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- various people have switched houses (outside of Sloth who is the MVP)

Ever since man has been capable of hitting other man with a rock, the world has been divided with power, between those who have it and those who do not. On this world, perhaps even more than ours, this division is more important than any other. Some secure power with the right mechanical gadgets and the years of study necessary to build them. Others seek out power at the bottom of a chemical vat, with the handshake of some otherworldly evil, or in the bite of a genetically unstable exotic pet. A few with enough money or federal funding simply strap six tons of bulletproof power over their chest and call it a day. All of these people, designated by their power, are known as Supers. Some are heroes. Some are villains. Universally, they're all pretty dramatic.

The powers that be reigning in these powerful persons are known as the United States Department of Hero Regulation and the Villain's International League of Evildoing -- they are the respective equivalents of a high-ranking government agency and an international labor union working in tandem to ensure the other side follows roughly the same rules. The fleshbound VILE Codex of Cruelty, for instance, shares no less than 500 identical pages to the official DHR Federal Mandates & Regulations Handbook, and this is no strange coincidence. Both sides have inscrutable teams of lawyers and investigative sub-agencies, and both sides are just about as scary as the IRS when you're on their bad side. Every ten years, they hold a summit to review and revise the rules, and the 2020 summit is to be held only seven days from our story's inception.

Supers!, which I am already regretting stylizing with an exclamation point, is to be a semi-sandbox story -- that means I am giving you a fair amount of freedom with your individual stories and themes -- with two overarching subplots going on for Heroes and Villains. I expect probably two people to apply to this, so accordingly, there are a bunch of rules (not in the annoying "i'm the GM i reserve the right to shit down your chimney" way) in order to ensure that these two people have sheets that demonstrate an understanding of this difficult-to-understand world. With that, I'll drop my GM voice and get down to it.

The madman actually did it.
Legends of the Wulin is one of my inspirations, though the Beggars' Fraternity does come from Jin Yong's works, at least as far as I am aware.

There's also a Beggar Fraternity in Legends of the Wulin, if I remember correctly. I might give the setting another read, to get in the mood if nothing else.

Indeed, I debated making it a Legends of the Wulin game, initially, but the mechanics make me cry a little inside whenever I read them.

That seems to be the general consensus, yeah. Alas, the dream of putting that pdf to use is dashed, once again.

As for the sword-snatcher, you could theoretically play him, though I did have some mild plans for him. Initially, he was going to be the one who found the medallion and map, but I can disassociate the acts. Mind, stealing from your master is immediately grounds for banishment, if not outright execution. You'd have to sell me on why he stole it in order to convince me he's not just a villain who's out to better himself at the cost of others.

Well, considering the idea in mind was that he was, in fact, an asshole who snatched the sword for petty reasons....

The other groups are all open, definitely. xD

Well, I do like haughty dragon people aesthetics...
the Blossoming Pheonix Society, which focuses on training high-class women in martial arts, feminine arts (such as society expects them to be), and even the arts of a courtesan, though they are mostly women.

Between this and the Beggar Fraternity, I'm tempted to make a Legends of the Wulin joke...

In terms of ideas, if potentially playing the kid who yoinked the Starfall sword is off the table, I could think up a Scion of the Heavenly Dragons, member of the Hongmen Clan, or a student of the Sun and Moon Harmony School, dependent on just where my mind goes.
Two years ago, the milky-white bladed jian that gave its name to the school was stolen by an apprentice taken in off the streets, and the shame has yet to fade from over the school as a whole.
Starfall Sword School

You don't say....
<Snipped quote by Ithradine>

He's also mooching off me right now for the VNs through family sharing.

Snitches get stitches.
What if I told you I like giant robots but I've never Muv Luv'd?
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