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Tacketts are gunna outnumber the rest of the cast at this rate.
Dear @Genni,

Stop making me feel dumb. D=


Your Friend

My biggest concern with the possibility of a Veteran PC being the squadmate who brought Charlie's dog tag back to the states is that it raises the question of "Why didn't Benji and Mary seek them out when they fell on hard times if the man felt obligated enough to seek them out in the first place?" and, if they fell out of touch after the dog tag was delivered for whatever reason, it changes to "How on Earth did they run into each other again?" unless said squadmate is from out of state or what not.

Maybe I'm overthinking it.

If it's a dynamic you'd like to have I'm okay with it.

Is it hot in here?

I'll get on fixing that. One dog tag it is.
@Genni Aside from his jacket and potentially his knife, the Dog Tags serve as the only memento Benji has that belonged to his father, who pretty much put a bun in the oven and immediately got shipped out to France and subsequently died during the War.

Born in the town of Rockport to an English teacher, Benji never had the opportunity to know his father, conceived on the eve of one Charlie Hayes' deployment to France in the Great War.
Benji's History

Unless the Army sending the dog tags back to his family isn't something they did back then. In which case I'll have to switch some stuff around.

I'm keeping the cool jacket though.
Since Sloth told me it was cool to put up half-finished work:

Just because I'm a Big Baller and put up half-finished sheets because I can doesn't mean I told your bitch ass to do it. God, get this filth out of my face.
Question: What's the most Common language in the Hundred Kingdoms?

Considering its position as something of a border region between the Scavenger Lands and "the East", I imagine it'd be a pretty even split between Riverspeak and Forest-tongue (dependent on whichever side of the area you're on, of course), with some smatterings of the various Realm languages thanks to Greyfalls and the efforts of any Immaculate Monks in the area.

But it's not my game so don't take my word for gospel. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


Also just found someone saying gwyns home town has a different language than sky tongue and rip me if that is so. Anyway I'm going to sleep.

I'm like 95% certain that, as a city in the North, Gethamane's main language is Skytongue.
disgusted noise "Filthy Anathema savages."

Heroic mortal Dynast goil will be up l8r tonight.

@Raijinslayer I mean Gwyn had the same opinion till about like 6 months ago... then she was like weeeeelll FML

Y'all talk that good shit about Anathema til it turns out you one of us now, fam.

Besides, the Elemental Dragons are bitch made. Drop those zeroes and get with the heroes.
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