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> > > Ishin Academy, Sapporo (Japan) < < <
April 7th ~~ School Grounds

True to Kazuo's expectations Noboru was the the first to really speak after Knightmare's entrance. The idiot had no sense of anything that didn't involve himself or showing how "great" he was. Kazuo was used to idiots like that, but this guy royally pissed him off for some reason. He sucked his teeth at the boy's comment.

"Yeah, we are lucky." He spoke aloud as he took the time to make his way to his desk as was necessary. "I mean at least now we know that our teacher is competent." He completed the though as he took his seat, coincidentally beside the loud mouthed, self-proclaimed number one. Soon though he heard a familiar voice. Hirohiko what are you doing? He asked fighting the urge to face palm as his friend and fellow Sapporo native questioned the Pro on what could very well have been a touchy subject. Still, that was part of the guy's charm. At least Knightmare hadn't decided to rip him a new one. Kazuo would not have wanted to see that.

Still, what came next he couldn't possibly have been prepared for. Nor, could he have stopped himself from belting out the laugh that came from him when it happened. As she answered Hirohiko she took the time to kick the chair out from under Noboru making him drop to the floor.

“Also. Sit upright. You’re a student of Ishin Academy, not a burger flipper at MgRonalds. Act like it.”

Kazuo tried hard, to stop the laughter. He stifled it, forced his mouth shut, covered it. But every time he looked at Noboru he broke out again. It only went on for roughly 2 or 3 minutes before he quieted down, but even then you could hear little chuckles coming from the young man every time he glanced in Nobu's direction, even if they were beginning to border inaudible.
Hakuryu Mizushima: First Impressions!

First Stance: Basaltic Fist. Hakuryu took a breath, his eyes closed, imagining an attack coming at him. He stepped forward his left arm extended partway, bent at the elbow the palm side of his fist facing upward a he pivoted his body. He turned at the waist thrusting his right fist forward to deliver a powerful punch which would have interrupted his "opponent's" attack. Second Stance: Phoenix Kick. He continue forward. Hakuryu had shifted his weight onto his left leg, lifting his right only to bring it down before him. He kicked the ground, the force creating a powerful shockwave. Any normal opponent would have been surrounded by the wave that rose upward from the ground and hopefully at the very least they would have been put off balance. His mind brought forth the best case in which their balance was completely knocked off. And so he pressed forward. Third Stance: White Tiger's Dance. He began with a punch, transitioning into a high kick, lean back, dodge, right punch, forward, twist and left kick, chop with the right, left hook, forward, right low kick, right upper kick, left body, right punch to bring them down.

The teens movements lulled for a moment as he prepared for the next stance. Fourth Stance. With the first three forms he'd created the flow of air. He had to take control of it. The young man moved to manipulate it as he'd been taught, as he'd seen his master do a multiple occasions. Blue Dragon's... He swallowed, moving to drive the "dragon" forward in the direction of his mental opponent. However, the flow of air, the beast he'd struggled to create fizzled part way through. He suck in a breath and dropped to his knees. He was shirtless, covered in sweat, practicing alone and out of sight far behind the school.

Hakuryu panted, his slammed his right fist into the ground, clenching his teeth. "Dammit." There was something he was missing. Hadn't he mastered the stances? He did everything his master had showed him. "Fujimoto-Sensei makes it look so easy. Every time." He growled before standing. The final bell rang. He'd had a phys. ed. class to end the day. Of course, he was the top of his class the for the male students. The fact he couldn't complete it wasn't what angered him most though. There was another form, a true ability which came when an individual mastered the four stances. He wanted to learn, but he was told to first master the Blue Dragon's Storm. What's worse, he could imagine Nakajima-Sensei and Soensaengnim Park laughing at him. Jerks! He didn't have time to try again though.

"Next time." Hakuryu shook his head and laughed as he jumped to his feet and grabbed his things, trying to manage putting on the upper layer of his school uniform on the run. To say the least, a more than a few girls (and maybe some guys) were given a bit of eye candy as he ran back through the students who were either going home or heading to club meetings in favor of going to the Art club's room. By now it was mostly common knowledge that he'd dropped sports clubs and other ideas in favor for the art club, though why nobody knew. That didn't stop people from trying. "Sorry can't talk. No basketball this year. No more Football. No American Football either. Sorry I can't act as model for your club today. Sorry coach. Sorry sensei." He gave replies as he moved, never really stopping fully to talk to anyone until he came by the Notice Board.

"Oh hey Elena." He smiled as he took a breath. "New recruit?" He hadn't remembered exactly who Ixveria had described. "She's cute." He spoke nonchalantly. He looked like a mess. His hair was disheveled, the buttons on his shirt were together, but in the wrong places. His jersey was slung over his shoulder with his bag. Still, he wasn't fazed by it. "Well, don't be late." He hardly waited for the response assuming she wouldn't have tried to bring somebody over unless that was the case. So he resolved to move on. In fact, he was already halfway gone. He shifted his things around to take what he needed from his locked and got his shoes before heading out to the club building. "You know how Prez gets!" He spoke up as he ran past Elena and Nora again. And so he was gone again.

Hakuryu took a breath as he finally reached the club room where Ixveria and Amelia were. It looked like he was the second to arrive, third if you counted their King herself. "Prez! Amelia! What's on the schedule for the day?" He asked with a big smile, though he was still very much a mess, even if his hair had settled a bit.
I'm gonna try and throw a post out by the end of tomorrow.
I'll post either later tonight or early tomorrow!
Having been without internet for a bit because of the move to my own apartment, albeit with roommates, I found myself unable to do focus as much on my own Roleplay as I would have wished. I put in on the back burner for the easier tasks. That was on me.

@SleepingSilenceI would like to thank you for bringing this up. You've forced me to stay on track and focus more. I thank you and I hope one day we can RP together because I think you'd be awesome.

However, @Huggo has bowed out of the game. I could remedy this, but it would possibly take longer and take some jumping through hoops which will only serve to derail us further rather than help us move forward.

There may be a time where I use this concept again with hopefully better results. I will work on the background, the setting and the rules of the game to make for a smoother work. I thank you all for the time and patience and for trying to help make this happen. But for now, I'm gonna close this.

Phoenix Wing Guild Hall
Interacting With: Sasha, Lazarus and Shujin


A quick answer an exist from the S-Class mage left Zero with only one question. "Who the fuck is Sasha?" It occurred to the young dragon slayer, that he hadn't exactly branched out as far as a circle of friends was concerned. Additionally, with all the jobs and training that he had embarked out, despite the short amount of time he'd actually been in the guild, there hadn't been much of a chance for Zenoram to branch out either. The young duo was stagnant.

What should we do?
We won't be doing much of anything if we don't know who to talk to.
I know.
So maybe...
I mean...
Zenoram shush.
I'm trying to listen here.

With mental silence, not to be confused with complete silence he began to listen. It felt like everything had slowed down around him. he focused on one word. Sasha He heard it a few times, but none in the context that an individual was personally addressing her.

"Fuck." He finally gave up on that little endeavor in favor of walking to the bar of the guild. "I'm guessing you aren't selling cups filled with poison." He said with a small sigh as he took a seat. "More importantly. Damian told me to talk to someone named Sasha. Something about an island and needing dragon slayers." He scoffed at the thought. Be nice. Zenoram spoke, though it fell on deaf ears. "But the asshole failed to mention who Sasha is." He didn't think Damian was an asshole. He actually kinda liked the S-Class mage. But that didn't stop his temper from flaring at the situation.

To his annoyance, it was indeed true that there were no cups of poison. However, the individual behind the counter was able to point him in the right direction. And so he moved until he walked up to the small group consisting of Lazarus, Sasha and Shujin."Hey, which one of you is Sasha?" He asked calmly. "Obviously it seems like a feminine name, but I wouldn't wanna assume."

Great introduction.
I thought so.

"So I heard something about dragon slayers being needed from a certain S-Class." He commented not naming any names in particular just in case it might have been something to keep on the hush hush.
I apologize I haven't updated recently. There's been some... Complications. Car troubles as well as issues with my son's health that have made finding time to write rather difficult. Naturally I'll always put my son first and foremost. That said, I'm looking to update hopefully in the next day or two.

Hey man, RL always comes first, I'm sure we all get it. Do what you gotta do. Hopefully your son will be well. Praying for him brotha
@Keyblade87hey that's awesome man. Just wanted to check anyway lol thanks
Side note!
@Keyblade87 Are you doing alright?
Alright guys, so I know Huggo is a little behind because of school. I'm gonna try and push us forward if I can, but for now, thank you for bearing with. I'll try to shove us along soon.
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