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Current RIP Grape-kun. You proved to the world that even penguins believe in 2D>3D.
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"Man I wonder what I'll do since I'm an hour early to class," I thought. Little did I know that I'd spend the next two hours unsuccessfully searching for a parking spot and miss all of class.
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@Bee It doesn't matter what you pick because a couple months later you'll hate it anyway and will never be able to change it.
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Guillermo del Toro is doing a Hellboy prequel about Abe Sapien! I'm fucking hyped!
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When you accidentally like a status and wonder if the person now thinks you're a weirdo.


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So has anybody gone to see Heaven's Feel yet?
Nora Evans

Lurching forward, Nora clutched at her chest where the steel I beam had crushed her lungs, dooming her to a painful and agonizing death... except no representative of the afterlife approached her. At least not this time. Instead, she found herself sitting alone in her room, her bed wet with sweat and her heart pounding against her chest. It was just a nightmare. Just a scary dream that's all over now. I'm safe in my own bed. She attempted to comfort herself, but despite her words she couldn't shake the strange feeling. The feeling that what she had imagined was all too real. That she really had died and someone had come to save her in those last few moments of consciousness. That's not possible though. Besides, if it were, how would I have gotten back home and in bed? Ready to face the school day ahe- The girl's eyes widened in horror as a new realization dawned on her. "I'm going to be late for class!" Jumping out from her sheets and quickly getting ready, she'd be running as fast her legs could carry her to the school campus, not knowing the events that would soon transpire and reveal to her a whole new world that would shatter the one she'd grown up in.

After classes had ended for the day and most of the student body were making their way home, Nora decided to waste some time near the school's announcement board. There sat several papers all pinned to the wall to allow students to know of any upcoming events or possible information they'd be interested in, but she was focused on a very specific group of promotional material. Despite how much the student council may have pushed for students to join a club, she had yet to do so, feigning ignorance by being a clueless foreigner. If she had to be honest though, she was simply nervous about spending time with people she barely knew. I want to make friends though, and joining a club of people who are interested in something I also enjoy would definitely be a step in the right direction. Which one though?
I'll try to post tomorrow after work. I feel to exhausted to write a decent introduction post after today's shift.

Noticing that neither of the other two masters were jumping at the chance to accept the new card, Phillip decided to accept the card. They needed to learn more about what happened here, and who better to ask then the victim of the crime. Holding out his hand to accept the card from Seamus, he removed it from it's sealed plastic bag and held it up to get one last look at the crumpled piece of magic paper.

Are you sure this is the wisest course of action? The man at your feet was probably corrupted into a murderer because of his card's beguiling words. Not wanting to see his new master fall from grace after only knowing him for a few weeks, Richard spoke up.

We need answers and this is the surest way to get them. I accept any consequences this may bring us. With those final thoughts, Phillip brought the card to his chest, adding it to his now growing collection of servants.

Bonjour, monsieur. I've been waiting for you. The voice reeked of pompous superiority and self-importance as it spoke within the young man's mind. This was not a voice he would enjoy listening to.

Why me specifically?

Well no, not you. Just someone else who'd become so greedy for power that they'd come to me for my gifts.

Actually, I'm here for answers. If you're cooperative, I might even keep you instead of locking you inside a police evidence locker to rot away. It's probably what you deserve after the dozen or so murders you've made so far.

Hmmph. You aren't even worthy enough to hold me between your filthy fingers.

I didn't realize that being locked inside a mold filled room with no contact with any other human being for the next several decades would sound so much more appealing in comparison.

There was a silence within Phillip's mind for several prolonged seconds as Robespierre considered his options. There's not much to say. We were discussing that list my old dog of the aristocracy, that you'd refer to as a master, used to keep of all the people we planned to bring to justice before he was suddenly knocked down to the ground. I told him to activate me or otherwise be killed by our attacker, but he refused and tried to use his own power to stop her. It was a poor decision. He was stabbed and I was taken, at first to be digested by this servant class I hadn't seen before, before being spit back out.

You said you didn't recognize the class?

The sword may have suggested Saber, but the aura it gave off certainly didn't match any that I knew of.

Is there anything else you can tell me?

Just one, a name. Before she stabbed him, she gloated over her kill by telling him to reserve a seat in the afterlife. She was none other than Jeanne D'arc

That's all for now. I need to discuss these findings with the others. With that, Phillip packed the new voice away in his mind, ignoring any further words he may have had for him. He turned towards Marie, Seamus, and Thomas and told them, "I know the servant's name, but not her class. Robespierre claims that they weren't among the eight known to us. However, the servant we're looking for is Joan of Arc."

>Triumphant pose

So what's bein' goin' on guys n' gals?

Well let's see. Lugu and Prince of Seraphs left; Naryan's now GM; FlitterFaux, Azereiah, and Rekaigan are new here; and Parent Day finally ended. I think that's about everything.

Welcome back Hari. We've been wondering what happened to you.
@Guess Whogo ahead and post your char in teh char tab its good to go

What? I'm totally not reusing an old character from another DxD RP.

Looking over the destruction left behind by the fight between the killer he'd originally been trying to find and the killer's killer, Phillip tried to piece together what had occurred on this street. Whoever this was, they were certainly strong in order to create cracks in the concrete and their weapon sharp to make such an incision. Impossibly so. Of course, ever since he met Richard the Lionheart he had learned that what used to be defined as impossible was considered parlor tricks by these other masters and their servants.

The biggest mystery was the appearance of this new player in the game, and there was no way of knowing that by looking at a crumpled bike and cracks in the ground. Approaching a random civilian on the outskirts of the police tape, he asked them, "Did you happen to see the one who did this? Or even better, capture it on video or on your phone?"
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