He didn't wait for a response though. "I'm going to message and warn Nova Prime. This is big news and I may be able to override some of the passcodes. Then, I need to get to the armory. I have a weapon there that'll be essential to anything going on." He added hoping he was right and the crystal could do so.

And like that he was on to the primary control room. It wouldn't be hard to find. And if he was lucky, he would find exactly what he needed. Until then, he had to work hard to avoid whatever the hell was about to bring this ship down.
Okay, so I’m going to go through this as Grey and I did for each character.

Now first and foremost, each character would need a reason to be in the Vongola. Why did they choose Cyril over other branch mafia families. Why Kurune when she is essentially a civvie. And why is Ari with them? Why does she know about mafia stuff? In the cases of Kurune and Cyril we could easily work out relationships with Yoshi that would serve this purpose.

More individually:
Kurune(@Kyouki) - Essentially, I like Kurune’s aesthetic. She is a good character with a lot of potential. Still, I have a few questions. How does her weaponry and skills play into her overall character? She seems to be fit for espionage or something not directly melee. I think in this case it may be necessary to focus her up a little bit. She was a civilian before, essentially just a normal person, so this is especially important. You can always enhance her skill set and equipment a little later. For instance, mist doesn’t feel like it plays a big a role in her character as it should. It doesn’t seem to compliment her character. We could also use a bit more clarification on the application of her skills, abilities, or weaponry, why she chose to focus on those, etc.

Cyril(@Ambra) - Cyril is pretty much okay and there isn’t anything inherently off about him other than the redundant weaponry. He has a Kusarigama. He doesn’t really need the chain/knife at this point. I mean if you wanna just keep the knife as a side weapon, it could work. We also need to work more on his relationship (as well has his famiglia’s) to the Vongola as a whole, not just Yoshi. We can try to work on that together if you draw a blank, I’ve already brainstormed simple stuff.

Ari - For Ari, the biggest thing is essentially the why she would be brought in as a combatant and member when she isn’t a guardian. She should fit a bit more naturally into the group. Her character might benefit from a bit of focusing up in the combat department as well. You don’t necessarily need to remove anything depending on what changes you may make to her. There is a lot of freedom that comes with her because she is more a side character.
Side note: Ambra… Is like Ari trying to be like Yoshi with them there gauntlets fam?? Cause he was reppin that first. Lol she cute tryin to get on his good side tho xD

Mist - I’m sure I don’t need to write this, but I will anyway. I’m trusting you guys not to abuse the power of mist. Apart from that, there seems to be a bit of overlap between Kurune and Ari. I feel that after looking them over and a little editing they could be a bit better differentiated. By the end, it should be clear why Kurune’s skills or talent would have her chosen as the Mist guardian.
Name: Tamarr Ruzunn
Nickname(s): Tam, Scout,
Title or Hero/Villain/Code name: Nova Pulsar
Species: Xandarian
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Straight-ish
Age: 27
Birthday: August 19, 1987 (if you go by Terran years)
Personality: Typically, Tamarr takes everything thrown at him with a level head. He is nothing if not cool under pressure. Does this mean he isn’t capable of reckless decisions or actions? No. Even so, excessive force is very rarely his first choice; he’ll try to avoid it where possible, actually. Overall, Tamarr is nothing if not a strong and loyal ally, even if he does have a bit of an issue with trusting others. This is likely the cause of his tendency to go off on his own in order to get a job done in the most efficient and safest way possible; he doesn’t really trust others to get a job done. Of course, it could also be that he has a bit of a death wish. Who's to say?

Affiliation: Nova Corps (Formerly)
Powers: Without his special Nova Corps helmet Tamarr has no special powers to speak of. However, due to his Xandarian physiology he is physically superior to the average Terran in nearly every way: strength, speed, durability, reflexes, senses, etc. With his helmet however, he gains access to a top secret and extremely powerful energy source known as the Nova Force. As such, it grants him the following abilities:

  • Supernova Issue Helmet - A special issue helmet only granted to members of the elite Supernova guard. It grants the user limited access to the Nova Force, along with advanced weaponry and technology. Some functions include, but are not limited to, a personalized on board AI, HUD with a multitude of visual functions, and ingrained stealth tech for more covert ops.
  • Nova Blaster - Along with his Helmet, Tamarr has a custom firearm of his own designed, dubbed the Nova Blaster. Based on the same technology of his helmet, the blaster is able to harness the energy of the Nova Force in small quantities to produce precise, or perhaps even devastating, attacks. Equipped with a multitude of settings, he designed it to better help him regulate his power against common criminals, and as a prototype for what could have become standard issue Nova gear.

Weaknesses: Tamarr is essentially powerless without his Nova Corps helmet. While it typically would take more to kill him than it would to take a Terran, if you will, he is still capable of being injured and killed. Even with access to his powers with the helmet, enough force, energy, etc. can wound him.
  • Working with his hands
  • Cooking and Eating
  • Flying
  • Reading
  • Fighting

  • Admitting he likes fighting
  • Anybody messing up his food
  • Killing (He has his reasons)
  • Corruption
  • People who hurt people for fun

Current Residence: Meteor Prison Zeno
Backstory: Not much is known about Tamarr Ruzunn as he keeps to himself mostly within the prison. If one believes the rumors he was once a member of top secret Nova Corps group. This is typically refuted, however, based on the fact that he has no pull and receives no special treatment from guards or anyone else for that matter. To most, he’s just another criminal. Information of his family, and former life overall, seems to have been redacted. Apart from that, he’s Xandarian and seems to have a multitude of skills under his belt. Even so, the fact remains that he must have either done something extremely terrible, or have royally pissed someone above him off to land where he is today.
Special Skills:
  • Combat Training - As a former Supernova, Tamarr has extensive training in hand-to-hand combat in order to defend himself, subdue and capture enemies, or even kill if the situation calls for it.
  • Engineering - Prior to joining the Nova Corps, Tamarr had helped his father run a mechanic's shop for local and wayward travelers. He knows the inner workings of most vehicles, his knowledge only having broadened during his time with the Nova Corps. His interest piqued, he only learned more about building, maintaining, and repairing other types of technology over time.
  • Piloting - The Nova Corps has prepped Tamarr for pilots a vast number of space vehicle. He was top of his class in the academy and his considerable skill in aerial combat, tactical assaults, and covert ops are what would lead to his enlistment with the Supernovas.
  • Enhanced Interrogation Tactics - While apart of the Supernovas, Tamarr did things he isn't proud of. Some of these things included unsavory means of interrogation in order to gather "necessary" information. As such, he has many skills in this field.
  • Cooking - Tamarr has exceptional culinary skills, if only because he loves working with his hands and it was one way of bonding with his mother before leaving home. He may not be world class, but more often than not, food he makes will taste good. He has also studied the dietary habits of many species and can generally mimic their food fairly easily.

Other: N/A

Zero didn’t take kindly to taking orders from that long coated bastard, but it wasn’t like he had much of a choice. In this instance, the guy was right. He had to take care of as much of the poison as he possibly could to keep it from getting to anyone else. He wasn’t a fan of being delegated to a more defensive role, but it was the best case and he wasn’t about to let his own pride stop him from helping keep everyone safe. Still, as the call to arms had been made, he charged the dragon.

Zero swiped his arm in the creature’s direction, sending a wave of his own poison that he was sure the dragon would be quick to try and gobble it up. Thus, much to Zero’s satisfaction, as the dragon moved his head to suck up the poison, the Poison Dragon Slayer was able to lunge toward the beast shouting, "Poison Dragon's Destructive Fist," as he slammed a poison coated fist into the top of its head. The poison wouldn’t hurt the dragon, but with his power and strength from training for years with Hemlock and then with Damian after his father’s death. Simply put, his musculature had been developed much better than the average human’s or mage’s.

The Dragon was clearly thrown off for a second, maybe less than. In fact, almost immediately Zero felt the powerful tail of the Poison dragon pushing into his gut and was sent flying quickly into the ground. The dragon slayer groaned, but had no time to rest if he wanted to help keep himself and others alive. He rolled a few feet over before pushing himself up to his feet as fast as he could when he saw the dragon’s massive claw coming towards him. “Fuck…” he said speaking in a low growl as he shook his head. The battle was intense, but it was clear he couldn’t do any real damage to a poison dragon on his own. Man, if there truly were gods pulling the strings, they sure as hell hadn’t planned this part properly.

Once he’d come to his realization he had only one option. He took every chance he got to neutralize or consume the dragon’s poisonous attacks. “This is a bitch and I hate everyone for not training to build up a natural immunity to poison!” He shouted angrily at nobody in particular. “That’s goin in the suggestion box! And I’m gonna train you fucks!” He paused for a moment as he leaped over one of the dragon’s claws as he swiped at the mage. It was a narrow dodge, but at this point, it was all about staying alive.

Just like that though, the dragons stopped. “And if there ain’t a suggestion box,” Zero huffed looking around to find that everyone had stopped in fact before continuing, “I’m gonna make one.” He said totally ignoring the tension that had fallen over the battlefield before he saw Zeref. The mage sent a shiver down the dragon slayer’s spine. He glanced around at his allies. Somebody was missing. Karn? No… Mithera had been here at one point. He shot a look in her general direction. He hadn’t quite seen her, but he at least knew she wasn’t dead. He could still feel her magic. It wasn’t like he could leave right about now to check on her.

That’s when others began to FUCKING ANTAGONIZE ZEREF. He was in disbelief. Even as reckless as he was, he knew that wasn’t a good idea. The guy was one of the most evil mages, if not the most evil mage, in all of history. Not only that, he was considered to be one of the most powerful. And some of these dumbfucks wanted to run the ones? If the gods in charge really were in charge, it was hard to believe they didn’t want these guys to die. “What the fuck are we gonna do now?” He mumbled under his breath. He was waiting for one of the powers at be to make a decision. Sasha, maybe? Even the long coat bastard would be alright. But he wasn’t about to rush in without a plan. Something inside him was just screaming that it couldn’t end well.
@sorenGotcha bossman! I'll try to be done by Friday to make sure I don't hold stuff back. I know I can't finish tonight, and tomorrow is iffy. So I'm giving myself leeway, but Friday is a good goal :D
@sorenDoing pretty good. Haven't been able to get back to anything the past few days mostly because of some personal stuff lol
That's partially why I put the question mark lol
I see it kinda like the Green Lanterns where they're all the Green Lantern except with Nova.
But even then, I also may try to think of a new name.
To this point, this is what I have for the character. Before I get any deeper and drive myself crazy, I wanna post it here. Also, lemme know if anything doesn't work for you or this alternate MCU style universe. I'm always cooperative.

@sorenFormally letting you know that I'll at least have a WIP tonight! :D Well, at least before I go to bed xD
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