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See my talent! Hear the thundering applause! Thus, praise! Golden Theater! "Imperium of the Maiden's Flowery Words" (Laus Saint Claudius)!
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If you love twintails, anything is possible.
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I have my regrets, But I was true to myself through everything, and that is all that matters.
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Hast thou exerted all possible efforts?
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"I AM NOT A MIDBOSS YOU SPOILED PRINCESS!" Valkira yelled at the princess wait wait wait. PRINCESS! This was bad very bad she would be in trouble if the little brat tattled to daddy that she was outside her set area this was bad very bad! "I-I-I mean what are you doing here dear princess?" She asked as she bit on her tongue shit things went from bad to worse! She couldn't let the princess now she was on her way to help a little vampire girl or that she was trying to tough her way onto her turf. This was bad she didn't file the paperwork to even try to make a move against the princess! Sure she started on it once upon a time but it was denied for not being filed in triplicate.

Valkira scoffed at the result but decided that maybe going off on her own wouldn't be ideal all things considered if that person was after the child than following them would give her better access to her in the future. With a grumble she followed behind keeping her distance but making sure that they remained in sight. It wasnt like she wanted to make sure the kid was safe or anything. Yah she was just following them to make sure she got her revenge in the end yes that was it.

A tailors and formalwear store down the street from Cafe Dumonte
Somewhere in Switzerland

August 12th, Present day, Afternoon
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Veronica noted and treated the radio with silence they couldn't afford to let their cover slip. "Akari gotta play this cool can't let them know we are onto them" She whispered discreetly hoping the message was received as she grabbed a few clothes to head to the dressing room to avoid looking to suspicious. Thankfully the dressing room was in the back allowing her some of the things that was going on. She wasn't much for stealth but she couldn't complain now not when things was this close.
Valkira sighed no rest for the wicked in the end. She chased after the vampire girl with speed that wasn't human which was ok she wasn't human so it was all legal ok! Her blade brandished in a flourish this was the kind of heroics she dreamed of long ago before the the fire burned everything away. This was what her dreams was about to be the hero to be the great knight of shining armor but there was no time to think about that as she ran after the hero and the vampire girl. She refused to let her once chance to be a hero to someone waste away no she wanted to taste victory just once.
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