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<Snipped quote by Sloth>

If you can find me a better picture, I'll be happy to use it.

A better picture for Daeron Targaryen you say?


Yes? No?
Boy these 15 year olds sure do look mature for their age. I guess bastards really do grow up faster.

EDIT: Oh darn apparently I have a page header post. Quick everyone go look at page 2 to get the joke!
I'm assuming we're just copypasta-ing all the playbook bits rather than going into legitimate detail.

Playbook: The Beacon
Hero Name: Futeki
Real Name: Akio Nakano
Abilities: Martial Arts/Acrobatics

  • Lead the team successfully in battle
  • Outperform an adult hero
  • Take down a threat all on your own
  • Get a new costume

Playbook Moves
  • Straight. Up. Creepin’
  • Suck it, Domitian

Team Moves

Other Moves

Potential: 0/5
  • Take another move from your playbook (2)
  • Take a move from another playbook (3)
  • Loss of influence, +1 to a label
  • Rearrange labels and +1 to any label
  • Unlock Moment of Truth

After five advancements are taken:
  • Unlock an additional Moment of Truth
  • Change Playbooks
  • Take an adult move (2)
  • Lock a label and +1 to any label
  • Retire from the life or become a paragon of the city

Danger: -1
Freak: -1
Savior: +2
Superior: +1
Mundane: +2


  • How did you gain your skills?
    In short, Akio has been trained both academically and athletically since early childhood thanks to the effort of his domineering mother and businessman father. He has excelled at most everything put in front of him, from being a champion acrobat and martial artist to being at the top of his high school class.

  • When did you first put on your costume?
    After entering High School, much like the rest of his life to that point, Akio was soon caught in the spotlight due to his athletic ability and impeccable grades. Most would think a lifetime of being the cream of the crop would be thrilling, but it had much the opposite effect on Akio, who quickly found himself bored. As non-heroic a reason as it is, Akio's first night as a superhero was born simply out of his own desire for something to do where he didn't automatically succeed. The life of a superhero certainly fit the bill.

  • Who, outside of the team, thinks you shouldn’t be a superhero?
    Outside of the team, the only person aware of Akio's even being a superhero is his little sister, Kasumi. While he has managed to ensure she doesn't tell their parents of his choice of hobby, the newest freshman at Halcyon High certainly does not approve.

  • Why do you try to be a hero?
    Just because he does it for the thrills doesn't mean Futeki has to be a bad person while he does it. Better to be an aimless hero than an outright villain, right?

  • Why do you care about the team?
    Because of his upbringing, Akio has to put forward a certain image of refinement and class in public settings. While he is not without a number of acquaintances due to his standing in school, he finds himself identified as the ace of the team or class more than as a person. This changed after he entered the world of heroism, and he feels that when he is with the team is the only time he can just be an everyday teenager, something he finds rather amusing, considering just who his teammates are.

  • I imagine we've gotta talk about these shenanigans in the discord.

  • See above

@MrDidact In truth, I only really had eyes on Addam, since I admittedly wouldn't know what to do with Corlys. So if you've got stuff in mind for the household proper, I'm more than willing to be along for the ride as Addam.

Besides I can't convince anyone else to be Alyn.
As for me, I was thinking I could play House Velaryon, especially Corlys and Alyn, as well as Aemond One-Eye on the side of the greens.

Oh. Well. Shit.

Fuck it less work for me.

After finding some time to actually do some tentative research into the Dance and judging by the extreme lack of true loyalists dragonriders sided with the Blacks, I may throw my hat in as Addam of Hull. We'll see what happens.

S ᴛ ᴏ ʀ ʀ ʜ ᴏ ʟ ᴛ

S ᴛ ᴏ ʀ ʀ ʜ ᴏ ʟ ᴛ

I'll put my hat in with this. Thinking of House Stark or Blackwood.

Where the Roddy and Rolly hype @ tho.
It's been essentially done for days but since I can't be fucked waiting for @Inkarnate's bitch ass anymore, I'll just put it here. Obviously certain things are subject to change based on whatever the hell I end up getting told to do for the sake of Blackfyre Plotting cohesion.

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