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Morien of Wyllt

Oh, so you want an Iron Caster build.

That's not too hard. It just takes like two-three multiclasses, a specific pair of feats and comes online at like level 6.

Don't think it comes with Arcane Strike, but tbh you could just scalp one of the Fighter archetypes that give arcane casting/strike to get the Arcane Strike feat as long as it doesn't cuck you out of the required class feature to pull the build off.… Ascetic Mystery grants spellstrike to Oracles' fists, but they're Divine… Blade Arcanists are pretty much Bladebound Magus but squishier and with a better spell list

Spiritualist is psychic but has two archetypes that grant spell combat

But tbh Magus is your best bet as far as mechanical viability and vibe go for first party products.

There's martial spellcaster archetypes (Child of War, Eldritch Scoundrel) that exist as well, though they don't fit what you seem to be looking for.

Do we got a Discord server or anything btw? Might be convenient to talk shop there.
@Grey By the way, are you actually interested in playing? Or were you just making a remark?

Yeah, I'm down.
wheres the inquisitor and warpriest to complete the sunday school class set
lmao posting a tabletop rp in casual
I will vote Milestone for big dick story plays, and Long Rest levels for internal consistency.
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