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I have a half cooked idea set up around portals, trying to see if I can get it set up properly, otherwise I might have some sort of absurd upbeat version of Raven of Teen Titans.

admittedly this is a bit interesting, though i am not quite sure if I have the time to spare. If all goes well I can set up a cs.
Im gonna have to take off, i don't have near as much time as I would like at the moment.
Seems interesting, one question though? Are shiny pokemon Canon here? Example being Shiny Ralts, as I love the little blue thing
I have two characters that I am trying to find the time to finish. If this rp is still going that is.

It's not quite as long as it looks tbh, only looks long because I plan on adding a little bit to the beginning or end of each post of mine, sort of like a clip of any public interview or stream or video Savannah has done, sort of like catching up and also giving information to anybody wanting to interact with them, seeing as a large chunk of their lives are very public.
@Kinjaav Forgot to tag you in my post, hope it's ok.
A regular ring tone, that was definitely what the sound that gently echoed throughout the darkened livingroom, and definitely not an audio clip of Savannah screaming incomprehensibly on stream. At least the girl was confident, if not a bit narcissistic. Nikki sighed to herself as she picked up Savannah's phone, quickly putting in her own birth-date with practiced ease as she read the text.

"Two murders last night, a werewolf and a Holy Guard. Stay out of trouble, they like to frame whelps for this kind of thing."

Nikki shrugged, she didn't recognize the name in the text, but then again she didn't even remember the usernames of her own self hired moderators for Savannah's streams. She only noticed Savannah was awake when she felt the gentle prickling of fangs against her unused arm. Nikki raised an eyebrow at the messy haired mess still laying in her lap, absentmindedly pressing her fangs against the flesh, only stopping just before causing pain. "Ey, you didn't go and eat anybody while I wasn't looking did you?"

Savannah shrugged for a moment, giving one last gentle squeeze with her fangs before answering. She described a long time ago what she just did, saying that, for lack of a better term 'her teeth get itchy'. "You know I'm a picky eater, why?"

"Nothing, some Lucian guy or whatever just texted you, an overgrown dog and a wannabe templar died last night. Said you should keep out of trouble, cops are racist."

Savannah giggled at Nikki's crude rewording, standing slowly with a yawn and stretch, the kind that makes your whole body shudder at it's peak."Well, I don't have anything to do, so you want to come with me? I'll text em and see if he wants to meet up."
Savannah snatched up her phone, watching Nikki stand slowly, her bare upper half distracting her for a split second before going to her phone.

'Sounds bad! I hope we can find out who did it, I mean It might just be being a so called whelp, but I don't have anything against werewolves, and those Holy Guard are just... well everybody can be human if they want to be, you know? I don't want anybody to be hurt needlessly.'

'Anyways, you wanna meet up? I need to get out of the house while I still have time off my upload schedule.'

"Hurry up and get in the shower, everything is ready and you need to eat before we leave."

Savannah grinned as she tossed the phone onto the couch. She literally had no idea what she would do without Nikki. She remembered meal times, fixed any difficulties with her recordings and streams, was almost constantly working on editing her videos. Nikki was the world to her and they both knew it. Even after Savannah first turned, in the scariest moment of both of their lives, Nikki refused to leave her side.


"So, tell us, it was comparably not that long ago when you were turned Savannah, do you remember it?"

Savannah winced, turning away from their host as Nikki squeezed her hand.

"She can't remember much, from what she told me it was rather... well it was difficult. You must understand that just like people there can be different kinds of vampires, some can feed from anybody and anything with a pulse, some are restricted to people, and others like Savannah are even restricted to one specific person." Nikki was upset, a fact that the tone of her voice and the stone mask that was her face, hid. She began rolling up her sleeve.

"I don't have anything against vampires, wolves, or even people close minded enough to call themselves 'hunters' But everybody can make a mistake. I firmly hope that everybody, not just vampires, can realize that any hope of peace relies entirely on us working together as a people, because otherwise? When a random teenager is attacked in the street and hobbles home torn open and barely holding herself together? Barely alive? This happens... this is caused by ignorance, not vampires."

Nikki turned slightly, showing the massive scar on her inner arm near her wrist in the shape of a human bite-mark, two very obvious, deeper gashes drawing in the camera onto the scar.
@KinjaavSorry, family shit. And of course lol, it would be good to get them out of the house
Before I post again, or perhaps after? I just want to see if anyone would know either of my girls. Otherwise I'm just going to be continuing with my solo thread until someone barges in and just.

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