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Not done a SOL in forever, possible interest
Yea sorry bout that, a bit of a hit from outta nowhere from me. Been up late working on a shortstory involving a character like like that and now I can't get it outta my head
Sorry I'm half asleep here, but have you never seen a movie or tv show with that trope? The estranged aunt that everybody has a story about. She either has no husband or her husband is always on "a business trip" weirdly rich and kinda does whatever with her money, never had kids so she has no idea what an appropriate gift is, and always purchases wildly outlandish gifts that sometimes trip out the parents. Seems to always have wine no matter where or when she is.

I dunno I'm falling asleep and this came to mind for some unholy reason. It's a pretty funny character trope.


Um, what?

Meanwhile mom and dad are freaking out, your cousin is dying laughing, your little 4 year old brother has to be held back from poking the bird while shoting "KIKI" Cause he can't pronounce Achilles. Then you suddenly remember why nobody invites your rich aunt to parties anymore.
But it's a lot more fun to walk in with a half full wine glass and a cage with a whole live Hawk like.

"Have a Hawk, His name is Achilles and he eats small animals.... You don't have a Chihuahua do you?"
Is this when Persephone and Hera show up uninvited like the wine drunk rich aunties?
They pecked at her after she fell and took off across the street, ducked into the diner and are currently stealing fries from Hera and Persephone. One did wait in the doorway staring at her for a bit tho.
The birds messed with her a bit, she is outside so i hoped to lure her inside if she saw the birds fly into the building
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