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Current First Valentine's Day that I'm not single for and she isn't even in the same country as me today. It feels just like every other Valentine's Day. Guess I'll continue glaring at happy couples.
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I went into Devilman Crybaby expecting to turn off my brain and enjoy some good ol' fashioned ultra violence. Now that it's over I just feel sad and broken.
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RIP Grape-kun. You proved to the world that even penguins believe in 2D>3D.
5 mos ago
"Man I wonder what I'll do since I'm an hour early to class," I thought. Little did I know that I'd spend the next two hours unsuccessfully searching for a parking spot and miss all of class.
7 mos ago
@Bee It doesn't matter what you pick because a couple months later you'll hate it anyway and will never be able to change it.


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Aftering having helped Oswald with some lumber, Gren assisted the others in chopping down trees. For once the chainsaw function of Annabeth was used for its original agricultural origins instead of its ad hoc weaponized purpose. He had cleared away a lot of the trees and stumps, getting a bit concerned about what they should be doing now. He could deforest this entire island by tomorrow, but that won’t help them against the coming storm or getting out of this place. He could only hope that Oswald or the others were devising a plan to get them off this island while Gren and everyone else worked on a temporary shelter.

As Gren was about to cut down another tree he heard a small voice shout at him over the roar of his chainsaw. Turning the screaming blade off he turned to see Yue, the weird brown maid girl. He hasn’t really interacted with her much since the parent’s day meeting. He walked over to her since she seemed to have an idea. Gren had an idea too, so if her plan sucks he’d suggest his own. ”Hey, wussup?”

While both Gren and Yue’s weapons were pretty well suited for chopping down the surrounding forestry and providing large amounts of wood and lumber for the group, Robert’s wasn’t. When he came to realize that trying to hack through was doing more damage to the blade then it was to the actual tree, he would resign himself to collecting what the others had brought down and gathering it all together as best as he could, rolling what he could and dragging what wouldn’t fit between the stumps left in their path.

As he wiped the sweat from his brow with the sleeve of his hoodie, he heard the voice of Yue call out over the raucous sound of the orc’s chainsaw. Regrouping with the two of them, he greeted his classmates with a simple, ”What’s up?”

Yue looked to the two boys and gulped. Normally she wasn’t one to lead projects like this, however her mother had told her that once she becomes the head maid of the Schnee family, it would be her responsibility to organize and direct others. She just hadn’t expected to do something like this so soon. Clearing her throat Yue bowed at Gren and Robert before speaking. ”I have an idea how we could build the shelter. First, I need Gren to carve out some notches on those trees over there.” Yue pointed towards four fairly stout tree they haven’t cut down yet.

”Those four trees will be the corners of the shelter we’ll be building. What I was thinking is that we could use wood joining to put these logs together, and hopefully that would keep them stable enough to survive the monsoon. Robert, you and I will need to work on the lumber together. I’ll shave the bark and excess wood off, but only your blades would be small enough to handle the finer carving.”

Kneeling on the ground Yue picked up a stick and made a sketch of what she needed Robert to carve. ”If you ever played with lincoln logs, it’s something like that. Except instead of a slanted roof, it’ll just have to be a flat one. My sword is too big to carve out the notches needed for the logs, but I think your weapon is better at that Robert.” Then Yue looked to Gren, going over to a nearby tree and taking out her sword. She hacked a few notches into it, but only on one side. ”Gren I need you to make notches similarly to this, on one side of the trees, and then on the opposite side of the other tree. We need to make the shelter on those trees in order to protect it from flooding. It won’t be perfect but with any luck it’ll be stable.” Yue looked to the two and gulped. She hoped they understood what she wanted and didn’t mind her ordering them around. This would be the first time she’s ever done so on her own initiative.

Gren thought about Yue’s idea and it wasn’t bad. It was almost like his plan, except he intended to dug holes to put the timber through himself, since he didn't trust the foundation of just laying down lumber. He had some questions about Yue’s idea and worried that without any nails, rope, or other binding agents, the entire thing was going to collapse in on itself once too much weight was put onto it. But it wasn’t a bad idea. ”Aight, I’m down with that plan. But I’m worried that it won’t be strong enough to support all of our weight. I mean, I’m a pretty heavy guy just by myself. Maybe a few more logs or two to make sure that the whole thing doesn’t collapse on us. Still, I’ll go ahead and notch up those trees.” Walking over to the tree that Yue had hacked up he examined the cut and turned to Yue. ”Like this? Except maybe cleaner? I can do that.”

Gren flexed his arms as he approached the four trees Yue had pointed out. Activating his semblance he started walking up the tree and as he walked he revved up his saw. He’ll have to be careful: this time he doesn’t want to cut completely through the tree. Splinters and sawdust went flying as he went to work on making this log house hideout.

As Yue explained her idea, Robert nodded along while listening. He recalled reading about wood joining once at his local library and how several civilisations would use it to create buildings if they lived in an area that lacked resources like iron to create nails. Reading about it and actually putting it into action were two very different things though, so he hoped that he’d be able to do his job correctly. He didn’t want to let everyone else down.

Despite the doubt that he had in his own ability, the boy gave the young maid a bright smile and an enthusiastic thumbs up. ”You can count on me!” he told her before setting off back to the pile of lumber he had created with what the two had cut down earlier. The boy would patiently wait for her to begin shaving off the branches and bark, smoothing out the first log before he would begin the delicate work of carving out the small indentations. For a first time woodcarver, it was actually pretty decent, though not enough that he’d be winning any awards any time soon.

Yui smiled as the two agreed to her plan. It really gave her hope that this wasn’t as silly as she thought. As Gren went to work, she and Robert went to some wood piles to start carving. THey had timber of various girths, but she wanted to make sure she can use all of them. Thus, that meant they needed to conform to the smallest of the logs. When she found what looked like the thinnest Yui went to work shaving off the branches and bark with precision, slicing a clean parallel cut into the log until it was a long cube instead of a cylinder. This would be the base in which all of the logs will be shaped.

After that Yue gave the square lumber to Robert to cut while she started to shape the other logs. She used some fire dust to heat her blade, not enough to cause the logs to catch on fire. Just enough to dry them out so they’d be stiff when they’re stacked up instead of flexible and thus bend. The last thing she wants is for the wood to warp when they’re putting this building together.

The work was long and arduous, but soon after carving up all of the lumber and finishing the prep, they had laid down the first “floor” of the shelter. Securing the square timber into the notches Gren made, then stacking the logs Robert had carved, they had created a base five feet above the ground, and then filled the gap with more carved logs and had a floor. All they needed now was to keep building up and eventually make a roof. However they were going to need more wood.

”Good job you two! But we’re not done yet. We need more wood to stack up for walls and a roof. I think maybe… Ten high on three sides, And then fifteen or so more lengthwise for the roof. As like Gren mentioned, maybe if we can we could fit a few logs underneath at the center to help stabilize the shelter. Oh! And I know we’re going to need some filler in between. This way we don’t have any cracks. So Gren and I will go back to cutting more timber down, Robert, could you make use some mortar? Water, rocks, sand, that sort of thing. It’s a dirty job but I’m relying on you to handle it, okay?” Yui handed Robert the plastic tarp she had taken from the ship. Hopefully that would help transport the mortar and keep the process clean.

”Alright, I’ll get right on it,” Robert agreed, taking the tarp and heading back to the beach where he knew there would be plenty of sand and water. He’d start searching for other materials to add to the mortar afterward. While exiting the forest, who’s branches and leaves had been catching a lot of the small droplets descending from the sky, the red haired boy finally noticed just how much time had passed. Within a few minutes, he was sure these small drops of rain would become painful as they’d begin pelting the students that now occupied this small island. They would need to pick up their pace as soon as possible.
Nora Evans

As Nora and Auriola were discussing the freshly made cake that the android girl had recently finished, the other members of their peerage would decide to also join in on introducing themselves to the shy new girl. First up, Hakuryu. His compliment on her looks made her cheeks turn from their previously pale color to a much more pinker hue. "Um, yeah, I guess you could say that. I don't really like being the center of attention that much," she replied in her soft voice. Just to further emphasize this, she shifted in her seat as she vocalized her appreciation. "Th-thank you for the offer."

Next up was Dimitri von Aleron, the group's resident vampire, though she didn't know that just yet. The self-titled womanizer was admittedly making a decent impression, not yet revealing any underlying motives, if he had any that hid beneath his courteous introduction. It reminded Nora of those handsome noblemen that would appear in fantasy stories, kneeling down and kissing the back of the princess' hand. In fact, she was almost surprised he didn't do so. "Well, um, it's nice to meet you as well, Dmitri," was the only statement she could manage with all of this overwhelming awareness.

Succeeding him was Auriola, who had now finished cutting up her cake and was handing a very large looking slice to Nora who accepted it with a sweet smile. "Oh, thank you. I'm sure it will taste great," she told the android, taking the fork and cutting off the tip to enjoy the sweet pastry. "Mmm."

Finally, Amelia would finish her drawing of Nora and hand it over to the blond girl who replied with a quiet, "Oh," as she realized that the sketch was both of her and for her. "Thank you." She'd only get to admire it for a few moments before looking back up the artist who had created the piece as she explained why it was best to look out for Dimitri's antics. "I'm not sure if I like the idea of hurting someone just for being rude to me," Nora replied.

Unfortunately, the mood of the room would soon change with the arrival of Ixveria familiar. Just as the black birds of old were omens for imminent disaster, this one seemed to be no different. "I-is there no one else who could possibly stop them?" Nora asked, unsurprisingly nervous about having to fight so soon after being reincarnated. She had no experience or training with her sacred gear and had never had much of an inclination toward violence in her previous life.

I don't know a lot about sports, admittedly, but aren't those pictures of rugby? Aren't those different, but similar, sports?

The boat ride to the island was relatively smooth, causing Robert to relax more than he probably should have. He figured that the class was now out of danger, their objective complete. How could he have known there would be another part to this exercise? After jumping off the boat and onto the sandy shore, he looked up at the sky to hear the voice of God Ms. Nuit explain their new predicament.

"Well since she suggested it, might as well go with the bonfire option. Sure, it isn't creative, but it'll get the job done," the redhead said to no one in particular. It appeared he wasn't the only one thinking this as both Yue and Oswald also mentioned collecting wood for a fire. "I'll come with. It can't be that hard to find what Oswald needs," Robert announced, volunteering to come with the maid to act both as back up in case things got dicey and an extra pair of hands to make sure they brought back plenty of resources.

Having only a few moments ago been in danger and in need of saving, the boy was determined to show his worth and pull his own weight, not wanting to seem like a hindrance to his classmates. So regardless of whether anyone else joined them as they journeyed further inland, he would attempt to lead the way. Unless anyone had some sort of objection to him being the navigator for whatever reason. If they knew of his demotion from his team's leadership position or just his tendency to get into trouble, it wasn't as if their reasons would be unfounded.
Nora Evans

When Amelia had first begun her sketch of Nora, the newborn devil reacted by staying perfectly still so as to avoid messing up the young artist. Though she had no idea she was the subject of the piece, the modest girl believed that it must be something next to her or behind her. After all, she wasn't that interesting right?

Her attempts to remain still though would be ruined when the peerage's resident android would turn her arm into a large sword, most likely capable of cutting through a person like a hot knife through butter. Letting out a quiet yelp of surprise, Nora's body reacted on its own as she made a small jump in her seat. She wasn't afraid of Auriola or what she was planning do with such a big blade, it was simply a surprise to see someone's arm suddenly become a weapon.

Once Auriola had finished cutting her cake and placing it on plates for the peerage to eat from, the blond teen awkwardly asked the robot girl, "I-is this really for me?" She hadn't expected the group to be so welcoming to her introduction. She hadn't expected hostility either, but... Honestly, she didn't know what she should have expected walking into this. Being a reincarnated devil was a completely foreign idea to her.

Swimming up above the water's surface, Robert's first order of business was coughing up the salt-filled liquid he had swallowed by accident. It felt like his stomach and lungs were now burning as he struggled to breath in air with the waves rushing over his head and still bombarding the sides of the ship. He remained calm though as he inspected his surroundings, looking at how far away the island was and how likely it might be to try and climb back onto the ship. With how sheer the outside hull was though, the boy was inclined to take one of broken boards floating around him and use it as a flotation device as he paddled to shore.

That is until something underneath the waves brushed against his leg. For all he knew, it could have just been debris or seaweed sinking past him, but Robert had seen enough monster movies to err on the side of caution. In no time flat, his back was pressed against their sinking transport while he attempted to see through his blurry vision into the ocean's depths. It was then that the student realized he had lost his glasses upon falling into the water. Today was not a good day.

At least a couple of his classmates had seen his tumble overboard though and had come to help him up. "Yeah, I'm okay! Just... Find something to help me up!" he shouted up to Yue, his voice filled with urgency and panic. Then another classmate, Emerald, came to lend her aid as well. It was lucky for him that the short cat girl's semblance was something so useful for the problem at hand as she created a whirlwind that lifted him back on board. "Thanks. I don't know what I would have done without you guys," Robert said, dripping from head to toe though still in one piece. Not realizing her question was most likely rhetorical, he told the often mischievous Emerald, "Yeah, I didn't realize that I needed to look both ways when out at sea as well. And since I missed breakfast this morning, I haven't been eating much."


"Come on... Come on... Spit it out already..." Robert groaned as he continued to stand by the vending machine he had inserted his loose change into. Eight minutes ago! Survival class would be starting in just a couple minutes and he was still standing by the lien eating machine which had stolen his hard earned money. When the candy bar inside had first been pushed against the glass and decided it didn't want to follow the silly laws set in place by gravity, the boy had sworn to the highest powers of this land that he would not leave until that snack was in his stomach. Now that the late bell was fast approaching with its ringing announcement that anyone not sitting down would be marked tardy, he was regretting his decision. There wasn't enough time. He had to leave now.

With one last frustrated kick to the large rectangular box, Robert grabbed his belongings and he took off down the hallway at speeds that would make some members of the track team look like snail faunas. Seconds after, the vending machine would let out a klunk as the candy bar finally slid down to the bottom, letting anyone who checked to discover a free snack for themselves.

When the redheaded student finally arrived in class, he'd take the first seat he saw open. Evidently, there were some greedy people in Ms. Nuit's Survival class as his desk appeared cupcake-less. Most likely some nameless random that wasn't important at all to the world with the exception of giving the young huntsman-in-training a bigger headache. There would be no time to dwell on that though as he'd only arrived in time for Ms. Nuit to lead them out of class.

Once she had explained what this large auditorium-like room was for, Robert had to use all of his self-control to not start shaking with excitement. It was just like a training room right out of the comics he often spent his free time and remaining lien reading every night. This was amazing! He couldn't help but wonder just how many different simulations this thing had stored in its databanks. He'd soon find out what one them was though as the entire class found themselves transported to the deck of a large sinking ship. It was good that he at least knew how to swim.

While everyone else was worried about their own survival, Robert couldn't help but geek out and bend down to inspect the ship. It all looked so real. He pressed his hand against it and, sure enough, the textures felt genuine. As he tried to think of another sense he could test the simulation on, a large wave hit the side of the ship and caused water to spray right into his face. "Yep, that definitely tastes salty. Oh right, we're supposed to be getting off," he said to himself before checking his surroundings and seeing what everyone else was doing.

"Oh, boats. That should make this easy, I thought we'd have to swim all the way there," Robert commented as he ran over to life boats that most people were gathering around. Of course anyone that knew him well enough would know that the bespectacled student had just set himself up for failure. Almost as soon as he had finished his sentence, one of the Grimm slashed at the cables that had held the supply crates the simulated ship was ferrying across the fake sea. The boxes now began to tumble all across the deck, mostly falling overboard and harmlessly sinking to the depths below. Except one. Blindsiding Robert, the crate began to take him for a ride toward the opposite end of the ship. Soon a loud splash would accompany his fall over the railing.
Nora Evans

Maybe some sort of sports-related club? Except I've never really been one for physical activity. Not to mention I don't really keep up with sports teams. Those court drama shows are sort of interesting. Maybe I can join a debate team? Except I'm pretty passive. Yeah, I don't really think I could deal with raising my voice at people. I like reading. Is there a literature clu- Nora would be thinking to herself before her thoughts were interrupted by another student. "Oh, um, yes I was thinking of joining a club, though I'm not sure which one," she admitted to the girl who hadn't even given her name yet. When Elena suggested the art club, Nora began to consider the option, but was still unsure. "I don't know. I don't really have much experience with drawing, painting, or any other art form like that. In comparison to everyone else in the club, I'd probably be very behind."

When another student quickly passed by with the sole purpose seeming to be to tell her how attractive she appeared, Nora turned away from Hakuryu to hide her crimson cheeks. She didn't often get compliments on her appearance, so even if it was just a passing comment, the girl couldn't help but feel embarrassed by it. Once her skin color had returned to normal, she'd look back at her unknowingly fellow devil to further discuss possible clubs to join.

Only to be interrupted by another new person. Why are so many people trying to talk to me today? The man appeared to be a bit older than most of her classmates, at least somewhere in his early twenties. Is he just a really young teacher or a student that was held back a few years? Whatever the case was, it seemed that he had assumed that she was interested in joining and now she felt a strange feeling of obligation to do so. "Um, sure, I guess. That would be helpful," she said, letting the two lead her to the art room.
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