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Current You know that feeling when you feel like you should be doing something, recognize that you're not doing anything, but then proceed to continue to do nothing? That's me. Everyday.
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The only thing that kills worse than guns is heartbreak.
3 yrs ago
Controlled by our desires, we as sentient beings are molded by them, lifted by them, and crushed by them. The only advantage we have is our ability to choose the path we take towards reaching them.
3 yrs ago
Our lives are born in the light of spring, ablaze in the heat of summer, and eventually burn out into mere embers to be snuffed by the winter.
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Once you have tasted flight, you will forever walk the earth with your eyes turned skyward, for there you have been, and there you will always long to return.






...I got nothing. *shrugs*

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Turn 2


Action - Purify City (4 points per use)

On the following squares:


3 Points Remaining
1: How many people are interested in the overall genre, and would like to try a roleplay based on the concept?

The Bakarina-ing commences.

2: If you are interested, how serious would you like the roleplay to be?

As serious as it needs to be. Lighthearted when stuff ain’t happening, serious business when bad stuff goes on. A comedic tone through our works fine too tho.

3: If you were to join, what kind of basic role in the "game" plot - like Male lead, villainess noble girl, heroine, heroine's best friend, etc. - would you be most interested in playing, and would you rather be a reincarnator or not?

The most hilarious idea would be a female or male lead with a reincarnated spirit pushing them toward the heroine. Maybe, if we do something related to Arthurian legend or something, a character from that revived in their mind and has some control over their actions but not really, and is trying to get them to hook up with the main character. Would also be funny if the lead was a game character and the spirit was a reincarnated person who played the game or something.

4: If you're playing a major character in the "game" plot - like a male lead, for example - how much of the plot of your character's "route" would you prefer to come up with yourself, and how much would you expect me as GM to provide for you?

Either or. Probably most would be discussed between the GM and I tho.

5: Would you rather do the RP through this site, or through Discord?

Anywhere is fine, as long as it’s being RPed
Turn 2

A New Divide

For future endeavors, a being cut off a portion of land from the rest, stewing the life it provided with a whimsical air.

Action - Shape Climate (2 points per use)

Mana-Enriched Air

On the following squares:


Action - Shape Land (3 points per use)

Large Chasm

On the following squares:


0 Points Remaining

Turn 1

A Sigh

On an infantile world, a being looked out and saw a boring world. With a sigh, it breathed onto the land, and winds became energized with untapped potential.

Action - Shape Climate (2 points per use)

Mana-Enriched Air

On the following squares:


1 Point Remaining

Location: The Mean Streets, Konohagakure

The Inuzuka's mild irritation with Fukushu dissipated the farther the duo got from the Academy, as if leaving the scene where she became so frustrated in the first place was a balm to her emotions. When it abated enough that she had enough rationale to think things through, the brunette was a bit disappointed in herself with how she dealt with the situation.

"Sorry about that Tensai-kun," Kimura apologized, never letting go of the Uchiha's wrist as she half-led half-dragged him through Konoha toward the village outskirts where their new sensei said was the meeting place. "I don't really know what came over me back there. I just really wanted to leave for some reason!"

While she was mostly occupied with looking ahead, mapping out a path in her head as she absentmindedly moved through and around obstacles like stairs, alleyways and people, the Inuzuka gained a stunned expression as she felt Tensai stumble behind her. When she turned to look, however, the boy had already recovered, but the event in of itself was a shock to the brunette. Not once in her life could she think of a time that Tensai would stumble on his own, even during one of the many moments she would pull him along, similar to now. Kimura didn't usually pay attention to Tensai's actions, as he was skilled and acclimated enough to her antics that he would be able to deal with however she brought him along with ease.

Her suspicion rose, her eyes narrowing at the boy behind her as she mumbled low enough that only Guremaru would be able to hear to keep his eyes on 'Tensai', just in case the apparent Uchiha showed any other new developments that could rat him out as a fake. While she still kept up her guard the second time he tripped, only storing it in her mind as yet another strike against the would-be-spy, she could only feel bad about the subsequent ones. By the time Tensai stood his ground, the Inuzuka had almost expected it, worry wiping away the idea of any conspiracy at play in her mind.

For once, Kimura was silent, only waiting for her best friend to speak as he undoubtedly wished to do so. When the request came, she had already spotted a good alleyway where someone could lose them in the crowd before their escape could be noticed, and quickly led him over in a timely fashion. Despite the rising sun, the side path was covered in shadow as the young girl stopped to hear what Tensai had to say. The copious amount of sweat, the quick beating of his heart, the heaviness of his breath, all signs picked up by the Inuzuka's enhanced senses that pointed her to the fact that he was going to say something very important. Something that could very well be a well-kept secret.

When he snapped his head toward her general direction, though his gaze was fixated upon the space where Guremaru lay upon her hair, the glimpse of his glazed over eyes was all the proof she needed to know that his words were true. Her earlier misgivings about the validity of her friend's identity stabbed her like a cold knife to the gut, and it was that moment of dismay that allowed Tensai to break away from her and run toward the main street. But near instantly, the new information that one of her best friends, one who she'd sparred with and lost to hundreds of times before, was blind, forced her to act swiftly.

A kunai, wire already tied to the ring at the end, was thrown toward the wall, ricocheting to pull the wire in front of Tensai. As he wouldn't have been able to see the wire, he probably wouldn't have thought to stop himself from running into the iron thread, said thread causing the kunai to spin around mid-flight, wrapping him in even more wire until he was bundled up enough that it hindered his movement. Enough for Kimura to run up behind him and wrap him in a hug, pulling him away from the street and back into the alleyway just before he could run face-first into a passerby.

Though Tensai might have struggled, she continued to hold him down with all her might, the bound wire making up for their difference in strength as she pulled him as close to her chest as she could. For a few, long moments, she was at a loss for words, unable to say anything about what was just revealed to her. She had no idea how it happened, nor why, nor did she know what emotions he must be feeling and had been since whatever incident stole his sight. All she knew she could do was hug him tightly, her eyes wet as she realized that her friend might be unable to truly become a ninja despite just becoming a genin.

"I'm sorry..."

Location: The Thirteenth Training Ground, Konohagakure

A few moments after she had disappeared from the Academy, Matsuoka reappeared at the designated meeting spot for her team in a similar gout of smoke. With a hand to her temple, she attempted to smooth out her oncoming migraine as she reviewed just who exactly was in her team of misfits.

Two kids from some of the most prominent clans in Konoha, the Senju and the Uchiha, and a lesser clan known for their mind techniques. Even more than that, the daughter of her former teammate was under her wing, and she couldn't help but think how Kazuma Uchiha will react once he figures it out.

While none of them were clan heirs, the fact that this combination of brats is the first team she'd ever become the direct sensei of is not without stress. She would curse her superior out, if the Hokage were to somehow walk up to her at that specific moment, though in all honesty she would curse out the milky eyed bitch any day of the week anyways just out of principle. The sudden saddling of a greenhorn trio didn't help though.

With a sigh, the potential sensei observed the area around her, making sure the training ground was as she left it when she scouted it earlier that morning. A large clearing, surrounded on all sides by a large thicket of trees, with large boulders and fallen tree trunks littered across the dirt as makeshift cover and potential obstacles. A collection of shaven stumps were spaced evenly across the ground, encircling the clearing around its edge and numbering just as many as the training ground's number: thirteen.

Perfect. Matsuoka glanced through the trees toward the village proper, where not far away her three students would be approaching from the Academy. They were in for a rude awakening, if they thought her test would be an easy one. She would grind them into dust, light a fire under their asses, and blow them away.

But maybe, just maybe, if they had the guts and the drive to succeed they would understand just what kind of sensei she would be, and what exactly she expected from her would-be-students.

With that thought in mind, the Sarutobi crossed her index and middle fingers in front of her, perpendicular to each other as a loud "pop" filled the clearing.

When the trio finally arrived with Ria in the lead, their future sensei was perched atop one of the thirteen stumps in the training ground, the farthest one away in fact. Her eyes snapped to the academy students in a hurry, as if she had been focused on something else beforehand, and clapped her hands loud enough to echo through the clearing to catch their attention.

"About damn time, fresh meat!" Matsuoka yelled, hopping up from her slouched position to stand atop the stump with an annoyed glare. "If my genin test was to see how quickly you can move your asses, I'd fail you all on the spot!"

The brunette unlatched her long bo-staff from her back, twirling it around her body to the front before slamming it into the ground beneath, the staff long enough that she could still lean on it despite being elevated a foot or two above the other end.

"Unluckily for you dumbasses, I'm not nice enough to let you just walk away without drilling into you just how unprepared you poor bastards are for the ninja world! Now get over here before I have to drag you along the fucking dirt so I can explain this shit to you!"
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