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3 mos ago
Current I thought I was prepared for the emotional devastation that Infinity War's ending would bring, I was wrong. Abandon all hope, ye who enter that theater.
5 mos ago
First Valentine's Day that I'm not single for and she isn't even in the same country as me today. It feels just like every other Valentine's Day. Guess I'll continue glaring at happy couples.
6 mos ago
I went into Devilman Crybaby expecting to turn off my brain and enjoy some good ol' fashioned ultra violence. Now that it's over I just feel sad and broken.
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9 mos ago
RIP Grape-kun. You proved to the world that even penguins believe in 2D>3D.
10 mos ago
"Man I wonder what I'll do since I'm an hour early to class," I thought. Little did I know that I'd spend the next two hours unsuccessfully searching for a parking spot and miss all of class.


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Tis I, Belladonna Swings, and I promise, mis amigos, I shall lead you all to lavish booty and glory!"

I mean, yeah, I'm not sure my character would want to lead, ahem.

After talking about it with Tree and Skyrte, I'm volunteering for second in command.
At the end of the day, Marshall could be a captain; he's just really used to being by himself and only having to look out for himself. So, it would take some serious coaxing.

EDIT: This is slowly becoming Divinity: Original Sin 1/2, and everyone took Lone Wolf ASAP. XD

We've even got the cannibals, lizard people, and dwarfs in the party too. Just missing the skeleton.
While my character does have leadership experience, it's mostly as an infantry commander and psychologically he isn't in the best state of mind right now. So probably not Cayde.
Ducking underneath the incoming spear, the Archer turned around to see where both the projectile and the familiar voice originated. "Ajax?! Odysseus shouted out in surprise as the fellow Achaean completely blocked Xerxes' next blow. "What do you think you're doing?!" he demanded next, seeming not too happy with the Shielder. He had intended to redirect the Persian's attack to the support beam behind him, just as he had done the last one. With Ajax's heroic rescue though, he'd need to try again, meaning he'd need to get in front of that giant axe and risk his life again... Unless...

His initial shock and anger subsiding, the Greek hero remembered their battles together back during the war. And the guilt he felt after they lost him. "I'm sorry, friend. It's good to see you again, though I would have preferred it to be under better circumstances. Perhaps later we can try and get a drink together. For now though, I need your strength. How hard can you swing that shield of yours again?" As Odysseus asked, he took one of the axes in his hand and swung it into the side of the column, embedding the weapon into the column. It was his attempt at a signal, without giving away to Xerxes what his plan was, to drop the Persian king right on top of his army below where their pikes and spears were still pointed up into the air.
Heyo @The Irish Tree. Mind if I take the last remaining fire slot in order to burn the infidels I mean do whatever helpful deeds pyromancers are opt to do?
With Xerxes relentless assault against him, Odysseus found himself quickly being pushed back by the Persian king. His intention in equipping himself with two axes was to use one for offense and other for defense, but with the difference in both strength and agility, it became obvious to him that both would be required in order to avoid being cleaved in half.

I told you.

Shut up. I know what I'm doing.

Do you? Because it looks to me like we're being pushed back.

Odysseus was silent, causing Hal's faith in his servant to continue diminishing. The lack of an answer though was not because he had none, but because the Greek hero needed his full concentration on the fight before him. Ducking downward, he kept his axes above his head, causing Xerxes' own weapon to glance off and strike the column to his left. The sound of screeching metal echoed throughout the gymnasium as the blade cleaved through like a hot knife through butter. In an attempt to give himself room to maneuver, Odysseus aimed a kick toward Xerxes knee before retreating to the opposite side of the beam they were both standing on. His back now against the other, still intact, column, the Ithacan prepared for another difficult defense.
"Hmmph. Sit down, boy. I fought side-by-side with some of the original Spartan warriors. Those brutes aren't anything impressive," Hal replied in a voice that was very distinctly not his own. This was Odysseus talking, not the overly protective teacher. Swinging the bow securely onto his back, the Archer pulled two of his twelve axes from his belt, going into an offensive stance. "I've slaughtered armies of Trojans and Thracians. Outsmarted cyclopes and sirens. Escaped witches and sea monsters. Ten years of my life were wasted at war and another ten just to return home. I persevered though, overcoming every obstacle the gods put between me and my family. So tell me Persian, what hope does a mere king stand against me?"

A little overconfident there aren't you?

I refuse to let this brat return to the Throne of Heroes without first teaching him who it was that brought him down.

That's great and all, but he's definitely not a push over. Are you sure you can take him?

Hal, or more accurately Odysseus, merely smirked before lunging toward Xerxes. "My name is Odysseus and I shall be the one who takes your head!" the man shouted before swinging both axes at the king's ribcage.
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