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Don't forget, they made another new hero named Screentime. A meme loving superhero who got his powers from exposure to internet gas. He has the ability to basically be a smart phone.
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Sometimes I open up a new tab on my browser and I forget what I intended to do with it... What am I doing here again?
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With her only option to sit and wait, Kath would situate herself by the windowsill of their room and look out upon the horizon in the direction of the Chateau. She wished she could see its magnificent architecture from there, but its splendor was so many miles away that nothing short of thermonuclear detonation would give her an accurate bearing for where to look. It was probably for the best that she was paying so much attention to what was outside their room, as she otherwise would have felt the piercing gaze of Charme's disappointed stare. It would have been enough to send a chill down the dragonoid's spine had she taken notice.

Finally, the battle would come to a close. A victory, taken with only a single loss, and said loss could be easily rejuvenated, but it was still a punch to the gut of all the chapter masters that they weren't the most powerful beings around. A less empathetic woman might have thought that this attack would be helpful evidence for any future debates she might have with the others of taking the more cautious approach rather than showing off their might and striking with maximum ferocity, but Kath was no such woman. All she could think about was how she hoped Ratta's resurrection wouldn't prove too traumatizing. The same prayers went to those who had witnessed her fall.

Then Charme would remind the librarian of her presence. It was a legitimate question. Here they were separated from their main forces who had just been ambushed, on a reconnaissance mission that ultimately mattered very little in the grand scheme of things. Not to mention, whoever had attacked Chateau Gothika had found it rather quickly after their arrival. Who was to say that she and Charme wouldn't be attacked as well? Still, it didn't take Kath very long to form an answer.

"Rodias gave no order to abort the mission. If that were his wish, he could easily order Graft to communicate to us to do so. Until we are notified otherwise, I plan to perform the task given to the best of my abilities and continue my research of this city." Perhaps if she had considered the possibility of the other chapter masters going rogue and making plans for their own benefit, turning against Rodias, she may have given the question more consideration, perhaps even given a different answer. However, Kath was much too naive to consider such an outcome. Even if Rodias had made a mistake, he was just as perfect as the rest of them, that being not at all. The thought of revolt due to events none of them could have even planned for was inconceivable.

As Charme made her way to bed, Kath decided it was best that she follow suit, changing into clothes that were much more comfortable before lying down in her own uncomfortable bed. That wasn't what would keep her awake through most of the night though. Instead, it would be her ever working imagination. Like a supercomputer thinking of ways to win a game of strategy, her mind stayed active through most of the night as she kept considering different responses she might have been able to give to help support Gothika from afar. It would take many hours before she came to the same conclusion as WOPR, that sometimes the only winning move is not to play. The past could not be changed and it would be best to sleep so she could consider instead how to improve the future with a fresh mind.
Hearing Charme's advice, Kath would take a moment to calm herself. When just standing still and trying her best to take her mind off things didn't work, she did as suggested/ordered and took a seat before counting to ten. Well she ended up counting to twenty when she felt like the adrenaline in her body was still coursing through her veins and she needed even more time, but the effort was there. Eventually, it would take effect and the draconic librarian would start to think clearly again.

"Okay... Okay, just gimme a moment to think," Kath would say as she would try to be helpful and think of a possible solution. It wasn't an easy thing though. Despite her pacifistic tendencies, the best strategy she could think of was to transform into her dragon form and just let loose. By the time it would take to get there though, one side would have been able to deal with the other. Not only that, but her and Charme could probably say goodbye to their current cover in the city. No, she needed to suggest a solution from here.

"Um, maybe if the invaders were led to the Athenaeum, they could be trapped within its maze and simply starved out? I'm not sure. I can't think of anything better at the moment. I'm sorry," Kath admitted, struggling for a solution to this problem. Now she was beginning to regret not reading more books on strategy and tactics like the Art of War and Vom Kriege.
"I think it has its own charm," Kath said, not even recognizing her own accidental pun as the wagon continued on its way through the city. This was new information, perhaps not the pleasant kind if anyone were to ask her traveling companion, but new information nonetheless and the librarian couldn't help but eat it all up. Every sight and smell she experienced, her mind would begin rushing for the right adjectives and metaphors to describe them, before filing them away in her memory to write down at a later time. Upon their return to the Chateau, there would unmistakably be a new volume within The Athenaeum of Historia titled "The Wonders of the city East of Amberden." No wait, that was much too long. She needed to discover this city's name so she could create a better title.

Kath nodded as Charme reaffirmed with her their objective. She thought she may have seen a sign pointing in the direction of certain buildings like the library, but as the homunculus made her way over to a local to inquire with him, she decided it would be best to get a second opinion. Though if it had been up to her, maybe she wouldn't have picked someone who had looked quite so lecherous. To think someone would be so stubborn to make a pass at her companion twice in one conversation. It was so undignified.

For Kath, the literacy test had been so simple, she had believed it to be some sort of pre-test for the real thing. When they were allowed in, she was disappointed that that wasn't the case. Then she recalled her earlier dilemma back at The Wishing Well and decided that perhaps she should count her lucky stars instead and be grateful.

"I would like to start with any books on the history of this kingdom. Then perhaps, if it mentions any other civilizations that seem to be important enough to be repeatedly mentioned, any texts on those civilizations. Oh how I would love to read any books they have on cooking or law to better understand these people's culture as well, but depending on how deep the rabbit hole goes, we may not get the chance," Kath said, admiring the many volumes around her.

As she walked past the shelves, she would take notice of a group of philosophy books titled "A Treatise of Pure Reasoning and Basic Thought Vol. 2," "A Treatise of Pure Reasoning and Basic Thought Vol. 1," and "A Treatise of Pure Reasoning and Basic Thought Vol. 3." If Charme was looking, she might have noticed the flash of anger that appeared on Kath's face at she stared at the out of order books. Luckily, it quickly passed once she rearranged the series in order, mumbling to herself how disorganized this place was and how she wished to speak to the head librarian about her poor supervision of the library's visitors.

Before Graft's announcement had been transmitted to everyone, Kath had been sitting in the most uncomfortable chair she thought her rear had ever had the displeasure of sitting upon, reading by candlelight one of the texts she had checked out of the library. She even went so far as filling out the paperwork for a form of identification that the librarians would be able to recognize her from and contact her should she not return it on time. She doubted that it would all be properly put filed away judging by what she saw of their shelves though.

When she did learn of the attack, the dragonoid couldn't help but find herself anxiously pacing about in her and Charme's small room. No longer could she fill her time with reading, those she cared about the safety of were in danger. Her books could possibly be in danger too, but she held the lives of her fellow chapter guardians and other residents of Chateau Gothika to much greater value than her library. Somewhat.

"Please be safe everyone," she said.
(A collab between me and @Xaltwind)

<Snipped quote by Lucius Cypher>

I wouldn't mind doing a collab.

...Mamoru's gonna get a sexual harassment suit against her. Chateau got a lawyer?

Kath's got plenty of law books and records of people roleplaying courtroom dramas back on Yggdrasil. She might be the closest thing.

God the end of that video reminds me when I overheard a bunch of girls talking about getting water at Starbucks just so they could have the Starbucks cups to drink from, even though there were a bunch of other stores nearby that they could get a free cup of water from.
I work at Starbucks and they told us we need to step off the bar to wash our hands every thirty minutes now and the only thing we can take from customers now is money. Want to use your refillable cup for your drink? Nope, going to have to pour it in yourself. We also aren't letting anyone use the condiment bar. You want any milk, cream, or sugar in your drink? We have to stop whatever it is we're doing to pour it in for you. It's really impacting the speed at which we're able to work, but let me tell you the customers have not decided to stop coming or come less often.
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