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"Is that what that was?" Arc slung the wet wash rag over his shoulder. He wasn't wearing a cape this time; it would have gotten dirty while he was handling cleaning materials, and that wouldn't have been good in the slightest. "Sorry about that! I didn't really see it properly, so I thought it was something like this."

He flexed again. Someone in the tavern tossed coins at him.

"Thank you!" he called out to the mystery donor(s). The mage crouched down to quickly gather up currency before it could be trampled or kicked aside. Being paid for such simple work had bothered him long before, but his time with Winter's Blade made him realize such tips were a fact of life. For him, at least. Apparently this didn't happen to other people for some reason. It was definitely a strange phenomena, but not any weirder than some of the other things that went on in this hall.

"I guess folks really appreciate clean tables, huh?" Arcturus commented offhandedly. He placed the coins one by one into another small sack, and underhand tossed it to the bar counter where Serena and some of the others were. Then, with a dramatic flourish and a flash, his iconic blue cape returned to its rightful place on his shoulders. He was now ready to address his companions for this mission. "I'm glad to see we've got a posse going," the de-facto party leader said. He pressed a hand to the guild mark on his breastplate and smiled. "I'm sure if Mrs. Whitecliff were here now, she'd be..."

He pondered that thought.

"...She'd probably still be pretty sad actually," Arcturus decided. He had dropped his smile at this point; he would've been sad if his hypothetical kid went missing. "But I'm sure she'd be relieved to know there are people willing to help. I've talked to her already, so I'll explain when we hit the woods on the east side of town. Let's go!"

Arcturus began to lead his group through the exit of the guild and the city of White Harbor, and to the site of a forest on the outskirts of town. Although once he was confident his teammates understood the direction they were headed, he fell back into step with the unidentified reporter.

"Sorry about that," he apologized, "I would've introduced myself more properly earlier, but we're kinda in a rush, so I didn't want to dwell on ceremony for too long. I'm Arcturus, most people call me Arc, though."

Arcturus looked around for the source of the whistling, and spotted Nia in the distance, doing something odd with her hand. After a moment's thought, the young man finally realized what Nia's actions meant. He had seen those repetitive arm curls before.

He began posing.


That single sound cut through the guild hall's discordant din like a blade through air. The twin doors, oak and heavy, had been cast open as if they were no more than paper in the wind. In the center of the entrance, silhouette framed by the light reflecting off the snow, was that man. Under both arms, he held two large casks, and from his shoulders, an azure cape billowed behind him, brought to life by the chill, northern breeze at his back.

The blond took a single, powerful step forward and opened his mouth:

"Oh! I didn't mean to kick it that hard. Jeez. Hope I didn't damage anything, heh," Arc laughed, stomping snow from his boot. He set the casks on the floor, crouched down, and brushed snow and dirt from the intricate woodwork which he had so deftly kicked. After ensuring that nothing had been permanently damaged, he chirped. "Great! Sorry about that folks, I had my hands full, you see."

Arcturus gently closed the doors and flashed a thumbs up and a smile to the associated guildgoers.

He picked up his casks and headed straight for the bar. "Morning everyone," Arc greeted, setting the two kegs on the table. He turned his attention to Serana, "Worked a late shift at the brewery last night like you wanted me to. It was a little bit longer than I expected..."

Of course, he had neglected to inform them that he should have been back yesterday afternoon rather than this morning, but those were little, unimportant details--especially in the face of free alcohol.

"...but on the plus side, I managed to score these babies right here! And this," he put a hand into his armor and withdrew a small, brown sack of coins, which he dropped on the counter. "Here you go, please enjoy. Now, if you'll excuse me, I've got an announcement to make..."

Arcturus grabbed a cleaning rag from the other side of the bar and leapt up onto an empty table. Usually you weren't supposed to stand on tables, but this was more important than that. Unlike Nia, Arcturus was not aware of the quest posting that had been put up this morning. What he was aware of, however, was the grieving mother who had approached him in the street, begging for his assistance. It was not something he could simply ignore. No, this was something he had to do, something he swore he would do.

"ALRIGHT EVERYONE!" the mage boomed, striking a power pose, "I'M GONNA NEED SOME HELP OVER HERE! MRS. WHITECLIFFE'S KID IS MISSING! BUT THAT'S OKAY! BECAUSE WE'RE GONNA FIND HIM! IF YOU'RE WITH ME, THEN C'MON OVER! 'Cause I gotta clean this table now. Please don't stand on the tables. Thank you."
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Location: The Classroom of Hatake Toshiro, Konohagakure, Morning

Although she had said not a word in response to his greeting, Shunpei had always known Mitsuko to be quite quiet. He couldn’t say it was a trait shared by he and his usual company, but it was one he could appreciate, like coming home for dinner after a long day of play. He wasn’t concerned about her silence.

What he was concerned about, however, was how she had so suddenly become flush with color! Usually Mitsuko was all pale and light, like a Hyuga ought to be, but right now she was more like a beet.

Despite Shunpei’s social intuition, Mitsuko had always been a hard one to read. Her emotions were like a tranquil sea, and even after years of being her friend, he couldn’t be completely confident in his ability to pierce the depths of her heart.

He was also kind of dumb, which might have played a not insignificant role in what he did next.

When the farm boy saw his friend’s face flushed a deep red, he did not think about the possibility she was simply embarrassed. He did not think about the possibility this could all have been his fault. What he did think about was today: the day they graduated, the day they met their sensei, and the day that began with torrential rainfall.

“Are you sick or somethin’?” Shunpei asked innocently, “You’re lookin’ awful red there…”

The farm boy would have continued pondering on the exact nature of Mitsuko’s condition if it weren’t for Tsume’s... not-inaccurate-but-also-not-accurate introduction of the two to their sensei. He’d even caught the side comment, unfortunately.

"Erm... Tsume-san, uh... My name's not Shunichi..." the Hatake pointed out, “It’s Shunpei.”

Now, even though she hung out with Fukushu and he hung out with Tensai, Shunpei didn’t have anything against Tsume. Sure she was loud and reckless and couldn’t read a room for the life of her, but she wasn’t a bad person as far as he could tell. Heck, Shunpei could even appreciate her attempt at keeping her snide thoughts between the sensei and herself (which in and of itself was indicative of the issue she had pointed out).

But it still really hurt knowing that one of his beloved classmates couldn't even remember his name even after several years. It just went to show how much of an impact he had made in the minds of his peers. How utterly depressing.

“Haha...! But don’t worry about it,” Shunpei laughed. It was an awkward, anxious and inelegant, but it nevertheless held a touch of sincerity. “I reckon you’ll remember real well when I become Hokage. Then ya can be like sensei over here! Heh… Heh...”

He let that statement stand, partially because he couldn’t think of anything else to say, but mostly because he couldn’t possibly belt out another line like that. He really just wanted to curl into his stomach. It was too embarrassing now that he heard it out loud!

Shunpei promptly turned to watch the other teams depart, which gave him time to smile and wave. The fact it meant he was looking away from his team was a happy accident. Once the heat had left his face and his last former-classmate had left the building, Shunpei directed his attention back to the team.

According to the jonin, they were going to the hospital, which was weird. Everyone else was going off to training grounds, which made sense. What business did they have at the hospital?

At the risk of seeming like Kimura, the Hatake began speculating.

Surely their sensei wasn’t planning on having them train there; that would cause such a ruckus! Maybe he was planning on having them help out there instead, but as far as Shunpei knew, Mitsuko was the only one on the team who knew much about medicine. Tsume was always more a punchy-type, and his own talents were also not (in generous terms) medically-inclined. Were they really that strapped for people?

Oh! Maybe they were going to visit an injured shinobi contact and go off on a super cool mission! That’d be sick--not the same kind of sick that Mitsuko was, but sick sick.

But that was putting the cart before the horse. First they had to find somewhere to eat that was relatively close to the hospital. But where?

At that moment, Shunpei hammered his palm.

“Oh! Kitanai-sensei!” the genin bounced, eager to be of use. His had arm shot into the air as if he were going to wait for his sensei to call on him, which he did not. “I know a place we can go. Follow me!”

And so, Shunpei sprinted off into the rain-soaked streets of Konohagakure.

Location: “Food Stall”, Konohagakure, Late Morning

As excited as the Hatake had been, the destination was not very impressive. Shunpei’s path brought Team Kitanai to a hole-in-the-wall ramen stall in Konohagakure’s minor clan quarter. Most people going about day to day business in the village wouldn't stumble across this place unless they knew what they were looking for, and the design reflected this. The prices advertised were hilariously low; one could live off of the food here on an orphan’s stipend if they so wanted to. The stall only had enough seats for six people total, one of which was occupied already. Emblazoned on the dirty noren was red kanji spelling the shop’s name.

Ramen Ichiraku.

Shunpei pushed aside the noren and stopped in his tracks. He cast a look over his shoulder to see if the other two were still behind him, which they were. But if that was the case, then this was really weird!

“What in tarnation?” Shunpei scratched the side of his head, ”Kitanai-sensei, what’re-- How’re you able to get her so quick? I didn’t even say where we were goin’!”

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