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I have returned from my exile at my sister's house.

I'll attempt to get a WIP sheet up sometime tomorrow if at all possible. Apologies for holding things up and all that.
I should probably mention that I'm currently housesitting for a sibling for a week or thereabouts, so it might take me a bit longer than usual to finish this sheet, and for that I apologize.
I just want to put it out there that I hate all of you for using shades of purple when I was definitely going to do that first.

Whatever I guess I'll use jade instead.
Alright after sleeping on it and brainstorming to myself for much longer than I'd like to admit, it's time for me to admit that I've got pretty much nothing in mind for what to do with the Dark Side of the Moon character. I'm more than willing to let someone else take it off my hands, but if that's a deal-breaker I can step aside and let someone with more creativity ideas than me take my place in the RP.
A musician with enhanced hearing, absolute pitch, and Breath of Sound? Who'd have thought, am I right fellas?

God what am I even gunna do for the dark squad character. Plz someone make me not have to.
@Toya Minor error but you've got me and Grey mixed up on the Light Squad end of things.

May or may not have been my fault for saying sound rather than hearing. Whoops.
@Grey brought me here to do hearing and smell memes, I s'pose.
<Snipped quote by Sloth>
So would that make him the Lancel/Loras of the BROW timeline?

Ashley Sapphire. Gods what a stupid name.
Ashley Mudd is a finer maid than mine own sweet sister.

When do we dub him the Maiden Knight?
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