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Current Have you heard of the MMORPG Final Fantasy XIV? With an expanded free trial, you can play through A Realm Reborn and Heavensward expansion up to level 60 for free with no restrictions on playtime.
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You know that feeling when you feel like you should be doing something, recognize that you're not doing anything, but then proceed to continue to do nothing? That's me. Everyday.
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The only thing that kills worse than guns is heartbreak.
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Controlled by our desires, we as sentient beings are molded by them, lifted by them, and crushed by them. The only advantage we have is our ability to choose the path we take towards reaching them.
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Our lives are born in the light of spring, ablaze in the heat of summer, and eventually burn out into mere embers to be snuffed by the winter.






...I got nothing. *shrugs*

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April 8th, first day at boxing club.

“A-Ah. So the fights are relatively safe?” Himōri hesitantly asked the leader of the boxing club, hands clutched around the complimentary gloves she’d been given when she entered the building. Internally, she released a sigh, wondering how she got herself into this situation.

She had been locked in conversation with the club leader for a while, having went straight to the club as soon as the school day ended. While there was always things to be done at home, the brunette allowed herself a moment a selfishness to satisfy her curiosity, and so she had followed the directions on the pamphlet she found that morning to reach the sports gym in record time.

If she were to be perfectly honest, she was initially disappointed to find that there were only two people aside from herself, save for the history teacher who acted as an advisor for the club. Her enthusiasm spiked once again when their homeroom teacher appeared to speak to Shinsato-sensei, but as she was reminded of whom had left with the homeroom teacher beforehand, a sinking feeling began to settle in her gut just as quickly.

A few minutes had passed since then, leading to her current predicament. Himōri fumbled with the laces of the glove in her hands, her mind wandering as she felt the grainy texture of well-treated tanned leather. High quality stuff. Goatskin was usually reserved for designer handbags for their smoothness, yet the school seemed to have opened up their wallets for the sake of their rising star. Her mother would kill for a chance to have some to work with. Slowly, the brunette looked up from the gloves and toward said star.

Uemura Akihiko. She wasn’t sure what to say about him, but then again, that was her general consensus on most of the school’s body. Even before his newfound fame garnered by his athletic achievements, Himōri never really had a chance to speak with him. Or rather, she never really spoke to anyone, and Uemura just happened to be included in that general population.

Before she could get an answer to her earlier question, however, the doors to the gym had opened, and the weight in her stomach calcified into a lead ball. She’d seen the newspapers like everyone else, just as bored by life and wishing for excitement. That boredom was what brought her to the club in the first place, but she never wanted anywhere near the level of excitement that came from seeing the newly formed delinquent duo of the school entering the club room.

Himōri did her best imitation of a mouse when Uemura had her follow him, becoming as small as possible without bending her knees, keeping herself from making eye contact with the giant who she was brought to stand in front of. As long as she didn’t attempt any sudden movements, he probably wouldn’t even register her as a person on his radar.

…Wait. If he was going to be in the boxing club, didn’t that mean she was going to have to fight him at some point regardless?

”Shit,” Himōri mumbled absentmindedly, her hands flying up to her mouth a second later as her eyes widened with shock. Oh god, did she say that out loud?!

After making sure her stupid, impulsive brain didn’t make her say anything else without her permission, she slowly lowered her hands as she spoke in a quiet, downtrodden tone. ”I-I’m Hattori Himōri. I just joined, s-same as you. Please take care of me.

If Totsuka-san didn’t kill her during this first boxing club meeting, Himōri would make sure she finished the job. She couldn’t even attempt to hide the embarrassment on her face.
Punching this in while I'm still awake, will finish tomorrow after working

Nicola Miles Sturgis


Place of Birth:
Seele, from where one would have seen a small speck in the distance where city of Sonnehall lies on the horizon


Background Check:
Nicola was only nine when a fateful morning started with a paltry sprinkle of rainfall, a light veil of moisture as miniature clouds formed overhead. Hardly anything to remember or even pay notice to. The teasing laugh of his father and the reassurance of his mother dissuaded any doubt in his young mind that there was anything to worry about before they left their home to restock for the winter. Only small beasts slightly bigger than his childish self had shown up in the city that day, and the people could only scoff as the unthreatening Regentier were chased off or subjugated with ease. A man who'd been leading the local militia, wearing an SNDP logo with pride, tipped his hat as Nicola and his father passed by.

No one had been prepared for the sudden explosion that rocked through the city's foundations, the screams of his neighbors reaching Miles just before a blinding light consumed both the smiling man and a chunk of their city block, a roar of power and the sounds of destruction filling his ears. Unable to see nor hear within the cacophony, all the young boy could sense was his father clutching him tightly until it finally died down.

When the dust settled and Nicola's eyes adjusted to his surroundings, a sea of devastation awaited him where there was once recognizable landmarks. The auntie's diner, his uncle's barber shop, the nice grandma's bakery, all glassed by the superheated blast and reduced to rubble. His father, covered in cement shrapnel from the aftermath, whispered for him to run away as bloody fingers slipped from around his arms down to the pavement.

Nicola's memories after that moment are hazy. He didn't remember if he had ran as his father had instructed, or if he had frozen in fear, or even if he'd reached into his father's coat for the blaster he always carried. He could only remember what happened afterwards, embraced by his mother while amongst the rest of the refugees of Seele as a cleanup crew from the SNDP explained the circumstances of the incident. An unidentified assailant had infiltrated the city, causing untold amount of damage to the city that may take several years or even decades to recover from.

He remembered that his mother had questioned what had caused the destruction, and where it went. He remembered their hesitation in responding, the looks the agents gave each other as they were unable to disclose such information to civilians.

Graft / Weapon Specialty:
Heavy Firearms/ Utility
Yo pog?
Eyrie Schemacloves

“And that will end our brief lecture on the role of mecha preceding the Valkyrie Project.”

Eyrie hadn't reacted to the professor's concluding statement as the rest of the class began to leave the classroom, eyes still locked to her datapad up until a fellow student brushed past her seat on their way to the door. Like waking from a dream, her head snapped upward from the desk, eyes blinking rapidly as she noticed the lack of people in the room aside from a couple of students slowly packing their things and a bored-looking boy still seated in his chair. Scrambling to collect her belongings, she was one of the last to rush out the door, sending the instructor a hurried "have a good day" as she passed him by.

As she moved through the hallways, Eyrie pulled out her datapad once more, reopening it to reveal multiple windows, each of them for every single one of the subjects in her curriculum. Eyes darted across the screen and ignored their surroundings, relying entirely on muscle memory to take her to the cafeteria as she attempted to absorb as much information as possible with what little time she had. A month was a short time for most, but to Eyrie it had been the longest month of her life.

She knew better than anyone else that the only reason she was at Taiyōtawa at all was through her parents' efforts and not her own. Unlike the naturally gifted elite who come to Taiyōtawa because it was the best the galaxy could offer, Eyrie had to work hard for every single inch she could take on the mile-long trek to graduation. Every second she didn't spend studying was a second she was wasting.

When Eyrie entered the cafeteria, she didn't even look to see what sort of paste they had for the day as she momentarily put away her datapad to take the offered tray. All of it tasted the same to her, no matter what sort of artificial flavoring they put in it. Goop was goop. But in all honesty, it was better than the sand-encrusted leftovers that were normal on her planet, so she didn't much care what it was.

Though she looked for a place to sit, she couldn't find an open spot. Sure, there were seats left unoccupied, but most of them were either next to tables with friend groups, reserved, or just a single spot surrounded by crowded seats. She knew, no matter how hard she tried, she wasn't going to be getting anything done with all those people around. Too much noise. Too little privacy.

So she left, tray in hand, headed for the bathroom. Seated in a locked cubicle, she picked at her daily dose of food paste with one hand while the other interacted with her datapad, propped up to the wall on top of the toilet roll holder. It was a sad sight, and she would most certainly die of embarrassment if anyone ever saw her, but it was a necessity. She couldn't let any of her classes suffer just because she wanted to have a comfortable lunch rather than sitting cramped on a toilet with her food in her lap.

A loud bang of something hitting the metal of a neighboring cubicle startled her, nearly causing her to squeak with surprise. Only a hand covering her mouth kept her from making her presence known as she began to hear the sounds of girly gossip. Though she couldn't see them, she guessed it was a group of four or so standing by the sink. Silently, as she began to move her spoon slowly and gently as to not make a sound that would draw their notice, Eyrie internally sighed.

She hoped they left soon. She didn't want to miss her next class.
Eyrie Schemacloves

“I believe in the good within you. One day, everyone else will see it too.”
Eyrie, towards her partner

Personal Dossier

Eyrie Schemacloves



Boletus, Kepler System

Usually, Eyrie's clothes consist of long-sleeved shirts that hide the skin up to her wrists, yet she doesn't attempt to conceal her legs in a similar manner, donning skirts when she's able to instead. Though her outfits commonly exhibit desaturated colors, mostly shades of grey and dark blues, the brightly red-framed glasses that sit upon her nose draw attention to her snow white hair and dull green eyes. The only significant features of her appearance.

Eyrie is an optimist. A gross overestimation, but the closest word to how she sees the world. It isn't confidence that drives her thinking, as her ability to argue is next to non-existent, nor is it an overestimation of the future, which would've been a symptom of pride. Rather, Eyrie merely believes that things will eventually sort themselves out, a baseless hope that allows her to get through each day. No matter what happens, no matter the struggles, the future is always capable of bringing light into her world. Any victory, no matter how small, is a victory, and she will treasure every single one.

Background Information
On Boletus, a world where a bigger population than most results in bigger problems, The Schemacloves family barely scraped by. Living day by day, paycheck to paycheck, the young Eyrie was merely happy to be alive. To her, they had everything they ever needed, no matter if she would sometimes have birthdays go by uncelebrated or merely acknowledged with a cupcake and a single candle. Her parents worked hard, she could understand that, and the discomfort of a usually empty household was worth the happy moments that lightly sprinkled her life.

She did not expect the sudden bomb dropped upon her a certain night, that she would be shipped to a different system to study in the most prestegious school in the known universe. Eyrie couldn't imagine a world outside of the city she lived in her entire life, yet she knew any sort of disagreement would be met with indignation, merely by the unsettling light within her parent's eyes. A desperate air that rolled around their home, an atmosphere she purposely ignored every time she heard the shouting in the middle of the night about bills and impossible future plans. Something she understood, deep down, was somehow her fault.

So when they asked, no, commanded her to excell at Taiyōtawa Academy, all Eyrie could do was bow her head in defference, no matter the emotions that swirled within her gut.

Attributes & Other Information

Coordinator Type
Tactical Coordinator

Coordination Profile
Awareness | ■■■□□
Composure | ■■■■□
Endurance | ■■□□□
Instinct | ■■■■□
Intellect | ■■□□
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