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It ended with the sound of shattering glass.

The final monster had fallen in a maelstrom of ice and fire, and with it came the iconic sound of lifepoints rapidly reaching zero. Smoke and steam lingered over the battlefield, creating a dark cloud concealing the two duelists within.

The first to come into view within the slowly dispersing mist was a boy with monochrome hair and blue eyes.

"Five turn checkmate," he said, allowing his arms to fall limply at his side. A wry smile played at his lips.

Then, finally, the digital haze cleared, revealing the final score for all to see.

Coach Yoshiwaru Go: 3400 LP
Applicant Kyouka Yutaka: 0 LP

The boy ran a hand through his hair, letting out a loud, bitter laugh at the sight.

"And here I was thinking I make it just a little further than that!"

π–ͺπ—’π—ˆπ—Žπ—„π–Ί π–Έπ—Žπ—π–Ίπ—„π–Ί

Yutaka was not looking forward to hearing his results.

Honestly, his performance out there was just embarrassing. That was some absolutely degenerate gameplay on his part--he'd have to fix that next time. In hindsight, he shouldn't have gotten greedy and committed all of those resources into that third turn combo. And that Sphere Kuriboh save? Not actually a save; it would have been one two turns later, though. But who the hell expects a counter-play like that?

'Probably a better duelist than me, lol.'

But what was really embarrassing about losing here was that he'd promised his ride back that he wouldn't. And then he did. And now he would definitely roasted for it, especially if it meant having to get yet another letter of recommendation from the guy. All in all, it was definitely a ride back home he wasn't in any rush to get to. Not that he was ever in a rush to go home in the first place.

At any rate, as one of the final contestants, Yutaka did not have to wait long for the duels to finish and the final judgement to begin. In a way, this was both a blessing and a curse. Whether the lack of gathering dread was worth the finality of judgment remained to be seen.

The old man went on about bonds or heart of the cards or effort, hard work and victory or whatever. He'd tested for enough dueling schools to last him a life time; he'd probably heard just about every permutation of that presentation. Instead, he spent the entire introduction brazenly reading new manga chapters on his phone.

Yutaka only started paying close attention once names were called. He didn't expect to hear his name in the upper echelons of the graduates. He didn't even expect to hear it in the middle. Yet he listened to these most intently of all.

It would be impolite not to know the names of your future opponents, after all. And there was the possibility, however slim, that he would be recognized in this category.

Of course, Yutaka would not be recognized in these categories, and it seemed that he wasn't being recognized in the lowest bracket either. For what seemed like aeons, names were called again and again for Uriel Scarlet. But the most important name of all refused to show itself. It would be a lie to say he wasn't getting a little on edge at that moment; he was wound tighter than a spring.

But then he heard it.

The one thing he had been waiting for.

The words that made an old man's badly-amplified voice sound like the choirs of heaven.

"Kyouka, Yutaka."

And at that moment, Yutaka leapt from his seat and roared.

He had, against all odds, succeeded in getting one school acceptance out of the dozens he had applied for. He pumped his fists triumphantly. He beamed like an idiot (which he was). He did a little jig. He...

...took a seat.

Because it was dead silent now. And people were staring.


They were still staring when he sat back down.

Yutaka coughed and leaned back, intertwined hands cradling the back of his head like he was a cool guy out of some trite anime. "...What're you all lookin' at?" he quipped to nobody and everybody, nudging his chin in the direction of the stage, "Old man's talkin'. Respect your elders. Pay attention."

Ironically, he was too excited to pay much attention as the rest of the names were called and the judgement drew to a close.

Once the gym had cleared out, Yutaka withdrew his phone and dialed a familiar number.

"Sup, aniki? Sorry to disappoint, but it looks I'm gonna have to cancel that ride back."

"Velvet, huh?" William said as he took the magus' hand and gave it a firm shake. "Gotta say, I'm more for leather myself, personally."

He snorted and grinned like he thought that was actually funny. Which he did.

"Just a little joke to liven the air. City's already doom and gloom enough what with all the, uh..." William placed his hands on hips and looked around the area. "...Yeah."

He decided to refrain from answering any questions for now, and simply waited until Rider returned to give a brief scouting report. After receiving the appropriate information and considering Saber's input, William piped up.

"Sorry, big guy," he apologized. "Much as I'd love to let'cha off the chain, Mr. Velvet and myself would be mighty vulnerable if some unsavory fella like Assassin or some such wants to play while Caster's busy setting up in the church."

An idea struck William at that moment.

"Hey Caster, maybe you wanna send some of your winged friends there to help out Rider?" he suggested, making little flapping motions with his hands at the mention of wings, "Gauge their strength, get some recon done, that sorta thing? If familiars can take them you no problem, that's one less thing to worry about."

With his input on tactics out of the way, William turned his attentions back to the magus in green. "Great! Now that that's outta the way, we can mosey on down to this church and get our little Q&A session going."

The Chinese cowboy threw his arm over Waver and marched off in the direction Rider had directed.
Shout out to Raijin copying the Wind Pillar’s marechi status before the author came out with it

It took a bit more time--he was not nearly as quick as a Servant, after all--but William finally arrived.

"Whew! Glad to see that was done quick and easy! Great job, Rider," William stroked the pegasus' mane, then surveyed the scene of the battle. The soldiers Rider had shot down were strange. If they had just been soldiers, he would have figured wraiths; if it was just mud, he would have assumed them golems. But these were something else.

William would have investigated further, but the way that mud was strewn all over the place like monkey's dung rang too many alarm bells.

"You got a name, stranger?" he asked the pale-looking kid, eyeing his form for anything that might present itself as a threat. Quickly, William's gaze settled at the pool of vomit at the stranger's feet. He relaxed immediately.

"...Aw shucks," he rubbed the back of his head, "Sorry about that, I ought'a tell you mine first, huh?"

He offered his gloved hand. "William. Pleased to meet'cha! By the by, is that Lupin guy one of yours? ...And why the heck's there mud everywhere, anyway?"
I agree
I didn't know we were dropping wips off

how much interaction is there supposed to be between the two squads

wait shit did you say jade
Lets get it, I'm so exited to see everyone's characters! ^^

Also good idea Grey, I'ma snag Breath of Love for one of my characters and probably make a new breath for the other.

If anyone's interested in planning out one of my characters knowing yours or having some kind of relationship, hmu and we can make something up together :D

My Tasty Bug Goil’s backstory is pretty solo, but I’d be cool with workshopping something with my Smelly Boi since his concept isn’t super solidified in my head yet.
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