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Where's the rest of the CSs/folks? Do I need to do some aggressive recruiting?

I have almost all my Seiichi stuff. I think I just got lowkey unmotivated when we had to transfer over the sheets again. Trying to get my shit together. I got you fam. Trust me.
Mamoru temper flared once more with the response Ringo gave him. "Not what your dad wants for you?" He questioned once incredulously. "NOT WHAT YOUR DAD WANTS FOR YOU?!" Mamoru shouted this time before pounding his gloved fist into the wall beside him. Even so, as she continued speaking, his blood quickly decreasing from a boil to a simmer. "Well... You damn well better work harder." He finally growled after a moment of deafening silence between the two of them. He turned away from her and opened the door back up.

"Now, lets go get something to eat or whatever." Mamoru added sounding a bit more like himself, though still clearly "meh" about what had just transpired. He was still gonna be a bit grumpy for a while. It was how things always were. And he wouldn't just let Ringo off if she tried to play cute or make him laugh! Not this time! Probably...
Zenoram and Zero

> > > On Tenrou Island < < <
Phoenix Wing
Interacting with @Crimson Raven@Lunarlord34@Zarkun and basically everyone else within earshot on Tenrou

Zero had been frozen in place when the roar came. His eyes were wide in anger... fear? Excitement? He couldn't place it. But his pupils narrowed, matching the appearance of the all too familiar beast he'd felt the presence of. It was making sense. But the thing about not knowing, what he had vaguely picked up from the speech of the guy in the long coat was important in and of itself. He growled though as Hunter approached. The plans were good, and the notion of gathering information was smart, it was what Hemlock would have advised, but there was something else to note. A dragon's senses. Without a doubt, it, or they or whatever, had already taken note of the strangers encroaching on the land. He turned immediately to follow after Hunter.

"Hunter is right. We shouldn't send scouts." He said immediately. "But it isn't because we already know there is at least one dragon. It's too dangerous to send anyone out alone. If we're splitting up at all, which would be stupid by the way," he paused directing this line at Ferrin before continuing, "The best plan would be the smaller team idea. Scouts will be useless though." He shook his head. His senses had adjusted for the most part, but the area was still making it a bit harder to concentrate on any one thing. And not knowing the scent of the dragons, their respectively elements, or anything else about them made picking out any of them or getting a solid number that much harder. Still, now that he knew what they were looking for he could ascertain that, "There is definitely more than one dragon on this island." He said seriously.

"I could be wrong, but the chances of that are pretty damn low. And given that these are dragons that we're talking about, your scout idea would just make whoever we send out, easy pickens. Cause I guarantee they already know we're out here. There senses are among the best of any creature. And if they wanted to take us out, they would." This was likely the case, barring a rage induced or some other kind of, frenzy. "I'm no leader, but I'll tell you this. It took an S-Class mage, along with myself and two other mages to build up the power to kill my father Hemlock. And he was a young dragon by their standards. Not to mention in a weakened state." Zero stated, clutching the scale-like leatherly material of the jacket gifted to him by his father. At the ready, in the right state of mind, and at full power, Hemlock might have decimated them and anything in his path. And that was the message Zero was trying to get across.

"Not saying you don't have good ideas Long Coat Guy," Zero spoke once more, mimicking Hunter, "Just saying, that's not the best course of action dude." Having said that, Zero was prepared to do as told. It wasn't his mission, and fighting among themselves wouldn't help. Even if he hated the idea of just doing what he was told. "And you. Yeah you with the crazy eyes (Ashlyn). If you think that it's gonna be that easy, that simple... Well..." He paused, growling at he calmed himself down a bit, "Well, I'll bring flowers to your funeral."

Was that really necessary?
It wasn't unnecessary.

Zenoram sighed in their mind at the response and notion of Zero having antagonized someone else without needing to. Especially given their collected agreement on not needing to fight within the group given the likely foe they'd be facing.

> > > Pureplain City, Isson < < <
Interacting with: @PlatinumSkink

Axl’s eyes scanned the Ferroseed along with its trainer as Tank took his position. Immediately he held up his pokedex scanning the pokemon for real in order to weigh his options. It would have been easy to act like he knew exactly what to do, but he didn’t. It might have been possible to tackle it over and over until it fainted, but with its ability, Tank would take just as much damage. Still, with his defensive abilities Tank could more than take a little damage.

”So, it’s gonna be a battle of attrition then.” Axl said with a small smirk, confident in his chances despite the position he was in. In truth, he’d have been disappointed if his first battle wasn’t challenging. Still, Axl did have a few things going for him. First, while his Munchlax didn’t have a defensive advantage, he had an advantage in mobility. Second, when it came down to it, he was confident that Tank could at last the Ferroseed if it came down to who could take more hits. And last but not least, at this stage Ferroseed would most likely be limited to two moves, Tackle and Harden, whereas Tank had at least three at his disposal. ”Tank use defense curl.” He ordered the Munchlax.

”Muuunch`” The big eater pokemon vocalized his confirmation for the order and used his move, bumping his defense stat up one stage. It might not have seemed like much, but it'd help if it came down to who could take more of a beating.

”Now we’re gonna tackle.” He needed to gauge what each of them could take.

"Munch munch!" Tank nodded before charging at his target. Whether or not he landed a blow on Ferroseed was anybody’s guess. Axl didn’t want his pokemon getting hurt if it could have been avoided it, but this was a moment of truth. It was important to know what each pokemon could take in order for him to move forward and devise some form of a strategy.

”Here’s hoping,” he mumbled under his breath almost inaudibly as the thought of his final advantage crossed his mind; a move called metronome. The problem was it was a gamble and Axl didn’t think shooting right out the gate with it was smart.

> > > Pureplain City, Isson < < <
Interacting with: @PlatinumSkink

Axl was far less subtle than Skylar and Alice in his reaction to Rhyperior. He jumped with joy, Tank matching his excitement, over seeing the level of power and capability that was possible to be reached with proper training and hard work. "Oh my god you're so freakin cool!" Axl spoke as he cheerfully ran over to the large pokemon and hugged it. Tank followed suit, wrapping his arms around Rhyperior's leg.

"Muuuuuuunch~" It seemed that he was in agreement with his trainer.

Despite the moment of amazement and his want to learn more about the pokemon and how powerful it was, however, Axl and Tank soon had to move outside with the rest of the group to meet their challengers. Jacques was charismatic to say the least and the lineup was unlikely to disappoint if they'd been chosen by a member of the elite four. He listened intently to everything being said. He'd found Simon quite amusing and vivia interesting, but he didn't really feel an urge to battle them. This changed when faced with the clearly bitter Oaken. He was underestimating Axl, all of the new trainers really. But he didn't want his first battle to be fought out of spite. Thus, his eyes fell to Rodger.

Rodger, right?" He asked as he approached the older trainer, a competitive grin plastered across his face. He'd felt something of a kindred spirit in the man wanting to face stronger trainers, though he knew nothing else of him. "Let's battle! I wanna face someone stronger. And I'll probably even learn a thing or two butting heads with you." He proclaimed confidently. "Here's hopin' I can give ya a good fight. Ready, Tank?"

"Munch, munch!" Tank chimed in, equal parts ready to be pit against the more experienced trainer.
@PlatinumSkinkIt was indeed to see them all lol... At least, the ones that Jacques carries? But you can interpret it however you wish. I can adapt. Can't wait for the post!!
@PlatinumSkinkI'll probably make reference to it! Cause he's gonna need to eat roughly 232lbs of food a day. Good thing literally anything can be food for a Munchlax in the pokemon universe lol... Cause those little bastards can eat ANYTHING.
Wafer D. Kite - After the battle! Mending wounds?

Interacting with: @Leaves

It would have been a grievous understatement to say that Kite was a little upset about the fact that he'd been unable to help secure a win for the crew. Even so, he'd managed something on the old geezer hadn't he. And the larger man, for all his boasts and power, had failed to crush the one thing that mattered, Kite's resolve. Even so, he did feel a certain amount of embarrassment having to be carried off the field. And so as he was placed down, he sighed. "Thank you," he spoke softly as Hachirou left him with his crew in the stands. He could do little more than sit there and watch the rest of the games. He could barely move his arms too, but barely was better than not at all at least.

"Captain," Kite began softly as he winced in pain when Feya began to tend to his wounds. Her words were kind, and he knew it, but it was still something he'd needed to here. "Permission to have a bowl of the food that Runch provided?" He asked as Feya called out to Lily who'd be competing next. It was amusing really, until she got a little more rough. He groaned and winced, sucking his teeth. "F-Feya..." He said weakly, but he felt a sharp pain.

"Spirit? My spirit is so jacked it has freaking biceps."

He gasped. "Trust me, Feya..." He laughed a bit, though it was broken up and clearly painful. "Nobody that actually matters here could even imply that your spirit is weak." He said choosing to joke a bit to get her to lighten up on his wounds.
Zenoram and Zero

> On the Boat to and then on Tenrou Island <
Phoenix Wing
Collaborated with @Zarkun and interacted with @Silver Fox

Zenoram had been a bit rattled and stuck having a conversation in his mind with Zero. After the knowledge they had gained from Jamie and the kiss on the cheek from Karn's roommate, he'd quickly been pulled down leaving their body to sink down to a sitting position on the floor.

"I don't know what their up to, but watch out Zenoram!" Zero said quickly.

"You worry too much Zero. If their anything like Karn than there was nothing wrong with that."

"But they aren't! There were intentions behind those words and the kiss. I could feel it!" Zero snarled in rebuddle.

"Intentions? What kind of intentions?" Zenoram asked softly before chuckling. "You sure you aren't just reading too much into it? You can get a little paranoid Zero." He couldn't help but laugh a little more at Zero's reaction. He was sure it was nothing.

"W-whatever. Just be careful!"

"I'm always careful." Zenoram beamed.

"Only if always suddenly means never." Zero huffed.

By the time they'd finished, the announcement that boats would be taken the rest of the way. Not only that, but Karn had become a pegasus. Zero groaned, having assumed control. "What... The... Fuck?" He huffed as he felt the full affects of the motion sickness. "Wait... From a boat to other boats? What even was the point of this first boat?"

He said before he manage a sniff at the air. "Woah... Is that... Of course..." He paused every word or two. It was so hard to keep a steady flow of though. Was that Hunter? It made sense if they wanted dragon slayers. "Karn... Don't forget anyone. Better to be tired and with friends, than stranded and alone on a boat in the sea." He added referring to what he thought might have been Mithera. He didn't say much more though since he'd not seen her. Besides, he had to go meet up with another dragon slayer. Especially since Amaya's scent was getting further away and he could only assume she'd gone off. Hopefully, she didn't get herself killed.

Zero forced himself to his feet. He had a mission in mind. Find that other bastard and try to devise a plan. He felt something bad and he knew that right now, it was better he be in control and fight through this seasickness. Even if he felt like death. Even if he felt like he'd fall flat on his face any second. "I... Gotta... Find someone." He then added to Karn as he moved along.

Hunter groaned as he heard the anchor splash into the water outside his cave of crates in the cargo hold. He knew no one would think to look for him there, especially since he was a Dragon Slayer, which was why he was hidden. The motion sickness that most Slayers got when they boarded modern transportation was a prick to his pride and one he wished he knew how to make go away. Still, as he dragged himself to his feet and stumbled out of his hiding place, he could have been stuck with something worse. "God, I swear I'm gonna find a non-boat related way off this island when we're done..." He stumbled out of the cargo hold and into the hall, heading for the stairs.

Zero stumbled across the deck with. The continued undulation of the ship was a real bitch. He growled as he continued forward until he reached the stairs. He leaned on the frame of the door and looked down. He wished he could say with certainty that he knew the scent he was following, but it was in and out. "Hunter?" He questioned with a pain groan. "You hiding bastard..." It was clear he had more he wanted to say and ask, but he was cut off by a quick retch. He wanted so bad to puke out his guts. It was like the longer he was in control, the worse he felt. This was why Zenoram handled trouble. Got he needed another way of getting around. Even so, though he wouldn't say it right off the bat, he was kind of excited to see an old friend, and maybe fight him again when all was said and done. They had fought and sparred and stuff during his time on jobs and while traveling. Zero lost more than he won, but that didn't stop him. If not for Hunter and Damian, he might not have gotten as strong as he had in this short time.

Hunter hadn't finished getting up the stairs yet when he heard a familiar voice call his name from the top of them. "Hunter?" Any joy at Zero's voice was buried beneath a driving need to get off the boat and, with many grunts of effort, the Jade Dragon Slayer forced himself up the stairs to the deck. Sure enough, the Poison Dragon Slayer was right there, looking like a mirror image, in a very metaphorical sense, of the Jade Dragon Slayer. Grunting, Hunter jerked his head towards the side of the boat.

"First, off the boat. Then, he coughed a couple times and had to force the bile back down that tried to come up before continuing, "talk." Grabbing his friends arm, he dragged him to the railing. "Uh, before we jump, you can swim, right?"

Zero groaned as the Jade Dragon Slayer spoke. He was right though. Getting off the boat had to be priority one. Still, he had to manage to muster the strength in himself to pull his arm away. "Who the... Hell..." He groaned and began to climb over the rail. "Fuck it..." He choked out. I don't think this is such a good... Zenoram began to remark prompting a growl from Zero. "Just... Go..." He said before letting himself fall overboard in to a sort of lackluster dive into the water below.

"All I'm saying is..."
"No more boats!"
"Riiiiight..." Zenoram sighed in exasperation as his other half's desperate need to escape the very notion of moving to another boat.

"I'll see you at the island!" Zero then yelled as he floated up above surface of the water and began swimming towards the island.

Hunter wasn't far behind the Poison Dragon Slayer, though his entrance to the water was somewhat showier as he recovered once he was off the boat. Still, as he surfaced and sighed in relief, Zero's declaration to meet on the shore was met by the sound of the Jade Dragon Slayer moving that way as well. Once more, he wondered why they hadn't just used a teleportation spell or lacrima to get to the island, but they were there now. "And you're not getting me back on that boat for the return trip!" He didn't care if other guild members looked at him weird, the person he was talking to knew who they were.

Upon reaching the beach, Hunter started stretching as he approached Zero. "So how'd your last job go?"

Zero couldn't help but laugh Hunter's remark about the ship. When all was said and done, he agreed 100%. Still, now wasn't the time for talking or proclamations. Yet.

"You two are like two peas in a pod."
"You just don't get it. You don't feel it like we do."
"Just glad you're making friends."
"Let's not get carried away here."

Without another word between the two, Zero reached the island with Hunter in tow. "So how'd your last job go?" The Poison Dragon Slayer chuckled at the question from the Jade Dragon Slayer. "Well, I finished it. Messed up a few things..." You destroyed the town inn during your fight... "But nobody got hurt." Zero shook off water from his hair as the rest seemed to roll off his jacket. It'd be dry within minutes. "Love this thing. Only thing that could be better is a little fire to dry all of me off faster."

Hunter chuckled as Zero said he messed up but no one got hurt. Sounded like a good day for a Dragon Slayer going solo on a job. "Good to hear. You, uh, there for this briefing Master Jack said happened? All he did was call me and tell me to come along. Sounded important."

"Briefing? Pfft... Sure I..." Zero began but Zenoram quickly chimed in.

"Wasn't. We weren't at the briefing." This was followed by a prompt scoff.

"Honestly, I just got back before they left. Heard a few Dragon Slayers were needed and decided to get myself on the trip. Word is we might come face to face with a dragon or two." Zero said as a confident toothy grin form on his lips. He cracked his knuckles. "For as Long as I knew, there were only two dragons left. One of which was Hemlock. Since one just up and disappeared and Hemlock..." Zero trailed off and looked down. The grin was gone, replaced with a scowl. "Point is, if there are more I wanna take a shot at 'em. And if they're dangerous, it'll be like handling a problem before it starts." He glanced at the forest of the island and than back at Hunter.

"Lookin at this place reminds me of that one sparring session we had." He chuckled. "You remember, right? When I kicked your ass." This was not true. In fact, it'd been a good spar, but neither had actually had an overwhelming victory. If anything it could have been called a draw if either wanted to do that. Zero was too stubborn though.

Hunter raised an eyebrow at the other Dragon Slayer. "Kicked my ass? I seem to recall it was your ass that got kicked, my friend." He took a moment to look around himself and sniff the air. While everything seemed to have recovered in the last one hundred years, something about the scent on the didn't smell right. "You smell that?"

"Whatever you say," Zero chuckled before taking on a more serious demeanor. He had picked up the scent upon their arrival on the island. He might have gotten it sooner without the introduction of sea water to his mouth and nose while swimming from the boat. "I got it." He responded to the question from Hunter. "It's pretty damn familiar." He was getting a similar feeling to the one he'd gotten when Hemlock had taken him to meet Amaya's dragon parent. Still, this was different. A bit more ominous as it were. It might not have been a dragon, but something just as powerful as it were. Still, the thought of something just as powerful was nothing to scoff at. "We're all gonna have to be careful."

Hunter didn't reply right away, still sniffing the air. Now that the sea salt was begging to clear from his nose, things were becoming more distinct. The initial scent he'd picked up began to become separate scents with subtle but distinct differences from each other. All of them made him crinkle his nose. "I can't place it, but that's...there's more than one scent. One of 'em's really spicy smelling. It's weird..." Then he realized he hadn't responded to Zero's comment from earlier. "Yeah, caution's good and all, but we can't waste time either."

"Who said anything about wasting time?" Zero scoffed and chuckled at Hunter's point. It was obvious, wasn't it? "Not like either of us is scared. We're not here to take out time. It's just another job." He said calmly as he looked around once more, sniffing at the air. "But we aren't stupid enough to get all showboaty and reckless either." He added simply. "I guess the only question is what does our leader or whoever is in charge planning to do?"

Hunter looked at the other dragon slayer, an eyebrow raised. "We're dragon slayers mate, everything we do is showy whether we want it to be or not." He turned to look at where the rowboats were and grimaced. "Fucking modern transportation. Why's it gotta be such a bitch to use?"

Zero snickered at the notion of Dragon Slayers always being showy. "Yeah, it's pretty fuckin cool isn't it." He said before looking back around. "So, should we head off to explore? A team of two Dragon slayers is sure to find a lot more than just about anyone else." He asked calmly. It was a big island, but if this dragon thing was real, they'd be safer together than apart.

Hunter looked along the beach and back towards the others. "Might not be a bad idea, but we should probably wait for the rest of them to catch up. Amaya came too right? Three slayers are better than two."

Zero sniffed at the air again. Something was still bothering him about this place and the longer they were there the more apparent it became. It felt flooded with magical power. We'll probably end up splitting into groups or something. But I think it'd be smart to stick together. Dragon slayers together would be more effective than apart. Any mages together at all would be more effective. Even a weakened dragon, assuming there are some here, are far more trouble to deal with than any S-class or higher." He said a bit more serious now that the time to begin had come. Zero was excited, but things felt weird. He wasn't sure how things would go, but he would listen as necessary, at least so long as it was within his interest. "Even if we split, we should try and meet up again."

Hunter nodded, still sniffing at the air. He couldn't place it, but there was a scent there, one that seemed horribly out of place amongst all the others. But after a moment, he let it go. Driving himself mad trying to place where it went wasn't going to do him any good. "Agreed. Guess we just wait for the game plan then."

"Gods I hope they come soon." Zenoram said taking back control for a moment. He glanced at Hunter. "We've never really talked." Zero and Zenoram had disclosed their situation to Hunter in the past. It wasn't a big deal to them, never was. Even so, when the group met up it was for training, or work. Zero handled much of everything. But he had to conserve his strength and get his head straight after the boat ride. "I've always wondered how our magics would pair." Zenoram commented, as they would be joined soon and any chance of casual conversation would be replaced with the more serious matter at hand. A possible impending battle.

> > > Pureplain City, Isson < < <
Interacting with: @PlatinumSkink

Axl apologized promptly when Professor Kalmia brought up the notion of being a bit more careful with the door, laughing nervously as he did so. It was a bad habit to act without thinking. DId he know that? Yes. Did that always stop it? No. And yet, when things got serious, or when he was being given important information, as with the reception of his pokedex and how to use it he got serious too. He nodded along as Kalmia spoke and made mental notes where necessary. Then, as he took the Pokedex in his hand and looked it over it felt as a weight had been given to him. It wasn’t heavy in the physical sense, but there was a passing of a wealth of responsibility, of challenges to come, and so much more.

'And here, is your first Pokémon. Go for it!'

Those words were all Axl needed to immediately run to grab hold of the pokeball that had materialized. He took a deep breath. ”Alright!” He cheered excitedly before holding it out before him and releasing the pokemon that dwelled within. As it came into view he pulled up his Pokedex and scanned the new creature.

Munchlax stretched, standing in the open spaced that Axl had been allowed to use before scanning the room. There were so many people around! “Mun… Mun?” The small creature questioned before his eyes fell to Axl and his big smile.

”So, you’re Munchlax, huh?” he asked as he moved closer to the pokemon. The little guy was bigger than he expected his first pokemon to be. ”Looks like we’re gonna be together for a while little buddy.” Axl said as he knelt down and placed his hand on the big eater pokemon’s small shoulder.

“Munch!” The pokemon caught on pretty quick it seemed, cheering at the news before pushing Axl down in a weird tackle hug.

”Woah! Easy there, bud.” Axl spoke through a laugh as he sat up, embracing Munchlax just as tight as the pokemon had squeezed him. The two were like peas in a pod, and almost immediately on the same wavelength. ”So, what should I call you?”

”Mun?” Munchlax questioned as Axl got to his feat.

”How about Munchy?” Axl asked, though he noted that Munchlax didn’t like the name much. ”Muncher? Lax? Little dude? Big eats?” This went on for a moment with Munchlax shaking his head, grunting and shrugging off each naming attempted until finally, “How about little Tank?” Munchlax perked up. ”That’s better, but I can tell you’re not feeling it. How about just Tank?”

Munchlax, now officially Tank, beamed and pumped his little fist in the air. ”Mun Munch!”

The two cheered together for another moment before the knock at the door. Axl and Tank turned their attention to it, as was likely the case with everyone else, and watched at a man named 'Jacques!' entered the room. Woah, a member of the Elite Four. Axl stated mentally as he stared in awe for a moment before hearing what could only be described as a growl from Munchlax. Perhaps it was the time with Professor Kalmia, but the little guy didn’t trust the dude in the top hat. Still, what he said seemed interesting, even if it was quite clear that Kalmia was uncomfortable with his mere presence. Things went on like this for a bit as Jacques explained a bit more about who he was and why he was here. Then, it all came to a head.

'So, with all that said… How about we start it off with a Pokémon Battle? I brought a few of my trainers back from their trips, waiting outside. Don’t worry, I’m making them use all-new Pokémon for this special occasion, so they won’t be stronger than you are currently,'

Axl grinned at the notion. He was all for a friendly challenge. Besides, if they were on equal footing there was nothing to worry about right. Before he could say anything though Kalmia spoke up one more time.
'I’ll emphasize that you don’t have to if you don’t want to and want to be on your ways. That said, would you like to kick these guys’ asses for me?'

That was all the permission Axl needed. ”Well, when you give a noob like me a chance like this, how can I even think of saying no?” The young man confidently stepped forward with his new partner in tow. ”If it’s really cool, I’m totally up for a battle,” he paused for a moment before turning to Tank and asking, ”but what do you think Tank? You up for a fight?”

”Muu~nchlax.” Tank responded with a look of determination on his face as he and Axl both pounded their right fists into their left palms.

”Looks like that’s all settled.” Axl grinned proudly as the boldness of his pokemon. He could already tell they were gonna be thick as thieves. “But before before we start, would it be cool if you showed us your pokemon? The young man was certainly straightforward, to say the least. “I mean, it’s not everyday a trainer at the starting line meets one of the Elite Four. I’ve just gotta know what I’m working towards.” Despite the situation Axl was cool, collected, and confident. That might not have meant much to some, but it was a good enough idea of the kind of person he was, and the kind of trainer he wanted to be.
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