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Do I get to meet Sun Wukong?
Why not post a WIP? Everyone's doing it. And Deadbeat told me to.

It'll be all fancied up in the coming days. Probably the weekend.

May 15th, 2017: Ask and ye shall receive, Mad Dog Moretti as a player character W.I.P. sheet.
May 16th, 2017: Gave Mad Dog a temporary history summary.

Uchiha Tensai
Uchiha Clan Compound, Konohagakure -- Present Day, Before Dawn

It couldn't have been past dawn when Tensai roused himself out of bed to the sound of rain and faint thunder. For the past week he'd been trapped within the grounds of the Uchiha Clan's compound, and he couldn't help but feel as if he were being treated as an embarrassment; he'd heard the whispers when he was brought before his estranged grandmother and head of the clan, Chiaki. A prodigy of Tensai's caliber blind at age twelve? Rather than speak of the loss of one of their own, the influential group of Uchiha elders spoke only of how Tensai's condition brought shame to the clan as a whole, and only the most ancient amongst them whispered of the Mangekyō. For such a legendary eye to appear in such a young specimen was a preposterous notion to most, but even the most skeptical of the Uchiha's council had grown eerily silent when Tensai recollected the black flames that filled his last line of sight.

Tensai was shaken out of his thoughts when his appointed servant entered his chambers and almost immediately made to grab him as if he would fall over at any moment. He had only gotten up to go to the bathroom, apparently Akemi was sent especially early. Tensai inquired as such as his maid, or rather babysitter, began the process of bathing and clothing him, all he got for a response was some hackneyed speech about his "big day" and how he needed to look his best. Tensai certainly didn't feel comfortable with the new development of having a stranger clothe him, he supposed no child would, but no amount of stubborn outcry and attempts to do it himself would dissuade the woman from doing her job. In that she reminded him of his mother. After some time of standing still and obeying any order to raise an arm or other such trivialities of getting dressed, Tensai allowed himself a sarcastic "How do I look?" he didn't know what possessed him to ask such a meaningless question, perhaps he hadn't entirely lost his sense of humor, no matter how hard he tried to mask it.

"Like a proud scion of the Uchiha clan." the boy couldn't tell if his companion was sincere or joking, but whatever semblance of a smirk he felt on his face disappeared at that moment. Of course, that's all he was to his fellow Uchiha now, a trophy to be paraded around. Truthfully he wasn't even sure why his clanmates were allowing him to go through with remaining a shinobi, the prospect of transplantation was raised during his initial questioning, but he had almost hysterically refused, the technology of surgery was still a recent development of the shinobi world, and he had no desire to become the first case of a ninja getting his eyes ripped out of his head.

The rest of Tensai's monotonous preparation went by in relative silence, he had his breakfast of eggs over rice and within minutes, he was handed a parasol. He heard his newfound companion slide open the front door and reach for his hand. He pulled back from the physical contact and presumably pouted, judging by the audible sigh that he was met with.

"I'm supposed to escort you to the-"

"I've been going to the Academy for six years. I know how to get there."

A short argument ensued, mostly with Akemi pointing out that Tensai didn't know how to get there from the clan's compound and that the roads would be wet from the rain and so on, but Tensai refused to relent from his position, insisting that if he was supposed to be a shinobi he'd have to learn how to navigate without a personal chaperone. Seeing how he wasn't going to see reason, Akemi gave the young Uchiha what was quickly becoming a trademark sigh and moved away from the doorway, bowing her head as Tensai made his way out of the home with enough confidence to immediately lose his footing when stepping off the slightly elevated platform, though he caught himself and made a mental note to feel for railings whenever he came across a stairway.

Academy Grounds, Konohagakure -- Present Day, Daybreak

It'd taken Tensai a noticeable amount of time to get from his home to the compound's entrance to the main road of the village to where he now stood on the outskirts of the academy grounds. He assumed it had been between an hour or two. Much longer than it'd take an ordinary student to get there considering just how close the clan's compound was to the location in question compared to anyone else's. No matter, he'd gotten there and, presumably, arrived before any of his classmates. Waking up at Sage knows what hour just so none of your friends see you fumbling around walking to school was going to be more annoying that he anticipated. Though he had gathered his stride the closer he got to the familiar setting, seeing as it became easier and easier to navigate when you knew the place like the back of your hand.

What was not easy to navigate, however, was when Tensai accidentally walked off the edge of a small hill where a bridge was supposed to be. What followed was a spewing of what counts as curse words to eleven year olds and a bunch of flailing as Tensai found himself going face first into one of the rivers that ran through the Hidden Leaf Village. He lost his parasol in the ensuing chaos and, like many people who find themselves shocked, forgot how to swim for roughly five seconds. When his senses returned to him he frantically propelled himself towards solid ground before the stream claimed him.

He was too busy coughing up water and muttering under his breath when he was shocked back to attention by the sound of the all too familiar voice of his academy instructor, who'd apparently walked upon him no doubt looking like an imbecile. Frickin' ninja stealth.


Tensai turned himself around fast enough to give an ordinary child whiplash and attempted a half hearted laugh before reaching his right arm outwards to probe for the end of the bridge he hoped he hadn't missed by a mile.

"Lost my footing. Dang wet ground, am I right?"

“You should probably get out of the storm.” The elder shinobi commented, a small semblance of his own wariness leaving him in a sigh. “I was about to open up the academy and pin the results of the exams when I heard your... arrival.

Tensai had taken the liberty of, thankfully, locating the bridge he'd just missed and began making his way across at an adequate pace before responding, thanking his stars that it hadn't been one of his classmates that found him.

"Well then it looks like I got here just in time!" Tensai hoped to himself that his sensei would end it there and they could just make their way back to the academy before he found a way to embarrass himself again.

"Need any help opening up?"

There was a hesitation in his sensei’s voice, like he knew. “I believe opening the door is as simple as ever.”
What the heck. I'll give it a shot. After all I was... Born to Be Wild....Hunt.

I'll show myself and my bad puns out.
It's the product of about an hour of actual work but hey, everyone's doing it.

(Note: May or may not be replaced with a single Blackwood kid depending on the existence of a player controlled House Stark.)

What the heck, depending on things, I might be able to throw in an old concept of a cameraman turned wrestler. Maybe a backstage interviewer or something so he's not completely out of nowhere. I'll think about it, in any case.
I'm around and awaiting the OOC and what not.
Mild interest in an alternate interpretation of Mace Tyrell, or a OC Baratheon. I won't make any commitment until I see the OOC, however.

A competent Mace Tyrell? What's next, a not stupid Balon Greyjoy?
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