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8 May 2017 19:55
Current I wish my mom took me to see Guardians of the Galaxy 2. Instead, I'm home alone while she takes my sister to Disney World. Being an adult sucks.
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6 May 2017 18:43
Free Comic Book Day is my favorite holiday! Make sure to visit your local shops guys.
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2 May 2017 8:37
It never rains but it pours. I feel like this statement accurately sums up everything that's happened to me and my family the past few months.
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30 Apr 2017 4:21
For all that is good in this world, stop asking about the unicorn frap. We don't have it, we don't know when we'll get more, and it tastes disgusting anyway. And the dragon frap is only in Disneyland.
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20 Apr 2017 0:49
I've finally caught up on Berserk... Now what am I supposed to do with my life?
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Me watching Boku no Hero Academia:

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Nora Evans

@Demon Shinobi

Nora closed her eyes in contemplation as she listened to her King explain some of the sacrifices she must now make with her new life as a devil. Never in her life had she ever wanted to hurt another being, not even the bullies of her old schools. Back then, all she had wanted to do was defend herself from further harm and ridicule. The thought of not only hurting but possibly killing someone, even someone evil enough to arguably deserve death, sounded like a decision she wasn't sure she could make. However, the only other choice open to her would be for her to die in their place. Would the threat to her own life be enough to spur her to make that choice? To end the existence of another living being? She couldn't say. Only time would tell.

"Alright, I... I guess I don't have much else of a choice," she replied. Nora still sounded reluctant, her voice filled with self-doubt and hesitance, but agreement nonetheless. Reaching out toward Tsumiki, the blond haired girl took his hand and followed him back through the portal to meet the rest of the peerage. "Oh, wait. Let me first get chan-" She began to say before being enveloped in the red light of the magic circle.

@Polaris North@Spanner@TheHangedMan

"-ged," was the first thing that the three boys would hear as Nora and Tsumiki appeared inside the club room. She hadn't expected the trip to be so... Well, instant. The newly appointed Rook had at least thought she would have time to change into something more appropriate for leaving her home. The only reason she had noticed it now in the first place was because the adrenaline pumping through her system, due to the panic her sacred gear had induced, had finally worn off. Her red, plaid pajamas that had once covered just about every inch of her body, had become tatters thanks to the brittleness power of Crystal Corruption.

Her pants that had once reached down to her ankles, now only covered about half of her thigh. The button up shirt she'd been wearing had now become sleeveless, with the body of the garment only covering her breasts and revealing her entire midriff. It could have been much worse, other female classmates of Nora's were sure to wear much more revealing clothing during non-school hours, as that would be when the academy's uniform policies would no longer be in effect. At least none of her companions could see what sort of underwear she liked to wear. Still, the newly-reincarnated devil was used to more modest and prudish outfits and was made extremely uncomfortable by where events had led to. Grasping at what remained of her top, she attempted to pull down what fabric still remained so as to block the boys' view. The only other thing she could do now was stammer and stutter a series of incomprehensible sounds as she endeavored to collect herself.
Me watching Steins;Gate:

I still didn't cry @Delta44! My record still remains untarnished!

<Snipped quote by Guess Who>

My god, I never thought of it that way . . . truly, you have enlightened me. If boobs were a religion you would have converted me.

I should start a cult. Worship the two true gods. Left boob and right boob.
@Guess Who

The easiest way to explain it, is this~

But yeah.

Something like that.

I'm a boob man myself, my reasoning being that anyone can have a nice rear or great pair of legs, but only women can have amazing boobies.
<Snipped quote by Polaris North>

Yea, Misha is adorable. Shizune though, just has some really great legs. I can smell great legs a mile away. Noooot to mention the stuff she's into....heh.

Rin's just an adorable little derp and makes me laugh xD

<Snipped quote by Guess Who>

Am I the only one that searches for 'Anime Butts'?

No? Just me?

Neanderthals. The lot of you.

I'm assuming you're one of those people:

This RP looks like it will be a lot of fun and interesting, but there does not seem to be many slots left, if any. Any chance of still getting into this or are the characters set?

I do think all of the spaces have been taken in the peerage, but I'm not GM, @Demon Shinobi is, so probably best to ask them.
@Guess Who I recommend you give the anime time when watching it :3 If you don't get sucked in at the beginning then marathon it until 'it' happens; you'll understand when you watch it ^-^

Probably will start watching it tomorrow to give myself something to do as I wait for the next episode of Boku no Hero.
@Guess Who Well when you do watch it I can almost guarantee you'll cry ;) If not that then anything by Makoto Shinkai XD

Well now I have to watch it just to prove you wrong.
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