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In Probity 3 days ago Forum: Advanced Roleplay

In Probity 4 days ago Forum: Advanced Roleplay

Mr. Michael G. Yates, 30.

Upstanding Deputy
Born and raised in Probity, Mikey Yates has been a deputy of the local sheriff's department for roughly two years, which is to say he cruises around town in a patrol car making sure the local teens don't get up to any mischief and are back home by curfew. He does his job well enough and is generally well liked in the community, though no one could ever accuse him of being a social butterfly. Outside of his uniform Deputy Yates is known to be a happily married if mild mannered man and something of a hero for the local country club, as he'd been enough of a prodigious golfer to earn himself a full scholarship to Ashbridge University before a broken arm and botched recovery robbed him of his childhood passion. He also makes a mean turkey sandwich.

Guilt-ridden Milksop
Seeing as he wasn't going to be joining the PGA tour as he'd trained years for, collecting a government paycheck for wearing a badge in his all but crime free hometown seemed like a decent enough fallback. That was, until officer Yates happened to be on patrol when dispatch reported a bank robbery on Elm street. It was the first violent offense reported in Probity since the Depression. Like usual, Mike took his time arriving on the scene, rightly assuming the perpetrators would be long gone by the time his sirens were in earshot. What he did not assume was that a newly married couple had been making a deposit at the time and were tragically shot down after the husband attempted to disarm the robber. Since then, Mike has become something of a recluse. He spikes his morning coffee with vodka on work days and has turned the local watering hole into a second home during his off hours. That he can occasionally be heard talking to the couple's ghosts is a growing rumor in town.

Or maybe the wife is still around and that can be another source of stress for him. Who knows.

Rebecca Yates - Mother

The only parental figure Michael has ever known, Becky Yates effectively made Michael into the man he is today. The only child of a prominent investor, Rebecca fell in love young and got spurned the moment she wouldn't get an abortion in the winter of 1929. She never remarried, using her inheritance to raise Michael completely by herself, no easy feat in Probity. Certainly a doting and sometimes overbearing woman, it was Rebecca who encouraged Michael to become a police officer after the injury resulting from his car crash caused him to end his promising golf career. She has doubled down on her affectionate nature following her son's traumatic experience at the Elm street bank, but for the first time in history, Michael has not returned her calls.

Charlotte Yates née Blanche - Wife

Ede Blanche - Sister-In-Law

The Blanches
In Probity 8 days ago Forum: Advanced Roleplay
Follow me on this: What if your quirk....was that you were a GHOOOOOOSSSSTTTT?!

I'll go away now.
Dead y u do dis.
D a i s u k e

    Gyusha Daisuke
    牛車 大輔 - Great Helper of the Ox Cart

Gyusha, from 牛 (Gyū) meaning "cow, ox, cattle" and 車 (sha) meaning "vehicle"
Daisuke, from 大 (dai) meaning "big, great" and 輔 (suke) meaning "help"



    As his name implies, Daisuke is an uncommonly large young man, both in stature and in sheer virility. Standing a head taller than even other samurai he's met and trained with, Daisuke dwarfs most if not all the common people of Tsukishima, and one would be hard pressed to lose track of him in a crowd even if he were to duck. That's without the added giveaway of his wild, shoulder length mane of brown hair, which he rarely (if ever) seems to tie up into a ponytail.

    Many years of the rigorous training expected of a warrior have left Daisuke's muscles well toned, with arms as wide across as small tree trunks and something of a barrel chest. His face is similarly fierce at first glance, with a pug nose, noticeable Adam's apple and a strong jawbone. Daisuke retains the omnipresent black eyes endemic of Tsukishima as a whole and garbs himself in the browns and grays trademarked by his home prefecture. If it isn't one of his weapons or his armor, however, one can expect Daisuke's attire to be nearly as disheveled as its owner.

    Daisuke is a simple man. Too simple, some would say. 'Lacking refinement' seems to be the most often complaint from his contemporaries in the samurai class. Prone to walking the streets of his home village and spending hours simply drinking tea and conversing with other patrons in a tea-house, one cannot say Daisuke isn't personable. Truly, the Gyusha heir seems to enjoy mingling with the commoners in his village more than he does training in his family's dojo. This is not to say Daisuke is a homebody. Quite the opposite. A large reason he wants to enter into a warrior's pilgrimage is not only to see the rest of his home prefecture, but to explore Tsukishima itself. See the sights, eat the food, meet the people. Maybe knock around a couple of uppity samurai or two.


    Raw Power: A common saying amongst the townspeople of Ushimura is that Daisuke has the strength to wrestle an oni. While this is an exaggeration to say the least, the young samurai certainly is a force to be reckoned with, thanks in no small part to his rigorous training at the hands of his father Tamotsu in their family's traditional art of (name here).

    Kanabojutsu: While still taught the rudimentary techniques of the iconic daishō, the samurai of Wagyu prefecture specialize in the use of the kanabo club, and it goes without saying that Daisuke is no exception. The Gyusha school teaches its practitioners to use pure overwhelming force in the face of adversity. 'There is no defense so absolute that a truly determined opponent cannot break through it.' is a popular tenet of the style, and it certainly shows on the battlefield. Daisuke's kanabo is made from heavy wood with iron spikes and studs on one end. As with everything else about Daisuke, his weapon is larger than standard, standing nearly as tall as he is.

    Lovable Lug: Despite his education and the general attitude of most samurai, Daisuke seems to have a way of connecting with the everyday man and woman of Tsukishima. Some of his peers would tell you that Daisuke acts beneath his station (I suck at phrasing things and will come back to this later)


    Bullheaded Honor: When a homie commits he commits ya feel me?

    Oafish Demeanor: He hits his head on doorways because not Japan is a bunch of short people ya dig?

    Philogynist: Like many young men, Daisuke has a certain weakness for women. While not an outright lech, the heir of the Gyusha has been known to leap into action to valiantly defend a woman's honor in an izakaya or generously donate his own coin to a traveling widow on more than one occasion. Whether he's unknowingly allowing himself to get duped or simply has an unmatched empathy towards the fairer sex is anyone's guess.
Especially when Jay specializes in "too tall for you" female characters!

hell yeah.

Back off Daisuke is the resident tallboi.
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