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"If you can’t even defeat me, you’re only putting innocent lives at risk."




Arkos is a male Saiyan with a something of a lean build and a defined musculature. Standing at roughly 5’10(177.8cm) tall with a weight fluctuating around 200lbs(90.72kg) he is of strong stature. He can typically be seen wearing a black, short-sleeved, full-body jumpsuit; the sleeves extend just past his shoulders. His battle armor is black, matching the jumpsuit with an off-white trim and a red midsection. His gloves were black and fingerless connecting to black and red wrist guards with a banded pattern which reach part way up his forearm. Adorning his feet are white, red-tipped, boots typical of the Frieza, but more importantly the Saiyan, battle attire. When not wearing this attire he will wear just about anything that fits assuming he can’t get another of the armor or just the jumpsuit if anything. More importantly though are the features seen as strange for a saiyan. While still sporting dark eyes and dark hair (usually black on other members of the race), his eyes are more gray as opposed to white. His hair is a very dark, though still noticeable, shade of red matching his tail. His aura is primarily white, tinged with a reddish hue most prominent in the outer layer, almost as though the red outlines his aura.

Nearing extinction and formerly from the planet Vegeta, the Saiyans are an aggressive, yet proud, rave. These warriors are eager to engage in combat, respect power and have an innate urge to become the strongest warriors in the universe. Under the service of Lord Freiza, many Saiyans are used as planetary conquerors where their affinity for combat and conquest has proven remarkably useful.

A civilization of formerly feral, anthropomorphic humanoids, the Jucarrans are a warrior race. Having come to control their minds, bodies and spirits, they grew into a simplistic society. Its inhabitants spread across the planet, growing and learning. At times they warred, at time there was peace. Still, they managed to grow and evolve beyond the wildest imaginations of any one of their ancestors. Currently, they live under the rule of Galactic Emperor Frieza.

Power Level

Arkos is a Saiyan to be sure in his love for combat, if nothing else. He finds no joy in taking action against the weak, especially those who would rather not fight themselves. However, he wishes to test his strength and grow stronger. Still, where the Saiyan race is concerned that is as far as he goes. He is not ruthless and blood thirsty, save for against those who go against his ideals or act in ways that he finds idiotic or inappropriate. If his duty calls for it, he will exterminate an enemy, though in most cases he may just incapacitate them if able. His focus is on control as was taught to him by his foster father.

Apart from this, Arkos can be seen as an understanding, somewhat kind-hearted, and loyal man. He will try to avoid unnecessary death if possible, which is likely the reason for his getting along so well with Glaceo. He has pride in the fact that he is a Saiyan, though not for the people of a planet he hardly knew, nor is it sheer arrogance. It is pride in a people he believes his mother would have had pride in, and Pride in himself as was bestowed upon him by his foster family and clan on Juracco. He is more than a monkey working under Frieza. He is strong. He is prepared to lay down his life for his beliefs, his comrades, and the people he is truly protecting; even if he seems a little cold in doing so.

Arkos was born on Planet Vegeta. He had what could only have been seen as a weak, meager power level of 15. Barely a week past before he was set to be sent as a scout. He would explore a planet seen as having nothing more than mindless beasts as its inhabitants. His mother, fearful he’d grow up a mindless, vicious child included with him a recording. At the very least, he would know his mother’s voice. She placed a small recording device on his side in his pod. She connected it to the small ship and set it to play upon his landing and subsequent awakening.

Just as his mother had planned Arkos awoke to the sound of her voice. He yawned. He scanned the cramped cabin of his pod. Above the sound of his mother’s voice he heard a tapping. Even as a baby, he was still a Saiyan. He prepared to attack whatever he saw should the hatch of the pod open. Then, he saw a dent. The picture was vivid in his mind. Claws crept into the pod and soon the door which kept it sealed was pried off. He was shocked for a moment, clutching the recording device and nothing else as he was pulled from his ship. Immediately he began to bite and scratch, flailing about angrily at his “attacker,” until he felt a strong blow. The attacker tired of this supposed child’s ferocity, threw him down to the ground.

Knocked unconscious almost immediately, Arkos was at the mercy of who or whatever it was that had taken him. When he awoke he was in a small home. As with his mother’s recording, he heard voices, but couldn’t understand, couldn’t hear the words. This was the beginning of his life as it were.


Arkos grew up on this planet for the majority of his life. His space pod had become something of a wreck. Essentially, its door was ruined, it would hardly function, and even if it could there technology present, at least in the ToraTori Clan was not advanced enough for repairs. Even so, as the young Saiyan grew under the parenting of what would come to be his foster family, he became much more discipline. He’d lost his tail on multiple occasions to the humanoids of his clan due to his rampaging under the presence of the moons (Jucarro has three). Still, it would grow back, though it would take time.

Eventually, Arkos would come to be taught the martial arts of his clan. It was volatile, fearsome, and difficult to control, much like himself. Knowing the dangers of the Black Heaven and Earth School he would learn to control his body, mind and most importantly, his spirit. This helped in keeping his control when he would transform into his Oozaru, or Great Ape, form later in his life. He grew up steadily, learning to overcome the base desire for death and destruction, though he could never escape his intense desire and love of battle with a strong, worthy opponent.

Still, this all changed when a squad from the Galactic Frieza Army landed on Jucarro. Arkos would have engaged immediately had his father not stopped him. There was no need to fight. They could not win. Even if they did, more would come. If they couldn’t win, it would only put countless lives and the planet in peril. They could always change things later. However, as the forces stormed and a treaty was signed with the PTO, Arkos was noticed. He came under scrutiny. A Saiyan living peacefully? Not a care in the world? Now this simply would not do when he could be serving Lord Frieza.

And so, at the age of 19, Arkos would join Frieza’s Forces. He has remained loyal and has taken his father’s words into deep consideration. He does not know when or if his people will ever be truly free, but he knows that there may come a time when he must strike. To Arkos, so long as he can help those like his father did him and would his people, has the chance to become stronger, and can combat the most powerful beings in the universe serving the tyrant may not be so bad. Especially, if others would blindly go into battle and get not only themselve, but those around them killed.

Saiyan Zenkai: An ability unique to the Saiyan race that takes the form of an incredible boost in power after recovering from near death. While there is no exact way of calculating how large or small the boost will be. It can range anywhere from a multiplication of 5 to 35 depending on the Saiyan and how close they are to death. Additionally, it is theorized that the stronger the Saiyan, the weaker the boost received due to the Zenkai. So much is still unknown.

Oozaru Transformation: A giant, anthropomorphic, monkey-like creature that Saiyans can transform when in contact with the sight of the full moon, though more specifically when coming into contact with what is known as blutz waves, to increase their already formidable strength tremendously. It is said to increase a Saiyan’s power tenfold and is nigh uncontrollable. However, some Saiyans, like Arkos, are able to control this form, though it takes incredible training and concentration.

Kikoutaijutsu: Arkos typically fights utilizing close to mid-range combat through his Kikoutaijutsu (Energy Control Body Techniques). He has gotten considerably skilled in manipulating his ki as is common among Saiyans. Even so, the style he has developed thanks to his foster planet’s people and their combat style is based around adaptability. Given the volatile nature of the martial arts fostered by the clan with whom he was raised, it was necessary to develop a fighting style he could use more often in battle. Arkos adapts to the fighting style of his opponents, studies them, and essentially mimics their techniques for future use. For the most part, Arkos’s energy manifests in a small array of colors. His typical ki blasts, like many others, are yellow. His higher level techniques are solid red. His more concentrated blasts seem to remain red, but develop lighter hue along with a white outline, almost as if to contrast his aura when powering up. The only notable exception is his Blutz Sphere.
  • Blutz Sphere (white) - A sphere of energy Arkos has learned to create a sphere of his energy which would mimic the presence of a full moon, regardless of the time of day.
  • Savage Blade (red) - An energy based attack meant to mimic the anthropomorphic tigers of the ToraTori Clan who would coat their claws in ki for more powerful attacks. Arkos goes a step further. Rather than molding a simple coating of energy around his hands or feet, he covers his hands in the condensed energy and forms it into the shape of a sword. Additionally, he is able to control the length, size and shape of this blade. .
  • Razor Storm (red) - An energy based attack meant to mimic the anthropomorphic bird-like members of the ToraTori Clan who would used their energy to coat and sharpen their feathers into deadly weapons they would then launch at their opponents. Arkos concentrates his energy in arm (or legs) and swipes in the direction of his enemy. In doing this he fires off a multitude of blade like energy blasts, capable of being concentrated on a single for or over a spread area for greater destruction.
  • Phantom Blitz (aura) - Utilizing the Walking Techniques of the Black Heaven and Earth School martial arts, Arkos maneuvers around his opponent. While doing so, he attacks at high speed using targeted punches and kicks enhanced with the ever constant flow of his ki. An experienced fighter may be able to stop or even predict his moves, but a weaker warrior or even one simply caught unaware will no doubt see stars after this flurry of powerful attacks. It works better if he is able to use his surroundings to his advantage.
  • Starlight Cannon - Even a close-mid range combatant such as Arkos keeps a last ditch effort in the whole. This attack is just such a technique. By charging his ki as much as he is able to, the young warrior is able to fire a devastating attack. Arkos holds his hands straight out on either side of his body with his palms facing down as he begins to gather energy. Two sizeable balls of energy form which he quickly brings together before him.

    As he condenses the energy he braces his body, bringing his hands as close together as possible while continuing to feed the attack. The energy takes on the usual reddish hue albeit outlined in white and sparking with what looks like electricity before he spreads his palms forward with the thumbs and index fingers touching each other to form a diamond shape. As Arkos does this, he releases the mass of energy in powerful blast capable of leveling anything within its path.

    On the off chance Arkos needs to fire off a quicker, scaled down version of the attack he changes the stance a bit. He still begins with his hands out and his palms down. However, upon bringing the energy spheres together he brings his hands to rest at his waist as he gets into a crouched stance. Immediately after he thrusts his hands forward to fire an almost instantaneous burst, albeit with much less power than the typical Starlight Cannon.

Black Heaven and Earth School: The most feared and revered martial arts on Planet Jucarro. Rather than utilizing ki is in most common form and materializing it as energy like so many do, this internalizes and focuses the ki and natural life energy of the fighter. It produces devastating attacking without the need for a rise in power. A ki blast may be devastating, but take that ability away from a combatant and they may face not fair so well against a practitioner of this art.

Juccaro’s ToraTori Clan, a group created after a pact was signed between a group of tiger-like humanoids and a group of avian-like humanoids, developed it together in order to better protect each other from outside threats. Even in peace it continues to be refined. However, its techniques are incredibly dangerous and hard to master. Still, upon the assessment of the forces who would invade Jucarro, the ToraTori Clan refused to utilize its fullest potential in fighting back. It was assumed that the school would only be abused. As such, Arkos only resorts to the use of the higher level techniques in the most dire situations.

However, due to its volatility, it can at times still cloud his mind and stimulate the more aggressive and savage parts of his Saiyan mind. In this case, his power may be amplified, but worse it may trigger the hidden and forbidden technique: Black Origin Threshold.
  • Soul-Crushing Strike - An exceptionally powerful punch utilizing the movement techniques and ki circulation, though without actually expending ki as is typical in actual martial arts. With enough training, this becomes almost effortless.
  • Focus Stomp - A stomping technique that when mastered can break through the strongest stone and armor even if done right.
  • Heavenly Exploding Penetrating Strike - An incredibly powerful punch thrown while circling around the attack of an enemy. It makes use of the heightened momentum and power gained; far greater than the Soul-Crushing Strike.
  • Gale Wind Destruction Strike - Going even further beyond Arkos is able to finely tune his internal ki to release a devastating blow. Unless the materialization and destructive force of a Ki based energy blast this is far for precise and much harder to detect because there is no spike in power level. The force of the blow is so great that it produces something of a fierce whirlwind. If hit directly, even a formidable fighter may face irreparable internal damage.
  • Chaotic Heavens Destruction Strike - Although incredibly difficult to pull off, this attack makes use of an individual’s outer and inner ki. By utilizing the two in unison the individual is able to summon extreme power. The force created in the utilization of this technique is so great that death is almost certainly guaranteed. That is assuming the attack lands. Due to the level of concentration this is extremely difficult to manage and even then a certain kill is not guaranteed.

New Model Scouter: Arkos wears one of the newer model scouters. Its lens is red and it functions much like any of the other all purpose computers worn by the forces of the Frieza Army.

Custom Battle Armor: Battle armor commissioned to fit his form whether in his base form or his Oozaru form. Suffice to say, the armor can take a serious beating and even protect him far more than many of the other lower level grunts even with his guard lowered. It pays to know the lab techs and treat them with respect.

Jucarran Healing Sap: Sap collected from the Tataku Tree, native to the planet of Jucarro, and mixed with herbs found and grown only within the confines of the ToraTori Clan territory. It can be rubbed on wounds to stimulate the body and allow for faster healing. However, in truth, when ingested it will allow for near instantaneous healing and a boost in one’s vitality. Even so, because of how hard it is to develop, only small quantities are held by the Frieza army, and generally kept for Frieza and his elite men. Arkos has his only because a small bottle, containing about three sips, is all he could hide on his person at all times. Unless he visits home, he has no access to more. As such, only one other person knows he has it, Glaceo.

Picture: Arkos at all times has a picture taken of him with the family that took him in on Planet Juracco. His father, mother and brother. Although they are family in name, it runs deeper. They molded him into the fighter and person he is today. From the sensibilities of his parents to the rivalry of his brother.

Voice Recording: Arkos has a voice recording left with him by his mother. As far as he can tell she seemed different. It detailed her thoughts on Frieza, the Saiyan race, and him. It isn’t excessively long, and he has only listened to it once before, when he was much younger. He has yet to take the time to listen to it again with more mature ears. Still, to avoid trouble he keeps it on him. Perhaps because it is all he truly has left of his home and the life he could have had with a mother he never met.

Okara | Birth Mother
Arkos doesn’t no much about his mother save for that fact that his father thought it important to name him after her because he viewed the two as weak. On that note, he knew and still knows virtually nothing of his father. As far as his mother is concerned, much like his foster family he holds her in high regard and loves her, though he never met her. He has not taken the time to listen to her voice again, leaving what little he does know or remember, virtually nothing, untouched and pure.

Archimedes | Foster Father
A large anthropomorphic owl, with prominent masculine features and a powerful frame that makes it seem almost impossible that he could fly, even with such large wings. He is respectable, quick-witted, and powerful. However, with this comes a rational soul who relies moreso on knowledge and wisdom than brawn. He helped make the decision not to fight a pointless battle against Frieza’s forces and signed a treaty to join the PTO. Not everyone accepts this, but Arkos does. He loves the man like his true father and would do anything for him.

Naga | Foster Mother
A powerful anthropomorphic Tigress who is a feminine and beautiful as she is vicious. She stood by her husband and is the biggest reason Arkos and his brother are alive, as she convinced Archimedes to take them in, albeit at different stages in their lives. Arkos holds her on something as a pedestal as a pillar in his training a pillar in his life.

Chil | Foster Brother
An anthropomorphic kite with a slender physique. He seems almost fragile, though that doesn’t make him any less dangerous. He is roughly 4 years younger than Arkos. Arkos has a habit of poking fun at him and how he has never won a fight, but he loves his brother and wouldn’t hesitate to put his life on the line for him.

Glaceo | Ally
An Arcosian male with a vision. Arkos can see that much at the very least having worked and fought alongside him for so long. Whether this vision is for better or worse, he could not tell. And yet, were he to enact his plan and succeed, whatever they may be, Arkos is hard pressed to believe he’d be any less willing to help him. He treats Saiyans, or at least Arkos with respect. At least more so than many other Frieza members.

Porato | Ally
A Saiyan with a stories of Planet Vegeta and what it used to be. Arkos cannot share in the nostalgia, but would listen nonetheless. He might make for a great sparring partner to. Still, something about him makes Arkos uneasy. He doesn’t exactly know what. But it’s enought o make him cautious.

Satay | Ally
A being known as a human. Her species seems very similar to that of the Saiyans, though she claims that she is not the best example of the average human. Whether this is a good sign or bad sign of the humans, Arkos is interested by her methods. He certainly isn’t one to shy away from somebody powerful, though he thinks she could be even more powerful if she focused on one of her specific skill sets.

Rutaba | Ally
Another Saiyan and possibly a powerful ally. Arkos see much more potential in her. However, she is in her own way. He likes to spar with her as she is crafty, though that will only get her so far. To him, she is in her own way. Part of him wants to help her, though he has no possible idea as to how. Even so, it may not be his place anyway.
As you all know our current cast consists of Glaceo, Sully, Light, Epsilon Thirteen, and Omalatte.

I'd like to expressed deep gratitude to you all for submitting characters. I've spent the last few days brushing over each of them, and the last few hours trying to decide who I think would be the best to include for a story. This does not by any means imply that any of the characters are bad. Each is interesting and could be cool to see evolve in their own right. That being said, as for the remaining cast I have decided on the following:

@Fabricant451 Rutaba. I feel her inferiority complex could make for a good foil for my own Saiyan and the other Saiyan I've decided on.

@Weird Tales Porci seems like he'd be cool and comedic to watch. But I also think I'd love to see him get serious. There are lots of possibilities.

@GingerBoi123 Porato. Let me be clear, every Saiyan had its merits. I can't even begin to tell you how hard it was to make this decision. Porato though has something about him. Yes, experience plays a part, but it's more than that. I genuinely think his personality and his motivations will be the most fun for the Saiyans to explore and work through in the long run.

@AtomicNut Satay is just... Something. The unlimited potential of a human, with years to work on it, assuming she can pick between ki or magic. Trying both is... seemingly limiting on her ability given her potential and the fact she isn't MUCH stronger. I know why. It's the power constraints I set, but narratively speaking, this is a much better story point lol Although everything is up to you.

These are my choices. I apologize to those who I did not choose, again, every character is good. I'm still thinking one or two might make for interesting story dynamic. For example, Myriad. But I can't justify him in the Zane-o-meter. right now. I may add more later, but for now, the cast is set. I'll be putting up Arkos before sleep tonight.
Wafer D. Kite - Back at it again! But wait...

It had felt so good to work with his hands after so long. Kite couldn't help, but feel proud. It was like riding a bike. Yes, the bike was a rather complex machine made to create what seemed like an amazing cup of cocoa, but it was a damn fine bike all the same. He grinned at his captain as he watched the man take notes of Tock's explanation. He laughed here and there at the old man's jokes. And finally, he smiled at the words of his new captain as he removed the bandanna from his head and slid it into his pocket.

"Right! Looks like a job well done if I do say so myself," he said with another small laugh as he began to follow Boone out of the shop. That's when it hit him though. Just as the door closed behind him he tilted his head. His pace slowed to a crawl and he opened his mouth. "Captain, weren't you going to get yourself a new watch?" Had the man done so while he was working? Wasn't that the reason behind the miniature "adventure" in the first place? He was sure that was the point in the first place. Unless... It wasnt?


@GingerBoi123Porato is pretty solid. It could be a good plot point to explore his own ideals and the contrast between him and Arkos given one had a deeper connection with their home world and people than the other. This is not acceptance, just me saying that it's a solid character and there's nothing inherently bad or change worthy about him. Sorry, you'll need to wait on a decision a bit longer as I said in the guild.

@dabombjkArlic is also interesting in his own right, being somewhat like Goku, but not at the same time. His history is also similar to Arkos who will likely be up in the character tab in the next day or so provided I have time to complete him. Still, there's nothing I would change as of now, though like GB you'll need to wait for an answer regarding acceptance.

Man, like I said on the Discord you Saiyans are not making this an easy decision. It really is going to take some serious deliberation to make this decision and I hope when it is made you all know I'm try to be as fair and as objective as I can be. I know I said that I would only be accepting up to 2 Saiyan characters apart from my own and I will be sticking too that because I want to avoid over saturation of the race in the roleplay. However, each character is great in his/her own right. So, when @SpawnMeme and @Fabricant451 are able to make their edits, I will review each character again and make a final decision. Hopefully by the end of the weak.

@TyphonI am still in the process of accepting applications. Keep in mind, as said in the first post of this page, I'm not a first come first serve type at least not anymore. I'll review any and all character sheets/applications and make my decision on the cast of characters and players based on who I feel will provide interesting plot points and the like.

Note: There are currently 4 Saiyan applications with possibly another on the way. Competition is pretty steep there. I'm hoping to make final decisions by the end of this week. Either Sunday or Saturday at the least. To put that in perspective, it it current a little past 3AM, Wednesday morning for me as I write this. If I give a concrete time line, by Saturday night/Sunday morning I want to have the cast list complete and then by Monday/Tuesday, I'll have the first post up and we'll get this show on the rode.
@BladeSS4 First person to submit a sheet. I know it has taken some time, but don't think the interest isn't greatly appreciated. I have gone over Zero and the overall idea behind him. Based on what we know about Frieza, I'm hard pressed to believe that he would allow anyone to utilize his "noble DNA" to create a clone. After all there is only one Lord Frieza. He has such a big ego. And even if he did, he would likely destroy it if viewed as a failure. I do submit that he could be considered as another Clansman, much like Glaceo, but I can't accept him because of this.

@SpawnMemeFor the most part, I like Callion as a character. However, I cannot accept him. This is because, and keep in mind it is not your fault, the history and age wouldn't fit. I've been adding notes to the Discord. As per the Planet Vegeta notice I entered (and recently edited) Planet Vegeta has been gone for 22 years. Keep in mind I did say early on, more than once, that Vegeta was indeed gone. I simply moved back it's execution date a bit. So, because of this, I cannot accept him. His history and age, the main factors, would not work here. You'll still have time to make changes or reapply if you wish moving forward. Apologies.

@Fabricant451Rutaba, much like Callion is a Saiyan character I like. I feel like it's interesting that even though none of our characters are cookie cutter Saiyans, they aren't the same as each other either. Though mine has a bit more pride as a Saiyan and like fighting more than Rutaba or Callion. Still, the same issue here is the timeline. It's again, neither of your faults, this was something I'd missed adding here, though it is on the discord and I'm sure I've discussed it more than once. It's still possible she could have had many of the same, or at least similar experiences with slight tweaks. Also, the idea of the hair, according to Vegeta the Saiyan Hair doesn't change from birth, although Toriyama did mess up a bit on this with Young Vegeta's look. And the Saiyan males at least grow facial hair very slowly. Still, I don't mind a small retcon on this notion for females if nothing else lol

I'd like the Saiyans to keep in mind that this is not flat out denial. I would gladly accept both provided the histories were reworked and I'd even be willing to help with that if possible.

@Archmage MCI want to accept Light. The only issue I'm having right now actually isn't the Void Slip, but the draining touch. Is it any tough? Is she essentially a lot like Rogue from the X-men? What are it's limits? I need this a bit more defined before I can accept as it's my only really problem.

@CaptainSullyI think Sully is really cool, and interesting as a character. He's motivated, and I can see him as a strong opponent and someone who'd need to overcome their own biases and possible weaknesses. He's accepted so you can move him to the Character tab, but we'll need to add that power level sooner than later.

@DoubleI've no reason not to accept Glaceo. I think he's a great character and I've always loved the idea of an Arcosian who isn't a Frieza carbon copy or just "playing" nice. Regardless, move him to the character tab.

@GiskShe's accepted, move to the character tab. I feel like I should have more to say, but honestly, this was just a good character, well balanced for the RP even if still powerful.

I'm interesting in all the characters so far honestly.

@AtomicNutHah... He's gonna be a fun one to read. Throw him in the Character tab. But not too hard. Don't wanna break him or the tab.

@GingerBoi123So, here is my thing with Tora. He's very clearly tailors for Earth, even if you changed him to be a Balsora native. Understand, this is again, not your fault as is the point with the Saiyans. It's my fault for not giving more specifics to the planets prior to character creation. Even so, I'll explain a bit now. Balsora isn't a world in which his history and who he is and how he has learned to fight and what not fits. I'll be adding information to the zero post for everyone to see, even if it's not the most detailed. Sorry, I cannot accept him as is.

@Weird TalesI can't not accept him. He's pretty interesting, and somebody who wants a harem just endears him to me cause I love Issei in HS DxD. Buuuuuuuut, he has no history. What's up with that?? Can't say come to the game, if you haven't finished the character.

@rocketrobie2He's accepted. He's dope. Vilgax is a great villain. Funny not seeing the look as evil. He could be cool. Move him to the character tab.

We gotta get all the low power levels UP!!
I see we are off to a good start as is. Now, I'd like to forego critiquing as of just yet because going one by one would be tough, and I have school work to complete. So, I'll give everybody until about Friday to submit your best apps. I may give a few notes here and there over the course of the week, but I'm hoping to have a good idea of the roster over the weekend. So the sooner you guys get up the Characters Sheets, the better.

Space Discord
Space Pirate Pad

Age 762
the Galactic Frieza Army runs rampant engaging in a conquest of universal proportions, even going as far as to raise their own flag despite being a faction under the banner of the Planet Trade Organization. His father, the supposed leader of the PTO, King Cold allows him to roam free and do as he pleases. He would never stifle the progress of his sons. The elder brother Cooler, keeps a calm head continuing to bring planets under his own rule through the means of his Universal Cooler Forces, as they have come to be known. Understandably, the two brothers remain at odds. In some cases, their forces engage each other on sight.

Age 763
The reign of the PTO, the reign of the GFA, and the reign of the UCF sparks fear in the hearts of many. But for some, those who would rather die than live as servants, these sparks have begun to light flames. The flames, though small continue to grow in secret. A rebellion is on the rise, though it’s numbers are small and scattered. Were they to organize and come together, they might just pose a formidable force, but until such a point can be reached the idea of freedom from the tyranny of the PTO will never come to pass.

Age 764
Our story opens on Planet Balsora. A planet newly united under what is known as a benevolent ruler. It is a relatively unknown planet, with a small population. Still, it boasts advanced technology, beyond that seen on most other planets throughout the galaxy. Having heard rumors of its advancements and of the presence of potentially powerful warriors, a squad was sent by Frieza after having been ordered to investigate by his father. And so the curtains open, and the space opera begins.

This is essentially a reiteration of the Interest check information, albeit a bit more organized I feel. Only the important bits. Now:
  • As the players there will be two general groups you can be apart of. A rebellion or Frieza's army.
  • Dying will be possible. If we never learn of the Dragon Balls, that's it, you're dead until further notice.
  • It's also important to note that if you have a character who fights, but doesn't train, other characters who do train will overtake you. It will not just be assumed that you train. You will lose fights. I will lose fights. Everyone will lose some and win some.
  • The first arc will focus primarily on character introduction, meetings, and not as much on combat.
  • Player discussion is important. If you are in the rebellion it's not very big, so lets say a it has been around somewhere between 6 months and a year. Frieza's forces, and the PTO, have obviously been around much longer.
  • If you make a character of a particular race, be prepared to work with me to better flesh out said race, as is often necessary for many races that appear. I see no reason for Namekians to be present, at least not in the beginning.

More stuff for you guys. Again, just recap:
  • Unless I have no choice, but to give up I am in things for the long haul. I hope you will be too.
  • I can sometimes be late. I sometimes make mistakes. I will let you guys know whenever possible if I will be gone.
  • This is not first come first serve. I will give anybody a chance to apply and decide which characters I think will mesh or clash well enough to drive the plot forward and make for a fun game.
    I am not without bias, but I try to be as impartial as possible when it comes to character judgment.
    I will always try to be civil, but I will also be honest. I apologize if I seem like a dick, but I will not apologize for the honesty.
  • I'll accept somewhere between 7 and 10 players (unless given a good reason I will not budge on 10 as the cap)

  • First and foremost, standard RPG rules do indeed apply.
  • As the GM of this roleplay my word is law. As such, please follow the guidelines set by myself along with any, and all, Co-GMs.
  • No Mary/Gary Sue, Overpowered, bullshit tier characters please. While it is important to note that not every character will be on the same level, it is also important that nobody is immortal/untouchable.
  • No power playing, metagaming, whatever. OOC knowledge should not be utilized in the IC, you should not, in any major way, attempt to control, harm, or move another player’s character without permission.
  • Romance is, of course, allowed. However, please take any sexual content and other acts above the PG-13 mark to PM or fade to black or whatever
  • It is likely that there may be death, but all matters will be discussed beforehand. Still, there will most certainly be destruction and gore, within reason. So, please be aware of this.
  • Have fun and try to be as active as your schedule allows. I know it is tough, but please try to let someone know whether or not you'll need to go if you can.
  • I honestly don't mind cursing or other variations of coarse language too much. However, please do not go overboard.
  • Being that this is casual level roleplay I expect a paragraph per post. Understand that this is a MINIMUM requirement, lowballing at that, as I understand it can be difficult to slam out large posts on a regular basis for some.
  • Finally, as the Gm of this RP I reserve the right to add and/or change any of these rules as I see fit, although I will only do so within reason of course.

Post character sheets in the OOC tab for review first; if they have been approved, they can be moved to the Char tab.
Side note, special thanks to my buddy @Grey for letting me use this CS.



Names should be written western-style: first name, then last name.

So, there’s no one specific age range for anyone to abide by. And obviously, different races would have different ways of telling time. We’ll be judging things based on Earth time for OOC type stuff, because that’s easier for us as players. And lets be honest, it’s Dragon Ball, we’ll probably end up either on Earth or in a place like Earth at some point.

Male, Female, Both, Neither, Trans, etc. Try not to complicate it too much.

Describe your character's appearance, emphasis on aspects not covered by the faceclaim. It doesn't have to be super elaborate, but you need to have something here, especially if you don't have a faceclaim to work from.

If you've got extra pictures for whatever reason, you can throw them in a hider here or beneath your character pic above.

Your character's race and origin are pretty important. What type of alien creature are they, as we have learned just about everything is some type of alien or another. What planet do they come from? Small descriptions of the race and planet can be placed here. I’ll have a separate sheet for the more detailed stuff set later.

Power Level
Keep in mind that in this section we’re either on or around the levels of the Ginyu Force in there first appearance. Power Levels are kinda bullshit, so this is with a grain of salt and we’ll be playing around with it. It does still give an indication of power though. Regardless, in this section, you can put anywhere between 5 and 150,000 no higher.

It's a personality section, so here's where you talk about what your character's like. "How do they act?", "What makes them tick?", "What do they aspire for and what are their doubts?" and so on. Keep in mind, you can’t just put anything here. There’s generally a reason for the things a character thinks and does. It should correlate with the history section at least a bit.

Your character's lifestyle and significant experiences up til adulthood, or however old they are now. Write as much as you feel appropriate, but make sure you include why they decided to do what they do. The reason can be simple or it can be elaborate, as long as it more or less makes sense.

Your character's Aspects are the attributes that make them unique and give them their edge (no not that kind): traits, talents, affinities, special abilities and so on. Generally speaking, what would go here are the kinds of things that are inherent to the individual and cannot be taught. You should only have one or two things here. Three would be the absolute most, and even then that’s stretching it a bit. I’d also like to try and avoid excessive overlap between multiple people here, if possible. So if you want something that's the same as someone else, sort it out between yourselves.

Some examples from canon would include the Saiyan Zenkai Boost, Frieza Race Golden Form, Namekian Stretching, Majin Regeneration, and Technological Advancement of a particular world, or whatever.

This is where you describe the skills that your character specializes in, as well as why they would have it. No need to go overboard on the description, though. Bonus points if they have a special named fighting style and you list off the techniques. There shouldn't be too many of these since they're only the skills that are core to your character, not those that they occasionally dabble in. Try not to make these too similar to another character or characters.

You’ll probably be making your own, but some examples from canon would include Kikoukenjutsu, Turtle School Style, Crane School Style, Science, Robotics, and Cooking.

The things your character owns and what they do: their assets, weapons, objects of sentimental value, technology and so on. Only the important stuff though; exclude the overly mundane stuff like wallets, phones and grilled cheese sandwiches. When it comes to those kinds of things, we'll play it by ear since inventory management isn't my thing.

Describe how your character thinks of and interacts with the members of their immediate family, their significant friends and enemies, and the other PCs. It can be described in character and/or out of character as long as it's described, and usually each relationship shouldn't be more than a paragraph at most.

As far as the PC relationships go, they don't have to be super deep, but they have to be there since you've been around these people for at least a small period of time now. Obviously, you’ll need to talk with other character to come up with this.
Guys, you can be just about anything as long as you make it work within the context of why they would be where they are. If it doesn't seem likely or possible, I will pose questions. For instance, in the case of Namekians, if Frieza's forces knew of them, we'd likely already be at the "immortality" plan stage or whatever. Or maybe they'd be exterminated. You never know. Still, it wouldn't make sense that we'd have just one. Unless it were something like Kami in OG Dragon Ball. In which case, it might be more plausible.

I'll be making a Discord for us all sometimes before I go to bed.

In addition to that, I'll probably be throwing the OOC up sometime either today or tomorrow, assuming the guild doesn't give me trouble as it is almost done. Glad to see there is still interest :D
@Darkmoon AngelSweetness.

@DoubleWell, I am using the prime family in charge and I'm sure at least one of them keeps an eye out or out for other members of the race. How they act can either raise or lower their expectation. I'd be curious to see what you come up with if nothing else. And of course, as with everything else I'd be more than willing to discuss. over discord or PM. Discord primarily because of the guild being so tempermental as of late.

So yeah, any of you can message me. I'll likely make a discord at the same time I make the OOC. Which shouldn't take more than another day or two.
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