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Current When you accidentally like a status and wonder if the person now thinks you're a weirdo.
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So many games announced at E3 that I'm excited for, but so many are being made by developers and publishers that I also feel I should be hesitant on buying upon release.
17 days ago
Changed my avatar to fit how I feel about Adam West.
17 days ago
What could possibly go wrong?!
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TFW you find out that there's going to be a live-action adaption of Cowboy Bebop.
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"Y-Yeah, I guess so," Nora replied, still rubbing the temples of her head in the hopes that the pain would cease, or at the very least, subside. On the bright side though, Ekibe had finally given her some distance, allowing the girl to not feel as flustered and agitated. Just as she was finally getting the chance to collect herself though, a new complication presented itself to the group as a woman Nora had no idea the identity of magically appeared in the room with them. The blond haired girl didn't understand most of everything she said, but she could tell that it was trouble with how serious Tsumiki became.

After the girl had left to allow the peerage to discuss their strategy on their own, Nora turned to her king to listen for his orders. "So we're going to be fighting then?" she asked, her tone giving away her dislike for the idea, though she wouldn't argue. The boy had already explained that such a thing was possibility in the future, though she hadn't expected that her resolve would be tested so soon. "I will... try to do what is needed of me." At least for now she would only have to stick to Tsumiki. She hoped that wouldn't change when the time for combat inevitably arrived.
<Snipped quote by Guess Who>

Good to find another Log Horizon fan ^-^ Enjoy it, because it's pretty damn awesome! :D

Yeah, joined an RP for it so I figured it was a good idea to finally get around to watching it so I would know more about the world I'd be writing in. Currently still in the early part of the second season.
@Guess Who Writers block has recently made me a bit apathetic towards writing, but I think I might be coming around thanks to that comment ;) But yes, we have a reply! Now to wait for everyone else ;-;

Yes! It worked! I'll probably write a post in reply tomorrow since I'm currently binge watching Log Horizon and will probably be too tired to write when I get to the next stopping point.
@Demon Shinobi Like with Rune I'll be writing tomorrow, so ja :D

Convel McConnor


"Soggy... shoe?" Convel asked aloud, raising an eyebrow in the strange girl's direction as the wolf ears atop his head twitched in confusion. As he listened to the girl talk more though, and took a glance at her chosen sub-class, the Guardian realized a possible reason why she spoke so strangely. She must be an RPer. A very avid one considering that she's continuing to put up her act even after the Apocalypse. That or she's gone crazy after being trapped within this game for two weeks and I've now gotten myself in heaps of trouble.

The young lad took his foot off the perch he'd been using as a foot rest and stood at attention like some noble knight of old would. "Um... Yes! Thank you my lady. You honor me with your... uh..." Convel replied, attempting to roleplay back and failing terribly. He had very little experience doing it and, even less so when it wasn't over a forum. This was more akin to LARPing, which required coming up with responses on the fly instead of giving yourself as much time as you needed to think of something decent. This was exactly why he often avoided taking a leadership position in parties, the man preferred to think long and hard on his possible choices which was never a good quality to have in the middle of combat. That didn't mean he was terrible at giving orders per se, he just had a preference toward following orders.

"Ah, screw it. Thank you, miss. I appreciate you giving me the chance," he finally said, breaking character but also ending his seemingly endless linguistic filler. "So do you have anywhere in mind? I personally would like to go farming for some XP so I can finally get that few hundred more that I need to get to level 87, but if you were already planning something I don't mind."

As he awaited her response, the adventurer continued to look over the girl's profile and stats, finally noticing the name of the guild she was a part of. Bud Virgin Logic? Uhh... I really hope this girl isn't into the more... erotic forms of roleplaying. Oh God, what have I gotten myself into?
Convel McConnor

"Like a long forgotten zit you're here to pester me once again, you pustule lookin' motherfucker. I swear, you limp dick son of a bitch, you better not be standing outside my store because you need that stupid fucking shield repaired again," the blacksmith said, not even looking up from the anvil he was smashing his hammer against to see who's shadow it was that was blocking his light. His poor customer service had driven away most of his previous customers, despite his admittedly high quality craftsmanship, with the exception of one adventurer who didn't seem to mind being the target of his insults. Perhaps he was a masochist.

"Sorry, Barry," Convel replied, taking off his helmet and tucking it underneath his arm. The former player of Elder Tale, now turned resident of what was once one of the most popular MMOs of all time, swept back his snow white hair and wolf ears with his free hand to get the stray strands out of the way of his eyes. "I underestimated Murkteeth the Malformed and thought I could take him on all on my own. Had to use Vicarious Shield or risk losing a lot of XP."

Barry let out a sigh as Convel handed over his shield, getting started on repairing the destroyed piece of equipment. "You do this one more time and I swear to the fucking gods, both those of our world and of this one, that I will turn your internal organs into external ones."

"That seems a bit excessive."

"Don't you fucking talk back to me," Barry replied angrily. "Do you know much time it takes to fully repair a completely destroyed piece of equipment? This is going to take me for fucking ever. Don't expect me to give you a discount for this like I did last time. In fact, I'm almost tempted to make you pay twice as much."

Convel merely shrugged in response before replying back, "I had been saving a lot of my gold before the expansion to buy whatever new stuff came out on the market, so I've got plenty to pay you back."

"Then maybe I'll make you pay five times as much."

"I'll shut up now."

"Good. Now get out of my sight, so I can focus on my work. I don't want to even hear your voice again until after I send you a message saying I'm done."

"Alright, see ya' around, Barry."

As Convel was walking away from the blacksmith's shop, he could hear the man screaming out more insults. The Wolf Fang Adventurer didn't catch everything he said, but it was somewhere along the lines of being denser than a neutron star and wishing that his mother had swallowed him back when he was conceived. Very vulgar and derogatory stuff.

After reaching the town square, the wolf-like Guardian began to look for any possible parties with unfilled spots, specifically in need of a tank. He needed to look for a small group who would probably need more than just him before heading out on any quests since he still needed some time before his shield was completely ready. It seemed that today was not his lucky day though since a majority of people seemed to have already grouped up with the people they knew. With few other options present for him, Convel approached the defeated looking blond sorceress sitting on her own.

"Excuse me, miss. You wouldn't happen to be in need of a Level 86 Guardian would you?" he asked Nozomi, placing his foot on the seat next to her and resting his chin on his open palm while his elbow dug into his knee.
Now that you've pointed that out, I can't help but be reminded of this:

<Snipped quote by GrandzHelios>

I'd argue that you should probably watch it because:
1) The RP is going to follow the plot line of the show (only we'll be playing side characters and the main plot will only affect us in certain ways)
2) Its a really good anime. I have never gotten more pumped up over politics in my life. You come for the better version of SAO, you stay for the politics, no lie.

@GrandzHelios Can confirm what Clock says above. Only started watching it two nights ago and I've only got the last five episodes to watch.

EDIT: Of the first season that is.
Looking forward to it!
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