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Aria glanced up at the sniper’s perch, and gave a faint smirk. Serena was no stranger at all to this kind of work - she had yet to see her in a real fight, but this was too perfect for now. She refocused, and crept ever closer... Close enough for the bosmer opposite her to gasp and reach for his weapon. By the time he was alerted, the one Aria had slithered up behind already had a hand over his mouth, and a dagger plunged into his heart. She had no worries about the other - he was already dead in her eyes.

Yet, if they had taken the initiative to scream ‘intruder!’, this could have gotten bad, quickly. Silently, Aria thanked whichever god that the bandits were so lax...
“Like art,” Aria complimented as she took back the dagger. She nodded over to a campfire, where a pair of bosmeri bandits were discussing quietly over the skeever they were spit roasting. They didn’t have any reaction to what was going on at the outer wall. Aria then pointed to the keep.

“We’ll go in and look for whoever runs the show, right after we off those two and hide them somewhere. You see anyone else, take them as quiet as you can, or hide.” Aria explained, creeping along the wall toward the light of the fire. She’d stop for a moment, and point a finger at an emplacement ahead. A woman with a silver hand axe was sat on a chair, looking out over the road. Beside her, a bow and quiver.

Aria looked back at Serena and motioned a slit neck with her thumb. With that, she very quietly dropped down below, and continued moving toward the happy campers...
Aria flipped the Orcish dagger in her hand, and held the blade as she offered the grip to Serena. There wasn’t even a hesitation, she wanted to see how the swordswoman worked. She gave a faint grin and a light shrug as she looked between the snoozing bandit and the dagger.

“First blood is all yours,” she whispered, with a wink...
Aria hopped up as Serena pushed her, then pulled herself up onto the dark section of the fort walls. First, she looked around in the immediate vicinity. All she could hear was snoring, somewhere below in the fort - whoever was supposed to watch this area, probably. She grinned, and turned around to Serena, taking the sword from her. As Serena handed it over, Aria's arm dropped a little - this thing was damned heavy! The redhead wondered what it'd be like to see her new companion fight with it, but brushed the thought aside; she'd get to see that soon enough. She gently rested the sword against the stone, and swung her arm back down to clasp Serena's.

"Target one, right below us. Shhh~..." Aria whispered, grunting as quietly as she could as Serena began to pull herself up.
"If you two go on ahead, do what you can quietly, I'll move around outside the walls, get eyes on any guards. They spot you while you thin their numbers, and they'll go down before they can wake their kin," the cart driver suggested. He had a homemade bow, but the arrows in his bag were tipped with barbs - enough to push through light plate. If he hit any of those wandering guards, they were likely doomed, even if the shot wasn't a kill.

Aria gave a nod, and pulled the orcish dagger from her boot, and left her sheathed katana with the man. The glint of the runes couldn't give her away. "We'll find a dimly lit part of the wall. One of us boosts the other, that one pulls the other up. I want everyone on the outside dead. And after that, we go inside to deal with the rest. I eh," Aria cleared her throat, whispering, "I'm not the best with strategy. I feel like making this up as we go along~..."

A tailors and formalwear store down the street from Cafe Dumonte
Somewhere in Switzerland

August 12th, Present day, Afternoon
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"Oh, you found something! I'll help you get changed, dear!"

Akari made sure to follow quickly after Veronika, to end up in the same dressing room with her. From here, they might be able to faintly hear what the mafia were discussing. Despite following the decision to go sneaking around, she kept her hand stuffed in her handbag at all times - a gun ready to draw on anyone who came snooping toward them. She itched a little at the pistol's safety... Without giving an update to the others, this was all in their hands.

"I wonder what this is all about?" She whispered, trying to listen closer to the men. "...I kinda wanna go slash their tyres..." she mused.
Aria nodded along as Serena grasped the situation perfectly, and the driver let out a slow whistle. It would be a hellish task, but it’d pay off.

“It’s Fort Sungard. It borders Balgruuf’s territory, but he sees this as an opportunity to rid Skyrim’s people of a serious threat. Try to get any other Jarl to focus on anything but the war... they’re all paranoid, and guarded. No one will spare any military force, and so... We’re your girls,” Aria explained, “I mean, ...and guy, if you’ll be covering us? There’s gold in it!” She added, smirking at the driver.

The Nord looked back with a raised brow and shrugged, “Miss, this is suicide... I’ll have my bow handy,” he agreed, with a satisfied grunt. He drove the horses on. By dusk, they’d arrive.

“I just hope they’re not the types to capture instead of kill, having my fingernails peeled off sounds nasty.” Aria shuddered.

(You may time skip it if you wish, sir!)
After Aria climbed in and took a seat, she tossed a bag of coins to the driver, who caught it and nodded before getting the horses moving. “Alright, it’s out by Riverwood isn’t it?” He asked.

“Yup,” Aria replied, “You can leave us there, we’ll go the rest of the way on foot... So, the contract is actually active across all the Holds - apparently the fort we’re headed to isn’t just a home to bandits, but a place they strike out from, it’s rumoured to be a bigger operation than it looks on the outside.”

The driver shrugged, “I’m sure you’ll both have fun with all that. Tell you what - I’ll take you closer. Might even be able to keep some of them busy.”
“It shouldn’t take longer than a couple days, if it’s any longer I’ll write back with the details,” Aria said to Cronic as she stepped out into the dawn. “Don’t knock the place down while I’m gone!” she chuckled, starting off down the road. She had a bag of some supplies, her usual gear, and her sword. Marksmanship was never something she picked up on, so it was very beneficial to have Serena along.

After the two exited the gates, and headed down past the defences of Whiterun, the carriage driver would be ready, waving a hand in greeting as the women left the hold capital.

“I love trips like this... We can get to know each other, and see each other in action. Looking forward to it!” Aria spoke happily as they approached the carriage.
Aria raised a brow at Serena as she landed on the floor. She was the heaviest sleeper she’d ever met. It made Aria wonder though, if she was this lazy and, to be fair, happy, how was she without anyone to hold at night? There seemed to be so much to uncover about the wandering songstress yet...

“Heh, take your time getting up. By that I mean, any amount of time under twenty minutes. I saw the carriage driver heading out, let’s not keep him waiting too long. Lots of ground to cover!”

With that said, Aria gave the two a nod and quickly left. She crossed the hall to go see Yuki then. The door creaked open, and Aria stuck her head inside just long enough to see a head of silver hair poking out of the bed sheets. She simply closed the door as quietly as she could.

“D’aww~...” the redhead giggled on her way downstairs, off to grab her gear.
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