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Whenever you're feeling down, just remember that this man is cheering you on:
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Well I finally got around to reading Mister Miracle. Still upset over what King did in Heroes in Crisis, but I can honestly say that he's still a good writer, even if he wrote one really bad story.
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I just found out my favorite MMO will be shutting down its servers in December. What a terrible 4th of July gift.
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Characters are like pinatas, the real fun comes when you break them.


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I don't know why, but for some reason I'd been calling Kath by Katri... I'm not really certain why or how I made that mistake, but I've at least made edits to my IC post, so as to fix that blunder. Sorry, Guessy, I apparently wasn't paying attention, or my eyes are getting even worse. T~T

I just figured it was a cute nickname for her. Ha.
I was picturing, potentially, a high level enchanter that served the roll of providing significant buffs to guild parties before they left like last rites. Ergo, maybe the Guild Chaplain since I have some high holiness theme in mind.

Someone that can also be converted over to a Chapter rather easily too if that role needs filling.

If they do end up becoming a Chapter Keeper, I can't help but imagine their floor appearing like Irithyll from Dark Souls 3.
Kath was rather shocked to hear all of this. Not that they had been transported, she had already learned that on her own from glancing out a window. No, listening to Sable Lord Rodias proclaim to have overstepped his rank was what had caused the girl's eyes to open wide in surprise. Without the presence of any of the other Lords, he was the highest ranked among them. Of course he would be in charge. It pained her to not have Kiss My Axe here to support in his various tasks and get her mind off the anxiety she felt over so many unknown variables, but at the same time she was no defeatist. She and the other occupants of Chateau Gothika would certainly make do with what they had, and with at least one of their most esteemed leaders, they had quite a lot to work with. The situation was not desirable, but they would find a way to rise to the top.

"I shall follow you Lord Rodias. My offer still stands. All information I have is yours, you may only need request it," she said, most likely putting the vampire more at ease with her innocent smile.

As the other Chapter Keepers and high ranking positions of the chateau made their suggestions, Kath's smile would fade. While none of them declared open hostility to their newly discovered neighbors, other than Zouyu that was, she still felt their responses were rather aggressive. Reconnaissance and proselytism would not gain them favor, especially if caught. In her opinion, what they needed was a much more delicate touch.

"I would recommend to err on the side of caution. The village's defenses may be non-existent, and we could possibly exterminate them without much effort on our part and with no casualties, but who's to say they might not have much stronger allies who could provide a much larger threat. Not to mention, the amount of information one can attain from a corpse is small in comparison to an informant. They could tell us much more about where we are now with careful use of negotiation and diplomacy. I vote for a peaceful solution. Perhaps by sending a small party to act as a representative of the chateau."

With a glance toward Graft, she would finish with, "As Lord Brushen Penn said, 'Overconfidence is a slow and insidious killer.'" Everything ever spoken in public chat was recorded within her library. Every word painstakingly added to a new text without change from its original spelling or context. If it was said above a whisper, Kath heard it, and if it was something said by one of the highly regarded Sable Lords, she had memorized it. Unfortunately for the Homonculus, it seemed his creator's book of wisdom already existed somewhere within the Athenaeum of Historia.
I am also here, just been busy with finals. I hope to post by Friday at the latest.
> Catcow Tsundere: Can anybody help me
> Assassino de Goblins: Alguém aqui do Brasil?
> Area 52 Security: No one hear speaks Brazilian
> Area 52 Security: *here
> Professional Cuddler: I think they speak Portugeese dude
> BloodGoreZ: lol
> BloodGoreZ: It's Portuguese
> BloodGoreZ: They don't speak birb
> Professional Cuddler: I know how to spell it
> Professional Cuddler: It was a typo
> BloodGoreZ: Suuuure
> Professional Cuddler: You f****** mispelled bird and you don't see me calling you out
> BloodGoreZ: *misspelled
> Xx_headshot69_xX: fite fite fite fite
> Catcow Tsundere: Shut up
> Catcow Tsundere: Go back to Xbox you edgelord
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Kath let out a sigh as she continued pouring over the book in her hands. All of the characters within its pages were all so different and realistic, each one well written and compelling in their own way. She couldn't get enough of the drama between adventurers as they communicated all across the world. Oh how she wished she could go out and explore the world like they did, help support her fellow adventurers in the heat of battle, and learn even more new things that were never printed into one of the many books she guarded over.

That was exactly why she couldn't leave though. Who would watch over the The Athenaeum of Historia if she were gone? She couldn't leave it one of the other Chapter Keepers, they already had enough on their plate just watching over their own floors. That went for the Manager of Serving Staff, Roaming Executioner, Vault Keeper, Gardener, Beast Master, and Military General as well. Each person played an extremely important role in the upkeep of the Chateau. If anyone skirted their duties to go play hero, there's no telling how much trouble the guild could be put in.

Besides, what if her replacement found the Forbidden Section? What if they looked inside? All of those little secrets revealed and brought into the light of day. She couldn't have that. Absolutely not. So the dragonoid would remain within her library, placing her current tome back onto the shelf and selecting a new one, this book titled The Failed Raid of the Ancient Fates Guild. One of the best comedies she had in her collection, it always brought a smile to her rosy cheeks, even if she already knew of the many, many blunders described within its text logs.

That is, until one of the many skeletal servants found his way through the simple labyrinth made for him as a member of Bandersnatch. "Oh, hello there. Am I needed somewhere?" she asked, looking over the top of the book within her hands.

Compared to some of her fellow high level servants, Kath's entrance into the Climax Hour was rather tame. Closing her book as she finished reading the chapter, the dragonoid would tuck the large volume underneath her arm and approach Rodias' throne. "Good day, my lord Rodias, Sable Lord of Chateau Gothika. Kath Erine, librarian of The Athenaeum of Historia, is at your service. If you require any book within my collection, you only need to ask." Grabbing the hem of her dress, she curtsied before everyone assembled there in Chateau Gothika's gathering hall before taking her place among her fellow former NPCs. Judging by the chateau's sudden relocation, she assumed this meeting was to discuss the cause of such a transportation. Unfortunately, not one of the countless tomes secured within her library held the answers, so her guess was as good as anyone else's.
@Lucius Cypher Is this going to play out like a harem anime?

And not too dark. Light might be from the infinite void, which is the dark that absorbs darkness, but her name is Light for a reason xD.

A world without her would be very dark.
"Stupid! Absolutely careless idiot! What a fucking hero I am," Tristan berated himself. It had been a long time since he actually bothered concerning himself over the safety of another being and it seemed those centuries had made him rusty at this hero thing. You wanted him to risk sacrificing his soul to eternal damnation in an insane death game, he'd do so with a shrug. You wanted him to stare down the physical manifestation of death, he'd do it with a yawn. You wanted him to protect the innocent and do good for the sake of it being the right thing to do, well you would need to give him time to shake off the rust.

Unfortunately, he didn't have the luxury. "Sorry fleabag, I may have been the one to mess up, but it looks like you'll be the one to suffer the beating," the unheroic hero threatened, drawing his sword just before a newcomer interrupted the fight. He understood he was the chosen one, but he couldn't fathom why he seemed to attract so many morons and lunatics, especially in this world in particular. "Your pet attacked us first. Put a leash on that mutt and leave us alone."

Suddenly, the abused beast began to change its shape like an [copyright infringement] crawling out of the mud underneath the tower of [copyright infringement] in that film with the two towers. "Ah, great. Now it's a person," Tristan said with a sigh. "A chimera that shapeshifts into a human... what is that 25 now? 24? Fine, I'll give the benefit of the doubt and say you're 24."

Noticing the way she clutched at her belly and growled at him, Tristan growled back, "Yeah, and I'll give you another if you hurt her again." That seemed to be the final straw as Regalia made her attack, launching bolts of lightening his way as if he were the most conductive thing around. Considering his choice in armor actually, he probably was. Regardless, the hero threw his shield in the chimera's direction like an Olympic athlete tossing a discus, while at the same time he ducked down to grab Nimoa and hurl her out of the direct line of fire.
@Guess Who Hello, hello. Hey, given Kathe's extremely expansive records, I can imagine Graft often visiting or requesting resources in order to get more precious information about what the Supreme Beings bought, sold, and were interested in, particularly from the legendary chronicle known as Trade Chat. He'd also be just generally interested in accruing information about the world or culture, anything that might benefit the guild. He and Kathe might not be friends, given Graft's sometimes overwhelming persona and her more introverted one, but they would at least know each other very well. So, well-acquainted coworkers, perhaps. Maybe Graft, often relying on her presence and ability to just manifest needed books, is always trying to start conversations about his products, new inventions, questions about the Supreme Beings, offering to loan out his Guards to defend the library, and so on.

Yeah, that makes sense to me. Considering their positions and personalities, it would almost make zero sense for them to not need to collaborate and such.
I might as well do the same while I'm already editing.

Huh. Stats wise, dragon form technically reduces her total stats... Just going to edit a bit more despite how arbitrary it is.
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