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Current @Bee It doesn't matter what you pick because a couple months later you'll hate it anyway and will never be able to change it.
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Guillermo del Toro is doing a Hellboy prequel about Abe Sapien! I'm fucking hyped!
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When you accidentally like a status and wonder if the person now thinks you're a weirdo.
2 mos ago
So many games announced at E3 that I'm excited for, but so many are being made by developers and publishers that I also feel I should be hesitant on buying upon release.
2 mos ago
Changed my avatar to fit how I feel about Adam West.


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"Have a taste of my foot!" Midori Kamen cried out as he kicked another of these strange monsters in the face, it's crumpled corpse soon dissolving just as the last thirty had. Taking each of these strange creatures out was no problem for the rookie hero. They were on a complete other level when it came to low intelligence, not at all organizing themselves to attack when he was weakest and instead just lunging forward on sight. They weren't impressively strong either, having the same amount of power behind their attacks as a normal human would, which paled in comparison to the green-clad protector's own strength. That wasn't the problem though. The problem was that there seemed to be an almost endless supply of them and soon enough he was bound to be swarmed and crushed under a tidal wave of the beasts. Already, there was probably more of these things then there was litter on the ground and that number was still steadily increasing. There had to be a source, somewhere that all of these things were coming from, and he needed to find it and shut it down.

Like an unfortunate victim of a flood, Midori Kamen began to wade through the sea of beasts as he attempted to follow their path of destruction. Though instead of just trying to keep his head above the tide, he needed to instead punch and kick the water until it disappeared. Perhaps this flood analogy wasn't the most accurate comparison, especially when the number of them is still small enough that I can distinguish which creature's body parts belong to which. For now at least. That won't last forever though and fighting each individual monster is seriously slowing me down. It's time to think of a new strategy. Pushing back the beasts nearest to him, the young hero began to put his untested plan into action.

Gathering up all of the strength in his legs, he began to run. He'd need the running start in order to make this work. Once he'd gotten enough speed, he slammed his foot into the ground and pushed off with as much force as he could, sending him flying through the air. The power of flight was unfortunately not one of the powers granted to him be the Spirit of the Earth, however his super strength allowed Katsuo to have the next best thing: superpowered leaping. In a single bound, the seventeen year old would find himself so high that he could easily spot the pattern of the monsters below him. They were all coming from city's center, though he couldn't see if it was a portal, an even bigger monster, or something else that was the actual cause of all this. After landing on a couple more of the beasts, Midori Kamen would get into position to do another jump closer to the center of Tokyo-to.

Grimm Studies

@Everyone in Grimm Studies

"Noted," Robert replied back to Trad as he was asked to remind him to always give such a flattering introduction.

Soon after, the notably late Prof. Port finally arrived to class to introduce them all to their next big group assignment. A giant tentacle monster. If the boy had a larger knowledge of dirty humor and watched animated pornographic movies from the Eastern continent, also known as hentai, he might have made a comment about how he knew where this whole situation would lead to. Sadly, the innocent and naive boy did not know of such videos and no such joke would be made. At least by him.

Upon hearing his teammate's plan on how to possibly defeat the massive plant Grimm, Robert nodded. Overall, everything sounded fine to him, except one thing. "As great as your semblance may be, I don't know if it's a smart idea to only have one person at the divergence team while everyone else wails on the thing. Maybe we should try to get the rest of the class in on this plan and see if we have any more tanks to soak up the hits. If we don't, maybe I can pair up with you and just try my best to avoid getting hit," he said.

And there it was again, the redhaired hunter volunteering for the most dangerous job, despite his abilities not even being the best suited to the task. If they wanted someone fast to play decoy so they could possibly avoid getting hit, someone like Jack or Ashe would be much better suited. If they wanted someone to play the damage sponge, Trad or Ben with their shields would be the best choices. Here he was though, picking himself to be Trad's partner. If he hadn't recently changed his outlook on life back to his usual cheery self, one could be forgiven for thinking the boy had some sort of death wish or at the very least have a masochistic streak in him.
Wonder who should meet up with who while brawling in the streets. Anybody got a pick in mind for if they're gonna try and team up to kick some butt?

Hmm. Hadn't really thought of that. I think I figured I'd let people come to me. I think I'd like to see your and @Fourze's character team up though.

Robert gave an awkward laugh as Trad approached the group, joking about how he had brushed off the rest of the team late last night and all morning. He felt far from comfortable knowing he had been so rude to the people that were supposed to be his friends. Well Grane was more of a battle buddy to rely on in a fight than someone to go hang out with around Vale, though Sand and Trad were still people he enjoyed spending time with. "Yeah, sorry about that. I was just... dealing with stuff. I don't want to really get into it now and risk returning to my sour mood, but for now... Well I'm back to feeling like me again," he replied.

Turning to Llyr as he asked for an introduction to Trad, the redhead student replied back in his best announcer voice, "Actually, I'm his hypeman. Trad over here is my team's resident tank. Wielding his weapons Gram and Sfa- Snai- Sva- his shield, Mr. Oak is capable of becoming the greatest immovable object Remnant has ever seen and it isn't because of all of those bags of chips and cigarettes. No, because my steadfast teammate here can use his semblance to root himself to the ground, becoming absolutely invincible with the only draw back being the inability to move. Should this warden of Beacon ever enter the ring, you'd be a fool to not put your money on Trad Oak!" After finishing his long winded introduction, Robert flashed the shieldbearer a smile and a thumbs up.

Just as Convel had finished off another oni, wrenching his sword free just before it despawned into a mass of bubbles and experience points, he heard the footsteps of something large approaching with some just as big dragging behind it. Ignoring the rest of the lesser mobs, he raised his shield in the direction of the incoming boss and watched as it dragged its massive weapon in front before kicking it up off the ground and onto her shoulder. "False Deity - Kurohime," he repeated as he saw the words flash above her head before charging towards them.

With the cooldown on one of his favorite skills finally complete, the Guardian shouted out the words, "<Anchor Howl>!" as he stepped in front of the party's opponent, making sure that Kurohime would be focused on him and no other. Once she was close enough, he followed up with his next skill, <Castle of Stone>, to absorb every bit of damage that might have gone to one of the other adventurers. For the next several seconds he would be stuck in place, unable to move or attack the oni back, but at least his party was safe from harm. Now he just had to hope that they could all use the distraction he had created to get in some critical hits. With the lesser oni beginning to crowd around him though, something wide range would probably be the best move for them, or else when his enduring defense finally wore off Convel would be in a lot of trouble.
Really gotta stop dragging my feet and get Trad back in the game here. Let's see, which one of the conversations in Grimm studies should he insert himself into?

You could always join your ol' buddy and pal Robert who's already talking to Llyr and Cian.

While chaos spread throughout Tokyo-to, Katsuo would be taking his seat at the desk in his room. Before him sat the lunch he had spent the last half hour or so preparing for himself, having made absolutely sure that each dish that sat before him would have the perfect amount of fruits, vegetables, protein, carbohydrates, and everything else he needed to build muscle. Despite his powers he needed to keep in shape, not grow lazy with his old training, and learn to not put all of his reliance on his superhuman abilities. For now though, he could enjoy his meal while enjoying some good ol' fashion television. If not for the monster attack outside that his local news was now reporting. Katsuo looked down at his steaming lunch, knowing full-well that leaving would mean it'd grow cold by the time he returned. "Duty calls," he dishearteningly mumbled to himself as he rose from his seat, striking a pose before shouting, "Henshin!"

Almost as if from out of nowhere, green armor began to cover the young boy's body as the power granted to him by The Spirit of the Earth herself activated. Once the transformation had completed, Midori Kamen now stood in the place of where Katsuo had just been standing. "Time to kick some bad guy butts," he said to himself, making his way outside through his apartment's balcony. Like something straight out of an action film, he leaped off the railing and fell down to the city streets, cracking the cement beneath him as his feet and fist impacted with the ground. "Alright, who's first?" he asked, cracking his knuckles before getting into a defensive stance.

As the first of the creatures charged at him, Midori Kamen grabbed one of its flailing arms and lifted it into the air, flipping it over his head before slamming the thing into the ground. "What the hell are you?" he rhetorically asked it before the creature dissolved right before his eyes, leaving no trace of its previous existence. Hearing more of the monsters begin to spawn behind him, Katsuo turned back around to see them starting to swarm and surround him. "Oh good, I needed the workout," the hero said before preparing for his first real fight for his life.

Robbie. Not exactly a name that he liked to hear at the moment if he were to be honest, since before Llyr, Priscilla was the only person he knew who would ever call him by his nickname. Still the boy was trying to make an effort to cheer up, so instead of getting upset about it all over again, he put on a smile, shook hands with the strangle tentacle that was coming out of squid kid's hair, and chuckled at his somewhat amusing pun.

At that moment though, a much more familiar classmate would decide to approach the pair and greet them both. Robert knew he had seen her somewhere before, but had never interacted with her often enough to remember her name. "Something to do with blue or a shade of blue," he mumbled out loud to himself as he tried to recall from his poor memory.

Well at least she was suffering from the same lack recollection. "Close. It's Robert actually. It's nice to meet you, Cian. And since you're here, I'd like to thank you. Priscilla told me how your and another team saved her bacon from that Grimm-infested brewery. I'm glad you guys were there so I could get to see her again." He was tempted to add, 'even if it wasn't for that long,' but the redhead was trying to rebrand himself as the happy-go-lucky goofball again and a comment like that would definitely not help.

The feeling of tentacle-like appendages wrapping around his head and the sound of a very happy and chipper voice behind him shout out something about improving his mood would snap Robert out of his violent day dream. This interaction was definitely not something that he was in the mood for at the moment. Grabbing the feelers that had suction-cupped themselves to his cheeks, the boy forcefully pulled them off his face, perhaps a bit too harshly, as he turned to face the strange squid kid that had dared to interrupt his brooding.

"Can I help you?" the bespectacled redhead interrogated, his expression returning to the glare it had been just moments ago before his face had been pulled into an unwanted smile. Everything about his behavior screamed that he didn't want to talk to Llyr, from how aggressive the tone of his voice was when asking his earlier question, to how his folded arms revealed a truculent mood. All Robert wanted right now was to be left alone to his own devices.
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