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Character You're Applying For: Peter Parker, also known as the Amazing Spider-Man (the hyphen is MANDATORY)

mfw somebody doesn't hyphenate Spider-Man

Okay, so far the following heroes have been taken:
Wonder Woman (
The Incredible Hulk or Wolverine

Iron Man
Doctor Strange
Iron Fist, Moon Knight, or Shazam
Guardians of the Galaxy (sort of; also might change because it's getting lonely in space)

I think that I am missing someone's pick, but hey. I am only human

Respeck the hyphen, dammit.
@Sloth are you just going to lurk or actually declare genuine interest for once?

Do we really want me to get all excited about a Green Arrow sheet or something and then never finish it again?

I've been trying to talk him into it. We'll see if it works.

Thanks bb I love u 2.

Oh, boy. I can't wait to read his half-finished sheet.

Hey. It's only funny when I do that...
We've got a dude called "Excited State", too. I assume that's completely intentional as well ;)

I actually talked with Sloth about his name, and it wasn't the type of excited he meant for it to be, but kept it nonetheless XD

Look man, for how admittedly little it was, I tried to be clever.

Just midway through looking into things I saw the translation of Kofun as "Sexual Arousal", had a good chuckle, and decided to keep it. I didn't know we'd be getting fluid kanji readers in this shit.
What even is a WIP.

I once walked a stranger's children to school purely because I allowed her to use my phone to call the building where she then asked me what my name was and told whoever was on the other line that her children would be with me.

This became the highlight of my high school career.
Remember kids, if you're not expelled within the first page, you're not doing an anime battle high school RP right.

WcDonald's, Toukotan Park, The Asterisk
Spring, SY 3233/UC 233/AY 117

Can't someone enjoy a meal in peace?

Zander Pyralis hadn't been on the Asterisk more than a day when he found himself asking himself this question immediately after getting sent flying towards the ground after a midair collision. This is what happens when you leave the orphan to his own devices without a supervisor. Well, this is what happens when the orphan in question disappears into the sprawling city after his first day at school, at least.

It hadn't taken him long to find what he assumed to be the meteor's resident chain restaurant along the side of what appeared to be the school's park. The shop's proprietor welcomed Zander warmly and had begun working on his order (even if Zander had taken a good five minutes just to find out what a 'cheeseburger' was.) before a group of three more students also found their way into the establishment and began to hover around where Zander was seated, with the leader of the group taking a seat opposite Zander and not too subtly eyeing him up behind glasses and snow white hair.

"Nice jacket."


Zander hadn't had the opportunity to change out of his school uniform more-so than throw his black and gold jacket over it.

"Millennium Group, huh."

The distaste in his classmate's voice wasn't particularly well hidden.

"So you must be the charity case everyone's talking about."

Zander knew an attempt to get under his skin when he saw one, and in this instance, the sudden grin that appeared on his face seemed to throw the boy across from him off guard.

"Yeah. Who might you be?"

His newfound companion didn't get the opportunity to say much more than "My name is Sylas-" before his head had an impromptu and rather violent meeting with the table.

From there, everything became something of a blur of motion to Zander. Sylas' two compatriots didn't waste time jumping to his aid, but chopsticks to the eye had been more than enough to get Zander out of his seated position. Before long the quartet had spilled out into the street in front of the restaurant, which soon became covered with scorch marks before Sylas and Zander took to the sky. It was surely a sight to behold for any below them, but sadly it wouldn't last long, as Zander only managed to shoot one more ray of fire at his opponent before he found himself flying through the air on the receiving end of a gale forced punch.

He crashed into a park bench and was effectively out of it when he noticed a crowd growing around him, not to mention a vaguely familiar lump of pink hair he seemed to have knocked over.

"Hey....don't I know you from somewhere..."

One thing was for certain. Zander still didn't have his cheeseburger.
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