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Current "Man I wonder what I'll do since I'm an hour early to class," I thought. Little did I know that I'd spend the next two hours unsuccessfully searching for a parking spot and miss all of class.
2 mos ago
@Bee It doesn't matter what you pick because a couple months later you'll hate it anyway and will never be able to change it.
2 mos ago
Guillermo del Toro is doing a Hellboy prequel about Abe Sapien! I'm fucking hyped!
3 mos ago
When you accidentally like a status and wonder if the person now thinks you're a weirdo.
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So many games announced at E3 that I'm excited for, but so many are being made by developers and publishers that I also feel I should be hesitant on buying upon release.


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July 19th/10:03 AM

Phillip was supposed to be on his plane ride back home, having finished all of his affairs in his late father's home country. However, something had pulled him away from his path to Junyo's airport. After asking the taxi to pull over, the young man carried his luggage to a hidden alleyway that had been blocked off by police tape. There didn't appear to be any cops around to enforce the blocked off area though, so he ducked underneath and began his investigation as to why he felt such a pull to this location.

The first thing to stand out to him was the blood-stained concrete. Something about the shape seemed off to him. Walking around to look at it from another angle, he began to come up with theories. It was the best he could do since the body had already been taken by the police and law enforcement didn't actually do chalk outlines like those seen in movies. It almost appears to have pooled from two separate locations, as if something had been severed from the rest of the body and rolled over here, he thought, pointing to where he was referring to.

If it had been an arm or a leg, we probably would see a trail as the victim attempted to escape. That's not the case. Instead the source is from these two spots as it trickled toward the sewer grate. My guess as to what was severed would be the head. Perhaps the servant used to commit this murder was one who has a connection with beheadings? Either having been an executioner or the one who had been executed. Though it could just be mere coincidence. This second voice who had joined the conversation belonged to the servant who's card was still inside Phillip's breast pocket. Despite him having no physical form outside the card, it felt to the strategist like the king was right behind him.

"Shh. It's no fun if you figure it out for me. Give me a few more minutes," the young man said aloud, still getting used to having another voice in his head.

Apologies, your highness. I shall remain silent for the time being.

Further disrupting the crime scene, Philip began to lift up various pieces of trash that littered the ground in case some sort of evidence had rolled underneath and had been missed by investigators. He'd make sure to use a piece of cloth though so as to not leave behind his finger prints. I'm not a king and I don't care for being treated as such. Please just refer to me by my first name.

Again, apologies. 'Tis a force of habit.

After several minutes had passed, Phillip stepped away in order to begin gathering his thoughts. So here's what I've confirmed so far. The servant's master used some sort of large blade to sever the victim's head, killing him instantly. Afterwards, he took a moment to stand here, since the blood seems to touch something and flow around what looks like a shoe or boot. Perhaps to make a call, perhaps to write something down, or perhaps to just admire his handy work. Afterwards, he got onto his motorcycle and rode off, since I'm feeling that same sixth sense sensation that brought me here from these two skid marks. Feeling proud of his work, he crossed his arms over his chest and smirked. So how did I do?

Finally speaking up after half an hour of silence, the Wandering King replied back, Considering how much evidence had been taken by the police, very impressive Phillip.

"Um, are you calling me a monkey or these gross goo monsters," Katsuo asked as he shook the rubble off himself, climbing out of the whole he'd left in the street. When the girl tossed him a rifle and told him to make himself useful with her weapon, he realized the answer to his initial question. "Yeah, no. I don't think so, miss. Ignoring the fact that I've never held a firearm before in my life and am more likely to shoot my eye out then do anything helpful," the hero said, dropping the gun on the ground. "I have something that'll do a lot more damage than it anyway."

Turning toward the giant boar, Midori Kamen got into a runner's stance before taking off as fast as his legs could carry him. His incredible strength allowed him to be carried dozens of feet forward with each step he took. As he got closer and closer, each step would trample another goo creature under foot, as they got so numerous that there was no longer anywhere else to step. Curling his fingers into a fist, the young hero pulled his arm back to give the mother of all punches. Once he was close enough, a green fist could be seen colliding with the boar's snout. It was like watching an ant sucker punch a person and actually cause said person to get knocked off their feet, as the boar would be pushed back, knocking over any buildings directly behind it. "Oops."
<Snipped quote by Over Illusion>

Oh yes.


Convel's ears flattened against the top of his head as Sen called him 'doggy man' and 'Mr. Doggy.' Sure, being a Wolf Fang had caused him to receive much worse names over the years from the less friendly players of Elder Tale, but it sounded pretty demeaning. "I'm a wolf, not a dog," he told the sorceress with a frown, though it appeared much more like a pout. Perhaps the overgrown canine needed a treat to make his feelings better.

I can already tell that this adventure is going to be a memorable one. The only question is whether it'll be memorable because of the pain I'm about to go through or the enjoyment that comes with finding rare treasure. Whether Sen replied to Convel's statement over his dislike of her new nickname for him, the guardian would follow the much shorter girl out of town and into the wide open expanse that surrounded the city of Sapporo. Whatever challenges they may face, she could trust in him to stick by her and their slowly growing party.

Still dizzy from falling flat onto his face, Robert had no idea the damaged root above him was about to squish him like a human-sized fly swatter. The only thing that finally caught his attention was seeing a metal arm flying over his head, the light from the ceiling fixtures reflecting off the prosthetic. Following the chains to their target, he finally noticed the shadow that loomed over his head and was quickly making its way towards him. There was no where to go. No direction for him to dodge. His only hope was that he could take the hit and get back up afterward.

When the impact of the root never came though, Robert looked up again to see the giant wooden limb had disappeared. Instead it now lay on the ground next to him, detached from the rest of the Dionaea's body. The bespectacled boy turned back to the other redhead of the class who had just saved his life, flashing her appreciative smile and a thankful thumbs up before he saw her return her focus to the Grimm's next attack.

And then his savior was unceremoniously grabbed.

"At least I'll get the chance to pay the favor back," he said to no one in particular as he returned to the three other students he had been fighting with. "Hey, taking down the Grimm is all well and good, but we should probably focus on keeping our classmates safe too. You guys think you can help me hack off that overgrown branch?" he asked Cian, Trad, and Llyr, hoping to help Sangue escape her predicament.
Since people are already claiming servants, I'm just leaving this here so others know I'm planning on using a Saber class servant.

After taking a bite of his sandwich and swallowing, the player would soon reply to the short girl's question. "My name's Convel McConnor, though you can just call me Convel for short. It's nice to meet you... Sen," he said, looking up at the name on her status bar above her head. Guild: Bud Virgin Logic... Huh. Definitely a strange name. Perhaps some in joke with her friends? Hopefully? The other option that comes to mind is a bit... dirty. Seeing the devious smile that crossed her face though, the adventurer began to think that his second interpretation of her guild's name was much more accurate.

"Yeah, I think I've heard a couple rumors here or there, but I figured it was either made up or something a small guild like the one I used to be in would never find and so saw no point in trying to discern it's location," the guardian admitted. The Condemned 105th Mercenary Company was much more interested on doing quests that were well known for either being really fun or really rewarding for participants. At the time, it had simply been a game, so why put in so much work unless that work was sure to result in excitement now or later on with more quests?

Upon hearing Sen state that she had evidence to not only prove the shrine's existence but also a possible location of it, the wolf fang became intrigued, as shown by the pair of twitching ears atop his head. "Well it wouldn't be very adventurer-like of me to deny helping someone in need. Though, uh, I have to ask. We're not the only two people going on this quest right? I can't imagine something like The Lost Shrine will be unguarded and a guardian and sorcerer, while a formidable duo, probably wouldn't be able to take whatever danger awaits us on our own." It'd probably be best if the short trickster set her new companion's worries at ease with a couple little white lies about their possible support, or lack thereof.

Some days you just can't get rid of a bomb. Plummeting back down to the Earth while holding onto an active missile was definitely not something Katsuo had been planning to deal with that day, but sometimes things just didn't go as planned. To make matters worse, the thing was large, much bigger than any of the other explosive projectiles that the strange and destructive girl had been launching at the city. He was no expert, but it was pretty common sense that the bigger the bomb, the bigger the yield. Still gripping onto the tail fin, the hero began brainstorming ideas to get rid of it.

"Alright, Katsuo. Time to give yourself the biggest pep talk you've ever given yourself," the boy mumbled to himself as he repositioned himself in the air. Spinning in a circle, Midori Kamen gritted his teeth while gaining momentum to toss the missile out of the city. Doing so would probably piss off its creator, but he didn't really care how she felt. "No one else is here to help. You're the only one who stands in the way of this thing taking out who knows how many buildings. If there's anyone still here, their lives are still in danger and even if they aren't their homes and beloved belongings are still at risk. I can do it... I can do it... I can do it... I can do it! I CAN DO IT!"

With that final shout, the hero used all of his strength to throw the missile in the direction of the ocean. Only for the city's skyline to block its path. As soon as he let go of the tail fin, the explosive impacted with the top of a nearby skyscraper, blowing away the uppermost floors and sending Katsuo flying. When he finally landed it would be after skidding across the city streets, kicking up most of the road with him, and stopping right in front of an enraged, motorcycle-riding magical girl.
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